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[00:00:00] So I knew they.

[00:00:02] I knew one of them had a job going on five minutes from my house, so I stopped by this morning just to say hey, shook hands, brought him some doughnuts. You go right. So as I was leaving, all of a sudden I saw this cop in the median and I knew I was speeding. I looked in the rear. He banged. The UAE pulled me over and he’s like, You know, I pulled you over and I’m like, Yeah, he goes, You’re going to work. So he just left a job site. He goes, I’ll be back in a minute. I was going 60 and at thirty five, so that’s significant speeding. Yes. And I said, Look, it’s my bad. I wasn’t paying attention to him and I said, so he came back and he goes, Look, seeing how you’re so polite and you owned up to what you did and you’re working, guy, I’m going to give you a break. Like, take this down, show proof of insurance and the ticket will be null and void.

[00:00:57] Did you were you able to sell him a legion?

[00:01:00] No. But at the end of the day, he said, if everybody was

[00:01:04] Like you, my day

[00:01:05] Would be a lot better. Yeah, that’s awesome. No, sir. What?

[00:01:11] That’s awesome. That’s a great mindset. If you’re kind of delivering that positive energy over even to the police. You know, that’s that’s awesome even in the in a stressful situation like that.

[00:01:22] Yeah. And then the

[00:01:22] Cop at the courthouse when I went down was from Boston. We hit it off. He knew people I knew. So it was kind of a good it was the best ticket I’ve ever got.

[00:01:32] Did you sell them a legion? I was a cop. No, down at the down at the courthouse. Any of them have any network to tap into.

[00:01:40] I’ll tell you, I said, we have a win. I’d love to get into the wins. Jeff, you got any wins.

[00:01:47] Well, what what when do I have sound like you have one top of mind?

[00:01:52] I do. You know, there’s another company called Weed Snap, it’s leased out marketing and they sell mortgage leads. And what happened is like, this has happened a few times where people will book a call like a demo call and they think that they’re booking the the the mortgage leads one. So that’s what happened. And I got on this call to do a demo with a few people and I realized pretty quick. I was, you know, I always try to qualify them and ask what kind of business they run. And they said they run a real estate business. And then I immediately I said, Well, hey, are you guys looking for mortgage leads? Is that why you booked this call? And it’s like, Oh, you’re in the wrong place? And we’re a digital marketing agency as well as like, we have software that kind of facilitates marketing activities. And so they were like, well, like, tell us a little bit more and you know, right away, like, I don’t really want to mess around with the with with like mortgage leads. That’s just it’s I don’t think it’s a good niche. I’ve heard a lot of people try to go into it and I don’t know anyone that that stayed in it. And that was some people that were kind of high level SEO. People have left that niche.

[00:03:04] So, you know, I just we’ve got our thing that works really well. And so I told them like, Hey, you know, this is probably not a good fit. And they’re like, Well, we’re also we also own a mold removal company. So after like 15 or 20 minutes, like not knowing anything about me or I walked them through the heat map, I showed him their competitors. I explained how to change it and how to do things, and they seem like they were pretty much sold. So a positioning thing I do because I kind of have this luxury in our agency is like, Look, I I’m the CEO and I don’t really handle a lot of the sales. This is like the first sales call I’ve done in a couple of years. I really want to move you over to our director of sales, Jeff, and I’m going to have him reach out to you. And you guys can do it because this is like not not where I spend my time. So it like just with that little sidestep, like that. First, I kind of like, let them know that we’re great at what we do by explaining some of the philosophy and then passing them off to Jeff. So now it looks like at the beginning I said, you’re not a qualified customer for us, so I’m not interested.

[00:04:18] So it was like a takeaway before I even started and then kind of sold them on the service and then moving them over to Jeff makes it look like which I mean, it is the case, but I could have tried to close them right there, but lets them know that we’re not like some guy that’s just working out of his garage with like, we’ve got a team. This is a process and I like he asked what our price was, and you know, I said, we are starting fee is which I probably lowball it a little. I probably should have put it at two thousand, but I said fifteen hundred, which is what we’ve done a bunch in the past and they were a little like that. They kind of have like, that’s a little bit of expensive reaction. And I just let them know like, yeah, like, you know, you got to sell houses and there’s a difference between like buying like a really upscale house and then like, you know, some little rundown place. So where the where the upscale house, where the Ferrari, not the Honda Civic. So what we do is not for everyone, and we want to work with people who want to grow big businesses. So just as quickly as that

[00:05:22] Is a challenge for me, Patrick. Let’s see if I can squeeze them and get the 12 out of them when I have the conversation.

[00:05:28] Yeah, I shouldn’t have anchored. If I

[00:05:29] Could see if I can upsell them to the two thousand and add some value on top of what you told them and sell

[00:05:38] A little bit of a win. And you know, a lot of this stuff happens in unexpected places. I remember I sold a couch on Craigslist one time and I ended up selling the guy. He bought the couch, and then he also bought a legion from us for his business and like just having these conversations. Obviously, Neil, you’re not going to be able to close the cop unless he’s got some kind of side business. But just like being social and being out in the world and being nice to people is like, we’ve I mean, I’ve probably landed five or 10 of our clients that way. But that’s it’s it’s. That was a nice little win for us to pick up potentially another client who also has some wins. What else we got? Brian Jones, you got the twins, Alfredo. David, what’s up, brother, you got to win.

[00:06:24] Yeah. Got a few wins actually over the last week, moved out of the old place that we were staying in. And so we’ve moved now three times in the last six months. But the furnace at the old place broke down again. When the wind chill was, it was down to two degrees. So we were like, Hey, we’re over it and we cost 125 bucks to break the lease and we are in a nicer, more updated place, paying several hundred dollars less a month. So very rare to get that. So it was actually we got more money moving to a nicer place here in town. So that’s a great personal thing. Yeah, I had no complaints on it. And so that was a great one. The second one is actually I have two Echo clients currently after downsizing and I was just reading Patrick’s message, my moving company, I’m sure they can get out of junk. But anyways, with that sale clients the first one, he actually works at a nuclear power plant part time and was running this junk removal company. And in the four months that I’ve worked with him, he’s now actually able to quit his job to run a school full time.

[00:07:29] So you’ve got someone else out of their job through you. I killed his

[00:07:32] Job at this. Yeah, yeah. That’s all his business full time. So it’s probably one of the most validating things I’ve done in the two years of doing all this, and I haven’t had that situation before. And then my other CEO client last night just happened, messaged me, he’s like, Hey, I just really want to thank you. He was 500 bucks for doing such a great job. So he’s got 500 extra bucks for that, too. That’s nice. So nice. Yeah.

[00:08:01] Awesome, man, congrats on those. It’s always nice to get that appreciation from the clients, it really makes us realize what we’re doing. It’s more it’s so much more than just like growing a business for ourselves. It’s a business for other people too. You know, so that’s super cool. All right. Who else has some wins?

[00:08:20] Yeah, I got I got one man.

[00:08:23] How are you liking the accountability group’s version, too?

[00:08:26] It’s good. I mean, we just had our first meeting today, so I missed the first. I missed the first meeting. Well, they had they had a meeting before we put a video on, but I’m on my couch. It’s pretty dark. I missed it because I was just I had this giant clients pay me two hundred bucks and it’s just way too little. Um, and I had a meeting during our first meeting with him, and I told him, I do. And he doesn’t have a Google listing, so I told him I’d do it for him for ten thousand five hundred plus, you can have the Legion because that’s like really what he wants to do. And I was just like, OK. Even if he drops me, I still have this is producing, but I might as well try to get some out of it because it’s really not that much work for me to do as CEO. I get that list, you know, up to three views. I mean, it should rank pretty good. He didn’t go for twenty five hundred, but we’re just doing fifteen hundred for a year, so I’m going to do that.

[00:09:22] You actually have this guy sign a contract.

[00:09:25] Yeah. For CEO, I’m not

[00:09:27] Ceo for a year

[00:09:29] With this guy, but he’s got he’s got the lead guy. He’s getting these every single day from my gen two. So OK, I don’t care if he leaves me or not because I saw the legion. So I just want to. I just want to make some extra money so I could put it in some other some other stuff, right? I’m not really don’t have to do anything to the site. He literally doesn’t have a Google listing. So I’ll get that up and rank that for him because

[00:09:53] You’re getting a monthly from him. Patrick?

[00:09:56] Yeah, I was getting two hundred right now. Well, I just I just got fifteen hundred dollars today. I was getting two hundred for it, right?

[00:10:05] Is the rent from two hundred to fifteen hundred on this guy?

[00:10:07] Yeah, but I’m doing. I’m doing like,

[00:10:10] You got to do some SEO

[00:10:11] Stuff with it. Yeah, I dropped. I chopped. One of the other Google listings I was giving them to. It was kind of ridiculous. So but I’m get some extra money now. I can go find some different clients and I’ve landed. I’ve landed three this month so far. Just like five hundred small ones.

[00:10:32] That’s awesome. Stack it up. So that sounds like you’ve increased things by two thousand eight hundred dollars a month. Is that is that right? Three thousand five hundred plus a thirteen hundred dollars increase.

[00:10:40] I’m hoping I should land two or three more by the end of this month. I got a guy I helped start. I played soccer with him, just like you were saying before. But he’s never, never built a he’s never built a fence in his life, but I helped him close like an eight thousand fence. I couldn’t even find a fence guy, and he’s just a general contractor, so he’s starting to fence company now.

[00:11:05] So you’re like casually sharing some, some big wins here, right?

[00:11:10] Like, we’re just doing commission that I’m going to work with them. But yeah, it should be a good deal going forward.

[00:11:17] That’s good, man. That’s cool. Do you mind sharing some of your numbers? Where were you at three months ago, two weeks ago?

[00:11:27] And today I’ve been stuck at there, like six seven thousand. Range for a while, and I think I’d be going up to like. Eighty five hundred, but then I lost the client, so I’ve just been kind of fluctuating in there. But I mean, at the end of the month, I’m hoping to be at fourteen thousand. That’s what the

[00:11:58] You’re somebody that I’ve always kind of like clicked with and and I and I like and I think there’s something that just became obvious to me in this in this conversation. I think the the the way you talk to yourself, there’s actually a book called I think it’s called How We Talk to Ourselves or something like that. I can get the exact name, but you, you have a there’s like doubt that’s that’s clearly coming through in a lot of the way that you’re phrasing things. And I think that there’s a mindset shift that would benefit you to have if you can like, like if this client leaves me, I don’t really care if he leaves me like or I’m hoping to, rather than like, this is what’s happening, right? And it’s not that it’s like the way that you talk is a reflection of of how you think about things, right? And I think that is going to kind of like, restrain your growth. And you know, you look you look at successful people and there’s patterns that exists, whether that be, hey, they read books, they exercise, they eat healthy for the most part and the way they talk, right? And you don’t you don’t hear that type of language from them.

[00:13:10] And I would challenge you to to clean that up. And let’s see how it change your mindset on things because I think it’s limiting and it’s like I just got off an interview with a girl trying to bring on our team and for like phone reception. And it’s been a really tough position for us to fill. She’s in the Philippines and halfway through the interview, she said, Well, you know, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, like, very intelligent, but I have a strong work ethic and I’m just like. Shit. Well, like. If you’re not intelligent, it’s like I don’t want her on my team if if like, even if she is intelligent, we gave her a logic test and she passed a logic test and she did well with that. So I was like thinking that she was intelligent. And I just, I don’t know, it’s just really turned me off on that and just this whole like winner’s mindset. I think it’s something we all need to adopt and have with us all the time, right? So I don’t I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I just think you would benefit from that.

[00:14:14] Yeah, definitely.

[00:14:16] Cool. All right, man, congrats on the win. It sounds like you’re moving in an awesome direction. I would love to see you get excited about it because it sounds like you have two thousand eight hundred dollars more coming in than you did before, but you like, you’re so like, it’s almost like you’re telling me that you’re going to the dentist right now.

[00:14:34] Celebrate the wins. Celebrate.

[00:14:37] Cool. Congrats, Patrick. Always a pleasure to see you on here, man. I have this this dream. One day we’ll get to play soccer together.

[00:14:45] I love it.

[00:14:46] Cool. Cool. All right. Who else? We got any more wins.

[00:14:52] Now, get

[00:14:55] Look at this. Are you in the ocean? Are you on a submarine?

[00:14:59] I’m just I’m just, you know, mind setting myself here, Pat. This is where I want to be.

[00:15:05] I like it. I like it. That’s cool.

[00:15:07] I want to be back up in tropical north Queensland, mate dying every day. Be good. Got a paycheck guy that’s, you know, pretty big will establish he’s been around for about 30 years. Um, and he’s also got an interesting product that it just got approved here in Australia is the only machine of its torte that can actually kill COVID in the air, like it actually actively goes out and seeks it. It’s not a filter. I don’t know how it works, but it’s developed by Nasser. So we’ve got got him on board and it looks like we’re just negotiating for a revenue share with this guy who, you know, he does like shopping malls and all that big stuff, you know? And so there’s talk of 10 per cent, which is pretty exciting. So it’s made me get my shit together a little bit more, and I’m starting to get a lot more aggressive with the Google business profiles a little bit of a hack game. It seems to be working pretty well, so I want to spread that web out right across the whole population of about five million people and just concentrate on the infrastructure for that one, that one client.

[00:16:20] So that’s sort of put a bit of a spring in my step and got my focus back on track. So I’ve sort of just changed the way that I’ve been looking at things and just going after these big cats, you know, like instead of the backyard Barry’s no offense to the backyard, Barry’s out there in the world. But just going after these big cats that you know, really want it, that are really aggressive, have a really good outfit, a really good reputation, and they just want that more, you know, they want that competitive edge and they’re willing to take on those big areas, those monster areas. So, yeah, hopefully, hopefully we can go down that trajectory. And, you know, like sometimes less is more. I’ve looked at it and thought, Well, I’d probably like to have maybe, you know, three big whale clients or three niches per city. And just cover those capital cities, and then that’ll, you know, looking at the numbers and stuff like that, it’s like, you’ve got a pretty good, you know, you’ve got a pretty good relaxing income, you know, once you set that up.

[00:17:19] Yeah, those are always better, right? Like, we’ve got a couple of those in our in our business that make up a decent chunk of our of our monthly revenue. And it’s also like we’ve talked about this a few times, but you know, the client that pays you five thousand in the client that pays you five hundred dollars a month, there are very different people with like different requirements of you, like the five hundred dollars a month client is going to be calling you all the time and just like. Hey, this is like I got one less lead than was promised to me this month where like the $5000 a month client is like, they’re focused on bigger problems. They’re not like nickel and diming things. They’ve got tracking and stuff in place, but it’s their mindset is different, right then. You know, obviously, if you don’t deliver, they’re not going to have any problem getting rid of you. But I definitely support the whale strategy with our business. We actually, when we’re qualifying clients, we’re looking for those opportunities. We get a lot more excited when we have one of those that, Hey, this guy is one that could be a big client for us, that we could expand into all these other areas. So congrats Graham, and take it home. I hope you hope you do what you’re capable of here and keep your keep your eye on the ball and focus on this thing and turn this thing into a monster man. I’m glad that you got the spring back in your step. That’s important and so super cool. Right on, we got any more wins, I think. Who’s got we got a first time caller on here, I think I saw Gareth Pop on here. Welcome to the call, man. Happy to have you. I believe this is Gareth, are you? Are you in front of a camera, I can’t see everyone on here. Yeah. Yeah, I am going

[00:19:14] To call last week. Thanks a lot for jumping on, Gareth.

[00:19:16] Oh, he jumped last week. Ok?

[00:19:18] No, I had we had a one on one call last week.

[00:19:21] Oh, OK, right on. Cool, man. Well, welcome to the group. We’re excited to have you, man. Hopefully you can get a lot out of this. What are you looking to do with your business? Give us a little a little background on what your goals are.

[00:19:34] Yeah, my really quick one. I’m also from Australia. Hey, Graham. Just just starting out. So I mean, you guys are a lot more advanced than I am. Have got one client and he talks with a couple of a couple more, just tradesmen, you know, with businesses that are established. But look, I’ve got a full time job and this is something I’m starting to do on the side. I have listened to a lot of your recordings and I’ve learnt a lot from you guys already. But yeah, I the numbers that you guys are talking about sort of stagger me. And yeah, I think it’s it’s also a really good opportunity to help people understand digital.

[00:20:18] So your audio is kind of cutting in and out. I’m not sure I caught most of it. Yes, sorry. There we go. It’s good now. Ok. Yeah. Well, I’ll tell you, man, I know the numbers. They can be staggering and the the revenue is a lagging indicator. Right. It’s something that happens after the work is done and the skill set and learning this and the strategies and stuff that that is what really matters. And because revenue is a lagging indicator, it can seem like you’re a lot further behind, then you actually are with this stuff. The amount of time that it takes, like two to really start cruising in this, it can go fast. Once you kind of get your playbook in line and you get things dialed in, like you can stack things up pretty quickly. So I don’t want you to feel discouraged about that man. We were all in your place, including myself, you know, at one time. I think it took me two years to get to four thousand, and it wasn’t because I was doing the wrong thing. I was spending my time in the wrong way. I was like getting distracted by shiny objects. You know, there’s like a lot of different groups out there like, well, this like SEO Group does things this way, and this one does it this way. And I got to like four thousand a month and I was like, Well, man, if I can get to four thousand, I can get to eight. I just need to focus on the things that created the revenue in the first place and and block out everything else.

[00:21:52] So I’ve tried to condense that in this group and eliminate a lot of the things that I think don’t matter or are less important. I did a call with with Greg a few days ago, and one of the things I want to point out is is like, I’ve noticed that when, like, you kind of fall into these categories where like, Hey, we need quick money and for the quick money we’ve got like a fast money strategy. But I don’t think the fast money strategy, like pre selling legion, can be good and and it puts you under pressure and especially if you’re getting started, it’s like what I’ve noticed, though, is like, where you really start to make money is when you have leads coming in from the legions. Like, so if you pre-sell Legion and you spend a lot of money on ads, then like we did that and we lost money. And then I hired like ad experts and then like, I still lost money. And then, you know, we’ve done other things where we’ve sold sites and like, you know, that usually ends up being profitable. But at the hourly rate is much less than than building Legion. And really, the beauty and the business model is when you can get leads coming in that you’re paying almost nothing for and then you can just like, sell those every month and put it on autopilot. So the key to getting there is to having having these place, the properties in place that are producing those things.

[00:23:19] So it’s like, how do we do that? Well, let’s build the properties. Let’s get that in place. So like, you know, an analogy I gave to Greg the other day when we were having our conversation is like, Hey, I’m going to sell you this car. I’m going to sell you this car, Gareth. It’s like a beautiful car. It’s black and it’s fast, and it’s got like the the like the front of it’s all curved and sporty, and it’s leather inside. Do you want to buy this car or like, Hey Gareth, here is this here? Is this like Ferrari? Why don’t you take it and drive it around for a week and see if you like it? So that’s kind of the difference between trying to sell something before you have it and when you have it, and they can experience it and say, like with our leads, when we’re not really paying for them, the sales process becomes very easy. And it’s more profitable and it’s it’s like more passive, so everything moves in that direction. So that’s kind of like I’m the big advocate for like build build like ten sites, maybe choose like two or three different niches. Make sure that they’re all like at least a thousand minimum. Learn from these niches. And after you’ve kind of gone through it a few times and you’ve got some pain, clients in those niches maybe get like two or three paying clients and a niche. See if you like this what you’re experiencing, then we scale.

[00:24:39] Ok, so that’s like step one. Then we scale after we’ve kind of established that niche down go across the country or, like, you know, coming to the United States, there’s no reason with you in Australia that you could easily be selling here or vice versa, right? I think the United States is a is an awesome market. The competition is so low and so many different cities for so many valuable niches. And when you when you get that in place, man, the money just really starts to take off. And that’s where you get to these bigger numbers. And it’s not really that far away. You know, you’re like if you built 10 sites and you kind of say, Hey, I’ve really clicked on these two and this in the same niche and I like this niche. I like these people. It seems like they’re worth a lot of money. And then you build like 20 of those. I mean, that could be 20 grand and, you know, six months, right? I know that. There’s this weird, unspoken rule where people say, like, Hey, we’re going to rank things in three months and, you know, we’ve done that a few times, but I think more often than not it takes longer. And you know, we generally when we get it in there, we kind of we get it locked in pretty hard. So it’ll stay there for a long time. And you know, there’s been a couple of situations where we have had flaws in our system and we weren’t monitoring things and things that were ranking for a long time dropped off.

[00:25:55] But we did almost no work on them for like two or three years. Now we’re putting stuff in place to monitor that. But once you get it glued in there, like you can start focusing on more and you’ve got your process down, you start to get a team behind you. Like, this thing can scale really fast. So hopefully that gives you some inspiration on this because we’ve seen a lot of a lot of people really take off. And I think one of the things that we’re going to be putting in here is we’re going to really I’m going to build out training and it’s going inside of the platform. So if you have a subscription, you have this training from A to Z on all these different things, and I’m going to be bringing in other people to teach their training and kind of build this like Netflix training library. That’s a part of the for people that have a subscription. So I think some of that stuff could be really beneficial to you when you’re getting started and going through things, having some like SOPs that you guys can just download and sheets and scripts and emails and all sorts of things. That’s kind of what we’re working towards, and that’s a big goal for us in twenty twenty two is to to really get that launched and build up a nice library. But hey, man, we’re excited to have you. And yeah, man, I don’t know what part of Australia are you in?

[00:27:09] Gareth Malcolm Melbourne. Melbourne. So, yep. Graham, where are you at? You stay out of Sydney, Gareth, there’s going to be trouble. Oh, good, good, I’m just trying to, you know, get get my feet under the table, mate. So I’m a long way. Graeme, I’ve sort of I know who you are. I’ve seen, yeah, we’ve chatted on it a few times. So I suppose it’s to me just joining. This is a bit of a win for me. I’ve had a client just for a long time and I think it’s time to just move on. And I think, yes, I’d better be a winner. Mate, you’re amongst good friends here. Like this is this would be the best group that specifically focuses on legion. You know, the CEO stuff’s pretty good with will. So you’ve got a pretty good combo there. Mean you’re not going to get a better start than this because this is like the zero bullshit part of the business for learning. So you know you’re amongst good friends. Awesome. Patrick Patrick, associate to you. You know, honestly watched like 20 videos, 30 videos of you guys already on high speed. And I think I’ve learnt quite a lot already. But you actually genuinely seem to want to help people, and it’s

[00:28:23] A lot of people than I do. I kind of feel like that’s why I’m here to help people. And you know, there’s a lot of different ways that like whether it’s through the software or through our agency or like trying to do coaching and stuff through here. It’s it’s really rewarding. And I know that for those of you guys that are focused on your bills right now, there was a time where where I was there too, and you move through like, I’ve talked about this, the Maslow’s pyramid of needs where you’re like going through and you’ve got to get like your own security and stability and you’ve got to put food on your table. And then at some point you move into the self-actualization where you’re focused on impact. And that’s that’s where I am is is like, we’re still trying to like, increase our financial stuff. But everything seems to have like an impact component in what we’re doing. And it’s it’s been so rewarding. And I’ll tell you, like it’s been like it’s been crazy how just trying to be a good person to people and help them. So many opportunities get presented to us, like strategic partnerships are showing up now. It seems like once a week. And you know, that’s going to make this platform better. It’s going to make what we do better. We’re going to have a lot of offerings that we can put in from, like other people’s, other people’s work where they want to be a part of this.

[00:29:47] And it’s been it’s it’s just been so rewarding. It’s crazy. Like when you hear the the cliche is like when you focus on or like the saying, like when you focus on other people like the money is going to work itself out. And that’s certainly been my experience in when you’re just trying to put food on the table. That seems hard to do like, right, when you’re in that, like, I’ve got to like, pay my rent. It seems like it’s hard, hard to do, but I’ll tell you if you can, even in that space, if you can focus on your clients and what your client needs instead of like how you can get paid, that money thing will sort itself out like the our bank accounts are relevant to the amount of value that we provided to the world. Like I know, everyone starts in different places, but there’s a strong correlation to the value that you provide and what you get paid for things, right? So you can kind of use that as a pulse, but I appreciate I appreciate the kind words. Patrick, I I see your question in here. Is there a training on implementing the method you’re talking about right now? So I don’t know if you can give me a little bit more clarity on on what that method is. I’ve been Gavin. I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been rapping here for like ten minutes. Cool.

[00:31:06] You mentioned we have a plethora of Patrick’s here, but not Patrick really any other. Patrick asked if you could expand on the philosophy of the service that you said to the guy, I guess when you got that call about lead snap. So I think that would just be like the general pitch that you normally give about the agency.

[00:31:25] Yeah, yeah. I’ll just go through that. I’ll do a screen share and kind of run through it. I think I actually recorded the call. I record all the calls. Maybe I could chop that up and actually share it with you guys in the group. And you can kind of hear my real pitch in real time, but it’s I would do it here. I know this is like one of the. Most requested things is, you know, people struggle with sales. We’re really strongly considering a it would be like pretty quick without a lot of notice doing an event in Florida. And I want, you know, I mentioned something about it last week and we got a lot of responses. We were trying to time it. Jeff and I are going to a mastermind for this group that we’re in. And I would want to try to time it then like so that is not that’s only a few weeks away. But as part of that, my plan would be to give you guys an action plan while you’re there and maybe do a lot of sales seal stuff with like closing deals because I know, I know that’s something people struggle with. So when we’re putting out those little pools and things like that, that’s part of our intent is really trying to understand like how we can build the training around giving you guys value for this stuff. So I’ll just take you over and and I will show you my pitch here that I did for him. I think the heat map he’s he’s like a has a they don’t even have a GMB yet. They’re a mold company. Mold removal. I’ll just load up one of these. I’ll share my screen in one second here. Well, you’re pulling it up, Patrick.

[00:33:15] Somebody else put into the Facebook chat. Wayne Clayton, that he saw someone today who said to write out one hundred reasons why clients should do business with you. And so it’s a great confidence building exercise. So if you think through like all the reasons why and if you can’t fill the page, I guess come up with more, you know, the more reasons you have and if you keep them on hand, I can see how that would be a great confidence builder because there is so much value in what we do. And sometimes we just as we come in and learn the model and do our pitches, I think sometimes we don’t even realize how much value we’re offering. So I think really writing it down and acknowledging to ourselves again, the confidence is key when you get on the call. If you have that list handy or you have, you’d been through it, so you have the confidence in your head. It’s just a really good exercise to go through. So thanks. Thanks for sharing that in the Facebook chat.

[00:34:12] Awesome, awesome. Yeah, so I think also, you know, writing this stuff down and then there’s a lot of there’s a lot of research, Jeff, you and I were talking about this the other day is like. We all have different levels and different backgrounds, different levels of confidence and different backgrounds and. One of the things that has been proven time and time again is these like daily affirmations, and if you’ve read the book think and grow rich, they talk about loading your subconscious. So, you know, having these hundred reasons and not just writing it down once, but studying it and believing it, like taking it from like I want to become to I am right. This last week, a week ago, Jeff, we were in Nashville for a mastermind with some really high level entrepreneurs, and we got into maybe a forty five minute conversation about this mindset. They were referencing a lot of different books. Atomic habits was one of the ones that that they love. I’m just starting with this atomic habits. I’ve never read it, but I know that. Who was that? I think it was like Sierra or somebody that or not, Sierra. I can’t remember who it was, but they were using that language. Can you straighten this out for me? Because I can’t remember it? Exactly. We’re like, I am this or I want to become, do you remember? Yeah, I mean, I think I even

[00:35:31] Said it in one of my mindset videos, because that was a realization that I had. Is that this process that I’ve been going through and it’s a long process like I had a lot of fear and lack of confidence programming in my system and as I kind of like went into the entrepreneurial journey and started really learning and changing my mindset like I would, one of my mentors recommended that I do these affirmation type of things. And so I go run on the beach when I was living in California and I would just yell as loud as I could. Nobody could hear me because the waves and everything these affirmations and it was like at a certain point, I said them enough that I was like, Wow, I actually believe that like, I’m certain, like I really have. Like, I’m starting to believe that what I’m saying, you know? And then more recently, over the last couple of months, maybe it’s pretty recent where I see that, as I say, different things. It’s like, it’s not that I’m just saying, and it’s not that I just believe it, but I but I am that it’s like, that is what I am now. And so I think it’s this process. And again, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time.

[00:36:38] It takes a lot of work. But, you know, going through those things a million times over and just other, I think, points of confirmation in your life where you celebrate those wins. You know, Patrick Ruland, that’s another thing is like really acknowledging and the same mentor got me on that. Celebrate your wins. Things like every time we get on a call together, she does this thing where it’s like a gratitude, acknowledgment of gratitude. It’s like, what are you grateful for in the moment? Like, that’s how she starts every conversation. She’s a big CEO coach. Like, that’s how she starts every conversation with every CEO. Everybody she talks to you, from the baggage handler to the CEO is like, What are you grateful for right now? And so I think just having all of that confirmation in your mind, like you’re literally reprogramming your subconscious mind and it takes time to do that, depending on what kind of crap you were programmed with to begin with. So be patient with yourself. Always be looking forward to that possibility that eventually it’s just going to be seem so far away. When you’re in that kind of reactive fear mode, you’re literally reprogramming your entire system. So that’s kind of what what it’s been for me.

[00:37:49] Yeah, that’s I love that, and I think there’s there’s like these different thresholds you kind of go through where. Where first, your your you don’t really believe what you’re saying. And then you start to have some belief and it’s more of like you’re trying to convince yourself and then finally, you get to the spot where it’s just like, you’re certain that this is the case and you’re just like, it’s it’s more it’s more of like an acknowledgement of who you are. Like I could say, like, I’m a business owner, right? I know that to be the case, right? But maybe when I first started and I was just getting started, I didn’t really believe I was a business owner, even though I might have set up my LLC or whatever, right? So like, you want to be moving towards that and like, there’s no one to say that, that you’re really not these things, right? A lot of times this this confidence, like you’ve seen some people on these calls turn the corner where if you look back on some of these older videos and then you see as they progress and it’s like they’ve they’ve become who they wanted to be through, like this repetition and constant work. But I’m going to get into my pitch now on this. I’ll show you guys pretty much exactly what I did the other day with this, with this company. So I had no plans of pitching these people and then they just kind of like said, Hey, we would we’d like to hear more about it.

[00:39:13] So they are in. Like Columbia, South Carolina, and they’re in mold removal, so I came to this tool, this is bright local. There’s no there’s no like subscription or anything required. It’s bright local and then local search results checker with dashes in between each word. So the good thing about this is it’s good for explaining. Um, how things work, so then right here, I’m just going to put in their city. Columbia, South Carolina. Ok, so this is going to give me the search results because I want to show them what the search results look like and we can get on the same page. So I came here and I explain to them, OK, the search results change based on where you are. So I’m not in Columbia, South Carolina, so I want to just show you your competition, right? So this is the Google Ads area here. This is the Google my business area. And then down here we have some questions. There’s some products and then this is the organic area. So the area that gets the most clicks for a local service is this Google, my business area, which is why we have this tool that has that pays a lot of attention to this. So this is a really important area to rank well. And in this area, it changes as we move across town, right? So we want to be first. This is second and this is third.

[00:40:38] There’s three spots in here, right? And if I did a search from over here and then I drove down this twenty over here and now I’m over here and I do a search. These results are going to be completely different. Right. So what we have is we have a tool that measures these results as you move across town. This is this company here. I went through and I grabbed the map URL why we’re on the call because I didn’t have this preloaded right? And I said, you know, when you set this up, they haven’t set up the first Google my business and I let them know like, it’s a simple process. This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to log in to Google, you’re going to request this postcard and this postcard is going to come. So you’re kind of setting this up through Google. And that postcard just like verifies the fact that you guys have a real business, right? That you guys are real people. They have some connection with the the real world through this postcard and being able to get the code that’s in it. So that’s what these people did and that’s what you guys are going to need to do. Whether you, whether I help you or not, this is an important step for you guys to to do so. Each one of these, once you set it up, there’s a unique identifier and I can take that identifier and I can put it into our tool here.

[00:41:48] So I’m going to see if I can grab the I did a search for mold removal. I know that some of you guys, we’re working towards making the fact that these filters are turned on more obvious. For those of you guys that have struggled where it hasn’t shown you the results and you think that they’re being removed or we don’t, we never delete the heat maps. They’re just like the filters on. So if you just come into this advanced search and change the time, I think it’s set to last 30 days, you can just change it to all time and it will show you all your searches. So I ran this. This isn’t their company. This is who this was, the number one that happened to come up on that one search. I also explained to them that, you know, because this like things change as we move across town. Just because this company’s first here on this search, they’re probably not first in other places. There’s probably a lot of other places, too, don’t we don’t automatically just assume that they’re the top dog in town. So that’s why this tool is great. And I’ll tell you, most other marketing companies don’t have this. This is a great line for you guys to use when you’re pitching. Like, let them know that this is a secret weapon here. A lot of people don’t have, right. So like, look, a lot of other people, they don’t have this tool.

[00:43:07] So what this does is lets us know where we’re weak and where we’re strong. And our goal is to turn this one all the way into every spot on the map, right? So the way this is working is this company is being evaluated for this word as we move across this map. So where this too is that two is if someone had done a search at that exact spot and if I click in here, we can get a little bit more information. So if I were standing on this like one seventy six right here at this spot and I did a search, then I would come up third in that little area that I was showing you. So the goal is to make these all be ones because that’s going to create a lot more business for you, right? So the way that we do that, there’s a lot of different strategies that we can use. So for instance, I know that this is in this like Seven Oaks area where we’re a three and if I were to get some Google reviews. That mentioned Seven Oaks and mold removal, then I’m going to improve my ranking for those terms, and it doesn’t mean that I get one review. There’s no there’s no set rule of how much I need, but Google is looking at this and they’re trying to decide who is the most relevant companies to show based on the quality of the site.

[00:44:21] So that means the quality of the content that’s written and there’s a bunch of other factors. I don’t want to dive into all that, but one of them is like, how relevant? So if somebody is mentioning mold removal at seven Seven Oaks and that keeps popping up, and then Google is deciding when someone searches for mold removal in Seven Oaks, who should they show? It makes sense that they would show mine because I have all this reference to it, right? So by building out some pages on my website about Seven Oaks, by naming some of my pictures with mold removal, Seven Oaks, both on my website and those that I loaded to the Google my business, we have this really cool feature within our platform that allows you to schedule posts. So posts for Google my business are these little offers that show up for like a week. So if I mention Seven Oaks in that post and I and I kind of put some like geo relevance to this area that can help me move. So once we start doing these things and we attack this, this tool allows us to be hyper local. And I’ll tell you, if you’ve never had a number one ranking for something with with this, you’re missing out. It’s a big game changer. And I actually went into our phone system and I showed them the calls that come in. So I showed them, Hey, we have ten thousand phone calls that come in a month for our clients.

[00:45:36] This is what we do. And the strategies that have created all these calls are by turning all these into ones all across here and a lot of times what we’ll do, I’ll tell you. So the guy’s name was, was Chris, and I say, I’ll tell you, Chris, I’m a super competitive person. I don’t like losing. And when we take on a client and we’re looking at their competitor, it’s like a war has been started. They don’t know that there’s a war being started, but this company, like if I were if I were your if this environmental solutions was was your competitor, they’re going up on a dartboard and we’re throwing darts at them every day. I’m coming for this company and I want to just absolutely demolish them. So part of our strategy is we’ll not just set up one Google my business, we’ll set up them all over town. So a lot of times we’ll be one, two and three and then we’ll take over the organic section because we’ll build out multiple sites. And this is how we’ve taken these companies that are out a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars a year. And this is why we don’t do a lot of advertising because when you do that, you get a lot of referrals. So that’s kind of like some of the pitch that I put in there and I say it with that tone and that certainty and people believe it because I believe it’s like, this is like going back to the self-affirmation thing was like, I already know what’s going to happen.

[00:46:57] Like when we go into this, we do a weekly meeting and our managers talk, and we’re just like brainstorming on how we’re going to just like, destroy the competition. How many sites are we going to build? How many jobs like, what are we going to do so that we completely take over this map area here and it becomes our focus. We have a lot of resources within our agency and what other mold company is going to have people working on it every single week. With this level of knowledge, it’s only a matter of time before the dominoes tip. The way that we set up our pricing is we do a startup fee and then we charge. We don’t charge again until the lead starts to come in. And, you know, we’re going to charge based on what what the value is. We don’t do contracts on our business, so you can cancel any time. But what I found is, you know, if if I’m putting like five dollars in your pocket and you’re giving me a dollar back each time, like how long do you want to do that? When I put ten dollars in your pocket, would it be worth it to give me two dollars, right? So I found if I put people in that sort of situation, they don’t leave, and this is why we don’t really lose a lot of clients.

[00:48:03] This is this is why we get the referrals. We become a partner and their response is like. It seems like it would be really stupid for us not to hire you. You guys are like a secret weapon. And I think we’re ready to move forward and that’s where I said, OK, yeah, that sounds great. I didn’t want to like get into all this. The meeting time, I had another meeting right after it. So I use the line to to, Hey, I want to have you talk to. I don’t. I’m the CEO. I usually don’t do these sales calls. It’s actually been several years. I’m more focused. I thought you guys were signing up for a demo of the software. That is something I want to really understand with with our clients. Who the software. So I’m going to I’m going to have our Jeff, who’s our director of sales, reach out to you and set up an appointment and he’ll take it from there, and he coordinates with our managers to make sure everything’s being done. So that is another positioning. There’s so much like positioning that that goes on. I hope you guys picked up on on some of that and kind of the phrasing and how we do it. You guys can play this back and kind of learn from it. I think Patrick was the one that requested. That was that.

[00:49:10] Yeah, that was Patrick Patrick.

[00:49:13] Was that good? Does that does that give you some direction? I think Gareth also wanted to see that hopefully that that gave you guys some value there. That was the pitch. I gave almost word for word to those people.

[00:49:26] Yeah, that’s pretty standard pitch that Patrick does. And that’s where, you know, the pitch that I learned from and I take as much of it, you know, you have to make it your own. I don’t do it quite as well as Patrick does as far as positioning. Patrick, in my opinion, is pretty much masterful at positioning. But I’m getting there. I learned I tweak it, you know, it’s good for me to to see him do it again and again and again. You know, I pick up something new every time. So Patrick is also asking, What are you using to build your Legion sites, WordPress and what builder is it? WordPress and then what builder?

[00:49:59] Yeah, so it’s all WordPress for us. You know, you guys, there’s like it’s it’s cheap to pay like a WordPress master, so and it’s cheap to host it. But there’s a reason that it’s like the most popular building platform on Earth. Right? It’s it’s so like you don’t have to be a WordPress master to get this stuff in place. You can go to online job, stop FX and hire somebody for ten dollars or with 10 years experience for for three or four dollars an hour. There’s themes that you can buy that are like 50 or 60 bucks, and then almost immediately you can have something in place. So that’s definitely what I would recommend. I know that we’ve used like elementary, but I think. So there’s a couple of there’s someone from our team on this who knows the answer. Hey, can you throw it? You know you are, can you throw it in the chat and in our Slack chat? And I’ll mention that I know that we just purchased a new a new builder that we think is going to be a lot faster. I just can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head. He got the message. It’s called oxygen builder. So we have three WordPress developers on our team that are really strong developers and they’ve been dealing with like whatever speed issues and stuff like that that we’ve run into and they want to really move to this engine builder.

[00:51:22] They love it, they trust it. So I trust in their opinion on that type of stuff. Do you show the geo grid from several locations within the area or just stick with their business location because ranking in the top three differs on what location? Actually, you’re right, I missed a couple of pieces. Let me open this back up. I did go through and explain to them the averaging thing I think is really powerful. So that was a part of my pitch, too. So I’ll just like insert this into the middle of this pitch. So, Jeff, give me a thumbs up. You can see my screen, right? Ok. All right. So what I do is I came over here and I said, Look, these are the people. So this environmental mode solutions, we can tell that they’re the number one company in town for this term. Because of this average, right? Here is two point one five. Right. So what this is is it’s an average of all these. If we added all these up and divided by the spots, the average would be two point one five. So that’s what that equals. And we can see the parts of town, the northwest, there are two point twenty one. So it’s just like taking these like quadrants. Twenty five percent. So what we need to do is we need to move ahead of these guys, right? So we’ll monitor this this this becomes like a math game, right, where we know our numbers and we know their number and we just keep on.

[00:52:37] Like once we move up above them, this will move down and then we’ll put another location and another location above them and keep sliding them down. Just because they’re ranking really well doesn’t mean that they’re like awesome. It just means that they’re better than the other people in town, right? So I kind of go through that. I will also pull up sometimes like, I don’t know if you guys know this, but if you click on this, this is I love this feature. It goes right out to the to their GMB, and then I can evaluate this further and I can open up their website and like, dive into it. But it’s important to keep it simple, guys like you don’t want to get lost in the weeds with this stuff. If they’re asking questions and you need to like, like, prove that your knowledge more than than just do it from a high level, don’t don’t go into like all the back linking stuff, you can just kind of like browse through it a little bit so that you don’t want to lose them. You don’t want their eyes glaze over.

[00:53:35] My, my, my, my experience is that it’s more about the positioning like focus on learning the positioning. And then you don’t need to go into those details, like if they’re not sold on sort of, you know, the topics that Patrick’s covered already going into backlinks and isn’t going to help, you know, it’s just their eyes are going to glaze over for sure. Alfredo is asking, Why are you using one mile between the dots? Can you explain that so we can all understand the difference and what the heat map is going to tell us based on the distance between the grid or between the points on the grid?

[00:54:08] Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of become our standard with what we do is one mile. It’s going to cover a big area, you know, you’re not going to really rank really well. And so you’re like doing so for a decent size or you’re not going to produce a lot of leads unless for the most part, unless you’re ranking four for a good, good size area, you can use smugglers. It’s going to be a lot more competitive. The larger the grid gets right because you’re competing against, there’s more people, right? Like, if I’m let me take the best, the best basketball player out of one hundred people versus out of five hundred people or ten thousand people, right? The competition is going to get stiffer. The more space that we cover, right, which you know, there can be a double edged sword. This is how we do it in our agency. This is typically what we’re measuring on is a 13 by 13 one mile apart. It can also be good, like if you’re. Wanting to really stack the deck in your favor when you’re giving the presentation by choosing a larger area, maybe the competition will start to be a little bit more fierce, like if you just chose like a quarter mile grid around their location, they could think that they’re killing it. And it’s just like killing it in this, you know, whatever six square mile area which, you know, if you’re in a really populated city, then then that can be really powerful. But. That’s that’s kind of my mindset. Alfredo, does that does that make sense? Yeah, that was my question.

[00:55:40] Sorry, I’m a little under the weather. So at the beginning, do a one mile. Is that like our default thing, I don’t really understand it, I can’t I can do the pitch fine, but I don’t understand the one mile five miles 13.

[00:55:55] Yeah. Let me explain that. So that’s just the distance between the points. Right. So if I do one mile, then they’re like, Right here, there’s one mile between this point and this point you’re not sharing. Oh, shoot. Sorry.

[00:56:09] Yeah, I think it’s confusing as well, Patrick. That was one of the things when I kind of like started to learn was that if I have the same square, what does it mean if that’s a one mile or a two and a half mile between the points, because it’s still the same amount of space in the square? So I didn’t, you know, I think it’s hard to understand how that

[00:56:31] Plays out, OK? Yeah, I’m going to show you this from two angles and make it really clear. So this is a finished heat map, right? Right now, there’s one mile between this point at this point, and there’s one mile between this point and this, these two points, right? So that’s what that means. There’s one mile between these. So if I change it to a half a mile, these would be closer together. So let me step out of this and we’ll just like do a new heat map in here. I don’t know if you guys noticed this. We added what I think is a really cool feature. It’s kind of flew in under the radar this history feature. So basically any heat map that you run, you can now just like, grab it. It’s saved in this list. So every single one that you run, you have the option to. I’ll just choose this roofing company, which for some reason is out in the middle of the ocean. All right, let me choose a different one. Stu, this is going to give me the same result. Ok, we’ll choose this day, right? Ok. All right, cool. So this is a it looks like a roofing company. So let’s just say I search for like roofing contractor, right? And I’m going to set up the distance between the points one mile, OK, and then I’m going to make it a 13 by 13 grid. So with our software, we don’t charge based on the grid point.

[00:57:45] I know that there’s some other competitors out there. They use this weird, convoluted system where it’s like the amount of points. So I just I thought it was stupid the way they did that. So we just charge for the search. So you get more data when you do 13 by 13. But for whatever reason, if you didn’t want that, you have the option to choose those. So our default is always 13 by 13 with one mile. So now you can see this is the size of the grid, right? And if I change this to half a mile, look how it got smaller. It zoomed in, right? So now the grid smaller because there’s only a half mile between the points. You have this option. If I do this, let’s say I draw this square around this grid, so nothing’s really going to change. It’s putting those grid points in here. But now I have the option. I can change this and I’ll make it this big. So now who knows how much distance is between these points? Because now I’ve changed this. You still have 13 by 13, but now you’re in a larger space. If I do it again now there’s more distance, so it’s no longer what it says here because I’ve altered that by stretching this grid, right? So does that clear it up? I don’t know if I address the question Alfredo does that? Does that make sense?

[00:58:55] Yeah, it was excellent. I just want to know like default do

[00:59:00] 13 by 13 one mile. That’s what we do. And like, there could be like, you know, I’m trying to cover a bigger area and sometimes I’ll do like if, if like, let’s say. That I get my my heat map report back, and I’m doing really well in the top right in the northeast as well as the entire south. I’m doing really well, but up in this northwest, maybe I’m not doing as well and I’ve got kind of like mixed results. So what I could do and I’m thinking about the averaging two. So now I’m going to just focus on this, right? And it’s going to do the same thing now, I’ve got this divided up into the Northeast and the averages, right? So when you cover that whole area, you’re getting an average of that whole area. But maybe like, Hey, I want to really drill down on this area and focus on this area. So now maybe I’m going to just like, make my heat map, I’m going to I’m going to get more data points on this smaller area. So, so now instead of it being like one mile, maybe this is a tenth of a mile between these points, and I’m going to know exactly how we’re ranking all over this smaller area. So there’s reasons to do both ways, right? If I’m just trying to get like a general pulse on our ranking for a city, then like the larger grid makes sense. And you know, like, let’s do this real quick. I think I’m going to move over to let’s see here. I really want to go to Las Vegas for a second.

[01:00:40] Ok, so we started our business when I was living in Vegas, and because a lot of our original sites were in Vegas, this is probably not the best way to do this, but I’m going to get there eventually. Ok. All right, so. You’re down here and what happens a lot of times when you try to do Vegas because it’s like a sprawling city and it’s the same for like Phoenix or something like that. Was like it will draw like the 13 by 13, depending on where your Google my business is. It will look something like this. Maybe a little bit bigger. Like something like that, right? So that’s not enough for me to cover the city. So I want to know how I’m ranking across the whole city because my goal is to take over this entire area. So I will draw this massive grid here, and it will. And I’m going to cool down here because I know that there’s like some some people down in this Southeast Henderson area. So this is a huge grid. And if I rank all over this entire city, this thing is going to produce a lot of money for me. I know it because this is a big area and there’s a lot of there’s a lot of people in this area. And if if I’m raking over an area like this and we have a lot of sites where that’s the case, we had an air conditioning site that was ranking, it probably still is. We’re like AC repair over this entire area.

[01:02:04] It was it was in the top three, which is like ultra competitive. And when we look at our calls during the summer, there’s a ton of calls coming in. It’s worth a lot of money. So this is kind of our goal, but you may need to divide this into smaller areas to just freaked it out. Hold on a second. Maybe I can fix this. It did not like that. I don’t know who the developer of this stuff is. So you may need to kind of like zoom in on on smaller parts of that to get more dialed in while you’re doing your research process. It’s just kind of depends on your goals, but that 13 by 13 is just like a rough feel. If you’re in a bigger city, then like cover the entire city, set up a goal, monitor that stuff. So what we do is we report on it. My managers, they have the sites, the priority sites that they’re responsible for and on a weekly basis. I think we changed it to be a little bit less than that now. But we’re getting that heat map average and we’re monitoring that very closely. So we’ll put in like seven to 10 keywords and we’ll run that thing every like 12 days and we’ll see if we’re improving. We want to see the trend of like, what direction are we moving? How can we keep improving this? And I know when that number becomes like less than like six or seven, the calls will start to come in if we get that number under three, that heat map average under three, then like we’re dialed in, we’re locked in on that market now and like the lead should be flowing.

[01:03:42] We’ve had it happen a few times where we had no reviews on something in our heat map. Average is like a two and we’re not really getting a lot of leads. And then we go and we like make a concerted effort to get reviews and then the calls really start to come in. So you need to start monitoring this stuff. And man, I spent a lot of time in this last week on the reporting and how it’s going to work and how it’s going to look. And I’m excited to get this piece to you guys because I think when you can start to get a report that’s automatically emailed to you with like heat map averages and like Google Analytics traffic and all this information on on a weekly basis, you look at it, say like every Friday, I’m like, OK, this is going to help me build my game plan for next week so that I can move things in the right direction. So we’re working towards that. Jeff and I were on a call earlier today with the one of the masterminds that we’re involved in and the guy who runs it really, really smart, brilliant guy. But he was talking about how this guy scaled his business. I can’t remember what industry it was in, but he went from like zero to four thousand people in the course of a few years. Four thousand employees. And he the

[01:04:54] Guy he was talking about, he was talking about Travis, the CEO of Uber.

[01:05:00] Yeah. So these are the people that this guy’s name is Dan Martell. He he’s friends with these people and he has these stories where he’s like, How did you guys go so quickly? And he’s like, Well, you know, I only I only get seven reports a day. I get seven reports every day and I just look through it. So the reports are like he’s got departments that are managing their people, and the departments are giving him the report on how like he’s got his North Star metric in the different numbers from these different departments. I mean, he’s just looking over these numbers and seeing if things are going and then he works with a department head to make sure that he’s coaching them and they go out and they’re responsible for their results. Right. So for me, that was that was a huge takeaway because we’re running two different businesses and there’s a lot to be managed here. And I’m like, How can I manage all this stuff? And you know, to to have this reporting, which is what I’m trying to create for you guys with the system is like, how can I give these people awesome reporting so that they can just have an email to themselves if they want to do it daily and they can just look at different parts or weekly to kind of keep a pulse on on some of the the things that maybe move slower, like the heat map, right? It’s going to take us a while to move those numbers.

[01:06:12] Whatever you measure you, there’s it gets, it gets better, right? That’s the thing was like, what? What’s measured gets done. What’s measured improves, right? So we need to do that and you need to course correct based on the results of these measurements. And that’s a big part of what we’re trying to build into the system for you guys. I’m using my agency as the guinea pig of like, what do we need and then how do I? Coach people, so that they’re monitoring these things, like where did we struggle, how can we fix that? And then let’s apply this, let’s build it into the system. There’s some like we’re going through so much software right now and like paying for like, who knows how many different subscriptions we’re I’m trying to pull these things. The best things are these other systems out of this and put it in here for you guys, right? So I’m excited for for where this is going. There’s some awesome stuff. I want to share some stuff with you guys now.

[01:07:08] Patrick’s asking how you wear what tech you use for sales call Loom or Zoom. I haven’t personally done a demo like Patrick just did because we haven’t done any like cold outreach. It’s always a referral and there hasn’t been a referral of late. And so it’s it’s less necessary to go into that kind of stuff like I haven’t been closing new business that way. But in this particular case, Patrick did that because it was coming in through sort of like a blind side. It wasn’t expected to be a sales pitch for the agency.

[01:07:45] Yeah, yeah, that’s right. So like I used. You scream about it, right? When I was doing the recordings and pitches, I would use that and then I used to use a software called Banana Tag that would let me see like when someone’s clicking on things, but then like it got worse. Stop working as well. And then like for our meetings, we’re always using Zoom and Zoom is cheap and I think it’s awesome. I think it’s like 15 bucks a month or something stupid like that. And then you can like what we do is you guys see is like they’ll give you a personal ID. And then we just like, I created a page, right? So it’s like, what if you’re on lead? Snap leads NBC.com slash Zoom, and that just redirects to my personal ID. So it makes it look like it’s like this branded thing. And then we just like, send him that link with our company name. It looks really professional. It’s great to have this stuff. And like Zoom, Zoom so easy to set up and use, right? And you can like, annotate on there if you need to point something out. So that’s kind of the tech we use. And then obviously our software here is a huge part of our selling for us like or it has been in the past. And so that’s like the main tech. I wouldn’t get too in the weeds with with, you know, unnecessary pieces. I think like if you guys like, I’ve said this and it’s crazy because people will come to me and like, Hey, I could really use some help.

[01:09:15] I could really use some coaching and try to make it a policy to try to help as many people as I can. But it’s tough with getting pulled in a lot of directions, and I’ll carve out like 30 minutes and I’ll give people my honest advice on what I think they should do. And then I’ll talk to them like two or three months later and check in and they haven’t done any of it and they don’t have any more results. This is what we do. This is what has worked. I’ve seen the people execute it and it’s worked really, really well. If you guys can trust me on this and block out some of this other noise and just like, follow this stuff, if you follow this and participate on these calls and ask your questions, we will get you there like I have no. There’s no doubt in my mind just a question. Are you going to take this and do you have the discipline to block this stuff out? If you look at Spencer or Spencer was at a couple of thousand a month and then he started using the heat map and he got it to ten thousand a month. Then Spencer and I, we jumped on a call and I gave him like this why I did it on a call here. The group strategy like how to like pitch the heat map and groups. He had a couple of questions. I could tell that he was really making effort. We got on a call, we tweaked it and then he went from ten to twenty five thousand a month in like one month just following our strategy.

[01:10:34] And he had been in SEO for like I think he was in Cory Long’s group and a couple of other groups, and he’s bouncing around trying to figure this out. And they finally just decided I’m going to lock down on this. I’m going to follow this, and it exploded. And it’s not that any of these other ones can’t do it. This is what I know works for us. And if you guys follow this stuff, I have all the confidence in the world that you’ll get to the same spot. Like, it just seems like a question of going through the steps. Whether I walk through the store or Jeff walks through this door that it’s the same room on the other side, right? It’s just like, are you going to choose to do the steps necessary to walk through the door? If you do them, it’s going to be the same result for everyone. That’s my opinion, and I feel very confident in saying that it’s just I’ve seen it executed so many times. Ok, guys, I want to get in. I want to show you, I know that we’re over an hour already, but I had some stuff planned to show you guys were about to release these. I just keep on finding like small issues. The white labeling and the permissions for the phone system are about to be out. So I’m going to share this with you and give you a little demo of how this works.

[01:11:41] Ok, so this is not available with your system yet. This is a test system that we have that we use internally for, like our development. So it goes. We build it out and then we push it here. And then after we beat on it and we’re confident it, then we release it and then you guys tell me that you found bugs and I get frustrated and we fix those. But this is the first phase of like, so I’ve got this account here. I’ve got let’s go over to our if you guys notice, if we go to settings, there’s this option that says white label. So we’re we’re releasing the white label in beta. Ok, so this is going to be a beta release for us. So you’re not going to have to pay anything, but you’re going to use it with the understanding that, hey, we haven’t potentially there’s bugs. I just want to test it for a little while. I hate it when you guys are are paying for something and there’s any kind of issue which it drives me crazy. So I’m going to give this for free for a little while and we’ll see how long it takes before we’ve got everything ironed out. So basically, what you’re going to do is you’re going to enter your domain in here and once. You enter that domain and there it’s going to do all kinds of like things on the back end for us. There’s a couple of we’re building out the training, but you’re going to have to go and edit like the with wherever your domain.

[01:13:04] Read stories. You just got to set up a couple of records and point it. But so essentially, if I were to set up something like if I owned this domain match.com, I would click this and then it’s going to give you guys some instructions on what to do next. And this is where people could go. They would no longer be going to snap or regenerated. They would go to Patrick’s and this would load. You can set this up as a as like. So maybe my agency is I’ve got like an agency website. That’s Patrick. Agency at this new keyboard, that’s weird, OK? Patrick, Asian, and maybe I want to have like CRM so I could set up a subdomain and then when people go there, they would have their own separate login. Ok, so that is kind of like the domain setup. There’s an area here where you can go to the login page and you can upload your own logo, right? And you can change the text color. The button color. The background color. You can choose your own logo. So this is just going to be for a login page. Let me pull this up real quick. Give me one second, and I’ll show you what this kind of looks like here. Thank you for your patience. Thought I had everything set up, but I forgot to do this part of it. All right. All right, Jeff, do we have any questions why I’m trying to get this part of it sorted out real quick?

[01:14:53] I’m not seeing any right now this tech would answer the tech questions. Patrick was kind of asking before if we split it up into some kind of an initial call. You know, and then I do the final sales call. No, we haven’t done that, Patrick. We really haven’t done any kind of like gold prospecting in quite a while, so we haven’t needed to do that. What I’m doing on a consistent basis is trying to fill the holes in the agency of maybe past domains that are being built up and are starting to rank leads coming in. So I already have leads in my hand when I go to contractors, so it’s less necessary for me to do like a full prospecting video or to even get them onto any kind of like a video call to show them our system. I can generally, because I’ve done it a million times now explain what I have, and generally I’m trying to get them to agree to take a few leads. And if they want to maybe see a heat map or something later on, once I get them more engaged, then I’ll do that. But we have to go fast because we have so many assets in place and sites start to rank, especially in the spring. Right now, it’s a little bit dead, you know, more dead. But once spring rolls around, I mean, these things start popping and it’s like I have 10, 15, 20 sites to sell at a given time that are kind of like producing enough leads that would warrant a fee. In the meantime, when the leads are lower either out of season or it’s just the asset isn’t producing as well.

[01:16:38] I’m kind of like curating my sort of like farm team of potential contractors that could take those leads. So I’ll like reach out and I’m I’m real hands off, kind of like not not pushy sales type. I’m just like, Hey, do you do you do concrete work over here and this area? And they’re like, Yeah, it’s like, Hey, well, I got this guy who needs this patio done or whatever. Are you interested? I do, you know, in referral work, and I kind of just take it real easy, you know, ease them in. And so then I know we’re pretty have a pretty good idea if they’re the right contractor, once we can get those assets producing better. And if I have a really good contractor that I know is going to be a really good client or it could be a really good client, maybe I’m only getting a few leads a month or a week or whatever just doesn’t warrant even a fee. Then I’ll have the team go and just put that on a priority and juice it up so that we can get that person engaged immediately. So it’s kind of a little bit of a different situation for us, but I wouldn’t see any scenario where we would have a flow, where Patrick would be doing an early call and I would be doing the clothes or vice versa or anything trying to eliminate Patrick as much as I can out of the process. That’s why I’m here. So that’s kind of how we do it.

[01:18:03] Hopefully that made sense. All right. Let me do this share here. All right, cool. So you guys can see this is where I’m controlling it from. So this is I’m logged in. This is our developer account here. You guys cannot get an account here. So we’ve had people try to register. It’s not going to work. This is just something we use internally. Ok, so it’s just like what you guys have, but with the things that we’re building and testing. Ok, so you can see I’ve set this up here. This is the weird domain that we’re testing on right now, and you can see that this on logged into this domain now. If you look at these, the system settings has the colors here. So if I go over here, you can see this is the logo that’s showing up here, right? So I know these colors don’t look great and I can change that if I just go here and let’s maybe I’ll make it this green color here and I click on Save. So now on this other domain, if I just refresh this. You’ll see that it’s going to change that, so you can kind of change this to whatever you want, whatever branding you want, this logo here is being pulled from this logo and we also have the favicon, right? So up here is the favicon in the tab, right? So you can change all this stuff here, right? And you can do the same for the login page. So I think if I let me just grab this real quick and I’m going to go into an incognito window real quick.

[01:19:37] And you guys will see we have this pretty generic login page right here, right, so this will you can change this however you want to. You can change. So this setting is controlled by this over here on the login page, right? So you have the opportunity to change the button colors, the text, the background photo. All this stuff is really in complete control. And then you have email settings right here where you can set up. You can set up like you will not have the possibility to send a message to someone through the white label system unless you have an email set up your own. We’re trying to do everything we can to protect the identity of our original platform from the people that you’re white labeling it from. So, for instance, there’s like right now, if you guys don’t set up your emails, it might come from like admin, like your lead might be sent to your client from admin at least snapped, right? But with this, we’re locking it down, and pretty soon you’re not going to have the ability to send emails unless you’ve added your own email through our system, too. So we’re going to be changing that in the near future. So that’s the white labeling stuff that we’re about to release. You can see that we have it working. There’s just a couple like bugs here and there. We want it to change out the change out the icons and everything, right? So like this stuff here, we need to get it.

[01:21:06] So it changes this based on your color choices. So we’re almost finished with that. But and then you can use the user roles to really like if you go in here and you look at the settings for users and user roles, so you can use this to turn on and off the like what they have access to. So if I go in here and I look at the sample client we have like this is the this is where I can give them access to the different parts of the system. So right now, if you turn on the phone system, they’ll have access to the entire phone system. We have another update that we’re about to release where it’s going to change that. Let me see. I’m going to just pause just real quick and I can try to show you how this looks without exposing our. Internal stuff here. Settings. User roles, are you guys excited for this white label stuff, because I think it’s going to be huge for you guys, you guys can start to you can really start to sell this system on your own and like charge your clients for it. And reputation management is going to be huge for this. Like being able to sell this without not having the fear that someone’s going to come and undercut you on on price. Right. So I think it’s going to be a really awesome add on.

[01:22:24] All right. So let’s resume the share. Ok, so this is what it’s going to look like when we add in the phone system. You guys are going to have that ability to turn off these different sections within the phone system, the call section, the text, whether they can see the call flows, whether they can see the numbers and the port number so you can decide whether you turn on and off. These these parts of it right here, right, so these correspond these permissions correspond with this and then you can take it a step further and say, Hey, I want them to be able to view the calls, but they can’t actually create a new call or make an outgoing call, or they can’t edit or delete any of the existing calls. You can turn that off. And you can build this into a user role and then you assign the user role to a user as you invite them. So this applies to the white label, too. So whatever settings you give them, you can turn on and off all the different parts and pieces of the system on the left side. And then even within those pages, that’s kind of what this is is like. You can decide if they can view, edit, create or delete if you give them view privileges. This stuff is working kind of like in two different directions, right? So this is working on a company level. So if they have permission to a company, so let’s say they have like Joe’s garage door repair, they have permission to that, and that’s the only company that they have permission to.

[01:23:41] So when you give them permission to the calls and you give them like view access, they’re only going to be able to view the calls for the company that they’re assigned and these permissions are only going to apply to those companies. Does that make sense? That’s kind of how that works, and that’s going to give you guys really. I mean, you guys already have really granular control with with all all these different parts of the system. The phone system is is one that you guys don’t have these permissions yet. So we’re about ready to launch this. We’re we’re really close. Probably in the next few days, we’ll launch this phone system. I just found a couple of final bugs and then I sent that over to our developer. I’m hoping to have those fixed tomorrow and I can test on, you know, test tomorrow evening and then we can maybe launch it on Friday or Monday. I like to try to be thorough with the testing, but I know some of you guys have asked, like, Hey, why can’t my client see the cause or why is my client seeing all the calls? It’s because we don’t have this right now. The phone system isn’t on or off. And but once we put this in here, that will change that and you’ll be able to really get really good control on on what they see. Cool. All right.

[01:24:51] Yeah, the one question is, do we have an affiliate program really important?

[01:24:59] What was that last? Oh yeah, we do have an affiliate program, guys. We haven’t pushed it much because there’s a part of it that’s like broken internally. And I fired the developer who is working on it. But I’m going to we’re going to swing that back around. We have an affiliate program. If you sign people up, then like it will be credited. It’s just the the measurement of it right now is not working correctly. So we’re going to build out an affiliate page that explains how it works. But this is basically going to be it. There’s going to be increments of 10, so. It’s going to start out at 20 percent. So if you enroll 10 people, those 10 people, you get 20 percent on going for whatever they spend and you show them where they get their link. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, I will. I will explain this part of it first, though. So the first 10 people will be at 20 percent. In the next 10, people will be at 30 percent. Everyone after that would be up 40 percent. Ok, so that’s how it’s going to work, and it’s 40 percent ongoing for some parts that I’m unsure of how to do this. Like our phone system, we have a pretty small margin. So I’m like, it’s definitely going to apply to the CRM part of it. But on the phone system, we have a lot of variable costs associated with that.

[01:26:14] So I just need to think about that. But I think it’s awesome. Like like. I know that you guys can probably like you probably have guesses on what we spent on building this, this this software and this this company. It’s huge. And to be able to get 40 percent ongoing for never like having built out a piece of code in the software is like, I mean, I mean, you’re essentially owning like 40 percent like, let me make this clear, because we’ve had issues you don’t just because you’re an affiliate does not give you any ownership in this company. Like, let’s make that clear. So there’s no no ownership. You get access to 40 percent of what comes up. All right. So yeah, and that’s you’ve got to meet that criteria. We want to have affiliates that are engaged and I’m going to make a huge deal out of the affiliates, right? I want to have like once we get this, this affiliate program popping off, like I want to have contests for the top affiliates awards like we’ll probably end up doing at some point. My vision for this is to kind of have like a like a weekend. Maybe it’s like going to be a cruise or like some sort of like, Hey, we’re going to fly in our top affiliates, we’re going to put them up in hotels. We’re going to make this weekend all about them and do all sorts of events and just really take care of the people that drive business towards us.

[01:27:44] Like we appreciate those people and I want to build an awesome culture. Do special trainings for the affiliates set them up for success? So with the software coach that I have that I was just mentioning the guy who’s friends with those guys from Uber and Airbnb and all these other SAS platforms, he’s got some awesome training on affiliate. So I’m following his lead on this and I’m excited to really just make a like. It’s going to be a huge part of our future business and in my vision. Ok, so the way that you can get your affiliate stuff is if you I will share my screen now and then, this will be the final thing. We’re going to call it a wrap after this. All right. So you guys can see my screen, right, Jeff, we’re good. Somebody. Yep. Ok, cool. All right. So up here under your name, there is a referrals area, and if you click on that, you can come in here and you can see that there’s this referral link. And if I click copy and if somebody clicks on this and. They follow this, this will take him to the spot where they can sign up, and this will take him right to the home page, but basically how it works is if they come to our site, it’s going to put a cookie on their computer and then I think it lasts like two weeks.

[01:29:02] So if they sign up within the next two weeks after that, it builds this association between you and them. Right. So if you guys are ever trying to pitch this to groups of people, I’m happy to jump on a call and help you with this help you close somebody on this. If you need some backup with this, you can bring me on and I can demo this and help you sell this in front of this, and we can do it all through your referral link. So I think it’s awesome. I think it’s super powerful, and I think you guys, we’ve got people on our team. I gave the same deal to the to the to the people that are on our team and they’re all building out sites to market this and advertise this. And you know, they’ve got people signing up through through this stuff. So, you know, to be able to get 40 percent or something like that ongoing, like I would build out all sorts of blog networks if it were and I’m going to do that myself, like we’re going to I’m going to be competing against myself to try to bring these people in. But all right, Jeff, we got any final questions. Are we good to sign off?

[01:30:13] That is all I see. I think we are at a great stopping point right here.

[01:30:18] This one? I’ve got one question, guys. A little bit of a running debate in another group about the APIs. So we talk APIs like with you guys, we were able to set up our own API through lead snap. I’m not too concerned about that because it’s like it’s our own API and you know, we make sure that our house is clean. But then you’ve got things like Publla Posto plan that that you integrate with your GMB endorse or like for review harvesting things like that. So I’ve been told and warn that the whole House of Cards could come down because of using these APIs like publish for social posting things like that. Have you guys something you guys have obviously got a lot of Google my business assets. I know that that shit happened in the past because you had added ability where people were editing, you know, services and phone numbers and and that sort of crap. Yeah, I get that. But these are these other apps are only really for just putting updates on your on your GMB, you know, like images and stuff like that. But I’ve been warned away from it and said, no, you should get your VAS to log in individually, which I think is more riskier. That’s just me, right? If you have someone in the Philippines, it’s logging in and out, in and out using VPNs and trying to game the system. What’s your thoughts on this API? I mean, because I’d hate to lose like two or 300 GMV in one strike because I’m trying to save time on auto scheduling posts and things like that.

[01:31:50] Yeah, yeah. Well, I’ll tell you, like, it’s a great question. I know that there’s concern and I’ve heard these things from other people. So let’s talk about the API and what it is meant to be used for. So it is Mitt. Google created the API. Google, my business team created this API with the intent of it being used in software to manage a bunch of locations. It’s like, so that’s exactly how we’re using it. There’s hundreds of like people that have API connections with like huge companies that are using this. They would never it wouldn’t make sense the way that they’ve developed this. They didn’t develop this for Jeff and all these people to have their own API, right? That’s they developed it to be used by software companies. Right. So we are putting this in here, and there would be it would make no sense based on the way that this is intended to be used for them to connect like GM’s on the same API to each other and say, like, Hey, we’re going to hold these business owners that are using the software responsible because for the software, they understand that all of these people are not software developers. These are like people that signed up for this. When we when our GMB API got shut down because of those like edits and like people are trying to hack the system. We had over ten thousand jobs in our system. I heard from zero people that they got suspended. Associated with that, we had over eight hundred games or something like that Nas zero of those got suspended. So local Viking, I think, had one hundred thousand. I were zero of them got suspended. So I think that these things come from like there was like trust that was saying like, Hey, use this.

[01:33:44] And then when when the API is removed, people’s minds start to wander who don’t really understand how this stuff works. And they just like, there’s fear like these are valuable to us. I 100 percent agree with you. I’ve got all my stuff. I’m like in here. And I think it is way more trustworthy to have it be going through the API than to have a bunch of Vas that are like logging in from all these different like that seems like way bigger of a footprint wouldn’t make any sense for Google to track log in like the log ins all coming through the API. It’s not coming from like wherever you guys like. If Graham, if you log in from Australia into your GMB through our system and then I log into the GMB through our system, if it’s going through the API, it’s they’re both coming from our server, right, which is Amazon Web Services, the most trusted host in the world. It’s like it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve never heard anyone who I think really knows what’s going on and understands, like software and Google API from that perspective, feel worried about that. So like, Google created this for software, and that’s exactly how we’re using it. So it just it doesn’t make any sense to me. And like we’ve seen this where it’s got suspended and no one lost their GMB. So we actually have a sample size of over one hundred and ten thousand jobs where it’s just like it wasn’t an issue. So I feel really confident about it. But it’s up to you guys. You guys make the best decision you have with the information in front of you. That’s my viewpoint on it.

[01:35:24] We’ll do that’s why, you know, you know, we’ve got a lot of respect for you and you know, you’re developing yourself, so you know what’s going on and you hear stories, you hear rumors and half the battle with this whole game, man is to try and find out what’s bullshit and what’s facts, you know, so you know, once again, for the sake of Gareth to. This is one of the best groups you can be in, guys for the zero bullshit factor. So that’s thanks for the clarification, man. I can put my head on the pillow tonight.

[01:35:52] Yeah, you’re welcome, man. You’re welcome. All right, guys. Let’s do. Let’s do some awesome stuff in this next seven days. Let’s create some wins. Let’s land some new clients. Let’s get the get our assets in place so that we’re better positioned for two weeks from now, right? Everything that we do matters. And, you know, if like, there’s a famous saying and it’s kind of in my mind all the time now is like, shall we? Show me your calendar and I’ll tell you what your bank account is. So you guys got seven days before our next call. Set up your calendar so you’re up for success. So that’s making a difference on where you want to go. Look through some of the planning, some of the training that we’ve done and make sure that you’re like building things and you have things scheduled based on your priorities and what’s important to you so that you can move your business forward. You guys have an awesome week and we’ll see you guys in the group. Take care, everyone.

Niche Selection, Accountability Groups, & Guest: Jannery

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[00:00:00] I have now. If this works this time, it’s like it’s loading, says I’m being livestreams. Hey, welcome to Elite Snap. We’re excited to have.

[00:00:16] The retirement YouTube thing was all rights. Cool. We’re live. Did you make me co-host? I did. You’re all good.

[00:00:28] What’s up, everybody? How are we doing? We got Neil back from the Northeast unless you took your chair up to the northeast to cold up there, man. Yeah, yeah. There’s a blizzard going on, right? Right now, they’re not.

[00:00:43] I’m back in the sunshine.

[00:00:45] Yeah, cool, man, it’s good to see your face, man. Welcome back. I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks there. Who else we got will on here. We got to Will’s. Brazilian student in old friend Shannon, how are you doing? Good. We don’t get to see your smiling face today, huh?

[00:01:07] No, I’m on the exercise bike. Oh, you. So starting off the year, right? Huh? So I figure, yeah, I’m not looking so good, but if I have to, I’ll tune in. No worries.

[00:01:20] I always like I always like the video when when people are on there kind of makes them feel like they’re more engaged. Cool. Cool. So awesome. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays with your families and friends. If you are ones that celebrate those and New Year’s, we are still in Barcelona. I’ve got just a few more days and we’re headed back hopefully after this blizzard. Otherwise we maybe I’ll be stuck here for a little bit. But I don’t know about you guys. If you’ve been away from the United States or you’ve been away from your home for a long time. It’s always nice to come home, so I’m excited to get back and kind of get into a place where everything’s familiar. I today I tried to go to the try to go jog on the beach, and I got stuck with the kiosk in the subway station for about half hour, trying to understand Catalan, and it was a mess. But yeah, I’m excited to go back to the mainland for me. But let’s hear who’s got some wins. We got some wins today.

[00:02:28] Yeah, I’ve got to run. Well, you got, Neil. All right, here we go.

[00:02:38] Sounds like you’ve got a presentation or something here.

[00:02:41] Jeremy? What’s the wind just brought out a new customer and the nice new client? The nice thing is I’m getting better at it, and I was able being more upfront, just explaining the whole system. I’m not. I’m not leaving things to chance. I’m trying not to waste time. And it’s a higher addiction. I just telling them how the whole thing works. I’m going to give you a little bit of trial, but there’s going to be a lot of money coming from you to me. Yeah, yeah.

[00:03:17] I like it, man. Sounds like you’re getting more comfortable with the whole situation. I know that you always had the comfortability with the sales side of things, but it sounds like you start to understand the business model and you’re like kind of getting a baseline for for how things should be.

[00:03:33] Because, yeah, because there’s all customers are different, you know, and it’s I’m trying to weed out the bad apples up front. Yeah. So yeah, I feel really confident with this guy.

[00:03:44] So awesome. Congrats on the new trial. Hopefully, he’s going to become a customer. We got Patrick. He says, Neil, would you mind sharing what you say up front to a client? How do you weed out the bad apples? Just I want to make sure we keep this moving quickly. Ok. But just give us like maybe a 60 90 second rundown. Well, basically,

[00:04:09] This guy answered the phone, I said, Hey, look, my this one’s a concrete, but it’s a I think it’s going to be a higher end one. And I said, my concrete guy is retired and I get a lot. I got a lot of work for him and I’m looking for someone to fill his shoes. I’m hoping that’s going to be you. And then he starts asking questions. You, Angie. I’m like, No, and I. I started breaking the whole thing down for him. And I said, Look, if if you’re not making money, I’m making money. So I’m going to do everything I can in my power so that you’re making a lot of money so I can make a lot of money. And yeah, and I said, go ahead.

[00:04:53] I think the important thing here is the pattern interrupt, right? You have a story that makes sense and it sounds legit. And this immediately separates you from other people that are pitching. No one other people aren’t calling up and saying, like, Hey, I was working with this guy and he’s retiring, and now I have this stuff here. What should we do? Like, that’s that doesn’t sound like a pitch so much. And and that’s that’s really important to have that component be a part of it. I didn’t mean to cut you off, but yeah. Was that the did you have like follow up pieces to it or you were pretty much.

[00:05:30] I asked other questions, too, like, what’s your minimum? How far booked out are you? Just so I know this stuff ahead of time, you know, make sure I have all his contact information and who’s in his organization. The big thing is how far booked out he is. If he’s booked out six months, I’m going to move on, right? You know, that happens a lot. So, yeah, yeah. So this this guy, he texted me right away. Great. I got this. He’s been in business 20 years, so he’s he’s solid. I love his name. It’s not Jose. It’s pulseway. Cool. Cool, cool. Suave. It’s really cool.

[00:06:11] Yeah, we’re going to be down your way. Anyone in Florida? We’re going to be down there in the round the 5th to 10th of February. So anyone watching live or in the replay hit me up. I think we’re thinking about organizing a little little mastermind down there and having like some sort of group meet up. Nothing, nothing too formal or serious. But if you’re in that area,

[00:06:36] Reach out to me. And where are you at? Neal in Florida, Sarasota. And just so you know, my house is available. And for everyone, yeah. Mean, if everybody wants to shop, we can walk up back. We can hit golf balls, you know, we can tiki bar. Or then we can mastermind plenty of seating.

[00:06:57] Nice like it sounds like.

[00:06:59] How long can we stay in the winter? So got to win. I’ve got a real quick winner, Patrick.

[00:07:06] Yeah, Greg. Yeah, well,

[00:07:07] Yeah, sort of went. So one of the first demos that I ever did following your method using the heat maps have a business coach dinner in Houston, and he went with a guy and he just emailed me this morning and said, Hey, you know, he’s ready to move forward, so he wants to set up a Zoom call. So. Yeah, that was like in back in November, you know, he said, I just got to finish out the year I was patient with him. I didn’t try to push him. And it’s kind of really funny because it’s just a testament to your software. Whenever he came on there, I could see it in his face and he was like, This right here, you know, he was very closed up. So I knew from being sales I had to get him to open up his arms, right? And I can’t hand him a pen. But anyway, so he goes, Yeah, I’m really not wanting to do anything. I’m really not wanting to, you know, do any, you know, see, I’ve done all this stuff before you just he was basically just telling me, No, no, no, and I just ignored him. I said, OK, yeah, totally understand. I’m not here to sell you. Let me just show you where you’re at. And I already did. Already taking his name, I already did some categories and I already needed some heat maps for him, so I had to had it already done. I said, Let me show you what, I found no sales deal. I’m saying, here’s where you’re at. Here’s where your competition is at. And I basically just went through the heat maps and showed him different things. And you should have should have seen his eyes light up. Well, you know, his eyes just kind of went like this and his whole demeanor, his face dropped from going, you know, like, I’m not going to buy anything to like. Then I got it, so I got a I got a call with him, I sent him over a link to set up a Zoom call, so he says he wants to move forward to anyway, that’s mine.

[00:08:33] We can, we can move forward.

[00:08:35] Awesome, man. Congrats on that. That’s a really cool win. Any you guys, any you guys out there that let’s do this. Whether you’re throat, throat, maybe into Facebook, two things just throw where you guys are. I’m still trying to build these connections. That’s part of what the accountability groups are. And then second is, if you know somebody else that that you think would benefit from this call, just just tag them. And we’re trying to grow the impact where we haven’t put a lot of effort into trying to build out this group, but that’s one of our goals for twenty twenty two. So if you have somebody that would benefit from this, then then just like tag them so that they could potentially jump on here. What else we got? Who else has some wins?

[00:09:17] I got a quick one. Yeah, well, it’s not, brother, so. So we building off that exercise you and I did on the call before the the end of the year. Applying that boulders, rocks, pebbles, sand approach has been really helpful in keeping me on track with every task that needs to be done and then delegating those as well. So I’ve got the whole business into pretty much a spreadsheet that we’re tracking for the next 90 days. It’s basically and then each week we have a call at the VAS kind of set the agenda for what tasks need to be done and move that spreadsheet forward. And and then within that one customer that I had on a trial, we just got them into to become a paying customer this week. So hopefully by the end of the month, that’s a that’s an even more frequent story.

[00:10:15] Yeah. Yeah, man, it sounds like you’ve got you kind of got a direction and you’ve got you’ve got some plans now. You know, I was meeting with my team on on Monday. We do the same thing that I was sharing with you guys. I’ve got a lot of things that we’re kind of cooking right now, and I don’t like to present the stuff until we’ve kind of got it dialed in a little bit. We were going through our team meeting and one of the things that. Is obvious to me, and I’ve heard this from a lot of a lot of a lot of entrepreneur coaches and stuff, as is, most businesses don’t die from starvation. They die of like indigestion. So us trying to do too many different things, right? And when you plan things out and you have like things structured from like, Hey, this is what we’re going to be focusing on, like this is why it was important on that call. I think that was two weeks ago, right? Well, where we’re saying like, Hey, we’re going to pick the main thing. So. It’s a good idea to kind of have like one goal that you’re really going after and for you, I believe there was like a market somewhere that we were really zoning in.

[00:11:28] I think it was a Toronto that we were like, Hey, we’re going to focus on this market, right? And then what you don’t want to do is choose 10 and then you get zero of them because they’re just like, barely move up a little bit. You can get one to move. You can always go on to the next one, right? And you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. That’s not what I’m saying, but have a main goal that is your main focus. And what this does related to this like indigestion, starvation thing is you need a structure to say no to things, right? So one of our managers asked on our meeting this week like, Hey, are these going to be our goals? The whole time are like, we’re going to get pulled in these other directions because we have referrals and all this other stuff coming in. So once we have, like, built a plan for what we believe when we’re in like a clear mind and we’re taking our time and we’re planning things out of where we’re going to go now, we have a structure to say no, because this is the plan we came up with and this is what we believe to be our best route to meet our goals in anything that’s not a part of this plan is going to derail us from these goals, right? So it might change after the first quarter somewhat.

[00:12:35] And so I think it’s a it’s it’s really it’s kind of like this if if you don’t have any plans and you don’t know where you’re going, it’s like you like like, maybe I’m going to go to California, but oh, let me go down to Texas and I’m going to go this other direction here. But if I’ve got my flight booked and everything, then like, this is where I’m going. I’m just going to say no to everything else, right? I’ve got, I’ve got it laid out, and that’s kind of how these goals are. If you don’t do that, you’re going to be zigzagging all over the place. Right. So yeah, I think that’s that’s awesome. And I’m glad that you took that learning experience to Hartwell and it’s congrats on congrats on the client. I believe that this is going to be a repeat thing for you. I’ve seen a lot of people kind of make that mindset shift. So awesome. Cool. Who else has some wins? What else we got?

[00:13:26] I’ve got a winner.

[00:13:28] But you got to.

[00:13:29] Yeah, so the playing off of what you were just talking about with that starvation versus indigestion, you and I had a call close to a month ago before you left for Barcelona, and it really hit home for me talking about that indigestion where I was working on ranking so many sites at once and in poor niches that it really I was making very slow progress and just not a lot coming in, especially when I was getting close to the finish line because the job, the ticket size was way too small. Last two days, I’ve had two different leads come in in a niche that I haven’t worked on too much. But the site’s been up and there’s no GMB. But the two leads that have come and they’ve been quoted for a total of eleven thousand eight hundred dollars. And this is for a client that I’ve had for a while. And so we’re on a 10 percent commission and it’s always been really smooth. So it’s like to actually see like such a tangible difference where it’s like if I make just under twelve hundred bucks from two leads on a site that has four pages in a very big market, like compared to working my ass off for like a junk removal site that has to be in a huge area for maybe a thousand bucks a month, it’s insane.

[00:14:38] Yeah, let’s let’s recap that call a little bit because I think there’s a good lesson in there that conversation I had with you a month ago. I remember it well, and it’s not the first time I’ve had that conversation. So just to situate Devon’s been in for a little while. He’s been in the game for a little while, and

[00:14:57] He picked

[00:14:58] Some niches that are like one niche in particular. That is a combination of it’s hard to rank in, right? And it’s. Ranking in it is not a fruitful result, either. And that’s a really common pattern that exists. So for instance, do you mind if I share the niche? I know that you’re not thrilled with it.

[00:15:22] It’s junk removal. You can say there’s in junk removal.

[00:15:26] So here’s the problem

[00:15:27] Was it’s not

[00:15:28] Hard to start a junk removal business. So that is going to create a lot of competition. And the leads from junk removal are not worth a lot. So when you finally make it to the top of this mountain, you’re you’re not you’re not going to be like raking in the dollars, right? So it’s businesses that are harder to start. There’s less of them. So you want to you want to. I’m not telling you to like target people building rockets because that’s a really hard business to start, right? You need to balance it right and make sure. But if you choose the niches that are harder, start where the average ticket cost is high. What you’re going to end up with is a site that’s easier to rank, which is what you found, right? You found something that is like four pages and it’s already bringing in leads and the leads are worth way more than what you were doing previously. And when you start stacking up like 10, 15, 20 of these, this is when you start bringing in 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand a month, right? It’s way easier than it seems, right when you’re on the when you’re when you’re on the other side of it and struggling with it and you’re at a thousand or five hundred dollars a month and you’re like looking up these people that are doing big numbers, it can be misleading to think that they’re so far ahead of you. But you know, it’s it’s kind of like, you’ve got this, this circle and you’re walking up this mountain and you just keep on going around.

[00:16:57] And then one day you have this bright idea that, hey, there’s a pathway right through the middle of this circle that I can take that’s going to get me there way faster. And it’s just like, Wow, this is easier. This is just like it’s a path that’s carved already, right? So it’s not like a small adjustment can make a huge difference in this game. So for those of you guys that are struggling with this, you might just be one adjustment away from. Everything changing right and the mistakes that we make. Show us that we need to make an adjustment it doesn’t like some of you guys are. I’ve heard some of you guys give up on things and you know, a lot of times people are asking you if I want to buy their sites and my first thought process is like, I’ll buy your site. I mean, I’ll put it with ours, and we’ll turn that into something. But like the bigger, let’s let’s let’s not quit. Let’s make some adjustments here in let’s let’s make it more profitable and stay in the game. Right. So congrats, Devin. I love hearing that you’re crushing that man. That’s that’s cool, man. I know that’s going to that’s going to make a big difference for your bottom line as you start to add these. I know you’re somebody that’s been working at this and working and working and like, you’re not slacking off. And it’s it’s frustrating when you’re not getting the results and you’re putting in that work. But now you’ve got all the skills and you’re just going to apply it a

[00:18:14] Little bit differently, you know? Yeah. Well, having one maid come in and bring me eight hundred and twenty bucks helps a lot.

[00:18:19] So I’m super cool, man. Sometimes you’re just playing in the wrong game, you know?

[00:18:24] Exactly.

[00:18:25] Cool. Cool. Who else has got some wins? I got some wins. Patrick, my man. Spencer, What’s up, brother?

[00:18:31] Subdued man? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but this prospecting method of yours is crushing it. I just collect it. You guys can see this. It’s blurring it. Check for three thousand five hundred bucks today, one for two grand yesterday. Honestly, it’s like. The one thing I know I know last week, I talked about the huge month that we had in December. Twenty five K months, this three thousand five hundred dollar check was supposed to come in last month, but it didn’t. I’m not mad because, you know, first couple of days of the year starting off with a bang here. But I was just having this conversation today with Jen, my girlfriend. And honestly, like, I’m never made two thousand five hundred dollars in a month ever in my life. Never have I ever heard of like I didn’t. I grew up super poor. My mom made $20000 a year. I made like more in one month last month than she did in a year when she was raising us as kids. And so when I start thinking about it, honestly, that’s like our mindset is really what has been narrowing me a lot and ten thousand months. That was huge, man, to make six figures. I was like, Wow, this is amazing. But when I got to the top of the mountain, I was like, That’s it.

[00:20:04] Like, That’s it. Like, there’s not like, I didn’t save the princess. I didn’t do any of that. And the dragon, you didn’t. I didn’t I didn’t have any of that, and so honestly, like my mindset now for twenty five thousand months is how do I sell five to six websites a month just just as just on top, let alone all the residual stuff coming in from region? And like, I just want to encourage people to to stop thinking so small because, you know, 10 K months, it’s it’s it’s that’s great. But how do you how do you get to that, that that seven eight figure numbers? And it’s by number one. I think last last week we talked about how how do you put together a team to help with your fulfillment? And how much that has helped people, especially myself, be able to get to where I am now, because now I can just focus on selling and having sales conversations with people. And Jeff totally understands this because, you know, he’s not doing the fulfillment himself. He’s he’s selling and and things. So yeah, anyways, it’s just the beginning part of the year, starting off. Huge. And I’m excited, I’m excited to figure out how to do twenty five months regularly, at least, and

[00:21:30] I’ll tell you guys, this is like. This is why I do these calls right here. This is my favorite part of the calls, and when you guys get into it and share these big wins, it like. Here’s the downside is I’m not going to be able to sleep as well, because I’ll be thinking about this shit when it’s time for me to go to bed. Like the impact that we’re having when you fill in that Maslow’s pyramid of needs and you’re like, your stuff is met, like, you’re you’re you’re going to start. Spencer, I know where your heart is with things. So maybe you’ve been there for a long time, but once you are, like, financially stable with everything, then you start really shifting your focus towards having an impact. And you know, I love I love this. I love hearing these stories. Some of these these people like Will and Neil and Devin and Spencer are the people that I’ve noticed that the people that share the most wins are the people that are like the most active in these groups and the ones that are participating the most and like.

[00:22:25] That’s great to hear. I’ve seen it in the accountability groups as well. So congrats, Spencer, man, I’m looking forward to this year and seeing what you do. And yeah, man, I want to. Hopefully we can. Hopefully you can meet up in person this year and celebrate some of the success. Also, Spencer, I didn’t forget I didn’t push the contest. Spencer won the contest. I got five hundred dollars come for you. Put that with the rest. The next contest, you’re not going to get a cakewalk. You’re going to have to earn it. I’m going to really push it, but I’m one hundred percent a man of my word, whether the contest was pushed or not, you’re the winner. So let me know how I can send you the money and congratulations. Good work on it. I predicted that the winner of the contest event really though they would earn more money than like the prize, right? Like the prize is just to try to, like, get you off your butt a little bit until like light a little fire because it’s a competition. So congrats, man.

[00:23:27] Congratulations, Spencer. That’s awesome. Really awesome. Yeah, honestly. Like it had nothing to do with Patrick. I’m just super competitive. Yeah, when when I started to have that little bit of that success in my closing ratio, you guys, once you’re doing these audits for these people, like the closing ratio, like if you’re getting on a call, they’re basically buying. And and I hate to sound cocky, but it’s that confidence. Then like, yeah, I just shared a shit ton of value with these people and their marketing company that they’re currently used and hasn’t done anything for them in a short period of time. And then they’re looking on my personal profile and they’re seeing all these proof before they even get on the call. And it’s it’s game over, you know, it’s just what are they looking for? What service are they buying?

[00:24:15] The best China prospect is right after you make a sale. Yeah, because that’s when you’re in the best mood and most confident.

[00:24:26] Yes, absolutely, I agree.

[00:24:30] Congrats.

[00:24:32] Who else, who else has got some wins? Any final one?

[00:24:35] I will. This is Sarah. I’m in the car because I have a little touch of bronchitis and I have to go into the pharmacy before they close in, like three minutes. So the big win for me so far is that I’ve had to hold back this whole past year. It’s been more of a strategic move going through a divorce from a narcissistic man who was also financially abusive. And I don’t want I don’t want to bring down the energy of the group at all. But my point is is that with divorce, I don’t want him to get 50 percent of my business. And so now that that will be final finalized probably in the next week or two. Yeah, you’ll hear from me and see a lot more.

[00:25:24] Yeah, that’s awesome. Congrats on. Yeah, separation from that is. I mean, it would be hard to grow a business when you’re when you got that kind of monkey on your back.

[00:25:34] Yeah, yeah. The whole thing about David, I mean, I want to I want to do a little tribute for him later, just hours. So this is my first time getting on your call since he passed and. Wouldn’t you know, the pharmacy is going to close in like a minute, so let me talk about him next time, but like the wind, the silver lining on that is that his ex-wife for 14 years was like he called her for devil incarnate and she and I in conversation, and I made it over to his rental house, where he was renting a house with a couple of guys. I made it over there. Before she did so, I was able to get his computers and and documents and all that stuff before she could get to it because she had no idea what he had so like. Dave is like for those of you guys who don’t know Dave showers. He was like super techie, super brilliant in behind a computer screen. And I adored him like he was funny and witty and creative and smart, just so much.

[00:26:39] Yeah, I don’t know if you saw in the group, but it was it was really obvious that he had touched a lot of people. And maybe people thought he didn’t even realize that he had had such an impact on in. And it was cool to see I’ve met him in person two times.

[00:26:55] The last time was with me. Yeah, it was the reload.

[00:26:58] Yeah, you guys were sitting outside the bathroom.

[00:27:00] I remember. Yeah. So think he was a little quirky and just because he had PTSD and just like it was hard for him to be social with people, but behind a screen are one in one. He was amazing. So yeah, oh, the stories alarm going off. So let me can I? I’ll be back in a little bit. Yep, yep. Sounds like I was Costco, and now it’s I’ll be back. We’ll see you soon.

[00:27:26] All right, guys. Anybody else got wins?

[00:27:29] I got to win.

[00:27:31] Well, what’s up, brother?

[00:27:32] Yeah. So I finally have my first basically my first wins of the year. So I started off the year like on the top, on the top, like so much money employees, everything going perfect. But I did. I did what you and I believe, Devin, we’re talking. We’re talking about just overdoing it with, with websites, overdoing it with everything, basically. And we just got way too ahead of ourselves. We just kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and we weren’t actually we didn’t have the finances to keep that going. And so we only had one client at the time and which is a big mistake. So it was our first client and he actually wasn’t even making the full payments every month. So it was one of those things like, we’re kind of like letting him like walk all over us, you know, like he wasn’t even paying us what we were supposed to. So anyways, like my entire business has been down for the past four months due to just due to financial reasons. We just run through all the funds. But here’s the wins. All right. So I actually paid off eighty thousand in debt. I have two more payments, which will be done in February, which is which is crazy. I’m twenty four eighty thousand in debt, right? Yeah. And then second one is just got two sites rented out today, today and then. There definitely was a third one. I I definitely forgot, but just a lot of excitement and like, yeah, yeah, too many wins, you know?

[00:29:32] That’s awesome, man. I’m digging, I’m digging the energy of the winds, man. You guys are coming out firing. That’s awesome. What a huge mountain to kind of climb out from under a man, you’re going to probably reduce your stress level about a hundred times over, and you can start using the money that you’re you’re paying off this debt with you to build a business or enjoy life or whatever it is you want to do with that. You know, it’s it’s not going to be disappearing every month. So that’s that’s awesome, man. Big congrats. Ok, so

[00:30:04] What’s oh, we got someone to say, I can’t say I had just real quick to win, which is ironic this morning because I’ve been training a sales person. So I said, OK, let me make a few calls. I made three calls and close two. Wow. And he was like, Well, this is going to be really easy. Yeah, it’s groups on fire, really just luck. But that’s not what happened. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s funny. Yeah.

[00:30:32] It might seem like luck, but it’s like you keep putting yourself in that situation and like the people who work the hardest, the people that take the most shots, they’re the ones that get the luckiest, right? So yeah, it’s congrats, Shannon. All right.

[00:30:46] So we got we got one more win, Patrick. In no way. Yeah, we’ll turn it over. Raphael is carving out some of that market share from Devin. He got a new deal a thousand bucks a month on junk removal.

[00:30:57] He’s picking it up, pick it up, man. Graduation. All right, so I’ve got some announcements to make here, guys. One is I’ve got I asked our one of my good friends here, Jan.. I asked her to jump on the call. I’m going to have her talk for a little bit about some. She does things a little bit different. She’s got a super cool guy. We got to spend some time together out when we sponsored the event. And they’re kind of like a marketing marketing power couple down there and Central Florida. So I’d love to hear what you’re up to and just kind of have some of that shared. So you guys get a different perspective. The second thing starting on Friday, every Friday. Gabe Gabriel, the guy with like three different last names. Gabe Ryan, Gabe Davis. He’s going to be doing a weekly call inside of our group every Friday. So I think he’s I think it’s at 2:30 Central. So it’d be three 30. So somewhere around that, we’re going to post it in there. But Gabe is not someone who has built a like a huge lead generation rank and rent business, but he is somebody that has helped and worked with huge companies. He’s really good at business growth and he’s going to be hosting this week. We call going over different launch strategies and just looking at business from a different perspective. Super smart guy, one of the guys, I’m like stoked to be able to call a personal friend.

[00:32:32] And you know, we’ve lived in the same town for a little while, but we spend a bunch of time together at different events and stuff. You guys haven’t been around him. I think it’s going to be a really awesome value add for this group to have him doing weekly calls. So starting this Friday. Ok, cool. All right. Another thing accountability groups. I know there was a couple like last minute add ons that wanted to jump in. I’ve got those sorted out, so we kind of change things up. I’m making the groups a little bit bigger this time. So we’re going to go with like four or five people this time, and we’ve taken into account to try to like mix in your locations in your time frame. It’s really hard to do this with all these different variables, as well as like the the income that you had stated, so that we can try to get people that are dealing with the same problems, right? Last time, I wasn’t smart enough. You consider that. So, you know, we had people that were like twenty thousand another with like five hundred or zero. So I want people that are going through similar problems and kind of working through this together for the groups that are maybe filled up with some of the starters that are just getting started and they don’t have big income yet. Well, excuse me, we can have we can have other people coming in and helping you guys and use these calls as a way to help with those schedules as well.

[00:33:58] I don’t want you guys to feel like you’re going to not have the expertise because we’re only with the beginners, but I want to do it so that you guys are are working through the same problems and solving the same problems together. In that way, I think you’re going to get more value. So just a recap, OK, so I’m going to share this in the group with you guys and there are a couple of documents. So I know some of you guys, we had a really high number of people that are returning for the accountability groups. Seems like it was a really popular thing. So there’s a few steps here. Ok, we’ve got like a spreadsheet with a 90 day goals and we have this. So this is a part of what’s going to be do and what you’re going to do is you’re going to fill out your spreadsheet and you’re going to fill out this, this template here and you’re going to change it and putting your information and you’re going to submit this to your group so you should know what your group is up to. You guys, this is the accountability. It’s almost like you guys are. You should know their goals and you should memorize their stuff so that you understand it and like, get personal with it a little bit, right? So the first thing is like.

[00:35:15] It’s really important that you get clear when you set a goal on what you’re going to be doing, when you’re going to be doing it, paint that vision. Remove the question marks as much as possible, more clarity you get on this. The higher your chances of success are because you don’t have to work through this when we get confused. We procrastinate and I’m trying to take that away from you guys. So you’ve got some questions to answer. How are you going to achieve this goal? Right. So it looks like this one is like finishing a book. I’ll make sure I’m reading a few pages of my book every day. This is one of my managers put this together. I actually would prefer that these are more like paragraph answers rather than like one sentences and get a little bit more clear on this. So this how are you going to achieve this goal? I’ll answer this. So I am going to I know that we’ve got the wind question down here, so I’m going to read I need to read like 17 pages a day. And you know, I’m going to be doing this on like Monday, Monday, Monday through Friday, right? And then the the wind is going to also where are you going to be when you’re doing this? Like, what’s the plan? I get like, I’m going to be like, just paint the picture right? Get really crystal clear on this stuff.

[00:36:31] So when so that was like, Hey, I’m going to I’m going to be reading between eight and nine a.m. Monday through Friday, right? Whatever that looks like for you. Why is this important? So this is your why, right? So it’s much better to get the emotional into this. Create this emotional attachment to to the answer to this question. And then let’s talk about what the struggles are of this, and let’s talk about how you expect the other people in your group to support you on this and why what their role is in this. So when you write stuff down, your chances of making it happen are a lot higher. So take your time with this. Choose your goals. I don’t recommend choosing all business goals, right? If you look back on twenty twenty one and maybe the end of twenty twenty and you had a vision for how you wanted the year to go and you didn’t get there, like, that’s not all business related. Maybe some people want to lose some weight. Maybe there’s a new skill that you want to learn. You want to maybe spend more time with your significant other, right? There could be relationship goals. It could be learning it could be business. So I recommend having a mixture of this stuff. So it’s not one dimensional, right? And then you want to make sure you think about the cost. I’ve talked about this several times in the last month. What’s the cost of this? So what’s the cost of reading a book like reading a book straight, right? But what are you giving up? Are you OK with that? Is there somebody else in your life that you need to get that they need agreement on this cost? If I say that, hey, my goal is to to run a marathon, which means I need to be like training a couple of hours a day and like, that’s going to take away from this other time.

[00:38:10] Well, like make sure that everyone’s on board, right? That’s that’s one of the costs, right? Ok, so then we have the sheet, the spreadsheet that is going to be see if I can pull that up real quick. I have been closing all my tabs and I had this open and I closed it. I want to just bring this up. So the accountability groups, the way it’s going to work is I’m going to I’m going to put you into Facebook groups and. It’s not it to put you guys into Facebook groups and, you know, then you guys are responsible for taking it from there. Last time I kind of hung around in the Facebook group a little bit just to kind of give you guys some support. I jumped on a couple of calls with people. So that’s how I’m going to structure this. All right. Cool. I’ve got. This now, all right, so this is the spreadsheet here. You guys, a lot of guys have seen this before, so we’re sticking with something that’s linear, right? Reading a book.

[00:39:13] So you’re going to read two books. This was from October when we did this. So that means that I need to read this many pages per week. So you check in once a week and see if you’re on pace or off pace. If it’s a linear goal, then it’s easy to determine that if it’s not a linear goal. So let’s think about something that’s not linear. Maybe that’s like adding revenue to your business because like, you might have to do a bunch of work up front. We’re like, Hey, I need to complete this things, and it’s not going to be like, Hey, I want to add like five thousand dollars to my business over the next, whatever, 10 weeks. So that’s going to be five hundred dollars a week. That’s not how it’s going to work. For some goals, those aren’t. So take that into account when you plan this out. Right? All the different. Everything that you can think of, the more clear you can get on this, the higher the more you can maximize your chances of success with this stuff. So these are the two things that you need to submit to your group. We will be setting these groups up tomorrow. I’ve got some final decisions to make on this on the accountability group stuff so anyone can join. There’s no charge or anything. It’s just designed to help you guys with, you know, kind of reaching reaching your goals for these things.

[00:40:25] So the attitude that you want to have in the group is be a stickler a little bit, but a tough love attitude is good, but it needs to be delivered with the right warmth so that people understand why you’re pushing them. But you’re signing up for this and you’re in agreement to be held accountable for these things. That means that if Neil says he’s going to do, he’s going to go to the gym five times this week and he only went twice. Somebody needs to step in there and be like, Neil, you had set this goal for a reason. You’re not living up to it. You’ve got to change what you’re doing and really like, get in place or you’re going to be off and you’re going to miss your goal. So if you kind of like almost look as other people in your accountability group as your goals, there’s a lot of leadership skills that can happen in here. I know Laura, I saw him really step up and turn the screws on a couple of people in his group, and I think that is phenomenal to do that. It’s it’s a great communication skill and it’s something that’s going to transfer over into your team, but it’s got to be done in the right way. People need to know where you’re coming from on it. Ok, guys, any questions on that? Before we let

[00:41:36] You like a final call to get into the groups, Patrick is really like a drop dead date in winter. The group is going to be made, you said Friday.

[00:41:44] Yeah, yeah, tomorrow really. I’ve already got the groups all divided up, but there’s a couple people that that wanted to jump in it. So I need to tweak it a little bit. So I would say you really need to, you really need to be submitting today. And it’s in, it’s in the group. There’s an account. If you search for accountability group, there’s a form that you fill out and then at this point, just send myself or Jeff a message to let us know that you you added in late so that we can make sure that we get you onto a team.

[00:42:16] There is going to go do that right right away and then,

[00:42:19] Yeah, I’ll I’ll I’ll do that tonight. So like I said, I’m just jumping back then. This is the first day that I read it, the whole day without like losing it. So, yeah, so sensitive. But yeah, I’m ready to dive in.

[00:42:35] Yeah, awesome, Sarah. Yeah, fill that out so that you just send me a message or send a message to Jeff and we’ll get you tossed into a group. So I think you’ll get a lot out of it. I think, you know, from the people that I’ve talked to, I know that there are some people that dropped out of the accountability groups and but the ones that stayed in it, like they seemed like they had a lot, lot of success with it. I have a hard stop in 15 minutes and I want to make sure I ask Jerry to jump on this call and share. So I want to make sure that that we give her the mic. I think there’s a ton of value, which there is. She’s somebody that’s, you know, I, I really respect and she’s got a ton of knowledge. So generic. How are you doing? What’s going on?

[00:43:25] In fact, I’m doing great. I’m so excited to be here. I miss this to be on.

[00:43:29] I know you’re a generic.

[00:43:33] You don’t know. I listen. I’m so happy you reached out because just like it’s a new year, there’s so many things you look back and you’re like, OK, I need to do better at this. I need to do that. And I told you, that’s the biggest thing for me is balance. Like all I did was work, work, work, work, work, work, work. And you know, that ends up it’s just not healthy the other day. So I’m very excited about the new year. I’m excited to be here. We, you know. I’m now with my partner, which I never thought I would have, you know, the men, I’m in a relationship with my partner, I was like more about like, Oh, I like doing my own thing and I don’t know about the partnership thing, but you know, it’s been great. And so now we’re like a power couple, like you said, which I’m very excited. We have great plans this year. We actually just invested in kind of like a digital franchise. So we invested in a digital franchise and we’re really excited about that. That will actually potentially bring us into one point two million dollars annually. So we’re really excited it takes time for it to kind of pick up.

[00:44:44] We invested in that while we’re working on our lead generation business and also we started kind of working with our family as well, which is really cool. So I actually started my own little group, but my family and getting them into a place where they can kind of discover their own gifts and entrepreneurship and whatnot because I didn’t grow up with my parents, you know, highest went to maybe high school, if that and Dominican Republic. So there’s not a lot of educational stuff, they do what they can. So now I’m kind of taking everything I’ve learned through the years and kind of bringing it to my family. I got my my nephew, that’s 17, all the way to my oldest sister. You know, she’s 40 and they’re all like learning from me now, and it’s just a blessing. And I just don’t see myself. And, you know, and Joe, he’s on the call as well, too. Yeah, we both tell you hiding. He’s he’s he’s hiding over there. You want to say he’s down at the bottom. He’s like, I’m not going to say, Hi.

[00:45:50] Hey, how you guys doing?

[00:45:52] What’s up, brother? Hey, guys. It’s good to see that that that beautiful face. You’re there,

[00:45:58] Right? I like your face. He’s like, I’m not showing myself, but but yeah, we, you know, so I’m excited about that. And yeah, that’s I mean, that’s pretty much what we’re working on. Also on the generation side, since we’re starting our own company, we’re using these skills to produce our own leads. So we’re literally creating lead gen sites throughout the nation for us, which I think, yeah, it’s

[00:46:28] It’s it’s this is part of where I’m going with some of our stuff. Some of the I’ve kind of split the desire that I have for how I set up my sites into two categories. One is what I coach you guys on. A lot is the high ticket and like not super mainstream niches. And then the second category is like ones that I could possibly own, where it might not be the most profitable niche to go into, like if I was just like choosing to do this business model. But it is like there are certain ones that I think are very easy to turn into a business right and like. Like, I worked at Dumpster Rental and the Bounce House, stuff like rental type businesses, where I can have some like high school or college kids, run most of the business and I could be hands off. And instead of taking like, you know, five to 10 percent cut, I’m getting 80 to 90 percent of it and I’m able to turn it into a business that can run on autopilot and then I can scale across the country. So I love this, this franchise idea that you guys are in now.

[00:47:38] Gerri, I know I just want to kind of interview a little you a little bit and kind of like expose some of the stuff that I picked up on kind of the strategies that you use. I know that you do a lot of studying off the clock, right, and you’re doing different coaching programs and like reading books. What are some of the big takeaways from Twenty Twenty One for you? That’s I know that you had mentioned, and you can mention other like, I don’t care if you mention other groups, that’s that’s not this type of group, right? And other other people that that you’ve learned from that maybe somebody else on the call would really benefit from because you’ve been you’ve like. Started out, I know where you were a couple of years ago, and you just seems like you’re just constantly ascending. So can you do you have some of those kind of like big takeaways or like like some other program or something that you had like a lot of learning from it? Twenty twenty one.

[00:48:40] Yeah. Ok. So one of the biggest things that you know, it’s not really busy or anything, but the biggest thing that I’ve gotten from Twenty Twenty One is really diving into my subconscious, to be honest. Um, and the whole thing with mindset and whatnot. And I realized how that is such the route of my success on anything I want to do. So there’s actually a book right now that I’m reading that I highly recommend. It’s like the one book that everybody in anybody should read, and it’s cool. I think I pulled it up here just to make sure it’s called the genie within, and it’s by Harry W. Carpenter. And that book right there blew my mind. Like, we can talk about sales, we can talk about how backlinks and everything about. But that right there will teach you how to get anything and everything you want just because you just do the like, declare the subconscious stuff and get yourself in the most pure genius of who you are in order to be successful and every level in your life. So that’s the biggest thing I got from everything. Now I did find some groups and some, you know, some sites where, you know, do you want me to mention the site that that that is that what you meant by it? Or No, that’s it. That’s fine.

[00:50:05] I’m OK with whatever. I try to be an open book. This is

[00:50:08] Ok. Yeah. So this is in

[00:50:12] There is this one group that I was in one time where there was like, you weren’t allowed to say things and like, just like, Yeah, that’s not this group.

[00:50:19] The abundance mindset, not the scarcity

[00:50:21] Mindset, right? Yeah. So let’s like what, what, what is out there if we can kind of create this community of sharing the value? And, you know, I try to do my best with with leading by example and I was I was happy to see that there is a post, sorry to go off on a tee. And there was a post a couple of weeks ago where it started to spin negative and then some people jumped in and said, Hey, that’s not what this type of this group is about sharing and helping each other, right? So I love that community and attitude that we’re trying to build in here. And you know, that’s part of why I didn’t want to grow this thing too fast is let’s like, make a solid foundation. Let’s like a kind of like a theme and an attitude for the group, and then we can build on that. And that tone can remain the way it is as we scale, right? So. But yeah, sure. Whatever I can go,

[00:51:14] Ok, going back a touch based on that group, right? I have found my phone’s picking up Google. I have found that, you know, as an entrepreneur, obviously, we have to invest in ourselves. So I discovered there are sites out there that has these different programs that will save you a lot of money, but it can get overwhelming. So if you want to go ahead and learn about, you know, a certain skill, but you don’t want to spend ten thousand seven thousand five thousand dollars, I go to my little program and I’m able to download the access. So that’s kind of why I wasn’t sure I should say that’s

[00:51:57] Not the one I thought you were talking about.

[00:52:00] You can, if you can imagine they can. You guys can google it. I promise there’s all kinds of stuff out there that, yeah,

[00:52:07] So it’s like, I think I think the way these programs work is you pay like a like a one time fee and then you’ve got like, it’s like a downloading site where they have like, I I guess I have like like, hey, do what you got to do to try to learn. But also some of these people I worked really hard to to build out their programs and stuff. I know that there was one that you were telling me about. I don’t know if you got it from there, but there was like a maybe you can share that there was like a blueprint thing that you were,

[00:52:37] I think maybe. Yeah. What was that? Ok? I did get that one. Should I need it? Should I see the name of it, though? That’s mine. Yeah, it’s called the blueprint, the blueprint training.

[00:52:49] If anybody got a lot of value from that and it was kind of like SOPs and stuff, right?

[00:52:54] I mean, it’s literally a business in the bus. I’m telling you like literally from your finances for business, how to hire, what the rates are all the way to automation. For every little project management, it’s literally at one click Google Sheets all the way like you not. You don’t really need all these apps or anything like that. And it’s a full blown automation. All the templates up there, the emails you sent out to your clients. It’s like everything how to do keyword research, how to how to do deliverables for your clients. It is SEO based, but you can apply that to your Legion business and now you can automate this using that. So I’m not really like like using it like that. I’m most mostly like taking that information and adapting that for my business and then implementing that. So, you know, I don’t want anybody to think like you go out there like stealing like that. But, you know, just using that and as an entrepreneur, you know, you can still do the right. But just be creative and apply these things that you learn into your own business, so every time I see something like, Oh, I can do that for my business, so know last year I kind of was just like, Oh, I want to learn this, OK, how can I apply this to my? How can I apply this to my business and so forth? So I read a lot of books, and it’s been a lot of stuff, different strategies.

[00:54:16] And because what I’ve learned in the past through the years, I just. I just sucked, I was stuck to one group and one thing, and it really, you know, I wish I would have put myself out there and learn more and done my own research on things and learn because at the end of the day, we’re all entrepreneurs and patriots and an amazing teacher. And I love this group because of that, because Patrick has the right intentions. He’s excellent at what he does, and he has a great heart and he’s the bomb and the expert at what he does as well. And he’s not stingy. There’s no stingy energy. You know, I know stingy energy, and I like that about that. You really care about helping other people, but we’re all business people as well. We all want want to make money as well. So it’s such a great combination when somebody else gets greedy and whatnot. And then obviously that all turns in a different way so people can become millionaires. And you know, the wrong heart and the wrong person kind of just comes out a little bit more. But then there’s the other one that becomes millionaires that have a great heart. It’s just who you are, and it’s just kind of gets bigger. It kind of just exposes itself when you have that in your hand.

[00:55:29] So yeah, I appreciate that it’s I’ve I’ve had the same experience with you and Joe and so many other people. And you know, you have to make these decisions. Sometimes it’s not always easy to to walk away from some of this negative energy situations, and but it makes all the difference in the world to do that. You’ve got to like. For me, this was like looking back on 20 20. I had this big realization. I look back and I was like, This wasn’t the year I wanted, right? And I was like, From now on, I’m going to manufacture my years. I’m going to create the experiences I want. I’m going to like, plan things out and schedule stuff like, I have these. These two to two of my best friends both live in Vegas and they still play poker for a living, and we didn’t spend enough time together. So I I’m not I’ve never been the person to like playing out the trips and do I like join when other people invite me. But I like focus on my own stuff, and I was like, No, and I planned out like ski trips and other things. And we spent we went, we rented a cabin and and like Knoxville, like, it was awesome. I took, I took it into my hands and that’s what we have to do is we have to like, plan and organize. Who we want to be is going to be based on who we spend the time with. So you’ve got to take the time and be like, you know, intentional about setting up these opportunities.

[00:56:57] Like, we’ve already got Jan and I and Joe. We already got plans to hang out in a few weeks, right? That’s part of that for me, and I’ve reached out to some other people, like talking to Caleb. I think we’re going to set up like a mastermind weekend with Caleb and a couple of other people. And I’m planning this stuff because I want I want to be around these people that are doing big things that are going in this direction. And I recommend that you guys do the same thing. Find a way like wherever it is, like, put yourself out there. You can’t just go swimming in the same lane and think that you’re going to wind up somewhere different. You get to make these changes and it’s not easy. Like, I know, I’ve got a someone that joined us in San Diego that lives out there. He’s been kind of like interrupt for a long time and he doesn’t like his environment and it’s been hard for him to like, make that change. And it’s like has a traumatic, tremendous effect on on him. And we’ve got to like, you’ve got to do what’s necessary to get yourself to where you’re going to go. It’s so easy to stay comfortable with what we know and like. It’s it could be it could be an anchor around your weight, around your leg and you don’t even know it, you know?

[00:58:09] Yeah, I totally agree with that. You have to get uncomfortable and it’s it sucks because once again uncomfortable, but it’s the only way for us to get. It’s almost like it’s like a course you always take and you just have to pass that course prerequisites to get you to the next level.

[00:58:24] That’s right. Yeah, it’s like a video game. You got like, you’ve got to do these little things next. So we got we got like two minutes I actually have. It’s 2:30 in the morning here almost, and I have a meeting at 2:30 because I’ve been trying to connect with this person for a long time, but back in where you guys are, it’s it’s it’s a lot earlier, so I’ve got to jump off here. But any final thoughts? First, I’d love to have you back on these calls more often and, you know, see your face on here and get some, some strong female leaders on here to give a different perspective. And if we can ever get Joe is a brilliant person that I had the pleasure of hanging out with in San Diego. I would love to have him on here if he’s if he, if he if you decide that that’s something you want to do, Joe, you’re always welcome. Any final thoughts before we jump off your engineering?

[00:59:16] No, I just want to say I am committed to actually showing up every Wednesday as I can. So this would be my first, you know, official 20 22 meeting and I’ll share more tips. I got more stuff up my sleeve that I want to definitely show everybody

[00:59:30] What we’re going to be together on the, I guess, like two or three weeks from now on a Wednesday. I think so. Maybe we can do like a live. I think Jeff’s going to be down there with us. So maybe we maybe we can organize. I think before you hopped on, I was talking about how I’d like to organize like a group meetup. Neil said that everyone can stay at his house that’s on the water for the rest of the winter and South Florida there. So.

[00:59:54] Thank God. All right. Thanks, Pat.

[00:59:58] All right. All right, awesome. All right. You guys have a great week. Anyone that wants to jump in those accountability groups fill out that form. This is your last, last chance. Do what you guys need to do over the next seven days to create some wins. And you guys have had those big wins at the beginning of the call. Congratulations to you guys. That’s awesome to start the year out that way. Carry that momentum forward. As Sarah said, the best time to make another sale is right after you close one. So use that momentum to like, really just start off crushing this year and then make that a habit. You guys have a good evening. I will see you next time will be in the United States. And yeah, we’ll see you guys soon. Everybody stay warm. Stay out of that blizzard.

[01:00:40] Very impassioned, but I have a good night.

[01:00:43] All right. Take care, everybody.

[01:00:45] Well, everybody. Millennial.

2021 Mindset & Reflections, 3 Types of Lead Generators & Accountability

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[00:00:00] Right. Cool, so, yeah, like I said, we are still in Barcelona, France has closed their borders, apparently. We had a trip to to England and they cancelled our flight as well. So it’s like we’ll hang out in our apartment here in Barcelona for a few extra weeks before we head back. Winds Spencer. I know that you. You had a wind, not this video verification thing, but I think you you sent me something privately that had said you. Had your greatest month ever by 15 K, right? Yeah, man, that’s awesome.

[00:00:39] And it’s one hundred percent. Thank you, guys. It’s like one hundred percent due to using the heat maps. It’s it it when when you’re trying to separate yourselves from these other quote unquote marketers out there, you guys, when you can send something as elementary yet as complex, kind of depending on the way you look at it over to a client, it automatically is stopping these people and and it allows me to. I’ve said this previously, but allows me to share some knowledge, separates myself from those other people out there that are spamming these contractors and instantly makes it so easy to close. I mean, we closed a contractor last week for, you know, fifty seven hundred bucks. That’s that’s like, you know, website build GMB stuff. I mean, I’m I’m I’m able to now basically ask what I want for kind of funny short story. You guys will all appreciate this. I was in talks with a guy that lives out in Long Island. He does masonry. He wanted to be able to really hit the Hamptons hard. His website was junk. We, you know, we went through everything video audit had them had them there. He didn’t want to pay four thousand dollars for a new website because he just paid two thousand for a junk site here last year and wanted me to discount my my prices.

[00:02:17] And this was about a month ago. I said, Nope, sorry, I’m not going to discount it. He got all frustrated and pod because I used the analogy. I said, You know, you do cool decks. If somebody had screwed up the job prior to you, would you? And I wanted my pool deck redone, would you discount your price 50 percent and share? And so he he was. I think kind of offended by that, but, you know, I know my worth and I told him, I said, I bring a lot of value and I, I increase people’s businesses. And he actually hit me up and DMs today after about a month and wanted me, he say, I really want to work with you if you’re willing to discount your prices. And honestly, it was so powerful for me to say, You know what? Nope. Sorry, I love you and I love to have great relationships with my clients. And I don’t think that we had great interaction last time. And, you know, good luck. And and I hope that you have, you know, great blessings coming with your business. But unfortunately, I’m going to pass. I’ve never been able. I mean, I just walked away from. Probably a $5000 payday, but a lot of headaches, because

[00:03:36] It’s a great position to be in. Man, that’s like music to my ears to hear you say that because I’ve had to do that a few times. I know it’s done it way more than I have, but it’s just such a great feeling. When you have that, you have enough going on in your business and your life, or you’re just like, I just don’t need this. I don’t need it.

[00:03:52] Yeah. And you know, I think anybody that starts a business, I start an insurance agency 10 years ago and I was writing everything a little tiny renter’s insurance policy that paid me twenty five dollars a year. And those people were headaches and I was servicing the heck out of them and I got to a spot where my business was good enough that I could just say, You know what, if it’s like, if it’s just the renter’s insurance policy, you know, I got a pass. We’re not going to take that on. And there were periods of time I would have took this guy from Long Island that didn’t want to pay for it. But you know, it’s kind of funny that the guy that’s targeting the million dollar homes, the multimillion dollar homes, they want you to discount your price to where I’m like, you know, if you’re if you’re not paying up front, he’s going to constantly be a pain in the butt and constantly be looking at pinch and the pennies. Even though he’s wanting to lend multimillion dollar or multimillion dollar clients, it’s unreal to me. So. But yeah, it’s a great win. All I would say is about as far as the prospecting method. I know there is a question that came up in the group if I could share my offer price lengthy contract. Yeah, so so a lot of this, what I’m doing, you guys. I did post, I believe, an example of video in the group is I’m landing some clients with just an audit going through using GMB crush, using lead snap heat maps, you know, just shooting holes and what they have going on in a nice way.

[00:05:25] The one thing that Patrick and I talked about was making sure that you’re not referring to yourself and trying to trying to earn their business by saying things like, we do this, we do that, yada yada yada, we I just assume they have a marketing person and they have a website person, you know, Hey, I’d have your marketing person change this and have your website guy changed this. And and most of the time, these people ninety nine percent of these people don’t have anybody, and you can tell you can tell this is a website they built themselves. So then I do that most of the time they want to have a have a follow up call because they’ve just been caught with just so much value and so much insight that they’re like, Holy crap, like, I need to work with this guy to improve my business. So we’re we’re really I’m a firm believer of just getting the foundations right, a great website with great content as well as, you know, an optimized GMB. So we’re, you know, we’re we’re selling websites for anywhere from three to five thousand for the site. And then, you know, optimization of GMB if they already have one that’s verified and it’s what we’re doing like seven fifty two thousand dollars to optimize it.

[00:06:42] And so that type of stuff adds up SEO contracts we’ve been doing for about seven fifty a month for a six month commitment for these folks and then just doing GMB, posting pictures, posts, post three to five times a week and Q&A 10. Q&a is a month for like two ninety seven for the month. So we’re getting these guys into to clients. And you know, I, Patrick and I kind of disagree with this a little bit, but I’m using this, you guys as a way to prospect for people if they’re great clients and I want to work with them like after we grow their business. And things have been great and they pay on time and they’re happy with what I’m doing. Then my next step five or whatever the case is, after we’ve grown their businesses, let’s build some legions and let’s let’s let’s really dominate this market. And you know, the thing is like, if I could have went and built a legion for the guy in Long Island and I would be in bed with this guy and he’s a jerk, you know? And so it’s great that I’m using this is kind of like, Hey, let’s let’s see how these first six months go and how how way how I’m able to grow your business. And then let’s talk about legion after that. So hopefully that helps. Patrick.

[00:08:07] Well, absolutely. That’s awesome, I’d love to see that you’re doing this, it’s the same strategies that we’ve been. That I’ve been sharing for a while, right, and I think one of the difference is you try to locate this like tweak and and say, well, like what is your exact pitch? Well, I’ll tell you. What the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is not like the framing of it, it’s the fact that he took action, right? It’s like he’s these small details. They matter at some level. But, you know, by just getting out there and giving yourself an opportunity to close these deals, that’s what matters the most, right? You’re going to learn more from that than you can. It’s like you’re kind of standing on the side of that. You’re standing on the sideline watching the game, trying to figure out exactly how the game is played. You can do that for a few minutes, but where are you going to learn is when you get in there and you kind of feel it and start to do it and then you can tweak, you did. I think you had an original, your original post you put out there. It kind of like flops, right? And then we work through it and we talked and and that’s where we had these adjustments. And then it kind of just like took off.

[00:09:20] Right. So yeah, exactly. The other other great. Oh, sorry. Patrick, go ahead.

[00:09:25] I just think the key is to, like you were mentioning, to don’t show up as a marketer, don’t do that. Like show up as someone who’s just giving value, someone that’s given a gift to these people. And when you come from that angle, you completely disarm them. If you picture your, you know, if you picture like somebody knocking on your door and they’ve got like, you know, a knife set or something and you’re like, right away, you’re like, just like, get the hell out of my life. I don’t want anything to do with this person interrupting. But if this guy shows up and you know, he’s got something else that’s completely interesting and he’s not even trying to sell it, you know, maybe he’s got a cell phone in his hand and he’s like, Hey, is this your phone? I found this. And then a conversation starts and and then he comes in through the conversation. You discover that he has some service that’s completely different, and that’s kind of what we’re doing. Everybody is so on guard right now. We’re just overwhelmed with people pitching us stuff. So if you try to use this prospecting method as a marketer, you get put into the marketing bucket and that’s not where you want to be. That’s a hard, hard thing to climb out of, right? And you guys are dealing with this all the time to I’m sure you get all kinds of spam emails, hopefully not form submissions because you’re using the plugin or the awesome filters we have.

[00:10:48] But you guys know that mindset. You have to think, think, pass that though, and any of you guys can do this. Spencer, I think it’s a little misleading. I think, because you said you’ve had your best month by 15 K, which makes it seem like previous months could have been like 60 K. And now we’ve increased it by 15. But I think you went from like ten to twenty five, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s that’s a massive jump. Yeah, that’s a huge jump in runoff. And these are the exact same results that we saw last time where I push. This is about a year ago with Adam McChesney, right? And I think it was Jeremy Miller. Those two guys were not doing big numbers and they started with this. And you guys just get out there and try it. And you know, Jeff, for anyone that doesn’t know exactly how to do that. I pitched it on a couple of videos. If you throw a comment in and Jeff, if we could tag you guys and you could see my exact pitch, what I would do, and I was just kind of like shooting from the hip. But you know, you do it a few times, you’ll get great at it.

[00:11:59] And just keep in mind, you guys like Patrick has this this contest going on within our group as well as Williams G and B Group and. I think I’ve done somewhere around forty five of these audits. So, you know, it’s it’s the famous Michael Jordan quote, you know, you or know Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky Yeah. You miss 100 percent of the chances you don’t take. And for me, it’s like Patrick knows me well enough. Like, I guarantee I I will outwork anybody. And that’s my mindset. Like I. I’m not the most talented in a lot of things in life, but my work ethic is there, honestly, and I pride myself on that. So when you go from ten k to twenty five K, my biggest issue of the last few weeks has been fulfillment and a lot of long ass hours. Patrick Patrick knows I’m a workaholic just like himself. He’s going to be on vacation and he’s doing 60 hour work week. So anyway, so you know, if that gives you guys any insight really like, I just want to encourage everybody to. I know this sounds rude and like a jerk, but get off your ass and just work, you know, and put in the work because if you put in the work, great things come for sure.

[00:13:17] Man, it’s it’s, you know, I’ve got this. I don’t know if you guys have read this book. What was it called? There’s no such thing as talent or something. Talent is overrated, I don’t know, but it was like a Malcolm Gladwell book where he talks about there’s not a lot of examples of like pure talent. If you look at all the most successful people in history like Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods dad was like a serious golfer and he was a coach, and he used to take Tiger Woods out into the garage, and he was swinging the club slowly in front of him as a baby. And then, you know, Tiger Woods had more experience in golf than like any one documented in history by the time he was like 10 and 15 at those two different points of his life. It turns out he’s like all this other stuff that happened. Whatever everyone thought, he was the best golfer in history for a while there, or arguably one of the like, or maybe undeniably one of the top three. Right. And coincidentally, he had more swings than everyone else. It’s it’s like the work makes it look like talent. I had no experience in this industry, you know, in twenty sixteen, really. I didn’t have experience building region, so I had no experience building software platforms. But you do the work and then you create this result and people look at you like, like, you’re so talented and it’s like. Mike, man, that’s that’s not how I remember it, I remember just like doing the raps, you know, and that’s great because all you guys can do.

[00:14:47] What’s that? Thirty thousand hours you put in to learn it or whatever, you know?

[00:14:52] Yeah. Which is awesome because it doesn’t matter what if that’s the case, right? We all have that opportunity, right? It’s just a question of are you going to be able to arrange your schedule and get the work done and do what’s necessary and kind of move past it and anticipate that it’s going to suck? Sometimes you’re going to get punched in the mouth? I was looking back on this year twenty twenty one, so we just did our first. Team planning meeting for twenty twenty two. So we’re kind of like going through things we did about to our meeting today with Jeff and the managers on our team. And we’re like, and I’d love to hear from some of you guys. We could kind of do a lightning round and what this call to be a little bit different. You know, a lot of times we’re spending. Going into technical things or theory or practical stuff, we’ll do a little bit of that today, but I’d love to hear. It’s an important time to reflect on the year. I’m a big believer that you don’t learn from experience, you learn from the reflection of experience, right? So some of the times that happens naturally. But it’s important to to look back and recall these lessons and think through this. Spend some time embrace the defeats that we took in. Twenty twenty one.

[00:16:12] Work through them and be better prepared for twenty twenty two. So we were through and everyone on my management team. I asked them some questions. I was like, what? What were the big wins for the year? And some of them was awesome. Hearing some of the personal stuff that the personal wins, that there is actually three people of the five that had mentioned, like health and fitness goals that they had worked on. And it’s weird that those kind of happen together. But coincidentally, Jeff and I are like healthy and I think showing up this way. And, you know, I’m not I’m not saying that they’re like following our lead, but when you’re around these type of people, then you kind of gravitate towards it and it’s awesome to be a part of that. We went through the biggest wins professionally and personally and biggest learning experiences I know for me. Twenty twenty one and a few months at the end of twenty twenty there was there’s been a lot of like betrayal that’s happened in in my life from a crazy personal thing with my cousin and, you know, a kind of semi business relationship to we’ve caught like five people stealing from us on on our team. And you come to this and I met with this with my team last week and we talked about this is like when you face these situations and we’re all going to face them, you come.

[00:17:45] You have a decision tree in your life there. How are you going to how are you going to look at this event? We had we had a lot of fraud that happened just last week. It ended up costing me several thousand with related to this, this what we’re doing here with the platform and everything. I’m not going to go into the details of it, but it is what it is and it’s an awesome learning experience, right? That’s how I’m choosing to look at it. And you guys are going to face these things. You’re going to lose clients, you’re going to lose jobs, you’re going to lose whatever like the shit’s going to hit the fan some of the time. How are you going to look at it? What are you going to take away from it, right? Are you going to turn this into something positive? Because that’s what I did. I’m like, Man, what awesome learning experience all this stuff that we went through over, like the last like 18 months or so we we not only did we survive it, we like thrived with this right. We thrived with the pandemic and like dealing with these like multiple betrayals like business has never been better for us. My team has never been closer and stronger, right? And this is with us.

[00:18:53] What does it look like when we don’t have to deal with these challenges? And the learning lessons that we’re taking away from this stuff are phenomenal. So you guys are going to be faced with these situations and whatever happens, it’s happened. And really, you know, I learned this when I was playing poker for a living. Is that like I would be a twenty five to one favorite for several thousand and that one or two cards that that could come out comes out and changes everything. And I and I lose at that point, it’s over. And what was great for me that other people struggled with a lot was as soon it was over, it was over for me. I was like, OK, like, that’s in the past. So like, what’s the mental state I need to be in now so that I can be best prepared for the future? The longer I hang out in this like this victim mentality, the the longer I’m like performing subpar and a game where the cards are coming up fast. It’s important to recover quickly, and our business is now moving into the business and dealing with this stuff, discovering that a few of our developers. Jeff, what did we calculate? I think it was over twenty thousand that was lost through developer stealing time from us, essentially

[00:20:01] Something like that.

[00:20:02] Yeah, so a few days. A few things like extreme ownership means, like who owns the company, I own the company who’s responsible for the management of that. Who’s responsible for hiring these people and measuring what they’re doing and all this stuff. It’s all me. I’m responsible. So I made all the decisions here that enabled this to happen. So that’s let’s take ownership of this because it becomes empowering when you do that, right? And then like, what can we learn from it? Because it’s over? It’s happened. I can’t do anything about changing it now. I can learn from it and move on and not be like blaming people on my team and destroying our team culture instead using this as an opportunity to teach them and lead them right? Be the leader. Be like, What is it gone to be the change you want to see in the world? You’ve got to do that for your team, right? And not make excuses for this stuff. So I think there’s there’s been that’s for me as one of the most valuable learning experiences and just kind of realizing the way our actions affect the entire team. And, you know, I kind of see I see our guys leveling up with this mentality. And, you know, some of the some of the big wins like, you know, running this group, I think, has been a big win for me, connecting with so many of you guys seeing this massive impact that we’ve had on people like Spencer, right? There’s been Spencer is, you know, like I kind of have my own profile mentally on all you guys and the impact that you guys have on me.

[00:21:37] But I’ve seen Spencer, there’s there’s a couple dozen people who have showed this appreciation. For me, that’s a huge win to be able to realize that we’re having this impact on you guys in your businesses and your families. And it’s amazing. We’ve got to meet several you guys this year. I got to hang out with the guys in New York and we met Harry, went out for dinner in Virginia. And you know, it’s it’s been awesome. Our agency has grown. I would say another win for us this year is we’ve got some phenomenal coaching that we’re involved in right now. And like, I’m in a season, I can I can feel that I’m in a season of growth. I feel like we have a ton of unrealized gains. So I don’t know if you guys want to share. I’d love to if we could do like a lightning round and you guys don’t. Don’t be shy on this is you guys want to share some some highlights from twenty twenty one. I really want to. Let’s take this moment to reflect and think about this and prepare for twenty twenty two. You guys didn’t see the call from last week. We did a ton of planning talk last week. We’re laying out your goals and kind of like building a structure, right? So does anybody have some big wins they want to share with or big learning experience that they want to share with the group from the last 12 months? I mean, I’ll share Patrick. Ok. Oh, we got off, righto. Yeah, what’s up, man?

[00:23:05] So I mean, for me, it’s been a huge, huge with lead snap. I mean, when I first started, you know, you’re trying to find your industry, your niche, what you’re good at when you’re not prospecting, like where to go, what to do. So you go through that phase and then you get your first second client and then you’re like, Shit, OK, what do I do? You know, fulfillment on boarding contracts and all that jazz and having that all over the place. So at least not for me, has been huge where, you know, Patrick, you helped me with my questionnaires and onboarding form last couple of weeks. I got those on there, the heat maps on there. You know, with this, there’s a lot of different softwares out there. I think I came across you, Patrick, at the right cross point because with lead snap, for me, it embeds everything that I do with heat maps, GMB prospecting, all like in one. It’s all baked in. So it’s helped me to. At my level where I’m at in my journey to like, OK, now I level up, now I have all those things in place now it’s time to level up more. You know, I think fulfillment is my next, you know, area. But for two thousand twenty one, I think it’s really it helped me level up, you know, in that sense for my journey.

[00:24:32] Yeah. And that fulfillment piece, man, when you look at the community that that really trying to set the tone for it in. I haven’t tried to grow this group because I got some really good advice from like a Facebook group going master. And she said, you need to set the tone of the group and what I want for the tone is like to help each other. So Alfredo, as you kind of move into, you know, the fulfillment phase and Spencer is there now where he’s like going to be buried in fulfillment, you’re going to start to have these questions and to have a group. There’s a lot of people in this group that are really successful. Right? It’s not. It’s not like me, the only person that’s doing. There’s a ton of people in here doing big numbers from other groups and all kinds of stuff in here. And to have this community behind you, like in support, you like maybe the the fear for the fulfillment isn’t as strong is kind of my hope is like, you got a lot of people in there that have your back. We’ve all been through these same problems. We don’t know what you’re dealing with until you post it in the group and you put those questions out there or ask on a call. But if you do that stuff, I think we’ve got some great answers for you guys. So that’s awesome. And it really sounds like Alfredo. It sounds like you’ve got an action plan now, and you’re kind of like bringing everything together and preparing preparing to take off which a super cool man. Any of the other guys want to share or throw some stuff. Maybe throw some some comments in the chat. If what? What learning experiences biggest wins? Patrick, I know you’ve had a lot of wins. And Devin, you guys, you guys have wins a couple of times a month. Do you have any big things that looking back, I know Devin, you’ve been dealing with some personal stuff with your mom going through some health things and then moving to Oklahoma, right? I mean,

[00:26:29] Those are a lot of great learning lessons at the end of the day. Like, obviously, you can’t control some of those things, but the way that you handle those things and respond to it while trying to grow and run a business, they’re huge. So earlier this year, at one point we had hit our first 10k month. We’ve chosen to downsize from just with the move and everything with my mom’s health, and it’s really helped paint a picture of what it’s like to grow. But then also, I realized it wasn’t sustainable what we were doing. So to be able to have the opportunity to take a step back and figure out something that can become more sustainable and scalable. And then with the call last week, how to plan everything out, you know, it’s like, well, financially, we’re not going to be at the same point for a little while. It’s like mentally the lessons that we’ve learned is only going to help project it so much better next year. So it’s been huge

[00:27:22] For sure, man. That growth is not meant to be linear. I think that’s a myth where people think that growth just looks like this. That’s not how it goes, because as you grow, things break and sometimes you got to like, pause kind of rethought things and then grow again. We’re not right now. My agency, we’re not at the highest revenue that we’ve ever been at. We’re not. But I think we’re more profitable now than we’ve ever been, right? So we dialed back some things and we kind of we pushed a couple of clients out recently that we’re just just like headaches. And you know, we’re we’re at that point where, like Spencer said, we’re just going to like find the client we want and kind of turn down people, right? We are dealing with some issues with. Um, where was that in Maryland? Jeff, we got rid of like Virginia or somewhere? Yeah, right? Yeah, it’s just these headache clients are going to waste your time and it’s a learning that’s a learning lesson in itself, right? And to be able to get into that situation where you can make those decisions because that were my only client. That would be a hard decision to make. But when you got like 40 other ones, it’s like, Well, I don’t need you, I’ll find someone that’s not going to be a pain in my ass, right? Brian Jones, is this your first call? I’ve seen him before. Hello, can you hear me all right. Right, yeah, I mean, I saw that you had just signed up for the platform. I wasn’t sure if this is your first call.

[00:28:52] I’ve seen some recordings. Yeah, it’s my first live call. Yeah. So I’ve been down for about twenty four hours. Get my feet wet. Awesome, man.

[00:29:02] So well, welcome, man. Welcome to the group. Where do you have any challenges or anything with your business, where you are and what you’re trying to get out of this?

[00:29:13] Well, I mean, a quick transitions to the twenty twenty one story. I sold my family business where I ran an e-commerce store, so I was doing SEO for ecommerce, and 10 years ago I started another company, a digital agency with my partner. So we’re 10 years in and we do low six figures. We’re pretty successful at that and it’s all organic and. So. She’s very good at it. Yeah. I’m going to read you to call

[00:29:43] Earlier this week, right? Yes.

[00:29:45] I think we have a car so many calls. Yeah. So it’s just funny how it works out. Like now I have a full commitment to do sales and prospecting because we’ve kind of leveled off and we this year could be a really good growth year for us. And I fell in love with the heat maps when I saw that stuff. One of the things we missing and and even the review management, you know, we didn’t have a good tool for that. Yeah. So I’m excited. It just so happens. I bump into your software. I don’t remember how I bumped into it, and I’m like, Geez, these two things alone make it worth it for me, especially when I can dedicate 100 percent of my time to the sales and

[00:30:27] Marketing side of it. So I’m excited for this year, for sure.

[00:30:30] Yeah, and I’m super excited, too. And we’ve got some we’ve got some big stuff coming for you guys. Like I said, we have a lot of unrealized gains. Jeff and I are spending a ton of time right now working on client success to try to identify where people are and how we can bring more people forward. So that is a big part of our focus. Moving forward, you guys are going to see some changes. We’ve got some tutorials that we’re building directly into the application. One of the one of the things I’ve noticed is there’s a lot of people who aren’t even aware of some of the features we’ve had people that are. Leaving the platform and then we’ll have a conversation and they’re like, Well, I’m looking for this and I’m like, Did you know that that’s like built in? You’re like, what? I didn’t even know that. So we’re doing a bad job on our end, if that’s the case. And you know, we’re working towards how to make everything easier, like easier, more client success stuff. And then for maybe starting in the second and third quarter, we have some features that will roll out. We’ve got a batch of features that we’re about to push out. We’ve got the white labeling stuff that has been taking way longer than I had hoped.

[00:31:47] Anxious to get that out. We’ve got a lot of reporting stuff that’s coming out here real soon with development. I know Harry knows this with development. It’s it’s always a little unpredictable on on how things are going to take right. You’re going to run into dependencies and all sorts of issues that tickets are going to come in that you don’t expect. So, you know, it’s it’s all this stuff is is near the finish line. I know that you guys have been patiently waiting for this. We’re we’re anxious to get it to you. We just have to do it in the right order. But yeah, you guys are going to see some big changes in this platform. I’m really relying now on and I wish I would have been smart enough to do this before is just like hiring the best possible people I can hire as consultants to educate us in one way or another. And that’s with the software company as well as our agency. Like, let’s hire the the best person that does like this, right? And let’s take that and like, add it into the snowball that we have here. So cool. Any other big wins or learning lessons from twenty twenty one?

[00:32:59] Patrick, I’ll go and I’ll kind of piggyback on Alfredo comments like we hired a fulfillment team. We put together a fulfillment team that was small and since I had been able to really grow with with my growth, I’ve been able to grow this team of mine and that is huge. You guys, I went from having to do all this stuff myself, having to build websites to do one hundred percent of everything to now I can really just focus on selling and some of the fulfillment stuff that I don’t really want my team doing quite yet, because some of it is. You know, some of those things you don’t really want out of the bag quite yet until you can totally trust your team that they’re not going to go and sell this to somebody else or use it with another client of theirs, but that was huge. All sides want to let you guys know. I mean, with my biggest month, Patrick, I shared with him some of my personal challenges like I have chaos in my personal life all around me, and that’s super motivating to know that, you know, I have a sick partner that’s that’s permanently disabled now due to COVID, which that’s a long story. But you know, I have a sick sister that was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in twenty twenty that now has brain cancer. My mom has mental illness where I’ve had to cut her out of my life, like all this crazy stuff is going on.

[00:34:33] And honestly, I just keep the blinders on with my business, and I joke that I’m going to write a book called Bulletproof. After all, this is over. But I just want you guys to realize that, you know, you can overcome the one thing that that people like Patrick, people that I surround myself with now. This is all about mindset. One hundred percent. I keep telling everybody, if you can figure out a way to just fulfill whatever you do, just go sell your pants off and figure out the problems afterwards. Because if you surround yourself with people like Patrick, you know William Jones, you know some of these heavy hitters in the industry. I have one hundred percent confidence. If my team can’t fulfill it, I can pay somebody to go do it for me. And that’s a good position to be in because before I was like, Oh gosh, you know, you’re constantly questioning yourself, Well, if I sell this website, I don’t think I can personally build it. So what am I going to do then? Or if I sell this package or I do this SEO thing, I don’t know how to fulfill a lot of that at that time. Now it’s just having that pipeline and knowing exactly where to go once you sell it. And that is powerful. And honestly, the only difference for me is really just been mindset. And Patrick, I think, will attest.

[00:35:50] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, man, it’s it’s you know, I’m big on the quotes and one of the quotes that is a mantra for me is the person that says I can and the person that says I can are both usually right. And if you can, like, let that soak into your brain and like, get in there like you’ve got a group of problem solvers in there. I sold a site for a Magento E Commerce site. I have no magento. People on my team, I don’t it’s a complicated platform, Bryan probably knows he’s got that E! Commerce background, but I have zero doubt that we’re going to have an issue like we’ll figure it out, right? We’re we’re we’re I’m going to get it built. I have the groups and the resources of people to ask questions, too, if I need to and you guys do to you guys, go in and land the client like you don’t have to know how to do it right away, right? You’ve got six hundred people in these groups that have a lot of us have have done some of these and you can hire a consultant, right? You get like you can go and like, let’s say you go and you sell something that you don’t know how to do. You can go on Upwork and literally hire somebody. Maybe there are a hundred dollars an hour because they’re phenomenal at this and you pay them for one hour of their time and like, Hey, what? What should I do to this? How should I set this up, right? Whatever it is or like, probably ninety nine percent of your questions can be answered in this group, but in that case, there’s still a solution for it.

[00:37:17] So if you can kind of get through that block and realize that our time is ticking, like time’s going by right now, there’s like, let’s have some urgency to to move this and we can get through this together as a group, right? You tag me or you tag somebody else in Europe. I try to answer a hundred percent of the time, guys. So don’t feel like you’re in this alone, right? Take advantage of the group posed this question. Whatever question is in there and you guys have to have enough like self-awareness to like Spencer is somebody that is confident selling, right? That’s that’s kind of his forte. I think people kind of fall into three groups in this three, three distinct groups. There’s like a group of people in here who are comfortable with sales. There’s a group of people who are not comfortable with sales and they fall more into the fulfillment side. They kind of like the processes and like doing the stuff, the technical stuff. And then there’s a third group of people that have the sales and the fulfillment locked down, and they’re comfortable with both of those, and that’s the smallest group. But if you’re a problem solver, it doesn’t matter what group you’re in because you can solve for the other sulfur. What doesn’t exist? You’re not good at sales, good sales people out there, right? Find somebody else. Give them a commission, right? Give give them a piece of this. It’s better than not having anything right where you’re where you’re not doing anything at all. Awesome. All right, Spencer, thanks for sharing that. What else, Jeff? Do you have any wins from twenty twenty one to share?

[00:38:48] Oh, man, I got a big list, but I think the main ones are really just having the opportunity to work with you on the agency and the software. We were talking about it earlier on our team call and it’s like, I’m obsessed with personal development. I always have been and I’ve always had. I mean, play anybody. We have challenges to overcome. I have a lot of fear of social interaction. I wasn’t a salesman. I kind of got over that right before the year before I started working with Patrick, and he was he and I had started kind of building a friendship during that time, but it was just taking those reps and just over and over and over again. Just the way you get over the fear is just consistent courage, courageous action, you know? And so by the time I got on Patrick’s team, I was able to fulfill for him on the sales side and bring in a lot of new business and kind of like write side things and as we kind of built a stronger relationship. Now it’s like I get the opportunity to do all kinds of personal development and these coaching groups that I’m in with him and other personal, more personal coaching groups that he supports me and and all that. And it’s just this massive like flow state that I feel like I’m in, where I’m constantly challenged by new things that are coming up. But I’m also building such a massive skill set to, you know, to apply to these challenges that it just feels amazing to be working with the right people and the right product and the right time, the right business model and all of that. And to be able to choose your clients like kind of hinted at before is just an amazing perspective to come at things from and not be desperate.

[00:40:31] You know, it’s like that move that Spencer made is the weather. I think he realizes it, but that’s a huge shift in his whole business approach. Once you’ve done that and you declined a big chunk of change, then going forward you’re always going to have that kind of extra level of confidence that is going to allow you to to choose who you do business with and how you do business. And I didn’t I never had that before. I work with Patrick. You know, Patrick had this platform where he already had an ongoing business that was successful. So I kind of got the benefit of coming into that where if we lost a client, it sucks, right? But it’s not going to it’s not going to scuttle the ship, right? We’re still moving moving forward and to already have all those resources in place has really been amazing. So I mean, the things that we’ve got that I’ve gotten to do this year with Patrick Go sponsor the the app at trafficking conversions go to multiple like high level coaching program events with traffic and funnels and Dan Martell’s group. And, you know, like I say, other coaching programs that I’m involved with on the personal side. I mean, this is the life that I’ve always wanted and that has taken me a lot of years to create for myself. And I feel like now all of those things have kind of come together into this big opportunity for me to to be involved with the types of people and businesses and and all of that that I want to be. So I’m just super grateful for for everything in my life and the opportunities that we have going forward for twenty, twenty two and beyond.

[00:42:06] Yeah, that’s I mean, obviously, you’ve been a huge, huge benefit for our agency and just kind of connecting, and it’s been awesome to kind of see you fall into your own right and kind of like this, this confidence shift that you’ve had and it just kind of like watching you interact with the people in the group and support people. It’s been. It’s been awesome. One of the things that I’m excited for in Twenty Twenty Two is I’d really like to have some events will probably will probably host our first event sometime in the spring. Any of you guys are interested. It’ll probably be something smaller. We’ll limit the number, you know, maybe like 20 or 30 people kind of do a weekend thing. It will probably be in the Nashville area. That’s where we’re probably going to be based out of here pretty soon. There’s a possibility we do it in Austin somewhere. But if you guys are interested in that that you know, we’ve done a lot of these. Jeff and I have done several of these with groups of our friends that are in the industry, and they’ll certainly be a part of it. But yeah, I don’t know. I’d love to hear your guys feedback if that sounds like something you guys would be up for. I know a lot of people, maybe a few people on this call have expressed interest into it, but we’re going to start pushing those out.

[00:43:30] I really want to build this community and you know, these friendships are huge and it hasn’t been easy for us, right? Like the struggles that you guys are going with, the self-doubt that you guys might have are are things that that I went through to and Jeff has been through. And when when you’re unsure, like, maybe there’s some, maybe there’s some like. Verification or validation to know that that’s part of the road that we pass through and creating these friendships and relationships along the way with the people that are in these industries and doing these things has made this process a lot smoother. And it’s one thing to get on a weekly call and have like Facebook chats, but it’s another thing to spend a weekend with somebody where you’re sitting together in front of a laptop, talking, having drinks, going through these different situations and then building that friendship to the point where we can get on a phone call and say, Hey, man, what would you do in this situation? Here’s what I’m struggling with, right? And to be able to get an answer that you can trust, right? So I’d love to create that for you guys, not just with me, but with each other, right? Because I certainly wouldn’t be here without a number of those people along the way, too.

[00:44:47] Yeah, it was. It was at those events. It’s not where I met Patrick necessarily, but where we were able to spend more, you know, closer, closer time, getting to know each other and our challenges and our skills and what we have to offer. And then when the opportunity came up to work together, it’s a no brainer for me anyway. I think it was for him, too. That’s a no brainer for me.

[00:45:07] You seem like the best option at the time, right? Cool. Yeah. So so that’s kind of some of the stuff we have planned for twenty twenty two. Look, guys, we put into the into the group last week. It’s it’s posted in there the sign up for accountability. So I’m trying to start that on January 1st, but I wanted to have this call before we built out all the groups. I know that a few of you guys have requested to stay inside the same group, and I’m kind of torn on whether to do that or not. I think there’s, like some of you guys have kind of formed these close relationships with the people in your group. And obviously there’s don’t go away with if we were to split into these other groups, but something to be said with making these new connections and getting things, you know, kind of like widening this network of people that are doing it. So we’ve got a lot of information. The last last time when we started this in October, that was the first time I’d done it in a group like that. And there’s a lot of learning that’s happened. So kind of like, you know, matching people up based on where they are in the business model, I think would be really good because having people all over the board, I guess there’s pros and cons. Some people participated, some didn’t. I stayed in the groups and kind of monitored those.

[00:46:30] So taking some of the people that are strong instead of having like three or four strong people, all in one group, maybe kind of like spreading those out to make sure that all the groups have some strong leaders in there. So those are some of the things I’m struggling with. You guys want to be a part of it. Sign up for the form. I recommend it. I would have loved to had a way to measure growth in the group compared group growth without the group. But I think what we can do is we’ve got a few people. I brought you guys on in the past, Patrick and Devin, what did your like? What did? What did you feel like? There was a turning point with the accountability group? Or is it kind of continued small, like if you can just maybe speak to that for any of these people that are. And just a heads up, guys, I don’t there’s there’s no motivation for me to to have you guys be in these groups other than to help you. There’s no cost for it or anything like that, right? So but I want you guys for me, it’s about trying to have an impact on you guys. So I want you guys to benefit. So you know, what was your experience, Patrick, for being in the group? How did it affect you and what are your thoughts?

[00:47:42] Yeah, I’m all about it, I definitely need that accountability. I mean, I live by myself, so sometimes it’s like super easy to just waste away and waste a day away on Netflix and whatnot. But we have people that are going to hold you accountable. You know, it gives you that little extra motivation to get to work, even though nobody’s watching you at home. You know, I don’t have any kids that I have to like be responsible for, so I don’t have that extra weight over me. So sometimes I feel like that’s kind of a almost a negative that you got to. It’s just really easy to fall back on some things. So I’m all about that. Just recently, I just had a client that was I landed for only a hundred and fifty bucks. I was like, This is this is not worth it. And Grace, she’s she’s in our group and she already has a client. We’re in the same niche. You know, we just share everything. I feel like I can share everything with with these people, which is awesome. I think sometimes you want to hold things back, you know, with. With people, but since we’ve been in this group for for a long time and after we’re we’ve been talking for a while, I feel like I can share everything.

[00:48:59] So I just said, Hey, you just want to take both these lesions right here and then just put it 50 50 with the clot you already have. So she just went she just called the client her client, literally right after I said that. And then he offered like an extra thousand bucks. So we both just made an extra 500 bucks, just like that. Oh, that’s super cool, man. I just split it. Whether it and the sites are already producing, I’m the client I had that wasn’t going to work out long term. And, you know, I could get more on my own, but I got all these. I got so many underwriting sites right now. I’m like, Just take this. That’s an extra five hundred bucks that I can I can use and use as well. So I mean, just just things like that. And I know some people have had issues with GMV and you know, their goals are kind of small and they they raised it after, you know, after a little bit on that as well.

[00:49:58] Yeah, it’s it’s like can be a wake up call to see that other people are playing bigger than you and they’ve got bigger goals, right? So it sounds like you’ve got this one deal, but I think you’ve had a number of other deals and maybe that’s the pathway you were on before the group. Have you had a it seems maybe your better position for twenty twenty two than you were three months ago, but have you seen an improvement in your results and you attribute that to the interaction with the group? If so,

[00:50:26] Yeah. I mean, I I had a lot of insights and I really I still still have quite a bit left, but it really dialed in in sales at the end. Just, you know, just going through through Facebook and honestly, just having accountability with that and then having like a smaller group to share those wins as I’m going because I had some things that I thought were going to be big wins and then they did turn out it’s like just that extra encouragement to go after someone else. And I just landed a bigger client in Philadelphia. I had this one that I helped him close like thirty thousand and then he got all sketched out about it for whatever reason. So I was like, Man, that sucked. But then I just got someone that’s. Just as good at closing in that exact same niche and the exact same area, and he’s paying me more. Two months later. So but it’s like it’s nice to have that group to have that encouragement saying, Hey, that sucks, but go out and get the next one. Yeah, you’re not in this alone. You’re all alone. It’s like, Man, yeah, that’s not because I still I’m doing all right. But you know, still that that money is still a decent deal for me right now at this point. Yeah.

[00:51:53] Well, I hope you can make it to a live event, man. I know we’ve connected a few times in the past and it’d be cool to cool to hang out some more. What about you, Mr. Devin? Like what? What have you seen from this? What would you say to the people that are considering potentially doing the the the accountability group stuff?

[00:52:13] Yeah. Aside from like just always having to like, have someone else to answer to like the accountability aspect, but when you’re talking to other people and you hear about them making progress and you’re going and doing things too like why am I not do? What’s the difference? And being able to have three or four people where you can pick their brains on like you guys really hit on it last week talking about boulders, you know, pebbles and sand, like when you’re doing a bunch of things that are sand and you’re just like, Oh, I’m doing a bunch of things and what’s going on, even if I’m keeping up with my accountability to be able to. It just really helps you realize what’s more important to focus on, even if you’re being productive and having people there. So it’s like anyone on the fence about it. It’s just. And it’s really just how much do you really want to hold yourself accountable to put yourself to be vulnerable? And I think you have to do that to get to that next step in business. So for sure, for anybody,

[00:53:11] For sure, man, I strongly agree. And that’s kind of that vulnerability allows you to move past some of the stuff. You’ve got to be willing to admit that there’s an issue. And if you can kind of express that issue to other people that maybe have conquered it, then I mean, we can accelerate the process of getting over it. Did your is your heat on on again or off again, man? I see you got the hat on in there or your talent.

[00:53:35] But this house was built in the early sixties and the furnace might be going. And on New Year’s Eve, it’s going to drop down to nine out here. So it’s touch and go. But we’re here.

[00:53:48] Yeah, it might be. It might be. It might be time to head south man. Go hang out with Jeff and Austin for a little bit

[00:53:54] If it doesn’t work for you guys, too. Yeah.

[00:53:57] I was going to say I didn’t. I didn’t know it was going to drop that low. If it’s nine in Oklahoma somewhere, it’s going to be pretty cold here, too.

[00:54:03] Yes.

[00:54:05] Sixty five in Barcelona,

[00:54:08] When I see her, the last few days would be like seventy five to eighty. Where are you at in Oklahoma?

[00:54:13] Down in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

[00:54:16] I was born in Muskogee.

[00:54:18] Okay, so you know it.

[00:54:23] Awesome, awesome. All right. Any other big wins for the year? Come on over to sunny California, Alfredo. Yeah, buddy. All right. Any other, any other big wins or

[00:54:36] Actually got recently? Actually, like two things today, I mean, I didn’t let him deal with for a minute, but its potential deals. I just had this one client I’ve had for a while. All of a sudden he just added me to a, I like kind of ask them about this like couple months ago, but he never did it. He just added me to a bunch of Facebook groups and just started like tagging me and writing these like really long posts of people that were like looking for marketing and said, Hey, this guy, Patrick helped me out, like, really detailed into it. And then I had I just had a couple of people reach out via Facebook message for that shot them some screencasts. One of the guys on Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s just like completely dominating the area that he wants open. I can’t really help you there unless you want to expand it. Go get it, man.

[00:55:31] Thank you from him. Yeah, I could. I don’t know. Like, I know that you have the background in sports, but that is definitely. I’ve never been into an area where someone’s dominating and I’m like, well, it’s an easy niche.

[00:55:47] It’s like basically just put something decent up and it’ll

[00:55:51] Crush, crush the guy, whoever’s dominating. Go get it. That’s our that’s our attitude and our agency is like on some level, like, I see someone dominating an area and we go in there and there’s like a part of me that kind of feels bad for him because I’m like, we are going to rip this up. That was fun. While it lasted for you is kind of like my mindset, but this is it’s like the the good days are kind of like they’re shrinking because we’re coming for you. That’s ours, that’s going to be ours. We’re going to own that whole thing, right? Like, that’s my attitude with this. And I’ll tell you when when you’re talking to your clients and they feel that they like, start getting a little bit riled up in their, you know, you kind of hit on something that that has been a learning lesson for me this year, too, is when you guys get a win, when your client like acknowledges, what you’re doing is great. This is a good time to to ask for something right and like not for more money. That’s not what I’m saying, but you know, they’re like, Hey, you know? You guys are crushing it in this one area over here, right where. And I’d love to get more business in this other area like, yeah, you know, the reason that we’re crushing it over there is because we have this GM be there. Do you have an address or know somebody in this other area that that you can connect us with? Right? You want this? Ask to be related to the the kind of victory that they’re acknowledging or you guys are awesome.

[00:57:22] You’ve done so much amazing work for us. Hey, you know, we’re trying to grow our business and we’re really selective with the type of people that we work with. Do you know anyone that maybe is in another city in this niche that would be interested in our services because I don’t want to work with anyone and I really have built this relationship with you? And it would mean it would mean the world if if you could make a solid recommendation so that I can get another client like you and another area, right? Something like this that’s related to their ask. Related to to like what they’re thanking you for. But it’s important you’ve got to ask for some of the ask for some of these referrals. For us, we have enough clients where we’re like buried with fulfillment, but I used to do this and it worked beautifully. You earn it, you got to earn it once they once they kind of give you that compliment there and they’re saying that, then they’re like, You’ve created an asset, right? And you needed to take advantage of that asset and use it to get more more of these, and it will start to snowball. And yeah, so does that make sense? Everyone like we’re good with that protocol. So we were talking about the accountability groups. You guys jump into the accountability groups, if that sounds like something that you guys would would benefit from.

[00:58:37] It’s not. Maybe it’s not for everyone like it is a commitment. You’ve got to be there for your group on a weekly basis. I don’t want people joining. You’ll notice in the form that there’s you’re kind of like checking something that says you’re committed. So that means that you’re going to be there, you’re going to stand up. You’ve got to have enough like integrity and respect if your guy is giving you, like if they’re if they’re full of shit on why they’re not meeting their their goals, right? Look at them. Not as if they’re an employee, but they they owe an explanation. That’s what the accountability is for. It’s not like this little club that we go and hang out. It needs to be the almost almost like the more strict you guys can be with each other, the better the group is right. It lasts three months, 90 days. You’re going to set your goals work backwards from those goals set like three or four. They don’t only to be business. I recommend that you put some personal stuff in. There could be weight loss, it could be reading or whatever it is learning a new language. And then you kind of got a schedule and you guys hold each other accountable. That’s kind of what it’s like. So if that sounds like something you guys are interested in, I recommend it. We’re building out our stuff on our team. It’s important as you work with your teams. This is a lesson I was going through today. Like 90 days ago. We had set a bunch of goals and we had that kind of revenue goals and some things that happen, and we decided that these weren’t the best goals for us at the time, right? We didn’t spend enough time structuring things and we deviated from those goals.

[01:00:12] And it’s important for you guys not to teach your team that it is OK to lose. That’s not that’s not like you need to make sure. And that was a fear that I had when I was kind of like thinking about this deviation from our goals that we had made. And for those you guys working with teams, that’s you need to make sure that that’s clear and that needs to be clear to yourself to. It’s not OK for you to. It’s not OK for you to miss your goals. It’s going to happen. And we’re not perfect, but don’t be comfy with it. Don’t think that this is just like, acceptable and just kind of let it slide down when you pick these goals for your accountability groups. If you decide to sign up for them or if you don’t and you set your own goals based on whatever it is you do for your yearly planning, do it in a way where you’re like. Like, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it happen, get cut, like get familiar with the cost of your goals when you set these. This is what I’m going to do. This is what it’s going to cost me. I’m not talking about money necessarily right. Like I mentioned this, if you guys are in a relationship and you’re going to have to dedicate some time, that means you can’t spend as much time with this relationship over the next 90 days, then you need to have that conversation with your significant other and that’s part of the cost.

[01:01:28] Build that in. And if you understand all these different costs, when the newness of this wears off, it’s not all shiny and cool in February. Then like, you’ll still be committed if you’re comfortable with that cost. So I think that’s a really important part of the process. So we are at an hour and ten minutes. You guys have any questions. Actually, I wanted to mention one more thing. First is I know some of you guys are struggling or some of you guys with a with the phone system. We didn’t have the calls going into the dashboard, so that’s fixed. You guys should see all the calls from our phone system inside the dashboard and the company dashboards and stuff now. So we work through that. I know that there’s a couple of issues with the GMB post. I think we about how those resolved. We’ve been working through it. It’s been it’s been a challenge. Sometimes the post fail because Google rejects them and it looks like it’s our and it’s been hard to kind of debug that. But I think we’re we’re working through it. So. Yeah. Any other final questions before we hop off here, guys? I got one. I was hoping you’d say something here. It’s been too long since I’ve heard you speak.

[01:02:34] You’ll probably be really tired of me after this.

[01:02:37] Well, it was good talking to you, Harry. Have a good new year.

[01:02:40] No, this is not related to the software, but I want your your take in your comments on the new apparently mandated video verifications. Yeah. So we talked about this about that.

[01:02:55] Yeah, I well, I’ll tell you in my apparently it’s not ruled out for all niches, and it’s not because we’re continuing to get games and we’re not facing this like I’ve heard other people have. And then we did have

[01:03:11] One of them. That’s actually news. Thank you.

[01:03:14] That is news. Yeah, OK. We’ve got several over the last two weeks since this. And we have I think we had it for one of them and for that one, we actually had the option to send a postcard is like the video thing was was like an option. It wasn’t a requirement. But I think when we get faced with this and like, look, guys, this is. When we’re entrepreneurs, we’re you can almost just like interchangeably use that with problem solver. I. Im not looking forward to solving the problem, but I already have decided that, well, I’ll just like it’s not going to be an issue for us. I’m going to figure out a way around it and I’m going to deal with it. And just like everything else we’ve done along the way, so it’s maybe it’ll even be advantageous where like if they’re going to give us this ability and we don’t have to mail postcards and maybe I end up with like a bunch of magnets that I’m putting on a truck and I’ve got different signage that I’m printing out inside. Like, what do I need to do? I don’t know. Like, I’ll figure out how to do it. It’s certainly not going to rock my world. I have no fear of it right now, but hopefully I don’t have to eat my words, but it just seems like how it’s been the whole time. It’s just like one more hurdle that this is hurdle number ten thousand not number seven, right? So those are my thoughts on it right now.

[01:04:44] Well, the concerning factor I have is not the evidence, you know, the signs and the logo, t shirt and all that sort of stuff, but rather that they want us to be at the location and they’re checking our phone to see where we are. Yeah, so I mean, that to me is a serious part of it. The rest of the got a handle.

[01:05:04] Right, right. But we know that there’s different like like I was I was talking about earlier. I’m in, I’m in Spain, and they didn’t let my phone streaming service or my my. The TV service I wanted to stream wasn’t working and I was able to watch it. I found a way. Right. There’s VPNs, there’s other like phone stuff. We’ll find a way. Right. We’re going to find a way every time. And I don’t know how far they can push this man because like. Service area businesses don’t have offices usually, and a lot of these people don’t. What is it going to be that long term like? You have to have a a truck with a logo on it to be able to run a service area? That’s how it is, right? Yeah. So I’m not. I know people are freaking out and I’m not my viewpoint. I’m not super concerned. So I would love for you guys to join me in this lack of anxiety about this because it’s just another bump in the road, right? And and we’ll see. I think they tried to roll this out a few years ago and then they reverted it because it was like this,

[01:06:12] But not not live like this, not with not location specific. And and they’re not the only one. Video verification is not new. It’s been around for years on other platforms, including Facebook. You know, if you want to want to buy, you prove your way back in, so to speak. But the location part is is the new thing and the degree to which they seem to be implementing it. That’s what’s new. So, yeah, throw it it out, because I’m kind of trying to gather all the information and research it, and I’m digging through all the the contacts I have and groups I’m in and Facebook and Black Hat groups and everything else. And, you know, to find out location work around, you know, how to when they when they look at my, you know that and they see where it is. And I’m eight hundred miles away from Nashville, which is where my job is. I don’t know how to get around that yet. That’s what I’m looking for solutions and I share your confidence. And also, I just want to throw this in is that even if this is a big breakdown in the process for us, if it really does turn out to be to cause permanent damage, that’s a big breakdown. In my experience of life is that big breakdowns normally precede big breakthroughs because there’s usually something on the other side that’s even better. And over and over and over, that’s what’s gotten me through business. It’s just, you know, you punch through the breakdown and something better will come of it on the other side. Problem is, none of us know what that is, right? So we go, Yeah,

[01:07:45] Yeah, no. Yeah, I mean, we’ve been through this a bunch of times, right? Like, there’s been times where we’re all getting suspended. And, you know,

[01:07:56] I believe

[01:07:58] Very much in the black market to fulfill these holes. So I just used one of my free Google searches phone app to spoof geolocation. There’s Tinder shared net GPS spoofing for the iPhone location subwoofers. There’s there’s all kinds of shit out there.

[01:08:12] Yeah, you’re not. You’re not going to be. This video call is not going to be with. Mark Zuckerberg, this is going to be with a minimum wage employee, yeah, yeah, yeah, right. That has no clue about where you are, right? You know, it’s kind of like. I had an allergy, but I’m not going to go it would be insulting to in the world. You’ve got you’ve got to trick the minimum wage employees, so you’ve got to like and they don’t honestly, they probably don’t care. They don’t care. Right. So they’ve got like a job to do and you’re not. These guys are not investigating.

[01:08:57] They’re not hiring. They’re not hiring us, right?

[01:09:00] This job done detectives that they’re hiring. Like, solve a murder, just like spinning their eight hours a day, doing whatever they’re told to do. So, you know, nine hundred and ninety nine people out of a thousand aren’t going to do this. And I’m like, once the method is out there of what needs to be done and they’re going to have to adapt again. And yeah, you hear you got new glasses or something, man.

[01:09:28] My request is that everybody, everybody here who runs into this problem, if you’ll if you’ll just share with us in the group what you ran into, you know, and what you did to overcome it or what barriers you had or whatever. The more of that information we share, the quicker we’ll get to a solution.

[01:09:47] Yeah, you guys like people when we get through this and we work it, if we’re if we’re kind of the first people to get through it, I’ll make sure that I share it with you guys. And, you know, whatever we’re running into. I don’t know if you guys know this. I mean, we’re there’s there’s parts of our business that we don’t share with anyone. But for the most part, we’re an open book on on our strategies. Oh, one of thing I had written down to to share with you guys tonight is I was going through the poll. We’ve looked at that poll that we put in there a lot and looked at your votes trying to figure out how we’re going to serve you guys better over the next year. And one of the things I know that you guys are struggling with a lot is is back thinking like we went through. I think it was two or three weeks ago, we talked about GMB ranking and we talked about getting jobs right. So maybe some of that has changed with this. And then I think the third most popular thing was back linking one of the there’s a couple of strategies that that we’ve used that have worked pretty well. If you guys haven’t used legit, I think it’s about leg I.T. that’s a spot that I hear you can get good backlinks from on there as well as citations. I anticipate having a citation service built into the platform in in the first quarter of the year. We’re kind of working through that right now.

[01:11:07] So I would be I would be, you know, looking looking for some of those for some of you guys. You can pay for some, some decent backlinks. Some of these times, whatever the site is, you can actually pay through there and then you can create a relationship with some of these people and get it actually cheaper than they’re going through there. Some of these sites that they give you point is that you have to get them. I think we’ll be dropping some, some some additional backlinks training in there with some of the stuff that that we do as we move into the new year. I’d love for you guys within the group. Share some of the stuff that you guys are really struggling with in the group and we’ll build our training around that. Another thing that I’ve mentioned a few times that we hope to launch sometime in the first quarter is our own training, right? We’ve got the playbook that we’ve done, the different strategies that that we use from getting Google my businesses to ranking sites, building sites, all the different things we’re going to. We’re kind of building the Netflix model into the platform. You have a subscription, you’ll have access to the different trainings that are in there. So we’re putting that stuff in there. All right, guys, it’s almost three a.m. here in Barcelona. Are there any additional questions before we hop off here? The last questions of the year. The lab calls. We good. We’re so good at delivering content that questions don’t exist.

[01:12:36] A question, but real quick here for you. One thing I have been hearing about from people running into these video verifications is that domain, email based set up of GBS has been helping, as well as getting websites set up in Google search console before requesting because if you can prove that you’re the administrator of a site. And you’re dealing with not Mark Zuckerberg, and you have your study in Google search console and you have a domain based email. I’ve heard people having success with that. So.

[01:13:03] Yeah, yeah, we’ve been playing around with that as well as getting some of the citations like that, the bigger citations, Yelp and Facebook stuff like that. Prior to requesting the GMB like putting out as part of a process, we’ve been playing around a little bit with the Google search console. Stuff kind of have varying success, but like, like I said, we haven’t run into a lot of the video verification issues that I’ve been hearing about from people.

[01:13:31] So I did hear that I heard about I heard one tidbit today with two recommendations that that may be working. The first one is buy your domain from Google for $15, OK? The second thing is, as soon as you do that by a Google Workspace account and then you get, you know, you get your email handle. And what I heard was, and again, I can relate to it because I had to set up my own domain based emails. If you buy your domain from Google and you buy the Google Workspace account for $6 a month, they will take care of all the DNS and all the linking and everything that has to be done to set up the servers. They’ll do that for you, which is a pain in the ass and cPanel and Namecheap. And if you don’t know how to do it, you can fuck it up really bad. So that was something I heard today as a recommendation. The guy that told me thinks it’s working. It’s not reliable. It hasn’t been tested in terms of statistical significance or anything else, but it does make sense because we do know that Google likes to honor its own properties.

[01:14:40] Yeah, I mean. It’s hard to know what’s real, right, when there’s a million variables, like which ones are the ones that push things through, right? And we’ve got the like for those of you guys that have the Google my business API,

[01:14:54] That was kind of how we’ve been setting it up to is with

[01:14:57] The workspace stuff, right? Yeah. So I think, you know, on our team call today, we were talking about joining some like really high level SEO groups that are expensive. And if we do decide that, that’s the route that we take because a lot of these, they work unlike the calendar year cycle. So we’ve been kind of waiting until that year hits, which is a few days away. So if we do that, then I’m excited for the potential to to not only have this stuff infused into our agency, but to be able to bring it back to you guys and hear some, some of the strategies that you know, maybe, maybe you guys wouldn’t be ready to join some of these groups that are like, you know, $10000 a year to be in these high level. But maybe we can take that stuff and distill it, test it, play with it and bring it back to you guys. So I kind of feel like I’m on a mission to help you guys get to that next level and make things easier for all of us. So with that, we call it a wrap on this call, and I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed our calls during twenty twenty one. I certainly did. I’ve learned a lot from you guys. I’m excited for twenty twenty two. I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys have an awesome New Year’s. And yeah, if you’re into that, jump into those accountability groups. I would highly recommend checking out the call from last week and setting some goals like. It was 39 percent higher chance of achieving your goal if you write it down. Seventy six percent if you measure it. So that’s what last week call is a lot about is kind of the system to do that. So all right, guys, let’s have an awesome new year. Ripped from my Michigan Wolverines and the national playoffs here on against Georgia, and you guys have an awesome, awesome week and I will see you, I guess I’ll see you guys in twenty twenty two.

[01:17:00] You, too. Thanks. We’re here.

[01:17:03] Happy New Year, everyone, everybody. Happy New Year. Take care. See you guys. Bye.

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[00:00:00] Yo, yo. How is everybody doing? What is going on? And I get this and I. Or we got Daniel, welcome to exciting time every time I try to launch this thing, it launches that YouTube video.

[00:00:19] All right.

[00:00:21] What’s up, guys? It’s Wednesday night or Thursday morning. If you are in Barcelona, how is everybody doing? We got some wins. Daniel, you got any windows, buddy?

[00:00:35] Yeah, I got one of my websites, got me a thousand dollars today, so I was pretty happy about that. That’s a big win.

[00:00:41] Yeah, awesome. Awesome. Who else we got? Greg Adams, you got any wins, buddy? Now, I don’t have any wins are. That’s all right.

[00:00:54] Our video cameras, please. Cool. All right.

[00:00:59] So I had this. This was a cool. When you guys maybe know Emmanuel Auta well, he reached out to me and he said he is two payments away from paying down at eighty thousand debt.

[00:01:13] So. Oh, all right.

[00:01:15] Yeah, that’s a pretty big win. That’s exciting. I imagine there’s a ton of stress that is on you when you’re under a mountain of debt like that. So congrats, man. I know it’s been. It’s been a long grind. So that’s super cool. Jeff, we have any other wins from the group this week. I’m not seeing any so far, but we have a few in our

[00:01:41] Agency, we have a couple of people expanding and we’ve gotten some people to come back around and pay us and we’re kind of like lax and getting them back on schedule. So that’s a big win. We got paid from that website gig half up front that we mentioned a few weeks ago. So that’s a big.

[00:02:01] Yeah, absolutely. So that’s that’s an E commerce build that we’re working on. And. We sold it for thirty six thousand dollars. So I’ll tell you that this isn’t our wheelhouse, right? But here’s what I know how to do is I know how to manage projects and I know how to hire people and find experts. So this is something that it’s something every one of you guys could do. I’m not going to be the one that’s building this site, right? I understand the steps to build it. So we’re able to go and sell it with confidence because we know how to manage this project. And if you don’t, that’s another position that could potentially be hired for. You just have to have some planning in there and some setup and make sure that you’re doing it in a way where you’re going to leave yourself some profit. Right. So I know we’ve shared this a few times, but our process, what we do with the CRM and what we’re building here, it’s it’s we have a pretty, pretty good process. So we hired a good designer, right? And we understand the functionality we need. So we have the designer I go through and I kind of make the stupidest, ugly sketches possible and I give them to my designer who makes them look awesome. And then we pass those on to kind of our front end developers who build things out and they pass those on to our software engineers who connect the things.

[00:03:30] Ok, so I’m the project manager on a lot of this stuff. But if you guys can locate the experts, then it may not be necessary for you to know all these different skill sets along the way. Right? So I’ve shared this before you guys. One of my favorite entrepreneurs in history is Henry Ford, and he there’s this like famous event who knows if it’s true or not. But Henry Ford dropped out of high school and, you know, he originally was like, more interested in building the cars. He didn’t invent the car. He what he’s what he’s most noted for, I think is inventing the assembly line and kind of like perfecting the assembly line. So he ends up getting this, you know, originally they started with, you know, it was like 18 hours or something to build a car. And then after he had the assembly line, they were doing it in like 90 minutes or something like that. So which lowered his cost? Everyone’s doing like a small job. So I’ve taken that strategy and I put it into our agency of having everyone kind of do simple jobs and these these guys come in. And this is kind of like when when Henry Ford really started to take off, he didn’t have a lot of respect of of the community yet. And the newspaper people come in and they think they’re going to embarrass Henry Ford and they’re going to make fun of them. And you know, he’s got all these, these these buttons on his desk and they’re asking him questions because like, Hey, this guy doesn’t even have a high school education.

[00:05:05] Let’s, you know, let’s let’s like, make a fool out of them. So they ask him a question and he presses a button and an expert comes in and answers the question, and they ask him another question and an expert comes in and answers that question. And that’s that’s how, you know, that’s how that’s how the big boys do it right? They hire experts in these different things. We don’t need to be experts in every little piece to make this stuff work, right? So I just wanted to share that with you guys because I think a lot of you guys get intimidated on some of these bigger projects and you guys are a lot closer to these than than you probably think. I think the biggest difference is the doubt and the uncertainty. Some of the stuff you guys are doing now maybe look scary a while ago and you figured it out, right? And looking back on it, if you would realize that that’s a pattern that kind of exists in the human psyche. Maybe we could go into some of these new areas with more confidence right there, saying the man who says he can and says he can’t. They’re both usually right. Ok, cool. Jeff, are you seeing any more, any more, any more wins? Are we good to move on?

[00:06:13] I’m not seeing any wins, but Patrick is asking, How did you find your developers? I don’t know if you want to go into that now or save it for later, whatever.

[00:06:22] So I go on an online job site and and I get a lot of people from there. I also get people from Upwork. What I’ve learned is I’ve learned that one site will cater more to certain jobs. If you’re looking for a software engineer, then you might have a hard time. Like if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could get yourself into some high water. You would want to maybe have somebody in between you like you maybe want to have like a project manager, somebody that understands software. Some guys came to me recently and they wanted me to kind of consult. There were people that are kind of from our world. There’s like five or six of them, and they built out a software. They spent a couple of years paying for it and after a couple of years. They they had a bunch of issues, and it turns out they may need to rebuild the entire thing because they were. There was no layer in between them. That’s not what I’m saying to do and what I’m saying is like hire experts that can help you. If you need an expert project manager, then like you can, you can hire these people part time. You need like somebody help you with the finances. It could be a fractional CFO. You don’t necessarily need to go full blown, but you need to find people that are smarter than you with these areas and employ those people.

[00:07:38] And that can be the stepping stone to a lot bigger numbers, right? So one of the ways that that we hire and one of the things that I’m adopting is kind of got this framework that I’ve been building and in a process for hiring. Ok, so I’m because we landed this new website build and it’s using a technology to e-commerce site, and it’s using a technology that we’re not super familiar with and our agency. So I’ve never built a site in this in this technology, so I’m hiring a developer. I’m hiring one developer and their job is just to to work on this project right now. If they perform well, there’s a lot of crossover with stuff that this person would have that maybe would be good for us in other areas. So maybe there’s some potential for them to work with us long term, but I’m going through the interviews now and you know, I ask them a lot of I ask them some technical questions. But really, what it comes down to is, I built this. I’ve kind of got this template here and I’ll go through it and I’ll kind of share what you got, what what it looks like. It’s give me one second here to pull this thing up. Another another biweekly plug for the remarkable to love this thing.

[00:08:58] I’ve got all these notes going in here, and it’s just so awesome. But let me pull up my notes today. I did like four or five interviews today for this position, and I want it to be made clear that look, when you guys are, when you guys are hiring, you guys get the pick of the litter, right? So there’s there’s a lot of people that are going to be applying for this position. You should put the job into multiple job boards, right? Like if Upwork online jobs, indeed, depending on what it’s for and choose the people that are the best, don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re forced to choose a bad candidate because lack of options, right? For most of you guys, for the positions that you guys are, the higher level the position is, especially for what we’re doing, the smaller the selection will get for what we’re doing. There should be like hundreds of people that are applying for these positions, but I’ve kind of got this framework in place now, and you guys may want to take some notes on this. So. We rate people from one to 10. Ok, and pretty soon, what I’m going to have is my my kind of my management team. A big factor in the jury, did you want to share? No, I’m not, I’m not sharing right now. Yeah, I’m reading off.

[00:10:18] This is because I’ve got some personal information on this, but this is why I’m saying to take some notes is so we got a one to 10 rating scale and we got five things that were kind of rating people on. Ok, so the first one is attitude. The second one is communication. The third one we have is their skill set. The fourth one is experience and the fifth one is the likelihood of success. So what? I’m going to rate them one at 10 on each of these. If they score an average below a seven. It doesn’t matter how much I like them or whatever. Then there’s no place for them within our company. They’re going to be a kind of like a. A vortex of negative energy that’s going to bring the company down. Right. And we don’t want that and we need to be kind of systematic in this stuff, right? You need to look for red flags. And if you don’t, if something doesn’t feel right and you have so many options, then go with your gut on this right because. Especially in the beginning, it’s going to be for a lot of you guys, especially the guys that are kind of like the where relationships are important, like the most important thing to you. It’s going to be really hard for you to to to get rid of somebody. So you need to hire slow and fire fast and take your time.

[00:11:38] The higher, higher slow like, take your time with us. Think about it. Don’t rush into it. I recommend maybe interview five or 10 people for one position, even if the first person seems like a rock star. Like, you don’t have a good frame of reference until you’ve gone through some people and you’ve gone through these interviews, right? So, you know, pay attention. If people are showing up late, they’re late than Mike. They can’t show up on time to a job interview. For me, that’s like, I mean, they’re probably they’re going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat if they show up late to be able to secure the job, because that’s a big deal that shows kind of their attitude towards everything. Yeah. So any questions on that, on the hiring process we give logic tests to. So it’s kind of like layer one. If it’s a technical position, then I like to have somebody super technical on my team kind of give them a technical interview, right? And I’d like to set the interview far enough in advance. That gives them the opportunity to forget about it. So that way, like let’s let’s figure out what their level of commitment is to things and like, this is somebody that’s going to plan things out. Ok, cool. Jeff, we got any questions we got.

[00:12:55] We’re good. Ok, cool. I’m going to share I’ve got my designer right now building out the template that I use for taking notes. I’ll be sharing that with you guys. I don’t have it myself yet. I’ve just given them the instructions on it. So I’ll be sharing that with you guys. And you guys can use this as maybe a tool to help you with interviews because it’s having this in front of you and planned out, I think is super helpful. Ok, guys. So what I want to get in today is like first, we’re going to talk about the accountability groups. So in regardless of what group you’re, you’re tuned in from. I’ve posted a couple of hours ago, I put in a form to join the accountability groups. So this was the this last three months was the first time that we did it. I know that we’ve gotten some some pretty awesome feedback from people that have really moved their business for it. Now, a lot of requests for people that wanted to join it, but they got in late or those that were in it wanted to make sure that that we’re running it again. So we are running it again. It’s going to start on January 1st, so it’s going to be 90 days. So here’s the idea. I’ll share my screen with you guys, and I’ll kind of show you what I have laid out here.

[00:14:07] Let me one seconds. Um. A couple things, though, before we. Before we dive into it. All right. I got a couple couple thoughts that I’ve been kind of. Going around my head that I wanted to share with you guys. All right. Ok. So going through this stuff, there’s there’s a lot of, you know, I kind of had this this mindset of being an entrepreneur was, I want to be free. Right. And I thought that if I plan things out and I do all this stuff, then it’s like an obligation that’s taking away my freedom. That was kind of like a weird mindset that I was operating in. Maybe some of you guys resonate with that. If you do throw it in the chat because I’d love to hear it. I think it’s a popular mindset that exists for a lot of entrepreneurs. But as you move into high level entrepreneurs, there’s a lot of patterns that exist. You know, you look at somebody like Russell Brand, Elon Musk, all these guys, they’re doing a lot of scheduling of their time, and that doesn’t mean that they don’t do fun stuff. They just have it planned out. So, you know, one of the things that that we need to do is we have this idea of our bucket list and we’re going to do things at some point in our life and time slips by and we don’t schedule this.

[00:15:42] We don’t plan it. How many of you guys? I’d love to see it in the chat. How many of you guys have had things on your bucket list for years that are still on your bucket list where you really haven’t made any honest effort to trying to achieve any of it? Right. So look, you these things on our bucket list are meant to be accomplished by why we’re alive, not why we’re someday. Because sometimes some day never comes. Most people who pass away before they’re like 80 and don’t have some terminal disease, they don’t plan on passing away, right? And they have things that have been left undone, and it’s necessary for us to take the time to plan things out, right? So I think it’s I think it’s really important with our business. You know, there’s a famous saying, there’s a few there’s a few quotes that I’ve kind of latched on to. The famous saying is Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your bank account. Right? So you basically the way you spend your time is going to be determining factor of where you are with things. And when you plan things out and you do things purposely, you’re kind of like preventing the possibility of things going awry. You know, I am doing a ton of learning and training and studying myself every single day right now.

[00:17:05] And I kind of had this epiphany this week and I’ve had a hard time. I tried to share this in our weekly call with my team, and I’m not sure they completely grasp the idea, but it kind of clicked in my head when when we don’t plan things out and we don’t have a structure for what we’re going to do, then we’re it’s hard to say no because we have no other plans, right? And we end up doing what other people need us to do or other people want us to do, rather than the things that are important to us. Right. So you have nothing else going on because you haven’t laid that out. But if you go through a couple of months ago, I mentioned the productivity pack. I know a lot of you guys have jumped on that. I’ve heard a lot of people have got some great feedback from that. I think it’s nine dollars. It’s from traffic and funnels warning. If you signed up for it, they are going to put you into a funnel and they’re going to like, it’s a loss leader for them. I’m not recommending that you guys sign up for their platform. It’s very expensive, but that productivity pack is phenomenal and it’s basically reviewing your week and kind of rating your week and scheduling things on Sunday and saying, Hey, these are my goals for the month.

[00:18:15] These are my goals for the week. This is what I’m gonna do every day to to get there. Ok, so another another famous saying that I’ve really latched on to from some of you guys. Maybe you’ve seen this guy. He did a TED talk, his name’s out and he’s got a lot of the computer and like, like a lot of technology stuff that that everyone’s using Apple and all this came from from this guy. And his saying is the best way to to predict the future is to invent it or to create it, right? So what are you guys going to do? We’ve got like a week left, right or a week in a day or something left in this year. And we’ve got twenty twenty two is right around the corner. So if you guys want to predict the future, why don’t you take the actions that are necessary to create that? Well, obviously that’s not like I’m not telling you to go and like figure out how to shift bitcoin around or whatever. What I’m saying is like, what do you need to do in your business so that you can create what is necessary for you? And building a plan and structuring that and taking the time is so important, right? So, you know, when an airplane takes off, they’ve got a destination and you know that airplanes are off course like ninety nine percent of the time, but they’re constantly monitoring things.

[00:19:36] And they’re constantly adjusting, and that adjustment, the constant adjustment allows them to they can predict a minute, sometimes down to the second, that they’re going to land this airplane in this place because they’re monitoring things. They’ve got things dialed in. And if we don’t do that stuff and we’re not intentional about the things within our business, that how can we expect to arrive where we want to? How can we get to where we want to go? So this is why I think it’s important the accountability groups kind of go hand in hand with this and the quarterly planning. So I’ve built and I’ve added on to what we previously had for our accountability groups. I spent a lot of time kind of working towards our yearly stuff of what we’re doing with the two businesses that we own, right. So we have the software company and just like you guys, we have the agency. I don’t have my full year Lee stuff laid out. I think we’re going to do that on next week’s call. But what we’re going to get into this this week is the quarterly planning. We’re going to get into a little bit of the yearly stuff and we are going to talk about the accountability groups and how those kind of play into it.

[00:20:39] So if you guys are interested in this, sign up with the forms that are in there. This is a commitment, though this isn’t like you guys. When you guys make this commitment, I want you. If you’re if you’re on the fence, it might not be for you. And if you are or if you need more information, I’m going to give that to you now. But this is a commitment towards other people that are in your group, and it’s a weekly call that’s going to happen where you’re going to set some goals and we’re going to kind of work backwards from those goals for 90 days. And you are going to be responsible to kind of like push the other people forward within your group as well as answer to people. That’s what accountability is, right? So it’s not this like all lovey dovey. This is like you need to have enough integrity to take a stand for somebody else who’s in your group if they’re falling off pace and they need to do the same for you. And that’s what’s great about this. And that’s what the people that have participated and have kind of like committed and gone hard. That’s that’s the attitude that they’ve taken. So where are the forms in this Facebook group? So, Daniel, they should be. Maybe, Jeff, if you can tag him in it, I can maybe share my screen here and find one.

[00:21:57] Yeah, it was posted today. It should be right at

[00:22:00] The top of two hours ago. I’ll just share my screen. It looks like this. One second here. All right, cool. You guys can see my screen right here. Let’s get that thing out of the way. All right, right here. So this is what it looks like right here, the accountability groups. You just do a search for, like, interested in joining the next round. You could probably find it pretty quickly. That is in that group. So I think, Daniel, you’re in the lead snap group. Maybe we can tag him right here. Get you set up, man. But you were in this group. Let’s see you pop up. But that’s where it is, man. You can find it and I can tell you afterwards, if you’re not in this group, maybe you’re in the other group. Ok, let’s jump into this is the quarterly planning. So I’m going to go back to what we know first, and that is what we went over last three months ago for those of you guys that joined the accountability groups. So this is kind of how we structure this thing is we’re going to come up with the goal and then we’re going to we have 90 days, so I’m going to start off with. We’ll start off with weight loss because I’m sure like, there’s going to be people that have that goal. So if you have a goal of weight loss and you want to lose 20 pounds per week, then the basically the way this would work is you’ll look at.

[00:23:29] So this was week one of last time when we did this and this is the final week, right? So for 90 days, it breaks down to be like 13 weeks, right? So you need this is like weight loss. The reason I want to start with this is this a linear goal? It’s easy to understand, right? It’s a week one. I’m here. And then, you know, day forty five, I should be halfway to my goal, right? You can make an argument that maybe like weight loss isn’t when you’re for whatever reason. Maybe it’s easier to lose weight at the beginning and then whatever. Ok, so you need to take that into account. Right? I mentioned this last week is you guys always need to be thinking about the cost. Right. So if you are making a 90 day goal right, you need to ask yourself, what is the cost of that goal? Is and make sure if your significant other is is is on board with this, if you have one of those. Make sure that they’re on board. They understand the cost like, Hey, I’ve got 90 days, this is what I’m going to do. I want your permission or your acceptance. I want to get us on the same page. If you just start to do this stuff and you’re putting in all these extra hours and you don’t communicate that, that could cause problems, right? And you need to think about the cost yourself, too, because what happens is we don’t accurately think about the cost of things and when the the newness of our goal wears off at like whatever at the beginning of February, then that’s when people quit.

[00:24:59] But if you have accurately anticipated the cost of what you’re giving up by doing this and why it’s important to you, then. I think that your chances of going the distance in accomplishing your goals are much higher, so you need to think about this up front, right? So you what you want to do is we actually have a document that’s missing here, but you want to come up with your goals. I recommend three or four goals and I don’t want them all to be professional goals. I would love to see them be some of your own personal goals. Maybe this is like, Hey, my relationship with my wife is an eight and I want to take it to a 10. So here is my plan over the next, like 90 days of how I’m going to do that, I’m going to spend more time with her on like Fridays. We’ve got date nights and, you know, every Sunday at this time, we’re just going to like. Clean the afternoon, we’re going to have an open afternoon with no plans, right, so I think it’s great if these are not all, these are not all professional goals because all of us here, like even though we’re trying to grow our businesses like we all have other stuff outside of our businesses. And if you don’t, I would encourage you to try to find that just for your own life, happiness.

[00:26:12] So some of these things are important for you to kind of rejuvenate yourself. I had this mindset for a while and it was like, I’m going to work every day because I want to move things forward. And what happens is you don’t realize it, but you’re getting burned out and you’re not being as effective and productive and you’re not as refreshed as you would be had you taken this time off. So this idea that you can’t afford to give up a couple of days during a week or at least one day a week to reset and recharge, I think you’re actually going to be less productive with that mentality. Then had you taken that time off and you got to ask yourself, like, what are my habits? I would make a point to think about your habits on a weekly basis and spend some time dedicated towards that habit. Whatever your favorite thing to do is like for me, one of my favorite things is, you know, I spent my whole life playing soccer, and I know that when I go in, I play. I feel happier and I’m willing to give up that time away from work. Maybe it’s like when I play for an hour and a half and there’s like an hour on both ends and I’m going to feel more refreshed. I’m going to feel happy, I’m going to feel energized. I feel grateful. It just completely such your like, adjust your mindset.

[00:27:28] I think that’s really important. So build that into your schedule. Ok. So with this stuff, if we’re talking about like building websites or landing clients, so we’ll go over to this top here. You can kind of see this is week one and here and this is supposed to be the halfway point. But a lot of this stuff is not going to be linear and you need to accurately think about that, right? So something is not linear. Then what do you need to do to adjust it? Maybe it’s maybe like if I want to land like three clients, right? And maybe I’m going to close all three clients in the final week of this because if I’m building like a rank and website, then I have to front load so much of the work before it is prepared to be able to sell it. So you need to think about these things if they’re linear or they’re not linear and adjust accordingly. Right? Does this making sense to you guys? Yeah. Let me know about it, yeah, OK, cool. All right, so this is the the 90 goal. This is like the kind of framework for this 90 day goals as a part of this, what is not included, the document that is somehow missing that I I think it closed. It is when you go to build these goals, it’s not just a question of the schedule. You need to get really specific. A lot of you guys that are procrastinating, it’s my strong belief that when you procrastinate on things, it comes from a lack of clarity.

[00:28:52] But you don’t you haven’t gone and taken the time to detail the steps that are necessary and you’re unsure. So you, like, you just don’t start, right? So the other document is going to be like all the specifics of this. When are you going to do this? What are you going to do? Where are you going to be? How much of a vision can you paint? So if, for instance, if I’m back on this one and it’s reading, it might look like this. These are the books I’m going to read. Ok, I picked out. I want to read like, you know, 10 books over the next 13 weeks. So these are the 10 books. This is the order that I’m going to read them in. This is the page number I’m going to be on week one. This is the page number of that book. I’ll be on week two. I’m going to be reading this in my kitchen between eight a.m. and nine a.m. every day. Right. And like, paint the picture like get as clear as possible, because then once you have that, all it is is a question of following it, right? And when we look back and we don’t get to where we want, it’s like if we would just like, follow this process, we come up with a schedule and we actually follow it. We’re going to get there every time. One hundred percent of the time, if you can stay on pace every week that you’re not on.

[00:30:06] So let’s say I go here and I’ve got I’m on, I’m on page forty two and I know that I’m supposed to be on Page eighty five, but instead of on 60. So now when I go to my meeting with my my accountability group, I’m like, Hey, I’m off pace and this is what I’m going to do. Instead of reading an hour this week, I’m going to read an hour and 15 minutes every day, and that’s how that’s my plan to get back on pace. So that’s that course correction, right? The more times you course correct, the better chance you have to be on pace if you’re going to wait until the end of the year to like, Hey, I’m reading 10 books and you’re not paying attention to this stuff and you’re not measuring it, then the chances are, if you’re not a reader or this is a challenge for you, then like your chances are much higher. I said this last week is you have a thirty six percent higher or thirty nine percent higher chance of getting something completed if you write it down and it’s seventy six percent if you write it down and measure it. Right. So really, really important to do this stuff. Ok, cool. So now let’s get into the other tabs that we have on the sheet, and I’ll make this available for you guys. So this is the big picture stuff. Ok, so I’ve just kind of like put in some some basic stuff in here.

[00:31:21] So the vision, right? So this is going to be quarterly for for for this right, all these are going to be quarterly. The vision, so the vision is, is what right? And in this, this is important for us to establish what does this look like? And I would include your y in this, and I would actually say that your y is more important than your what I want your y to be really emotional. Why are you doing this? Tie this and like, yeah, $1 million in monthly. So mirare for those you guys don’t know it, that’s monthly recurring revenue to one million dollars in monthly recurring revenue. It’s like, Oh, that’s that’s awesome. But why? Like, other than that, it’s just a number. And until we tie this kind of like emotional piece to it. It’s like our motivation for trying to hit that, it’s just not going to be there, right? So it’s very important to get clear on this. So the vision of what we’re what we’re going to do and. I’d love to maybe what we can do is we can get like a volunteer for this. You don’t have to have all your stuff laid out, but maybe like if somebody will will volunteer, I can run through this and we can just kind of detail your stuff and it’s OK if you’re shooting from the hip. Can we get can we get someone to help me out here?

[00:32:47] Sure.

[00:32:48] My will. What’s up, brother, captain, how are you? Good man. Me and Willie got to spend some time this week diving into his business. Did a little coaching call in? Yeah, so well, let’s let’s talk. I know that you have this. You’re working, you’re working full time. And. Unlike a lot of you guys, Will’s goal is not necessarily to get out of his job, he loves his job, but well, what is your vision for your business? And this could be, you know, years in the future?

[00:33:22] Well, vision for the business is always thought of. I call my agency the juice factory, and this is like I actually envision it being more of a like a holding company. So multiple lines of business with this being juice factory digital. So I kind of come from the maritime background and I think every line of business is like a lobster pot out there sitting in the right pot, in the right spot, in the ocean, picking up lobsters. So building businesses that are generating different streams of revenue that are semi passive and that’s that’s like my overarching vision.

[00:34:05] So we’ve got like different. We got different streams of passive revenue that are just constantly producing is kind of what I get from that juice reference, right?

[00:34:20] Constantly producing, yes. Why?

[00:34:22] Let’s get the why in there and let’s make the why be emotional?

[00:34:27] Why would be because let’s see. Life is a blessing and we spend and money gives you options. So when you have options in the right outlook on life, there’s tons of things that you can do with it. Unfortunately, if you don’t work to create something that’s recurring, you end up spending all your time trying to make money and not enough time getting to enjoy different places and things in life with different people.

[00:34:56] Yeah, I totally agree. I want to go, Let’s peel back the onion a little bit. Just like we’re on a sales call, Mr. Will hear manages like sales teams. That’s his. That’s his job. What are the places that you’re going to go like and who’s going to be there? And how do you picture this? What is this look like? Is this I think you’re I think you’re married, right?

[00:35:20] I’ve got a I’m about to be engaged pretty soon.

[00:35:24] Ok. So you and your fiancee? They see a part of this, this vision of this, this freedom that you’re going to have.

[00:35:30] Yeah. Like specifically, if I had the juice factory chain a little bit better, like I could go down to Argentina and ride horses and go fishing.

[00:35:39] Here we go. That’s what I’m talking about right there that I want that, that specificity, right? So Argentina. He wants to ride the Argentina horses.

[00:35:50] Yes, I want to I want to fish for sea run trout in Patagonia.

[00:36:01] You start to use language that I’m not a I’m not a fisherman. I know how to spell Patagonia, though. Ok? You guys kind of get the idea of what we’re doing here and like now, we’ve tied it to something. So these numbers here should really be a part of this vision. Right? What is the monetary that’s necessary to create this vision? That’s where we’re going to go with this. So the theme, OK, so now we’re going to step away from the vision just a little bit. The theme is like, what do you need to do to make this possible? Like, what are the what are the like some of the big action steps or what needs to happen for you?

[00:36:49] So I will

[00:36:50] Change over time.

[00:36:51] Yeah, so like, tell me if I’m on the right path, you’re like, I have, I have, I think, enough GMP’s live right now. I need them to be optimized and rented. Ok, so I need to get more paying clients, more paying clients and sounds like that they’re paying.

[00:37:11] Yeah. So we need more paying clients. So like, let’s we’re going to pull this back because that’s that’s a little broad, right? So we need more ranking jobs, right? Yes, OK. If we think about this as kind of like a season that we’re going through. So the theme and this this is more on the quarterly stuff. This is this vision is long term. We’ve got we’ve got the 10 year, the three year and the one year. Everything else in here, this vision maybe should really be kind of like down in here. So or the theme, I’m sorry. So this is a quarterly thing. Our theme is quarterly. What’s the theme of this season of this quarter of this next 90 days for you? Your focus is ranking GM beats and getting more of these, right? So now we kind of have this like idea of where we’re going. All right. So 10 years from now, that’s more than enough time to ride horses in Argentina like you like. I don’t know how much that cost, but it certainly can be achieved within the next like year or three years, right? So what’s our 10 year goal? This is going to be financial, what’s arts? And I want to do it in MIRAre. I know that’s a number that you’re familiar with from the software world. Monthly recurring revenue. What does that need to be for our vision to be a reality?

[00:38:32] Um, so I think the statistic is right now in order to like the top one or five percent earns greater than four hundred thousand a year and has greater than, I think, 10 million in total assets. Um, so in 10 years, it’s hard to factor in inflation right now. But if you call it like. If we’re talking MRI. This by today’s standards. I don’t know, I guess you could say. A hundred and twenty K.

[00:39:11] Ok. I just yeah, I I I love how analytical you are with this stuff and thinking about Operation Appreciation and like future pacing and this, but your vision is to be able to create this life of going down to Argentina. That’s what’s important to you. And one of the things I think that we have this habit of doing and I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past is we are trying to like, set our goals. And I’m not saying that this is what you’re doing well, but this like reference to the top one percent like that is not connected at all to your vision. There is nothing in here that says you have to be in the top one percent to do that, right? If you were in the top one percent, obviously this is an easy reality. But maybe it’s not necessary for us to like the idea. And again, this isn’t directed at you. Will is we spent a lot of time trying to earn money to impress people that we don’t even care about, right? And coming up with like. It’s somewhat arbitrary, like, hey, top one percent like. Who gives a shit like let’s let’s give our our own, our own life right as far. And if that’s connected to your vision, then I’m all about it. But I just want to make sure that that’s clear for everyone and that this mirror is tied to the life you want, right? And if that’s a part of the life you want, that’s cool. But all right, is that still where we’re at, though?

[00:40:42] Yeah. So now I guess I’d have to break down my vision into what I see in it and what those things like my monthly burn rate is. And then, yeah, on top of that, what I’m trying to put away, right? So if I

[00:40:57] We’ll stick with the no, because this is just an example, but I’m just trying to make sure that I you said one 20. Right?

[00:41:05] Yeah. And imagine that there’s like an itemized list below that that equals that one 20.

[00:41:13] That’s right. Yeah, we’re going to work our way there. Ultimately, this is a quarterly, but it’s something that we should all have at all times for our businesses like. Our long term vision of where we’re going, like this number is the least accurate. This one’s a little bit. This one’s more accurate and the one year will be more accurate and the quarter will be more accurate, right? As we condense time, we have a better idea where we are and that’s part of that course. Correction stuff, right? Ok, so one, if we’re at one hundred and twenty k a month in ten years from now, where will we be three years from now? So we’re talking in two thousand at the beginning of twenty twenty five. What’s our goal for the three year?

[00:41:57] Let’s call it thirty thousand.

[00:41:59] Ok, so we’re at thirty thousand three years from now. All right. Ok, so now we’re talking at the beginning of twenty twenty three.

[00:42:10] So let’s call it 12, twelve thousand.

[00:42:14] Ok. All right, cool. So. Do you mind if this is OK if you don’t want to? Do you mind sharing where you’re at right now?

[00:42:23] Um, right now, I would say I’m at thirty five hundred

[00:42:27] Thirty five hundred. Ok, so this is the end of quarter one, I guess we want to get one. What’s that?

[00:42:37] I would say just say three grand in case it’s easier math. Yeah.

[00:42:43] So that’s six thousand five hundred then, right? You’re going to add three grand and you’re at three thousand five hundred, so we’re at six thousand five hundred, is that right?

[00:42:51] Yeah, that’s fine. So no, I think actually where I would get to by the end of Q1. Optimizing things is if I’ve got five customers back on. Yes, that is actually pretty that is accurate because I could take a lot of the paying customers in a couple of people I have on trials up to that number

[00:43:10] Sixty five hundred. Ok. All right. So now the rest of this time, we’re going to be focused on quarter one. This is all about quarter one. So this is our quarterly planning, right? Ok, so we’ve got these these boulders, we’ve got rocks, pebbles and sand. And let me just see if I can. I am not an expert with this device and I am not good at drawing. But give me one second here and I will. All right. This OK. All right, so the boulders are obviously the we’re kind of going from big to small here, right, with boulders, rocks, pebbles and sand and. Let me share my screen if I can do this. Give me one second, guys. Are you guys liking this, throw something in the chat if you guys are enjoying this, if this seems like it’s useful for you guys.

[00:44:11] I saw a few people saying This is awesome. So yeah, I think it is valuable. If I if I can add just something that’s been happening for me and this whole productivity thing is that getting that clarity, I think, is so important. And I’m doing another coaching program with a guy named Eric Godsey, and we had a call on Saturday and he was like, the book I recommend the most is a blank journal, you know? So I’m really focusing on that. The last week of the year is like going through each area of my life and getting that clarity because I think once you have that clarity, then you can go through a process like this and really dial it in and figure out and be motivated enough to set the right goals at the right cadence that you’re going to be able to potentially reach them and always have that to fall back on. So I think clarity is really the foundation of all this stuff. So I just wanted to add that.

[00:45:01] Awesome. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. You know, Jeff and I are we talk on a daily basis and you know. We’ve been talking about how we’ve had this push for organization planning and clarity within our agency, and we’re just like seeing the benefits nonstop of this and it’s exciting, you know, growth. Should not look like this, right? That’s not what growth should look like, it should look like this. This is Will and I were just talking about this the other day, right? It should look like this because when you when it looks like this, this straight line, you’re going to have all sorts of problems and you’re going to grow faster. You need to like grow and then you’re going to hit these these thresholds right, right here and right here. And there’s new problems that you have to solve. And if you try to go too fast, you’re going to stress yourself out way more than is necessary and something is going to break and eventually it’s going to do that anyways. So like you, just companies don’t grow that way. That’s not how it works. That’s a that’s just a dream. So, all right. So let’s talk about this. We’re going to leave boulders out of this for a second. So this is kind of what things look like if you don’t plan, right? This is we’ll let these dots kind of represent sand. So we have this jar here and this is our year, right? So if we don’t plan things out, it’s going to start off with the sand, and the sand is going to be stuff like answering emails and like whatever it is playing on Facebook and, you know, doing things that we think in the moment are kind of important, but they’re really not like, there are things that aren’t moving our business forward.

[00:46:43] We didn’t plan. We don’t have a schedule and then we just kind of react. We’re in this reactive state, right? Say it’s up in the end is important. Ok, so now we’re going to move and we’ve got kind of these like these pebbles here, right where pebbles are going to be. You know, these things are going to be more important. They’re going to take more time. If we go and we were to look at our sheet here, let me just kind of give you guys a little bit more framework on this. Just normal, we’ll go back here, so I’m going to give you guys a little definition, so the the boulders here are going to take us like two to three months to accomplish so with with what we’re doing with Will, he’s going to have one kind of big boulder and that might be like, Hey, to get these this project in Phoenix to do really well, right? The rocks are. You can look here. They’re going to take two to four weeks. So we’re going to set up multiple rocks, right? Then we’ve got the pebbles right and those are going to be 20 to 40 hours and then we have finally have sand.

[00:47:48] So the sand. These are things that just need to get done. This could be, you know, in your business. Let’s talk about this. Maybe I need to get some reviews and I’m going to spend like this day getting these reviews. Pebbles could be like, you know, it’s going to take a week. Maybe this is I’m going to build out three sites, right? And I’m going to get all the content up to 10 pages for these three different sites where the rocks. This is going to take us two to four weeks. So if you guys go back to kind of our system, what we do, we have like level one, level two and level three, level one would be let me get a two page site with like one GB in the mail, right? And Level two would be I want that site to be 10 pages. And now I’ve got the GMB is verified. I’ve got X amount of reviews. Level three is going to be twenty five pages on the site. We’re going to have multiple jobs now. We’re starting to bring it back links like I want to backlink of backlinks, score on reps that leads this. So these are going to take longer times so you can kind of move this in whatever way you want. You don’t want to have too many of these boulders because when you have too many, then nothing gets done. Like if you try to do three boulders during three like this 90 days for your business, then you’re probably not going to get any of them done better to just focus one and kind of put the blinders on and then be like, going after that, that completely right? Ok, so now let’s go back to my awesome drawing here.

[00:49:16] And let’s make this big again and then. Ok, can you guys see that? All right? Yeah, yeah. Ok, cool. All right. So then we’re putting in our pebbles here and you know, you can kind of see our year is really starting to fill up and we still got our rocks left and there’s no room for them. Now we’ve run out of time. So the strategy that we want to do here is we want to start with our big stuff, right? This other stuff is going to get done right. So we’re going to put in our boulders for the year in our rocks and we’re going to do this on a quarterly basis. So this is our that’s what we’re starting with. You’re going to start with your boulder, right? And then we’re going to move on to the rocks and then we’re going to move on to the pebbles in the sand and then we’re going to kind of fill this stuff in. And what you’ll find is when you have this, your sand can kind of go in like this and when you spend your time focusing on the things that are important.

[00:50:11] You’re going to get rid of all this other stuff that’s not important, like playing on Facebook and like whatever watching like funny cat videos on Instagram, like a lot of that stuff is not going to be in there and that stuff that’s not important to you because you spent your time and you’ve allocated your time based on the things that are important, that you’ve decided ahead of time, that you’ve taken the time when you have like kind of the clarity of mindset when you’re not in this reaction mode and it’s based on your vision, right? So all this stuff kind of like goes back is that make sense to everyone? Are we clear on this? Yep. Cool. All right. All right. So let’s hop back over into our spreadsheet and let’s continue here. All right, so. Let’s come up with a boulder for you, for your 90 day as well, what is it? What is this big project? One project and it could be like taking over the Phoenix area and like, I’m going to set up for web websites and like. But let’s let’s narrow it down to something that is really going to be the main focus. And it’s going to result in that that that increase of three thousand dollars in revenue. This needs to be tied to our quarterly goal here, right? So this goal of six thousand five hundred, we’re at three thousand five hundred now. So this boulder needs to have a strong association with that $3000 goal.

[00:51:35] So thinking back to our conversation, I think this is where reporting fits in, right, so that I can have a baseline. And see every pebble and sand activity that I do, is it making a difference? And I can build anything I add after this, I have a report on the sea where it’s begun and where it’s going right.

[00:52:00] But that reporting so it’s not going to get you to three K like there’s there has to be an actual event. I think their reporting is maybe a rock, right? And I hope the reporting is not going to take you three months to get in place.

[00:52:18] Um, OK, well, then I have. And if we’re talking about. I mean, that’s a big. Honestly, that’s the biggest thing I can, I can think of that will. Give me like the other stuff is like. Backlinks, that’s a pebble to me. Yeah, yeah. The other stuff, I think for me, it’s like all the light is going to be built around, how do I automate and like delegate? Like everything I can do. But if we’re looking at a territory like I’ve got, I’ve got somebody on a trial right now I could focus on. I’ve got two jobs in that area. I could focus on four or five more. And yet that if we got four or five more, that would become at least the three thousand.

[00:53:09] That’s exactly what I’m looking for right there. So. So we’re going to say taking over the Toronto area. So that’s what it’s going to go in this spot right here. Ok. Toronto area for that niche, whatever it is. Ok. Who’s going to be doing this? So if it’s just you, I know that you have a team, this is probably going to involve a lot of your your time, right? This is a this is a boulder. This is a big thing, right? You’re probably not in a position to delegate this out completely, and we’ll see this structure showing up differently as we move through these steps. So are we in agreement that this is going to be done by you?

[00:53:50] The at least the management of it. Yeah, yeah, like the strategy of what we’re going to do to make this boulder up, yeah, OK.

[00:53:59] These other spots we’re going to put in like best case and I’ve intentionally kind of set this up the way this is here. This one could probably be one cell, but these other ones, what does best case look like? So best case looks like maybe part of it is 3k increase in revenue? Or maybe maybe it’s possible that best case is more than that. What I want you to kind of give me the feedback on this and I’ll I’ll work with you to to fill this in.

[00:54:24] Um, best case, so I think this is a higher dollar niche. We’re getting decent call volume and this this customer is pretty on board and has like a wide variety of services. So best case would be if we went from two to say. I mean, six, call it, call it eight would be best case, so like eight live map listings that are pulling in leads. Do you want to assign like a number of leads

[00:54:56] Or yeah, I mean, let’s let’s just let’s break it down into different pieces. Part of it could be part of it could could be like beyond metrics, right? Like this could be. Hey, is this was a lot of fun building this out. What is the best case scenario of what this looks like in the different pieces? They’re not all numbers in like, you know, the amount of GMB. It could be like closing up like, I think you already have a client here. But an example could be like finding finding like the perfect client who wants to take over an area that could be part of the best case scenario. Right. So I just want to introduce the possibility of there being other things than than just like numbers in here, right?

[00:55:43] I mean, yeah, if I’ve got other areas where it’s like definitely finding that long term client would fit in here. Ok. So I think I could work with like we can use that as a proxy. But I would say if we bring if I get more of these lives, then the client is going to be with me for a while. Ok?

[00:56:04] Any other ones we can add in here?

[00:56:08] Uh, let’s say let’s say. Greater than 60 calls a month, qualified greater than 60 qualified leads among.

[00:56:21] Is 3k the right number for us there?

[00:56:24] Um. Let’s just say it might be it might be a little bit low, but you figured 50 bucks a qualified lead that 60 60 calls. That’s three.

[00:56:39] Ok. All right. So this is made for. So we got money saved or money, money made, right? So it sounds like we’ve already answered it in the best case. So this would be three thousand right. So that’s the money made. So money’s not being saved with this, with this boulder. You know, if you had some goal to like, yeah, cut costs or something, that’s where that money saved box would be used. Ok, so now we’ve got our boulder here and let’s talk about the rocks, right? So this I know that one of them is going to be reporting right. That was one of the things that we talked about on the coaching call this last week is improve the. Let’s just say you put it in your words. What does this establish a reporting system?

[00:57:27] Yeah. Establish a reporting system. Baselines for current state to measure.

[00:57:33] Ok. This is going to be performed by you as well, right?

[00:57:38] This would be the making the reporting system would be me and then the filling in the info would be my voice.

[00:57:45] Ok. All right. What’s the best case look like for this?

[00:57:50] Um.

[00:57:53] And this this this is where you’re going to get away from the numbers like we spoke about on the last one, right?

[00:57:59] Lee generated user of the month will be

[00:58:04] Quite a title,

[00:58:07] Which is a little plug there, I think best case would be numbers are capturing. So like, how do I put this like the numbers are capturing the right things and the the activities that were that we’re doing are improving the numbers. But really, it’s it’s an accurate representation, actually. So since it’s more maybe like a softer a feeling, it’s it’s like. A good understanding of knowing my business metrics as I stand today. Ok, so you’ve got like a know where each each site and map listing is right in terms of the important metrics. And then, yeah, like an executive daily dashboard, I can confidently check in on and trust. Ok. Hey, Patrick. We had somebody ask if there’s a spreadsheet ready for prime time that you can share or it’s just something that you need to create and there’s a couple of people I think wanted to do this in real time all along.

[00:59:12] It’s possible. Yeah, let’s let’s do this. I don’t know what the best, what just happened. Um, OK. You’re good. I’ll share this in the group with you guys and you guys can. Shh. Let’s share this as of the options here, viewer.

[00:59:38] Yeah, viewer, and then they can make a copy that they can edit.

[00:59:42] Yeah. So Jeff, I’ll put this into the chat and if one of you guys could post this into the group’s. So that the people that are on Facebook watching can check this out. Here we go. All right, cool. So. All right, Mr. Will. All right. You know, your best case scenarios of what this can look like.

[01:00:10] I think that’s really I think the last one hits it pretty well. If I had a that dashboard that I could check in on with confidence, I would know where to go from there.

[01:00:19] Ok? One of the things that we talked about during the coaching call was the North Star metric, right? So that’s a part of this, right?

[01:00:27] Um, that is a yeah, that is a part of the reporting system, so

[01:00:33] I’m just going to add this on here because I want this to be a part. If anyone else has the same goal, I want to point that out. Awesome. North Star North. More star metric. Ok, cool. All right, so this one is going to be a little bit hard to qualify, and I want you to guess I just want you to like, let’s just come up with our best guess of what? What is this going to look like for your business?

[01:00:54] Is this all money made once it’s completed or like the time, like the total value of this? Once I this is something that you do, and it requires very little upkeep, right?

[01:01:06] Right. It’s basically what is the impact? So let’s say this is your first rock, right? And we expect this to take two to four weeks as we see up here. So let’s say it takes three weeks. So this is going to be done on like January twenty first and then you’re going to have an additional like 10 weeks left in the quarter. What is the what is your best guess? The money that will be earned because the impact of this change or the money that will be saved because of the impact of this change?

[01:01:39] Can I put stuff in both because I think it’ll probably save me? Absolutely. It’ll probably save me a minimum fifteen hundred dollars and it’ll make me my goal of three thousand.

[01:01:54] Ok, so now we’re at four thousand five hundred, right, so we’re starting to look at seven thousand. Right, because if you’re like, you’ve got that project that we’re doing, that’s our boulder, the Toronto area. And then maybe this part of what money making is contributing to the acceleration of that project being successful. Yeah. And then but we’re we’re we’re setting things up to be ahead of this and I don’t want to go through all these different rocks because just like a time standpoint, right? But go through and then build these out. So we’ve got four of them in here, right? And we’ve got it a vision. That’s the best case. We know who’s doing it. We know what we’re doing. We know the impact that it’s going to have. Right. So this is kind of what all this stuff is. Right? All right. So the pebbles, it’s the same process. What’s that?

[01:02:49] Just a quick question for you. Do you really do you like? I guess never mind, you can’t you can’t you have to kind of work on all things at the same time, right? You don’t have to complete the boulder before moving on to rocks or pebbles, right?

[01:03:03] No, but you’re boulder is built from these things, right? We’re starting with this and we’re saying like, this is my goal. So all this other stuff, it’s going to trickle down. This is why it’s in this order, right? It’s like our boulder is like our main goal. And I know that we built out a rock that was about reporting. But really, some of these other rocks need to be like if we go back and we look at this and we say that we’ve got like eight live grubs. You’ve got three, I think you said earlier, right?

[01:03:34] Yeah, so this would be this would be fine source five more good news

[01:03:38] Source five more jobs, right? What else needs to happen to what all this stuff, what what are the actions? So the outcome is three. Mm hmm. We’re going to build the milestones and the actions that are necessary to get us there, right? Does that make sense?

[01:03:57] Yep. Yep.

[01:03:58] Ok. All right. So the pebbles, they’re going to take about a week. Maybe this like maybe the jabs are a pebble. You go through this and kind of think what makes sense for you? Right? One Pebble,

[01:04:14] One heavy glass.

[01:04:16] That’s what you’ve got to complete this thing again. Got 20 to 40 hours to complete whatever this is.

[01:04:24] I mean, I had Pebble is like, I’m going to. Get an outsource. I’m going to add back links to all my all these websites. Ok, that’s that may even be sands outsourced.

[01:04:40] So say is going to take about one day and it’s it could be it could be you building the system or you like, identify like, Hey, I’ve got to come up with whatever my backlink system is going to be. And that’s going to take me a day to do. Then that’s where that fits in. So the way that you’re going to do this is you’re going to look at the time that you have and you’re going to look at the goals. That’s why it’s important to start at the end and kind of work backwards. Right. So and you can kind of bounce around with this. You’re not going to get it perfect your first time, it’s going to take some planning. But what you get to do is you get to have a plan and some structure, and now you start to have the ability to say no to things when they come in because this is not taking you to riding horses in Argentina. And that’s our goal, right? All this other stuff that we’ve reverse engineered this to get us to that point. Right. So it’s more important.

[01:05:33] Yes, every every other one of these should link up to what we have under the boulder hundred percent, why it should be chipping away at that.

[01:05:43] Exactly right. Exactly right. Ok, so if I’m with you on this, I don’t think, especially after our conversation, I don’t think that backlink is going to take you 20 to 40 hours. I think that is going to be the sand, right? You need to come up with the system and you’re probably going to spend a day. So that’s like, Hey, I’ve got this VA that’s going to take care of this for me. Here’s what you need to do. Here’s the videos. Here’s the training. Here’s my expectations of what this is. Here’s how I’m going to monitor it here. So I’m going to measure it all these different things. So that could be the sand and even that we’re going to. Just because you’ve already identified that, let’s just run with this on the sand and we’ll go back to Pebble. So backlink system, and you’re going to be the one that builds the Oops. You know, so it’s going to be it’s going to be on you to do this one, and a lot of these won’t be right, but you’ll you’ll need to to kind of like delegate where this is, OK, what’s the what’s the best case scenario? Some of the stuff I think is going to be pretty easy for you on this one. What’s the best case scenario for the battling system?

[01:06:53] It is repeatable, clear, and we’re getting quality back.

[01:07:00] Look, we’re. Ok. Best quality backlinks,

[01:07:07] And we have by the end of the the quarter, we have the metrics that the reporting shows we need to to rank where we need to.

[01:07:21] Look, that can probably go back on like one of the higher level ones, this is more just the system here, right?

[01:07:30] Um, it’s so. This would be

[01:07:36] I mean, it could be a little bit broader on this like websites or websites ranking better right web. Making faster, I don’t know if that’s contradictory for what I just said. What is this impact going to be with money saved and money earned?

[01:07:56] Um, it would be, well, probably money more spent with with having someone to do it, but this would be. I mean, a better ranking websites, hard to hard to quantify, but if if I’m saying this package of websites, we’re going to in 90 days rent for three grand. Does does the three grant fit here, or is it whatever this this piece of sand contributes to that three grant?

[01:08:22] I would say whatever piece than this contributes to that and this could be it’s OK if this is euro

[01:08:29] Right, call it. Card five hundred. Okay.

[01:08:35] All right. Ok, so that’s the sand, and let’s go now we have that, let’s go into the pebbles and then that’s kind of the last piece in here. This is something that’s going to take about a week for you to do so like two to five days right of your time. And it’s contributing to this. What part of the system is going to take you a week to lead you towards your boulder? And this would be like, Hey, maybe this is January, right? This is week one, week two, week three and week four. Right. So what are we going to do with this to get us there? We’ve already got the Rock Is There reporting system, right? So that’s two to four weeks. So maybe that’s going to be the first two weeks of January. And maybe this this will contribute to this, to this, to this rock. Like, maybe we want to break down part of the reporting system here. Right.

[01:09:27] So, yeah, like like putting in. Well, it would be testing, I think, yeah, using this area as a test case for every other area, I mean, so like the reporting, like what’s the first step of the report? Like, I would say we take that that sheet that you shared back in April and then a retrofit that to my to my sites and then do the same thing for setting up all the reporting I have to have in lead generated to to keep track of my GBS.

[01:10:04] Ok. So getting April sheet up to date and. We’ll say and adjusted. Or your sites? Is that an accurate summary? Yeah. Ok. Now this one, is this what you’re going to do?

[01:10:24] Um, no, I would make a training video and have the.

[01:10:28] Yeah. So who who? And we’ll just say that your VA’s name is Kevin.

[01:10:34] Kevin will do this.

[01:10:36] Kevin Kevin’s going to take care of this guy. What’s the best case for best case scenario here?

[01:10:44] Best case. I mean, best case is the websites are doing better than we thought they were.

[01:10:50] And so let’s let’s talk about the actual process of of getting this done. Like like, you don’t do it, so Kevin completes. Without much supervision, right?

[01:11:08] Kevin Madden trains, Kevin trains, our other BA on the process.

[01:11:13] Kevin trains, Devon. Whether it be right. All right, cool. We’ve got. A, we have we now have like a a pulse on our business or we have.

[01:11:36] I think the best case is now we have a view and we know what actions need to be taken to get to our goal, right?

[01:11:44] We have. Action plan available, right? Ok. All right, so you guys kind of get the the gist of what we’re doing here, really, what we should have done is we should have broken this down. We should have everything should have been kind of like in one like track, right, where it’s like the back lane kings was a little bit separate. Like what? What are the the parts of the reporting system that we could have put into this where it’s going to take one day? So so this might look like you’re making the training video for the reporting system. These should be adding up to the bigger pieces. Right? Ok. All right, cool. So I don’t know if we can accurately qualify the money saved and money earned on this because we’ve already got kind of got like a piece of that in there. All right.

[01:12:41] Probably not.

[01:12:42] Ok. Let’s leave it at that. This is the process that I think you guys should put in place, and I think this should be part of the accountability groups. Thank you. Really appreciate you volunteering and helping out. Do you feel like even though you were shooting from the hip and we’re doing a lot of guessing? Do you have more clarity now than you did 20 minutes ago?

[01:13:04] Tons, yeah. And just realizing that there’s like a. It’s like it can go two ways. And what I mean is that you could focus on the sand and the pebbles and feel like you’re shipping things away. But if they don’t directly relate to your boulder, then you’re just filling time. But at the same time, you have to make sure that those sand and pebbles are accurately prescribe, right? Like that action plan one, I think is. Like now, I can picture myself in here it be like, all right, I accomplished this and it now it’s like sometimes the little things can be a bottleneck that it’s like, why did we procrastinate on that and then unlock something way bigger? And having like Kevin set up that sheet allows me to have an action plan to accomplish my boulder. So it does. It goes both ways, right? We’re moving down to the sand, but we’re moving back up to the boulder. I think it’s a great system.

[01:13:59] Yeah, I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t invent this. This is like pieced together from from multiple different systems. But and there’s like more. I’m going to continue to enjoy this as we learn, right? I think this is an awesome start. And then when you go back and you start to pair this with this now where it’s like, these are our pieces here, right? These are the daily actions that are going to lead us to this. And the big picture stuff, it comes all the way down from the top right where this is where we’re going and this is what we’ve said is necessary for us to get there. And then we’re just kind of like reverse engineering, and we’ve tied it to something that is like your vision for your life, one of the most important things for you, right? So now when you’re going in, you’re you’re making these videos for Kevin on how to like, prepare the reporting like it means something because this is what you’re one step closer. There’s a quote that an interview that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave one time it’s going to kill this screen share for now. So everybody shout out to William. Thank you for doing that way, and we appreciate you. Thanks, Patrick. Yeah, you’re welcome. So Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s in the gym and he’s working out and he’s smiling. He’s in the gym for like four or five hours a day. He had this vision to be Mr. Olympia. It’s very clear where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.

[01:15:26] And he’s in there for four or five hours a day and the guys having the time of his life and somebody asked them, they’re like, Hey, why are you always smiling and so happy? And you look at these other people that are your competitors here that are working out and they look like they’re pissed off and they don’t want to be there and they’re bored. And he said, Well, I knew with every rep I did in every set that I completed, I was one step closer to accomplishing my goal. So he had tied every rep and every set directly to that vision of what he wanted. So he was happy because he was one step closer, and that’s why he had a big y and knew exactly what it was and everything was lined up with that. And that’s how you get the type of results that use Mr. Mr. Olympia, right? It wasn’t an accident or he wasn’t he wasn’t born looking like the, you know, this monster guy in there. Ok, cool. All right, you guys. Let’s do a few minutes of questions if we’ve got him. And let’s go over. I know this was kind of like some new material here. There’s a lot going on. Who’s got questions on this? I’m happy to answer these for the next few minutes. Or if we don’t have them, then yeah, where’s that coming from? Oh, brother.

[01:16:45] So when you’re setting up some of those things, right, like your pebbles and sand and things like that, like should there be? Well, you put two to book four on there, but I didn’t know if that’s like an arbitrary amount or like what should you limit yourself to, but without underselling yourself, you know?

[01:17:05] Yeah. So you basically going to look at your time and you’re going to look at the amount of time that those should take up and you’re going to kind of build it based on that. So there’s ranges in those times, right? It was like 20 to 40 hours. So based on the week that you’re creating, you want to kind of like build that out. And what I recommend is sundaes. That’s that’s that’s a great day to some of you guys, maybe Saturdays. But like, take it when you’re when you’re out of the the flow of your business, take some time and spend it planning and do it. Then like this is what my week looks like. These are my kind of my, you know, my rock for the week or, you know, my pedals for the week. Like, this is what all these pieces are, right? So it’s going to it’s not arbitrary, but it is flexible based on what you’re trying to accomplish. Makes sense. Yeah, it makes sense. Cool. Right on. What else we got? We got any other questions, Mr. Geoff. You’re not seeing any anybody chiming in, I

[01:18:10] Don’t see any in either of the other groups. All right. I think it’s a lot to take in, but I think Patrick’s saying this information comes from multiple sources, and I think he can tweak it to your needs to meet your needs. I mean, I use something that that is kind of in in flow and kind of changing all the time, depending on what what I need. And I’m seeing a lot of results from it. And again, I think I’m onto something really big here with getting a lot more clarity about where I’m going and what I want through the end of the year. And I really feel a lot of really good energy coming up for twenty twenty two. So all of you work this in because it’s it’s really important. Actually, that was kind of my question, Jeff is like, you can see it like kind of you got to go through multiple iterations with it. Yeah, you discover that you misplace something mid-quarter. How do you react to that? Do you stay with the original plan or is there some sort of like what do you mean by misplace something like if it was like? One of your rocks should have been a pebble or it shouldn’t have been in there at all, or you realize that you you need to course correct. Yeah, yeah, I think you just force correct. I mean, that’s like Patrick said in the beginning, it’s like ninety nine percent of the time, we are a little off course, you know? And that’s what we’re doing. We’re constantly trying to bring in new tools, new perspectives, new ideas, new creativity and innovation to try to try to be on course as much as possible. But that’s you’re going to be off course most of the time. So take the lessons, right? Always look back and and get the lessons out of it.

[01:19:50] Yeah. And I think there’s there’s a little bit of caveat there will is. You your boulder is I think it’s best if that remains kind of like unmoved. Right? What you don’t and what you’re trying to do here is you’re trying to lock yourself down from the shiny object syndrome right in your you’re saying like, this is my goal. This is my focus. I’m putting my blinders on. Right. I’m going to like, categorize the money moves and then I’m going to lock those into my calendar. And that’s going to be my focus as I’m just going to like, that’s that’s where I’m going. Right. And yeah, there’s going to be course corrections and like, we’re going to get better at this over time. First time you do it, you might miss and it’s important for you to evaluate it. I’ve said this once I’ll say it again is like learning, in my opinion, doesn’t come from experience. It comes from that reflection of experience. Right. So spending your time on like Saturdays and reviewing your week and understanding where you made mistakes and kind of evaluating things in and kind of adjusting to the next week, like based on what you learned. Don’t wait until the end of the like three month period to evaluate it, evaluate it on a weekly basis. Evaluate it. Maybe you could even evaluate it daily and say, like, how was my day? Like, what could I have done better? Where did I waste time? Where was I not doing this? You know, and as a part of that, like you should have, that evaluation should be, Hey, did I? What did I do to have fun this week? What did I do for my relationships? What about my physical fitness? Like these are all things that are important.

[01:21:31] If you’re somebody that spiritual, then like, what did that look like? What did my education look like? You know, all these different, these these different reviews? I see your question, Randi. What’s the difference between this and the productivity pack exercise? So this is kind of like an extension on that. So the productivity pack is great. It’s going to help you set up your month. I would combine these. This is taking it further and saying like productivity is like a planner of of what you’re going to do. But this is more, I guess, long term you’re going to build those plans based on that vision. And you know, it’s like the productivity package set up for for one month and then it goes down to weeks and then it goes down to days and hours, right? So they’re there hand in hand. But this is kind of like more along the lines of long term vision and then breaking that in reverse, engineering it to come up with those shorter time periods.

[01:22:23] One more question before you go, Devin, in the chat, Raphael is asking, can you have more than one boulder? I think he said two to three is ideal or else it’s overwhelming.

[01:22:33] Like, like, I think for the boulders, you’re really going to kind of want to stick to one. Oh, is that right? Because here’s what’s going to happen. This is the boulder is meant to be an intensive thing. And when you add in two or three of these things, what’s going to happen? A lot of times none of them are going to get done right. If you complete one during your time period, then go on to the other one. Right. But I think you’re going to spread yourself too thin and like, you’re not going to get any results. So like, let’s pretend that that in our example with, well, that he also we’ve got Toronto that he’s going after. And maybe he’s also got a project in like Detroit and Philadelphia, and he tries to go with these three and then he’s like spinning these time on each one of these. And now each one of them have moved forward. Some, but none of them are kind of like blowing the doors off right. And three months from now, it kind of feels like we didn’t get anything done. We’ve just kind of like moved things. We still don’t have a client. We don’t have more money coming in. You focus all your attention on Toronto. You get it there. And I’m not saying that like only work on website for three months, right? Maybe you’re Boulder is like these three sites, but don’t have three boulders if this is going to be a stretch for you to get done in three months.

[01:23:48] That’s what a boulder is. Then how are you going to get more than one of those done if you’ve accurately set that up? If so, I just want to kind of clarify that. If you guys like, throw in this weather, like maybe throw into the Facebook chat, you guys, let’s hear your biggest takeaways from this. For those of you guys that this was valuable, share with the group. If you have other friends in the group that you think would would benefit from this training. I know a lot of you guys are in some of these accountability groups. Tag them and let them know. Let them know to check this out. Let’s. Make twenty twenty two. A lot of let’s let’s make it about impact and in trying to help each other out, so let’s move forward as a group and let’s benefit from that. Jeff says getting greater, greater clarity on goals. Awesome. So yeah, like this Zoom chat goes away at the end of this. I would love to for this to go in there where we can check it out after the call. Devin, you got your hand up. What’s up, brother?

[01:24:55] Yes, a quick question. Just because I hopped on a little later into the call just with my understanding, look at looking at the chart where it has with both his vision and then I have like your 10 year plan, three year in one year. It’s like where in that timeline should your vision be to help set those folders? Like, I was a little confused by that. Yeah.

[01:25:13] So the vision is is like ten years, right? It’s like way off in the future. It’s what we’re trying to go towards, right? And then the ten year and the three year are kind of we just want to have something. Let’s get a number. A lot of you guys probably never thought about what your business would look like 10 years from now. So what is that? Come up with that? Let’s start planning. Let’s start thinking about it. And let’s make sure like you, when you rewatch the beginning, Devin, you’ll see that we started with that and then we kind of work backwards and we went all the way down to a quarter. And then we’re going into weeks and days, right? So we’re reverse engineering based on this. And the vision is very important of of like, let’s build the life we want, right? And that’s why it’s not a no. It’s like for will. It’s going down with his fiancee, which will be his wife to kind of spend time and ride horses and fish in Argentina. Right. This is something that’s emotional and important to him, and this all this stuff adds up to creating that.

[01:26:17] Makes sense. Cool.

[01:26:21] Um, Austin Alfredo says, breaking down your goals into steps to reach them. Cool. All right.

[01:26:27] One more thought on that. I’ve heard the quote. I’m trying to look it up right now. I don’t know who said it, but it’s like we the one and three. Your goals are super important because psychologically, like we, we overestimate what we can do in a year, but we underestimate what we can do in three years. So by setting that out, what are those things that you want to accomplish? You may not get the first year, but if you overdeliver on the in the three years, then you’re still wet again. So it’s all. It’s all tricks.

[01:26:56] Absolutely, you guys and, you know, planning this stuff out and kind of like working towards it. You know, that’s saying, like you like what? You shoot and shoot for the stars and you miss and you wind in the sky or whatever that is or shoot for the moon you land and stars. I don’t know that kind of mindset. You’re going to be further ahead if you’ve got a plan here and you’re kind of like aggressively going after, you’re taking actions to get it there. Even if you miss this, you’re going to learn from it and then you can more accurately produce it. I saw this. I can’t remember the name of the company, but they’re doing like $50 million a year, and the CFO has it down to a penny where they’re going to be at a certain time. Like, it’s it’s unbelievable. Super high level stuff on this. You’ll find that this pattern exists with with all these with all the people that are where we want to go. They all kind of have this stuff in common. And if that’s what they’re doing, then why wouldn’t we do it right? So Wilson’s biggest takeaway is the connection on how quickly the quarter ends and how far off the year end looks. Yeah, absolutely. You’ll start to realize that your goals are going to create constraints, right? And it’s like you start to schedule your time around this because it seems like there’s just fountain of water that’s just running forever.

[01:28:14] And then we’re like, Hey, we’ve only got so much of it. We got we got 90 days, right? So what buckets are we going to put it in to to get the most out of it, right? All right, guys. We are an hour and a half, so I’m going to jump off here. You guys got one week left in the year. I hope you guys enjoy your final week. Merry Christmas to all you guys that don’t celebrate it. Happy holidays. You guys stay safe. And yeah, we’ll see you. We’ll see you guys in a week. I think I’ll be in. Hopefully everything works out. We’ll be in Paris, France, a week from now. So if you guys, anyone in Paris would love to meet up with you. But until then, you guys start getting your quarterly planning stuff. You guys want to be in the accountability group. Sign up in the forms that are in there and we’ll see you guys in the group. I appreciate you guys have an awesome week. Let’s create some wins and we’ll talk soon. Nowadays.

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[00:00:00] Co-host. You know.

[00:00:08] Right. Welcome to late today. Oh, I can’t get that YouTube thing to work. Let’s up, everybody. How are we doing? Good, good. Right on, Stephen. What’s up, brother? Not a whole lot.

[00:00:28] What’s that? Not much, just some, some wild weather happening outside, but that’s all right. Can you locate it again? I’m in Chicago right now. But just like super windy and severe storms coming through, but hopefully that connection will hold out.

[00:00:47] Yeah, this might be a good time to go to Barcelona, man. Oh, cool. All right. What about Greg? How’s it going, man? Good, good. Right on and Graham’s got some. What do we got here, some Pulp Fiction guy who’s watching rocket ships? That’s interesting. Graham is always making these awesome referrals to me for different software, that guy. Appreciate you, man. Thank you for all those that you always send over. I’m checking out this one he sent over called Rise, which kind of monitors your productivity? Not really. I just installed it yesterday, but got some high hopes for it. It looks pretty cool. Let’s see. We got Chuck. We got Patrick, we got Michael and Kevin Cole just throwing chat, guys. Let me know where you guys are tuning in from. And let’s let’s get into wins. Who’s got some wins for this Wednesday? Nobody might not teach you good stuff. I’m hoping that my hold on one sec, I’ve got some got some. I’m in Barcelona now, so that’s a win. And what that comes with when you move into like a really cool, busy place is you have random people outside your window making a bunch of noise at one 30 in the morning. Hey, babe, would you mind shutting that window for me? Cool. All right. So we put a poll in there today, and I saw what you guys are, what a lot of you guys are struggling with.

[00:02:23] I think we’ll do this more often and we’re going to really start to build our content around this stuff. So you guys didn’t participate in it. I would recommend participating because the squeaky wheel is going to get the grease here. We’re going to try to help as many people as we can, but we don’t always know who who that is until. And so you guys like, chime in and let us know. So one of the one of the I did it in both groups, and it seems like the biggest thing right now is ranking GMB. So I’m going to talk a little bit about that today. I know that some other people. Another popular one was finding GMB, so I’m going to go through both of those today if any of you guys are in Barcelona, Paris or London over the next few weeks. Hit me up. I’d love to meet up with you guys. There was a lot of people who reached out and that I met up when we were in New York City last week, which was awesome. Got to meet up with Cesar Zuniga, Randy Jerome, Ashley, date piano while I’m not forgetting anyone else. And then we had to just like some other random friends, but it was really cool to to meet people from the group that, you know, our relationship prior to this was completely online. So, you know, it’s it’s it’s.

[00:03:45] No one ever looks like you expect them to. People are taller or shorter or whatever, but it’s really cool to build these relationships and really dive into people’s businesses and hear what they have going on. So many of you guys are in these cities that we’re going to be in, then just reach out to me. And maybe, maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t. One of the requests that I’m hearing more of is to have some live events. So I think we will be organizing that. I don’t have a date on any of this stuff yet. Our life is a little bit up in the air right now as we’re kind of traveling, but you know, our plan is to go back to Nashville. And at that point, we’ll be getting a little bit more stability, and I think we’re going to organize some sort of event for some time, maybe in the Nashville area. So I’m really excited for that. Let’s see. All right, cool. All right, so one of the things I want to go into today is and we had quite a few more people tune in. Jeff, are you monitoring the Facebook stuff? Do we have any wins? Guys share wins, Raphael says. You got two business owners hooked with trials, so that’s good. It sounds good. Sounds super positive. Yeah, that’s awesome. Congrats, Rafael. It’s, you know, I feel like once you get someone on a trial, it’s just really a question of, are they good at what they do if you have leads coming in? Because if they are, then it usually works out.

[00:05:17] And we. We’ve we obviously like not everyone that comes on at a trial is is going to work out. A big part of the hard problem is done. We have a guy in Grand Rapids right now that he’s underpaying and he’s kind of been like difficult over the last few months. So I’ve got Jeff prospecting for for someone to replace him with. And getting kind of getting someone in there to to pay you some money and take take some leads. It’s really good and it gives you kind of the opportunity. If they’re not a great fit, then you’re the one that owns the asset and it’s up to you to go and find somebody else like if they’re not a good fit. That’s a fine thing to do. You’re not locked into them. We don’t have contracts, so we set the expectations at the beginning and tell them what we’re looking for. And if they’re not living up to that, whether they think they are or not, it’s our decision to try to go another direction. What you don’t want to have is some sort of like problem client because that’s just going to go on forever. That’s not going to change, right? So one of the problem with this guy

[00:06:24] Real quick is that he’s he’s not really following up well enough and closing enough to make it worth the money that we know it’s worth. So he doesn’t get the value, so we don’t get the value. So that’s not a good fit.

[00:06:39] Yeah, absolutely, guys. I think it was Vadim who earlier he was said to be a couple of messages and he was talking about, he’s got a client that the guy’s not closing, he’s not going to close. And whenever you see this problem, like. It’s about to be your problem, right, because the person is not going to be able to pay you. It might not be. Might not seem like it’s your problem yet or you may have this attitude of that’s on them. Well, it is on them, but they’re not going to pay you. So it’s your problem, right? It’s going to be your problem. You kind of have two different decisions. Two different routes you can go. Is it something that can be fixed? How far do you want to go with this? One of the things that you know, I’m studying a lot right now with the new program that I joined is client success, right? And we’re putting a lot of stuff in place for client success. And, you know, I’ve been approaching this. My original intent from approaching this company that’s that’s coaching me was to help with the software products to make weed snap where we generated better. And it’s really obvious, though, that the lessons here can be applied to both of our businesses, right? So that extends onto you guys client success. What like, what are you guys doing? Because like the way they define client success is it’s kind of the bridge between sales and support.

[00:08:05] And with the rank and rep model, we kind of have this mindset that we don’t want to. I mean, the beauty of it is his passive nature, right? And I’m not saying to go against that. I’m not saying to put in so much that it’s not going to be passive anymore. But at the same time, you want to make sure that your product and the service that you’re providing is structured in a way that is leading to the success of your clients, because that’s where the long term value comes from. So if you guys, what we’re doing on our end is we’re looking at a lot of different things for like with with our platform, for so many different ways that people can use it right. Some people are in there taking full advantage of like the website connections, which if you’re using the platform, I highly recommend. I think it is one of the most important parts of the entire system, if not the most important part. But some people don’t even have that. Some people are using the heat maps to understand where their games are and find ways to rank it so people are prospecting with and others are really focused on reputation management. There are people that are taking advantage of the Google Analytics stuff. Some people that are getting started are just kind of like diving into the due diligence part.

[00:09:12] So we didn’t really have a way to monitor that, and we’re trying to build that in and have customized outreach based on actions that happen within the system. Right. So if we can do a better job onboarding you guys and if we can do a better job like getting you to the point where you’re getting value from the software, then you’re going to take it, you’re going to you’re going to stay longer. So if we kind of extrapolate some of this and take that mindset to our clients, I think you’re going to get a lot better result. And what I don’t want you guys to do is get into this mentality of kind of going down with the ship. You have the wrong person, then then it’s the wrong person, right? If they’re not, if they’re not willing to change, if they’re not willing to do the work. They can’t answer the phone. All these different things that can go wrong. I’m not saying they stick with it, but make sure that you’re offering a product and a service that kind of gets them their desired result because that’s what they’re paying for. They come in, they they have this idea of what their desired result is, and they’re paying for this as a solution to that, and you need to make sure that it’s helping them every step of the way.

[00:10:15] What can you do to make their life easier? If you do that, you’re going to have a lot less churn, right? And if you’re not churning through your clients, then your business is going to grow. What you don’t want is like, Hey, I’ve got like 10 clients. I land my 11th client, I lose a client and I’m back to 10, right? So that’s a big problem, right? If you can get rid of any of that churn, and for some of you guys that are doing SEO, you know that is going to be a more challenging task. Like, I think the churn rate in SEO is a lot higher and that’s personally why I avoid it. But that doesn’t. I mean, there’s a ton of people that are really successful with it. You just need to be considering what can you do to reduce this churn? One of the things that we’re going to be building into the system is something called an NPS or net promoter score. You guys haven’t seen that. That’s it’s those you guys have all seen it. You might not know what it is, but you know, there’s little those little like surveys that come to you that say, Hey, how likely are you to rate this from like, refer this from one to 10. Right. So having your clients fill this out, maybe quarterly. Can help you understand where they are and then like, do something, be proactive if you think, Hey, we’re sending you a lot of weeds and you know that that should be happiness.

[00:11:29] That’s not always the case. We’ve lost clients that we we raise the rent on clients and they weren’t able to take full advantage of the the week that we’re sending them, so they were not able to pay what the weeds were worth. And you know, you have to be keeping a pulse on this. So another couple of changes that I’m going to make is I want to really start to have kind of like an intent that is broadcast out prior to the meetings. So we’re getting a lot more structured with our meetings, with our with our plans and what we’re pushing out. So like we’ll say, hey, like next, next Wednesday is actually it’s going to be like the client client closing class, right? So that way, we’re not all just like kind of coming into this, not knowing you don’t have to tune in and I’m going to get some value, maybe or maybe not. So we are going to be a lot more proactive with kind of sending you guys emails. You have the option to unsubscribe if you find them annoying. But some of the some of the things that we’re going to be putting in those is really the wins that you guys share on this. The way I view this is kind of a community, right, where we’re all kind of moving forward together.

[00:12:43] So we’re going to share the wins and broadcast those. We’re going to go over. We’re going to go over the updates that we have within the platform as well as any any highlights from the call. And then probably what will also be included is what will be our focus for the next week. Right. So for next week, call what I’m committed to doing. I think next week’s call is it’s going to be the twenty third, right? So next week’s call, what I’m committed to doing is I’m going to really we’re going to focus on we’re going to renew the accountability groups for those that are that have been involved in that. We’ve got a ton of good feedback from people that I really like it to have multiple people, multiple people that have requested that we do it again. And like, honestly, we just kind of like set up the structure on that and then you guys have run with it. I’ve kind of chimed in in the groups that are active here and there. When I when when I see something that you know, I think I could provide some some beneficial advice like we have a question coming in here. Patrick, please talk about how you keep clients happy. I will I’m going to come back to that in just a minute.

[00:13:57] Patrick, I want to get through this. So part of next week’s call is I want to really focus on pointing out the year. So why we need to get ready for twenty twenty two. So we’re about 15 days away from 16 days away, depending on what part of the world you’re in. So what are we going to do to get ready for it? Right. There’s a lot of numbers in science that go into this. They say that it’s 30. I was doing some research and I was actually on another call earlier. See what the number is thirty nine and a half percent more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. Ok, and then seventy six more likely to achieve the goal if you write it down and you have a way to track it. Ok, so I want to try to provide you guys with the system where we can do that. How do we set things up for success in twenty twenty two? So this is what next week’s call is. I’m going to like put together kind of a presentation on what we’re going to do in our agency. I’m kind of drawing from a lot of different things. I’ve been studying this reading this. I’ve got multiple coaching programs that I’m involved in and I’m kind of building this. And this is something that I’ve done a lot in the past, but we’re always refining.

[00:15:11] So one of the important things that when you’re tracking is you want to be analyzing this. I don’t think doing it like doing it daily, kind of analyzing your tracking, doing it daily might be too much, but there are certainly benefits associated with it doing it weekly. I wouldn’t want it to go more than a week without analyzing this, because what you need to be doing is you really need to be kind of like, let’s say, if you increase the frequency of reflection that allows you to make course corrections more often, right? And the more course corrects corrections that you can make, the more likely you are to stay on pace, right? So it’s huge. And when you kind of like stretch that out over time, it makes a huge difference. So kind of putting together a system where I want you guys to start thinking for next week, I’m going to give you guys kind of like a a document that you guys can fill out. And what I want that to look like is we’re going to set some kind of like 10 year goals, three years, two years in one year. So one year really needs to be that’s where you kind of want to spend the most time, right? You want to spend this time on one year to three 10, just like, hey, there’s some guesswork going on in there. We know that things are going to change a year from now, but getting it out there and working backwards and not being like so focused on kind of the carrot that’s right in front of you so that you don’t really have a plan of where you’re going.

[00:16:39] It’s important, right? If you’re building this business for longevity, then like ten years is a part of that, right? Unless you like, I don’t know. I haven’t interacted with with with anyone that’s saying like, Hey, I really don’t want to have this business 10 years from now. Like, if this is a passive business that is like the way I view it is, I want this to be a part of my retirement, right? I want this to be something that that is always like producing for me. So that includes a year from now, two years from now, three years, 10 years from now, right? So we have to write that stuff down, right? If we know that it’s like 40 percent more likely for something to occur where we write it down and seventy six percent more likely to occur if we write it down and track it well, it’s got to start with goals, right? And then we can work backwards, so we really need to get our goals in place. And you know, if some of you guys maybe kind of have this idea already, right, and we’ll get into this more.

[00:17:39] What I don’t want you guys to do when you’re thinking of these goals is, I want I don’t want you guys to think like, Hey, I want to make a million dollars in twenty twenty two. That’s not the goal that. So that’s kind of like a milestone goal can be something like, Hey, you know, if you’re a guy, you’re probably more focused on like, this is the car I want to drive. And you know, demographics like maybe women are going to be more focused on. This is the house that I want to live in, more stability type things. So like, that’s just seems to be the way. That’s that’s a that’s the goal that we want, right? That’s the goal that we’re milestone is like, Hey, I need to have this amount of money to be able to achieve that goal. But if you tie it to some like arbitrary financial goal that isn’t in alignment with something that that’s bigger or more important than that, then it’s like your motivation. It’s just it’s it’s I think it’s done wrong, right? So be thinking about it in those terms. So come up with like, Hey, this is how I want my life to. This is what I want my life to look like. Right? So what are what are the milestones that are going to get you there and the way that the milestones need to work? And the way that you need to set this stuff up is you need to think in terms of milestones that if you achieve these milestones, then you can’t it’s impossible for you to miss your goal.

[00:19:01] Ok, so we’re going to dive into this more next week. But this is what this is kind of the training that I’ve started preparing for next week. We’re also going to get into more of the stuff from the poll, the results of the poll. So if you guys haven’t voted, go and do that. I’m definitely going to be paying attention to that. So that’s a part of our client success, you guys using our software, participating in our group. You guys are our clients, right? So what can we do to make you guys successful? That’s providing you with the best information, right? Preparing you guys to to get value and be successful only with this business model. But, you know, taking advantage of the software. So one of the things we do a meeting every Monday, I was traveling this Monday, so we actually did it Tuesday and we went over. We have a new plan. So we’ve done all these lives. We’ve done like almost a year’s worth of lives. And then we’ve had all sorts of value videos that we’ve dropped in along the way. But they’re all just kind of like one long stream inside of Facebook. So what we’re doing is we’re going to move these inside the platform, and I guess we’re going to duplicate these and put them inside the platform.

[00:20:11] So they’re not going to be removed from Facebook. But and we’re going to split the videos based on the topics, right? So if this is about like grabs, then like you’ll have an entire library in there and this can be like the GMB library, here is client. Here’s like team management, all these different topics. And also, as part of this poll will build out kind of some some value videos and try to bring in some like expert guests towards this stuff. So that’s kind of some of the strategies that that we’re working towards, and this is also a part of that client success is let’s build the platform in a way where it’s easy for you guys to find what you need. I know there’s a lot of you guys that are posting questions within the group that are kind of asking things that that like we’ve covered a bunch of times, but because of the format that it’s in, maybe it’s not easy to find it right. So anyone that has a subscription will have access to these types of videos. For those of you guys, I think the way we’re going to be doing it is we’re going to we’re definitely going to be building ADC training in there with stuff that’s not covered on the Facebook video.

[00:21:16] So that will be kind of for those that have subscriptions, you’ll have some access to things that lots of things that the Facebook group won’t necessarily have. So the way I’m considering it is like, hey, maybe like if you’re in the starter package, you’ll get access to like the beginner lessons, right? And as you move into the higher levels, then you’re going to get access to the entire library. And our plan is to build out this kind of like Netflix model of all sorts of different lessons. And it’s not just going to be from me, it’s going to be from, you know, anyone that I think can add value. We can we can bring that in there. Another update I wanted to share with you guys is the white labeling. I know that we had hoped to kind of get that out the end of November, beginning of December, and we’ve just kind of run into a couple bumps along the road. But we are really close. I think today is the day Thursday for us that we will start testing things and after we’ve gone through testing, then we plan to release it. So I think we’re pretty much done with the development phase of things we’ve done all the mockups we’ve kind of got to design. We’re about to launch it and do testing. Once we’re comfortable with the testing, then we’ll be releasing it into the platform.

[00:22:32] There will be a fee for it. I’m still kind of like kicking around with that fee will be you guys don’t have to do it. But if you would like to be able to kind of resell this without people knowing, then you know, I would assume it would be very worth it. So we are going to be building. The training will not be a part of the the white label part of it. So there won’t be like a way for people that are watching the training to like, Oh, they just said, Snap, what’s that? Let me go. Look at it. They won’t have access to that. Or we’ll give you guys the ability to turn it on and off so that maybe you can show it to some people and not to other people. It’s up to you. So we’re just kind of working through the final steps there. All right. So let me catch up on some of these messages here. All right, so we’ve got Patrick, please talk about how you keep clients happy through giving reports. Walk through, walk through on reports. Do you try keyword rankings for groups and reports the client? Probably not, since your. Rent leads and the jobs are yours. And secret, or do you track the calls and they get monthly reports or weekly, how do you satisfy clients and save yourself time to? Good question, Patrick.

[00:23:49] So you kind of answered part of the response to the first part of question is we don’t give them keyword reports or anything like that because they’re not paying. We’re not we’re not doing SEO. It’s rank rep, right? So what they’re paying for is leads. That’s that’s what the game for us. That’s kind of what we keep track of. I had mentioned this in a previous call. That’s and I’m going to start building some of the stuff into the system. So. Its concept of a North Star metric. That’s really what we’re really going to be focused on. So for us, the one that we’re going to start with, North Star Metric is like, Hey, what is the no, what is it? No, that we can create or a ratio that we can create within our business that when this number goes up, it indicates that our business is moving in the right direction and our clients are getting value right. So for you guys, I’m kind of working on that. What is like like for people using the platform, what would be some strategies that I could use to ensure that, hey, when people are doing this, they are getting value from product. So it could be the number of users that are active in more than one module on a daily basis. That’s one of the ones I’ve been thinking about for for this platform is like, how can I ensure that like, maybe it’s a number of users that are active for one.

[00:25:10] But I think if someone is using two different parts of the application, then that’s that like, they’re getting extreme value from this, from the system. So when we came up with for our agency is the average amount of leads per paying quite right. So how like the clients start paying people that are not on trials and not including like the websites that aren’t rented? What is the average number of leads that this person is getting? And maybe you would even want to make that ratio of like, well, like if you made it beats per dollar that would mess everything up. So like, I don’t know if that’s going to be the final version of it, but having a number that we can track and I can get reported on on a daily basis and our whole team is aware of and everyone’s kind of like focused on improving this number. And that number means that our clients are getting more value, right. So if I have a client that’s getting like 10 weeks and then he’s getting like 30 and then he’s getting 50 or one hundred, like when at some point in the niche is going to be relevant. Like if he is a tow truck company, that’s very different than if he is like building swimming pools, right? If he’s getting one hundred leads a month and he’s building swimming pools, then that’s clients going to be very sticky, right? It’s going to be really hard for them to leave.

[00:26:26] So that’s why I think that’s an important number to monitor. Ok, so that’s as far as like the reports, I have a reporting module that we’re in the process of building now and we’re going to automate that. The delivery of that, and that’s going to be very customizable. It’s not going to be something that is limited to like rank and rent business model, right? So it’s going to allow you to blend all the different parts of the system into these reports and then brand them and send them out at the frequency that you would like. So that means that you could put your own logo if you haven’t added your email address so you can essentially send from your email account within our system. The leads that you’re sending to your clients could be delivered that way. If they’re not being done, I would. I would recommend that or like with one of the automations, right? So being able to send out these reports, you could brand it and send it out to your client. Maybe that’s once a week where it’s like, Hey, here’s the number of calls that came in. Here’s the number of form submissions. Here’s the total number of leads. If you’re doing SEO or like GMB optimization, maybe you want to include the heatmap average right or Google Analytics you could have.

[00:27:40] Hey, here’s the traffic that’s going to your site. Here’s the number of new people that are coming to your site. So all these different parts and pieces of the system, if you’re doing reputation management, it could be like, Hey, here’s the number of reviews that got added to this week. So all these different parts and pieces from the entire platform blended into one report, and you can set the frequency for that. So what I would recommend with this is we don’t have this in place because we don’t have that model built out. What I do have is I have Jeff on my team who’s kind of like our client success for our agency. So he’s kind of checking in with the clients and making sure that that they’re happy and touching base with them. And this is an resulted in a lot of expansion revenue for us. So that’s like when I say expansion revenue, that means more revenue from your existing clients. Ok. So that doesn’t mean getting a new client. That’s that’s new revenue expansion. New expansion revenue is like expanding on what you guys already have. So an example would be you guys all signed up for the CRM and then the expansion revenue would be like if you guys upgraded to a new plan or if you guys set up the phone system.

[00:28:50] Right. So that’s kind of the difference. So this client success and having Jeff talk to these clients on a regular basis has resulted in a lot of expansion revenue for us. Once you guys have this once, once you have satisfied clients, it’s a lot easier to expand them than it is because they trust you. They’ve seen what you’re capable of. They know that you can deliver. Now, all that stuff is kind of like out of the way. That’s a big barrier to to a sale, right, so that it makes complete sense as to why, you know, why it’s easier to expand. For some of you guys, you guys had no knowledge of. We had a ton of people signed up for the phone system so far. Right. You guys had no knowledge of my ability to like our phone system, my ability to to build the phone system like we gave you. You trusted us because like we’re using CRM, we love the CRM. Like, I already like, I like that confidence. Compare that to what it would be like when you’re signing up for a new phone system. Or maybe some of you guys are moving from a phone system where they violated your trust in one way or another. And like just that different mindset, your clients have the same mindset towards you. This is why it’s important to have this kind of like client success mentality in there.

[00:30:08] So we like internally, though, Patrick, we do track the keywords what we’re doing. And in our weekly meeting this last week, what I what I told my team is like, I want every single Google, my business to be running once a week and our heat map, right? And I get it like we. I’ll be honest, in our agency, we have unlimited heat maps, right? So I’m not charging myself for that. So I’m running every single Google, my business, I’m running. I think I don’t actually, I don’t think we set it for a week. I think we set it for like every 10 or 12 days or something. So it’s going to cycle through everyone and put the keywords in there and we’re going to track that. And I want a report every week on how that Google my business is ranking. And then one of the really cool parts about the reporting system that’s coming out is the ability to have trends. So that way you can kind of see this, hey, this is how it was this week versus like last week or whatever custom period you want, right? So it’s important for us to be able to identify this stuff. So that’s kind of what we’re doing for tracking things. I don’t know if that fully answered all the parts of your question. We do try to clarify Patrick Spencer’s

[00:31:19] Asking, Can you have the report automatically sent

[00:31:22] Out? You said yes. Yeah, that’s right. Rescheduling is a part of it. Let me just see if I can bring up this. We haven’t built it out yet, but our process is always to. It’s to design it and kind of like work through the issues and then build it, so we’re in between right now where we’ve we’ve got the design and we have a mockup in place. I just need to find the link. Jeff, do we have any more questions why I look for this?

[00:31:56] Patrick was asking a question about phone numbers, but yes, Patrick, we do use different phone numbers, not necessarily. We use different phone number on each GMB, but one of the GMB numbers would be on the site. And then we also use different numbers for paid ads so that we can see where that traffic is coming from and control that a lot better. So. Yes.

[00:32:19] That was really cool here. All right. Yeah, I’ve gone over this a couple of times in the past, but what’s kind of get into it, Spencer? And let’s check it out and see what it looks like. Um, Jeff, you can see my screen right. Yes. Yeah. Ok, cool. All right. All right. Ok, so. Um, hopefully this is the latest version of our market that looks a little different. Yeah, so we just go here. No, this isn’t the latest version. Give me one second here, guys, let me stop this share. I wasn’t prepared to present this part of it today. So just bear with me. You have any more questions why we are on here. Anybody really struggling with something in your business? Throw it in there. We may not get to it right this minute, but at least it will be in the queue. Reporting functionality. Here we go. Cool, I got it. All right. Hey, Patrick, any idea when the

[00:33:39] Phone system will be able to fully connect to the CRM dashboards?

[00:33:44] Yeah, I’m hoping that we can have that done by Friday. I know I’ve we’ve been we’ve been working hard on that one, so. And it’s still not the right report. It’s weird. Yeah, so I’m hoping we can get that out this this week some time. If not, it’ll be the beginning of next week. Filters. Ok, I guess we’ll just go through the old version, I don’t know where the latest version of it is, we’ve got some improvements to the UI on this one. See here. And then it’s. Ok. All right. Let me share the screen again. Sorry for these delays, guys. Too cool. All right, so this is just like kind of an example of the GMB report, and my designer makes this for my. Big screen at home and I’m on a laptop, so we’ve got this like this would be condensed into fit on your screen, depending on how many columns that you had. So you can kind of see we have this all these different columns and you’ve got more to choose from here. So you can. This is this is a GMB report. If you let’s just go back a step. Ok, so this would be kind of your reports when you first when you first come in here, you’ll see your list of reports, you have the option to view it to duplicate it or delete it. Up here, you can create a new report. So if I create a new one, it’s going to ask you for kind of the like, what? What are we going to be talking about? We have to have like a point of reference, what’s going to be the main focus here so you can see you can choose between companies.

[00:36:01] Companies would be like, Let me get some information and we’re going to list it by company or by GMP or by leaks. So we’d report might be one that you would want to send out to your clients, right? So each one of these kind of has a different set of column, so it’s going to be available for it. And then we have another one that’s not on here, which I was looking for. The updated one is the summary. So the summary may be something that you guys would use internally where it’s like, Hey, show me my my leads over the last 30 days by company, and I want to include all these other facts about this, right? So if I jump in and let’s we’ll start off with the GMB one, we were just kind of looking at that one. So you can kind of see we’ve got the number of reviews, the status, the number of pictures, the completion percentage. This is the description, the number of questions. There’s your heat map average, right? Any tags that you have in place there, your phone number, all this different information.

[00:36:58] You can bring in your your insights data, right? So on that that last tab right now where we have like the like the amount of searches that have happened, such as a branded search, right? These are that should say replied, not applied reviews, not replied. So kind of giving yourself like a customizable dashboard where you can get information on this and blend it all together. And we’re going to just keep on building this and then we’re going to be introducing dashboards which are going to be kind of like reports where you can set up a number of different dashboards based on this blended information because I think it’s great to have all this information, but we need to present it to people in a way where it’s easy to access and you can customize it and have all this kind of value in there. You look up here, we have this compare option. So this is where you can start to compare periods where I can say, Hey, I want to look at. Well, one second, just things a little wonky right now. Hmm. What do I have to do? Ok, there we go, so I can. Oops! Disappeared. So this is the actual site, this is just some mock up software that we use. Ok, so you can kind of see I could compare the stuff on here to a different time period and then I can see right here, I can say like Leeds have increased by 40 percent, right? That little green arrow is saying that it’s gone up.

[00:38:24] So this is like I said, there are some changes that are coming here, but this is kind of the the plan that we have, right? And then you can export this right. So this is where you could have this brand and report all this stuff here is customisable. Right. I could enter in whatever information like I can decide what I want to take away and include within this. So. Don’t know if this version of the mock up, and then we have the scheduling, so you could decide when this is going out. You could say, Hey, I want this to go out every so many days, weeks, whatever I can include it to. So this would be a list of your existing clients. And if you wanted to send them somewhere else, then you can do that here. Right. So that’s kind of like the system that we have in place. So we have this not only for the gaps we have this for. I think there’s five categories right now, but we’re going to keep adding to this right. So users would be like your clients if I want. Maybe, maybe I want to have a report that is like, how many leads are getting sent? Maybe I’ve got five websites for one client, so maybe I want to run a users report where it’s a list of my clients, and then I could see the amount of leads that the client received.

[00:39:38] Or if I want to be at my company, then I can do the company one right? Or if I want it to be like the lead information such as like Bob Jones request and this like fence installation, then that might be one that might be a one way since your to your actual clients, right? And then the GMES, maybe that’s a recording that’s used to send to your clients like Patrick was asking for. Or maybe it’s something that’s used internally that you just look at every Friday so that it gives you a better opportunity to keep a pulse on your company. So that’s kind of what we have there for the reporting, looking to get this one out in the next few weeks. It could be the beginning of the next year, though. All right, cool. So Jeff, did we pick pick up any more questions during that? Are we good? No, we’re good. Right on. So what I want to cover today, and I’m going to get into this more in depth next week is some of the strategies for like GMB ranking. That was one of the popular ones and like getting jobs. Ok, so I’m going to start with getting GMB and then we’ll go to ranking. Ok, so one of the strategies that like I know that a lot of you guys, we kind of have.

[00:40:48] Three or four strategies that we use in our agency, and we’ve turned this into a process. I’m going to build out a training for this. It’s going to be available within the platform. I’m going to give you guys step in step by step instructions with like scripts and stuff like this that’s going to be maybe not available in the Facebook group. Maybe that will be within the platform. So some of the methods that we’ve used and have been successful for us is we use Craigslist a lot. We’ve relied on it heavy and actually took a course on Udemy, on Craigslist because we had issues at the beginning with things that were like our our posts were, we’re like getting deleted, right? So I think it’s important that you kind of like season your Craigslist account a little bit. You guys are using the strategy. I know if you guys are outside of the United States. Craigslist may not be an option, but it seems like most countries have some sort of version of this. It’s just a local service where you know you can kind of like list something locally. So we what I mean by season, it is like, maybe have some real posts in there that are for your area where you’re like, post something up there. Maybe there’s some like old stuff in your garage you want to sell or whatever like doing.

[00:42:05] Some of that seems to create more trust in Craigslist. So we and our in my agency, we’re using an account that was actually my Craigslist account, where I like sold stuff and like just random things that I needed over the years. And I think that’s given us a lot of credibility because I know people have gotten their Craigslist account suspended said this many times when you are a business owner. Your job is to solve problems, right? So if the problem is that your Craigslist account is getting suspended, then like figure out how to solve that because it is a valuable asset and resource. Facebook groups are a big one, too, so we’ve used that a good amount. We’ve also used indeed, so indeed seems to work really well in some cities. Craigslist seems to work well in some cities, so we kind of rotate between those. I would recommend that you experiment with things that are not always money. Like we went through some phases for for this, where sometimes people seem to trust more. If it’s not just like cash, right? If it’s like, Hey, do this for like 50 bucks like some people like instantly think that’s a scam to receive a piece of mail. But if you said, like, I’ll give you a twenty five dollar gift card to Starbucks, if somebody can help me out with the favor, there’s like a level like something in the human psyche that people kind of trust that more so I would encourage you guys to play around with that.

[00:43:34] When you’re making this post, what we do when we post on Craigslist is we’ll post something a lot of times we’ll post or like pictures like, Hey, we need, we need to get some photos taken, and it’s important that you set the price in this so that you are you want to weed out the real photographers, right? So if you set a price at like 50 bucks or twenty five dollars, then like real photographers are not going to pay attention to that, right? So you it’s important because this is like what you’re going to do is the person applies for this position. You say, look, sorry, we’ve already like filled that, but we can let you know next time we need some pictures. I also put into the post that you don’t need like a fancy camera. It can be like just a phone, right? So. Once they reply, like, Hey, we don’t need any more photos, we already have that done, but we do need this, we need help establishing like some local presence. And it’s just a few minutes from work and we’ll get some cash. We just need a postcard to be sent. I think it’s really important to cultivate these people. It’s illegal for you to pay for reviews here.

[00:44:51] But I’ve heard of people having success with like getting these people and then kind of like building that relationship and kind of using them as their family. So that might be something you look into. Ok, so indeed, if you’re making the post on, indeed, what you can do is you can kind of like ask for like a like a social media manager and make sure that they know that this is white very part time. Right. So I mean, just say, Hey, we’re going to start you off with this. This is the task and use their use their they’re kind of like local network to help build that out. One of the things, if you have a client in place, I highly recommend that you build out a questionnaire within our system for collecting addresses and if you’re taking advantage of the pipeline system as you move them from. Am I still sharing my screen? Ok, well, as you move them from one state to another, like you moved them into the closed stage, maybe you’re moving from trial to close. It can automatically click out, kick out that onboarding questionnaire. That’s been huge for us as the onboarding questionnaire finding out about their business. It’s set us up for that expansion. Revenue that we’re talking about earlier is like, what? Other areas, are they interested in that, this website is not currently providing it, so maybe hey, they will do work in City A, but they will do work and like, you know, Scottsdale, Arizona.

[00:46:19] But they’re really they would prefer like they would really like, like Chandler and Gilbert Tempe and these other areas that that that site is not serving. That questionnaire can help you identify that. And it is a great tool because you can if you have somebody that you’ve identified as a paying client, you could potentially go and build in those other cities that they say that they want that are important to them. And then that’s how you raise the rent on these people. Right? There’s really two different ways that you can do it. It’s like one, improve the rankings of the current site that you have, so you’re producing more value for them. Second is to expand into more areas for us, the clients that are paying the most. We’ve kind of done both right. We’ve the client. We our client that pays us the most pays. It’s thirteen thousand a month and this client we’ve like expanded into all these different areas all over the place. Right. So we found a client that’s able to handle that and we give them a little bit of a discount for like a wholesale price, right? But when Jeff started with a client success and you started building this relationship with with this guy, he said, Hey, I’m interested in these other areas and we just kind of paid attention to that and we kept building.

[00:47:27] Right. So really important. Second part of that question here is to make a request for them to send out postcards, right? So you have you could be sending out two questionnaires one to collect the postcard. So getting your clients to provide you with the stuff is, is is important, right? You have whenever you have a client there, you have a local ally, right? So you should definitely be taking advantage of that. All right. Cool. So is everyone clear on that? Are you guys getting some value from this if you are throw throw in, throw in the chat, some of your guys, your takeaways from from this, what is what is new to you? Because I want to try to change this and provide what you guys want, right? And you guys are getting feedback really, really helps us understand what that is. Ok. Awesome. Michael is Greg. Excellent, Emmanuel. Awesome. Good to see you in there, Emmanuel. Excellent. Good stuff. I’m glad you guys are getting some stuff from this. Ok. Awesome. All right. So the next thing is ranking. Ranking the rank of the GMB. Ok, so that stuff, right? There is kind of our playbook. And like I said, we’re going to go into more depth within the platform once we kind of build in the actual training part of it. So I’m not talking about the training of like how the stuff works.

[00:48:50] Ok, so we have some stuff coming for that to improve that and kind of have some interactive walkthroughs and tutorials that we’re building into the platform. But what I’m talking about is actually like ranking websites, closing deals, that type of training. So I’m going to build directly into the platform all the stuff that we do. So for the people that have, look, you guys are free to jump in this group and we’ll give as much value on the course as we can. But for the people that have subscriptions, you’re going to get a lot of extra benefits to this training. So we’re going to be building in the stuff scripts with step by step instructions and walk throughs directly into the training for those people that have the subscriptions. Ok, cool. So let me bring up my sheets here. Oops, things shut off. For you guys like I, I’m somebody who I really like to write things down, and I just found this awesome thing called the remarkable two where you can actually like write on it feels like paper, and it’s just it’s awesome. We have this little pen and it’s really great for kind of organizing things. I’m loving this thing. This is like my first week getting into it. I’ve been talking to this about it with my team nonstop. I think we’re getting tired of hearing about it.

[00:50:06] But whatever, I love this thing. Ok, ranking GB, OK? Steven says he’s been wanting to get one for a long time, if you like writing, I recommend it, it just helps you kind of like organize. I take notes on webinars, books, all kinds of things. There’s actually been a ton of research that shows that your retention is is dramatically increased when you physically write things down as opposed to, like typing it. So, you know, taking that time, there you go, Greg showing his notebook, right? Taking that time to write it and then being able to have access to it all over the place so that you can go back and kind of study this stuff, I think is key. And yeah, I’m just been really, really. I was I was on the fence for a long time with this thing, and I just decided to give myself a little Christmas present. So but loving, loving this thing? Ok, let’s talk about James. All right. So there’s a lot of different stuff that goes into this. I know that JP is big on. He doesn’t build the science. It’s been my experience. There’s a lot of different ways to be successful, and there’s no Google is not saying. And even when they do say, like, Hey, this doesn’t matter, like oftentimes it’s been shown that it does. There’s no like lockdown playbook where someone can say this is one hundred percent the way it is on every part of this.

[00:51:32] That’s like this is that information is not out there who is not making that public. So we’re all kind of like taking our best guesses. It’s my experience that the website contributes and maybe like the website contributes to the ranking of the GMB, right? So I’ve noticed that as our website starts to move up, the GMB starts to move up with it and they follow it. Right. So if you do everything else really well, then maybe like, you don’t need the website. So but just for my own personal experience, I think getting a lot of good content on your website, building out backlinks to your website and then having that GMB associated with something that Google values gives trust to it. This is all a game of trust and relevance. Right. So one of the biggest things you can do for your job is to improve the rankings. So that includes having really good content on your site. Content that’s relevant and not just like. Like, you know, spewing. Spammy keyword type stuff like right. For what the user wants, right, don’t write like you’re writing to rank the site, but if you pay attention to what the user is looking for. So when you like to search and there’s little questions come up in the search, a lot of those are telling you what they’re looking for. And if you build your content that way, you stop trying to like, hack the system, try to like, deliver value.

[00:52:57] You’ll find that a lot of the things that improve the ranking of the websites, such as the dwell time, the amount of time someone spends on it, the bounce rate like creating infographics with good information, your website, Google views, your website is more valuable and that’s attached to this Google my business. It makes sense that those would follow, right? So I think that is a very important part of this. This whole, this whole thing. The reviews. I think the reviews are huge, right? We’ve talked about a strategy for what I’ve heard some people do to get reviews, just getting a review or it’s like, great job. That’s not what we’re looking for. We want longer reviews, right? And we want to be mentioning keywords and we want to be mentioning locations, right? Getting reviews from local guide accounts. It’s it’s common thought that that’s more valuable. So if you have those or if you have a way of building those up, then that could be an important strategy to this. But getting those and having it be consistent, right? Well, you don’t want to do is you don’t want to have like you have like a thousand people, like maybe you have like a client database with a thousand people in it and this person has one review. And then you sent you blast out not a nation to a thousand people at once.

[00:54:11] That does not look organic. So you might want to space those out with having two or three or four a week coming in and kind of like requesting those over time. So we’re actually building that into our system. I’m not sure if it’s live or not. I know that we were working on it and then we had some bugs. But you have the ability to essentially drip over time and say, OK, I’ve got a thousand. I want to add 20 requests a day or 20 request a week. We kind of give you that option to decide how you drip that into the automation. So it’s kind of like, got the automation that’s going to run? And maybe the first request will go out today, and then another one will go out in four days. And then there’s like a third one that goes out a week where you’re making like three requests for this review. What I’m talking about is loading the stuff into that automation. So you could say, Hey, I want to add like 10 to the automation per day or per week. And then like, here’s the list that I want to add. And then these are going to get added into that automation and like, so they’re kind of like staggered. So but that’s if you have the client like you have like a database of clients.

[00:55:13] Otherwise you guys need to find a way to get reviews because they matter like it is one of the most important things, in my opinion. So find a way, right? You be the business owner. Like for some of you guys that look at look at work at me or some of these other people that have been successful with this business model, it wasn’t luck, right? Maybe, like some of us, we had certain things that were helpful towards our success. But ultimately, what all of us have in common is this kind of like. Ability to just kind of like push through the pain and the frustration and just like, keep going and going until you solve the problem, right? If you get that, you’re not going to lose, like that’s in my mind. Probably one of the most important things is just kind of. Like understanding that you’re so many attempts away from it, you may not know what that number is, but if you just stay with it and other people have done it and you also have people that are like coaching you that have done it, it’s just a matter of time. If you’re just persistent with this, OK? Another thing that I think is important is the questions on Google. My business is you have the ability to post a question. So the question could look like, Hey, do you do insert keyword in insert city that you’re trying to rank for? I would look at the heat map, find out where we’re weak and where we’re strong for the different keywords, right? And then pose questions.

[00:56:39] And then you can respond to those questions with the keyword. So it could look like, Hey, do you guys do? Fencing in West Bloomfield is like a city that’s outside Detroit. You guys do fencing in West Bloomfield and then you can respond as an owner is like, Yes, we we’ve we’ve done a lot of fencing in the West Bloomfield area. We’ve put up some beautiful wrought iron fence and like whatever it is, you’re trying to rank for chain link fence. You can mention these different things. This is this is the relevant part is trying to like build the relevance between those keywords and your Google my business, right? Ok, so photos being able to add ad in your photos like I have a lot of hesitation around the idea that geotagging the photos helps. Like, I know that a lot of people believe that. I’ll mention that I’ll tell you that we still do that. I have somebody trained on the process of like geotagging. There’s a big part of me that thinks that’s a big waste of time, but I’m not sure. There’s a lot of guesswork, and I’ll take 100 percent of what I can get. Jp, you’ve got some that. Yeah, it’s one hundred

[00:57:55] Percent a waste of time. So one thing that you can do is if you want to kind of stay on the quote unquote white hat side of like reviews is I’ve trained my technicians like, Hey, when you’re on site, have the customer like Snap, a quick photo of you working on their house and when they write the review, upload the photo so it looks way more natural, and most cell phones will actually automatically tag the actual location where you’re at. So when she uploads or he uploads the photo to that review, it’s automatically going to have all that work done for you so you don’t have to do anything.

[00:58:31] So people love that idea and like training them to train your clients. And one of the things that I would recommend is give your client like enroll them in the idea of like, Hey, you’ve already sold them on the business because their client and now they trust you and you’re bringing them leads. So and now you need to sell them again and you need to sell them on why this is valuable. So what our pitch looks like to our clients is something like this. Look? These leads are all going to you, right? And there’s really three things that are going to happen if we get more reviews. One, you’re going to get more leads because this helps us rank better, right? And then I would go into like, this is how you want to do it. Mention the keywords mentioned the city include picture videos. I think we’re working on right now the ability for you to be able to post videos through the platform to your Google, my business. I think that’s a feature that we’re about to release. I don’t know where we are with the development on that right now, but having that conversation, so that’s the first thing is it’s going to bring more. The second thing is it’s going to make your job easier to close. Like if if you have ever if Person A has three reviews in Person B has seven hundred like, your job’s a lot easier to close. And guess what? The third benefit is that you get to charge more. This is no longer apples to apples, right? If you guys are on Amazon or whatever it is in your country where you’re like comparing things and there’s one that is a little bit more money, has a bunch more reviews like for me, I’m going with a better review almost every time, right? So these things are all like this.

[01:00:17] This is super beneficial for your clients. Once they understand, they don’t know that unless you tell them like they probably have some like idea. But if you really kind of connect the dots for them, then like it’s it’s a no brainer for them to do this right. They’re getting all the weeds right. You’re going to close more deals. So and then this is what you can do to incentivize them to say, Hey, you should have a contest every month where whichever one of your technicians or the people on your crew get the most reviews, you give them some sort of reward. Maybe it’s like a fifty dollar Starbucks card, like gamified this within your company and explain to them that if you create that environment with your clients, then the reviews are going to flow in and you’ve got an automated system with our platform to collect that right so your clients can get access to this and trigger that review and their technicians can get access to this too. Right. So I think it’s a great idea and we’ve we’ve done that. We need to do more of that in our agency. But did you have more to add to that JP or does that pretty much.

[01:01:25] That’s correct. Well, that’s pretty much it, like the more you can kind of do like hands off and it’s like you almost have to kind of ingrain it into kind of more like training their staff how to ask for it. I mean, it goes a long ways, but that’s probably the easiest way to do it is just kind of telling their texts like, Hey, white on the job, how the customer like, have a quick photo or. And it usually geo tags automatically, even though Google does ship some of that information out. But when they actually tag it and upload it to the reviews, sometimes it does stay.

[01:02:01] Awesome. Yeah, really.

[01:02:03] Actually, user user signals are actually a lot better than self like done so like Google actually wants wants them to do that.

[01:02:15] Yeah, so make it easy for them, guys, write and educate them so that they know to do this, but that doesn’t help you when you don’t have a client yet. So in that phase, you need to find a way to get them. And one of the things that we are going to start doing in our agency is like, I’ve mentioned this one several times. When you guys are closing, people like part of the clothes is this positioning. And you need to let them know that you have requirements. It’s great for positioning if you say, Look, we don’t work with everyone, right? They think that this is a pitch and they’re like, kind of reluctantly come into the table to listen to this pitch. You pique their interest in some way. And you kind of like phrase it like this. Like, Let’s have a conversation, because what we do is not it’s not right for everyone. And you know, we have some requirements on our end that that we’re going to need from you. But we need we need help getting Google my businesses and we have we need reviews each week. We’re the ones that are providing the the leads that create the work for you. And when you close someone and you do a great job for them, you’ve created an asset and that asset helps this thing snowball. So that’s why we require that we get reviews from the work each month. Mike, and you can say, Hey, we’ve got like a quota that we need to hit each month where it’s like, like if you’re in a high volume niche, you’re sending a lot of leads.

[01:03:51] Maybe it’s more, but it kind of positions you well through the close and then it sets it up as they become a client into because like, if you’re making demands on them like this, that’s not what they’re used to hearing. And like, it might catch them off guard at first, but they’re going to realize pretty quickly that, hey, this is not like the weenie that calls up everyone and tries to offer their service. I’m dealing with the ringer now and The Ringer. Like, if you’re great at something like if you guys have been around, no matter what part of your life you’ve been around, somebody that’s exceptional with something, they have a different whole attitude towards the way they conduct things. They have different walk and talk. Their body language with it is different and you need to think about that when you’re going through this close and positioning and starting to make some of these demands and you don’t want to do it like like you’re some kind of like authoritative dictator, right? But if you can kind of finesse it in there and let them know and just like, hey, like let them know that you’re not desperate for their business. Like I’ve actually said on calls like like, I really need your business, but based on what you told me, I really I would love to be in business with you. If this can be a good fit, then like, hey, maybe we can find a way to move forward.

[01:05:10] So doing it with like a warmth and kind of like finessing it in there is great for the clothes and it sets the tone for the relationship. Some of you guys get in there and these people are walking all over. You like this? Just like, that’s not how it works in our business. I shared the story a few times with you guys about we had this guy outside of Chicago there, and you know, he somehow through the conversation, he got my phone number and he kept calling me instead of Jeff. And I like at some point I was like, Look, this is not how this works. Like, I understand that you’ve paid the startup fee for these sites, and I’m going to give you a full refund. But like this is not it’s not a good fit for me. Like, it’s not working. I’m running, you know, I’m the CEO of two different businesses here. I cannot be having this conversation. I’ve got someone who’s great at it and says, Hey, I want to. I want to talk to the decision maker. I was like, That’s fine. You can talk to the decision maker, but we’re probably not that company because like, we’re bigger than that, right? We’re I’ve got someone in place that I’m paying full time here to handle this and then they funnel things up to me. So I’m going to give you a full refund. And I think it’s best if we just go our separate ways, you guys.

[01:06:26] Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. You know, like, I get it, OK? I never heard from again. It’s been. It’s been eight months, right? Like, he goes to Jeff every time now, right? That’s how I wanted it. That was the relationship. I had to set the tone at the beginning because this was a pattern. They’re not going to they’re not going to get away from the rules that we set up here, right? So it’s important, though, that that you put some of that stuff in place and you got to set the tone from the beginning. You got to do it in a really, really good way. Ok, cool. All right. Let’s keep going through here citations. We are kind of working right now on building in a citation system into into the platform. It’s a ways off. We’re kind of doing it a couple of different ways. There is I’m trying to. Trying to deal with someone, but we don’t we don’t have that kind of inked in there, but citations are important. One of the places that we’ve gone in the past is legit. So it’s legal I.T. and there’s a number of different and services out there. One of the big problems with these is a lot of them are not going to index right you. Google is kind of looking through these and saying, is this like real value to the internet? And if it’s not, then they’re not going to index it. And if you just like, put the same thing like three hundred times, then like a percentage of those, only a percentage of those are going to stick.

[01:07:53] So like, we’ve had the experience where we pay for like three hundred and fifty of them, I think like 40 of them stick. But what’s important is that you get some mystic, right, you get something in there. So yeah, we are. Yeah, so we’re I don’t want to go. Graham, I see your question there, man. I’m sorry. I don’t want to go into the details of it, of what we’re doing with who until we have anything in place. So I’m not going to. Sorry, I can’t answer that question yet. But getting the citation, that’s an important part of this process. Don’t neglect that and pay attention to what they are. We’re going to we like to pick a lot of fights, I guess, in our with with our software here, and we’re going to be picking one with kind of like white spark, I guess, where we’re like, we’re going to be competing against them. I want to have something in there that can tell us the amount of citations we have. I don’t think we’re going to charge anything extra. I think that’s just going to be like, add on service that’s included so we can kind of start to come up with like a GMB health score and counting the citations and paying attention to something that is important post. That is another piece that you can do. I know that we have problems in our platform with the post failing. We believe we fix that.

[01:09:06] If any of you guys have tried to schedule post and they got rejected, then I would say give it another try. The rejection is going to happen a percentage of the time. If you kind of violate what Google wants those posts to look like, then they reject it and it doesn’t go live. So I want to let you guys know. It’s not kind of like all on us to like part of the decisions beyond us to decide whether the post is going to go live a lot of the times. But mentioning and that’s another opportunity for you guys to mention areas. It’s also an opportunity for you to talk about keywords, right? So I could say again, sticking with that suburb of Detroit, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, I can say, like, Hey, we have a special right now for West Bloomfield on like whatever fencing, blah blah blah, right? So you kind of get the idea. You can schedule those out. They last about a week, so you can schedule those out like seven days apart, so that there’s always one going what we have that spend tax in there. So it can kind of like spend each post in there too. All right. I think that is those are the things that I have in place there. I know that J.P. mentioned on the last call that he wanted. He called, I can’t remember what it’s called. I haven’t messed around with it too much yet. Jp what is that where it’s like their reference? What did you call that? Are you still with me?

[01:10:36] A Google justifications, justifications.

[01:10:40] Yeah, yeah. So I think you mentioned on I think it was last week’s call or two weeks ago that you see a ton of value in those justifications, right?

[01:10:49] Yeah, I just say I’m not going to run through every single thing that I do, but there’s I’m going to hint it when Google comes out with the feature for GMB. There’s a reason why. So use it all. If they’re if they have something where you can do a post start like you need to use that. So that’s kind of like my biggest thing. Every time Google comes out with the new feature, it’s there for a reason. Use it.

[01:11:13] Yeah, pay attention to guys. Read between the lines, right? Google is telling you that something matters. So like, that’s a pretty in-your-face. You know, they don’t they’re not going to come out and say, Hey, do this to rank better. But when they when they when they do something like, take advantage of it.

[01:11:30] Right. So so. And the biggest thing that Google, you got to think they’re trying to keep users on their side as much as possible, like they don’t want a user to go to your website. So if they can put a little blurb like, Hey, this website already mentions what you’re looking for, you don’t need to go to the website like that’s kind of their way of telling the user, like, we have all the information you need with us, go ahead and call the number if you want to right now.

[01:11:56] Awesome. Awesome. All right, cool. All right, guys. We are just over an hour trying to target an hour for these. It is almost 3:00 in the morning for me in Barcelona. Luckily, I have not switched time zones yet, apparently because I feel wide awake right now. Do we have any questions on here? Jeff, have I missed anything? I’m not seeing anything coming in. Ok, cool. Two requests for you guys. I would love for you guys to throw in the Facebook chats, not the Zoom chat, because we’re getting ready to shut this down. Throw in the Facebook chat. Some of the big takeaways that you’ve got on this call. If you if you got those and then if there’s somebody else that you are connected with that you think would benefit, maybe you had conversations through whatever through your own connections. Tag them, tag them. In this video, we’re going to start to push growing the group and having you guys kind of like, engage with that would like. Obviously, we don’t charge anything. We don’t charge any monetary fee for this. But one fee I would like to start charging is just like sharing a little bit.

[01:13:10] You know, if if if you if you’re getting some value from this tax, some people and let us know that your takeaways so that we can get better at presenting this stuff to you guys moving forward. So you guys, we have just over two weeks left in the year. Like I said, we’re next week, we’re going to be covering the we’re going to be covering the plan, the year plan and kind of what that looks like. I’m going to put together a worksheet structure for those of you guys that are in the accountability groups. You guys have two weeks. I know Stephen and Shannon, you guys are in the accountability groups I’ve been seeing you. I can’t remember if, man, you’re all in one of those or not. Stephen, I think I I would love for you to just tune in. What has it been like? What are your big takeaways from from the accountability group? Are you going to be doing it again? When we started on January 1st, are you going to be participating again? What are your what are your thoughts?

[01:14:15] Yeah, I’m definitely going to be participating in the next round for sure, it’s been immensely helpful for me and I think it’s, you know, there’s so many different rabbit holes we can get sucked down and all this type of stuff. So just setting goals that are pretty simple, quantifiable and have other people, you know, hold you to them and just kind of talk with them about strategy and what’s going on each week really keeps you grounded, keeps you focused, and it is really moved my business forward in a way that it hadn’t moved forward in in a long time. So it’s been great.

[01:14:54] Awesome and awesome. Are you are you hitting new new high numbers right now?

[01:15:01] I things are a little slower than I would like, but I in terms of monetary stuff, but in terms of things like sending out jobs, which is pretty much my my largest hang up, like I’m sending out several of those a week which, you know, in time is going to translate to money. So that’s been really big for me because that’s just been a really big sticking point.

[01:15:28] Awesome. How did you guys the tone within your group? Are you guys really hold each other accountable and kind of like, Hey, like Steven, why don’t like, where are we with the GMB? What’s going on here? What’s what’s kind of that attitude been like?

[01:15:45] Yeah, I think we definitely could be a little more. Stringent with that, but we definitely have been pushing each other to meet our goals. A rising tide raises all ships, right. We’re trying to all support each other and make sure we’re hitting the things that we’re that that we’re saying we’re going to.

[01:16:07] So do you know the goals of the other people in your group?

[01:16:13] Um, I don’t know all of them off the top of my head, but I know a handful of them.

[01:16:20] Ok. Ok, cool. So Greg, I see your question. How do you get in there? We’re going to I’m going to put a I’m going to put a form that you guys can sign up. One of the things that I think I want to do is I want to have you guys rate the level of participation of the other people in your group so that we can. I want to position like leaders kind of within the groups based on how we performed in this accountability group because. One person who’s really strong in the group can lift up the entire group, and it’s important to have one of these in each one of these groups. We’ve tried to match it up by time zone a lot. So there’s there was a lot to balance there. We were doing this and it’s a learning experience. Will we stay in the same groups? Not hundred percent. Sure. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on that. I think it’s great to build these friendships and stuff, but I imagine that that a lot of you guys have created closer friendships within your current accountability groups than prior. And I think there’s something to be said about, you know, having another set of people in there, too. So there are some pros and cons in that, and there’s a ton of like you kind of fall into a groove here and you get comfortable. There’s like different people are bringing different things to the group and you’ve learned a lot of that from your group now. Like, there’s a lot there’s a lot of benefits to like maybe having that shuffle a little bit and having some new faces. And there were some different strategies, different ideas, different energy. Right? Shannon, talk to me. How has it been for you? What’s your experience been like in the group? It’s been great for a while. It was just two of us. Then we got a new member. So I think

[01:18:03] The three or four is probably good.

[01:18:05] I think more than that would take up because we try to keep it to an hour a week. But we were just talking about it today. We said it was ended up being just two of us today, but staying, you know that we’ve learned a lot from each other. We hold each other accountable and that, you know, we enjoy being together. But we also did talk about that. You always stay with the same people. You don’t get that feedback from others. So maybe mixing it up a little bit, maybe keeping too and switching out too or something like

[01:18:33] That and getting more then than the time zone

[01:18:36] To me is people kind of similar where they are and not just the years in it, because sometimes you could be matched with someone that’s in it as long as you, but doesn’t really know the process at all, or somebody that’s only been in it six months and knows the process inside and out. So it’s more, I think, where they are in the group. Matching that well is really helpful. Otherwise, the group is always pulling someone along who kind of doesn’t have any of the training. And you’re just write taking notes on that right now. So you know, you’ve got to do the training, you got to do the training. That’s what it seemed like. We had one person at a group and all we were saying a lot to get training. But but that’s been great. You know that we’ve all we’ve all been, you know, we hold each other. They say, Why didn’t you do it? You’re like, you got to do it the next week. So we have been really good with with hold each other accountable and and learn. And so we usually do that first. And then we kind of talk about problems that we have and we help each other on one one person, the groups working Warren G and B’s and one and the ones work. I’m working more on building a team to rank the sites. So and we’ve actually been using each other, one group. I’ve been using him more for telling me how to get the jobs, and I’m actually going to maybe bid out and my team is going to do some stuff for some of his clients.

[01:20:00] So we’re really building on on each other as well. That’s awesome. Yeah, it sounds like you guys have some some good momentum. And yeah, I’ve taken some notes here. So this I think this will be valuable for me as we restructure some of this stuff. So if you’re in a group, do we have to sign up again or will we automatically get put in one? Or is there a place we have to sign up? No, you have to sign up again because I’m not sure like what percentage of people like. I can’t just assume that everyone that’s going to sign up again, right? Yeah. Some people have like various personal things going on, and it’s definitely a commitment. Guys, it’s not like. But basically, the strategy is you kind of like, come up with and this goes into the goal planning, right? So you come up with the things that are important to you and what you’re committed towards, towards doing to, to reach those. Right. And there’s there’s a couple of things that I’ve been kind of going through with some training here. I’m actually going to just throw this in today. I was going to jump off here. But I think you guys, I think there’s some really valuable insight in here. Just give me one second. I was taking some notes on this earlier. Ok, so so. When you do stuff like this, guys, you’ve got to think about, think about your.

[01:21:21] What you’re going through in terms of kind of like seasons, right, where this is going to be like a sprint right, where I’m going to be like pushing hard and some of the you guys like we can do, we can do anything we really can if we put our minds to it, it’s. And what you need to think about is the cost that’s associated with what you want to accomplish, right? Like if I wanted to build ten websites by. And like the next 12 hours, I could do it. But what’s the cost? I’m going have to stay up all night, right? I’m going to be finding other people to help me build these sites, getting like paying all this money, like that’s the cost, right? A lot of you guys, you make these commitments to do something and you haven’t really calculated the cost. You haven’t thought through what it actually costs because everything that you do comes with a cost, right? So when the newness wears off. That’s where the cost really starts to take effect, and that’s why people quit because you didn’t think through what this actually cost, right? And still, this means you’re going to need to communicate with your significant other or, you know, your family, like, I’m making this commitment to do this and you’ve got to get on the same page. You know, you can’t expect your whatever it is, I’m going to go a significant other and you can’t expect your significant other to just kind of like stay on the same page.

[01:22:55] And this is a lesson that I’ve learned. I went through a personal development course about eight years ago. It was very valuable to me, but I did not. Prep my significant other for the cost of this. Hey, I’m going to spend a lot of time away from you, focused on this other stuff. She wasn’t ready for that right and it cost problems aren’t relationship at the time, and it was a valuable learning experience. But you need to prep them for this and let them know like, this is what I’m doing. This is going to be the cost. And like, if you’re going to make a big sacrifice, there has to be a light at the end of the table. There has to be like an end date, right? You can’t just like, have this, just like, Hey, this is going to go on forever, right? There’s going to be a time. So you need to make sure that you you kind of get that permission right and and that your guys are on the same page. So deal with it. Talk to them. Let them know. And that’s that’s part of this is like when you go through this with the people that aren’t really following through, you know, the like, you didn’t accurately. There’s a couple of things maybe you didn’t have clarity on what it would take to get there. So that’s kind of like a lack of preparation and organization. You didn’t consider the cost. Maybe the cost is that you’ve got to sacrifice this to get this.

[01:24:10] And is it worth it? Right. So I heard a really good quote. We’re getting ready to prepare for the next year. And one of the things I want you guys to think about is your priorities. As we do this, as we start to come up in your mind what the next 12 months are going to look like? Ask yourself. If I do all this stuff and I accomplish my goal and I reach my goal and I die in December. Am I going to be proud of of what I did? And if not, then maybe you’re not choosing the right priorities. And when you start to choose that right priority, then the cost is is worth it, right? So that could be like you. You want to make sure that you’re spending time with the right people. Is this if this is going to be like a short sprint where you’re going to make the sacrifice and you’re going to be away from the people you love? There better be a reason why you’re doing this on the other end or like, that’s not the right priority for you, right? So I don’t mean to like, make this thing like gloomy at the end of the call here. But like, this stuff matters and you need to think through it. And like the more clarity you can get on this and the better you understand the cost. And then you write it down and you’ve kind of got a plan and what you’re going to do, the better chance you’re going to get there.

[01:25:28] And it’s like there’s training that I was listening to today. They were talking about like the two questions. Let me let me find exactly how he had that phrase. It was really good. What is it like? You have this idea for your life? What is it look like and what does it feel like? Right. So sometimes you feel like you, you have this vision of what what it looks like and you get there and it’s like, this doesn’t feel like what I thought it would be, and this is what I want. So there’s a big difference between that and you want to make sure that it meets both of. Like, it’s got to feel like you want it to right? And that comes down to choosing the right priority, right? So. All right, guys. Hopefully, you guys, I know the chat looks like it’s popping up on my screen a lot. Ok. Importancia, save your call logs. Graham says you can’t draw like Ryan hanging out with gerbils and business. Thanks, Bob. Jeff, thanks all. Yeah. Appreciate you, Graham. I agree. All right. So you guys. Hopefully, I’ve given you guys some stuff to think about with this stuff, and this is a really important stuff. And as you build out this next year and as you kind of contemplate this and go towards the end of the year, make sure that you’re building things that matter. Think about the cost and we’re going to get into more of this next week.

[01:26:54] It’s going to be a little bit more organized and formal. Just some of the stuff I’ve been working through, some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about. But you guys got a week until now. We barely had any wins this week. I’m willing to reward people for their wins with with different things, right? We’ve got we’ve done different giveaways. So like, do what you guys need to do. I know, like we’ve got this week and then we’re going to have Christmas. So like, it’s almost like we have Christmas and we have New Year’s, and maybe it’s almost like we have one year or one week left in this year. That’s like one full week, right? So this is that week. So you guys maybe, maybe make a spread of it, depending on where you are. Make a big push. Let’s create some wins for next week. And you know, that could be just like, Hey, I sent out like 10 games this week for like Steven, that was one of the things he said he was struggling with, right? Look, you guys, you guys have an awesome week. Like I said, if you guys throw in the Facebook chat, if you like to take home the big takeaways that you guys got from this, and if there’s somebody else you think would benefit, just give them a tag. We appreciate you guys. You guys have a great week and we don’t see you next week. Have a great Christmas if you celebrate that. All right. Talk soon, everybody. Stay safe. Take care.

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[00:00:02] But a man. It’s.

[00:00:20] Right. We got people coming on. We got people. We’re live. Live from New York City. It’s Wednesday night.

[00:00:31] What’s going on, people? Was the energy? And well, we got Patrick’s got the best. I think the best situation going on right now between all of us. Well, I don’t know. It might be a hint, a toss up between Alfredo and Patrick, actually, he looks. Alfredo looks like he’s got a good situation going on there with a little one.

[00:00:55] Alfredo, yeah, look at that, he’s got like, he’s got a

[00:00:59] Dad, that’s a dad, do you look at that?

[00:01:02] Yeah, guys. My dad came early and she just got home from the nick unit. So super excited.

[00:01:09] Wow, man, that’s awesome. Congrats. Thank you. Thank you. Congrats, dude. Very cool, when was when was the baby born?

[00:01:16] So she was born November 1st and she was born at seven months, almost eight, so she checked into the NIC unit for about a month yesterday. A little over a month.

[00:01:30] Wow. Yeah. So she’s been good. That’s amazing, man. What? What an awesome ending to that, I know that must have been pretty stressful there for a while, but to finally have her home must feel amazing, right?

[00:01:43] Thank you. Yeah. Absolutely.

[00:01:46] Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re still looking for a name, but. Snap is actually a really good name for some. I’m just making a post here. Well, that that counts as a win, right? That’s it. That’s a big win. We’ll start off with some wins. I.

[00:02:06] Yeah. So I actually utilize the lead snap, Jeff, I send you a video question and I don’t know if you got it, but utilizing the least snap geo maps, actually, I’m about a skip hop and a jump. I just did it. The guy just finalizing the details. But I believe I got the the the job on Upwork based on the heat map, big time, the whole competitor, you know, showing where what you’re ranking, nothing, what your competitors are doing, what they have, what you don’t have.

[00:02:42] So pretty cool. Yeah, that’s powerful, man. It’s really powerful. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard that that story with its help people close a lot of deals. So that’s that’s awesome, man. And just in time, because it sounds like you’re going to have some more bills, maybe. Cool. Cool. All right, who else has got some wins? Mean, do you get your heat turned on?

[00:03:13] Yeah, it’s finally above 50 degrees, but the first night in the House.

[00:03:18] Yeah. Very cool. Very cool. All right. Anybody else in the group? I’d love to. I’m going to start this off each time. This way, I just want you guys. I want to try to create the environment where it’s easier for you guys to connect with each other. So throw in the chat where you guys are from and then maybe, maybe, maybe you’re in the same city or you’ll be going to that same place. Anybody that is in in New York City, assuming you’re not crazy, love to maybe possibly meet up while we’re here, we’re probably going to try to carve off, had a few people reach out to me. So I think we’re going to try to carve off a night to have a couple of drinks, maybe get some dinner as a group. We actually did that with with Devin in Vegas one time. This is really cool to connect with some people. Yeah, this is for me. This is awesome. This is a win. We’re here for five days. This is the first time I’ve ever been to New York City. So we we’re just a couple of blocks away from Times Square and we just walked over there, which is really cool. And I have been told that if I can make it here that I can make it anywhere, so this is going to be a it’s going to be a good test. The stakes couldn’t be higher, but I’m pretty excited. So, yeah. All right, Jeff, we got any more wins at any of the chats. You got this stuff locked down here. Jeff is muted, asked to mute. Jeff refuses to answer.

[00:04:53] I got three, I got real estate here, my mouse

[00:04:56] Doesn’t go fast. I know I got to get you another monitor over there, huh?

[00:04:59] Yeah, that’s that’s why I need another one. Yeah, I don’t see any other wins in the chat.

[00:05:07] Ok. But we’re not. We’re not a winning bunch this week.

[00:05:11] Yeah, I guess I would. I’ll just share how much I’m loving the heat map software. Honestly. I don’t know if anybody felt like this. I consider myself fairly new at this still. I’m only I’m only two years old with this, but honestly, there’s a lot of these things that we do because experts like Patrick and William and other people that we follow say these are the things that do and data shows to do this and do that. And and we’re all just guessing at this stuff like, honestly, a lot of it’s guessing looking to see what the data is. And it is so refreshing to finally see a lot of things that are paying off in almost the heat map software. And Patrick, maybe it’s just maybe it’s just me, but the heat, the heat map software, I mean, it’s showing improvements in short periods of time, like only five days. So I optimize the client’s GMB went over five days later, and we’re already seeing results happen just from that one activity. And it’s amazing to be able to go and post that on social media and then also send it to your client because it just builds like, honestly, I’ve struggled my whole time with building trust with people. It’s not that I don’t trust my skill set or having people in my back pocket that can help me. But it’s but it’s how do I? How do I besides talking? Show that they can trust me? And the heat map software is an automatic home run.

[00:06:47] Yeah, I mean, that’s awesome. It really it really paints the picture, it does a lot of different things, right? It paints a picture of how we’re doing. It gives us an action plan to kind of get hyperlocal with how to attack things, right? Which and I mean, and it keeps us it keeps us up to date on on things that are changing. We’re guilty within our own agency of not monitoring it enough. And, you know, we’ve been kind of building out some dashboards so that we can keep track of things, but it’s it’s absolutely killer. If you guys aren’t taking advantage of it, I highly recommend it. I know that a lot of people tune in who don’t have accounts, and you know, that’s cool. You guys are welcome. You guys are welcome to jump in here. But if you’re trying to grow this business, the point of creating these tools was they’re advantageous for us, right? And when you hear these these stories like Spencer and Alfredo like, this story is one. Even if you look on our site and look through the testimonials, there’s over a hundred of there and I would say probably seventy five percent of them are related to that heat map with with closing deals. So it’s a great thing this month. Anyone with account, we’ve got unlimited for the rest of the year, unlimited heat maps. So I encourage you guys to jump in it. You’ve got a free 15 days to use it. You can potentially close the deal in the first two weeks using using software.

[00:08:14] I see that there’s actually a few more wins. It looks like Graham how to win three K per month Client O client, he closed, which is awesome. Just kind of running through this where where everybody’s at? We got we got Chuck in written. Washington Alfredo is out in California with his new baby. Neal is down and enjoying the weather in Sarasota. We’ve got Devin, who is enjoying his new furnace, heat, gas, heat and Stillwater, Oklahoma. We got Sidney. Yep. All right, cool. We got the Patrick in the Bay Area, where the software has a built in GMB making help. I guess that’s Alfredo. I’m not. We’re talking about the heat map, right? So yeah, your ability to kind of see your rankings and then build a strategy based on those results. So that’s kind of what what we’re going through and I’m going to I’m actually going to go through some of that today because I know there’s been a lot of requests around the heat map and how to pitch it. So I’m going to do a little bit of that today. So, Alfredo, I know that you just signed up, man. We’re really, really excited to have you, man and have you be a part of the community. He says I have a few new questions about the CRM and onboarding. If you don’t have an account, you’re really missing out for real big time. Appreciate that, man. That’s that’s awesome to hear.

[00:09:37] Yeah, man. Just throw Alfredo, throw your throw your newbie questions in the chat. Anybody? Look, guys, we’re all at different spots, and one thing that I want with this group is it to be kind of judgment free. Obviously, there’s going to be topics that are going to be more focused on advanced techniques, and there’s going to be some that are intermediary and there’s going to be beginner stuff. We’re all kind of like at some spot in there. And I’ll tell you guys, you know, it was only like, it hasn’t even been six years. It’s been five years, five and a half years since I started this business. Like part of that, I had no business model at all with this right. So things can happen really quick. And we’ve been in a great spot for several years, and I don’t attribute that to like some superpower. It’s just like kind of hard work and not getting distracted by things and really kind of focusing down on things. And that’s something that we all have the ability to do. You don’t have to go to like be a brain surgeon to make brain surgeon money, right? Which is it’s kind of crazy. And I’ve met some of those guys and they’re completely stressed out. So loving this business model, it’s something that we can just kind of like do again and again. Once you get to five hundred dollars and, you know, like, hey, do the same thing, we get to a thousand do the same thing again to get to two thousand right.

[00:10:57] It’s just it’s that easy. We don’t have to make it so complicated, and sometimes it can get boring because it’s repetitive. But I’ll tell you what’s not boring is being able to travel around the world like this. Like, we’re here for five days and we’re going to Europe for a month. And this is the business model that kind of led us to do this. This business model bankrolled the software that you guys you guys are using to. So it can it can open up a lot of doors for you guys. We got Jeff from Austin, Texas. Jp, my last share client, sold his company last week, got two clients and about to launch a service company for a franchise that guys, that is a shaker and a mover. Guys, you guys need to connect with JP. We got grandmas literally walking out the door and doctor asked me to give him a Google review. One thing led to another. We know how that one goes. Yeah, it’s such a such a great opening. I did so I moved this last week and this company, public storage, they have all our stuff and they have like. Four point nine. Four point nine stars, four point nine stars, and they have like four hundred reviews in the place I thought was absolutely terrible. It was just like the worst experience and I left them a bad review and the next day I had to go in there.

[00:12:17] Like part of the reason that I didn’t like the place, I felt like there was like it was in the ghetto. And there’s like homeless people that were wandering through into the area. And I felt like one of them kind of like looked over my shoulder at my code and I was just like, This guy’s clearly staring, staring at the keypad. So I went in there to change my code, and they had my review printed out on the table. And they’re like, What’s your name? I’m like, Yeah, it’s Patrick Shannon. And then she like, picks this up, and she’s like, Oh yeah, we I saw your review, which was like a terrible I actually said that the staff was really nice and then they’ve gone so far to follow up. So today they called to find out like, I didn’t answer the call, but they called and left a voicemail about this. And it’s really I was really kind of impressed with their follow up for the review game. The some of the same problems still exists, but. They are just like some storage company, but what they’ve done is like public storage is all over the country, right? And they’ve put policies in place to make sure that things move forward and that they are kind of watching this and we can use this when you guys see stuff like this. It’s easy to just kind of let it go, but it’s it’s an example, and there’s reasons that places like this have been able to scale across the country, right? They’ve got structure in place.

[00:13:42] That’s what that’s the benefit of the franchises like what JP is talking about here is like franchises have solved the problem and we can use those as an example. And we need to be not only doing that in our business, but like having our clients follow some of this stuff, right with this platform that you guys have just sticking to reputation management. We hope to have our notification stuff back here in the next week or so. We’ve run into a number of bugs with the GB module that we’ve been kind of fixing. I know that sometimes there’s like some duplicates showing up, but like, you know, just a couple of small issues here. We’ve had a lot of big changes with getting the API back and things are different from Google. Pretty soon you guys were able to have notifications and I think it’s really smart. Especially like Spencer. I know that you’ve got your Google, my business or your reputation management. Spencer has been selling that a little bit like some of this, I think, should come with consulting, right? It’s easy to just like turn this, turn this on and be like, Hey, OK, you’ve paid for reputation management. You’re good to go. That’s one way to do it, and they’re not going to stick around if they’re not successful. And so having somebody on your team that’s kind of like paying attention to client success and monitoring this is a really important thing and it’s something that we haven’t really done in our agency.

[00:15:05] You know, I used to get these calls like I would get a call from one of our clients after a few months and it was like it kind of felt like I was playing Russian roulette because like the call would come in and I’d be like, I’d see the name and I’d be like, Oh, shoot, man, like this guy? Well, I have no idea what’s going on. Like this guy? Happy. Is he upset? And he’d be like, Hey, you guys are crushing it. This is awesome. Like, Oh yeah, yeah, I all that we’ve been. Your calls have been going up. That’s great, man. We’ve been working hard over here and, you know, we have to have this stuff monitoring. We’ve got it’s gone the other way, too. You know, we’ve had clients that reach out to us and are like. Hey, my leads have fallen off, and what you don’t want is you don’t want that to be news to you, right? You want to put stuff in place. I’ve talked about measuring things. These are the things that you guys have to measure and it takes discipline and it’s these little things that matter, right? Spending the time to plan out your week means that you get to be more productive during the week, right? Measuring things and paying attention to the numbers and guys like we hire the VA to do backlinks for us at all kinds of stuff like that.

[00:16:15] I’ve got people on my team that their job is to update like the metric sheets for us because I want that stuff all the time. I mentioned this to you guys two weeks ago. So our North Star metric that we’re going to be focusing on to start with is the amount of leads per paying client. I know that if I move that number up and I continuously move that number up, my business is going in the right direction, right? I don’t know that that will be what it is long term, but I know putting something in place and paying attention to it and measuring it, we’re going to increase it and everyone on our team is going to know what that number is, right? So the way we structured our team and this is important, like when you guys are building this, I know that one of the questions we wanted to go over was like how to scale this business? And I thought about this a little bit, and I thought about the time when we were going through things where we made a change that really made a difference. Ok. So one of those was like kind of like I was reading through these business books. I’ve mentioned these books, and I know a lot of you guys have read through them and it’s good to maybe reread things because the value of the book is based on like where you are at, like where you are mentally at the time you read it and you may not be ready for some of the books that I recommended.

[00:17:31] But going back through them, maybe you’ll be ready the second time, or maybe it’ll sink in deeper. So the May three it and traction and I started thinking about how my business was very flat and that’s probably how your guys, this is a lot of your eyes is right where whenever someone like whatever they are, they’re the backlink of their content writer. They’re all coming to you. So there’s like this level and then there’s you. Right? So that’s a problem if you want to scale this thing. If you want to pull yourself out of the business, you can’t be flat. So what you need to be looking for? And this is why I think it’s important when you’re hiring to do the logic test and that that type of stuff that I mentioned before, it’s like, get the right person in there and it may not. It may be that like based on their results, that they’re a little bit overqualified for what you need them. So one of our managers who is on our team we hire, I hired him to do like. Boring, repetitive stuff and. I didn’t like that like that was going to be his initial test, right, and I’m always hoping that someone is is way more than that, and that was the case with this person. And I was like, I’ve got to get this person into a management position.

[00:18:41] So now we have three managers in our agency that delegate and they handle a lot of this stuff. And we do a meeting every Monday and we go over the issues that we’re having. We talk about what was done during the week. We celebrate our wins, right? We have like they, they really. And I do too. But there’s like a social like the first ten minutes is just social. It’s not really work. Talk like, what did you do? Let’s just like make sure that we’re connecting as people. Right. And I encourage you guys, I’ve told you guys this time and time again, I know some of you guys are new, though I treat these, treat these people like people, treat them like humans. Like when you do that, then you can really start to build something because people are not going to want to work for you. If you’re kind of like treating even that name like a VA. Like, I had a conversation with our team about a month ago and I’m like, Let’s stop using that name within our within our company, our team members, these are people VA’s. There’s to me, there’s this kind of like disposable connotation to towards it, which like, yes, the people that were hiring from these overseas, there’s a lot of people waiting in line that would love to get these positions behind them, but that doesn’t mean that we need to treat them that way. Right. So getting these people and then making sure that the communication lines are open.

[00:20:01] I was talking about this in our Monday call two days ago. Like, you should have almost like a bottom up. We’re like, the feedback is coming up right from whoever the people that are like doing your backlinks, you talk to them like, what can we do to improve the system? A lot of the stuff that has improved our business has come by creating those communication lines. You need to make it clear that these people are not going to be punished. You’re not going to have to kill the messenger attitude. They point out something. There’s an issue you need to kind of bite your tongue and thank them for pointing this out. Like it’s time and time again. People have brought things to my attention that like. Shit, I did not want to hear that that is awful, but it needed to be said and I’ve got a team in place that understands this dynamic enough. And it’s like, it’s not a me versus the world, like it’s a culture that we’re all kind of like working on this together, and that’s something that has to be built. That leadership is important and it’s got to come from the top down. But you have to respect everyone from the bottom up, right? That makes sense. So I see some questions rolling in here and I see Spencer. I just got off a call like this. I don’t Spencer. I don’t know what I’ve been over here rambling for ten minutes. I’m not sure what

[00:21:22] You’re just talking about. Your tongue about that call that where you’re kind of, oh, you’re not sure if it’s going to be a positive or a negative call. Yeah, this client I, we’re we’re behind due to that virus in Pakistan with my team, we’re behind on the site build and he didn’t communicate in the best I could through through Messenger. And then he called. I missed his call and I dreaded calling him back because I was like, Oh shit, is this guy pissed about that? He’s like, Oh bro, I wasn’t even talking about calling him, talk about that. I was calling because Google is calling like, What do you mean? Google is calling? Yeah, because and it was really just people calling because they’re now finding him on Google after a B optimization. So it was a positive call, but I I dreaded it just like yourself.

[00:22:04] Yeah, that’s that’s like, that’s feedback. Like, if you guys are in that situation and your stomach turns when you see that that number come in, then like. There’s an issue, and I’m not saying that we haven’t had that issue or we don’t have that issue, but it’s like, first thing is identify it, the next thing is like, what are you going to do to fix it, right? We’ve got I’ve got Jeff on my team and he’s touching base with our clients on a monthly basis, and I didn’t have time to do that. And when we started having him do that, he was able to expand the revenue of our existing clients quite a bit. Right? He like one client, the client. We had a client for fifteen hundred dollars a month that’s now paying us thirteen thousand dollars a month. And that was like a lot of Jeff’s effort from like cultivating that relationship, talking to them, knowing where we are. He monitors the stuff. One of the things that we’re building out, I mentioned this in in the previous calls is we’re building out a reporting system because I’ve identified this in my agency. This weakness of the reports will you can schedule them, you can have them be emailed to branded all sorts of different things. You can control the frequency of when those go out and you can build it from different pieces across the entire system, right? Which is awesome because it’s like we have this software that has all these different pieces and a lot of them are related.

[00:23:28] But building out recording that is going to kind of blend this stuff and put it right in front of you based on what matters to you and how comparison built into it, I think is going to be huge. I don’t really know of other software that’s out there. That’s like doing this where it’s like, here’s your heat map average for these like six companies versus what it was a month ago or 12 months ago. If I want to see like whatever the phone calls it leads all this stuff. Here’s your Google Analytics job putting that all in one place and allowing you guys kind of customize and build this report. I know it’s something that we need desperately in our agency, and I think as you guys scale, you get past like 10 and 20, 30, 50 a hundred sites. It gets hard to keep track of these things and have like. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. It’s one hundred percent important. And the lack of information is why your stomach turns when that call comes in. Because if you know your numbers and you know everything is cool, then like, you’re like, OK, this guy is calling up to compliment, I know he’s happy, right? Or you’re you’re you’re initiating the call before it happens where it’s like, Hey, I know that your lead count has gone down. I just want like, if they hear it from you first. There’s a lot of like trust, and they’re assuming that you’re proactive because you noticed it and reported it to them, right? So, yeah, really important stuff.

[00:24:50] Ok, cool. Patrick, can you talk about how you qualify potential client on the phone to find out if you want to work with them, like the business owner? What can the business owner handle more calls? So here’s what I’ve learned is you’re going to run into a bunch of different business owners, and it’s really. So like playing poker for a living for 10 years, like a lot of times I can identify, I’m like, This seems like this person is not the right person. Like, it’s just like there’s a a feeling, but a lot of times I’m wrong still. And and so when we’ll talk a good game and, you know, I might have my doubts, but really what happens is like we find out like when it’s time to pay and during the trial, are they answering the phone? Right. And it’s, you know, with with getting a lot of our clients from referrals, I think we get a lot more qualified clients. They come in trusting us, their established business owners. Some of the things I look for are how many years they’ve been in business, how many people they have on their crew. I like to look at the reviews. I want to talk to them. I like to ask them why they’re doing this. Like, why did you start this business? If they have a big why and they’re clear on it and they have a vision of where they want to go, I love to hear that like this person is like, Hey, I want to take over the town if they have references that are, if they’re like, talking about the impact that they have on people.

[00:26:21] I think that’s a really good sign, right? If they’re talking about like I’ve been growing and like, like we’ve we’ve had a lot of we’ve had a lot of referrals that are coming in and it’s been word of mouth and we’ve continued to grow. Those are good signs, right? Because they’re probably doing something right. You know, if you start sending them calls and they’re not answering those calls, then then that’s an issue, right? If they’re. It’s it’s kind of like hard to. You just kind of you start to get you start to just kind of start to smell it a little bit, I guess is like a good way to say it when I was playing poker for a living. There would be people that would sit down and I could just kind of look at them and I’d be like, That person probably doesn’t belong here, right? Just like, you kind of have to get some reps under your belt before you can really start to feel it. Jeff, I think this is an area that that you that we’ve kind of worked on a lot. Do you have anything you want to contribute to this? Your thoughts on how you’re qualifying, people?

[00:27:24] Yeah. You know, I trying to go for

[00:27:28] Bigger, bigger

[00:27:29] Players. I mean, the fact is that we have assets that are going to require a higher level business business owner and others that are kind of run of the mill and not so exciting. The lead value is much lower and all of that. So it kind of depends on what I’m prospecting for. But overall, I’m trying to go for, you know, business owners that have the ability and the desire to expand. So that’s a real tough one, especially in today’s market. I mean, just the way everything has played out, it’s made it really tough for these guys. But I know I’m talking to the wrong person if they’re like, Well, I don’t like paying for these leads. If I’m already maxed out and I can’t, I can’t handle the business. It’s like, Well, I mean, that’s your problem. You hire like, I’m not going to hire employees for you. You know, you figure that part of it. I’m just here to give you leads. So it’s really kind of a mindset. And like Patrick said, an intuition like, I’m more inclined to give people a shot because I have a lot of responsibilities that I’m trying to fulfill and I can’t get stuck on it. If it’s whatever the if it’s like something high end, it’s producing a lot. I’ll spend a lot more time on that. If it’s lower end, it’s not really producing that much. I’m just trying to get kind of a warm body in there so that somebody is taking the leads and kind of cultivate them. As we come up, I’ll give it a little bit less attention and and maybe I don’t find the right person right off the bat, but I’m I’m working harder on the stuff that’s higher, that’s higher level and producing.

[00:29:04] So I have to weigh all those things and kind of be as productive and, you know, add to the bottom line as best as I can in the given moment. So, you know, that’s that’s the real benefit of being able to work with somebody like Patrick and the agency is that we have enough assets to sell. That one is not going to kill us like we lost a pretty big client last month. And it’s like at the end of the day, it all just kind of like washes out. We’ve got a couple of new ones. We lost one. Like, whatever you’re not, you don’t have just three websites. You have three hundred. It really gives you a lot more breathing room when something goes wonky and a client blows out on you, which you know a lot of clients we have we’ve had for several years and before I came on with Patrick long before that. But overall, we’re trying to grow as much as we can, and we have a lot of stuff that’s in inventory that needs to be sold. So it’s just a matter of really tuning in to what the business owners are dealing with right now. And you know, you have the right kind of person if they’re like, well, you know, if they start talking about how they’re hiring and yeah, I’m having trouble, but I’m going to figure it out, then, you know, you’re kind of talking to the right type of person if they’re making excuses or playing victim or whatever. And they’re just like, Well, I just don’t see how to make the numbers work. It’s like, Well, then I don’t see how to have a

[00:30:33] Relationship with you, you know, actually, yeah, you guys, I think it’s important to always be on the lookout for that victim mentality. You’re going to notice it like when you’re hiring and when you’re looking for the client. It’s just someone who is not going to be geared up for success when they’re making excuses with whatever like, it’s like it’s like if the person has a brilliant interview. But I pick up on some victim mentality. There’s like zero spot for them. It’s just something I don’t tolerate at all in my life, in my company. And I put myself inside of a bubble where when I hear it, it’s like, Whoa, it’s shocking that that exists and it kind of like, takes me back. But you’ll pick up on these clients, these clients that are you. Something doesn’t go their way and they’re like, immediately assigning blame. Then it’s like it’s going to drip into their entire life, you know, and there’s going to be problems.

[00:31:33] It’s kind of it’s kind of crazy. Like, it’s almost you have to like coach your client like, hey, you need to get ready for growth. It’s like they can’t envision. Like, I remember, one of my first clients was a garage door guy in Kansas City. It was just him. And under a year I. Took him to like nine or 10 trucks, and he was just like blown away like he he never envisioned, ever hiring extra technicians, a full like call center staff like nothing. It’s almost like I had to like, show him like the huge picture of like that growth. It’s just it’s a weird concept for a lot of business owners for some reason.

[00:32:10] Yeah, you these guys, maybe a lot of you guys fallen in the same boat before you got started with this, where you can’t see a bigger picture and they don’t believe in themselves enough. And I love that if you’ve got some like scrappy business owner who’s an underdog and it’s like he’s got a while, just do whatever it takes to be successful, then like, I will be super patient with that person because ultimately what we’re doing is not just like trying to make as much money as possible, we’re trying to have an impact on these people and those are the people that I love. We had a guy in in Raleigh a few years ago, and when he hired us, he threw his last fifteen hundred dollars into his mark. That was that was his all his money. And I was like, I’m never going to let this dude down, like, we’re going to just absolutely kill it for this guy. This truck was getting repossessed and he was going to get forced out of his apartment. And, you know, it must have been eight or 10 months later. He had like three trucks and he was he. I think since then he’s bought a house like for himself, like everything is changed, and sometimes you just get that sense from these people that they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it work.

[00:33:23] And I would encourage you guys to have their back in that situation. And you know, I get it. If you have zero dollars and you got leads coming in, you don’t want to wait on this person. But you know, maybe in the beginning you’ve got to make some different decisions. But as things move on, like when you stop, when you start really focusing on the impact, that’s where you start to get a lot of referrals and that’s where you start to crush it for these people. And then like, you get to bigger numbers a lot faster if that’s where your mindset is. That’s what I’ve learned is like. It’s just like when you’re trying to make a sale and you’re desperate, like, that’s a much harder sale than when you walk away. We had a guy and I want you guys to take from this. So like I was on Williams call and he asked one of the one of the people on the call asked how poker had contributed to. Business, and I thought about it a lot in the past, but it has contributed a lot and that doesn’t mean I don’t encourage you guys to do this, but let’s talk about some of the stuff.

[00:34:22] So we had a guy this week. My brother in law, he he has a pool cleaning company in Vegas and never a niche that I would want to go into, but I did it for him. And then he decided at some point he made a lot, a series of really good decisions. We’re like, it’s just not worth his time to do that anymore. But now we have the site and it’s just been it’s like one of the worst in our portfolio because it’s in this pool cleaning niche. And this guy, we’re just trying to get paper lead on this thing because it produces leads and I don’t want to throw them away. And Jeff and I were kind of like going back through this guy. Jeff came over to Nashville and was hanging out for a week. And so originally, this guy says he’s not closing any deals, which like this is where you need to like, put your thinking cap on and like, does this ring true to you, pool cleaning? That is a very easy thing. He’s he’s not selling cars, right? He’s not he’s not selling like swimming pools or space shuttles. He’s. Can you be the person that appears to be competent? These people are not going to shop around for a long time for their pool cleaner.

[00:35:27] It’s almost the same service. They know how much it costs. It’s always going to be like between like 80 and a hundred and twenty dollars for like a residential like, that’s probably like ninety five percent. Like, there’s not going to be a lot of shopping around. This guy’s really good on the phone. Right. That was another thing that we we knew that he was great on the phone, so it wasn’t making sense that he wasn’t closing deals. Right. So Jeff and I are talking and this guy is like, Hey, I want to pay. We were trying to get twenty five dollars per week for the for the leads in the pool cleaning. And this guy says, I want to pay twenty five dollars for a closed deal and I’m like talking to Jeff. Jeff and I are sitting on my couch discussing this like, like, first of all, if he’s doing a close deal, the number is going to be much higher. And like he’s saying, he’s not closing, which we didn’t believe. And then we’re like, OK, that’s like Jeff, I don’t know. You had the conversation with them. What did you end up telling them? You told them like, Hey, this is not the right deal. What was the phrasing on how you deliver that message to him?

[00:36:30] Well, let me check my text because I was like, forty eight hours ago, I said

[00:36:35] It was something. It was something to the effect of We’re not the right. Like, That’s cool, man. This is what it is. We’re going to walk away. And when you’re desperate, you can’t have that. And these guys are going to bull you and push you around if they think you’re a beginner. And I actually asked Jeff, like in the middle of this conversation that he’s texting. I was like, Does this guy think we’re amateurs? And then Jeff’s response was, he doesn’t anymore because we were just, like, walked away. We’re just like, All right, we’re like, You’re not the right person for for us. And then like, the next day, this guy reaches out. Ok, so I love to hear what are your guys thoughts? Just throw them in the chat. What are your guys thoughts of this at this point? Because in my mind? Like, it was crystal clear what was going on. So this guy, this guy says he’s not closing weeds, we say he’s not the right person. Then he he he reaches back out, what’s the assumptions that we can make, right? This guy is lying. It’s clear as day to me that this guy is like, why is he reaching back out if he’s not closing deals? There’s no value in this. And then he’s still pushing for. He’s still he’s still pushing for a closed deal, which is like, OK, why does he care that we’re walking if if he’s not closing any deals and us walking away from him, it doesn’t matter because he’s not got any value from it, right? But he reached back up to now we know that he’s lying like that. In my mind, I was like, You’re a liar. Like instantly that decision and I feel certain about it. And then I think, Jeff, did he come back again or like? Well, he said,

[00:38:16] We had a bunch of witty banter back banter back and forth. And then he says, Oh, OK, thanks. Thanks, anyway. Good luck on your search. If things change, let me know. Happy holidays!

[00:38:24] So I said, no worries. Happy holidays. And then the next day he’s like, now, roughly how many

[00:38:29] Leads are we looking at? About a month for season versus non season? That’s what Patrick and I were talking. So then I told him that and he’s like, Well, can you do less on the leads that don’t close? And then I just said, now, like, you know, we only we only do per lead deals on a couple of things. I had already told him we we generate leads nationwide and kind of qualified us as a higher level player. And he hasn’t come back since then.

[00:38:56] So mostly I don’t like I don’t want anything to do with this guy at this point because he’s like, like he showed his hand. Essentially, he he was like. I don’t trust them. I don’t I don’t trust them any more, and like, there’s no easy way to answer your question about how to qualify people. So I think kind of giving some examples and looking at the logic and the mindset of what we’re looking for, right? So let’s do like here’s a here’s an example, right? There’s a lot that can be like, this is what this is like. This is like really related to poker, but this is the sum of the value that I pulled through this that I apply to to my life on a regular basis. Let’s say you’re like driving through like a nice neighborhood and you see a steak in the front of someone’s yard, like a with a with a big, thick chain on it. Right. So you’re probably going to think like this. This house has like a backyard, obviously, because this neighborhood’s nice. So you probably think like, OK, this person has like a dog, right? That’s your first thing is like, there’s there’s a dog here. So like, what I encourage you is to take this deeper and deeper with your with how you’re looking at things with your business, especially with your clients. Sit there and spend some time and think about the implications of this. So this is a big steak. So this is probably a big dog, right? And it’s in the front yard instead of the backyard. So this person probably wants people to know that they have a dog, which means there’s probably somebody inside.

[00:40:24] There’s something that they value inside their house also means they probably don’t have an alarm on their house, right? We can take this like, really, really deep. And when someone exposes information like this to you, in your business, in one of your clients and you’re having these conversations, just take some time and think about it. You’ll get better at this stuff over time. But there is so much information that’s a part of this sales process that is like it’s hard to teach because of this. I think there’s a lot of information that you guys aren’t always deducing from. And if you just kind of like, practice this again and again, then like when this guy said that, like, I don’t know Jeff, if it was obvious to you, but as soon as he said it, I was like, Nope. Like, that’s that’s bullshit. This guy is like, This guy’s done right. We’re done with him. And I think some of you guys, you’ll chase that guy for a little while. You’ll go back and forth and like, you’re not. And that’s part of the client. Qualification is being able to to kind of smell that and it’s going to take some reps, right? So that’s kind. We’re going full circle back to the beginning. It’s going to take some reps to be able to do that. But one of the things that that I am like in love with right now is quote that I heard a while ago. It’s like like learning doesn’t come from experience. It comes from the reflection of experience, and you get to choose how long you reflect on that. So when something’s happens, take your time. This is why I like writing about it, journaling about it, thinking about it.

[00:41:45] You can you can learn so much faster and don’t just like, throw it away. Ok, cool. Oh. So, Jeff, you saying if he’s on home HomeAdvisor and call his profile? Yeah, I there’s a lot of different fun stuff we could do with this guy, but I’ve got to I’ve got to move on from this guy. And, you know, I don’t know, maybe when I’m when I’m super wealthy, I can just play games all day, but I’ve got some pretty aggressive, pretty aggressive goals. Jp, I’d love to talk to you, man, and I know that we have. What do we got? We got about 15 minutes left. All right. Jp, I know that you kind of got a different mentality on how you’re running the same business model, and this is not something that we had planned. So if you’re not cool with this, JP also has a a discord channel. It’s a paid channel. There’s a lot of really cool stuff that’s going on in there. I saw he made a post the other day, and I don’t know if you guys are contributing to this. We’re like, it’s hard to keep up with questions that are that are coming in where people are asking you different levels. So I’m not requesting that you guys go and try to like drill him for additional advice after the call. Like, he may be nice enough to answer that, but he has a program. It’s really, really cheap. You can jump in there. There’s chat going in there, like all the time with, with great information. So I hope that was cool, that I shared that JP.

[00:43:15] Yeah, it’s fine.

[00:43:16] Ok, so let’s talk about some of your processes. What? What are some of the. You go and JP doesn’t build websites. You basically just like has a standalone GMB, right? So you set up your GMB. What are some of the what are some of the high level things that that you do as a part of your ranking process for getting the results that you’ve gotten with these with these KPIs?

[00:43:40] What’s my process to rank them?

[00:43:43] Yeah, like, like for us, we’re we’re we’re building out our our GMV and then we’re always trying to get reviews, we get a bunch of citations. We’re basically using keywords within our within our reviews. We build links. We’ve built links directly to the GMB in the past. These are some of the things we’ve done. We geotagged the photos in the past. We’ve named the photos we’ve had. Like on our websites, we’ll add pages to the website that talk about the like areas within the heat map that we really want to target. I’m just curious as to some of the stuff that that you might be doing that we’re not doing that you think is really valuable that you’re willing to share with with the group?

[00:44:26] Sure. So my whole methodology for ranking is something that I call it TLC. It stands for traffic links and content. You can have one more than the other. But lately I’ve been focusing on content. So Google has something called Google justifications, where if you’ve ever seen like if you do a search and you’ll see like an icon that says it’s pulling from products or it’s pulling from services or it’s pulling from your website. Those are the main things that I’m focusing on right now. I haven’t built a citation or a press release for geotag for probably like two years. Mm hmm. So that’s kind of been my main focus. I can’t really get into a lot of like my review process just because the FTC is kind of knocking down on people right now. I don’t really want to share that.

[00:45:16] I don’t. I’ve kind of done the same thing. I know that that people have asked me how we get our reviews and stuff. So like when you have a client, you have the reputation management to bring it in and then I never teach people anything before that. But like obviously finding a way to get reviews. Yeah, I

[00:45:36] Would say for reviews like you have to coach your your customers, like, hey, if you if your technician goes on site to a customer, ask for the customer to leave a review asking them like what city they were in, what type of service that they ordered from you, and then to leave a photo in the review. So that way it’s a little bit more natural and you’re getting the information that you want. Another thing, too, like people freak out about one star reviews and like, Oh my god, this is going to hurt my reputation. You’d be surprised how many fucking keywords customers are throwing in. Those one star reviews are lighting this big, long paragraphs like don’t don’t get rid of those because those reviews are probably actually helping you out with your rankings, right?

[00:46:17] They also make it look more organic, too. If you have like, the storage place I was talking about, that is terrible, but they have three hundred and ninety seven five star reviews and like no other ones. It doesn’t look real.

[00:46:30] So a lot of my stuff to feel like I have my own test network, I have about two hundred listings in a fake city in the Midwest. I’ve had since twenty thirteen, so I use that for testing different things. But I don’t do like a lot of the normal stuff that people teach, like, geotag and I haven’t done geotagging in probably three years. I haven’t done citations in quite a while. Sometimes I deal with citations if it’s like a pretty big city. But for someone like the suburbs of cities, I don’t build anything. So most of it is live content with my site. I usually just use the free site that they give you.

[00:47:03] Google site Yeah. So I’ve noticed just kind of through my own research and playing around a lot of those Google sites, they they end up ranking really well, like and they’re like, not much to, you know?

[00:47:17] Yeah, I’ll give everyone a hit in order for you to kind of help you rank some of those. If you bold the text where you would normally put like an H2, but that will help you. Hmm.

[00:47:30] Yeah, so look, guys, you guys want more of the stuff you might want to check out. Check out JP’s thing if he’s willing to let you guys in. It’s a really cool, cool group of people. They seem like they’re really good about.

[00:47:43] We got about maybe two hundred people in there. Ok, awesome.

[00:47:47] All right. So as promised, I want to. I want to dive into the heat map and give some strategies that that I would do for pitching this. And I’ve done this a few times, but let’s do it again. I will share my screen.

[00:48:04] And. It always disappears. All right.

[00:48:10] Can you guys see my screen? Yep. All right, cool. We got my chat on here, hold on one second. Let’s get that out of the way. All right, cool. All right. So one of the best strategies, I think, is to go inside groups and to kind of like. Find somebody that is a shaker and a mover inside the group, somebody that is. Contributing a lot of value, right, so I have this Facebook group that I’ve been in, and it just serves as a good example. Let me pull this up on another screen. Real quick one second, guys. So. You like the key in the strategy, and I think Spencer’s been using this, and Spencer actually did this to the point where his account got it. Exactly. Remember what happened? Your account got like partially banned or something, he said. Is it his Facebook account? He sent me a message on Facebook saying his Facebook account got banned, so I was confused. But I think maybe his ability to post in groups.

[00:49:12] Yeah, that’s that’s what happened, Patrick. So normally in the past, Facebook will give you a little bit of a warning that you’re spamming groups and they didn’t. So, combined with posting for grabs and some certain city by cell trade groups is trying to get addresses. As well as using this strategy, I got banned for about two weeks from posts in groups. Yeah. Your first occurrence is like twenty four hours and then it goes to like three days and then seven days and then like 30 days. This is a 14 day ban and it was I mean, it’s been months since I got banned previously, probably a year. Oh, wow. Yeah, I’m on my fourth account, so

[00:49:59] They’re getting more more aggressive with their penalties, huh? I am trying to find this group. Ok, here’s one home adviser pros. Ok, so this is a group that I don’t really know a lot about, there’s twelve thousand people in here, though, so I like to find groups like this. And so this is Home Advisor pros, right? So these are, I think, people that are working for this terrible company, HomeAdvisor, and they’re like kind of sharing their experience. I’m not sure how it play out in this group, but we’ll just use this as an example. So this guy right here, I’m just randomly picking someone. So here’s what I would want to do. I would want to do some research and pay attention to the group chip in value here and there. Like like how they lead up to doing this too would probably be good. So if I was going to interact with this. I guess this is RR. So backwards, this RR drywall, so maybe like I will like make some compliments on this stuff and look, this RR drywall guy is actually pretty active in this group, it looks like. So this is going to be a good one. Like, just like, do it in a way that don’t be all cheesy about it and be like, Hey, man, that’s really it’s just like awesome drywall, right? Like, don’t don’t do it that way, but get in there and compliment him.

[00:51:28] Like, this is awesome work. It looks like it looks like you have a good team like something like this. So I like just try to kind of like disguise them a little bit and they don’t want to do. And I’m going to go and I’m going to find out more about this guy, right? So he’s got one hundred and twelve people. He looks like he’s based out of Arizona. We’ve got his email address that looks like a real email address to me, which is that’s pretty cool. There’s probably. I guess that’s probably his phone number there. Like, I don’t know how big this company is, but I’m going to assume that they’re a good company just for this demonstration. Ok, so I’m going to find this, guys. I’m going to find out some information about them. We’ve got his website here. I’m going to open this up and I’m going to look at his website and. I would go through and read a little bit about his company or a drywall has its base out of Maricopa, Arizona. I think it’s like the entire it’s like the place that people live inside Phoenix that’s not out in the middle. Nowhere is like this massive county called Maricopa. I’m just kind of trying to get a little bit more information if I could find out the person’s name.

[00:52:37] That would be great because I love to refer to the name in the video that I’m going to make from this. So what I’m going to do when I get this information. Here are some testimonials you could reference this. It’s only one, though. Just a little weird. I don’t know why you make a testimonial page with four one, but. We’ll just assume he’s got more and that he is good at what he does, and that’s kind of what I’m trying to zone in on, so then I’m going to go to Google.com Maps and I’m going to get this guy’s. I want to get this, guys. Here we go right here. You saw it there for a second, the stucco Maricopa, Arizona. Ok, so this is his business. He’s got 20 reviews on here. So here’s like this is great because we can actually let him know that we’ve done our research when we build this video out and let like, Hey, man, I sold it. Your testimonials page has only one review, but you actually have like 20 reviews on Google. You’ve got to get those on there, man. It’s hard to get 20 good reviews like you’ve done, so let’s take advantage of that and make sure that gets on your site.

[00:53:51] What’s that? So great business name.

[00:53:54] Yeah, no kidding. So I’m going to copy this and I’m going to get his. I’m going to get his heat map URL, right? So I’m going to be running this and. It’s going to take a minute for us to run, as you guys know, we have no priority. So just so when you guys paste the shared link up there, it’s going to redirect. So you’ve got to wait a minute. But once we do, we’ll go back in here and I’ll go over to this heat map area and. We will switch over to map your URL, because that’s what I have. If I had added my GMB to the system, then I could choose them from the dropdown. But that is not the case. You guys want a shortcut. You can always just like, right click on this and we’ll take you to the Google Maps thing. So drywall contractor is probably going, I’m not in this niche, but I’m going to assume that’s going to be a good keyword to ring for. Ok, and I’m going to set this up as a one mile. 13 by 13. Ok, so that’s the grid he’s kind of like. Down south. And one thing that’s important to know, like especially like certain cities like Phoenix. People do not like to drive all the way across the city unless they’re like. This is not how it works. It’s like kind of like LA. It’s like it’s too far. It takes too long. Maybe this is where his business is ranking.

[00:55:19] I know this area right here and there’s like no people in this area, so I’m actually going to make this a little bit bigger and I’ll just assume that he’s going to go after this area over here, especially as you start to go a little bit north and get into like Chandler. There’s a good amount of people in here, and I just want to make sure that I’m including that. Ok, so that’s the area. This is no longer one mile between the grid that we had set because I’ve changed the size of the grid and it’s still using the same number of points. So there’s more space between the grid now. So I want to start this and I’m going to let this run. So here’s what you want to do. Is you when you go, why this thing’s running, you want this when you go back to the group, what you’re going to do is you’re going to think this person for their contributions to the group and say, like, Hey, let’s pretend that this guy’s name is Ricky for this RR drywall. So Ricky, look, I’ve seen you in this whole advisory group and you’re always like sharing your wins and it’s inspired me and I wanted to give something back to you. And I don’t want anything for this. I’m not. I’m not looking for anything. I just wanted to give you like, we’re headed into Christmas. I wanted to give you a gift man for what you’ve done for the group to make the group better.

[00:56:35] This is important because this is a pattern interrupt from other marketers. Other marketers are trying to pitch and they’re asking for something. Don’t do that. Do this make it seem like you’re just like giving value when you give enough value. I think it was JP who said this on a call a few weeks ago. When you’ve given up value, it’s amazing how people will just like, line up to try to pay you for this. Ricky is not going to suddenly, if you teach him all the different things that are necessary to improve his rankings, Ricky is not going to like, put the drywall down and go like Master SEO, like this guy is like he’s a drywall guy. He like a lot of these people. They know how to check their email and browse the internet a little bit. That’s like you start talking about like this other stuff, you’re going to lose them in the weeds. So like, they’re not going to go and recreate this, and this is why it’s also important for you to. Not get to like techie. Right? The Heat, the beauty of the heat map I, Spencer was saying, is like, it’s really easy for business owners to like, know what’s what and we leave it with that and maybe we can go through and look, it looks like this RR guy is he’s doing pretty good so far, right. This is a pretty big area. I think it’s going to start to fall off up here.

[00:57:52] His Google, my business was down here somewhere. Ok, so we don’t. Also, what you don’t want to do is don’t insult them, right? Like it’s you start to see someone that’s not doing very well. It’s it’s kind of like an art to make sure that they know that you’re coming from a place of like help and not like, Hey. This sucks, man, you guys are doing terrible. That’s not really what you want to do, right? We can talk about how the the good rankings have influenced whatever. And if you guys have calls in your if you’re in this niche and another city and you’ve done well, then like, that’s a huge advantage because you can use those results. And I would encourage you to do that. And I would say, like, Hey, here’s how we’re ranking and this other city. Here are the phone calls that are associated with this ranking. Here’s how you are ranking in this city. It’s easy for us to like, understand that you’re missing out on a lot of these phone calls because of that lack of ranking, right? So making these like very easy connections for these people is like, you need to say the obvious don’t just like rely on them to come to every conclusion with this thing. Right. So we can see this. As I mentioned, this is the more populated area this down here where he’s ranking really well. And this is why I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to just circle around his like middle of the desert area where no people live, because then it’s like he he maybe has all once just in that area.

[00:59:23] But like, honestly, it’s not going to really do like I can bring something out in the middle of the desert, and it’s not. I’m not going to have anyone call, right, just because there’s ones there, but you need to be ranking well in these populated areas and we can see that it’s falling off pretty, pretty strong right now. So the fact that Ricky is posting inside of this home advisory group and sharing his wins, this is a guy that wants to grow his business. That’s my first assumption is like, this guy cares about things. He’s trying to push things, he’s trying to let people know what he does. He has like pride of work because he’s sharing the pictures of the stuff, right? There’s a lot of assumptions that we can make from that. Ok, so now we’ve got this, this grid and this is what my pitch would look like. Hey, Ricky, I saw you in the Home Advisory Group. I’ve been watching this for a long time. I’ve I don’t know if you’ve noticed I’ve commented, I’ve been impressed with you, man, and that’s something that that doesn’t come easy. So what I’m doing there is like, you need to constantly be positioning yourself right and little phrases and little like mindset. Things like this is like, that’s something that doesn’t come easy. Like, let them know, like, let them know like, and there’s a lot of this positioning that has to take place every step of the way.

[01:00:34] And it’s a hard thing, but you need to think about the implication of the things you say in these sales calls and what it means. Right. So, OK, so Ricky, I wanted to help you out. Like I said, it’s it’s almost Christmas time you’ve helped out a lot of people in the group. That’s obvious. It’s time for you to get something back. I don’t want anything in return. I just want to give you some, some tips, some things that have worked really well for us. It’s not even important that Ricky knows that you’re a marketing company. I would almost leave that out like he can come to his own conclusions on that on that piece, and it will build more trust and more value if you just like. If you make this seem like it’s all about a gift and don’t try to like, subtly sneak in there that you’re a marketing company because then that just like. Like the gate like that, just like changes the whole tone for him, right? Ok, so what this is, this is a tool that we that we use to really improve our rankings and a few different areas. So this will like this is for the Google my business area. And if you’re not familiar with that, if I do a search for drywall, it’s one word, right, drywall contractor near me.

[01:01:43] This is the Google my business area. This is the most important area to rank for local search. So this changes quite a bit as you move across the city. And what I’ve got here is I’ve taken your company there. It looks like you guys are kind of like in the southern part of Phoenix and RR Drywall LLC. So I found your Google, my business listing and I ran it through our tool, right? And I did it for the term drywall contractor. And this is how you are ranking. As we move across the city. So I would imagine you’ve positioned things down here because you’re always going to rank better next to where you put it. So you can see there’s only three spots in this. In this, they call this the map. The map pack, right? There’s only three spots in this map pack. And this area down here, you’re in the map, which is great, but where you start to move out of it is as we move north and this is where things get more populated. So, so here are some of the strategies that I think you should do. Ricky, it’s like when you or your crews go out and you guys finish a job, I would just explain to the people how the reviews matter to you. And you know, there’s a way, if you’re interested, I can show you how you can just give them like a little link that they can leave a review. But like, just coach them a little bit, let them know that you have people from all over Phoenix.

[01:03:06] So it’s important that they identify the area that they’re in because we we’re trying to build up. You’re trying like we’re trying to build up our our online presence and we care a lot about our customers. As you’ve seen as the way we’ve treated you, so have them mention these cities and as they do as they talk about these areas, especially if you can get some clients in these other ones, like in Queen Creek, right? Maybe they can mention that in a review or like, I’m not advocating this, but we’ve heard, you know, we’ve heard of some people mentioning having having like some of their guys mentioned this stuff. That is some of the things that have helped us rank better. As we’ve noticed when some of the words that we want to rank for show up in those reviews. And you know, the cities, if they show up in those reviews, this can really help move this. And as these things move from, you know, these red ones down to these green ones, you’re going to notice your phone start to ring a lot more. That’s what we’ve seen. What I would do is these ones that are forced. These are only one spot away from from being in the map. And these ones that are Twenty’s and these ones that are 4S are probably going to get a similar amount of phone calls because you’re not in the top three in either one.

[01:04:20] These ones are closer to moving in, so I would encourage you to try to push these. You could write some content on your website about some of these things. So if I were to zoom in a little bit more and I’ll send you a link to this record, but if you were to write a little bit of content about some lakes or maybe even tidal, some of your photos, some lakes, some some lakes, drywall contractor, things like this, this is going to help. There’s ways that you can schedule Google my business post. So you could you could do that and mention Sun Lakes, right? It’s going to help you move this stuff and I’ll show you and this is where I would go into what we did like, Hey, this is what we did and Los Angeles for, for, for our drywall stuff. And here’s the here’s our here’s our heat map, and here’s the phone calls that have come in, right? So just like we talked about. So let’s let’s take a look down here and let’s look at some of the some of the competitors that you have, Ricky. So I’m going to go over to this averages tab. And what this does is it’s going to tell me my average score in these different areas and you can see this. Maybe you’ve heard of Patch Master Drywall Rep said, These guys are the guys. These guys are the top dog in town for this drywall contractor term, which I think is a great term to rank for.

[01:05:35] And you can see that you guys are actually fourth, right? So this company here is first for this area. They have an average score of two point ninety eight. Adobe has a four point two one. This first choice has a six point thirty three and then you’re just behind them with a six point thirty five. We can actually take a look and see what their map looks like. So this is what they look like. You can see and this, like Gilbert and Chandler area, they’re crushing it. And this is where there’s a ton of people and a lot of really nice houses. So I think it’s important some of these changes you can really start to to to bring some people in from this. If you have some more questions, man, I’d love to help you. One thing I did notice on your site is that you have this testimonials page. On your actual Google as business, you have 20 reviews I would recommend. Let people know you guys have worked hard to earn these reviews. Let people know about it. This is an asset. This will help you close more deals and like, get it. You can get them in there if you need. If you need a pointer on it, I’d be willing to to tell you how we did it right. Something like that. So that’s what I would be doing, and I and I would put this and I would post it into the group.

[01:06:44] So this appears to be a gift. It’s like a Trojan horse that you’re dropping into the group. This appears to be for Ricky, but you’ve done it in a way and the people, if you choose the right person within the group, they like Ricky because he’s in there like being active and trying to help people, and it makes sense why you would do this. But if they like Ricky, they’re probably also more likely to watch your video. And what’s going to come through is that you have the skill set to move this. And the reason that you’re doing it in a group with twelve thousand people is now you have a lot of eyes and a lot of opportunities to get in it. And here’s another strategy that you can do. The Russian bot strategy, right? If you have like friends or people on your team that are also in this group, go and comment on it and be like, Oh my God, that’s awesome. Like Spencer, how this is like, I love to talk to you about my business. Just like the groupthink is powerful, right? And you can start to build a lot of trust with this, where you’re kind of like stacking the deck in your favor. You don’t have to do that second part. It can be effective, especially if you want to start the tone on the post, right? I think it was. Alfredo, is that what you were doing, you said that you were using the heat map, did you do something similar?

[01:08:03] Yeah, exactly. I miss mine up. And it went pretty well, but almost verbatim mine wasn’t that of a group, but it was out of Upwork, but the same, you know, apples, green apple, red apple. Yeah.

[01:08:22] Yeah, so this this strategy has worked not only for Spencer and Alfredo, I know there’s a number of other people that have been in here on these calls, but we’ve also done this this this is something we started a year ago, and this is the same strategy that Adam McChesney and Jared Miller. You guys know those guys, and it was very, very effective for them. Part of it is going to be in the delivery. Right? It’s not. We’re not all going to get the same results, but I’ll tell you your ability to deliver this and to make it smooth and kind of position things and say things the right way just gets better every single time you do it. Like, I’ve done it a ton of times. So like, it comes out easy for me. I got, you know, but it wasn’t always that way. And if you’re like stumbling through it, don’t be discouraged because that’s just that’s a step that you have to take to be. That’s what you have to do. You’re not supposed to be awesome at it from the beginning, right? Cool. Mr. Jeff. Catch me up. Do we do we have anything I missed here? Questions.

[01:09:28] Well, there were a couple before you started on that I haven’t seen any. Specifically, Jordan’s been kind of rapport with people in the chat a little bit, but one of the questions from before was. Can you show how to onboard a client into the CRM and could you import it from the GMB heat map data? What do you for that? I think I think, Alfredo, you asked this question, right? Maybe you could elaborate a little bit.

[01:09:54] Yeah. So in other words, let’s say that particular client that we did a heat map like cool, I want to get you, you know, did your client how to utilize the CRM, like maybe moving that information that’s already there to the CRM part? And then kind of twofold question is. In the CRM, is there like if my onboarding is on there, like shoot off email, like, OK, this form this one right within the CRM?

[01:10:21] Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. So let me share this again. When you’re onboarding, the positioning game doesn’t doesn’t stop, right? You if you do this correctly, then you you have the ability to kind of make demands on your clients, right? Like, we’re very selective with who we work with. This is how I was doing it when I was onboarding people. We don’t work with everyone. We’re very selective. We have some requirements because, you know, when when you’re going fast and you’re kind of like the bruiser on the kickball field, you don’t want to work with the weenie. And we that’s how we are. We’re the bruiser. We’re the ringer. We want to crush it. And I need your help when we do that. So this is what we require of our clients. And if this isn’t for you, we’re not going to. Don’t worry about them saying, OK, I’m not going to do that. That’s probably not. I’ve never heard that. So they’ve already they’re already sold. Right. So this is what I need from you. I need some addresses. I’m not local to Phoenix and you are. And all we need is a spot where you can mail some postcards, right? So we get a lot of our clients to get us the addresses. It sucks. And sometimes it doesn’t convert because they’re like reaching out to who knows who and they might not get them.

[01:11:48] Those things can get thrown away. They don’t show up, who knows, but we’ve got a ton of them that way. Also, you want to set the tone with the reviews like, Hey, when you guys explain to them, sell them on why they should be getting the reviews, like when we work with you, everything we send you, if it’s an SEO client, that’s obvious. They’re getting everything that comes through. But if it’s a Legion client, which I would recommend you move SEO clients to lead gen clients like there’s never been an SEO. Like we don’t do SEO clients in our agency. We have one and all the other ones are our legions. And of those people, zero of them came to us and said, Hey, I want you to build a site that you own and I just pay you for everyone. No one ever says that right? But they’ll come in with this SEO idea and you need to position it so that it makes sense that they do legion instead of SEO. Ok, that’s a whole nother conversation. But once we have that, what we’re going to do is like, Hey, we have an onboarding system and I’m going to send you a questionnaire. So if you come over here and you go to the CRM questionnaires, you can create your questionnaire.

[01:12:58] We have one that we use that is asking them like we’re going to start off with like information about their business, the name of their business, their email address, like where do you want leads forwarded to what like what email address do you want leads forwarded to what phone number. So you can ask all these questions through this system. You can build out whatever you want. If you click on custom fields, you can create a text, field checkboxes. Maybe the check boxes will be like Check this services that you provide industrial, residential, commercial, like whatever. You can have industry specific questionnaires. One of the two of the questions that I would love for you guys to put on this questionnaire that we send to every client is list the cities that you want to target in priority order, list the services that you want to target in priority order because you need to look at that and build out the strategy based on what they want and like, look at the cities that they’re going after. Pay attention like. Usually they’ll that will do some of the legwork for you where you’re going to know that they know the demographics of the areas that they want to target, right? So if you can look at those, I don’t really like to build a site if there’s less in like 70 K, but really 100k people in that area, we start getting more than that.

[01:14:13] Then I’m like, That justifies a site for me, and JP doesn’t build the sites and sometimes he does like the Google site and our agency. We do it. It’s worked really well for us. I know that we’ve lost jobs where we we don’t have a GMB and calls continue to come in from the organic ranking. And I’ve also noticed as my organic ranking improves my Google, my business seems to like, follow it. So a couple of things that that I’ve noticed, but there’s a million ways to be good at this. And building that strategy based on the information they give you is really important. So we send out this questionnaire right away and we let them know that, you know, our entire team is going to look at this. We have an assembly line. This is going to and I would even tell them, like we’ve had clients that that we’ve had to chase around and get this questionnaire filled out and we’ve had ones that fill it out right away for us, the ones that have taken the 10 or 15 minutes that it takes to. This thing out. Has translated into more money in their pocket because we’re able to better build our strategy around it, so I would encourage you to take the time, fill this thing out and our entire team can benefit from having it.

[01:15:24] So that would be kind of the onboarding process if they have like an existing Google my business, then you know, you’re going to maybe want to have them add you as a manager into that or something like that. And then I would add it into the system. So once you have it at it in the system, if you don’t have your Google, my business API set up Alfredo, you would come down here. Go to research and then go, I’m sorry, go to Google. And then I think Google accounts you see here. Yeah, so go to Google accounts and click on ad account right here, and then you can add, Oops, I’m sorry, that’s not going to get you the API. We need to go here. Yeah. All right. So apply for apply for this API. I think it’s taking us between a week and two weeks for this thing to go. But this will trigger a sequence of events and we’ll go and actually get this. And then you can add in the Google my business, says Alfredo. I know that was kind of like a scattered answer. Did that address your question?

[01:16:26] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

[01:16:30] Perfect. Ok. Awesome and good here. All right, Mr. Geoff, do we have any? Do we have any questions out there?

[01:16:38] Lisa is asking a random question, Does anybody have an experience growing travel agencies? She has some ideas, but we’d love to hear feedback. Never dealt with the travel agent. Have you, Patrick?

[01:16:49] I have not. You know? It’s hard to not tell you what I’m thinking, right? I would be careful, like part of the part of it. You’re going to have all these you kind of got like a road, right? And you’re driving down this road and you’re like, Hey, I’m driving from like whatever I’m driving from Phoenix to LA. And I know like the straight path that’s going to get me there. And I was actually talking to to Devin a little bit about this earlier this week is like, there’s going to be these little roads along the ways and sometimes you’re going to drive by them and it’s going to look like there’s this really awesome place to go. And it might not be what you think it is. And that’s what comes to mind with this travel agency. Thing is the ability to pass some of these avenues without getting sucked into them is it’s kind of like it’s equally as important to like, like saving your time from going down this pathway that is going to waste your time. Is like that’s worth a lot of money, even if it doesn’t, it seems like you’re giving something up in the beginning. So I would be wary of that travel agencies. It’s my personal opinion that’s uneducated on the subject of travel agency, but is educated on niche selection is that is going to be a tough one to rank in. I think it is. You’re going to be competing against a lot of. A lot of big, big players there, it might be a hard one for you to own a legion and it may like gravitate towards SEO.

[01:18:27] I think if you were to record your time that you work on SEO and run that against your hours, you’ll find that the hours your hourly rate is. So much worse than Legion, and it’s like we get tempted because it’s like carrots, like right out in front of us and it’s like hard to just say, I don’t want that. And let me continue on this pathway that I had planned out. And a lot of people, they go down every single one of those roads, and then they come back to the main road, which is like owning this stuff and the rink and rent model. And after so long after you’ve gone down like five or six of those, you realize, like, I’m not going down those anymore and I’m just going to like, go to my original destination, which like, I’ve seen a lot of people that have been in this business model for just as long as me that have the same skill set that are like not doing nearly as much revenue because they haven’t been able to say no to those things. So I think that’s a valuable lesson. And I know your question was for advice on travel agency, but I would just like it’s hard for me to not like, give you my honest opinion on that and just seems it seems treacherous to me. But other than that, maybe someone else has some great advice on

[01:19:41] Travel agencies to help. Yes. Somebody else was asking about CBGB’s, and it’s like you could buy CBD in a grocery store. Like what? I don’t understand why people or how it’s done. Like, how can you make money? Again, I don’t. I don’t. It’s not my niche. You know what I mean? Cbd delivery. It does really well. Cool. Well, that must be what they’re talking about. But just get ready for them to get flagged and taken down. Right?

[01:20:09] Yeah. You guys go for the path of least resistance. Like that’s that’s my advice. I gave this this example to Devin the other day on a call. It’s like, you know, when I was playing poker for a living. A lot of times there would be like four or five pros that would show up and sit at my table. And I, like, had this thought like I could beat these guys and I could like if I sit here and focus and like, walk down like I felt like I had an advantage over them. But over at this other table, there’s like a bunch of people I’ve never seen before, like, you don’t have to play against football, against Tom Brady, right? Like you could go play against the neighborhood team. That’s just like scrimmaging. You get to choose what direction you go in. And like, if you create a legion that is bringing in leads like finding a client is usually not a big deal if you have something of value. What’s hard is like if you try to sell somebody a a Ferrari when you don’t own one, it’s hard, right? Like, Hey, let me just tell you about this awesome car that I can’t show you, but if you have it, it’s it’s a lot easier to sell. And if you so like I would say, focus attention on creating the asset and then like, if you build it, they will come like you’ll be able to find people. And if you do it in a niche where the leads are worth a lot of money.

[01:21:34] Seven fifty a thousand average ticket price, we’ve moved up to two thousand. Like if you produce a good amount of leads that have that average ticket price, you get paid a lot of money for it, right? And a lot of times those websites are easier to rank. And if you choose something that’s obscure, then you don’t have to worry about like it being spammed out in Google scrutinizing it like crazy. And the business owners more often than not are going to be sophisticated. Right. So if you if few what’s required to to start a carpet cleaning company, right? Like you need a bam because you can go rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot and then you have a business. So that’s going to be very competitive because the barrier to entry is very low. What’s required for like like installing swimming pools like the ones that you actually did not like an above ground one? That’s there’s a lot that goes into that, right? There’s probably going to be a license. You’re going to need all sorts of heavy equipment, you’re going to need experience. You probably have multiple like a crew with a bunch of people doing different things. That’s a hard thing to get into. The competition goes down, the lead value is up. Somebody that’s invested that much money is more sophisticated, which is the type of people that I like to work with. Personally, I love the licensed trades because it gets the riffraff

[01:22:54] Out of, Hey Patrick, if it’s OK, if I can add to that. Yeah. So I always tended to be drawn to like services that can be done like the same day I’ve worked in water damage roofing and it was such a pain in the ass, like with water damage by the time they got their insurance claim, like I didn’t get paid out for like 90 days. And even if that and they would hedge. So I always went after like my my nieces, that I went out to the stuff that I knew that I was going to get paid like that day or the next day.

[01:23:25] Yeah, the sales cycle is definitely important. Like, I didn’t do the same day, but I’ve done like I like I’m saying

[01:23:33] Like the job, like a plumber goes out and can get that job done that day like sandwich. It’s like two or three weeks long.

[01:23:40] Yeah, which that might be the same with the travel agency thing too, is that that person might book and they might not. Yeah, I don’t know.

[01:23:50] You don’t get paid for like 30 days sometimes, so it’s like, yeah, that’s

[01:23:53] That’s too long. Especially like my goal is to always be putting people on a flat fee because I think that the flat fee is easier to manage and it’s hard to do that if the sales cycle was too long because especially at the beginning, like they’re not getting paid and then they’re supposed to be paying you. And if they have to pay a second payment without getting paid from the people from the first one, that’s going to be an issue.

[01:24:16] That’s not going to my all white collar. Stay away from insurance companies, realtors, travel agents. Stay away from all of them, for sure.

[01:24:23] I love the blue collar stuff, too. I mean, it’s like you get to like I want to compete against like Bob, who owns the plumbing companies nephew who watched a YouTube video on how to build a website. That’s like, I don’t want to compete against like Tom Brady, and that’s who you’re going to run into when you start getting into some of this white collar stuff where there’s like a law firm that’s hired an SEO company that maybe is not as good as what we are, but they’re like a lot better than. Someone who’s someone’s nephew that’s just like watching YouTube, right? So like, let’s go find those people and let’s play against them like this. We could we could do this right like I could jog from. We just came from Nashville, right? So I could jog from from Nashville to New York City, or I could take an airplane like I’m going to choose the easier one, right? And like, it’s not an ego thing. I’m just like, we have so much time here, and I think some of you guys don’t realize the tough situation that you guys put yourselves in with some of these decisions and the implications of these and what you’re giving up the opportunity cost of going down a niche that’s not like it’s prevented you from going into a good niche. And we have a limited amount of time, right? So I see Patrick asking about remodeling. I love remodeling.

[01:25:40] I think specifically we’re running out of time here. So there’s a couple of CRM questions. If you want to answer those, we can go.

[01:25:47] And actually, you know, Jeff, let’s take those. And if you guys can post them in the group, it’s really,

[01:25:53] Really, really simple, quick questions. Ok, probably integration. Are you going to do a probably integration?

[01:25:59] Yeah, we have that. I’ve actually spoken to those people, but it’s just it hasn’t been. We’ve prioritized other things above it, but it is on our roadmap. It’s just a matter of when. Just like getting the phone system in there and getting the GMB module back, as has been clear priorities, the automations, but it is coming.

[01:26:19] Cool. Second one is how many heat map searches do you get on the starter plan? We have somebody who potentially is coming over from a competitor and they don’t really understand like what the heat map searching is.

[01:26:30] Yeah, I know the competitor we see here. I love to take their clients. They I feel like we have a far superior product. One of the ways that they do it is they have this really convoluted grid point like, let me multiply the amount of points on the grid. Like, that’s not how we do it. We just like you get with the starter, I think you get 30. We’re actually going to change that to be 50, though, because I just want to make it overwhelmingly obvious to choose Ares one of the things that is important to note if you want to try to. We we essentially match our pricing with the pricing of the competitor that I suspect it’s coming over from. And so we have like the same Google, my business feature and the research, but we also have all these other pieces in your reputation management. All the stuff is included at that same price. It’s important to know also these heat map searches, they’re not like one for one, like one of ours doesn’t equal like one of let’s pretend the competitors local Viking, one of ours doesn’t equal one of local Viking. So let me show you why, because what we can do is I can come in here and click and then if I want to flip this heat map? Oh, shoot, thank you.

[01:27:53] All right. This chat window was aggressive.

[01:27:58] All right, so if I go through and I click here and I say, show me the rankings at this particular spot, what I can do is I can cycle through the entire map with one search. So if I want to see this one, I can just click on it and it’ll flip the map, right? So that doesn’t cost me a search. You can basically go through the entire one, which on this one there might be. I don’t know how many are in this heat map. So like there’s seventy one people that showed up in here, so you can see the heat map from seventy one for one search. You can see the heat map for this case. Sometimes there will be 40. It just depends on how many people showed up once in here. So you can see the heat map from every single one of these people four for one search. But that’s how it works. They reset every month. And then I think what we’re going to be doing in the near future is changing the limit from 30 to 50 per month and then have it those like accumulate over time. So if you like this month, I only use 40 next month you would have 60. They’ll rollover right for the rest of this year. You have unlimited heat maps. If you have a subscription and it’s not like the like, you just need to let our support know if you run out and then we’ll issue you more. But you can do that as much as you want. Run run as many as you like for the rest of this year and you you will just keep adding them for you.

[01:29:28] So yeah. Hey, Patrick, from this screen, if you want to get back to the original search of the client, how do you do that?

[01:29:38] Yeah, so you can do a new heat map, is that what you’re asking, how to do a new? He did it for R&R, but you wanted to show him his. Oh yeah, so you’re out of there? How do I go back to? There’s there’s a few ways you can do this. If I just refresh the screen, it’s going to go back to the original one. I could click on R&R. I can come down here. There’s multiple ways to flip that map. So now it’s back on R&R, right? I can also do it from this dropdown list if I search for R&R.

[01:30:07] Right. I don’t know if that’s them.

[01:30:11] I don’t know if that’s how it’s registering. Where is that thing? Rr. Must be them. No. Maybe there’s a problem with our search here. But yeah, you can just like find their name on this list down here too, and just click on it. The original like, you can also go over here to the details and click on this view icon and that will kind of reset it. So a lot of ways to get back. Also, guys from the pitch earlier, take this link right here and share this link with the person. Send them the video. Get permission to send them that video. Ok, well, if you’re doing that group strategy, then don’t get permission, but you could share this link in that and let them go through and flip this because they don’t need to be logged in with this link. They can do this. So I’ll go to incognito real quick, so I am essentially not logged in at all. Right? And if I click on this, then I still have this functionality to look at the averages and flip the flip the heat map. So like, we built that specifically to make it easier to prospect. You can also send them a PDF if you’re like going back with them an email or you want to give some reporting on a monthly basis.

[01:31:30] All right, guys, I want to go enjoy. We try to keep these calls in an hour and an hour and a half. I want to go enjoy New York City a little bit. We are there’s a lot of cool stuff going on right outside our window, so I’m going to go have some fun. Hopefully you guys got some value from this JP. I appreciate you as always, man. Thank you for adding more value to this and helping out everyone on the call. Guys, throw throw a thank you into the chat for JP. He doesn’t have to be on here, but he likes like me. He likes to help people. So you guys, you got more questions. Throw them in the group. You guys have an awesome week. We have for those. Are you guys doing accountability, Stephen? Let’s just hear from you real quick. I know that you’re in the accountability. I think we’re going to do another one starting on January 1st. I think Devon’s also in there. If you could just give me like 10 to 15 seconds, what is your experience been like with this accountability? You feel like it’s helped you move forward.

[01:32:23] It is absolutely helped me move forward. It’s just nice, you know, really having those regularly scheduled conversations with people that are in the trenches with you, you know, posted in the groups. And everything can be good. But it’s like when you’re having those conversations and you realize, Hey, like, I’m not alone doing this and something you are stuck on like somebody else, like, totally has that figured out and all you had to do is just bring it up like. Um, it’s crazy, like I struggle with GM’s for a long time, and now I’m sending out like five a week. And that in itself has been totally worth it, so. Awesome. Awesome. Yeah.

[01:33:02] Very cool. You’ve got twenty three days left to meet your goals, man. Hopefully you can make this happen. Devin, what do you got ten seconds on on, on your experience with so far? Should they do it?

[01:33:14] Oh, without a doubt, it’s helped me move the needle more going in the next week if I don’t meet my goals. I’m going to be ashamed to see these people. It helps me push me more than just like, Oh, this is my business and age from a distance. That was awesome motivation.

[01:33:27] Very cool. Very cool. I know, I know Neil isn’t too, but I want to wrap this this call up. So you guys. Seven days we’ll we will see you guys next Wednesday, the 15th. I will be in. I’ll be in Barcelona next week. So yeah, that might be. We might we might make a shift to make this be a little bit earlier because that’s going to be like one thirty or something in the morning for me. But yes, I will. I’ll see you guys in a week. Do what you got to do. Create your wins. You’ve got you’ve got not a lot of time left in this year and make you have a week that makes a difference. You guys stay safe and we’ll talk soon. Appreciate you guys.

[01:34:07] Why? So that.

[01:34:12] Sports Minister. Or it.

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[00:00:00] Get some stable ground under me, I’m going to. That seems like a good good thing to have, Barbara. That’s that’s like, that’s when you’re really like an adult. You’ve got your own barber, right?

[00:00:10] I got a great barber. Yeah, she doesn’t need one. Yeah, it’s too too on the side. No one on the side, too on the top or whatever it is.

[00:00:23] Yeah, it looks like they give you a haircut that’s going to last a lifetime.

[00:00:30] All right. It’s not easy.

[00:00:33] What’s that? A little more than eight dollars. Yeah, I can imagine. I want to find out about it when we get our place down near you. Let me see, are we live in the group? Can anyone confirm? Don’t know if it worked. Don’t. Can you see it for? Yes. Yes, your life. And the actual Facebook group. Yep. Ok, cool. Yep. All right. Cool, cool. How are you doing, Jordan?

[00:01:11] And good long, long week, and it’s a long week, it’s only halfway there, so I’m exhausted.

[00:01:19] Yeah, yeah. Is it been a. You’re doing some good stuff, you’re making some moves over there.

[00:01:25] Yeah, it’s going it’s going good. Just building a new service company right now.

[00:01:31] That sounds like a big undertaking.

[00:01:33] Jimmy was getting a lot of feedback one second. When you leave Facebook, at least a little window up there. I got a couple of new clients, new service company, new lead gen project. Things are rocking.

[00:01:57] Awesome. Very cool. What about you guys? Spencer and Neil, you’ve got new wins. Emmanuel.

[00:02:09] I missed last week because people in town and Thanksgiving and all that, but yeah, I’ve had some really good existing clients that are really stepping up with a out of the way niche that I’ve been meeting with them on job sites and learning more about stuff and sold a couple guy through me, three grand for one, two grand for another and this one we’re meeting on Tuesday. If it goes through, we’ll be able to throw me like 40. Wow.

[00:02:40] So do you want to do you want to share the niche so the group can make it collectively a lot more competitive for, you

[00:02:47] Know, believe me, they don’t want any of this niche. It’s taken me a year just to get to this guy. Yeah, I think it’s accepted, but they’re all good old boys that don’t want advertise. Believe me, it’s it’s a tough niche, but it’s yeah and worth the wait with this guy. It seems like it’s going to work out.

[00:03:06] So awesome. Awesome. Spencer, you got to win.

[00:03:10] Yeah, man. I mean, we just continually keep winning. I don’t know. It’s just something about the lead snap group that just makes us win. But like, honestly? I don’t know if this is crazy, Patrick’s, by not going to think it’s crazy, but I am really leaning on the software as being kind of my my my heavy, heavy weight lifter with the heat map software. It it is getting a lot of people’s attention. I’m getting in conversations. A buddy of mine locally, he had started a pressure washing company. Some of you guys that are in the industry, I guess the contracting industry might know who he is, but he he he took on this kind of undercover billionaire type of challenge and wanted to build a million dollar company service company within a year. And because he’d sold his pressure washing company a few years back. So he popped open a poxy garage floor company. And him and I have been in some conversations and. We’re going to be getting together on Monday and just chatting about how he can grow this huge, boxy company. He’s he’s already doing really, really well, but I’m putting together a audit rate now just as a friendly thing to say, Hey, here’s where you’re where you’re at. They’ve already admitted they don’t do SEO and they don’t do organic type stuff. Good. But they’re doing a lot of Facebook ads. They’ve set up the go high level CRM and yada yada yada. So it’s amazing to be able to have this skill set because for me, I always I always want to get my clients out of paying for ads.

[00:05:01] And so for us, what we’re doing is is implementing all these organic strategies. So also brought on my buddy, that’s a mobile car detailer. He thought he was doing a lot better. He did one hundred thousand by himself this year with basically toes across the heat map. And within two weeks I have. I showed an update here on my Facebook feed the other day about what we’ve been able to do with just optimizing the GMB and how amazing it is just to know exactly how to optimize the GMB because there’s so many things that are people are missing when it comes to it. I mean, like when you look at some of these GMB using GMB crush and you see like nothing’s filled out, it makes it you’re not helping yourself. So it’s an easier sale to if you’re selling optimizing of the GMB and things of that nature. So yeah, there’s an example the other heat map, if you click on the other pick because there’s one more picture, but the other one’s a little bit more green. I guess I should have done it the opposite way, but the two were two keywords mobile auto detailing. And then the other one was, I think, just auto detailing or car detailing. And that’s what a difference looks like in two weeks of using this and being able to show that to clients. That’s that basically gains a ton of trust immediately. So I just love and lead Snap Patrick. So awesome. Yeah, for sure. It’s obviously the heat map has has been something that

[00:06:40] Has gotten a lot of attention, you know, and it’s been some attempts out there, I guess, to to copy it. We’ve seen, which is entertaining because sometimes they actually show our software which like, Hey, what’s the saying?

[00:06:56] They’re like copying is the best of flattery.

[00:07:02] That’s wonderful. Yeah, that thing, right? So appreciate those those people out there trying to recreate this. That’s awesome, man. Congrats. Yeah, that’s exactly why we built it. It’s been a huge part in our business and it’s, you know, it’s it’s helped push things forward. We’ve got into a spot now where we don’t do a lot of prospecting, just we’re getting so many referrals and we, you know, growth in your agency should never. It’s not like this. That’s not going to that’s not going to like, be sustainable. That’s going like that, right? It’s going to you’re going to go up and you’re going to hit a spot where your business breaks and you’re going to have to kind of like regroup and then you’re going to go up again. So that’s kind of how it is. It steps and in our business, we’ve kind of been in one of those steps there for a little while, right? We’ve we’ve broken the thing several times, but now we’ve we’re taking a step back kind of getting our systems better dialed in. When you have 10 or 15 sites, 20 sites, maybe even 50 sites, you can you can really keep your eye on these. But what happens when you have like four hundred and you’ve got like, you know, eight hundred a thousand games like the system starts to break down unless you have things in place and checks and the software can carry a lot of that load. But you know, where we’ve run into is like fulfillment issues, where in, you know, we’ve got a lot of the parts and pieces dialed in and we’ve this is not the first time this has happened to us.

[00:08:30] This has happened several times where I think the first threshold is going to be somewhere around that, like 10 to 15 K spot and then you’re going to probably hit another one somewhere between 30 and 50. And then, you know, maybe another one as you approach one hundred two hundred. So it’s just a question of solving these problems. I’ve mentioned this to you guys several times. It’s like we start this business and we’re good at like the Google, my business and the ranking and the like landing clients and all this stuff. But really like when you start the business, you’re a problem solver, right? And that’s what your job is. One of those problems you need to solve is like, how do I get myself out of this business, right? But how do I do it in a way where the business can continue to grow? So how do you do it when you’re building a software company at the same time? That’s a fun problem to introduce there as well. So, yeah, Spencer, I’m. So excited that you’re crushing it with this. I wish I could push more people into taking the actions that you’ve taken and this this contest that we’re really going to start pushing is that’s what that’s designed to do. Spencer is like taking that. He’s a competitive guy. So when he when that got dropped on him, I think it kind of flipped the switch and I’ve seen that in other people.

[00:09:42] So it would be great to to have that flip that switch be flipped at everyone. But but it seems like it only affects a percentage of the people. And it’s really when you kind of it happened to me to at one point, right? Like I went to an event and I was looking around at the people that were successful and I’m like, What do these guys have? Are these guys like smarter than me? Are these are these guys like better with people and sales are like, What is it like? What is it? And like coming from a background of playing professional poker for 10 years? That is a very cutthroat industry, and I was looking at what we were doing and I was looking at these. There’s times when I was playing poker for a living. We’re like, I’m sitting next to someone like, What? What do you do for a living? Oh, I dropped out of Harvard Law, and now I’m like playing poker for a living. That’s like a very different scenario than like, I’m just learning this business or I’ve been in this business for two years and I was working in an auto parts store. Like, that’s like I knew that I had what it took to get me, and it flipped a switch to see that that these people who I didn’t think had all this extra stuff ahead of me were able to do it right. So I don’t know if you guys can get some inspiration from this, but ultimately looking back on it for the people that have flipped to the other side and you look back, you realize that the biggest challenge wasn’t the actual work in repeating the skill set that you know how to do it was.

[00:11:01] This mental switch is kind of like confidence and it’s like, Go this, go and get it. And just like, realize that there’s really only one outcome if you just kind of like, stay with us. And the speed at which that outcome happens is based on like how quickly, how hard you do the work. And I’m not advocating working like seven days a week, 80 hours. You need some, you need some downtime, but it’s really up to you, right? How fast? How fast. Just like on some ways, it can almost be linear, like you’ve got to walk a mile and whatever speed you go at, that’s when you’re going to get to the end of the mile walk, right? So it’s kind of a little visualization I have in my head with this stuff. Ok, so will it’s good to see you, man. I think I still I still owe you a call, don’t I? We’ll get to that. Yeah, yeah, it’s on my radar. This week is not the week, but if we could do maybe like the second week of December, I would love to. I I feel like I have a debt there, so I want to make sure that I will relieve you of that debt sometime in December. Okay, awesome. You got any wins?

[00:12:07] Yeah, I actually just it’s the first month I just sent out some invoices on square

[00:12:13] For one of my guys. I had like, this was an early one. So I’m like locked into at least a year of per like price per lead. So I just had another high

[00:12:26] Watermark with him in terms of leads we generated from this month, beating last month’s record. So everybody out there, it’s like, good man, you do this stuff and it just sometimes it takes time and it’s stuff that I did a couple of months ago, but it’s showing up now. So it’s, you know,

[00:12:44] When you can believe that, but when you actually

[00:12:46] See it happen, it’s a nice reinforcement.

[00:12:48] Yeah, for sure, I mean, it’s one thing when the same people keep telling you like, this is what happens when it actually is like yours. And also last month, I mean, I don’t know the net, just not the same for for every niche, but last month is generally one of the slowest niche, like the slowest months for home services with with like Thanksgiving and everything. Most people aren’t going to want to tear the house apart or, you know, certain things are like if you’re if you’re. Rufus leaking, then they’re probably going to call anyways, right? But so that’s cool, man, so it’s probably depending on the niche. I would bet your kind of you’re going to see another record breaking month and maybe not this month, but in January. And then, you know, as time goes on, it’ll probably grow more.

[00:13:29] Yeah, we’re pretty well poised for a good spring. I think that’s awesome.

[00:13:35] All right. Cool. I’d love for you guys, whether you guys are watching on the I’m going to kind of make this a habit, even though it’s going to be repetitive for some of you guys. I want to try to build more connections within the group between each other. So just throw in the chat. I got two requests for you guys this time. Maybe do it on Facebook so everyone can see it because it’s only a portion of the people jump on the zoom. If you want to do it in here, that’s fine too. Where you guys are from, where you’re tuning in from, maybe we can make some local connections and then I’d love to hear. And Jeff, you can keep your eye on this. What’s the biggest thing you guys are struggling with in your businesses? Let’s throw that in there. I’m going to ask this question. I think every week moving forward because I want to try to build this content based on what you guys need. Ok, so tell me what you guys are struggling with. We’ll see. We’ll see what kind of problems are repetitive for people. And we’ll go through those. And if you don’t chime in and mention anything, then I’ll just cover the people that are that are being active and that are telling us how we can help them better. Right. So we’ve got Spencer from Portland. Ok, cool. Awesome. All right.

[00:14:37] So we’ve got a couple of wins in the Facebook group. Joseph? Yeah, he’s saying he’s trying to replace himself with on some minor tasks I’m assuming with the VA so he can get to the big stuff. And then also he verified his 14th GMB this month today. Well, I guess he meant last month and he got a referral from an SEO client, and his mechanic is now on board for seven hundred and fifty bucks a month. Congratulations for those wins. I know this guy has been taking action and jamming along the way for a long time, so I hope he’s stacking the stacking the money every month. That’s awesome.

[00:15:16] Yeah, he’s definitely been. He’s definitely, definitely been getting in after it for a long time, right? So congrats, Mr. Graham. It’s always good to see you doing well, man. All right, we got he’s in Fort Worth, Texas. We got Harry near DC, Bellingham, Washington. Right on. I know we got Napier, Naperville, Illinois for for Mr. J.P. and from Denver. Jeff is in Nashville with me right now and we got Sarasota, Florida. What are the biggest problems you guys are dealing with? Like, let’s let’s hear about that too. Whether it be prospecting, ranking games, finding jobs, building your websites, whatever it is. But let’s hear about that. So we can kind of shift our content. I’ve got some I didn’t want to start off with this, but this is something that needs to be shared. And a lot of you guys know Dave Souers, who he’s been kind of a regular fixture on these call. These calls really, really super nice guy. So bad news. So Dave actually passed away today. Unexpectedly, he had been diagnosed with COVID on Saturday, and his business partner and best friend, Sarah had reached out to me and she had asked me to read a message for her. So I’m going to read that. But before I do that, I just want to, you know, we we kind of take our time for granted and it’s stuff like this.

[00:16:37] It’s going to cause you to reflect. There’s I mentioned this last week on our call like we were right before Thanksgiving, and we got to be thankful for what we have and because we never we never know when it’s going to be gone. And Dave is somebody that was on a call, I think, either last week or the week before, and we were kind of cutting it up. Awesome guy. Somebody that I met him in person a few times and I would consider him a friend. So it’s, you know, it’s heartbreaking and shocking to to hear a message like this. And you know, there’s nothing that we can say to change things. But you know, Dave is somebody that’s going to be missed if you’re out there somehow watching us, man, I always appreciated you. So this is the message that that Sarah requested that I read on here. She says, Hey, Patrick, I’m super sad to tell you that Dave Stowers, my business partner and best friend, died quite unexpectedly at my home. I performed CPR on him until paramedics came. They worked on him for an hour to no avail. I’m beyond the understated in words, cannot describe my 19 year old son and I grew very close to him over the past three years.

[00:17:41] He was amazing at tech, a little quirky socially, but one of the deepest, most insightful people I’ve ever met. He’ll be missed beyond words, so I can certainly, you know, my experience with with him 100 percent lines up with what you shared there. So I’m really sorry to hear that Sarah and pass on from us to Dave’s family, our love and prayers and support for them. I would love to find out if there’s something I could do to to help with things. I don’t want to. It’s it’s it’s kind of like tough to to move on from from this. But there’s nothing we can say that is going to change things with Mr. Dave here. But hey, man, I really loved I love knowing you and it was great interacting with you. I learned a lot from you. Ok, guys. So I’m going to jump into a piece that I think a lot of you guys are not. Taking full advantage of I know that some of you guys are, but just based on some of the questions we get. For those of you guys who haven’t connected your connected to the software platform to to your sites, I think this is an important thing that gives you all sorts of benefits. And that’s a tough Segway right there, shit.

[00:19:06] So I want to go through this and I want to help you guys understand the benefits of this and what that process looks like. Ok, so I’m going to share my screen. We’re going to dive into this. All right. Somebody give me a thumbs up if you can see my screen. All right, right on. Ok, guys, so we’ve got two different platforms here, I think most of you guys know that at this point, they are equal in functionality currently. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to log in either one. Ok, so some of the benefits for connecting your website look, you’ve got to know where your leads are, whether you’re on a pay per lead, whether you’re on a flat fee or you’re on a commission deal or some sort of hybrid thing. Getting this stuff connected is huge. So that is like one of the big things you are not going to be able to accurately. Well, it’s going to be harder to accurately charge your clients if you don’t know what the lead flow is. And that’s kind of where this this whole platform started was with just tracking our leads, right? So seeing them come through whether their phone calls or form submissions, we’ve got ways to connect it right. I know that some of you guys are on call saying some of you guys are on call rail.

[00:20:20] We have that integration and lead Snap. We’re about to drop it and we generated. We just have to work out some technical stuff before we get that in there. And then we have our own platform, which you know in my mind is is obviously we built it, but I’ve built it as as a solution to a lot of the problems I was facing with these other platforms. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re going to just continue to kind of throw gasoline on the fire until it’s a no brainer. So all three of those systems can connect in here. Another huge benefit for this is the spam filters. If you guys aren’t haven’t taken advantage of these, these are killer, right? I know there’s no there’s no showing here. I use this in my agency and we actually in our agency. We use a different version of this same software where it’s kind of like a testing ground. And there was two times and about the last month where we broke things as we were kind of testing. The spam filters broke as a result, and we must have gotten calls from like. Jeff, how many calls do we get like six or seven clients reached out to us? Do you remember

[00:21:29] Quite a few who were just like going berserk over it? And it’s like, this is the reality of the way it usually is if you don’t have a spam filter? You know, there were just so many. One client just forwarded me every single one that he got, and it was it was painful. You know, it was painful just to have that.

[00:21:46] If you guys are not taking advantage of this and you’re kind of like in that spot where the spam filters were broken. Our client saw a huge difference and they were like, What is going on here? Why am I getting these like messages that aren’t real leads? Because that was foreign to them where I think, like Jeff said, that’s the reality for people that are not taking advantage of this. And what it’s going to do is it’s going to cause some other problems in your business. So like one thing it’s going to do is it’s going to prevent you from having accurate read accounts because all these scams are are mixed in there, right? The second thing is it’s going to deteriorate the quality of the automations, right? If you’re using automations for like, hey, when a formal submission comes in, then sends a text message. But now, like the stuff’s coming in from like, who knows who? Well, that’s that’s going to cause problems because you’re going to be like sending out these messages and follow ups to people that aren’t real. They’re not real leads, right? So the way that you can set this up right here is if you go in and you click, I expand CRM and then I will go to weeds and then spam. Ok, so that will take me here. This will turn it on and off. We are kind of adding a few more spam filters based on.

[00:23:03] So in our agency, it blocks about a thousand messages a day, about thirty thousand messages a month get blocked. So that being said, there’s probably like, I don’t know, ten, maybe 15 messages on a daily basis that will escape our spam filters. And we’re kind of like always dialing it in. One of the things that we picked up on is that sometimes like a phone number, that’s not a valid phone number with too many digits will come through. So like we’re blocking ones with this, we’re blocking ones that have zero or start with +9. We’re going to be making a lot more rules in here on this phone number because I think that’s an area where we can get this tightened down even more right now. We did the math. It’s blocking greater than ninety nine point eight percent of spam messages from former ninety nine point eight, which is like, That’s great. But I think we can continue to improve this, and I think it’s really important for you guys to take advantage of this. If you’re not, the keyword spotting will allow you to put in words and phrases in here. So if these are in the comment box, it will block those the domain filtering and the email address filtering. These both work on the email field within the form. So these are going to this will block the entire domain.

[00:24:13] So if Spencer at Tesco and will let Tesco send a message, then they will be blocked because I have Chess.com in here. You wouldn’t want to do that with Gmail, though, because that’s going to block real leads, right? So. The last one is probably the most important one. I know that my buddy Lou, who uses this software, I think he didn’t know about this one. He was dealing with spam. So basically what you can do is you can click on here to select all. You’ll get this little error message that will say, you can’t block everyone that’s going to block the entire world. But then what you can do is kind of uncheck this. So if it’s checked, that means that you can’t get it. So this what this does is it will pull the IP address of the person submitting the form. And it will. Kind of geo locate that IP address and block if it’s coming from the country that is checked. So in this case, I’ve unchecked the United States where my business is. So that means that everything outside the United States is going to be blocked or you’re probably not going to get like, let’s say, like someone’s not going to reach out to my plumbing client and say, Hey, I’m from Tanzania, come fix my my toilet, right? It’s not.

[00:25:17] That’s not going to happen. And this one up here is going to block the the euro, right? So it’s going to look for that. When you combine all these things, it gets really powerful. None of this is going to work, though, unless you connect your websites. So that’s why I think it’s really important that there’s a lot of reasons to connect them. This is a big one right here, right? It’s to like, get this stuff connected so that you don’t have to deal with this. You’re going to get a higher quality of leads for your clients. They’re going to know you can. You’re essentially like, we’ve trained our clients to like that. When it comes from us, it’s a week, right? So if you try to, our clients are probably getting approached all the time by other marketers, and it’s these little things we like. Just keep stacking them up like we’ve got a system o reputation management. We’ve got that for you. As a part of this, we’ve got this band felt like let’s train our clients to accept this kind of like higher, higher quality product. And this is a part of that, right? So when our when we broke our spam filters for our version, our clients were like, What is going on here? This is like, this is unacceptable because that’s deviated a long way from from what they’re used to.

[00:26:25] Ok, so there’s two different things to consider when you go to connect your websites. There’s two different well, there’s actually three ways you could connect, right? So the first way if you’re running a WordPress site, which we’ve moved our things, all of our stuff, as in WordPress, right? There’s there’s pros and cons to each one of these as you scale. I really enjoyed the pros of the fact that I’ve got four hundred sites hosted, and that’s one hundred and thirty dollars where I’ve heard of people charging like fourteen bucks a month for different websites. That doesn’t scale. So but if you’re using WordPress, we have a plug in, right? So if you go in to our help area here, you’ll see instructions that will take you through step by step exactly how to set this up, right? So this will be inside of since it’s in the CRM, it will be inside the CRM, not working for some reason. Let’s do it this way. Ok, so. I’m a little confused about how our health system is working right now, I know we recently made a change and I don’t see the. It’s still under lead. Oh, it’s under lead management, still. Ok, so inside lead management, you will see that there is a lot of different instructions in here. We’ve got them on automations where you guys, this is how to connect WordPress. So if I were to click on this, there’s actually one more on here that we haven’t added.

[00:27:53] We just recently added support for Gutenberg. I know that if you’re part of William Jones, that’s one of the ones that’s recommended. So we do support Gutenberg. It’s just not it’s not on this list yet. So this is step by step instructions. You’re basically going to go and install this plugin and it supports all these different builders, right? So if you have one of these, you install the plugin, you basically come in and get the API key from within our system. And that’s what these instructions are going to teach you how to do, right? You’re going to paste that in and then that’s going to make the connection. And then all the weeds that come in will instantly be available. And they’re just great for auditing what you’re doing and it’s going to be really be building as we start to release some of these things, like the the reporting functionality, right? So the reporting, we’re going to ask you guys eventually, we’re going to have a connection to some different payment processors, but we’ll give you guys the option. If you want to put in the amount that your client is paying you and then get like, you can get your average cost per read. This is something that I want in my agency because most of my people are on flat fees.

[00:28:54] So as their leads go up, I want to get notified that, hey, it’s time to charge these people more rather than it being a manual audit process, right? So that’s kind of what we’re building this end towards, which is going to be another benefit, is trying to get these alerts and having like branded reports, especially as we release our white label version of the software. Having branded reports that can go out to your clients, maybe it’s once a month right with your it won’t have anything about our software on it. You can put your logo all your information. Let me just bring up our our latest version of that because it’s it’s pretty cool. We’re still a second. He paused to share here. We’re still kind of like finalizing the design on what this is going to look like, but I think it’s I think it’s kind of a I think it’s going to be a very valuable piece for people running this business model here. To be able to have these these reports and to be able to schedule them and kind of have them go out whenever you decide, so maybe you want to use some of them internally where it’s like, I want to get notified every Friday of my leads by company and have that be sent out? Or maybe I want to send this out at the first of each month.

[00:30:12] Right. So this is kind of the reports. I talked about this a few weeks ago. We’re still fine tuning this. I like to go through and get everything all planned out and solve all the problems before we start the development. So that’s where we are. But it’s not like a big development, heavy task. We’ve already got all this information. So basically, this would be a list of my reports, right, if I were to click on an individual report. It will take me inside here. From within here. You can kind of see, I’ve got a logo here. I’ve got different time frames that I can compare things that are happening. I could say like, Hey, this is the lead for Patrick Chan and co. from the 11th to 16th, and this is what it was from. Well, I guess they chose the same date for this mockup, but you get the point, right? So we’d have two different dates here and then you get like a percentage increase, right? You can come through here and you can brand this report and you can add in all sorts of information. So if I want to add in my logo, I could upload that there. I could put in some of the company information. Write my name. Maybe I want to put in different, like all sorts of different information I can add in here and build this right if I want to include the date.

[00:31:19] So you can essentially build this report not only with this like top part, but with all these different columns. So we’re giving you columns that stretch across this entire platform. Right. So the leads are going to be a part of this and having your leads connected in here, that’s going to become more and more important. So I encourage you guys, if you haven’t connected your websites, we have onboarding calls you can jump on, we can walk you through how to make that connection and make sure everything is set up straight. So if you’re using WordPress, you’ve got the plug in. If you’re using something other than WordPress, such as like Weebly or Duda, then what you can do is you can basically build your. Form inside here with the website forms and then embed it. Ok, so I know that there has been a little bit of. Struggle with the user interface that we currently have in here, so if I were to go in here, this is my form builder, I could build this. You get a little piece of code right here where you can embed this onto your website, and this form will show up exactly like it’ll show up wherever you put it on your site, right? Just like. This one there is the website forms area and the form builder, so if I go to website forms.

[00:32:32] There’s a lot of information on how to embed a form, how to set this up, right? Ok, so one thing is like this will cause issues with Google ads. We haven’t worked through that problem completely. I’ve tried hiring some specialists. But for whatever reason, Google Ad thinks that this is like because the form is like submitting to a third party site, Google. It like triggers something with Google and says, OK, what’s up with this? It’s no problem. Aside from Google ads, OK, it’s not going to hurt your rankings. We’ve got this on our sites. They’re ranking really well. Lots of other people do, too. We’ve got a video. We’ve got step by step instructions on how these forms work and how to embed them. Ok, so one of the things that we are about to release is an update because I know that some of you guys have struggled with, Hey, I’m not like a I’m not a I’m not a master with like CSS, so I don’t know how to customize this form to look like I want it to on my site. Well, our new update that we have been working on. Way longer than I would have liked to. Is about ready, and I will give you guys a little demo of this too, so just give me one second here.

[00:33:45] All right, cool.

[00:33:48] He resumed the share. All right, cool, so this is our new version of the form builder, so this will probably look a lot more like what you guys are used to. You have a lot of different things that you can add in here. You can use different color schemes, so you could use different themes if I want to switch this around. Right. So it looks like. See, this is why we haven’t released it yet, we’re still having issues with these themes, but we’ll still have the custom CSS option. But you can switch colors and widths so you can go through here and change like the color and the font color, all sorts of different stuff. You can change the buttons, so it’s going to be much more building in here. You can come over and get a preview of the form. So this is this is where we’re going with this. I think this is going to give you all the functionality that you’ll have when you’re building another another form and make it really easy where you don’t have to like no code or anything like that to be able to change the styling of that. So that’s what’s coming with this. All right, Jeff, do we have any questions on any of this stuff if you guys have a question on it? Just throw it, throw it into one of the several chat areas there, and we will get to it. Are we clear, Jeff?

[00:35:00] I’m not seeing any questions about these things, specifically that you’re going over with the software, but there are other questions.

[00:35:07] Ok. All right, let’s move on to those if we don’t have any on this, I just wanted to I wanted to kind of push this a little bit for you guys because I think if you’re not taking advantage of this and you’re using the software, then you’re probably leaving leaving some money on the table and you’re probably doing a lot of extra work and your clients are are I don’t think they’re going to be getting the same quality of leads. So I just wanted to make you guys aware of this if you’re not already taking advantage of it. Spencer, I think you’ve been using it for a while, right?

[00:35:37] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:35:38] What’s what have you? What’s your opinion of this? Has it come to be an important part of how you run your business or like, where are you with that

[00:35:47] With having like how specific you talked about with having

[00:35:51] The the the your website’s connected to the platform and the management associated with that?

[00:35:58] Yeah, it’s it’s huge. It saves a lot of time because it’s automatically sending forward and leads to my clients. I have to agree, man. When the spam filter went down here like a week ago or whatever it was, holy crap, you guys don’t realize what that is doing for your clients and saving the headache, as well as making you guys not look like you’re having a cheap brand out there. So we we use it, every one of our sites is connected with Snap and just getting that current information. And I can’t wait until I get my phone system fully converted over so that I have call the call tracking. I guess it would be of the metrics not to use use that verbiage, but the the data from the calls to the leads that are coming in. Because then what you can do is like Patrick’s talking about being able to know where you started with a client and then where they’re at so that you can do the rate, the rate increase. But no, I love this software, you guys. Honestly, I can’t wait to be able to to fire the rest of these companies that we have pieced together out there that are that we have to in order to have have it all come together for our agency.

[00:37:13] I like for me because of what I already have tons of tabs open. For all these things, it’d be nice to be able to close. Tabs have lead Snap as your main source of information coming in because it is specifically designed. And that’s the other thing that I love about it. Patrick is currently we use Go High Level, which takes a frickin degree to know what’s going on over there. But it’s not. It’s not totally designed for the rank and rep model what we do. And so excuse me, in order to be able to know exactly what’s happening within our day to day routines. And once that API gets connected from Google, I remember when I when I had that knowing that a GMB suspended in real time because I’m not in the GMB sack, I should be on a daily basis. So I don’t know if it could be down for a week and sometimes you don’t find out. So all in all, man, I love the product and as you know, I’m a big fan.

[00:38:15] Awesome. Yeah, yeah, definitely appreciate that. Hopefully, we can get your API pushed through here as quickly as possible. It’s been really. It’s been really nice to get that piece back. You know, I think we’ve kind of got it structured now in a way where we’re not going to have to deal with those problems again.

[00:38:33] But there are a couple of questions about the API, Patrick and specifically about the emails. One question was Are we supposed to create an email from G Suite for the API? And the other question was how is it coming along? I tried to add in a contact email and it did not work, so I’m not sure if you have any answers to those questions.

[00:38:58] Um, yeah, so, you know, obviously we have someone else on our team that’s kind of like we’ve got somebody that I’ve I’ve dedicated towards this, so I don’t know all the complete like every little piece of like that process. I know that we’ve had a number of issues with people that were we’ve had a lot of people move over from local biking and they set up their API a little bit differently. And and we have to like make some adjustments to the way that’s set up to get it to work correctly with our system. So that’s cause some of the crashes we’ve had, you know, just there’s so many different ways that you can set up a Google my business and sometimes we build things where we’re expecting something to be true and someone sets it up different and that’s not true and it causes a crash. So we’ve gone through and I think we fixed those. If if you have tried to connect one and it crashed, I would say try again because we’ve released an update. I think every day this week to like, fix more and more little, little small issues that we found. So. And if it’s still an issue, I know a lot of you guys reach out to me on on Messenger, which is great because I can kind of keep a pulse on on feedback on how things are going.

[00:40:10] But it’s also really good to create a ticket watch because sometimes what happens if you guys messaged me on Facebook and I will communicate with our development team, but sometimes like, I’ll forget to circle back to you and we’ve fixed the issue. So when you create that ticket, what it does is it. We make sure that we go through and answer every ticket and go through and get those resolved. So and it creates a lot of automation on our end. So if you’re still having that issue, try it one more time and then create a ticket for it. And if there’s any hesitation in response or anything like that, let me know and we’ll definitely get this push push through. But I’m not aware of any crashes that haven’t been fixed related to the Google my business with like I think we fixed all of those, to my knowledge. As far as like the email part of it, I would say it’s best to post in the group and then someone from our support team can respond to that because I don’t know. Jeff, can you repeat that email part of the question again? Maybe I do know it.

[00:41:11] Yeah, they’re just having trouble. Or they’re just asking, is it just a Gmail that you use for the API? And then the other question was that they had tried to get a contact email in the system and it didn’t work. So I think you answered that one on your last round there.

[00:41:26] Ok, so I think that it’s more than just a normal Gmail. I think it’s a like you need like a Google can’t remember the word that it’s like a Google domain email or something.

[00:41:37] Uh-huh. Yeah. They want you to be coming from an agency domain. So if you have your domain website and a domain GMB, that’s what is necessary for that. And so you want to have a specific email for that domain because then it looks so much more legit when they’re approving it.

[00:41:57] Yeah, the request in a developer developer email within the Google, what they call it Google business console, but it’s like a business account.

[00:42:09] Yeah, I wish that. I don’t know if, Kyle Kyle, if you’re tuned in

[00:42:13] Kyle’s our support base Google Workspace, there you go.

[00:42:17] That’s the terminology. Yeah. Yeah, and look, if you don’t have it already, all you need to do is is go through and fill out the request. It’s a done for you service on our and we’ll walk you through every step of that and we’ll make sure that you guys get get get this thing pushed through, right? So like, we have a new kind of branch within our company that that we’re really focused on right now. That’s our that’s our client success branch. And there’s support which comes with all the different software, but it’s big for us to have this client success. And so we’re kind of like invested in making sure that you guys move forward and having this Google my business API falls under that category where we need to make sure that we provide. What’s necessary for you guys to be able to get to this next level and being able to manage your GM’s schedule, post all this stuff, getting notified when a review comes in, all these pieces that come with it is a part of that success. So. And that’s why we’re doing the done for you stuff. So if you if you don’t have the API go, there’s no charge for it, right? Go in and apply for it and we’ll take we’ll there’ll be some interaction, but we’ll take it to the finish line for you guys and make sure. But there’s a couple of pieces that we need on your end and we’ll work with you to get that done. So it’s not you’re not doing a lot of heavy lifting here. You just got to like, trigger the process, right and maybe respond to a few messages. So cool. Yeah, we got more questions.

[00:43:50] Yeah. Patrick was asking about the heat maps and specifically if Spencer could do a walkthrough. But I know we have done those walk throughs and prospecting, so I will find one and put it, put it in the call notes. And so that’ll be more accessible. But also, he’s asking if somebody has specific metrics about getting the heat map to rank better and then having an increase in calls so that he can use those numbers for prospecting and have some real, real numbers to work off of? I think that’s where he’s struggling.

[00:44:28] Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

[00:44:32] And maybe I mean, he keeps mentioning Spencer and Spencer, you’ve had a lot of success with this. Maybe you guys could maybe work together a little bit and have Patrick learn a couple of things from you and then maybe get some good advice on how to do that prospecting.

[00:44:53] Maybe not. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, Patrick, hit me up with a message and we can connect. I mean, obviously I’m not doing anything like outside the box, I think. I mean, I’m willing to share it with people. You know, it’s just you’re kind of your your basic audit. But there is some tricks if you’ve watched the last few weeks calls where making sure that when you start that loom video or whatever video recording software that you’re starting it, so it freezes on that heat map. I think that’s huge because it catches people’s attention, especially if you’re going into groups. But outside that, yeah, it’s nothing crazy. It’s just going through. I usually analyze the GMB analyze with some of the heat maps, look at their website, give a little analyzation of that and just kind of just give them some tips and pointers and consistently talk about their marketing team and their web developer services.

[00:45:59] Spencer, I know that Patrick has done a couple of walk throughs on the heat map prospecting model, and so I have the GMB walkthroughs linked at the top of our outline sheet. But I’ll make a separate section for prospecting so that it’s easy to find those those instances where we’re walking through that because I know Patrick’s done that a couple of times, but I think that will be very helpful for you, Patrick, with a K to see that in real time and see the language that Patrick uses. It’s just it’s, you know, is going out of that and he’s having success.

[00:46:32] So I highly recommend it. Yeah, yeah. One of the one of the things that that Jeff and I are working on right now is we’re basically taking the videos that we have and we’re we’re turning them into. We’re like basically loading these and pulling down all the transcripts and then we’re going to put those onto the site, right? And I think that will help you guys when like you’ll essentially have a script that you don’t need to memorize it, but you can look over so like for this section, you can say, Hey, it’s like 10 minute presentation. This is basically what the spot I need to do. And the key is really reps, right? I know you’ll see when Jeff tags you and the ones that I’ve done is like. It like I was shooting from the hip, but it came across smooth, and it wasn’t that way when I started, it was that way because I did it a bunch of times, right? I did that pitch again and again. And there’s some psychological tricks that you want to put in there. You know, they say, like, I think it was how to make friends and influence people that look right. Person’s name is their favorite word. And by personalizing this and mentioning their name and like, you don’t want to get buried in the weeds, right? Don’t go diving into a bunch of different tools. Your goal with the heat map is a few things like one is to establish that you are you know what you’re talking about, right? And by going through and be like, Hey, explain what the heat map is.

[00:48:05] It’s great because it’s like very visual in nature and it’s easy for people to understand. And then the second thing you’re going to do is you’re going to elicit an emotional response from them when they see how poorly they’re ranking and how well their competitors are ranking. And when you kind of do those two things like. A lot of stuff just kind of falls into place if you if they know that you know how to fix this and you’ve identified the problem, then like, that’s your your you’re already kind of rounding third base, right? So it’s great to be able to show those calls and make that correlation and be like, Hey, this is how we rank this Google, my business in this area. And these are the calls that resulted from this ranking, right? This is how your Google my business is ranking. This is probably similar to what your competitors are experiencing here. So I think we could probably find some samples or something like that. I would love it if maybe some people can throw some some stuff into the group. Whatever group you guys are in help some people out, right? Let’s let’s help each other level out. Level up, right?

[00:49:12] Oh, sorry, I thought it kind of goes to like what Patrick’s saying about reps, you know, and Patrick with a K as asking specifically, do you ever go into numbers and like what the numbers are before? I don’t do any of that. Like, it’s all kind of a personal approach. I do more of a consultative selling approach where I’m kind of like digging into where they’re at in their business for the most part and then trying to figure out where the crossover is. So my style is I’m like, I’m not going to make you any promises I can show you the thirty five examples and case studies that I’ve already done of clients that are crushing it. But I’m not going to make you any promises because, you know, that psychological approach for me because I know everybody else is over promising, promising and under-delivering. So I make it a point not to promise them anything, you know, and they trust me more because of that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it if that’s your style. If you’re like, Hey, I, I know that I can get you up based on the heat map. I know that I can produce more calls for you. If you want to have that approach. Great, everybody’s different.

[00:50:18] Everybody’s pitch is going to be a little bit different. My intuition tells me to not promise them anything and that gains trust faster. I’m trying to gain their trust as fast as I can and get on to the next, the next deal that I got a prospect, right? So for me, that just doesn’t work. I mean, it works better if I don’t promise. So again, I just kind of go in and as more of a consultant mindset and try to get as much information about their business as I possibly can as quickly as I can and then make the connection to what I do and have done and have seen results in and then try to make it as easy as possible for them to do business with me. So whatever that looks like and that those sort of three point trajectory, that’s what it looks like. And it’s not always the same. It’s just once you get enough of those reps, you just get on the phone and you just start banging it. And I don’t hit the hit it out of the park every single time, right? You don’t spike the ball every time, but you do it enough times and then you start to win.

[00:51:21] Yeah, absolutely, I mean, it’s just like anything, guys, if you haven’t done it, don’t beat yourself up for not being great at it, like you’re not expected to be like, I went from being pretty terrible at it where I was like stuttering on the phone almost and not really sure what to do, not being confident, like all these different things. And then the more times you do it, the better you get in and you kind of look back. And now all of a sudden you’re a pro at this and you start to get to a spot where maybe, maybe the issue isn’t trying to sell. It’s like, how do we handle all the customers we have because we’ve brought in so many, right? So I know that is a foreign idea for a lot of you guys, but it’s right around the corner. You just got to get some some stuff in place. Like it wasn’t very long ago where Spencer was trying to land clients and now he’s like, got all these appointments and all these different things going on. And I’ve seen this happen a number of times. You’ve got to turn that corner. All right. So cool, Jeff. Are we caught up on questions or not? Really?

[00:52:23] Patrick’s asking a little bit more in depth about mentioning actual dollar amounts in playing into the greed. A little bit. You know, it’s like for me when I talk about those case studies, I’m like, Look, I’ve done this. Some of our clients, they’re running seven figure businesses, and most of the leads are coming from us. I can’t make you any problem that’s kind of like my line. So that kind of taps into their greed. And I think on the last call is telling you there’s one client that I just brought on that we haven’t even produced a single lead for. He’s already expanding into other markets. He’s given us a couple of startup fees. I talked to him about his airplane that he wants to buy. He’s, you know, he sends me a picture of the sexy airplane that he wants. I’m like, All right, let’s get your airplane. Let’s do it. Like, why not? So definitely playing the greed. It’s just, I think, Patrick, just don’t overthink it. It’s like, just get those reps. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago. It was maybe a year and a half ago I hadn’t sold a single thing in my life. Couldn’t say sell anything to save my life. Didn’t think I could. And next thing I know, I’m banging the phone twenty four times a day for multiple months, and then I got the reps. And now it’s it’s simple. I mean, I’m not saying that everything about it is simple, but it’s simple to get the phone and get in the flow and get stuff to happen. So, yeah,

[00:53:39] So let’s run through it. We’re not getting a lot of other questions that I’m seeing in the chat. So we’ve got about like six minutes before the hour mark. Jeff, are there any other questions or I can just kind of run through a sample of of what I would

[00:53:54] Do if we’d be running or willing to run through a script? I mean, you and I did a role play a couple of calls back. Yeah, there were some other questions about or just challenges when you ask people to put into the chat. So some of them are getting these creating a systems based business. I’m getting the addresses but not getting the postcards. I want to learn about pipeline and call flow. What do you use for funnel building? Finding reliable clients, like all these are issues that I don’t think we’re going to be able to address.

[00:54:27] Let’s make sure that we take these down because I don’t think we’re going to get to all of these this week, but we can start to build our future content based on the questions that people are struggling with here. So I’m sure. Yeah, so building a substance based business, let’s let’s address that one. There’s there’s not a simple answer for how to do that. One of the things that you need to start with is you need to. There’s a few things that I’ve learned and I’ve had a systems based business for a long time now, but it’s it’s not perfect, right? And some of the things that I wish I would have done differently, looking back is like first, like start with goals like where are you trying to go? And then you need numbers that are going to get you there. So I mentioned this last week, the North Star metric idea. I don’t know if you guys put thought into it. One of the things that that we’re going to keep track of is like the amount of leads for paying client. Ok, so as that number goes up, then everything starts to go in a good direction. I’ve recommended a few books in the past. Traction is really good. One by Gino Wickman and then the myth revisited by Michael Gerber, right? So the email talks about building an organizational chart. So you need to think about all the different parts that exist in your business. So, for instance, you have like your CEO, right? That’s maybe you. Maybe you are all of these positions. But just taking the time to create a little chart on a piece of paper with all the different positions and then assign responsibility to each of those roles.

[00:56:03] So like the CEO, is responsible for what a lot of you guys, I assume almost all of you guys probably don’t have a CFO in your business, but that’s still a role that exists. It’s OK for you to have all these spots, but let’s label it. Let’s list the responsibilities. And then once you have the responsibilities, you can start to put people in there and you can start to address all the things that need to be done right. This stuff just kind of like all floating around building a system to work towards it seems impossible, right? I really like to. I have a notebook here that I put everything in. I can’t really see it here. There we go. Well, it’s not going to work with us, but I’ve got a notebook that I put everything into, and I like to ask myself questions like when I’m stuck and I don’t understand something what like, OK, what is the system look like? Like, how would that work? Like, what should that look like? What are the different parts and pieces? I don’t know the answers to those, but getting them down kind of closing that loop in my head and then starting like the problem solving and going through it. I think that’s key, right? You need to give yourself like, don’t beat yourself up if like this isn’t going to be right your first ten times, it’s something that you just keep polishing and you keep tweaking and tweaking. Right. So I would start with the areas like, I think for a lot of us that are building this like building a website.

[00:57:22] That’s a job that that you could hire somebody to do a great job for a few dollars an hour. So to me, that’s one of the first things I’m going to put in place, right? And you’re going to need like some sort of project management software to help manage these these systems. But I would say I went too fast in my business and I wish that I would have been like more organized in my approach and kind of like. Spent more time building the system. But like there’s a downside, there’s there’s a guy that that I know that has like all the systems in the world and doesn’t have a huge amount of revenue. So you want these systems to come in in place, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about them. Just like, don’t let that be a shiny object that you’re starting building systems for, like, Hey, you know, we’re in this place here and. I don’t have a fire evacuation plan, right? I can just go out the door so I don’t need to like build things that don’t that aren’t necessary, and I’ve seen a lot of people who try to go down these rabbit holes. Right. But it’s good to like get a get a structure, get some business understanding for this stuff. I know that was kind of broad, but like it’s hard to and maybe we can build some more training on that. Jeff, what was another one of the requests that you had there getting jobs right?

[00:58:43] Yeah, getting jobs. I know we’re seeing a lot of postcards that are not being sent out. I had to request one recently myself, but then I got it. I know Patrick’s gotten a few recently and the team as well.

[00:58:58] Yeah, absolutely, guys with the postcards, it’s this is a numbers game like your GMB is, if you’re going to get like 20 percent of the ones that you request, then like adjust accordingly and send those out. What we do is we pay people when they send us the code, so we’re not like. Spending money to not get them just like, OK, we didn’t get the code, so I’m sorry. You know, like we’ll try it again. Right, we’re going to pay for the code, so you need to adjust accordingly, right? You need to if you need like five jobs in a city and you know that you’re getting them like 20 percent of the time, then you’re going to have to. I don’t can’t do the math quick enough while talking, but you’re going to have to send out the appropriate amount for that percentage, right? So thoughts on instant verification. You know, we tried that a few times and every time it backfired. I don’t. I know that maybe there’s some things have changed, but I know that we at one point when we tried it, we had like four hundred jobs. And I think that’s over like a three month time period. We lost like twenty five games and we went back and looked at it and like twenty four of them were instant verifications and one was like a postcard.

[01:00:19] So we had invested in like. Um, trying to build things up with reviews and getting citations and all this other stuff, and then it was gone. And we had to start over again, so I kind of decided I’m not messing around with that anymore. And we built a process around the postcards and it’s worked really well. It’s a little bit more laborious, but now I’ve got people in place. I would recommend setting up the I wouldn’t use like a VPN when you log into your your jobs. And for that, like Google can detect that stuff. If any of you guys have tried to watch Netflix and in another country and Google’s like, Hey, or Netflix is like, Hey, you’re using a VPN, this is Google knows. So you’ve got something that’s based on trust and it’s like you’re showing up with a mask on and they’re like, they don’t know who’s under there, but they know there’s a mask, right? So but if you use a virtual private server like as a free one, it’s essentially like you’re logging into a desktop, right? So it’s like you’re remotely logging in and you’re you’re driving and controlling. So that’s something that’s, to my knowledge, is much harder to detect if it is detectable. I don’t think Google has anything in place to detect that. So you could have that setup.

[01:01:31] It doesn’t cost anything with Amazon. If you want a higher level one than you can spend a few bucks a month and get that. But essentially you could have people from all over the world that log into this. And this is kind of what we’ve set up in our agency is we have people from we have a team member from the Philippines that logs in, logs in and handles all of like the requests they post on Craig’s List. They post in Facebook groups. I think we have a like my manager is handle a lot of the all the strategies that we’re using for this. But we’ve got it down now, right when we want one, we usually get like five or six and it’s all handled through this other person. Right. And yes, we’re paying we pay through like Venmo and Zelle and Cash App. I think there might be one more PayPal, right? And we pay you fifty dollars. I’ve heard of people doing it for less, but I’m trying to motivate people on how we do it. You know, I’m getting these things. Ok, cool. Spencer says most of all of mine that a company did for me that were instant were all suspended. I’ve heard that so many times and that’s been my experience and the postcards seem to work great. Yeah, so there’s another question

[01:02:44] About fulfillment, somebody out there has some people in a foreign country where there’s some kind of an outbreak and their team isn’t being able to fulfill. This is probably the best person to ask about. This is Patrick Shannon. What’s your answer?

[01:03:02] So they’re dealing with like a temporary fulfillment issue because of. It sounds like

[01:03:09] It’s actually it’s actually a a mosquito that’s passing the virus in Pakistan. And my team members have been sick with like one hundred and five degree temperatures. My my team lead. He’s been a lot better at a hundred and two degree temperature and still working. And so we’ve had to bring in two more developers this week to the team because the fulfillment has just been dead. Stop. I mean, it’s taken six weeks and we only have one website out.

[01:03:45] Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s a tough, tough spot to be in, right, because we create these relationships with these people on our team and we see them go through something like this. And you know, I’ve had people that have worked for me for a long time and they’ve got COGAT and they can’t work for like 10 days or something or two weeks. And I’ve continued to pay them, even though previously they were hourly to try to support them. And I’m not necessarily recommending that for you, but just I want you to understand that’s my mindset before I say the second part. Your job is to solve problems, right? And this time it may be like, Hey, I’m going to go to the Philippines and I’m going to get I’ve got to get this stuff going for it because you’re going to have to answer if you’ve collected money, you’re going to have to answer to your client on. Like what? Like, why is this not ready? Where am I leads? That’s a question that’s coming as soon as you take the swipe, that credit card, that beautiful moment where like, Hey, we’ve collected money, there are real client. Ok, the clock started. It’s time, it’s time to get to work. And you cannot let this Pakistani mosquito derail your company, right? So you’ve got to, like, hire somebody else. And I would say even diversifying right, like if you have too many people in one country a lot of times on these sites, when you go to try to hire these, these, these, these foreign workers, there’s this option to do it like where they’re a part of an agency or they’re like an individual freelancer.

[01:05:20] For me, I always go with the freelancer. I messed around with that agency. It seems like. It’s just I don’t know, I just didn’t like the whole dynamics of that situation where I’m not I don’t know who’s working for me. I don’t know, like it’s like I’m talking to this project manager and he’s like passing me off and. One day this person next day is this other person, and now we’ve kind of got we’ve got developers and people working for us all over the world, which is great because like, let’s say with with the software that we have here, right? So we have some people in India that are developers for us and Diwali rolls around and part of our team is gone, but not our entire team is gone. You guys have issues. I still have people that are able to fix these. I’ve got people in the Philippines, I’ve got people in the United States, Romania. I’ve got all this kind of like diversity. You need to just like you don’t want to put all your money into one stock, right? It may be a good idea to get some of these backups. And here’s what I would do. Spencer, I would actually say, Look, this is the situation you guys are. This is this is going to be a very short lived situation, is what we anticipate.

[01:06:28] I would explain to them in the interview that our full team is dealing with some health crisis. We would love to have somebody step in, but this is not this is not full time. This is a fill in. I love my team. I’m sticking with them. That doesn’t have to be the way it plays out, right? If you bring these guys on. They’re better at. You’ve got to make a business decision, even if you like people. I’ve fired like five people in the last few months. We’re like people that I always I like this person, but that’s not the determining factor for working for my company. What’s working for my company is who is the best that I can find. It’s going to make the most sense. It’s going to fit in with my company culture the best right? So you know what you have to do and it sucks, but it’s like. Part of like I fired somebody who is a great, great developer because their internet connection wasn’t stable, like there’s no value to me if I can’t even have a conversation with you, regardless of how good you are, right? And now you’ve got some local stuff that’s influencing this, that’s that’s derailing this thing. So yeah, man. That’s exactly what I would do. I would I would do it right away. I’m like, You can’t like when you’re back full time. Hey, I want to plug you back in, but until then, this has to move forward. Right?

[01:07:43] Yeah. And the other thing I know you’ve mentioned the past, especially considering you’ve had some of the theft inside your company, is on a project paid per basis. And so these guys are on a project basis. So if they’re not completing these projects, they’re not getting paid, which is super motivational. They’re not an hourly thing sitting here milking this clock. So I hope that helps somewhat.

[01:08:06] Yeah, absolutely. You just want to. I would. Still, here’s what I would do is I would still track their time. I use time doctor to track their time, find out how long it takes them to do whatever it is. Break that into like units and say, Hey, OK, like it takes. It takes like four hours for them to build this home page with like load all the content, get all the pictures, all the whatever the stuff is, and then make sure that you are basing that project costing based on like expected times. Right. So if you are saying like, Hey, I’m paying this person five dollars an hour, it takes four four hours. So I’m going to give you twenty dollars for this, this home page, right? And so that’s kind of how I would do it. I would because otherwise, I think it’s going to deviate too far from that. And you should you got this is what I’ve been talking about for the last few months. It’s like tracking things. We’ve got to be tracking stuff. We have to know our numbers in this stuff, and that’s one of the things that you need to know. I just built out this like spreadsheet with like 15 or 20 different things that I want to track on both my businesses, right? So I’m starting with my software company. What’s our average response? Time for tickets? What’s the average time for to a resolution, right? All these different things are going to if you if you don’t measure it, how do you know if you’re performing well or not, right? So you need to track this and track it with, like on a project level two? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Get get a hold of these numbers. So when you take something up, you can make sure you’re pricing things in a way that is going to be profitable for you long term. And if there’s a deviation from whether it’s taking too long or whatever, you have some, you have some data for that, right?

[01:09:45] Cool. I’m going to go back to the software. Patrick, there, Rafael is asking. He poured it all of his numbers over where can he find a list of the call logs? Can you show him?

[01:10:00] So one one frustration that we have right now in I don’t know if it’ll make any difference to you guys, but I can explain why it’s happening is we’ve got these different phone systems that are all plugged in here in your system. So if I was going to dive into some heat map stuff, we’ll come back to that. So if I go to the phone system down here, we’ve got our norm like the the original phone system and call rail. Or cosplaying, if you’re using Lee generated, we’ll show up inside this area here. If I had one connected, there would be a section here that says all calls without having that connected. It’s not there with our phone system. It’s down here. Hiding under phone system in the cost area, so this is where the call logs are right through here, right? So. With all this different types of data, it’s caused issues when we’ve tried to merge it all into one screen, and that’s how it’s going to be very soon, but we’re just kind of working through that stuff. So we’ve got it separate and I know a number of you guys have reached out and asked about that. It’s coming soon. It’s just been a little complicated to kind of blend all this stuff into one one area. So we’re actively working on that, as always, prioritizing the bugs ahead of the kind of like the updates, right? Um, Rafael, just type into the chat for Jeff, if that if I accurately answered your question or if there’s any follow up questions. Well. All right, Jeff, we got anything else. Where are we? I see. Patrick, what do you use to collect payments for customers, PayPal or Stripe?

[01:11:37] I use Stripe. Right?

[01:11:40] Actually, we use a few different payment methods. There’s a couple of people that send us checks. Most of our people, I would say, like 80, 85 percent are people are on Stripe. I had used Chase Merchant Services in the past. I hated the way their stuff worked, and it wasn’t easy to for a developer to be able to tie into that stripe is great for that.

[01:12:03] We get some Venmo, we get some Venmo. Sometimes we get we get

[01:12:09] Checks about before who? Zelle, baby. I have to go up to

[01:12:15] Walmart and get a MoneyGram once a month.

[01:12:18] It’s like, Yeah.

[01:12:20] It is what it is. Yeah, it’s still cash.

[01:12:25] That’s right. It’s cash.

[01:12:27] It’s less reported.

[01:12:29] Yeah, we use Zelle when possible, just because it’s like we end up with all the people we have on Stripe. We end up paying a lot. I think we’re spending. I did the math. It was several thousand dollars a month on the fees like Stripe like call real has a lot of hidden fees. They charge you half a percent for recurring charge you two point nine for credit card. I have I kind of have some plans to build a payment processor in here and get better rates for everyone. I talked to some people at this. The. So we were at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego when I talked to some of the people that are behind some of these big payment processors. And I think we’re going to be able to offer that service through our platform at some point. It’s not like it’s not going to be the soonest it could be would be like quarter two of twenty twenty two and don’t like, I don’t know, like we’re not actively working on that piece right now, just a heads up. Cool. So. One of the tips that I would give you is like, if you’re using Stripe and you can get your clients, there’s two different ways to use Stripe, right? There’s credit card and there is a.c.h. So they have a maximum fee of five dollars.

[01:13:47] So I know that our minimum used to be fifteen hundred. So at fifteen hundred, we would end up paying forty six dollars per transaction, right? So with a maximum of five dollars. So I try to get people to do a.c.h when possible. Some people want the points on their credit card, so then they’re not willing to do that. But you can look at that. It’s it’s pretty easy to set up. They just do like a little micro deposit and then you go and tell like they tell you what it is and then and then it can pull from their bank account, which is the preferred way you could pitch it. In a way, it’s like, Hey, we do a.c.h. And then like, make them be the ones that push for credit cards. And then maybe you wouldn’t. I didn’t do that at the beginning, and maybe you wouldn’t have to pay as many fees as as we are, sometimes with Zelle. It seems like certain banks will not allow like transactions if it’s from a business account and others. Well, that’s what we’ve run into. So we have some people that send us money on Venmo, so we don’t have to worry about that. We actually have a client that’s sending us money on Cash App, too, but Stripe is always kind of been our go to.

[01:14:56] So Patrick, is there going to be something like a form to call in the software where when the form is submitted, it will generate a call with the information to the business owner?

[01:15:09] We’re really hoping to get that out before the end of the year. That one’s high up on our development roadmap. The two, the the two, two of the biggest things that we’re going to be doing is that one for the phone system, as well as like allowing the tracking number to be the number that’s displayed. So we just have to make sure that we take care of these bugs and then those two things are going to be moving, moving along pretty quick. Neither one of them is like a big development thing for us. It’s just kind of finding that development time to make those happen. But yeah, that’s coming really, really soon. I would almost hesitate to say buy guaranteed by the end of the year, but it could be as early as next week. It’s not a big it’s not a big thing for us.

[01:15:49] Another question was, I want to learn more about pipelines and call flows, and we have that automations video on the YouTube channel. So I posted that as a response. I don’t know if you want to walk through that, and then a separate question is what do you use for funnel building? And if you can merge the two of those together somehow, I guess it would be good. Yeah.

[01:16:10] So I’ve got plans to do integrations with Clickfunnels and what’s the name of that one? On balance, I think it is. So we’re going to be doing those. We don’t particularly do funnels. I’m not running. I’m not running ads in my agency. We just build build sites out. I know that JP actually doesn’t even build the site’s long term. I think we’ll be building our own directly into the platform. I talked to the guys at Clickfunnels when we were at that conference a little bit. It seems like there’s a potential to kind of have a like multiple ways you can do integrations. I would love to be able to have their Clickfunnels and all their stuff kind of be like internal to the the platform, right? So that’s kind of where I want to take it. The first integration type will probably be, hey, when someone submits a form and have it be pulled inside of the platform, and the second one would be build your funnel directly in here and having a subscription will give you access to that. But I haven’t worked out any of those details. I only think that’s possible, but I’m not 100 percent certain. So it’s kind of like, take that for what is worst case scenario is we would just build our own. We’ve already kind of built out the form builder. That is a that’s a lot, lots of manage. But I think it would be a valuable piece for you guys to have all your stuff in one area, right? And it would take care of the Google ads issue that we’ve been battling with where they like, think our software’s? Not they think it’s whatever they call it, malicious software. Right? Cool. Jeff, any other questions on there?

[01:17:49] Well, the big question that is outstanding and we just ran through a whole bunch of different things, but rapid fire faster than I thought we were going to be able to. But finding reliable clients, what a can of worms that is.

[01:18:04] Yeah. You know, part of this is going to. You know, after you’ve done this a few times, you’re going to realize that there’s like there’s red flags that go off pretty quickly for you when this person is not reliable. Right? One of the things that you’re going to want to pay attention to. Like, first of all, you’re going to have to get through this phase, which seems like everyone goes through where you like, have this like stink of desperation when you’re trying to land a client. Because if you have that, you’re going to end up landing the clients that you don’t want, right? Once you kind of get through that and you start making demands on the clients during your initial conversation, you can kind of weed through some of this stuff. Part of its positioning, but part of it needs to be real and you need to walk away from things. And it’s hard to do that if you don’t have a lot of business coming in. It’s hard to walk if you have zero dollars coming in and someone’s like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll pay you like two thousand dollars a month. That sounds awesome. Like just that whole like. That right there, if someone said that to me, like alarms are going off in my head just the way that, like I’ve heard, people say that some of this is going to be like we talked about it’s reps, right? You’re going to want to look for somebody that’s established right? You’re going to want to look for someone that has great reviews, that’s going to answer their phone.

[01:19:32] All this stuff is like how we can identify whether they’re reliable client. But you know, if you start playing around and niches that require a license, then those people by default are going to be more serious business owners if you if someone has a staff. They’re going to be more serious business owners, I think as you when you start off this game, I think it’s important for you guys to try out a bunch of different niches. With the intent of locating a niche that’s going to kind of be your go to and maybe over time that can be like one or two or three. We have one that we’re really heavy in. Ok. And over over time, we’ve added on like we have some extra pieces that like we have a few remodeling sites now too, right? I think that JP has one that he’s really heavy in, right? So. Once you kind of have established yourself in a niche, so this conversation happened, it’s been over a year now, but this this lady calls me up and says I was referred to you by. She did. I don’t think she told me. She said I was referred to you. I heard you guys are really good at my niche and I’m interested in hearing what you guys do.

[01:20:49] And I said, OK, you know, our minimum is like. What did we start? I think we started her out at fifteen hundred a month and that was a lot more than what she was used to. And I’m like, Well, that’s our minimum. You know, we can work you up to that. We can scale you up to that. But like this is this is how we play. This is this is this is how we do it. And I use this line. You have to be careful the way that you phrase this, but it will be something like this. Look, they don’t sell Honda Civics for the same price as Ferraris. Work awesome at what we do. And because of that, we charge more right and we deliver the results and we don’t have contracts so you can cancel any time. What we do is just based on value. We find that we lose very few clients because we deliver. So it might seem like an expensive price, but not paying it is a lot more expensive and that’s why the people stay with us. And I’ll tell you right now, that’s our entry level and it goes higher. But if I’m putting like ten dollars in your pocket for every dollar that that you pay me, how long do you want to do this? You want to pay twenty dollars and get and you pay us two dollars like.

[01:22:00] So that’s the kind of scenario that you want that we put you in. So if this doesn’t make sense for you, I totally get it. You know, like so that’s a take away when people are expressing doubt on things. This is like there’s an art to kind of like phrase things in a way that is not going to damage the relationship. But it’s going to let you know that, let them know that you’re not desperate and that you need to establish yourself as a leader. How do the leaders talk about how do they close sales? They’re not over, like, please, please buy my leads. That’s that’s not. No one does that. That is like crushing it, right? So you can also say something like, look, you know, you probably have a lot of people that are willing to sell you this for five hundred dollars a month. One hundred dollars a month. So the people that are great at this. They don’t sell stuff for that price because they’re great at this. They have people lined up and that’s the category that we fall into. So if you want to take some time and think about this, that’s totally cool. And she did. She wanted to take some time, right? And then she came back about a month later, and this is the this is the benefit of like niching down, right? So I said she she called back and she said so I basically asked nine different people who the best was or for a referral, and you guys were referred six times out of nine.

[01:23:23] This is like essentially across the United States. So this is like the other people weren’t referred. No one else was referred twice and you guys were referred six times. So when that’s because we niche down, right? This is a tight community and we actually chose a niche and then we chose a sub niche within that niche, right? So we went even smaller and that, like the tight knit community. Basically creates a steady flow of referrals for us, right, where these people, they know each other right, and we know exactly how their business works, we know their pain points, all this stuff. You can’t start off with like, Hey, I’m going to look around and now I’ve chosen my niche. This is the one I’m going into. I’m going to build. Don’t do that. That’s the wrong way to do it right. What you want to do is you want to try some, try some out. You want to run all the way around the basis. Do a full cycle, right? So. So that way, you know, every part of this. And then you can like maybe. Ok, now I’ve tried out like these, like five or six niches. This the first like all these, except for one, I didn’t really like snow.

[01:24:30] I’m going to take that one and maybe I’ll build like five sites. And let me see if I like dealing with these clients. Let me see if I like this niche. You’re going to run into things. I’ve told the story before, but like H-back, I started. I built a site. A guy came out to my house in Las Vegas and he fixed our air conditioner and I was like, This, this dude’s awesome like he was. He showed up on time. He was cheaper than the other people. He explained things. I was just like, I love this guy. I’m just like, knew right away I was like, this, I want to build a site. It was right when I was getting started. I want to build a site for this guy. I told him what we did. He was like, Yeah. That’s cool. Let’s see. He. He was an old school guy. He wasn’t like a big believer in this. So we built on the site back in Las Vegas, probably one of the like, building an air conditioning site and the hot one of the hottest place on Earth that has two million people is going to be ultra competitive. It took us a year before we really got this thing to rank. We got to rank really busy in the summer. But Vegas has a moderate winter, so like, you can’t hire full time people, so it’s really hard for him to scale his business.

[01:25:37] It’s like, Come work for me, I’ll pay you, but only for part of the year. Like, you’re not going to attract the best people with that kind of. I didn’t know that. Like, it would have been hard to determine that just by doing due diligence. And this is what I mean. You need to go through the entire cycle with these niches, land the client. What are the problems that you don’t know about right now because they’re out there? And then after you’ve kind of like, got this like, you’re in a groove and you understand it now you can start to like scale across the country and then you can start to reap some of these benefits, but don’t like rush so quick that start off with some pick five or six. Try them out. See what works. See what doesn’t get to know it. It’s really important to know the niche I’ve actually been asked to speak in front of like people at a conference at this niche, right? So like, that’s where you really can start to take advantage of the niching down strategy. Know that was a long winded answer, but I think there’s there wasn’t a short answer to like landing quality clients, but that’s kind of like my my. That would be my advice to my past self.

[01:26:43] Yeah, it’s tough. And when you think you’ve got them, there’s always one popped up on the radar that proves you wrong, you know, and that’s the thing is, I don’t see this business as passive at all. I see it as a very active business. It’s a very lucrative business because the margins are so large, but it takes a lot of work. And as soon as you think you got all your ducks in a row, then they start spinning out and go in different directions. So clients or the ducks. In that case, I did share the outline that is on a Google doc that we’ve outlined most of the calls and targeting tagged different calls and subjects and topics and all of that. So Patrick, with a K, I think that would be a good idea for you to check that out and just go and go through that. I mean, we’ve been doing this for 10 months or so and we’ve gone through a lot of these questions like you’re asking one question you asked. I’d love to hear your opening for an outbound call or voice message. I don’t do outbound calls, really. I’ll text and I’ll say, Hey, do you do if I have a lead? Because usually I have a lead in my hand, I’ll say, Do you do business in X? Whatever the city is, that’s my outbound prospecting, you know? And generally they’ll write back and they’ll be like, Yeah, what do you got? Know, I’ll be like, Well, I have this referral job. You know, it’s this that or the other. Are you open to a referral opportunities? And if you’re doing outbound and you’re saying, can I speak to the business owner? I mean, I don’t know. That just doesn’t seem like a good strategy to me because that’s what Home Advisor and Angie’s and everybody else is doing. So I would whatever everybody else is doing, I do the opposite.

[01:28:27] That’s what you know.

[01:28:29] There’s a lot of different ways. Like, Jeff has a certain style that he does, which was like different than than mine. When I started right prior to Jeff, I was the one doing these calls, and I had no problem. I’m like. I want results right now. It’s kind of like how it is with everything, with me is like I’m impatient with like waiting for results and I’m going to like, do whatever I can to get it as quickly as possible. And I have no problem cold calling people or give you my pitch that I used to use. I’ve heard other people that have kind of I’m not sure if they heard it from someone else or to be honest, I’m not sure where I got it. But here’s what I would do is I would call up and I would be like, Hey, Jeff, I’ve got these, I’ve got these, these calls coming in. You know, I built this, this site. I’m a web designer. I built this site and these calls are coming in and I don’t have anything to do with it. I created this business with a partner, and he’s going through some like tough times and it folded before we even got started. And now these people are calling me. I don’t know what to do with this. Can you just take this for a couple of weeks until I figure out what to do? So that’s what I would do because I my goal is to get them onto a trial, right? I don’t want like I’m not mentioning like, Hey, it’s going to cost this or any of that stuff.

[01:29:47] Just try it out. So like, Spencer likes to call it our drug dealer method where you give them a little bit. Get them hooked. Anyone that’s been had issues with drugs, I don’t mean to be crass with this analogy, but it makes sense to people. Get them hooked, right? And then we can have another conversation after they’ve closed a couple of jobs and the amount of trial period, I think really needs to be dependent on the sales cycle. I like to have things that are going to have a faster sales cycle because if you try to work with like a realtor and it’s going to take like 30 or 90 days for them to close deals and now like the renewal on a monthly or whatever, it’s coming up, then like those conversations are not as much fun. But if they can get in there and they can close it, and like I said on a lot of calls, I don’t want to be in a niche where the average ticket price is less than a thousand. Like, that’s kind of like a rule for us. Every time we try to do that, it’s just like it doesn’t go well.

[01:30:43] The business owners aren’t as serious. There’s a lot of competition because it’s an easy business to start and the like. They can’t pay us as much because their margins are too little. So, you know, so those are some of the things that I kind of look at it. I see that that someone asked a question here, do you start them off with commission? I don’t. I don’t like doing commission at all. I don’t. You’ve got to like train these people and let them know what is acceptable. So when we have these conversations like. You guys might not know this, but like when I’m not on these calls, I’m like joking around a lot. I’m very like, like, happy when I’m on these calls with this or when I’m on like the client calls. That’s not the same, Patrick. And like, I see Jeff the way he is too. Like, you have to like, not lay down the law, but almost lay down the law in a way like you need to let them know how your business runs. And you know, it’s like they’re judging you based on how you act all the time, right? And once you really understand that and you understand like how the stuff is showing up for them, you can kind of craft this persona that’s necessary for you to.

[01:31:57] And I’m not talking about being out of integrity, but you’re running a business here and you don’t want people taking advantage of you and you’re like, you’ve got to kind of be kind of a hard line on this stuff and say, Look, hey, how about this? I’m going to give you like 10 percent of any of these closed deals like, Hey, Jeff, I appreciate that. We tried that in the past. It hasn’t worked for us and we’ve made a we made a rule. We don’t do that anymore. We’re not. We’re not ever doing. It’s nothing against you. You seem like a great guy. You seem really trustworthy. But we don’t. We don’t operate that way in our business. This is how we do it. I would much rather do the price per lead because you’re relying on somebody who may be this dishonest. Is probably disorganized, like especially if you’re working with like contractors and stuff like this, like these guys are showing up with like. Catch up on their shirt and like, who knows what else is going on in their life and you’re going to count on them to keep track of the books for this, like, I don’t like that at all. Like we got like just I’m being honest, we got burned with this, these situations in the past and we drew a hard line. So if you do price for lead, that’s great.

[01:33:08] But it’s now you’re not going to get burned by like close deals or whatever, but it’s not going to be scalable and you need to like, Hey, we can start off with price per lead, but I’m not going to do this long term. I know that you don’t know me and I don’t know you. So let’s we can do this. And you’re also like, when you do it that way, you’re relying on them to pay you after. Right? And you might want to start them if you know, if they’re not showing up at somebody that’s going to be reliable and trustworthy. And that’s probably not the right person, regardless of how much money they pretend that they’re going to pay you. But it could be a good idea, like, Hey, we’re going to we’re going to settle up every Sunday. So that way, you’re not like a month in the hole before you kind of like, find out that this person is full of it, right? But I would be really pushing them towards a flat fee. And what I would do is like, Hey, this is how many leads we produce. Last month we did 10, right? I know that, hey, we’re just getting started. These leads are worth fifty dollars apiece, so let’s set the flat fee at five hundred. Or probably better yet, we produce 15 leads.

[01:34:11] These leads are valued at fifty dollars. I can’t like we’re still at the beginning, so it’s a little unpredictable. Here’s what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a little break. It’ll be five hundred dollars. So that way we have a little cushion of let’s come in. And this next month we’re moving in the holidays. I think it’s going to be a little bit slower, but we’re going to keep a close eye on this. My goal is to kind of scale with you, right? And as you pay me more, then you get more business and we grow together. That’s why this is more like a partnership than some kind of like SEO deal where I’m getting paid before you get business right. I view this as a partnership. This is a long term relationship. The only way that this is going to work, this is the key right here is if this is fair for both of us. There is a a trigger word for a lot of people. People want to be fair, unless you’re like a sociopath or psychopath and you don’t really care what other people think. But for those of us that are on the other side of the line. Fair matters and they they have this kind of like sense of justice that they want and you need them. When you infuse that into the conversation, then it kind of like puts them in your shoes a little bit.

[01:35:14] So I think it’s an important thing to do. And like you guys pay attention to to vocal tones with this stuff as well, like you need to pair your message that you’re delivering with the right tone, right? So like if you’re going to be saying like, I want things to be fair, like that might be a time to warm it up a little bit. Look, look, Jeff, I know that you’re trying to run a business and I’m trying to run a business here, too. All I want to do is try to set something up. That’s fair. It’s got to be fair for both of us for this to work long term. Right. So that’s kind of like the tone that I would use, right? So when you’re laying down the line, we’re like, Hey, we don’t do commissions. I’m going to be a little bit more kind of like aggressive with it while still like you’re not going to be a jerk and like in their face, like alpha alpha male in your face. But like just kind of like pair that pay attention to that messaging that you’re sending across that tone matters so much it allows you to deliver messages that would. Maybe not be received the same way. Right, so. All right, cool.

[01:36:21] Yeah, it’s definitely I would consider him to be a master of positioning. I mean, clearly the hours and years he spent at the poker table payoff in that sense. And what I do, I think intuition is I try to drive people into a corner. So if I have to start with a commission deal, depending on how many leads are coming in or whatever, I’ll do it. I’ll just keep boxing them into the corner and keep educating them about how much more it is in their favor to be paying me a monthly. And eventually they turn the corner and they get it. It doesn’t take very long, if you know I’m getting better at that positioning, but I definitely say the word fair a lot because I hang out with Patrick. So that does help a lot. And yeah, Emmanuel was asking, I overdeliver and people I don’t understand, he says. And people seem not to like money. Do you guys find better success and straight? I think it’s like, Patrick said, it’s it’s positioning, you know, it’s like if they’re not valuing the leads that you’re providing, then I think you need to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that the leads are the most valuable part of the business, right? It’s like if anybody could go get like a set up, a concrete pour thing or a go buy a bucket of paint and a brush. But how many people can actually generate a customer that’s willing to pay big money for that service? They can’t do it, you know, so you can so so trust that you have so much value that you can go in with this type of positioning that Patrick set out and and hold the line and hold that, hold them accountable for paying you or working under your terms. And not you just spinning out and taking their terms because you’re afraid that you’re not going to get somebody else right. So I think that’s that’s the way I approach it

[01:38:19] In, guys. They’re not going to don’t anticipate them to from the bat realize the value that you have because you’re right now when you show up the first time you’re in this bucket of all the other people that have called them all the other, like SEO people, once you’ve got into their system, then it’s like they’ll realize the value that you have and they’ve never seen it before, or they wouldn’t be looking for with you. They wouldn’t be interested if they had seen it. So this is like, put yourself in their shoes, you’re getting ready to drop. Like if someone if I came in, I told you guys, like, I know that you guys are getting a ton of value from these calls. It’s going to be fifteen hundred dollars a month. Now it’s like a new bill that’s showing up that you weren’t anticipating, right? And that’s the mindset that they’re in to. So over time, you can show them this value. The key is to get them into into this trial at the beginning, right? And there is a lot with this positioning stuff, right? It’s you’re not going to be great at it from the beginning and after you’ve after you’ve hit it out of the park a few times with clients can really start to believe in yourself, right? Like you saw Spencer on there showing some of the heat maps that he’s improved, right? So after you’ve started to really create the results and then you go and have the conversation again, it has a little bit different tone. And after you’ve had the conversation a bunch of times. So what I’m saying is like, don’t it’s all a learning process, and none of us were good at this when we started right? We’ve all just kind of like, figured it out and built pieces, and we we all still make mistakes too, right? So what you need to compare yourself?

[01:39:53] Yeah, I would say also the market’s changing, too. I mean, recently, angie’s or whatever they call themselves now, they just rebranded into Angie’s. Now you get fourteen hundred calls a day. Hey, this is Angie’s. I mean, I take all that a consideration, you know, in this kind of intuition approach where I know that if I’m getting all these calls on my lines, all the other contractors I’m calling are getting them to. So there’s more of that sort of defensive gatekeeper mentality as time goes by, because Home Advisor turns into Angie’s leads, turns into Angie, whatever, they just keep rebranding and it’s the same BS, right? So all the contractors are having to deal with this. So that’s why I do the approach that I usually do because it’s it’s super smooth, it’s super noncommittal. I can get in the door and at least open a conversation and then I can start hammering them into that corner that I want them to be in. So everybody’s approach is going to be a little bit different, you know, whatever your comfort level is, I like to go fast too. And you know, we just we have stuff that needs to be sold. So it’s like, I don’t, you know, I just got to be rocking on all of it at all times.

[01:41:05] So I posted a photo of an example that I did and a couple of locksmith groups and I got like eight meetings this week. I mean, do you guys literally have every tool of. Online and Facebook groups or just being social in general, I mean, join a local BNA group like Go Network. I mean, most of my clients come to me just by being out in the open and showing, Hey, here’s a couple of things you can do your website. You’d be surprised how much. Free information you’re giving out to people how much people want to actually pay you after, so just you need to get yourself out there.

[01:41:42] That’s that’s exactly the strategy that is working for Spencer that I shared is go into these groups and just help people lead with value. And you do it from a like a non telemarketer creepy way and you’re just like, Hey, I’m trying to help. Then people line up to try to pay you like there is a strong relationship to the value that you deliver in the world and the amount of money that people have. If you stop focusing on the money and focus on the value, what happens is the money just shows up, right? And and this is where I’ve mentioned that this is where you go from being good at something to great, at something like think about the person their story legitimately try to help them teach them you’ll build a genuine relationship with them. And that trust is what makes it easy to close deals, right? And that trust is what makes them want to pay you more when they know that, hey, you’re not in this alone. I’m looking out for your best interests, too. I want to help you. We’re going to we’re going to grow this to get that whole like mindset. If you guys aren’t taking that as a part of your sales and you’re trying to close a deal rather than like, look at this person, like forget all this like sales and pitch like, this is another human being. This is the path that they’ve chosen to try to advance their life, their family, get what they want and like, take that into account and think about them as that person and how what you do and what you know can help that. Like, it makes a sales process so much easier. We get caught up in this like this weeds and all this stuff, and it’s like that building that relationship is is kind of where the trust comes from, right? That’s what I did.

[01:43:19] That’s what I mean by consultative selling. When you take that approach, you’re just kind of asking the questions to learn more about their business. And oftentimes what I find out because we deal with so many different niches, I’m I’m also almost always in a conversation learning something new. So I put that back on there. I come across super knowledgeable about what I do, but when they tell me something that I don’t know, I’m like, Wow, I never thought of that. Really, that’s what happens. And then they’re the expert in their niche. To me, I’m the expert in the marketing and leads niche, right? So we can build this mutual respect between each other. And then the more that I learn about their business, then I start, maybe ask a personal question here and there and keep spinning it back into the circle of relating it back to you. Oh, yeah, well, your kids and plays hockey. Oh, he likes to travel around and do the hockey events or whatever. Yeah, that must be expensive. Ok, well, let’s get you some more or whatever, you know, it’s like, I’m just making it up. But that’s that’s what I mean is just continuing to learn more about what their whole setup is personally and professionally so that you can tie everything back to what you have to offer and build that relationship.

[01:44:34] That’s going to last a long time. And just more recently, I think just having it in my mindset that I want to work with bigger players that can really build and manage, you know, seven figure or multiple multi seven figure businesses are and are not these smaller guys. The last five deals I’ve done or 10 deals I’ve done have all been people that have sort of been in that category or at least have the potential to be in that category, whereas before I didn’t find those people. So it’s just being more intentional about who I’m trying to prospect in so many different ways, just having the mindset around it and believing that that’s the kind of service that I can provide and that I can really support these people because I know that I have a team behind me and Patrick behind me to do it. I mean, that’s a little things like that, or just the confidence level goes through the roof. That’s the game changer.

[01:45:28] Awesome, Jeff, we got we’re running, we’re running a little bit late, we’re out of an hour and forty five minutes now, so I’m going to answer two more quick questions that I see here. The first one was our buddy, Joseph Graham. What qualifications do you look for when hiring site builders or do you take anyone and train them from scratch? I do not train on that position that that’s a position where you can go and you can find I like online job jobs, FX. You’re going to find people that have 10 years of experience that are willing to work for between like four and maybe eight dollars an hour somewhere around in there. And they’re going to be better than I care to be at that skill set. If someone willing to do that work with that experience at that rate, I don’t want to know how to do that very well because I’ll just find those people right. So I’m looking for someone that’s got a lot of these experiences, like if it’s going to be a site builder, I want someone with experience in WordPress, maybe somebody that has experience with like creating plug ins. Not that I want them to build a plugin, but that shows a command of the platform that I’m looking for somebody that can build a team from scratch.

[01:46:34] I would maybe start off people with maybe like, don’t hire the first person that you talk to put four of them on a trial and let each of them know that you’re only going to hire one. I would put them into time tracking software, and I would let them know you need to come up with criteria of how they are going to be judged. So you’re going to be judged for like, Hey, here is here’s what I would do is like give them a a blueprint for the site you want. Maybe. And then what’s one of them doesn’t the best. Let them know that they’re going to be judged on speed like both the speed at which they can build it and the speed that the site runs once it’s built mobile responsiveness. All this different stuff have a little contest like we’re only hired in one person. We’ve got a number of people on trial. It’s hard to determine who’s the best with, with just an interview. So we’re going to do this. I’ll pay you for this trial. That’s important. It’s always important, guys. Look, just because these guys are in a country where they get four dollars an hour is like the going rate for that skill set. Don’t treat them like they’re less than you, right? Treat them like they’re humans and like, take pay them for their time right, and be courteous to them.

[01:47:43] And like you will build a team that’s loyal to you. Like these just like you, just like with the contractor that we’re just talking about, these are other humans. This is the life that they’re in. Let’s treat these people like they’re like they’re equals and you’re going to get the best out of them, right? And it’s just a more fulfilling way to be. Ok, so the other question I saw here is how do you rank and rent a city when you need a license? If you use a customer’s LLC, then what do you do when you stop working with them? You’ve got to change your name, your website and GMB? No. Ok, so when you set up the site, you’re going to set it up as something generic. So, for instance, you need to like be careful with this because Google has come a long way and they’re like, they’re they’ve gotten a lot more before. You could name something like Phoenix limo services and Google would be like, Oh, that sounds like a legit business. Come on in. We’ll give you a GMB for that. It’s not how it is anymore. You need to put like some. What I recommend is putting some kind of like artificial branding in there.

[01:48:45] So, for instance, limo is probably not the best one, but maybe like window, maybe like windshield. So we go like Phoenix windshield replacement would be the generic one, but now you change it to like Phoenix. Like windshield replacement of Phoenix or Phoenix Windshield Elite Elite Premier Supreme Phoenix windshield replacement. Something like this where you have that’s kind of like branded word in there and then you need to coach the business owner or whoever is taking these calls. You’re going to have that whisper message through, hopefully through our phone system that says where it’s coming from. The business owner knows that this is coming from you because you’ve had this conversation and they answer the phone accordingly. Ok. So if somebody like when they show up and maybe they’ve got something different on their truck or their letterhead like, Yeah, you know, we’ve got we’ve got a few different businesses that we run. They’re all kind of related. That’s our sister company. That’s a part of our brand. Some of these customers are going to get like weird, like these clients are going to get weirdly protective over their business name being a part of how they answered the phone, which like, like if I was in their shoes, my goal would be to try to make a sale and not like, have this like ego trip where I’ve got to like, answer it with my branding.

[01:50:04] So then they create a new problem for themselves, and then you can just coach and we’d be like, Yep. So you have that conversation a little bit earlier and say, Yeah, that’s that’s one of our that’s one of our sites. It’s our it’s the same company. If they bounce, then you’ve got. Like the domain is the domain. Either way, you don’t want that domain to be tied to the business owner because that’s kind of the beauty of this business model is you have the assets positioned. And there could be any company that like there, the removable and replaceable part, right? You’ve got the part that’s like static. If they act up, they retire. Whatever happens, you’ve got to pull them out of there. You can put in another player in there, right? So that’s kind of the beauty of how you set this up. We’ve gone so far with some of our clients to put their logo on the site and on the GMP. And then if they those are the ones that are kind of like our premier clients where we’re trying to make it easier for them, we know we’ve had a long relationship. I kind of avoid that. But we do have that situation and a few locations. So Jeff, I think we are.

[01:51:10] Yeah, they were doing pretty good here, I think it’s a good spot to stop. I did put the link to the outlines. If people are not aware that it exists and it has a wealth of information of past calls, you can search it and go to the appropriate video and hear Patrick laying down all kinds of sales, role plays and in different scenarios, and GMB heat map strategies and prospecting and all kinds of good stuff. That’s a really, really great resource. I highly recommend that you all take advantage of it.

[01:51:44] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. All right, guys, I hope you guys enjoy this, I know that we were kind of like bouncing to different parts with this call. You guys look, we’ve got about 30 days in the year left. We’re about to be in twenty twenty two. There’s probably going to be some lost time there for the last week with the holidays. So you’ve got to. My recommendation is push it for these next like three weeks because you basically have like. Three solid weeks, maybe three and a half, depending on like you’ve got New Year’s and Christmas, right for most of us have those holidays, so. You don’t have a lot of time left this this last month or this last few weeks are what’s going to determine the number that you put on twenty twenty one. So this next week, this next seven days is going to represent about a third of those. I think the next call we will do, I will actually be in New York. And if you’re in the New York City area, reach out to me. Maybe we can grab ourselves a drink or something or some dinner. But until then, guys go out there and do the things that are necessary to move your business forward. Create some wins. Push it this week, and let’s make the most out of what we have left for. Twenty twenty one. You guys, everybody stay. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Any questions posted in the group take care of friends.

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[00:00:00] Wait a minute. Yeah, go ahead. Go for it. I think we’re live now. Hey. Welcome to Elite Snap. What’s up, man? How are you doing?

[00:00:19] Did I pull my hair out, man? When I switch stuff over to web web host Python, I forgot about some like subdomains and domain issues within high level and. Well, my one client hasn’t been getting leads for, like the last week, and he didn’t say anything and I like just so green to the pointing of the DNS and just having issues right now today. I mean, that sucks. Yeah, it’s all good, man. I mean, it’s just learning. It might be after after today, but.

[00:01:03] How are things going with the. Are things going with the audits, you had a bunch of audits lined up, right?

[00:01:10] Yeah, man, we’ve closed. Nothing, I mean, big, like, I’m so excited about it. Like just some personal website deals and some reputation management deals, stuff that I think will grow. There’s there’s still about five people that are still kind of having to run things by management teams and kind of getting approval on what they’re going to do, right? And I just haven’t really been pushing a lot because I don’t want to seem desperate. So I’ve checked in, you know, have done my due diligence and just now kind of letting things sit, especially with the holiday this week. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

[00:01:56] So yeah, that’s cool. That’s I mean, it’s a good time to take a little breather and not push it, push these guys too hard and, you know, circle back to next week. We’ve got a couple in that situation. Do you have any wins from last week, Spencer?

[00:02:10] Yeah, dude. I mean, I one of these one of these audits, I jumped on a call back in. He’s in Yonkers, just above the Bronx Security and Fire Alarm Company, and he I jumped on a call the other night was probably like an hour long call, just kind of reviewing the stuff I talked about with him, with his audit and walking them through. He’s pretty, pretty sharp kid. So he was able to kind of implement some of the GMB stuff and things we talked about. And he towards the end of the phone call, I just, you know, I hadn’t even offered our services and said anything. He’s been in the process of building a website, and he was telling me how he just struggles with content. And I was like, Oh yeah, dude, like most everybody does, that’s why we hire professional content writers. And he was like, Oh, you guys build websites? They said, Yeah, we can do that. And towards the end of the call, what would it cost? I said we could do a site for you for three grand. And he’s like, Send me some examples. So I got off the call, sent up some examples, and he and he paid an invoice and we’re building a site for him. So that’s cool. Yeah. So it’s like for me, it’s it’s just going into this, not really with the mindset of selling somebody, but just going in the mindset of helping somebody. And I know that if I can help enough people, the sales would just automatically come for sure.

[00:03:40] Yeah, I mean, there’s definitely a correlation between people’s wealth and the impact that they’ve had. You know, that’s something that’s something to think about and make sure that you’re really aligning what you do with with that mindset, right? Because the money seems to follow when you help people. I mean, it has, for me, pretty well.

[00:04:01] Yeah.

[00:04:01] So, yeah, so our focus on the impact man and then that’s that’s really where I think people go from being good at something to great.

[00:04:10] Yeah, and it’s been fun along the way. We’ve done I want to say something like thirty six audits, some of these guys you just know within the first minute of the audit that these guys are broken, that they’re never going to be able to afford what you do right now. Yeah, sure. But I still, you know, it’s still the same audit as I would give somebody that, you can tell, has a marketing company and things. And so at the end of the day, I know if I can just do it, it’s it’s almost there’s that one book. Was it something about no Jeff Pine knows it would sales or you’re just going and you’re expecting like getting to know or something? Yeah, you’re like, What is it, Jeff?

[00:04:55] Yeah, I think it’s it’s like, don’t accept, no.

[00:04:59] What was it?

[00:05:00] No, you know, it’s something about how you. You just need to get the nose out of the way because you know, the U.S. is coming, right? Yeah, I feel like that with the audits. Like, I know that if I do enough of these, I’ll get enough yeses. And it’s just it’s just about the right. You’re closing ratio goes up because of how many people you’re actually touching.

[00:05:21] Leading with value, I think, is the right move. If you can be of service and reach out to people, then they’re going to trust you. I think trust is the biggest barrier. There’s no shortage of people offering websites or SEO services or whatever I have in the prior conversation about the audit or the, you know, you did an audit videos that what you did.

[00:05:41] Yeah, I’ve been in the competition like we’ve done, like I’ve done like thirty six of these things.

[00:05:47] Thirty six guys, that’s a number to beat. Yeah, I’m going to next week’s column and to dive into that competition more so it’s been there’s been a lot going on. We’ve had we’ve had some bugs that have been popping up and we’ve been doing our best to squash those. I want to make sure that we that we keep the call going in the right direction. So Spencer, congrats on the on the website. So do you have any other wins?

[00:06:13] And, you know, I think a few weeks ago, I talked about how I had reached out to the wheel repair guy that that company that I had repair my wheels because the first company kind of screwed me around and we’re going to do marketing for him. So we got reputation management lined up and website we’ll do at the beginning part of the year based employees. So, yeah, it’s just those little small wins. And honestly, I think the missing piece of this is like if you can get somebody locked into reputation management, even if it’s on a free trial, exactly what Jeff’s talking about with building trust, you’ll be able to to start to develop a relationship with somebody. And even though you might be giving that away for free, they will eventually turn into probably some money in your pocket somehow.

[00:07:03] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, man, I mean, so much of it building a relationship and and establishing yourself as kind of like an expert, a subject matter expert on this stuff is. I mean, good stuff is going to come. It’s like trying to close a wormley versus a cold weed. And if you can kind of worm these people up with with some of these services, get your foot in the door. Plus, like, I mean, you know, at three hundred dollars a month for reputation management, that’s three thousand six hundred dollars a year. I mean, that’s that’s not I’m not I’m not stepping over that on the sidewalk. I’ll tell you that much. So, yeah, I mean, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Let’s I want to I want to kind of change these calls just a little bit and have people be a little more interactive. And, you know, tell us like, share some of your wins, share some of your wins in the chat. And you know, let’s let’s get let’s get excited, excited for this stuff. I feel like the energy’s low right now. So who else on the call? Anyone else on the call? If you have a win, throw to the chat. I’d also love to. I’d love to hear from you guys. A lot of you guys, I see you guys, I’ll call and I don’t I don’t know where you guys are. So maybe just if you don’t mind throwing, throw where you’re where you’re tuning in from, I know we got people that watch Real World. I was expecting this to be a really slow call right the day before Thanksgiving.

[00:08:22] I know there’s a lot of people traveling and, you know, people spending time with their families, but I’ve seen that a lot of people watch on the on the replays too. So I figured I would throw this in there, a mixture that you guys are getting the value to help move your business forward. We have what do we have about thirty six days left in the year? All right. We got Spencer. My my buddy is out in Portland. We got Emmanuel in Denver. Love, love Denver. Haven’t had the chance to go to Portland. I’m actually with my family in Dayton, Ohio, now. But next week, I guess two weeks from now, we’re headed in New York City. If anybody is in New York City, send me a message would love to maybe catch a drink or grab some dinner or something. Marty meeting up with one person that I met through this business model. Pretty excited to spend some time with them. There we got we got two people, two people from Denver. Maybe you guys can connect if you guys are both cool with each other and then we’re off to Europe for a month. So excited. So we’re going to be in Barcelona, London and Paris. If that is where any of you guys watching now or watching the replay just send me a message. You know, maybe, maybe we can make it work. Cool. So any other ones, Jeff, you got to win?

[00:09:41] Oh, yeah, I got to win, I got a new startup fee from another client that we already have in the startup process on in another market. So he’s come out of the woodwork and he wants to be a regional player. I’ve built a relationship with them over the last few months and just kind of just really, you know, I don’t get too aggressive with people. I kind of give them room to breathe and sometimes that doesn’t work in my favor. But in this case, he closed the deal. But ultimately, when I came back to him and told him the price, he’s like, Oh shit, well, I was just like waiting around because I thought it was going to be a lot more money than that. And I was like, Oh shit. But you know, stuff happens. So, you know, we would have charged him the same amount anyway. And and now he’s he’s already expanding into other markets. So he’s sending me pictures of the airplane he wants to buy and all kinds of stuff. So I love people like that that are, you know, really aggressive and and high minded. And just like going out and looking, looking for their win, you know, they’re they’re not they’re not small players, and I know that we’re the right fit for for somebody like that and that we can deliver. So I’m really excited to work with him, and I’m finding that now that we’re in that kind of mindset, more and more of these sort of like regional players or are coming to the table. I have a few other deals that are teeing up really nicely with these types of players that are already well established and could gobble up a ton of lead. So I’m really excited about that win.

[00:11:12] Awesome. Yeah. And it was cool. This, I guess, leading up to this week, part part of last week, Jeff and I. We got to spend some time masterminding for about a week together, going over things in the business, coming up with strategies on how to make things better. You know, one of the things with, you know, my own personal way and I mentioned this a few times. I’m in this a few different coaching programs where I’m trying to level up my game not only for my businesses, but also to kind of bring back some value to you guys. So one of the things that that has become clear is just like the lack of measurement, and we’ve been trying to implement things over a few months. And one of the concepts that I think is really important is this North Star metric. I really dove into it over the last month or over the last, sorry, over the last week. You know, I do a weekly coaching call with people that are coaching me, and we had hours today and I’m trying to come up with the North Star metric for the platform that you guys are using and also for my agency. So just to give you guys what what is the North Star metric? So it’s not the same for every business, right? It’s something that you come up where it’s a combination of your business is moving forward and your your clients are getting value.

[00:12:27] Ok, so that’s that’s kind of what is so like if you think about Airbnb North Star metric for them is the amount of it’s like a rolling average, I think of seven days, but the nightly bookings, wow. Bookings per night, right? So it can be a ratio. So, so the idea is that if they have this number and this number moves forward, so imagine they were like a smaller company and they had 10 average bookings per night. And then now they’ve improved things and they have 15. So why is that good for their customer so their customers are getting value there? So they’re thinking about their host, right? So with Airbnb, they don’t actually own the real estate, right? Their host are the ones. So if the hosts are getting bookings, hosts are getting back so their customers are getting value and the company is moving forward when that number goes up. So, you know, Facebook has, like all these companies, have a North Star metric that they’re that they’re paying attention to all the time and they’re setting their goals to try to move the North Star metric forward. Right. So that’s kind of how this works. So Facebook’s is the daily active users, OK? And it’s dangerous to like have daily active users for software because like Facebook’s a content delivery system essentially. So, you know, that’s good for them. But it’s certainly what I wouldn’t want to do with our platform because that doesn’t mean that you guys are getting value.

[00:13:46] So kind of what I’m trying to come up with is like, OK, maybe, maybe it’s a combination of things because there are so many different parts and pieces inside this platform. So like if I just said it was like when someone ran a heat map, but a lot of people, they don’t even use the heat map, and they just use like the system to manage the leads. So it could be when a lead comes in, but then vice versa. So maybe for us, it’s going to be like, Hey, when they do like the amount of people that are doing one of these actions on a weekly basis for my agency, I felt that it was really I quickly came up with a number that that I want to start with, and this is something that can change over time, right? As you, you may not get it right your first time. So one of the things that we’re going to be doing in our agency for our North Star metric is going to be the amount of leads per paying client average over like a 30 day period, right? So that’s what we’re going to be using and that’s what we’re going to be monitoring and. The idea is that if we’re getting more leads to our paying clients, then that means that we’re going be able to charge them more. Right, you’ve got to monitor this stuff and you have to have numbers if you’re going to try to improve things, right? So if you’re if you’re like going to the gym and you’re never you’re never weighing yourself and you’re never like maybe tracking any type of progress.

[00:15:03] It doesn’t mean you won’t make it. But I mean, there’s just been study after study that shows that monitoring this stuff and what you measure improves. So I would encourage you guys to think about this come up with a North Star metric. What we’re using in our agency is the amount of leads the lead average per paying client over 30 days, like a 30 day rolling average. So I’m going to have my assistant go through and we’re going to total that up. And then in the future, I’m going to be building this and I’d love to hear above to hear what you guys come up with. I’d love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on this is what I mean by being more interactive. Does this sound like if you got if you guys think this sounds like it has some value to your business or if it doesn’t, click throw something in the chat and let us know. So but I’d love to hear if you guys come up with something. Start measuring it. I’m going to have my assistant go through every day and kind of put things into a spreadsheet so that we can monitor this over time because I think we’re monitoring this and we know that this number is we’re going to be clued in to the fact that, hey, maybe our sites aren’t doing as well because this this number is going down right now and this is what it previously was.

[00:16:09] And now we need to find a way to improve it. So we’ve got some exciting stuff. I think I’m not going to mention the full details of it, but I got on to a call yesterday with the guy. I’m pretty excited. Potential partnership. So that partnership could if it goes through, then it will be kind of a service that that we have built directly into the platform for you guys, which I think is in this model, something that we’re all we’re all using. So excited for that. I’m not going to get too into the details of that until we kind of get get it ironed out. But I think it’ll be really cool if this thing goes through saving to renew my Legionnaire’s subscription at the moment. Manual that is. Hopefully, you know, this is one thing that I realized over the last 12 months is like for people that are in a situation that have been using this and participating in a group for a little while, there’s some level of responsibility that I feel like. So what can we do, Emmanuel to help you like saving is one thing, but how can we set things up so your business is running better? So these decisions are they don’t require saving.

[00:17:23] They require like this is a no brainer to to be a part of this. So I’d love to I’d love to hear about that man. So if you have any anything or if you if you want to jump on the spotlight, we can dive into that and get it a little bit in your business. Some of the questions that I’ve been hearing about a lot over the last week is what kind of what I wanted to cover on the call tonight. I know that people are struggling with the automations and, you know, we don’t have a lot of training out on it. We’re working on that. It’s just been our focus has been on trying to fix any bugs that show up, and we definitely had a few. You launch a new phone system. There’s, you know, the automations are tied into the phone system. So a lot of new technology going in here and there are so many use cases that would have been really hard for us to ever even consider testing. You know, I know that we had issues with purchasing numbers in the UK and texting in the UK, and I’m going to I’m going to get into some of that. Those guys that are in Australia, Australia. The numbers weren’t working correctly because there is a higher level of compliance that’s needed. So we are there’s something called a bundle is what is what they’re calling it.

[00:18:35] So there’s this bundle, if you’re in Australia, that you kind of have to complete and that’s some ID and address information, I think there might be some kind of like I think it’s called a GST, it’s like tax number or something like this. So that’s required by our carrier. That’s not something that that we’re just like requesting for whatever reason, it’s we can’t we’re getting stopped at the level above us when we try to make purchases. So. So if you’re in one of those, if you’re in Australia, then just be aware like you can get the numbers and everything can work. And you know, we have really competitive prices, but there is an extra hoop that you have to jump through. We’ve had another issue for people that are using, like the had local Viking, that other company, so. For people that are coming from that have got that API already set up. It didn’t seem like it was working perfectly for us when we tried to connect and we made some changes, but apparently we don’t have it all the way dialed in yet. So I think we’re going to have that resolved really soon. I was hoping that we would have it resolved today, but we’re still still struggling. It seems like it’s working for some Google my businesses and not for others. So we’re trying to figure out what that is, but for others, if you guys have your Google, my business, if you if you haven’t applied for it, it’s really awesome to have that molecule back in action again and we’re going to continue to build on it.

[00:20:07] I’ve got a lot of plans on how to add to it and some cool stuff. Let’s see what we got here. So we got Emmanuel. You are doing it now that we could call his offer a lot of value, that’s great to hear, man. The rest is up to us to implement what we learn. I would love to hop on and share. Just don’t have a mike at the moment. No worries, man. If there’s anything that you’re struggling with, feel free to type it into the chat and let us know and I can try to try to hit it. I can see that we had some people that are streaming through the Facebook group, so we got Rafael Santana, my buddy from Brazil, who’s in South Orange County and always Laurent from Montreal, Canada. Our French Canadian. Ok, cool. And then. Ok. I think we’re caught up. All right. Right, OK, so we don’t have any questions. I’m going to jump into some of the automation stuff and I’m just going to kind of cover this and let you guys know there’s there’s more training that is coming on this. I just need a minute to kind of get things, get some of these, you know, any issues.

[00:21:20] I always prioritize those. And then, you know, the training is definitely next on my list. Ok, so let me share my screen. Jennifer, we caught up with everything. My missing anything. Yeah, we’re good. Can you see my screen? Yep. Ok, cool. All right, guys. So if you open up CRM and then you go to automation, you will see this area. And so the way this works is if I click on new automation, you’re going to see a I’m going to see some templates. So if you wanted to set up like a miss, a missed call, like a text message when I missed call, then, then you can do that right here if I click on this. It’s going to load this template up for me and you can see that new phone call. The status is equal to missed. And then here’s your text message you would just need to type that in. We didn’t. We didn’t start you out with anything because, you know, you put in whatever you want there. Ok, so a couple of things a couple of people have asked like, Well, do I need to do this for every company or do it? Like, How do I set this up if I want to use this on a bunch of my companies? So right now, the way it’s set up, it’s going to work for every company. If you wanted to, if you want to limit it to certain companies, what you can do is you can use this filter here and I can go over here and I can say, Hey, I’m going to do this when a company is equal to.

[00:22:44] And then I can select my company. So if I want the bear removal, then I can do that if I want to add in a second. Excuse me, the second company? And I just want it to be for for this company, then I can go through and I can say, OK, I wanted to do it for one of these two companies. Or maybe, maybe that’s I want to do it for all my companies, except for the bear removal. So I could come over here and I could say is not equal to and then select my company, right? So that gives you a lot of flexibility to set this up. Additionally, if you have one that you like, I know there’s another platform out there that Spencer was using and you’ve got to like, go and copy all this stuff, and it just seems like a a lot of work in my mind. We’ve made it easy on you, but by coming over here, there’s this button right here. We’ll duplicate an entire campaign. So we have campaign three and I can just be like copy of campaign three, right? And that’s going to copy whatever steps are in there. And then I could go in and I can edit it, right? So it’s bringing in whatever this was for.

[00:23:44] Maybe that was the one we were just working in. Campaign three, OK, so it looks like it copied that stuff in there. Ok, so oh, maybe it wasn’t. This is a form of submission, so I don’t know why campaign three was, but we copied that. Ok, so does that make sense? Anybody have any questions on on that? Cool. All right. Right on, I’m going to keep moving then. Ok, cool. So. So the way this is going to work, it’s going to look at the trigger and then it’s going to look at the filters. If there are any, if there’s no filters, then it’s just going to go on to the next step and it’s going to do it one hundred percent of the time. So if I didn’t have this filter here, let me just delete this, right? So if I have no filter here and I just say when new form submission comes in, it’s like, I’ve got a condition in here, let me get rid of that, too. All right. So. It’s going to do this for every form submission that comes in essentially, so that’s how that’s going to work, right? So that’s it’s going to continue unless it gets stopped by that filter. Ok, so so in our situation, every form submission, I’ve lost my mouse. There it is. Ok. So every form submission that comes in, it’s going to come down here and it’s not going to.

[00:24:57] I’ve got this wait step in here, but I’ve got it set to you immediately. So essentially that isn’t doing anything. And then we’re down here to the text messaging. And OK, so there’s been some questions about how this stuff works, too. So this is the same scenario, whether you’re texting or emailing. So a lot of the same functionality for both of these. So these over here are kind of the variables for the contacts, right? So when a new form submission comes in or a new phone call comes in, it creates a contact automatically and you can reference information from that contact through this first option here. Second option here is related to the client and it related to the company and the website. So this is the company name. So whenever you create this company inside of the platform, that’s that’s what the company name is. If I drag this over here, you can see it’s got that in there, so it’s going to substitute in whatever the company name. So imagine we’re going to add a filter here, and I’m going to say that the company needs to be equal to. This bear removal company. Ok, so now, since not my company name is bear removal, you can just imagine this text is replaced. So here’s how I could use this as I could say Hi, this is and I could bring over the client’s name.

[00:26:13] So imagine that Bob owns this bear removal company, and it looks like the kind of messed up the company name one. All right. All right. So I could say, Hi, this is. What all one second. I’ve got some weird stuff I like, put that one inside of the other one. Ok, so I can say, hi, this is. So if the client that’s associated with this company is named Bob, it’s going to substitute client name for Bob. And then I could say with company name right now, it’s going to say, Hi, this is Bob with, in our case, bear removal, right? And what do we got here? This was a form submission. I saw that you filled out a form on. My website. Ok, so maybe I want to ask him, what can I do? What can? I do. She’s not type. To help. So what’s going to happen is this is going to come in and the force is going to come in, it’s going to look at the company, it’s Bob’s bear removal. So it’s going to come down here and then it’s going to send a text message. This recipient will will decide where it goes. Ok, so that’s how that works. I know that we had some questions on that. I know that I’ve I’ve gone over this stuff previously, but, you know, just seeing a lot of questions on it. So I want to make sure I’m answering we can control the time frame when this goes out.

[00:27:46] So if I choose any time and a message comes through at like 3:00 in the morning, this text message is going out at 3:00 in the morning, right? So you may, especially for texting, you might want to be careful with this. And now I’ve got it set between eight and five p.m. So if it comes in at 3:00 in the morning, it’s just going to wait until this timeframe occurs again. The time zone that it’s going to use is the time zone for the company, right? So it knows the time zone that you set when you created that company and you can get there from editing the company. So that’s that’s the time zone it’s going to apply to. Ok, if you guys want to include a link to something within this message, like if a review request, you can do that by clicking this and this will go to the review funnel that’s associated with this company. You can kind of see there’s like a little preview down here or it could go to the lead details. So that would be like for a client a lot of times where you’re going to like, send them a link where they can log in and have a link directly to that. So that’s kind of like how that is working, right? And so there’s basically three parts to these automations. There’s the triggers, the filters and the actions.

[00:28:55] Ok, so this we’ve talked about that, that text message action. There’s a lot of other actions in here. You can look at another condition and decide, Hey, like maybe, maybe the maybe the filter doesn’t line up exactly with what the event is, but you can look at a condition and say, Hey, if this is true, then I want to continue. But if not, then don’t. Right. So as you start to mix in more and more of these triggers, it’s probably not going to always be like a form submission, like send a text message or there’s a lot more complicated things you can do. And those conditions will allow you to evaluate the current status of something and then only can continue if something’s true, right? We could create a new contact. We can wait. We saw that right here, right? Right now, it’s going out immediately, but I could wait until the same time on the next day or the same time on the next week. Or I can just like choose some amount like amount of days, hours or minutes. So if this were really going out to this person and fill out a form, I probably want to wait like five minutes. So that way it looks like a real message. Otherwise, he like completes the form submission and instantly is text. And it looks like a robot, right? So this end, if we can look at this one, you’re going to say like end if this becomes true.

[00:30:11] So if it’s like continuing through the sequence, it’s going to stop if like it’s going to always be checking before it goes on to the next step. If something is true and if it’s not true anymore, then it’s going to stop. And you can you can use this with these filters, right? If you can say like, maybe like the job status becomes closed or something like that, then you’re going to stop the follow up right or lost and you’re going to stop the follow up right. Also, it’s important to know, guys, when you send this stuff out, we’re automatically including things to like, unsubscribe to people if they click on it, that can pull them out of the sequence, the same with the emails. So we’re trying to follow the the the rules and regulations to make sure that we’re not kind of spamming people and doing things that that we shouldn’t be doing. All right, cool. Any other questions, any anything? Is this all making sense to you guys? Everything clear. Give me some feedback. Throw in a chat if this is making sense, that it’s all clear. All right. So there’s a few different ways to. Add people in automations, we saw that there’s triggers, right? We also saw that we saw that. So we didn’t see you can add the automation right through here. Right, so so the way this is going to work is like you’ll see this throughout the platform, you can manually add someone into the system and we’re getting ready to release.

[00:31:38] I know Spencer, you’ve been waiting on this for a while. I don’t think it’s quite like yet, but we’re going to have it so that it can. You can basically add in a whole group of people to a sequence, right? So basically, this will give you a list. You can see that that was campaign three we were just playing with. These are the steps, and then I can select a company that’s associated with this. And then from there, I can choose one of the contacts that is, I will choose Johnny Appleseed. I don’t know why Johnny oh, Johnny didn’t have a phone number, so this would allow me to manually add this guy into campaign three. And it’s going to need for this to work. It needs it needs a phone number you can see down here because it because the steps involve like the steps involved sending a text message. So it’s just it’s not going to work without without having text functionality. I want to go back over here. I know this is an area that that Spencer has been dealing with a little bit this week. I think we had to insert this didn’t work correctly. You just tried it a little while ago like the company was missing. Did you go through and check to see if you had the company name matching? Exactly.

[00:32:48] Yeah. So initially I didn’t. I was missing an s, so I deleted deleted off the column within the template for company, went into the actual company within lead Snap, copied it and then pasted it back into the Excel template and tried to do a re upload. And it still didn’t call the company. Ok.

[00:33:10] Ok, do me a favor. Let’s throw that spreadsheet into like a Google drive. I know you said it’s like a big it’s a big file and then send it to me so that we can test and we’ll figure out what the issue is. This is new functionality for us. We’ve had a lot of requests for this or trying to get it rolled out to you guys as quickly as possible. But you know. When we try it, it worked with ours and then something is slightly different, and we just need to find out what that is and make sure that we make this thing as bulletproof as possible. But the way this process works is you download a template. So if you click here, you can download this template, right? And I’m going to open this up and I’ll show you. Hold on one second. Bear with me, guys, let me get this template opened up here for you guys. All right. I will resume my share now. Ok, cool. So the way this works is you download this right, and it’s asking you for the first name and last name, the email, the phone, the address, the city, the state zip code. I think most of the stuff is optional. Company is not optional. We need that for a contact and tags. So tags. Let’s talk a little bit about those. So tags are a way that you can almost like putting like your contacts into folders and then you can apply actions based on tags. So I could say like, Hey, this this tag is maybe it’s like the the March customer list for some company, for my for my, like my window cleaning legion site.

[00:35:02] This is the March customer list. I’m uploading this. I’m marking this all as March. And then when what? What’s going to happen is you’ll be able to add in to your automation. You could say select contacts that have the March customer list tag. Let me add all of those into this automation at the same time. So that way, if you’ve got like a thousand customers, you don’t need to go through one by one and add them. So that’s kind of what that functionality is there for. So the way you would do this is you would download this template and then you are going to paste your stuff into this template and match it up with these columns. You’re going to save it. And once you do that, you can come back over on the same screen and click import. And you can import all this. You can import, import all of this into into your account and then you’ll have it all in here. So that’s kind of that’s kind of the idea there. So it’s going to be really beneficial for people that are using reputation management. And I encourage you guys, if you’re running the the rank and read model, or even if you’re kind of like moving into to just selling reputation management, this is a this is a killer function. So when you sign somebody up, that’s probably one of the first things you’re going to want to do is get take advantage of their previous customer list. And if it were me, I would probably not do it all at once. Right? Because if this company has like seven reviews and we send out two thousand email requests, all of a sudden like that doesn’t look organic, right? So if they’ve got a bunch of reviews, then you might want to drip it right and try to get a steady stream of these reviews coming in, rather than just like all of these happening at once.

[00:36:46] Right. So you can tag I mean, one strategy you could do is like when you’re creating these tags, you can tag like March 1st week, March 2nd week, March 3rd week and then just like maybe send out a batch this week, next week, you can schedule the second one to wait seven days scheduled, the third one to wait 14 days and so on. So that way you’ve got like a steady stream. And I think Google is going to like that better, you know, so cool. So any questions about any of the automation stuff before we move on? All right, cool. Ok. Our guys, so I’m going to go over to the phone system now because that seems to be the second most popular area that people are confused. Ok, so just an overview. And like a small issue that we’re having. Are you going to add a drip option inside a weed snap, so. So I guess like what you mean by a drip is like having like time pass and setting that up, right? So you can argue do that, right? Because with automations, you can just put that wait wait time period in there in between the steps and then you you basically use that weight. So I’ll go back into those automations. Right? Right. So imagine I’ve got this

[00:38:13] Rep for reputation management.

[00:38:16] Yeah, I mean, it’s the same. Regardless, this is this is like a template for reputation management, and you can see that. I’ve got no trigger here, so this is going to go out immediately, it’s going to send this text message and then if you look at it in like a three day wait time period, right, so it’s going to wait three days and then it’s going to send an email. And if I wanted to, then I could add in another wait time in here. And maybe this time I’m going to wait until the next week. So that would be like 10 days before this 10 days from the original message. So I can just keep on adding those and build out that drip sequence exactly how I want it. One of the things that we’re going to be adding in here pretty soon is like some tracking on on this stuff. So I’m not sure that we’ll be able to tell if text messages are read, but we’ll be able to tell if emails are read and then having, like different segmentation that’s happening based on like red status, right? So Spencer, does that make sense on how you can already use this as a drip sequence?

[00:39:12] Yeah, but I was talking about. So if we upload this large list as far as reputation management so that all these clients aren’t getting hit with seven hundred people, I don’t want to have to manually remember like, Oh, I

[00:39:27] Got you, I understand what you’re asking. That’s a great idea. It’s one I hadn’t thought of. We’ll definitely do that. That makes a ton of sense. I don’t have the planning for it yet because like I said, I had thought of that until. You mentioned it, but yeah, so kind of like, let’s space out these things over this time period, right?

[00:39:47] So let’s send ten requests out a day or request or whatever so that their Google doesn’t recognize this surge and then start to write that spam.

[00:39:57] That’s a that’s a really good idea. Just add that into a separate note for me and just like, send me that over so that I could have that like captured because that’s really easy for us to do. All we really need to do is look at the amount that’s being sent out and then set a daily limit and then divide and say, OK, based on this, it’s going to go out over these next twenty four days or something, right? Ten a day or two hundred and forty. Ok, so great idea. Spencer, thank you for that. Cool. All right. So let’s go to the phone system now. So I’m going to go right over. Oops, that’s not where I want to go. I’m going to go to numbers and I’m going to choose a new number. Ok, so there’s a couple of pieces first. Like right now we’re requiring that you have a company and we don’t charge anything to create companies, guys. So we charge for like the way you use them. If you’re using them within the CRM, then you’re going to activate it. So like just creating a company, there’s no there’s no fee or anything associated with that. So don’t be like stingy with your company creation. It’s it’s a great organizational unit within our system, so you create your company and the phone numbers are associated with the company. So this is like the bear removal. So essentially, when I go through to buy this number, it’s going to it’s going to be associated with this company.

[00:41:19] I’ll show you in a minute how we can. We can move those. Ok. All right. So over here on the left side, we’ve got a few different menu items in the United States, the local and like you don’t really need to search for like mobile if you’re in the United States. You’ll see that there’s nothing there. The reason that we have that is in some countries, like in the U.K., for instance, you can’t text message from these local numbers, right? So if I switch this over, if I change the country to the United Kingdom and pay attention to this column here that says features right notice it’s now there’s no texting there. It’s only the phone. So that’s letting you know that you’re only going to have voice on that, that call. And if I if I try to buy this number here, notice I get this message that says, Hey, I understand I will not be able to text with this. So we tried to put that there to help sort out any confusion with this. That was something we were not aware of at the beginning. We do have a solution for you. So there’s two different types of phone numbers here, right? We have local and mobile. So with with the mobile phone numbers, so in the United States, for for us, like we can’t really tell by looking at the phone number that it’s like a mobile phone number or it’s like a landline that’s there’s there’s no like separation.

[00:42:38] But in other countries like, you know, the countries that make up the U.K. and some other places around the world. There’s a there’s a distinct difference. Right? So that’s why we’ve offered you these two different options because we know that sometimes you’re going to want to list one of these on your website so the landline might have more for the local might have like more credibility associated with the phone number where the local maybe you want to send a text message. So if I go here, you have the option for both. Both phone numbers costs the same. But that’s an important distinction is to to realize that like, hey, you’re going to need if you want a text from it, make sure this bubble is here that allows texting. Otherwise it won’t be there. You won’t be able to do it. You’re going to get error messages. And we didn’t know that from the beginning. But you know, you guys, we’re we’re new to the phone game and this is exactly why I’ve said, like, Hey, put it in slowly. Let’s like make sure you get these because it’s impossible. Even though we’ve been using this for a long time in our agency, we do things differently than than other people. And it’s impossible to to test all these different, unknown, seemingly endless amount of permutations on how to set things up.

[00:43:54] Ok. So and then with Australia, as I mentioned, I think we have this set up. If not, we will soon. When you go through to try to buy a number. It’s taking you right here. Ok. Just be aware there’s a bundle step, I guess we’re doing it manually. Still, we’re about to release an update where it’s going to ask you for that bundle. You’re only going to have to do it once for four you Aussies out there once you set this up. You’ll be able to purchase numbers and definitely it’s a little bit of a pain. I understand it. That is not on us. That’s a compliance issue with the Australian government to make sure that they have higher levels of scrutiny than than some other countries. I think there is an address requirement for South Africa. So we’re working through these one at a time. But other than than those, it seems like we’re not having any issues. I know that we just did some testing for somebody in Sweden, so we’re able to get the numbers from Sweden. And, you know, we don’t have them in the Philippines for whatever reason. It’s actually like, I think I was one hundred and twenty dollars a month for a phone number in the Philippines, which is like ridiculous. But so we’re not offering that right now. I don’t know that anyone would want to pay pay that, but.

[00:45:08] Ok, so that’s how you get the numbers and the port requests. We we have an update that we’re hoping to make live to make this process a lot easier. Lots of countries, JP says a lot of countries require proof of address. Yeah, so we’re basically passing those requirements onto you guys each time. So any time they require something, you’re going to be required that so it’s we’re not trying to like circumvent some foreign government and their compliance stuff. So just let just know we’re not we’re not trying to make your life harder. That’s not that’s not our rule. It’s something that’s coming from the government, right? Ok. So we’ve had a few people that have hoarded things then and you know, we’re still getting our process down. I think we’re improving it. One of the things that I want to point out is this country box up here in the top, OK, if you’re doing the United States and you have like all your numbers on the United States, then that’s easy. Ok, then you can just like, fill out one of these forms. If you have a mixture of multiple countries, then you’re going to have to fill out a request for each country because we have to submit them separately to these countries. And when you guys fill this out? It creates all sorts of automation on our back end. Right? Do you think we are clear to support the rest of our numbers over Spencer, I would just wait just a little bit.

[00:46:33] We’re still we’re still dealing with some bugs and I do not want to be. My biggest fear with with watching the phone system is that we would disrupt some of your guys businesses by not having something to function the way. And you know, I think we’ve minimized that we’ve run into a couple of issues with, you know, different things happening. So I’m going to jump into that in a minute, like some of the issues that we’ve discovered that we haven’t protected ourselves against yet and how to avoid it. But I would just wait just a little bit. Let’s make sure everything is ironed out. I know that you’re anxious to get your numbers in there and I’m anxious to have you take full advantage of the system. But I just I just want to make sure that this things like bulletproof. And, you know, like I said, we did a lot of testing, but we’ve discovered issues that people just trying things we didn’t think to try. So so you’re going to port this if you’re going to port from multiple countries, separate those out, select your country, do them, do them separately. What you’ll see in the near future is we have this where it’s going to basically build out the the letter of authorization allow you to sign it through the application. You’re going to only have to enter the number once and it will like create all the documentation for you and it’s going to be in steps.

[00:47:53] So this will be a lot easier to navigate. I know that it’s confusing, but we’re working through it and right now it’s functional. So just an overview. You’re going to need to agree to this. You need a subscription for this to start your port requests. So make sure that you have a phone subscription before you get started or it’s not going to go through. Ok, so you need to check these boxes and then you’re going to choose residential or business. I think most of you guys are going to be business, then put in your name and address in your city state postal code. So I think this change is right if I choose you. Now, that’s something, Jeff Teague. Jeff, if you don’t mind taking note of that as well. We need that request to change. We don’t need a list of states if they’re not in the United States, so I just want to make sure that I remember to track that. So this is the this is the information associated with your current carrier that you’re quoting from. Ok. So if you are on Call Rail or some other company, what address information you have associated with that? That’s what you want to enter. And this is we’re going to list off your phone numbers. So like you’re if you’re porting from another voice over IP system, then put that in that box and then for for wireless numbers, that’s if you’re doing like cell phone.

[00:49:14] I know that we had a couple of people that actually ported numbers from like AT&T and Verizon into our system. So that’s what that is for. Ok. And then I know that it’s like repetitive, but it’s just the way that we have to provide it right now. You would come down here and you’re going to put in your tracking number, the company that you wanted associated with and where you want it to go. Ok. It’s caused problems for us. We’re about to put some validation in here to make sure that this can’t be left blank, but make sure you don’t leave it blank. You got more than one number. You just keep adding these and then kind of like pasting. So you’re going to have them up here and down here. And I know that is stupid and it sucks, but we’re going to fix that soon. And then over here, you’ve got the letter of authorization. So you just download this. Fill it out and sign it. This is the part that’s not going to be necessary in the future because we’re going to have this auto generated by the data that you enter in here. It’s going to make it a lot simpler. And then you’re billing statement is like your last invoice from the company that you’re porting from. Ok, so that’s kind of like the porting process.

[00:50:16] Some of the issues that we’ve realized are related to, like we had a few people where it seems like the phone number wasn’t working, OK? And what we realized is it was caused by the call flow. So it’s crashing the call. If you try to use a recording for your voicemail, that’s a wave, right? So that was that was something we didn’t we didn’t realize. And it’s still you still right now have the possibility of uploading a wave, but we’re going to change that. We’ve got a limited to sound files, but we need to. We need to make it. So it’s empty 3s. So so if you’re running it, you try to upload a wave, then you’re going to have some issues. Ok. So just make sure when you go through here, if you’re setting up a voicemail or the greeting, it’s the same thing, right? So you have this option to come in here and upload a upload a a recording so you can kind of like choose that recording and and upload it there and make sure that of type MP three. So that’s one of the things that is causing a crash. Ok, cool. All right. So let’s go back over here. Carlos, I just want to go through this and how this works. It’s similar to our automations, right? So it’s going to continue on based on your steps, right? And we’ve got like, this is the green step. If you’re recording calls, you need to make sure that you pay attention to your local laws right there.

[00:51:49] The United States, there’s like one way consent to a consent states. So I think it. I’m not a lawyer. This is legal advice. So but it responds to like, I think, where the the person is receiving the call. I think that’s the way it works. But just make sure that you’re following those. If you’re recording, it may be a good idea to let them know that this call may be recorded for quality assurance. And that’s kind of what the greeting is set up to do. The voicemail is always going to be the last step. You can have it. In either case, you can type in a message and have it read that or you can have it. You can have it like the recording that we saw. Ok, so the steps in between, right? So we’ve got the greeting and the we’ve already used the voicemail, so it’s been removed from this. You only use a voicemail once right dial, right? So that’s just going to call these numbers and you can use a series of numbers. So in this situation, it’s going to ring three people at the same time. Ok, so another spot of confusion. If I choose no right this, I can put in whatever number I want. Send that to, and maybe that’s the easiest way to do it. If you have a client, you can choose, use your phone, right? So I could see these people that are in here don’t try to call.

[00:52:59] These are all fake numbers. So I try to call this like that’s going to go right to the Bob Jones because he’s a client within the system or he’s a user within the system, so we’re able to pull his phone number in there. It’s a little shortcut. If you want it to go to the browser, then the person has to be logged in. So essentially, I have it this Barbara Johnson’s. So she’s logged in then and the call comes in from his company. Then her browser is going to ring. So that’s how you can kind of like trigger that. And it’s easy enough to just remove her if you want that to stop, right? So I can remove this person. Ok, so I can prevent this from going to the voicemail and I can route the previous caller. So that means if it goes to like Bob Jones and I’ve got three people on this list and the same person calls back, this will go back to Bob Jones because that’s what that that if I don’t want that to happen, then I can have it do that right and I can say, Hey, do this for 20 seconds or 30 seconds, and then it’s going to go on to the next step. Right? All right. So. Um, the round robin is similar to the Dow, but this is going to be like a rotation, right? So now I’m going to say, like if I leave it like this, it’s going to rotate between these two numbers.

[00:54:09] It’s like 50 percent of the time. See, JP says don’t put them all at once, porting can be a pain in the ass, sometimes with carriers and make sure you have the letter of authorization with the carrier. See, I definitely agree with that. Just take it slow. Once we once like you understand what the process is, then you can probably like you trust the bone system. Everything is working cool, then you can bring in to bring them as many as you want. But but like JP said, I would. You might want to break it into chunks, right? Ok, so the round robin is going to rotate between these two, these these numbers. So the way I have, it’s going to be 50 percent. If I do this, then it’s going to be 50 percent are going to go to this like three numbers and 50 percent is going to go to that number. And if I want to change this and use weighted distribution. I can click this and then this little pop up, and now I can say whatever percentage I want. So if I want like 20 percent to go here and I want 50 percent to go here and then I can add in another set and 30 percent will go here.

[00:55:14] Ok, so that’s kind of how that is. It’s going to it’s going to rotate between those. One of the questions that we’ve received a lot lately is do you have the ability to make it so instead of showing like the Caller ID, phone number shows, the tracking phone number currently? No, the answer to that is no. That is something we’re going to be releasing very soon. We’ve, like I said, we just have to get our we’ve got to get some of these whenever we see an issue, we get it at first. But that is actually at the top of our list. So I’m hoping our developers can implement that and get that launch next week. It’s a really simple thing for us to do. Ok. All right. So that is the round robin. Ok. We also have the menu, right? So the menu I can go through and I can say. This is going to be four different time frames, so you’re going to need to cover the entire schedule so I can say weekdays between 12 a.m. and seven a.m. You see this this line that comes off the side here that’s telling us what is going to happen during during that time frame? Right. So so that like this is associated everything that happens with this line, you can build this out however long you want. It’s going to start with that. So I could build out pretty complex pathways based on time or the menu essentially works the same the same way.

[00:56:36] So I could say, I want this to happen during this time period and then on weekdays. So now I need to cover between, like 7:00 a.m. and midnight still, right? So I would come back over here and I would say 7:00 a.m. to midnight. I click on this little question mark and now I’ve got a new pathway for what I want to happen. I could have it go to a different phone number, different round robin, different voicemail, whatever makes the most sense, I can have a go to a menu. So let’s let’s that’s kind of like how schedules work. You can add in a bunch of branches. It’s pretty flexible. The menu so I know Spencer and some other people have been looking for that challenge step right now. This is the way to set up the challenge stuff. So if you want to get rid of the robocallers, we do this for all of our clients in our business. I know some of you guys might be scared that you like. This might prevent real leads. Well, I don’t know what that scenario is, where someone like they’re like. They call they need a service, and they’re like calling the number and it says like press one and they’re like on the other end of the line and they’re like, Yeah, I don’t really want to press one. I just don’t know what that scenario is, where the person is not going to want to do that and like, it’s going to get rid of the robocallers.

[00:57:50] And like you can even say, like, Hey, we just want to make sure you’re human. We’re tired of spam. It’s something that they can certainly empathize with. So just press one and then you’re going to be transferred up like a live person, right? So, all right, cool. So you would have a recording. So just like with the greeting and the voicemail, this is another opportunity. Don’t use a wave, use an empty three or you can type it in right here. Ok, so we’re going to look here, we can say if the user presses one. This could be like transfer to human right. And then notice this like same thing so you can decide what happens afterwards. And we could add in multiple options. You know, we’ve started to have some some businesses using our platform that are not we’re not marketing agencies, their businesses, right? So this could be a great way to set up some sort of internal answering system and push people in these different directions. It says right now, Spencer says, right now with call tracking metrics, I get charged that first 30 to forty five second message screening, people will do the same. I believe it’s going to be when the call starts. If you’re using their line, I think that’s how it works. It’s not like a decision that that we’re making. We’re just essentially passing on like we’re getting charged. So.

[00:59:13] So just to clear that up, you get charged as soon as any call is connected. So if you do have an IVR, it starts.

[00:59:22] Yeah, that’s exactly exactly what I anticipated. I think it starts as soon as that call starts, right?

[00:59:28] So well, including the IVR, when you talk to a person like it does.

[00:59:34] Once they once they they have to start the call to dial it. So like the call, like it’s dialed and they call that number and then the RBI starts, right? So yeah. So I think as soon as an action takes place on that phone line, they’re like, Hey, we’re starting clock, right? But yeah, I mean, like, I think as you’ve seen Spencer, our prices are super competitive. So, you know. Like, I think you’re still going to say money versus call call tracking metrics. Ok, so our tags are tagging system. This is where you can make tags for and these can be used like, let’s say that I’m back up here on the menu and this time I want to do like this is how we use it in our agency. My first region ever was a towing site, so there’s like standard towing, right? Because a lot of these standard towing guys, they don’t have like the big trucks that they need for to tow like a semi or something. So this could be heavy towing. So I could come down here and I could create a tag, and this could be like my standard tag. So if they choose this one, then I could tag it this way. And then when I go into the phone system later, I can sort by tags and I can have it applied right? And this tag can actually be carried through as a contact tag as well, which can be really useful.

[01:00:52] So. So that’s kind of how that tagging system works. It’s really good for kind of sorting and organizing your calls and then hang up. I think we know that that is it’s just going to hang up on the caller. Maybe you want to say like press two if you’re from home advisor and then you can hang up on them and you could maybe even send them a text message and say, I hate you, Home Advisor. So that’s kind of like how the phone system works there, right? So I don’t know if there’s any questions that exist. Is there a way to have the caller ID give you the tracking number? So Jimmy, I saw that you just jumped on and just had mentioned that right now, we don’t have that functionality. We’re looking to launch that next week. So it’s a quick change. But we’re now you’re good, man. It’s it’s a quick change, but we’re just we’ve run into a couple of bugs and we’re squashing those bugs first and then we’ll we’ll go back to features. So it’s kind of like a feature, but it’s definitely one. I’m anxious to get in there. There’s a ton of ton of benefits and like plans to to do it that way.

[01:01:53] Another question, Patrick. Can these numbers be used for GMB verification or other Google verification, do you know? Have you tried that? I haven’t.

[01:02:02] I think we did try that in our agency and it didn’t work. Jp Do you have any thoughts on that on on like. Like getting that. The GMB verification with the phone number,

[01:02:15] It comes down to the type of number that you use with Twilio. They’re more than likely not going to trigger because of the Uncarrier carrier and who is actually set up. So who? So basically, the numbers that they’re actually buying from, they actually register as a VoIP number so that they probably won’t trigger.

[01:02:34] Right? Yeah. Do you have a recommendation and if you’re if you don’t or you’re not willing to?

[01:02:39] I do, but probably not publicly. I don’t think that I might present to give, but I think you and I should have that, that talk first.

[01:02:50] Ok. Yeah, absolutely.

[01:02:51] Yeah. And then Laurent is asking about the call real integration.

[01:02:56] Yeah, Laurent, we have that pretty much ready. We we we just need to drop it inside of we. You know, unfortunately, we launched it in Lee Snap ahead of the generated. We we ran into a couple of issues with it, so I wasn’t really keen to get that set up inside of me generated as quickly. But we will be dropping that in, if you can settings and then integrations. I would encourage you to check out. Yeah, you can kind of see we have it inside leads now, but it will be showing up there real soon. And then one other question that I’ve that we’ve had is like, you guys are really used to the way this works, we’re like the leads and the dashboards and stuff over here. So if I go in here to all leads. Excuse me, if I go in here to all leads and then I go to like the company dashboard. So we’ll look at Dwight’s gym for muscles here. So this is not connected. This area right now is not connected with our phone system. We’ve got it kind of separate it out. So if you have like the call rail integration or call Sling, then then they’ll show up. Their hours will be showing up there very soon. It’s just a question of like kind of blending that data together and having it show up there. So there’s no there’s no like problem with your account or anything like that. It’s a limitation with our system that we’re addressing. But to see your calls until that is made, you’ll just need to go to this call screen. We’ve got the same filter so you can come up here and like filter by company, right? And apply that. So that’s kind of how that is.

[01:04:37] Um, all right. There is no question about the calls coming through a spam, I’m having the same issue on my own Twilio numbers, not on the agency, but JP.

[01:04:48] Yeah, so I’ll just kind of get some of my background is voice over IP. I use it build phone systems like way before Google Maps was even around. So the reason why that’s happening is all the telecom companies have come out with something called stare shaken, which basically what it’s doing is it’s stopping like robocalls. So like what the what the technology of voice over IP, I can literally go in and. Call it anyone from any phone number that I want. So what it’s doing, so every single voice over IP Kerr actually has register, which with stir shaken, which basically stops anyone from like using your phone number to create spam calls. So what happens is, is a lot of times if your phone number was used to make us spam call, it’s automatically been flagged into the system. So that’s why a lot of times, depending on the carriers, especially our cell phones, now they’ll show up as a spam call. So there’s not really a whole lot that you can do about it other than try to find a pretty fresh phone number like before you, even by the number, do a search, see if it’s been used at all. And that’s going to be your best bet.

[01:06:01] Awesome. Hey, J.P., is there any add ons that we get? We’ll dive into this, but I’m wondering if there’s like some add ons that we can get to kind of comb through some of the stuff and have like a. Do some of the homework on our end for you.

[01:06:16] You’re going to have to reach out to Twilio and see how fresh of a pull up numbers that you can pull. I’m sure that’s probably some of it’s going to be random because a lot of times, like if you cancel a number, sometimes that number gets put back into the pool system. Um, so it kind of depends, I explain, like the whole tech behind it, but that’s basically what’s happening. So you’re going to have to probably reach into the API and find as fresh numbers as possible. Ok.

[01:06:46] Yeah, we’ll see what we can do on our end to prevent that.

[01:06:49] I’ve seen where someone is calling from a number that someone spoofed. Right? I see. And that and that you can’t you can’t really help that.

[01:06:58] Unfortunately, that’s happened on our call reel a few times too. Like when we had those numbers where

[01:07:05] Twilio, I mean, Twilio is probably the number one like marketing like carrier for phone numbers. So that’s I mean, you’re going to have a lot of a lot of those issues, unfortunately.

[01:07:17] Right, right. And I don’t think like long term, we’re going to be Twilio Twilio carrier.

[01:07:24] I’ve got I’ve got a great career. Well, when that’s right, I’ve got a couple of things that you can do to help fix that.

[01:07:30] Awesome. Yeah. Ok, cool. Jeff, do we have any other questions on any of this from anyone else in any of the various channels? Oh, now we’re all clear, OK, right on. So we’re we’re over an hour. I know that Thanksgiving Thanksgiving’s tomorrow. My family’s upstairs. They’ve prepared a meal and we’re going to go have some little Thanksgiving cocktails here and enjoy the fam.

[01:07:50] So my last question you can address somebody asked about Black Friday. I didn’t know if you meant like end of tech questions or yeah, do I get to do any Black Friday specials?

[01:08:02] We are doing it. And I’ll dive into it. We kind of started this in Williams Group, if any of you guys Williams really good GMB guy, but we’re running the special and it’s going to only be for. Two plans, and they’re both yearly plans for the CRM. Ok, so you guys come in here and you look at in the store, you can kind of see like you look at the monthly thirty nine times twelve is what, four hundred and sixty eight? So if you were to purchase this yearly, it would be three ninety. Ok. It’s the same for these other plans, right? If we look through down here, you can see. You get too much for free if you sign up for a year. So that’s our normal, that’s not anything Black Friday. That’s like every day you just get too much for free if you sign up for the year. But what we’re doing for Black Friday, and I think we’re going to run this until Tuesday, like a week from yesterday, is for these two plans. If you go yearly, the enterprise in the agency, we did this before and a lot of people. And I don’t anticipate we’re going to we’re going to do this again. Like a lot of people signed up for it. And then those that didn’t get in, they, you know, we had a lot of people that would purchase the year without the Black Friday special or what’s being called the Black Friday special. For me, it’s more of like this is just like a launch special, right? We did this when we launched.

[01:09:35] We generated. So here’s the deal is if you sign up for the yearly, we’ll take five hundred dollars off this price and a thousand off this price and it will renew at that price. Ok, so that means 12 months from now, when it comes to renewal time, you’ll pay nineteen seventy to renew. And for those of you guys have been using this platform for a year. I think we can make a strong argument that the functionality has doubled in the last 12 months and what’s it going to look like 12 months from now, right? So you’ll be locked in at that price. There are certain things that will not apply to this price, like like if it’s a normal module or something like that, then it’s going to be included. But like white labeling, that might be that might be something separate. There’s services that we’re going to start to offer within the platform. We’re going to have a marketplace. So some of those services, those won’t be included in this. That’s something that’s something different. But, you know, like adding in more automations and all this type of stuff like this and putting new modules in and like, you know, so it’s just kind of like going to be based on our cost structure in there. So I think like we haven’t changed the pricing so that people 12 months ago signed up like all the stuff we’ve added.

[01:10:50] Like, if we kind of go through and look at some of what we have in here, I don’t know exactly where we were 12 months ago, but let’s say 12 months ago, I know we didn’t. We did not have automations. We didn’t have the contacts module, we didn’t have pipelines, we didn’t have the task module, we had reputation management, we had the heatmap and the due diligence. We didn’t have Google Analytics, we did have the GMB module, we had the Google ads tool. We didn’t have the phone system. So a lot of functionality has been added in here and you’ll be locked in at that price, so. And, you know, we’re going to be adding trading in here, too, like a lot of training. Is it training on how to get GMP, how to rank them, how to build websites, how to close deals like how to prospect all these different things that we’ve done in our agency to position us where we are? Those will be a part of this. So we’re going to continue to make this investment a better and better deal for you guys and add more and more value. So from now until Tuesday, the code, if you want you sign up, you go to pay inside the store, there’s a coupon code you can choose Launch Enterprise or Launch Agency and and that will take you in and give you that discount. So very limited time, guys. So if you’re if you’re in this, if you’re in this platform.

[01:12:07] And you plan on on on being in here then. You know, here’s a here’s a way to save, save a lot of money. And like I said, I have no plans to offer this again. I didn’t have a plan to do it this way, but you know, we’re doing it as a promotion for four way and everything that he does. He wanted to give you guys some value. The difference between agency and enterprise. So with every plan, Patrick, with every plan, would you put the link to purchase here in the chat? Yeah. Like basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to come up here, log into your account. If you haven’t created one, you get a free 15 day trial. If you want this deal, you need to purchase before the trial is over, though, because it’s going to expire and and like, I’m not going to extend it. So you would just go in here in your account and click on store and then come up here and you’ll. I can’t, unfortunately. Hang on one second. Let me let me. Let me do this. Let me pause this year, and I’ll log into an account that doesn’t have a subscription, so you can kind of see what this looks like. Ah, these are all cap codes or it’s not case sensitive. Ok. Give me one second here, Jeff. Are there any other questions while I am getting logged in here?

[01:13:23] I’m not seeing any in either group.

[01:13:28] Spencer, happy Thanksgiving, that’s that was exactly my plan of how to start this call, and then we just went straight in to win.

[01:13:34] So I forgot about it. Yeah. All right. I heard I’m still celebrating Halloween, dude.

[01:13:44] Yeah, I mean, I stressed that out we can make. We can make it a Halloween year. Ok, you guys can see my screen again, right, Jeff. We’re good. Ok, cool. All right, so if I go up here in the store, then I’ll see these plans and you can kind of see that I can add one of these to the cart. So if I go in here and I add this to the cart. I made a mistake. Ok. You need to add the yearly, it’s only going to work for the yearly OK. So let me go back to the store. I actually haven’t tested this. In a couple of days, I’m going to add in the enterprise one, we’ll go with the Mack Daddy plan and then I would just type in launch. The what’s happening here? Ok, so there you go, so I’ve got launch enterprise in there. So launch with the name of the planet, it’s only going to work on the agency and the enterprise, so it’s going to take off. You can see it subtracting off a thousand. So pretty, pretty big discount. And like I said, it renews at that that same price. So, you know, I appreciate all the the the positive stuff you guys have said and you know, all the referrals and everything.

[01:15:02] And it sounds like we’ve got a lot of people that are super fans for us. And if you fall into that category, this is a great opportunity. Or if you’re if you see the value in this platform, this is a great opportunity to lock in a price because it’s not going to be this good again. So but you know, this may not make sense for everybody, but you know, I know that I’m going to be using this, this platform for my agency because it has helped us scale so much. It saved us time. It’s it’s helped us close deals. So I just don’t I don’t know where we would be without this. And, you know, but do what makes the most sense for you. Ok, cool. I heard this, Jeff. Jeff is buying everyone in the Zoom and enterprise plan. That’s right, Jeff. He’s got some money. Me, I got a platinum Amex card in the mail the other day. I’m ready to use it. That’s right. That’s right. Cool platinum Amex. Guys, if you guys like the lounges at the airports you travel, that’s the way to go. That’s what we do. We’re getting ready to do a bunch of traveling all the way to my wallet. There you go. Makes you look like an important person, right? Right.

[01:16:08] Ok, cool. Look, guys. Not all you guys in the United States, for those of you guys are. I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving. I hope you guys take take a minute, guys. There’s important times like at your birthday or New Year’s, where it’s time to reflect and think about things. For me, Thanksgiving always means to be grateful. I have so much to be grateful for. You know, with my, my wife, my family, my friends, our business, our health, all this stuff. So it’s great to be grateful, man. One of the strongest correlation with happiness is is people that that are grateful and have gratitude. So now’s as good a time as any to to think about this for yourself. Enjoy it with your family, have fun and, you know, come back refreshed next week. You guys have an awesome holiday if you choose to celebrate it. If you are outside the United States, you’re not celebrating. You can still be thankful. Maybe, maybe just just take a moment to think of things. You guys have an awesome week. I hope you guys enjoy whatever you’re doing, and let’s create some wins over this next week and we’ll see you. We’ll see you guys in the group. All right. Take care of friends.

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[00:00:02] Second, we have a new live stream device. All right, Jeff and Adnan, can you confirm if we’re live? Yep. Yes. Yeah. That’s awesome. Right, here we go another Wednesday. Let people get in here. All right. Go. Right on. Greg Adams coming on Deem What’s up, Edem? How are you? We can talk later, brother.

[00:01:06] So.

[00:01:07] Hey, how’s it going? Hey, I’m good. Sorry, I was playing around on my computer with a sound. All good. How’s everything with you?

[00:01:17] Good man. Good. Yeah, we are. We are enjoying some good weather here in Nashville. We got a couple more weeks here and we’re about to head to New York and then to Europe. So if anyone is in New York City or in Barcelona, Paris or London during December, January. Hit me up. I’d love to. I’d love to meet you guys in person.

[00:01:41] So this morning is not on your list, right? You mentioned you’re going to be here around the Florida and during the winter time, apparently change of plans, right?

[00:01:51] Yeah, unfortunately, just no. We’ve been in this this mastermind here in for the traffic and funnels mastermind out of Nashville. So I think we’ll be coming back here. My wife really wanted to spend Christmas with her family, so she’s got some family in Barcelona, so we shifted things around.

[00:02:12] I would love a lot of fun during the winter time. Christmas and New Year.

[00:02:18] Yeah, we’re actually taking the train. We got like a a train, a first class train from Barcelona to Paris,

[00:02:23] So we can spend New Year’s in Paris. So that should be exciting.

[00:02:28] Yeah, Paris is awesome during the winter time. It’s awesome. Holiday season. Amazing.

[00:02:36] All right, joy, guys.

[00:02:37] I got I got your message on Legion. Thanks. I’ll wait. I just thought it was up and I saw I went to that section, saw the opportunity of connecting and I thought, Oh, OK, it’s back. So I try to connect. And obviously, you know, I got an error message there, so I figured it’s not ready yet.

[00:02:58] You’re talking about which one?

[00:03:01] Reputation management,

[00:03:03] Yeah, reputation management. That should be completely working if you’re having an issue. What’s up? I want to make sure we move the call forward. So if you’re having an issue

[00:03:13] Right, I’m talking about the API and

[00:03:16] Api, right? I see. Yeah. So that’s that you can just submit it through there. I’m actually going to go over it today because we have the we have everything back up. So I’m going to step you through some of that functionality on today’s call. Going over, going over the GMB stuff. And I think in the next 48 hours, we’re going to have all the notifications working for the GMB stuff too. So yeah, that’s that is fully operational. You just need to get your API and it’s actually a done for you service. So if you submit if you go to the the GMB area there and then you’ll have that application there to fill that out and someone from our team will, we’ll kind of take that to the finish line for you and make sure you get set up.

[00:04:03] I read it. Did I put it together like about a week ago? So apparently they still working on it?

[00:04:09] Ok.

[00:04:10] Yeah, I just on there, you know, I just saw under the menu that I can connect with the Google account. I went there to connect, and when I tried to connect, I was I was getting an error message. So that’s why I kind

[00:04:24] Of liked the

[00:04:25] Support team. But it’s OK. I’m all good.

[00:04:27] I mean, OK, let’s understand they’re working on it. Yeah, I’m going to reach out to you after the call and we’ll see if what we can do. We did have some issues with people that have moved from local Viking. Apparently, the API set up that local Viking request is slightly different than ours. So we’ve we’re still kind of working through that. I think I think we should be that through that pretty soon, but it just seems like there’s some small differences there. But yeah, I’m going to I’m going to walk you guys through this. I want to start off with some wins, though. So who’s got some wins to celebrate over the last week? Dave Stowers, What do you got, brother?

[00:05:03] Oh, yeah, I got a massive win with Jeff last week, so we were talking about sales and going through, and to me, that was like a huge win for everybody in the group. Wouldn’t you agree, Jeff?

[00:05:18] Jeff Muted. Yeah, yeah, that was huge, man. Yeah, awesome.

[00:05:23] Appreciate it. So no, Jeff did awesome last week and I just wanted to express thanks.

[00:05:28] So, yeah, I I took a week last week for myself. I had some some friends come in. We rented a cabin in the woods and the mountains and

[00:05:36] Had a little fall fun. And Gatlinburg,

[00:05:38] Tennessee. So, yeah, sorry for my absence. It sounds like Jeff did a great job, though, so thanks for thanks for picking that up. We have a win in our agency.

[00:05:50] We’ve been kind of working on this

[00:05:51] For a few months, but I think it’s it’s been accepted now. We have a website proposal for it was almost thirty six thousand. So it’s an e-commerce site that we’re building out. So we got that.

[00:06:06] That’s a client that that we’ve had in

[00:06:08] There for a while. So not really our not really our wheelhouse, but when we have existing clients and, you know, we don’t want to have them kind of mistreated by some other companies. So we’re certainly capable of building out the e-commerce site for them. So it should be good. I think there’s going to be some nice profit in there for for our team in the end, but it’s obviously a lot of work. It’s not like the Legion model that that we love and that I coach on. But you know, sometimes it’s it’s good to to strengthen these relationships with our clients and make sure that they’re taken care of.

[00:06:41] So it sounds like outsourcing mastery to me.

[00:06:44] Yeah, I mean, we’re definitely going to be bringing on some

[00:06:46] Specialists for to to be building this one out, which

[00:06:49] Means we have to manage them and, you know, they need to be held

[00:06:52] To our standards. The client hired us

[00:06:56] Because of the because of what we’ve done with them in the past, and this needs to be in alignment with that. So yeah, that should be exciting. So cool. What other ones we got? Anybody else have some wins.

[00:07:09] I got three new clients today and my auto glass company, that’s all with my partner that went finally went through. So it looks like that big payoff. It’s going to be about three months from today, so it’s sold for one point eight million to a pretty big company. So we were actually a rev share partner with them, so we built all the assets and sold it to the bigger company. And I think our final close, it was about five percent of that deal. So not too shabby.

[00:07:42] Yeah, that’s awesome. So that sounds like over fifty thousand. Right?

[00:07:47] What exactly is going to come to about ninety thousand? We have to stay with them for like three months just to make sure like everything’s good to go and all the assets are still up and transfer everything. We’re working with the new company for 90 days. We get half the payment up front and then we’ll get the remaining half after that three month period. So it’s awesome.

[00:08:08] Super cool. For those of you guys that don’t know JP here, he’s kind of he’s a high level guy, so it’s definitely somebody that you guys may want to connect with. He’s got a lot of skill sets, a lot of a lot of connection. And you know, he’s got his own, his own group that that he kind of runs. So JP, if you’re open to it, maybe some of these guys, his last name. Can I share this? Is this cool? Ok with you? Yeah, his last name is. Is Pierce, right?

[00:08:35] Yeah. First name is Jordan and last name is Pierce p.a. R.C. And I’ll put it in the chat.

[00:08:41] Yeah, throw it in there. And you guys looking just kind of like some of you guys are in William Jones Group. He’s another guy like William Jones, who has been in the game for a long time and, you know, has a good reputation with a high, a really high skill set.

[00:08:56] So in 2007 is when I started.

[00:09:01] That’s that’s an OG in this world, right? So yeah, so you guys definitely connect with him. All right. Cool. What else we got? I know Patrick, is that is that Patrick Rowland? Did you see your first name there? Maybe it’s a different Patrick. Ok, cool. Any other wins? Anybody else got any positive stuff to start off this call with?

[00:09:29] I just want to give a shout out to you there, Patrick, for giving me that stuff there last night out my mess. I’ll have a win tomorrow. I thought my boy moves for the day and I was getting ready to do the Zoom call. I had everything laid out and I’m like, Wait a minute, why aren’t they on there now? So always for tomorrow at 3:30, so. Ok, thank you for setting that up for me. So they gave me some time to go through some stuff today. But yeah, they’re excited about it because when I showed this guy the other day, he just says, I stop. He goes, And this is my biscuit. I’m always showing him stuff. He goes, Let me get this guy on the phone right now, and he set

[00:10:04] The appointment for me. He’s the business coach, and he set the appointment for me.

[00:10:09] Wow.

[00:10:11] So he saw I think you showed him the heat map, right? And then he said I did to run on his business. I know he’s coaching this guy. He’s hungry, he’s wanting

[00:10:20] To grow it. And so I bring some heat maps on him, and I showed him show the competition. That’s all I really did. I hadn’t shown anything about reputation management or anything like that yet. And so I just did a quick little, basically whim to run an audit on it. But I just did the heat maps. And when I started showing the heat maps, he goes,

[00:10:38] He looks at it, he goes,

[00:10:39] I got it. Let me get this guy on the phone right now and get the appointment set up. So anyway,

[00:10:45] Kudos. Yeah, it’s I told you guys, it’s powerful. You just got to get it in front of people. And sometimes that means getting out of our habits and our comfort zone. But if you stick and you stay doing the stuff that you’ve done, you’re going to be kind of limited to your past results. And one of the guys like, I don’t know if you guys have been paying close attention to this. We’re going to we have a contest that we’re running right now. So we’re doing unlimited heat maps for the rest of November. So anybody that has an account and you want to participate in this contest, basically what you do to get points for the contest is go and make posts inside groups. So I’m going to drop like a more specific training into the group and show you guys how I would do it. I shared this with another group and Spencer, who’s on the call with us here. He kind of ran with it. And I know that Spencer had been in the business for a little while, but he, you know, he was kind of like waning clients here and there, and then he just kind of really turned the corner.

[00:11:48] And I think that this contest was a part of it. I know that you guys, you guys know Adam McChesney. Last year we ran this similar contest and he was at, I think, two or three thousand a month during the contest, running something very similar to you fourteen thousand dollars in re-occurring. And I believe now he’s up to ninety thousand a month. And I was speaking to him about, Hey, we’re running this contest again. And he kind of said this was a real turning point for him. He pointed that out. I think he actually commented on one of our our posts when we when we posted this. So you guys are not in the contest, we’re having a cash giveaway. We’ve got points. I’m going to be making a specific training and we’ll have a leaderboard that you guys can watch. So I think competition is a great way to motivate people. But really, it’s it’s about trying to get you to get out of your own way a little bit so that you can you can move things forward. Dave stars, I see that hand up.

[00:12:41] What’s up? But you wanted to find out, is there going to be a case study published on that that we can take a look at or what?

[00:12:48] Yeah, I’m going to put something together. I’ll put together like a almost like a script that you guys can put in

[00:12:55] Your own words. But let’s let’s go to let’s go to Spencer real quick.

[00:12:59] Spencer, what have you been doing? And I’m sure you have some wins because last time I talked to you, that closed about 50 percent of the people on the internet in your business.

[00:13:12] Well, well, I don’t know about 50 percent, but yeah, can you hear me?

[00:13:18] Yeah, you just.

[00:13:20] Really, oh, I’m sorry.

[00:13:22] For some reason, though, like most people, you froze good,

[00:13:27] That’s probably for the best. He’s ugly anyway, anyway. So yeah, things have been great, honestly. Like I was telling Patrick, I’ve been thirty six of these. I’ll tell you the two niches. One one is a majority of landscaping group that has a coach and it’s as prospecting group, as well as a coach that does majority of coaching for HVAC people. And the response has been I was just telling Neil about this, that the response has been different. It seems like with the landscaper group, then the group. But but overall, I’m I’m I’m setting more appointments in the closing ratios. A lot, a lot larger than I would normally have have been able to have the opportunity because I personally feel like a lot. A lot of these people, the hesitancy is, is that they’re getting hit up by kind of quote unquote marketers on a daily basis. And how are you guys separating yourself from these guys that say, I can do this and I can do that? When you’re starting to lead with value, like Patrick’s talking about in the heat map software and and there’s some tricks that Patrick and I talked about with with this, I don’t know how deep you want me to go, Patrick, with kind of the the the way that I’ve been making sure the video is set up correctly and then the methods of going back into the group and kind of chatting or posting it within the group so that other people are seeing this and and understanding that there’s some excitement around it as well. There’s been some strategic things that I’ve noticed that I initially didn’t do.

[00:15:02] And with Patrick having just kind of a couple of tips I have found found a couple of different ways of doing things and making sure that there are some more tension coming that way after the posts. But the sales calls have been great. Some of these H-back companies or larger companies. And so they’re they’re having to have conversations with, you know, I guess, team management type things. But on the other, the other hand, like I’m coming across people that need a lot of help on their personal side of businesses. But I also came across really amazing companies that have done a really well, a really good job. I’m transitioning to more of a legion type of site and partnering with for the Legion. And eventually, like I always tell Patrick and I don’t know if it’s right or wrong him, and I may have a little bit of different philosophy on it, but are that these people’s personal businesses get taken care of before I actually go and build the lead generation website? And and so I want to develop a relationship first with their own personal business versus build the Legion because I’ve had I was telling Neil I had a good call with a guy that was back in the Hamptons that are on the edge of Long Island that wanted to do more business than the Hamptons, and he turned out to be a total jerk. And I and by one phone call, I, you know, if I was wanting just to go build a legion, I could have just went and built a legion and and rented it to the guy.

[00:16:42] But you know, the business partners I want are people that we start off with a great relationship on the right foot and then transition, hopefully to a legion. But initially we’re we’re landing some, some good clients for websites SEO, reputation management, GMB to optimization and things of that nature. So yeah. Spencer, if I can add something kind of what you’re doing that’s working for me right now, I would even do both. You take that a step further. So the way that I work now with most of my clients is I tried a pretty low fee for managing their GMB and like their local service ads because I mainly target home services. And one thing that’s good for me is like, I charge a lower fee, but I want something in return for that extra money that I could have gotten. So I actually I make my clients go get like a glass of family and friends. I need like four addresses, so I actually go build assets that are going to be ones that I own, but it’s there to help them get extra calls. It is not branded to them whatsoever. So if for any reason like that client cancels now you have three or four or whatever that you can go sell the legion to another company. So it’s kind of like you’re giving a little bit more to help build their brand and you’re also kind of offering like a lead generation like rank and rent. That way, it’s more in your hands, too. So it’s kind of a win win for for yourself.

[00:18:12] Yeah, and I’ve done that.

[00:18:15] That’s the same thing I do, too. Spencer is is I ask them for the we make it kind. It seem like two things are required from the beginning, one is that we’re going to get addresses and two that they’re going to hold. This is kind of not what we’ve always done, but this is what we’re pushing towards now is that we’re going to hold them to. You guys need to get reviews for us. We need your help. We’re going to do all this work. You guys, you guys go inland and you close a job and you do a good job. You’ve created an asset. We need to leverage that asset to improve your clothes rate in the future and your ranking and all this stuff. I just kind of, I guess, shy away from doing the SEO part of it. And I collect the startup fee, and it’s also different when the stuff for us is coming in hot. Like our stuff is referrals so often. So we’re not. It’s a lot easier close so we can ask for four more things like two thousand startup feet. We’re not doing. We’re building our own stuff. I’m not so much worried about if they turn out to be a jerk, because if they do that, then I’m just like. I’m just going somewhere else. Right? And and like, we’re taking what we built and we’re going to sell to someone else and I’m not going to let it. I’m not going to have that relationship and I’ll tell them, like Jeff and I, we had this guy out of Chicago that was giving us a bunch of trouble, and I told him, I’m like, Hey, let’s do this, I’m going to refund your money and we’ll refund everything.

[00:19:40] We’re going to go separate ways because like he kept on trying to circumvent Jeff and come to me, he’s like, I need to talk to a decision maker, not your client success, client manager person. I’m like, That’s not how it works. You talk to him. And he kept circumventing it. And I was just like, OK, let’s just do this. I’ll refund your money. We can go our separate ways because this is not how we do business. That’s probably been coming up in five months, Jeff. He’s probably six months ago. Yeah, he got on the line right away. Yeah, he fell right into line. So. When when you have that kind of positioning and it’s a it’s a tough thing to walk, I don’t think it’s time to do it yet, Jeff. You turn the corner where you’re really like closing these people and you have this confidence. But as that continues to rise, you can really perfect this positioning to where, like, this guy feels thrilled to. Not that we’re building stuff that we own this guy, he doesn’t care. He has no. So I don’t own any of this. Like this is how we this is how we do it, man. Do you want to play ball? Or it wasn’t a small amount of money, either. It was three grand that we charged him for the startup fee. So it wasn’t like a thousand or fifteen hundred or whatever it was, you know, we were willing to walk away from that. You know, to Patrick’s credit, he’s he was willing to

[00:20:58] Walk away

[00:20:58] From it, you know, ultimately. And when you have that positioning with the client, then they realize right away they’re dealing with somebody

[00:21:05] In a different league, you know? So that was an awesome moment. Yeah, it just kind of depends how much you want to embed yourself into their business. I’ve always kind of taken kind of like the in-source model. We’re like, Hey, I am part of your marketing department. That’s why we built this revenue model around a garage start company and it’s all glass company. And we were able I built the whole infrastructure. I built the whole dispatch system, the call system, all the car tracking, their dispatchers. I trained their dispatchers, trained their technicians how to get reviews, how to ask for them, what types of things to ask for from a customer. Like I built the entire infrastructure. So it’s like, Hey, if I walk like they’re they’re fucked, like they’re going to lose their business, you know? So like, think of as a way like, don’t look at me as like, I’m some random agency like really embed yourself into the company, like learn about the company, learn learning about their sales cycle, learn if you’re working with the plumber, learn, you know, sometimes you have to teach like their technicians, like how to upsell, like even or just asking for a review.

[00:22:02] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, guys, and I want to say, whether you’re doing it the way Spencer likes to do it or JP, there’s. There’s like clearly ones that are better, but there’s a lot of ones that are that are great and all of these sound really good. What I wouldn’t recommend is getting just like straight SEO. I I think a lot of people have played that game, but some people like like Caleb. So those are, you guys know, Caleb, that’s how he does. And he’s running a seven figure agency. There’s different personality types that are going to kind of like meld with these different ones. Spencer, I didn’t mean to cut you off. I think you were trying to say something a minute ago and then I jumped in there. Now somebody went out.

[00:22:41] I like I’ve. I’ve used that same, that same method with one of my longtime companies and Utah, where we just started building assets because he wants to grow. And I think a lot of it is if you guys are having issues with building trust, the heat map software builds that in these audits, build that trust and it separates yourself from any other marketer that’s out there. When these guys get a video that has that heat map. It’s like, What is? What is this stuff that you’re looking at? And he walk it through and you explain in detail and you’re giving like a couple of tricks that I told Patrick that I’m doing is I’m not even mentioning anything if you guys are on. I think I talked about last week’s call. I don’t even mention anything about our services. I use words like, I would have your marketer take care of this. I would have your website person take care of this. And the way I’ve been doing the the reputation management is what I’m going through reviews and I’m kind of updating on how they should be. Their customers or clients should be reading reviews. I say something to the fact, like when we set up reputation management, this is what we do. We we coach your clients to lead this. And the response that I’ve gotten is is great because.

[00:24:09] Is he cut now for you guys, too?

[00:24:11] Yep. Really bad.

[00:24:14] You know, these people are reaching out, these people are serious. And then some of these some of these companies. Sorry, guys. So I’ll try this any better.

[00:24:28] I don’t know, it seems like it was intermittent, so it’s hard to tell. Ok. Now, I think we’re still on dial-up.

[00:24:39] Ok. Making online,

[00:24:40] You run out. He ran AOL Minutes Typekit new CD.

[00:24:44] I’m putting to put another quarter. I do come on.

[00:24:47] And like every organ, he’s on organ. He’s out. Yeah, he’s E.B.. Yeah, he’s out of the woods.

[00:24:56] All right. It’s OK. We still love you, Spencer.

[00:24:59] Yeah, I’m going to keep this moving.

[00:25:01] I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with you guys. So let’s let’s jump into

[00:25:05] Some of this.

[00:25:06] If you guys got questions, whether you’re watching on the Zoom or one of the Facebook groups, just post it in there. I believe Jeff is monitoring those notes. Will those will get to us? But I am going to share my screen and I’m going to take you guys through some exciting stuff here with some new updates that we have. So. Let’s get this rocking and rolling here. All right. It’s back, right, the GMB, the GMB management module, there it is, if you guys have your APIs and plug them in. This is what we can do, right? So let’s start off on the screen here. Ok, so we’ve got this this screen here where you’re going to get all sorts of different information about your Google, my businesses, so you have different columns that you can add, we’re going to be adding to this quite a bit. So I’m going to jump into this, but I just want you to know one of the things that we’ve struggled with in our business is like we have eight hundred and something grabs, which it’s a lot to manage, right? And when one of them goes down, you’re not going to be checking eight hundred today or eight hundred a week, right? So having like real time notifications is important, but it’s also important for you to have a system where you’re identifying problems and weaknesses. So if this were an actual GMB that I was trying to rank, and I have this where it says review count equal zero, but imagine that I have eight hundred here and I can search by the review count, right? So I can use this kind of like almost spreadsheet like format to start to identify weaknesses that exist within my Google, my businesses.

[00:26:43] Ok, some of you guys that are concerned about like, Hey, is this is this safe? So a lot of you guys were on this platform or one of our platforms, and we had more than ten thousand jobs added in here when they pulled our GMB API. So I heard of zero people saying that, Hey, I like had these GMB suspended. This is set up and built for the reason for a third party application, like our software to come through and add lots of GMB. So it’s not like we’re doing something weird or strange and the footprint it’s it’s meant to manage hundreds of thousands of GMB. So to take it back to a business owner wouldn’t make any sense for Google, and we saw that so pretty much the worst thing that could happen. We lost our API happened and and still we didn’t lose any GMB related to that. So I feel very confident with it. I actually think it’s probably more safe than logging in. You’re logging in and you’re using like VPNs or proxies. And that, to me, seems way scarier. I don’t want my team doing that so much, right? So this is a great solution in my mind for that. But I don’t own Google shocker, right? So I don’t know all the I don’t know all the details of exactly how they look at it, but this is just my my personal opinion on on like the API and protecting jobs.

[00:28:04] Ok, so we’ve got this database type thing we can click on view. Ok, once we get in here, you can see that we went through kind of two stages, right? We removed the ability to edit. So that was a choice that we made to try to preserve our API because people were trying to hack the system. But now that everything is on its own API, you guys can edit it as much as possible. If you guys get suspended, it’s your API that’s getting suspended, not everybody else’s, right? So just be careful with that. The process to get it, you would come through here. If you haven’t done it already, you can come up and click on GMB API integration and then in the top right, just choose apply and it will take you to this form. Ok, this form. This is a done for you service, which means that someone from our team will go through and take care of this for you. We just need to get some information from you to get it started. There may be some questions along the way, so we’ll reach out to you. Ok, so we can edit all the details of our GMB here. If you’ve removed the address, you can see that it won’t show, but what you can do is you can click on this view and it will take you right out here to kind of see your Google my business there.

[00:29:13] All right, so that’s really cool. You also have the ability to add in your photos right through here. Assign them to categories, all this kind of stuff that reviews. So as the reviews come in, we see this one from Jeff, how you can come through and you can reply to your reviews. You can get notifications when a review comes in the same with questions and answers. If you ask a question, then that will show up. You can get notified in real time, and you can answer that through here. Additionally, post, I know a lot of you guys are like, really interested in post. We know that Post can positively influence the ranking of our Google my businesses, and we can kind of use it to get pretty strategic and hyperlocal if we want to like a post to be related to a certain area that we can do that so you can see your post, you can edit your post. What else you can do is you can create a new one. So we have this. Some of you guys are familiar with syntax. So let’s say that this is my bear removal site, right? So let’s say. I want to write something like this, I am, let’s say. Are you looking for? So then I can use this format here. So I’ve got two little brackets here and I could say like bear removal, and then I’ll put in another one that says, I don’t know what another key word would be for bear removal. Removing their

[00:30:42] Past

[00:30:42] Removal. Yeah, we’ll do pass removal, OK? And then in this last one, because Dave helps us out, we’ll just do Hi Dave. Ok. All right. So this is nice.

[00:30:53] And what it allows you to do is it allows you to create and imagine that I’m doing this. We’ll just do this a few times and you’ll kind of see the effect of this. Ok, so this can make your your description for your post unique. Right? So you can put in a bunch of different words and rotate it through this. And then you can essentially write one post and then have it be switching out words

[00:31:20] Like maybe you will want to do the same thing for over here instead of are you? We could do unique, right? And every time I click this regenerate spintex, it’s going to switch things around. So this is awesome for creating unique content where we write it.

[00:31:34] Once I take us a little bit longer to write it once because we’ve got to think of all the different variations, but it will allow us to have kind of a library of post. And what you can do is you can pull in the last URL. So there’s some benefits to kind of having this daisy chain from like one post to another post. So you can pull that in there.

[00:31:54] You can select

[00:31:55] Photos from a library. I don’t have any added in here. If I had it some, I could. I could add in photos and have those photos be rotated, so the post will last about seven days.

[00:32:03] Ok, so what’s great is we allow you to schedule the post. So if I want to schedule the post to be seven days from now, I can have this next post. Go out here and I can even pick a time of when that’s going to happen. Ok, and then I’ll choose a time zone if you can also set up recurring posts.

[00:32:18] So if I want this to recur every week, maybe for how many times do I want it to recur? Maybe I want it to recur every every four weeks or every week for four weeks. Right. So hosting is back. That’s obviously a valuable piece. We have a new user interface. We’re about to drop in here that I think is going to make this a little bit cleaner and easier to work with, but

[00:32:38] Don’t quite have it ready yet. Ok, so the notifications, we think they’re going to be live by Friday. It’s kind of our goal.

[00:32:47] And unfortunately, I know that some of you guys are waiting for the white labeling that’s coming out. We had planned for that to be live by Friday, but we need a little bit more time on that. So we’re shooting for the middle of next week. I’ll keep you guys updated on that. So with the white labeling, you guys will be essentially able

[00:33:02] To,

[00:33:05] Um, Jeff, you will help me out. I don’t know where

[00:33:07] That’s coming from. Sounds like we’re getting some feedback, though. So with the white labeling, you will be able to kind of erase all. Like whether you guys are watching on lead snap or we generated, you’ll be able to replace all evidence of our of our site, so you’ll be able to put your own logo. Use your own colors. And then this can be hosted on on your jump. So it’ll actually still be hosted with us. But it will be like a subdomain of yours. So it could be like, you know, CRM dot will dot com right or something like that, or so you could. There’s just some settings, so it’s a complicated piece for us to to to get set up. And we are kind of like on the ninety five yard line. Just need a little bit more time for for that. So excited to get that out for you guys. Ok, the final piece here for the GMB module is the inside area. Ok, so this will allow you to see your kind of real time data from your Google. My business, which is great so I can see these people that have had seven hundred twenty six looks have been direct and then these ones are like discovery. And then if I come down here, I can see the customers that have viewed my Google, my business, I can see the actions that they they have taken.

[00:34:24] They’ve apparently five people have called. I don’t hopefully they search. Hopefully they sorted their stuff out because we are not providing bear removal service and that phone call is probably needed if someone’s making it so you can see photo views and photo quality doesn’t appear that it is showing correctly. So I guess we’ll have one of our team take a look at that. So that is the Google my business module. It’s back. So really excited to have that back. It’s been those of you guys. I know a lot of you guys have been frustrated with with the lack of this not being here. We’ve done everything we could to get it back as quickly as possible. So thank you guys for being patient with us. I know it’s been several months since we had access to it, but I think it’s back and the way we have it now, I believe it’s going to be back for good. So I don’t think we’re going to run into any of those types of issues. Again, we have a plan now that’s kind of set up for longevity. So really excited for that. Jeff, are there any questions on, you know, we have a couple of questions. What’s the timeline to get the API approved? Yes. So the API approval. We’ve seen it be from like a week to two weeks.

[00:35:35] We’re getting better at the process. So hopefully we can bring that down. We’ve kind of like learned from what Google is looking for and in this type of thing. But that’s what we’re looking at now. And kind of what we’re planning to do in the future is to secure a bunch of APIs, a bunch of extra ones and then not even have to have people go through the approval process, but just to have a bunch on a shelf and have them stockpiled. But we’re not there yet. So right now we’ve got this approval process that we have to do. Right on as far as notifications, can you dig into that just a little bit more? So somebody asked specifically, can you get a notification if the GMB is suspended? What else can you get notifications for? Yeah, yeah, for sure. So absolutely, that’s that’s probably the most important thing to get the notification for. So you can get the notification if it’s suspended, you can get the notification. If a review has been left, you can get it if somebody makes a suggestion and you can get it if there’s a question. So and then we’re going to be creating our own notification. So those are ones that we’re kind of relying on on Google to give us the heads up. But one of the things that we’re going to be doing is setting up.

[00:36:48] Let’s let’s share my screen a little bit more here. Ok, so one of the things we’re going to be doing with our new we have another piece that I’m going to be going over. We have a reporting module that we’re about to release and we’re going to start setting up thresholds where if if let’s say that your your total views drops by 10 percent, then you could get a notification for that. So that’s not going to be available in the next week, but that’s something that’s on our roadmap that we’re getting. So start with it’s going to be those four things the suspended or the GMB status change. So if it comes like out of pending, it’s alive or if it gets marked as permanently closed or suspect. Like any of those things, you’ll get a notification and then reviews the suggestions. So someone saying, Hey, this business actually closed and then the the question, so any of those things would trigger a review. So what’s great now since we have the phone system built in, is you can get this stuff as a text message or an email. So I’m looking forward to that because I like being able to take action within a few minutes. Like your GMB gets suspended and then like, Hey, we need to do something because this is like a main GMB, right? We want to make sure that this is moving in the right direction before our client even knows, right? So any other questions, they’re just names to Stowers has a question.

[00:38:11] He’s scaling his agency. He says, What if I have five million customers days to get one API or how would that work? Yeah, yeah, you should be good with that. Dave, let me know when you hit that mark and we can set up a second one if it’s necessary, but it’s meant to manage hundreds of thousands, right? So it’s meant to be and like it’s meant to be in a software product that manages people that don’t know each other. Right. So like, that’s how the API is designed. So that’s why. I think it’s safe that they’re not going to go and say connect, like, Hey, I’m going to suspend all the visitors, just business owners, right? Ok, any other questions, Jeff? Yeah, we got will asking, should I be using lead generated or lead snap? It’s up to you pretty soon as we release our white label, you’ll be able to log in either one. So, you know, Snap was always kind of our main version and we generated was a white label that we launched into into one Facebook group. They have the same functionality, though. Cool. Patrick is asking, does lead Snap allow me to give a VA restricted access to my account so I can assign them to do GMB posts, for example? Yeah, absolutely.

[00:39:21] So if you go over here to settings and then go to users and user roles. So how this works, as you can make user roles for, let’s go look at an existing one so I can make a user role and there’s all these different permissions. Right. So you’ll notice that there’s kind of a mapping where it says like CRM here and CRM here, and then these are the different permissions that you would give them just within the CRM so you can turn these on or off. So for instance, right now, automations is off. So if a person that was assigned to this user role, when they log in here, this automation thing would not be here. So they wouldn’t they wouldn’t be able to access it. Ok. And so that is the way it is for all of these. You can see here’s reputation management. And then right now, Google, my business is an on or off, but Google my business. And so there’s a few different permissions working here at the same time. So since we had just launched our GMB management, we had kind of prioritized setting the permissions up for that because we didn’t even have access to it until recently. But we’re going to be building all those out. Ok, so you could turn it on or off, but GMP is just like leads.

[00:40:35] Those work with two sets of permissions at the same time. So let’s think about this for weeks and then we’ll talk about the GMB. So when you set up a user, if I go here and I create a new user right, I have the option to add them to. Companies. Right, so jobs. So if I just choose this bear removal within the CRM, they’re only going to have access to like companies for this very mobile and that’s the same for the GMB. So if you just assign them to the jobs are associated with the company and then you can assign user level access to the company. So that allows you to decide which ones they’ll have visibility to. But we’ll we’ll be changing and adding a bunch of permissions relative to the GMB module about like the different areas that maybe they maybe you don’t, maybe you want them to be able to view it, but not edit like for our clients, right? So we will give you those those types of permissions, right? So a lot of flexibility with how you can set those user up and more to come. Any other questions, Jeff? Yeah, we got a whole stream of them. Dave is asking, How are we handling the change or rebrand of Google my business to Google business profile? I know it may be a little early on that answer, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

[00:41:53] Yeah, I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not really sure what implications that’s going to have on our end. You know, we haven’t tried to like rank for like GMB stuff. So like from a search that’s not going to affect us. We’re still logging into the same thing. You know, I guess at some point we may need to rename this within our system from like GMB to what’s it going to be gbp GBP. Maybe? Yeah, yeah, just sounds silly. So but I don’t really see other than a renaming of it, I don’t really see the effect that it’s going to have, but I guess we’ll see if there’s something I don’t know about. We’ll have to change with the times there. Patrick is asking when you have a GMB with no address, how does that affect the stability or longevity of the GMB? I guess he’s talking about phone verify. I don’t know that it necessarily affects it. I think that if it does have the address, then I think Google maybe views it with more trust. I would love to hear Jordan. If you’re still if you’re still tuned in, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that question. So the question is like how does the visibility of the address on a GMB affect the longevity of it?

[00:43:07] So it doesn’t necessarily affect the longevity of it, but based upon testing, it definitely helps with proximity. But unfortunately, it’s all comes down to threshold and risk tolerance. Like if I lose a listing, it’s not really the end of the world for me because I can get another one up. But by nature, the way proximity works, it’s it works better and it does have a little bit of a trust factor. If the address just showing because with Google, there are API picks up the listings a lot quicker and they index a lot faster. So like if any of you have ever tried to create a new GMB and the address is hidden, sometimes you won’t see your listing with a keyword search for like five, seven, 10 days. That’s the reason why. So just know that there is some advantages and disadvantages, but with the way most of the industry is, though, is that most of them are going to require it to hide the address. Otherwise you will get flagged. So it’s kind of just one of those things. What what do you want to risk doing so?

[00:44:16] So, Jordan, that that is kind of like what he just said was exactly my understanding. And one of the things that we started kicking around was the idea of leaving the address there for like a week or two and then and then hiding it. Do you have any thoughts on that strategy?

[00:44:32] It’s risky, too, because once it already goes to the full index and the filter system, if you try to hide the address after, you’re probably going to have to re verify the listing or it’s going to get flagged. Ok, so don’t do that then. Right? Same. Same both ways, too. So if you hide it and then try to add an address again, it’ll probably get flagged or ask you to verify the list, right?

[00:44:54] So any of that change kind of like rattles the boats.

[00:44:57] Yeah, the four main things that people need to pay attention to or the address category name actually all five. So category name, address, phone and website. So those five main things are what will trigger something to get flagged.

[00:45:16] There you go, guys. Best practices. So we’ve got a question.

[00:45:19] Yeah. So this is geared towards service businesses or brick and mortar businesses because as a service, I don’t want anybody coming to my house or wherever it is, what hotel I’m hanging out at.

[00:45:32] It’s not about necessarily what you prefer. It’s more in the sense of like, like, I’m the same way. Like, I’ve owned a locksmith company for eight years and like I’ve had people show up at my house, but there is an advantage of showing the address. It’s not. I’m not saying like, you won’t be able to ever rank your service trade business, but there is definitely a factor when it comes to proximity. Now there’s things that you can do with service rated businesses to help help with that. But any any listings that show an address that’s always going to have a bigger advantage.

[00:46:06] So you’re basically saying that if there’s if there’s some way you can add a disclosure onto all of your messaging that goes out, then that’s better than hiding the physical business address. In other words, I’ll make a post on my my GDP and it says, you know, we’re not taking customers or appointments at our present location.

[00:46:37] I don’t think you’re going to. I don’t think you’re ever going to like, honestly, nobody’s reading the content on your site. People are going to like,

[00:46:44] They’re going to make it. This is on the business profile. Right, right.

[00:46:47] But I’m just saying, like no matter what you post, whatever message you try to deliver to prevent somebody from coming

[00:46:53] There, no, no one’s going to people very post. They’re really for ranking. It’s pretty rare that users actually read your posts. Now, when it comes to like I mean, if you’re working with like if you’re like a locksmith or garage start company and you’re working from home, yes, you can probably get away with it for a little bit by showing your address. But realistically, you’re going to probably have to hide it regardless. So again, it’s kind of one of those things like, yeah, you may see it in the wild with what other companies are doing, but it is risky.

[00:47:28] So yeah, I’ve found that with the agency on on the GBP that for GMB, that throwing coupon codes in people actually read that, which is nice. But I understand what you’re saying as well. For the most part, they don’t. So. Hey, I appreciate the clarity. Yeah, yeah. My pleasure. So one question on that in terms of showing you’re hiding the address with whatever niche you’re in. Is there a rule of thumb to kind of help you determine? I’m in x niche. I should or should not

[00:48:06] Have my address show. So the biggest ones that I look for are mainly so the highest like quote unquote span niches that Google is looking for. Look at what’s in the local service heads. So a personal injury that’s that should be like your main focus. Like if I’m getting into this niche, is it showing a local service? That’s because there’s a whole reason why Google even started that platform in the first place because they’re trying to get rid of all of us, right? So those are like the main categories that you want to look at, whether to determine whether it’s a good idea to hire the address. I will tell you like, that list is pretty strict. I have like 15 locksmith listings in my area and all the addresses are hidden. I don’t have a single

[00:48:47] One that’s showing, so clarify. That’s the Google local ads that

[00:48:52] Service ads like I can, I can

[00:48:56] Thank you again. Yeah.

[00:48:59] Hey, JP, there’s one more question specifically to you about adding an address to your service GMB. I run a mortgage company out of my home and don’t want people coming to my home. So how can I get a GMB at a different location, not using a postcard method? And if I do rank and rent for the mortgage loan niche, how do I get many GMB with the with some with address and some without an address?

[00:49:22] Yeah. So the ones that you’re going to show and address, I mean, technically like mortgage, you could probably you might get away with showing it at a home address. But again, if you don’t want people, if it’s like your personal address, you don’t want it to show, then just hide it. But it’s unfortunate. Like, it’s pretty tricky with even trying to get like a virtual office because Google is pretty smart with those. Yeah, you might get away with being able to put a mortgage listing out a virtual office. But like for like a locksmith, there’s no way in hell. But I would try that. There’s there’s still several like virtual offices that are still privately owned that aren’t like a Regis or cloud office that you could probably get away with. So I would start with one of those. First, they’re usually like 50 to like 80 bucks a month.

[00:50:16] Yeah, for that niche, that sounds like

[00:50:17] A good, good way to do it, just test and see what happens. Yeah, I just posted the link in the Zoom chat here, too, that shows the categories that are in the local service ads.

[00:50:26] Oh, cool. Thanks, JP. I appreciate that. Patrick Dave is asking, what is the URL for the public roadmap? We don’t have a public roadmap yet, that’s something that that we’ll be getting out there. We did. I do have a little bit of hesitation with with kind of sharing our public roadmap, but we’ve kept it internal right now. One one thing we’re going to start to do is we’re going to be a lot more active. We’re sending out updates via email. And we’re going to be kind of mentioning some of the some of the what’s what’s coming down the pike stuff in those as well as on these calls. But we’ve already seen that there’s been some people who have done their best to try to copy, copy some of the parts of our system, even taking it so far to use actual screenshots of our stuff, which is. Funny and, you know, I take it as a compliment, but we’re just kind of holding back on everything that we have coming, but I’ll tell you, we’re working really hard on some big stuff. For those of you guys have seen over the last 12 months, I think the functionality of the platform has more than doubled and I just kind of mentioned and drop it on the on the calls. What we have, so we do have the we have reporting that we’re about to have out the white labeling our mobile apps and then we have some huge updates that I’m hoping that those are further down the road. I’m not going to get into those, but I think those are just going to be it’s going to change everything. So really excited for those. All right. So well, one more one more question.

[00:52:07] You know, it’s more of a

[00:52:08] Functional question here. You have a dashboard that we can mark calls as a leader, not how to clients do that at a client’s mark the market lead or not? Yeah, let me let me share my screen again and I can Jeff give me a thumbs up? You can see my screen. Or someone? Yeah. Ok, cool. All right, so. You’re going to want to be in the CRM area, and if you go to a website for so just don’t let the name confuse you, the website forms control a lot of the lead columns and stuff. Hindsight, we probably should have chosen a better name, but I’m going to come in here and I’m going to choose this like edit form. And you will see that we have the ability if we go in here. We can decide whether. If we’re on the form that’s associated with the company, we can go in here and we can click on this little person icon and there’s an option here to allow for client editing. So if you have that visibility, then you would provide access to your to your clients or to whoever you want on a field level. And then they essentially could come in here and so they would go and look at like so as I mentioned, they’ll only have access to the leads that are assigned to them.

[00:53:28] Right. So imagine that this is Dwight from Dwight’s gym for muscles. I would come in here and click on on view, and then I would enable editing. And for me, since I’m an admin role, all this stuff is editable. If it’s a client and only part of this, then it just simply won’t change like this right here. You can’t change the company that it’s associated with. So this this is what it would look like. So the fields and then they would just come in here and they would edit that field and update it. You may have already shown this, but he the same person asks the question on the client view, I can’t figure out how to get the numbers and names to show without clicking into each individual lead. Oh, yeah, sure, so what you can do and I’ll tell you guys, these patterns exist throughout the entire application, so once you learn these, it’s it’s you’ll know how all the other parts of the application work. So all the time, whenever there’s the list, there’s a columns button here and you would just come up here and select. So if I wanted to show like Street, then I would do that and click Save.

[00:54:29] And that would show it here, right? So you can see now the street column is is showing up right here, right, with a bunch of weird made up streets. But so that’s kind of how you do it. And then these icons here, these gear icons mean that that this is one of the fields that came with the system. You want to try to use those whenever possible. They’ll just make your life easier. These ones here with the little pencil, these ones are custom ones and you can make as many as those as you want, but you can add any of these to this view as well as search by them, which kind of it’s a really important feature. It’s kind of subtle, but it adds a ton of flexibility because essentially you can bend and twist the system to be whatever you need it to be. Measure what you want. Track what you want. Allow editing so it gives a ton of flexibility. So you would just kind of to make new fields. You come in here, you want to make sure that you have the associated company so you can see this form is associated with these companies. And then I would come in here and I could add new fields.

[00:55:30] But with the custom one, these are the predefined ones up here with this gear icon. So some of the advantages, for instance, is like this right here is using Google Maps. So when you if you’ve ever been on a website where you like, start to type the address and it kind of like fills it in for you. So that’s like one of the advantages with using these fields is that you can like it will auto complete the rest of those, but you can just come down here and make a new field. You get the field types, text, checkbox, radio, all these different types, and then you could build out your own fields and add those to your forms. So that’s kind of how that works. And then if you wanted to just one second, I know this question. This is this is the area where you would assign a field like, so these are the companies that are in my system and these are the forms that I’ve created. So this is where I make the association between the form type or the form that I’ve created in the company that I want to use it with. So I think that was Dave Stowers that was raising your hand. Did you have a question, Dave?

[00:56:26] Yeah. Is this very much similar to your short code since you’re already showing us a little bit about Spintex?

[00:56:34] Um, I guess I don’t understand your question trying to think is a similar to short code, so code. So this is the this is the form. So like these forms, we call them website forms, but they have a few different purposes in here, right? So one is that you can embed this on a site, but you’re not. It’s not all that they do. Right. So and you would get like a piece of code. So maybe that’s kind of like similar to short code where you’re going to embed this on the site.

[00:57:01] It would be last underscore name and it would just show up as the last name of the customer. That would be a short code.

[00:57:10] Yeah, I understand what a short code is, I guess I don’t understand the context of the question.

[00:57:15] So if you’re putting together forms and you’re having to send emails out for reporting or whatever, is it going to pull that in?

[00:57:24] Oh yeah. So OK. So like when we go into the automations and we go here, we do have some short codes that are going to pull that data in. So if I was going to send an email, I could come over here and drop this name, right? So there’s your short code, right, where it can substitute these in as variables. So for those of you guys who didn’t see on our previous automation stuff, I could say hi, and that’s going to pull in the name. So imagine this is like coming trigger for this. Well, we’ll make it a form submission. So this is coming from a form. Someone fills out a form and I’m going to send them an email. And so like this will be. Hello, from Bob’s very mobile or something like that could be the the subject, and this could be Bob. The bear master. Right. And I could say hi. So that’s substituting in that person’s name. And I can pull you and pull in the client’s name and say so in this case, it would substitute in Bob. This is Bob.

[00:58:35] Whereas in those codes are listed down the list of what you can use versus what you can’t use as you

[00:58:43] Can just drag and drop them, so there’s

[00:58:44] Not really a list you can

[00:58:46] See. I’m just like grabbing

[00:58:47] This and then I’m taking over here and then it shows up here,

[00:58:51] Right? That’s awesome.

[00:58:53] Yeah. So it makes it really flexible to do that. And then you can also include buttons with this,

[00:58:58] With links to other part of the applications. If I click this, it’s going to like this one for a preview,

[00:59:03] Then it’s going to link to the funnel.

[00:59:05] And this is the bob. This is Bob the bear master. How did we do? Is it LinkedIn or is it LinkedIn to the reviews as well?

[00:59:16] It pulls the link to the funnel so you can kind of see right here it’s got this

[00:59:20] Button and this if

[00:59:22] This button option right here, I said include button and then the button link is a review funnel. Or I could do like one to the lead details. If this was going to a client, maybe I want to give

[00:59:32] Them like a quick link to the

[00:59:33] Actual details, or if I wanted to send them to some other who knows what weird website

[00:59:39] Then I could. I could do that there.

[00:59:41] Awesome. Patrick, I do ask a lot of questions that are for the good of the group.

[00:59:45] Yeah, yeah. Hopefully some people are getting some value from this stuff,

[00:59:49] So I’ll go ahead and show up now. Yeah, no

[00:59:52] Worries. Spencer shared that he just got his notification. His first port phone numbers is complete, so he’s excited about that. The awesome Spencer and then Will is asking. He’s applying for the API. What if his agency doesn’t have a GMB? Can you just use one from his Legion sites? What should he do? Patrick? Yeah, I believe that you can. You can do that. I am not the person that’s like, obviously, I’ve got a team of people and I’ve got someone that’s assigned to all the GMB API stuff. So that might be great to to post as a question in the group, and we can make sure that that they respond. I believe that would would work. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I think maybe your chances of success would be higher with an agency. But I think it would work just fine. Cool. And then Neil is sharing that he just had to win a first audit requests from some group posts he did this afternoon. Congratulations on that. Patrick is asking, have you guys had any luck getting GMB using a hot spot and your

[01:00:54] Cell phone don’t mean my response?

[01:00:57] Oh, you’re

[01:00:59] Ok? Jp saying. Sometimes you can

[01:01:01] Don’t mean that it’s it’s only for the Zoom group. Ok, gotcha. Yeah.

[01:01:06] Ok. So if you’re not on Zoom, you might miss out on on some information. But we’re going to we’re going to keep that one under wraps a little bit. But it sounds like the answer was mostly no, though, right?

[01:01:18] Jp yes and no.

[01:01:21] Yes or no? Ok. All right, cool. So, Jeff, where we caught up on questions, we’re caught up right on. Ok, guys. So this is a really important piece that I am super excited to have for you guys. So one of the things that we’ve struggled with as our agency has grown is like, even though we have this awesome tool with all this information is reporting, we’ve got so many different legion sites. I think we have close to four hundred, right? So different things are happening all the time. Things are changing our traffic stepping. All this stuff is happening. It’s been hard for us to keep up. It’s also Jeff’s job to keep our clients informed on like. And to make sure they’re happy, right, so we’ve kind of like Jeff as our client success person to make sure that our clients are doing good and that they’re happy and all the stuff. So this is going to be great for him. So what this is, is it’s going to allow you to make a report or a series of reports. And this is. Just a mock up right now, we don’t have this built out. I’m still kind of like going back and forth with my designer and let’s just kind of go through it. So the way it works, this is a page that’s going to display our list of reports. And if I want to create a new one, I will click here and I need kind of like something that’s going to be the topic of the report in the future. We’re going to mix these together, but we’re going to start with like the basic version and then expand on it. So that way, you guys can start to enjoy the amazing benefits of this sooner. So let’s say that I pick like GB. Ok, so this is where I can start to pull in all sorts of different. Well, it’s really what? Can we scroll bars are fake? Hold on one second. I’m going to stop my share and move this to a different screen that’s bigger.

[01:03:20] Bear with me, man, plus or command minus.

[01:03:25] Yeah, it’s like this image, though it’s not. It’s not. It doesn’t function like normal stuff does, and it gets all out of whack when you start trying to. Stretch things, OK, cool. All right, so this screen is bigger, so. Ok. Are you just one down here? Ok, so in this example, you can see that I’ve got like all these different things that are related to some of our related GMP’s. We’ve got stuff about heat maps, so I can essentially create a report with information that is from different parts of the application. You can see that we’re starting to bring in like total views. So this is pulling in our Google Insight data, right? And this is pulling in reviews that we, that should say replied, this is our scheduled post. So all sorts of different information, right? And then notice up here we have this compare function, which apparently doesn’t work on this. Screen, but we’ll show that in just a second. You also have the ability to schedule this so you can schedule these reports and then you can have these reports sent out to different emails to users in your account. So if you have like this Kristen Watson person or whatever is one of your clients, then you can have that sent out or you can send it out to someone else. Notice that you can include a logo. So these will this isn’t where the logo part is going to be. I don’t think it’s very unintuitive here, but the idea is that you’re going to have like be able to create this like mixed data report that’s branded and schedule it to be sent out. So it’s a great way for you to keep track of things within your business. It’s also a great way for you to just give your clients more information on a weekly basis.

[01:05:07] And you know, if we kind of understand what this is and we go back and we go in here again, let’s look at companies this time because I think maybe companies will have a little bit better information. So here we’ve got like leads and calls and forms, and this is how many jobs are associated with this company. Here’s the heat map average. We’re going to be adding in a field where you can put in the amount that your clients are paying you. So that way we can calculate cost per lead, which I think is going to be really nice. You can see that we’ve got Google Analytics traffic reviews, whether that’s total reviews, you can have bounce rate. There’s all kinds of different columns that we’re going to have in here. And then what’s really cool is we’re going to give you the ability to compare over time periods. So if you want to compare like, hey, here’s the leads for company one from this time period, right? Let’s say I go, Gosh, this is confusing on how to use this. Ok, so I’m going to compare this to some other dates. And I think if I click apply, this is kind of what we’re going towards is you’re going to be able to have this kind of, hey, this is how you’re performing now versus performing later. And then kind of the next step after this is, OK, let’s start to get notifications. We run these reports and maybe I want to get alerted that my my Google, my business bounce rate just went up or my traffic went down. I think your screen, I think you’re showing the wrong screen. You’re on call

[01:06:30] Logs on, Oh my god,

[01:06:33] My bad. I didn’t

[01:06:34] Notice that. Oh God. All right. You got to start over from the beginning. You? I can’t take this guy. Are you sure you going to Europe, man? You sure you’re going to fill

[01:06:46] In for you, end up in Japan or somewhere? People are still saying this is awesome, so I don’t know what they’re looking at. They’re looking at these call logs.

[01:06:55] Patrick’s missing in Europe can’t figure out the screen, right?

[01:07:00] All right. Can we see the screen now? Yes. Ok. All right. So we’ve got we’re going to jump right into the computer feature. So the ability basically to compare your your whatever columns you set up, this is going to be completely customizable where you add in your own columns and then you kind of have a comparison. So this would be, for instance, company one leave count looks like this one is up 40 percent where it was 20. I’m not sure on the math on that, but this is just a a mockup, right? So you kind of get the idea that, hey, this previous period it was 15 and you can kind of set these date ranges for what you want it to be. You can set the columns and then you can turn on the comparison. We can start to get this information about what’s happening in our business without having to go through and say, OK, is this company still doing good? Is this company? And then the idea is to be able to set alerts. So maybe if this number that says forms forms are down 12 percent, right? So maybe I set a threshold up where, hey, I want to get notified if this drops by more than 10 percent because like, obviously there’s going to be some standard variance that’s going to happen.

[01:08:09] Right. So being able to see that and get notified of it is something that I think is missing in our agency. And you know, for those of you that are are scaling and building this out, this is really important information to keep track of because you need to find out about this as quickly as possible. Something like if you if you just lost a GMB, you need to find out if you’re like, say, you have like us. We’ve got four hundred websites in our website. Traffic starts tanking and our bounce rate goes up to one hundred percent. So there’s been times where we’ve gone and looked at our sites and we realize that says like database error like the website’s not even essentially like we didn’t know it, right? So stuff like this can help you like in that example, you might want to use some kind of like uptime monitor, but there’s a lot of things going on and to be able to get this information, maybe the competitors are creeping in on you, right? So that’s, I think, going to be really good for us to be able to kind of have a dashboard and reporting on what our business is doing, how our companies are doing right. So just to kind of go back over this, this page here would represent the reports that we’ve created.

[01:09:18] I want to create a new report. I could do this. We’ve got these four topics where it could be companies. So we were just kind of looking at that company report where we’ve got kind of all this possible data here. If I want to do GMP’s, I could set up the GMP reports and I could show all sorts of stuff relative to the GMB. If I want to schedule it, I could come here and click on schedule and decide what frequency. I want this to go out from here. This is where I was saying you could send out an email, you could select a user in your account or you could send it out to somebody that’s not in your account. If you check this and put their email in there, this will. This logo is not going to be here, it’s going to be on the other screen, but you’ll be able to make a branded report that you can send out. So maybe you want to send this out to your client every 30 days, right with their list of leads. So you’ve got a few of these different. Topics that you can build the report on, right, so we could build it on. I don’t know if we have the leads one in here, so this could be a list of leads and then you can do it for users.

[01:10:25] So we know that maybe. Like. One user might have a bunch of companies, right, so we could have like a client report that would be a user where like, Hey, I don’t want to send a or I mean, you could essentially do it either way because you’re going to have the option to filter what users or companies show up. Right. So you could kind of build this and structure it however you want. So I think it’s going to be really powerful to have this flexibility in here and have this this reporting for you. And we’re going to continue to add to this and I’m going to try to blend in as many parts of this entire system into this, into these reports as I can. Cool. Jeff, any questions on this stuff? Yeah, you answered it as far as like scheduling and automation, I just think that this is an amazing feature that could really help keep tabs on everything as you scale these things get out of control. And we found ourselves on the wrong side of the eight ball on a few situations where we didn’t have information that could easily easily have been pulled in one of these reports. So I’m really excited to implement this in our agency.

[01:11:32] Lead heat map, Patrick Lee, the heat map

[01:11:36] That is definitely coming towards me, that’s all that’s on my that’s how am I? Do not tell, OK?

[01:11:43] I do not know.

[01:11:46] Grace is asking, can you show the in view of the report? No, I don’t I don’t I don’t have that part of it done yet. We just kind of like so our processes. I draw these ridiculously stupid looking sketches and then our designer makes it look beautiful and we go back and forth on this. So we’re still in the stages of of kind of like prototyping this. I don’t think this is going to be like a super complicated piece to build out. So I think it’s going to come pretty quick, but we’re not going to start building until we get it all dialed in and we don’t have it all the way dialed in yet. So that’s one of the pieces that’s currently missing. Yeah, those those sketches are proprietary, we can’t show that they look they look like someone who’s never seen a pencil before. All right. Do we have any additional questions? Oh, we just got one from the heat map for the heat map contest, will it count if we do a heat map for an IPO CEO? What does that mean? Well, send them through email or messenger or a small business owner? Yes. Oh, small business owner. I’m not sure how we could.

[01:13:00] Track that maybe we could find a way to track that. I would love to say yes, because really the point of this is to try to like get you guys to use this as a prospecting tool and we just got to make sure that it’s fair. Like I said, there’s a cash prize. It’s five hundred for first, three hundred first, second and two hundred for third place, so. But I think what we saw last time, I think Adam McChesney got second, but he landed fourteen thousand dollars in business. So what you get from this is not the prize money, it’s it’s like really the mental switch towards doing the work that’s required to kind of like. Scale your business, right? Paul. All right, any questions? Can I still get in the contest? Yeah. Join the contest. I think one of the things that I’ll be adding to the contest we’re going to, we’re going to run the contest all the way until the end of the year. So Spencer seems to be the person that is really going after it. And I. I would love for for somebody to give them a run for his money, right?

[01:14:08] And I’m thinking about it.

[01:14:11] Go get it, man. How do we enter the contest? What are we doing here? Yeah, so we’re going to share. I shared it last week. If you look at last week’s call, you’ll see a form. I’ll share it again and I’ll attach it to attach it to this, to this call. So regardless of what group you’re watching this from, you can you can catch that form there and sign up. And then there’s just a log as you go and you make these posts, you kind of log this. So we’ll have a leaderboard. So people kind of know, know where they are neck and neck. Yeah, that was the next question. Where are the results posted as we go? The leaderboard that yeah, I’m probably going to build it directly into the application, so you’ll be able to see the leaderboard from within within the platform. I’m thinking about too, offering I did this last time and offering some sort of like coaching for the weekly winner. So that way, you know, there’s reasons like, Hey, if you’re if you’re losing the contest, there might be some. There might be some benefit to winning the week, right? So. Doing like an hour, one on one coaching call where we’ll dive into your business and try to figure out what’s going on, so. So kind of I might start that just for the first week in December, just because with like the holidays and stuff, I don’t really want to be responsible for that right now.

[01:15:31] Somebody is asking about where Spencer, what Spencer status now. Just, you know, don’t say a million points. Yeah, just don’t let that deter you. Let it motivate you. Yeah, that’s right. Posting that in a leaderboard, I think he I think he’s done like 40 of these things so far. But I’ll tell you what, when you don’t at the beginning, this is kind of what happens at the beginning is you have the ability to set a bunch and do a bunch, but then you start getting appointments from this and then you’ve got to like, deal with fulfillment. So your ability to do more of them starts to go down. And that’s really a good thing. I mean, it might be a bad thing for your chances of winning the contest, but it’s a great thing for your business when you’re starting to have to like, worry about fulfillment because that means you’re closing deals, right? So that’s he’s going to be hitting that way here pretty quickly, and it’s going to give you guys an opportunity to catch up. Right on, we have a question about cost per lead, Sharon is asking never done cost per lead, but the column actually calculates X amount of leads based on the time of the call and amount agreed to. Yes. Just so you can kick out the calls and stuff like that or calls that maybe aren’t. Let’s just get let’s get a little more clear on that.

[01:16:43] So the idea for this column is right now, this isn’t what you’re charging your client. This can be like an internal number for you. So here’s a situation. I have a client that is in Ohio and he’s in like three markets, and we didn’t realize that we were sending him like. Like two hundred and forty leads a month, like we just we didn’t know we have a lot of clients, we’ve got a lot of numbers. And so the idea is like put in for the client you put in. So like, imagine this client is named Patrick, right? So I put for this Patrick Chan and guy, I put in how much he’s paying me. And then this will calculate how much this person’s paying per lead based on, like like if I have them on a monthly fee. So let’s say I’ve got him on a two thousand monthly fee and I send him one hundred leads, right? So then I can use that to figure out like, OK, he’s what he’s paying per week. So if it starts to get out of control, then you can get the heads up. Or I mean, it can go in both directions, right? You’re probably going to hear from a client if this number gets to be too high, this number starts going up and this will be one of the ones that you’ll have to compare feature where you can look at this month over month.

[01:17:58] So it’s I think it’s a really good thing to have one of the things that that Jeff and I, you know, we I’m a part of two different coaching programs right now for myself to get coaching so that we can continue to move our business forward. And one of the programs they’re huge on, like building a dashboard and having metrics on your business. So I’m working on that in my agency where I can get metrics on everything like, for instance, one of the metrics that that they’re saying is like, Hey, you need an average support ticket time or the time to first response, like all these different metrics. So what does that look like for our marketing agency? And then how do we use this system to give you those numbers and give a dashboard where, hey, if I can only look at a few numbers, I can get the health of my business. So starting to be able to build these reports is kind of moving us into that direction where we can really understand the health of our business and the health of a client to help the website by looking at some of the numbers we’ve got. We just need to position it and display it in a way that’s that’s easy for people to have access to. Yeah, this is what separates a real business owner who’s scaling,

[01:19:04] I think from an agency standpoint, I mean it, it’s amazing how important these numbers can become

[01:19:10] When you have as many clients as

[01:19:12] We’re getting and all of that. Yeah, I think one thing I would add in there is average call time. I know it’s pretty minimal, but when you start getting into like service businesses, it’s super important. I used to train a lot of like dispatchers and how to make sure, like you, make sure the job gets closed. So that would probably be another column that I would add in there. Just my recommendation.

[01:19:35] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, this is by no means like a comprehensive list. These are ones that I kind of provided. One of the ones that I really wanted in here is this stuff here on the end is like missed call percentage, answer call percentage, voice mail percentage. Yeah, like we had a client reach out to us. Two weeks ago and he was like, Hey, you know. I can’t pay you in November, and you guys haven’t been sending me enough leads, and we kind of went at the numbers and I’m like, Answer your phone. Answer your phone, man! Because he had missed 90 percent of his calls in the last 12 months. Like so it wasn’t. There wasn’t a like. Obviously, I could have found that out and figured it out, but it wasn’t a number that was in front of me. And when you’re like running two different businesses, managing a bunch of people and you’re trying to like scale these like, it’s really easy for this stuff to slip through the cracks. So this is going to look bad on your legion to right. If your client is not answering the phone, you’re going to get bad reviews eventually, because these people that are calling are not often not getting called back and they’re not going to be happy and they’re calling your legion and they’re going to, like some of them, don’t care, and they’re going to call called back by other people. But some of them, some percentage of these people are going to be pissed off and are going to give you a bad review. I’ve seen it on a lot of my legions and this will help protect against that and make sure that we have the right people there.

[01:21:04] And if they’re not, if this number is too high. It’s going to be really hard for them to pay you what you’re what you’re sending like if they’re missing 90 percent of the calls. This is why this guy can’t pay his bill, right? He’s not answering his phone, so he’s not getting the value from what we’re sending him. So that’s there’s all this stuff is related and you’re going to see these trends right. So having this information delivered to you. The first thing I’m going to do once we get this live is I’m going to set up weekly reports, I’m going to build out my own and I’m going to every Friday. I’m going to have this delivered to me, and I’m just going to spend an hour every Friday going through this and looking for things that, look, this is out of whack like. And then we can make an adjustment. And so that’s that’s why Jeff, like Jeff and I have been trying to get our arms around. Our business with with this, and it’s like it’s been a struggle because we don’t have this information easily accessible yet, but we will with this. Yeah, you have to dig for it in the way that the systems are set up right now through through other call platforms and whatnot. So that’s the problems that this platform is trying to solve. It’s amazing. We had a call from a client today who was saying he wasn’t getting any leads, and it turns out that

[01:22:14] Maybe his employees are taking those leads and

[01:22:16] Maybe as closing the jobs and selling them out from under

[01:22:19] Him.

[01:22:20] And, you know, just having having the data all in one place where you can kind of like tune in and get notifications and all of this. I mean, I’m looking for this to be a complete game changer in our agency, for sure.

[01:22:33] And also to you, be surprised how many people actually aren’t using the message feature and GMB. And actually, I still get quite a few leads that come through that. So that’s even something like you have to coach like your clients if they’re if you’re just doing client work or even lead gen like you guys should be also checking those messages as well.

[01:22:54] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, and and we’re going to be building that in as well to this messaging, and here’s the idea is as we launch our mobile apps, when those messages come through, having those be routed and being push notifications that we can respond to and assigning a message to a client saying, Hey, if like if I sign this GMB to this client and that message comes in, then they can be responding in the mobile app and that can go back through and be responded to in real time. So they have this like two way conversation that’s happening. It’s like, how can we give our business owners the tools they need to be to maximize their business when we do that? We add a ton of value, and that’s kind of my goal with this. It’s like, if the same strategy with you, how do I give you guys the tools that you need to be more successful? If I can do that, then you guys are never going to leave this platform. So that means that I have to do that for your clients, too. And that’s kind of what we’re trying to do with a lot of these things and do it in a way where a person who works on trees or concrete can understand it, right? It has to be very intuitive. Not like super techie. Cool. Do we have additional questions? Yeah, we’re bouncing around here. Dave is asking back to the contest. Does this mean that the contest is based on the number of heat maps or is it based on the amount of new business revenue generated? It’s going to be based on the number of heat maps shared is kind of the strategy that we’re using.

[01:24:25] New revenue generated is. You know, I thought about doing it that way, but I wanted to kind of. So there’s a big gap here with with sales for people, right? And I think by using a metric that’s going to create more sales and measuring it that way, it will like neutralizes the playing field a little bit. Previously, we included like new revenue dollars and we had like a points multiplier and it got complicated. My plan is moving forward once we get our leader board stuff built in. We’re probably going to do different types of contests every month and really just gamify this and set this up so that we’re playing all these games making it fun. And then like, let’s gamify what is necessary to run a successful business. Let’s let’s let’s do it in a way where we’re kind of like pushing people towards what has helped us build our agency and what what we’ve seen with the other people that are successful, the steps they do. If we can create games that moves the behavior in that way, I think it will help move your guys businesses. So that’s how we have it set up right now. Cool that Dave is asking Dave, you want to ask that directly? I’m not sure I really understand what you’re what you’re asking there, not the contest, but a response to others. Or where he went? Ok, well, there’s another question.

[01:25:52] This is kind of a can of worms and we’re getting up on an hour and a half. But Patrick is asking, what do you recommend to build out rank and rent websites? Gutenberg, WordPress Elementary and then JP said that he uses business sites. So I don’t know. This is an interesting question. So I’ve seen a lot of people have success with the business side since J.P. mentioned we use WordPress, I have been using. I honestly, I don’t know the the builder that we use. My team is managing all that stuff at this point. I know that William Jones recommends Gutenberg. We recently updated our plug ins, so they now support Gutenberg as well. So any of the people that are on this call using that, you’ll find that installing our WordPress plug in will allow those form submissions to be pulled into our platform immediately. I think, like the business site strategy like that seems like a way to go really fast and not have to deal with all the nonsense. And Google loves their stuff, but I’m not sure what the the long term implications because we haven’t gone down that road much. So all of our stuff in what I recommend is is is on WordPress. It’s just like we have four hundred sites and it’s one hundred and thirty dollars a month. I’ve heard of some platforms charging as much as like twelve to fourteen dollars per month per site, which just as you scale, that seems like ludicrous to me.

[01:27:13] Yeah. Yeah. The reason why I switched to me and the business sites is just because indexing is such a pain in the ass right now, and I don’t really see a whole lot coming from startups anyways. So for me personally, I mean, I’ve been in this space for almost 15 years. To me, it’s just the waste of time. I hate building sites. I can range and be super quick. I can throw in 10 in a market and be fine. You get more calls from GBS than any search site. So I mean, at the end of the day, I mean, to me, like a lot of the trends that I’m seeing just because of the indexing issues, it seems to me like Google is actually loving HTML sites even more than WordPress. So I have like I bought a couple of tools that uses a WordPress platform, and it also builds a static HTML page for like a location page. So it does get indexed like super quick. So just because of the indexing stuff right now, I just kind of even like my business sites aren’t even indexing. I just use it just to have a website up for for my listings. I gotcha.

[01:28:13] So then you’re with these business sites, are you? Is building backlinks to your site, a part of ranking your GMB or you just kind of like lying?

[01:28:24] I mean, links is probably kind of like my last resort. I mean, I kind of have my own little methodology to rank in maps, but definitely using a business site just because it has a. If you look at the DA on it, it’s pretty high. So in Google, of course, loves their own stuff anyway, so you’re going to get a little bit of a natural boost. But I mean, for the most part, for me, it was just trying to build out WordPress sites and doing like mass page and trying to get them indexed. It just becomes such a pain in the butt. It just I prefer just working with the business sites and just working with GMB primarily.

[01:29:01] Yeah, it seems like a like a faster way to go. Right? Yeah. There’s a question there JP. Do you find a lower suspension rate with Google sites?

[01:29:11] Has nothing to do with that. Unfortunately, I wish it didn’t, but I did notice I even saw a little bit of a boost because if you if you create the business site, they actually offer a way to buy a domain through Google. I even saw like a slight boost by buying the domain directly through them, and then they just transfer and redirect the business site to that domain through Google. But to me, it’s like I’m building a few hundred at a time. I’m not going to go buy a bunch of domains and spend time and money throwing up sites. It just for me. I’m a big maps guy. I’ve always have been. That’s what I stick to. We’re at all.

[01:29:52] Kyle, your your hand up. Joseph Graham, Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I had to just cut everybody off. Okay, I know this has been

[01:29:59] Answered before, but like,

[01:30:01] I’m losing a lot of a lot of reviews and I don’t know how to send mass request. And that data for me just showed with everything

[01:30:10] That’s the percentage and stuff.

[01:30:11] Do we have access to that or not? Yet that’s not live yet. That’s something that that’s not a prototype for what we’re reporting module that we’re building. I’m hoping to have that line before the end of November, but it’s not live yet. Do you have a question? Yeah, I just wanted to pop in.

[01:30:29] Patrick said that I just thought when I was able to hop

[01:30:33] On board the GMB API, you do need a company

[01:30:37] Gmb that’s related to your agency.

[01:30:40] You can’t just use a random one. It doesn’t work. Google really takes a strong look at that. So. Just wanted to give that answer right off the bat, so I think that was that was will that it ask that right?

[01:30:52] Yeah. So yeah, could you could you say that one more time? Sorry.

[01:30:57] You know, it’s worth the time to go build an agency GMB to and a website. Ok, because your chances of getting approved for the API will increase. And for those of you who have applied and been denied. Go look at your eight, go look at your agency GMB. Make sure you’re a marketing agency or an internet marketing service. Make sure that you have pictures of yourself, your workspace and you’re just General Office area.

[01:31:32] Those it has to be a domain email to don’t use like a Gmail.

[01:31:36] Yeah, it has to be like developers at your agency domain. Yep. While any other tips you want to share about how we could kind of expedite this grab API process? When you say to expedite, you mean speed up, so what are you talking about exactly? Is there any other steps or things that they should have in place that would help them be able to get the approval faster? I think the main stuff that I’ve laid out is have a developers at your agency email, have a website that has your information all on it, have a GMB that has that’s for your agency, that has the things I mentioned earlier about having your images that are local to you, that are have pictures of you, especially with Joseph Graham’s awesome beard. He really should have a GMB that has that on him. So, you know. But you should. Those are the things that are really key for that. I mean, for the GMB that I first got approved on, I literally applied for probably two weeks and got that verified. I got the GMB verified. And then two weeks later, I got the API verified for it. So it’s not a matter of age on the GMB. It’s a matter of having because I got me in a red shirt in my office area and my office area is by no means pretty, but it shows legitimacy and also get a DBA with for your agency or a picture of your LLC and put it up there too, because that’s I only have three pictures on my GMB and that one of me, one of my workspace, one of my DBA for study calls.

[01:33:17] So, hey, Patrick, I got a question. How difficult would it be to set up a separate session so that like, let’s say, I have 10 clients, but I don’t want to use my own email to manage those 10 clients? Do you think there will be a way to build something and where I could be like marketing a book for my client and have those 10 sessions built in to lead Snap?

[01:33:42] Think about that first for just a second, Patrick, as I say, thank you to Kyle. Those are golden nuggets that you just dropped.

[01:33:55] So, JP, what do you mean by Sessions, so like,

[01:34:00] Let’s say I’m so I typically don’t use like one email to manage my clients. I actually will have them make me an email that I actually log into under their domain. So like, let’s say I have 10 clients, could I log into their GMB through lead snap like for those 10 different clients rather than managing all 10 locations under one email?

[01:34:26] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So each one you add, you just go through and you authenticate, let me share my screen. I’ll show you what this process looks like. Give me one second,

[01:34:36] Because the reason why I bring that up, I’m going to play a little devil’s advocate because I’ve been doing this for a long time is the reasons why I won’t say the other company. But the reasons why there was a lot of flags with people’s listings was because things were being managed through a centralized account that was going through an API, which was also an API that actually was owned by the agency. So to kind of help facilitate other you have to be legit like Kyle mentioned, or you’re going to have to be able to log into each client’s listing. In a separate session, so like using your own email for each one of those 10 clients rather than managing them all under one email. Hopefully that makes sense. Yeah, so the way

[01:35:22] I always do it in our agency is we have a different email for every Google my business that we set up. So I’m not 100 percent sure I’m clear on your question, but I think what you’re asking is. What you would do is, like all the stuff that you manage would be under one API, right? But the NBS would actually be on separate emails. And when I want to add one, I would just go into the accounts and then I would click on add new accounts and I would enter my email address here. And then on the next page, it’s going to authenticate it. So it’s going to bring that Google, my business and the ability to manage it under this under your account, essentially. So it will be managed. They’ll all be managed through that, that one API and that API is. Am I

[01:36:05] Answering? Yes. So my question is, is it actually managed? So like those 10 clients, are they actually going to be managed through each separate email and we’re just using API to push like those posts out, for example? Or is it? That’s right.

[01:36:22] Ok. Yeah. So each one that’s the that’s the whole authentication step is that you have to authenticate every GMB unless if you’ve got 10 under one email, then you would only have to authenticate once because it will pull all 10 of those. Right. That’s that’s not how you should do it, how you should do to separate those out. Because it’s JP, you’ve probably seen the same thing where like a suspension comes through and they like clear out an entire account.

[01:36:48] Yes, you

[01:36:48] Want to have that separation. Yes. So this. Back to like what we were talking about earlier, the API is is created by Google for the purpose of managing Google my businesses from people that don’t know each other. Right. So like it’s meant for a third party application to be plugged in and manage thousands of of those. So there’s that separation in the way that it’s created and then you’ve got a second separation because of how like they’re on different accounts and you have to authenticate separately.

[01:37:21] Yeah, I hope that made sense for everybody, just because there’s a huge problem when people are using APIs and using third party tools. I’ve been always very cautious of doing it because I’ve literally seen agencies that are managing 200 clients. Every single listing gets flagged and it’s a huge mess.

[01:37:39] Yeah, you’ve got to separate them out by.

[01:37:41] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[01:37:43] Yeah, sure. Cool. All right.

[01:37:47] We are an age old age, Gmail accounts per each GMB listing is the right practice for that right.

[01:37:58] Yeah, that’s how we do it. We do phone verified aged emails and then we’ve had. Batches we bought, we’re like everything got suspended as soon as we verified it, and then we’ve had ones where it’s like, that doesn’t happen at all. So make sure you’re getting it from a reliable source. I’m not going to mention on this call where we get ours from, but there’s a lot of them out there. If you Google PVA is what they call it. Is Jordan, is that what you use?

[01:38:26] Yeah, just you. Just there’s like by accounts dot com. There’s just do a search for PVA and you can find a ton of them. I have a couple of sellers to. You guys can reach out to me and I can give you a couple of referrals.

[01:38:40] All right, Jeff, how are we doing? We’re doing good. We got one real quick question here. Is it helpful to use an email connected to your domain info at concrete asked to use?

[01:38:53] Yes, you’re always. Well, that should be your primary focus. Always, always try to use that domain email.

[01:39:01] So I think as a relation to setting up the API right

[01:39:05] Api and I would even use it for your GMB, even for your legion. If you guys are using a website, they’re getting pretty strict on just using regular Gmail’s.

[01:39:20] Ok, cool. So, yeah.

[01:39:25] Where is the replay going to be? The replay will be in the group lead, snap and lead generated, Greg. We’re also starting to post these on YouTube on our YouTube channel. Yeah, yeah, that’s another thing. I know that there’s been there’s been some like like, Hey, if you’re in this group, we’re going to kick you out of this other group. I’m not going to dive into the details of it, but that that existed at one point. So we’re going to start putting all this stuff on YouTube, too. So. And like I said, we’re going to be we’re going to we’re really starting to turn the corner with starting to push our platform where over the last year it’s been more about like, Hey, let’s let’s get our processes in place. So with that, we’re going to be communicating a lot more through email and and sharing the stuff from the replay. So it’s exciting for us to be kind of moving into this new phase. And like I said, with the the software coaching program that I’ve joined, we’ve got access to some of the like the best minds on this subject. So we’re really looking forward to using that coaching to make this platform way better for you guys than it currently is and just kind of get everything dialed in. So we’re really excited for that.

[01:40:37] Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Get platform agnostic and get out there. Come on. No, it’s super awesome that you’re going to be broadcasting on YouTube for some of the great content that’s put out, you know, to be able to catch it on a replay wherever it is. You know, it’s it’s awesome. So Patrick, thank you. Jeff, you’ve been awesome tonight as well. And I want to say thanks for everything that both of you do to help each and every one of us in this group.

[01:41:13] Yeah, thanks a lot for your questions. Do that help? It’s very helpful to to know what you guys are needing and what we can help you with. Yeah, and thanks for JP for helping out gave us a tremendous amount of value. Oh hell yeah. And then

[01:41:27] Kyle chimed in to watch some Golden Nuggets

[01:41:30] Team effort.

[01:41:31] Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. We’re a team. Keep motivating everybody, right? For sure.

[01:41:37] All right, guys. So you guys have one thing.

[01:41:41] Sorry, Patrick, I was trying to move on. Who is JP? Like, what’s his actual name? So I could Jordan Pierce.

[01:41:49] He shared it in pairs. Yeah, yeah. You tune into the first few minutes of the call. I kind of gave an introduction about, yeah, well, last question

[01:41:59] To be said about to start off

[01:42:01] Last question quickly. Where should they be posting the heat maps for the contest? So we’re going to share a link where you can kind of log your results, so I don’t have that handy, but it’s going to be attached to this video like Jeff’s last question, where is this going to be? It’s streaming live in the groups right now, so it’s going to stay there and we’re just going to edit that post and we’re going to include link to the to the spot where you can register and log your results. And then we’re going to be adding some spots within the platform to make this easier for you guys. So my plan is to really just like gamify this thing so much within the platform and have all sorts of contests and things like this that help us build businesses and we’re going to have eventually, we’re going to have some big prizes, you know, we’re going to be doing live events and some some of these could be like, Hey, you get, you know, a hotel or free ticket at the event or whatever it is. We’re kind of working through that stuff. I’m talking with these coaches that we have and coming up with the things that these guys have used. So I think I mentioned this last week, there’s like 10 or 12 coaches that have done, you know, eight figure exits on software platforms that we get one on one coaching too. So they’ve solved these problems. They have some of the best and brightest minds and we get one on one coaching with them with this. So we’re really excited and we’re going to take with that and we’re going to turn this in. And part of it is like gamifying stuff. I’ve already talked to them about that. It seems like a really important thing. So we’re going to make this as fun as possible for you guys moving forward. All right. So the best advice they’ve given us is to stay hydrated. So we it on to you guys. Stay, stay hydrated, get

[01:43:44] Out there just to success talking ojaomo, whiskey or water.

[01:43:49] They just

[01:43:49] Said hydrated. They didn’t specify, but whatever. That’s like their sign off line, which is odd. But so you guys have seven days, it’ll be Wednesday, November 20 for the next seven days from now. Do what you got to do to create the wins over this next week. Guys, take action in your business. We have. What have we got? We got like forty four days left in the year. So seven is a pretty big percentage of that. So go do it. If you if you want the results, take the action over the next week and let’s celebrate your wins on the next call based on what you do. So what are we going to do next week, Patrick? It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Yeah, um, sorry. I’m jam it up a little bit more here, but

[01:44:37] We’re playing Turkey Jam Bible. What’s that? A Turkey GMB bowl?

[01:44:43] There you go. We all dress up like turkeys. All right. My plan is to continue with the call. I know I was in here last week, so my plan is to be here for the call. But if that changes, we will. We’ll update within the group. Maybe we’ll take a kind of a soft poll to see who’s going to be here. But even like, I mean, even if our attendance is low, people can rewatch it. So with all the changes and stuff that’s coming out, especially with the potential to have the white label version out in the middle of next week, I think it would be great to have that call. So. Yeah, but stay tuned that that is subject to change, I guess. All right. All right, guys, how do we create some wins and we’ll see you guys in the group?

[01:45:28] Yeah, everybody. You.

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[00:00:00] Cool. All right, man, who’s got some wins to share. Anybody for some big wins this week?

[00:00:11] I got a couple of little ones.

[00:00:12] Ok, well, little ones can be big ones, it depends on how you sell it, Neal.

[00:00:18] Again, I got some more jabs from clients, you know, from people they knew or and I kind of like kind of mapped out some areas. I was asking some of my clients. And I think we got to live this week and I right before I hopped on the call, I got another one from another client.

[00:00:36] That’s cool. Are they sticking or are they in or are they in good niches and everything and they’re sticking? Yeah.

[00:00:42] Oh yeah, they’re solid. I’m trying to just do the Patrick antenna thing, you know? Yeah. So you want to do a little bit? I had a win loss.

[00:00:54] Are they in good, nick? There you go. Finally, got that.

[00:00:59] It kind of had a win loss with a client. I’m doing it for someone else and partners on their site. It’s just carpet cleaning. And I’m not big on carpet cleaning, but I got kind of got a relationship with a guy who really likes me. But our GMB went down and haven’t been able to get him any leads, and he past couple of months he’s been with a company called They Do Just Facebook, and they’ve been killing it for him, and he’s paying like seven hundred a month for carpet cleaning with. I’ve never heard of the company. I’ll have to come back to that. I had it written down. I was trying to find there out of California. They do nothing but Facebook, and they’ve been killing it. But he said, Listen, I love you. I’m going to stick with you. But if you can get me the kind of stuff they’re getting me, I’d rather pay you, you know?

[00:01:46] Yeah, yeah, you know, I did sales for somebody who does Facebook. And I found the lead quality was very low. So I don’t know if it’s I mean, I’m sure it’s niche dependent, location dependent. I found that I was just fighting a lot with the contractors that I got on board because they were like, Oh, well, this one’s not qualified, they’re out of my zip code like whatever. They always had an excuse and you’re just nickel and diming and nitpicking every single thing. So I’m not really excited about Facebook ads. You know, again, I tried it and I did that for, I guess, six or eight months, maybe.

[00:02:22] And it’s a company that’s just getting the leads to him.

[00:02:26] Well, that was I was a sales guy for a company that that’s exactly what they did. They did, you know, lead arbitrage from Facebook contract?

[00:02:35] Yeah. Seventeen hundred a month. But he’s getting over ten thousand a month in business. And then he did say, though I do prefer Google leads. Yeah, he says, I want you to get back in action because I’d rather be with you than that.

[00:02:48] So, yeah, well, good. Yeah, get those jobs and get back in action. Who else has a win? Anybody? Devon? They’ve.

[00:03:02] Nobody might be a personal of. Let’s go first. Oh, I’m sorry, Dave. I’m getting ready to move in a couple of weeks. So it’s like one of the big things that’s just been it’s becoming a big time vacuum, but finally got people to take the furniture.

[00:03:17] I’ll be finding some place to work for the next few weeks that I’m still in Vegas. But you know, just where are you? For anyone so inclined to

[00:03:26] Moving out to Stillwater, Oklahoma.

[00:03:29] Stillwater, that’s right.

[00:03:30] Yeah. All right. We won’t hold it against you, Deb. I hope not. If you can find me out there, you know. At least, you know, it’s a great win to share. So thanks, Devon.

[00:03:43] That’s a great that’s a place where people go to hide right to better themselves.

[00:03:48] It’s a place for people that are better themselves, better themselves.

[00:03:54] And, you know, nature and well, it’s OK, Devon, we won’t hold it against you. What do you got? I’m actually jealous. So for me, I pretty much have a and I’m a humble guy, so I’ll be very vague about the wind that I have. Ok, and say that it’s it’s. It’s it’s multiple sites with everywhere pages, I guess, is the best way to say it. And these aren’t small sites

[00:04:31] Like location pages like neighborhood pages out the wazoo. Is that what I’m picking up?

[00:04:38] Yes. No. What? You’re stepping in? Ok, so I’ll be very specific. Please understand this is not something where I like to brag. It’s 15 different websites, each of them with. Give or take. And in between anywhere from two hundred and fifty pages each well to six hundred pages each.

[00:05:04] Wow. And did you do like a mass page generator or how did you do it?

[00:05:10] That’s that’s what I do. I work with mega page websites and I take on clients every day of the week. But this is probably one of the smaller ones that I had. So it was worth sharing,

[00:05:28] And it works out for you building all those pages. Yeah. Awesome. Great to hear it. All right, well, we got a few wins there. I don’t see anybody on Facebook is a little hard for me to manage everything. Patrick is not on the call tonight. Ok, hold on. Patrick’s not going to be on the call tonight. So I’m kind of, you know, juggling everything myself. So it’s hard for me to go back and forth between Zoom and Facebook and whatnot. But if anybody on Facebook wants to drop, win or anything that can look over there and grab that, and what we want to do tonight is talk more about sales. That’s sort of my sweet spot. So if you have questions about sales, you have anything that you want to discuss about sales, how to prospect in the, you know, with the heat maps or anything like that, you know, pretty much open game. We’ll just kind of keep it cash as usual and go that direction with somebody else wanted to share something.

[00:06:32] And kind of an an interesting new prospecting way to get that I closed someone today is I was on a I guess I closed today, but I was on a run last Thursday and I had just lost a client for a mason site. And I saw Mason doing some work and I jogged over to him and said, Hey, could you do some more work and close the deal this morning?

[00:06:53] So. Wow, that’s also a new way of

[00:06:57] Getting a new

[00:06:59] Way of practicing. It goes exercise and then got a win.

[00:07:03] So yeah, yeah, that’s awesome. Shannon Beets is both out there.

[00:07:09] Yeah, I mean, I guess if you if you’re building your stuff and your your local area, then you can do that. If you’re doing it, you happen to be a local one. Yeah, yeah. I had a similar win like that. My mom’s boyfriend had some stuff being built in and I have a site, you know, close to where we live. So it wasn’t producing, but it got a lead. And, you know, I texted it to him and he kind of let it fall by the wayside. And then another one came in. So I went over as he was doing the work for my mom’s boyfriend and just kind of said, Hey, this is what I do. You know, this is what I got. Are you interested? And he’s like, Oh yeah, man, I’m interested. So he wants to do a rev share deal. And so I’ve sent him a couple of things and, you know, trying to spend a little bit more time on that site to get it, get it to rank better since I have somebody in place who’s at least willing to take them. So that’s a win on my part, and

[00:08:01] I think Shannon still beats you out there, Jeff. I see was Patrick, but I think Shannon still wins there, Jeff.

[00:08:13] I don’t know how, but sounds pretty, pretty, pretty much the same.

[00:08:17] I mean, jogging right up to somebody and closing it right? Then that’s strong.

[00:08:22] I drove up in my car and it’s like,

[00:08:25] No, I mean, no, you got to get out there and beat feet on the street, you know?

[00:08:29] Right? All right. Anybody have any specific questions that they have about sales or anything that you think that I might be able to answer? You can go ahead and raise your hand and or chime in, and we’ll kind of take it like that if you have specific questions. If not, it’s going to be a really boring hour. Well, what do you got named?

[00:09:01] You know, everybody has their own style of selling when it comes to when it comes to getting in front of people. If you had to put a number to the different sales styles, how many would there be? That’s the first part. And secondly, is there a chance that you could actually execute a couple of them to demonstrate for us?

[00:09:31] That’s a great question. I think you’re right. There are there are multiple different styles. All I know is the ones that I use because they fit my personality and they fit my what I you know what I know. So the ones that I use. And it’s also, I think, dependent upon your specific situation, you know, like with me, I spend as little time as I can on each one because we have so many that need to be sold. So I can’t just like focus on one because I have leads coming in from nine other properties or whatever at any given time. So for me, it’s like I have to go really fast, really short, and I found that that approach works better for me because then I don’t seem desperate. I’m just like, Hey, yeah, I just take it like, whatever. I’ll follow up with you later, and they’re just kind of like, Whoa, like, whoa, this chair. They’re like, Whoa, that’s a $5000 job or whatever. So they get excited about it. Whereas if I were just trying to harp on them or they were the only thing that I had going, then they might get a little spooked, in my opinion, because I have too much time for them or I’m I care too much about that one deal. You know what I mean? So that’s why I think Patrick and I would always recommend having more shoes on the shelf, more more sites ready to roll so that you can actually not be that desperate about any single one.

[00:11:02] So I think that that kind of also plays into like what you’re saying, Dave, about the style, right? Because your style is going to, you know, your desperation level is going to impact the style and the way that you come off to your prospects. And so for me, it’s been a game changer to have something, you know, a lot of stuff that’s really valuable to sell because then you know, it just it just makes my job easy, right? So for for my purposes, you know, I just go and try to prospect as much as I can as many different properties as I can. The ones that obviously I’m prioritizing are the ones that are producing the most leads and the ones that are not producing as much leads as many leads. I’ll still try to get a trial client, and there’s several of them that I have right now that are really they could be really, really valuable. We just don’t have them ranking high enough yet and pulling in enough calls to make that value give that value to them. But we have I have trial clients ready to roll like like good trial clients. So, you know, I’m just constantly trying to fill that pipeline.

[00:12:17] So I know that, you know, that doesn’t specifically answer your question. And you know, I’ve kind of alluded to some of the tactics that I’ve used in the past, like especially with texting. You know, that one that I closed earlier this year where it was just like a lead came in a form submission came in and the specific location. And I just texted this contractor randomly. I just said, Do you do work in this location? And they said, you know, first they tried to hijack the conversation, but I was just like, No, I’m just answer my question. And they did. I set a standard with them, like a rapport with them and close them. And they’ve been amazing clients ever since. And they’re expanding into another niche of maybe two months ago, they paid a startup fee on the second niche. So I expect them to be a really good long term multiple niche client just off of a five word text, you know? So I think that for me, it’s all real and really intuition now is how I approach a given contractor based on what I have coming in, the kinds of leads that I have in my hand and how much time and effort I’ve already spent on that location. Another win that I had recently, just in the last couple of weeks, was I had something that was producing very, very high and very high level, but it’s not very high value leads like the number is off the hook, but they’re not very they’re not very valuable.

[00:13:55] They’re just like little repair jobs and stuff like that. So I couldn’t sell it to anybody. And then I got this guy who called like looking for for for referrals, I mean, he actually called the line and he’s like, Hey, do you guys have any referral work you can give me? And I’m like, Yeah, I can give you a whole bunch of referral work. So he actually took other niches and other locations as well. And so because he has like a, you know, multiple city type of a capability. So we’re going to see where that goes. But you know, I just got lucky and, you know, listen to the calls enough to where, you know, I caught on to the the guy who was actually looking for referrals. So that was a huge win for me because I spent probably the last six to eight months trying to find somebody to take that. And so now I have somebody who’s hyped, he’s ready to roll. He’s another one of those younger guys who grew up in the business, so he knows the business really well and has the capability to hopefully to grow at a level where we can take him. So we’re getting all that

[00:15:02] Stuff out for

[00:15:03] Him. So those are a couple of examples of how it’s working for me. And again, it’s just dependent upon the specific niche and situation that we find ourselves.

[00:15:15] And so as a follow up, Jeff, you can probably say that confidence comes in length of time you’ve been doing sales calls. The specific space that you’re looking to get into and the potential customer or the interviewee, or however you want to say the other person on the end of the line that you’re talking. Right? All those come into play, right?

[00:15:47] Yeah, I mean, because I’m trying to, you know, now that I’ve been through this dance a few times, you know, I’m trying to eliminate them as much as I can to before. And when I did that lead arbitrage for Facebook, you know, that was I was banging the phone nonstop, and that’s really where I got over any kind of fear. You know, it was just every day like my back was to the wall, like I had to pay the bills, like it was like that. And so that was a blessing in disguise because now I can pick up the phone and call anybody or I prefer not to call because, you know, most of the time, they’re not going to answer the call anyway. So I just go by text or Facebook message things like that generally, and I do pretty well that way. But the confidence is is definitely, probably without a doubt the most important factor that

[00:16:45] Has given me a level of

[00:16:48] Success. You know, it’s like you just, you know, I don’t have to be afraid of not getting the deal, and there’s nothing they can say to me that is going to upset me or like whatever they can tell me, I’m whatever and hang up. I don’t care. Like, no hearing. No doesn’t bother me at all. And it’s like, OK, they’re not the right one. I’ve just realized time and time again that even if I’ve really prospected an area in a specific niche and I think that I’ve exhausted all possibilities, the next thing I know, I found a whole nother list of 20 more contractors, you know, so I’m not afraid to lose somebody if they’re not the right one. You know, we want to work with the right people and not just anybody. And that’s not always possible. You know, sometimes you have to take on somebody and find out for yourself. But you know, overall, if I can, you know, disqualify people along the way in the early stages, then it’s going to be a lot more beneficial for me in the long term because we really want those clients that are going to be with us three, five, seven years down the road. You know, I’m not looking for a six month deal and then they they bail, you know?

[00:18:07] So hey, Jeff, I don’t want to monopolize the entire Q&A session here, but I can. I can go on with question after question after question that may be of benefit to other people. But I mean, if there’s anybody else that has questions, I don’t want to hold anybody back. If that’s OK with you, Jeff, I don’t. Yeah, sure,

[00:18:30] Neil looks like he’s got a question. Let’s let let Neal have a chance and then come back to you, Dave. No problem.

[00:18:36] Jeff, just curious, do you have different you’ve given someone leaves for a set of the trial period. What’s your clothes or how do you approach at the end of the trial period? You have different methods on right time to pay, bitch. No. How do you what’s your

[00:18:57] I mean, basically, I start trying to season them on what my expectations are throughout the trial. So if I’m getting a significant number in that trial could be longer than you would expect it to be in some cases. If if the if the calls are just trickling in, like if it’s a newer asset or we’re just we just don’t have the ranking there yet. Pardon me. Then I might give them leads for a lot longer than you would expect, but I’m trying to season them along the way to normalize what it is. You know what it is that my expectations are? So if I’m like, Hey, you know, you’ve gotten like three or four really solid deals here, you know, we need to get paid on this, too. So, you know, what are your thoughts? Is this something that you want to move forward with? And if they’re like, Oh, well, whatever you know, like, I try to kind of tell them what’s normal and what’s not normal? I say, Well, normally the contractors we work with are really, you know, they understand the value that we bring to the table. And so once we get into a, you know, a business relationship with them, then we put them on a monthly and they start paying. So we might if it’s like right now, it’s whatever the 10th of the month, yeah, the 10th of the month. So it’s a little bit earlier in the month, so we might prorate them.

[00:20:27] If this were the day when the trial should end, we might prorate them and say, Hey, I’m going to make it easy on you. I’m just going to charge. You might even just charge them for half of the month for this month, you know what I mean? So you’ve already gotten the leads from the beginning of the month and all of that. And then in December, you know, then we’ll charge you the full full price, so we’ll try and make it as easy for them as possible. But again, I’m always trying to use the words normal and fair as much as possible and be like, you know, our contractors, you know, this is just the way we do it. And this is it works for them. It works for all the other contractors. And then it kind of makes them seem like an oddball or an odd, odd person out. If they don’t want to operate that way, then it’s kind of like, Well, you know, that’s not the way we do it. And that’s it’s just it just doesn’t work for us. It doesn’t work for our business model. All of our other contractors are killing it, and this is what we do. So do you want to be one of those contractors that are killing it or not? You know, so that’s kind of the way I I tee it up now.

[00:21:32] If it’s just a few leads like starting out, do you try to do the flat rate because what I’ve done is gone on a percentage until we can get up to? Yeah, it’s a little bit.

[00:21:45] Yeah, it’s a little bit of a transition period for us because we we stopped doing ads last year, you know, before we would take the, you know, the the monthly and then we would run ads. And you know, Patrick has described that multiple times on the calls, how that just wasn’t working for us because we would go in the red and then the client would bounce. And we have an asset we don’t have a client for and we’re in the red and, you know, we have to pay more development costs and all of that. So so we’re not doing that anymore. So I’m more inclined to like we have a remodeling site in a location right now, and they’ve paid a couple of, you know, like referral fee split, if you will, like a 10 or 15 percent type of a deal on the two deals that they’ve gotten. And so I’m OK with that in the early stages while I’m building a relationship because I’ve done the research on these people and I know they’re legit. It’s a family business. They’ve been around for decades. You know, I’m comfortable doing that. It’s I know they’re not just Jimmy in a pickup truck and they’re going to, you know, they’re not. Some fly by night deal. If they want to work with us, then I know that they have the capacity to do that. So I’m a little bit more lenient again because there’s not that many leads coming in either. So if we were being inundated with leads, that would be a different story. But you know, I take each one and try to monetize it to the best of my ability, you know, based on what’s coming in at any given time. And if I have to take a per lead, you know, I will. I don’t like that. Definitely not. Not not top of the list, but if I had to do it to make the deal work, and that’s going to be more on a lower volume, lower value niche. But I would do it, you know?

[00:23:42] Yeah. Right back to you, Dave.

[00:23:49] That’s really what I want to know.

[00:23:51] That was good. Thanks.

[00:23:52] Thanks, Jill. No, those are great questions, Neal. I mean, there’s not a lot of people that really know how to approach closing the sale afterwards. So that really helps. And Jeff, you hit it right on the head when it comes to that. So, yeah, cool. It falls right in line with closing style and confidence. Now the question to follow up on what Neal is asking is when, when you start reaching out, obviously, the phone doesn’t weigh a ton and you have to have thick skin when people reject you. But do you call one? Uh, you call several people in one specific niche, or do you reach out to several people in several different niches at the same time during the same period?

[00:24:46] That’s a great question. You know, my responsibilities have expanded quite a bit over the last six months or so when I first came on with Patrick and I was doing pretty much 100 percent sales, you know, last year, beginning of last year, it was like there were so many sites to sell and all of that. It was nonstop. So I would take the, you know, how do you I guess it’s the shotgun approach, if you will. And I was reaching out to, you know, I would do a lot of research and get the prospects prospect list and then just start banging it phone Facebook Messenger tax, like, however, I could do it. And now it’s a little bit. It’s a little bit more under control because I’ve sold a lot of the stuff that is, you know, was was sitting on the shelf ready to be sold. There’s still some of it. And but the things that are or the assets that we’re producing the most and that were really good deals for people like I sold all that stuff. So now it’s kind of like to have these kinds of thorns in my side, if you will like that one that I was mentioning earlier on the call where I tried to sell that for like the last six or eight months.

[00:26:04] So I pretty much given up on it because I was like, it’s not well positioned. It’s pulling crappy leads like really low, low value leads that nobody wants and we need to reposition it. So our team has been working on that part of it. But then I get this rando guy who calls and says he wants referrals is like, OK, we’ll just take everything that comes in off of this, right? And then on the other side of that, Dave, is that I’ll just kind of like, you know, I have a list of all of this stuff that needs to be sold. And so there’s a lot, you know, I mean, it’s I don’t want to toot my own horn here because, you know, I’m not I wouldn’t consider myself to be a great sales guy or anything. It’s like when you have great stuff to sell, it’s just selling becomes easy, right? So I have a long list of stuff that’s not monetized, but I have great clients already in place. Like I was saying, like they’re ready to roll. It’s just not producing enough leads to actually get a monthly for. So that’s one thing that we’re working on internally with our team is to go and continue to build that stuff out so that we can produce and we can get those things monetized because for whatever reason, they were assets that were built for for whatever purpose and they just were never completed and and all of that.

[00:27:30] And so we have some of that stuff. But a lot of those, I mean, like I say, I already have great clients just sitting there waiting and they’re taking the leads as they come in and I’m trying to monetize them. So I’m following up any time I see a lead. I’m always like, like keyed on the lead. So if I see a good one coming in, I’ll make sure that I’m pinging them. Hey, that looks like a great win. You know, like trying to continue to build that relationship with them. So then when it does come time, they ask for the money, then they already know what’s what’s right. I’m not starting from scratch or trying to build that rapport with them. You know, at the last minute, it’s like they’ve already gotten, you know, 10 texts from me or whatever or had a conversation or whatever. So that’s kind of the way I’ve been working it. Ok.

[00:28:20] So, yeah, I don’t I don’t want to hold back, I see will coming in connecting the audio. I will. Well, how are you doing tonight, buddy? What is up? How are you doing? You know, we’re talking sales tonight and I’m just lobbing questions left and right at. Jeff, so what’s going on with Father

[00:28:42] Patrick’s taken a night for himself tonight, so. So I’m kind of stepping in here and just doing sales questions and and going from there.

[00:28:54] Oh, beautiful. I guess the inmates are running the asylum?

[00:28:57] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Anybody have any questions for sales? Let me see Amy saying she she needs to sell sites bad. The I’d like to hear about how some are using new automations. Have some big plans coming up. We’d also like an update on them. Ok. That’s yeah, that’s going to be those are going to be really good questions for Patrick.

[00:29:26] I actually have a question since I’m still off mute and jump, right? So I’m not a big fan of pre-selling sites. My question is more, when you’re getting a new site up and running and assuming you have a website and a GMB with that. What’s your standard timeline that you would say you do all your steps? And by this many days in after it’s live, you’re getting calls and you’re getting close to getting that thing rented out.

[00:30:04] Man, if it were that

[00:30:05] Easy, I know, right?

[00:30:08] Yeah, I mean that that has so many variables to it. You know, as far as like location and niche, the competition, how good you are at what you do, like, how fast can you get everything dialed in? I mean, it’s it’s really there’s there’s no easy answer to that. Well, it can be. It can be a long time, depending on the niche. You know, some of the niches that we’ve gone into our hyper competitive and it takes six months to a year or more to really get to be in a in a more prominent dominant position in a given location. The other ones we found we did a deal last year and the guy blew out on us and we ended up with some really high quality, high level, high producing assets, and I was able to sell those and it was just it was over. I think we started around this time last year, and by February, when the weather started getting better, it just started cranking. And it was like it was unbelievable the volume that was coming through those lines. We only had two or three GM bees, but it was, you know, it was it was a lot and it was. It’s not predictable because, you know, it wasn’t expected either, you know, it was. I would have expected that to take a lot, lot longer. But so,

[00:31:40] You know, I think that’s actually helpful, though, just giving the longer time range on the other end, right? But sometimes you see things pop, and if you do everything you know, 60, 90 days after you get it live and you do your backlinks and citations whatnot. But then there’s other stuff that just doesn’t quite happen. So it’s important to not just give up on that right and let it keep giving it love and let that mature.

[00:32:07] Well, yeah. And if you you kind of caught the drift from Patrick, he doesn’t. He doesn’t give up.

[00:32:14] You have noticed that, right?

[00:32:16] So it’s just, you know, it depends on a lot of different variables. And I made mistakes when when I got into this business model and I have stuff that I’m still working on ranking and I’m, you know, three years in basically. So I’m expecting those things to to to rank better and start producing better. Any moment, you know, I mean, I am making a little bit off of them, but not what they’re what they should be worth. But you know, I went into the most competitive niches and the most competitive places with, you know, zero skill set screwed it all up. You know, I think another factor is also like, how good can you get the the naming of your GMB in place? You know, if you if you can get some really, really good keyword rich GMB, then you might pop a lot faster, you know? But some, some areas it’s it’s way in and niches it’s it’s way more difficult to get those live and get them to stick, you know?

[00:33:19] Yeah, for sure. Now did you make did you say there that you have multiple GMB linked to one website? Yeah. Ok. So you do like. On one Gbps, the URL listed on that profile would be root domain slash service

[00:33:39] Area or something like that. Yeah. World location. Yeah, yeah. Either were.

[00:33:46] And there’s been no negative impact of doing a linking multiple to one site.

[00:33:53] Not that I’m aware of, and we do it all the time. I do it on my own assets, and Patrick does it on on his as well.

[00:34:02] Well, that’s a that’s a big benefit right there, I can build a third as many sites, but I’m going for three in one location.

[00:34:10] Yeah, I mean, that was one of the mistakes that I made when I first got into the model was I came out and swinging and got like 25 GM bees and then I was like, Oh, I got to build twenty five sides. Yeah, oh man.

[00:34:23] Well, it was a mistake.

[00:34:25] It seems like I’m making a lot of the mistakes you did.

[00:34:28] Oh yeah. How long have you? How long have you been doing this?

[00:34:33] Probably, really. Seriously, like, I started building my outsource team probably six, six or eight months ago, like I joined originally J K close to a year ago.

[00:34:46] Ok, that’s that’s still pretty new. Yeah, yeah, it is. Yeah. Here’s Jackson just dropped a comment, and he’s been around for a minute. I do this with a site in San Diego and San Diego city to city three city for GMB to homepage, GMB to city to page, you know, beat a city three page. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we do. Cool.

[00:35:12] That makes sense to me, Jackson, thank you.

[00:35:14] Yeah, definitely makes sense. Mm hmm. Any other sales questions? Let me see what’s going on over here in the chat. Yeah, no, no problem, Amy. I just know with the automations, especially, you know, that stuff is changing so much. There’s so much development going on like, I can’t keep up with it. You know, for my purposes, when I’m using the software for my clients, that’s when I’m using that. But I don’t I’m not involved in on the development side. So I’m not as in the loop on what’s happening on any at any given time on the automations and whatnot. So yeah. And then verified GMB without a postcard. On any location or service area each and one hundred and thirty dollars. I don’t know what that guy’s doing. Pariah, hurry. Are you trying to sell us jobs right now? Can’t be verification on the call. Thanks. Appreciate it. No thanks. I definitely prefer postcard verified. Gmb definitely seem to stick a lot better than any others that I’ve heard of or known of. And I know that there’s been sweeps that have eliminated a lot of jobs, a lot of them phone verified or otherwise, you know, and we’ve just been lucky that we haven’t gotten caught up in that too much so. Anyway, so no other, no other, no other questions in the Facebook chat. Anybody have any other questions on like sales mindset, anything like that? We’ve been working a lot on mindset. We’ve been doing a lot of masterminding and, you know, reading a lot of books about business mindset and all of these things. So if you have any questions about that kind of stuff, I might try to answer that which you got, Neal.

[00:37:20] I just wanted to say that the accountability group. Mm hmm. That has been great.

[00:37:27] Yeah. Yeah, I meant to ask about that. Thanks for bringing it up.

[00:37:31] It’s been. It’s been great. You know, I mean, we all keep it. We’re on each other. You know, and in a good way. And I just it keeps me more focused during the week, I’ll be like, Oh, I oh, I only got till Wednesday. You know, it’s like right now I’ve got a deadline where I got Piers, you know, are going to tell me, Are you where you’re supposed to be? You know, if not, why?

[00:37:55] And now you’re you’re in a group chat for that. Is that the way that works, Neal?

[00:38:00] I we do a Zoom

[00:38:01] Just like this zoom once a week.

[00:38:03] Once a week. Yep. Gotcha. Yeah, about an hour. With that usually about an hour, we flip flip the screen back and forth to each other, and we show because we were supposed to have X amount of goals for the next three months and we were talking tonight, we’re going to continue this after this three months. I’m already planning my next goals because I plan on getting these and where they are. It’s been great.

[00:38:30] Yeah, that’s cool. I’m glad to hear that. Yeah, I did. I had an accountability partner about maybe eight years ago or so, and we used to get on a five minute phone call every morning and just kind of touch base. And we did it for probably about a year. And it’s just, you know, building the muscle. Not to say that you couldn’t continue to get something out of it if you were doing that, but it was a pretty big commitment, even though it’s five minutes. But it’s every morning, you know, my kids were younger. I’m trying to juggle my kids and juggle my accountability for, like all that, you know? You know, it’s every morning. So it’s a commitment. But I mean, really, even just I think, like I said, building that muscle in your own head where you’re then you can kind of like start to keep yourself accountable in a better way. Or you know what I mean, in a more powerful way, even if you don’t have that person to to bounce things off of. So I’m glad that you’re getting a lot out of it. Is anyone else in the accountability groups and having good success?

[00:39:33] You care to share. Coming up on getting into the next accountability group, but I do have a question for Neal, if it’s OK. Yeah, go for it. Is there like a specific format that you guys go through on your Zoom calls? I mean, as in like first the first thing there’s like a roll call, second thing there’s who shares wins, third thing and you see what I’m saying, like a regimented process or is it just a free for very informal?

[00:40:03] We get on there. Hey, how was your week? You know, it’s. And then we get to the meat of it, you know, and some will say, All right, I’m ready, I’ll go and we bring up and we’ve got the form that Patrick sent out and we get on the form to show where we’re at that week. And if we fell behind, why do we fall behind, if we’re how to get ahead? And yeah, it’s just it’s just good that we’re keeping on each other. And I think I am more focused and I get more done because, you know, I got to answer to these

[00:40:36] Guys, you know? Right? That’s that’s awesome. Is there is there anywhere on that form where you guys have done any kind of like mock sales calls between each other?

[00:40:48] No, it’s really about our goals. I mean, and everybody’s got different goals in our group, I mean, I’ve got. I think four or five goals, you know, and you know, two are personal and three are with business. So yeah, and it’s once you get going and you open up with each other. It’s we really tell each other anything, you know, it’s it’s become a good, close knit group of guys, you know?

[00:41:21] Awesome. So thanks, Neil. I appreciate that. So.

[00:41:26] I’m we’re our group is similar, Neal, we we meet, we always go first in whatever order doesn’t matter and talk about, did we meet our goals or not? And then after that, because we meet about an hour, we share, like some of us are like I built more of a team than the other two have and one of the others has more GMP experience than I have. And so, so we we kind of then just share experiences and help each other out. We share templates. We’ve shared a whole bunch of things like that. So that’s so it’s partly the accommodation accountability. But the second half that has helped is also sharing different ideas or different or helping each other out on something that happened that week, something like that.

[00:42:12] Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, it definitely helps. I mean, there’s so many different moving pieces to this business, and to do it well, it’s like one thing that I realized once I started working with Patrick, and one of the reasons why I started working with them was because I don’t want to go build a big team like like Patrick has like, you know, but that’s that’s what you have to do if you’re going to really scale and and build something bigger. And so for me, it’s like if I were going to go do that, I’d be looking for somebody who’s an executor like Patrick, so I might as well just partner with Patrick. But I think at the end of the day, one of the things that I’ve learned from him and book that we’re reading, fix, fix this next, I think, is the book where this bank accounts? Yeah, it was, you know, he basically says, if you’re going to if you’re going to be a real business owner, like stop trying to do the stuff and just continuously try to build the process and get the people to do the stuff for you, you know? And so Patrick’s been really masterful at that with the team that he’s he has around him. And in my own business, with my own assets and the other things that I’m doing on my own, which I still do, you know, I need to continue to build a team around me as well and to build that kind of process. And so I think that’s really important for for people like you will like anybody on the call, but especially people who maybe are a little bit newer in the game and just realize, like, you know, learn what it is. You have to know what you know, how things work and everything. Once you learn that, like, you know, make it below your pay grade, you know, make it so that you need to outsource it and make it so that somebody else takes on those responsibilities, because that’s how you’re really going to scale this thing into something that’s going to be a game changing for you.

[00:44:14] I absolutely agree with that, Jeff. And I’d have to ask, you know, at what point do you feel where it’s good to bring on other people for sales? And if there’s a specific process that you guys have put in place, or if you would put in place building your team for that sales team to be? Are, you know, up and running in a very short period of time?

[00:44:42] Yeah, that’s a great question, Dave. And all I can do is give you the example of how it’s worked for Patrick. And so if you take Patrick as an example, he he hired people, he hired the team to do the fulfillment and he kept the sales on on him because that’s his sweet spot. He’s really good at it. He’s really good with people. It’s the part that I think he misses the most. Now that I’m doing it is because he loves to learn about people and get inside their heads and do all do all that stuff. That’s why he’s so good at it. But there was that point in time and partly it was just, you know, that the right timing when I came along and needed to needed somebody to sell for, and he was like, Well, I guess this is the right time when I need to start exiting that. And then he was able to hand that off to me. So I don’t think that there’s there’s a there’s not a process in place or an exact right time, like how we’re doing it, like we’re not hiring a big sales team or anything like that. It’s like it’s like me and Patrick. We still tag team on calls sometimes when it’s necessary. But for the most part, like I’m doing all that in.

[00:45:59] So he really took on more or actually delegated the the fulfillment part, which is the part that is more cumbersome for him. And and I and I think that’s the same thing I would do if I were just going to build an agency on my own or Allegiant portfolio on my own. I would I would retain the responsibilities of client communication and sales, and I would start offloading and outsourcing the fulfillment part. That being said, for most people, I would think it’s a big hurdle to start hiring people. And I think even in that book or, you know, one of the books that we’ve read recently, it’s like hire, hire, slow and fire fast, right? It’s like, I think that’s really important. But at the same time, it’s like I didn’t. I’ve never had employees. I was an employee most of my life, so I don’t have that skill set. You know, it’s a skill set that you have to develop and build and hire wrong. Get hosed, fire. Think you made another great hire? Get hosed again. Like it’s the same thing as building, you know, a GMB or a website and being like, Oh, I made that mistake again. Like, Dang, you know, like, how did that happen? I thought I knew what I was doing, you know?

[00:47:19] Yeah, a lot of the higher, the higher slow fire, fast mentality. It really revolves around the culture of the company as well, because you don’t want one bad apple breaking all the processes down with everybody else’s on the teams. Right. So I certainly understand that. But it all comes down to each of those teams, whether it’s the the outbound team or the inbound team, or whether it’s a to call close or even a joint close where you’ve got somebody calling inbound because they’re interested in a program and you’re setting it up for a closer, you’ve run into that before, right?

[00:48:08] We’re I have an inbound lead

[00:48:10] Where you have somebody calling inbound and you’re able to qualify them first with all the questions to set that up for somebody that will actually close them for the sale. Are you familiar with that?

[00:48:27] I understand what you’re saying. That’s just it’s not how we do it. You know, when we get inbound leads, I mean, we could if we had. And if our team was double the size or whatever, like pick a number of how many more people we had, then we could just go and ask our clients and be like, Hey, who would you refer to us?

[00:48:49] And I mean, would you mind? Would you mind sharing the entire process, Jeff? Because I&