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Flexible, affordable pricing designed to grow with your agency.

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Unlimited Client System Access
  • 1Company
  • 10 GMB Locations
  • 50 GMB Heat Map Searches


Unlimited Client System Access
  • 10 Companies
  • 50 GMB Locations
  • 100 GMB Heat Map Searches
  • Additional Company $9.90/mo.
  • Additional GMB $3.00/mo.


Unlimited Client System Access
  • 50 Companies
  • 100 GMB Locations
  • 150 GMB Heat Map Searches
  • Additional Company $4.00/mo.
  • Additional GMB $2.00/mo.


Unlimited Client System Access
  • 100 Companies
  • 150 GMB Locations
  • 250 GMB Heat Map Searches
  • Additional Company $3.00/mo.
  • Additional GMB $1.50/mo.

Phone Tracking Plans

Flexible, affordable pricing designed to grow with your agency.

Make & Recieve Calls In:
$ 5.50 per


Phone Tracking Plan

$ 0.05

Per Minute

$ N/A

Per Text

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions.

How do pricing and credits for the various plans work?

Regardless of the plan you choose you will have access to the entire platform. As you move towards the higher level plans you get more credits for the various parts and pieces of the system.

How does the free trial work?

Regardless of the plan you select you will get a free 15 day trial. As long as you cancel within the trial period you will not be charged anything. It is necessary to select a plan to receive the free trial.

What is a CRM Company?

Companies are a central building block within LeadSnap. They start off as a website but then we create many relationships with the company to things like Google My Business, clients, Google Analytics, reputation management and more. As leads or opportunities flow from your various lead sources like your website or phone calls they are organized by company. Users can be given access on a module level and a company level. Companies are used throughout the system for tracking and analytics.

What if I need more units than are part of a plan?

No problem, you can easily add on more units. The cost is based on the plan you have. So if it costs you $1 per unit for your current plan then adding one more unit will cost you an additional $1.

What support options do you offer to help me get started?

We have video training and documentation for all parts of the system. In addition, we have a ticketing system, chat support and a Facebook group with weekly Q&A on both the software and business, marketing and SEO coaching. We encourage everyone to take advantage of our free onboarding call where someone from our team will walk you through the set up addressing the specific needs of your business.

Why Choose LeadSnap?

We have large amount of tools in very affordable prices.

Features Competitors Other Tools
GMB Management Local Viking Local Falcon $39+/mo.
GEO Grid Search (Heat Map) Local Falcon Local Viking $39+/mo.
Reputation Management Bird Eye Trust Pilot $180/mo.
CRM Pipeline Management Salesforce HubSpot $25+/mo.
Google Ads SKAG AdCostly SpyFu $49+/mo.
Phone Tracking Call Rail Call Fire $45+/mo.
Client Onboarding Hopscotch Nikelled $158/mo.

6 Ways

Pays for

Get Extra Benefits with
this powerful tool built
for you...

Close More Deals.
Incredibly powerful prospecting tools like the heat map combined with sales pipeline management.
Consolidate Tools & Save Money.
All the tools you need to manage your business under one roof at a fraction of the cost of the competition.
Streamline Your Business.
When everything is under one roof it plays so well together. Build custom workflows based on your needs.
Track & Improve Ranking.
Our heat map can provide incredibly powerful insight on how to improve rankings while our reputation management can systematize more reviews.
Business Automation.
Leverage our powerful automation to maximize efficiency within your business.
Save Time.
Eliminating 99% of form submission spam is only 1 of many time-saving features built into this system.

Simplified Business Automation

Consolidate your tools in one place to save time & money.

Powerful Intuitive Automated

Welcome To LeadSnap

A powerful set of tools, easy to use & set up in minutes.

Close More Deals

Business Automation

Time Saving Tools

Track & Improve Rankings

Streamline Your Business

Consolidate Tools & Save Money


Today I solidified my largest monthly retainer in the history of my business. If you are not using LeadSnap then you are missing out.


...One of the keys to closing him initially was showcasing where he was positioned in comparison to his competitors using the Heat Map feature on LeadSnap


Our agency started using LeadSnap's Heat Map tool to prospect via screencast for new seo/lead gen clients and it's a game changer


The Heat Maps make it so easy to show a prospect how they are doing when it comes to ranking! Thank you Patric for an awesome product!


Shout out to Patric and his development team!


I started using some of Patric's techniques just over the last few weeks and have seen a drastic improvement...Thank you for the amazing software and kick in the butt.


The Lead Gen Swiss Army Knife! I've been fortunate enough to have access to the unbelievable tools Patric has created with LeadSnap. I use these tools all day.


Thank You Patric, what a useful tool... still some ways to go, BUT pretty cool when you have a roadmap to success!


Just closed on 4 lead gen sites today...that heat map is a wicked tool to leverage. 36k raise 🙌💰


Thanks to Patric’s LeadSnap software, I can easily show the value of SEO in an easily digestible image…Love it.


I just got my first client thanks to Patric's LeadSnap CRM!...


Thanks Patric…nothing quite like this tool. Now time to ask for a raise 🥰


LeadSnap for the win… Patric good work, loving these heatmaps


Just cannot stress enough how OUTSTANDING the LeadSnap platform is!!! Thanks again (for like the 123,143,645th time) Patric


…thanks to Patric and his beastly tool that blew them away in my presentation!


I was one of the LeadSnap beta users…All I’m trying to say that if you are serious about growing…then this avenue is certainty one of the quickest and easiest way to go.

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