Powerful Integrations

While LeadSnap is still expanding its features, there’s always room for more integrations, which is why LeadSnap connects with Zapier.

Zapier enables you to connect LeadSnap with over 3000 other applications, from form builders like Jotform to texting platforms like Textline.

For instance, a simple way you can use Zapier with LeadSnap is to increase your followup on the leads that come into your dashboard.

When a new lead comes in, you could trigger a follow up email, or a text, thanking them for their contact, and let them know you’ll get back to them shortly.

That kind of zap can assist your sales team by helping keep the lead fresh.

If you’d like to route specific leads to specific sales people, you can set up a zap to be triggered by a new lead, and then use a zapier filter function to channel only those certain leads to that specific salesperson, and then alerting them with a text, an email, or even a Slack message.

These are just 2 simple ways use cases where you can deploy the joint power of Zapier and LeadSnap.