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[00:00:20] What is going on?

[00:00:25] Patrick, how’s it going? Hello. Hello. The regular guys on here. Laurent, how are you? Good thumbs up, Spencer, what’s up, brother, how are you doing?

[00:00:39] Doing well, man.

[00:00:44] We’ve got Neil, you are you out of the woods with the coronavirus now? You are a hundred percent excellent. All right. Let’s get started with some wins. Does anybody have any wins to share this week?

[00:00:59] I’ll share some. Excellence just landed a $1000 a month ad Facebook ad client, $1000 a month Google Ad Client rented a site that I had just built last year for five hundred bucks a month. Guys just starting out, so was was taking it easy on them and things. And then um and oh, and landed a website build for 4K.

[00:01:35] So let me ask you this is this your first money from this business model? Um, no, no. Ok.

[00:01:44] Well, I mean, different different forms, I feel like it’s just kind of all coming back like it’s all coming together now, Patrick, if that makes sense. Like, I learned some website stuff previously, but it’s kind of one offs Facebook ad stuff that’s been been something that’s been happening on a consistent basis across websites like I rented the first website that I built over a year ago here a few weeks ago, and then this was the second one. So I have I’ve built these sites that have just I haven’t been able to. I built them right before last season, so they weren’t really ranking last season. Then they came on. I didn’t know how strong they were going to come on because there is no data to show and they started hitting. And then I was in this panic mode of trying to get people on trials. Using your method that you teach has helped a ton with the trial, the drug dealer method. And and that’s been that’s been crushing it for me. But and then I have book an appointment on Saturday to talk with a guy that’s that’s going to finish up his two week trial to get him renting a site as well.

[00:03:00] So yeah, just to just to be clear, the drug dealer method is to let them try it for a little while and then kind of get addicted to it. That’s all there is to it. There’s no there’s no nefarious parts of this, right?

[00:03:18] Yeah, this clarification.

[00:03:20] Besides that being recorded on Facebook, there’s no drug dealer going on here. Okay, man, that’s that’s awesome. Yeah, that’s super cool. It sounds like things are really moving in a good direction for you.

[00:03:32] Yeah, man. And a and I hate to say it’s a little bit of my my back, as you know, my personal situation, my back’s been put up against the wall and. It just seems to be, unfortunately, that that’s where I perform the best, I hate to say that when I have to make crap happen, I make crap happen. I think we’re all kind of complacent like that.

[00:03:55] Yeah, I mean, there’s nothing like pressure to really force that sense of urgency, right? Yeah. So that’s that’s awesome, man, congrats on all that success. Thanks. It’s really cool. I know that you’ve been kind of in the trenches for the last month or I can’t remember exactly when we met. Maybe it’s been a month or six weeks.

[00:04:18] Yeah, yeah.

[00:04:19] So it seems like since we first started talking, until now, things have been trending in a really positive direction. So that’s awesome to see all the the the the closing deals that are happening now. Kaluza. Ok. All right. Well, do we have any other wins? Anybody else?

[00:04:42] A week wasn’t quite that busy, but I got I had a good week. I sold a website to a granite guy. And he ended up deciding to expand into two different areas, so I’ve got two legions going for him now. Um, and he’s expanding for all the right reasons, he wants to increase revenue so he can start kicking back some equity to his employees and make sure they’re taken care of and kind of build a legacy business that’s that’s employee owned.

[00:05:16] Awesome. Yeah, I think that’s a I think that’s a pretty good niche. The granite niche. It seems like low competition, high dollar,

[00:05:24] And he wants to go hard on specifically countertops. So we’ve we’ve got his site set up for general kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and then we’re going to set his legions up. Very niche. Specific.

[00:05:37] Awesome. Very cool, man. Congrats on that one, Tyler. Thank you. You know, Patrick

[00:05:42] Little small one. It’s I don’t know if you consider it a win, but a lot of the contractors are really busy now. So they’re, you know,

[00:05:51] Having a hard

[00:05:51] Time. They’re booked out like three months, four months and had a guy that needed a quote on something. He’s buying a house and he wants to know how much he’s going to have to put into something.

[00:06:01] And he called me, he’s desperate.

[00:06:04] His realtor call me and I got reports, and I was trying to help him out, and he called me back later and said, Listen, you know, just so you know, I’ve called around. So a lot of the other contractors, they all treated me like shit. He goes, They’re like, What are you crazy? He says, they talk down to me when I call trying to get a quote, and he says, when

[00:06:27] This thing goes through, I’ll use you. I spent a lot of time with the

[00:06:30] Guy at the end of the day, write me up a huge review for the site. So I got a review out of it anyways, and he’ll use me when it comes time to it.

[00:06:39] Yeah, I mean, those reviews matter and, you know, just kind of like having daily actions that are resulting in these these small wins over time. If if your daily actions are a bunch of small, that’s how everything gets done. Everything. Anything big is a collection of small wins. So getting a positive review. Making a connection. You know, it’s all this stuff matters. And I think it’s important, especially for those of you that are kind of prone. Not that you are Neil. But for those of you that are prone to like discouragement, you need to. I was talking to my buddy Paul today about this. You’ve got to find a way to hack your brain. You have to be a salesman to yourself and constantly be working towards improving yourself mentally in the right direction. But he was telling me that, you know, a lot of times he’s struggling with motivation. He’s lazy, and most of the days he’s winning against the battle against laziness. But you’ve got to set things up, create your own scenarios in your own head that are going to move you in the direction that you know you need to go. You know your weaknesses, right? Every single one of us on this call, we all have our own weaknesses. The first step is identifying, you don’t know what that is. You need to like, have some self-reflection, quiet time staring at the wall and like, figure out what that is and then build your own attack plan.

[00:08:00] Like, This is where I am. This is where I want to go. I know that I’m struggling with this times in the past when I haven’t struggled with this. This is the mental state I was in. How do I shift myself? What story do I need to tell myself to be able to move like? So the example I gave to my buddy Paul was like, What if you knew that you had? He’s got a son. So like, what if you knew you had five years to live? You don’t have this like indefinite time frame. You got five years. Like, what are you going to do? Can you waste a day? Are you OK with that? Or like, what if we played that game? It may not be true, but if you were to move yourself in the direction of having this limited time frame, you’re going to be better off than when you create that urgency, even if it’s a false sense of urgency. That’s the game. Right. So I told this story before, but if you guys have ever seen The Last Dance, the Michael Jordan special on Netflix, this isn’t about Michael Jordan, but it’s about the mindset that he puts himself in.

[00:08:58] So he got into he was he was in some series and he’s playing against this rookie and he had like an off game. And, you know, after after the after the game, they’re interviewing them. And he let it be known that this rookie said, put his arm around him and said, Good game, Mike. And. He the next day, he came back and he just like, obliterated this record. The guy the guy couldn’t even touch the ball, right? He had like no points, nothing. And then they asked the rookie about it and they’re like, He’s like, I’ve never said, good game to him when he I didn’t say that. And Michael Jordan is like, Yeah, yeah, he said that. So years later, they’re doing this last dance thing and they’re like, that guy said he never said that. Did he actually say that? And he’s like, No, he never said anything. I just had to put myself in that mental state of like being challenged by somebody. So like, this is the person who arguably is the best at this sport in history, right? And these are the mind hacks that he’s doing is, as we’ve heard, success leaves clues, right? So like, find a way for you to hack your own brain, whatever it needs to be, whatever your motivation is, you know that to be a salesman to yourself with this story of why this urgency needs to exist.

[00:10:16] So this is explaining to my my buddy Paul awake. So Paul is is he’s learning this business model. He’s right now, he’s driving for Uber Eats, so he’s not making a lot of money. He’s just getting started with this business model. He’s somebody I’ve known for a long time. And, you know, I’m explaining to him like, Look, the days of not driving Uber Eats and just having like an extra 10 K pumped into your bank account every every month are considerably better than those where we have to like, go and drive Uber Eats and we like we don’t get to do what we want. Like, he had to work a bunch of extra hours last week because of the financial situation that he’s in, right? So we’ve got to get on the other side of this as soon as possible. You’ve got to find a way to create that sense of urgency in your head because this mount you’re not getting these days back like how many days you have in your life. Everyone that you’re not getting that one back right. So you need to you need to enjoy this much as possible, right? And to do that, we’ve got to have urgency to get the results, even if like, we’re comfortable and we’ve got like, you know, it can be considerably better when you when you don’t have some of these stresses.

[00:11:21] So, you know, I like to try to mix in a bit of inspiration into these calls with some technical stuff. So that’s kind of the inspirational bit. It’s something that I think about regularly. You know where you’ve got to put yourself on the clock, give yourself a deadline and hold yourself accountable to it, right? No one, you can trick everybody else. You’re not going to trick yourself, right? So, you know, like where you are and you’ve chosen, this is the pathway to get there. Put a little fire under your butt, and like Spencer said, he put his back is up against the wall and now he’s had his biggest. You know what, I think maybe your biggest week or biggest collection of two weeks that have happened, this could have been going on the whole time, right? It’s like we don’t need to wait until our backs up against the wall for this to happen or like maybe put yourself in that situation. But I think you can artificially create that situation if you can just kind of like hack your brain. So do we have any other wins to celebrate anybody else? Good stuff going on.

[00:12:25] Hey, Patrick, can I chime in on what you just said? Yeah, absolutely. The other piece for me, you guys. So I’ve been doing this now. We’ll call it 16 months when those sites actually started to produce on a consistent basis. That’s what gave me a ton of confidence to know, Hey, I can. I can offer this site for a thousand four hundred for two thousand like you. Once you have that confidence, nobody can take that from you. And I know that there’s a lot of skills that are being taught, and you see guys that are saying, Oh, I make 40k a month, I make yada yada yada, but you’re not actually doing it. And it is not easy. Google doesn’t make things easy on us, all these other steps of doing things, and there’s always these forms of business that may not be exactly what Patrick’s business is or anybody else’s business in the group. And so what really made me, like everything come together was when those sites started to rank consistently, bring in numbers, get some people on trials and then, you know, get them, get them on that two week, then start saying, Hey, at that two weeks, is it something you want to talk about? Most all of them have said, yes, I haven’t had one person and then now you’re getting renters. And it wasn’t. It wasn’t that I wasn’t confident prior, but it was like, What am I really selling here, you guys? Is it enough to actually sell now? Once you have enough of those leads coming in, the phone’s ringing off the hook because I used to direct them to me. I couldn’t this season. I couldn’t. I couldn’t handle it. And so I finally got these contractors in place and a lot of these major cities. And now it’s it’s it’s almost like second nature. I’m more confident in what I’m doing. And so obviously then that confidence carries over, not just from renting the site, but to talking about people, about Facebook ads or Google ads or whatever the case is. So just that confidence piece?

[00:14:30] Yeah, absolutely. This goes this goes hand in hand with what I’ve been saying in the past is. Like, you’re not really going to start to have good money coming in and it be passive until the site is ranking, right, so this is why like that, I think it was three weeks ago, I gave you guys kind of that formula of let’s keep 60 percent of the stuff we have rented. So like, I love building this in chunks. So twenty five sites, you should have 15 of them rented, right? So what’s what’s the the lead start to come in then the sales process in my mind, it’s not really so much as a sales process as it is to like, let me show what it got. Now it’s a negotiation because if it’s if leaves are coming in, it’s easy to sell. Right? If you have the product in your hand, it’s it’s just a question of like. And we know that the product is valuable to the right person. Then we have all the because the product does the talking. We don’t have to convince them of anything, right? It’s just like, here’s what it is. Try it out. Does this work for you? It really comes down to. Is this person too good? Are they good at what they do? Because if they are, this is going to have a lot of value to them and if they’re not, then we’ll find somebody else. But so that’s why it’s important, like the shoes on the shelf, right? Twenty five cents get those sites ranking don’t build one hundred and fifty sites like get the ones ranking that you have because that’s the opportunity for money right there.

[00:16:02] So we’ve got to have enough of those because we know some of them are going to fail or some of them are going to take longer. Right. So I think twenty five is a good number so that you can like, Hey, I’ve got enough out there now. I can focus on these. And if you guys are choosing sorry, I started thinking about this yesterday. I’m always kind of thinking about like, what can I? What value can I bring to these calls? And I started thinking, like, everyone has this magic or this like coveted 10k and month number. It seems like the first step for everybody that comes into this business model. That’s not everybody, but most people are like, they’re all choosing that, you know, ten thousand a month. No, it just sounds like such a sexy number. So like, what do you need? You probably need 10 sites ranking. That’s all the 10 sites ranking. If you choose the right niches, that’s ten thousand dollars a month easy, right? I would hope that if you choose the right niche, it’s probably fifteen thousand a month or more. So to have ten sites ranking, if we say like, I think if you build twenty five, I think you can. If you do do the work on all twenty five of them, I think ten of those are going to be popping after some time, maybe six months, maybe maybe two, eight months.

[00:17:10] It’s usually not three months. I know that’s kind of like this unwritten number that some of us are taught that hey, after three months, block like I haven’t found it to be that. But ten thousand a month for the indefinite future. Six months is not that big of an investment. Once we know like, look, that six months probably needs to start once you’re kind of competent with these skills. So it’s not day one six months later, it may be, you know, depending on how hard you’re working, it may be not. It may be nine months from from when you get into this thing. But the point is, you like, it’s not that far away, right? It’s like the first part is let’s learn as much as we can. And then the second part is like, how do we how do we build this enough of these so that we have this opportunity? And you know, it’s like, you’ve got so much time, and let’s say you build your twenty five sites. You’ve got you’re kind of spreading this like layer, whatever of it’s called. Let’s call it peanut butter. You’re spreading this layer of peanut butter out over these twenty five sites. If you have one hundred sites, you still have the same amount of time. Now you’re spreading it out thinner, so they’re going to be moving slower, right? Twenty five is a good. It’s a good chunk that you can kind of like delegate enough of your time.

[00:18:21] So for those of you guys, if this is like. Um, really, really good stuff for you right now, and you didn’t see the video three weeks ago. I would go go check that one out. It might have been four weeks ago, Jeff. You could probably plug it in the one where we gave the spreadsheet afterwards that call, where it’s kind of giving you that schedule. So I think, you know, you’ve get twenty five sites if you choose the right niches. I think that’s enough to get you to that 10k a month. Right. Because I think, you know, whatever ten of those are probably going to pop right. You need to do your due diligence well. And this is this is like, you know, not it’s not. Nothing is nothing is set in stone. Ok? Patrick says if I build twenty five sites 10k a month, that’s a rule. That’s not really what I’m saying. Saying, like it gives you a large enough sample size for the ones that will be successful. And if you choose high ticket niches, that’s not a big number to get to. Right. Right now, I feel 100 hundred percent confident that if I were to build twenty five sites, I would get ten thousand from at least 10 of those sites, right? So. Ok, cool. So I’ll tell you, we had a win and a loss in our agency this week. We had a client in Austin that has been with us for a few years, and he decided.

[00:19:37] So I don’t even mind sharing the niche, but he decided he bought into. He’s been successful in the first niche, but he bought into an air conditioning company. So he said, Hey, you know, I trust you guys, I want to work with you guys. So how we do things now is different than how we did things then. And I just basically said, Hey, it’s going to be this Start-Up fee, and it may be six months or more because air conditioning in Austin looks competitive to me. So we’ve already gotten started on it, our process. You know, I asked him for addresses. So that’s what we do at the beginning of our processes, like, Hey, I need to get addressed this. This is a competitive niche and we need to set up those antennas we’ve talked about all over the city. So he gave me a couple of addresses. I’m getting more addresses, but we’re building our attack plan with a lot of what we discussed last and last week’s call where it’s like, Hey, what are you going to do when you’re going into a competitive niche in a big city like the Austin area? There’s, I don’t know, two million plus surrounding this area, right? So that’s what we’re going to do is we’re going to probably build multiple sites. We’re going to have a bunch of different jobs. We’re kind of like going through, we’re looking at the competitors. We’re at that beginning phase because this just happened this week.

[00:20:50] So the loss that we had, we raised the rents. I think I shared this as a win a few months ago. We raised the rent on a bunch of clients and we took this client from fifteen hundred to two thousand five hundred and she said that. Her stuff is it’s got too expensive, she got she she cancelled yesterday, I gave her a little follow up message and she said her our bill is too expensive and she can’t afford it. And I looked at what we had sent there, and I would say the average average ticket cost in her niche is at least two thousand. And so far after 11 days, I think we had sent her sixty five leads. So tremendous amount of leads. So. She’s not the right client, and we’re going to basically take this to another client, and I’m unwilling to sell this for for three thousand a month, less than three thousand a month, that’s going to be our bottom. So it’s a loss now. It’s going to be a long term raise. She wasn’t able to respond to a lot of the calls that were coming in. She was like she from the beginning, you know, I wanted to work with her and try to make this, this be successful. But you know, she she missed like 80 percent of the calls that came in last month. So that’s not going to be profitable for her, right? If she’s missing all the calls, then how can this ever work? So right now, it’s a loss, but I want to share our, you know, some of the things that we go through because like, we’re going through it as well.

[00:22:16] So if you guys are going through this, it’s nothing to be discouraged about, like like we talked about last week. It’s kind of a roller coaster. It’s going to be trending up. I think ultimately this is going to work out better. We’re going to find a better client. I see a question here how many clients accepted the raise and wouldn’t cover the cost of losing this one person? Yeah. So so far, I mean, she accepted the raise and then she like, basically, you know, three months later, she said, Hey, this isn’t working. She didn’t really offer any kind of like, Hey, can we can you give me like less leads for this? She didn’t say anything like that. She just said she wanted to cancel. Just like, that’s that’s fine. Every client that I’ve that I’ve asked has accepted the race so far. Like, I’ve never been shut down on this, so it’s always been justified. It’s based on the value that we’re giving. And, you know, we’re able using using be generated, we’re pretty easily able to justify our numbers. We know exactly where we are with these people. We have the calls coming in there. We have the form submissions, so I can just look at these numbers and be like, Hey, this is this is what a valuable lead is in your industry. This is what we sent.

[00:23:30] Like, if we were to multiply this, it would be this amount. I’ll discount it a little bit, but it like so maybe it’s worth like five thousand a month, so let’s make it for four thousand a month because I personally don’t like to redline these people and then it’s just an unstable relationship. I want them to be, you know, very happy and benefiting from this. So. But yeah, so pretty much everyone has accepted it. I see. Do you use some standard questionnaire to filter bad clients? So we don’t really have a questionnaire it’s more of at this point, it’s become more of a a feel right? I we’ve been in this industry for. You know, five years now, and it’s which isn’t easily easy information to kind of just download to all you guys, but there’s red flags that you need to be looking out for. Has this person been in business for like 15 years and they’re the only people that are just like them, like him and his wife? And that’s just it. It’s like, maybe they’re not growth minded, right? Are they not answering the calls? They have bad reviews. These are some of the things that we look for, like what’s their plan? Do you feel like this person is intelligent? Are they good at talking to people, right? If you call them up as a potential customer? I was talking to Harry last night, and he said he called up like a hundred people in one niche and only 30 percent of them answered the calls.

[00:24:57] So that’s 70 percent. That’s not answering calls. They’re also not going to answer your calls, which means they’re probably not going to close very many of the leads, which means the value is not going to be there for them. So you’re kind of looking for this. Imagine you’re hiring this person to come and do whatever work at your house. What kind of fuel do you get from them? Those are some of the things like listen to your guts, right, when you’re having these conversations. This doesn’t feel right. Probably. There’s probably a reason, right? If you if you notice that they they don’t have any reviews, but not probably not blowing people away, right? It’s always a diamond in the rough hiding in there. I found these people. I found people that don’t have a site and then they’ve turned out to be great clients. But you start to get a little bit of like some Spiti skills with this after a little while where it’s just like, this doesn’t seem like my type of guy, right? Or it does right? Ok, cool. All right, so that’s kind of like the wins that we have there and our loss, our unfortunate loss. I want to share with you guys an update that we have coming here. We are going to be spotlighting Graham tonight, so we’ll get into that with him. Is there any questions that anybody has right now? I’m pulling this up. Jeff, you got anything on the questions. I haven’t been watching the Facebook.

[00:26:18] I’m getting up a little, but I answered. Jarrett is saying that he doubled the rent on one of his clients this last week. Congratulations, Jarrett. And a couple of people were asking about Have Andrew has twenty three Legion sites? How do you worry about ranking them all at the same time? I kind of just gave him a little bit of a canned answer about how we do it. We just we keep building, and it just depends on how you know how many existing client projects we have compared to what we’re trying to build and our resources. And you just have to prioritize the best you can, and some of them get thrown to the back burner and then they they kind of emerge later. And that’s a really great thing to be to have when you’re working with, like Patrick’s agency, we have so many sites and then they just kind of like they surface and then it’s like as a sales guy like, OK, now I can try to sell it or I go and do a little research for how many games do we have behind it? Like, what’s the status? Does it have all the stuff and start working to rank it better so that it’s going to produce enough to sell? But that’s kind of the way we do is throw a lot of shoes on the shelf and then prioritize based on the money we have coming in and the resources we have available.

[00:27:32] Right, right. And and you guys like, we’re probably not going to have a long down time on the site, if at all. I think Jeff already has somebody that is trying to tee up for for next month.

[00:27:45] So the one where the client gets out? Yeah, for sure, because that’s a that’s a niche that we’re in and other locations. So we have quite a decent reach in that niche. So I just make a few calls and have some interest pretty easily, right? Pretty quickly.

[00:28:03] I think I think we’ll probably have like she’s paid through the end of this month, the client that that dip down on us. So. I think we’re going to have someone at we do our building on the first, so I think we’re going to have somebody that’s probably going to start paying in June. So I think ultimately it’s going to be a win.

[00:28:22] That’s the beautiful thing about having a producing asset, right? I mean. And that’s what Dan says in the training. It’s like, Well, if you miss golden handcuffs, if they bail, you have a producing asset. That’s this one in particular is generating a goldmine of leads every month. So I mean, if I can’t sell that, then I’m in trouble.

[00:28:44] Right, yes, sir. You’ve got it, you’ve got you’ve got him on tape now saying

[00:28:49] It right, so it’s already sold pretty

[00:28:53] Much. Well, I know you’ve already gone and got somebody lined up for it already, and

[00:28:56] It’s really only in the in the first six minutes after I found out I already had interest. So yeah,

[00:29:03] Yeah. What’s is good like? We’ve talked about this in the past, too. So one of the things that that Jeff is mentioning here is that. One niche down, so when you’re next down, there’s so many different benefits to being this, there’s a lot of a lot of these niches are going to be like the people know each other in these niches, so the referral network will be really strong. If I say, Hey, do you know anyone that’s in this area? One of our clients that we’re already killing it for can easily refer us to someone else they know, and it’s coming in very, very hot, right? And a lot of these people, you know, we have a we have a policy where our clients don’t compete against each other. So we’re going to have to do that. I’m just going to mute you, Sherry, because we’re getting some, some feedback there. Ok, so so if we have two clients that service the same area, but we’re only providing them for for we’re only providing one of them and one of them dips and we can easily pass it on to the second one. So it’s it makes things a lot easier when you niche down, you know, the pain points, you know, the pages that you’re going to have to build. If you found good backlinks, you can use those same backlinks, right? You’re going to know that the leads that are the most valuable type of leads, right? You don’t want to niche down too soon.

[00:30:19] I’ve mentioned this in the past. You want to like, you know, if you’re starting out with like your first twenty five sites. I wouldn’t build twenty five sites in the same niche. Maybe you pick like seven niches or eight niches and you build like three or four sites in each one of these different niches. So that way you get a little bit of a sampling, right? And then once you have one that you like or maybe you do that in the first ten sites, then OK, so I’ve got like four sites in the first ten that I’m building out. So now as I go on to the next 15, I really like this niche. I have a little bit more confidence. I would want to have somebody that’s like closed in that niche because until you’ve done the full lifecycle of a sale within a niche, you’re still going to be learning right? And even after that, you’re probably still going to be learning. So it’s important that you don’t dive into something too deep before you really know what you’re getting yourself into. But once you do, I definitely recommend niching down and you know, everything gets everything.

[00:31:13] It’s more efficient and faster once you have that, once you’ve niche down. You kind of you have a playbook for that niche or what you’re going to do the keywords. All that stuff that that takes us a little while to learn is already done for you as you move into that new niche. Ok, so I’m going to share an update that we have, as I mentioned, we kind of have a update on deck for our contacts module that will be adding as well as our pipeline system, and we’ve been revamping this one as well. So I know a lot of you guys have asked for this in the past. So this is our form builder. We’re turning this into a lot more of a form builder that you would see kind of like in a website builder to make things easier for you guys. So the way it’s going to work is it’s going to be drag and drop over here, and you are going to be able to add these fields in and then you kind of manage things with these tabs over here. You can see that we’re starting to add in some of these things like this, like the left, how it’s center right. We still got this stuff with a placeholder text in the hub or text, and then we’re going to be giving you guys a lot more.

[00:32:20] It’s not really doing a good job of displaying it here, but a lot more functionality towards without having to know, like CSS or HTML to be able to just apply the styles through our system, right? So this is just kind of like an interactive mockup. Our developers are still building this, but so each field is going to kind of have its own area over here where you can set a lot more of these different different types of information. So as well as like, we’re going to give you guys some templates. So we have a very good designer. You guys have like the way that that our system looks. It’s a part of our designer and we’re going to give you guys some really cool, beautiful looking forms that you can basically just say, OK, I want to use this template, right? So maybe there’s going to be like 10 or 15 different templates that you can choose from. So one could be like a form with like a semi-transparent background, right? Where you can just drop it in a lot of like just like beautiful styling built into it. So that’s kind of what we’re working towards. I’m hoping to have this one released next week with several other ones are our pipeline developer.

[00:33:28] I was hoping to launch that last week. Fortunately, he got COVID and now he seems like he’s back in action. So we just have a couple of final touches. There’s a lot of pieces when we kind of got to release them in the right order because there’s some dependencies on some of the stuff that’s involved with each other. But this one is coming very soon. So I just kind of wanted to give you guys the heads up on this. A lot of cool functionality on how this is going to work. And we’ll have a preview spot right here where you can actually see without having to pull it over to your site and launch it. This is exactly how it’s going to look when you click this preview button, right? So I know that like job forms, if any of you guys have used that, we’ve modeled this to some extent off of job form. So like, I think this is one of the oldest parts of the application. So it’s time to kind of like give it a little give, give him a haircut, make him look a little nicer, fancier. So so yeah, so that’s what’s coming. Any questions on that from anyone? I do have a

[00:34:25] Question, Patrick. And it’s more about the fields because I know that in the forms, we can create new fields also to hand over there. I’ve been trying to import lead. So when you import it, what I understand is that you go through through this form basically

[00:34:43] Through the obscure I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand the word that you said that you’ve been trying to do what import, import, import leads. Yeah. So from a from a Zapier connection. So from what I understood,

[00:34:56] It goes through the different fields that are available on the form. Is that a fair assumption?

[00:35:03] Let’s back up one second. So you’re using the Zapier connection. Are you running Google ads? Is that why you’re using Zapier? It’s not necessary for Google ads, but I

[00:35:13] Want to import lead into the generated. So in in the form, I did create some additional fields. The struggle that I have today is that when I’m importing something like a link, for example, there’s no way right now in the forms to have a link being displayed. Is that part of your next date?

[00:35:43] Ok, so there’s a couple of confusing parts here. The first, I guess your question is, is there a way to put a link into the forum? Yep. That’s certainly something we can add. Ok, what would the link? I don’t understand the use case for the link.

[00:36:03] Let’s say that you have another way to generate leads. Ok, and then you want to be able to have a link which is tied to this record on this other system.

[00:36:14] Ah, OK. So you want to track like. So you’re looking for like as elitist submitted? It’s not. It’s not necessarily like a link that that customer would be clicking on. It’s just something that is included with the field as it comes in. Yes, I got you. Ok. Would that link be the website URL? No, it’s not the website.

[00:36:39] I know that we have a way to have the website in India generated for the customers, but no. Ok.

[00:36:50] Yeah, I guess I would need to understand a little bit more of the use case for this so that we could pull that in in the correct way. Now, Lawrence, are you using the embed forms?

[00:37:03] In fact, I’m using both the platform, yes, and which the I don’t need the necessary URL or link for that one. But I’m also using just importing leads from from Zapier.

[00:37:18] Oh, OK. I think I think I understand what’s going on here. Maybe it’s a I think you’re being polite and you don’t want to mention anything about a phone system. And that’s why you’re importing WhatsApp here. So I got you now. Ok? I understand the question now better, and I appreciate your discretion on the way you phrase this. So I don’t know that we have that capability now, but that might be something we’re adding in the near, in the near future to kind of structure things for you. It’s I know there’s a lot of changes going on with, you know, some of these phone systems, so we’re trying to do our best to accommodate, you know, as you guys have seen, there’s been a lot of changes with counseling recently. And it’s created some changes on our end. So we’re constantly trying to tweak things to make sure things are getting pulled in correctly and we’ll continue to do that. I don’t know that we have a way to pull a link. And although I like, maybe it just wouldn’t register as a link in our system if it’s coming through Zapier because it’s just going to be a it’s going to be like a clickable link, right? It’s just going to be the URL that’s getting pulled through. So yeah, I’ll have to put some thought into that one the right.

[00:38:40] Then I on did that one as well, Patrick.

[00:38:43] Yeah. Is that Dave? Yeah, it is. Sorry. No, you get sometimes I need to change the view of this. I couldn’t tell where that was coming from.

[00:38:51] Yeah, I wanted to tack onto that and ask, is there? And I sent Jeff a direct message on this as well. Does their roadmap include any kind of conditional logic? So let’s say you’ve got one tracking number that is coming in to everything and for everything. So you’ve got an electrician, you’ve got a tow truck company, you’ve got a plumber all coming in, all on one number. And being able to have the conditional logic in the form that says, I want, I’m looking for a plumber. Ok, now you’re going over to the plumber questions and filling in the specifics on that plumber that you’re looking for or right, you want to go to the other, the other trades and ask, OK, in this form, I need to ask these questions provide a quality lead. Is that something that’s in the roadmap?

[00:39:54] Yeah, it is. So that is the campaign builder that is going to tackle that. And I think this is. I think I think it would be impossibly impossible for me to express the difference that I predict this is going to make and your guy’s ability to automate things, I think once you see it in action, it’s going to be a complete game changer. I don’t think there’s a lot of systems that even exist out there that can do some of what is going to be able to be done with this. So this is our campaign builder. We’ve got this on pause a little bit now. It is the number one priority like the number one priority that’s longer than like two or three weeks of development. Is this this one right here? But what we always have to end up prioritizing about it is that we have tickets come in. We prior towards that prioritize that first and then the future second. So that’s why sometimes these features get pushed back depending on like they were running into code issues. I’m not going to allow our system to be like glitchy and broken. That’s like, I don’t care if it means that we can’t roll features out. I’m just like, I hate software that’s like that. So that’s a cornerstone. We’re going to focus on tickets for us in any problems that we see. And then with our extra development time, it will go towards features. And this is our top long term future. It’s going to it’s the most complex part. So basically how this works, this is again one of those interactive mockups.

[00:41:18] So you create a campaign. So let’s say I click on this and it’s going to take us over to this campaign donor. So this is our visual campaign donor. We have triggers and we have we have actions. So if you click on a trigger, you can say what happened. So maybe it’s a new call or new form submissions. And then I could say, OK, it’s a form submission from this form or like this lead field status is going to be one that is really used. It’s so let’s say you’ve created your own website form and it has a status of like zip code or something, right? And then I can say, if the ZIP code is this, then do this. If the ZIP code is not this, then do this right. So you can essentially almost become like the programmer and build out all your own actions that happen after it, right? So then we can go in here. We could add an additional conditions, right? I could say OK, if the field has this value or contains this text, has this tag all these different things that you can do? Right. So so from here, you’re getting a lot of flexibility. Ok, so let’s say I choose this one and then choose Done. Now what happens next? So what happens next is I can decide what happens next. It’s like those, those little books where you can make your own story, right? So I think we’re getting some feedback from somebody, Jeff, can you figure out who that is? And let me know, maybe Shannon.

[00:42:43] Is it think? I’m going to mute, man. Where did the controls go when you’re on screen share? Well, give me one second, guys. Ok, I’m going to mute everyone. Hit with the hammer.

[00:43:02] All right, so so now you have these actions to take after that trigger. So that could be wait 15 minutes because we want it to look organic, right? And then send an email or send a text message. So we’ve been working with the cosplaying development team to tie in to be able to send text messages from the system through our system, right? So we can build in that automation deals, right? We can. Oops. So the deals are the pipeline system, right? Each one of those items within our pipeline is a deal. So we’ve got that work and we’ve had it working. It’s just a couple, a couple like small UI tweaks that we’re making campaigns. You can move it into another campaign, which means you can kind of like stack these on top of each other, right? You could update this is our contact module that we’re about ready to release. This is another condition you could create a task. So our task was like a reminder system. I’ve demoed this on past calls, right? So we could say, Hey, I want to send a text message reminder to this person at this time, right? So we can schedule that that kind of stuff to happen or assign it to a user. This could be a signing to a client, or it could be assigned it to another person within your agency. So let’s say I choose one of these, right? Then I can add on another one and another one, and I can just keep on doing this with all kinds of conditions.

[00:44:17] So you’ll have the ability to copy these to be able to take like kind of a snapshot of this and then say, OK, I’ve built out this like complex logic here with different variables. Let me apply this to this other one. So this is going to, I think long term, this is going to replace a lot of parts of our system, right? And we’re going to give you guys some templates, right? So maybe the template is when a lead comes in forward to client and I can just copy that and say what client and make it really quick. So I think long term, this could replace like our reputation management, the the the request system, right? It could replace lead forwarding notifications. A lot of different pieces like as you may be able to tell, this is this is a really complicated. Thing for us to build in, I’m very excited to get it in here because I think it’s going to just change the way this whole system works. And I think the visual nature of this, even though this is complex, I think it’s kind of like building this out. I think it’s going to make intuitive sense to a lot of people on how this is going to work. So Dave does that. I imagine that answers your question, right?

[00:45:28] But yeah, it it’s right on Park, you know, like I said, having one Legion telephone number that goes to a form that, you know, you can break it out with the conditional logic and send a plumber lead to a plumber or send an electrician lead to an electrician. That’s that’s going to be huge. The text messaging or the automated straight to voicemail. You know, those those integrations, you know, I know it takes a lot of code, but it’s it’s right on par with what I’m looking at, and I know that’ll be a game changer for a lot of people as well.

[00:46:07] Yeah. Yeah, I can’t like I’m excited to get this in for you guys. I’m really excited for my own agency to have this in here too, because there’s a lot of these. I’m paying people on a daily basis to do a lot of the things that this will handle,

[00:46:22] And that’s the last use case scenario that I was thinking of as well. Patrick is, you know, maybe you want to have some of the leads that that come in for, let’s say, a cleaning company. Right? You have those leads come in. Some of them, you pipe over to a cleaning company that’s outside your area. Maybe you own your own cleaning company and want to pipe some of those leads in for yourself for a smaller radius. That’s yeah.

[00:46:47] Yeah, absolutely. Like I’ve got, I’ve got a pool cleaning company in a city and terrible niche to go into, but we have a special reason for going into it. But the one guy can’t handle the entire city, so we end up having to answer the calls for them and like, divide it based on zip codes. And this can do this for us, right? It’ll just it’s going to be great. So I think it’s going to I think it’s going to make a big difference for a lot of people and then this is going to be leveraged throughout our entire application. So all sorts, like all different parts, it could be that like when a GMB gets suspended, then like text me or I don’t know, like, maybe that’s not a good example, but you can build this out based on a ton of different events is essentially where this is going to go. Right, so. Ok, cool.

[00:47:36] So thanks for sharing.

[00:47:38] You’re welcome. Any other questions?

[00:47:42] I don’t see anything in the chat or anything.

[00:47:47] All right. So I think we are ready to move on to the spotlight session with Mr. Graham. See on here,

[00:47:56] I’ve lost the very.

[00:48:02] And hearing, oh, there you go. What’s up, man, how are you doing?

[00:48:07] I’m hanging in there.

[00:48:09] That was a very convincing.

[00:48:11] I’m hanging in there, man, I’m getting my ass kicked.

[00:48:13] Yeah, what’s going on with you? Who’s kicking your ass?

[00:48:19] Some been-I people and you know. Some other clients.

[00:48:25] So, so with the let’s let’s get real with this man, let’s get the most from this session. Well, let’s talk about it. Let’s let’s so what’s going on with the C and what’s going on with your clients? Why? What’s not working?

[00:48:39] All right, well, one of my first clients. But our guy last year, I’ve had him for a year. He’s doing OK. I think I’ve doubled all the calls he’s getting so far. But I was like for like a year. I was like, Hey man, why haven’t we grown in reviews? What’s really concerning is like, why are you? Why are we getting reviews? And like when I look around like into the delete generated or like on Yelp or somewhere I’m seeing like bad reviews, either he didn’t show up or they didn’t show up, or they did a bad job, right? And then I just took and costing. We can text now from that, that tracking phone number and I sent, like everybody who calls from January to like two weeks ago, a text message requesting a review. And like, not that many people reply for like 70 percent who did was like, look like we went with somebody else because you didn’t show up. So I called him out and I was like, Hey, man, like, you know, I’m probably going to have to do like, use somebody else. So I mean, I don’t want to do that right now, but if I have to, I’m going to have to, you know, because he’s going to end up driving my legion into the ground just based off of like a bunch of bad reviews, right?

[00:49:54] And you’re not really. I mean, there’s multiple problems with the client like this. You’re not going to be able to charge what it’s worth if he’s not showing up because you’re not going to be able to charge one worth unless he’s getting the value from it. And if he’s got like business problems on his end, then he’s not going to be able to get the value from it. That that, you know, like this is why it’s important to have a client that’s a killer, right? That’s in there crushing it because they’re going to be making a ton of money from the site. And because of that, you can charge more, right? If you get someone that that closes one percent of the time, are you going to be able to get like 10 percent of of like, are you going to able to get the proper weed? Probably not. Right? So it’s tough, man. And it’s Joseph. How many how many paying clients do you have in your business?

[00:50:44] Well, for for so

[00:50:48] Legion and you got some CEO clients, then it sounds like.

[00:50:51] No, I don’t. I’ve been working on that. Don’t got none of those. I got a couple of websites and some jabs.

[00:50:57] Yeah. So so you’re in the tough situation where like, if you give this guy the boot, that’s twenty five percent of your client base is gone.

[00:51:05] Right? Pretty much, yeah. But I told him, like, hey, like, we’re going to have to like up the rent too, because like from last year, we were getting like 30 calls a month. And then when I just checked, it was like one sixty three.

[00:51:17] Holy cow. Do you mind and you don’t have to do this? Do you mind sharing what the niche is?

[00:51:23] It’s drywall. Drywall.

[00:51:25] So how much are you charging this guy?

[00:51:28] A thousand.

[00:51:29] A thousand. Ok. Let’s do a little experiment here. I’m going to see if I can find this. I don’t know if it’s in.

[00:51:38] Mainly, I mainly do this in large cities like most of my legions are in like large cities because my first couple of ones were like in like a hundred thousand populations. They get a lot of calls, but like, there’s not that many people that can get one that went to the calls, you know what I mean? Right? It’s not business owners in ghost towns.

[00:51:57] Yeah, that’s it can be tough in some of those towns, right? Especially like, I think, the drywall niche. I played around with it a little bit. It seems like certain niches have. Um, there’s like stereotypes that that accompany certain niches and like finding good drywall people. It seems like it’s a tough thing to do. Like, just like I remembered. Yeah, I think there’s there’s a lot of like. For whatever reason, it appears that a lot of these people are there’s like a lot of like habitual drug users that are also doing drywall. Like, I think they make quick. I don’t know why that happens, but it’s just been my experience. And then I’ve talked to other people and they said like, Yeah, this is like really, really common. And I don’t know why that happens. I don’t know if like drywall, drywall, a school, they’re like passing stuff out and get people in there. But it doesn’t seem like it seems like a hard niche to find good people in. For whatever reason is. Yeah.

[00:52:55] So this is what I’m talking about. Like, take the house. Yeah.

[00:53:00] When you niche down, you want to know some of the stuff and you’ve got to go through the entire cycle and close someone and get someone on on that retainer for a little bit before you decide to niche down and go because there’s going to be stuff like this that you wouldn’t know that just kind of shows up. But this is my Home Advisor pricing sheet. Ok, so I’ll tell you that the lead quality from an organic website crushes the lead quality from Home Advisor. So you guys need this needs to be the minimum bar of what we said it. So I’m just going to do a search and this is in the group. See if we can find drywall right here. Ok, so we’ve got repair and install. Ok, so let’s say that let’s do this. Let’s say that it’s half if it’s if it’s half repair and half installed with some business. So we’ll set the average at like twenty seven dollars somewhere around there, right? So I’m just kind of like, if this were my business, I would maybe go through and find out because certain if we’re ranking better for repair, then we’re

[00:54:01] Probably going to have it. Thirty five lead. And then like, if they want to do a day rate, most of my guys, I put them on day rate like forty five, fifty bucks a day. This guy was my first one. So like, find him a day rate. So I’m like, Hey, man, like I charge thirty five bucks a lead because they’re all exclusive. They’re not getting banged on by like everyone else in town, right? And so you might get two calls a day, you might get five calls a day. So instead of getting charged thirty five for lead, I’ll just charge you forty five bucks a day. And I just kind of, you know, they’re like, Yeah, that makes more sense. I’m getting what I wanted in the first place at the end of the month, OK?

[00:54:40] Yeah, I think you’re you may be getting paid more for this. In the short term, you’re going to create more overhead for yourself by having this like like day rate where it’s like, OK, did you get a lead on that I don’t like? Maybe, maybe I’m not completely understanding

[00:54:57] It, but they raised the same as a flat rate as a monthly rate, I just break it down to today. Oh, I

[00:55:01] See. So you’re saying like forty five times 30?

[00:55:04] Yeah, pretty much.

[00:55:06] Ok. So if not, if that were the case, then. So let me bring up. This awesome tool I have here. See, Oops! Doesn’t want to put up let me start a full screen,

[00:55:21] And this is just one guy like it’s really hard, like all my clients is like, except for one. It’s hard to like, really communicate with them because you’re like, so hard headed, you know? And like,

[00:55:32] Yeah, OK. So I think you may be. I agree. And that’s like a part of the niche that you’re in. So, right, so you may like you need to be considering all the pluses and minuses of these niche. And so we’re we’re in drywall wall. Then like we’ve got to deal with like these drywall guys who maybe are not as cool as maybe some other people, right? So you’re at 13, 50 a month at that, but you said you had one hundred and sixty three calls, right?

[00:56:01] Yeah, well, yeah, for that guy, I just charge him a flat rate he pays like two, 60 a week. But like the other two dry walls, I got there 13 fifty at forty five a day.

[00:56:14] Ok, so that number right, there is what I would be targeting, and I know that you’re having a hard time with where you’re at now with these

[00:56:23] Guys making like seven K off of that, that legion.

[00:56:26] So he’s not showing up for 70 percent of the calls. So right.

[00:56:33] Oh, no, well, just like I texted for reviews, but like 70 percent of the people that responded to that message were like, Hey, like, you didn’t show up.

[00:56:42] Yeah, this is a there’s multiple problems with this guy and you, in my opinion, you are not getting the value that you deserve at one thousand. This is right here. This number forty four hundred one I took twenty seven, multiplied it by one sixty three. It’s twenty seven was determined based on the pricing that that Home Advisor is selling this stuff for. So that is a no, that’s that’s a long way away. One hundred and sixty three weeks a month is a huge amount of leads. Right. Even if we took it at the minimum one hundred and sixty three and we need I just want to make sure that one hundred and sixty three is the actual number of leads. Not like calls plus form submissions, right?

[00:57:21] Well, yeah. Listen, I went through every call like the last 30 days and I was like, OK, this guy and I copy and paste the number. If it’s a blacklist number, I listen to them. There’s a hundred and sixty three now. There were like two hundred and something calls one hundred and fifty. So these hundred

[00:57:37] And sixty three are the ones that you perceive as being like, qualified.

[00:57:40] Right. And that’s including emails and texts.

[00:57:44] Are these all on one phone number?

[00:57:47] It’s about not I have he’s getting I have three numbers for this legion so far, and he’s getting calls from two of them.

[00:57:54] Ok, so you have the ability to like one hundred and sixty three. You’re going to have to find somebody that has a business and not like a guy that has a truck in his drywall. Right? You need like a business man to be able to handle that amount of volume. But since you have three numbers, you have the possibility of kind of like segmenting this and saying, Look, you’re going to get this one, you’re going to get this one. I don’t like to have my people compete against each other, but at the same time, when you get yourself in a situation where you’ve just blown out the market and you’ve got so much coming in like they can’t handle it and you. That doesn’t mean that you lose because they can’t handle it. That means that you find somebody else that can handle it or you give them the opportunity and say, Look, I’ve got one hundred and sixty three leads. This is how much it’s worth. I will give you three months to get up to speed to get this, but I’m not going to like, throw stuff away because you didn’t. You don’t have your ducks in a row like I’m not going to worth it to them and that, but that’s like, we need to. I got you. This is worth way. This is worth at least four thousand a month.

[00:58:57] Couple a couple of things about this, Patrick. One thing Joseph is like, I don’t know, you listen to those calls, but I know that a lot of dry wall stuff comes in and it’s like, Oh, I had a plumber replace a pipe and it’s a two by two section. Like, nobody wants that. That’s like a handyman stuff like no actual company is going to want to do that. So I don’t know what. Jobs are like that, but that’s something to keep in mind, and then they’ve offered the valuable insight that there are a lot of other industries or contractors that would maybe want those leads to expand upon their own services, remodelers or home builders and whatnot. Maybe painters, some painting companies, but it’s very, very specific, like eye contact like a lot of other contractors. I’m trying to replace this and they’ll say, Oh, well, we only do like these steps. They don’t do the whole process like Legion says, but they only do like a couple of things or they don’t do like a big job, like a whole house. And they’re like my guy. He was like, Well, some of these calls, I’ll contact them, I’ll get the number, I’ll show up. But they just don’t get the job. They don’t, they don’t know they’ll go with me. I’m like, Well, that’s not my fault, you know, that’s not my fault. You book the job, you went out there, you know?

[01:00:10] Yeah, your job is to give them somebody who’s looking for this service, right? I’ve delivered to you in real time. A person who is looking for the service that you say you provide. What happens after that? I’m not going to close this stuff for you. That’s your job, right? If that doesn’t work for you, then like, like, maybe this isn’t the right opportunity. And if you like what I love about what you said is you’re gone after big cities, which means there’s going to be a lot of opportunities. You need to be beating the phones, and I think you’re going to have to find what you’re going to do. One of two things like first find like the local kind of Mac daddy company that can handle this type of volume or are you going to have to split this between the different numbers and like hopefully you can find like some people that are strong in this, but I would be anchoring around four thousand because getting one hundred and sixty three leads with this lead value in getting a thousand a month for it. I mean, that’s this

[01:01:13] Is like, what is this? Those those two numbers or three numbers are from three different regions or two? Oh, perfect. Yeah, I mean, I mean two different b’s and I do. These are just on my part of the town. I live on southwest south side of town. I plan on getting jobs for the other parts of town as well, so I can really crank this out.

[01:01:32] Like, Yeah, right, I personally would not be investing any more time or or money into ranking this thing until you’ve got, I mean, you’ve got enough to justify it, a good amount of money coming in, right? I would be putting my time into how do I get paid for this like I’m supposed to and the pitch. Let’s let’s do like a little. We’ll do a little like kind of role playing here. So I’m going to give you my pitch. You’re the drywall contractor. I call you up and I say, Hey, you guys do drywall? Yes. Ok, how long you guys been in business?

[01:02:13] 10 years, 10 years?

[01:02:15] Ok, and you’re the owner of this company? Yes, I am. I’ve been looking around and I’m just wondering, is there a is there a place where you guys have a lot of good reviews?

[01:02:25] Check Google,

[01:02:26] Google. Ok, guys, see this here, I see this, you guys have gotten some great reviews, so here’s here’s what’s going on in my business. I partnered with a drywall guy and you know, he’s going through a divorce and like, I’m not a I’m not a drywall person. I build websites and I built him this website and this thing kind of flop for. Before we had the opportunity to get started, and now I’ve got all these people calling me for drywall. I want to make sure that these people are taken care of. So that’s why it’s important for me that someone has good reviews. Now, Joseph, would you mind taking this stuff for just like two weeks while I try to figure out what to do because I’ll tell you, these people are calling me and they’re pissed off because I don’t do drywall and like, they’re just looking for someone. I don’t want anything from it. If you get it, just like, go ahead and keep it like if you close anything that’s fine, like and I’m going to be looking for like kind of a long term solution, but can I just give you a call back in a week and we can kind of touch base and see if this if you want me to shut this off? Does that sound like something that would work for you?

[01:03:29] How much is it?

[01:03:30] I don’t want anything for this now. Just like, take it because these people are upset with me. And like I said, I’m a web designer. I’m not a drywall. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to tell these people. They’re looking for someone to do work. I don’t do the work right. It just didn’t work out how I planned it. We just take it for a couple of weeks and until I figure out. So that’s that’s kind of my pitch. And this is the drug dealer mentality that Spencer was talking about earlier on this call. The goal now is to get them on a trial. That’s the only we don’t need to sell them anything. I don’t want to even talk money. They don’t trust me. I’m an SEO person in their mind, right? You got to do this to get them out of their own way because. If if what we have is worth a lot of money to the right company and it can change their business, it can change their family dynamic, but they don’t believe you. They don’t know you. You’re just like the other seventy five calls. They get a week where someone’s trying to sell them like, Oh, I’m going to get you the top of Google. All this like garbage, right? So you’ve got to have a pattern interrupt, just like just take it look like. So that’s the step one. Get them on the trial. You’ve got plenty to justify a lot of money,

[01:04:43] Like, yeah, I do this all the time because we have so many shoes on the shelf. You know, it’s it would be next to impossible for me to, like, sell to the perfect client every time. The phone’s ringing like, I need somebody to answer it because if I don’t have a client, the answer? Three, we want somebody to be answering the phone, so I do this particular prospect. Constantly, constantly doing it, and you miss a lot, right? Because it’s not the right contractor, after all. But at the end of the day, we have enough pumping through the system that we need to get these calls answered. So for me, it works really well. Then you just you just grease the wheels, right? It’s like once they get them, if they are the right contractor, they trust you, they believe in you, and they’re ready to go to the next step. You know, you’ve gotten that far. When I call them back a week, 10 days later, they’re either super jazzed or they’re like, Oh, I’m booked out. The unfortunate reality here, folks, is that, you know, it’s not just drywall guys that are sniffing, paint and whatever they’re doing. It’s like the attorneys are doing drugs and everybody’s doing it and everybody else is sitting on the sofa collecting unemployment. That’s why these guys are booked weeks out, and we’re in a tough spot right now with contractors. So I think over time, that will break loose. But right now it’s tough for our contractors. You know, the people that we have, you know, working with our agency, it’s like they are booked out. And so it’s harder and harder to get a contractor who isn’t. Who’s hungry for four deals because they know they can’t. How are they going to hire? You know, that’s just the reality we’re in right now.

[01:06:14] Right. This is why I’ve said it before, I think this is one of the hardest parts is it’s not the ranking of the sites, it’s not getting the jobs, it’s trying to find the right type of client who can solve these problems when we start our businesses. We’ve agreed that we’re problem solvers. Whether you realize it or not, that’s your role is a problem solver. So another pitch that you can do, Joseph, is like, Hey, look, I’ve done this all over the United States and I’ve got leads coming in in this area for drywall. I’m giving a trial. I’m going to pick like five to seven different contractors. I’m going to give you guys stuff for two weeks. I don’t want anything for it. Whoever the winner is is the company that I’m going to go with long term. I’m only going to work with one company. Ok, so from the beginning, I’m kind of framing this thing as like, you have to qualify. The winner gets this prize, right? Not everyone’s going to vibe with this, but if you if you set it correctly, you’re going to pick up a lot like, Hey, we’re going to be auditing your calls, we’re going to be listening. Everything is recorded. Whatever you guys close is yours. I’m going to cover the cost on this first two weeks and then we’re going to choose the company that we think takes care of the best people. And that’s who we’re going to work. That’s who we’re going to work with. And I’ll tell you right now, we’ve done this all over the country.

[01:07:33] We are going to demolish the competition in this, in this city, we’re going to own the city. The leads that are coming through here are going to be like, we’re going to be the top dog, right? So we’re looking for the top dog on your part of this industry, too. Is this something that you would want to be involved with, if not no worse? We’ve got we’ve got a lot of other people that that that are interested in this. So your goal, like Spencer said, it’s just to get them on a trial because the leads are going to do the talking right. That’s the sale. That’s the best salesman we have is is getting letting them try it, let them close some stuff. What’s fortunate in the drywall? You’re going to have a very, very small sales cycle. Right, so someone’s going to come in, they’re not they’re not building like a swimming pool in their backyard, and they need like three months to decide stuff and like pick out. They’re pulling all this stuff like, Hey, I’ve got like drywall that needs replace. Can you come over? Yes, I can be there. How much is it? All right. Can you come over tomorrow to get started? Like, I’m at, I’m not in that niche, but I imagine it’s something probably less than than three or four days for that sale cycle. If it’s, you know, a residential job commercial maybe stretched out further. Is this making sense, Joseph?

[01:08:42] That’s making perfect sense.

[01:08:44] Ok. Do you see the trouble you have? I think you have something of tremendous value here with the site or these three sites are two sites or whatever it is that that are creating this hundred and sixty three leads. This is the same adjustment that that Paul had to make, right? Being able to price your stuff. So you go in here and let’s not like settle based on like the deficiencies of the client that we happen to find so far, right? Because there’s a big city, there’s probably three hundred others.

[01:09:14] This is this is Fort Worth. I got one in Dallas, so I plan on taking over the DFW. This is an eight million population, huge city.

[01:09:24] You know, and what they’ve said, I think is absolutely true that this is a vertical, this is what I call like the waterfall niches to is like. This one, you can kind of go straight up the pipeline like, OK, if I can get if I can get someone that’s doing the the drywall, a lot of times that’s going to accompany a remodel. So you could have a remodel site in this area, too, but someone’s doing a remodel a lot of times they’re going to need dumpster rental, right? Or like they’re going to need like cabinets and all these different other things that you can tack onto, right? So that’s where we’re like one lead maybe becomes like four leads, right? You may have to do some modifications with how the calls are answered. Maybe you put someone in there like you hire someone from the somebody from the Philippines to answer some of your calls because they’ve got really good accents and you don’t have to spend like 15 dollars an hour paying them, right? So and then you have them like coach them to ask these questions like, Oh oh, you need some drywall? What kind of project do you have going on here? Oh, we’re actually like redoing our bathroom or whatever.

[01:10:28] Oh, OK. You know, we have a we have a really good bathroom remodeling company. Is that something? Would you like to have them come out to you and just kind of knock all this out in one shot? You guys have a dumpster rental if you choose our bathroom remodel, or we could actually give you a discount on the dumpster rental, too, because we work with a company there. Right. So this is that started out is that leap. But now it’s like I’ve got multiple companies lined up here, right? So if that’s a twenty seven dollar lead now, maybe it just became one hundred dollar lead. Right. And when you have one hundred and sixty three of these coming through a month, this is where you turn this client from. Hey, they’re currently paying me a thousand a month to it’s going to take you a lot of work. But this is where you turn this into a five or ten thousand a month client, right? Uses like, let’s get what we’re supposed to get paid for it and then let’s let’s let’s let’s be smart about how we we use these leads, right?

[01:11:16] You want he wants more like like remodeling type things like kitchens and whatever. But like, no one wants nobody. It’s like no one wants to pay up front for legions like some of my other clients like, want more stuff so like nobody wants like I’m expected to build it and then, you know, do it like that.

[01:11:33] That’s how you tell them. Yeah, you tell them, Look, I’ve already proved to you that we can do it, and there’s going to be a startup fee to be fifteen hundred dollars startup fee. We’re not going to charge you anything else until we have leads coming in. So they’ve got some skin in the game. You don’t have the pressure on you building it. You have to have this mentality like you’ve already done this right, Joseph. You’ve got one hundred and sixty three leads, if you will, to like, sample the people that we know that have been through this business model, whether it’s in this group or another group, like how many other people have a niche with one hundred and sixty three leads coming in in one month like you’re probably going to be in the top like.

[01:12:12] I have got two to three hundred, but I can’t find nobody for them.

[01:12:17] Yeah, so well, we’ve got to like come up with the attack plan for this. But my point is you’ve already you’ve already proven that you understand how to rank the sites and get the leads to come in with this site. One hundred and sixty three. Ok, so you you need to make sure that you’re getting paid correctly for this and you know, you don’t need to doubt yourself and have the client necessarily pay. Like, I wouldn’t be so much worried about having the client paying me upfront for it because like I already know when I build the site, if I can get a hundred and sixty three weeks coming in, I’m going to rank that site in this other niche. Right. So you’re going into remodeling. It’s not so much a risk to you. The risk for you is because you have four clients and you haven’t got the money coming in from it right yet. But but you’ve done the part that is hard in my mind. Now it’s a question of finding the guy to do it and this guy right here. In my opinion, he’s not the guy, OK, like we were talking earlier about the red flags, I think it was. My apologies if I’m pronouncing your name correctly, but I think it’s that. So he asked a question like, How do you have a client questionnaire? Right. So this is a red flag for me when these people aren’t showing up. Like, imagine this. Imagine this was your business and you had one hundred and sixty three people calling you to build legions for you. And I called them back, and 70 percent of them said, you know, Joseph didn’t even respond to me.

[01:13:44] I’d be pissed.

[01:13:45] I’ll be pretty good. What if that was your employee? Right? What if that was somebody you were paying? Because that’s essentially what you’re doing when you’re not getting your full amount of money from this guy, you’re paying him to take this stuff right. You’re missing out on potentially thirty six thousand a year. From a thousand to four thousand plus.

[01:14:04] What I want to do. I told them next month, like, I’m jumping, I’m increasing the rent, so I know Dan had just came out that thing with invoicing. I know we can do it for the calls. I seen the thing where we can do it for like text leads. But as far as I quote forms, I don’t know if it’s going to have to go through your your platform to invoice for it, for the quote forms coming in. But that’s what I want to do because last year, because I know thirty five is too high for the lead, I’ll do twenty five. All right. Twenty five. So like, I want to charge them like twenty five per lead every day.

[01:14:39] The problem that I have with that, that thought is is. You’re going to get you’re like, this is going to you’re creating an unstable situation or a situation that’s harder to scale because now there’s like this is I have this going on and I’m I’ve worked really hard to get the people that I had on paper lead over to a flat fee. And I have a few that are left and I would say they cause 80 percent of the problems. The few, the 20 percent it’s causing 80 percent of the problems. So what I recommend? Take it at twenty five or twenty seven. Multiply it by how many leads are coming in, discounted a little bit and say that’s the flat fee. Ok, it’s due on the 1st. You don’t have to worry if this is a lead. This isn’t really all this like because that’s the situation you create, and I think you may make a little bit more money. Maybe instead of getting the four thousand, you can get forty eight hundred, but that extra eight hundred dollars that you’re going to get is going to cost you a lot of hours of work, a lot of frustration and headache that could be applied towards something that you’re getting a thousand dollars an hour instead of like this like paperwork. The relationship is never going to be as strong with this type of client because it’s like there’s like a back and forth and it’s just like it’s just a lot more to manage. Right? We want to get this to Joseph. What’s your goal from a financial point? Three months, six months. And let’s say two years.

[01:16:07] Ought to be. I mean, I have got to share my screen. Yeah.

[01:16:11] All let me enable put on.

[01:16:14] Just real quick, while you’re doing that, Joseph, you know, I would want to get really clear on what these leads are because your contractor may also be prioritizing them if he’s having a conversation and it’s like, you know, a very small job, he may be cherry picking and just taking the bigger stuff. I mean. And what what value each one of those jobs have if 80 percent of your leads are coming through our lists, like tiny cell, like I know from the ice storm and all that, people are probably calling anybody, you know, and just saying, Hey, you know, I had water damage and it’s, you know, just needs this really small section. I mean, again, it’s it’s such a small job. Hardly anybody is going to be willing to do that. So I would just want to get really clear on what those need to look like. I want to tag on that as well, Jeff. And if it’s OK, I’d like to say I actually put this in the chat session as well. Are these leads that are coming in, leads it are outside of the service scope and how how much quality is there from these leads based on that, as far as all I know is that people call, they say, Hey, do you do this that and that? He’s like, Yeah, let me get your address and they set up a time, right? So he may not like, I’ve been trying to get like, tell him, like, Hey, like, I need to know who you looked like. I need to know who you’ve made money from that came from me. I know that’s like pulling teeth, right? They got to track that. But it helps me out, and it helps me actually make more cells when I can say, Hey, he’s made this much for my services, but that information is like hard to get from them.

[01:17:51] So, yeah, you’ve got the wrong business owner. And and I think and I don’t mean to be like, this is constructive criticism. I think you need to get yourself out of the weeds a little bit with some of these smaller things and think about how you can structure stuff so that you can go faster. And that means not like. Setting up deals where you’re going to have to like count leads, right?

[01:18:15] Or even setting up somebody that can take you take leads, for example, in Georgia Tech leads in Atlanta versus being able to say, Yeah, I can take all the leads you can send me and one of them being in Savannah, which is three and a half hours away. That’s that’s not going to do any good for your business period, right?

[01:18:36] I agree. Jeff, did you have something that

[01:18:41] I was just agreeing with you that I think the structure is getting stuck in the weeds and your your time is more valuable, like being able to create more legion sites that generate more business across more niches and locations like that’s where your skill set is best applied, not auditing leads and not nickel and diming on different shit like get some money that makes sense and move on and go to the next one and rinse and repeat. That would be my advice. Yeah, see, like since I don’t have that many clients yet like all I can do is just monitor what they’re doing and like this guy, like go like, you’re going to run this legion into the ground and like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, you need you need to, you need to get him out of there. And like again, I would go back to figuring out what these leads look like because if he’s having a conversation and in his head, he’s just like, Oh yeah, I’ll come by and look at it. He’s not asking enough questions. I mean, the first thing I want to know is how many square feet. Like, OK, well, how extensive is the job? Oh, well, it’s a two two by two section in my garage, you know? Well, I’m not the right guy for that. You can go on Craigslist and find a handyman. Thank you. Have a nice day. Get the next call, you know, because and he says, early review text to every client. But like, we haven’t got any reviews.

[01:19:59] That’s probably not happening then. It’s like. I mean, if he’s getting one hundred and sixty three weeks a month and he’s not showing up for there’s there’s patterns here. The guy who doesn’t show up for two thirds of the appointments that he makes is not like diligently requesting reviews. The person doesn’t co-exist. That’s like, I just don’t think that’s

[01:20:24] Going to ask you for a video testimonial for a year. I just can’t get it, you know?

[01:20:29] Yeah, I mean, you, you know, it’s kind of like this. When we set up a job on like Upwork, we’ve got like all these people that are applying for the job and we have the right to be picky. It’s the same situation here, but what the hard part about it is the people aren’t lining up for us. We go and give that to them. If you do that pitch correctly, you’re going to get these people to go on a trial. If these people are good at what they do and these leads line up with what they do, they’re going to sell this stuff. And at that point, the conversation is going to be, I want to keep this. How much is it going to cost me? Like, it’s going to cost you this? And these are our requirements. I require five reviews a month. I require you to show up. I’m not going to work with you if you don’t show up. I work really hard to create this. And if you don’t show up, you’re ruining our reputation. And that is just somebody I’m not going to be in business with. We’re the best at what we do. I’m looking for the best at what you do, right? You need to come in strong with these people, but also kind of like it’s a it’s an art, right? This is the part that I think is sales right where like you need to set the tone right, but you also need to like, be empathetic towards their goals.

[01:21:45] And like. From a human to human standpoint, when we find somebody like who I’m looking for is I want to look for someone that I talk to them and I’m like, Man, I love this dude. I can’t wait to make a difference for him. He’s got like a little girl who’s in school and his son’s playing soccer and like, he wants to spend more time with them. But but he can’t because he can’t hire anyone. Like, I want to. I want like, I want these guys to go on a vacation because of this business that we’re helping them build, right? So like, all that stuff is kind of like wrapped up in there when you’re trying to sell them. If they don’t know, like, I hope that’s how you’re thinking about them in your clients and all you guys. That’s how I’m thinking about it. When I talk to these people is I genuinely want to help them and make them make their lives better. So they don’t know that. That’s my intention.

[01:22:36] They think I’m an SEO guy. But when I start blowing up their business and I do everything I can to try to help them, they realize that over time, right, so we have to get them out of their own way so that they have the opportunity to realize the benefits that we can provide to them, which are substantial. Ok, so I think, you know, Ashley Quiano posted something in the group. It took her two years to learn this lesson. She just had her first 10k month, right? The lesson was to say no more often, and I don’t know enough about your situation. But if you are having a hard time telling this guy no, because he represents twenty five percent of your current client base, then I think that is a lesson that maybe you’re in the process of learning. But when you learn it, I think you’re going to benefit from it because like, you need to kick this dude out, find a guy who’s going to be like, Don’t pick the weenie on the kickball team, pick the bruiser, right? Like, find a guy that’s going to crush it and is going to just like. Like, how would you run this business? That’s that’s the kind of guy you want to find,

[01:23:44] Who’s going to respond. The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far, especially this past couple of years, is like not having enough shoes on the shelf because like, if he was just like one out of a hundred or something, I wouldn’t really be tripping on that. That’s huge. Huge lesson right there. More and more than four shoes on the shelf, and it’s taken me like a year to rank or just to find somebody for some of these legions that are rates, right?

[01:24:09] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So, Joseph, how many other sites do you have?

[01:24:18] So this is just a spreadsheet. This is one niche. Ok, I want one. And like, I have what the site is built. Have the sites built it’s rank? I have a phone number yet. I think there’s. So far, like only like 20 of these, but like I have a bunch of due diligence sheets and stuff like I listened to what you’re saying like a couple of weeks ago, like stop building and start ranking companies are taking like way too long, especially when you got a lot to do. This is another one. This is like a little higher ticket one I did like the hundred due diligence. So. So I still got like one hundred two hundred plus cities. I could still build these in. These are like little bit higher ticket. And whenever I sold this one last week, I only got three K. I was like, I brought like I did the numbers from the lead value calculator and I was like, Look, man, this is they’re saying this is the 15 G’s a month. But you know, like, I’ll settle for fifty five hundred. And then like, he kind of fast talk to me like, man, I’ll give you eighteen, eighteen, eight thousand for like I just paid three k a month for six months straight. So like, I’m definitely going to have to like, renegotiate this like next year because I’ve already started. This is in Philadelphia, and I’ve already started building like 20 more legions for the suburbs to help him out as well. But like when I told him that he was like, Oh, well, I’m good for this one right here. I was like, That’s not what you said when we started, you know? So what? Based on what he’s paying me with this one, I can probably like these are these five hundred dollar ones or the suburbs.

[01:25:56] And these other ones are just the other cities. But like some of them are built, some of them are ranked. But how much have you dug in with that client about how he wants to expand his business? I mean, that sounds absolutely like every question in the book to try to figure out where he’s going with his business and how you can be a part of his, you know? Yeah, I talked to him. I was sitting in the I was waiting on something in a parking lot one day and I just went on Angie’s List like, look, I need to find some clients for these legions. And he was like, literally the first one I called. It’s sometimes like, you know, I’ll stop looking after like for like a few weeks and then do something else. But I came back to this one right here in Philly, and the first guy I called, he’s like, Yeah, yeah. I was like, OK, well, he started like, he started this company like six months ago. He has like maybe two other guys doing the work. I was like, Hey, are you like trying to scale? So he sounded like he was trying to scale. But I’m bringing like, so like a hundred calls for this, this legion one hundred twenty three and the ticket price is like over twenty five three thousand dollars from three K to ten K fifteen K, right? You know,

[01:27:09] Just just my my opinion based on on the way this conversation is going, I think you need to draw a hard line with some of these people and be like, Look. This is what we agreed on. If this doesn’t work,

[01:27:23] Then I agreed on a new lead initially, but he’s like, Oh man, you know what I mean? Hey, man, I got like a hundred people calling you. It puts like 20 30 contact forms, you know, at first at first, this is what I did. I was like, All right, look. Check this out. You seem like you’re serious. We’re probably going to be working together for a very long time. I’ll tell you what, because like the first, like when I first started, like sending him leads, I did it for free and I was like, Look. Um, look, we’re going to start charging for a lead now, and so like that week feels like paying five hundred bucks or like a thousand dollars for that week. I was like, OK, look, check this out. You’re going to end up paying like four or five, six thousand a month. But what I’ll do is I’ll just charge you two grand a month for the next three months. Is that that cool? And then after that, we can read, negotiate and see what’s going on. Yeah, that’s fine. So he paid me six grand for three months, and the three months would have ended in June.

[01:28:21] So I was like, Man, I want to. I want to build some sites only generated. So how am I going to afford this hundred thousand dollar bill? So I called him up. I was like, Hey, man, I’m building like 20 more of these sites for four for you. I’m investing in you already. I would normally wouldn’t build not one of these for nothing less than a thousand dollars, but all I want is that $2000 a month and I’m going to build these 20 sites for you, just like the one you’re getting now. Oh, I think I’m good with this one. You know what I mean? And then like, he talked to me, he’s like, I agreed with three months, so I was like, You know what? That’s cool for right here. Like, Dan says, Don’t get mad at your money. I got more in the works. I just need to get them ranked so I can rent them out, right? And then probably these other ones, I could probably charge more.

[01:29:08] Yeah, I you need to also think Joseph, about your there’s a scroll up a little bit. There’s a bunch there that say, five hundred, right? Like, you have the choice. I understand that. I understand that. But it’s also true that. These these ones that are five hundred a month in the suburb, you’re building a site in the suburb or you’re building the city, maybe it’s going to break fast in the suburb, but you could choose a city where it’s going to be weak and that five hundred number could be three thousand instead of five. Usually you have like X amount of hours to allocate. I wouldn’t be going into ones where I expect to get five hundred from it. Like, I just don’t. I think there’s some strategy choices that you can just tweak a little bit and you’re going to get a lot better result like. And I like for this guy that’s like kind of like the opportunities or the when I decide I’m going to build all these extra sites for someone. That’s because this person is like, I want to be the kingpin. I want to take over this entire city. I want to build this multimillion dollar business. They’ve been paying me to answer the phone. They’re great at what they do. Those are the things, OK? This person, I can blow up and I can take this person to 10K. But for this guy, I’m not sure he meets that criteria. And as he got an additional five hundred like, I get it when you’re when you got four clients you want to like, expand this. But I feel like I honestly think you have everything what it what it takes to get to 10, 20, 30 k a month. But you’ve got to tweak the strategy and not build these sites for five hundred dollars a month.

[01:30:54] Like, I think that’s just that was just like I was just using that number. I know your ballpark in it, right? Yeah. Like this is like the least I would be able to get, you know, because I do

[01:31:05] Live with these guesses, right?

[01:31:07] Well, yeah, for these leads, like I told everybody, like it’s 80 a lead, eighty dollars a lead, and that’s what I base it off of when when I first started with him and that’s when I sold him is going to end up being like six, seven thousand a month. But I’ll give you a trial for two k a month just to see what I mean. Like, if this

[01:31:25] Trial, I think it would be really good to structure the trial a little bit different if like we’re going to renegotiate in like, Hey, this is what it’s worth. So we’ll start this month. We’ll do two thousand. Next month, I want to be at two thousand five hundred five month. I want it to be at three thousand. We’ll talk again. Let’s see where it’s at. If this thing isn’t delivering, then like we can always have another conversation, but I just can’t let it go on for so long. I know what this is worth, and I want it to be fair. Like, but I don’t, you know, I want to build something together here, so I’ll ease you into this. And, you know, with the money that you make from the first month, it should be more than enough to pay for the second month and so on. So that way, it’s fair on both ends. Right. So this and you got to put some deadlines on this stuff, too. When you when you give these people trials like, look, today is the the 12th, I’m going to give you a twenty second twenty second. We’re either going to have to we’re going to have to make a decision, see if this is right. If it’s not, then like like, I can’t let this go on like this like this, it’s worth too much.

[01:32:29] I came to him with five thousand five hundred, but like he talked me down at three K. That’s because he offered me like eight like six months in advance. You know what I mean? I was like, Oh shit, I might as well just take that like over here

[01:32:41] Maybe is a good salesman.

[01:32:44] Yeah, he’s a better salesman to me. But these are all these are the only clients I got right here. Like I would just again. I would get to know this guy and get to know his plans, like, do you know how many kids he has? Like, you know what his plan is overall, what kind of position he’s in in his life, how many trucks he owns? Like what’s his financing on his next equipment like you to all of that shit? Because I want to know as much about how much I can push him as I possibly can and give him enough breathing room so that we can grow together. I don’t know what’s going on, then I’m just, you know, I’m a nobody. I want to be his buddy if that’s what it takes, you know? Definitely.

[01:33:23] Paul, I know, Paul, you’ve been waiting, you raise your hand.

[01:33:27] He’s got something to say. Yeah. No, just Joseph brought up something about being I being kicked around and B and I, so I’m just curious about that. And if you need a hang up and let me know, I’ll tell you, like this lady right here, Michelle? I mean, I have a little like when we went to Vegas, we kind of formed like a little wolf pack and we had this group chat and I got pissed off because I built this site for this lady last night and. Well, I was supposed to build it for like a couple of months ago, but like last night, I was like, you know, let me let me normally knock this out. And then so I sent it to her was like, Look, the it’s free. All you got to do is just pay for the ship or pay for the monthly hosting. And she was like, Well, no one told you to build it on on snaps. I wanted it on WordPress, and no one said anything about you doing the hosting. I was like, really like, Oh, we’re not going to be a good fit now. I think, you know what I was like, oh, like really like I was up all night knocking this out for you. It’s free. All you’re doing is paying 50 bucks a month, sort of hosting, you know what I mean? There’s another lady that did the same thing I built, like seven page site for her remodeling company. And then when it’s time to pay, she’s like, Well, I only got like eight hundred. You can delete these other pages. And then she was like, I’ll pay you half now, half later, and then don’t make me, like, redo the whole whole site. And I just deleted that shit. Like, Man, I’m at that time. And like, there’s other people in this chapter in this chapter that keep fucking with me, like, excuse my language, they keep messing with me like that, and it’s like, I’m doing all this stuff for them, and they just don’t really appreciate it. You know,

[01:35:11] How can you protect yourself from this? Joseph, let’s let’s have

[01:35:14] You paid in advance in

[01:35:16] Advance. Maybe pay half up front half upon delivery. That’s that’s pretty typical for like, website built. We’ve gone over this. Previously, right, where it’s like. Or like our hourly rate. Is going to be a lot less what we’re doing website builds than what we’re doing legion stuff, you’re going to get this thing locked in, I believe at several thousand, at least for this like drywall Dallas area thing. Right? So like if you compare your hourly, let’s say you get this in four four cat. You got it this way for three or four years. Right, we’ll say three years. Right. So you’re making forty eight k a year off this every month that goes by your hourly goes up like the the math is just like ridiculously in favor of building the legions. And I know that when you have four clients and this can be a way to get you in the door with these people, but you need to take these lessons. And I made the same mistake, and I like some of the times I had to make the same mistake. Several times in the process is still learning some of this where I’m like, Let me touch that hot stove again. Ok. They don’t like the site now. It’s like, what? Why did I get myself in this situation? Right? So I want you to fast track this and just like, realize what’s happening with this BNZ stuff with building these sites for these people? Right? You if you structure this a little bit different like this is how we do it. Fifteen hundred dollars to start. That’s our minimum. We’re not going below that. It’s what it is. Make a rule. They want you to pay. They want you to build the thing. Fifteen hundred to start. Then we’re not going to charge you anything until we we have leads coming in. Ok.

[01:37:01] I think Paul had something else he wanted to say about me and I, so I’m really want to know about that. Paul, would you? Uh, yeah, so everything that we do in the been-I world, when we offer websites, we also offer jets. So I’m always trying to maximize for people. So like Patrick said, I’ll go into an area if they want a website. Let’s say it’s in North Bay. I’ll also suggest perhaps a few legions. But its defining scope of work up front and putting together on a brief and getting that OK. And 50 percent up front before I touch anything, nothing gets touched until we get 50 percent of the cost up front. And there’s scope of work is determined at the beginning. So I think you’re just if you implemented that, that would stop this dance that you’re having back and forth because I don’t dance and I’m not a good dancer, so I make sure I get it all up front first. But it’s been over two years now for being I. If you want to hit me up, we can always chat about that. I can. I can help you out with some of those different things within the been-I network.

[01:38:11] Oh. Yeah, yeah, I know Paul’s like and M. I’ve seen some of his videos come up on that, and he shared some with some of them with me, I think. I think it’s a great way to get yourself in the door, but just just to kind of like, backtrack here, man, if I were in your shoes, my action plan would be to sell this thing first with some of the stuff we talked about. You know, I’m anchoring towards $4000 a month for that one. And then I would be replicating this, maybe not in drywall, but in in something right. I’m going to be building more of these sites. You’ve got it looks like you have at least twenty five sites based on the stuff that you’ve got 50,

[01:38:57] But they’re not all ranked yet.

[01:38:59] So you like if you follow the stuff, it’s exactly what I would do. I would not be building any more sites, all my attention on selling the ones that are ranking like this one and then ranking the ones that are not ranking no more sites like you don’t need to go and like mess around with like, I’m going to build a site, stay up all night and then like, give it to the person for free for the cost of like, that’s just like, it’s just not worth your time and you’ve got to go make this stuff collect you four or five thousand a month for these. Like, you’ll never want to do this again, where like every time I do one of these calls that sirens are.

[01:39:38] Thank you. Same here. But I mean, the goal was like to give it to her so she could just show it off, right? Because it looks pretty bad as like, I think it looks nice, you know, but it’s kind of like, give it to her and then. But she was just like tripping on because it wasn’t on WordPress anymore. And like, the thing is, like, I contacted her like for like a month, like, hey, can you can you check out the site? Can you check it out? Can you check it out? What do you think? Didn’t hear anything. And so I was like, You know what? Like, I’ll just I took her. I took her domain off, and then that’s what she hit me up like, Hey, and I was like, You know what? I think I want to rebuild this on snaps. You know, I want to see what it looks like. And they say, No, she doesn’t want it because it’s on Snapchat. And we didn’t discuss the hosting when we did. You know, you said it was a remodeling site goes with, oh no, for her, she makes custom bras. Oh, lady, right here. She does like custom bras and like lingerie.

[01:40:33] And so, but yeah, one of them that I built the first one in this chapter. It was for like kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We put a different domain domain on it and just sold it to somebody else. I ended up deleting it, man, because she had me changing up all the content like, we don’t use those kind of cats do that. Well, I don’t know. It depends on the situation. But for something like that, there’s a lot of people on Etsy that are probably custom making bras. They could probably sell it to that. I don’t know. Like, I wouldn’t try to delete it unless I know I’m not deleting that the one I just built, but like the one I did for the remodeling lady like she literally had me changing everything right when it was time to pay because like for two months I had her. I was like, Hey, like, she’s like, Yeah, everything looks good. I was like, Look, I need my money. Well, then she sent him like a text message like like that long ago, like all the content that needs to be changed. I was like, Are you serious twice?

[01:41:26] This is what this is. What’s going to happen when you build sites for other people like this is just like completely in line with what you’re going to experience.

[01:41:34] And if these people out of your life, yeah, your business model is go fast. Start looking sexy and move on.

[01:41:41] And Joseph, I think you got to start telling these people know like, look, that doesn’t line up with our business model. I’m sorry because you have the ability to go and do this right here. Like, yes, I can go in and like, cut my grass. I have the ability to cut my grass, but I would much rather pay someone forty dollars to come over and cut it so I can do things that are a thousand dollar an hour or more. And you have that thousand dollar an hour skill set. You just haven’t realized that you’re not. You’re not, you’re not recouping. Yeah, you just need to apply the fire hose to your 50 sites and don’t take on this like broad building website where like, she’s going to sell these things and have like an eight dollar profit margin, it’s just like she’s not going to be the type to and I know there’s. Don’t get mad at your money, but at some point, like like, Hey, I’ll pay you four dollars to build this website, right? Ok, like, I’m not going to do that. And that’s not getting mad at me.

[01:42:39] Very angry at me at that point. Yeah, I know what you’re probably trying to do. So you’re trying to go in and try to build relationships and B and I and build a network around that and get business that’s that could work. And Paul will probably be back me up on this. It’s great if you’re doing SEO and all of that, but if you’re doing the legion and model. We’re better off, in my opinion, to go pick your location, pick your niche, pick exactly what you’re doing to build it for yourself, get it to rank, get it to produce and sell it to whoever is willing to buy it. You know, don’t get trapped into what other people want. This is the point. Pri has a lot to say about that, but that’s that’s what that’s what our model is at our agency. So that’s the way we do it. And if you want some particular thing, it better not be too particular because you’re out. If it is, you know what I mean?

[01:43:28] So much money. Do you need per month?

[01:43:33] How much do I need? Yeah. Ten, one thousand. Well, you’re making it on a whole lot less right now. Yes, like. What do you need? What’s your bare bones break even? This is no, I’m not. I’m not even breaking even right now. Like last year, I got laid off in like around this time last year. And so I use everything that I had just on the business and for bills, right? So I’m actually paying the rent. How much money would you need every month, around six, seven thousand seven thousand? So look, why not just forget about client work, period? You’ve got a million sites built, and I assume in various stages of completion, you’ve got GMB for some of them and so on and so forth. Why not just focus on that? Forget the been-I stuff. Sorry, Paul, forget to be nice stuff for the moment. Stick with your legions and use this in every day because it’s so overwhelming. Sometimes when we look at the long list of things we have to do. But if you just stick to this one criterion for yourself, legions only in the second criterion and then every day, ask yourself, what’s the thing I can do on my legions that will make me cash the soonest? Forget strategy, forget your long term plan. Just do that until you get the six to eight thousand a month, if you need. Ok. And then you’ve got to have some breathing room, because what I see, I see a guy who’s desperately grasping at straws to start bringing in cash. And you’ve got you’ve laid the right groundwork. You’ve got a tremendous foundation built now. Utilize that stick with that. You made the right decision to get intelligence. You made a good decision to put cheese on the shelf. You’ve got some of them it. Take this guy’s advice. Patrick and Jeff’s stick with the legions and build those and make them make you some money. You’re close. You’re probably really close to having the money you want. Just sell the leads. That’s all you need to do right now. Yeah.

[01:45:47] Yeah, I mean, honestly, you’ve already gotten there. If you sell this one for what it’s worth, then you’re going to. That’s an extra thousand dollars a month, right? Which is going to I think it said you’re at like fifty three hundred and I agree with Harry. I think that’s very astute of your grasping for some of this stuff. That’s actually it doesn’t. This is why it’s like enchanting. It seems like it’s like fast money, positive situation. But but it’s like it’s not. It just seems that way. And the way it ends up is the way it’s it’s been in up for you. It’s the same way it ended up for me. It’s the same way I’ve heard it end up for a thousand other people where they’re like, Let me build the site, and now I’m going to like, make all these changes and the person’s not happy. And it’s just like, Holy cow, like, I’ve got this phenomenal skill set and these are the conversations I’m having to like change the font, color or the like. It’s like, Are you kidding me? Like people that have your skill set? You shouldn’t have those conversations, right? It’s your your time is too valuable to be going back and forth with this client on like these like minuscule changes. You have the like what this person, the time that you should be spending with this person is like, Hey, hey Joseph, do you know how I can hire ten more people? Because you sent me one hundred and sixty three leads last month and I’m like, overflow.

[01:47:05] They don’t get that type of person doesn’t care about the color of the font they care about. How are they going to get another truck? Or, like, that’s a real business problem, right? And when you have somebody that’s selling something like if you stick to that rule of like average ticket price, that stuff is in place to protect you. If this lady starts selling bras for seven hundred and fifty dollars per bra and she’s selling them locally, then this is going to line up really well with your with your market. But unless that’s the case, like your time is spent better in other areas. Right? It’s take it for what it’s worth. I think you are on the cusp of being like you could have 15 or 20 K coming in a month. If I feel like if you take this advice and you just like put the blinders on, block out all this other stuff and just lock down because you’ve worked your ass off to get this many sites. How long have you been in this in this Joseph?

[01:48:03] Embarrassing, man, but like September twenty eighteen,

[01:48:09] You’re right where you should be. You’ve got 50 sites, man, there’s people that have been in this for five years that have four sites. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. What you need to do is start converting these, so spend your time like, put them into that spreadsheet and figure out where the weaknesses are if you have any that don’t have jobs. This week I’m getting a GMB on if I have to drive. Where do you? Are you in Philly?

[01:48:30] Oh, I’m in Fort Worth.

[01:48:31] You’re in Fort Worth. If you can’t drive around and find these people and be like, look, I’ll pay you knock on their door, I don’t know. Find someone walking around, I’ll pay you if I can have a job here, but get jobs for your sites because you have you’ve got a bunch of houses and some of them like this. This this Dallas one. You’ve got you’ve got a mansion that somebody’s paying like apartment prices for and these other ones. Maybe you’ve built like 50 houses and some of them, you just just got to put the front door on this one, right? So like you, you you are in a great spot. But you’re on the you’re on the borderline of where like, you just need to push it over the edge, man,

[01:49:14] Because because I got I got all day in, like sometimes it’s like, what should I focus on? I’ve tried so many different prospecting things. I’ve spent so much money on so much stuff and it’s like, you know what I mean, to get kind of get like, it’s kind of like messing with you, like when shit doesn’t work. Like, the only thing I’ve really made money with is due diligence when I got people calling this number. Now I can just sit here and go through this whole list and just, Hey, are you guys busy? Can you take on more work? You know what I mean? Other than that, that’s the

[01:49:45] Key to this whole conversation, what you just said. Only thing I’ve made real money on is legions. So look at where your money has come from. And don’t build these websites that you’re going to make money off, like fourteen dollars a month off the hosting like build these things that are going to give you four thousand a month. Like, that’s that’s where your time is, right? So you know what to do now, I think, right? It’s time for you to lock down. Yeah, you’ve got to call one hundred people a day to try to take these leads. Call one hundred people a day. Right? This is what they call a pivotal moment. Joseph pivotal moment.

[01:50:21] Pivot 90 days from now. Let’s let’s have you at that 10k, right? You got the you got the portfolio, tweak it, sell it and you’re exactly where you want to be. Yeah. I mean, those other ones, like I got 10 sites ranked only for Walt and those other ones, they’re built. They’re just not ranked. And so that’s what you were saying earlier. Like, you’re spread so thin. I got like. Well, first, my first year in, I built two sites the next. A year later, I built like maybe 10 more. Now I’m just like, I’m like, Yeah, I need more shoes on the shelf because it’s taken me this long to make a sale, which was only through Legion. It wasn’t. So it wasn’t anything else. It was just through Legion, through leads that I had calling. So, yeah, definitely trying to narrow down, get, I guess, pick like like I focus on like a handful that like I’m back linking to every day I have a VA. I taught how to back clean. She’s leaking to a few right and then posting and trying to find jobs as well. But like as far as like trying to make money every day, like, that’s what stresses me out. Like, that’s like, you don’t got a real business. You’re not making money every day or a way to make money every day. But it’s like, how do I get in front of these people? Like, how do I make an offer every day, you know, like, do I need money

[01:51:38] That’s just like everyone’s got their own different styles? I think that’s I wouldn’t. You don’t need to make an offer every day. That’s my opinion. Like, I know this is like Dan. He’s he’s got products in place where he can make an offer every day if you don’t have a product. What are you offering and trying to sell lead gen up front when you have like 50 regions that are built like I wouldn’t be trying to like, build new and sell and build like, I just don’t agree with making an offer every day. I think making an offer is every day. If you have something that that that is ready to be sold, but you’re just going to like, you’ve invested so much time and money to get this stuff in place that it’s like it doesn’t make sense to be like going out and like making an offer to try to build another one that isn’t ranking right. You’ve got like, if these were houses and you’re like, I’ve got I’ve built an entire neighborhood with nobody living in it. The strategy, I’m going to go across the street and start a new neighborhood. I’m going to leave these ones empty like you would never do that. Like, let me make an offer.

[01:52:46] Let me get an offer on a new house over here. Look, why don’t you get some tenants into the ones that you built? And if that means that you’ve got to do some more work and get hooked up the electric and the plumbing or whatever? That’s what we need to do. You’ve you’re in the you’re kind of like in this situation where if you had not built these 50 sites, then you would benefit from having all that time and money back. But you’ve done that and you’re not getting anything from it yet. So you kind of like in the work you’re in, you’re in no man’s land right now where it’s like you’ve spent the time and money, but you’re getting no benefit from it. So finish these, so you get the money. Then we you start talking about making offers right and like getting other shoes on the shelf, right? Like, make an offer. It sounds. It sounds great. It sounds really like a cool strategy to do, but like, what’s your game plan if they accept the offer? You’re going to have to go build it in, like, how is that going to work? You can run ads and probably lose money on it or they’re not going to be happy.

[01:53:42] To run ads?

[01:53:43] Yeah, it should. It’s just like, I think, just take it home, baby, you got this. And look, you’re not that far from me. I’m an I’m an awesome you’re in Dallas. I know that we’ve been kind of like talking back and forth for a couple of years. If you need my help on one of these, like let’s get on a call together. If you want to help close in one of these, I’ll help you. We can record it, and maybe we can play it back in the group. But let’s get you to the spot because you’re right on. You’ve done the work. This is the type of people that I love you like. You’ve put in that you put in the reps you put in the hours like you just need a little bit of push to get this stuff there. And I think you’re I mean, honestly, you could be three months away from having 20 k a month.

[01:54:26] Ok, I. What state do I need to take a trip up there to Graham if I come up there in the next couple of weeks, I’ll hit you up. We’ll have some lunch or something. Definitely.

[01:54:37] Cool, man. All right, well, we’re at the two hour mark, this like I’m excited for you, man. I know that we like push this one and we kind of dove deep. Do you know what you have to do now, Joseph?

[01:54:48] Get these sites right.

[01:54:50] Are you ready to cross this thing, man?

[01:54:52] Yeah, I want you.

[01:54:54] Well, let’s do it, let’s not I want to I am I’m going to crush this thing, man. Let’s change that mindset of like this is what’s happening almost like it’s already happened like, right? And you need to start like, don’t let these guys like talk you down like, this is what it’s worth. This is what it’s worth. Hey, if it doesn’t work for you, fine. Or I’ll pull off a piece of this, I’ll give you one of these for this amount. But it’s just like, it’s worth too much for me to just give this away like this. You have a way to establish what it’s worth, man. Like what you what you have. Here’s the thing, man. It’s like once you have 20 of these clients or 30 of these clients, one of these people tries to tell you that like, I’m only willing to pay this, you can say, OK. You’re not the client for me to get out of here and then what you’re going to see is they’re going to like, OK, I’ll pay that. It’s cool. It’s cool. It’s hard to do that when you have four clients. So this thing picks up a lot of momentum when you lose that. Like Harry said, you’re like grabbing for these different things when they pick up on that. Like, that’s where they have that attitude. I noticed that that used to happen a lot for me the first couple of years, and then I had this shift and now I’m like coming in and I’ll talk to them like, just like I do here.

[01:56:04] I mean, just heard this. This same conversation like this is what it’s worth. If this doesn’t work for you, that’s totally cool. But this is what we’re looking for. There’s not I’m not like groveling with them and like, oh, OK, well, I’m really pumped like now this is what it is, take it or leave it. You know, when you do that, you’re going to start closing easier. You’re going to close for more. But it’s hard to do that. That’s a double edged sword. Once you get to the spot where you don’t need it, then it gets a lot easier. Right. So all right, let’s let’s hop off here. Is there anybody, anybody else got any final questions? Good stuff, Joseph, man. Thank you for like sharing. Thank you for kind of being vulnerable and being honest and open, and that’s a hit me up, man. Let’s spend a little time. I’m going to help you get there. Ok, so if you need it, if you need a little bit off this, I got you. I’ll spend some time with you and we’ll try to find a way to get through this.

[01:56:59] Yeah, everybody in the chat grandmas is thanking you for putting yourself out there like that. So we appreciate it. I mean, that’s how we all learn. So really appreciate you. Yeah, I just want to say, man, this was so good, this was such a good live stream, just when you got the skills, dude, you just need to switch your mindset up. Go get in jujitsu.

[01:57:20] Go get to a boxing ring and just totally switch your whole mind up, man. Get in there and get after the fight. Yeah, I love it, man.

[01:57:27] Thanks, Mark. Get in the ring, Joseph. Start swinging and win that.

[01:57:31] Win that round. Ok? That’s right, baby. You got this thing, man. You’ve got a lot of support in here, man. I think that, you know, I think a lot of people that are on this call are envious of your situation of where you’re at now because you’ve put in this time. You just got to like you’ve drove to the finish line. You just got to cross it now, man. I think I think we’re going to see some big things from you. I’m not going to be to beat a dead horse, but any other questions or comments before we hop off here.

[01:58:00] Yeah, I just want to thank Joseph for sharing everything he did. Good work, man. And if anybody is up for Spotlight next week.

[01:58:10] Give me up. Yeah, we got any volunteers.

[01:58:14] I haven’t seen one yet, but one of them will come to dig deeper. I saw Mr.. Or is that? I’m sorry if I if I pronounced it wrong, but I see his hand up in the air. I don’t know, is that a question or is that a volunteer?

[01:58:31] I don’t see it. Where are you looking?

[01:58:33] Mr Singh, over there? This is how you pronounce your first name. Mr Singh.

[01:58:40] Oh, is that that area?

[01:58:42] This is beneath St NE? Yeah, but I did do it. Yeah, I went to volunteer myself for the spotlight next week. Ok.

[01:58:52] Yeah, we got you. I know I was talking to you last night, right?

[01:58:56] Yes. Patrick, thank you.

[01:58:58] Yeah, you’re welcome. Some pointers. I know that you’re considering signing up for free, regenerated, generated. You don’t have a membership yet. You’re kind of on the fence. I think based on what you told me, it may make sense just to wait until we get some games in place before you sign up for that subscription. But it could be good for the due diligence part, but I think, you know, just hold off and put your focus towards getting those gaps. We’ll spotlight you next week. So just kind of like be ready to share. Maybe have you know, if you want to have any kind of spreadsheets or anything like that prepared so that we can? You don’t need to put any of the personal information in there. You can say, Hey, I’ve got these different niches and this amount of sites or whatever, just so that we can kind of look through it. But I look forward to it. Man, tell me the pronunciation of your name again, Puneet Puneet.

[01:59:48] Ok, same last name is easier.

[01:59:50] Thing us on things I don’t say because I’ve got a lot of people that say that’s a that’s a common name. Are you Indian? Yes. Look cool. All right.

[02:00:04] If it’s OK, Patrick, I’d like to say to Puneet that like you get everything shipped up, shaped right, and with this particular platform, you cannot go wrong. Yeah, I I like that when I look into the lead generated videos and my background, is it so of course I love software. Kind of. Yeah, it does. Automation is what I console to my clients. But of course, on the enterprise side. So I see, of course, the value of it. And but I just want to get brains from all of you and Patrick just to make sure I find the right time for this investment. And kind of, I mean, you know, my status and go from there. Yeah. You can’t go wrong. Yeah.

[02:00:57] Yeah. Good to you guys. Thank you, guys. Thank you, everyone. Let’s have another great week. I would love to hear some big wins. I can’t wait. I challenge Joseph. I’d love to have a win. A big win from you next week, man. With some of the stuff that we talked about, even if it’s like, Hey, I’ve done this or I’ve got this guy going to three K now or I’ve got these people on a trial, right? So I’d love to hear that next week, but I want to hear wins from you guys. So let’s we have we have seven days before our next call. Let’s take the actions that are necessary that we can share that win next week. Ok, let’s let’s end that with the thought. With that Joseph, one of the monitors I live by. You get what you tolerate. Don’t let these guys run you over, man. You got this stuff. Great call, guys. We’ll see you. We’ll see you in the group. Have a good week.

[02:01:47] Ok, thank you, everybody.