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      Hotfrog Business Listing Directory

      Add Your Business to Hotfrog

      Is your business data is up-to-date on Hotfrog?

      Why Choose Hotfrog?

      Are you ready to elevate your business? Look no further than Hotfrog, the innovative listing directory designed to boost your brand visibility and drive tangible results. With its unique features and customer-centric approach, Hotfrog is the game-changer businesses have been waiting for. Sign up for Direction Local and automatically get listed on Hotfrog today to increase your local rankings and boost your bottom line.

      Robust Business Profiles: Hotfrog allows you to create comprehensive, visually appealing, and informative business profiles. Showcase your products or services, upload eye-catching images, include contact information, and share your website link—all in one place.

      Powerful Search Capabilities: Hotfrog’s advanced search algorithm enables potential customers to find your business quickly and efficiently. Your product listing will be easily discoverable by thousands of users searching for relevant offerings.

      Categorical Listings: With Hotfrog, your business is placed in the appropriate category, ensuring that your target audience can find you with ease. This categorical structure drives targeted traffic to your listing and increases your chances of conversion.

      Customizable Keywords and Tags: Optimize your listing with customizable keywords and tags, making it even easier for customers to find your business. This feature also enhances your SEO efforts, giving you a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry.

      Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Hotfrog allows customers to leave reviews and testimonials, providing social proof and credibility for your business. These honest evaluations help build trust and foster long-lasting relationships with your clients.

      Automated Syncing

      Centralized Management

      Optimized Listings

      And Much More!

      Benefits of a Hotfrog Listing

      Leverage the power of Direction Local to establish a strong online presence on Hotfrog. Our cutting-edge software empowers you to effortlessly update your business information, amplifying your visibility and enhancing your local SEO. Witness a surge in customer engagement by attracting more potential business prospects today!

      Take your business to new heights with Hotfrog and Direction Local. Sign up now and start reaping the benefits of increased visibility, targeted traffic, and enhanced credibility.

      Get Listed in 75+ Popular Directories

      Simplified Business Automation

      Consolidate your Tools In One Place to save Time & Money.

      Questions Asked

      Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions

      The cost varies based on the number of locations you manage. Please reach out to our support team for a personalized quote. Our representatives will assist you in setting everything up at no charge. You can schedule a call with one of our LeadSnap specialists who will guide you through the process to get you up and running swiftly.

      Certainly! Our system offers extensive modularity, allowing you to select and pay for specific components based on your preferences. Whether you require GBP management and heatmaps, the complete CRM package, citation management only, or solely the phone functionality, you can customize your selection to suit your needs precisely.

      To begin, simply click the "Start for Free" button located in the menu. This will initiate your 7-day complimentary trial period. Concurrently, we encourage you to schedule your onboarding call with one of our LeadSnap specialists at This will expedite your familiarization with our platform.