Client Onboarding Questionnaires

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Client Onboarding Form Submission

What is it?

This module allows you to send questionnaires online to onboard new clients. LeadSnap provides a default template with general information you will likely need but you can also add your own fields and customize your templates as needed.


This is a great way to instill legitimacy in your clients from the very beginning. When you have a system like this in place, it lets your clients know that you have done this enough times to require a professional onboarding process.

How does it work?

You can use one of our questionnaire templates or customize them with your own questions and fields. Then send your clients an email invitation to complete their business information and goals online.

Why do I need it?

These questionnaires can always be called upon later when you need details on the specifics of our clients businesses. As your list of clients continues to grow you will need a system to keep their info straight.

Never forget to ask your client an important onboarding question or have to ask the same question twice.

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Today I solidified my largest monthly retainer in the history of my business. If you are not using LeadSnap then you are missing out.


...One of the keys to closing him initially was showcasing where he was positioned in comparison to his competitors using the Heat Map feature on LeadSnap


Our agency started using LeadSnap's Heat Map tool to prospect via screencast for new seo/lead gen clients and it's a game changer


The Heat Maps make it so easy to show a prospect how they are doing when it comes to ranking! Thank you Patric for an awesome product!


Shout out to Patric and his development team!


I started using some of Patric's techniques just over the last few weeks and have seen a drastic improvement...Thank you for the amazing software and kick in the butt.


The Lead Gen Swiss Army Knife! I've been fortunate enough to have access to the unbelievable tools Patric has created with LeadSnap. I use these tools all day.


Thank You Patric, what a useful tool... still some ways to go, BUT pretty cool when you have a roadmap to success!


Just closed on 4 lead gen sites today...that heat map is a wicked tool to leverage. 36k raise 🙌💰


Thanks to Patric’s LeadSnap software, I can easily show the value of SEO in an easily digestible image…Love it.


I just got my first client thanks to Patric's LeadSnap CRM!...


Thanks Patric…nothing quite like this tool. Now time to ask for a raise 🥰


LeadSnap for the win… Patric good work, loving these heatmaps


Just cannot stress enough how OUTSTANDING the LeadSnap platform is!!! Thanks again (for like the 123,143,645th time) Patric


…thanks to Patric and his beastly tool that blew them away in my presentation!


I was one of the LeadSnap beta users…All I’m trying to say that if you are serious about growing…then this avenue is certainty one of the quickest and easiest way to go.

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