GMB Management

The Google My Business or GMB area, often referred to as the map pack is a very important area for any local business to show up within Google’s search results. It’s widely agreed among top local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gurus that this is the most visible and important part for a local business trying to attract more customers. Various studies show greater than 50% of clicks are happening within this area.

This is exactly the reason we built the industry leading Heat Map tool. The Heat Map tool shows you exactly how you are ranking as you move across a geographical area.

Save Time
Save time by accessing all of your GMB information in one location through a centralized dashboard that is safe and secure. Use our system to locate deficiencies in missing information.

Be Informed
We know the Google My Business or GMB is a valuable part of the profile for our online business. Over the years these GMBs have become volatile with Google suspending these for no apparent reason. It’s important to know as soon as this occurs and take action to restore it.

Improve Rankings

Keeping your information up to date and current as well as adding photos, responding to reviews and questions will positively influence your visibility within Google. With additional visibility or improved GMB rankings you can attract new customers.

Have Access To All Your GMB’s In One Place

If you’re managing more than one Google My Business listing, you know that it’s not easy to switch from one account to another to make edits. LeadSnap makes this process easier by allowing you to access any one of your GMB’s at any given time.

You will have complete access to make edits, add images, create posts, reply to reviews, view your insights, and more! Gone are the days of having to log into one GMB at a time just to make a simple change or post. Below is an in-depth overview of each of the features we offer and how they can be used to make managing your GMB’s a breeze.

View Your GMB Insights

Even for a website that is producing consistent leads, tracking your GMB’s performance is critical. What terms is your GMB showing up for? And what terms are you missing out on? How many people are calling your GMB vs visiting your website? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions (or if you started wondering just now) we’ve got good news: tracking your GMB’s performance just got a whole lot easier. Here are all of the metrics you’ll be able to track for every one of your GMB’s:

  • How people found your listing. (By name? or by category, product, or service?)
  • Where people are viewing your listing (On search? or on maps?)
  • How many people are clicking to view your website
  • How many people are calling from your GMB
  • How many calls have you gotten from your GMB for a given time
  • How many views are your photos getting
  • What people are searching for to find your business listing

Edit Your Location Data

If you want your GMB’s to rank well, then you already know the first step is getting them completely filled out with as much information as you can. LeadSnap makes this process simple by allowing you to add all of your data to your GMB’s without even having to log into them.

Our software allows the user to edit the following:

  • Images
  • Business description
  • Opening date
  • Hours
  • Logo
  • Videos
  • Cover image
  • Special hours
  • Services & products
  • Appointment URL
  • Name
  • Category

When managing multiple GMB’s individually, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of which ones have been filled out completely and which ones may be missing some information. With LeadSnap, you can easily see which of your listings are incomplete and take the necessary steps to complete them all within one easy-to-use dashboard.

Create And Manage Posts

Creating posts is a fantastic way to attract new users to your listing by providing important updates, changes, or even promotions you’re currently running. If you’re not utilizing GMB posts, then you’re missing out on potential traffic. But a common reason that people don’t create posts on their GMB’s as much as they’d like to is because it’s simply a pain to switch in and out of each Google My Business account to make these posts one by one.

LeadSnap solves this problem too. It includes a built-in feature that allows you to create posts for all of your GMB’s directly from your dashboard. And it doesn’t just stop there! You’ll also have the ability to schedule posts for weeks or months in advance. Scheduling posts ahead of time eases the burden of having to re-create a new post every week for each GMB. Just set it, forget it, and watch the traffic come in.

Get Alerts On GMB Status Changes

As we all know, Google can be volatile at times, and the status of your listings can change at the drop of a hat. Don’t be left in the dark wondering if your listings are still live, or spending valuable time logging in and out of each one making sure nothing’s been suspended.

LeadSnap has the unique ability to alert you anytime there has been a status change to any of your listings. If one happens to change from a live to a suspended status, you’ll know immediately and can take action to get them live again. This also works if you’re waiting to hear back about the reinstatement of a suspended GMB. As soon as the status changes, you’ll be notified.

Reply To Google Reviews & Questions

Responding to all of your reviews and questions in a timely manner is a crucial part of your reputation management, but it can also affect your rankings. The trouble is, you never know when someone is going to leave a review or ask a question on your GMB.

LeadSnap will not only alert you on a per-location basis whenever someone leaves a review or asks a question, but it will also give you the ability to respond to each one. Stay on top of all your GMB reviews and questions with LeadSnap!

Client User Access

If you were hired by a client to create and manage their GMB, don’t leave them wondering what you are actually doing for them. With LeadSnap, you can give your clients access to the GMB so that they can add photos, reply to reviews, answer questions, and even create and schedule GMB posts.

We know that the idea of giving a client access to edit the GMB is kind of scary since editing information too quickly can sometimes result in a suspension. This is why the client will only have limited access and won’t be able to change any crucial data, which will keep the GMB safe while still allowing them to see firsthand what’s going on with their project.

If you are trying to scale your business, there is no better all-in-one tool for GMB management than LeadSnap. All of these features listed above are included with a LeadSnap subscription and will give you all of the tools you will need to manage each of your GMB’s like a boss.