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Google Analytics collects data from your website through the use of tracking codes and we present you that data in easy-to-digest reports. One major benefit is that you are able to see real-time data such as how many visitors are on your site and whether they are browsing from a computer or mobile device.

The building blocks of these data reports are dimensions and metrics, which can be intricate and difficult to interpret when you are using multiple marketing strategies. This is why choosing a specialized tool is helpful when it comes to using Google Analytics and gaining value from the collected data.

Below you can read more about dimensions and metrics, as well as the different types of data available and features our software has.

The Benefits of Using Our Google Analytics Integration Tool

Identify Target Audience

One important element of a marketing campaign is identifying the target audience to ensure the content reaches the right users. When business owners work with this analytics tool, they are able to define their target audience and optimize content to promote engagement. Google Analytics reports contain data on users like demographics and behavior and will categorize them to make marketing simpler.

Real-Time Data Reports

One of the biggest advantages of using our tool is the ability to gather real-time data reports on your website. This allows owners to see things like how many visitors are on their site, where they are browsing from, and where their traffic originated from.

There are various options that can show if the traffic patterns on your site align with your business plan or goals. This can help business owners determine which steps they should take next with marketing and promotions.

Customizable Dashboards

Nearly any business in every industry that has an online presence can benefit from using our software to make data-driven decisions. The tool is versatile and allows users to create goals for the company and marketing efforts so that the data collected meets their specific needs. Another major advantage for business owners that choose to use LeadSnap is the ability to customize the dashboard, so you are able to see real-time updates on the areas such as SEO metrics or tracking a campaign.

Understand and Interpret User Behavior

With any online business presence, it’s important to understand user behavior and demographics to help make connections with that audience. Having an insight into how clients use your website can help you to effectively engage and communicate with them.

You will be able to make changes such as mobile optimization or browser functions to make sure your site is accessible for your users. When you have an insight into your users and their preferences, you can provide content that will promote conversions.

Set and Manage Goals

Another useful but often overlooked benefit is the ability to set and manage goals for your business. When you set specific objectives for your site and determine conversions, the data collected will be analyzed specifically for that goal. If you do not set those goals, the data may not reflect on certain areas you need to determine if your marketing budget is correct.

Improve eCommerce Performance

Running an eCommerce store and managing marketing efforts can be challenging with no insight into product and sales performance. We provide countless benefits to online eCommerce stores, including an overview of conversion rates, marketing metrics, and user behavior while on your website.

Learning the data patterns of these areas can help owners identify where web traffic is coming from and why customers are leaving without completing a purchase. With these specified data reports and tracking efforts, our Google Analytics integration tool can help eCommerce stores meet goals and develop new marketing strategies to boost conversions.

Track Marketing Campaigns:

Many business owners need the ability to track offline-to-online marketing campaigns. This allows owners to understand if these marketing tactics are resulting in conversions and if the budget is appropriate. You are able to customize the reports and data collected to reflect specific campaigns or track web traffic from redirecting domains.

Improve Online Advertising

If your business is running online advertisements, our reports can provide insight into how these ads are performing and what areas of your marketing plan should be changed. One major benefit of using this tool to improve your online advertisements and marketing analytics is the ability to track individual campaigns and use that data to see which one is performing best.

Using Google Analytics to learn more about your website data is one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize your advertising budget by optimizing your campaigns. Tracking the metrics from all of your different strategies will allow you to develop a wider audience and maximize engagement.

Improve SEO and Content Marketing

If your business implements content marketing strategies and SEO to boost website traffic, it’s important that you analyze that data over time to ensure your efforts are successful. When you have data reports that reflect your goals, it takes the guesswork out of what steps to take to help increase conversions in the future.

Our reports are designed to show progress on your business goals and campaigns, meaning you can pinpoint the strategies that result in a return on investment. Tracking your marketing efforts and SEO can be difficult without insight into your website’s overall performance, which is why any business with an online presence can benefit from this.

Metrics vs. Dimensions

Overall, metrics and dimensions are the building blocks of our reports. These terms and the specifics of how they are calculated can be difficult for some to interpret, but there is an easy way to look at these two areas. Simply put, metrics are the measurements of the data being collected while dimensions are the attributes of that data.

For example, let’s say you wanted to analyze your website traffic to help narrow down your target audience. You would need to compile information on views during a set period of time such as how many views, their location, age, how they found your website, etc. Looking at this data, the number of website visitors would be the metrics while the dimensions would include all of the demographics of the users.

The reports produced by Google Analytics data contain valuable information and insight into user behavior and can address business marketing concerns. Business owners are able to identify the target audience and see what pages are encouraging conversions.

User Acquisition Data

This type of data refers to your users’ demographics and their behavior before visiting your website. User Acquisition Data can include their gender, location, language, interests, and more. It can also provide information on where the user found your site, whether that be through a Google search or advertisement on a social media platform.

Having insight into user acquisition data is important for business owners because it helps showcase who the target audience is and the best practices to reach them. For example, if you are running Facebook ads you will be able to see whether the traffic is coming from that platform or if your audience is coming from other sources like Instagram or Google search.

What’s important to understand with user acquisition data is that this information and characteristics are specific to users. While you cannot change your audience’s preference on browsing or their location, you can adjust your marketing strategies to meet these clients more effectively.

User Behavior Data

This data refers to the user’s behavior while visiting your website, including how long they browsed and what secondary pages they viewed. It can show what pages are successfully gaining users’ attention and which pages have the most traffic dropoff. Gathering this information can help business owners make crucial marketing decisions to ensure they meet their target audiences’ needs and preferences.

Another major benefit of collecting user behavior data is that it can be changed through different strategies and business tactics. For example, if you are experiencing clients creating carts on your site, but are leaving before completing a purchase, many business owners will use a ‘forgotten cart’ email to provide a friendly reminder. These strategies can help reach a wider audience and help more users with converting.

Easy to Get Started

Tracking conversion rates and data can be intimidating for some business owners, which is why many choose to work with a digital marketing team to help with Google Analytics. Overall, getting started with Google Analytics and our tool is easy and allows you to start collecting data right away. Some website platforms offer integration with the tool to make tracking data from your site simple and hassle-free.

Once the JavaScript tracking codes are installed on your site, the tool will begin collecting data on traffic, user demographics, the traffic source, and any other information relevant to your set goals. When you are first using it, you can create a baseline for your goals and gain an understanding of the current state of your business before watching data over time.

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