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[00:00:00] The new.

[00:00:00] Golf.

[00:00:03] What’s up, everybody?

[00:00:07] What up? What up?

[00:00:10] There we go. I like the energy.

[00:00:13] Neal’s back.

[00:00:14] Alfredo got Neil Devon the house.

[00:00:21] How’s everybody doing? Good.

[00:00:25] Yeah. I like Jeff’s new look, man. Is that the new look, dude? Just not going to grow beard, bro.

[00:00:32] Yeah.

[00:00:35] It’s just. It’s just a day late on the shave, that’s all.

[00:00:42] Oh.

[00:00:43] We got a pretty, like, loose work environment with. With our.

[00:00:46] Agency here. No, I don’t mind. I’m just saying, man, if that’s one day of not shaving, bro, we’re proud. More props to you, bro. You put Patrick and I to shame with our beards.

[00:01:00] Cool, cool. All right, who has we also got. We got Mr. Jackson’s daughter. What’s up, brother? Your icon.

[00:01:07] Hello?

[00:01:09] We got Craig. Devin. Alfredo. Greg Chester. What’s up, man?

[00:01:16] How’s it going, my man?

[00:01:18] Good, good.

[00:01:19] Yeah. Good to see you. And we got Graham over from Australia. What time is it there? Like six in the morning.

[00:01:27] Nominees. 1030 1039.

[00:01:30] Okay.

[00:01:31] Cool. All right, who’s got wins?

[00:01:38] I got to lose weight.

[00:01:42] I’ll take it. What do you.

[00:01:43] Got? All right. A new client just got one lead.

[00:01:49] So I was calling around. I called this guy. We hit it off. I was like, wow, this could be a great fit, because he could do another niche that I had. And I was like, This is perfect. So I get the lead. The lady calls me the next day, says, Hey, I haven’t heard from anybody. And I text him and he says, Yeah, I don’t think this is going to work. And I’m like, I went from high, you know, this is great to what you know. So I called him and I said, What’s going on? He goes, and it just doesn’t feel right. I’m like, It doesn’t feel right. I was like, was something I said, I just talked to them and now I’m seeing stuff with being investigated. What do you call it? Not Angie’s, but I think the FCC advisor. Yeah, home advisor. And he goes, just. It doesn’t. I’m like, whatever. I couldn’t battle that. So I was a little dejected, you know? And you can either whatever. I just. I just hit the ground running again. And ten calls later, I found a guy that was better than him. You know, so we’ve been going back and forth. This is just yesterday. And, yeah, this guy wants to take it all and he’s gone. So it’s just there’s highs and lows. I mean, so when you lose something like that, you just got to say screw it and just hit the ground running again.

[00:03:11] Right? Right. You guys remember that? That don’t treat him this way, but. But they are the commodity, not us, right? Like we’re the ones that have the leads coming in, and you shouldn’t at some point, you shouldn’t have to convince these people to try to grow their business. If like because like if he’s saying it doesn’t feel right because of like this other companies like I mean, come on, man, you’re just looking for excuses not to grow your business if you don’t want to. If you don’t trust in the trust in us or whatever, that’s that’s a completely different situation. But if you’re kind of making those kind of weak excuses, just like that’s that’s a red flag, that there’s going to be a lot more problems to follow, you know?

[00:03:56] Yeah. Totally different guy.

[00:03:57] From the day before. You know, it just this way. It kind of blew my mind. I was like, Wow, this is going to be a long term relationship. But above. And it was like, what happened, you know?

[00:04:05] Yeah, it sounds like he did some research and got spooked, but onto the next one.

[00:04:11] Man Colt.

[00:04:13] Who else has got some wins?

[00:04:16] I got one.

[00:04:18] Oh, yeah.

[00:04:20] Who’s first?

[00:04:22] Who was that? Was that.

[00:04:24] Greg? Yeah, this is Greg. Hey, Graham. I see you and William Jones groups. You’re one person I recognize, but two big wins, one getting on the phone with you, Patrick. That was a huge deal. I really appreciate that. Fast forwarded what I’m working on. So appreciate that. And then finding this group, that’s a win. And then I found another piece of software you guys might be interested in. My business partner turned me on a Typeform and I’ve always hated it. He loves it. I hate it. Well, they have a video platform. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. Video ask. You’ve got to check it out. It’s pretty legit. But anyway, finding and learning new things. That’s the win. Thank you.

[00:04:59] Awesome. Yeah, I’m going to go in. So I’ve been paying for Typeform for a few months. It’s actually when you guys sign up for an account that survey that ranks the modules based on what’s important to you. That’s Typeform. So I’m paying like I think 50 bucks a month for it. And my buddy Graham has turned me on to app Simo and through that there’s a software called Form Value, which I think I ended up paying like 100 bucks or 150 bucks. There’s different tiers, but it’s, it’s essentially the same thing as Typeform, except I paid for a lifetime membership of it. So I just paid once a hundred bucks one time and it has the same functionality as Typeform. So haven’t really dove into it. But those, those lifetime deals on app sumo look, I mean I’m kind of addicted to that site, so you might want to check that one out. Craig It’s they actually reached out and said like, hey, let’s put snap on on app sumo. And I said, I don’t think that’s right for for us. But it kind of like I started to understand their business model a little bit more. And I’ve been I’ve got to stay away from that site, man. I’m spending too much money on that. I’m just like, Oh, I can use that. I’ll get my money back on this. It’s just like it’s like Black Friday on there.

[00:06:18] Well, the weird thing is, like, Typeform didn’t contact me or I had no idea Typeform had this. I found it through a Facebook ad, but basically it’s a platform. What they want to do is replace going back and forth with texts. They want to send videos back and forth. So that’s the intent of it. But at its root, it’s a video, a very engaging video type form.

[00:06:38] Okay, cool. I’m going to check that out. Hey, Greg, will you throw that in the chat for us? Sure. It’s called video. You say video ask.

[00:06:46] Yeah, video ask. I just started just started using it this week. I’m in love with it.

[00:06:52] Awesome. Awesome. All right. Was it Graham or you? The other one with the win?

[00:06:56] Yeah, man. I think I might have cracked the Amiga code for this GMB getting GMB postcards, man. I’m not going to tell anyone how we do it, but it looks like we’re going to hit the gravy train. Man with ease. Gmb finally after spending fucking ten grand. Oops, sorry for the language after spent about ten grand on courses and going down rabbit holes and shit, we might have found something that’s going to work.

[00:07:23] That’s cool.

[00:07:25] That is cool. I know there is another guy from Australia that was reaching out to me yesterday that was really struggling to get jobs in the United States. Excuse me, this puberty thing going on here still in the United States. What’s worked really well for us is Craigslist like we’ve lost a couple of Craigslist accounts here and there. One of the strategies that we’ve really started to implement is like seasoning the Craigslist account. So basically the idea is you’re posting for some service that’s not going to get you suspended. That requires something local that maybe would be related to like. So if you’re posting for you want the GMB, maybe you post like a social media manager or you post some kind of job and you could even have them do that to do some tasks for you and then kind of weave this in there. So that’s worked really well for us. Another idea that I want to mention to you guys for for these posts, we pay people and sometimes it can seem like suspicious to people to get cash for a credit card. And you could give a gift card for something like a Starbucks gift card for $25 might make it seem more legitimate to them. It’s weird psychology. We messed around with it and we’ve had some success with that. At one point we’re actually doing because we’re finding that the people that were responding, a lot of them were like high school young teenage guys or like like in the early twenties. And a lot of these people are playing video games. So we were there’s like, I’m not like a video game master, but I think it was called like rally points or something like that where we would like give them these points that they could use somehow for like video games. And that did really well for a while. So just kind of like thinking outside the box indeed is another really good one. The Facebook groups, for those of you guys that are struggling to get get those things, I think, Jackson, you’ve been struggling to get some some jabs live, right?

[00:09:18] Yeah. I use an old method and just haven’t really been focusing there.

[00:09:25] It sounds like you don’t really want to expand too much on that, which is fine.

[00:09:29] Not really. I’m good right now.

[00:09:31] All right. How are you doing, man?

[00:09:32] I’m good. I’m good. Just on slides and stuff.

[00:09:36] What’d you say? Working on, like, a slideshow?

[00:09:38] I’m trying.

[00:09:39] To.

[00:09:40] Build out my offer.

[00:09:42] Cool, man. Do you have any. Any, anything to celebrate over the last week or two weeks?

[00:09:46] I got a couple appointments, but they’re no showing and just kind of, like, frustrated, to be honest, with a few of my sales that I’m dealing with keep reaching out to landscaping companies. I’m doing a lot of my prospecting on Facebook, and I tend to be getting guys that look calls and don’t show up. So the last ten I’ve talked to, like nine of them don’t answer. And then they go, go. Oh, I’ll.

[00:10:07] Tell you what, man, I kind of understand your strategy and what you’re doing there. And it’s always easier. It’s always easier to sell to sell the Ferrari when you have it in front of you. So, you know, if I, if I this is the example I’ve given for like pre selling versus like building and then like selling the stuff. So I’m like, Jackson, I’ve got this car. It’s really fast, man. It’s, it’s, it’s really nice inside. It’s so sporty. You’re going to love it. You know, the chicks are going to dig this thing. Do you want to buy this car for 100,000 or. Jackson Here’s the keys. Why don’t you take it around the block a couple of times and tell me what you think? Right. So having those leads in your hand where you can just kind of like give them to people, especially when you are when you’re in this phase right now where you kind of like you could be doing them both at the same time, right? Like you could be building out and ranking some things while you’re doing this so you have it in your back pocket. I believe that if you build it, they will come and then that’s where they become the commodity where it’s like, Oh, you want to go like make an excuse why this business model won’t work. I’ll just go on to the next person and the next person until I find somebody that really wants to grow their business, you know, and the whole mindset, you’ve actually created an asset too. You’ve got something that has value, right? And that is certainly not a waste of time. You know, there’s a lot of times where I’ve worked all day long and I’m like, What did I actually accomplish? Like, what did I do? Like, what did I actually move the business forward? And then there’s, there’s certain activities that I can do.

[00:11:46] Like if I read and I learned something new, then I’m like, okay, there’s like that certainly is beneficial. But having this where like you’ve actually done something, it’s, it’s, you know, it’s all virtual, but it almost feels like it’s tangible when you have this and you’re like moving it towards something. I don’t know of anyone that has a bunch of sites that are ranking, that are bringing in leads and they’re like, Hey, I’ve got I’ve never heard. And all the people I’ve talked to, I’ve never heard someone say, Man, I’ve got 100 sites that are bringing in like 50 leads a month and I can’t get anyone to pay me. I’ve heard that zero times, right? I’ve heard a lot of people that are like, we’re struggling like close people, but I don’t I don’t have the ranking sites in the leads coming in. So to me, it’s like I never really start to make a lot of money from a site until until it’s like ranking. Like that’s like so doing it first doesn’t seem like the wrong way to do it for me. But I know you’ve got you’ve got some, you’ve got all kinds of like processes and stuff you’re putting in place. Those would pay a really nice if you could get these guys on a trial. And I know you’re like trying to run it through through ads, I think. Right. Is that how you’re doing it? You’re like getting the people and then you run. Yeah.

[00:12:59] Like the go fast look sexy method is what I’m. What I’m.

[00:13:04] Yeah. I mean, you could absolutely do that. You could pair that with like having some stuff being built while you’re doing this to if you land one. Yeah.

[00:13:12] Yeah. So we actually we did change.

[00:13:14] Our strategy a little bit from the last time we talked. I was going like the agency SEO model method. I think we chatted like two weeks ago about this.

[00:13:21] And you sent me some cool.

[00:13:23] Voice messages on it. But, you know, approaching these guys and telling them about the asset and that we’re going to be building something out in the area anyways and trying to get them to commit to a flat fee with us and then run ads and deliver on like a guaranteed minimum amount of leads, something like that. That’s what we’re thinking about. And then back up on the on the back end, have that lead gen being built. 90 days, 180 days after working with the client, hopefully getting them enough business to afford the marketing and the flat fee and then move on to lead gen and cover our overhead and kind of throttle back the ads a little bit so we can make more profit six months down the road.

[00:14:04] Yeah.

[00:14:05] I mean, I tried that strategy a lot and it was painful for me. Like I did a few things where I invested in a lot of my time and money on courses and ran the ads. And then once someone came in, I would I would have them paying. But the, the the biggest thing was to just really build the sites and get them to rank. And that’s like. It seems like it’s like. It can be boring because you’re putting in this time and you’re not like, if you need money fast, you can think like, Hey, this is going to take forever. But if you start today, then that’s like one day sooner than it will be ready tomorrow. And like, we’re just constantly building sites. There’s never a time where we’re not building sites. A lot of them are like for referrals that we’re trying to rank, but we’re always kind of like trying to move this forward. And and that’s that thing where at the end of the day, I know my business is moving forward if we’re like. Buying a new domain. If we’re adding new pages to the site, we’re getting new backlinks like I don’t know when, but I know that that’s worth something, you know, in what happens if like, if you go through and you’re trying to like close these people on these deals and you don’t actually close them, like you’re probably learning and adjusting.

[00:15:25] And that’s something that you can say, Hey, I moved forward because of that, but it doesn’t seem tangible like when you’re like actually doing this, it’s like you’re essentially building a house and then it’s like finding a renter. Right? So where is if you could talk to 300 people and nobody wants to buy the house before it’s built, then it’s like you’re still in the same spot that you were before you talk to anyone, right? So I’d be interested, man. Jackson I would say like. I’ll challenge you to track your time on, like, building a site or anyone for that matter. Like spin like a few months, track your time on like the time putting in to this versus the time like trying to pre-sell and look at it, look at it a little down the road and see which one’s a better hourly rate. Because I have very strong suspicions that your hourly rate is going to be better for just like building this stuff out and then like it’s going to be an easy sell, especially for you. Jackson You’ve got great sales skills. It’s just a question of like making it easier on yourself.

[00:16:32] Cool.

[00:16:33] That’s good advice. I’ll try that out.

[00:16:36] Our brother. It’s good to see you, man. Who else? Any other wins?

[00:16:40] I guess wins. Collected another seven K this week and new money six of that’s from a website build we built we built some seasonal type legions that are starting to actually take off. And so this week’s been quite challenging, just trying to juggle with ads out in multiple markets with trying to get some, some people to test out the product as Patrick. Patrick Patrick’s method with the drug dealer method, as I refer to, we’re going to sample out the little drugs and they’re going to bite and we’re going to rent these sites. And then we’re one step closer to that 12% revenue of that roofing company in Atlanta. I reviewed the contract with the attorney that drafted it up, and now it’s in the hands of the other guy’s attorney reviewing that. So I’m hoping by next week I’ll be 12% owner of a roofing company in Atlanta.

[00:17:44] So cool, man. Are you are you like is this become normalized? The the the tone of your winds used to be man I closed a 5000 job and now it’s like know I collect another seven K I’ve been working on this this 12% this seems like.

[00:18:02] A Patrick he said another coffee. I said another seven K. Yeah.

[00:18:08] So like it’s the one thing that I’ve shared before in Patrick I think you’re used to this as well is I struggled for for many years just in general of making money. And it’s the one thing I don’t know if it’s about the vibration and the energy and the people that you have surrounding you that you just kind of feed off of. But it seems to be the the more money you make, the easier it becomes. Or as it starts to make, it just becomes easier. And honestly, like, I’m not trying to gloat or brag. That is definitely not it. I, I’m. I just celebrate every day I’m able to get up and do something that is really, really fun. It’s never monotonous. And when I’m able to help people out and actually be able to see the one thing for me, man, is honestly, the heat map, the software is really been just from a psychological standpoint. Obviously, you guys know I’m using it and like the audits when we’re prospecting, but being able to see because the guy the guy that taught me this, some of you guys know who it is. I won’t mention the name, but they’re they’re big believers and not purchasing tools and driving your car blind. And so for the longest period of time, I didn’t know any better until I met up with Patrick here, I don’t know, a year or so ago and saw the heatmap software. What that allows for me is to know that all these things that Patrick and all these other gurus tell you you guys should be doing when you can actually see it almost in real time, develop in front of your face and go, Holy shit, this stuff actually works. It’s not just like this. Oh, Bill Backlinks. So citations, all this other crap and you’re like, Oh, I mean, it’s getting some phone calls. But when I can actually see that, what we do will actually translate to the heat map, lighting up, turn and green. Like it’s that that’s just motivating as hell for me every day.

[00:20:06] Yeah.

[00:20:07] Yeah, it’s awesome. And it’s. It’s certainly been a game changer for us. And it’s it’s great for understanding where you are, for testing, for prospecting. There’s there’s so many different uses, uses for it. And I think this this thing of.

[00:20:25] Like.

[00:20:26] It’s easier to have to like get money when you have it coming in. It’s, it’s not like a magic thing. Here’s what I think goes on and I’m a big believer in this is like for you to kind of like get into the position where you’re able to like start making this money. A lot of things has to align. And once you’ve kind of like made that shift and you put yourself in that position, you just kind of like hang out there. And what worked to get you the first money continues to work because you’re staying in that same space, right? So it’s like you are doing the same things and if you stop doing those, then you’re going to notice that it’s probably going to go away. And sometimes that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Like if you have a lot of fulfillment to catch up on, right, because you’ve, you’ve sold a lot, then it’s good to like take your foot off the brake. But you always, you kind of got it in the bag. Well, now I know how I can do this, right? And it makes it a lot easier when you when you when you take that attitude into a sale. There’s no desperation. You just know that it’s just it’s like a numbers game. It’s just a matter of time. I’m going to talk to the right person. I’ve got the confidence they can feel that I’ve got the results stacking up. So it’s cool, man.

[00:21:37] It’s I, I know exactly how you feel. There was, there is times where, you know, the first two years in this, it, it was hard to get to 4000. And then after a while, you know, there’s people that are reaching out on almost a daily basis offering to pay me. And I’m just like money showing up, like there’s checks that we will find. We’re like, Oh, we didn’t, we didn’t I didn’t catch that. I didn’t even yeah. So like it is, it’s a weird adjustment in what, you know, what seemed like it was so challenging becomes much easier. And I want you guys to be inspired by this because everybody goes through this mindset and when you’re stuck there, like just some of these small shifts that we talk and a lot of it is mindset can unlock this door that can open this up just like it has for Spencer and so many other people. So I’m a big believer that a lot of you guys are so much closer to success than you think. It’s just some some small adjustments and you know, what’s going to work for Spencer might not work for you. You’ve got to kind of find your own way. Everyone’s got their own, like strengths and weaknesses and being self aware enough to be able to address those I think is a is a is a big key. So congrats Spencer on another boring seven k deal and the 12% ownership.

[00:22:58] Yeah I noticed gram gram in the chat called you spend so we allowed to call you Spencer. Is that only for a man? Yeah, I. I grew up. I grew up. Friends call me Spence. Nice. Yeah, basically, as long as it’s not something. I mean. Hey, you. As long as it’s kind of a nice tone. Hey, what’s your name? Right, I’ll answer. All right, cool. So it’s hard for all these not to, like, change everyone’s name. Like, Patrick should be Pat out. Jeff should be Jeff. Oh, yeah. All right, Spence, my staff. You know, it’s just how we roll. I get called Mr. G-man and all sorts of shit. No one gets called by the real names down here. It sounds like Brazil. Brazil’s like that a lot.

[00:23:45] Cool. All right.

[00:23:46] We have another win on Facebook. Yousef is saying he’s got more leads to sell than he did last week. So I say that’s a win. He’s got current clients that want him to create new jobs and manage more jobs. So he’s expanding. I haven’t heard a lot of detail out of him lately, but apparently he’s doing doing his thing. And then we have a client wanting to expand on one of our markets. So we kind of talked about what that might look like with a start up fee. Patrick and I and reached out to him and he seems to be agreeable to that. So we’re going to get him on a startup fee and blast him off into a new market. We’ve had him for, what, a couple of years at least since I’ve been around. Patrick Maybe like right before I came on board.

[00:24:24] Trying to remember who. Oh, I know who it is now. Yeah. Yeah. He’s been. I think he came on right before you, so. Yeah, he’s been around for a little while, kind of like mid-level. He’s a younger guy and just wanted to, I think, kind of get his business organized a little bit. And now he’s he’s kind of like ready, it sounds like, to take it to the next level and really expand things, which is awesome to to watch that transition. You know, it’s I was talking to someone earlier this week and I was talking about the butterfly effect of how we don’t always understand the actions of this, of like what we do. And this is like a case of that where, you know, we’re just over here like sending him leads and not really paying a ton of attention to him, checking in with them every now and then. And look, he’s like, Hey, I want to open up this a whole nother section of my business. I doubt that would have been possible without a consistent flow of leads for the last two years. Like, he had to level up a lot of different ways. And and through this consistent business that we’ve helped him get, he’s able to expand into whole new markets and like expand on the existing. So he’s not only wants to expand into a new market, right? He wants to add on some additional services that are kind of like shoulder services. It’s different. Different, completely different niche almost. But, you know, so that’s awesome that to be a part of that. We’ve seen a few clients do that where some of our clients have gone and bought like an entire new company and asked us, Hey, can you do the same thing for this, this new company? And they’re like, We feel confident doing that because of our experience with you. We know that you can bring the business and not just like takes away a big question mark for them, you know?

[00:26:07] Yeah, I’ve been checking in with them. I kind of was wanting him to expand last season, but he had a kid on the way and now the kid is like round one or whatever. So it’s kind of gotten his feet on the ground, got set with all of that. Now he’s ready to roll. So I always saw him as a good expansion potential client and now that’s coming true. So I’m happy to see.

[00:26:28] Yeah, that’s cool. It’s cool. I think we found a couple a couple good people this week to join our team. I’m trying to look for new you know, you guys like a lot of you guys when when you you’re looking for people to join your team. I think a lot of people are going to Upwork and like online jobs and those are great and those have like helped us a lot along the way. But there’s also like Central and South America and we found a girl in Belize that I think is going to be a really nice fit for us. And it’s great because they’re on the same time zone in Belize. They like English as their first language. So that is is awesome. And and I’m trying to figure out ways that we can really tap into some of these these other markets to have the same time zone. There’s just a lot of advantages to that and kind of like having a little more cohesion within our whole team. So I think that’s a win for us, kind of feeling pretty good about that stuff. I saw it in the Facebook group. Our our our buddy Jimmy White has another lead where he said he got a generous startup fee current client. I think that’s a second one in three or four weeks for him where he’s kind of like closed a deal on like a startup fee deal. I saw that other couple people it’s I think it’s super cool that you guys are that’s what we’ve been doing now for over it’s probably been a year and a half and I like this strategy a lot more. And it’s it’s cool to see that you guys are closing more deals with this strategy. What you said, Jeff, was that, oh.

[00:28:03] That was a ram had to bounce.

[00:28:05] So. Oh.

[00:28:07] On him. Okay, cool.

[00:28:10] So yeah. And go back to the beliefs thing real quick is that came from me just being out there and kind of working my way through some different demos and different things that I’m doing and finding a way to tap into that Belizean talent pool. So always have your eyes open. And just because everybody goes to the Philippines or everybody goes here or there to get one thing or the other, like I always try to see like, where is the market going? How can you take advantage of something that maybe people aren’t tuned into yet?

[00:28:43] Yeah.

[00:28:43] Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I think one of the mistakes that I made when I was building my team is I was just like trying to hire like the the cheapest people that I felt were competent. And I don’t know if you guys ever listen to the podcast by Guy RAZ. It was recommended by by Gabe to me, really good podcast. But the guy who started, he started it when like Expedia was this, I don’t know, like $100 million company. And and obviously, Kayak turned into a monster and I think he sold it for like over $2 Billion. But they’re interviewing him and they’re like, like, why did you go into this when there’s, like, obviously this big competitor? And he’s like, well, what I was thinking about is I wanted my ten people in my company to be better than the ten best people in their company. And it just to me, it really showed the importance of having strong people on your team and what that meant for him. And it was kind of like we’ve been having a lot of internal struggles with things getting passed off, not getting done correctly, this type of thing. And like maybe we need to go to like focus on people that are unwilling to work for cheaper money because they know they’re there, they’ve achieved more value through their experience. And, you know, that will translate and that will come back to you every hour that they work when you find someone like that. So we’re kind of like upgrading some of our talent throughout our, our team to, to, to kind of like take advantage of these higher level people. And I don’t know what the penalty we paid for it over the years, but I, I think there’s definitely been one. If I had it to do over again, I think I would have hired higher level people from the beginning and maybe hired, hired slower. Right. And then let the business demand these new hires rather than trying to find the cheapest person I can to do like X, Y and Z. Cool. Do we have any more wins? I got some.

[00:30:43] We do. We have a.

[00:30:44] Big one.

[00:30:44] In the Facebook group. Ariel is saying she has closed the first three flat fee lead gen deals. Her first three flat fee deals in the past month. That’s amazing. Three is a great number. Congratulations.

[00:31:00] That’s awesome.

[00:31:01] That’s cool. I think that there was a long time that went by where she was kind of just like grinding it out and not really. She hadn’t closed any deals. And it’s it’s kind of cool to turn that corner and start to get that money to come in and like, now all your hard work is paying off, you know? Right. Okay, cool. I want to share like I know we’ve gone through the we put the poll in there, we’ve kind of gone through and try to strategically choose some of the topics that you guys say you’re struggling with. I think one of the topics that a lot of you guys struggle with is with back linking.