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[00:00:00] I could do SEO on your website and then also hook you to the Legion because the jobs are in different locations within the city. And he agreed to that. So I got 12:50 just to kind of start everything out up front and then it’s going to be a thousand a month every month after. So that was a win.

[00:00:21] It’s awesome, Brian. Congrats, man, that definitely sounds like a big win. And, you know, a thousand a month, that’s twelve thousand a year. But I would say, you know, it’s about 10 times easier to take the person that’s paying you a thousand a month to two thousand a month or three thousand a month than it is to find a new person. So that’s awesome. Every time you get one of those, it’s way more than than than the monthly dollar amount, right? So congrats, man, that’s that sounds like a huge win. Thanks, man. Couldn’t have done it without you. Yeah, absolutely, man. Well, all right, Mr. Jeff, who else we got?

[00:01:03] We have Devin. He’s always got to win, what are you going? He’s a winner. Hey, friends. Yeah. So a couple quick wins is that over the last two weeks, here I was. Actually, I’m finally onboarding more of a team, having more of a system in place where I can finally outsource, like all of content writing, handle what I want now from the beginning of this due diligence and sales at the end, what I’ve finally got at least some semblance of a system to really help streamline things. And because of that, this is actually my first five figure month. As of yesterday. That in fact, they come the banks.

[00:01:40] Well, I’m talking about right there, man, that is awesome. That’s a that’s a that’s like a a threshold, right, that a lot of people have right where it’s like hitting this number. So that’s a big thing, you know, the first time. It seems like it’s something off in the distance until it happens and then when you’ve done it, then at some point it starts to just become the norm and then you kind of go up to the next level. So Devin, I think it’s obvious if you guys are on the calls every week, you can see Devin has shared a lot of wins. This is his first win that is a five figure month, but you can kind of see the trajectory he’s on. And it’s not just like rah rah motivation stuff at the end of the calls, when I say do the actions that are going to create the wins for next week, Devon’s been doing those each week. Each week is coming back wins. And this is what it adds up to. So if you guys, if you guys want to do 10k in a month or more, like here’s somebody who just went from being on one side of it to being on the other side of it, right? So I encourage you guys do the things every week that are going to result in wins. That’s all it is. It’s just it’s basically just a collection of small steps that end up to have kind of a bigger results, man. That’s super cool. Really, really happy and proud. Nothing but respect for you, man. Congrats.

[00:03:03] Yeah, thank you. Just so to celebrate when we hop on the car next week, we’ll actually be in Tahoe. So.

[00:03:08] Oh yeah, sure, man. I love Tahoe. Yeah, first time for us. I try to spend one weekend a year there, at least, so that’s awesome. And congrats.

[00:03:17] Thank you.

[00:03:18] All right. Who else? We got, Jeff.

[00:03:20] Right now we have Neil. Neil, you want to go ahead and unmute and share your win? Right, Neal. You can hear me all right. We’ve got you now.

[00:03:36] I’ll tell you, this week, past couple of weeks,

[00:03:38] I’ve had some wins and some lessons. So actually the losses, you know, I call them lessons actually really were very helpful. And I found that three of the people that jumped when I said, All right, we’re getting into monetary now, you know, you’ve gotten some free leads. Have they worked out? They’ve sold some and they’re all excited, just excited and just willing, and they want me to throw everything I can at them. And and the one pattern I noticed they were all like mid-thirties. I don’t know if that’s a compared to some of the other guys I’ve got that are been doing it for 30 something years and they could. These guys want to grow and I don’t know if it. Is that something to look into? I don’t know. I just noticed that, Neal, that some of these younger guys in their mid-20s, their early 30s, they they they understand business. And maybe they grew up around contracting. And I found really good success with these guys. They’re motivated, they’re hungry, know how to run the business. They understand at least a little bit about internet marketing enough to know that they don’t know how to do it themselves and they hire somebody. We’re winning with those guys, for sure.

[00:04:53] Yeah, yeah. I definitely noticed that too. And other things to be said is. These guys that are in their like forties, fifties and early sixties, and they had success, maybe like 10 to 15 years ago, but but the way people find people has changed and it can be hard to convince these guys that that the world has changed. And you know, these guys that are a little bit younger, that were maybe in college or in middle school high school when the internet came out, they just have a different mindset. And you know, it’s not to say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but some of these some of these guys that had the early success with their businesses, they seem unwilling to change and kind of like, adapt. Well, GPPs decided it was going to try to talk and throw its two cents in there. Sorry about that. All right. So, Neil, you’ve you’ve got some lessons and you’ve got some some wins. Yeah. And I’ll tell you, I thought the lessons

[00:05:52] Are as valuable as the wins this past couple of weeks because it’s going to help me so much. Moving forward. I know what I’m looking for now. It’s it’s really going to put me on a clearer path.

[00:06:03] I go so far to say that the lessons are more valuable than the wins because that’s just going to be repeated over and over. Right? Yeah.

[00:06:12] And I also didn’t do happy hour today, so I can last the whole. Yeah.

[00:06:17] You snooze on us the last time men who are happier on Wednesdays. Yeah, I think I think it was our buddy, Devin who called you out on that one. And all right, cool, man. Congrats on the lessons and who got next job.

[00:06:35] Next week we have. Henry shared in the Facebook group that he just booked at CEO Client on Upwork for eighteen hundred a month. That’s a win. Congrats, Henry. Henry. Then we have Wil, who is going to join us on Zoom will if you want to go ahead and tell us what you got. So a couple kind of leading indicators and then a couple of downstream wins, so a couple more games live this week hired a new VA, fired a new VA, separate people, not the same. One firing was helpful to learn a lot from that process. Got a new business owner on a trial, switched out of business owner for a different one and a different niche, and had a couple of checks in my mailbox when I checked my mail today. So ice, excellent man.

[00:07:27] That’s great to hear. Sounds like some big news going on there.

[00:07:32] Yeah, good stuff happening here. Yeah. Cool, thanks for sharing, Will, so. There we have the winds for the week and our winds, I think for my sake. Winds were going to this mastermind that we joined in just making new connections, learn new things, new resources and all of that can really

[00:07:50] Go back on. Sorry. Sorry, guys. Yes, Jeff, can you just give us like maybe a one to two minute rundown of your biggest takeaways from from this, this mastermind that we did?

[00:08:05] Sure. Well, I guess my biggest takeaways were that, you know, just consistently putting yourself in the room with people who know things that you don’t, you know, I mean, I hate to say, be the dumbest guy in the room. You don’t want to necessarily be that, but it’s like, you know, be in a room with people who know more than you about certain subjects and just be being open to learning always and being reminded of things that you may already know. You may already have been through the information, but maybe these people that you’re connecting with are executing it and a more powerful and productive way that you haven’t been able to. It’s like one thing to get the information and apply it. If you’re around people who are applying it and building seven figure businesses all over the place, it’s like, Well, why? Why? Why is it my business bigger? Like, What are they doing that I’m not doing? And they just have clients that are more valuable or it’s their process, all of the above, their mindset and all of that. So, you know, those are there’s some process stuff in there that that we learn that I feel is going to be very valuable for me and just application. The one guy we heard speaker’s name was rich. Can you pronounce his last name off the top of your head, Patrick Dufresne? Yeah, friend chef Aaron Rich.

[00:09:20] He’s like some big internet marketing guy, and he taught like Russell Brunson and some other big names. And, you know, he dumps everything into Evernote, and then he has a highlighting system where he takes the best of all the materials, like outlining an article or some such. And then he then he highlights it, and then he puts all the highlights at the top above, you know, wherever he’s going to be able to find it the easiest. And that’s the way he consolidates everything, dumps emails in their articles, and they’re he’s flipping off the web. He does everything in that. So I’m trying to mess around with that a little bit. Even now, I have done Evernote before, but not to that level. So I mean, it’s just like a brain dump and the more accessible and searchable it is, then the less you have to rely on your brain to do the heavy lifting, like rely on technology to do the heavy lifting. And then you always have that at your fingertips. And clearly, I’m sort of I think that way, you know, you see the outline that I that I do for these calls and all of that. I mean, I’m constantly doing that. But to have it in a in a more searchable repository, if you will, then I think it would it would be even more valuable. So that’s where I’m at.

[00:10:39] Yeah, awesome. I’ll tell you that I love this idea of being the dumbest person in the room, it’s it’s something that it doesn’t mean you’re dumb, right? You’re just maybe you’re not in the right room. So if you’re always the smartest person in the room and or you know, it’s it’s so nice. I enjoyed this to have these guys, you know, it kind of be like a smaller mid-level fish in this room is great and, you know. That was a bit that was awesome, and I want to encourage people to surround themselves in that situation because you start to hear the way people think differently, and it seems shocking at first, but then I think if you spend enough time with these people, then it just becomes like the norm. Like, they talked a lot about normalizing things, right? So there’s people in there that are doing a million dollars a month. And to have that be normalized, so what does that mean to be normalized? That means it’s like it’s not something so huge that you’re that you’re not believing it and you’re not going to be able to execute on it because it’s just like, Hey, like Devon, for instance, he just talked about how he had a five k month and that a lot of you guys that might seem like a big number. But after you do that every month, then it becomes normalized and it’s not that big a deal. And with that comes a lot of just like confidence and other things.

[00:12:03] So I think getting normalized to to higher stakes is great. One of the things, you know, some some previous groups and stuff that I was in, it seemed like the goal was always more money. It’s kind of kind of what it felt like. It’s like, work harder, get more money, all this kind of stuff. And the person that was like the person who’s leading the mastermind. In my mind, the most successful person in the room financially was talking about how peace and happiness is a constraint for him. And it’s just so it’s just a requirement. Right. And he talks about how his productivity is so much higher because he is taking this time for himself. And this is something that for me, like if you go and we all went to this, we’re all going to come away with different takeaways. But for me, that was one of my biggest takeaways is to see just the healthiness of the lifestyle that these guys are pushing. And this is why they kind of have the longevity to get to a lot bigger numbers than anyone that I’ve ever been around before, which was was great. And they’re doing it in such a healthy way where it’s like, I’m not willing to go do this if it doesn’t mean happiness, because what’s the point? I just I really like that that kind of mindset that they had here, they it was clear that where these guys are, they’re doing a lot of studying and they’re reading a lot of books and stuff.

[00:13:25] They went over what are called different mental models. So there’s all these different mental models that you can go through. And I thought it was really cool to just a systematic approach that they’re doing to try to improve their education was was was obvious to me throughout that they talk about clarity and how a lot of us, when we don’t have confidence and like, there’s confusion. It comes from a lack of clarity and you have to like, really know, know your know your numbers. Like, like for me and probably some of you guys on this call. The analogy he made was that as entrepreneurs, if you’ve got like a lot of ambition and aggression towards stuff, which is kind of where I fall into then you’re kind of like the savage that’s just going after, like all these different entrepreneurial endeavors and shooting from the hip. And that’s not really sustainable. That’s not the way to do it. It’s worked in our agency, but it exposed a lot of a lot of weaknesses that we can work on and improve. So I came away with like a whole reading list of books that I can really use to get my agency dialed in and get all my numbers and get all my data. So I think this is a really important process, right? I got some private coaching, which is great to get private coaching at. You know, I’ve been I kind of have this visual of being this boat that is made up of patchwork of all these different panels and to be able to be like, Hey, person, who’s helped all these people get to eight figure businesses? What do you think I should be doing? What should I be focused on? Hey.

[00:15:02] Explain your situation. Let me ask you questions. Ok, now that I’ve gathered that, here’s the advice I have for you. So that’s something that I’ve been kind of desperately seeking for for years. And, you know, this is my first exposure to it. So it’s been really awesome. So I don’t want to dwell on this, on this stuff too too much. But I will say that it is very important for you guys to be finding these outlets. And maybe for a lot of you guys, this group is one of them and I’m honored if that’s the case. And if not, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be seeking other ones. They talked about how like, you know, all these like famous people that are very successful, they still have coaches, right? Like, I don’t know if it was like, I can’t remember who it is. Van Gogh, or somebody who talked about how they had like a painting coach until they died, just some of the most successful people. So it’s not something that you should ever stop doing. There’s there’s, you know, even Tiger Woods, right? Tiger Woods has a golf coach, right? At one point, probably the best golfer in the world, maybe one of the best in history, and he’s still getting coaching. So if that tells you that like we all need it for for one way or another.

[00:16:09] Ok, so I’ve got a lot of stuff to talk to you guys about away from this. So let’s kind of let’s kind of move forward here. As you guys have seen, our GMB are our ability to connect to Google through the API is down, and this is something that is kind of out of out of our control. We’re working really hard to get this stuff back in place moving forward. I think the way we’re going to be doing this, we’re going to be making a pretty big shift. The reason that the GMB goes down to my understanding is that the percentage of suspensions is too high within our system from Google. Google says our percentage is too high, so that means that some of our users are kind of like influencing the outcome for other users, which we tried to kind of police it. And we try we remove the ability to edit in this type of thing. And I don’t know if it’s if it’s something that is that was really evaluated, but I know that almost every API provider, all of them went down the same day. Right. So Google did, just like they do with GMP’s, they kind of did like a mass sweep. So I don’t. But moving forward, I think what we’re going to be doing is. And I’m not I’m not committed to this yet, but this is kind of my plan of where I think we should take this is to teach you guys how to basically get your API code from Google and then each one of you will input that just like you do when you’re connecting to like Zapier, there’s an API connection, right? You’re going to plug that in, and that will be for managing all of your GPUs, right? And that way, there’s not a dependence and you’ll be responsible for kind of the healthiness of your own.

[00:17:49] And the onus will not be on us to try to police people, but instead on each one of you guys. So know we talked about this on our team call on Monday. It means that things are a little bit more complicated on your end, and we’re going to have to like, teach you guys how to step through this process. But I think that’s where the longevity is, right? So that seems to be the best idea I have now is is like, how can I protect my users from my users? And the way to do that, I think, is to kind of like separate all this out. So, you know, I’d love to hear you guys thoughts and feedback on this, but I can’t think of a better way to do it right now. So that seems like the direction to move. Ok, so any questions on that before you move on to the next section, you guys can just raise your hand real quick and we’ll I’d be happy to answer it on that. Don’t see anything. Go ahead.

[00:18:41] Sorry, they didn’t. I raised my hand literally, not figuratively.

[00:18:45] What’s up, man? How are you?

[00:18:46] I’m good. I’m good. Hey, good to see you. Yeah, great to see you. Glad you’re getting some roadwork done. If you get down into Florida, let me know. I’d love to catch up.

[00:18:55] I will be down there. We will hang out and I’m going to bring my my buddy Neal into the picture too. He’s been. He’s got some Florida requests.

[00:19:04] Perfect. So two things one, I love the idea that you’re talking about with the API key teaching us how to do it. Your system has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, we become very dependent upon it. And so to have it down is problematic as of course, you know. So I like the idea of if there’s a way of those of us who are managing it responsibly, not being penalized. That’s fantastic. Love the whole idea. Second question related to this, and I don’t know if it’s API related or not. We’ve got a client. It’s a pretty big client. We built a website for them, we built it and Wix and we put we generated form on it. They took a vacation and they stopped there. They’ve been running their Google ads themselves. When they got back from vacation during the time they were on vacation is when we put the lead generated form on there and when they came back and they started, they went to restart their ads. Google said there was malicious code on their website and we went through. We actually got hold of somebody on Google, did a chat and I sent you the form, the the. Transcript of the chat. It was all the lead generated stuff, the forms that they were identifying as malicious code. Is this a known issue?

[00:20:33] Yeah, it’s a known issue and I would love to know because what we’ve tried to do is every single place that you can grab that form. There’s a warning message with the checkbox that you have to check that says, I understand that this will cause an issue with Google ads if I put this and run Google ads. So if that was not seen somehow one, I would be surprised. I know that you have people on your team, but I’ve tried to protect it. And you know, prior to this GMB getting a forum that would work on without Google ads, classifying it on malicious software was one of our top priorities. Now we’ve kind of shifted to getting our GMB stuff realigned. But it’s it only affects Google ads. We’ve got the warning message. So like Dan, go to your team or whoever set this form up and ask them how they did it and replicate that and see if there’s not a checkbox because we we I’ve tried to enforce it every single place to prevent what just happened to you, happen to anyone.

[00:21:39] I think there’s a the problem is so I’ve got one person

[00:21:42] Who works in we generated they created the form. I’ve got another person who builds the websites and who put the form on it. So the two hands probably didn’t talk to each other. Ok? We don’t run Google ads for them. The client runs them themselves.

[00:21:56] So it was a multiple hands in the pot. But I’m glad that I know it now and I probably should have known that before, but I did it. So thanks for clarifying it. Yeah.

[00:22:10] So I’m really sorry that happened to you. I’ve tried my best to put up neon signs all over the place that say, you know, don’t don’t do this the way that you’re going to want to do it until we come. And I hired three different sets of teams for four people, and I’m going to give a little contest to whoever can solve this problem first with the forms because we’ve just like, I don’t want to be pulling my guys off of it and they’re spinning their wheels non-stop. So I’ve hired all these people. It’s created like fake Google ads accounts for them. Just test this and get this to work without it. So I’m really confident that there’s a way if you’re running WordPress, this won’t be an issue. This only happens on sites like Wix or Weebly or any of those other like sites where you have to put the script in because WordPress has a plug in, it’s fine. Additionally, it only affects Google ads. So we’ve we’ve got thousands of people, thousands of forms that are being used with people ranking their sites really well. So there’s no like blurry spot with this affecting like your rankings. It’s just with Google ads, and it’s just if you’re not using WordPress. So we’re

[00:23:21] Looking to migrate a lot of our sites to do to do, you know, if it’s an issue with Duda as well,

[00:23:25] It’s going to be the same same thing with Duda. Ok. Yeah, it’s going to be a script. I don’t know if we can. If Duda will allow us to build like something in there, their platform, then then we could probably get around it and I’d be one hundred percent willing to do that. My my plan is to make this software as extensible as possible and let it be so like platform independent. So back to your first point, Dan, with opening up the API. The reason that we have limited your guys ability to edit the GMB is for this very reason because there was like edits that were previously going through that could lead to a suspension or something like that. So with bringing back the API and kind of putting that on, you guys, we’re going to fully open everything that we can. So there will be you guys will have full ability to edit again. But it’s like if you are in there and you’re trying to manipulate the system and your API goes down, your API connection goes down because of whatever Google scrutiny. Then like, you can go and get a different one. It’s just it’s going to be on you. It’s not going to be on us to fix that for you guys, right? So as long as you guys are like playing by the rules, I think that a few bad apples have probably caused this problem for everybody else. And you know, I have beat my head against the wall trying to prevent this from happening, and it was heartbreaking to see it happen. And you know, this is my top priority is to get this back up. So I just want to clear that up for you guys.

[00:24:59] So do questions for that one. Is there anything we can be doing now to begin moving forward in that process? When you get something like that out to us?

[00:25:09] And then that’s the plan. Don’t do anything yet because I’m going to give you guys, I’m going to build a tutorial and give you guys very specific instructions on how to answer things so that you guys don’t run into any delays or have any issues. Ok, so. We’re on it. And for those of you guys that are new on this call or new to the new the software, I’m sure the group can attest that that, you know, get delivering you guys top value for this is so important to us, and that’s certainly the case for this. It’s it’s it’s painful to see that you guys don’t have part of what you signed up for now. And obviously we’re doing the calls and other things that hopefully that compensates for it. But we are all over trying to get this live as as soon as possible for you guys, right?

[00:25:56] Well, and just I won’t take up any more time, but just for any who are new on the call. One of the things that I really appreciate about you and your team is, I know that that’s true, and I knew that the minute I saw that it was down. I knew you and your team would be on it nonstop, so I don’t want to bug you about it. I appreciate it, Dan.. This issue with the Wix thing and somehow we missed it and obviously upsetting to our client. As soon as a client hears malicious code, they kind of freak out and go, What what have you done to my website? So I go, I’ll pass that out to our whole team so we won’t be in this spot again.

[00:26:30] Yeah, Dan, just explain it to them that it’s like it’s not malicious code. It’s it’s Google. Just right. You know, Google could have probably handled this with just like a pinprick, but instead they’re just got this huge hammer and they’re like, Is there something that’s sending something to another domain malicious code automatically, which is exactly what we want it to be sent to another domain. We want it to be sent to be generated, right? So. But yeah, so hopefully we’ll be able to solve that problem as well. Those are kind of like our our top two issues. So, Dan, I appreciate the kind words to thank you for that. It’s it’s nice to know that that’s that’s what we have, you know, that’s the impact or the the kind of reputation that we’re forming with our users that have been and I know you were one of our first users. So I appreciate that.

[00:27:16] And you again, I don’t want to go out of time, but you, your system has really helped us do two things that were critical to us. One, systematize things. It gave us a platform to be able to systemize, systematize things. And then it just provided, especially with the heat map. It provided a tool that just makes sales so much more of a slam dunk. And it’s really helped us expand to the next level in terms of taking our clients. You know, you’re talking about, it’s much easier to take one client up in price than to find a new one. It’s really helped us to do that. So I’m I’m a huge fan. Love you guys. Appreciate all that you do for us and. So thank you.

[00:27:58] Absolutely. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. It’s I look forward to meet you in person in Florida. Same here. All right. So I’ve got a couple of plans for you guys. I’m going to run through some. It looks like we got two hands up. We got we got my my buddies from northern Virginia and Maryland over there. My dinner, my dinner pals. Let’s go to Harry first.

[00:28:20] Just a quick question. What parts of lead generated does the the problem with the GMB API effect?

[00:28:34] It effects the GMB management module as well as. I guess I haven’t personally tested, and I haven’t heard any issues with the the the heat map. That’s their work. In fact, the rankings or anything like that. The question is when you go to my GMB through it, I think that’s still working. You also now have the ability to save a default location. And thirdly, it will affect the reputation management. But part of what I want to show you guys today is how you can deal. It doesn’t have to affect the reputation management. I’m going to show you a workaround until we get this fixed of how you can still send review requests through it by using a custom link, right? Instead of like going through the GMB. Some of you guys have said, Hey, with this down, I can’t send these reviews. I’m going to show you how you can work around that because we can still send the reviews. So it’s a minor effect on the reputation management. It’s just a slightly different way of doing things that I’m going to explain here in a minute. And then so it’s just mainly the GMB stuff. Just that one module. Good, thanks, you are welcome. How are you doing? How are you good? I am good.

[00:29:48] I’d be better if I had text messaging in reputation management.

[00:29:51] We’ve got that’s going to be part of what today’s call is about. So yeah, I’ve got some exciting stuff coming for you guys. So yeah, I’m going to go over that in just a few minutes, but let’s go over to my buddy Lou. Yeah, hey. Hey, Patrick, Harry and I had a good meal last week, man, so if you come back this way, we got a really cool double decker British bus plays in Marshall, Virginia, to show you. Ok, we’ll be we’ll be going back through there. But it may be like in the mid fall. It’s all good. This guy, this guy like retired at thirty seven with AOL money. Really interesting. Owner, chef guy. So awesome.

[00:30:31] Yeah, but what what I want to ask. So I was digging around.

[00:30:34] Lee generated today with the WordPress embed, and I saw it. It’s not compatible with Gutenberg, which, you

[00:30:42] Know, everyone in the WordPress thing is like Gutenberg’s the next, I don’t know, sliced bread. So is there. Does your team have any plans to like do that with Gutenberg? I honestly don’t even know what Gutenberg is, is that some kind of like page builder? Yeah, it’s supposed to be super fast.

[00:31:02] It’s like a block builder,

[00:31:05] Something like the guy I use. William Jones is there. They’re they’re moving from elementary to to Gutenberg. Yeah. So, OK, get my guy started on implementing that. We we it’s pretty easy for us to do an integration. It doesn’t take a lot of time and we have kind of like a dedicated developer for it. So I’ll get a I’ll get that started and make sure that we get that integration in there. That’s no big deal. Ok, cool. Appreciate it, man. Thank you. Yeah, you are welcome. Jeff, I’m trying to get pull up a screen and get ready for this little presentation here. Is there anyone else that’s that’s that has a question there. I can’t see the

[00:31:44] Stuff you’ve had mentioned, Dave Souers have mentioned. Is it better to use an iframe form versus HTML? I’m sure other people are thinking that what are what is your response?

[00:31:55] So we’ve tried both. Like we I don’t know if a guy, if you guys remember, we actually switched things over to an iframe and we had the initial round. I guess this is in before I go further. I guess this is in relation to the the Google ad suspension. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. So we’ve tried both and both of them have failed. So we’ve we’ve done actually, you guys may not. Have realized, but there’s been a lot of form changes that have happened trying to get around this. And it so far like we’re going to get to there, we’re going to get there. It’s just we haven’t found the solution yet. It’s just just like I tell you guys, right? There’s that glass door with someone drowning in the pool. I’m going to do every single thing I can think of to possibly get through to that other side of the glass door. So that’s the process we’re in right now. I don’t know how many different things we’ve tried, maybe 15 or 20, but I’m still confident we’re going to solve it. It’s just a question of when. All right. Any other questions there, Jeff?

[00:32:59] We’re good, we’re all caught up and ready to roll.

[00:33:02] Ok. That was faster than I wanted. Give me one second here, I’m trying to get logged into this account. Got this Gmail account here? Just give me just a second, guys. So one of the things I’m going to demo for you guys in just a second is the user role stuff I know that. I know that’s been a long time with people wanting wanting that, and that is going to be rolled out tomorrow. So. You’ll have the ability tomorrow when you guys log into your account, so I’m talking tomorrow, like, that’s going to be Thursday central time when you guys wake up. It should be in there. We just we were going to do it today, but the timing just didn’t work out with my schedule. So we’re going to be popping that thing in there and hopefully we will be able to make your guys a lot easier. Life’s a lot easier here. Just give me one second here. Jeff, give us another takeaway, why I try to get this thing set up.

[00:34:12] Well, I mean, I think the biggest takeaway that we’re learning as we grow is the concept, and I think Dave mentioned this a couple of weeks ago too, and we’ve heard it in a couple of other four places where we’ve been the who not whole concept that Dan Sullivan and strategic coach came up with. And it’s basically solving problems by finding your who and not trying to figure out how. So we had that epiphany with a panel that was on stage at the end on the last day of kind of the last panel was a some takeaways and case studies of people who had been in this group that we were that we were involved with as this mastermind and kind of like what their successes had been. And one guy in particular, we were kind of both Patrick and Patrick were sitting behind me. We weren’t necessarily looking at each other. But during his during the time that he was speaking, we were both looking him up on Facebook, like friending him like we need to get an audience with this guy. And so we took him out to eat that night and then had a couple of beers or whatever and spent the next, like six seven hours with him, kind of like picking his brain and making a great connection and realizing that we can’t take this specific issue on ourselves and become an expert.

[00:35:24] He already knows how to do it. Like, why would we try to do that ourselves, you know? And just realizing that from sort of like a bigger picture kind of macro level like that because it’s a big piece of a particular puzzle that we need to solve, but also on the micro level, just like Will said to be a, you know, as simple as that, hiring a VA like realizing what is not in your best interest to be pursuing yourself and spending your time on. We say it all the time, but it’s so empowering when you can start offloading some of that stuff to somebody else and just realize, like, why was I doing that in the first place? You know, you had to learn it, you had to go through your process. But certainly hiring people and managing people is not a skill set that I grew up around or like, learn much about and certainly didn’t learn in college. So I think that’s one of the most valuable skill sets you can have. And and and just just, you know, relearning that lesson, you know, different levels again from the higher to the lower levels.

[00:36:26] So, yeah. Also, yeah, one of the one other takeaway is some of you guys, this is probably obvious to you guys. And for me, it wasn’t. I’m trying to do a lot of different hats within our business, and one of them is trying to learn how to be like a CFO. I have a degree in accounting, so maybe that should come natural to me, but it doesn’t. And I was talking to a guy there and he hires a fractional CFO, right? He pays them like four hundred bucks a month. And this person comes in and the, you know, it can be more if if he needs more of their hours. And I think it was more up front and now they’re in like management mode. But to be able to have somebody with like extreme expertise, come in here and look at your books and systems. And this is more about being an entrepreneur and a business owner than, like, how are we going to rank our website? So the people that are at this mastermind, they’re not like we were probably one of two lead generators in this, this whole group and everyone else is running these different business models. But for me, that was that was really cool to realize that, hey, I can have access to this without having to pay someone like ten thousand a month, right? I can have kind of like an insight because I don’t need them 40 hours a week in my businesses, right? I’m not.

[00:37:41] I’m not running like, you know, Nike, right? I’m running this like relatively small small business, right? So these fractional people exist in all these different professions, too. So you guys, you have to solve these problems and sometimes you’re going to have to spend money to do it, and I’m certainly willing to do it. Some of these, some of these multipliers on what you’re going to spend is just through the roof like for me what I believe with this fractional CFO person. So just want to put that in your ear, too, if anybody resonates with that? Ok, so I’ve got logged in. And is there somebody on this call? I know there’s a way to do it. It’s just been a while since I’ve done it. If somebody could speak up, if they’re on this call within Google my business, there’s a way to get your review link right to someone know how to do that. Yeah, I’m.

[00:38:36] Yeah. Ok. Info, click on info, and then

[00:38:40] In that share my screen, I’m going to share my screen because I want everyone to see this. Give me one second. All right. I’m on this laptop and the controls are all in different spots. Share screen. Ok. All right. Ok, cool. All right, you guys can see my screen, right? George, can you see it? Yeah. Ok, so I’m logged in and I’m going to go over here to Enzo, right? Yeah. Ok. All right. And then where do I go from here? Share your business profile. Yeah. Ok, so this will not take you right to the review spot, though, right, it will just take you to the profile

[00:39:29] That’ll open it, that’ll open it up directly to that page. I think it might be down. It might be down lower. That’s usually what I. That’s usually what I give out to leave a review, but there is one if you I think if you go down lower in the info section, it’s the back to the other.

[00:39:54] All back inside this panel.

[00:39:55] Yeah, I think it’s I think if you go down lower, they have a place to

[00:40:00] Is it in the reviews area? I know there’s a link in here that pretty sure it’s on the info page,

[00:40:07] That page, it’s on page you are on, it’s on the other side, lower down on the screen, right under what is showing.

[00:40:14] Ok, so just keep going down here to you. Oh, shoot.

[00:40:17] Maybe it’s on the home page. Ok, on the. Scroll down.

[00:40:25] There you go. Share review form, right? Yeah, there you go. Ok, all right. So this is the part where I was talking with Harry, where Harry was asking how like what ones it’s affecting. So for those of you guys that are sending out review requests and our GMB thing is messed up right now. This is the workaround. So what you can do is you can come in here and you can copy this address, right? So what it ended up being is we go to home and then we scroll down on the right side and there’s this button that says, Get more reviews. Share review form. Ok. So what I need to do is I’m going to copy that and I’m going to go back over here and I will put together a training for you guys. But I’m going to go over into B generated and I’m going to go to my funnel. Ok. So the way we can do this to work around, you guys shouldn’t have very much at all functionality lost by this GMB because of this workaround. So we can go in here to review sites and I can choose out of site. So I’m just going to switch this over real quick and make sure this is a company level setting right? Our review funnel. Ok, so I’ve got Shivs Bear removal, which is the GMB that I was just logged into, right? And if I try to let me just double check this, I’m going to go to my review funnel so that I can preview this.

[00:41:46] And what I’ve been told is that this is broken. So if I come here and I click on five stars and go to Google. So maybe it’s still working if it was already in there, but for those of you that are trying to add a new one. Maybe I can test that real quick here. So if I go here and I’m going to remove this review site. And add it back because I’ve heard from several people that this is not pulling through because of the GMB is not being found right, so I’m going to choose Google again and then I’ll select a site Bob’s bear removal ad review sites. Try this again. I think I can just refresh this, actually. Ok, so maybe maybe it’s the fact that we can’t add bees, so that must be what’s going on. So in any of that, I’m going to show you how you can do it. Ok, so I’m going to go back over here and I’m going to remove Google here because let’s say I can’t add a GMB because the API is down, right? So I’ll go here.

[00:42:56] So what am I going to do? So what you can do is you can go here and you can choose out of sight, and this can be applied not only for Google, but for any site that you would want to review. Personally, I feel very strongly that the Google reviews are the most important. Those are going to impact our ranking within GMB, right? So what you can do is you can choose the custom option. And from here, I could upload an image so I could choose the Google icon and then I could paste this in here as the link, right? So I will choose add, I’m not sure if it’s going to require that image. I think it is. I don’t really like how it handled that. So let me do custom again, and I’ll just take you guys through the steps so that you guys can do this. So I’m just going to do Google icon, and I will just download a Google icon, right? I don’t think Google is going to have a problem with this. So we’ll just use this one. This image does everybody fall in what I’m trying to accomplish here? But on one second, guys, sorry. Is everybody following what we’re trying to do here?

[00:44:08] I’m getting thumbs up, I see some. Okay, cool, cool.

[00:44:12] I’m just going to put this here. We’ll call this. Um.

[00:44:21] In photos with there’s OK.

[00:44:26] Come on. Ok. All right, so now when I go here, what I can do. So so basically what this is going to allow you to do is you can really add any site you want. So if you have a client that for whatever reason, so that’s the that’s the one that I copied. Ok, if you have a client for whatever reason wants to get reviews on other sites, then that’s that’s no problem at all. Ok, so let’s go to pictures and then I’ve got this Google icon here. Ok, so now I’ve got my Google icon and I’m going to add my custom website, so my review site is added. So I’ve got that one now. See how that did that. So when I go to do this review funnel. Let me just refresh this. You shouldn’t have to reload it or relaunch it and just refresh it if you make any changes. So if I click on five, there’s my Google icon that I added and it’s going to go to that link that I just put in. Eventually. There we go. Ok, perfect, so. So that’s the workaround on how that can work. So if you’re trying to add a new GMB in, our system won’t let you. And you want to load some up, this is what you can do right here. Ok, before we go on to the next topic, is there any anyone that has a question at all about this, Jeff? Can you help manage that for me?

[00:45:49] Yeah, for sure. I asked on Facebook and people who responded said they’re tracking anybody over here on Zoom. Questions.

[00:46:01] All right. We have only a few minutes left, so I want to make sure that we get into what is coming now, so that should take care of that. And, you know, we’ll definitely have some new updates as soon as we possibly can with the GMB issues. Ok, so I want to show you guys the update that’s going to come out tomorrow. So if you go to Settings and users, so this is not in your account, this is in our kind of like development server. You’ll notice that we’re going to have an option down here that says user roles. Ok, so the way this is going to work is you’re going to have the ability. Tomorrow, we’re going to move this stuff. We’ve been testing this stuff for a long time. So if I go here and I create a new role, so maybe I want this one to be like lead management, so I only want my client to have. There we go. Ok. Oops! I have made several of these already, I guess. Or maybe I just clicked it multiple times. Guess we should take a look at that before we launch it. All right, so let’s edit one of these now. Oops. Let’s view one of these now that we’ve created it, so this is what you guys are going to be able to do. All right. So the user roles, I’ve named it this and you can see that everything is turned off by default. So that’s how we’re going to have it set up so you guys can decide what you want to turn on and off. So I’m going to turn on lead management, and once I do that, it’s going to bring in all these other options here.

[00:47:32] Right. So each one of these is going to kind of correspond since we’re in the lead management module, it’s going to correspond to something over here within this module here, right? So we have leads, which is going to be all leads and export leads so you can show the leads, the leads module. So let me just open this up so you can kind o know. It’s not what I wanted to happen. All right. Give me one second here. Trying to open this in a new tab. All right, cool. So we have the all leads area here, and you’ll you’ll notice that there is a export option within this, right, so you can export. So you can turn that off with that switch right there, right? So that’s what that is and all calls we have over here on this side, we have the all calls area, so you can shut that off wherever that is. It’s weird, it’s not showing in my demo account, but I know that it is only generated so you’ll be able to shut that off. So that’s kind of how that’s working there so you can add in whatever you want, right? And it’s the same for reputation management. We’ve got a bunch of different pieces here. And then we’ve got the heat map, the heat map. Right now, due diligence in GMP management are just on off switches, so you can decide whether that whole module and it’s the same for these, so you can decide whether that whole module is visible or not. I had this goal of trying to get updates to you guys more often and then instead of like having everything built out to a tee, let’s give you guys the functionality.

[00:49:11] So now you can decide if you want your clients to have access to these or whatever users are, you’re assigning to within your agency can have access to those. Ok, so this should give you a lot of flexibility. And then you’ll notice each week we’re going to keep building onto this. It’s going to be more and more permissions so that you can really fine tune this. So once you create your user roles so you can do that once again, that’s going to be inside settings and then users and then user roles. And what you do after you create this is you can assign it to a user. So I’m not sure if I have users in. Ok, so we’ve got John Smith here. So let’s look at this guy here. And if I edit this user, you’ll see that I have these different user roles, right? So there’s some that are going to be in here by default. But you can see I created these different lead management ones a few minutes ago. So these admin client managers are always going to be there. But then these are the other ones that you’ve created. So you create it and then you can assign it. And now you’ve got this kind of ability to have a lot more control over what people have access to. So this will be live in your accounts tomorrow. Ok, cool. Any questions about this guy’s? The good are you guys liking this?

[00:50:33] Sia has a question. Go ahead, Tia.

[00:50:37] So I have a client and I have a person who is giving me leads that I’m giving to the client and I don’t want the client or the person giving me leads to have access to each other, but I want the leads to go directly from one client to the other without me having to middleman it. Is that something that this can do?

[00:51:05] Yes, so. I’m going to need to think about that like the best way to structure that for you. So let me just make sure I understand the scenario. So you want to give access to both of these people of what they’ve sent to you, as well as what you’ve sent to this other person, right?

[00:51:26] Yes. Ok, so well, I want like I want the person who’s sending the lees, I want those leads to go directly. Yeah, I do. I want the leads to go directly to that person. And then that person who’s sending the leads wants confirmation from the person who receives the leads that he’s tending to them. And I just, yeah, I don’t want to get in the middle of that. But I also like, I don’t want my one person to have access to my other person.

[00:51:53] Yeah, you don’t want to get cut out of being the middleman. Yeah, I got you. Give me a little bit of time to you to think about that, and I’ll respond to you personally and let you know what I think the best way to set that up is that’s I’ve never had someone ask that question. I completely understand it now. I just need some time to think through it. Ok?

[00:52:12] Yeah. Thank you so much. I super appreciate it.

[00:52:14] Yeah, absolutely. It’s a good one. You have to be able to do that. Well, all right, so we got no more questions on that, right, right? Well, let’s this this is what’s coming next. So we’ve already we’re already kind of like through the development in our in our system. So campaigns, OK, so campaigns are let’s just kind of jump into this. If you guys have used Zapier before, then you’ll kind of understand what’s going on here. All right. So we’ve demoed this before when we were like, Hey, we’re going to start building this now we’re getting close to we’re going to start launching this really soon. So the way this is going to work is you can set up. Let me do a new one, actually. We’ll start from scratch. Ok, so a campaign. So I’m going to create a campaign and you can use these for a lot of different things. Ok, so let’s say I want to set up a trigger. Ok, so a trigger would be some of that happens, OK, and I am on my hot spot while streaming video and I think my internet is running a little bit slow. Why is that not starting? Hello. Ok, I’ve got some kind of internet issue going on here. Let me go back to using an existing one. So essentially, you’ll be able to build out your your own workflow of things. Ok, so. Yeah, my internet is just running really slow here. Ok, so basically you can choose between like a phone call or a form submission, and then you can apply conditions to it.

[00:53:57] So, for instance, the conditions could be the company, so it could be hey, if the company is equal to and then the company name or if the company you can see, we’ve got a lot of different options here as well. I’m going to go through this pretty quick because I’ve got to wrap this call up. We’ve also got the ability to use a name so you can say, Hey, if the name contains this, you could say phone number. Here’s a good one that I think you guys are going to like a zip code. So you could say if the ZIP code contains this or is equal to this, and this accepts comma separated value. So if you wanted to like we have zip code here, right? You wanted to load in 10 different zip codes and say, Hey, if the lead comes in, it’s a form submission and it’s one of these zip codes, then automatically do this. And then the next step is, if not, then do this. So this is our texting system that we’ve put into place. This will be used for our reputation management as well as potentially lead delivery. And then as we expand the system to kind of move it into a lot of other possibilities, right? It could be that if the phone call is classified as a missed phone call, then automatically send a text message to the caller from the client so you can build this out.

[00:55:09] All these are variables, so I can essentially like drag this over so we have our predefined fields here. We have our company, so it could be the client name if you want the client name each time. I can drag that over and whatever client is associated with that company for the lead, it will plug their name in there. And then you also have your custom fields so you can choose from your different custom fields. This is a button right here. So this included link. So this is kind of what we’re using for reputation management, and you can choose whether it’s a link to the review, funnel the lead details, or you could put in your own custom link. So we’ll be making some. Like some fields, some user created link fields that you can use, right? So if you want to include a link to something that that we can’t really categorize, so we’ve got this. You have the option to send an SMS connect to zap your email, update a field status. So if you choose, I don’t know why what I’ve done wrong to not do this, but we could update a field status and then as we go through and we release our pipeline system here, which is about to come out as well, then you could also be moving things in and out of the pipeline.

[00:56:15] So a lot of big stuff, but we’re starting off with the user roles. You guys can check that out tomorrow. Like I said, I’m on a really tight time schedule right now, so I have to hop off this call and we have to get to where we’re going. Bye bye. Nine. So I wish I could spend more time with you guys. I hope you guys like these updates. I appreciate your guys support and understanding with what we’re dealing with with the GMB, and I guess we’ll see you guys and their group. And if there’s anything else, anything else you need, just just post the message there and I will reach out to you. I’m excited to get these new features to you guys. We have a lot of stuff that’s been kind of queued up for a long time, so we’re going to be releasing this stuff much, much faster now. So, all right, you guys have a great week. Like I said earlier, let’s do the things that are necessary to create the wins, like if you want to get to the 10K month, like Devon, it’s a collection of small steps. So this next seven days is your opportunity to do some of those small steps and move you in that direction. You guys have a great week and we’ll be with you soon. Thanks a lot. Take care, travel safe. Appreciate it, Harry. Thank you. Bye, everybody.