LeadSnap’sPhone System

The LeadSnap Call Tracking System is a cloud based phone system that allows for tracking the calls and interactions within your business. Unlike other systems which leverage integrations we built this system from the ground up directly into the LeadSnap CRM system.

There is no longer a need to export data to other programs or daisy chain a collection of programs to create automations.

Why Use Our Phone System?

Here are just a few of the features built into LeadSnap.

Create custom work flows automation and triggers.

Flexible system allows you to customize it to your needs.

Full integration throughout the LeadSnap system.

Affordable pricing built to scale with your business.

Know your data. Always know the source of your phone calls.

Purchase local numbers around the world.

Call Tracking, Texting, Conditional Routing (IVR), Browser Phone

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What is LeadSnap’sCustom CallFlow

Build a custom work flow based on your specific needs.

Perhaps you want a menu where the caller can press 1 for sales and 2 for support. LeadSnap can do it!

Maybe you want calls to go to one caller for 15 seconds and if not answered go to another phone number. We can do that too!

Or maybe you want the calls to go to one destination from 9 to 5 and another destination at night time.

Here are a few features of the custom call flow system:

Round Robin

Rotate calls to different destinations using a weighted distribution.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to any phone in real time.

Custom Greetings

Read a recorded message to callers.

Simultaneous Forwarding

Forwards calls to one more phone number at a time.


Allow the callers to choose their destination by pressing a key on their phone.


Direct calls to different destinations by the time of day.


Tag calls based on custom conditions that can be used later for sorting, organization and automations.


Custom voicemails phone number. This can be separate from your personal voicemail.

Cloud BasedPhone System

The phone system is completely managed through our application

Our phone system works over the internet as opposed to a traditional phone system with wires and hardware. You can make and receive calls and texts through a computer, tablet or cell phone using a web browser or our mobile applications.

The phone system is completely managed through our application and changes can be made on the behavior of the phone system in a matter of seconds. The flexibility, control, tracking, analytics and cost associated with our phone system makes this an ideal product for many types of businesses.

Built to Scale WithYour Business

We offer a variety of plans that are built to scale with your business.

LeadSnap was created by a software company turned digital marketing company. We built the phone system after constant frustrations with various phone platforms. We found them hard to use, lacking functionality and nickeling and diming us for basic features.

Our goal with this system to solve these problems with an easy to use all in one system at affordable prices. Check out our phone pricing page for a full breakdown of how things work.

Built Form The Ground Group

Many CRMs and phone systems integrate with each other which provides for some limited functionality. Our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we have designed and developed both the CRM and the phone system.

This allows for freedoms, automations and platform wide integrations that would simply not be possible if we integrating from a third party phone system or CRM.

AutomatedWork Flows

There are most likely many patterns that exist in your business When “x” happens I must do “y”.

When a someone submits a form on my website I will give them a call or send a text message. What about requesting a review when the job is complete?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate some of this? This is where the LeadSnap automations can make your life easier.

So when someone submits that form on your website we can automatically send them a text message.

Maybe you want to wait for a few minutes so it doesn’t look like a machine? LeadSnap can do it!

LeadSnap automations allow you to turn these patterns into rules that can be performed automatically. You can build complicated sequence based on triggers and actions you decide are relevant for your specific needs.

Transparency& Analytics

Audit Team Performance & Transparency to Clients

With LeadSnap, you can record every phone call made to or from your team members and clients. Call recording is one of the most powerful features for marketing agencies for data, reporting, and quality assurance purposes! You can playback the calls and audit the performance of your team.

Perhaps you are using LeadSnap for a marketing agency. Having an easy system for your clients to login and see the value you are providing is critical for both transparency & demonstrating value to your clients. If you are providing a positive return on investment the phone calls can be valuable evidence that can easily be accessed through a client account.

Phone Numbers On Demand!

No matter what city, state , or area code you need, when you’re looking

To purchase a number through LeadSnap, there will always be dozens to choose from. Looking for toll-free? You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of 1-800 numbers too!

Call Center Pop Up

we integrating from a third party phone system or CRM.

Do you run a call center or have people answering calls for multiple companies? You may enjoy the our pop up note system. This allows the receiver of the call to take notes on the call, see a script or company overview as well as the assigned client of the incoming call.

Information can easily be gather and added to a lead intake form which can be relayed to the client in real time at the conclusion of the call.

Including Features

With all above you will get these Features listed below.

Block Callers
Easily block unwanted callers from their relentless attacks.
Blocking a number from calling again is as simple as clicking a button within LeadSnap.
Challenge Callers
It’s no secret that robotic callers are stop them in their tracks by requiring a button press to continue.
This is quick and easy to set up with the LeadSnap Phone System.
Qualified Lead Filters
Use automated rules within LeadSnap based on conditions you define such as call duration, area code and more. This automation can help you easily identify which calls are more likely qualified leads without the need to sort and filter through them.

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