LeadSnap Reputation Management

Easy, Simple, Powerful

As an online marketer, reviews can make or break what you do! Remember, no matter what you do online, the biggest selling tool on the planet is word of mouth. It can also be the biggest business killer. That is why LeadSnap has created a flexible and intuitive reputation management system; take a look at some of the features the reputation management module can provide your agency:

  • Custom review and feedback funnels
  • Reply to reviews right in your dashboard
  • Track and manage review requests
  • Receive alerts for updates and new reviews

Create Custom Funnels!

The Funnel section is the beating heart of the Reputation module and allows you to configure how you want positive and negative reviews to be handled. We will walk you through how to configure each section but the overall essence is to protect your businesses reputation online and prevent negative or unfounded comments being published without your knowledge.

This component is where you can configure the look and feel of the review requests you send out, what type of review system you want to use and at what point you want reviews to not be published before you have a chance to address any issues and potentially gain a positive review instead.

Reply To Reviews All In One Place

When you have your google business listings attached to your LeadSnap account you are able to reply to reviews anytime any place from the safety of a single dashboard. This will allow you to stay on top of your reviews anytime, anywhere from any device. You can reply to a review as soon as it is received and manage ALL of your Google Business Listings with one simple login. Talk about simplification and automation!

Track and Control Your Funnels!

This feature is meant to allow you to have more control over your public image. Once you have created your custom funnel and you have reviews coming in you are able to track progress of your requests, delete review requests mid stream, stop future requests, and make invitations no longer valid once it is sent! Take more control over your reputation management AND funnels today!

Instant Updates!

Never miss a new review or piece of feedback, you can get texts, emails, and in dashboard updates that will alert you to when you receive new content to review! Set up alerts for the companies that matter to you, or turn them on for all of your companies. It is up to you. LeadSnap has even built in the ability for team members and or clients to receive alerts too, making client relationships a breeze.

Links directly with your Listings

Review to replies across dozens of google my business listings all from a single place, limiting the amount of accounts you need to track and spend time getting into. This feature will save you time and money, no more trying to get into all your listings or waiting for an email back from a GMB review manager. All in one place with detailed information about every new google my business listing you have created a custom funnel for.