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[00:00:00] Right. Cool, so, yeah, like I said, we are still in Barcelona, France has closed their borders, apparently. We had a trip to to England and they cancelled our flight as well. So it’s like we’ll hang out in our apartment here in Barcelona for a few extra weeks before we head back. Winds Spencer. I know that you. You had a wind, not this video verification thing, but I think you you sent me something privately that had said you. Had your greatest month ever by 15 K, right? Yeah, man, that’s awesome.

[00:00:39] And it’s one hundred percent. Thank you, guys. It’s like one hundred percent due to using the heat maps. It’s it it when when you’re trying to separate yourselves from these other quote unquote marketers out there, you guys, when you can send something as elementary yet as complex, kind of depending on the way you look at it over to a client, it automatically is stopping these people and and it allows me to. I’ve said this previously, but allows me to share some knowledge, separates myself from those other people out there that are spamming these contractors and instantly makes it so easy to close. I mean, we closed a contractor last week for, you know, fifty seven hundred bucks. That’s that’s like, you know, website build GMB stuff. I mean, I’m I’m I’m able to now basically ask what I want for kind of funny short story. You guys will all appreciate this. I was in talks with a guy that lives out in Long Island. He does masonry. He wanted to be able to really hit the Hamptons hard. His website was junk. We, you know, we went through everything video audit had them had them there. He didn’t want to pay four thousand dollars for a new website because he just paid two thousand for a junk site here last year and wanted me to discount my my prices.

[00:02:17] And this was about a month ago. I said, Nope, sorry, I’m not going to discount it. He got all frustrated and pod because I used the analogy. I said, You know, you do cool decks. If somebody had screwed up the job prior to you, would you? And I wanted my pool deck redone, would you discount your price 50 percent and share? And so he he was. I think kind of offended by that, but, you know, I know my worth and I told him, I said, I bring a lot of value and I, I increase people’s businesses. And he actually hit me up and DMs today after about a month and wanted me, he say, I really want to work with you if you’re willing to discount your prices. And honestly, it was so powerful for me to say, You know what? Nope. Sorry, I love you and I love to have great relationships with my clients. And I don’t think that we had great interaction last time. And, you know, good luck. And and I hope that you have, you know, great blessings coming with your business. But unfortunately, I’m going to pass. I’ve never been able. I mean, I just walked away from. Probably a $5000 payday, but a lot of headaches, because

[00:03:36] It’s a great position to be in. Man, that’s like music to my ears to hear you say that because I’ve had to do that a few times. I know it’s done it way more than I have, but it’s just such a great feeling. When you have that, you have enough going on in your business and your life, or you’re just like, I just don’t need this. I don’t need it.

[00:03:52] Yeah. And you know, I think anybody that starts a business, I start an insurance agency 10 years ago and I was writing everything a little tiny renter’s insurance policy that paid me twenty five dollars a year. And those people were headaches and I was servicing the heck out of them and I got to a spot where my business was good enough that I could just say, You know what, if it’s like, if it’s just the renter’s insurance policy, you know, I got a pass. We’re not going to take that on. And there were periods of time I would have took this guy from Long Island that didn’t want to pay for it. But you know, it’s kind of funny that the guy that’s targeting the million dollar homes, the multimillion dollar homes, they want you to discount your price to where I’m like, you know, if you’re if you’re not paying up front, he’s going to constantly be a pain in the butt and constantly be looking at pinch and the pennies. Even though he’s wanting to lend multimillion dollar or multimillion dollar clients, it’s unreal to me. So. But yeah, it’s a great win. All I would say is about as far as the prospecting method. I know there is a question that came up in the group if I could share my offer price lengthy contract. Yeah, so so a lot of this, what I’m doing, you guys. I did post, I believe, an example of video in the group is I’m landing some clients with just an audit going through using GMB crush, using lead snap heat maps, you know, just shooting holes and what they have going on in a nice way.

[00:05:25] The one thing that Patrick and I talked about was making sure that you’re not referring to yourself and trying to trying to earn their business by saying things like, we do this, we do that, yada yada yada, we I just assume they have a marketing person and they have a website person, you know, Hey, I’d have your marketing person change this and have your website guy changed this. And and most of the time, these people ninety nine percent of these people don’t have anybody, and you can tell you can tell this is a website they built themselves. So then I do that most of the time they want to have a have a follow up call because they’ve just been caught with just so much value and so much insight that they’re like, Holy crap, like, I need to work with this guy to improve my business. So we’re we’re really I’m a firm believer of just getting the foundations right, a great website with great content as well as, you know, an optimized GMB. So we’re, you know, we’re we’re selling websites for anywhere from three to five thousand for the site. And then, you know, optimization of GMB if they already have one that’s verified and it’s what we’re doing like seven fifty two thousand dollars to optimize it.

[00:06:42] And so that type of stuff adds up SEO contracts we’ve been doing for about seven fifty a month for a six month commitment for these folks and then just doing GMB, posting pictures, posts, post three to five times a week and Q&A 10. Q&a is a month for like two ninety seven for the month. So we’re getting these guys into to clients. And you know, I, Patrick and I kind of disagree with this a little bit, but I’m using this, you guys as a way to prospect for people if they’re great clients and I want to work with them like after we grow their business. And things have been great and they pay on time and they’re happy with what I’m doing. Then my next step five or whatever the case is, after we’ve grown their businesses, let’s build some legions and let’s let’s let’s really dominate this market. And you know, the thing is like, if I could have went and built a legion for the guy in Long Island and I would be in bed with this guy and he’s a jerk, you know? And so it’s great that I’m using this is kind of like, Hey, let’s let’s see how these first six months go and how how way how I’m able to grow your business. And then let’s talk about legion after that. So hopefully that helps. Patrick.

[00:08:07] Well, absolutely. That’s awesome, I’d love to see that you’re doing this, it’s the same strategies that we’ve been. That I’ve been sharing for a while, right, and I think one of the difference is you try to locate this like tweak and and say, well, like what is your exact pitch? Well, I’ll tell you. What the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is not like the framing of it, it’s the fact that he took action, right? It’s like he’s these small details. They matter at some level. But, you know, by just getting out there and giving yourself an opportunity to close these deals, that’s what matters the most, right? You’re going to learn more from that than you can. It’s like you’re kind of standing on the side of that. You’re standing on the sideline watching the game, trying to figure out exactly how the game is played. You can do that for a few minutes, but where are you going to learn is when you get in there and you kind of feel it and start to do it and then you can tweak, you did. I think you had an original, your original post you put out there. It kind of like flops, right? And then we work through it and we talked and and that’s where we had these adjustments. And then it kind of just like took off.

[00:09:20] Right. So yeah, exactly. The other other great. Oh, sorry. Patrick, go ahead.

[00:09:25] I just think the key is to, like you were mentioning, to don’t show up as a marketer, don’t do that. Like show up as someone who’s just giving value, someone that’s given a gift to these people. And when you come from that angle, you completely disarm them. If you picture your, you know, if you picture like somebody knocking on your door and they’ve got like, you know, a knife set or something and you’re like, right away, you’re like, just like, get the hell out of my life. I don’t want anything to do with this person interrupting. But if this guy shows up and you know, he’s got something else that’s completely interesting and he’s not even trying to sell it, you know, maybe he’s got a cell phone in his hand and he’s like, Hey, is this your phone? I found this. And then a conversation starts and and then he comes in through the conversation. You discover that he has some service that’s completely different, and that’s kind of what we’re doing. Everybody is so on guard right now. We’re just overwhelmed with people pitching us stuff. So if you try to use this prospecting method as a marketer, you get put into the marketing bucket and that’s not where you want to be. That’s a hard, hard thing to climb out of, right? And you guys are dealing with this all the time to I’m sure you get all kinds of spam emails, hopefully not form submissions because you’re using the plugin or the awesome filters we have.

[00:10:48] But you guys know that mindset. You have to think, think, pass that though, and any of you guys can do this. Spencer, I think it’s a little misleading. I think, because you said you’ve had your best month by 15 K, which makes it seem like previous months could have been like 60 K. And now we’ve increased it by 15. But I think you went from like ten to twenty five, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s that’s a massive jump. Yeah, that’s a huge jump in runoff. And these are the exact same results that we saw last time where I push. This is about a year ago with Adam McChesney, right? And I think it was Jeremy Miller. Those two guys were not doing big numbers and they started with this. And you guys just get out there and try it. And you know, Jeff, for anyone that doesn’t know exactly how to do that. I pitched it on a couple of videos. If you throw a comment in and Jeff, if we could tag you guys and you could see my exact pitch, what I would do, and I was just kind of like shooting from the hip. But you know, you do it a few times, you’ll get great at it.

[00:11:59] And just keep in mind, you guys like Patrick has this this contest going on within our group as well as Williams G and B Group and. I think I’ve done somewhere around forty five of these audits. So, you know, it’s it’s the famous Michael Jordan quote, you know, you or know Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky Yeah. You miss 100 percent of the chances you don’t take. And for me, it’s like Patrick knows me well enough. Like, I guarantee I I will outwork anybody. And that’s my mindset. Like I. I’m not the most talented in a lot of things in life, but my work ethic is there, honestly, and I pride myself on that. So when you go from ten k to twenty five K, my biggest issue of the last few weeks has been fulfillment and a lot of long ass hours. Patrick Patrick knows I’m a workaholic just like himself. He’s going to be on vacation and he’s doing 60 hour work week. So anyway, so you know, if that gives you guys any insight really like, I just want to encourage everybody to. I know this sounds rude and like a jerk, but get off your ass and just work, you know, and put in the work because if you put in the work, great things come for sure.

[00:13:17] Man, it’s it’s, you know, I’ve got this. I don’t know if you guys have read this book. What was it called? There’s no such thing as talent or something. Talent is overrated, I don’t know, but it was like a Malcolm Gladwell book where he talks about there’s not a lot of examples of like pure talent. If you look at all the most successful people in history like Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods dad was like a serious golfer and he was a coach, and he used to take Tiger Woods out into the garage, and he was swinging the club slowly in front of him as a baby. And then, you know, Tiger Woods had more experience in golf than like any one documented in history by the time he was like 10 and 15 at those two different points of his life. It turns out he’s like all this other stuff that happened. Whatever everyone thought, he was the best golfer in history for a while there, or arguably one of the like, or maybe undeniably one of the top three. Right. And coincidentally, he had more swings than everyone else. It’s it’s like the work makes it look like talent. I had no experience in this industry, you know, in twenty sixteen, really. I didn’t have experience building region, so I had no experience building software platforms. But you do the work and then you create this result and people look at you like, like, you’re so talented and it’s like. Mike, man, that’s that’s not how I remember it, I remember just like doing the raps, you know, and that’s great because all you guys can do.

[00:14:47] What’s that? Thirty thousand hours you put in to learn it or whatever, you know?

[00:14:52] Yeah. Which is awesome because it doesn’t matter what if that’s the case, right? We all have that opportunity, right? It’s just a question of are you going to be able to arrange your schedule and get the work done and do what’s necessary and kind of move past it and anticipate that it’s going to suck? Sometimes you’re going to get punched in the mouth? I was looking back on this year twenty twenty one, so we just did our first. Team planning meeting for twenty twenty two. So we’re kind of like going through things we did about to our meeting today with Jeff and the managers on our team. And we’re like, and I’d love to hear from some of you guys. We could kind of do a lightning round and what this call to be a little bit different. You know, a lot of times we’re spending. Going into technical things or theory or practical stuff, we’ll do a little bit of that today, but I’d love to hear. It’s an important time to reflect on the year. I’m a big believer that you don’t learn from experience, you learn from the reflection of experience, right? So some of the times that happens naturally. But it’s important to to look back and recall these lessons and think through this. Spend some time embrace the defeats that we took in. Twenty twenty one.

[00:16:12] Work through them and be better prepared for twenty twenty two. So we were through and everyone on my management team. I asked them some questions. I was like, what? What were the big wins for the year? And some of them was awesome. Hearing some of the personal stuff that the personal wins, that there is actually three people of the five that had mentioned, like health and fitness goals that they had worked on. And it’s weird that those kind of happen together. But coincidentally, Jeff and I are like healthy and I think showing up this way. And, you know, I’m not I’m not saying that they’re like following our lead, but when you’re around these type of people, then you kind of gravitate towards it and it’s awesome to be a part of that. We went through the biggest wins professionally and personally and biggest learning experiences I know for me. Twenty twenty one and a few months at the end of twenty twenty there was there’s been a lot of like betrayal that’s happened in in my life from a crazy personal thing with my cousin and, you know, a kind of semi business relationship to we’ve caught like five people stealing from us on on our team. And you come to this and I met with this with my team last week and we talked about this is like when you face these situations and we’re all going to face them, you come.

[00:17:45] You have a decision tree in your life there. How are you going to how are you going to look at this event? We had we had a lot of fraud that happened just last week. It ended up costing me several thousand with related to this, this what we’re doing here with the platform and everything. I’m not going to go into the details of it, but it is what it is and it’s an awesome learning experience, right? That’s how I’m choosing to look at it. And you guys are going to face these things. You’re going to lose clients, you’re going to lose jobs, you’re going to lose whatever like the shit’s going to hit the fan some of the time. How are you going to look at it? What are you going to take away from it, right? Are you going to turn this into something positive? Because that’s what I did. I’m like, Man, what awesome learning experience all this stuff that we went through over, like the last like 18 months or so we we not only did we survive it, we like thrived with this right. We thrived with the pandemic and like dealing with these like multiple betrayals like business has never been better for us. My team has never been closer and stronger, right? And this is with us.

[00:18:53] What does it look like when we don’t have to deal with these challenges? And the learning lessons that we’re taking away from this stuff are phenomenal. So you guys are going to be faced with these situations and whatever happens, it’s happened. And really, you know, I learned this when I was playing poker for a living. Is that like I would be a twenty five to one favorite for several thousand and that one or two cards that that could come out comes out and changes everything. And I and I lose at that point, it’s over. And what was great for me that other people struggled with a lot was as soon it was over, it was over for me. I was like, OK, like, that’s in the past. So like, what’s the mental state I need to be in now so that I can be best prepared for the future? The longer I hang out in this like this victim mentality, the the longer I’m like performing subpar and a game where the cards are coming up fast. It’s important to recover quickly, and our business is now moving into the business and dealing with this stuff, discovering that a few of our developers. Jeff, what did we calculate? I think it was over twenty thousand that was lost through developer stealing time from us, essentially

[00:20:01] Something like that.

[00:20:02] Yeah, so a few days. A few things like extreme ownership means, like who owns the company, I own the company who’s responsible for the management of that. Who’s responsible for hiring these people and measuring what they’re doing and all this stuff. It’s all me. I’m responsible. So I made all the decisions here that enabled this to happen. So that’s let’s take ownership of this because it becomes empowering when you do that, right? And then like, what can we learn from it? Because it’s over? It’s happened. I can’t do anything about changing it now. I can learn from it and move on and not be like blaming people on my team and destroying our team culture instead using this as an opportunity to teach them and lead them right? Be the leader. Be like, What is it gone to be the change you want to see in the world? You’ve got to do that for your team, right? And not make excuses for this stuff. So I think there’s there’s been that’s for me as one of the most valuable learning experiences and just kind of realizing the way our actions affect the entire team. And, you know, I kind of see I see our guys leveling up with this mentality. And, you know, some of the some of the big wins like, you know, running this group, I think, has been a big win for me, connecting with so many of you guys seeing this massive impact that we’ve had on people like Spencer, right? There’s been Spencer is, you know, like I kind of have my own profile mentally on all you guys and the impact that you guys have on me.

[00:21:37] But I’ve seen Spencer, there’s there’s a couple dozen people who have showed this appreciation. For me, that’s a huge win to be able to realize that we’re having this impact on you guys in your businesses and your families. And it’s amazing. We’ve got to meet several you guys this year. I got to hang out with the guys in New York and we met Harry, went out for dinner in Virginia. And you know, it’s it’s been awesome. Our agency has grown. I would say another win for us this year is we’ve got some phenomenal coaching that we’re involved in right now. And like, I’m in a season, I can I can feel that I’m in a season of growth. I feel like we have a ton of unrealized gains. So I don’t know if you guys want to share. I’d love to if we could do like a lightning round and you guys don’t. Don’t be shy on this is you guys want to share some some highlights from twenty twenty one. I really want to. Let’s take this moment to reflect and think about this and prepare for twenty twenty two. You guys didn’t see the call from last week. We did a ton of planning talk last week. We’re laying out your goals and kind of like building a structure, right? So does anybody have some big wins they want to share with or big learning experience that they want to share with the group from the last 12 months? I mean, I’ll share Patrick. Ok. Oh, we got off, righto. Yeah, what’s up, man?

[00:23:05] So I mean, for me, it’s been a huge, huge with lead snap. I mean, when I first started, you know, you’re trying to find your industry, your niche, what you’re good at when you’re not prospecting, like where to go, what to do. So you go through that phase and then you get your first second client and then you’re like, Shit, OK, what do I do? You know, fulfillment on boarding contracts and all that jazz and having that all over the place. So at least not for me, has been huge where, you know, Patrick, you helped me with my questionnaires and onboarding form last couple of weeks. I got those on there, the heat maps on there. You know, with this, there’s a lot of different softwares out there. I think I came across you, Patrick, at the right cross point because with lead snap, for me, it embeds everything that I do with heat maps, GMB prospecting, all like in one. It’s all baked in. So it’s helped me to. At my level where I’m at in my journey to like, OK, now I level up, now I have all those things in place now it’s time to level up more. You know, I think fulfillment is my next, you know, area. But for two thousand twenty one, I think it’s really it helped me level up, you know, in that sense for my journey.

[00:24:32] Yeah. And that fulfillment piece, man, when you look at the community that that really trying to set the tone for it in. I haven’t tried to grow this group because I got some really good advice from like a Facebook group going master. And she said, you need to set the tone of the group and what I want for the tone is like to help each other. So Alfredo, as you kind of move into, you know, the fulfillment phase and Spencer is there now where he’s like going to be buried in fulfillment, you’re going to start to have these questions and to have a group. There’s a lot of people in this group that are really successful. Right? It’s not. It’s not like me, the only person that’s doing. There’s a ton of people in here doing big numbers from other groups and all kinds of stuff in here. And to have this community behind you, like in support, you like maybe the the fear for the fulfillment isn’t as strong is kind of my hope is like, you got a lot of people in there that have your back. We’ve all been through these same problems. We don’t know what you’re dealing with until you post it in the group and you put those questions out there or ask on a call. But if you do that stuff, I think we’ve got some great answers for you guys. So that’s awesome. And it really sounds like Alfredo. It sounds like you’ve got an action plan now, and you’re kind of like bringing everything together and preparing preparing to take off which a super cool man. Any of the other guys want to share or throw some stuff. Maybe throw some some comments in the chat. If what? What learning experiences biggest wins? Patrick, I know you’ve had a lot of wins. And Devin, you guys, you guys have wins a couple of times a month. Do you have any big things that looking back, I know Devin, you’ve been dealing with some personal stuff with your mom going through some health things and then moving to Oklahoma, right? I mean,

[00:26:29] Those are a lot of great learning lessons at the end of the day. Like, obviously, you can’t control some of those things, but the way that you handle those things and respond to it while trying to grow and run a business, they’re huge. So earlier this year, at one point we had hit our first 10k month. We’ve chosen to downsize from just with the move and everything with my mom’s health, and it’s really helped paint a picture of what it’s like to grow. But then also, I realized it wasn’t sustainable what we were doing. So to be able to have the opportunity to take a step back and figure out something that can become more sustainable and scalable. And then with the call last week, how to plan everything out, you know, it’s like, well, financially, we’re not going to be at the same point for a little while. It’s like mentally the lessons that we’ve learned is only going to help project it so much better next year. So it’s been huge

[00:27:22] For sure, man. That growth is not meant to be linear. I think that’s a myth where people think that growth just looks like this. That’s not how it goes, because as you grow, things break and sometimes you got to like, pause kind of rethought things and then grow again. We’re not right now. My agency, we’re not at the highest revenue that we’ve ever been at. We’re not. But I think we’re more profitable now than we’ve ever been, right? So we dialed back some things and we kind of we pushed a couple of clients out recently that we’re just just like headaches. And you know, we’re we’re at that point where, like Spencer said, we’re just going to like find the client we want and kind of turn down people, right? We are dealing with some issues with. Um, where was that in Maryland? Jeff, we got rid of like Virginia or somewhere? Yeah, right? Yeah, it’s just these headache clients are going to waste your time and it’s a learning that’s a learning lesson in itself, right? And to be able to get into that situation where you can make those decisions because that were my only client. That would be a hard decision to make. But when you got like 40 other ones, it’s like, Well, I don’t need you, I’ll find someone that’s not going to be a pain in my ass, right? Brian Jones, is this your first call? I’ve seen him before. Hello, can you hear me all right. Right, yeah, I mean, I saw that you had just signed up for the platform. I wasn’t sure if this is your first call.

[00:28:52] I’ve seen some recordings. Yeah, it’s my first live call. Yeah. So I’ve been down for about twenty four hours. Get my feet wet. Awesome, man.

[00:29:02] So well, welcome, man. Welcome to the group. Where do you have any challenges or anything with your business, where you are and what you’re trying to get out of this?

[00:29:13] Well, I mean, a quick transitions to the twenty twenty one story. I sold my family business where I ran an e-commerce store, so I was doing SEO for ecommerce, and 10 years ago I started another company, a digital agency with my partner. So we’re 10 years in and we do low six figures. We’re pretty successful at that and it’s all organic and. So. She’s very good at it. Yeah. I’m going to read you to call

[00:29:43] Earlier this week, right? Yes.

[00:29:45] I think we have a car so many calls. Yeah. So it’s just funny how it works out. Like now I have a full commitment to do sales and prospecting because we’ve kind of leveled off and we this year could be a really good growth year for us. And I fell in love with the heat maps when I saw that stuff. One of the things we missing and and even the review management, you know, we didn’t have a good tool for that. Yeah. So I’m excited. It just so happens. I bump into your software. I don’t remember how I bumped into it, and I’m like, Geez, these two things alone make it worth it for me, especially when I can dedicate 100 percent of my time to the sales and

[00:30:27] Marketing side of it. So I’m excited for this year, for sure.

[00:30:30] Yeah, and I’m super excited, too. And we’ve got some we’ve got some big stuff coming for you guys. Like I said, we have a lot of unrealized gains. Jeff and I are spending a ton of time right now working on client success to try to identify where people are and how we can bring more people forward. So that is a big part of our focus. Moving forward, you guys are going to see some changes. We’ve got some tutorials that we’re building directly into the application. One of the one of the things I’ve noticed is there’s a lot of people who aren’t even aware of some of the features we’ve had people that are. Leaving the platform and then we’ll have a conversation and they’re like, Well, I’m looking for this and I’m like, Did you know that that’s like built in? You’re like, what? I didn’t even know that. So we’re doing a bad job on our end, if that’s the case. And you know, we’re working towards how to make everything easier, like easier, more client success stuff. And then for maybe starting in the second and third quarter, we have some features that will roll out. We’ve got a batch of features that we’re about to push out. We’ve got the white labeling stuff that has been taking way longer than I had hoped.

[00:31:47] Anxious to get that out. We’ve got a lot of reporting stuff that’s coming out here real soon with development. I know Harry knows this with development. It’s it’s always a little unpredictable on on how things are going to take right. You’re going to run into dependencies and all sorts of issues that tickets are going to come in that you don’t expect. So, you know, it’s it’s all this stuff is is near the finish line. I know that you guys have been patiently waiting for this. We’re we’re anxious to get it to you. We just have to do it in the right order. But yeah, you guys are going to see some big changes in this platform. I’m really relying now on and I wish I would have been smart enough to do this before is just like hiring the best possible people I can hire as consultants to educate us in one way or another. And that’s with the software company as well as our agency. Like, let’s hire the the best person that does like this, right? And let’s take that and like, add it into the snowball that we have here. So cool. Any other big wins or learning lessons from twenty twenty one?

[00:32:59] Patrick, I’ll go and I’ll kind of piggyback on Alfredo comments like we hired a fulfillment team. We put together a fulfillment team that was small and since I had been able to really grow with with my growth, I’ve been able to grow this team of mine and that is huge. You guys, I went from having to do all this stuff myself, having to build websites to do one hundred percent of everything to now I can really just focus on selling and some of the fulfillment stuff that I don’t really want my team doing quite yet, because some of it is. You know, some of those things you don’t really want out of the bag quite yet until you can totally trust your team that they’re not going to go and sell this to somebody else or use it with another client of theirs, but that was huge. All sides want to let you guys know. I mean, with my biggest month, Patrick, I shared with him some of my personal challenges like I have chaos in my personal life all around me, and that’s super motivating to know that, you know, I have a sick partner that’s that’s permanently disabled now due to COVID, which that’s a long story. But you know, I have a sick sister that was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in twenty twenty that now has brain cancer. My mom has mental illness where I’ve had to cut her out of my life, like all this crazy stuff is going on.

[00:34:33] And honestly, I just keep the blinders on with my business, and I joke that I’m going to write a book called Bulletproof. After all, this is over. But I just want you guys to realize that, you know, you can overcome the one thing that that people like Patrick, people that I surround myself with now. This is all about mindset. One hundred percent. I keep telling everybody, if you can figure out a way to just fulfill whatever you do, just go sell your pants off and figure out the problems afterwards. Because if you surround yourself with people like Patrick, you know William Jones, you know some of these heavy hitters in the industry. I have one hundred percent confidence. If my team can’t fulfill it, I can pay somebody to go do it for me. And that’s a good position to be in because before I was like, Oh gosh, you know, you’re constantly questioning yourself, Well, if I sell this website, I don’t think I can personally build it. So what am I going to do then? Or if I sell this package or I do this SEO thing, I don’t know how to fulfill a lot of that at that time. Now it’s just having that pipeline and knowing exactly where to go once you sell it. And that is powerful. And honestly, the only difference for me is really just been mindset. And Patrick, I think, will attest.

[00:35:50] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, man, it’s it’s you know, I’m big on the quotes and one of the quotes that is a mantra for me is the person that says I can and the person that says I can are both usually right. And if you can, like, let that soak into your brain and like, get in there like you’ve got a group of problem solvers in there. I sold a site for a Magento E Commerce site. I have no magento. People on my team, I don’t it’s a complicated platform, Bryan probably knows he’s got that E! Commerce background, but I have zero doubt that we’re going to have an issue like we’ll figure it out, right? We’re we’re we’re I’m going to get it built. I have the groups and the resources of people to ask questions, too, if I need to and you guys do to you guys, go in and land the client like you don’t have to know how to do it right away, right? You’ve got six hundred people in these groups that have a lot of us have have done some of these and you can hire a consultant, right? You get like you can go and like, let’s say you go and you sell something that you don’t know how to do. You can go on Upwork and literally hire somebody. Maybe there are a hundred dollars an hour because they’re phenomenal at this and you pay them for one hour of their time and like, Hey, what? What should I do to this? How should I set this up, right? Whatever it is or like, probably ninety nine percent of your questions can be answered in this group, but in that case, there’s still a solution for it.

[00:37:17] So if you can kind of get through that block and realize that our time is ticking, like time’s going by right now, there’s like, let’s have some urgency to to move this and we can get through this together as a group, right? You tag me or you tag somebody else in Europe. I try to answer a hundred percent of the time, guys. So don’t feel like you’re in this alone, right? Take advantage of the group posed this question. Whatever question is in there and you guys have to have enough like self-awareness to like Spencer is somebody that is confident selling, right? That’s that’s kind of his forte. I think people kind of fall into three groups in this three, three distinct groups. There’s like a group of people in here who are comfortable with sales. There’s a group of people who are not comfortable with sales and they fall more into the fulfillment side. They kind of like the processes and like doing the stuff, the technical stuff. And then there’s a third group of people that have the sales and the fulfillment locked down, and they’re comfortable with both of those, and that’s the smallest group. But if you’re a problem solver, it doesn’t matter what group you’re in because you can solve for the other sulfur. What doesn’t exist? You’re not good at sales, good sales people out there, right? Find somebody else. Give them a commission, right? Give give them a piece of this. It’s better than not having anything right where you’re where you’re not doing anything at all. Awesome. All right, Spencer, thanks for sharing that. What else, Jeff? Do you have any wins from twenty twenty one to share?

[00:38:48] Oh, man, I got a big list, but I think the main ones are really just having the opportunity to work with you on the agency and the software. We were talking about it earlier on our team call and it’s like, I’m obsessed with personal development. I always have been and I’ve always had. I mean, play anybody. We have challenges to overcome. I have a lot of fear of social interaction. I wasn’t a salesman. I kind of got over that right before the year before I started working with Patrick, and he was he and I had started kind of building a friendship during that time, but it was just taking those reps and just over and over and over again. Just the way you get over the fear is just consistent courage, courageous action, you know? And so by the time I got on Patrick’s team, I was able to fulfill for him on the sales side and bring in a lot of new business and kind of like write side things and as we kind of built a stronger relationship. Now it’s like I get the opportunity to do all kinds of personal development and these coaching groups that I’m in with him and other personal, more personal coaching groups that he supports me and and all that. And it’s just this massive like flow state that I feel like I’m in, where I’m constantly challenged by new things that are coming up. But I’m also building such a massive skill set to, you know, to apply to these challenges that it just feels amazing to be working with the right people and the right product and the right time, the right business model and all of that. And to be able to choose your clients like kind of hinted at before is just an amazing perspective to come at things from and not be desperate.

[00:40:31] You know, it’s like that move that Spencer made is the weather. I think he realizes it, but that’s a huge shift in his whole business approach. Once you’ve done that and you declined a big chunk of change, then going forward you’re always going to have that kind of extra level of confidence that is going to allow you to to choose who you do business with and how you do business. And I didn’t I never had that before. I work with Patrick. You know, Patrick had this platform where he already had an ongoing business that was successful. So I kind of got the benefit of coming into that where if we lost a client, it sucks, right? But it’s not going to it’s not going to scuttle the ship, right? We’re still moving moving forward and to already have all those resources in place has really been amazing. So I mean, the things that we’ve got that I’ve gotten to do this year with Patrick Go sponsor the the app at trafficking conversions go to multiple like high level coaching program events with traffic and funnels and Dan Martell’s group. And, you know, like I say, other coaching programs that I’m involved with on the personal side. I mean, this is the life that I’ve always wanted and that has taken me a lot of years to create for myself. And I feel like now all of those things have kind of come together into this big opportunity for me to to be involved with the types of people and businesses and and all of that that I want to be. So I’m just super grateful for for everything in my life and the opportunities that we have going forward for twenty, twenty two and beyond.

[00:42:06] Yeah, that’s I mean, obviously, you’ve been a huge, huge benefit for our agency and just kind of connecting, and it’s been awesome to kind of see you fall into your own right and kind of like this, this confidence shift that you’ve had and it just kind of like watching you interact with the people in the group and support people. It’s been. It’s been awesome. One of the things that I’m excited for in Twenty Twenty Two is I’d really like to have some events will probably will probably host our first event sometime in the spring. Any of you guys are interested. It’ll probably be something smaller. We’ll limit the number, you know, maybe like 20 or 30 people kind of do a weekend thing. It will probably be in the Nashville area. That’s where we’re probably going to be based out of here pretty soon. There’s a possibility we do it in Austin somewhere. But if you guys are interested in that that you know, we’ve done a lot of these. Jeff and I have done several of these with groups of our friends that are in the industry, and they’ll certainly be a part of it. But yeah, I don’t know. I’d love to hear your guys feedback if that sounds like something you guys would be up for. I know a lot of people, maybe a few people on this call have expressed interest into it, but we’re going to start pushing those out.

[00:43:30] I really want to build this community and you know, these friendships are huge and it hasn’t been easy for us, right? Like the struggles that you guys are going with, the self-doubt that you guys might have are are things that that I went through to and Jeff has been through. And when when you’re unsure, like, maybe there’s some, maybe there’s some like. Verification or validation to know that that’s part of the road that we pass through and creating these friendships and relationships along the way with the people that are in these industries and doing these things has made this process a lot smoother. And it’s one thing to get on a weekly call and have like Facebook chats, but it’s another thing to spend a weekend with somebody where you’re sitting together in front of a laptop, talking, having drinks, going through these different situations and then building that friendship to the point where we can get on a phone call and say, Hey, man, what would you do in this situation? Here’s what I’m struggling with, right? And to be able to get an answer that you can trust, right? So I’d love to create that for you guys, not just with me, but with each other, right? Because I certainly wouldn’t be here without a number of those people along the way, too.

[00:44:47] Yeah, it was. It was at those events. It’s not where I met Patrick necessarily, but where we were able to spend more, you know, closer, closer time, getting to know each other and our challenges and our skills and what we have to offer. And then when the opportunity came up to work together, it’s a no brainer for me anyway. I think it was for him, too. That’s a no brainer for me.

[00:45:07] You seem like the best option at the time, right? Cool. Yeah. So so that’s kind of some of the stuff we have planned for twenty twenty two. Look, guys, we put into the into the group last week. It’s it’s posted in there the sign up for accountability. So I’m trying to start that on January 1st, but I wanted to have this call before we built out all the groups. I know that a few of you guys have requested to stay inside the same group, and I’m kind of torn on whether to do that or not. I think there’s, like some of you guys have kind of formed these close relationships with the people in your group. And obviously there’s don’t go away with if we were to split into these other groups, but something to be said with making these new connections and getting things, you know, kind of like widening this network of people that are doing it. So we’ve got a lot of information. The last last time when we started this in October, that was the first time I’d done it in a group like that. And there’s a lot of learning that’s happened. So kind of like, you know, matching people up based on where they are in the business model, I think would be really good because having people all over the board, I guess there’s pros and cons. Some people participated, some didn’t. I stayed in the groups and kind of monitored those.

[00:46:30] So taking some of the people that are strong instead of having like three or four strong people, all in one group, maybe kind of like spreading those out to make sure that all the groups have some strong leaders in there. So those are some of the things I’m struggling with. You guys want to be a part of it. Sign up for the form. I recommend it. I would have loved to had a way to measure growth in the group compared group growth without the group. But I think what we can do is we’ve got a few people. I brought you guys on in the past, Patrick and Devin, what did your like? What did? What did you feel like? There was a turning point with the accountability group? Or is it kind of continued small, like if you can just maybe speak to that for any of these people that are. And just a heads up, guys, I don’t there’s there’s no motivation for me to to have you guys be in these groups other than to help you. There’s no cost for it or anything like that, right? So but I want you guys for me, it’s about trying to have an impact on you guys. So I want you guys to benefit. So you know, what was your experience, Patrick, for being in the group? How did it affect you and what are your thoughts?

[00:47:42] Yeah, I’m all about it, I definitely need that accountability. I mean, I live by myself, so sometimes it’s like super easy to just waste away and waste a day away on Netflix and whatnot. But we have people that are going to hold you accountable. You know, it gives you that little extra motivation to get to work, even though nobody’s watching you at home. You know, I don’t have any kids that I have to like be responsible for, so I don’t have that extra weight over me. So sometimes I feel like that’s kind of a almost a negative that you got to. It’s just really easy to fall back on some things. So I’m all about that. Just recently, I just had a client that was I landed for only a hundred and fifty bucks. I was like, This is this is not worth it. And Grace, she’s she’s in our group and she already has a client. We’re in the same niche. You know, we just share everything. I feel like I can share everything with with these people, which is awesome. I think sometimes you want to hold things back, you know, with. With people, but since we’ve been in this group for for a long time and after we’re we’ve been talking for a while, I feel like I can share everything.

[00:48:59] So I just said, Hey, you just want to take both these lesions right here and then just put it 50 50 with the clot you already have. So she just went she just called the client her client, literally right after I said that. And then he offered like an extra thousand bucks. So we both just made an extra 500 bucks, just like that. Oh, that’s super cool, man. I just split it. Whether it and the sites are already producing, I’m the client I had that wasn’t going to work out long term. And, you know, I could get more on my own, but I got all these. I got so many underwriting sites right now. I’m like, Just take this. That’s an extra five hundred bucks that I can I can use and use as well. So I mean, just just things like that. And I know some people have had issues with GMV and you know, their goals are kind of small and they they raised it after, you know, after a little bit on that as well.

[00:49:58] Yeah, it’s it’s like can be a wake up call to see that other people are playing bigger than you and they’ve got bigger goals, right? So it sounds like you’ve got this one deal, but I think you’ve had a number of other deals and maybe that’s the pathway you were on before the group. Have you had a it seems maybe your better position for twenty twenty two than you were three months ago, but have you seen an improvement in your results and you attribute that to the interaction with the group? If so,

[00:50:26] Yeah. I mean, I I had a lot of insights and I really I still still have quite a bit left, but it really dialed in in sales at the end. Just, you know, just going through through Facebook and honestly, just having accountability with that and then having like a smaller group to share those wins as I’m going because I had some things that I thought were going to be big wins and then they did turn out it’s like just that extra encouragement to go after someone else. And I just landed a bigger client in Philadelphia. I had this one that I helped him close like thirty thousand and then he got all sketched out about it for whatever reason. So I was like, Man, that sucked. But then I just got someone that’s. Just as good at closing in that exact same niche and the exact same area, and he’s paying me more. Two months later. So but it’s like it’s nice to have that group to have that encouragement saying, Hey, that sucks, but go out and get the next one. Yeah, you’re not in this alone. You’re all alone. It’s like, Man, yeah, that’s not because I still I’m doing all right. But you know, still that that money is still a decent deal for me right now at this point. Yeah.

[00:51:53] Well, I hope you can make it to a live event, man. I know we’ve connected a few times in the past and it’d be cool to cool to hang out some more. What about you, Mr. Devin? Like what? What have you seen from this? What would you say to the people that are considering potentially doing the the the accountability group stuff?

[00:52:13] Yeah. Aside from like just always having to like, have someone else to answer to like the accountability aspect, but when you’re talking to other people and you hear about them making progress and you’re going and doing things too like why am I not do? What’s the difference? And being able to have three or four people where you can pick their brains on like you guys really hit on it last week talking about boulders, you know, pebbles and sand, like when you’re doing a bunch of things that are sand and you’re just like, Oh, I’m doing a bunch of things and what’s going on, even if I’m keeping up with my accountability to be able to. It just really helps you realize what’s more important to focus on, even if you’re being productive and having people there. So it’s like anyone on the fence about it. It’s just. And it’s really just how much do you really want to hold yourself accountable to put yourself to be vulnerable? And I think you have to do that to get to that next step in business. So for sure, for anybody,

[00:53:11] For sure, man, I strongly agree. And that’s kind of that vulnerability allows you to move past some of the stuff. You’ve got to be willing to admit that there’s an issue. And if you can kind of express that issue to other people that maybe have conquered it, then I mean, we can accelerate the process of getting over it. Did your is your heat on on again or off again, man? I see you got the hat on in there or your talent.

[00:53:35] But this house was built in the early sixties and the furnace might be going. And on New Year’s Eve, it’s going to drop down to nine out here. So it’s touch and go. But we’re here.

[00:53:48] Yeah, it might be. It might be. It might be time to head south man. Go hang out with Jeff and Austin for a little bit

[00:53:54] If it doesn’t work for you guys, too. Yeah.

[00:53:57] I was going to say I didn’t. I didn’t know it was going to drop that low. If it’s nine in Oklahoma somewhere, it’s going to be pretty cold here, too.

[00:54:03] Yes.

[00:54:05] Sixty five in Barcelona,

[00:54:08] When I see her, the last few days would be like seventy five to eighty. Where are you at in Oklahoma?

[00:54:13] Down in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

[00:54:16] I was born in Muskogee.

[00:54:18] Okay, so you know it.

[00:54:23] Awesome, awesome. All right. Any other big wins for the year? Come on over to sunny California, Alfredo. Yeah, buddy. All right. Any other, any other big wins or

[00:54:36] Actually got recently? Actually, like two things today, I mean, I didn’t let him deal with for a minute, but its potential deals. I just had this one client I’ve had for a while. All of a sudden he just added me to a, I like kind of ask them about this like couple months ago, but he never did it. He just added me to a bunch of Facebook groups and just started like tagging me and writing these like really long posts of people that were like looking for marketing and said, Hey, this guy, Patrick helped me out, like, really detailed into it. And then I had I just had a couple of people reach out via Facebook message for that shot them some screencasts. One of the guys on Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s just like completely dominating the area that he wants open. I can’t really help you there unless you want to expand it. Go get it, man.

[00:55:31] Thank you from him. Yeah, I could. I don’t know. Like, I know that you have the background in sports, but that is definitely. I’ve never been into an area where someone’s dominating and I’m like, well, it’s an easy niche.

[00:55:47] It’s like basically just put something decent up and it’ll

[00:55:51] Crush, crush the guy, whoever’s dominating. Go get it. That’s our that’s our attitude and our agency is like on some level, like, I see someone dominating an area and we go in there and there’s like a part of me that kind of feels bad for him because I’m like, we are going to rip this up. That was fun. While it lasted for you is kind of like my mindset, but this is it’s like the the good days are kind of like they’re shrinking because we’re coming for you. That’s ours, that’s going to be ours. We’re going to own that whole thing, right? Like, that’s my attitude with this. And I’ll tell you when when you’re talking to your clients and they feel that they like, start getting a little bit riled up in their, you know, you kind of hit on something that that has been a learning lesson for me this year, too, is when you guys get a win, when your client like acknowledges, what you’re doing is great. This is a good time to to ask for something right and like not for more money. That’s not what I’m saying, but you know, they’re like, Hey, you know? You guys are crushing it in this one area over here, right where. And I’d love to get more business in this other area like, yeah, you know, the reason that we’re crushing it over there is because we have this GM be there. Do you have an address or know somebody in this other area that that you can connect us with? Right? You want this? Ask to be related to the the kind of victory that they’re acknowledging or you guys are awesome.

[00:57:22] You’ve done so much amazing work for us. Hey, you know, we’re trying to grow our business and we’re really selective with the type of people that we work with. Do you know anyone that maybe is in another city in this niche that would be interested in our services because I don’t want to work with anyone and I really have built this relationship with you? And it would mean it would mean the world if if you could make a solid recommendation so that I can get another client like you and another area, right? Something like this that’s related to their ask. Related to to like what they’re thanking you for. But it’s important you’ve got to ask for some of the ask for some of these referrals. For us, we have enough clients where we’re like buried with fulfillment, but I used to do this and it worked beautifully. You earn it, you got to earn it once they once they kind of give you that compliment there and they’re saying that, then they’re like, You’ve created an asset, right? And you needed to take advantage of that asset and use it to get more more of these, and it will start to snowball. And yeah, so does that make sense? Everyone like we’re good with that protocol. So we were talking about the accountability groups. You guys jump into the accountability groups, if that sounds like something that you guys would would benefit from.

[00:58:37] It’s not. Maybe it’s not for everyone like it is a commitment. You’ve got to be there for your group on a weekly basis. I don’t want people joining. You’ll notice in the form that there’s you’re kind of like checking something that says you’re committed. So that means that you’re going to be there, you’re going to stand up. You’ve got to have enough like integrity and respect if your guy is giving you, like if they’re if they’re full of shit on why they’re not meeting their their goals, right? Look at them. Not as if they’re an employee, but they they owe an explanation. That’s what the accountability is for. It’s not like this little club that we go and hang out. It needs to be the almost almost like the more strict you guys can be with each other, the better the group is right. It lasts three months, 90 days. You’re going to set your goals work backwards from those goals set like three or four. They don’t only to be business. I recommend that you put some personal stuff in. There could be weight loss, it could be reading or whatever it is learning a new language. And then you kind of got a schedule and you guys hold each other accountable. That’s kind of what it’s like. So if that sounds like something you guys are interested in, I recommend it. We’re building out our stuff on our team. It’s important as you work with your teams. This is a lesson I was going through today. Like 90 days ago. We had set a bunch of goals and we had that kind of revenue goals and some things that happen, and we decided that these weren’t the best goals for us at the time, right? We didn’t spend enough time structuring things and we deviated from those goals.

[01:00:12] And it’s important for you guys not to teach your team that it is OK to lose. That’s not that’s not like you need to make sure. And that was a fear that I had when I was kind of like thinking about this deviation from our goals that we had made. And for those you guys working with teams, that’s you need to make sure that that’s clear and that needs to be clear to yourself to. It’s not OK for you to. It’s not OK for you to miss your goals. It’s going to happen. And we’re not perfect, but don’t be comfy with it. Don’t think that this is just like, acceptable and just kind of let it slide down when you pick these goals for your accountability groups. If you decide to sign up for them or if you don’t and you set your own goals based on whatever it is you do for your yearly planning, do it in a way where you’re like. Like, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it happen, get cut, like get familiar with the cost of your goals when you set these. This is what I’m going to do. This is what it’s going to cost me. I’m not talking about money necessarily right. Like I mentioned this, if you guys are in a relationship and you’re going to have to dedicate some time, that means you can’t spend as much time with this relationship over the next 90 days, then you need to have that conversation with your significant other and that’s part of the cost.

[01:01:28] Build that in. And if you understand all these different costs, when the newness of this wears off, it’s not all shiny and cool in February. Then like, you’ll still be committed if you’re comfortable with that cost. So I think that’s a really important part of the process. So we are at an hour and ten minutes. You guys have any questions. Actually, I wanted to mention one more thing. First is I know some of you guys are struggling or some of you guys with a with the phone system. We didn’t have the calls going into the dashboard, so that’s fixed. You guys should see all the calls from our phone system inside the dashboard and the company dashboards and stuff now. So we work through that. I know that there’s a couple of issues with the GMB post. I think we about how those resolved. We’ve been working through it. It’s been it’s been a challenge. Sometimes the post fail because Google rejects them and it looks like it’s our and it’s been hard to kind of debug that. But I think we’re we’re working through it. So. Yeah. Any other final questions before we hop off here, guys? I got one. I was hoping you’d say something here. It’s been too long since I’ve heard you speak.

[01:02:34] You’ll probably be really tired of me after this.

[01:02:37] Well, it was good talking to you, Harry. Have a good new year.

[01:02:40] No, this is not related to the software, but I want your your take in your comments on the new apparently mandated video verifications. Yeah. So we talked about this about that.

[01:02:55] Yeah, I well, I’ll tell you in my apparently it’s not ruled out for all niches, and it’s not because we’re continuing to get games and we’re not facing this like I’ve heard other people have. And then we did have

[01:03:11] One of them. That’s actually news. Thank you.

[01:03:14] That is news. Yeah, OK. We’ve got several over the last two weeks since this. And we have I think we had it for one of them and for that one, we actually had the option to send a postcard is like the video thing was was like an option. It wasn’t a requirement. But I think when we get faced with this and like, look, guys, this is. When we’re entrepreneurs, we’re you can almost just like interchangeably use that with problem solver. I. Im not looking forward to solving the problem, but I already have decided that, well, I’ll just like it’s not going to be an issue for us. I’m going to figure out a way around it and I’m going to deal with it. And just like everything else we’ve done along the way, so it’s maybe it’ll even be advantageous where like if they’re going to give us this ability and we don’t have to mail postcards and maybe I end up with like a bunch of magnets that I’m putting on a truck and I’ve got different signage that I’m printing out inside. Like, what do I need to do? I don’t know. Like, I’ll figure out how to do it. It’s certainly not going to rock my world. I have no fear of it right now, but hopefully I don’t have to eat my words, but it just seems like how it’s been the whole time. It’s just like one more hurdle that this is hurdle number ten thousand not number seven, right? So those are my thoughts on it right now.

[01:04:44] Well, the concerning factor I have is not the evidence, you know, the signs and the logo, t shirt and all that sort of stuff, but rather that they want us to be at the location and they’re checking our phone to see where we are. Yeah, so I mean, that to me is a serious part of it. The rest of the got a handle.

[01:05:04] Right, right. But we know that there’s different like like I was I was talking about earlier. I’m in, I’m in Spain, and they didn’t let my phone streaming service or my my. The TV service I wanted to stream wasn’t working and I was able to watch it. I found a way. Right. There’s VPNs, there’s other like phone stuff. We’ll find a way. Right. We’re going to find a way every time. And I don’t know how far they can push this man because like. Service area businesses don’t have offices usually, and a lot of these people don’t. What is it going to be that long term like? You have to have a a truck with a logo on it to be able to run a service area? That’s how it is, right? Yeah. So I’m not. I know people are freaking out and I’m not my viewpoint. I’m not super concerned. So I would love for you guys to join me in this lack of anxiety about this because it’s just another bump in the road, right? And and we’ll see. I think they tried to roll this out a few years ago and then they reverted it because it was like this,

[01:06:12] But not not live like this, not with not location specific. And and they’re not the only one. Video verification is not new. It’s been around for years on other platforms, including Facebook. You know, if you want to want to buy, you prove your way back in, so to speak. But the location part is is the new thing and the degree to which they seem to be implementing it. That’s what’s new. So, yeah, throw it it out, because I’m kind of trying to gather all the information and research it, and I’m digging through all the the contacts I have and groups I’m in and Facebook and Black Hat groups and everything else. And, you know, to find out location work around, you know, how to when they when they look at my, you know that and they see where it is. And I’m eight hundred miles away from Nashville, which is where my job is. I don’t know how to get around that yet. That’s what I’m looking for solutions and I share your confidence. And also, I just want to throw this in is that even if this is a big breakdown in the process for us, if it really does turn out to be to cause permanent damage, that’s a big breakdown. In my experience of life is that big breakdowns normally precede big breakthroughs because there’s usually something on the other side that’s even better. And over and over and over, that’s what’s gotten me through business. It’s just, you know, you punch through the breakdown and something better will come of it on the other side. Problem is, none of us know what that is, right? So we go, Yeah,

[01:07:45] Yeah, no. Yeah, I mean, we’ve been through this a bunch of times, right? Like, there’s been times where we’re all getting suspended. And, you know,

[01:07:56] I believe

[01:07:58] Very much in the black market to fulfill these holes. So I just used one of my free Google searches phone app to spoof geolocation. There’s Tinder shared net GPS spoofing for the iPhone location subwoofers. There’s there’s all kinds of shit out there.

[01:08:12] Yeah, you’re not. You’re not going to be. This video call is not going to be with. Mark Zuckerberg, this is going to be with a minimum wage employee, yeah, yeah, yeah, right. That has no clue about where you are, right? You know, it’s kind of like. I had an allergy, but I’m not going to go it would be insulting to in the world. You’ve got you’ve got to trick the minimum wage employees, so you’ve got to like and they don’t honestly, they probably don’t care. They don’t care. Right. So they’ve got like a job to do and you’re not. These guys are not investigating.

[01:08:57] They’re not hiring. They’re not hiring us, right?

[01:09:00] This job done detectives that they’re hiring. Like, solve a murder, just like spinning their eight hours a day, doing whatever they’re told to do. So, you know, nine hundred and ninety nine people out of a thousand aren’t going to do this. And I’m like, once the method is out there of what needs to be done and they’re going to have to adapt again. And yeah, you hear you got new glasses or something, man.

[01:09:28] My request is that everybody, everybody here who runs into this problem, if you’ll if you’ll just share with us in the group what you ran into, you know, and what you did to overcome it or what barriers you had or whatever. The more of that information we share, the quicker we’ll get to a solution.

[01:09:47] Yeah, you guys like people when we get through this and we work it, if we’re if we’re kind of the first people to get through it, I’ll make sure that I share it with you guys. And, you know, whatever we’re running into. I don’t know if you guys know this. I mean, we’re there’s there’s parts of our business that we don’t share with anyone. But for the most part, we’re an open book on on our strategies. Oh, one of thing I had written down to to share with you guys tonight is I was going through the poll. We’ve looked at that poll that we put in there a lot and looked at your votes trying to figure out how we’re going to serve you guys better over the next year. And one of the things I know that you guys are struggling with a lot is is back thinking like we went through. I think it was two or three weeks ago, we talked about GMB ranking and we talked about getting jobs right. So maybe some of that has changed with this. And then I think the third most popular thing was back linking one of the there’s a couple of strategies that that we’ve used that have worked pretty well. If you guys haven’t used legit, I think it’s about leg I.T. that’s a spot that I hear you can get good backlinks from on there as well as citations. I anticipate having a citation service built into the platform in in the first quarter of the year. We’re kind of working through that right now.

[01:11:07] So I would be I would be, you know, looking looking for some of those for some of you guys. You can pay for some, some decent backlinks. Some of these times, whatever the site is, you can actually pay through there and then you can create a relationship with some of these people and get it actually cheaper than they’re going through there. Some of these sites that they give you point is that you have to get them. I think we’ll be dropping some, some some additional backlinks training in there with some of the stuff that that we do as we move into the new year. I’d love for you guys within the group. Share some of the stuff that you guys are really struggling with in the group and we’ll build our training around that. Another thing that I’ve mentioned a few times that we hope to launch sometime in the first quarter is our own training, right? We’ve got the playbook that we’ve done, the different strategies that that we use from getting Google my businesses to ranking sites, building sites, all the different things we’re going to. We’re kind of building the Netflix model into the platform. You have a subscription, you’ll have access to the different trainings that are in there. So we’re putting that stuff in there. All right, guys, it’s almost three a.m. here in Barcelona. Are there any additional questions before we hop off here? The last questions of the year. The lab calls. We good. We’re so good at delivering content that questions don’t exist.

[01:12:36] A question, but real quick here for you. One thing I have been hearing about from people running into these video verifications is that domain, email based set up of GBS has been helping, as well as getting websites set up in Google search console before requesting because if you can prove that you’re the administrator of a site. And you’re dealing with not Mark Zuckerberg, and you have your study in Google search console and you have a domain based email. I’ve heard people having success with that. So.

[01:13:03] Yeah, yeah, we’ve been playing around with that as well as getting some of the citations like that, the bigger citations, Yelp and Facebook stuff like that. Prior to requesting the GMB like putting out as part of a process, we’ve been playing around a little bit with the Google search console. Stuff kind of have varying success, but like, like I said, we haven’t run into a lot of the video verification issues that I’ve been hearing about from people.

[01:13:31] So I did hear that I heard about I heard one tidbit today with two recommendations that that may be working. The first one is buy your domain from Google for $15, OK? The second thing is, as soon as you do that by a Google Workspace account and then you get, you know, you get your email handle. And what I heard was, and again, I can relate to it because I had to set up my own domain based emails. If you buy your domain from Google and you buy the Google Workspace account for $6 a month, they will take care of all the DNS and all the linking and everything that has to be done to set up the servers. They’ll do that for you, which is a pain in the ass and cPanel and Namecheap. And if you don’t know how to do it, you can fuck it up really bad. So that was something I heard today as a recommendation. The guy that told me thinks it’s working. It’s not reliable. It hasn’t been tested in terms of statistical significance or anything else, but it does make sense because we do know that Google likes to honor its own properties.

[01:14:40] Yeah, I mean. It’s hard to know what’s real, right, when there’s a million variables, like which ones are the ones that push things through, right? And we’ve got the like for those of you guys that have the Google my business API,

[01:14:54] That was kind of how we’ve been setting it up to is with

[01:14:57] The workspace stuff, right? Yeah. So I think, you know, on our team call today, we were talking about joining some like really high level SEO groups that are expensive. And if we do decide that, that’s the route that we take because a lot of these, they work unlike the calendar year cycle. So we’ve been kind of waiting until that year hits, which is a few days away. So if we do that, then I’m excited for the potential to to not only have this stuff infused into our agency, but to be able to bring it back to you guys and hear some, some of the strategies that you know, maybe, maybe you guys wouldn’t be ready to join some of these groups that are like, you know, $10000 a year to be in these high level. But maybe we can take that stuff and distill it, test it, play with it and bring it back to you guys. So I kind of feel like I’m on a mission to help you guys get to that next level and make things easier for all of us. So with that, we call it a wrap on this call, and I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed our calls during twenty twenty one. I certainly did. I’ve learned a lot from you guys. I’m excited for twenty twenty two. I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys have an awesome New Year’s. And yeah, if you’re into that, jump into those accountability groups. I would highly recommend checking out the call from last week and setting some goals like. It was 39 percent higher chance of achieving your goal if you write it down. Seventy six percent if you measure it. So that’s what last week call is a lot about is kind of the system to do that. So all right, guys, let’s have an awesome new year. Ripped from my Michigan Wolverines and the national playoffs here on against Georgia, and you guys have an awesome, awesome week and I will see you, I guess I’ll see you guys in twenty twenty two.

[01:17:00] You, too. Thanks. We’re here.

[01:17:03] Happy New Year, everyone, everybody. Happy New Year. Take care. See you guys. Bye.