Customer Relationship

LeadSnap started as a CRM for marketing companies. A system designed to help manage relationships with clients, leads or opportunities and track interactions. This functionality is the core of LeadSnap.

Why Use The LeadSnap CRM?

Customizable system built to adapt to your needs every step of the way

Powerful Reporting

Customized reporting and analytics allow you to make informed decisions based on data, not guesses. Company and client level tracking.

Organized Information

Having all your leads in one place with reporting designed to give you the info you need at any time is invaluable.

Save Time

From automation to spam filters, and beyond this powerful platform does the work of many while you sleep


There is no one size fits all system for businesses. That’s why we built our CRM to bend and shape based on your business needs. Customize what you track and create reports to show your data.


From follow up, to reminders and moving clients into various pipelines based on rules you set the automation.

LeadSnap Core Features

Here are just a few of the features built into LeadSnap.

Lead Management

All your leads in one location with reporting and analysis tools.


Build custom workflows or sequences based on triggers and events that occur in your business. Want to automatically send a text to a caller when you miss a call? Our automations can handle that for you.

Contact Management

Track communications, set reminders and schedule messages through one contact area.


Organize and track your sales pipeline from prospect to closed deal with LeadSnap’s Pipeline system.

Onboarding Questionnaires

Build custom questionnaires or surveys that can be sent to clients to gather information that is stored safely within our system. Onboard clients like a pro!

Task Reminder System

Want a reminder to follow up with a client or assign to someone on your sales team? Our task reminder system can handle this.

Killer Spam Filters

Custom designed spam filters block more than 99.7% of spam. After years of seeing patterns in form submission spam we decided to use it against them.

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Lead Management

Having all your leads from various sites in one location allows you to analyze leads in a lot of different ways. View leads by:



Lead Source

LeadSnap Automations

LeadSnap automations allow you to take advantage of patterns that exist in your business. They save us time and make us money.

Would your revenue increase if you didn’t have to worry about remembering to do follow up?

There is a 400% higher chance of a sale if you are the first person to speak to a prospect.

Those who choose to adopt automation have a serious competitive advantage over those who do not. LeadSnap makes the process easy with our drag drop automation builder.

How Does It Work?

Pick A Trigger
You pick the trigger that starts the process. It could be a missed call, or a form submission from your website, maybe a certain field being updated to a certain value or many other options.
Pick An Event
You pick the event. You can pick from a list of actions that happen if and only if the selected trigger is activated.
Add more Events
You can add as many events as you like to ensure things are being done within our system to meet your business needs.

What’s all the Hoopla About Spam Filters

After being in the digital marketing world for years, we were tired of the relentless form submission spam we were dealing with – even on holidays and weekends! We knew most of the spam was coming from robots so it was obvious there were patterns we could defeat. We built a system to buy back some of our time.

A few of our Spam Filters..

  • Phone Number Formats
  • If a URL is included 
  • IP Addresses from other countries 
  • Domains and email address blocking
  • Keywords and phrases

Any of these on their own would make a big difference, you combine them together and the spam is all but out of your life forever.

We use patterns against the spammers.

They learn as you go so they get better and better over time.

Improves lead quality and allows you to focus on things that matter.

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Consolidate your tools in one place to save time & money.

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    Consolidate your tools in one place to save time & money.