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[00:00:00] That’s awesome. Who else have some wins, has some wins. Neal, he’s always good for a win. What do you got? I can’t hear you. But where do you go, Bill? All right. Who else is good for a win? Devin’s always good for a win, where’s Devon?

[00:00:26] Right here, I wouldn’t just I mean, I so I took a little hiatus, I just got back from like a little over a week long road trip drop down visit.

[00:00:36] Oh, that’s right. Yeah, OK, I saw you. Yeah, I liked a couple of your photos on Facebook or something like that.

[00:00:41] Yeah, yeah. So I’ve just been out. So I mean, really, the wind’s, you know, I’m not at the point right now where I’m looking to give the guy that’s closing a deal every single day. And so really, it’s like I told it got on a bunch of wins. Right now, it’s just about figuring out fulfillment, figuring out just just how, like, literally literally what Lou was just talking about, where it’s like, how can I make this more passive? How can I not be so fragile with it, depending on me? So right before I left, I got connected with a just a more a better website builder in the sense of what their process was in terms of the product they can produce for me, which is helping big time right now, reorganizing my schedule to create some forms of consistency for me, which I’ve seen with my productivity and just really trying to take a step back now because now I have a bunch of new clients. So it’s like, how can I improve the onboarding process? Literally? Earlier today, I have my biggest SEO plan for fifteen hundred a month, and it’s the relationship. It seems like more so and more so it’s fracturing. So I gave them an ultimatum about like, you know, how I’m trying to make this passive. So either I’m going to take this hit of losing fifteen hundred a month and I get the relief of not having to deal with that client or we work into a better relationship. So like win wise, it’s like it’s not a dollar amount this week, but just some of the finer points, I guess, of the process I’ve been working on since coming back.

[00:02:12] Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah. And I would say being able to take a vacation and like kind of tour around the way you were, I mean, that’s digital nomad lifestyle, right?

[00:02:21] Yeah, it was. I love that it helps scratch that itch, you know, just being able to get out and actually do what I signed up 18 months ago to actually actually do it. Yeah, for sure.

[00:02:33] So awesome, man. Congratulations on all that. Keep dialing it in and just keep growing.

[00:02:40] Some land right now. Right on anybody else. Looks like, Neal, how to

[00:02:47] Win your back? There he is.

[00:02:50] His his waving of his hand has gotten more and more violent. What’s up, brother? How are you doing? How’s it going down there in Florida?

[00:03:00] It’s going good. You know, it’s weird because this past week I had kind of a bitter win in the in the when people like blown me off that I’m sending leads and we kind of we have a verbal agreement, right? So I go back to this guy and I go. How are you doing? What have you sold? He goes, Well, I’m only going to give you one. We said 10 percent start, right? And he says, Oh no, no, I’m going to do one hundred dollars for a job that we get. And I’m like, what? I just, you know, want instead of blowing up the guy, I’m like, I got to move on, but I want to get money out of this guy because I spent time with him. So I hounded him and he sent me 300 bucks. So, I mean, 300 bucks that I wouldn’t have got if I didn’t have anybody that blows me off and does stuff I want to get something from. I got another guy I’m working on. He’s I think he’s going to throw me a file.

[00:04:02] It’s all about the game. Yeah, I mean, late in the game on.

[00:04:07] I mean, look, I spent money. I mean, time on this. And if you know, we agreed to something and now you’re not honoring. Come on. I mean, I was honest with you. Let’s, you know, let’s leave this on a good note, right? So that was that. And so that was kind of it was a win. I got some money out of a guy that dumped the kind of switched up around me, and I got a much better client. The next day, I got on the phone, I got I got a bigger company and much more professional and but I had. Here’s another thing I don’t know if it’s a win, and I’ve kind of I have a question for you guys. The had a guy call me, you know, you get these spam calls all the time. And this is this is for a business on partners with someone else and k stucco. I wouldn’t get into stuck in Las Vegas. Right. And that’s been a night. But this guy calls and he’s trying to sell me stucco products, right? And I told him, Yeah, I don’t. I just do lead gen. But and I was kind of short with him because I had a lot of stuff going on that day. He called me back right after we left me a message I didn’t. And he says, I do lead Gen two, and so I called him back and he gets with manufacturers and does lead Gen four manufacturers to sell their products to the contractors. They started mentioning soft dollars. I wasn’t familiar with this stuff. Are you guys familiar with soft dollars from the manufacturer? He said it pays huge.

[00:05:52] I don’t know that terminology. No, but we’ve kind of dabbled. We have one one really good client in that world, and I’ve got another one teeing up now on trial and we’re starting to go that direction. Now that the mindset is there, it’s like we’re kind of trying to be creative and find those those opportunities or solutions when, when, when possible.

[00:06:13] I mean,

[00:06:15] Sorry, Neil, I mean, to cut you off. One of the things that that works really well for us. This Spurs who have come on board is I reached out to a manufacturer and I said, Look, you guys need more. You got when your clients, when you’re contractors are getting more business than they’re buying more materials and we have a hard time finding the contractors. We can bring leads to the contractors all day long, so it sounds, am I cutting in?

[00:06:49] I guess I got to mute. I muted.

[00:06:52] Ok, so if we can like it sounds like there’s a win win win here and they’re pretty hesitant. But I said, why don’t we do this? Give me three of your contractors and let’s. To anything, let’s just try it for free, right, and see what happens. So they agreed to it and we blew it out of the water and then they sent us 20 clients to that probably accounts for thirty thousand of our monthly revenue right now of these clients from this manufacturer. So what ended up happening next was we had a lot of other clients in this niche and. They said, look, we we need you to be exclusive with us where you can only work with the people like only work with contractors that are with us, they kind of got greedy. And I was like, No, we’re not going to do that. I’ve got relationships with these people prior to the people that you sent us. So. It cut ties with them, but we didn’t. We lost one client of that original batch that they sent over, and so we still have it. I mean, it’s a big chunk of our monthly revenue that comes in from this, and it was through that pathway that you’re kind of poking right now. So I would encourage you and I would encourage everyone else to seek this. I’ve talked about this. So there was a video in J-K group where it’s like, I can’t remember what they called the series, but it was kind of like prospecting or something. And that was that was my method was to go to the manufacturer. And now we’ve got another the client. That is 12000 a month. That one is that relationship right there. Right. It’s a great way to cut through the fat, you’re going to have to sell them the leads that may be a cheaper price than you would sell the other people. But when you’re dealing with one client rather than like, I don’t know how many we would have like 10 eight for what we’re

[00:08:54] Sending this way, at least, at least in that management, it would be like, like Devin was talking about getting some process and kind of like making it more passive. I mean, I mean, we’re not we’re definitely not passive agency, but I mean, that cuts out a lot of back and forth. If you cut out, if you one client equals 10 or eight or whatever you know and can continue to gobble things up, it’s just a match made in heaven.

[00:09:23] Yeah. And we added to that. Here’s a win for our agency. When we were, we’re we’re probably on Friday, we’re probably going to close them for a thirty five thousand website built right. So they have an e-commerce site. They’ve got like five thousand products. They want to go nationwide. So it is not what I would encourage you guys to do is to try to build sites like this. We’re taking it on because for two reasons like one, we have a really solid team that I’m just really confident in our ability to perform on this and. You’re not used to that world, that would be a big challenge, too. We’re doing it because. And I want to continue to build this relationship, he flat out told us I would love to pay you guys one hundred thousand dollars a month. So we want to get to that spot and like there’s going to be an SEO component that’s attached after we build the site. So it’s it’s. You know, when you when you have a relationship like this, that’s more than just like a strict one one market, then it can grow into so much bigger. And it’s good to kind of. And build that foundation we start out with, like, let’s let’s get some leads coming in and let’s find a client, and maybe it’s this guy started out at fifteen hundred dollars a month. I gave him a trial, I think, for a month or something like that. This was a couple of years ago. But you want to be. You don’t want to build your agency to one hundred thousand a month with like, you know, sixty five clients paying you fifteen hundred dollars a month or something, right? Or a hundred clients paying you a thousand dollars a month.

[00:11:02] But that’s not how I would recommend doing it. That’s a lot to manage. So how are you going to do that? You start moving these people up. I’ve encouraged you guys. Let’s go after more sites and sit and surround them. Blanket dominate the city. This is how you grow these clients instead of having to find. My clients to get to six thousand five hundred dollars a month, you get one client at six thousand a month and like it’s the management of one client essentially, right, that’s I don’t. It may be because there’s more markets, but it certainly doesn’t go up six times, right or four times or whatever. Like we, I know that Jeff talks to Heath. They’re pretty regularly the $12000 one, but it’s. It’s like we have other clients that are paying us less that tax us more where it’s just, yeah. Can you change the color on the logo on this site for the third time and like, we want this, but not this. It’s just like. I like. People in the group where it’s like you try to pitch. Stuff and they’re going to ask you questions. You punch someone for ten thousand. If you’re stuff lines up and it’s solid, they’re like, here, here’s here’s my credit card go, right? So. Just the things that when you start to move up. Right?

[00:12:28] So we’ve also built the relationship with this client where they are completely aligned with us, how they approach business. We’ve really gotten into their business and offered as many solutions as we could possibly muster for them. And then through that process, just seeing how they run their business, their very growth oriented, they’re very aggressive about that. They have a good plan. They have all of the components in place where we can both continue to grow together and we caught them. I mean, Patrick had him as a client right before I got on and then I helped move him up. But just to grow from where he was again, it started out as a trial client, like any other. And now he’s at 12 k a month and and he wants to pay us six figures a month. And it’s like, and he’s just completely aligned in so many ways, and he’s like a cowboy type, you know, and he’s a real character and just Harley’s around and stuff. So he’s a fun client to have. He’s a wild man in the mud. Yeah, yeah.

[00:13:38] Ok, let’s I know Brian. Brian Brown has had his hand up for a minute. Yes, he has. What’s up, man? Let’s ask him. How are you doing, man?

[00:13:47] I’m doing all right, man. How’s it going?

[00:13:50] Good. Good I am. We moved. We made a move. We’re up in northern Maine and I was a little concerned with my my internet. So we we moved over so we weren’t completely out in the sticks. And then I, I. Apparently, there’s dogs getting killed right next to me right now. But when you moved over into this, this area with a really solid internet connection and it was awesome until apparently one. But it’s all started, but in front of our RV right now is the ocean like it’s maybe 50 to hundred yards. And then over here we got a heated swimming pool and there’s there’s like a lot of really what looked to be like a lot of rigs is what we call it, apparently that are surrounding us a lot like the guy. The guy next to me is just retired from like a Wells Fargo high level IT security. And so it’s it’s been a it’s been a fun adventure for us. That was probably a longer answer than than you were. You were asking for. But I figure to give you, you know, you guys are. Questions here and there. Where are you at, Bryan?

[00:15:09] Well, I was over in Miramar Beach, Florida, but I’m back at home now. I came back two days ago, but now I’m back in Conchita, Louisiana. But I I I secured a win today. Actually, he just said of her payment. 12:50 up front as you build out. I’m basically going to take his website. His job is totally I mean, we’re going to have to probably just scrap the GMB because it’s not even in a good area. But 12:50 up front with a thousand. Yeah, this is going

[00:15:48] To be a good call for you. This is going to be a good call for you because one of the things we’re going to talk about today is some GMB best practices. So, yeah, I think that’ll be good for you. And I would encourage you to reach out to some of the people that are near you because you have a you have a few powerhouses that are right in your area where you are now at home. I don’t know if you know Amy Ball and then Jarrett Miller and Kyle Goldstein are all all, I think within an hour of you. I don’t know if you know any of them, but

[00:16:17] Yeah, I’ve definitely heard the names for sure. Oh, actually, it’s kind of funny. I got to talk to me,

[00:16:24] Ok, tell me after the call. And I’ll. But you guys have group chat and see if you guys can can meet in person because there’s some good people there for you to know.

[00:16:32] Ok, awesome. I it’s funny because I actually got this client from a trial that didn’t work. I had a trial for a different, totally different service and area. And apparently that guy was in a bar talking to this new client and gave him my number because he was like, this guy could blow it out of the water. But and it never ended up working out with the other client because he was dealing with some personal things. But it was funny. I just got a text one day and he was like, Yeah, dude at the bar gave me your number. So anyway, as we we started talking, I sent over a proposal. You loved it. So we’re going to be moving forward, but I’m going to take this win money and invest in a webcam.

[00:17:18] Huh. There you go. There you go. They’ve never been cheaper. Yeah, right. Maybe they’re more expensive now with the everything’s more expensive now, but yeah. Yeah, that’s awesome, man. Congrats. How many clients do you have, Brian?

[00:17:32] This will be my fifth.

[00:17:33] Ok. Ok, cool. You’re you’re kind of in that process of moving from a small to midsize agency kind of relative to the the the group, right? So that’s cool. Congrats. Thank you. Awesome. All right. Do we got any more wins? Nope, we got you, Gene, with.

[00:17:57] And what’s going on, guys? Yeah, we had a pretty good win today, we were we had one of our one of our lead jams was like starting to starting to get some leads, like maybe like 30 to 40 per month. We knew this guy personally, who is an amazing carpenter. He worked on some like, you know, like mansions and stuff. And but he’s transitioning out of his full time job and wanting to start his own thing now. But, you know, he doesn’t really have a good sales process in place, so we didn’t know if it was going to work out. But he proactively we started sending him leads and he proactively just gave us like 700 bucks out of blue. And so we were just we’re stoked on that. And so we’re going to try to kind of help them along and, you know, put a sales process together for him so he can start taking this volume and kind of transitioning out so. So yeah, we didn’t think it was going to work out with him. But but you know, you never know, you got to give him a chance, you know?

[00:18:56] So, yeah, yeah, I mean, you get somebody that’s really good at their craft and you can kind of handle the business side of things for them. Now you’ll get him on the map. It can be a match made in heaven. Assuming they have a couple other pieces in place in the right places. But you know, I’ve done that a few times where I just like, see something great in someone and I’m like. I work extra hard to try to make this person my client because. You know, it’s this person’s got a bright future. And that’s one thing that Jeff’s been really good at is he’s kind of finding some of these young guys and seeing what they want and what their vision is. And then when we get matched up with somebody like that, it’s I mean, it’s just it’s just perfect, right? But having a master craftsman like that is, you know, that’s great because, you know, the people that you send to them are going to be taken care of and they’re going to be happy and they’re going to want to leave reviews, which is going to make it easier to rank your GMB and you don’t have to give it any nonsense around that. So that’s that’s cool, man. Congrats. It looks like you get your haircut, man. I feel like it used to be longer. Do you have a ponytail before?

[00:20:07] Yeah, yeah. I cut the Steven Seagal ponytail. You know, I’m trying to update to modern times. So here

[00:20:13] I am. Yeah. Do you hang that thing on the wall? I know actually I

[00:20:17] Donated it, so, you know, let it go to a good, better purpose than just making me beautiful, you know? So, yeah, yeah.

[00:20:24] Jeff still has this Steven Seagal ponytail over there.

[00:20:27] Yeah, I’m growing my longer, man. I’m going old school.

[00:20:32] I like it. I’m pro to.

[00:20:35] Awesome. Awesome. All right. So I want to get into some like a less. This. And let’s talk about best practices, because hey.

[00:20:45] Hey, Patrick Roy, before you get started, do you want to go speaker view on Facebook?

[00:20:50] Sure. Yeah, let’s do that. Ok, cool. Are we good now? I lost I lost audio there, Jeff, can you still hear me?

[00:21:02] You got to catch up the feeds. It’s not it’s not there yet. Still, Gallery.

[00:21:09] Ok. All right.

[00:21:13] It should be good. Let me be generous. So much your end. One second. Nothing broke, right, we’re still good. Mm hmm. Ok, Jeff, I gave you the host privileges when when the thing was dropping, so you actually have to like allow my screen sharing now. Oh my God. Or make me co-host.

[00:21:41] All right. I do that.

[00:21:47] So one of the things I want to do here is I want I want to kind of do like a little, I’m going to try something a little different here. What we do almost like a little speed round where I know that a lot of you guys are struggling with grab stuff based on the responses that we saw and the little poll that we posted. So I’ve got my suspicions on where those are. And, you know, we’re going to be kind of preparing a couple of little mini courses that that help out with some of the different parts and pieces we’ve all been. We’ve seen, you know, some of us have taken. Just that I’ve done, maybe we take for granted that I think would be awesome for you guys to, I think you guys, I think you guys could benefit from it. So Jeff, am I frozen? I feel frozen.

[00:22:41] You’re not frozen, OK?

[00:22:44] I think I’m just going to kill my my video for a minute.

[00:22:47] Sure. How to give you permission to share. It’s asking me to share

[00:22:52] If you want to, if you just open up the participants and then click and make me co-host, I think that will do it.

[00:22:59] Gotcha. Hang on one second. More there we go. Oh, no. There we go.

[00:23:11] Ok. You are now co-host, OK, cool. All right, I’m going to share my screen. First, let’s talk about Lee generated with an update. I put it into the group. If you guys didn’t see the the call, I think it was last week where we talked about the pipelines in the task. So we have this in place now. You may want to check that out. This can be great for kind of managing your workflow. What we will be doing soon is allowing these pipelines to be kind of created for your clients so we can help our clients become better at what they do. A lot of us in the contractor space are their clients are not, are not organized. So we’re really, you know, we started out as this tool that was really geared towards like the lead generation business, and now we’re adding in some kind of more CRM functionality into it. So that’s the pipeline system. If you click on this and you can kind of see all the details of a deal. There’s a lot of relationships that are happening between companies. We’ve got a tagging system here. You can set up tasks. Tasks are kind of like a reminder system. A few weeks ago, we pushed out the we pushed out the the contact module. So the contacts module, we’re going to continue to build on that and then they can have notes. So if we look at the task area here, the task can go up here, we can create a new task and then we can set up a reminder if we want to set up a reminder by email and in-app notification, which is kind of like this little Facebook bell up here.

[00:24:41] So we’re going to be allowing in kind of putting the permissions in place for you to assign pipelines to your clients so that they can manage that on their own or even give them the ability to create their own pipelines. So that was that was an update that we rolled out about two weeks ago. Ok, so the next thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is we did another update, and I know we reached out to pretty much everyone that we believe had heat map schedules in place. So our update we couldn’t find a way to. We couldn’t we couldn’t find a way to really not break the schedule with what we had break the existing schedule with what this update put out there. So this is how it works now. It’s very similar to how it was before. If you guys are not using this, I would encourage you to check this out. So before it was limited to, you can set it up to run like every, so every so many weeks or every so many months. And now we’ve given you a lot more control where you can set the frequency. You’ve got days, weeks and months and then you can basically type in whatever number up to 30 that you want. So if you want this to run like every one months, then it will run and you’re going to say, start now. So that means if today is the 11th, then it’s going to run this heat map that you choose on, like September 11th and then October 11th and so on, right? Or you can choose a starting date.

[00:26:13] Like if I want this to run, I want it to run on the 1st of each month. So maybe I want to set it up like this and then it will just run on the 1st of each month. Or maybe you want it to run more often. So if you want it to run every two, two weeks or whatever I don’t like, I want it to run. I’m very specific and I need mine to run every 13 days, right? So you can set this up however you want. If you haven’t used the configurations, a configuration is really just kind of all of this stuff here adds up to be a configuration. So whenever you go and you set, like your Google, my business, you’ve got your keyword, you’ve got all this stuff set up with exactly what is going to run. Or maybe it’s a keyword list, then a configuration basically includes all those different details. So for this to work, you have to have a configuration in place and to set a configuration. Basically, you just fill it out like you normally would and then click on the save button and then it’ll ask you, what’s it to save it as? And then it will be available on this list, right? So we’re going to be moving this tool in a really cool direction. I can’t remember who it was.

[00:27:21] I think it was Michael Wemple, if you guys don’t know, Michael. Awesome. Awesome, dude. But he showed me the Pro Rank tracker, and that’s where we’re really going to be moving. This heat map tool is is towards like rank tracking, and I think once we do that, I think it’s going to be the best tool on the market for I already think it’s the best tool in the market for measuring your your GMB, but it’s going to go to a whole new level where you can get kind of alerts that say, Hey, you know, this keyword has dropped from this average to this average, right? Or it’s or it’s raised and it will monitor. So we’re going to be combining that with the schedule where it’s like, you know, it’s gone up for rankings and so on. So you’ve got this kind of like daily reporting and we’re going to set it up to emails you report every time. You were on the schedule, if you choose that option. So the keyword list kind of expands on this where let’s say I choose roofing, if you guys haven’t seen this, I’m just going to kind of go over this because I know, I know we covered on some calls, but. A lot of people don’t see it, so the way the keyword list is, you can basically add in your list of keywords and it will go through those different keywords and run in a different heat map for each one. So when you start combining this with rank tracking now, you can see like, hey, three weeks ago, our average was a seven and now it’s like a six point four.

[00:28:46] And we’ve got that kind of like Red Arrow and Green Arrow that’s that’s telling you how things are performing for this. So that’s really where I think we’re going to start to get some tremendous value. And it’s something my own agency, a lot of this stuff, you know, I’m in the same shoes as you guys were trying to find the best way to be efficient with my time and analyze my niches and the sites that we’re trying to rank and improve. And my managers are giving me a lot of information. I would love to get more information from you guys on what you would like to see. We are slowing down the features and we’re going to release a lot of the stuff that we’ve built over the last, like six to eight months and we’re going to be ultra focused on just making sure everything is running really, really smoothly. I’m really tired of having any type of bugs in the system. I think when when we go as fast as we’ve gone, I think it’s inevitable what we’re going to gear things down and just focus on having everything work really clean and smoothly and try to eliminate the tickets that are coming in from from Arizona. Because I don’t I just it drives me absolutely insane to have that. So. Before I move on, is there any questions about any of the stuff I just covered here? You’ve seen anything, Jeff.

[00:30:11] We’ve not seen anything in Facebook or anything. Ok.

[00:30:14] All right, right on. Ok, so let’s talk best practices for the GMB and I’d love to hear I know that a lot of you guys are struggling with this thing. So I imagine that one of the things that you guys are struggling with is is how to get your jobs. That’s like seems like it’s always an issue. So I’ll tell you what we did. Ok, so first of all, we use a combination of indeed, and we use Craigslist as a way to get our jobs. We have some scripts that we run through there. So with with Craigslist, what we’re doing is we’re saying, let me just pull this off here for now. Ok, so with Craigslist, what we’re saying is, hey. We’re looking for a photographer in your area, and we’ll make sure that the the dollar amount is like 50 dollars because we want to weed out the real photographers. We’re looking for the people that need the 50 dollars cash, right? And we say we’re looking for a photographer and then they approach us and say, Hey, I’ll take the pictures and we make sure to say, Look, we don’t need a fancy camera, a good cell phone. We’ll do it. We’ll need the pictures electronically. And when when they respond, a lot of times, what we’re saying is, look, we already found someone to take the pictures. What we’re trying to do is create a local contact, right? And if you post it wrong, then Craigslist is going to block your post.

[00:31:33] And a lot of people have struggled with getting your Craigslist account to work correctly. I would recommend that you kind of season your your Craigslist account first. Maybe you get on there and you, like, make a couple of local post for whatever look around your garage or your basement or whatever and see if there’s some stuff that you need to sell. Like build it up a little bit so you don’t just go in there and go to this right. And then with indeed, you can look for like a local marketing manager. Ok. So I’m not going to tell you guys to buy reviews. I’m not sure of the legality of that, but I’ve heard that some people have had a lot of success with offering the people that give them the Craigslist postcards or the indeed postcards and saying, Hey, I’ll give you x dollars if you can go in, like, generate some reviews. You guys have a really cool CRM that has reputation management. I would recommend that you take advantage of that and get your clients on board to start to get the reviews for you. Because as best practices for your job, you need reviews, OK? You look at what happens when you go on to like Amazon or something and you’re looking at two pairs of shoes and one of them has six hundred reviews and it’s four point four stars. And the other one has 13 reviews and it’s three and a half stars.

[00:32:53] I’m paying more for the one with better reviews almost every time, and it’s the same for your clients. We can make it easy on them to. We know that it helps ranking. We know that it’s going to help them close, and we know that they’re probably going be able to close for a larger amount if the reviews are there. So you’ve got to be getting those you need to find a way to get those when your client goes out and does work for a whatever it is that they do like, they’ve created an asset if that person is happy and to not take advantage of that is a big waste with all the benefits that we can see from it. So we have the reputation management system built in. I’m going to spend some time putting stuff together on best practices for that. We are close with our updates that are coming to releasing the text messaging update and kind of having that built in with our campaign build or update, which is going to put in a lot of automation, right where it could be like missed phone calls, send text message or send review requests by text if not reviewed, then continue to send like whatever, whatever frequency in time you want. So that’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on. So reviews, I wouldn’t do more than if it’s coming in organically and these are just coming from your client, then like it comes in at whatever it comes in at, right? I would tell your client if they’ve got like.

[00:34:11] Six years worth of clients database that would love to give reviews that they’ve never taken advantage of. Let’s separate those out because it looks a little wonky when it goes from zero reviews to seventy five reviews after they’ve been in business and it’s just like blows up. I would say two per week is kind of what we target in our agency. So that means that as you guys build this stuff, you know, part of the reason that it takes time to rank the site where it’s like this three to six months. It’s not just sitting on a shelf and improving on its own. The reason it takes this time period is that you guys need to be doing the things every week that allow it to take three to six months. If you’re not doing these things, then it’s not going to rank. It’s just like, or it’s going to rank really slowly, or it’s going to rank in a way that is like. You know, you’re getting a few leads here and there. Right, so you need to be like doing this stuff, talking to Jeff earlier when you go through and you let me share my screen again, let’s look at this. So we’re talking best practices for GMB, right? So let’s go in here and oops. Under maintenance. Yeah. No, no. Awesome update on that. Yet I know that people ask me that every day we’re doing everything we can.

[00:35:31] Kind of the plan that I’m working towards is, you know, I saw with one of our competitors that has a, in my opinion, inferior heat map tool that they’ve required everyone to get their own instance of API. And there was like this huge backlash of people that are like upset. And I actually thought what they did was really smart to do it that way. But I understand, like it’s a complicated process to set up and you’re like putting the ball in. You know, the people who are paying court to do that. So I think what we’re going to do is try to do it for our users and get all that legwork done and then still have the users kind of quarantined where everyone has their own GMB API and we just kind of like go and do the legwork for and kind of plug it in and get it set up. So that way we can still protect the API from other users if somebody’s doing something nefarious and getting a lot of suspensions. Ok, so back to what we’re talking about here. So let’s look at whatever this is. Tile Busters, Supreme auto care. All right. So some of the best practices you guys need to be making sure that you load up your GMB with pictures, OK? And what I would be doing is I would not be just loading photo stock onto the GMB. Like get real pictures of whatever it is, make the pictures kind of unique.

[00:37:00] And for most people. Like, if you’re doing some kind of like, you know, flying saucer repair, then it may be hard to get real pictures, but for most of us, these businesses exist all around us. Like if you’re doing like tree care, there’s trees all over the place, right? Or if you’re doing driveway replacement, then there’s driveways all over the place so you can go and take a picture with your cell phone of these different things and and set it up so. Additionally, with the pictures, let’s kind of zoom in on this and. I’m going to find some neighborhoods, right, so let’s pretend that I want to rank better in this area here. So some of the names that I’m going to use for picture, and I think this was like tile something. So let’s say it’s like tile installation. So I’m trying to rank better for like tile installation and you can see kind of grade out right here as American Fork. So some of the strategies that I would use when I’m naming the picture is it’s going to be tile installation, American fork and then whatever. I don’t even know what city this is. Anyone see that? What part of the country am I in right now with this thing? I have no clue, Provo. This is Utah somewhere, so this looks like so it could be like tile replacement American fork. Provo in kind of being.

[00:38:29] So it’s not

[00:38:35] Could tile replacement tile repair all this different, all this different stuff like tile contractors, all these different things could be the names of these pictures that we’re loading into our GMV. Additionally, some of the best practices that you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to build pages on your site that talk about these different areas that you want to rank better in. Right. So American Fork could be a neighborhood page on the actual website. I would be making post right? You should. You should be making posts. How much is too much? I don’t think posting every day is too much. I don’t think that’s going to have a negative effect. I think there’s kind of a law of diminishing returns. But I would say getting two or three on there per week, I know they last about seven days, right? So I would be having one on there every seven days and I would be targeting the things that you really come up with a strategy of how you’re going to go after this come up. These are the keywords. These are the areas I want to target and this stuff can all align with each other, right? So I’m putting this stuff on about American fork and tile replacement. Maybe we’re running a special on tile replacement in the American fork area. Right. So let’s.

[00:39:48] And then there’s an American fork page on my website, right? So get get hyper specific. And that’s where this heat map tool really comes into play is you can choose and build a strategy based on the same information that you get back from these results, right? And you’ll see this stuff move right. You want the citations. That’s another thing you guys aren’t doing citations like you’re leaving money on the table. So there’s a lot of different sites out there that will give you citations, and there’s different people that provide that as a service. What we did is we were using a site for a while and then I think, you know, there’s like random Facebook requests you get where like, you don’t really know the person and you know that like they’re going to try to pitch you something. Well, like one of those people reached out and we’re like, OK, let’s let’s try this guy and let’s see how his citations are. If they look like if he’s doing a good job, how what’s the turnaround time? And then when we negotiate it right, and I think we got it down to like 30 cents a citation or something like that. We negotiated down with him and we’re like, Hey, we’ll order in bulk from you and you’ll be our go to guy. But we want it for this price.

[00:41:06] So that’s been working out really well, but you’ve got to have those citations in there. You should be building out all the like big profile stuff. You should have your Facebook for every job you set up. We need a Facebook page. We need a we need a Yelp page. The Yellow Pages. So there’s like if you look up like. Let’s just do a search for CEO. What are the big citations? So they’ll give you a list. Here’s Maz. This is another thing that I would recommend that you guys pay attention to. How to like Mars is a great site for like SEO stuff. If you’ve been through, a lot of us have been through the same training course and like, there are so many other things out there, you guys need to be kind of like spreading your wings and looking for more information. Mars is a great resource that has tons of stuff on there. There’s stuff I don’t know if this is going to be the the right part of the site that is going to show me the list of what they call big citations. But you guys need to make sure that all of those are getting in there for your different sites. Ok, so we’ve got reviews two per week. I wouldn’t expect my website to rank without without 10 reviews.

[00:42:34] Well. Still frozen. There he is. He froze for a second.

[00:42:46] Was that was that your guys catching the audio?

[00:42:48] No, you left off it. You wouldn’t expect me to rank without at least 10 reviews. The last thing I heard, right? Oops! All right. He’s out. We’ll probably be back. How are you guys feeling about this? Gmb best practices, I mean, I haven’t done a ton of the nitty gritty on on jobs, but I definitely I use the same citations guy as the agency and all this stuff. I think depending on the competition, obviously the more you use, the better. But I’ve seen things rank with less than 10 reviews, but I think if you’re going to, like Patrick was saying, get some real credibility and traction in any kind of local market. You want to have as many reviews as you can get, the more the better. So that’s good. I build out all the social pages, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, right? I do all that.

[00:44:02] Youtube. Youtube is another one that you’re going to want. You can you can make a video. I don’t know who this was, but it was like Greg Vukovar. I think maybe would make a video and put like the name, address and phone number as the video title and like. That’s going to get indexed by Google, and it’s going to be pointed back to your site, right? So there’s something called big citations and there’s a list of these and. I don’t know, maybe maybe Jeff, or somebody can can pull that up, and but there’s there’s ones that you’re going to want to make sure you get every time, like in Yelp. Yelp is one of them, I think. Let me see here. So what I was saying is, like, I wouldn’t like we’ve seen GM’s rank with no reviews, but if it’s going to be like for the most part, we’re going to see a lot like there’s a correlation to having more reviews with the better rankings. And I think having at least 10 is like a good baseline. And we’ve had jgbs rank with no reviews that we don’t get any. We’re barely getting any calls. And then when we add the reviews, the call starts to come in. So it’s more than just a ranking factor. It’s a trust factor where you’re going to you’re going to get you’re going to get more trust with those reviews.

[00:45:19] So don’t don’t like be negligent with those. So let’s see here. Excitation CEO. Here’s this What is this bright local locals, a pretty good source for this. Here we go, here’s a Bing Maps Facebook being is another one that you want to make sure you get listed in. Read through this stuff. You know, you guys don’t. Don’t be sheltered from this and just think that like the process should like this idea of just like trusting the process is good when you’re kind of like trying to get the foundation in place, but at some point you need to, you need to graduate from that and kind of like. Like, think about what’s going on in the real world and don’t be like hamstrung by that, right? So things are constantly changing. How much have your games changed or this process, which has changed in the last year? Right. So like the process is changing and you you’ve got to adapt and kind of pay attention to it, right? So responding to the reviews is another thing that you should be doing. And when you do so, like getting keywords in the reviews is important. Right. So if you can get like. Um, turnaround for tree service. So maybe the review looks like this.

[00:46:53] We hired this tree service company, so I’ve got tree service company now in there to come out and they removed a tree. And then they grind it down a stump for us, they did a great job. So look at what I’m doing. I’m putting that stuff in there writing that I would highly recommend getting your keywords into the questions in the city, into the questions like you guys do stump removal in Dallas, Texas. Yes, we’ve done a lot of stump removal in all of these different parts, like you could like. We’ve done it in Fort Worth and all over Dallas, Texas. We’d love to help you just give us a call. Right. So these are some of the best practices that you should be getting in there. I would say I probably would go with like at least a five or 10 to one ratio of reviews to questions with more reviews than questions. Ok, your website and the content and the strength of your website is going to dramatically influence. Your ability to rank the GMB, so obviously, we want our GMB to rank really well, but you don’t like just put everything on the GMB because you need you need that other piece to get in there, right? Some of the things you want to think about, too, is click through rate.

[00:48:04] When you go to pick your GMB name, a lot of you guys are picking like the perfect, like keyword exact match. I would probably stay away from that a little bit and and have a little bit of mixture for those of you guys that that can’t get them to go live. They’re getting suspended more often. I wouldn’t mess with that, like having like instead of saying like tree service Boston, it could be like the elite elite tree service of Boston. Make it sound like a name, right? So be creative with it. It could be. Abc tree service. Right. So it doesn’t have to be like exact match with that. I think that’s going to set off some red flags and also people without the branding in there. People might not want to click on it as much, and your click through rate is part of what is going to determine how your GMB ranks. That’s a ranking factor, right? The time that people spend on your website is going to be a ranking factor for not only how you’re like, indirectly how your GMB ranks, but how your website ranks. So build your websites in a way that has, like some engaging information in there, right? Ok. Let’s see what else we got talked about that talked about that.

[00:49:17] Joseph Graham shared Yext Products listings, which I put into the chat here on what we on Skype, Zoom, Zoom. I mean, so

[00:49:29] Yext is a great service for looking at what they provide you. I would highly recommend that you don’t sign up for and pay for their service. Just look at the what’s included and then go and find a process to get those get those in place. But I paid for Yext. I got locked into a contract. It was it was a complete mess. You go, they they build these citations. They guarantee the citations to stick. Once you stop paying them, they actually remove them. So and theirs will replace any duplicates. So let’s say I have like a citation on Site A. And then I sign up for Yext. So there’s replaces mine. And then when I stopped paying, they remove it. And now I don’t have a citation at all when I had one before, so. But that doesn’t mean that their list of sites that they’re getting the citations from is not a good list, but it is a good list. It’s a lot of really powerful sites, right? Getting the citations from local places too can be can be really useful if you want the power citations and you want the local citations. So in every city there is like a number of resources used in this type of things. So just like we did a blog or we used to do the blog commenting for our backlinks, like you could kind of create local backlinks. I recommend that and create local citations for like the area that you’re in. Get the local stuff right. That’s that’s a good thing to do. Ok, so any other any other questions, any questions on? I know I’ve been kind of speeding through this. I’m trying to keep these things to around an hour. Any questions on all this stuff, I just kind of spit out with the best practices for the GMB. You see anything, Mr.

[00:51:24] No, not seeing anything. You see niche specific directories are great. Yeah, absolutely. Lisa’s asking Patriot Q Q, Do you have someone local to the area, create the GMV on your behalf or do it yourself or just Craigslist for the Co.? I don’t know what she meant by that, but

[00:51:46] Yeah, so I understand the question here. And like, I think, you know, Chad Campbell has this group where he teaches this kind of different business model that’s all about GM’s. And that guy is doing like ten thousand GM’s a month or something ridiculous. Like in that situation, it’s advantageous to kind of have this IP address that is clean and setting it up for us. We run a big agency, I think I think we set up 50 jobs last month like we just I don’t worry about it at all, and it’s not an issue. So we need to. Take the necessary precautions as they’re necessary, and I think that unless you fall into that thousands of jobs being set up a month, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would just use your IP address. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s let’s scale this as fast as we can. And if you start running into issues, then like it. One of the things that we’ve noticed in our agency is that the approvals and the way it happens really goes in waves. Ok, so it’s easy to think that you’re doing something wrong, but it could just be. Google decided to change things for a little while where nothing’s getting improved, approved. They’ve got an update they’re working on. They’ve kind of like, put everything on pause and then all of a sudden everything’s getting improved, right? So it kind of goes like this. Use this group as a way to kind of test the waters, right? One of the things that we’re doing that Jeff and I are part of this, this mastermind.

[00:53:31] I’m starting to measure everything. I’m going to start I want to know what our suspension percentages, I want to know what the cost of a GMB is because we send these things out. I’m paying 50 dollars for each one and we send them out it. A lot of times it’s getting suspended and I’m not giving up on the suspensions. So we’ve got a whole process that we go through when something gets suspended where we’re reaching out to them and we’re just like, we’re going to annoy. The heck out of Google until we can’t do anything else with everything that gets suspended. I’m just I’m not giving up on it until they’re like, Please stop contacting us, right? We’re just going to reach out to them every single week, maybe multiple times a week. And we’re like, Hey, this is this is our attitude. You kind of want to play the dominant here. I don’t understand why I’m not allowed to be on Google. I’ve tried to follow all your rules. I don’t understand your rules. This is costing me a lot of money. You know, with COVID, it’s been hard on our business. What can I do so that my business can be on Google? This, like, we’re a legitimate company. What do we need to do, right? I’ve heard of people. Working with graphic designers to provide necessary proof through electric bills and stuff like this, right, so that can certainly be something that you can put together if Google ask for state licenses.

[00:55:02] I’ve heard that they’re available on on the internet, where you can take those pictures and adjust it to be what you need to be. So that may be something you I’m not. I’m not advocating that, but I’ve heard that people have had success with that. So that may be something that you want to explore. Google is not like the morality police here. Our goal is to help out the good people that are running these companies and get them the business that if we’ve chosen our clients correctly, maybe the business that they deserve to get right instead of like this, other people that are scamming them or something like this. So, you know, I’m going to do what I I need to do to try to deliver them that the highest quality products and when it goes into suspension or pending, I kind of look at Google almost as like like a stepping stone that I just need to figure out how to go around, work with or, you know, until I can get get the result that we need, right? So I know that. Neil, you’ve had your hand up for a minute. What’s going on? You’re muted. I’m asking you to unmute. You should have a little pop up. I’m going to come to you next. May I see your

[00:56:12] Quick question on Facebook? My is getting people to like your page of Facebook really help.

[00:56:24] I think that there’s a social cues component to the ranking. I think that it is not going to help you a ton, but. We’ve got to take every edge we can get on this, and if you’re trying to build like skyscrapers in these cities with your with your GMP’s like, it would make sense that there’s some like organic stuff on there, right? You could take some of the stuff that you’ve written, make some post on there. You could probably run an ad for a few days and get a bunch of likes. You could have local people getting the likes. You could probably incentivize your clients to like, Hey, if you like our Facebook page and you send us a review, then like we’ll do X will buy you a cup of coffee. I don’t know.

[00:57:06] Like, yeah, I do. Also auto posting on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram’s a little bit more complicated, but I have a thing called Meet Edgar. There’s a bunch of them out there, but I just put put stuff in, you know, three or four or five times a week. It’s it’s pounding those accounts with different posts so that they’re active. Nobody sees it, but you can put links in there. And, you know, I mean, Twitter comes up right on Google. The Twitter feed comes up right on Twitter, right on Google, and they’re not going to catch my local contracting stuff, but they are paying attention to that, right? So I’ll put I’ll do a schedule with auto posts, with every page link in my site. You know, just like throw it up there with different text off my website and just put it in a schedule and it just just rolls, just constantly feeds it in there. So I know that that’s at least getting like, like Patrick said, you were looking for every edge, right? I mean, the service costs fifty bucks a month might take me an hour to set up 20 posts that just roll for infinity. It’s worth it to me. I think it does give you a little edge. You know

[00:58:14] What? I’m talking about getting like friends and everybody I know to like my page on Facebook. You know how you always get into groups? Hey, so-and-so asked you to like their paid? Yeah, Facebook. Does that help? That’s what I was asking.

[00:58:32] Yeah, I know, I know. I think. I think like Patrick said. I think that, you know, everything, every little edge helps. You know, if there’s more people who

[00:58:39] Like it, it’s it’s time more spent than doing that.

[00:58:43] It’s really hard to know, like exactly what the return on investment is from stuff like this. But I know that that part of Google’s algorithm, I think they’ve publicly said it includes social signals and that is like Facebook is like the biggest social network. So they’re telling us that it matters to what degree? I don’t know, but I’m going to take every edge that I can get on this stuff. And, you know, if it doesn’t help, then whatever. No big deal.

[00:59:14] And it’s not a lot of time. I’m just wondering, you know? That’s right. Yeah. Doesn’t take a lot.

[00:59:20] Neil, Neil, you’re a smart guy. Figure out a way to systematize this, right? Come up with ways where where you can make this happen for each one of your sites and you’re not the one that is going to request this. Right? Ok, cool. All right, Mr. Devin. What’s up, brother?

[00:59:38] When you’re going through. You just mentioned you guys did 50 last month, are you still going through with regular emails? Are you pushing that with like outlook emails, domain emails? How sure, how are you? Yeah, we have.

[00:59:50] We have one. We have one account that we won one Gmail account that we do, that we set up the the request like through Craigslist and all this. So I have a VA that goes through and responds to these people and she her job is just to follow up. Keep following up. When we set up the actual G and be part of it, we use a separate Gmail for every single account that we set up. I saw that like Kerry as kind of like a add on to this question is like Gmail and proxies and VPNs. Like, first of all, I definitely wouldn’t be using VPNs. Vpns are easily detectable. And with Google, this is a this is trust. This is what like a big. The strength of a backlink is like trust. That’s what they’re looking for. Is like trust, right? If you start using a VPN, Google can tell you’re using a VPN and now you’ve violated the trust where it’s kind of like. You’ve got to imagine this, this guy’s coming in to you. This guy’s coming in to like do business with you and he’s got a mask on. Right? Like, what’s your impression of that? That’s that’s kind of what I think of with the VPN proxies I think are much harder to detect. I don’t think that. I think what it’s set up, right, I don’t think anyone can know that you’re using a proxy, but like I said, we set up like all these games last month and we don’t use those, so I don’t think they’re necessary.

[01:01:25] You guys are setting up a lot more than that per month. At some point, maybe it would matter. Another thing that you guys could really try is like Amazon Web Services will give you a free machine that you can use it. You can log into it. And it’s just kind of like you’re logging into a computer that I think is undetectable because you’re logging into a computer and you’re using that computer to reach out to the to the rest of the world, right? And it’s on it’s hosted on AdWords, which is like going to be really reputable, right? You’re going to have the same IP address all the time. And I think after a little while, maybe you can say, Hey, I don’t want this one and let me get a new one. You get a new IP address that could be something you play with for my people that are outside the United States and they’re working on our our stuff. Like, I just mentioned that people that are optimizing RG and these so some of these people are in the Philippines. I don’t want a Filipino IP address in there with like typing in the verification code.

[01:02:30] So for that, we use the machine right. But we don’t go through all of these huge lengths to try to set up proxies and all these different stuff because I think it’s unnecessary. And our goal should be to simplify things, things that are simple or scalable. When you start introducing introducing these like unnecessary things, and that’s kind of what I think about this, if you’re maybe if you’re doing less than, let’s say, three hundred GBS a month, I don’t think this stuff is necessary to like mix all this IP stuff like Google Understand is that that marketing agencies exist. And if you have more than one person in the United States like I do, then I have like have them split between a few different people, right? So they’re not all under the same IP address, and some of them are on that Amazon Web Services machine. So like the basic level, it’s called a virtual machine. That’s what it’s called. So if you go on to search for virtual machine, I don’t pay anything for it and we’ve been using it. For probably a year or so, it’s it’s it’s relatively easy to set up. I’m sure you can find a tutorial online and then you can kind of use that to diversify your IP. If that were necessary, so is a private server. Oh, sorry, I’m sorry, Harry.

[01:03:53] Harry asked, Is that so? Is kind of like a private server? Yeah.

[01:03:59] Yeah. That’s right. It’s a virtual machine, is what they call it, or VM. So I know that was like started out as Devon’s question and Harry’s question, did I hit both of them? Are we are you guys both cool?

[01:04:14] Yeah, for me, it was just that we just wasn’t sure if if like just creating a Gmail, I didn’t know if you were like warming it up at all then or just still like logging onto it after creating the Gmail or what?

[01:04:28] Yeah, we try to log into it once a month. We one of the things that I think we started doing that I think is really good is like, especially if you have a GMB that you know that that you can maybe take a little bit of time or like take a little bit of time once you get an address is we will create the big citations first before we even request the postcard. And we’ll do that like maybe 10 days or two weeks. We’ll we’ll kind of let that the internet Google absorb these big citations. Then we’ll request the postcard, so our theory being it adds a level of legitimacy. If like that’s already out there and now we’re just like, Oh, OK, like, can it look suspicious to Google if you’re like this, there’s no there’s no record of this like business existing and we’re requesting the GMB right away. Certainly, that’s going to happen some of the time. But more times than not, a business is around for a while and then the GMB gets set up. So that’s kind of what we’re trying to mimic when we go and we create some of those citations.

[01:05:36] We just do the big ones we do like five or 10 of those. Let them sit there. The Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, these types of ones Yellow Pages, Super Pages, I don’t know, being like Apple Maps, right? And then and then after that, we we send out the postcard. So that’s kind of like a strategy that we’ve been working with. We’re like, I said, we’re going to start tracking all these numbers and we’re going to have percentages and I’m going to have percentages by niche of what is getting suspended in like categories. I recommend that you guys track stuff, get data, don’t make decisions just based on your gut for the rest of your life, like data exists. It’s a little bit of extra work, but it will probably save you a lot of work to kind of put some of those things in place and kind of understand like what this is performing better when this happens, right? Just be thinking about that as you build stuff. Cool. Right, right on. All right, Jeff, do we have any more questions I know we’re at like we have two

[01:06:37] More teed up, why don’t we take these two Tia and Eugene and then call it an evening TIA? What do you got?

[01:06:45] I wasn’t here. How are you? I’m good, thanks. How are you? Good. Yeah. So I just had a GM be suspended, and I am one of those people who I have a separate Gmail for each of my GMV, but they’re all through my own personal account. So. If I can’t get that reinstated, it says that if they remove the profile, it will remove the all of the locations. Does that just mean the locations for that profile or all of my jobs in jeopardy right now?

[01:07:28] I would think to some level, all your GBS may be in jeopardy, and that’s why we strongly advocate to always separate those out. I would say that’s probably like. A 15 percent chance and like I’m just guessing, right? I would say really high chance that that they won’t all get suspended or maybe it’ll just be limited to that one. I think there is a process and I would start slow with this. But I think there’s a process where you can create a new Gmail transfer, the ownership to that Gmail. And I don’t know like how long this like vapor of the previous GMB being a part of the first account lasts for. But I would be separating those things out and like, So you’re going to like transfer the ownership and then like and the new one, you’ll remove the old one and. I would do that if it were me. I don’t want any of my jobs in the same accounts I’ve heard of people having like hundreds of jobs in the same account, and Google is just like swipes them all. They’re all gone, right? There is a person in that that was in JK that lost like four hundred and one account. And like I’ve heard from day one. Put them in separate accounts. Always put them in separate accounts. Let’s remove this stuff that is not like there’s just I don’t see any benefit from a management standpoint. Maybe it’s easier to log in to one, but I just think it’s like when you guys set these things up correctly. If you choose the right niches, these jobs should be worth thousands of dollars a month to you and put all those in one spot. It’s just it’s too much, right? So I don’t mean to lecture you,

[01:09:18] But no, it’s important. Yeah, it’s important to understand that. So I just wondered, I didn’t know if, like now, I can transfer the ownership to all of the emails that have been created. But I was just like, Is that going to be suspicious now that my thing has been slowly create more? I only have 10,

[01:09:42] So I would maybe do one, maybe one every 10 days and just see what happens here and. Don’t hold me responsible for this. Ok. No, that’s what I would do. That’s what I would do if I were in your shoes. Ok? But I don’t know. Like, like, I don’t know how Google is going to interpret that because I have an I’ve never set it up that way. But I know that like when I’ve seen it and clients have come to us in the past where they have a bunch in here, first thing I’ll do, I’m like, I’m pulling these out, just getting them away from each other. Let’s put these things in court and from each other, right? And we haven’t run into problems with that in the past, but I’ve never set them up that way on my own. And I know that at some point you guys are going to run into situations where you’ve created too many Gmail accounts and they won’t let you do it. So you may have to get creative with, like other people’s phone numbers. There’s there’s places where you can purchase. They’re called PVV, a phone, verified aged email accounts, and you can purchase like packs of like one hundred Gmail accounts that have been aged for a while. So back to your question, Devin. We don’t seize in our Gmail accounts because I totally forgot that we actually do that. We purchase ours. So they’re coming like aged already. And with that, there’s a higher level of trust.

[01:11:06] Thank you so much, I appreciate it, I know. You’re welcome.

[01:11:10] We all we all make those mistakes. It’s good to see you. Thanks you too. Yeah. All right. You so before we go to Eugene, I’m just going to like clarify Harry’s question in there comes with an AWB account, so yeah, signed up from the U.S., but don’t pay anything. They’ve got all these different plans. You don’t need to pay anything to get access to the virtual machine. So they’ll give you like the worst computer ever. It’s like, but it’s enough to do what we need to do, right? So don’t be like trying to watch Netflix on their Harry and that kind of stuff. That’s not going to be good, but you can go in there and log onto a browser and do the minimum amount that you’re needed to like. There’s not a lot of computing power with browsing the internet, right? So. It works fine for that. So, yeah, and then you can have your VAS log into it as well. So cool. Mr Eugene.

[01:12:13] Great just to chime in on the suspension stuff. I actually tried out one of the fiber services and they like, do like the reinstatement service. I’m guessing that they have somebody on the inside like a cousin or something, and it worked for me. So it was only 25 bucks.

[01:12:31] Yeah, we did the same thing and we had success with that as well. So I would encourage you guys to look into fiber and look every time you find somebody like this, just a little like business savviness that’s worked really well for us is don’t ever look at these people as like. Like, they’re just a tool to get you like this fiber person, build a relationship with them and see if you can, like, understand what they’re doing right and take care of them, like if you get the opportunity to give them a tip. How much did you say you paid your? Did you say you pay five bucks or you pay more than that? No, I was like twenty five, twenty five bucks, so you could throw them an extra twenty five and be like, Hey, man, I really appreciate your awesome like, take care of these people. Build this relationship like fiber makes it a little bit hard to kind of do it, but you can kind of get creative and and like we we had a content writer, we had a content writer that it was on, like the service we used to use called tax broker. And she did a really good job and I just kind of like dropped her a message and we ended up like pulling her off of there. And then she wrote for us for like a year, year and a half. Another thing I wanted to mention is, like any of you guys that are looking for content writers, if there’s somebody out there that that’s looking for want to hit me up, I’ve got a pretty good resource for something. So. But with that, I think, Jeff, have we cleared that all the queue of questions we good

[01:14:02] As far as I can see. Questions are clear.

[01:14:04] I got I got a quick one. Yeah, sure. I know you’re good. Yeah, this is good. This is Michael Patrick and Jeff. It’s kind of about my sales process. So my sales guy, like right now, when we put people on the trial, on the monthly trial, like he’s literally going and listening to every call and kind of like seeing which ones are real leads and which ones are spam calls. And at the end of the month, he’s like showing them like it’s irrefutable proof that we’re bringing you value, right? But I’m just worried. Like, right now, it’s cool because we only got a handful of ones. We’re working, but you know, I’m looking into the future, and that seems like it’s going to take a lot of time. I don’t know, is this something that you guys do or is it overkill?

[01:14:48] You mean for trial, for trial clients or for actual clients,

[01:14:52] For kind of for both? So yeah, we’ll get some people, you know, paying on like a on little bit basis. And, you know, we want to kind of track everything and show them the value at the end of the month. But I’m just worried that it’s going to end up taking too much time in the future and just wondering if you guys do that at

[01:15:09] All or we do for our biggest client. Like, obviously, he has a CFO and stuff. It’s a real multi seven figure company like he has to have proof of results and we want to make sure that we’re anchoring him to the right price and make sure that we’re always way future, placing him on what he’s paying us versus what the value that we’re delivering. You know what I mean? So we have an admin who’s been doing that. I did it for a couple of months and then as we added more locations, it became too cumbersome. But I still, I don’t really do a lot of reporting like you’re talking about, but I definitely listen in and try to hear as well as I can. How well is the trial client hindering the handling of calls like what are these calls? Is that a big slam dunk call or not? Like, I try to keep my finger on the pulse, but I try to also balance it with with not spending too much time or overdoing it. But I get excited, you know, like I’m like I said, I think the last week’s call, like, I just like to win. So if I see if I hear those calls and I hear the results that we’re getting into value, we’re delivering of that motivates me to be even better and to make that next call and be like, Dude, I’m going to change your life like, you know what? I mean, like whatever, rather than just be like. So like, I want, I want to be in the business like I. I consider myself like a growth strategist, business growth type strategist. I want to know what the hell is going on as much as I can, and I think any sales guy would benefit or sales person would benefit from having that kind of insight into what the calls are like. And again, it’s just fire for me. So can I tell you what?

[01:16:51] Can I add this to what you just said? Yeah. Eugene, what my VA does is he goes in every day and listens to all the calls that come in. This is for one client and he basically he doesn’t transcribe the call, but he sort of Synopsys is what the call was about, what the prospect said and so on and so forth. And he enters that into a field lead generated. So a record of what was said on every single call is in there. And then you can

[01:17:21] Usually ask anything you want. Yeah, and I’m pretty good at this. So like when I go, listen, like literally I know how to I can tell by the voice pattern, like where they’re saying important shit. And I can see how I want to know is like, what’s the value of the job? So if they say commercial, then I’m going to listen on and see how many square feet or whatever, you know. But if they’re like

[01:17:44] And I’m teaching, I’m teaching my VA to, I’m teaching my VA to cut, you know, cut the bullshit. I can do it literally. Well, you know how to do it, too. And I do. But but anyway, you can do it that way, and it’s really cheap. You just it’s just like, you know, half an hour or an hour out of my VA’s day. Yeah, that’s another approach for you.

[01:18:04] Yeah, I think it’s I think it’s really important for you guys to. You’ve got to keep a pulse on your business and you’ve got to understand what’s going on. You’ve got a spot. Check some of this stuff. You want to know the value that your clients are getting or not getting right if they’re turning down certain types of calls. That would be great to know because that can be monetized differently. And if you just like, sit it and forget it and don’t have anybody watching the stuff you’re, it’s only so long before you’re losing money that you know, it’s just it’s not going to be optimized. And that doesn’t mean that you have to be the person listening to a phone call and like identifying issues is like anyone who speaks English is going to be able to complete this right that that’s competent, right? So maybe not every single phone call in our business we have, like more than ten thousand leads, come in a month. So that would be a big process to try to audit every one of those. But if you go through and we kind of spot check, then it really helps us point out some issues like I think we had a I think it was either Kansas City or Raleigh. We found out that the guy was just like turning down all the business and we’re like. What are we going to do with this site like we built multiple sites and he is taking the business from one, but he’s turning it down for one, and he didn’t tell us that, and he may not realize like when his phone rings 10 times a day and like one of them is for this site, like, he may not realize that like, oh, all the leads that come from this site are not what I want, and I need to communicate that to Patrick so that he can go and monetize it. No, he’s over there thinking like. Scrambling, trying to keep up with everything, right, but you guys, we have to constantly. Oh, my cat’s about to make an appearance here. There he goes. All right.

[01:19:54] So we’re out of the sky,

[01:19:59] So we need to be constantly looking for these opportunities. You guys, I’ve been reading a lot since this mastermind on like like our numbers and knowing our data. I’m reading this book. It’s called The Blueprint for an insanely profitable business, and there is so many things that I’ve learned in this that we’re not doing in our agency. Like we come into this and we learn how to rank the sites. But when we start it, it’s like we’re so much more than that, right? We are running a we’re running a business. And if you don’t have the kind of business foundation to understand your income statement and your balance sheet and this type of stuff and be able to calculate ratios if you’re hiring people, if I hire a person on, I’m spending $1000 a month on this person. Do I know that that person is contributing more than a thousand dollars to my bottom line? Right? And then what about like the revenue that comes in? How much of that is actually turning into cash for me, right? Like then there’s profits. How much is actually going to like? So we’ve got a revenue, our revenue comes in. It’s like ten dollars and then I’m going to spend some of that on expenses. So I’ve got profit left. How much of that profit is actually turning into cash? So there’s all these different efficiencies that we should be paying attention to. Right. And that’s a question you just ask Eugene kind of hits on. This is like we need to be constantly like if we can hold our income at the same level and lower our expenses, then we’re moving in a good direction.

[01:21:35] If we’re going to be raising our revenue. Is the cash actually raising with it in a proportional way or in a way that is going to be more profitable for us? You guys need to be like thinking about these business decisions as you expand and as you like, make these decisions. What is my return from this? This is why it’s important to track this data, right? This is a whole nother topic. If you guys are interested in this, I would recommend checking out that book. And there’s there’s a bunch more if you’re not interested in this. I hope the reason that you’re not interested in this is because this is super basic and you’re you’re already doing it. But as business owners, if it’s not super basic, then you need to master this stuff and you need to get it to the point where this is super basic and then take it to the next level and then take it to the next level, because this is almost as important as how many leads we’re producing, right? And as you scale, like, we scaled super fast way faster than like my business management and accounting skills scaled. So now I’m like, I’m playing catch up with this stuff. I know that we I haven’t run it in an efficient manner, and I don’t know these ratios and numbers. And I know looking back what a big mistake is because you start getting to the people that are, you know, doing, you know, there is a guy in the room with us at.

[01:22:57] Our mastermind is doing a million dollars a month. He got there because he knows his numbers right. He knows his numbers inside and out. And everyone that is at that level, you don’t you’re not allowed to go there without knowing your numbers. That’s basically how it’s going to work, right? So you get to start like, I think it was Brian Brown there. He’s got five clients now. It’s a lot easier to kind of get this stuff in place when you’ve got five clients and when you have like us, we’ve got 60 or something, right? So now I’ve got all these different expenses. I’ve got all like, I’ve got all these employees like. I wish I would have started earlier. That’s kind of the message that that you got like one one learning experience and check out these kind of managerial numbers, type books. So next week, let’s wrap this thing up. We’ve been on here for an hour and a half, right? So next week, two things. First is I’m trying to get Mr. Shiv on here next week. So he hasn’t made a hard commitment, but I’m working on trying to get him on here. He’s got a killer due diligence process. So I’d like to get him on here as kind of a special guest and hear what his mindset is and what the process is for that. So we’ll see if we can make that happen. But that’s my goal for this week. The second thing the way we end all our meetings. Do what you guys need to do. Let’s create some whence you guys got seven days until our next our next call.

[01:24:23] Right. I know me and Jeff are going to be working our asses off to try to create wins. I would recommend if your business is not where you guys want it to be. You’ve got seven days to to to. I mean, you got as much time as you need, but seven days from now, there’s going to be a check in and it’s like, this is your opportunity. How did you move your business forward? All the wins don’t have to be like a closed client or this. It could be a mental shift. It could be a decision. But you’ve got these seven days. Let’s do something with this time. This is the same message every week, but it should come as like a new wake up call, right? Let’s let’s let’s get into gear, right? So like, maybe some of us have been kind of like fallen off the horse and we’re kind of just not. We’re going through the motions a little bit. Let’s not make a commitment for more than the next seven days. Ok, but what if this next seven days you just made the decision? Now I’m going all out on this. I’m going to crush it this week. You can have a you can have a break after that. Let’s just start with this, right? Make make this week count, guys. Make it big. Move your business down the line. All right. All right. You guys have a great week. We’ll see you in the group. I appreciate you guys. We’ll talk soon. Adios, amigos. Yes.