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[00:00:19] Right. How was everybody doing pretty good?

[00:00:26] St. Patrick’s Day, it is it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

[00:00:35] I noticed that a lot of people spell it wrong when they when they choose to celebrate it.

[00:00:42] They get the saint part, right? That’s all that matters.

[00:00:48] Cool. How are you guys doing?

[00:00:51] Good.

[00:00:53] Awesome, awesome. Anybody have any wins to share this week? Nothing. You guys doing.

[00:01:05] Goofing off?

[00:01:06] Yes.

[00:01:08] Well, I have something here. Oh, go ahead, Laura. So I’m a bit late on all my. Ok, so I have a lot of I have 20 websites that are up and running, but I have a low number of GMB right now and I created a new website and I did put I started my GMB and I put my all my keywords in the title of the GMB. So for sure, it did not miss it was right away flagged out by Google. But just with one little request, then the next day it was back up, I

[00:01:47] Didn’t even had to receive a postcard.

[00:01:49] And now it’s life. So I’m quite happy that I did it, in fact.

[00:01:54] So you never received the postcard the first time you made it, and then it just went. In fact, I did set up the GMB on Monday.

[00:02:04] It was flagged one hour after. So it was rejected, so I submitted a claim to to to Google. And then the next day, it was alive and validated.

[00:02:17] Yeah. Were you able to use your cool French accent when you submitted that claim?

[00:02:23] I could have tried that, but no.

[00:02:25] Luckily, if so, there may be a position for you at my company. Cool. All right, guys. So we are going to get started. I have an update that I was really hoping I was going to have live in your guy’s account this evening, but it looks like it’s just going to be a few more hours. But it is ready and I’m going to demo it for you guys and then it should be in your accounts in the next couple of hours, probably no later than like Midnight Central Time, but hopefully sooner than that. So for the last few months, our team has been working on some big updates throughout the application. There’s a lot of them that are kind of dependent on each other that are causing slowdowns between each other. But the heat map one is kind of independent. We have some follow up ones for the heat map that would be coming real soon, but we have some nice ones that are ready to launch in there now, and I think it’s going to make a big difference for you guys. I think it’s going to make things easier. It’s certainly some of the stuff that we’ve heard requested the most. Ok, so like I said, it is the version I’m going to share with you guys is kind of my own private test version that I run and kind of Jeff runs as well as, you know, when we’re playing with stuff, we build the features. So kind of our process is we think of the stuff, we design it, we build it and then we add it into our own test version.

[00:03:56] We play with it a lot. Try to make sure there’s no bugs. Then we push it out into the world and you guys find bugs that we didn’t know existed. So we have beat on this a little bit, and I think it’s ready for the first kind of first half of the rollout. So I’m going to share my screen with you guys and we’re going to take a look at this. I think you guys. I’m excited to have it for my agency, so I hope you guys think this is as cool as I do. Ok, so you can see we have the heat map here, right? And the first thing you’ll probably notice is just a little user interface change here. We thought it was a little hard where you had to let go and load the configurations and load the grid. So in hopes to try to make it more user friendly, we’ve kind of moved some of that stuff down in here. So if you’re going to do. So these are guys who don’t know the configuration is essentially everything that’s saved, so let’s give you one second here. All right, so let’s say I load up Timmy’s tree service here, and so a configuration is going to be all this stuff. It’s the spot on the map as well as the actual GMB and the term that was used to do the search, right? So this is stuff that’s been around for a little bit.

[00:05:18] So the first change is just moving stuff around to make it easier for you guys. So now you can choose down here with you can choose the save grid. So I don’t apparently have any saved for those of you guys who don’t know which just load one of these guys up here, that one. Now, bear with me one second here. Slowed up to military service again. I can believe that business really exists, and actually the guy looks like he’s not on this one, but it looks like he’s doing pretty well and a lot. Ok, so a grid, the grid name this is going to be this guy’s business is in Nampa, Idaho, so I’m just going to put this as the name of my grid. Ok, so now whenever I want to run a GMB, I can come back and just call this grid. I know that for some of you guys were still working through a bug where the jobs are not finding the right location on the map. So we’re working through that. But one temporary workaround you could do is you could say I choose Bob’s bear removal, and let’s say it’s I’ll choose bear removal right here and then I want to choose a grid. Ok, so now I can choose this one in Napa, and no matter what GMB, it’s going to move it and it’s going to save the actual shape of the grid, the position where like, how whatever you draw it, it’s going to save that identically.

[00:06:41] So that is what this part of it is. So we just kind of move this stuff over here and made it a little easier for you guys to use and load. Ok, so that is not the cool part. That’s not what I was all excited about. That’s just one update that’s included with this one. So here are some of the cool stuff that we have for this is we’ve put in this ability now to group. So if I want to group by GMB. Ok, so for instance, this one’s not running. I tried to run a bunch right before this thing. Let me just add more of these. Ok, so we have the ability now to group by GMB, and the averaging is going to work by the groups of GMB. And you’ll see the choices that you have are company keyword tags so you can make whatever groupings you want using the tagging and then you can use keyword if you want or you can go by the actual company. So if you have multiple GMB assign to one company, then you can do them by the company or you can do them by the GMB. So right here, I have them by the GMB so I can see how my thing is performing across. So you can see for this capital carpet cleaning, we still have it running, but let’s go down here to one that’s completed.

[00:07:51] So for instance, this one right here, so it’s going to average out for me how I’m doing for this, for this GMB. And again, we can do that for company. Ok, so here is another one of the cool features is, let’s say I want to select these three and I want to compare these to each other. So this is what else we added. So I can click on this compare. After selecting them and it will take them over into here so that you guys can actually get a side by side comparison for this stuff. So we’re going to be expanding this right now. It’s limited to three, but I think tomorrow or the next day, it’ll be unlimited. So you can have as many as you want on here and you can just kind of like scroll side to side on it. And so you have kind of like all the stuff from there, right next to each other. Ok, so those are the heat map updates we have. I’ve got some some other big ones coming, but I know that a lot of you guys for months have been asking for this ability to compare. And so now we have it now we have the ability to kind of stack these up side by side, which the way we have it set up now, I kind of already have my developer working on this because I know the next feature request that’s going to be asked is like, Let’s go over here.

[00:09:05] So OK, so let’s say we have this Timmy’s tree service. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do the comparison from this screen as well? And just like checkbox these and compare the competitors to each other? So that’s not active yet, but that’s what’s coming next. So two other changes that are a part of this update that I haven’t mentioned yet are, you can see now it’s kind of pulling in the logo. So it’s going to pull in whatever the GMB logo is just for a little bit easier ID for you guys. And this one is actually pretty simple, but I think it’s going to be really beneficial. So now when we’re on the average screen, if you want to know exactly who this is, you can just click on this right here and it will open up the competitor’s GMB and take you right there. So you can kind of see exactly who it is, what their GMB looks like. If you wanted to go and kind of go do your due diligence on their website. Well, that’s like the pathway to it right there is you can just like kind of pop it out. So if I want to see Arbor safe and then I can go in here and I can just say, All right, let me check these guys out and see how good their website is or whatever. So cool. So any questions about any of this stuff? Does this look exciting?

[00:10:16] Right. That’s super cool, especially because when way you keep for the GMB and that we are redirected to the website, I really miss that during my 100 due diligence.

[00:10:29] Yeah, yeah, actually, I think part of that idea came from yours. I watched your video that you sent on the due diligence. Lawrence and I was just kind of thinking like from a due diligence mindset, what can we do to make it easier? And it’s something that I’ve kind of noticed that that I needed as well as is just like, Man, now I’ve got to like, go back to Google and then search and find this company right. So I know that a lot of you guys had the challenge where you were working on the due diligence, and maybe this came after you did it. But you know, moving forward for your due diligence, I mean, that’s a process we should all be doing. I think it will be a really useful feature, right? So. So yeah, we’ve got a number of just like small updates and that so we have the compare feature now the ability to group. We think that with the ability to group, it will probably add more value towards the tagging. So this is just a test account that I have in here. But since you can group by tags now, I think you guys will get a little bit more mileage out of that. So you can kind of look at this and get the averaging across a company or grouping. So kind of where we’re moving on from here is adding at a timeline and having more like GMB centric heatmap related functionality. So for instance, we’re going to have a tab within your guys GMB area of the platform, so you pull up the GMB. Any heat maps that have run on that GMB will be available from within that GMB.

[00:12:00] And you can be we’re going to kind of build a dashboard around that data because I know that’s important valuable stuff. And you know, it turns out when you sit here and stare at the whiteboard for enough hours, you’re going to come up with some good ideas on how to make this stuff happen. So this is what we’ve got so far. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy that. I’ll give you a little preview of I know a few people have been asking about this. Just give me one second here. Let me just pull this one off here and make sure, Oh, yeah, OK. So we have a pipeline system here. Right, so this we’re hoping to have out here soon, so we can have whatever you want to call it, you can make as many different pipelines as you want. So we’re just kind of in our in our testing phase with this. So if you want to, let’s go back here and say, do your pipeline. I know that some of you guys have been asking about some of this. So this could be like we’ll call this Paris deal and you assign it a stage. You can assign an amount. This one’s a complicated thing to add because there are so many different relationships that this has to be a part of, right? So but we think we have all those with this comes at something it didn’t like something there about stage. Ok, cool. Maybe that will do it. Ok, so then you kind of have this Kanban board where you can drag this thing around and you can set yourself reminders because as a part of this, we have tasks so you can create a task and then you can set yourself, Hey, I want to do a call with this person.

[00:13:43] I’m going to assign it to John Smith, and it’s associated with Timmy’s tree service. And I need a reminder to actually do this. And I’m going to set this reminder. Hey, call John. Right. So that is kind of our pipeline task section there. And then we also have this contacts here. So. Every lead that comes into the system will automatically be added as a contact in any conversation that’s happened with that lead, whether that be a phone call, a form submission, a text message, stuff like this that will happen. So we’re kind of in the process right now of installing texting for call sling. So you’ll be able to text from your call sling accounts to and from and have that be associated with the company. And then the next step after that is to kind of have automated workflows that happen. And texting can be a part of that. So that could be like, Hey, I missed this phone call. Let me send this person a text message automatically that says this and open up that kind of conversation. So we’re going to do our best to try to manage that through our mobile application as well, which we’re hoping to have out. But I don’t want to assign a date because it just seems like it’s unpredictable. Always. Ok, cool. Any any questions about any of these updates?

[00:15:01] I have a question. Hi, Pat.

[00:15:03] Hey, Jan, how are you? Good. How are you? Good. Yeah, it’s good to see you.

[00:15:07] Nice to see you, too. So super cool features. I’m excited about it. Thank you for your hard work and everything that your team is doing. So I know you work really hard on all this stuff, so we greatly appreciate it. So I appreciate that. Thank you. Yes. In regards to the pipeline, is that more on? On our end, to manage to get things done versus like a sales pipeline, like if I wanted salespeople to come in here, type of thing is that it might get in that correct.

[00:15:40] That’s right. So it’s really going to have two two purposes in. The first one is the one that you highlighted there. And that’s going to be kind of the initial rollout of how you can manage your prospecting and your leads and you take them through your own sales pipeline, whatever that looks like for you. So we’ve made it really customizable so that you can adapt as to whatever pipeline you have. The second part of it is we’re going to allow the clients to have their own pipelines so they can. This could be another value add for your clients where like, hey, our contractors aren’t really doing all the follow up and the things that they need to. But what if they had a system that was built into management that had to manage that, but had reminders as a part of that? So there’s a relationship that can exist between a deal and a lead, and we can set criteria of how when a lead comes in, it can get moved into the pipeline based on like maybe it only gets moved into the pipeline if it has this status and it’s for this company, right? And then your client can log in and it’s a value add that you can give to them where it’s like, Hey, here’s a better way.

[00:16:47] So there’s going to be some relationships that happen with the pipeline and our automated follow up and kind of lead nurturing stuff. So that’s, I think, an ad like more reasons for our clients to use it when we can have them like, Hey, do you want to do you want it to text somebody? If you if you miss a call that just like starts the conversation or do you want it to maybe like send a follow up message? If the bid status has been sitting in with the status of like scent for five days, maybe we automatically just like follow up with them. So that’s going to be kind of like intertwined with the pipeline system a little bit. So first one is for you and that’s where we’re going to launch. And then second, we’re going to be moving in and kind of creating more client centric features that are associated with the pipeline as well.

[00:17:36] Now it’s interesting because I literally just had a meeting with one of my sales gals that I hired and literally worked kind of worked on the whole pipeline. And so so I’m using something else for that, right? Because you guys don’t have it in the lead now. Not I don’t want to mention the name of it or anything. It has features.

[00:18:01] Any feedback here?

[00:18:04] Ok, OK, go ahead. Sorry. It has features. So does more. What? I’m looking at it using it for my salespeople, right? So basically, they’ll come in the I do it to to close the deal. So I do a discovery call, qualify the client, the customer, whatever the business owner, I’m sorry. And then the second one would be an actually, I do Zoom calls. I like the whole face to face like this and that’s what I do, right? So in the stages, it will be discovery call. And when you move it over to the actual sales call, it actually triggers. So you can set up all these triggers where it says sends a text to the to the to the prospect saying, Hey, we’ve got confirmation, set them up for the call, whatever whatnot. Also emails them are those features that you’re going to be adding in the future or does is this upgrade kind of doing that as well?

[00:18:56] So that’s the so that’s kind of the automated workflow trigger piece that that I’m talking about that. Okay, yeah. So I’m actually going to go pretty crazy with those and just try to make it, really. I think getting those in there correctly is going to add a ton of power to this and not not only for for like business follow up, but within our agencies, right? If we can almost have like dependencies that are set up to execute certain things. So I’m going to put in a lot of different conditions I’ve got, I’ve got it all kind of brainstormed out. So if you go over and looked at, this is I’m going to use this as a model. This is the one we’ve been working on for reputation management that we’re hoping to release here real soon. But basically, you can build your own sequences right of of events to happen. So this is kind of what we’re going to be doing is like doing it this way and then you can have variables in there and you can put in conditions where you can say like, OK, if this and then you choose, what do you want? You want like a status or you want like some event that occurred, then do this.

[00:20:10] And then maybe the next one will say what, but wait five days or only if this is the case. So if you guys have you use Zapier before, then I’m kind of like following that idea. So it’s almost like you’re going to have the ability to program stuff without knowing any code. That’s kind of where we’re trying to go with this. It’s like and doing it in a way where you can just like drag and drop and make it really simple. I think I’m probably familiar with the one that you’re referencing. And I’ve heard if it is the one I’ve heard, it’s really cumbersome and difficult to set up. And the way I want to do this is like I, I would like like a grandmother to be able to come in here and just be like, Oh, OK, I understand this. Let me drag and drop and make this super simple. So that’s absolutely where we’re taking it. The automated workflow follow up stuff is not it’s not complete yet, but it’s it’s probably the number one priority as far as what we’re working towards within within the generated right?

[00:21:15] Great. And then yeah, because right now, obviously I’m using both systems whatnot, and I would love everything to be just in one place, right? So I know that’s kind of your goal where it’s like, this does everything I can really like. Just run my whole Legion business and I have so many different tools now. With that being said, since I’m coming up from another system, am I going to be able to import maybe everything that I have going on in that other system when it comes to my sales and pipeline, if I wanted to?

[00:21:44] Yeah, I think as long as you can export into some sort of spreadsheet, then you should be able to. What are the updates we’ve been holding onto for a long time, just because it’s related to so many different things? Is this right here, this like ability to import and export stuff to get those buttons reversed? So being able to import like a spreadsheet with all your contacts with and having those kind of be able to use with reputation management review request leads. So we’re we’re putting that importing in as well as for phone calls. So we’re building those in, but there’s just so many relationships that those things encounter. So I don’t know that we’ll I would love to be able to make a one to one mapping. It’s just like, what does the system that you’re using allow from an export perspective? Ok.

[00:22:35] Makes sense. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate you.

[00:22:39] You’re welcome. Good to see you. All rights. Any other questions?

[00:22:47] I talked to a quick question about the GMB updates that you were mentioning before. Yeah. So right now you have the ability to compare three different GMB side by side, right? That’s right. And with that, that would be maybe more for the advantage than if we are running for one specific GMB, several different keywords to at least, then just compare them side by side and then maybe remove to put two others in just to kind of see the trend. If there’s like, say, six keywords that we ran.

[00:23:20] So I think there’s going to be really two to use cases that are going to come in here really often. For that, the first one is exactly how you described it, where it’s like, So I’ll just do this to kind of demonstrate. So I’ve got three different keywords for this same chemistry service right here, right? So I’ve got tree removal, tree care and tree trimming. So if I want to see how I’m doing, I guess there’s three scenarios. So this is kind of comparing how I’m doing four different keywords. You would also probably want to compare how you’re doing for one keyword over a time period to see kind of like, here’s where I was. Here’s where I was a little bit later, and here’s where I am now. Something like that. The next. So those are the first two right where we’re going to compare different keywords or we’re going to compare. And another really popular one that I think we’re going that people are going to be using a lot is. So you can see these are for. Three competitors in the same market, right, so maybe these maybe one of these is me, maybe I am chemistry service, right? And I want to see how arbor and how Meridian is so I can kind of look at them all in one and we built in here. This is actually an active map, so you can actually like. Zoom in and out on this thing.

[00:24:42] Oh, sweet. Ok.

[00:24:44] Yeah, so you can go through and just kind of like do a side by side of how the competitors are doing right? So does that make sense?

[00:24:56] Yeah, absolutely. Is there anything happen when you click on any of the points within now?

[00:25:03] Yeah, we ran into issues when we started doing that. So this doesn’t do anything, OK?

[00:25:07] At least it gives you the ability to zoom in and out like you said.

[00:25:10] Yeah, it’s just it would get really, really complicated with trying to give you that like full heat map functionality on these small maps when you got multiple them here at the same time. So like I said, guys, this should be live in your guys accounts tomorrow, probably later tonight. And then what you’ll see in the update, which I don’t even have on this version, is you’re going to have the ability to add more than three and you’ll be able to scroll sideways to see. I think you can put as many as you want in there. There may be some limitation at some point, but maybe you want to add in 15 of them and kind of have them scroll there. So we’re going to keep on building on this. I’ve got a lot of ideas, but we’re. You know, we’ve got this kind of like long term plan and we put things in order. So now that we have this, we have the ability to do some other other pieces in here and kind of build on top of this, but.

[00:26:04] So, yeah, awesome. And then one other quick question relating to this, too, is when you mentioned eventually being able to have the heat maps tied into the GMB at some point when you run those and let’s say you run six different keywords for that particular GMB. Will those essentially take away from your existing count per month? Or what does that look like for the heat maps that you can run every month?

[00:26:36] Yeah, so what I was speaking to is more about the display of the heat maps. It has nothing to do with running, so every time you run a heat map, it’s going, it’s going to like take away from your count of available heat maps, right? You can obviously flip the heat map as many times as you want, right? Like if I were to go through here and click on one of these and then switch to a competitor that won’t take up one of my heat maps. But each time I do a search that’s going to deduct from what I have available, right? So what we’re going to be doing is if you go into your Google, my business area here, we’re going to be reworking this, this whole area, I think, to just make it a little bit cooler. But we’re going to have a heat maps area over here. So any heat maps that you have run that are associated with this GMB will be showing here. And then we’ll just have like dashboards and in different types of things. So like what percentage of your heat maps are ranking in the top three? And what if we had different like graphs and grids and like trends of like what’s happening? So that’s kind of where we’re going to be taking taking that and kind of strengthening that relationship that exists between the heat maps because really what you want to know is like.

[00:27:53] How is this when I go here, I want like everything in this one place, right, with my GMP? And to that end, I’ll give you guys a little bit of a preview of what’s coming. So right now, we have this screen here for all companies, which is kind of like. I mean, it’s good for getting like some basic information, but here’s what I want to do is I want to start tying in all these different things so we can look at our companies and you guys will be able to set up. You’ll be able to set up your own fields that you add to your companies and track those fields just like we can with the leads. But what if we have like Google Analytics pulling in your traffic data in here, as well as like your heat map averages? And then you could look through your list of companies and kind of like find deficiencies? What if we had like, Hey, this is my GMB account associated with this? So this like when you guys are at the beginning of this business, like, I know that Dave, you haven’t been in that that long, but somebody like myself where I’ve got three or four hundred legion sites, I don’t know which ones have GMB and which ones don’t sometimes.

[00:28:57] So I’m trying to take this and turn it into an organizational tool. So as we go from like a smaller agency to a midsize to a larger agency, we can start to locate these deficiencies and have this be an organizational tool for our company so that we we don’t have so many things in spreadsheets where it’s like, OK, I need to do this for this GMB. So like taking that ability to make those spreadsheet type fields and that sorting and searching and filtering and putting it inside here and not only for the GMB organization, but also for our company organization of like let’s sort by what sites have traffic that is less than two hundred and fifty visitors, right? Or maybe we can get an alert if our traffic goes from a thousand to seven hundred, right? So that kind of like GMB and company organization, but these are the building blocks of that, right? First, we have to like make the connection where we get the group averaging, which now we do have the group averaging for our jobs. Now we can take that information and we can start putting in another places throughout the application. Does that make sense? So where we’re taking this?

[00:30:03] Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.

[00:30:05] Yeah, you’re welcome. Cool. All right, Jeff, are you monitoring the questions that are coming through?

[00:30:13] Yes, I am. Lisa mentioned in the Facebook chat the desire to have the ability to auto text clients when form submissions come in, and I just respond that we do that through Zapier and it stops on the list to have that happen to be generated.

[00:30:29] That’s right. Yeah. So like I said, for those of you that have your calling these accounts, we’re going to be able to have that integrated in there. For those of you guys that don’t have, I think what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to allow you guys to purchase one phone number that can be used for texting for your agency. Ok, so you can purchase one number and then that can be used to send out whatever tax that you want, right?

[00:30:54] So I don’t know if anybody else on this call has used that functionality, but it is pretty bad ass. I mean, it’s a game changer when your client doesn’t have to be constantly trying to monitor their emails to see if leads are coming in and they’re just getting them automatically. It’s it’s really a game changer. And for me, particularly as a sales person, when I have a producing legion and I want to keep control of the leads in the earlier stages, especially when I have a trial client that I’m just kind of checking out to see if it’s a good fit that I keep control of the leads. I have them come directly to me on my phone and then I can reach out to them and not give them all the information be like, Hey, I just got this five hundred square foot blah blah blah like, is this something you’re going to be able to follow up on and do before I’m handing over the farm to them? Make sure they’re going to be responsive and come back to me. Yeah, I’m on it. I’m going to call them right now, whatever the case. So it really puts you in the driver’s seat. You know, I consider Leeds to be the gold right, so I try to keep control of the gold until they start giving me something back for it. So it really it really helps a lot to be to have that that on the spot notification. Fabulous.

[00:32:07] Yeah, so, yeah, I think that I think that’s going to. I think the texting is going to be huge and, you know, I’ve probably spent the last week just really focused on that texting integration part of it. So it’s not something that’s just going to be for Leeds. It’s also going to kind of have its hand in reputation management. We’ve got it like in Leeds for the follow up, it can be notifications for you guys. If for whatever reason, you prefer to get a text message when maybe a GMB gets suspended. So it’s just kind of going to be kind of that full integration where anywhere we can think of it, where we where it can be useful, we’ll be able to have it in there and create a lot of automations based on it. So I know that not everyone has a costly account. So, you know, we’re like I said, I’m going to be putting in there a way for you guys to purchase a number and then you can basically set up these automations without having that costly connection just for that. So it’s not going to be a solution for like phone calls or anything like that. We’re not going to allow you guys to, like, answer any phone calls or anything like that on it, but to be able to have your own dedicated texting number for that’s kind of the plan.

[00:33:20] There’s no question in there, Patrick, are you seeing that right now or no?

[00:33:25] Is this in the Facebook chat or in the Facebook chat?

[00:33:29] Lisa’s asking, Is there a way to have more lead gen four options for the appearance? In other words, she’d like to be able to change up the colour and also if there’s a way to include the title free instant quote versus building it separate from the quote. I’m not.

[00:33:46] Yeah, we have that and it’s just been delayed and delayed one step after another. I’m going to share what this is going to look like for you. Just give me one second. I’m looking for the mockup for it. So it’s it’s going to be about a four day development cycle for us once we start on it. But I’m just having a hard time finding our finding the opportunity to get that going. We’ve got it all planned out, though, and that is what I’m trying to show. All right. So this is our plan for it here. Maybe. I think that’s an old one. Hang on a second. Bear with me, guys, sorry. Here we go. All right, so this is kind of our plan for that is to be able to so we’ve got like a two step plan for getting this out. So first, this is kind of like step one. You notice this, this will be drag and drop. To add these fields in there and then within a field, you can come in here and you can start to control like the with the margin, the background color, the border color. You still have the same controls that you have now over here. So just be kind of managed that way.

[00:35:13] And then you have the ability to change this text, background, color header, top, middle and bottom text. Right. So these three and you can change the background and border. The form with this is optional here. If you look back at this one, you can show or hide this form heading area and then down through here you have additional options for the button if you want to align it in different ways the tax, the font size, the colors. And then so that’s as I mentioned, that’s kind of like step one. You have this preview button where you can see what your form looks like, what it’s going to look like on your site. And then step two is we’re going to have our designer who is phenomenal, build out a bunch of form templates that you guys can use. And so that will be like all the different styling and just like all different ways to kind of start. And then you could you could kind of like edit a template to make it however you want it, but it will give you a great starting spot. So that’s kind of the one two punch that we have right now for where we’re going with this.

[00:36:19] Hopefully that answered your question. The Whibley Forum, for instance. I’m sorry, is this would be something I could use to replace the Weebly form?

[00:36:30] Yeah. So I don’t know if you’re aware of this, Harry, but we already have the ability for you to replace the Weebly form. What she’s speaking about is an upgrade to our current system, so we have the ability to embed forms, right? So if you go in here, some back in, not on my development, one, I’m going to be generated so you can come into settings and then go to integrations and then we have this in dead form option here, right?

[00:36:59] Oh, OK. Using that, I got it. Yeah, I’ve seen that.

[00:37:01] I just upgrade to the in dead form to make it great. A lot more flexible. Right? That’s terrific. Yeah. Ok, cool. More questions.

[00:37:17] I don’t see any in the Facebook chat. I have a question.

[00:37:23] Sure. And probably it’s something that I could probably watch a tutorial or something, but. Well, actually, I have two questions, so the tags, I probably missed that call. What is the specifically use? I mean, I know I can use it however it is, and I know it’s to organize things. But when it comes to the tags, is it? Would it be more efficient or wise to use it when it comes to? You’re trying to pick a location for a specific client type of thing and then label it that way

[00:37:53] Or next can really. So the reason for the tags is we’ve got all this data on here, right? And we’ve put in a lot of different ways for you to sort and search it. And now with with what we have here, we have event groupings, right effect. I’m just going to step back here on this one for a second. So now we have the ability to do groupings right where we can group by all these different things. So what tags do is they give you the ability to almost create your own sorting system? Got it. So maybe like Harry wants to have like. He wants to have a tag for all of his like tree care people that says tree care, and he wants to look across it, and maybe you want to look at the ones that are maybe you’ve got like multiple jobs that are. Let’s hear. Here’s a scenario. Let’s say I’ve got one company in Florida, right? And I’ve got a tree care company that covers the entire state of Florida. And for that, I’ve set up twenty five GM bees. So maybe I have like Florida Tree Care and I’ve got twenty five GM bees with twenty five different clients. Or maybe let’s do it this way. Let’s say I got five clients. Twenty five, GM’s five clients. So I go through and I make a tag with each of my clients names that are associated with these GM’s because there’s no way since they’re all under the same company, there’d be no way for me to like, sort it with something we have built in. So that’s kind of where tags could go through, where I could say, Hey, show me the the heat maps for Jim and show me the ones for Tom. And that way I can just go, OK, here we go. Here’s the ones for Jim, right? Does that make sense?

[00:39:35] So, yeah, absolutely. I use Excel a lot and stuff like that. So I get it with filter analyst, so I completely understand. So that’s what I thought it was. I just wasn’t clear. And then the second question I have, it’s about reputation management. And let me know if if this is a feature that we do have or something coming. So for example, I got a new client and I want to be able to set it up where he can go back to all his old customers to get more reviews right? And he has a list of, I don’t know, a hundred customers such as, say, Am I able to upload that? So that way it can automatically, maybe I missed it and send an email to them.

[00:40:17] So that is the feature that when this contact section here, which is like our CRM release, there’s this right here where we have this import contacts, so you’ll be able to download the template right here for. And then you just like. So the template is going to be a spreadsheet that says, Hey, here’s how our system is accepting this data. So you download it and then you put his contacts into our template and then you come back here and you upload the spreadsheet and that will import all those contacts in there. And then those contacts will be available throughout the whole system, including the reputation management. So, yeah, the reason that it’s taken us a while and I know that I’ve kept saying like, Hey, this is coming soon is the contacts are related to not only to reputation management, but to leads to the pipeline to task. So we have this stuff kind of working, but it’s just we’re kind of like ironing out the final details. As you can see, it’s good for you guys to see an actual working system here and have it not just be a like a picture of of our ups. So we’re very close on this. You can see we kind of like, have all this built in here and all these things set up. But yeah, that’s a big part of it. So I’m excited to get all this CRM functionality out there for you guys because I know that has been, you know, I’ve seen the the comments where other people like I’m using like HubSpot to keep track of this and this, and I’m just like, Let’s try to get it all in here for you guys, so you don’t have to pay for these other ones as well.

[00:41:53] You know, losing in the in the Facebook chat, Patrick, that he’s he’s happy about the deal flow and the pipeline and really tracking commission deals that have longer sales cycles with this client. He mentioned that it’s to manage our sales process because of the embed form. I’m not sure what he meant by that, but it seems like he’s using it with his client. The pipeline feature, in other words, to track these commission deals so they both stay on the same page with that.

[00:42:22] I think what he’s saying is he probably took the embed form and put it on his client site. So maybe he has a legion in his client site and they use the embed form to pull stuff in there so that you kind of track.

[00:42:34] And then they can both they can both have access to the pipeline track. Yeah.

[00:42:38] So to start with, like I said, the pipeline is going to be we’re not I’m not going to immediately release it to like a client user role, but it will be one that will be coming soon afterwards. It’s just there’s a lot of extra complications of how we transition a lead into a deal when we start allowing the clients to use it. So for now, it’s going to be kind of a CRM for you guys. But like I said that that’s step two is like, let’s allow it to be used for the clients as well. Right. So one of the one of the mistakes that I’ve made. Building this thing that I’ve noticed is we add in a lot more features before we release something, so we’re trying to like dumb that down. Let’s get some of these features out there and then we’ll add on to them based on the feedback that we get from you guys for this one, like the minimum features had so many connections to other things. But so that’s kind of how we’re releasing these things now is trying to get when we have like minimum functionality, we’re going to get it out there and then we’re going to build on it after that. So but yeah, so that’s kind of why we’re doing it that way, where we’re not going to have it client access from the get go. But we’ll be we’ll be we have like all the functionality that they will need, it’s just a couple small pieces to add on. So I’m glad that’s going to be helpful for you, man. I know I’m giving you some long winded answers here that maybe stuff you guys don’t care about, but maybe you do.

[00:44:06] He’s also asking about snaps in if the form embed from snaps is going to have the same spam filtering functionality.

[00:44:16] Yeah, so the embed form can be used on snaps. The embed form has all the spam functionality of the WordPress plug in. The only one that doesn’t have that is the the script for Weebly. So the pecking order, if you guys are using WordPress, use a WordPress plug in that’s first. It’s super simple you don’t have to worry about. You can build the forums to look however you want within WordPress. If you guys are using anything outside of WordPress, what I would do is I would build the embed form. And then third, if you don’t want to switch out your stuff and you can on Weebly, then you can use like the Weebly script and it should pull pull the stuff in there. With the Weebly script, we have had some conflicts that we weren’t able to resolve because there’s a million different ways to build a Weebly site and certain maybe one hundred of those are going to cause the form to not work right. So but the form seems to be it’s a direct pipeline until generate generated. So it’s a lot more stable and easier for us to work with.

[00:45:17] I have a question, another one.

[00:45:19] Yeah, keep them coming, Junior

[00:45:21] Seau and due diligence, you know, I’ve been working on, I’ve created a more updated due diligence and I was looking for something that I can use more as a calculation instead of just a number. I don’t know if this is something. So this is why. So you know how at the end it asks you to rate, right? Yeah. To rate that legion. So what I was thinking of doing, I kind of did it already where each part that I’m adding, there’s a point that’s attached. And then if I can put something in there that calculates it somewhat, then now I know my score instead of me taking a calculated and added it right. So hey, there’s let’s just say there’s there’s GMB. Let’s just say one of the parts. It’s like, Hey, there’s GMB with no reviews and no website. Maybe that gets three points right because whatever. And then, you know, before I get that pop up, it kind of gives me a calculation. And now I don’t have to think about it.

[00:46:31] So it could work like this, right, if we had. A checkbox when you created the the due diligence sheet that says use points. Yep. And then if you check that, then it like enables these and then you could just put in a point for each one, right? Obviously not for probably like niche name or name a city. But for the other ones.

[00:46:56] Ok. Can you control how many points, though? That’s what I kind of want. Maybe something. Yeah, this could

[00:47:01] Just be like a text box here that only accepts numbers.

[00:47:04] Oh, gotcha. I see what you’re saying. Then it sums it at the bottom. That’s right.

[00:47:07] So you could say, like

[00:47:09] For this line, like excel, you know, you can just get exactly some and it sums it so. Right?

[00:47:17] Yeah, I think summing would be easy if we’re going to just limit it to a kind of one function. But if you start using like other ones, then it can be complicated to program. But I think with this, that would be a simple add on. So we could just have a button that says, like, enable points and then you could just assign whatever it means to you. This is actually really similar to some of you guys know. We built that tool in the nursing home industry where like people can go and evaluate what nursing home to go into. So that’s how it was working. It was using like a weighted point system. So you would go through and you would wait the answer to each question. And at the end of it, it would give you like a point total. And you could also say like, Hey, this question is more important to me than this one. So then that would like adjust it right? So this same team that built that nursing home thing is the team that’s working on regenerated. So it’s

[00:48:17] Ok. And I don’t know if anybody else is thinking of that. I’m just thinking like I was working on it and I was like, OK,

[00:48:24] Yeah, that’s a great feature.

[00:48:25] Yeah, yeah. Like, it’s like, OK, I know highly likely or great to go into, but like, OK, what is each part? What is that? What is the score or points? I’m gonna give it and then boom automatically. And now it’s like, OK,

[00:48:39] Yeah, that’s pretty simple. Second, that I’d like to see the same thing. Exactly the same thing.

[00:48:43] Ok, cool. Yeah, yeah, I’ll I’ll get our guys started on that. I think that’s probably like a I could probably be done in a day or two. So the question on our end is always like. Well, there’s a million awesome features that could take a day or two. Where do we how do we like for me, one of the ones I want to get the custom user roles in there so you guys can like, create your own user roles and and, you know, a number of these other things. But I will absolutely add that to our list and we’ll get that in there. I don’t think it’s a very hard thing for us to do. I’ve got a lot of plans for this due diligence thing. You know, I want to create a connection to like majestic and address and have it. You guys seems like put in the site and it can automatically pull in some of the metrics for you so you don’t have to go and search those so you could put in like here’s the website address and then it could like here’s the RDR number of backlinks traffic. And then, you know, those could be like the predefined fields on our forms now. Or you can just say like drag in like a ATSDR right dragon like majestic trust flow. And then you type in the site and then it kind of like fills it in there for you. I think that would really help to automate it for you guys, right? And then, you know, one of the ones I don’t know if you guys include this in your due diligence, but I always want to know how many reviews people have, right? I know that it’s a ranking factor. I don’t think it’s like. The number one ranking factor, but I think it’s up there, and it also means that I’ve just noticed a correlation with someone who has a lot of reviews, they also have done a lot of other things, right?

[00:50:21] Thank you so much for that. Able to add that eventually, so that’s awesome, and that feature

[00:50:27] All about the generic

[00:50:28] Feature. Ok, I’ll take that. I’ll take a royalty as well for that then.

[00:50:36] There you go. Cool. We’ll have to figure out what that we’ll have to figure out what that looks like.

[00:50:43] Thank you.

[00:50:44] You’re welcome. Our rights.

[00:50:48] Pretty badass features, I must say so myself.

[00:50:53] Thank you. There are all Jeff’s idea.

[00:50:56] Yeah, I have the Jets section over there. Cool. All right.

[00:51:02] Outside of the features and the platform, is there anybody that struggle with something in their in their business that they could use some guidance on or my two cents?

[00:51:15] But I ask a couple of questions regarding GMB heatmap. Sure. Absolutely. Now we’ve kind of gone over this and every once in a while, Patrick, I feel like I’m trying to still wrap my brain around a couple of aspects of. When we’ve got to return things before, I know we’ve talked about when trying to improve each pin position on the heat map, right citations make a difference. Periodic posts Q&A having a completed profile Although this matter going ahead, we’ve discussed about like geotagging the photos and resizing the photos before uploading them. And then you had also mentioned about changing the file name as well before uploading to a GMB. Um, I’m just wondering if there’s any other aspects that I may be forgetting or missing. And then the other thing too is like when you go into use a Google imager, you’re going to pull those geo coordinates from a pin position to kind of target the neighborhoods, as you mentioned previously, right?

[00:52:28] Yeah. So a few things. Of all the things you mentioned, I would say geotagging the photos, as is the bottom. And I would also add some things that you didn’t mention that I would put above geotagging in the photo. There’s a lot of debate on how much Google values those geotagged photos. So I think it was like six months or so people started realizing that if you download a photo out of your Google, my business like you, upload it with its geotagged and then you download it back down. It won’t have your geotag data in there, like Google’s kind of like cleansing it, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t taking notice of it. But historically, I think that that geotagging. Has been overrated. Just kind of the way I hear people talk about it. I know we’ve had a lot of requests for like geotagging photo machines built into this. And one of the reasons that I’ve prioritized it lower is just like. It seems like all the top CEOs that focus on this, they they’ve like continuously further and further discount the value of the geotech photos. So I just want to make sure that’s something I can take a lot of time to do. And I don’t know if it does anything, to be honest. So I built in the feature to get the coordinates so that you have that option because I know that some people are like true believers in that right up here, you can get those coordinates. Some of the things that you’re missing, Dave, that I would include are you should be building back links to the site that maybe target some of the stuff that you want.

[00:54:05] I think that’s going to give you a lot more bang for your buck. Ok, so for instance. This map I have up here, right? Pretend that I’m not ranking so well for for bear removal, and maybe there’s a Camp Richardson here and I could get a back link that said. Why? Well, let me zoom in more and actually get a neighborhood, right, so. This is such an unpopulated area that I might not be able to get a neighborhood. Maybe I can go over here. Let’s go to California real quick, OK? Here’s Sacramento, right? So there’s all these like neighborhoods. So Arden Arcade, that’s a neighborhood I think. I don’t know know this area very well. Or Rancho Cordova. What if I had a backlink that was like in my situation, bear removal Rancho Cordova. So that’s letting that’s basically making it a one to one connection with what we want to rank for. And our site through the through a back link, right, so that would be something you should also be building neighborhood pages that talk about Rancho Cordova right on your site. So you want to build as much relevance. You could name your photos on your site, Rancho Rancho Rancho Cordova. Right. So these are things that I would prioritize ahead of. These are things that were unmentioned. That I would prioritize ahead of the geotagging, the photos, I just wouldn’t get too hung up on that. I don’t, you know, you can maybe pick make your own mind up on it. But my my opinion is I don’t think it ever was a big thing and I think it’s been devalued since then.

[00:55:46] Okay. Yeah, because I think the thing that I’m struggling with is like, So let’s say if I’m just working on a particular client that is just some GMB management to try and help improve their rankings for a given neighborhood. So somewhere in, say, Sacramento. I’m trying to just wrap my brain around if I don’t have access to their website and I’m just doing GB management. How can I improve their GMB rankings in any given position on that heat map? That’s what I’m kind of wondering is right what they recommend?

[00:56:22] I think there’s. Because I think there’s there’s some there’s some like hidden information hiding in there. The way, the way, the way you have this deal set up. So there’s never been a situation like, well, maybe there was at the beginning for me and I know that’s where you are now, but this fact that you don’t have access to the website is kind of indicative of your your client relationship that you have. I want to point that out as these people trust you and they believe in you, they’re going to be like pushing their website onto you, saying, please take this website and make these changes and you have to earn that and don’t take this as like you take this as like constructive criticism. You know this. This would happen to me all the time when I was playing poker for a living, someone would be in like some terrible situation at the end of a hand and be like, Hey, what would you do here? And I’d be like, I wouldn’t have played the hand that way at all, because now I’m like, Everything’s messed up, right? So that’s not the situation you’re in to say, but it reminds me of that where it’s like you don’t have the like. The problem is not the problems with like the root of the relationship and how do we? It’s hard to influence some of these things if you don’t have access to the website, right? So that’s maybe a separate topic.

[00:57:48] But when you say that it sticks out like a sore thumb to me and I feel like an obligation to point that out and to, like, just give you some feedback on it. You need a way to get into the website if you’re going to be able to seriously move the GMB and especially if it’s in a competitive area, if that one of the strongest influencers. Is always going to be like the the organic ranking, like if you were to go and look, I think it’s Mars that creates this moss ranking of 20 20, I don’t know if they’ve done the one for twenty twenty one. We’ll just go with this one, that’s twenty eighteen, so local ranking factors, so proximity, right, and then look at number two. So this is supposed to be from the top some of the top CEOs. Number two is linked signals inbound anchor tax leaving domain review signals. That’s another one I think you mentioned you didn’t mention is like getting those reviews on. They’re not only just reviews from your Google my business, but getting it from like Yelp and Facebook and mentioning in there.

[00:58:49] This is why I’ve said this is like get Rancho Cordova or whatever as a part of the review text. And then I would just like group the Google questions as a part of that same. Just throw those in the same basket there together, so you can you can influence it through that, but this is a huge one right here. And it’s not just linking signals. Look at this like on page signals their citation, click through rate. That’s more website related stuff. So if you were looking at this, the top eight things. You’ve got like one is website to. Three. And this is not really website, but Google engagement is kind of website, so you’ve got like three and a half of the top things, according to this, which who knows if this is right or whatever, but. So not having access to that website is that’s that’s it’s hard to do. It makes your job harder. And you just need to be earning that trust from them, and the way that you earn the trust is not by like. It’s by demonstrating your knowledge set on this stuff. Right? So the reason that that I’m not in this situation, probably probably generic too, is. And some of the people that have been in this for a while, it’s like when we start talking and I started explaining this stuff just like I do just the same reason you guys trust me.

[01:00:14] It seems like I know what I’m talking about with this, right? So when you demonstrate that to a client, they’re going to realize that you’re out matching whoever. Like, whether it’s done for their website or whatever, like usually some kind of cheeseball SEO company that doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Like, they have to start picking you over them and then they’re going to be like, Dave, how much more money do I have to pay you to be the one that takes over my website? That’s what you should be hearing. And if it’s not, let’s work on addressing that. And I’ll tell you, man, I would be willing to do a call with you because I know you’re always on this. Maybe you and I can jump on a zoom. We can share it with the group. We can do a little bit one on one time where you try to pitch me and then I’ll pitch you back and we just kind of like, do some reps. And through that, maybe you can level up. What do you think of that idea?

[01:01:06] It’s intimidating I won’t lie, but at the same time, clearly I need to break out of my comfort zone to try and really develop more of those skills, for sure. So yeah, I mean,

[01:01:18] Your mindset on this is is what’s going to make you successful right there? Just recognizing the fact that it’s outside of your comfort zone and you’ve got to make that transition because I had to get out of my comfort zone so many times to get here. It’s like the first time I came on these live calls and Jake, I was like, I was a little nervous. And, you know, now I’m comfortable with it. And the first time I went to try to talk to a client, I felt the same way. I’m like, I kind of felt like I was an imposter at the beginning where I was like, Man, I learned this stuff so quickly. It seems like it can’t be. I can’t be that far ahead of these people, but there’s a lot of stuff that that is just like after we hear it. It sounds like common sense that they have no clue about it. Right. So if you got through the course you’ve gone through the training, you built the site, you’re light years ahead of these people. You have to speak with it. You have to speak with confidence. And I’ll tell you until you have some like wins under your belt, it’s hard to do that, right? It’s like when Jeff and I go and talk to people like, Look, I’m going to take over this entire area.

[01:02:23] I’m going to absolutely murder the competition. They do not have a chance, if you know. So that’s hard to say. If you’ve never ranked a site before, but me, I believe it. I already. It’s like, it’s already what’s happened. You know, it’s just like, it’s just a matter of time. Like, Hey, when is this going to happen? I don’t know, but I’ll tell you, like, it’s going to happen. You know, that’s that’s how we operate, right? So it’s hard to have that level of confidence in certainty. And if you don’t, the client picks up on it, right? And maybe you shouldn’t. And so you do it. And this is why they say like why Dan says, like, let’s start off with these rules where we’re going to go like, I can’t remember what it is. One hundred and fifty to four hundred thousand people. And so that’s kind of what the due diligence is all about is to try to make make this stuff. And Dave, I think I think I’ve just kind of like, heard, you’ve been doing some stuff for some of your friends over this time, right?

[01:03:21] Yeah, one of them, but that kind of went to the side, so, OK,

[01:03:26] The optimization thing that you’re doing now where you don’t have access to the website, that’s not a friend. That’s some other contact, right?

[01:03:33] Correct. Because one of the concepts for us was just the idea of knowing that Legion’s take a bit of time to try and build. And so Jill and I are just kind of restructuring and starting over with going to a different niche and doing some due diligence research on that. But with that said, right now, we need to look at trying to build even if it’s smaller, quicker income coming in with something that we feel like we can manage within the knowledge that we have while working on the legions. So that’s what came to mind was trying to maybe just do some GMB optimization for people, some local businesses to generate a few hundred bucks a month per client that’ll help be seed money while the legions are being built and growing. Does that make sense?

[01:04:24] And that’s kind of why this makes sense. That’s why it’s actually optimization is a really good way to get your foot in the door, and I would be pairing it with reputation management to right.

[01:04:35] That was kind of what we wanted to do, but that’s kind of why I was asking these questions about GMB improvement when using the heat map just so that I can actually have the skill set to start working on doing that for now and actually show that I’m improving someone’s GMB rankings locally. Right to earn an income, you know, as we’re building the jets and that

[01:04:59] This is how you can position this. Jeff, can you role play with me for a little bit? Yes. Ok, so Jeff, you just kind of be like a contractor here, like maybe who’s in Jeff’s scenario and you’ve got you’ve got a website and you’ve got a GMB and I’m going to approach you. And this is how I would phrase it as we go through it, maybe the role playing is not completely necessary. But so, Jeff, we have these two different options that we can provide to you. We can do GMB optimization or we can do GMB and website optimization if you want to do GMB optimization. It’s going to be five hundred dollars a month. If you want to include website optimization, it’s going to be a thousand dollars a month. Ok. So we’re going through it. We’re talking, we’re talking. And he’s like, You know what? I think I just want to go with the GMB optimization. But I’ll tell you what, Jeff. How about will make it seven hundred dollars a month, and I’ll do both, or I’ll do five hundred dollars a month and I’ll do both. So when you start positioning things this way? Here’s what you’re going to get is you’re going to close the lower amount, you’re going to be able to close one of them more often, right? If you just come in and you only got like one thing on your menu, or maybe it’s like, Hey, it’s going to be fifteen hundred dollars for reputation management, GMB optimization and your website optimization.

[01:06:27] And then you’re going and going back and forth, you don’t want to come out too soon with this, but give them a like, Hey, I’ll tell you what, if you go. But if you if you decide that you want to go with us by Friday, this is only going to be good until Friday. I’ll do all three of those for seven fifty. And maybe that’s what you originally wanted, right? But make it seem like you’ve got to like that first that this has value. And second, you’re going to give them a break and now you’ve got access to the website, right? So it’s not just like GMB optimization you’ve made it. You put a price tag on doing something for their website. And now you’ve like, OK, now you’ve you see where I’m going with this.

[01:07:06] Yeah, for sure. You know, I I think the only struggle like I said that we were having is if we get some clients that solely just say they want to just do the GMB management and rep management as a small package. Right. I mean, here’s what determine what tests I need to do to improve the rankings of that heat map further GMB, if that’s all I have to work with for now.

[01:07:34] Right. And when they say that this is what I would say, look, you know. These are the top ranking factors that are going to influence your GMB ranking. And we’ve we’ve gone out, we’ve done the research, I’ve read studies of all the top CEOs and you know, about half of the top ones are related to your website. Those are influencing your GMB ranking. So this is why it’s really important, you know, 50 to 70 percent of your clicks are coming from this like GMB area within the search results. But your website actually really contributes to our ability to influence that ranking. So this is why I would like to include that as a part of this, and this is why this has value. Right? So you don’t need it, you don’t need to do a ton of that stuff. But you know, it’s it’s it’s kind of hard to win a race when you got an anchor around your your one of your feet, right where it’s like, I can’t. You’re racing against these other people that don’t have that. And you know, if you choose the right markets, then you can still win that race. But I think you’ve got an uphill battle without having access to the site, and I think you don’t want to come in and be like, Hey, GMB optimization. And now let me start talking about the website, I think coming in and being like, Hey, I’ll do both of these for this price. And then they’re kind of like on the fence, like, Hey, Black Friday deal, I’m going to lower this and I’ll do both for for the for the original price that I wanted anyways. But you have to make this decision by here because we have other people that are interested in our services. Where are they going to work with one person like put some like scarcity and urgency in there? So you’re not just out there like floating around with with no deadline on this thing, right?

[01:09:14] I’d also add a layer of confidence on top of that. If you’re if you’re kind of discounting like that and you say, Look, now that we’ve been through, we talk through this like I’ve done the research on your site and on your GMB. I know I can crush it for you. I know exactly what to do. I’ll do it for X price instead of Y price because I know I can crush this, you know, like like you

[01:09:34] Can, you can make it for X price for the first three months, like, Hey, this is worth Y. And I know that you’re struggling. I know that you guys are trying to get this business up and running, and this is why I started. This is I want to help small businesses. I don’t want to be a detriment to your guys success. So let’s do this the first three months, it’s going to be X. After that, let’s move it to Y. By that time, you’ll be leaving me. You’ll trust me. If not, no hard feelings.

[01:10:02] I wouldn’t want to point to that. Oh, sorry, go ahead.

[01:10:05] Go ahead.

[01:10:06] I was just going to say, I think, Dave also, I think what Patrick is almost saying is it’s almost a disservice of only just doing GMB like your service should be because it goes hand in hand together. So maybe you have to present it that way and then do the promotional sales offer that he’s kind of talking about just to get your foot in the door? So maybe don’t think of it just only as a GMB ranking thing. Think of it more like bundling it together. I guess I don’t know if I’m right, Patrick, if that’s what you’re saying, if you.

[01:10:35] Absolutely, I think. I don’t think I do think it’s going to be a disservice because I don’t think you’re going to be successful without having access to the site when we like. You know what, our agency. We’ve got spreadsheets right now where we’re tracking, like so many different website metrics as a part of ranking the GMB. And also just pure content on the page, the pages, we pay attention to that stuff. And really what we’re measuring on the end as like how is the GMB ranking? So all that stuff, it’s just kind of like leading up to our ability to rank the GMB and just ignore that. I think that’s yeah. And you know. This is all great from like a strategy, and it’s important to have these conversations, but I think the the better strategy is like, be building your own legions non stop, right? Like this is good to get some quick money. I shared a video that I don’t know if you watch that one day or if you were on that call and you’ve been on most of the calls. But there was one like a month ago or maybe longer where it was like a quick money strategy for selling sites like you could. You could build out a really bio template, build out a really professional site with with a like. Get someone off online line jobs, that’s an expert for four dollars an hour and pay them, you could be you could have a professional looking website in almost any niche up and running for probably 80 dollars.

[01:12:08] And I bet you could turn around and sell that for fifteen hundred dollars, like if I were in this like quick money spot that I would just be like blasting people every day with like I would find a way to be sending out whether it’s Facebook messages, emails, whatever of like, Hey Plumber in Denver. I’ll show you the site, I’ll have this live for you in like a week. Fifteen hundred dollars. That would that would be my strategy, but gamble optimization is a great way to get you in the door. But selling somebody a website’s also a great way to get you in the door, and it’s more money and maybe less work and it’s guaranteed, right? There’s not this like. Is this person going to deliver type thing going on, it’s like, here’s the website, it’s already ready. I just got to transfer it to you, right? They don’t necessarily understand the fact that they can buy a template and like, hire a Filipino and like, change a couple of things and have like, they don’t. It’s like they’re focused on fixing toilets. They don’t understand that stuff, right? So like, that would be my quick money strategy if I were in your shoes, not be optimization personally. And then I would be using that to like, run, build as many legions as I can. We’re still building legions nonstop, right? Like we’re starting new sites almost every week. Got it. Many sites, do you have built Dave?

[01:13:31] We’ve got three, but now that we’re shifting gears a little bit, our focus is to build another five. So we’re just in the midst of still doing due diligence for this different niche and then going to start just trying to really hone in and focus on just that for now. You know, part of it too for us is just the financial getting the sites and everything else involved in it because budgets just really, really tight right now with our personal situation. So.

[01:14:01] Dave, are you on a monthly plan with regenerated or did you buy a yearly one?

[01:14:06] No, we we leveraged. So we bought the whole gear

[01:14:12] At that upper level at the enterprise. Yeah. Ok. All right. I was trying to think of a way that I could. Give you something free if you did something like you’ve got so many sites built. I want I want to come up with some kind of contest for you where you’ve got to get more than three sites, right? I don’t know what the structure looks like for this, but you know, they did a contest in J-K who could build ten sites in twenty four hours and we built ten and twenty four hours. You’ve got three. I know you’ve been in this for. When did you join November?

[01:14:54] No. Jill’s actually originally been involved with Jake for probably pushing almost five years now. Ok. But to decide after a year because of personal stuff, and it’s only been in the last year that we’ve suddenly both really been starting to try and work on it and really get serious about it, right in the midst of personal challenges.

[01:15:16] So, yeah, you know, when I joined, I was like in a really good personal situation to focus my time on this. And I know that so many people out there dealing with with all sorts of challenges you what are the challenges by your own admission, is like being on a tight financial budget, and it can be tough to try to find time to do this stuff when you got other things going on in your life. But I’ll tell you that getting on the other side of this from a financial perspective can take a lot of the stresses off off your life. And you know, a lot of what we don’t realize that as part of this process is the thinking that we do on it, right? That’s where most of our time is on. This is the actual thinking. So if you were at work all day and maybe like when you’re driving to work or when you got a break, you’re on your lunch break or you’re driving home from work, going to the restroom, all these to find this opportunity to get to thinking out of the way, OK? These are the niches that some of the niches I’m interested in going, What am I going to talk about? Get obsessed with this and this will start. You’ll start to start filling in those little time periods that you have with whatever your day allows to get this thing moving down the track. And how many free hours do you have right now on a weekly basis?

[01:16:42] Dave, quite a bit more because I’ve actually been out with an injury. So right now I have time, you know, besides occasionally doctor visits and that kind of stuff, but I’m primarily the one that’s got a bit more time than my partner does. Ok. So working at full time?

[01:17:03] All right. Here’s here’s what we’ll do. When does your subscription expire for regenerated?

[01:17:11] Like, say, October and November or something like that.

[01:17:15] Um, if you build ten sites before next Wednesday’s call, I’m going to give you four months free, OK, at your current package. So instead of expiring in October, you know, expiring like February or something like that. Ok, so I don’t know if you’re planning on renewing for the full amount, not renewing or if you were to renew on a monthly basis, that would be twelve hundred dollars. So we built ten sites and twenty four hours and those 10 sites, I think, are bringing in twenty thousand a month for us now. So we built those that was whatever, two years ago. You’ve got to do your due diligence. The sites don’t have to have like 10 pages on them, so get to page sites, a home page and a contact page. Ok. That’s the first requirement. 10 of those. The home page I want to see at least like fifteen hundred words on it. Contact page, whatever. But they have to be like registered, you know, not unlike whatever test that we’ve read, they have to be like. Right on a real domain with the stuff, and I would say the content doesn’t have to be. We’ve been playing around with this, but I don’t think the content has to be completely unique. Ok. And take that with a grain of salt. Just my personal opinion. I don’t want to send you guys down the wrong road, but I think mixing it up a little bit is advised, but making every single word you need.

[01:18:44] I’m not sure if it’s too similar. Google is not going to index it, but if you have backlinks coming to it, I think Google will will index it. And so I wouldn’t be spending anything, but I would just be like, Hey, write it out if you’re using the same niche. When we did the ten sites in twenty four hours, every single one of them was in the same niche. And we just copied existing sites and then we like mixed up the reworded. A lot of the content, right? And then we changed out some of the images and stuff like that. We changed out the city, some of the ones, this type of thing. So does this sound like a does it sound like a challenge that you’re willing to accept to your day next Wednesday? Ten sites. I’ll give you four months free for for this, and I’ll tell you what I’ll throw into that, too. I’ll give you that call. I’ll give you like an hour. I would like to get Jeff on the call, and we could do like a three way coaching where like where you’re pitching? Ok? And then that would be put into the group as something that could be shared for everyone else.

[01:19:48] Yeah, for sure.

[01:19:50] Ok. Are you excited for this? Are you going to go after it?

[01:19:53] I’m I’m more nervous than anything, to be honest.

[01:19:56] You sounds like you understand that. It’s like you’ll feel like you have almost like you have to answer to me because I’m putting this challenge out here. But this is I’m doing this to try to help you get out of your own way. Because being in this for this long and having three sites, you’re just not going to get to where you need to get to. Like, let’s let’s get it done and just work your ass off this week, and then you’ll let set a new standard for what we can do. Because I know when we built those 10 sites, I was at two thousand a month. I had been in for two years and I had more than three sites, but I had built all these sites that were just kind of like just didn’t really have a lot of direction, you know? And then when we built the 10 sites in twenty four hours, it was like, OK, this is like, this is a new standard of what’s possible, right? And then a few months later was was the J K event and then, you know. So I don’t know 14 months or something after that 10 site challenge, I was at 40 k a month. Right. So like, you’ve got to snap that gear, you’re not that you’re not as far away from this as you think you are.

[01:21:08] It might not be a skill set, like talking about weather, like we should geotag the photo and like, honestly like that shit doesn’t matter what matters is. Like you, let’s pick out Tommy’s nephew, built this site for him, and that’s who were competing against. He has no idea what a GMB is or geotagging. That’s who we want to compete against. And if you can choose 10 of those, then you can accelerate this. So I think your biggest challenge is not like a skill set perspective. I think it’s your your confidence in yourself, and that’s why you’re like a little bit nervous with this. It’s like you can pick the easiest people to play against and beat these people 10 times if you choose the right niches. I want each one of your sites. Here’s another requirement that I would like to make for these 10 sites that you’re going to build. Make the average ticket cost of the niche be at least seven hundred and fifty dollars. Ok. Because otherwise you don’t want to build ten sites and dog grooming, and you have to send like nine hundred dogs to be able to make a thousand dollars off this site, right? Let’s do something where we can send less leads and and get paid. This amount is it. Are we on the same page here?

[01:22:22] Yeah, yeah. So I think he I think, Dave, also I’m sorry to interject, but it’s more about you got to believe in yourself. I think I think Patrick is right on everything he’s saying to you, but you really have to believe and you’ve got to understand, you don’t have to know it. All right. You don’t have to know it all to make money and to do this. The screening is enough for you to get through it and you’ll do it. You got to believe in yourself because I don’t think you believe in yourself.

[01:22:51] So you’ve got to take risks too, and you got to understand that they’re not all going to be winners today or tomorrow. You know, like right now, I have the luxury of Patrick’s portfolio of sites, right? He has literally hundreds of site like there’s no like I. We have to juggle this stuff. Like which one do I sell next? Like, you know, there’s so many of them. It’s just I just look at it as money on the table, you know, lying on the floor to go pick it up. That’s that’s what I got to do. So when you get to that point, you know, you want to create those problems for yourself. Like, I see Graham popping up in the in the chat here about how many sites he’s building. He’s creating those kinds of problems for himself. Right. He’s he’s creating the problem of having so much stuff that he’s going to he’s going to have to go sell it and they’ll be prioritization. You know, this one’s getting 10 calls a month and the other one’s getting 20, the other getting by. It’s all. It’s all valuable. But which one do I pay attention to? Right. And so I think a lot of these problems are the reasons or challenges is the reason that pattern will be generated to begin with just to create efficiency and solve some of these these challenges and get past and create solutions.

[01:24:00] Hey, Dave, let me let me throw something at you because I’ve managed to stop myself as well as anybody that I’ve met in jail so far. I’ve got, I don’t know, 16 to 18 sites now and a bunch of them, there’s a cluster of them that are in concrete. And as I did successive additional concrete sites and I was getting Donnie leads to do them DfI and I’ve already prepaid him for those. But as I did each one, I got better and better at my keyword research and I got better and better at my due diligence. And so the result is that even right out of the box, the ones that he’s been doing for me begin to rank in for some keywords for important keywords really, really quickly. So what my VA and I are doing and my VA just completed it yesterday. If I gave him a list of cities, I had been sticking to the state of Virginia, but now we expanded the United States. But I gave him a list of, I don’t know, let’s just say, 80 cities. And he did what I consider to be my quick and dirty due diligence. And my first pass due diligence is to go in and look and see if in the three pack, there’s somebody that does not have at least one one listing there that does not have a website because if I can get it, that’s the easiest place to rank, easiest way to get in.

[01:25:22] You don’t even have to have a website to do it. But what he did was he created for me a list of how many of what I call those GMB gaps there were. So wherever I found a city with two gaps, that means I’m twice as likely to be able to get my GMB in there in my website. So what he and I are going to do and I’m meeting with him when I finished with this call in 30 minutes, is we’re going to pick 20 of those and we’re simply going to take my best concrete site and replicate it with new niche and city names. That’s all we’re going to do. And it’s we’ve already gotten the nine pages built out. The copies are already there. We know the keywords. Then once we publish them will go in and we’ll do the fine tuning and improve the copy. And, you know, move the words around because I agree with Patrick. I know, I absolutely know you can use duplicate content, but it won’t be duplicate when we finish. But it won’t take me personally because I’m good at words, won’t take me long to go into every site and rewrite all nine pages. I can probably do those in each one of those in two or three hours and there would be done and they’ll be up there and they’ll be they’ll be working. And that’s all you have to do. Yeah, that’s exactly what Patrick was

[01:26:38] Suggesting, laying out a good roadmap

[01:26:41] For you. You get going. You just you’re going. And then the other thing I’ll say to you is this. Pick whatever route you take, whether it’s exactly what Patrick is suggesting or what you want to do or what I’m suggesting or anybody suggesting, just go until you hit a wall and when you hit the wall, reach out. I know everybody on this call would help you. And I imagine there’s another two or three thousand people in J-K who will help you as well, but just run like hell till you hit a wall and then reach out. And we won’t let you get stopped.

[01:27:14] I appreciate it because it’s not to go into other directions, but I think when Jill first started hitting it up, she just felt like she was hitting walls with even trying to absorb the material, understand it and then occasionally reach out and just met with radio silence. So, you know, it is what it is. It’s various experiences, but it’s trying to find the right people that really do want to give back. And I certainly feel like this group is very different in that respect, that everybody is really good at putting in to each other and giving feedback and that kind of thing. So I’m very appreciative of this group, Patrick, and everything that you give on a weekly basis, especially because it’s not just lead generated itself, but things like tonight and taking all this time, which I feel bad about, but I’m very appreciative of as well.

[01:28:06] So, yeah, I mean, I appreciate that you’re welcome and. I think it’s probably obvious that for me, the reason that that I do this stuff is not to try. I mean, like making money from the software is awesome, but helping people is is really my passion. You know, and like, I get something from this too, when it’s my time to go and I’m going to die and like, I want the world to have been a better place in some way. If if one person can just be like, Man, that guy helped me get to the next level, that guy made it better for me. Then, then then I’ll feel like this was a life that that was like, well lived, you know? And so that’s kind of like something that’s in my. Mindset on a daily basis is like, like, let’s have an impact, let’s make a difference, let’s make this world a better place. And like so don’t think, don’t feel bad about this. Don’t feel bad about asking for help because it’s a two way street here where I’m getting something from this too right. And my my intention is Dave. Like, when you get to this next place, you get up and you’re like, Let’s get through this time of your life where you’re like, Money’s funny. Let’s get to that next spot. When we get to that next spot, there’s two things. Two things I want you to do to pay me back. One is to. Help somebody else out, right? Ok. The second one is if we ever meet, you can just buy me a drink or something, man. I’ll take like a white Russian and a handshake and we’ll call it even.

[01:29:46] Yeah. Or four.

[01:29:48] Yeah, I’m not a big drinker. So like here, but like this, like all of us, we didn’t start at the same starting line, right? You know, we all started in different places. We’ve got like different abilities. You know, I was fortunate to come from a family where I was very loved and supported. And, you know, I was educated and like, I grew up at the time when the internet was taken off, like, that’s when I was in college, right? So a lot of this stuff has come easy to me and you have your own battles and I don’t know what those are. And you know. If we can we’re all humans trying to make the best decision with what we have and with the information we have, so like, I like trying to help people. I like trying to help I understand the challenges. I understand that this can be intimidating and frustrating, but life is short and you’ve got to get out of your way and you’ve got to take some chances on this stuff, man, because you like, you know, I go, I always have this like these, like little movies that are going on in my head. And there’s this one. I’ve shared this before where there’s like a street and there’s two lemonade stands on both sides and first one, the people just like, set it up and they start selling lemonade right away. And they just got this stuff from the grocery store and there’s cars going by across the street.

[01:31:05] There’s these other two girls and they’re like chemist over there and there, taste testing and doing all this stuff, and they’re not even open for business. And there’s this other girls on the other side street. They’ve just been selling their grocery store stuff the whole time, and it works great. So you’ve got to cross the street and just start selling the stuff and just be like, this isn’t going to be perfect. When I started building, it’s still not perfect. Look at you guys. You guys see bugs and ways that we can improve it. I could have kept this thing in the factory or the laboratory for another year, building it before I even launched it. It’s like there’s mistakes in there, right? Like and it’s a balance and you’re bigger. Mistake is not that you’re not selling a perfect product, it’s that you’re not selling anything at all. Right? Because like, no matter what you buy in the world, it could be better. There’s always a way to like, OK, we can make this better. So you’ve got to take action. It’s a bigger mistake not to take action, and it’s just like, sit on the sideline while everybody else is selling the stuff. There’s people that are probably joined J.K. since we started this group that didn’t have any sites and now probably have paying clients because they just went in there and just like not afraid to look stupid, not afraid to make mistakes. And not only that, they learn more.

[01:32:16] So, you know, I do my best to try to, like, communicate this to you guys to like, Hey, wake up, life is now. Let’s start. You have this awesome skill set from this. You got a race car that’s sitting in the garage and like, it’s time to take it around the block a few times, right? And like, let’s start dropping these all over the United States. So let’s do this. Can you can you do this? I want to hear. I want to hear that you’re going to have this done next Wednesday. When the call starts, your 10 sites built two pages. That’s all. Basically, you have 10 pages of content to write with two contact pages. You’ve got domains to buy. I know that I saw like a comment in the Facebook chat. There was somebody that said Purchasing them for you. I don’t want like with money funny. You probably weren’t going to purchase them, but I think it’s important to build them at the beginning. Right? Because later, as we scale this, which may seem like it’s way far down the road, when you have one hundred of these, you’re not going to be the one that is you’re going to be managing people rather than building them yourselves. And you’ve got to have a baseline skill set on these different pieces if you’re going to be an effective manager. Ok. Right? Are we then we got a deal? Yeah, we do like a virtual said.

[01:33:35] We’re good. We look forward and see what happens and the fall my face. Well, screw it. I mean, it’s

[01:33:41] Right, man. I guarantee you. You’re going to be further ahead, like let’s here’s worst case scenario, you build alternative sites. None of them rank. You will have learned something during this week. I think that’s almost a zero percent chance. Like, do your due diligence, take your time, look at the stuff. Go back through. Maybe watch the watch. The last week I did a lot on due diligence and then I think it was two or three weeks before that. I did some more on it. Look at those two videos. Apply the rules and go and get this man. You can do this. There’s, like every single person on this call, is telling you the same thing. You absolutely do this. One of the big phrases that always sticks in my mind is like the man who says I can’t and the man who says I can. They’re both usually right. So you just that’s all. It may take you years before you get to the point where you can say I can. But once you once that happens, that decision happens in a second, right? It’s all this like mental mental stuff, right? I mean, there’s like, look, throughout history, the fortune favors the bold like, all those types of things exist on that same thing.

[01:34:49] So the only reason I’m sitting on this call with Patrick is just one big string of mistakes. So, I mean, I mean that in the in the most complimentary way to Patrick to it’s like, you know, I would have I would have never. I just fumbled my way into different opportunities. What I mean, it’s like, that’s just the way it works, you know? I wasn’t afraid to go out and fall on my face, and these guys are and get to the next level, the next step and the next step.

[01:35:21] Patrick and Jeffrey pikers Dave, I’ve made all those mistakes three times. Not just one. Patrick made a one time and he was able to keep moving. I’ve made them all three times.

[01:35:32] I I’ll go along with it, but I feel like I’ve made these stakes mistakes so many times there’s so like. I mean, if there was like a tape recorder on my desk where like you hear me cussing at myself like Patrick, you dumb son of a. Like, why did you do that? That is so stupid, just like it happens all the time. And so it may look, you know, you could almost say like there’s a relationship between who’s ever made the most mistakes and success, right? I was just I might have failed more than all of you guys on these sites, right? I’ve got Jeff. How many sites do we have that aren’t ranking or that we don’t have sold like 80?

[01:36:15] I can’t even count that high. It’s like we got

[01:36:18] Sites that we

[01:36:18] Built. We have so many we can’t even we don’t even know what all of them are.

[01:36:22] Yeah, I’ve got a spreadsheet and I’m like, I’ve got domains where I’m like, Did we build that site? Do we like, is that? Do we even own that domain? And then I go, and there’s like a site there with like 10 pages on it that I. Oh, OK.

[01:36:35] Like so but then we started getting calls and they start coming through to my phone and I’m like, Shit, I’m going to go sell it.

[01:36:43] All right, guys. It’s been it’s been over an hour and a half. I’m trying to keep these calls at an hour. This one, this is probably personally my favorite call. Man, I love this type of stuff, Dave. You can do this. I believe in you. I know there’s other people on this call that do. I’m glad that you’re getting a lot out of this group. Make a commitment and be afraid to just fail on this stuff. Because I’ll tell you, I promise you, it’s a bigger failure to not try than it is to like, try and maybe not be a hundred percent successful. You got this man. You can do this. So I’m looking forward to it next week. Send me a message with your ten sites before the call starts, like maybe 15 minutes before the call starts. And then we’ll go through. And if you want, I can even go over some of those. And then after that we’ll set up that time or we’ll do a call me. I’ll give you some time, or we can do some role playing and we’ll start to get that confidence level jacked up so that you can sound like a boss when you’re talking to these people. So. All right, guys, I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys enjoy the new features that we have rolling out and the heat map. Look for those. Like I said, I think those will be live in the next probably three or four hours. Ok, we just got a couple of final changes to make and then we’ll be pushing them out. So have a great week, guys. Good luck. Thanks for thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you guys in the group.

[01:37:58] Take care. Thanks. Thanks, Terry. Thank you, everybody. Hi, guys. Yeah. Have a good one.