Custom Workflow Automation

LeadSnap’s Feature-Rich Automations Turn Leads Into Customers!

We all know that lead nurturing is the key to conversion! We’ve heard that following up with a lead within the first 5 minutes increases conversion rates by 10x! Fast follow-up gives you a massive advantage over competitors, but how do you do that efficiently and effectively?

LeadSnap offers a user-friendly interface allowing you to easily create follow-up automations and sequences that turn leads into customers.

Seamless integration with LeadSnap’s robust CRM makes automations one of the most powerful tools in the LeadSnap Swiss Army Knife to convert leads into customers while tracking contacts, data, and follow-up within the simple to use LeadSnap interface.

Lead Nurturing

LeadSnap offers customizable lead nurturing including email and SMS, with timelines and actions to meet your specific needs.

LeadSnap’s flexible lead nurturing automations allow you to communicate with leads quickly and easily to build credibility and engagement without depending on you to do it all yourself.

Want to send a friendly welcome email or text?

Need to add some education about your product or service?

How about offering a promotion to re-engage a lead?

Whatever you need, LeadSnap has got you covered!

Multi-Channel Automation Triggers

LeadSnap’s multi-channel automation triggers currently include:

  • New Form Submission
  • New Phone Call
  • Field Status Updated
  • New Deal in the Pipeline
  • Deal is Moved to a Pipeline Stage

These triggers give you full control over how you communicate with your leads!

Endless Flexibility

When adding a trigger, there’s an almost endless number of combinations between the “fields”, “operators,” and “value” to create the automation and result that you want.

You’re in control as you build your automation with the ability to add steps along the way to keep you top of mind with your lead.

Two-Way Communication

Automations integrate seamlessly with LeadSnap’s own phone system and others to give you the ability to communicate through LeadSnap and have a complete record of all communications in one interface that gives you maximum efficiency to nurture, track, and close leads with valuable data at your fingertips!

When you begin with Lead Snap, your first step will be add your lead generation properties as “Companies”.

You can do this under

The overall workflow that Lead Snap’s automation supports is forwarding your lead gen company’s leads to your clients, while filtering out spam and requesting reviews from the leads.

Step 1: Add Your First Company using the Settings Module, under “Companies”.

Step 2: Connect your company’s form either by mapping the fields through Lead Snap’s plugin for WordPress or embedding Lead Snaps on your site, using the Leads Module, under “Website Forms.”

Step 3: Connect Your Phone Tracking System (fill out later once Phone System is Live)

Step 4: Test the connection between Lead Snap and your lead gen property by calling your property and by submitting a form and then checking for both leads using the Leads Module, under “All Leads”.

If the leads appear, please begin step 5. If not, make sure you’ve followed steps 1-3, and if your test leads are still not appearing, please submit a support ticket using the question mark icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 5:

Powerful Intuitive Automated

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Today I solidified my largest monthly retainer in the history of my business. If you are not using LeadSnap then you are missing out.


...One of the keys to closing him initially was showcasing where he was positioned in comparison to his competitors using the Heat Map feature on LeadSnap


Our agency started using LeadSnap's Heat Map tool to prospect via screencast for new seo/lead gen clients and it's a game changer


The Heat Maps make it so easy to show a prospect how they are doing when it comes to ranking! Thank you Patric for an awesome product!


Shout out to Patric and his development team!


I started using some of Patric's techniques just over the last few weeks and have seen a drastic improvement...Thank you for the amazing software and kick in the butt.


The Lead Gen Swiss Army Knife! I've been fortunate enough to have access to the unbelievable tools Patric has created with LeadSnap. I use these tools all day.


Thank You Patric, what a useful tool... still some ways to go, BUT pretty cool when you have a roadmap to success!


Just closed on 4 lead gen sites today...that heat map is a wicked tool to leverage. 36k raise 🙌💰


Thanks to Patric’s LeadSnap software, I can easily show the value of SEO in an easily digestible image…Love it.


I just got my first client thanks to Patric's LeadSnap CRM!...


Thanks Patric…nothing quite like this tool. Now time to ask for a raise 🥰


LeadSnap for the win… Patric good work, loving these heatmaps


Just cannot stress enough how OUTSTANDING the LeadSnap platform is!!! Thanks again (for like the 123,143,645th time) Patric


…thanks to Patric and his beastly tool that blew them away in my presentation!


I was one of the LeadSnap beta users…All I’m trying to say that if you are serious about growing…then this avenue is certainty one of the quickest and easiest way to go.

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