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[00:00:05] All right. Welcome start letting some people in here, right? Sorry. A couple of minutes late, had a couple of technical technical difficulties here today. How’s everybody doing?

[00:00:19] Excellent. Yeah, you know,

[00:00:22] It is good. I can see you guys. I got a. Looks. Are you talking to us? Is that? Ok. I think maybe he needs to be needed, right, cool.

[00:00:38] So I was talking to my mom. I have my shows checking in, you know, what’s that? That was talking to my mom on the phone.

[00:00:50] Oh, tell her to hop on. Yeah. All right. Let me start this recording here. Ok, cool. Right, so it’s been two weeks, it’s been a long two weeks for us on our team. A lot has happened. We took last week off because we were at an event in San Diego, which in my mind was a pretty big success. But I’d love to hear from you guys. What have you guys been up to? Who’s got some wins to share? Are we winless?

[00:01:24] I got a win. Can I just go? We’re doing some hand raising system.

[00:01:29] It’s good what’s going on. All right.

[00:01:32] Yeah, what’s up, Patrick, how you doing? Good. Got some more sites published? I am a guy that I’ve been working with. We expanded his territory of where he’s taking leads from, and then he called me and said, Hey, I want to expand further to another part of the state. Can can I work with you on that? So we’re switching them off. I did like a like. The trial was like per basis, and then we’re switching to more of a flat monthly fee and then we’re going to get those other regions set up in the other part of the state and then in six months, three months up that flat fee.

[00:02:14] Awesome. That that that’s great, it’s always easier to kind of grow with it. And it’s nice, you know, that’s how we’ve created our biggest clients is by expanding, right, you get in there, you do a good job, you kind of let them catch up because generally they’re not used to having that many leads and that quality of leads. So they’re not if they’re not on top of it from the beginning, a lot of times, once they kind of have a little bit of time to digest things, then they can move it into a situation that we’re talking about here, where they can keep expanding and expanding. It’s beautiful to be a part of these people’s businesses and to be contributing to why they’re growing. I know that when you do something amazing for these people, it’s you end up getting a lot of like loyal friends or clients out of it. And it’s certainly been cool and our agency to to see that happen for so many different people. So congrats to you will keep up.

[00:03:15] One thing one thing I’d add is I took to heart what you said about just thinking in terms of client management and getting to scale your business. If you focus in one area and try to dominate that and have several in one area, you don’t have to. By the time you do get scale that you’re not managing a hundred different customers or clients, you’re managing maybe 20 or so, twenty five and the dollar you bring to them, you know, you may make a little bit less, but it’s certainly worth the trade off, in my opinion and just ease of operating this business.

[00:03:50] Yeah, there’s something to be said about, like every client that we bring on is going to have overhead and that overhead is not necessarily correlated with the dollars that they’re paying. So that means as our client that pays us thirty thousand a month, we give him more attention than some of our other clients. But he doesn’t get 13 times more attention than the person that’s paying us one thousand a month, right? So it’s really good when when you’re scaling to kind of have more of these bigger clients, a lot of these people are more serious business owners, too. So there they’re. And our agency, we found those are the type of people we like to deal with. They’re not they’re not dealing with all kinds of different personal things that’s preventing them from growing and kind of damaging the relationship, right? So cool. Who else? We got some more wins. I had a couple of little little things, Mr Neal. How are you?

[00:04:46] Good. How are you doing? Good, good. Just, you know, from a perspective on some of my newer clients is I brought them on. I head to the phones to start with, you know, not a ton of calls coming in yet. I just want to make sure they’re getting the people. And I manage with them how before I turn it over to them, how to deal with the customer if they’re not real pro or whatever, because a big thing is how you’re treating the customer when they call. Because one of my clients told me today that he called the customer, she said she went with us because of me. She said she was going to call all the people, but I was so friendly and when she got off the phone, she was happy. So it’s I’ve noticed, trying to get clients the way they answer the phone. A lot of them, it’s like they’re miserable, you know, and I try to get them to turn that around. So that does help the the way you know, you’re answering the phone and the positivity and everything and have a great day and we’ll get back to you shortly, you know? So that was kind of a win, and I had another guy that I brought on recent client and he’s calling me.

[00:05:56] He’s he’s he’s excited. So to me, when he’s coming back, what do I say when they, you know, and he’s he’s a big company. So to get that to me, that’s a win because I think he’s going to be mailbox. It’s just been a lot of interaction him calling back, What do I say if they ask, you know, so. So that was good, and I’ll just share this one today. I had a little old lady call me. She told me she was old, and she said she was 88 to get a senior discount. And she, she said she needs she needs a bunch of stuff done. But one was a showerhead, and she said it just needs to be replaced, she goes. And because it looks like it, she goes, Please pardon my French. She goes, This is an old woman told me this now she goes, It looks like a limp dick. That’s why I just couldn’t believe it. You know, it just made my day. So it’s good. She doesn’t.

[00:06:56] She still got it right. So congrats on those wins. And I’m just going to share a couple personal things that have gone on over the last couple of weeks with you guys to get you guys up to speed. So my wife and I, we we made the decision that we’re going to move to the Nashville area for the next few months. We joined a pretty high level mastermind. We’ve been getting some amazing coaching the best coaching that I’ve ever received in my life, and it’s all from the perspective of trying to have an impact on people with no ulterior motives, which is it’s really nice. And if you’re super healthy, the company that we’re working with, they kind of specialize in taking people. They have two different programs, and the first one is kind of help to get your business started and get to six figures. And then the next is like, What do you do? How do you go from like seven to eight figure? So we’ve been getting some, some amazing stuff. I was at an event on Friday and there is a twenty four year old kid in there. So just to kind of give you perspective when what I’ve learned is a lot of us came through one particular coaching program, right? And you know, as business owners, we don’t necessarily we don’t know what we don’t know, right? But as you kind of like, start to get your business up and running and you’ve got your foundation in place, it was obvious to me that I was missing, even though I had a, you know, I had a dual business major in accounting and management information systems.

[00:08:26] So you would think that I would have a lot of business skills locked down and being around some people that are playing at a much higher level than anyone that I’ve personally ever been around. It’s it’s kind of exposed some of the weaknesses that were in my game. So on Friday, when I went to this event, they do a monthly event, which is great. There’s twenty four year old kid who is doing about $2 million a month in revenue. He runs mostly YouTube ads. And then following him, there was another couple of speakers that have run three hundred and fifty dollars million in ads. So these guys are playing big, they’re playing like they’ve got big numbers, and they’ve solved a lot of the problems that I have in my agency now. Of you kind of hit these thresholds as you grow. Right. The first one is somewhere around 10000 a month when you get that. Getting to that spot, I think it’s much easier to go from like ten thousand a month to thirty thousand a month than it is to go from zero to 10. So if you’re on the other side of 10, you’re at four thousand or something. Don’t be discouraged, right? That it may seem like you’re so far away from someone, someone like us and our agency, but. You’re really only some lessons away, because once you solve some of these problems and you get to that threshold, you can cruise for a little while before you hit your next set of issues.

[00:09:50] So it’s awesome to be a part of this stuff, and my intention is to continue to gather information. What I share with you guys on weekly calls is not something that is solely from one group. We’ve, you know, Jeff and I and some of the other people. Well, on our team, through dozens of different courses, Mastermind’s hired private coaches, and I’m excited for her to be a part of what we are now and to kind of have this information and to be able to bring it back to you guys and help you guys get there faster because there’s just seems to be a lot of, you know, once you kind of learn a couple of things and then you’re able to zoom out and you look back, you can realize where your blind spots were. We all have. We’ll have lots of blind spots. I know that I still do. So I’m excited to kind of be a part of this program. We moved here and we went out to dinner with some people on Friday, and it kind of felt like there are six or seven people. All of a sudden, I’m like the the small, the small man on the totem pole, the small, you know, in, you know, where we’ve been. We’ve been doing more than six figures a month for a while, right? And to be the dumbest person in a room or the smallest producer in the room is is is a great feeling of opportunity.

[00:11:07] I know that Neil, he came out to the conference with us. We kind of brought out a few different people. And I know that, you know, Neil was a little like like, he wasn’t sure where to fit in with with our team because like, he’s kind of at the beginning of this process, but he has a lot of scale skills. So we spent time at the first conference in San Diego. It’s the Traffic and Conversion Summit. I encourage you guys to seek out these other these other conferences and stuff that are there all the time all over the United States. So we were we had the privilege to see some, some some of the top people in the industry. The guy that runs the mastermind that I’m a part of his name is Taylor Welsh and Taylor was one of the speakers at this event. This guy is just absolutely brilliant. And Gabe is another person that is really focused on Taylor. Kyle has some familiarity with them as well, but he has a daily podcast six minutes long. It’s called the Daily Mind Medicine. I highly recommend that you guys all check this out. It’s six minutes in the morning. Just kind of hear how someone is thinking like this. This is a guy that has, I think, he said that he had over $100 million in real estate that he’s purchased by himself through the earnings from from running these high level coaching programs to kind of give you an idea of where he is at and some of the numbers that that he’s playing with.

[00:12:31] So we saw Taylor speak, and he talked a lot about preserving your wealth after you make it into the super cool. So learn. If his mindset is for setting us up, then Mr Snoop Dogg was supposed to be speaking, but somehow he did not show up. Apparently he had COVID, so he was replaced with Magic Johnson and I loved hearing from Magic Johnson. No, it was a he was a childhood hero for me. We had VIP seats, so I was only sitting Jeff and I were only sitting six or seven feet away from him. So everybody knows Magic Johnson as a basketball player, but he’s actually a pretty brilliant businessman. He’s done multiple deals that are in the billions of dollars. He did one for, I think, forty eight billion dollars. Twenty six billion. So it was it was crazy listening to some of the stuff that he’s done. He owns, I think, part of the Dodgers in thirty two other franchises and Hugh. So this is somebody that has a ton of knowledge on business and to kind of hear him going through one of the things that he stressed that really stuck out to me was the concept of overdelivering. So Magic Johnson delivers every step of his life, and I challenge you guys for us to think about what that means to be overdelivering, right? So, you know, they say how you do one things, how you do.

[00:13:59] One thing is how you do everything that’s been said by a lot of different people, and I’m a firm believer of that. And you know, Magic Johnson, when he’s telling us that he’s going to overdeliver and everything he does like, let’s talk about what that means. So here’s an example that came up right away why we were out at this conference. There was a lot of partnerships that we discussed with different people, so we thought we were going out there to kind of sell a software product to end users. But it turned out maybe because of COVID, there was a lot less people than than we had thought would be there. But that gave us a lot of time to talk to some of these high level partnership places, people that could potentially bring thousands of clients to us. And one of the people booked a demo and we had to cancel. So it just didn’t line up. I was going to be in the air why this was going on or in a meeting or something. So typically, what we would do in that situation is we are going to just like send an email and say, Hey, really sorry, can we reschedule? So with the idea of over delivering, I requested on my team, OK, we’re going to send an email, let’s send a text message and let’s reach out to them and apologize. And then let’s find a way to maybe we’re going to give them a free service as a part of this.

[00:15:15] So that mentality of doing more than what everyone else is doing in this situation can make you remarkable. If you guys haven’t read the book, I think it’s called the Purple Cow. It’s by Seth Godin. I encourage you guys to read anything that Seth Godin writes. The guy is just a brilliant businessman. He talks about how you need to be remarkable, right? There’s so many people that are doing the same things. So it’s amazing to see the mindset of some of these high level people and how different it is from people that aren’t getting the results you want, right? So it was awesome. We have a win in our agency. I brought out a lot of my team, you know, a lot of you guys, I’ve been trying my best to help you guys for years and I don’t often make requests. And it was I made a request of some people to come join us at the conference, and one hundred percent of the people that we had asked come came to join us. And for me, I took that as as feedback. And I just want to say how appreciative I am of you guys, the ones that came out there and the ones that, for whatever reason, it became necessary for them to show a lot of support towards us over the last two weeks. Some of you guys probably are aware of what I’m talking about, but I appreciate everybody who reached out to me and offered me all sorts of support.

[00:16:34] So you guys are awesome. I’m so thankful for that. Ok, so Mr. Jeff. One other thing before we go, I want you guys. It appears that. They’re just just Facebook account was hacked, Devon’s Facebook account was hacked. I think there was a couple of other people that. You know, they were they were in these groups, and maybe it’s a big coincidence. I don’t know, but I would encourage you guys if you don’t have two step authentication on your Facebook accounts, I would encourage you guys to set that up and turn that on because it appears some people you may or may not be the target of some sort of attack. So I don’t know. Like I said, it could just be a coincidence. But regardless of what, regardless of whether it’s something that is being done intentionally or not, it’s something is something you guys should absolutely set up. I recommend using an authentication app. There’s one called Auty that I’ve been using, so this is actually a higher level of protection above your cell phone. So it’s possible to actually like spoof cell phone numbers. But with an application like this, it’s really good for your bank or things like this. So it’s a very trusted piece of software. You guys could do your own research on that. I have no stake in the company or anything. I’ve done my research and I kind of came to trust it. So, Jeff, talk to us. What did you think of the event? What were some of the takeaways that you have?

[00:18:05] Well, that’s a great question, you know, just I’ve been to a lot of conferences before, but not necessarily as sponsor of any sort, so it was just interesting to kind of work the room when you thought there were going to be like five times more people there than actually showed up. So as you said, it kind of went into more partnership mode. So I thought that was amazing, that we were able to have conversations that would probably have taken weeks to track down if we had just like had a five minute, 10 minute sort of conversation at the event. Swap cards or whatever. And then you’re chasing people around for the next few weeks trying to have a real meeting with them. You could just stand there and have that real meeting. So I thought that was a huge advantage over other conferences that I’ve been to. And then just learning that, you know, some people who are who are speaking at these conferences are like, you know, they’re the first second third graders that we talk about. We have so much knowledge that sometimes we probably don’t give ourselves credit for when we’ve gone in and really learn these systems and how to set up Legion properties in the way that we do. And I was sitting next to somebody at one of these like GMB events or whatever, and the lady was was talking about was a really basic stuff like put photos up and whatever.

[00:19:28] Make sure you get reviews. It was like that basic and there were probably what, 40 50 people sitting there like gobbling it up and taking notes. And so one guy was sitting next to me. I was like, Well, what do you what do you think? You know, you’re an agency owner? And he’s like, Well, I have. I’m an agency owner 11 years in. I have, I can’t remember. I think it was 11 employees and 10 years in agency work or something like that. And he didn’t have a clue about rank and rant. And I’m just like, he has 10 or 11 stateside employees been in business all that time, and he’s doing SEO. And it’s just like, Dude, you’re missing the boat here, like the skill set that he has could be applied to to lead Legion in the Legion business model so easily. And people just don’t know. They just don’t get it. It’s it’s such a simple tweak on the model. But I think it’s coming to those realizations that we have like something very, very valuable know knowledge, some very, very valuable knowledge that even people in the industry may not be aware of. I just I find that shocking.

[00:20:32] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Jeff, what was the name of that, that GMB presentation that that we saw there where they were teaching about the photos and stuff?

[00:20:42] Oh, you put me on the spot like that, huh? It was like GMB.

[00:20:46] I don’t remember the power moves, power moves. That’s what it was. All right. Power moves of how to set up your Google. My business, apparently, and I’ll tell you, these business owners were taking photos and gobbling it up. So we weren’t there necessarily looking for agency clients. That’s not that was not our intention. But I’ll tell you what, for the people that were there, the one hundred people that were just like so impressed by the GMB power moves presentation, those people would be phenomenal targets for anybody that’s trying to grow a digital marketing agency because they had, like Jeff, said they had no clue on this stuff. So, you know, there’s something to be said when you attend these conferences and you maybe you don’t know why. Maybe you don’t know why you’re going right. I would still encourage you to go anyway. It’s because the stuff is going to come out of the woodwork, it’s going to present itself. We ran into a lot of people that could see him in a clubhouse, and it appears the lights just got shut up. We ran into a lot of people and they were business owners just trying to understand how to rank things and a three minute conversation. They wanted us to kind of like take them on as clients, which, you know. We’ve we’ve we’ve created the connection there. We we heard from some of the top speakers like like I mentioned Taylor, some some things, some people are doing tweaks on things that I had never been exposed to.

[00:22:19] And it’s kind of like the more tools you can put in your tool chest, it’s it makes you better prepared for these situations and creating these contacts. We talk to somebody that runs a credit card processing agency, and he said that he had around ten thousand digital marketing agencies. How many of these people could could potentially network with us or in some way be involved? It’s just these, these higher level people, the people that are willing to spend money and go and travel and go to these conferences. You’re going to find these people are serious about their businesses, and those are just great people to be around. You can make all sorts. We made a lot of friends, Jeff and I. We went out to dinner with the guy who runs a he’s a Clickfunnels partner with fifty five thousand people in his group. So just a lot of phenomenal relationships that we had out there. I’ll tell you, it was pretty amazing to see our team come together over the over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to think about how to help my team level up. Ok. And it’s been met with like mixed motivation and having these guys out there, having my team out there and kind of seeing how some of the higher level people because it was not only a mixture of our team, it was a mixture of a lot of people that are running big lead generation agencies or kind of like being in the game, some of the people you guys know.

[00:23:42] Right. So it was amazing to see my team and their desire to level up when they kind of started to breathe and smell the the the lifestyles of some of these people that are running bigger agencies. So those of you guys that are running teams. This is this is a great idea on how you can encourage your people. I’ve always been in the mindset of abundance and not the mindset of scarcity. So I love this like the rising tide raises all ships. Let’s get these people. Let’s help the people within our agency. Yes, some of these people could probably go and start their own agencies and do well. But you know, when you kind of love your team and you take care of them and you give them these type of opportunities, then it just kind of creates loyalty. That is, it’s it’s so much more than just kind of like the dollar being the final, the final statement there. So I really enjoyed that. And I just want to share that with you guys because I think maybe there’s those opportunities in your agencies if you’re going to go and attend some of these conferences or events to guess how many people stateside to bring some of them over or go with each other to kind of build build the relationship further? Ok, cool. So Jeff, do you have a win? I think we had a couple of wins on our agency side. Do you want to share a little bit about those?

[00:24:57] Yeah, sure. So at the conference, I had been running down a referral. Who wants to do like a regional play, starting with one location, but he really wants to take over like a region, a pretty, pretty large region with multiple large cities. And so I kind of messed around with him. I don’t know for some reason, some people, they just drop out and you’re just like, Yeah, like whatever this guy. For some reason, I just I had a feeling about him, like he was going to be a good. It was going to be worth my time. In other words. So when I first talked to him, he just wasn’t in the right position to do it. He needed to buy equipment and all these other things. Because he owns a painting company, he wants to get into another niche. So I’m sitting at the conference. He calls me and says I’m ready to pull the trigger. So I had followed up with him. Just for your kind of like just so you can see how I did. It is I just checked in with them like maybe once every two to three weeks and I would I was doing this mean play where I would like. He said, Oh, I’ve got to get my ducks in a row, so I’ll send him a picture of hey, or your ducks in a row like a meme with ducks and whatever. And just kind of like, mix it up a little bit when I’m communicating with these people so they know I’m not just like, you know, I’m just I’m just trying to collect money from them.

[00:26:14] I mean, I am, but you know, you travel by mail that effort a little bit and build a relationship along the way. And so it just kind of, I think, adds a little bit more character to the equation, which I’m just now kind of like dabbling in that kind of stuff. And another client wanted to do something in Vegas, and it wasn’t the right time for us, and we didn’t have the resources in place and whatever. So when the time came, I sent him a meme of, you know, the the Johnny Depp movie and when he’s in the car with a big glasses and whatever, I’m like, Are you ready for Vegas? And he’s like, Hell, yeah, let’s do it, pull the trigger. So I’ve kind of been playing around with some of that stuff to just kind of get into people’s heads a little bit more and build a relationship faster. You know, one of my mentors says that relationships move at the speed of trust. So I think when people see that you’re not like some super like. In guarded person all the time, and you can kind of let loose a little bit and that you’re here to have fun while you’re creating success for for them, then they’re going to be more happy, you know, happier to work with you. So. So that was one when what was the other one that you’re thinking of, Patrick?

[00:27:26] I know that we had that one. I thought we had closed another person in the last week or two, but maybe I’m wrong. Yeah, they kind of blend together.

[00:27:37] It becomes one that’s going into another niche that I’m about to collect. But his wife fell off her horse yesterday and broke her arm, so we got postponed a little bit. So maybe I’ll come a meme for that follow up in a couple of weeks. I don’t know.

[00:27:51] Yeah, OK. Well, cool. Yeah. So thanks for sharing that we have more people on the call now. Is there anybody else that has some wins to share?

[00:28:01] I do I just got off the call with someone that like I don’t know if some people who know

[00:28:07] Me as more of I tend to be more of a back end type person. I don’t like sales as much. I like to be systems, processes, that type thing. And so I found I’m seeking out partnerships with people that are experts in sales, and I just got off a call with somebody and I and I should have another four grand in the account by tonight. But you know, I’ve got a lot of sites to build out together down the road here.

[00:28:25] So awesome. That’s that’s big to find that piece, right? So that’s an important piece to find. If you’re a person, find a salesperson, right? And Kyle, I know that I’ve spoken to you about this before. I think sales is something that can be learned, and I think it is one of the most valuable skills that you have. You can have in business, right or in life, right? Sales goes so much beyond business. Part of it is just communication and listening and being able to build rapport. Is that going to be used outside of business? Obviously. So we can. What’s important is to kind of like, identify where we have these weaknesses and let’s solve that problem by putting someone in it. But let’s work towards a kind of personal development solution. When possible, or if that’s something you desire. I’m not saying I think everyone should do it, but you guys live your lifestyle, you want to live. I just think it’s a really important skill to have, so congrats on filling that hole. You know, I think people fall into. I was talking to I think it was Jeff and a few people at this conference, and I think people really fall into three different categories in this business model. So the first group is those people that are like Kyle that can really build out the back, the back end systems and do the fulfillment side of things. And then the second type of people, I think, are like Neal, where they’re good with sales, they’re good with people, they’re very comfortable. So a lot of times you’re going to find the back end. People are kind of missing the sales part and the sales part are missing the back end people.

[00:29:58] Right. So I know that that’s the case to some extent for both Kyle and Neal. And then the third type is seems to be the people that have done the best, in my opinion, and those are the people that can do both the fulfillment and the sales. I believe that my agency fell into that category, so it doesn’t matter what category you’re in, because that’s not the final say, right. The final say is like whatever you make it and if you can identify yourself as missing one of those. It would be a mistake to just kind of let it be that way. So Kyle has made a decision to go and find a salesperson, and he’s kind of like, fix that issue now. So now he’s got the one two punch. And essentially, his agency has just moved from that first type into the third type where he’s got both sides, right? So if you find yourself in there, identify it and solve it. I’ve said this many times when you guys start this business, yeah, we start this business. As The E-Myth revisited book by Michael Gerber would say is, we’re the technicians where we understand, like the basic skill set. But once you start the business, you’re an entrepreneur and your job as an entrepreneur is to solve problems. So if you have a problem where you’re missing one of those things, then you need to do something about it. So a little bit of a tangent, but I think it’s really important to kind of keep beating that and driving that home. Do we have any other wins? Anybody else on on the call want to share any wins in their agency?

[00:31:24] Eugene Yeah, I got I got a prospecting win.

[00:31:29] We’ve got Jackie. What’s up, brother? But we don’t know

[00:31:35] Who’s talking, Eugene, or.

[00:31:38] Ok, cool. Susan, have dedicated a lot of time getting better at that, but

[00:31:44] My my win right now is associated with sales and having a prospecting process in place to get on a calls where I’m making offers, right? So I’ve got a couple of Vas working with me right now and I’ve been building out this this operating process to. So I can kind of worry more about.

[00:32:10] The see cutting out for anyone else or is it me? Yeah, he’s

[00:32:13] In Kabul right now, he’s probably at some janky hotel or something.

[00:32:17] What do you got? Eugene, until he gets back?

[00:32:21] Yeah, well, he’s having more fun. So right? What am I? Enjoy that. But yeah, we had know where I broke up. Sorry, guys. He is OK. He’s back.

[00:32:31] Jackson, you’re having some issues with the wi fi.

[00:32:38] Yeah, I am I am I might be so Jackson.

[00:32:45] Go ahead. Go ahead and type it into the end of the Facebook stream and Jeff Jeff will read it out. We’d love to hear what you’re saying, but we definitely want to make sure this call moves forward. And my prediction is the Cabo Fi is not going to recover here in the next half hour or so. So let’s go over to Mr Eugene, who I believe is now in Scottsdale. Is that right?

[00:33:06] That’s right. Scottsdale, Arizona got new vehicle.

[00:33:09] Yes. Sorry, that new haircut, man, you look sharp. I can’t tell what’s

[00:33:13] Thanks, man. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I lost. I lost the pony, like you said. But you know.

[00:33:19] So talk to me. How got to win? What’s up?

[00:33:21] Yeah. So we actually just ended up closing. You know, we partnered up with another care who had a producing site. We got a referral from a from some, from some trusted people here. And then, yeah. So it was one of one of the biggest deals, at least monetarily wise. We closed it at like three GS. And so we got this, you know, we got a pretty good system now. You know, where we use, we’re using lead generated and we’re tracking all the leads and we added another field with a status. So, you know, we’re making we’re we’re tracking each lead to see if it’s a real lead or not and if it’s been worked on by the by the business owner. And so we’ve been tracking it all the way through. And then at the end of the two weeks, it’s pretty much irrefutable. You know, we have irrefutable evidence and we have links to all the, you know, call recordings, too. And when we show the business owners, you know, they for sure know the value, you know? And so, you know, we’ve been we’ve been increased our closing rate by a lot because of that. And I mean, a lot of the stuff that, you know, the process that we’ve learned from from from Patrick and Jeff out here. So, you know, thanks for all the help. And but yeah, it’s our biggest win so far, you know?

[00:34:39] That’s awesome. And that’s an extra thirty six thousand dollars a year. So congrats on that. I’m glad that the software is working for you guys and helping you out. That’s something what he’s talking about. If that’s not clear to you guys. I encourage you to to kind of get clear on what’s going on here, and I’m just going to kind of give you a high level overview of this process. So what we do in our agency, we start off by building and ranking the sites. I think that is the best way to do it. Then we get our leads coming in, right? So once we have our leads coming in, we put people on a trial. So that’s the goal. Goal is not to close them. The goal is to get them on a trial once they’re on a trial. The leads kind of do the sales for us, right? And the software, just like what Eugene is talking about, all the leads are logged within the platform, right? So the leads are logged in there, and that’s easy enough to give access to the clients, especially now if you guys haven’t seen the updated user roles. So this creates a system of transparency, and I think that a lot of marketing companies are going to hide from this transparency.

[00:35:43] But when you are delivering it is your best weapon for your clients to be able to see. It’s easy for them to calculate return on investment. We had an issue with a client in Vegas where they thought they weren’t getting any weeds and all this stuff, and then we eventually we got them logged in to to the platform, and now they can see everything. And like Eugene said, it’s irrefutable what we’ve delivered here. We can hear the recordings of them talking on the phone and setting up appointments, right? So when they can hear their own voice and they can kind of go back, you know, business owners are disorganized. A lot like the contractor space, especially business owners tend to not be very organized. So when it comes time to pay you, their memory can be conveniently forgetful. Right. So having this stuff in place where you can just show them and making it irrefutable and completely transparent is an amazing thing to do. And I love the way Eugene has set that up. That’s exactly how we do it in our agency, and it’s worked beautifully. So very cool.

[00:36:46] They always forget down to. They never forget.

[00:36:49] So right. We never come in, say we close like 15 deals from you. Oh, turns out we only closed one from you. It’s it’s always the other way, right? So when finances are involved, it seems to work that way for a lot of people. So congrats. Congrats, Eugene. That’s that’s super cool to to see and hear.

[00:37:10] I got I got Jackson’s info in the Facebook chat. He’s he’s a little he’s a little tight, long, long type. But I’ll summarize. So he built out a system for to fill his pipeline, hired a B.A. and has them work into prospecting process and booking 10 to 15 opportunities a week and saving 10 plus hours a week in the process. So that’s kind of the. Summary of the win.

[00:37:40] Excellent. One of the things that I listen to from Taylor’s podcast that I just wanted to quickly share with you, I thought I had it pulled up, but my screen appears to have done some refresh and I lost it. Ok, so. He he goes in, I think it’s episode three eighty five. Unfollow the leader recast and he’s talking about how a lot of times when we go through and we’re trying to choose our mentors, we do very little research on these people. And when we go to buy a pair of shoes or something like or we go to buy a car, we’re going to spend hours and hours on research. And I thought it was very insightful where we just kind of like, take advice from people, including myself. I know that a lot of you guys, we’ve hung out personally, so we’re probably past that point. But I would encourage all of you guys when you go and you try to find other people to follow other mentors, to make sure that you do your research on them, make sure that they are the type of person that you want to become. That should be what the mentor is. Certainly, there’s people out there who have like some good skill sets, but maybe other parts of their life is not strong. And for me, that’s not the type of mentor I want to find because I can find those skill sets the same skill sets in another person.

[00:39:04] So I think I think it’s really important for us all to have stories and for us to all be kind of like finding people that we can learn from along the way. I know that I would not be where I am without this, and I thought it was just brilliant to kind of point out the fact that people just kind of like instantly start following and believing in someone and nobody knows what’s what’s actually true. So I want to point out something real quick. The heat map tool. I’m going to be doing weekly stuff where we kind of like jump into a where we kind of jump into an actual a lesson here. And I know that the people on my team have been sharing the heat map results in various groups. Ok, so. You guys are not doing this. I think it is one of the most powerful things that you can be doing. So here’s what the process looks like. Let’s say that you are a a tree care person. You have clients in tree care and you have a website that’s in tree care that’s doing really well. The Google, my business that’s doing well in that niche. What I would recommend is to find a group where a lot of these tree care people are hanging out.

[00:40:23] This is a phenomenal prospecting method. So take that screenshot and just paste it into the group and you. The goal here is not to brag. The goal is to kind of like, put something in there that’s going to display your knowledge without trying to be salesy, right? So. I mentioned this in the past that you could find somebody who’s a leader in a group, so if there’s, let’s say there’s a group of ten thousand people in tree care, you find someone that is maybe more vocal. Find out what their company is. You run and Google my business heatmap on these people and you post it in there and you do it as a gift for these people. So it could look something like, Hey, Jeff, I know that you’re always putting value into this, this this, this tree care group, and I really appreciate it. I’ve learned a lot from you. We’ve got a skill set that has helped us a lot, and I just wanted to share it with you. I’m not looking for anything from you, but just as kind of like a thank you not only for me, but maybe from other people within the group. Here is how your Google My business is ranking Google. My business is one of the most important parts for any local company. Here’s your map, and here are some of the things that you can do to improve it, right? So it would be really good if you had more reviews.

[00:41:47] I see that you only have like 11 reviews, so there systems out there that we can take advantage of. We have one in our company that we use for reputation management that can help you get more reviews, right? So getting those reviews would be would be super helpful, getting some pictures and maybe using the names of the services that you want to rank for in the areas that you want to rank for as the picture names and kind of loading those into your Google my business. I’d be happy to show you how to do that. No charge. I just want to give back for what you’ve done. So some people on my team have gone through and posted some heat maps. And I’ll tell you, the response is just overwhelming. When they when the people see that grid, it’s very clear to them how they’re doing. And and like, you know, it’s it kind of gives you the analytics that you need to be able to come up with a plan and get hyper local with things. So. Has anybody tried this method for any of you guys that are out there struggling to find new clients? Is there anyone else on this call that has tried this?

[00:42:49] Yes, that’s my exact method, Patrick.

[00:42:52] How does that work for you, Jackson?

[00:42:54] Great. That’s what’s booking the all these calls right now. I’ve got someone hired out doing it for me. I just give them the post white copy.

[00:43:00] So you essentially automated this posting process into various groups. Yep, exactly. So can you give us just a little bit, is your copy that you use, is it pretty similar to what I said or is there a variation that seems to be working really well for you?

[00:43:18] Yeah, that’s pretty much verbatim what I do. I’ve got a couple of different methods where I’ll actually go out and add friends and kind of the more spammy approach, just shoot them a DM after they accept. But I I do have some post web copy where I’ll just keep it super simple, like landed a few deals this week using Google Maps. Anybody need help? And I’ll get some people commenting, Oh, that’s cool. Can you show me more? And then I’ll just go down to the DMs and try to book a call from there and go that way. But yeah, it does. It does work. I do like the long form approach you are kind of recommending here, though I haven’t tried that yet.

[00:43:58] Right. Yeah, I mean, depending on what your goal is and what you’re trying to accomplish, your obviously the strategy is going to differ a little bit, but you know, that’s that would be my go to if I was in a situation where I was aggressively trying to grow my marketing agency. I feel like that is just like fishing with dynamite, and it’s going to be lights out for any of you guys. For those of you guys that are, maybe you have a a site that’s producing and you can’t sell it going into a local market. Like, if it’s if it’s in tree care, right, and you could just like had a lot of success ranking ranking my my website. And this is how we’re ranking across this like St Petersburg area. This is what this represents. We’re really looking for someone that could take advantage of our rankings here. Our company has grown beyond what we can handle or whatever, and we need some help with tree care. So put your own spin on it. It make it your own. But I think it’s a really, you know, when we launched the platform, people came out gangbusters using this and it seems like it’s died out and it shouldn’t have because it is just a phenomenal strategy. I know that a lot of you guys. That’s where you’re struggling is with sales and this is a tool. If you’re paying for this, you should be using this. I’m happy to. You guys go out and try out. I would be happy to. If anyone struggles with it, I’d be happy to go on and give you a free audit on it in and help point you in the right direction so that you can get some success with. But but I’d be willing to bet, but I would almost. Let’s do that. Let’s do this. Let’s have a contest this week. It’s kind of shooting from the hip here. Whoever can, whoever can create the most appointments by posting the heat map and different groups. Jeff, what should we get? You got any ideas, a little giveaway here.

[00:45:51] A little giveaway. We could do some heat map credits.

[00:45:54] If you’re if you’re here, what’s your next? Yeah, go big. Three months free. Three months. All right. So anybody that that the person that has like, give us some proof, right? Whoever is able to create the most amount of conversations appointments by posting heat maps into a group, I’ll give you three months free on the software. You’ve got to prove it. Ok, so you don’t have to be on this call. The deadline is going to be next week’s call. The beginning of next week’s call. It’s over. Ok, so send us some evidence of this. But I’m a big believer in the strategy, and my goal is to try to help you guys move forward with this stuff. So little contest for you guys. Let’s, Jeff, if you could post in the group for the people that aren’t on this call or don’t catch this call, let’s notify the group. Let’s make an announcement in there and just kind of let everybody know that this contest has started as of right now. So.

[00:46:53] Wow. Let’s say you got it. Those are power moves, I’m sitting here thinking of the terminal power moves.

[00:47:02] Hey, guys. Pro tip pro tip. You can’t join and post in more than 13 groups or you’re going to get locked out of Facebook. So 13 Group is kind of a magic number there.

[00:47:13] If you join 13 groups in a day,

[00:47:15] You can’t post anymore. If you post in 13 groups in a day, you can’t join anymore. And so it’s kind of a combination

[00:47:21] Of the two, if that makes sense, just just be wary of that. So, so you could essentially do 12 and then the next day you could do 12 more. Yeah, exactly. Ok, so 13 is a magic number. That’s that’s great insight. I’m glad that I didn’t mess up anyone’s account here.

[00:47:38] I would dig in also and find older posts that you can comment on so you’re not making the initial post know maybe something where something that is a hook for you to to drop a heat map in there and say, Hey, I saw this, even if it was weeks ago, those people are still going to get notified and it could create, I think, the post Jackson. You might be more familiar. We’ll go to the top of the group when when it becomes more active, stuff like that. So you don’t necessarily have to be the the initial post. Or in fact, I think to some degree, it’s better to not be.

[00:48:13] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Gives you kind of a little bit more credibility, I guess, when you’re not the person that’s creating the post, you’re just kind of commenting. And you can also kind of cherry pick the best post. So pretty much anyone that has liked or commented will get notified when there’s no comment unless they’ve unfollowed that post. So you can choose the post that has the most engagement on it and then kind of reignite the fire there. So really, really smart strategy. Ok, so do we have any questions? Anybody struggling with set up within lead generated doesn’t don’t understand how something works or maybe struggling with something in your business that you want. Question answered a little Q&A. Ask me anything.

[00:48:58] Patrick, are you going to do some videos for the new, I guess, the new call feature and Snap, or we just specifically talk about lead generated

[00:49:10] Only lead generation business, OK? Yeah. Any other questions?

[00:49:20] All right. Nobody’s struggling, we need more wins.

[00:49:23] I mean, you just have a whole hole with your coach. No one has any problem

[00:49:28] As he challenges anymore.

[00:49:31] Let’s go. Yeah, like as far as like the GMB like posts and stuff like that, I honestly, I haven’t really like delved into that too much. And I think that’s kind of going to be like my next thing if like because I got everything in that in that process that you had laid out in the spreadsheet, right? So I’m kind of like working through it. Once I get to the end, I’ll probably add more stuff at the end, right? But I’m just saying like, how often do you guys like, I mean, you have lots of systems put in place for like people to kind of work on the other stuff like Daily Post and things like that as well. Like how important is that in terms of ranking on the maps?

[00:50:08] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think posts are really important. One of the things that’s still the case, which. I predict that that this is almost over our grab stuff is being done, I think we would have had it resolved had we not gone to the event. I had to put all my resources towards getting our team ready for this event that we sponsored. So. The GB capability is not currently functional because it’s a part of the GB module. The just so you guys know, I’ve had this question number times the heat map and the reputation management while they are related to the GMB post. Those are one hundred percent functional. So. The frequency of posting is your question. Just kind of wanted to lay the foundation, no first. We do it a few times a week when when we kind of have things dialed in and we’re really trying to rank things, I think that you could probably do it once a day and not have any type of penalty or anything like this at some point. I think there’s the law of diminishing returns, right? It’s it’s common knowledge that Google loves Google, right? And they’re giving you the ability to make these posts and schedule these posts. And most of your competitors are not going to take advantage of that. And I think you’re going to get a edge. It may be a small to medium size edge from doing these posts regularly, but I’ll tell you what in my agency, I’m going to take every edge that I can get as long as it’s ethical.

[00:51:40] And obviously posting on Google, my business is more than ethical, right? It’s a great way to kind of like target specific areas to so let’s say like Eugene is out in Scottsdale, and I know that like what’s over there like Mesa? Right. So if I want to improve my ranking in Mesa, then maybe I could make a post that mentions Mesa, right? Like, Hey, we’re offering a 10 percent discount to anyone in this part of Mesa or Chandler or one of these other areas that surround that. So you can use those terms in the post your goal. When you’re trying to get hyper local, you got your heat map and you see where you’re ranking now, you see where you’re weak. So the goal is let’s build as much relevance as possible to the spots where we’re weak, right? So posting is just like one more opportunity to do it that goes hand in hand with like pictures or having content on our website or reviews questions, all these different things. How many different ways can you think of to build relevance? I think posting is a great way, and I think you’re definitely going to see an advantage from it. I think we’ve done a lot of like studies and testing within our agency, and the result of those is that that we’ve seen advantages from it. That’s that’s our belief on it. So I would certainly be doing it two to three times a week if possible. Once we get this thing back up, we’ll make it really easy and then you can schedule those things out for months and months, right? So hoping to have that back up in the next seven to 10 days? We’ve got an approved API.

[00:53:10] Google had changed a lot of the calls for API, so now it’s a question of updating that stuff. But we’re about to drop a process in there where each of you guys is going to have your own API. So that way, if Eugene does a lot of spammy things right, then that’s not going to mess up the the API for Spencer or for Jackson or anyone else. So that’s kind of the direction we’re going. I’m putting a kind of support team in play so that we can not just say, Hey, go get the API, we’ll walk you through it and kind of hold your hand, take you through the door and make sure that that it gets done correctly. And then we can everyone can have their own and it will be something that’s set up for long term to work correctly. It’s been a nightmare trying to work through this stuff, but I think we’re at the very end of it now, so I’m excited for that. I’m excited to have this system fully operational again. I don’t know. We see here. Ok. All right. Does that answer your question? Eugene? You’re good to go. All right, guys. Some of you guys might have seen this and some of you guys might not have.

[00:54:17] We dropped a really cool feature in that we generated about a week ago, and it is the ability to connect your Google Analytics accounts directly into our system. So let me share my screen and let me show you what this looks like. All right, so. Jeff, or somebody, Eugene, can you give me a thumbs up? Can you guys see my screen? All right, cool, right on, so over here on the left side, if we expand Google, we have Google Analytics, right? And from here we can add accounts. We’re going to be launching the training in here really soon. Oh man, I thought I had an account added in here. I guess I lost it. I will just share my screen real quick. Ok. I’m not going to step through it now, it’s going to be too complicated, but here’s what you can do. I’m going to explain it to you. You can connect your Google Analytics right through here. Google Analytics is really valuable. It can give you all sorts of information on your website. The reason that we wanted to build this in here is because we felt like it was. It was a really neglected tool, and we want to have an easy way for you guys to access this information. So the way you do it is you can click here and you can add your account. You’ll need to use the account. Like if you haven’t set up Google Analytics for your site, then you guys should. You should do that. And hey, we’ll throw together a training on how you can set up Google Analytics.

[00:55:39] Essentially, there’s like a little pixel tag that you’re going to install on your website. And when somebody comes to your website, that little pixel can gather all sorts of different information on the visitor where they came from, what they do, how long they spend, the pages they go to and give you a lot of powerful information. So once that connection is there, it’s it’s always running. And what you do is you add your account in here and then you will map your Google Analytics account to a company within our platform. And then that data will be available right inside here, so you don’t have to log in to all these different Google Analytics accounts. It will all be right here. So we started using this in our agency because of the time that we launched this. We haven’t had the chance to take full advantage of it. But I’ll tell you, I’m really excited. I think this is a super cool feature to have in here. We’ll be adding in search console in here as well, so you guys can have that data. And then as we move forward, we’ll be mixing a lot of stuff onto the various dashboards throughout the platform and kind of setting up alerts. So wouldn’t it be great if like your traffic takes a nosedive on your website and you get notified right away? So that’s kind of what Google Analytics can do. It can tell you they can help you identify problems in your website.

[00:56:53] So maybe when somebody is on the iPhone, they bounce higher than when they’re on Android. So it may be that you need to spend some time troubleshooting. You can point out these these types of things, and this could be causing loss leads, right? If we can improve our conversion rate, let’s say doing really, really well and my conversion rate is like. Five percent. And I can make some changes, maybe it’s not working very well. The mobile devices and now my conversion rate. Seven and a half percent. So that means seven and a half percent of the time when someone comes to my website, they’re either calling or they’re filling out a form. So it’s almost like your ranking for 50 percent more things without any more reviews, without any more GB or any of this stuff. Google Analytics can help you identify that, so it’s a really valuable piece to have in here. We’re going to get some training together for you guys so that you guys can get that stuff set up and dialed in. Ok, cool. So, so what’s for the demo on that? I thought I had an account connected. It’s been like I said, it’s been pretty chaotic with going to this conference, moving to the Nashville area here and my my wife also is battling with COVID right now. So a lot of getting pulled on a lot of different directions, but we’re back on track now. We’re committed towards making sure that you guys can work here to help you guys grow your business moving forward.

[00:58:23] All right. So we are at an hour. If there are, are there any final questions or any comments, any any any questions about that Google Analytics stuff? And I’m good at explaining things. All right, guys, well, you guys don’t want any more of my opinions on solutions to the universe than I am going to sign off and call it a night. It’s awesome to see you guys. We’re going to be putting a forum in the group as well to try to set up the accountability stuff that we talked about two weeks ago so that you guys can get that started. Basically, it’s going to be like a 90 day sprint that’s going to start on October 1st. It’s going to be the final 90 days of two thousand and twenty one. So if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the live from two Wednesdays ago where we go through this, and I think it’s a really important thing to do. But check that live out if you’re interested in having an accountability, setting some goals for the last 90 days of the year. All right, guys, it’s good to see you. Congrats to those of you guys that have wins. Get in there and participate in that. That contest that we’re starting starts today ends the call next week. All right. Do what you guys need to do to create wins and we will see you in the group and take care. Guys get easy. Adios, amigos.