LeadSnap Rolls Out Marketing & Business Coaching

Patric Shannon, CEO at LeadSnap, and Jeff Howell, Director of Business Development, think differently about rolling out LeadSnap, a SaaS platform providing the “Digital Marketing Swiss Army Knife.” To better serve their growing customer base, they don’t just ‘do training’ on their product. Instead, they’ve created a culture of marketing and business coaching to help digital marketers at any stage of their journey get the most out of LeadSnap while growing their own businesses.

The coaching is provided at no additional cost to the software and is extremely valuable. Patric and Jeff have collectively spent upwards of $100k dollars on coaching programs to gain the skills they’ve applied to create success in their own businesses. They use everything they’ve learned to provide marketing and business coaching with the intention of giving back and creating as much success for their customers as possible. They focus on delivering a “zero to hero” coaching model that gives valuable insight and strategies to those just getting started, as well as more seasoned digital marketers that have an established foundation and are ready to scale to seven figures and beyond.

In fact, Patric built LeadSnap to solve scaling challenges in his own agency. That means the entire platform is built by digital marketing professionals, for digital marketing professionals and the coaching is the platform to deliver the expertise and insight gained from building a 7 figure agency.

“...the entire platform is built by digital marketing professionals, for digital marketing professionals.”

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How do they do this?

They created a free private Facebook group for digital marketers that coaches members on software functionality, as well as on specific strategies to make money with the software. By going live into the group and adding bonus videos, they cover a wide range of topics that any digital marketer may face in their business, along with insights on how to overcome challenges to growth and scale, as well as a significant emphasis on mindset and purpose.

The coaching includes:

  • How to make money with specific software features
  • How to use the software to create process efficiencies
  • How to use the software to prospect new customers
  • Sales techniques and approaches with case studies across many niches and locations
  • What is the appropriate rate of growth for your business
  • How to hire and manage employees
  • How to improve mindset for longevity in business and life
  • How to create a purpose-driven business
  • How to create a digital nomad lifestyle

Why should you rethink digital marketing software solutions

No matter where you are in your digital marketing journey, LeadSnap provides powerful, intuitive, and automated tools that help you organize, manage, and scale your business.

As your company grows, you need to be aware of and understand the challenges you will face and have access to solutions so you don’t waste time, energy, and money along the way. Whether you need to understand the best technical solution available, create new business systems, or hire sales people, the coaching covers all of this and much more. Additionally, group members are able to participate in the live discussions and ask specific questions in real time.

Flipping the script on SaaS solutions for digital marketing professionals

In this way, LeadSnap has flipped the script on SaaS solutions for digital marketing professionals. By providing coaching on the intricacies of the business model from industry insiders, there’s a direct connection to learning and using the platform and the success users have in their own businesses.

There’s a science to learning that blends the power of classroom, collaboration, and direct experience. Patric and Jeff are both big proponents of the “learn it, do it, teach it” model. This is what they have done in their own digital marketing careers and their approach to coaching at LeadSnap brings together the best of these modalities on the Facebook live streams and group discussions. This is because there is a small amount of classroom style delivery and the information provided is heavily weighted towards collaborating with peers to overcome specific business challenges with the bigger expectation that those solutions will be implemented by software users and shared with the group for everyone’s benefit. The direct experience created through this dynamic is very powerful in helping digital marketers learn necessary skills to create amazing businesses and reach their personal and professional goals.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

We hear about the “digital nomad lifestyle” on social media. The truth is that you don’t have to be a traveling nomad to enjoy the freedoms created through building a business based on digital marketing. That said, Patric is a great example of someone who has traveled extensively while building his companies and continues to do so on a regular basis. Jeff has also traveled extensively, though he prefers to have a “home base” and travel whenever he feels like it.

Building a digital marketing agency can provide all of the freedom needed to create whatever lifestyle you can dream up. Your income and responsibilities are completely dependent upon your own ability to take action and create results, as well as build skills along the way to hire, delegate, and manage your business. The amazing thing is that you can build something to replace your current income and run it more passively, or you can set your goals high and build a significant business that you can run from anywhere in the world with a computer and wifi connection. In the Facebook group, you’ll have access to Patric, Jeff, and many others who have created a lifestyle that they could never achieve in a traditional business setting!