Client Onboarding Questionnaires

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Client Onboarding Form Submission

What is it?

This module allows you to send questionnaires online to onboard new clients. LeadSnap provides a default template with general information you will likely need but you can also add your own fields and customize your templates as needed.


This is a great way to instill legitimacy in your clients from the very beginning. When you have a system like this in place, it lets your clients know that you have done this enough times to require a professional onboarding process.

How does it work?

You can use one of our questionnaire templates or customize them with your own questions and fields. Then send your clients an email invitation to complete their business information and goals online.

Why do I need it?

These questionnaires can always be called upon later when you need details on the specifics of our clients businesses. As your list of clients continues to grow you will need a system to keep their info straight.

Never forget to ask your client an important onboarding question or have to ask the same question twice.