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[00:00:00] Co-host. You know.

[00:00:08] Right. Welcome to late today. Oh, I can’t get that YouTube thing to work. Let’s up, everybody. How are we doing? Good, good. Right on, Stephen. What’s up, brother? Not a whole lot.

[00:00:28] What’s that? Not much, just some, some wild weather happening outside, but that’s all right. Can you locate it again? I’m in Chicago right now. But just like super windy and severe storms coming through, but hopefully that connection will hold out.

[00:00:47] Yeah, this might be a good time to go to Barcelona, man. Oh, cool. All right. What about Greg? How’s it going, man? Good, good. Right on and Graham’s got some. What do we got here, some Pulp Fiction guy who’s watching rocket ships? That’s interesting. Graham is always making these awesome referrals to me for different software, that guy. Appreciate you, man. Thank you for all those that you always send over. I’m checking out this one he sent over called Rise, which kind of monitors your productivity? Not really. I just installed it yesterday, but got some high hopes for it. It looks pretty cool. Let’s see. We got Chuck. We got Patrick, we got Michael and Kevin Cole just throwing chat, guys. Let me know where you guys are tuning in from. And let’s let’s get into wins. Who’s got some wins for this Wednesday? Nobody might not teach you good stuff. I’m hoping that my hold on one sec, I’ve got some got some. I’m in Barcelona now, so that’s a win. And what that comes with when you move into like a really cool, busy place is you have random people outside your window making a bunch of noise at one 30 in the morning. Hey, babe, would you mind shutting that window for me? Cool. All right. So we put a poll in there today, and I saw what you guys are, what a lot of you guys are struggling with.

[00:02:23] I think we’ll do this more often and we’re going to really start to build our content around this stuff. So you guys didn’t participate in it. I would recommend participating because the squeaky wheel is going to get the grease here. We’re going to try to help as many people as we can, but we don’t always know who who that is until. And so you guys like, chime in and let us know. So one of the one of the I did it in both groups, and it seems like the biggest thing right now is ranking GMB. So I’m going to talk a little bit about that today. I know that some other people. Another popular one was finding GMB, so I’m going to go through both of those today if any of you guys are in Barcelona, Paris or London over the next few weeks. Hit me up. I’d love to meet up with you guys. There was a lot of people who reached out and that I met up when we were in New York City last week, which was awesome. Got to meet up with Cesar Zuniga, Randy Jerome, Ashley, date piano while I’m not forgetting anyone else. And then we had to just like some other random friends, but it was really cool to to meet people from the group that, you know, our relationship prior to this was completely online. So, you know, it’s it’s it’s.

[00:03:45] No one ever looks like you expect them to. People are taller or shorter or whatever, but it’s really cool to build these relationships and really dive into people’s businesses and hear what they have going on. So many of you guys are in these cities that we’re going to be in, then just reach out to me. And maybe, maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t. One of the requests that I’m hearing more of is to have some live events. So I think we will be organizing that. I don’t have a date on any of this stuff yet. Our life is a little bit up in the air right now as we’re kind of traveling, but you know, our plan is to go back to Nashville. And at that point, we’ll be getting a little bit more stability, and I think we’re going to organize some sort of event for some time, maybe in the Nashville area. So I’m really excited for that. Let’s see. All right, cool. All right, so one of the things I want to go into today is and we had quite a few more people tune in. Jeff, are you monitoring the Facebook stuff? Do we have any wins? Guys share wins, Raphael says. You got two business owners hooked with trials, so that’s good. It sounds good. Sounds super positive. Yeah, that’s awesome. Congrats, Rafael. It’s, you know, I feel like once you get someone on a trial, it’s just really a question of, are they good at what they do if you have leads coming in? Because if they are, then it usually works out.

[00:05:17] And we. We’ve we obviously like not everyone that comes on at a trial is is going to work out. A big part of the hard problem is done. We have a guy in Grand Rapids right now that he’s underpaying and he’s kind of been like difficult over the last few months. So I’ve got Jeff prospecting for for someone to replace him with. And getting kind of getting someone in there to to pay you some money and take take some leads. It’s really good and it gives you kind of the opportunity. If they’re not a great fit, then you’re the one that owns the asset and it’s up to you to go and find somebody else like if they’re not a good fit. That’s a fine thing to do. You’re not locked into them. We don’t have contracts, so we set the expectations at the beginning and tell them what we’re looking for. And if they’re not living up to that, whether they think they are or not, it’s our decision to try to go another direction. What you don’t want to have is some sort of like problem client because that’s just going to go on forever. That’s not going to change, right? So one of the problem with this guy

[00:06:24] Real quick is that he’s he’s not really following up well enough and closing enough to make it worth the money that we know it’s worth. So he doesn’t get the value, so we don’t get the value. So that’s not a good fit.

[00:06:39] Yeah, absolutely, guys. I think it was Vadim who earlier he was said to be a couple of messages and he was talking about, he’s got a client that the guy’s not closing, he’s not going to close. And whenever you see this problem, like. It’s about to be your problem, right, because the person is not going to be able to pay you. It might not be. Might not seem like it’s your problem yet or you may have this attitude of that’s on them. Well, it is on them, but they’re not going to pay you. So it’s your problem, right? It’s going to be your problem. You kind of have two different decisions. Two different routes you can go. Is it something that can be fixed? How far do you want to go with this? One of the things that you know, I’m studying a lot right now with the new program that I joined is client success, right? And we’re putting a lot of stuff in place for client success. And, you know, I’ve been approaching this. My original intent from approaching this company that’s that’s coaching me was to help with the software products to make weed snap where we generated better. And it’s really obvious, though, that the lessons here can be applied to both of our businesses, right? So that extends onto you guys client success. What like, what are you guys doing? Because like the way they define client success is it’s kind of the bridge between sales and support.

[00:08:05] And with the rank and rep model, we kind of have this mindset that we don’t want to. I mean, the beauty of it is his passive nature, right? And I’m not saying to go against that. I’m not saying to put in so much that it’s not going to be passive anymore. But at the same time, you want to make sure that your product and the service that you’re providing is structured in a way that is leading to the success of your clients, because that’s where the long term value comes from. So if you guys, what we’re doing on our end is we’re looking at a lot of different things for like with with our platform, for so many different ways that people can use it right. Some people are in there taking full advantage of like the website connections, which if you’re using the platform, I highly recommend. I think it is one of the most important parts of the entire system, if not the most important part. But some people don’t even have that. Some people are using the heat maps to understand where their games are and find ways to rank it so people are prospecting with and others are really focused on reputation management. There are people that are taking advantage of the Google Analytics stuff. Some people that are getting started are just kind of like diving into the due diligence part.

[00:09:12] So we didn’t really have a way to monitor that, and we’re trying to build that in and have customized outreach based on actions that happen within the system. Right. So if we can do a better job onboarding you guys and if we can do a better job like getting you to the point where you’re getting value from the software, then you’re going to take it, you’re going to you’re going to stay longer. So if we kind of extrapolate some of this and take that mindset to our clients, I think you’re going to get a lot better result. And what I don’t want you guys to do is get into this mentality of kind of going down with the ship. You have the wrong person, then then it’s the wrong person, right? If they’re not, if they’re not willing to change, if they’re not willing to do the work. They can’t answer the phone. All these different things that can go wrong. I’m not saying they stick with it, but make sure that you’re offering a product and a service that kind of gets them their desired result because that’s what they’re paying for. They come in, they they have this idea of what their desired result is, and they’re paying for this as a solution to that, and you need to make sure that it’s helping them every step of the way.

[00:10:15] What can you do to make their life easier? If you do that, you’re going to have a lot less churn, right? And if you’re not churning through your clients, then your business is going to grow. What you don’t want is like, Hey, I’ve got like 10 clients. I land my 11th client, I lose a client and I’m back to 10, right? So that’s a big problem, right? If you can get rid of any of that churn, and for some of you guys that are doing SEO, you know that is going to be a more challenging task. Like, I think the churn rate in SEO is a lot higher and that’s personally why I avoid it. But that doesn’t. I mean, there’s a ton of people that are really successful with it. You just need to be considering what can you do to reduce this churn? One of the things that we’re going to be building into the system is something called an NPS or net promoter score. You guys haven’t seen that. That’s it’s those you guys have all seen it. You might not know what it is, but you know, there’s little those little like surveys that come to you that say, Hey, how likely are you to rate this from like, refer this from one to 10. Right. So having your clients fill this out, maybe quarterly. Can help you understand where they are and then like, do something, be proactive if you think, Hey, we’re sending you a lot of weeds and you know that that should be happiness.

[00:11:29] That’s not always the case. We’ve lost clients that we we raise the rent on clients and they weren’t able to take full advantage of the the week that we’re sending them, so they were not able to pay what the weeds were worth. And you know, you have to be keeping a pulse on this. So another couple of changes that I’m going to make is I want to really start to have kind of like an intent that is broadcast out prior to the meetings. So we’re getting a lot more structured with our meetings, with our with our plans and what we’re pushing out. So like we’ll say, hey, like next, next Wednesday is actually it’s going to be like the client client closing class, right? So that way, we’re not all just like kind of coming into this, not knowing you don’t have to tune in and I’m going to get some value, maybe or maybe not. So we are going to be a lot more proactive with kind of sending you guys emails. You have the option to unsubscribe if you find them annoying. But some of the some of the things that we’re going to be putting in those is really the wins that you guys share on this. The way I view this is kind of a community, right, where we’re all kind of moving forward together.

[00:12:43] So we’re going to share the wins and broadcast those. We’re going to go over. We’re going to go over the updates that we have within the platform as well as any any highlights from the call. And then probably what will also be included is what will be our focus for the next week. Right. So for next week, call what I’m committed to doing. I think next week’s call is it’s going to be the twenty third, right? So next week’s call, what I’m committed to doing is I’m going to really we’re going to focus on we’re going to renew the accountability groups for those that are that have been involved in that. We’ve got a ton of good feedback from people that I really like it to have multiple people, multiple people that have requested that we do it again. And like, honestly, we just kind of like set up the structure on that and then you guys have run with it. I’ve kind of chimed in in the groups that are active here and there. When I when when I see something that you know, I think I could provide some some beneficial advice like we have a question coming in here. Patrick, please talk about how you keep clients happy. I will I’m going to come back to that in just a minute.

[00:13:57] Patrick, I want to get through this. So part of next week’s call is I want to really focus on pointing out the year. So why we need to get ready for twenty twenty two. So we’re about 15 days away from 16 days away, depending on what part of the world you’re in. So what are we going to do to get ready for it? Right. There’s a lot of numbers in science that go into this. They say that it’s 30. I was doing some research and I was actually on another call earlier. See what the number is thirty nine and a half percent more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. Ok, and then seventy six more likely to achieve the goal if you write it down and you have a way to track it. Ok, so I want to try to provide you guys with the system where we can do that. How do we set things up for success in twenty twenty two? So this is what next week’s call is. I’m going to like put together kind of a presentation on what we’re going to do in our agency. I’m kind of drawing from a lot of different things. I’ve been studying this reading this. I’ve got multiple coaching programs that I’m involved in and I’m kind of building this. And this is something that I’ve done a lot in the past, but we’re always refining.

[00:15:11] So one of the important things that when you’re tracking is you want to be analyzing this. I don’t think doing it like doing it daily, kind of analyzing your tracking, doing it daily might be too much, but there are certainly benefits associated with it doing it weekly. I wouldn’t want it to go more than a week without analyzing this, because what you need to be doing is you really need to be kind of like, let’s say, if you increase the frequency of reflection that allows you to make course corrections more often, right? And the more course corrects corrections that you can make, the more likely you are to stay on pace, right? So it’s huge. And when you kind of like stretch that out over time, it makes a huge difference. So kind of putting together a system where I want you guys to start thinking for next week, I’m going to give you guys kind of like a a document that you guys can fill out. And what I want that to look like is we’re going to set some kind of like 10 year goals, three years, two years in one year. So one year really needs to be that’s where you kind of want to spend the most time, right? You want to spend this time on one year to three 10, just like, hey, there’s some guesswork going on in there. We know that things are going to change a year from now, but getting it out there and working backwards and not being like so focused on kind of the carrot that’s right in front of you so that you don’t really have a plan of where you’re going.

[00:16:39] It’s important, right? If you’re building this business for longevity, then like ten years is a part of that, right? Unless you like, I don’t know. I haven’t interacted with with with anyone that’s saying like, Hey, I really don’t want to have this business 10 years from now. Like, if this is a passive business that is like the way I view it is, I want this to be a part of my retirement, right? I want this to be something that that is always like producing for me. So that includes a year from now, two years from now, three years, 10 years from now, right? So we have to write that stuff down, right? If we know that it’s like 40 percent more likely for something to occur where we write it down and seventy six percent more likely to occur if we write it down and track it well, it’s got to start with goals, right? And then we can work backwards, so we really need to get our goals in place. And you know, if some of you guys maybe kind of have this idea already, right, and we’ll get into this more.

[00:17:39] What I don’t want you guys to do when you’re thinking of these goals is, I want I don’t want you guys to think like, Hey, I want to make a million dollars in twenty twenty two. That’s not the goal that. So that’s kind of like a milestone goal can be something like, Hey, you know, if you’re a guy, you’re probably more focused on like, this is the car I want to drive. And you know, demographics like maybe women are going to be more focused on. This is the house that I want to live in, more stability type things. So like, that’s just seems to be the way. That’s that’s a that’s the goal that we want, right? That’s the goal that we’re milestone is like, Hey, I need to have this amount of money to be able to achieve that goal. But if you tie it to some like arbitrary financial goal that isn’t in alignment with something that that’s bigger or more important than that, then it’s like your motivation. It’s just it’s it’s I think it’s done wrong, right? So be thinking about it in those terms. So come up with like, Hey, this is how I want my life to. This is what I want my life to look like. Right? So what are what are the milestones that are going to get you there and the way that the milestones need to work? And the way that you need to set this stuff up is you need to think in terms of milestones that if you achieve these milestones, then you can’t it’s impossible for you to miss your goal.

[00:19:01] Ok, so we’re going to dive into this more next week. But this is what this is kind of the training that I’ve started preparing for next week. We’re also going to get into more of the stuff from the poll, the results of the poll. So if you guys haven’t voted, go and do that. I’m definitely going to be paying attention to that. So that’s a part of our client success, you guys using our software, participating in our group. You guys are our clients, right? So what can we do to make you guys successful? That’s providing you with the best information, right? Preparing you guys to to get value and be successful only with this business model. But, you know, taking advantage of the software. So one of the things we do a meeting every Monday, I was traveling this Monday, so we actually did it Tuesday and we went over. We have a new plan. So we’ve done all these lives. We’ve done like almost a year’s worth of lives. And then we’ve had all sorts of value videos that we’ve dropped in along the way. But they’re all just kind of like one long stream inside of Facebook. So what we’re doing is we’re going to move these inside the platform, and I guess we’re going to duplicate these and put them inside the platform.

[00:20:11] So they’re not going to be removed from Facebook. But and we’re going to split the videos based on the topics, right? So if this is about like grabs, then like you’ll have an entire library in there and this can be like the GMB library, here is client. Here’s like team management, all these different topics. And also, as part of this poll will build out kind of some some value videos and try to bring in some like expert guests towards this stuff. So that’s kind of some of the strategies that that we’re working towards, and this is also a part of that client success is let’s build the platform in a way where it’s easy for you guys to find what you need. I know there’s a lot of you guys that are posting questions within the group that are kind of asking things that that like we’ve covered a bunch of times, but because of the format that it’s in, maybe it’s not easy to find it right. So anyone that has a subscription will have access to these types of videos. For those of you guys, I think the way we’re going to be doing it is we’re going to we’re definitely going to be building ADC training in there with stuff that’s not covered on the Facebook video.

[00:21:16] So that will be kind of for those that have subscriptions, you’ll have some access to things that lots of things that the Facebook group won’t necessarily have. So the way I’m considering it is like, hey, maybe like if you’re in the starter package, you’ll get access to like the beginner lessons, right? And as you move into the higher levels, then you’re going to get access to the entire library. And our plan is to build out this kind of like Netflix model of all sorts of different lessons. And it’s not just going to be from me, it’s going to be from, you know, anyone that I think can add value. We can we can bring that in there. Another update I wanted to share with you guys is the white labeling. I know that we had hoped to kind of get that out the end of November, beginning of December, and we’ve just kind of run into a couple bumps along the road. But we are really close. I think today is the day Thursday for us that we will start testing things and after we’ve gone through testing, then we plan to release it. So I think we’re pretty much done with the development phase of things we’ve done all the mockups we’ve kind of got to design. We’re about to launch it and do testing. Once we’re comfortable with the testing, then we’ll be releasing it into the platform.

[00:22:32] There will be a fee for it. I’m still kind of like kicking around with that fee will be you guys don’t have to do it. But if you would like to be able to kind of resell this without people knowing, then you know, I would assume it would be very worth it. So we are going to be building. The training will not be a part of the the white label part of it. So there won’t be like a way for people that are watching the training to like, Oh, they just said, Snap, what’s that? Let me go. Look at it. They won’t have access to that. Or we’ll give you guys the ability to turn it on and off so that maybe you can show it to some people and not to other people. It’s up to you. So we’re just kind of working through the final steps there. All right. So let me catch up on some of these messages here. All right, so we’ve got Patrick, please talk about how you keep clients happy through giving reports. Walk through, walk through on reports. Do you try keyword rankings for groups and reports the client? Probably not, since your. Rent leads and the jobs are yours. And secret, or do you track the calls and they get monthly reports or weekly, how do you satisfy clients and save yourself time to? Good question, Patrick.

[00:23:49] So you kind of answered part of the response to the first part of question is we don’t give them keyword reports or anything like that because they’re not paying. We’re not we’re not doing SEO. It’s rank rep, right? So what they’re paying for is leads. That’s that’s what the game for us. That’s kind of what we keep track of. I had mentioned this in a previous call. That’s and I’m going to start building some of the stuff into the system. So. Its concept of a North Star metric. That’s really what we’re really going to be focused on. So for us, the one that we’re going to start with, North Star Metric is like, Hey, what is the no, what is it? No, that we can create or a ratio that we can create within our business that when this number goes up, it indicates that our business is moving in the right direction and our clients are getting value right. So for you guys, I’m kind of working on that. What is like like for people using the platform, what would be some strategies that I could use to ensure that, hey, when people are doing this, they are getting value from product. So it could be the number of users that are active in more than one module on a daily basis. That’s one of the ones I’ve been thinking about for for this platform is like, how can I ensure that like, maybe it’s a number of users that are active for one.

[00:25:10] But I think if someone is using two different parts of the application, then that’s that like, they’re getting extreme value from this, from the system. So when we came up with for our agency is the average amount of leads per paying quite right. So how like the clients start paying people that are not on trials and not including like the websites that aren’t rented? What is the average number of leads that this person is getting? And maybe you would even want to make that ratio of like, well, like if you made it beats per dollar that would mess everything up. So like, I don’t know if that’s going to be the final version of it, but having a number that we can track and I can get reported on on a daily basis and our whole team is aware of and everyone’s kind of like focused on improving this number. And that number means that our clients are getting more value, right. So if I have a client that’s getting like 10 weeks and then he’s getting like 30 and then he’s getting 50 or one hundred, like when at some point in the niche is going to be relevant. Like if he is a tow truck company, that’s very different than if he is like building swimming pools, right? If he’s getting one hundred leads a month and he’s building swimming pools, then that’s clients going to be very sticky, right? It’s going to be really hard for them to leave.

[00:26:26] So that’s why I think that’s an important number to monitor. Ok, so that’s as far as like the reports, I have a reporting module that we’re in the process of building now and we’re going to automate that. The delivery of that, and that’s going to be very customizable. It’s not going to be something that is limited to like rank and rent business model, right? So it’s going to allow you to blend all the different parts of the system into these reports and then brand them and send them out at the frequency that you would like. So that means that you could put your own logo if you haven’t added your email address so you can essentially send from your email account within our system. The leads that you’re sending to your clients could be delivered that way. If they’re not being done, I would. I would recommend that or like with one of the automations, right? So being able to send out these reports, you could brand it and send it out to your client. Maybe that’s once a week where it’s like, Hey, here’s the number of calls that came in. Here’s the number of form submissions. Here’s the total number of leads. If you’re doing SEO or like GMB optimization, maybe you want to include the heatmap average right or Google Analytics you could have.

[00:27:40] Hey, here’s the traffic that’s going to your site. Here’s the number of new people that are coming to your site. So all these different parts and pieces of the system, if you’re doing reputation management, it could be like, Hey, here’s the number of reviews that got added to this week. So all these different parts and pieces from the entire platform blended into one report, and you can set the frequency for that. So what I would recommend with this is we don’t have this in place because we don’t have that model built out. What I do have is I have Jeff on my team who’s kind of like our client success for our agency. So he’s kind of checking in with the clients and making sure that that they’re happy and touching base with them. And this is an resulted in a lot of expansion revenue for us. So that’s like when I say expansion revenue, that means more revenue from your existing clients. Ok. So that doesn’t mean getting a new client. That’s that’s new revenue expansion. New expansion revenue is like expanding on what you guys already have. So an example would be you guys all signed up for the CRM and then the expansion revenue would be like if you guys upgraded to a new plan or if you guys set up the phone system.

[00:28:50] Right. So that’s kind of the difference. So this client success and having Jeff talk to these clients on a regular basis has resulted in a lot of expansion revenue for us. Once you guys have this once, once you have satisfied clients, it’s a lot easier to expand them than it is because they trust you. They’ve seen what you’re capable of. They know that you can deliver. Now, all that stuff is kind of like out of the way. That’s a big barrier to to a sale, right, so that it makes complete sense as to why, you know, why it’s easier to expand. For some of you guys, you guys had no knowledge of. We had a ton of people signed up for the phone system so far. Right. You guys had no knowledge of my ability to like our phone system, my ability to to build the phone system like we gave you. You trusted us because like we’re using CRM, we love the CRM. Like, I already like, I like that confidence. Compare that to what it would be like when you’re signing up for a new phone system. Or maybe some of you guys are moving from a phone system where they violated your trust in one way or another. And like just that different mindset, your clients have the same mindset towards you. This is why it’s important to have this kind of like client success mentality in there.

[00:30:08] So we like internally, though, Patrick, we do track the keywords what we’re doing. And in our weekly meeting this last week, what I what I told my team is like, I want every single Google, my business to be running once a week and our heat map, right? And I get it like we. I’ll be honest, in our agency, we have unlimited heat maps, right? So I’m not charging myself for that. So I’m running every single Google, my business, I’m running. I think I don’t actually, I don’t think we set it for a week. I think we set it for like every 10 or 12 days or something. So it’s going to cycle through everyone and put the keywords in there and we’re going to track that. And I want a report every week on how that Google my business is ranking. And then one of the really cool parts about the reporting system that’s coming out is the ability to have trends. So that way you can kind of see this, hey, this is how it was this week versus like last week or whatever custom period you want, right? So it’s important for us to be able to identify this stuff. So that’s kind of what we’re doing for tracking things. I don’t know if that fully answered all the parts of your question. We do try to clarify Patrick Spencer’s

[00:31:19] Asking, Can you have the report automatically sent

[00:31:22] Out? You said yes. Yeah, that’s right. Rescheduling is a part of it. Let me just see if I can bring up this. We haven’t built it out yet, but our process is always to. It’s to design it and kind of like work through the issues and then build it, so we’re in between right now where we’ve we’ve got the design and we have a mockup in place. I just need to find the link. Jeff, do we have any more questions why I look for this?

[00:31:56] Patrick was asking a question about phone numbers, but yes, Patrick, we do use different phone numbers, not necessarily. We use different phone number on each GMB, but one of the GMB numbers would be on the site. And then we also use different numbers for paid ads so that we can see where that traffic is coming from and control that a lot better. So. Yes.

[00:32:19] That was really cool here. All right. Yeah, I’ve gone over this a couple of times in the past, but what’s kind of get into it, Spencer? And let’s check it out and see what it looks like. Um, Jeff, you can see my screen right. Yes. Yeah. Ok, cool. All right. All right. Ok, so. Um, hopefully this is the latest version of our market that looks a little different. Yeah, so we just go here. No, this isn’t the latest version. Give me one second here, guys, let me stop this share. I wasn’t prepared to present this part of it today. So just bear with me. You have any more questions why we are on here. Anybody really struggling with something in your business? Throw it in there. We may not get to it right this minute, but at least it will be in the queue. Reporting functionality. Here we go. Cool, I got it. All right. Hey, Patrick, any idea when the

[00:33:39] Phone system will be able to fully connect to the CRM dashboards?

[00:33:44] Yeah, I’m hoping that we can have that done by Friday. I know I’ve we’ve been we’ve been working hard on that one, so. And it’s still not the right report. It’s weird. Yeah, so I’m hoping we can get that out this this week some time. If not, it’ll be the beginning of next week. Filters. Ok, I guess we’ll just go through the old version, I don’t know where the latest version of it is, we’ve got some improvements to the UI on this one. See here. And then it’s. Ok. All right. Let me share the screen again. Sorry for these delays, guys. Too cool. All right, so this is just like kind of an example of the GMB report, and my designer makes this for my. Big screen at home and I’m on a laptop, so we’ve got this like this would be condensed into fit on your screen, depending on how many columns that you had. So you can kind of see we have this all these different columns and you’ve got more to choose from here. So you can. This is this is a GMB report. If you let’s just go back a step. Ok, so this would be kind of your reports when you first when you first come in here, you’ll see your list of reports, you have the option to view it to duplicate it or delete it. Up here, you can create a new report. So if I create a new one, it’s going to ask you for kind of the like, what? What are we going to be talking about? We have to have like a point of reference, what’s going to be the main focus here so you can see you can choose between companies.

[00:36:01] Companies would be like, Let me get some information and we’re going to list it by company or by GMP or by leaks. So we’d report might be one that you would want to send out to your clients, right? So each one of these kind of has a different set of column, so it’s going to be available for it. And then we have another one that’s not on here, which I was looking for. The updated one is the summary. So the summary may be something that you guys would use internally where it’s like, Hey, show me my my leads over the last 30 days by company, and I want to include all these other facts about this, right? So if I jump in and let’s we’ll start off with the GMB one, we were just kind of looking at that one. So you can kind of see we’ve got the number of reviews, the status, the number of pictures, the completion percentage. This is the description, the number of questions. There’s your heat map average, right? Any tags that you have in place there, your phone number, all this different information.

[00:36:58] You can bring in your your insights data, right? So on that that last tab right now where we have like the like the amount of searches that have happened, such as a branded search, right? These are that should say replied, not applied reviews, not replied. So kind of giving yourself like a customizable dashboard where you can get information on this and blend it all together. And we’re going to just keep on building this and then we’re going to be introducing dashboards which are going to be kind of like reports where you can set up a number of different dashboards based on this blended information because I think it’s great to have all this information, but we need to present it to people in a way where it’s easy to access and you can customize it and have all this kind of value in there. You look up here, we have this compare option. So this is where you can start to compare periods where I can say, Hey, I want to look at. Well, one second, just things a little wonky right now. Hmm. What do I have to do? Ok, there we go, so I can. Oops! Disappeared. So this is the actual site, this is just some mock up software that we use. Ok, so you can kind of see I could compare the stuff on here to a different time period and then I can see right here, I can say like Leeds have increased by 40 percent, right? That little green arrow is saying that it’s gone up.

[00:38:24] So this is like I said, there are some changes that are coming here, but this is kind of the the plan that we have, right? And then you can export this right. So this is where you could have this brand and report all this stuff here is customisable. Right. I could enter in whatever information like I can decide what I want to take away and include within this. So. Don’t know if this version of the mock up, and then we have the scheduling, so you could decide when this is going out. You could say, Hey, I want this to go out every so many days, weeks, whatever I can include it to. So this would be a list of your existing clients. And if you wanted to send them somewhere else, then you can do that here. Right. So that’s kind of like the system that we have in place. So we have this not only for the gaps we have this for. I think there’s five categories right now, but we’re going to keep adding to this right. So users would be like your clients if I want. Maybe, maybe I want to have a report that is like, how many leads are getting sent? Maybe I’ve got five websites for one client, so maybe I want to run a users report where it’s a list of my clients, and then I could see the amount of leads that the client received.

[00:39:38] Or if I want to be at my company, then I can do the company one right? Or if I want it to be like the lead information such as like Bob Jones request and this like fence installation, then that might be one that might be a one way since your to your actual clients, right? And then the GMES, maybe that’s a recording that’s used to send to your clients like Patrick was asking for. Or maybe it’s something that’s used internally that you just look at every Friday so that it gives you a better opportunity to keep a pulse on your company. So that’s kind of what we have there for the reporting, looking to get this one out in the next few weeks. It could be the beginning of the next year, though. All right, cool. So Jeff, did we pick pick up any more questions during that? Are we good? No, we’re good. Right on. So what I want to cover today, and I’m going to get into this more in depth next week is some of the strategies for like GMB ranking. That was one of the popular ones and like getting jobs. Ok, so I’m going to start with getting GMB and then we’ll go to ranking. Ok, so one of the strategies that like I know that a lot of you guys, we kind of have.

[00:40:48] Three or four strategies that we use in our agency, and we’ve turned this into a process. I’m going to build out a training for this. It’s going to be available within the platform. I’m going to give you guys step in step by step instructions with like scripts and stuff like this that’s going to be maybe not available in the Facebook group. Maybe that will be within the platform. So some of the methods that we’ve used and have been successful for us is we use Craigslist a lot. We’ve relied on it heavy and actually took a course on Udemy, on Craigslist because we had issues at the beginning with things that were like our our posts were, we’re like getting deleted, right? So I think it’s important that you kind of like season your Craigslist account a little bit. You guys are using the strategy. I know if you guys are outside of the United States. Craigslist may not be an option, but it seems like most countries have some sort of version of this. It’s just a local service where you know you can kind of like list something locally. So we what I mean by season, it is like, maybe have some real posts in there that are for your area where you’re like, post something up there. Maybe there’s some like old stuff in your garage you want to sell or whatever like doing.

[00:42:05] Some of that seems to create more trust in Craigslist. So we and our in my agency, we’re using an account that was actually my Craigslist account, where I like sold stuff and like just random things that I needed over the years. And I think that’s given us a lot of credibility because I know people have gotten their Craigslist account suspended said this many times when you are a business owner. Your job is to solve problems, right? So if the problem is that your Craigslist account is getting suspended, then like figure out how to solve that because it is a valuable asset and resource. Facebook groups are a big one, too, so we’ve used that a good amount. We’ve also used indeed, so indeed seems to work really well in some cities. Craigslist seems to work well in some cities, so we kind of rotate between those. I would recommend that you experiment with things that are not always money. Like we went through some phases for for this, where sometimes people seem to trust more. If it’s not just like cash, right? If it’s like, Hey, do this for like 50 bucks like some people like instantly think that’s a scam to receive a piece of mail. But if you said, like, I’ll give you a twenty five dollar gift card to Starbucks, if somebody can help me out with the favor, there’s like a level like something in the human psyche that people kind of trust that more so I would encourage you guys to play around with that.

[00:43:34] When you’re making this post, what we do when we post on Craigslist is we’ll post something a lot of times we’ll post or like pictures like, Hey, we need, we need to get some photos taken, and it’s important that you set the price in this so that you are you want to weed out the real photographers, right? So if you set a price at like 50 bucks or twenty five dollars, then like real photographers are not going to pay attention to that, right? So you it’s important because this is like what you’re going to do is the person applies for this position. You say, look, sorry, we’ve already like filled that, but we can let you know next time we need some pictures. I also put into the post that you don’t need like a fancy camera. It can be like just a phone, right? So. Once they reply, like, Hey, we don’t need any more photos, we already have that done, but we do need this, we need help establishing like some local presence. And it’s just a few minutes from work and we’ll get some cash. We just need a postcard to be sent. I think it’s really important to cultivate these people. It’s illegal for you to pay for reviews here.

[00:44:51] But I’ve heard of people having success with like getting these people and then kind of like building that relationship and kind of using them as their family. So that might be something you look into. Ok, so indeed, if you’re making the post on, indeed, what you can do is you can kind of like ask for like a like a social media manager and make sure that they know that this is white very part time. Right. So I mean, just say, Hey, we’re going to start you off with this. This is the task and use their use their they’re kind of like local network to help build that out. One of the things, if you have a client in place, I highly recommend that you build out a questionnaire within our system for collecting addresses and if you’re taking advantage of the pipeline system as you move them from. Am I still sharing my screen? Ok, well, as you move them from one state to another, like you moved them into the closed stage, maybe you’re moving from trial to close. It can automatically click out, kick out that onboarding questionnaire. That’s been huge for us as the onboarding questionnaire finding out about their business. It’s set us up for that expansion. Revenue that we’re talking about earlier is like, what? Other areas, are they interested in that, this website is not currently providing it, so maybe hey, they will do work in City A, but they will do work and like, you know, Scottsdale, Arizona.

[00:46:19] But they’re really they would prefer like they would really like, like Chandler and Gilbert Tempe and these other areas that that that site is not serving. That questionnaire can help you identify that. And it is a great tool because you can if you have somebody that you’ve identified as a paying client, you could potentially go and build in those other cities that they say that they want that are important to them. And then that’s how you raise the rent on these people. Right? There’s really two different ways that you can do it. It’s like one, improve the rankings of the current site that you have, so you’re producing more value for them. Second is to expand into more areas for us, the clients that are paying the most. We’ve kind of done both right. We’ve the client. We our client that pays us the most pays. It’s thirteen thousand a month and this client we’ve like expanded into all these different areas all over the place. Right. So we found a client that’s able to handle that and we give them a little bit of a discount for like a wholesale price, right? But when Jeff started with a client success and you started building this relationship with with this guy, he said, Hey, I’m interested in these other areas and we just kind of paid attention to that and we kept building.

[00:47:27] Right. So really important. Second part of that question here is to make a request for them to send out postcards, right? So you have you could be sending out two questionnaires one to collect the postcard. So getting your clients to provide you with the stuff is, is is important, right? You have whenever you have a client there, you have a local ally, right? So you should definitely be taking advantage of that. All right. Cool. So is everyone clear on that? Are you guys getting some value from this if you are throw throw in, throw in the chat, some of your guys, your takeaways from from this, what is what is new to you? Because I want to try to change this and provide what you guys want, right? And you guys are getting feedback really, really helps us understand what that is. Ok. Awesome. Michael is Greg. Excellent, Emmanuel. Awesome. Good to see you in there, Emmanuel. Excellent. Good stuff. I’m glad you guys are getting some stuff from this. Ok. Awesome. All right. So the next thing is ranking. Ranking the rank of the GMB. Ok, so that stuff, right? There is kind of our playbook. And like I said, we’re going to go into more depth within the platform once we kind of build in the actual training part of it. So I’m not talking about the training of like how the stuff works.

[00:48:50] Ok, so we have some stuff coming for that to improve that and kind of have some interactive walkthroughs and tutorials that we’re building into the platform. But what I’m talking about is actually like ranking websites, closing deals, that type of training. So I’m going to build directly into the platform all the stuff that we do. So for the people that have, look, you guys are free to jump in this group and we’ll give as much value on the course as we can. But for the people that have subscriptions, you’re going to get a lot of extra benefits to this training. So we’re going to be building in the stuff scripts with step by step instructions and walk throughs directly into the training for those people that have the subscriptions. Ok, cool. So let me bring up my sheets here. Oops, things shut off. For you guys like I, I’m somebody who I really like to write things down, and I just found this awesome thing called the remarkable two where you can actually like write on it feels like paper, and it’s just it’s awesome. We have this little pen and it’s really great for kind of organizing things. I’m loving this thing. This is like my first week getting into it. I’ve been talking to this about it with my team nonstop. I think we’re getting tired of hearing about it.

[00:50:06] But whatever, I love this thing. Ok, ranking GB, OK? Steven says he’s been wanting to get one for a long time, if you like writing, I recommend it, it just helps you kind of like organize. I take notes on webinars, books, all kinds of things. There’s actually been a ton of research that shows that your retention is is dramatically increased when you physically write things down as opposed to, like typing it. So, you know, taking that time, there you go, Greg showing his notebook, right? Taking that time to write it and then being able to have access to it all over the place so that you can go back and kind of study this stuff, I think is key. And yeah, I’m just been really, really. I was I was on the fence for a long time with this thing, and I just decided to give myself a little Christmas present. So but loving, loving this thing? Ok, let’s talk about James. All right. So there’s a lot of different stuff that goes into this. I know that JP is big on. He doesn’t build the science. It’s been my experience. There’s a lot of different ways to be successful, and there’s no Google is not saying. And even when they do say, like, Hey, this doesn’t matter, like oftentimes it’s been shown that it does. There’s no like lockdown playbook where someone can say this is one hundred percent the way it is on every part of this.

[00:51:32] That’s like this is that information is not out there who is not making that public. So we’re all kind of like taking our best guesses. It’s my experience that the website contributes and maybe like the website contributes to the ranking of the GMB, right? So I’ve noticed that as our website starts to move up, the GMB starts to move up with it and they follow it. Right. So if you do everything else really well, then maybe like, you don’t need the website. So but just for my own personal experience, I think getting a lot of good content on your website, building out backlinks to your website and then having that GMB associated with something that Google values gives trust to it. This is all a game of trust and relevance. Right. So one of the biggest things you can do for your job is to improve the rankings. So that includes having really good content on your site. Content that’s relevant and not just like. Like, you know, spewing. Spammy keyword type stuff like right. For what the user wants, right, don’t write like you’re writing to rank the site, but if you pay attention to what the user is looking for. So when you like to search and there’s little questions come up in the search, a lot of those are telling you what they’re looking for. And if you build your content that way, you stop trying to like, hack the system, try to like, deliver value.

[00:52:57] You’ll find that a lot of the things that improve the ranking of the websites, such as the dwell time, the amount of time someone spends on it, the bounce rate like creating infographics with good information, your website, Google views, your website is more valuable and that’s attached to this Google my business. It makes sense that those would follow, right? So I think that is a very important part of this. This whole, this whole thing. The reviews. I think the reviews are huge, right? We’ve talked about a strategy for what I’ve heard some people do to get reviews, just getting a review or it’s like, great job. That’s not what we’re looking for. We want longer reviews, right? And we want to be mentioning keywords and we want to be mentioning locations, right? Getting reviews from local guide accounts. It’s it’s common thought that that’s more valuable. So if you have those or if you have a way of building those up, then that could be an important strategy to this. But getting those and having it be consistent, right? Well, you don’t want to do is you don’t want to have like you have like a thousand people, like maybe you have like a client database with a thousand people in it and this person has one review. And then you sent you blast out not a nation to a thousand people at once.

[00:54:11] That does not look organic. So you might want to space those out with having two or three or four a week coming in and kind of like requesting those over time. So we’re actually building that into our system. I’m not sure if it’s live or not. I know that we were working on it and then we had some bugs. But you have the ability to essentially drip over time and say, OK, I’ve got a thousand. I want to add 20 requests a day or 20 request a week. We kind of give you that option to decide how you drip that into the automation. So it’s kind of like, got the automation that’s going to run? And maybe the first request will go out today, and then another one will go out in four days. And then there’s like a third one that goes out a week where you’re making like three requests for this review. What I’m talking about is loading the stuff into that automation. So you could say, Hey, I want to add like 10 to the automation per day or per week. And then like, here’s the list that I want to add. And then these are going to get added into that automation and like, so they’re kind of like staggered. So but that’s if you have the client like you have like a database of clients.

[00:55:13] Otherwise you guys need to find a way to get reviews because they matter like it is one of the most important things, in my opinion. So find a way, right? You be the business owner. Like for some of you guys that look at look at work at me or some of these other people that have been successful with this business model, it wasn’t luck, right? Maybe, like some of us, we had certain things that were helpful towards our success. But ultimately, what all of us have in common is this kind of like. Ability to just kind of like push through the pain and the frustration and just like, keep going and going until you solve the problem, right? If you get that, you’re not going to lose, like that’s in my mind. Probably one of the most important things is just kind of. Like understanding that you’re so many attempts away from it, you may not know what that number is, but if you just stay with it and other people have done it and you also have people that are like coaching you that have done it, it’s just a matter of time. If you’re just persistent with this, OK? Another thing that I think is important is the questions on Google. My business is you have the ability to post a question. So the question could look like, Hey, do you do insert keyword in insert city that you’re trying to rank for? I would look at the heat map, find out where we’re weak and where we’re strong for the different keywords, right? And then pose questions.

[00:56:39] And then you can respond to those questions with the keyword. So it could look like, Hey, do you guys do? Fencing in West Bloomfield is like a city that’s outside Detroit. You guys do fencing in West Bloomfield and then you can respond as an owner is like, Yes, we we’ve we’ve done a lot of fencing in the West Bloomfield area. We’ve put up some beautiful wrought iron fence and like whatever it is, you’re trying to rank for chain link fence. You can mention these different things. This is this is the relevant part is trying to like build the relevance between those keywords and your Google my business, right? Ok, so photos being able to add ad in your photos like I have a lot of hesitation around the idea that geotagging the photos helps. Like, I know that a lot of people believe that. I’ll mention that I’ll tell you that we still do that. I have somebody trained on the process of like geotagging. There’s a big part of me that thinks that’s a big waste of time, but I’m not sure. There’s a lot of guesswork, and I’ll take 100 percent of what I can get. Jp, you’ve got some that. Yeah, it’s one hundred

[00:57:55] Percent a waste of time. So one thing that you can do is if you want to kind of stay on the quote unquote white hat side of like reviews is I’ve trained my technicians like, Hey, when you’re on site, have the customer like Snap, a quick photo of you working on their house and when they write the review, upload the photo so it looks way more natural, and most cell phones will actually automatically tag the actual location where you’re at. So when she uploads or he uploads the photo to that review, it’s automatically going to have all that work done for you so you don’t have to do anything.

[00:58:31] So people love that idea and like training them to train your clients. And one of the things that I would recommend is give your client like enroll them in the idea of like, Hey, you’ve already sold them on the business because their client and now they trust you and you’re bringing them leads. So and now you need to sell them again and you need to sell them on why this is valuable. So what our pitch looks like to our clients is something like this. Look? These leads are all going to you, right? And there’s really three things that are going to happen if we get more reviews. One, you’re going to get more leads because this helps us rank better, right? And then I would go into like, this is how you want to do it. Mention the keywords mentioned the city include picture videos. I think we’re working on right now the ability for you to be able to post videos through the platform to your Google, my business. I think that’s a feature that we’re about to release. I don’t know where we are with the development on that right now, but having that conversation, so that’s the first thing is it’s going to bring more. The second thing is it’s going to make your job easier to close. Like if if you have ever if Person A has three reviews in Person B has seven hundred like, your job’s a lot easier to close. And guess what? The third benefit is that you get to charge more. This is no longer apples to apples, right? If you guys are on Amazon or whatever it is in your country where you’re like comparing things and there’s one that is a little bit more money, has a bunch more reviews like for me, I’m going with a better review almost every time, right? So these things are all like this.

[01:00:17] This is super beneficial for your clients. Once they understand, they don’t know that unless you tell them like they probably have some like idea. But if you really kind of connect the dots for them, then like it’s it’s a no brainer for them to do this right. They’re getting all the weeds right. You’re going to close more deals. So and then this is what you can do to incentivize them to say, Hey, you should have a contest every month where whichever one of your technicians or the people on your crew get the most reviews, you give them some sort of reward. Maybe it’s like a fifty dollar Starbucks card, like gamified this within your company and explain to them that if you create that environment with your clients, then the reviews are going to flow in and you’ve got an automated system with our platform to collect that right so your clients can get access to this and trigger that review and their technicians can get access to this too. Right. So I think it’s a great idea and we’ve we’ve done that. We need to do more of that in our agency. But did you have more to add to that JP or does that pretty much.

[01:01:25] That’s correct. Well, that’s pretty much it, like the more you can kind of do like hands off and it’s like you almost have to kind of ingrain it into kind of more like training their staff how to ask for it. I mean, it goes a long ways, but that’s probably the easiest way to do it is just kind of telling their texts like, Hey, white on the job, how the customer like, have a quick photo or. And it usually geo tags automatically, even though Google does ship some of that information out. But when they actually tag it and upload it to the reviews, sometimes it does stay.

[01:02:01] Awesome. Yeah, really.

[01:02:03] Actually, user user signals are actually a lot better than self like done so like Google actually wants wants them to do that.

[01:02:15] Yeah, so make it easy for them, guys, write and educate them so that they know to do this, but that doesn’t help you when you don’t have a client yet. So in that phase, you need to find a way to get them. And one of the things that we are going to start doing in our agency is like, I’ve mentioned this one several times. When you guys are closing, people like part of the clothes is this positioning. And you need to let them know that you have requirements. It’s great for positioning if you say, Look, we don’t work with everyone, right? They think that this is a pitch and they’re like, kind of reluctantly come into the table to listen to this pitch. You pique their interest in some way. And you kind of like phrase it like this. Like, Let’s have a conversation, because what we do is not it’s not right for everyone. And you know, we have some requirements on our end that that we’re going to need from you. But we need we need help getting Google my businesses and we have we need reviews each week. We’re the ones that are providing the the leads that create the work for you. And when you close someone and you do a great job for them, you’ve created an asset and that asset helps this thing snowball. So that’s why we require that we get reviews from the work each month. Mike, and you can say, Hey, we’ve got like a quota that we need to hit each month where it’s like, like if you’re in a high volume niche, you’re sending a lot of leads.

[01:03:51] Maybe it’s more, but it kind of positions you well through the close and then it sets it up as they become a client into because like, if you’re making demands on them like this, that’s not what they’re used to hearing. And like, it might catch them off guard at first, but they’re going to realize pretty quickly that, hey, this is not like the weenie that calls up everyone and tries to offer their service. I’m dealing with the ringer now and The Ringer. Like, if you’re great at something like if you guys have been around, no matter what part of your life you’ve been around, somebody that’s exceptional with something, they have a different whole attitude towards the way they conduct things. They have different walk and talk. Their body language with it is different and you need to think about that when you’re going through this close and positioning and starting to make some of these demands and you don’t want to do it like like you’re some kind of like authoritative dictator, right? But if you can kind of finesse it in there and let them know and just like, hey, like let them know that you’re not desperate for their business. Like I’ve actually said on calls like like, I really need your business, but based on what you told me, I really I would love to be in business with you. If this can be a good fit, then like, hey, maybe we can find a way to move forward.

[01:05:10] So doing it with like a warmth and kind of like finessing it in there is great for the clothes and it sets the tone for the relationship. Some of you guys get in there and these people are walking all over. You like this? Just like, that’s not how it works in our business. I shared the story a few times with you guys about we had this guy outside of Chicago there, and you know, he somehow through the conversation, he got my phone number and he kept calling me instead of Jeff. And I like at some point I was like, Look, this is not how this works. Like, I understand that you’ve paid the startup fee for these sites, and I’m going to give you a full refund. But like this is not it’s not a good fit for me. Like, it’s not working. I’m running, you know, I’m the CEO of two different businesses here. I cannot be having this conversation. I’ve got someone who’s great at it and says, Hey, I want to. I want to talk to the decision maker. I was like, That’s fine. You can talk to the decision maker, but we’re probably not that company because like, we’re bigger than that, right? We’re I’ve got someone in place that I’m paying full time here to handle this and then they funnel things up to me. So I’m going to give you a full refund. And I think it’s best if we just go our separate ways, you guys.

[01:06:26] Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. You know, like, I get it, OK? I never heard from again. It’s been. It’s been eight months, right? Like, he goes to Jeff every time now, right? That’s how I wanted it. That was the relationship. I had to set the tone at the beginning because this was a pattern. They’re not going to they’re not going to get away from the rules that we set up here, right? So it’s important, though, that that you put some of that stuff in place and you got to set the tone from the beginning. You got to do it in a really, really good way. Ok, cool. All right. Let’s keep going through here citations. We are kind of working right now on building in a citation system into into the platform. It’s a ways off. We’re kind of doing it a couple of different ways. There is I’m trying to. Trying to deal with someone, but we don’t we don’t have that kind of inked in there, but citations are important. One of the places that we’ve gone in the past is legit. So it’s legal I.T. and there’s a number of different and services out there. One of the big problems with these is a lot of them are not going to index right you. Google is kind of looking through these and saying, is this like real value to the internet? And if it’s not, then they’re not going to index it. And if you just like, put the same thing like three hundred times, then like a percentage of those, only a percentage of those are going to stick.

[01:07:53] So like, we’ve had the experience where we pay for like three hundred and fifty of them, I think like 40 of them stick. But what’s important is that you get some mystic, right, you get something in there. So yeah, we are. Yeah, so we’re I don’t want to go. Graham, I see your question there, man. I’m sorry. I don’t want to go into the details of it, of what we’re doing with who until we have anything in place. So I’m not going to. Sorry, I can’t answer that question yet. But getting the citation, that’s an important part of this process. Don’t neglect that and pay attention to what they are. We’re going to we like to pick a lot of fights, I guess, in our with with our software here, and we’re going to be picking one with kind of like white spark, I guess, where we’re like, we’re going to be competing against them. I want to have something in there that can tell us the amount of citations we have. I don’t think we’re going to charge anything extra. I think that’s just going to be like, add on service that’s included so we can kind of start to come up with like a GMB health score and counting the citations and paying attention to something that is important post. That is another piece that you can do. I know that we have problems in our platform with the post failing. We believe we fix that.

[01:09:06] If any of you guys have tried to schedule post and they got rejected, then I would say give it another try. The rejection is going to happen a percentage of the time. If you kind of violate what Google wants those posts to look like, then they reject it and it doesn’t go live. So I want to let you guys know. It’s not kind of like all on us to like part of the decisions beyond us to decide whether the post is going to go live a lot of the times. But mentioning and that’s another opportunity for you guys to mention areas. It’s also an opportunity for you to talk about keywords, right? So I could say again, sticking with that suburb of Detroit, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, I can say, like, Hey, we have a special right now for West Bloomfield on like whatever fencing, blah blah blah, right? So you kind of get the idea. You can schedule those out. They last about a week, so you can schedule those out like seven days apart, so that there’s always one going what we have that spend tax in there. So it can kind of like spend each post in there too. All right. I think that is those are the things that I have in place there. I know that J.P. mentioned on the last call that he wanted. He called, I can’t remember what it’s called. I haven’t messed around with it too much yet. Jp what is that where it’s like their reference? What did you call that? Are you still with me?

[01:10:36] A Google justifications, justifications.

[01:10:40] Yeah, yeah. So I think you mentioned on I think it was last week’s call or two weeks ago that you see a ton of value in those justifications, right?

[01:10:49] Yeah, I just say I’m not going to run through every single thing that I do, but there’s I’m going to hint it when Google comes out with the feature for GMB. There’s a reason why. So use it all. If they’re if they have something where you can do a post start like you need to use that. So that’s kind of like my biggest thing. Every time Google comes out with the new feature, it’s there for a reason. Use it.

[01:11:13] Yeah, pay attention to guys. Read between the lines, right? Google is telling you that something matters. So like, that’s a pretty in-your-face. You know, they don’t they’re not going to come out and say, Hey, do this to rank better. But when they when they when they do something like, take advantage of it.

[01:11:30] Right. So so. And the biggest thing that Google, you got to think they’re trying to keep users on their side as much as possible, like they don’t want a user to go to your website. So if they can put a little blurb like, Hey, this website already mentions what you’re looking for, you don’t need to go to the website like that’s kind of their way of telling the user, like, we have all the information you need with us, go ahead and call the number if you want to right now.

[01:11:56] Awesome. Awesome. All right, cool. All right, guys. We are just over an hour trying to target an hour for these. It is almost 3:00 in the morning for me in Barcelona. Luckily, I have not switched time zones yet, apparently because I feel wide awake right now. Do we have any questions on here? Jeff, have I missed anything? I’m not seeing anything coming in. Ok, cool. Two requests for you guys. I would love for you guys to throw in the Facebook chats, not the Zoom chat, because we’re getting ready to shut this down. Throw in the Facebook chat. Some of the big takeaways that you’ve got on this call. If you if you got those and then if there’s somebody else that you are connected with that you think would benefit, maybe you had conversations through whatever through your own connections. Tag them, tag them. In this video, we’re going to start to push growing the group and having you guys kind of like, engage with that would like. Obviously, we don’t charge anything. We don’t charge any monetary fee for this. But one fee I would like to start charging is just like sharing a little bit.

[01:13:10] You know, if if if you if you’re getting some value from this tax, some people and let us know that your takeaways so that we can get better at presenting this stuff to you guys moving forward. So you guys, we have just over two weeks left in the year. Like I said, we’re next week, we’re going to be covering the we’re going to be covering the plan, the year plan and kind of what that looks like. I’m going to put together a worksheet structure for those of you guys that are in the accountability groups. You guys have two weeks. I know Stephen and Shannon, you guys are in the accountability groups I’ve been seeing you. I can’t remember if, man, you’re all in one of those or not. Stephen, I think I I would love for you to just tune in. What has it been like? What are your big takeaways from from the accountability group? Are you going to be doing it again? When we started on January 1st, are you going to be participating again? What are your what are your thoughts?

[01:14:15] Yeah, I’m definitely going to be participating in the next round for sure, it’s been immensely helpful for me and I think it’s, you know, there’s so many different rabbit holes we can get sucked down and all this type of stuff. So just setting goals that are pretty simple, quantifiable and have other people, you know, hold you to them and just kind of talk with them about strategy and what’s going on each week really keeps you grounded, keeps you focused, and it is really moved my business forward in a way that it hadn’t moved forward in in a long time. So it’s been great.

[01:14:54] Awesome and awesome. Are you are you hitting new new high numbers right now?

[01:15:01] I things are a little slower than I would like, but I in terms of monetary stuff, but in terms of things like sending out jobs, which is pretty much my my largest hang up, like I’m sending out several of those a week which, you know, in time is going to translate to money. So that’s been really big for me because that’s just been a really big sticking point.

[01:15:28] Awesome. How did you guys the tone within your group? Are you guys really hold each other accountable and kind of like, Hey, like Steven, why don’t like, where are we with the GMB? What’s going on here? What’s what’s kind of that attitude been like?

[01:15:45] Yeah, I think we definitely could be a little more. Stringent with that, but we definitely have been pushing each other to meet our goals. A rising tide raises all ships, right. We’re trying to all support each other and make sure we’re hitting the things that we’re that that we’re saying we’re going to.

[01:16:07] So do you know the goals of the other people in your group?

[01:16:13] Um, I don’t know all of them off the top of my head, but I know a handful of them.

[01:16:20] Ok. Ok, cool. So Greg, I see your question. How do you get in there? We’re going to I’m going to put a I’m going to put a form that you guys can sign up. One of the things that I think I want to do is I want to have you guys rate the level of participation of the other people in your group so that we can. I want to position like leaders kind of within the groups based on how we performed in this accountability group because. One person who’s really strong in the group can lift up the entire group, and it’s important to have one of these in each one of these groups. We’ve tried to match it up by time zone a lot. So there’s there was a lot to balance there. We were doing this and it’s a learning experience. Will we stay in the same groups? Not hundred percent. Sure. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on that. I think it’s great to build these friendships and stuff, but I imagine that that a lot of you guys have created closer friendships within your current accountability groups than prior. And I think there’s something to be said about, you know, having another set of people in there, too. So there are some pros and cons in that, and there’s a ton of like you kind of fall into a groove here and you get comfortable. There’s like different people are bringing different things to the group and you’ve learned a lot of that from your group now. Like, there’s a lot there’s a lot of benefits to like maybe having that shuffle a little bit and having some new faces. And there were some different strategies, different ideas, different energy. Right? Shannon, talk to me. How has it been for you? What’s your experience been like in the group? It’s been great for a while. It was just two of us. Then we got a new member. So I think

[01:18:03] The three or four is probably good.

[01:18:05] I think more than that would take up because we try to keep it to an hour a week. But we were just talking about it today. We said it was ended up being just two of us today, but staying, you know that we’ve learned a lot from each other. We hold each other accountable and that, you know, we enjoy being together. But we also did talk about that. You always stay with the same people. You don’t get that feedback from others. So maybe mixing it up a little bit, maybe keeping too and switching out too or something like

[01:18:33] That and getting more then than the time zone

[01:18:36] To me is people kind of similar where they are and not just the years in it, because sometimes you could be matched with someone that’s in it as long as you, but doesn’t really know the process at all, or somebody that’s only been in it six months and knows the process inside and out. So it’s more, I think, where they are in the group. Matching that well is really helpful. Otherwise, the group is always pulling someone along who kind of doesn’t have any of the training. And you’re just write taking notes on that right now. So you know, you’ve got to do the training, you got to do the training. That’s what it seemed like. We had one person at a group and all we were saying a lot to get training. But but that’s been great. You know that we’ve all we’ve all been, you know, we hold each other. They say, Why didn’t you do it? You’re like, you got to do it the next week. So we have been really good with with hold each other accountable and and learn. And so we usually do that first. And then we kind of talk about problems that we have and we help each other on one one person, the groups working Warren G and B’s and one and the ones work. I’m working more on building a team to rank the sites. So and we’ve actually been using each other, one group. I’ve been using him more for telling me how to get the jobs, and I’m actually going to maybe bid out and my team is going to do some stuff for some of his clients.

[01:20:00] So we’re really building on on each other as well. That’s awesome. Yeah, it sounds like you guys have some some good momentum. And yeah, I’ve taken some notes here. So this I think this will be valuable for me as we restructure some of this stuff. So if you’re in a group, do we have to sign up again or will we automatically get put in one? Or is there a place we have to sign up? No, you have to sign up again because I’m not sure like what percentage of people like. I can’t just assume that everyone that’s going to sign up again, right? Yeah. Some people have like various personal things going on, and it’s definitely a commitment. Guys, it’s not like. But basically, the strategy is you kind of like, come up with and this goes into the goal planning, right? So you come up with the things that are important to you and what you’re committed towards, towards doing to, to reach those. Right. And there’s there’s a couple of things that I’ve been kind of going through with some training here. I’m actually going to just throw this in today. I was going to jump off here. But I think you guys, I think there’s some really valuable insight in here. Just give me one second. I was taking some notes on this earlier. Ok, so so. When you do stuff like this, guys, you’ve got to think about, think about your.

[01:21:21] What you’re going through in terms of kind of like seasons, right, where this is going to be like a sprint right, where I’m going to be like pushing hard and some of the you guys like we can do, we can do anything we really can if we put our minds to it, it’s. And what you need to think about is the cost that’s associated with what you want to accomplish, right? Like if I wanted to build ten websites by. And like the next 12 hours, I could do it. But what’s the cost? I’m going have to stay up all night, right? I’m going to be finding other people to help me build these sites, getting like paying all this money, like that’s the cost, right? A lot of you guys, you make these commitments to do something and you haven’t really calculated the cost. You haven’t thought through what it actually costs because everything that you do comes with a cost, right? So when the newness wears off. That’s where the cost really starts to take effect, and that’s why people quit because you didn’t think through what this actually cost, right? And still, this means you’re going to need to communicate with your significant other or, you know, your family, like, I’m making this commitment to do this and you’ve got to get on the same page. You know, you can’t expect your whatever it is, I’m going to go a significant other and you can’t expect your significant other to just kind of like stay on the same page.

[01:22:55] And this is a lesson that I’ve learned. I went through a personal development course about eight years ago. It was very valuable to me, but I did not. Prep my significant other for the cost of this. Hey, I’m going to spend a lot of time away from you, focused on this other stuff. She wasn’t ready for that right and it cost problems aren’t relationship at the time, and it was a valuable learning experience. But you need to prep them for this and let them know like, this is what I’m doing. This is going to be the cost. And like, if you’re going to make a big sacrifice, there has to be a light at the end of the table. There has to be like an end date, right? You can’t just like, have this, just like, Hey, this is going to go on forever, right? There’s going to be a time. So you need to make sure that you you kind of get that permission right and and that your guys are on the same page. So deal with it. Talk to them. Let them know. And that’s that’s part of this is like when you go through this with the people that aren’t really following through, you know, the like, you didn’t accurately. There’s a couple of things maybe you didn’t have clarity on what it would take to get there. So that’s kind of like a lack of preparation and organization. You didn’t consider the cost. Maybe the cost is that you’ve got to sacrifice this to get this.

[01:24:10] And is it worth it? Right. So I heard a really good quote. We’re getting ready to prepare for the next year. And one of the things I want you guys to think about is your priorities. As we do this, as we start to come up in your mind what the next 12 months are going to look like? Ask yourself. If I do all this stuff and I accomplish my goal and I reach my goal and I die in December. Am I going to be proud of of what I did? And if not, then maybe you’re not choosing the right priorities. And when you start to choose that right priority, then the cost is is worth it, right? So that could be like you. You want to make sure that you’re spending time with the right people. Is this if this is going to be like a short sprint where you’re going to make the sacrifice and you’re going to be away from the people you love? There better be a reason why you’re doing this on the other end or like, that’s not the right priority for you, right? So I don’t mean to like, make this thing like gloomy at the end of the call here. But like, this stuff matters and you need to think through it. And like the more clarity you can get on this and the better you understand the cost. And then you write it down and you’ve kind of got a plan and what you’re going to do, the better chance you’re going to get there.

[01:25:28] And it’s like there’s training that I was listening to today. They were talking about like the two questions. Let me let me find exactly how he had that phrase. It was really good. What is it like? You have this idea for your life? What is it look like and what does it feel like? Right. So sometimes you feel like you, you have this vision of what what it looks like and you get there and it’s like, this doesn’t feel like what I thought it would be, and this is what I want. So there’s a big difference between that and you want to make sure that it meets both of. Like, it’s got to feel like you want it to right? And that comes down to choosing the right priority, right? So. All right, guys. Hopefully, you guys, I know the chat looks like it’s popping up on my screen a lot. Ok. Importancia, save your call logs. Graham says you can’t draw like Ryan hanging out with gerbils and business. Thanks, Bob. Jeff, thanks all. Yeah. Appreciate you, Graham. I agree. All right. So you guys. Hopefully, I’ve given you guys some stuff to think about with this stuff, and this is a really important stuff. And as you build out this next year and as you kind of contemplate this and go towards the end of the year, make sure that you’re building things that matter. Think about the cost and we’re going to get into more of this next week.

[01:26:54] It’s going to be a little bit more organized and formal. Just some of the stuff I’ve been working through, some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about. But you guys got a week until now. We barely had any wins this week. I’m willing to reward people for their wins with with different things, right? We’ve got we’ve done different giveaways. So like, do what you guys need to do. I know, like we’ve got this week and then we’re going to have Christmas. So like, it’s almost like we have Christmas and we have New Year’s, and maybe it’s almost like we have one year or one week left in this year. That’s like one full week, right? So this is that week. So you guys maybe, maybe make a spread of it, depending on where you are. Make a big push. Let’s create some wins for next week. And you know, that could be just like, Hey, I sent out like 10 games this week for like Steven, that was one of the things he said he was struggling with, right? Look, you guys, you guys have an awesome week. Like I said, if you guys throw in the Facebook chat, if you like to take home the big takeaways that you guys got from this, and if there’s somebody else you think would benefit, just give them a tag. We appreciate you guys. You guys have a great week and we don’t see you next week. Have a great Christmas if you celebrate that. All right. Talk soon, everybody. Stay safe. Take care.