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[00:00:00] There’s nothing I can do to this on the actual physical location. What’s their website like you want to look at? Who’s that?

[00:00:09] What’s really coming in here with all kinds of other background noise that’s going on?

[00:00:17] The area that Brian, oh.

[00:00:21] Um, all right, let’s record this bad boy.

[00:00:25] Ok. We are live.

[00:00:30] We’re live another weekly call. So this call is kind of a special call, I think, for a few different reasons. We’ll go into those. I’m excited for it. Obviously, we’re going to be building on what we talked about over the last couple of weeks. But it’s also if some of you guys remember, a year ago we did two consecutive calls. The first one was kind of the hey world. We exist, we generated exist. And that was that was this week. So it’s been 12 months since that call, right? Today, one week and then next week would be our launch call, or actually it was actually a few days a few days later. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this last year with us on this on this platform. I know that we didn’t start doing the weekly calls until about the first week of January. So, you know, we’re maybe 10 months into those calls, but I hope you guys have over the last year. It’s been amazing for us to see and hear the testimonials from you guys. So the some of the wins that you guys have shared has really affected us. Our whole team talks about it. You know, I I have like little highlight reels in my head of people closing different deals.

[00:01:44] The wins that you guys have shared not only in the call, but in the the various groups. They stick with us and they matter, and it’s cool when you’re building the platform and thinking about how this is going to be awesome. And we’re kind of in the laboratory coming up with all these different ideas on how to structure this thing. Put it together what would make the most value for people and then to see people run with it. Over the last 12 months, it’s been it’s been really rewarding. This has probably been the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on in my life. You know, it’s been just like. I don’t know how many hours have disappeared, and it’s like, I know that. You know, what’s going on on our end is a lot of times we’re up until like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and then we’re back up at 7:00 in the morning trying to fix issues and make sure things are set up. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this last 12 months with us and it’s been it’s a huge win for us to kind of like we’re at the one year mark. I never launched a SAS company on my own, like I built a product that someone else launched, but I’d never built one on my own.

[00:02:53] I’d never run a Facebook group before. And you know, obviously we made mistakes. We learned along the way and we continue to learn. But I would just say it’s been a really rewarding year for us as the kind of the developer behind this and my team. You guys have provided us with the opportunity to grow. You know, it’s it’s you put yourself out there and you put your back against the wall. You’re going to be forced into growing into something. And it’s just hard to look back on the last 12 months and think about how, how different things are. You know, I think when we started 12 months ago when we launched, I think we had seven software engineers working for us. And then before the end of the year, I think we had 17. So looking on things, I think the functionality has doubled in the last 12 months, just kind of going from where we where we are to where we are now, especially with the last release. There may not be twice as many modules, but a lot of the development has come within the same modules and we’re continuing to pour this on. So we are now kind of pushing this thing out into the real world.

[00:04:10] So we talked a little bit about the affiliate program. We’re going to dive a little bit more into that today and go through that. It’s a great opportunity for for a lot of people. So I wanted to share that when obviously we always like to start this off for when, but this is a huge win. I’m super proud of what we’ve done. We’ve obviously we’d like persevered through some in my mind drama that was completely unnecessary. And I’m kind of looking at that, as is in the rearview mirror. It’s been a great learning experience on how to handle things and and, you know, clearly there’s things we would have done different had like if I had it to do over again 12 months, 12 months ago. But you know, the next 12 months, I think we’re going to take our learning experiences and we’re going to we’re going to be better from it. Another win before we dive into your guys wins is Jeff. You want to share. I think you have a win. I think that whole conversation we just had for the last hour and a half or whatever it was with Kevin, what did you think of that? What? Why don’t you share that a little bit about what’s going on there?

[00:05:15] Yeah, I’ve had a client that Patrick brought on, I guess, a couple of years ago and charged him an upfront fee on the old model. We’re charging them a monthly. No promises made about Leeds delivered and then it kind of didn’t really take off. And so he was just kind of sitting on idle. And then eventually it started producing a lot during COVID, and it just never got really followed up on. And he never started paying and he didn’t really even understand how many leads we were sending him. So I’ve been bantering back and forth, texting and whatever with them and had a few phone calls within the last couple of months. But because I wasn’t involved in the original deal, he’s like, Oh, I already paid X number of dollars and I haven’t gotten anything, and it’s really hard to go back and try to, like, speak when you’ve taken ten grand from somebody and I don’t know what was agreed upon or anything. So we got him on a call today to really audit what he’s been getting. And it was really just kind of a big realization for him seeing the the calls filtered through call rail and the different things that Patrick was able to show and regenerating the CRM to kind of like reveal to him like, Hey, the always calls are coming from us and there’s value that we’re providing you. And so he kind of anchored himself back to around the two thousand five hundred dollar monthly, and he was kind of like, Yeah, well, if I’m getting the value like, I’ll pay that. And so it’s like, All right, we’ll start paying way.

[00:06:44] Yeah, that was way higher than than what our target was. I was like, Oh,

[00:06:49] Ok, cool. It’s like, OK, yeah, we’ll take your twenty five hundred.

[00:06:52] Yeah, so he he is, he runs. He’s a he’s a really high volume niche and he’s the biggest player in town. They’re probably the biggest, probably like one of the top three there. He’s a franchise owner of a national franchise that is probably one of the biggest franchise owners like biggest, biggest, like, biggest market, biggest company in the United States. So he also dove into the CRM with us, and he was just. I don’t know what your perception of, like all

[00:07:26] The all the things that he wanted as far as like lead flow and all of that, it’s like, Oh yeah, we have that, oh, we have that. There were like, I think there’s one feature that he wanted that we didn’t exactly have, but it was just an opportunity to walk him right through the CRM. And I think there’s a really good chance that he’s probably going to cancel some other subscriptions and go over to the platform. So that’s amazing. And I still, I don’t know where Patrick’s going, but you guys can do that too with your your own clients. Like if there’s a better we have a better solution, then it’s a no brainer. You bring them, bring them over. And I was listening to a podcast earlier today, and I think it’s the guy was kind of talking about Jay Abraham or Abraham Center, whatever you guys probably know. And I haven’t really looked Abraham Abraham yet, but apparently he’s like a really good business guy. And so I was learning a lot about this kind of, you know, try to find this many of the solutions upstream and downstream from your client, as you possibly can. So you can just keep filling in the blanks and maybe cut some kind of a deal to send your clients one way or the other to get clients from one upstream or downstream. And all of that. And it just really expand your thinking about how you can monetize the skill set and and just the position that you’re in. Even if you only have five clients, three clients, whatever the number is, you get five, five good business businessmen, business people, clients. It’s like you can take that and build on it and build other deals because they all need the same types of things, right? So it’s really a really cool way to look at it.

[00:09:04] I would encourage you guys all to to read and study Jay Abraham. I know that he’s actually the mentor for Taylor.

[00:09:12] That’s I’ll drop a link in the chat for this guy. I’ve mentioned it before, Joseph Rodriguez, but he just he’s so articulate and he just picks this stuff apart and he delivers. It really strikes my brain the way my brain thinks, but may not speak to everybody, but it’s it’s a really good resource. So he has like a three hour podcast, and he’s just picking it apart and explaining it in terms of entrepreneurship. Yeah. Awesome. Cool. Very cool.

[00:09:43] I got one other quick one to share my wonderful wife. She hears me talking. She creates me a two drink combo. One is the tea with honey to renew the voice. The second she made, she’s really into this like drinking thing, like making fancy drinks. And she knows I like mint chocolate chip. So she created a grasshopper drink for me to have during her call tonight because it’s kind of been a long, stressful day. She’s got ice cream. Look at the rim on this thing. I don’t know if it’s like that thing. It’s kind of like chocolate around. This is restaurant quality. It’s a win to have Harry. You’re not taking that out of my screen. I’m putting it down. All right. Let’s get into let’s get into the Wednesday. Let’s do rapid fire here. We got lots of cover on the call tonight. A few things that we’re going to. First, let’s start off with wins. We’ll go wins first. Who’s got to win? Who did something cool this last seven days? What do you got, Neal?

[00:10:38] Real quick. I was battling with. The rental car company that I got from when I went out to San Diego because I only had it for a day, they charged me for a week and I returned it within 24 hours, so they ended up only give me fifty nine bucks off. So I went back and forth. This has been going on for like 30 days. And they said, finally, no, that’s our policy, and I didn’t read all that tiny, you know? Yeah. So this was pay less, pay less in case anybody wants to know, just stay away.

[00:11:13] I a reputable company.

[00:11:15] I did a long review on it. It’s pay less in San Diego. I did a long review on it and I started out with Payless. Should be pay more. And then I went down did the whole. But that review bumped me up a level in my Google. You know, the guide. So it was kind of a bittersweet, you know, I got bumped up on a level. I like that those

[00:11:41] I’ve had bad experiences with them. I’ve got stories on, not with pay less with enterprise, but we’ll dive into that another time. I’ve got some entertaining stories. I’ve done a lot of traveling.

[00:11:52] Another when we had a good accountability meeting with

[00:11:56] That was phase two. So we’ll I’ll circle back to that. For the people that are in accountability groups on this call, which I know Neil, Devin, I don’t know who’s in the Facebook group that’s on. I’d love to just hear from you guys, but I want to. I want to get through the wins first, and we’ll come back to that in a minute. But I’d love to hear your experience with the accountability group so far. Anyone else got a win? Lorenz Lu, Harry, Devin Spencer. I got a couple of trial clients yesterday.

[00:12:25] One of them already blew out on me so he can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It’s like, dude, I look at the call volume volume today. You got like five calls. It didn’t answer a single one last night. Oh my gosh, this would be amazing if I got calls. It’s like, All right, answer the phone, pick

[00:12:41] Up the phone. Yeah, we we only got to get lucky once, right? So he’s not our guy. We’ll the next guy will be. Our guy may be. So what do you got, Mr. Lu? Pat Pat, that office is giving me office envy, man, I like this new house. Yeah, mean, come check it out. There’s a great kitchen here where you can cook a steak for us. I’m holding your offer of this. Like for those of you guys who don’t know who runs a catering company. Apparently, he is quite the chef and I’m ready for this, Lou. I don’t know if we’re not that far away from each other now. You know, a little jaunt over to Nashville. There you go, the kitchen. But that that’s not an office background. That’s like your real, actual office. Yeah. No comment. Ok, I’m going to say it’s you realize it’s beautiful. But anyway, thank you. So we were we were in Disney last week, so I missed the call. But the week before that, I

[00:13:37] Added another client five hundred dollars a month.

[00:13:40] It’s this masonry site. So like, that’s my fifth one. I know I’ve seen you you’ve you’ve landed two clients, I think, in the last couple of months, right? I remember you shared a win about, yes, two months in a row now. Yeah, that’s great, man. That’s great. I hope that, like I said, we’re 12 months in. Man, I hope that what you’ve learned on these calls has contributed to to this to this growth. And congratulations, Lou. I love to see you and clients, man. No, I appreciate. Actually, I think one of the Jeff’s earlier posts, like when the group kind of started about softball, prospecting and getting stuff started that way, that really helped me in just,

[00:14:25] You know, you know, getting

[00:14:27] To know quicker. But it’s all about just starting those

[00:14:29] Conversations and like, that’s how the fire could start.

[00:14:33] So that was very, very helpful for me. Yeah, that’s you’re

[00:14:38] Glad to hear that. Yeah. Awesome.

[00:14:40] All right. Who else has got to win? Yo, yo, Patrick Spencer, what’s up, bro? Thank you for the awesome video today, man.

[00:14:48] Hey, not a problem, man. I’m glad I could make your, uh, make your make your day. We I was actually I had a buddy of mine that runs a appointment sending company, and I had spoken with him previously, just in general. He was, you know, just making small talk, talking about the Rincon rat model and stuff like that. And he had a customer of his or client. I guess it would be. That is a landscaping coach. He has a he has a group that he has, I don’t know, a handful of guys that pay him on a monthly basis to coach coached him on landscaping, and he was looking for somebody to talk JGBs. So he invited me on to his group yesterday, and it sounds like it’s going to be a regular thing. But I had gotten on there. It was about, I don’t know, maybe. Fifteen guys chatted briefly about the importance of GBS and verifying them and all that other good stuff and had them hit me up for heat maps after because unfortunately, I don’t know what was going on with the heat map yesterday, but it was very much on me.

[00:15:56] I tested it and it was working fine for me, and I got no other. I think there’s something weird with your account, but we’ll jump on that call either tonight or tomorrow and I’ll walk you through and we’ll figure out what the issue is.

[00:16:07] Yeah. So anyway, we had three guys hit me up just I told them direct messaged me and then I just ran heat maps forum and just brought a ton of value, you guys. After those three heat maps they sent out, two guys wanted to jump on calls and we end up closing one guy today for an SEO package. And then his current website, Guy kind of got to be a little bit of a jerk because it was a custom built site and then sent him over an article about how WordPress sites break all the time and security issues and all this other stuff. And he was like, Man, I can’t believe the way these guys are acting. It was like toddlers throwing fits, but it looks like we’re going to be building a new website for them. And so, you know, seven hundred and fifty dollars SEO client a month, plus he’s going to start adding JB services and things of that nature. So off just this one call of me just going on sharing some value to this landscaping group that seems like is going to be a regular thing. I’ll be able to build a ton of rapport with these guys. They’re already in that mindset of growth because they’re hiring a coach so they don’t have a problem. I think it’s a lot easier, a lot easier of a way in if that gives anybody ideas of try to track down these contractor coaches out there.

[00:17:26] Yeah, you’re hitting on something that is directly in my wheelhouse now is when I started in this game, I started doing what everyone did and then I thought, Well, well, this is good to be able to approach one client, but you’ve put yourself now in a situation where you can potentially

[00:17:45] Close like ten or 15 people.

[00:17:47] I gave a speech to a group of contractors and there was this was this was maybe like I was maybe a year and a half and I was really nervous. I went to give this speech I didn’t have at the time. I didn’t have a lot of like public speaking experience and but I knew my material really well and I was like, OK, and I know that I’m personable. So I was like, Let’s just like, be yourself, relax and then like, deliver this. So there is like twenty four people, twenty four contractors there, and I think we closed 18 of them over the course of a month. So those people, I think, are paying us. Still, like maybe we’ve lost like one or two, but there’s probably thirty thousand a month coming through our agency because of that one speech that we gave. And you are now in this situation where you’re going to be able to talk to these people each week and you’re going to have heat maps that are going to work in the future. And there’s two things I want to tell you is like first, like what did you do to create this? I don’t necessarily need the answer right now, but how do you repeat that? Because all of you guys should be seeking out those type of relationships where it’s like fine, like finding a coach on something or finding some kind of group where you can get in front of a bunch of people and pitch the service? And then the second thing I want to say is like, it’s great that you close this guy for SEO.

[00:19:08] And if we had closed people on SEO deals every time they had like. Every time they had requested SEO deals, then like. We would have a lot less money than we do now, because what we do when that happens is we close them on deals like we prove that we’re the best at this and then the pitch is like, Hey, this is how we run our business. Look, I know that you want this, but I was like, When you’re great at this, you don’t do things the way that everyone else does that you do them differently. Our time is more valuable than these CEO companies and that we’ve chose to do it this way. So when we build out our sites and we rank our sites and we give you one hundred percent of the leads that are coming through, we’re forming a partnership. This is a long term partnership where you can focus on landscaping. I’ll focus on this stuff as we get better. Like, if if I put a dollar in your pocket or if I put five dollars in your pocket, will you give me a dollar? What if I put ten dollars? Give me two dollars, right? So that’s how this is going to grow over time.

[00:20:09] It’s an art form to take these people that want SEO and turn them into Legion, and it is one of the most important skills that you can have in this. And these people are going to present this. No one’s ever going to say, Hey, hey, Spencer, can you build a site that you own? And I pay you for it and definitely like, they’re not going to come to you and say that you need to position that annuity to express to them why it’s in their best interest. And there’s an alignment there. So when you do SEO right, not only do they own the website, but you probably aren’t going to like the level of tracking is going to be a little bit harder. Your motivation to get them to the next level is going to be less right. If you compare this person to your other ones. I know that you have some legions, right? If you compare that to this, like, you’re going to be putting more into it. So you need to let them know that like, Hey, we’re going to kind of be your technical partner on this.

[00:21:07] We’re going to take this thing where we can start it out at X, but I want to create I want to structure this deal in a way where the better we do, the better you do. And it kind of goes around in a circle. And then what does that look like a year from now, two years from now? I’m not taking any equity in your business or anything like that, but what we’re doing is we’re setting this up based on performance. So it’s going to be very well aligned. Most of these SEO companies, they’re going to get their money regardless of what what they deliver. The way we’re going to structure this is going to be on performance. I don’t want to contract. You can cancel any time, but it’s going to be, Hey, if we deliver this, we can track it. We’re going to get you. We’re going to give you access to this awesome system that will let you see this and have complete transparency to this so you can see your numbers and as those numbers grow. All I ask is that that we be fair and we continue to raise our rate in accordance with delivering more stuff to you. So it’s an awesome win. You have two wins here.

[00:22:06] One is like closing a client. Two is like positioning yourself in front of this group where you can like. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have their ear on a regular basis. If you can close all 15 of these people like that could be like in landscaping. I mean, that could easily be twenty five thirty thousand a month. I would immediately start building lead gen stuff for these people to like. Look like the spin could be like when when it starts producing. Look, I know that that you were paying for paying this, for this. For me, I just went out on my own and I built my own stuff because I wanted to supplement your business. And like, I want to give this to you. Like, obviously, I want to be paid for it, but I wanted to do more work than the seven fifty a month that you were providing and position myself to where like, we could add more value to your company. I’m not charging you anything for the building of this thing. I just want like if these leads are going to be worth something to you, let’s work out a deal, right? There’s a lot of different ways to kind of position this where it’s going to make sense for them. That’ll make sense, Spencer.

[00:23:07] Yeah, and totally makes sense, I just use this as a foot in the door. I had gotten on a Zoom call last night. We did a site audit and I mean, his site looked beautiful, but as far as keywords went. I mean, it was talking about counties. I said, Man, if it didn’t mention these counties, I would have no clue where you’re at. Where are you? He’s like, Oh, we’re in northern Cali, in the wine country. And I’m like, Oh, OK, well, that’s a problem, because if I don’t know where you’re at, Google doesn’t know where you’re at. And so, you know, I definitely will start building properties and we’ll we’ll get it to where this guy is going to dominate in landscaping in that whole area because I have no no doubt that we’ll be able to do that even with just his regular company, little only legions as well. But, you know, to answer your question, Patrick, the way I got here honestly is is by surround myself with people like yourself. I know it sounds super cliché, but for me to get on a Zoom call and have a shit ton of confidence to talk to guys is for what I consider myself very new in this game less than two years. I’m constantly talking with mentors like Patrick and and I’m like, Man, right? When you think you know that you have a grasp on something, something else comes along and Patrick’s like, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? That’s right. And so for me, it’s just constantly surround myself.

[00:24:30] The one thing for me is with all my careers, I it seems like with my ADHD, I get bored of them real quickly. I can tell you, I’m never get bored of this, this this type of business, because it’s constantly changing. It keeps you on your feet. And so just shout out to all the all the great people that are willing to share their knowledge because that’s that just gives me a ton of confidence by just learning from people. Yeah, I agree with you, Spencer. I’m not getting bored. I’m the same way. Like, I tend to get bored with things pretty easily. But this this business model definitely gives me consistent challenges. And even just like hearing Patrick, if I say review the tapes, the last six minutes, I mean, the positioning that Patrick delivers is just like, I learn something every time I hear the spiel like that out of him, and it is really awesome. So I try to emulate that as much as I can when I’m prospecting as well and talking to clients, it’s like positioning. He just has that like anchored in way way better than I do. There are a couple of wins in Facebook. Jeremy found a business owner to take leads for his first ranked legion, so congratulations on ranking your first legion. That’s awesome. Get yourself a trial client. Let’s turn it into money. And then you got a CEO client that was happy with their first month. All right, we’ll see what happens on month number two. I mean, honestly,

[00:25:49] Though, the first month, if you if you’ve got someone happy, the first month kind of sucks is like in a lot of our niches heading into the winter, especially the holidays like next month. Like for a lot of us, leads are going to die. And we were just talking about this now is I’ve challenged Jeff and the managers to add seventeen thousand in top line revenue before the end of the year. So what I don’t want to happen is to like pre sell a bunch of stuff that’s not really going to because that’s not going to be a big bottom line revenue situation, right? Because like, we’ve got a bunch of unsold stuff. So like we’ve got our own goals in here within our company. And, you know, we’re going after it just like you guys are, and this is kind of leading us into accountability. So for those of you guys that aren’t in the accountability groups, check out the last, the last like two lives. I think we went through it. Important stuff. You don’t have to be in a group to use this methodology that has amazing results for achieving goals. Not like not having a goal. You’re probably not going to get there. You know, we’re we’re we just booked a trip for like six weeks in Europe. And I guarantee you when the pilot leaves, he has an exact pathway of where he’s going. And some of you guys in your business aren’t willing or haven’t taken the time to write down your pathway of where you’re going and just having it in your head of like, Hey, I want to get to 10K a month.

[00:27:21] That’s like not having a plan. Essentially, that’s just like. That’s the pilot over there saying, like, I don’t have a plan on where I’m going to go, but I want to go fly over to to France, right? He’s like, I guess what I want to do right, like a pilot would never say that, and they would never have the results. So I encourage you guys, whether you’re part of the accountability groups or not, put your come up with the plan. Work backwards. Come up with the time frame. A goal without a time frame is like it’s not a goal, a second idea. It’s just like, it’s like a little fantasy. That like this probably is not going to happen. Like it can happen any time, right? If I want to say, Hey, I want to lose four pounds, right? When like, OK, am I successful eight years from now? Well, no, I never. I never put a I never put a time frame on it. So you’ve got to have a time frame, you’ve got to have a plan. Take the time to do this kind of treat yourself to this, and it will take some stress out of your brain if you can write this stuff down, right? I’m going to come up with. I went through some really good training recently on like time organization stuff, and I’m going to find a way to share that. I just want to make sure that I needed to check with the place that I got it from that it’s cool to share it. Or maybe I’ll just refer you guys to it because

[00:28:38] I think it’s awesome. What’s that? We can just redo it, you know? Yeah, I

[00:28:43] Just don’t want to violate any of their stuff, you know? Ok, cool. So, Neil, you’re in the accountability group. How was week one? What was it like? What did you guys do? Is he is he awake right now? I think he’s taking

[00:29:05] You up, Neal. Oh, he’s right, can hear me now. Yeah, I was trying to mute it was it was good, actually. It ran right into this call, so I just saw we just

[00:29:18] Just got done. It was good,

[00:29:20] You know, we started out everybody introduced themselves kind of your background just so we knew where we were, where we come from. Pretty much what our interests are. And and we went through our goals and it was kind of

[00:29:35] Good too, because we would kind of mastermind

[00:29:37] On some stuff.

[00:29:38] And so it went beyond just the goals.

[00:29:42] We had a little bit of camaraderie, you know? And so now we’re going to hold each other to the fire every week, you know?

[00:29:52] I like it, you care to share one of your goals. Um, well, I had four, so just give me one of them, lose 20 pounds. Lose 20 pounds. Ok, so just as an example, what does that look like? So the plan you came up with, we have seventy nine days left in the year right now. So what does that look like? You’ve got seventy nine days to lose it. Twenty pounds. What’s the plan to do so?

[00:30:19] Well, I’m already ahead. I’m down three, you know, according to your track soft the. Charge you gave. Yeah. Spreadsheet. And you know, it’s just obviously watching what I’m eating like I put him, I think, Hey, I’m a fat bastard. Know what’s difficult about this? Not I’m not fat fat. I just got to lose 20 pounds, but I got to watch what I eat. I got to exercise and I got to watch the amount that I eat. You know, it’s it’s it’s pretty cut and dry.

[00:30:50] Yeah. So what I’m looking for is though it’s like, OK, so you’ve got seventy nine days left to lose 20 pounds, right? So you’ve got a second half.

[00:31:00] What’s that? 17 Now I started right when you said the first of the month.

[00:31:05] Ok, so 17 pounds so. So the way the tracking works is like halfway through, you should be at 10 pounds, right?

[00:31:16] I don’t know, it’s it varies because certain stages that some weeks it’s five pounds, next week it’s five pounds again or it’s I don’t know how it’s calculated, but just say it’s 10 pounds at

[00:31:30] The halfway point. Right, right. So you’re going to be checking in on this and looking to make sure that you’re on pace with with where it is. And then the idea is if you’re off, you’re going to adjust and you’ve got what I would like to see if I were in your accountability group. What I would probably demand of you is like, Hey, when are you exercising? How long? What is the exercise consistent? If this means like, Hey, I’m going to walk around the block like three times a day, OK, so that’s going to happen at like nine, two o’clock, eight o’clock. I’m going to have this many calories, right? So the more details that you can put into this stuff, the better chance you don’t have all this like wiggle room. You put yourself into a box that’s going to deliver results. And then if you do that, the little devil on our shoulder let Lex to justify us out of situations doesn’t have that wiggle room. And the people in your accountability group are supposed to be like, OK, so this is like, did you do this? Like you said, like, hey, how many days a week have you walk three times? What’s the calorie this look like? So you’re really like checking in with the person, and that’s how this accountability. It’s great to form these friendships and to mastermind and this type of thing, but I think it’s really important to it’s really important to like, take a stand for these people and like, don’t let them slide and make sure that. Their goals are almost like your goals, right, so I hope that’s what’s going on.

[00:32:55] It is because I did bring up what I was doing for exercise. It was it was all part of the plan. You know, I switched from riding in a golf cart to walk in the course. Just different things to burn more calories or what have you. I mean, and

[00:33:11] Also, like I said, I started this on the first.

[00:33:14] Another goal was to read two books, right? But after the first week, I saw that damn, I’m easily going to be able to read two books. So I added a book because it just seemed like it wasn’t going to be easy.

[00:33:29] What’s that stretchy?

[00:33:31] Yeah. So I added another book just to challenge myself, you know, so

[00:33:36] The more you guys challenge yourself on the stuff you’re going to, you’re going to find that like, Hey, we like everybody talks about comfort zone and getting out of the comfort zone is a good thing. Boy, what does that actually mean? So that can mean like going and giving like public speaking when you’re not comfortable with that. But that can also mean like. Hey, instead of like doing what I normally do where I take a break and I eat and I’m going to like turn on some kind of like sitcom for a minute, I’m going to read during this time, even though it’s not as much, it’s not as comfortable for me where I’ve got to stay up. I need to stay up an hour later to accomplish my my goal for the day because I, whatever my day didn’t go like I had planned. And now I’m going to stay on pace and it’s not comfortable for me to stay up. It’s doing this like little stuff that like, there’s little things and those little justifications of why we don’t do this stuff that matters, right? And it adds up over time. So when you have a goal and you have to stay on pace, then you’re going to find a way to do this stuff if you’re really committed to it. So awesome. It sounds like you guys are off to a great start. Devin, let’s hear from you. How is your accountability group going?

[00:34:42] It’s great, you know, it’s definitely a spectrum of experiences in terms of where we’re at with the process, but really tying it into, I guess, to like a wind with being able to listen to daily mind medicine now and getting introduced to Taylor Welsh and traffic and funnels and primarily that productivity pack. You and I talked about, I think is monumental and something that I wish I had known about in the beginning. I don’t know if I’d have been able to handle it in the beginning, but just to be able to quantify everything, to understand what a goal is versus what a constraint is, how to keep things off your mind and then be able to openly address that with other people. Just show that if you’re not on track, then you really don’t have a reason not be on track with it. So. And to stretch your goals, too.

[00:35:28] I was just talking about everyone that Taylor Walsh’s productivity pack. I think you said you paid like nine bucks for

[00:35:34] It or something like nine dollars. If you’re going to order a planner, it is twenty dollars. Altogether, it’s twenty nine dollars and it might be the best investment that you can do outside of lead generated, you know, but I got it. Awesome.

[00:35:47] Yeah. Goes without saying right. All right, Lawrence, how has week one of the accountability group gone for you?

[00:35:56] Bolger. Well, so it was good in the sense that I wrote some goals down. You know, I’m not too much of a good person. I’m usually in achieving a lot, but without putting goals. So at least now I have a plan from from a group perspective, we did not met yet. I think not everyone got their goals done right now, but we’ll be pushing for those guys to do it. Yeah.

[00:36:27] And you know, this may be a spot for you to step into a leadership role here and say, Look, and I’ll do it for you. In this case, you guys all agreed to join this accountability group. You have to find time to to make make this a priority because when you guys don’t find the opportunity to meet with the group, you’re not. You’re hurting the entire group, right? We’ve agreed when we signed up that we were going to be part of committed to this and finding the time. So. This isn’t just for Lawrence Group, this is for everyone like step up and find some time, make some extra time. Make this happen. Move forward as a group. It matters, right? It matters a lot if these are goals that are important to you. So you sometimes you’ve got to drop the hammer. And I think the key Laurent is to do it. Not that you wouldn’t. I know that you’re very like. You’re very likeable in your delivery of sweet. But there has to be a way to like. Look, guys, let’s come up with a let’s let’s like someone’s got to step in there and say, let’s come up with the time, let’s do this, let’s get this done. And like you guys, name your group, let’s do this. I’d encourage you guys to name the group. So do it, then let’s do this right. So all right, guys, well, I’m. I’ll be I’m a little disappointed that you guys haven’t met yet, that’s that sucks, because now we’re instead of having like, I think it was like eighty six days, you have seventy nine days to do the same stuff. Hopefully you guys are. I know you had your goals. So hopefully those goals are moving, moving through and going through. And then like, if somebody can’t be on the call, then, you know, maybe you guys have it without without that person or something, but find a way to make that happen. Ok, cool. Is there anyone else? I don’t think there’s anyone else on this.

[00:38:19] Devin, if you can share the link to the productivity pack. Oh, there it is. I think you all have a Facebook group, but one one thing that that kind of struck me what I went through the productivity pack the other night. It definitely triggered something in me that was like, Wow, I am missing the boat on so many things here as far as goal setting and all of that, even though like, I have a vision board and I’ve done that stuff for a long time and I have a lot of things that I’m doing right, there’s certainly a lot of things that I have to tweak. And then the last week or so, I have been tuned in with the status Rodriguez for a couple of years on and off. But the last week I’ve just been consuming so much of his content and at one point he was talking about this discipline and I’ve been pretty disciplined about many things in my life. But there’s a lot of things that I’m not disciplined about, and so the way he was kind of framing it is that discipline kind of sounds boring. It sounds like it’s really hard or something, but it’s not. It’s just you kind of trained your brain to make the right decision around some kind of a topic like, in my case, health.

[00:39:24] Like, I’m pretty, pretty good with health being disciplined around that. So it’s just it’s not even an issue. It’s not even a question in my mind. It’s just I’m doing this thing because I know it’s going to have a positive impact on my life, and I know it’s going to make me feel better. And if I choose to do the other thing, it’s going to make me feel bad or have a negative impact. So it’s not even a decision, it’s just I’m doing this. And so I think the more of these things that you can tune in in your life or the actions that you’re going to take and just make them automatic, that’s discipline. It’s not like you’re not sitting there going, Oh my gosh, I have to eat right or, Oh, I have to work out or what it’s like. I just do it because I’m disciplined to do it, like I’ve trained my brain to think that way. So I thought it was an interesting way to frame it. I’ve never really thought about it in that depth before, but it really helps me to expand that to other areas of my life where I’m where I’m not doing that right. I mean, so

[00:40:18] What’s the Rodriguez guy? He’s not the guy that’s like, like in these groups with us. This is some other like,

[00:40:25] I know he’s he’s like an entrepreneur, but he brings a lot of concepts together for like Napoleon Hill and Gatorade and all those old school guys.

[00:40:35] Not not to be confused with the guy. I think he’s from Florida. He’s like, maybe in the previous group that we were in and a few of these other groups that someone, someone in here said they talked to him last night. I don’t think it’s the same person.

[00:40:47] Oh, yeah, maybe not.

[00:40:49] Ok, cool. Let’s let’s get moving here. So. Awesome for those of you guys that have chosen to participate in the accountability groups. I know that there is a few things for us to discuss like. First off, you guys didn’t see it. We dropped in the automations. We dropped in the phone system into the platform. Google Analytics is now live in there. We are pushing forward really hard for the ability to white label the whole, the whole platform. So that means that you could have like CRM Terry Gilliam as your you could set it up and there won’t be anything that kind of like goes back to weed generated, which will be a cool thing for you guys to be able to sell this and new bring on other people. And maybe you’re selling like reputation management or something like that, and they can’t really see the price up that’s going through there. So it can look branded, it can make you look professional. So that’s kind of where we’re moving towards with that. I also want to talk about, let me just bring up my handy degenerated application here. Let me log in. We’ll get set up. Give me one second here. As I mentioned, we’re going to be going into. We’ve got some affiliate stuff. So. All right, screens will be shared. I’m going to do my best to get the right one, which seems like there’s about a five percent chance, OK? Can I hold on one sec? I lost the Zoom picture now.

[00:42:26] Hold on. Getting organized. Cool. Can you guys see the screen that has the beautifully generated up on it? We all agree that it’s beautiful. Ok, cool. All right, so. Look up here, if you go into your name in the top right, you’ll see that there is an option that says referrals. Ok, so up here you can have this link and you can copy this. So I think the plan that we’re going to do and I don’t have the set in stone is that you’ll get 30 percent on going from your first five referrals. And I think the next 10 will be at thirty five percent in anything after 15 will be at 40 percent ongoing going. For some reason, I feel the need to say this, if you are an affiliate, you do not get ownership of the company. Ok, so you do not get partial ownership of this platform for being an affiliate, even if you launch it into a Facebook group and a bunch of people like it. So this we have tracking in here, so you can copy this link and then you can go in here and you can see your earnings. Right now, it’s a payout. Through PayPal, we’re setting up a stripe payout, so you’ll be able to track this stuff through and be able to see the people that signed up and what they paid.

[00:43:43] There’s a $15 delay on the affiliate stuff. So that means like and then if for whatever reason, we decide that a refund is necessary for these people, we will take it out of your future earnings from that. So if this person gets refunded, then that will be pulled out of the future earnings from it. So we’re going to make that really clear when that happens. But everything is completely transparent in here. You have to have, I think, a minimum. Amount to be able to withdraw, but can be done through here, we’re going to be building in training on how to kind of market this stuff and how to build this up. So for those of you guys like I have paid for one hundred percent of this platform, right? I’ve I’ve paid for the support I’ve spent as you guys have probably noticed like thousands and thousands of hours into this thing, I’m sure we’re more than ten thousand hours that I’ve spent in this over the last four years of building it and rebuilding it and constructing it. And I think for the most part, you guys have used this and you spent some time in it, but to be able to get an ongoing percentage from something like this for not having to handle the support or the development. There’s a part of me, there’s a part of me that’s like, Hey, this is awesome because I can give this like great product to people, and I’m going to have an army of people supporting it as a part of me that like, Hey, this is a big chunk to give away.

[00:45:07] So if I were and I’ve thought about it and I’m like, Man, this is a phenomenal deal. And if I were in your shoes and you guys believe in this product, you believe in the support and the team that’s on it, like this is an awesome opportunity for you guys to make a ton of money. Forty percent ongoing. Sign someone up one time and we’re going to handle all the support and all the extra development and everything like that. So I think it’s a great opportunity. There’s people on my team that work for me that I’ve given them this same affiliate idea and they’re all building out blogs and all sorts of different things, and they’re in groups pushing people towards our product. So for those of you guys that are inclined, I think that is a. Awesome opportunity. I would be all over it to have that percentage, there were some people that approach me that kind of have like a competing products and they’re there. They weren’t software engineers. They tried to build this product. We’re not going to mention any names or anything or exactly what their product does. But they said, Hey, we’d like to hire you as a consultant to help us because after years of building this thing, it appears that our code might be all dead and we were going to have to start from scratch.

[00:46:13] And I said, Well, like, you guys are going to basically start from scratch. In the end, you’re going to have like twenty to twenty five percent of the functionality of this other platform. And then you guys are going to divide this up between each other. So there’s like five or six of them. So they’re going to get like whatever, 15 to 20 percent or something like you could just essentially get 40 percent like after your first like 15 people forever and never have to like pay for the development or the support. And they’re like. Well, that seems like a lot better than what we had planned on doing, but there’s something to be said about having ownership in things and some people like that, but those of you guys that believe in this and are looking for like quick cash, like support us, send these links in. And you know, I think that you guys know the ones that have been here for the last 10 to 12 months or some of us have known each other for longer than that. Like we go. We do everything we can to try to like, make everything right. I think Sarah here, I owed her a refund on on something because she was a part of the champagne room.

[00:47:15] And, you know, I 100 percent like, we’re going to honor that every single time I’m going to do whatever we have to do to make it right, even if it means that that we’re going to lose money. And that’s the same way I run our agency. And I’ll tell you, like, it may seem like I don’t know why more people don’t take that attitude, but like they have their reasons for that. We’ve taken that like the opposite. I guess the long sided view, not the short sided. And we have a phenomenal referral network from not only people that are signing up for the software that are coming to us regularly, but also our clients within the agency. So if you’re not doing this, find a way in your agencies to over, deliver and see where it leads you. Because I’ll tell you for us, it’s been phenomenal. I appreciate all the support you guys have given us over the last 12 months. A lot of you guys are up for the yearly renewals. You guys have received the grandfathered price. If you are there yearly, if you have the early renewals, right, I know that’s for some of you guys. The last 12 months did not go as planned with your agency. I hope that you didn’t find the shortcoming was with the software or with the support or the group.

[00:48:28] If you guys are not taking advantage of these calls, I’ve basically poured my heart out and tried to lay out every single piece of what we do. I’ve been in a lot of groups and I kind of felt like the people that are leading them are holding stuff back. I hope you guys have not felt that way because I’ve basically given our playbook on what we’ve done, what we did to build a seven figure marketing agency that, you know, I’m involved, but largely it runs on autopilot. And like I know, that’s where a lot of you guys want to go. And if you haven’t been on these calls, like, I encourage you to jump on these calls, whether you decide to continue with the software or not, you’re welcome to stay and use these calls and hopefully grow your business. And at some point the the the business model will click. The price will be justified for those of you that have the grandfathered price. I encourage you to find a way this software, I’m not offering it at that price this year. So those you guys have signed up 12 months ago, like you essentially have it at like, for instance, Spencer here he he did not sign. He didn’t. We didn’t know each other 12 months ago. He does not have the grandfathered price, right? I’m sure that he would love to have the grandfathered price.

[00:49:41] Everybody else like that has it like there’s something to be said to find in a way to keep it right. And you see that we’ve we’ve like I believe we’ve doubled the functionality in the last 12 months. Your price hasn’t gone up right. Like obviously, there’s a separate price for the phone system. Unfortunately, that’s something that is a variable cost for us. So as you guys get more numbers and stuff that increases our cost, so we can’t just give you endless phone system time at your original price, that is not a good business model for us. So we’ve got this. I know that there was a request, I think, from Miss Amy Singleton on automation. So a couple of things, guys. Two different plans, right? There’s the CRM plan. And then there is the the phone system plan because of their nature. They’re not currently included. We might have some packages in the future that kind of include the stakes with your CRM plan. All of you guys get one free number. Ok, that phone number can be used for like tracking. It can be used for texting a lot of the pieces that are going to be in the system. Texting is a big part part of this. Ok, so like automations, for instance, let’s go over this. I know Amy’s request was. I’m going to kind of do this in two parts real quick, so I’m going to go into this funnel here.

[00:51:03] There are a couple of questions in the chat about the affiliate. So I’ll let you handle that.

[00:51:10] Is that in the Zoom shot? Yeah, I’ve got this.

[00:51:15] Um, everywhere I answer this,

[00:51:20] I’m searching for them.

[00:51:27] Well, I can tell you, I did pose the question if you want that, you know. So should we target one way of marketing for the tour? Should we sell it generated or it’s not?

[00:51:40] I would say the second one that is going to be really the direction that we go in long term. We’re always going to support this one, but they’re actually going to be kind of like. Merged and I will be building in another piece that I wanted to share with you guys is. I don’t know how much time and money that the people we have spent on our team in training. I’ll tell you that I joined the. That mastermind group is thirty thousand for six months that I joined, and we’ve done other platforms and I’m basically taking everything I’ve learned and I’m building my own courses, and I’m going to build that into the platform and have like a to z on every step. So that is going to be a part of the ladder one. I’m not really trying to push that one in this group. There’s no significant difference at this time between these platforms, right? So both have all the same functionality. Does that answer your question, Laurent?

[00:52:41] Yes, so if it’s the case, then maybe we need a different thing because here I think that in the are generated, we might need something like that.

[00:52:50] That’s a great question. I don’t have a clean answer for right now. Let me think about that and. I just don’t know how to do that yet. Trying to. Yeah. I don’t have a clean answer for it right now, sorry, either either one, though, it’s essentially going to be the same. So whether they sign up to either platform, a lot of times we. We move them over to the other one. That’s that’s where we’re going to spend a lot of our focus. Was there another question?

[00:53:24] Same same question to people.

[00:53:27] Ok, cool. All right, so. All right, so. Additionally, I think we’ll be having like mastermind groups and I know a lot of you guys have reached out to me for coaching, for one on one coaching. And it’s not something that I’m currently offering, but I think it’s just. Honestly, it’s probably not like. I appreciate the compliment of all these people asking me to give them one on one coaching, first of all, I know that like, you’re doing that because you believe in me and you trust me and I. I really appreciate that that means a lot to me. It’s hard for me to come up with a number where I’m going to be regularly giving up my time and I don’t like to do things half assed. So doing coaching is a tough point for me because I feel like I’m going to be personally responsible for someone success to do it correctly. But I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of like mastermind groups where maybe we do a small group of like five to seven people because like, I need to do this in a way that that makes sense for me too. And where people are going to be able to, like, afford it based on the level that they are. So I’m trying to think of a way to solve that and we’re going to have a marketplace built into these where other different different services are available. So services that we’ve tested and vetted and I think we’re going to make that kind of like maybe that will be part of like part of the marketplace of where we’re going.

[00:54:57] So we have some huge plans for this stuff. If you guys look at where we’ve come in the last 12 months of like the different parts and pieces that are in here and how they’ve changed. Like where are we going to be 12 months from now? This whole time, we really haven’t done any marketing of our own and now that’s changing. Now we’re pushing this right now, we’re going to really go after it. We’re watching the affiliate. We’re going to we’re going to do all sorts of things to try to. I’m speaking in some other groups this week that have. Thousands of people in them. So we’re going to really be going after this and building this up. What is that going to do to our development team and what is that going to look like 12 months from now? So, you know, you guys got to do what makes the most sense for you and for those of you that are on the fence about like, Hey, do I renew? Do I not renew? Consider that look where it is. But in the end, like no hard feelings if you guys don’t want to renew. I’m not offended. Do whatever makes the most sense for your business, right? It’s like. That you’re not going to make or break me or my company with your decision, so like what? Once you get those Maslow’s pyramid of needs, you stop thinking about. Most of us stop thinking about like the finance part of it as much.

[00:56:11] And now you’re moving into like self-actualization and making an impact on people. And that’s where I find myself is. I get much more excited about the impact of having this with you guys and seeing the strides you make, which is why we get on here and pour our hearts out. I’ve jumped on Zoom calls with you guys because of that, that same thing. You don’t need this like software to like. I’ll still do that whether you have a subscription or not, when I have time, you know, if as much as possible. But you know, my wife is telling me I need like, Hey, spend more time with yourself. So I’m also working towards that and kind of getting pulled in these these directions to. But I want to have this impact for you guys, and we’re going to take whatever comes in from the software and it’s going back into the software, right? And we’re going to continue to grow this and push this thing. So I’m excited for this. I’m excited. We’re at this like 12 months in. I had my own doubts when I started this. Like, What am I going to be able to support this? Am I going to let these people down? Is this software as cool as I think it is and seeing your guys responses for the last 12 months, it’s been just phenomenal. But like, what a growth time period. All right, I’m going to go into this automation thing, Jeff. We don’t have any more questions. Before I happen to this,

[00:57:22] We are going to go.

[00:57:24] All right. Cool. All right. So we click on new automation. You guys have a few different options here. One of the options is review requests. Ok, so review request is just a template. You can change this or you could have built this from scratch. So this is what I think is like an easy starting spot with the guy that we were dealing with. I’ll show you what we set up because he wants to get more reviews and he wants to do some tracking and stuff. So that was the call that that Jeff and I were on prior to this call. So. The automation has no trigger for this one. Sugar is not necessary, there are several spots throughout the application where you can just like add someone into an automation, right? You don’t it doesn’t have to start with a trigger. This step right here is key, though, it says, and if you submit it, so it’s going to stop it before you submit it. Let’s look at what. Our trusty old company ships bear removal. Ok, so ships bear removal here, right? So for those of you guys who haven’t taken advantage of this, this reputation management just like took a big step up when we paired it with automations. Ok, so now like I know, one of the most important things for ranking or GMB is the amount of reviews, and to have an automated system in here is key.

[00:58:44] You guys need to think about enrolling your clients in the idea of being the ones that get reviews for you. For those of you that have them, I know that it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem who for the people that don’t have a client, right? But. For those of you that do, you can build out this custom funnel here, right, and then the way it works, if you’re not familiar, is you click on this preview button. They don’t click on the preview button. They’ll get sent a link, right, so they’re going to get set a link to leave a review so the funnel is associated with the company. The lead is associated with the company. And the lead goes through. You have the option to include that funnel. I’ll talk about that in just a minute, but I just want to get clear on this. So I’ve got in my text and color here, I’ve got in my logo. And then if I click on five stars, it’s going to show the review site that I’ve got it. Ok, so it’s going to take me right to the spot where I can leave a review. Ok, so if they click on one star, then it’s going to show the feedback form and that can be routed to our client. All right. So now that we are clear on that, let’s hop back over here to this automation and we’ll say end if review is submitted.

[00:59:55] How are we determining if a review is submitted? The way that we are determining this is if they click on five stars and then they click on Google, that right, there is the flag that determining it. We don’t know if they actually left the review. Google is not going to say like, Hey, the person with this phone number left, like, we don’t have that connection. So we’re using this. This is like the last. This is the last exit, essentially, right, so we’re using that to determine if that review has been left. Ok, so. It’s going to stop if that happens or if it goes to feedback, it’s going to stop. So what I’ve just said up here is I have like a text message and notice I have the Leeds phone number, so you have a few different options. You can use the leads, the clients or you can use some other one. Ok, so we’ll probably set this up to have a few other options. I’ve got some ideas for that, but that that will send it to the one that’s associated with the lead. And you can say, OK, this is the way I got this right here that says client name is I like, came over here and I dragged this over here. So that will substitute in the client name that’s associated with the company. So this is like if this is shivs removal, it will say, Hey, this is Shiv with shivs removal.

[01:01:08] We really appreciate the trust you put in our business. By hiring us, we’re doing our best to spread the word on our company. We would love to hear your experience and all that other stuff, right? So I don’t want to send them this. I want to respect their schedule. This is a text message. So maybe I even want to change this to be like Monday through Friday between nine and six pm, right? This link option is key because right now there’s nothing included here. So what we want to do is we want to include this link and this is a link to the review funnel. So that’s a link to this right here. So when when they send that text, it’s going to include that link and we need to remove this for texting because there’s no label. It’s text message. It’s going to look like this, right? Or maybe I guess it does it. It puts a little text above it. That’s the little preview. This isn’t the actual link, but it kind of gives you the idea of how that’s going to work. Ok, so. The next thing I want to do is I’m going to come down here and you can see that it’s set up to wait three days, so it says like there’s an action in here that says, wait, right? So I can say wait, and then I can say wait until the next day, next week or until some time passes.

[01:02:16] So what I did is, you could say, hours or minutes. It’s pretty flexible. So obviously this can be used outside of reputation management. If I wanted to send a text message to the person that submitted a form from to my site, but I don’t want to do it instantly. Maybe I want to wait a little bit just so that it looks real, right? So someone to delete this stuff? We’re waiting three days. So basically what we’re saying is we’re going to do that. We’re going to start this immediately and we’re going to make sure that it’s between these hours and then we’re going to send a text message that includes the link. And we’re going to continue to do this unless a review is submitted because of that, right? So when it end, if a review is submitted, so I’m going to wait three days and then I’m going to send an email. So now I’ve done something similar. Hey, this is client name with company name. We were doing our best to improve blah blah blah. So I’ve got an option here for a button because this is an email. We can actually have a button and I could say, like live review or whatever. I want this to say, and you’ll see there’s going to be a little preview down here.

[01:03:16] This is the button that’s going to be included. I can change the colors or whatever I want. I can change the text color. All right, so emails, it’s probably OK to send that in the middle of the night. I don’t know, like I would feel comfortable with that, but you can also change the schedule if you want. And I could continue to do that if I wanted to, I could add in another weight. So maybe this time I’m going to wait till next week because I don’t want to harass them, but I wouldn’t go more than like three requests because at some point you’re probably not going to get a good review if you get it, if you just harass these people, right? So so that, Amy, is how you can do this. So here’s level two of how I would do this. Ok, so this will this is a great way to request reviews, and you can do this in a lot of different spots, so let’s just look at a couple of these. So I’m going to leave this, I’m not saving this one. So I’m going to go over here and I’m going to just look at a lead. I’ve got way too many columns added in here, the developer. The software needs to fix the UI so you don’t have to go to the down the bottom.

[01:04:20] All right. So I’m going to look at this and you can see that there’s a button up here that says add to automation and. Uh, that isn’t working exactly how I want another spot you can do this is on the contacts you go through and click on a contact and then click Add to automation. You’ll get an error message because apparently we have a problem with our code here. We’ll get this fixed. Whatever we drop in all this functionality, we’re going to run into a couple of errors. So if any of you guys see them. Be patient with us, but let us know. Communicate that like if you don’t know how something works or if it’s not working, let us know we’re eliminating these things pretty quickly and going through it. But basically what would happen typically is you could add to automation, you’ll see a list of automations. I don’t know why it’s giving me an error. And then you can put them into that sequence. Another thing that you can do, so let’s like, that’s like how you can add a lot of people to the sequence. But here’s a cool idea that AI that we’re going to be doing in our agency. So I’m going to create a new automation and. So I’m actually going to pair a couple different automations together, and then I’m going to make this work how I want so.

[01:05:36] When I go to send the lead, so let’s pretend that we’re at that step when it leads coming in and it’s going to be like, we’ll say it’s a new form submission or maybe a new new form submission or phone call, and we’ll say that the company is equal to. Allen’s company, OK, so now we’re saying, like if there’s a new form submission or new phone call from Allen’s company, let’s pretend that Allen’s company is like a tow truck company. So this is like Allen’s towing. So the sales cycle and towing is pretty quick, right? This isn’t something that’s going to go on for like a week. Right. So we know that like this, like when this stuff comes in, the job is going to be closed pretty quickly. Ok, so new form submission new phone call comes in from one of these companies. What if I were to send a text message to I don’t know if we have Alan, we’ll pretend that Anthony Baker is the client for Alan’s company and we could say, Hey Al, Hey Anthony, did you close this lead? Ok. And I’m going to wait a little bit of time. Let’s say that the sales cycle is two hours. They’re going to know whether this is close or not in two hours. So I’m going to say that and I’m going to include a link and you’ll notice that your friendly developers here have included a link to.

[01:07:06] We so the way this will work is Anthony can get a text message and that text message is going to have a link that’s going to go directly to that lead. And then I’m going to set up a status that that this guy so I’ll make a custom field with our website forms. I’m going to make a field that says like job status, and it could be like sold or not sold or closed or lost or something like that. So if they market US loss or market US closed, I could set that up. As a trigger for my reputation management. Right, so then I could automate, I’m automated the process of requesting a review from the client based on their sales cycle. And then I’ve set up a trigger to where if they update the field status, so you could see one, I’m just going to do this for demonstration purposes. Here you can see that we have a field status updated trigger here. So if I had a field status and job status cool, I already have this set up. If they mark this as sold, then that could trigger my reputation management request. So how cool is that, right? So now we’ve got the process of it automated, requesting a review and getting an updated status from our client, triggering that whole sequence of reviews for our client. Right. So this is what I meant when I said like this, reputation management really took a step up with the automations because now we can just trigger that whole thing.

[01:08:35] Right. So for those of you guys that are, you haven’t signed up for a phone plan, like I said, you don’t need a phone plan to start taking advantage of this, all your accounts. If you’ve got a subscription to this, to this platform, you get one free phone number. So what you’ll do, what you’ll need to do is you’ll come over here to text. It’s going to ask me, OK, I’m going to leave that and OK, the way this is going to work when we fix this bug that is in here with texting is you’re going to have the ability to come over here and purchase a number. So you’re going to associate the number with the company, so Allen’s company and then I can come down here and I’ve already taken my free number in this company, for those of you guys that haven’t. You’ll see that there will be an option here where it’ll just say select, so you’re not actually purchasing it. And then that number can be used in your automations that can be used for notifications or text messages. You can tax with this. You can make calls from this. This can be used in your browser to write like I can do a browser call, I can select my company, select my tracking number, and I can make an outgoing call right here.

[01:09:42] Or I can have it go to my phone, right? So I could put in Jeff’s phone number here. I could put my phone number in here. And then when I click on Begin Call, it’s going to call Jeff. It’s going to call my phone number first and say, press one. And when I press one, it’s going to call Jeff. But it’s going to. It’s going to call Jeff from this tracking number. Right. So that’s pretty cool to be able to make those outgoing calls right from here. The mobile applications would have been ready, but instead I decided to fire my mobile developer, so we are in search of replacing them right now. I would encourage you guys that are paying your people to make sure you monitor their time and that they’re actually working during their time because I’ve found a lot of theft in our company. And that’s sad and it’s unfortunate, but it’s part of the business and it, you know, it’s a learning experience, right? Some of you guys are looking to port your numbers. So down here we have the option to port. We are. This is this is like really beautiful user interface that no one could possibly be confused by, right? Certainly not the case. This is version one. We’re going to make this a lot easier here pretty soon.

[01:10:54] I’m going to give you a rough overview of. How this works, so that I know that there’s been a lot of requests to court numbers into our system. One the caveat is like. Look, we’ve tested this and we’ve used our phone system for a while. What I’ve learned, if anything I’ve learned over the last 12 months of running this like software is we’ll spend so much time trying to test things and beat on it. And then we put it out there and you guys seem to find a way to break things that we, I know, like the conditions in software, are really complex, right? The relationships. So some things. Like, we set our things up differently, and it didn’t yield the test, apparently for some of the stuff and then like you guys, things are set up a little bit different and for some reason that causes. So I would encourage you before you put like the lifeline of your business into the system. Let’s get a few numbers in there was tested. I don’t want to be responsible for any problems in. We’re at the beginning of this. We could label this phone system as beta. Essentially, I believe in it. I’m starting to move all my things to it like we. We had issues and we fixed them and I don’t know of any issues. So I want to be completely transparent with this.

[01:12:09] You guys have seen like we’re going to make this thing, not have any issues if those issues do exist, whatever bugs exist, we will like. It’s the most important thing to me, like not how buggy software. So we’ll get this fixed. All right. So this is version one of how to port a phone number. So yes, we have numbers all over the world, not everywhere, though. So when you’re requesting you need to select your country, the process is different for different countries. We don’t have numbers in Germany. Apparently, they’re like insane with their regulations and restrictions on stuff. I will say this again, I said this last week for like you now have automation in here and there’s texting, that’s automated. You guys are the ones that are responsible to make sure that you are in compliance with things like the CPA and like whatever Europe’s like crazy aggressive compliance phone automation stuff is and we will be like, there will be like an updated terms for you guys to agree to that. But I just want to make sure that that is clear. So don’t go in here and like, use this as a way to do code text messaging to people you don’t have approval for. I mentioned this before. I have a friend that got sued for $5 million. He was doing this in large amounts. He was he’s doing big numbers, right? But. He ended up settling for like six figures somewhere.

[01:13:32] Yeah, it was like, yeah, it was like six feet or something like that. Yeah.

[01:13:37] I don’t think you guys want to deal with that. I would make sure that you’re in compliance with like whatever the local rules are, right? Ok, so basically, you’re going to agree to these different terms here and then you’re going to put in a name. This is just like a name for you to identify it. Maybe I’m going to move over like. Jeff Sandwich shop from a different phone system in here, so I’ll put in that because I’m only moving over one company, residential or business. This is going to be business. You guys are fill in your name. This is going to be the information that’s associated with your current carrier, OK? And then this is where your numbers will go right here. Even though it says landline, it’s toll free. Like I said, I’ve got plans to fix this as soon as possible. So these will be that type of number. This would be wireless phone numbers. And then unfortunately, you’ll have to currently repeat the number that you put up here into here. You need to assign it to a company. We need to. One of the things within our system is phone numbers have an association with company, so that’s what that’s asking for.

[01:14:39] And this is the number where it will be for to to get out in a second one here. A third one. Ok, so any questions about, well, actually, before I open it up for questions, there’s a letter of authorization that you will download right here. I know earlier it wasn’t working. He will just fill this out. This is going to be a repeat on a lot of the same information that you entered, which I hate to say and have that be a part of my platform. But that is the fact of how it is right now that will be changing. We’re going to make this really easy and beautiful for you guys. And then this is a billing statement or an invoice from your current person, so we just need to prove that there’s you guys have authorization here. For those of you guys aren’t transferring your cell phone number to our system, you can ignore this, right? We don’t need the like this. This is for. It’s a possibility, but I just want to make sure that’s clear and what that is. Ok, now I will ask, does anyone have any questions about this porting stuff?

[01:15:39] I didn’t see a question specifically about 40 yet, but Eugene is asking are, are the text messages alive? Can you do it now?

[01:15:47] Yeah. Yes. It looks like we had an error there when I tried to do it. Let me just see here. This might still work. Ok, I will. It’s going to drag this over here. I’m going to send myself a text message here.

[01:16:13] It should be.

[01:16:20] Right. So that that failed, but I would say like. It’s live. There’s currently an air that is. Well, because that needs to be worked out, so I guess maybe it’s not like but I would bet that we’ll have this fixed by tomorrow morning. Like with this, so we’re this isn’t going to be. We’ve already solved all the problems to make this work right. So we just need to like I said, when we drop this stuff in here, it’s a new environment and there’s like bugs and stuff that that we need to work out and they’re really hard to replicate until it’s in here. So I’ve got my guys working overtime to to to fix all the issues. I would make sure that you guys, hey, continue to send us tickets on this. It really helps us stay organized and attack these things in a systematic order. One of the things that you guys may know is that the the previously we had this like getting started thing and we’ve moved it into this video training. So we’re redoing how we’re doing things and we’re going to build out this. The videos are currently missing. I know that you guys are requesting how the phone system works, how the automations work, all the different pieces that we put in here. I am spending a lot of a lot of long hours right now building this stuff out for you guys. Just be patient with us. It’s hard to. I didn’t want to delay and give you the guys the possibility of using this stuff because I’m going to spend like a few weeks building out the documentation when we have a working system and I can teach you when to call us and like, we’re doing our best to make it as intuitive as possible.

[01:17:57] Maybe we’ll start off with some rough videos and then I’ll make them more polished, but we’re working on this. This is where it will be. Additionally, what we’re going to do the way we’ve constructed this system here is it’s actually really cool. And what we’re going to do is like, we can manage this all from our back end now so I can add in videos and stuff from the back, which I was like thinking why we were doing this, like, Oh, that’s really flexible for us. But wouldn’t it be cool if we could add the users? Have the users be able to like, manage their own videos within here? So if you wanted to train your employees or like, have some other like Corson here that you could potentially sell, then this could be a platform in the future where you can do that and you can like, have this stuff built right in as a training system, as or as in your own course system here without having to like pay for some other core systems. So we essentially have that functionality. This is not a good representation because there’s no videos in here, but we have. If I had the ability to show you another system right now where this is all available, then you could kind of see what it looks like. It’s pretty cool.

[01:19:01] So yeah, speaking of videos, Patrick, there are a couple of questions. One of them is, can we get some kind of training on how to switch over from go high level number one? And then Neil’s asking about training for the affiliate sales process? Yeah. Videos, they’re posted there, right?

[01:19:24] Yeah. So Spencer, we we’re that we’re either going high level question.

[01:19:29] Yeah, Spencer

[01:19:30] Spencer, I’d love to like you and I. Let’s jump on and zoom this week. I know that we’ve got another Zoom scheduled, but let’s maybe it’s the same one. And let’s look at that and I just need to see what needs to be exported and then figure out how I can make it as easy as possible for people to make that move. So that is certainly a priority for me to make transitioning from these. Other platforms in ours, like as seamless as possible,

[01:19:57] Possible, absolutely. And then one last question, the accountability groups. Can they still get in? How do they do it?

[01:20:05] Yeah, I believe you can still get in, but I’m going to. Hey, if you’re interested in it, then Jeff, if you could grab that link, put it in there. Send me a message. At this point, I think it is important to respect the group so I will approach the different groups and or if somebody wants to. You guys need to agree with in your group before we accept another person at this time. I just want to make sure I respect whatever you guys have built and if not, if there’s more than if there’s more than one person that is looking to get into group. Maybe we can build another group out, right? So I would be. I’m sorry. I think Dave and I would be interested. Dave, are you in?

[01:20:52] He’s downstairs, I’ll go kick his ass. Oh yeah, I’m OK.

[01:21:00] Just so you guys know this is like just like we just like the conversation with lower rent earlier on the call. You guys joining this, you’re making a commitment to each other and to the group to be there and make time and like. Have the tough conversations with someone in your group has fallen behind where you call them out on their bullshit and say, Look, you need to like move back in this direction if you want to reach this goal. I care about them enough to say that you don’t need to say it in a rude way, but like, say it from a place from love and it will be well received. And you know, I’ve been through this with other people in standing up for these people when they were falling behind wasn’t easy at the time. It was uncomfortable for me. But they have rewarded me with like years of respect for for having the kind of like courage and caring about them enough to say that. So that’s part of the agreement that you guys make the other people. They made that agreement when they join. So I just want to make sure that’s clear

[01:21:56] When you ask. We want to mention that we were part of like Marines training, and he set it up for me at the same time, same day week as yours. And I even asked him on the first call. And like, you know, Patrick Shannon, of course, is on the same day, same time every chance. And he did.

[01:22:15] But my name was probably mud at that point.

[01:22:18] So maybe I don’t know, but it didn’t happen. So but we’re back now, so welcome back.

[01:22:24] Happy to have you guys

[01:22:26] Eat my forms already submitted. Awesome. All right. And it’s

[01:22:32] Ok. There are other questions. Are we good?

[01:22:37] We’re good. Hey, I’d like to second this track traffic and funnels daily my medicine. They’re really, really good. There’s one this one called I love that one. That’s amazing. There are two about identity, at least, but there’s one of identity first. And that in that it’s like your most powerful version of you won’t care what other people think,

[01:23:01] And you’ll

[01:23:02] Just go right on ahead.

[01:23:03] But I think not that one who is deep, that identity first, and I probably listen to that. It’s like five minutes long. I probably listen to it four or five times now where I’m just like trying to process through what that means. The way that Taylor thinks is. I mean, that guy, like it’s clear that he has a high intellect, and he says he says things casually that are maybe like casual to him because he’s processed through it so much. But for me, when I listen to it, I’m like, Whoa, like, I like that sentence right there. I’m just like, I need to re-evaluate that for a while. I need to think on that one sentence for like an hour before it makes like before it’s clear. So, yeah, daily mind medicine guys. Check that out. It’s awesome. It’s free. It’s like five minutes a day from somebody who is doing massive numbers like, I know that we came from a different group. This is a completely new ballgame.

[01:24:03] Oh, I think, he shared.

[01:24:07] I think I saw him. He spoke at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego, and I think he said he has $100 million in real estate. And that’s like part of his portfolio. And it’s come from like building this and he’s got five or six different companies. One is just about like how to like preserve wealth when you build wealth, like, how do you do it?

[01:24:27] So I just that one. Um, you mentioned the productivity. That’s really good, another one is the morning formula about getting on or something.

[01:24:39] Yeah, absolutely. All right. Right on, so let’s see, we’ve got so we’ll fix the phone system thing. We’ll get that. I’m going to go back over here. The call flows, guys who can build out some really complex phone system stuff here. I know that have covered this on a couple and people. Different people are in different lives. So I’m just kind of skimming through this. But you can build out your own custom logic on what happens when a call comes in. You can upload a recording or have it read a robot voice of whatever you type in there and you can have a dial multiple phone numbers at the same time. Right? All this stuff can be paired with automations as well. You do a round robin round robin is pretty cool because this one, I changed this a lot from from what I’ve seen with with other phone systems like Call Rail, for instance. They do not allow you to round robin to multiple numbers at the same time we do. I hated that because I have towing and they have multiple drivers and they’re paying us multiple amounts. So one of our guys, one of our guys, had four drivers and the other one had two. And this guy is like paying us twice as much. So let’s say that I can’t do the math fast enough. Let’s say that he gets like

[01:25:49] Sixty six percent. There we go.

[01:25:52] Ok, and this guy gets thirty three percent, right? So that’s how you could do it with sixty six percent of the time, it’s going to go to these numbers and whoever answers this first, then it will stop and then thirty three percent of the time it will go here. Right. So you can do a schedule where you could say, hey, during this time period on like weekdays between here and here, then follow this little arrow down here and do whatever’s down here and then during this other branch, which is maybe so this would be like weekdays between. Just to give you guys in there well between 12:00, between midnight and 8:00 a.m., essentially, and then I’ll need like weekdays between. 8am and midnight, right? So that way, I’ve got the whole day covered of what’s going to happen, otherwise our phone system won’t know what to do. Right. So you could send them to a menu where it’s like, this is a great step for you guys as you guys set up your phone numbers. We’re going to make this easier, but currently we haven’t made it easier yet, and we’re going to make it easier to block spam.

[01:27:01] That’s where I’m going with this. So you could have the robot or you could upload your own recording that says press one if you are a human right and then down here, I can say press one. In Test. Right, so that will get rid of all of our stuff, so maybe you put that in as the first step and then they press one and then now we know that they’re not some robot and they can go on to the rest of the phone system like whatever actions. So that’s kind of like a challenge step. And we’re going to have this not be a part of the call flow. You can still use it as a part of the call flow, but we’re going to like put it on the list of numbers to just like as a switch to just like turn that on because I think a lot of people are going to want that on. Spencer, I know that you had a question about how the phone system works, right? What can I answer related to that?

[01:27:54] We asked him about using a regular phone number, I don’t know. Yes. Yeah. So one of my something I was thinking about with this gentleman that we landed yesterday, I talked about for for the winds at the beginning part of the call is running his do we have to purchase a call tracking number in order for because what I was hoping is we could just tie his regular landscaping number in to run it through there so that we could just monitor how long the calls were so that then we could tie them in to do review requests. Is that something possible?

[01:28:30] Yeah. So we can’t track numbers that like we won’t have any data on like a regular phone number if it’s not a tracking phone number. The tracking phone gives us the ability to track it, but what you could do? I don’t know if he’d be up for this is if you could talk him into putting a tracking number on the site and just let them know like, Hey, I’ll write it down. If we ever split, you can have this phone number you still have access to. This would give us a lot of analytical data, and it would give us a ton of like ability to manipulate things. But I can’t like currently, I can’t put like my cell phone number into this. And how, like all this functionality is like Verizon is my carrier and they’re not going to let me do that right? There’s like there’s there’s no avenue to control that number. I support a wireless number, as we saw earlier, but to be able to have the functionality and the tracking and everything, it’s got to be on one of the numbers that is associated with our system. All right. Did you have other questions related to the phone system, Spencer on or.

[01:29:41] Yeah, the only thing that I’m trying to set up now and we can cover this tomorrow or this evening is just that whole step by step. We’re just degrading running them through because what happened is I launched two new GMB without my granite countertop guy knowing because we’re we’re starting growth for him and how I think is what’s called housekeeping was some citations that we got going on the GMB and they started hammering my client and then my clients like, Hey, who is this? It’s calling. And then I guess they were asking, like saying, Hey, we just started a new stuff, and it just kind of caused some problems. And so they’re getting hammered with solicitations.

[01:30:21] Yep, every time you run citations, you’re going to run into this issue and. There’s there I’ve got some I’ve got some, like long term plans on how to deal with that like. One of the things I want to do is set up like a like a a shared spam pool where like if you mark this as spam and Neil and Harry and Laurent market of spam, then like maybe Dave sets a confidence level of like four. And then if it has four messages, then it’s automatically marked as spam. So the challenge step will stop the robot people. But it’s not going to stop HomeAdvisor because those are humans and they’re just going to press one right? And like what? Maybe, maybe what you could do is I don’t know what they would do with this, but you could say like press one if you are interested in our service. Press two if you are Home Advisor, Angie’s List, blah blah blah. You could even make a part of the message like. Our operators cannot and will not be able to assist you if your home adviser, so please press two and then you press two, and it reads a message that says like, Hey, we appreciate you guys. Please send us an email at this email address and we’ll follow back up with you with your service. I don’t know what effect that would have, but they would probably. They might they probably ignore it, I mean, they pretend to be like real customers, so like, Oh, I’m home advisor too, and I’ll send this email like, that’s probably not how they’re going to work, right? So.

[01:31:59] But you could put that challenge step in that we mentioned a minute ago to get rid of the robo robo stuff. It may be like the curve of how it happens with citations is after you order them. There’s like the calm before the storm and then it like spikes up and then it will slow down. You could maybe like handle the like depending on your relationship with the business owner. You may want to handle the calls for them or have someone on your team like take those calls until you like get to that downswing, especially if you don’t have leads coming in. Like, I think their tolerance of spam is a lot higher when it’s like mixed in with real leads. But if it’s just like only spam, then that’s pretty annoying. I would also explain to them that, Hey, this is short lived and this is a part of getting ourselves out there, right? So, yeah. Right. Trying to think of any other cool things to mention in here. If we’ve gone through most of the stuff, we’ll get you guys a lot of the training on this out here pretty soon. Do you have any other questions? What are we? An hour and thirty six minutes is a long one. We had a lot to talk about. All right. All right, you guys, if there if there are no more questions, then I think we’re ready to ready to hop off here. Jeff, any final

[01:33:18] Is asking, could that company forward their main number to a tracking number? So it’s not seen the trackable

[01:33:28] They could, they could do that, assuming that they’re cool with it. Yeah, I’m like it would, essentially. Show them how it works and if they forward it and then they still receive it, they would have the ability on their own to show that that connection off any time they want. And the only thing they might not be cool with is like, like, I don’t know whoever is calling their main number may like they have other parts of their business. I don’t know. It’s certainly worth asking to what they say. I would say. Cool. All right. Ok, guys, I think we’re good. All right. So. Let me know if you guys see issues, we’ve added a lot of functionality in here. Those of you guys that are in the accountability group, I appreciate you guys joining that. I hope you guys get a lot of value from it. I’ve never kind of like remotely led this accountability group thing, but I think it’s worked out really well for the ones I participated in the past. Any of you guys have questions or anything on the new functionality? Don’t be afraid to drop it into the group. That’s like I do my best to respond to your guys Facebook messages like the private messenger. But there’s a lot of them, so dropping it in the group lets our whole team have access to be able to answer this stuff. I’ll do my best to get this, this the training out for this stuff. The new features as quickly as I can, and we’ll get these errors that we saw tonight. Patched up, you guys. Oh, I’m sorry. There is one more thing I wanted to cover. Just when you guys thought you were done with me. It’s. Just to share those you guys want to sign up for a plan, you can go up here to store and you will notice that there are this looks a little different now we have the all plans.

[01:35:22] This is the CRM plans and then the phone plans. The phone plans are different for different countries. That’s why there’s a country here. So the way we haven’t set up now is the auto detector country. So this should be right. But I would encourage you to double check that this is your country before you go to try to purchase a plan. Ok? As I said, you get one free number and you can start taking advantage of that free number by going in to phone system and then click on text. And it should give you a menu when things are working properly for you to select that number based on maybe, maybe you want it in your local area code, you should be able to find it. Some area codes like Las Vegas, the 702’s are almost eaten up, so you may have to choose a different one depending on the availability. If you check back a few hours later, the numbers are changing constantly for what’s available. All right, so I’ll leave you guys with that. You guys have seven days to create some awesome wins in your business right now. Seventy nine days left in the year. Seven days we’ll have. Seventy two days left in the year. Do something that matters over these next seven days and move your business forward with your life forward. You guys are great. I appreciate this last year of being able to serve you guys and hopefully you guys have enjoyed what we’ve done over the last 12 months. So, all right. Onward and upward. We will see you guys next week, have a great week. Take care of my friends.

[01:36:49] Out of the way.