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[00:00:21] Come on in. How are you guys doing? Jeff, going on? Oh, we’re just juggling juggling tech as usual. Well, a few more people come in. Since we’re live. Or go. The. All right, I think I’m set here. How are we doing everybody who’s got a win today, Patrick is going to be on in just a minute. He’s he’s managing some tech and logistical issues. Speak up if you have a win. Just join it.

[00:01:29] I got two new CEO and two new trial clients this week, so big ticket. Huh. The CEOs, yeah. Five hundred a month, plus the build of the website. Both of those are about the same. And you know, there’s a be

[00:01:47] About, well, they trial, but they’re concrete, so

[00:01:50] They should work out pretty well, hopefully.

[00:01:53] Are you already getting leads on the sites?

[00:01:55] Yeah, they’re just doing the trial leads now.

[00:01:57] So how many are you getting?

[00:02:03] I’m getting about 25 to 30 a month.

[00:02:07] Oh, wow, that’s good. Yeah. Are they good like they like sidewalk cracks or

[00:02:13] No, these are ones that count. Yeah, I mean, that’s getting more calls in that these are the legitimate leads. Otherwise, I just kind of toss them. Yeah, yeah. Cool.

[00:02:24] Yeah, congratulations. That’s a good. Sounds promising.

[00:02:27] Yeah, I’ve had a couple of people before on this site and they haven’t worked out, so hopefully this one will.

[00:02:33] Yeah. Well, I’ve been down that road so many times.

[00:02:36] Yeah, usually by the third, it works, right? That’s what I’m hoping. Actually, this last one was the referral I was meeting with a score counselor and we were talking about my work and she said, Hey, I know some people in the area that because I was talking about networking and in another place, and she said, I know some people that do that, and she gave me the their contact and it worked out.

[00:02:59] So yeah, cool. Yeah, Square’s a great organization. Yeah. Did some stuff with them. How are you doing, Jarrett? What’s up, Jeff? I saw you in taking some family time this week.

[00:03:11] Oh, I don’t know how much fan I’m taking care of family. I can tell you that. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I’ve been playing Mr Mom for the last two weeks. My wife broke her ankle, so it’s like, Oh man, stuff.

[00:03:23] Yeah, yeah.

[00:03:25] Staying busy, though.

[00:03:27] Yeah. Well, you usually have when you got going on.

[00:03:30] Oh man, I got a lot of stuff. I, you know, same thing, always having some something to sell, mainly Lee Jin trying to stay stay away from SEO. Yeah. You know, building a bunch of stuff out. But honestly, I’m still kind of in that cell. What? I got stage, you know, unless it’s really like, I’m getting to the point where I get a lot of referrals and stuff. So unless it’s easy money, I’m not really building out anything for myself right now unless I have like a paying client because I got too much stuff on the plate that I need to do. But I mean, you know, I had my best month last month. I’ll probably have my best month this month.

[00:04:08] So yeah, I know you’ve been pumping it up and really setting big goals for yourself. So yeah,

[00:04:13] Trying to trying to really knock knock some stuff out and kill some of these other little things I have going on. But this takes time, you know,

[00:04:21] Are you building up your team? Like, what does that look like?

[00:04:24] So that’s I have a couple of Vas, right? I was actually talking to Patrick earlier, just like about setting up the teams as far as like like the processes of, you know, because I have, you know, I get. You know, twelve hundred phone calls a month drive through all the different regions, so there’s a lot of leads that are just coming through that I’m not taking care of just because there’s just so many that I just can’t answer all of the phone rings, you know, 50, 60 times a day. So like, I’m trying to bring somebody on and be able to qualify leads that way. I can get those to certain contractors and try to focus on which ones need a little g and B help, which one needs a little help to really solidify those solid numbers so that you’re not sitting there trying to make commission deals? I’d almost rather just say, Hey, take some leads, and then when you can get those solid numbers to where you can ask, you know, fifteen hundred or twelve fifty a month or two thousand five hundred a month, like, you know, going like that, right? Instead of saying, OK, well, let’s start at five, which is OK, but I feel like. Now, seeing all of the stuff, I feel like a lot of those lower numbers, when you’re dealing with somebody that’s paying you five hundred bucks a month, they’re more of a pain than somebody paying you. Fifteen hundred dollars a month

[00:05:39] Or two takes the same work to make a hundred or two thousand five hundred.

[00:05:43] Yeah. And so and it feels like they want more honestly, like the guy paying you five hundred dollars a month once more. I don’t know why.

[00:05:51] Yeah, they’re real business owners. Yeah, that’s why, you know, I mean, it’s the right ones or the are real business, that’s for sure, right?

[00:06:01] The other ones just

[00:06:02] Kind of go something like my win, I guess, for the week that. My win for the week is kind of related to that is like taking calls like so for my own assets, I still take some of the calls. And just yesterday morning I got two calls, one right after the other, and I kind of like ballpark. The value of those two calls were about fifty thousand bucks worth of business. So it’s like, you know, you can do that. That’s like magic, right? I mean, we’re like magicians. So, you know, we pull those kinds of leads and then get a client based on those higher value leads. It’s it’s really powerful. Right. So that’s that’s good for Patrick’s agency. We have somebody who takes the calls for anything that we have that’s just in that kind of phase, like you’re describing, and for some clients that maybe they can’t take the calls as effectively as we would like them to or whatever we can always just put her on it. And that’s that is like a game changer. Just to be able to snap your fingers and have somebody taking those calls when they’re coming in and qualifying them for whatever reason, right?

[00:07:06] I mean, you know, I just fired one of my fencing legion’s guys, right? So, you know, so I turn the phones on to me, and I sent three new leads to a fencing contractor today, but prequalified them like, Hey, this guy wants three hundred foot of fence. You know, that’s that’s a six seven, eight thousand job. This person wants this wrought iron gates, you know, with motorized, whatever another three or four or five thousand job. So like today on a trial, she probably, you know, is going to go Big Ten twelve thousand worth of work. But again, like, I had pre-qualified, though, so it’s so much easier to sit there and say, Hey, here’s this information. But when you got so much other stuff going on, it gets a little overwhelming, you know?

[00:07:50] Yeah, right on who else? Anybody else got any wins here or, well, we’re waiting for Patrick. You could be on any minute and I know he has some CRM updates and whatnot, but we’re kind of. Juggling it here. Anybody else got anything? I’m having to juggle two of them on one screen instead of three, so I don’t know about Facebook. I got go over here and look at Facebook now. Leann is saying in Facebook she’s got wins for the week, found two potential clients who are willing to take leads. One will do certain ones and the other one will do the rest and just got off the phone with a referral that wants to do a legion that will be building that out for him. Most likely been a while giving their congratulations, LeAnn. That’s awesome. And. That’s all I’m seeing. Where’s the Zoom link to just go to lead generated? Well, I got some wins, I got some wins, Jeff. How’s it going? Yeah, what do you got? Yeah. Closed. Close for where? Well, in the last three days. So they’re all kind of north of fifteen hundred dollars. So yeah, that’s been pretty awesome. A couple of them are a bit of a long time in the making and kind of bring them people around onto things. And but we got there in the end and then actually ended up with a client to one of the web builds.

[00:09:20] I pitched the Oh, I don’t really like doing SEO, but for the right money, I’ll do it. And he kind of came back and said, Oh, look, I can’t really afford it. And I kind of pitched them the lead gen model like a like a pre-sold legion. You didn’t really get it. And then inadvertently, whenever he couldn’t afford my SEO price, he came back to me and offered me like a revenue share and anything that was generated from SEO. So I kind of reworded and reframed the the lead gen offer kind of said that, you know, I need to take a little bit upfront in order to make this work and kind of used a couple of things that were that you and project had done like a rule play. And I kind of stole bits of that. And yeah, it worked a treat. And he ended up like, you know, two weeks ago when I when I pitched them, they offer, you know, pets them. At the first time, he wasn’t really interested and he didn’t really get it and then kind of got a little bit of work and a bit of tweaking here. And there he was. He was all for it. Nice. You had to educate him. How did you how did you get in conversations with those people? So I actually I joined a lot of like Dods groups on Facebook.

[00:10:27] And yeah, yeah, like bad dogs like I’m in Ireland. Not, but these are a lot of yeah, I know a lot of them. A lot of the work I do is and as in actually in the U.S., so I kind of joined a lot of like dudes and dads groups and this type of thing. And it turned out that this guy was like, put it on this dads group that he had a bit of problem with. It’s like kids HTML code, and he had this like really ancient website with this kind of code that I’d never seen before. He gave me access to it. I kind of find somebody who understood it a lot more than what I did, and they said, Look, and for me to go and fix it, I’m going to have to like strip a box. So I just came back to him and said, Look, mom, you know, for the time and the money it’s going to take for you to put this up and get it to fix it. And I think you’re better off going for a brand new site and he kind of went along with me. Yeah, nice. Congratulations. That’s awesome. Yeah. Thanks very much, dad. What did you what was your kind of pitch? Did you just what you say in the group? It was just basically him commenting like, I got a lot of ones from like people put up things saying, You know, Hey, dad, it’s like, What does everybody do? You know, you get like seven hundred or a thousand comments, you know, I’m a plumber or whatever.

[00:11:40] And then I put up, you know, small things like, you know, I help to connect and like people with businesses and, you know, people that are actively seeking for your service. And I just try to put it into layman’s terms, you know, as opposed to kind of hitting people with the real technical stuff. And it seems to work a lot better. I got a lot of messages from it and people kind of asking me what it’s all about and they they generally just tend to ask me for a lot of information and then I kind of go from there. Yeah, yeah, it gives you a good chance to educate them. That’s awesome, man. I haven’t thought about that method. That’s great. Yeah, I’ve just been going into the contractor groups themselves and, you know, other people who are asking about SEO or some more business related groups. Yeah. So I find a lot of the content that a final contractor groups and like, it’s it’s like marketing vultures, you know, somebody asks, but a web build or whatever.

[00:12:33] And next thing, there’s like a hundred comments and people like bombarding them and they’re like asking for money and they’re flat out like, you know, they’re kind of like attacking them. And then ultimately, what happens is the marketers all get a bad name. They tar everybody with the same brush and they kind of come out and say, Oh, look, I’m not interested, or somebody puts a comment saying, Stay away from these guys. They’re just here to take your money and they’re not going to deliver. And, you know, then you’re trying to like, you’re backpedaling constantly. You know, it’s like trying to get the water out of the boat. Does it sink in? Your pets is gone before you can, even you can even begin. So I kind of thought, like, why don’t I join some groups that are a little bit more out of the box or people are a little bit more open and they’re not, you know, ultimately they’re not like automatically defensive, you know, when it comes to this type of thing. So yeah, it’s just kind of trying to think a little bit more outside of the box. Yeah, that’s great. That’s great. Congratulations. That’s a great idea. Thank you, ma’am. Yeah, it looks like we have Patrick over here in his new digs joining us.

[00:13:34] Yo. Yes, the first. So this is the first Zoom call from RV and we we had a lot of delays over the last couple of weeks trying to get on the road between. It’s my wife. We’ve got like the back half of the RV is remodeled. The front half is not remodeled yet, so remodeling takes longer than we think it does, apparently. So we kind of got stuck a couple of times. Then our Cat eight and Advil, and we had to go to the hospital for a few days with him. He’s fine. Then we just rolled into town. We’ve got our first first setup at our at our campsite. Here we are kind of in southeast Ohio, right near the West Virginia border. So we’ve got some cool plans over the next few days to hit the Harpers Ferry is supposed to be this really beautiful area in West Virginia. And then we had plans to go to Myrtle Beach, but there’s a hurricane that decided to blow through there. I guess it got downgraded, but I don’t want to drive through a like a tropical storm either. So. So we’re kind of fluid with with our plans here, but pretty excited to be on the road and kind of really be like it feels much more like we’re in the nomad lifestyle now that we’re out here and there’s I’m looking out here.

[00:14:53] I’ve got like woods and the lakes and forests and all these other people that are kind of grilling out and hanging out and having a couple of drinks that just looks like a really cool environment that we’re in. So pretty excited. That’s a that’s a win for us. My wife and I, we’ve been thinking about this for five years and this is our first real campsite that we stopped at. So and we just pulled in here at like five minutes before the call started. So we’ve got the multiple redundancy to two cell phone plans connected through our roof, which brings WiFi into the RV. And powers are. So we’ve got two TVs and I’ve got a this is like a 27 inch iMac that is is right here. So we kind of retrofitted it in, but pretty excited. I’ll show you guys more if you’re interested at some point, but I don’t want to derail the meeting with what you guys came. I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear about Patrick’s RV, so. So let’s get into it. Who’s pure good? I know that it must be like, what, two, 30 or something in the morning for you?

[00:16:01] No, it’s not quite. It’s nearly 1:00 a.m. So it’s not too bad.

[00:16:06] Ok, OK. Cool, man.

[00:16:07] Well, yeah, I don’t. I don’t get the opportunity if I don’t get the opportunity to jump all too often. So just for the time difference. So I thought I was doing a little bit of stuff and I thought, you know, just popped my head and say hello, so they disappear for the meeting on my way to bed.

[00:16:22] Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it’s good man, because I know that we’ve gone back and forth a few times, so it’s cool to actually have like a face to face conversation. Finally, you know, and you’ve been pretty active in the group. And, you know, we sent messages back and forth, and I know that you sent me some suggestions and stuff that that I really value. So it’s good to finally be able to put put a face with it. And from now on, when I read your comments, I’m going to read them in an Irish accent that did that I wasn’t anticipating before.

[00:16:53] Yeah, kind of. I kind of thought nobody would

[00:16:54] Call me cool. All right. So just be on. Yeah, it seems we’ve got it, we’ve got it, you know, got it’s pretty similar to our English, right? We’ve got who else we got, we got Jarrett Miller on here. What’s up, brother? Calling you out, man, you’re muted. I’m sure you’re saying something cool.

[00:17:15] Yeah, I was saying something so impactful it would have changed everybody’s lives, but I just had to. No man, it’s good man. I was just. Wednesdays have been so crazy, but you know, I had Wednesday this afternoon off, so I just wanted to jump on and say hello to everybody, you know, been rocking it.

[00:17:30] Yeah, you know. Very cool, man. Have you have you continued with your jogging?

[00:17:35] You know, I’ve done it two or three times, and I have worked out three times this week in the gym, so I am doing pretty good this week, so we’ll see how next week looks.

[00:17:43] So I’ll tell you, man, I started out about where you were when I ran a mile about a year ago and I was able to take a significant amount of time off it over, like three or four months. So, you know, I didn’t really have a plan of where I was going, but I thought it was really cool after taking several minutes off in, like really feeling that that physical difference and just kind of feeling younger again. So I just wanted to share that with you to kind of encourage you to keep going because it’s certainly been an awesome change for me.

[00:18:19] Yeah, yeah, I’m going to do it. I put on more weight when I started doing Lee Gym. It was crazy.

[00:18:24] That’s what happens, man. That’s that’s that’s what they call the Legion. Twenty.

[00:18:28] Yeah, I think that’s what it is. Yeah, it’s like the college 20

[00:18:33] 20 and you’re sitting down. It’s like, there’s always stuff that you can do. So it’s important to step away. Right. So have we been through all the wins, Jeff? I know that I was a few minutes late on the call. Is there more people that haven’t shared any wins yet with the group? I think this is a super important part

[00:18:48] Every week to get them out. We had a few people share, Jarrett shared. I shared, and we kind of did that. You want to.

[00:18:56] I think Tunisia has. Tunisia has one, right? I see your hand up.

[00:19:00] Oh, there she goes. Ok.

[00:19:02] How are you doing? Your muted. There we go. Oops, I think I just muted you. Sorry, I was trying to ask you to unmute. There it is.

[00:19:10] Hi, I’m Tia. I’m on my partner’s laptop. Okay.

[00:19:14] Yeah, I thought your name was Tia and I saw that and I was like, Well, I’m not going to call her a different name.

[00:19:19] No, no, you’re your hunch was correct. And actually, I talked to you guys last week about a presentation that I had coming up, and I was going to suggest two for three thousand. And so I ended up going for doing both of the presentations, and I presented them to him at two thousand five hundred. And after my research in his research, we determined that the one market is much better than the other market. So he went ahead and purchased the 2500 up front for the one and then five hundred dollars per service. And so I, I pitched him. What he’s offering is really relatively a new thing, and it’s not really being done in my city yet. It’s being done, but it’s not really being done in my city. So he doesn’t. I think that he doesn’t really need backlinks or anything like that. My suggestion was to create location pages for each area of the city that he wants to target, and then I’ll put a GMB in each of those locations. And so for each additional location, it’s five hundred dollars.

[00:20:32] So twenty five that a one time setup fee or how is that going?

[00:20:37] That’s going to be the one time setup fee. And then when the lead start coming in, it’s going to be kind of a percentage of this

[00:20:44] Is something he owns though, right?

[00:20:46] No, I own it.

[00:20:47] Oh, OK, that’s good, that’s good.

[00:20:50] Yeah, he does, and he doesn’t have any questions like he’s just like, Yeah, here, do whatever and then send me the lead.

[00:20:55] So what’s your game plan now? You’ve got you’ve got location pages to build out. You’ve got your GMB setup. Like what? What, what? What’s your attack plan?

[00:21:07] So actually, I’m getting use this actual setup to really define my whole process, and I’m going to go through step by step what you need to do for a lead. So my first step like logo color scheme and then build the website, then I’ll he I asked him to provide all of the addresses for the GMB, so I’ll create the the GMB and each location. And then once they’re all up, I’ll kind of see where how it goes and what I need to kind of focus on then.

[00:21:45] Ok, a piece of advice that I would give you is we always ask our clients for the GMES and the addresses, and most of the time they get us several of them. But then what happens most of the time is we don’t get the addresses like the people that. So it’s now it’s like two contacts away, and a lot of times those postcards are going to get thrown away. Obviously, percentage of the time the postcards we send don’t, don’t even show up, right? So what I would do if I were in your shoes and this is something that we’ve kind of talked about within my company is like just blanketing the area with more jobs. So I’ve never had a problem where I’m like, Man, this website’s going really good. But the only problem is I have too many jobs. That’s never happened, right? So if you like. You’re once you take that money. You’re on the clock, right? And it’s like everything’s cool for the first couple of months, no matter what you do, because the expectations aren’t there. But the sooner that you get stuff started now, the better shape you’ll be in in three months from now. Right. So I would probably if I were in your shoes, I would be making a Craigslist post and maybe a post on indeed. To try to get additional addresses, right? If it happens that you end up with like more than you need, then you can always just like set up another region and these other places. So just to give you kind of like a framework, I would say if there’s like how many people are in these cities?

[00:23:22] Five hundred thousand

[00:23:23] Five hundred thousand. Yeah. Ok, so I would probably be setting up. For at least in that city, if not more for jobs. Yeah. Depending on the niche, I know that you maybe have a low hanging fruit niche, right?

[00:23:41] It’s a low hanging fruit nash. But he only wants to target specific areas within the city. But it comes out to about four areas that would be that he would be wanting to target. Yeah, he wants to have houses in the he should have houses in all of these areas that he owns to get the jobs at. That’s kind of part of what the knish is. So he’ll have addresses to give that. It won’t be kind of a middle man like they’ll be his. Oh, OK, great.

[00:24:09] Yeah, yeah. So you’ll be like first point of contact. Yeah, that’s great. You may also consider I know that you said it’s the low hanging fruit. So if it if fit. Look like it’s Low-Hanging fruit once having multiple jobs, but if it’s like 20 minutes or half an hour away, then I’m going to I’m going to set up multiple sites, right? And then I’m going to have jobs like City. A might be like 40 minutes from City B, and I’ll have like the GMB for City A as as like the home page. And then I’ll have like a GMB and City B that points back to the first website. And then I would do the same thing. So so I’d have like four jobs for the two cities and I would be trying to like rank site one and site two in the maps in both areas. Right. So I’ve kind of like they don’t think they’re going to the same person.

[00:25:06] That makes sense. Only wants to really target one city, though he doesn’t, he’s not. Yeah, I talked to him about whether because the direct competition does two cities, one is two hours away. And so I thought focusing specifically on our city and what it is like, the there isn’t like kind of outer links. It wouldn’t work in outer lying cities. It works in our city specifically because we have certain things to offer.

[00:25:33] It sounds like it sounds like you’ve thought through some of this. So.

[00:25:39] Yeah, you

[00:25:41] Like I know you’ve been in for a while and you’ve got a number of reps in there, it shows. But it’s good also just to understand, like, maybe not for you as much, maybe some other people that are trying to evaluate this. Those concepts will apply to other people. So congrats on that. That’s awesome. You’ve got you’ve got what sounds like it’s going to be a really big client moving forward. Right. So that’s super cool to you.

[00:26:07] Thank you, and thank you for all your help last week, I appreciate it.

[00:26:09] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I’m glad it was useful for you. Ok, cool. Do we have more wins? Who else? I got some wins. My man, Devin, what’s up, brother? Hey. Yeah, I forgot you were doing

[00:26:21] The RV thing. I’m like, What has happened over the last couple of months now? I’m like,

[00:26:26] This is our first time stop ever. Now I literally

[00:26:32] Had four different legends. Get calls today, all new that all popped up at once, and two of them are actually home flippers. So they’re looking for ongoing things. So pretty valuable leads. So I got two more people on trial earlier today.

[00:26:47] Very cool, man. So, so all of us that are like, Hey, my leads have dropped. Where are they going? Apparently, Devin is picking them all up, right?

[00:26:56] It’s I mean,

[00:26:58] There’s a balance to everything, man. Doors closed, doors open. That’s life.

[00:27:01] That’s right, man. Well, that’s cool. That’s cool, man. Congrats. You’ve got. Thank you. You said for people on trial now.

[00:27:08] So now six four, this is all junk removal. Yeah, I don’t I don’t care about sharing the net or anything like that. It’s all junk removal. And two of these people are home flippers, and one lady does 30 to 40 homes a year. One person is around 80 homes a year, so. And it’s I don’t know why something motivated me to just tell them. When I answered the phone, I wasn’t pretending to be a junk removal person. I just told them, like, Yes, what I do, like, I generate leads. It’s how you found me. And they’re like, Oh, cool. And I just tell them, like, Yeah, your info is going to be really helpful for me to get in the door because I’m looking for someone reputable. So it helps me to, like, have us to work together because at the end, you’re getting a better end result that you’re getting someone reputable to and they’re like, both of them were like, Yeah, that’s great. Do you know someone that does textured walls? So if anyone knows anyone that does textured walls and Spring Hill, Florida hit me up,

[00:28:01] I do not have that answer for you, but maybe somebody else in the group does. That’s that’s really cool, man. Congrats. Congrats, Devin. Thank you. Thanks. Any other wins? We got any other ones to share. No. Ok, cool. All right, so I’ve got another win that I want to share with you guys. I’m not going to go too much into the details and I’m like, I’m not going to share. A lot about this, but you know, it’s important to have mentors regardless of what, whether it’s in this group or another group, whatever. And I kind of felt I kind of found myself for the last almost like a year or more. It kind of felt like I was without a mentor. And so I went and I joined a mastermind group. So it’s a mastermind group that it’s not it’s not focused on regeneration. It’s it’s something that is more of like entrepreneurial, right? And it’s it’s high level. So it is very, very expensive, you know? But but I’m. And I’ve got like the next like eight months for the price that I’m in and I’m excited for it because, you know, it’s it’s you always want to I always want to put myself where I’m like. I’d love to be the dumbest person in the room as much as possible. Right. So I feel like going into this, you know, there’s people in there that are like, Hey, I own 150 restaurants or like, you know, they’re they’re people doing millions of dollars a month in their businesses.

[00:29:34] So I’m excited for the opportunity to rub elbows with these people, and I’m excited for the learning. And then not only that, but to be able to bring it back to you guys. One of the things that from like they gave us a collection of videos. So the way we do it, this will be like a meeting. I’ve got coaches that I can that I can basically call on all the time and jump on the phone with them. I’ve got a once a month meeting at a quarterly meeting that’s done in person like events. So it’s going to I think I’m going to benefit a lot from this. I’m excited about it. Jeff went through part of it. I believe he’s also kind of saw what I saw with these people really, really high level. Like I said, I’m not going to like kind of I don’t know a lot about it. I’m getting started. And with that, I’m not going to make a recommendation that somebody else joins it at this point. So I’m going to kind of keep it in my back pocket about what it is. But I want you guys to know that on our end, regardless of where you are, we’re continuing the level up and we’re continuing to try to, like, get better and improve.

[00:30:31] And I think this will allow us to kind of be better leaders for you guys. One of the things that this guy said in the first meeting and this guy is, I think he’s about my age. And, you know, I would guess just kind of like on some of the comments, I think he’s doing more than a million dollars a month and. Somebody asks how you stay humble? That’s that’s what they ask them. And that was like a really, you know, just like comparing this to some other situations that I’ve been in. I thought that was a really important question for me. Where I am at mentally is I want to make sure that I’m following the right leaders, right? So and this guy had an awesome answer. And I think as you guys start to bring in money, you start to level up like somebody who’s had like a quick ride. It’s like Jarrett Miller, for instance, right? As this money starts to come in. I think it’s important. It’s human nature for us to compare each other to other people. Ok, so you don’t want to be comparing yourself to other internet marketers, right? You want to compare yourself and you’re going to kind of develop these, these thought patterns of who who you’re going to be comparing yourself to. It’s best to try to not compare yourself, but I think that’s a hard thing for most people to do.

[00:31:44] And this guy’s response is, I don’t compare myself to like internet marketers or these people I’m comparing myself to, like Elon Musk and, you know. Who else was he saying like Ray Dalio? So these people that are like the leaders of the world? So when you start comparing yourself to those people, you’re going to find that you are you’ve got a lot of work to do. And I think it’s good to kind of build those thought patterns. And like as we go through this, you can you can come a long way. It’s great to pat yourself on the back for it, but let’s develop those thought patterns that are going to make sure that we kind of stay in this humility as we go from like beginners and then we start to bring money in and then we kind of continue down the path. So for me, hearing that from him, I thought that was exciting and I thought it was something that we should that should be shared because, you know, not everybody has the same starting line. And as we move through this, some people in here, maybe previously you’re making thirty thousand a year. And then you go to making thirty thousand dollars a month and you’re surrounded by people that are making thirty thousand dollars a year.

[00:32:54] And it would be easy for you to kind of like. Fall into this mindset where you somehow think you’re better than these people or anything, and I’m not saying that you that any of you would, but I just think it’s it’s a really healthy thing to identify that at the beginning as we start to make this transition and make sure that we’re forming healthy habits. Does your success with this and your ability to have longevity and not have like things fall apart is going to be dependent on on your mindset towards this stuff? And this is the time as you start to grow this business that you start to form these healthy things. So I just kind of wanted to share this with you guys, as you know, something that struck me that. I think I started doing it a long time ago, but I didn’t really realize it. It wasn’t a conscious decision. And it’s just kind of like always left me thirsty to kind of keep going and, you know, never feeling like, like, you know, the king of something, right? So I just want to share that with you guys as like a mindset piece that that I’ve been kind of like thinking about over the last week or so. So I think that we had one more person who had a question Where where did it go?

[00:34:01] Yeah, yeah. Green had green up. And then just really, for those of you who don’t know about the outline that a ton of info in that outline and the Facebook chat was asking about a script to reach out for grabs, and there’s actually an entire script in the outline itself, very searchable by keyword in that outline. Just look for it in the announcements I’ve been trying to post it around. Just want you guys to know that it’s out there for your reference, and anything that’s set on these calls is outlined there and time stamped in all of that. So you can get access to the answers to your questions much more quickly and then we don’t have to keep repeating the same.

[00:34:44] Awesome. Yeah, that’s a tremendous resource that I think is is going to be really useful for everyone. Jeff, do you have like 60 seconds on your thoughts on what I talked about with the mentoring thing that we’re going to be a part of moving forward?

[00:34:57] Yeah, I’m on board like one hundred percent like I’ve been through tons of. One longtime clients before I even started doing leave, Jen. She’s a trainer and coach, and she’s gone through multiple different programs from Dan Sullivan, strategic coach to Tony Robbins. Marissa Murgatroyd, like multiple of them and what I do for her on the back end is I actually go through and outline all of the material and all of those programs so that I can whisper all of the nuggets in her ear. Then when she actually goes to the mastermind, she looks like she’s been through all the info which most people can never get through because they have busy lives, people or executives or their high level. And it just gives her an edge in the room where she can connect with people at a different level and not go into a meeting and feel like she doesn’t know what’s going on like. She not only knew what’s going on, but she’s being more, you know, full. How to connect because she knows who all these people are in the room, right? So I’m very familiar with mastermind Joe Polish as a mastermind where it’s $50000 to get in, $100000 to get in and the premises that you walk in the room and you make a deal that’s worth 10 times that amount in one meeting. So I mean, these people are playing at a different level and that’s where we want to be. And I think that overall, just continuing to level up and learn as much as you can and get access to rooms of people who are are playing at those higher levels, you’re inevitably you’re going to get out of your comfort zone, you’re going to you’re going to start vibrating at that frequency with the other people in the room. You want that to be as high level as you can. So I think it’s going to be amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

[00:36:51] Yeah, awesome, Jeff. Yeah, and just so you guys, some of you guys that are that are at a different spot, maybe you’re just getting started. You don’t have your first client or you don’t have you don’t have your first money coming in. It wasn’t long ago that we were in in your shoes. Ok. And looking back on it, you know, if I if I said, Hey, five years from now, you’re going to be in this situation, I’d have a hard time believing it. Right now, I look back on on what’s kind of unfolded over the last five years as we wrap this up. And it’s it makes sense. Like the series of events that has led us to this point makes sense. And I don’t want you guys to look and think that we’re so far away from where you are. Even though, like financially, our current revenue per month may be quite a bit higher than yours. But we all can go through these same steps. You can get there, and it’s just like one piece at a time. I think you guys are a lot closer to some of this than you. You may realize. I know that there was someone a few weeks ago there, somebody on a call and had like a hundred sites built and only like two of them are rented. So in my mind, like they don’t really need to make any more sites before they can get to like 50k a month, right? They just need to rank the existing ones if they’ve chosen the right niches. So getting this stuff in place can get you there.

[00:38:10] The person who referred me to this group that this mastermind, they’re only at like ten thousand a month, right? So like, they weren’t doing one hundred thousand a month and they’re involved in it, but they saw the value. And it’s it’s a big commitment for somebody who’s making ten thousand dollars a month. But that being said, like this person saw it and you’ve got to do what you need to do to accelerate this process, right? And that doesn’t mean like, I don’t think, you know, I’m not encouraging you guys to go and find some expensive mastermind to join. But what I’m encouraging you to do is like, position yourself so that you, wherever you are that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people, that you’re learning the right things, that you’re that you’re doing what you need to do to move forward for yourself, right? And then just keep doing that. That’s that’s all that that I’ve done along this way is like, what is what are the small steps that I can do today this week? What are my goals for three months, six months, nine months a year? How do I get there? Let me work backwards and make sure that I’m putting those actions in place. Ok, so treen, I’m sorry that I delayed. I know that you’ve been patiently waiting for for the call. I’m going to ask you to mute so you should get a little pop up. What’s up, man? How you doing? I know where we’ve been going back and forth. It’s OK.

[00:39:26] It’s OK, Patrick, thank you. I had a question about you saying multiple guards in the same city for the same niche.

[00:39:34] Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think it’s probably my RV internet here. Why would you do that? So here’s why you would do it is like, let’s say that you’re in a city. Let me, let me, let me draw a map. Let’s do this. Let’s get a visual in this. I know that I’ve done this before, but give me one second here and I’m going to go with Los Angeles. So that’s a nice big city. I’ll share my screen in one second. Let me just get this popped up. All right. All right, Jeff, are you able to see my screen?

[00:40:25] Yes, I am.

[00:40:27] Ok, great. All right. Might be loading a little. I don’t have this internet completely figured out yet. There you go. All right, so I know we’ve done this drawing before, but I think it’s really valuable, right? So trying. So let’s say this is this is Los Angeles, it’s a big city and it’s going to be really competitive to try to rank something in the city. So if you set up your GMB that like, let’s say your GMB is in the center of the circle and that’s where you’re going to rank the best right and you’re going to rank a little bit worse inside the circle here. And whatever you choose. So let’s say I choose like. We’ll stick with Devon’s niche. House flippers, right? Maybe it’s like house flipping is my keyword. It’s house flipping. La is what I named my GMB. That is what I’m targeting, and that’s probably what’s going to rank the best. There’s some things that could affect that. Like if there’s a ton of competition for that, then maybe you’re going to rank better for some other long tail. But this is basically what you’re going to rank. The best for right is house flipping LA. So what would happen given those are the rules? Maybe I set one up over here in Compton, right? So now this one, I’m going to I’m going to name this one like home flipper.

[00:41:49] Oh, OK. So now over here, I’m ranking for this term and over here, I’m ranking for this term. So right away, I’m ranking inside the circle. Where is if I had only chosen to have one GMB inside this niche, my exposure would be limited to this circle here, right? Maybe the small circle. Now, as we do things, as we add backlinks to our site and we get more reviews and we get more citations like this, this gets bigger and bigger. And the same is going to happen over here. So at some point these are going to overlap, right? This area here is where you’re going to be ranking for both of these. And this is why it’s important to choose different names, right? So if I choose house flipping here and home flipper here, and if I had it in the map, I wouldn’t want it to say like the same thing multiple times, right? Because it’s going to look weird and person’s not going to click on both of those. So this is the same thing that I was talking about with Tia, who’s kind of got this figured out pretty well. She’s already gone through all this, but maybe what I would want to do in this situation is like whatever site I build, I’m going to get as many GMB for that site.

[00:42:55] But if it’s going to be a competitive niche, I’m going to build out multiple sites. So I’m going to look at the populations of these cities. These like subsidies around L.A. So for instance, like West Covina, right? I would go here and I would just do a search for like West Covina. Copulation, I have no idea what this city looks like or anything. One hundred and three thousand. For me, that justifies a new site. If it’s going to be something competitive, right? I’m looking for at least seventy thousand to justify another site. And then once I do that, so now I’ve got this, like, where did that even go? That’s West Covina there, right? So let’s say I’ve got a circle. Oops. One second, guys. All right. So I’ve got the circle here for West Covina. This is a separate site, so we will make this one be blue or something, right? So now I’m going to set up this first one, the red one. I’m going to set up as many as I can all over the city. And then when I’ve got this one, I’m going to do the same thing. So now I’ve got multiple sites with multiple gambits which like, Hey, this is more work, but guess what? It ends up being a lot more money, right? So you know, this is how we’re able to get like five, ten thousand a month from our clients is that we’ve like we just dominated the entire area and it’s hard for people to find the competition.

[00:44:12] So given that one of the hardest things in our in our business is finding your client, if we find a good client, then we do this. It’s better to like we found a good client. That’s probably the hardest thing. Now let’s let’s raise the rent for that good client by building this stuff out. It’s better to have like this client paying us more. Like, I know there was a post somebody had asked like, Hey, what’s the most you’ve got for your region? And for us, we currently we have someone at ninety five hundred dollars a month and this is what we’ve done. We’ve built like rather than managing like five clients at two thousand a month, we’ve got one to manage, right? So and it’s somebody that we know we like we trust. So it’s I would rather raise the rent on that rather than finding some stranger to like, find a bunch of other sites for does that make sense me?

[00:45:03] Oh, yes, it does, it does, thank you. Thank you, Patrick. That’s exactly what me and Emmanuel are doing for Tre Denver. We go around the cities, Lakewood or in Nevada with minister and make websites off those and try to get to those locations.

[00:45:22] That’s right. Yeah. So I would just like as you’re doing that, like I know from having a few sites in tree, like I’m going to choose some of my GMB to be like tree removal because that’s an expensive service. So I’m going to be targeting those like high dollar ones I don’t necessarily want like like lawn mowing. Right, that’s that’s not going to be a very valuable lead, even though those people may do that right. I’m going to be looking for like tree removal, tree trimming. You know, those type of things, so that’s how I’m going to choose my job as I move across there because I’m going to be choosing those kind of like names with the high ticket items. Yes, sir. Thank you. You’re welcome, you’re welcome. Am I breaking up when I talk? No, no, you did. You did. No. Oh, OK. Ok, cool. It keeps on like slowing down for me on my end. All right, cool. So what other questions do we have? Is there anyone else in the group with some?

[00:46:19] Sarah Bailey has her hand raised the two.

[00:46:23] There you go. Driving. So I’ll be quick because Costco closes in 12 minutes and I have to run something. Costco. Yeah, so OK. So I was in network marketing for a long time, and I eventually got pretty good at recruiting and I did lots of videos. I had a blog and I’ve done like two hundred videos and network marketing. Get good at prospecting and I know I can transfer that over to what we’re doing here. My question is about rebranding my blog, so I have Sarah, And you know what? Ebay did eBay, whatever it was, but do I do? I’m doing the news review site thing like beauty review things. And I have a bunch of interviews lined up already. I’ll do those articles on my domain name for the news review site. But if I’m going to do like blog posts on what what my vision is with small business owners is helping them close more sales through their own prospecting. In addition to lead generation, it would be like a value added thing that I’m doing because the more sales they have, the better I’m going to do to right. So, yeah, absolutely. We all win that way. And in fact, remember last fall, a lot of us did those three assessments for personality and strengths, finder and that stuff. Well, the the one that’s called CV, the Core Values Index. I wanted to reach out to you earlier today and maybe we can get back next week, but I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the owner. The Core Values Index program? Well. Yeah, so I’m probably going to be one of their coaches because I’ve done a lot of coaching for home business with sales, closing, prospecting and building relationships and stuff like that. So I love their assessment more than any of the other ones I’ve ever taken as the most accurate.

[00:48:31] So I would like to combine that with what we’re doing with regenerated and building websites and stuff like that and offering the core values, the free assessment for any of the small business owners. Because when they know how to recruit the right salespeople for their businesses, like if you look at some of the stats, you can go to the core values I can. Maybe next week I can share a link with like how successful businesses are when they use the Core Values Index for, like their CEOs. And sorry, I had seven years ago, I had throat cancer and radiation, and so now they took out salivary glands. So I’m dry all the time. Anyway, take this bus. Yeah, kick this butt. So cancer’s gone and it has not come back. So anyway, so my question is about branding like, do I the area around here? I’m in Charlotte. The area is called Lake Norman. It’s north of Charlotte, beautiful big, gigantic lake. And there’s the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce that has a thousand members. I’m starting to get involved with that. I don’t think I have any problem getting businesses already have some that are lined up, so I’ll have my own. It’s called Lake Norman. I bought three domains to figure out what I wanted, but like Lake Norman, business, something like that. So I’ll have that with articles. When I go in Facebook and going to groups, do I go with that name, that business name or do I go in there really and leave my comments? Or how do I do that? And then do I re rebrand Sarah Dale icon and do more articles and CrossFit? I don’t know. I’m still talking. I should stop talking.

[00:50:21] Yeah, you’ve got a lot of you’ve got a lot of different. Ways that you can you can attack this, right? And I think you need to start at the end and what type of business do you want to run? That’s the real question, because that’s going to determine the strategy that you take to create that business. So for me, what I wanted to create was a lead generation business. I wanted to have passive income. I wanted to be able to have stuff on autopilot.

[00:50:49] I want that. You may be. I do. But you know what? I’m much more of a relationship person. And the idea, like the Eugene Review Strategy, is completely who I am like getting. I moved to Charlotte two years ago. I’m just I separated from my husband when we moved out, and it turned out he was not as nice of a guy as when we first got married. So it’s good that we’re not together like to be away from abuse and all that stuff. So I’m starting over and divorce is probably something I never wanted, but it’ll probably go through in the next month or so. So I’m starting over. I’m like, Sarah is being rebranded all around like and I’m excited to connect with small business owners and help them. And I want to be somebody in the community that people can come to and and connect with, you know, like to be a connector like Bob Berg and John David Mann and their books. Go give her and go give her some more that kind of stuff about networking and connecting people and being part of the community. So that’s that’s what I want to do. And I also want to do. I mean, I love all the tech too, so I like all of it. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s all defined yet, right?

[00:51:58] You I think I think what’s really good is you’ve got a lot of options if you’ve got a lot of passion for helping people. And when you approach whatever it is from like a situation instead of like, how can I put money in my pocket of like, how can I make someone else’s life better? You stick with that. You’re going to have a positive result.

[00:52:18] So you know what? That being said, yeah, go ahead with with IPAs. I’ve changed the way I call it and I call them and that income producing activities, but impact producing activities because I know the greater impact I have on the community, the money is going to be fine. I mean, my husband was a seven figure earner and I’m OK, I’m OK for a while like without having income, so I want to do it right. Like, what’s important to me is helping people get past their roadblocks and their junk and life so they can get to the other side to what it is that they want in life so they don’t have regrets when they get to their end. That’s important to me, is helping people get lined up with their passions and their gifts and their talents and what they’re called to do here on Earth and helping them get like just get past the junk. And that’s what Core Values Index is so good to you because it helps people line up with what they really value the most.

[00:53:09] So that’s yeah, absolutely. You’ve got you’ve got kind of like the activity that you want to be doing or the result of the activity, right? So yeah. What I would do if I were in your shoes is I would be like, what do I want my life to look like? Right? I think in part of it for you is helping these people. But I would get down to like, what is the business? How many clients do I have but get, like, create a picture like, let’s say, two years from now, you had to describe exactly where you are to someone that didn’t understand this

[00:53:46] In what I’m doing for work. You mean or like where I’m living and who I’m hanging out with or what

[00:53:52] All this stuff? Create that whole, that whole image. What is your house look like?

[00:53:56] What is like all the different things to you? I got it. I got it. I got it. I have my we need to make sure that, yeah, I’ve got that. I’ve got what I want and what my what. I step outside what I see. I just have to get through this door before they close it any thirty. So I think I’m with that next week. Like I created something I used to coach on and still do is like creating your ideal prospect avatar and what that means. Like we’re. And it could be an agency partner. It could be like a small business owner. I know you’re closing up. Yeah. Ok. Ok. So I know I know what I’m looking for in the ideal place. I also want to help small business owners do that so. And something I can add to our regenerated group is I took like 20 different creating prospect avatar, little things I found online and combined them into one for what we do. So if you want me to post it in the group, I’ll do that. I also have I would love what? Ok, I would love to put together a. I’m sorry, go ahead. Go ahead. I would love for you,

[00:55:07] Put together a video for us that kind of maybe two different ones, one that like, give us a presentation on this CVI, why it matters, what it is, why it’s important. And the second one with your prospecting methods, it’s like

[00:55:23] The avatar thing. Yeah. So I’ll do the Avatar one. And then I also took dance questions from Eugene Review and I answer them up and then put like psychology behind what you ask. Why are you asking? There are lots of things that we could talk about, like mirroring, like what it means when you’re in person interviewing a business owner and how you mirror them like if they talk slow and low, then you do the same thing and it helps them identify with you. And they don’t even know why, but they’re starting to like you more. They lean forward. Yeah, forward. If they change your stance, you do that. The other thing so I can share those questions. My whole thing is, is asking questions that are genuinely curious and that every question you ask the business owner should be based on their answer from the last question you asked. Right? Not you’re not continuously building right? Yeah. The other thing I did we could talk about. I created a course on Facebook prospecting for network marketing, but a lot of it is still applicable to what I’m not trying to sell my course. I’m not even selling it anymore. But on the strategies that we developed and how to connect with people on Facebook and go into groups and our conversation, how you get to know the customer without them feel like they’re being processed. And I like I like that. Yeah, because when they do the surgery for the cancer, they took out salivary glands and now I’m getting all dry and

[00:56:52] I don’t have no no worries there. Yeah. I appreciate you sharing this stuff. This has been like a lot of different, potentially valuable pieces that I think that would be great to be shared with the group. We do have like I know that there are some people typing in some questions here, so I want to try to make sure that we stay on focus and we can give your salivary glands for rest per minute.

[00:57:17] There’s some champagne right here. Sometimes I open it. There you go. Yeah, OK, all right. So we can talk more later. And I just need to put my phone down anyway so I can zip in and zip out. But I’ll yeah.

[00:57:27] Yeah, if you can send me over a couple of those like video presentations, I just want to check them out and then we can push them into the group. I think that would be really valuable. It’s clear that you have some, some skills that that maybe a lot of us haven’t been exposed to. That would be really useful for us, right?

[00:57:45] Awesome. Okay. I’m happy to help.

[00:57:47] Ok. Yes. Enjoy calling you.

[00:57:52] All right, thanks.

[00:57:54] You’re welcome. All right. Cool. All right. Awesome. All right. So let’s see. Do we have more questions coming in, Jeff?

[00:58:01] Well, we have. Grace has her hand up, but quickly Lou is asking, So if you were going to do five tree sites in one area, would you recommend like sitting one tree removal city to tree trimming, city tree stump grinding, etc. Like how would your domain, your URL structure look? If there is one sort

[00:58:22] Of strategy, I would be careful with building out five complete websites in one area. It would need to be an area like it would have to have a few million people in it for me to justify five different sites. Because it’s some of the stuff is going to bleed.

[00:58:39] I thought what you said.

[00:58:42] Yeah. Seventy thousand is kind of like our minimum.

[00:58:45] That doesn’t mean you’re mapping it out,

[00:58:48] So I’m going to be setting up multiple jobs, right? And then like there are like in Raleigh, for instance, we’re in a niche and we built out seven sites, but it was like there were some big cities that we wanted to target that were not really a part of Raleigh. They were, I think it was like Fayette. And then there’s like Durham. And so there ended up being like several cities. And then we had like several sub niches for those for those cities. So I would just be careful. Like I’m not saying every city you go in to build out five, I want to make sure that that’s clear. You need to be like using your own judgment. If I were, then I would probably be doing it like geographically for the cities and not necessarily like sub niches. So it wouldn’t be like tree trimming tree removal. It would be more like like if we’re going back to L.A., it would be like maybe like corona riverside like these. These big cities would get their own sites and then the jobs that are attached to that site would have the different names. So that way, I’m targeting the jobs for each of those sites. Right? Does that make sense? I don’t know who that asking. Um, yeah, if you might be frozen or maybe I am. And. Are you guys are you guys still with me? Ok. I just killed my video for a second. All right. All right, Jeff, any other questions?

[01:00:17] Nope, we have grace with their hand raised on.

[01:00:24] Hey, you guys hear me? Yeah. Hey, how you doing? My Facebook identity is Steve, so just for my real name is Grace. Stevie is my alias, my online alias. I just wanted to add to what Sarah was saying, even though there was a lot of information there. I just want to validate that she is a prospecting powerhouse, and she is single handedly moved me from zero like. Zero results with all the effort I was putting forth with prospecting in one private Facebook message, she moved me from that to I only have two Legion clients booked now, but I just want to validate that everything she’s saying, she does know what she’s talking about, and she can really help analyze specific problems that you’re having. And I’m sure she would graciously give give a lot of that away. So that’s exciting. Also second, I didn’t care. I didn’t pay her to say that. Oh, good, you’re still here. That’s great. I still hear she helped me. You help me so much, Sarah. So and she didn’t know anything about me. She just sent me a message and gave me just a few little small things. And really, it really, you know, it was. Yeah. Do you remember what it was like? I remember she was. Talking about being nervous about talking to a prospect and what was she going to say, I’m like, Look, if you’re nervous and that means you’re focusing on you and getting a sale instead of focusing on the client. Hold on. Sorry, I got a big case of sparkling water. When you focus the spotlight on the client, I’m finding out what the needs are. Then you don’t get so nervous because you’re trying to help them as a mentor. I’m sure you’re upside down. Yeah, they’re still asking, does it? That’s why it has that effect on people. When you when you focused on the client and myself say, OK, how about that?

[01:02:25] Seppo, there we go now, you’re right, set up.

[01:02:28] Ok, great. I don’t have a headache anymore, but when you focus on the client and not yourself, like if you’re nervous about the sale and talking to them, it might be because you’re thinking too much about you and getting the sale instead of focusing on the client and going after what their challenge is. And if you get them to verbalize what their challenges, then they’re already telling you already halfway there because they’re telling you what the problem is and you’re out of the solution. So, yeah, yeah. So whatever. Yeah, if you end up sharing more with us, that would be awesome and just want to encourage people who are early on in the game like I am like Patrick, what you were saying is very, very encouraging with just taking it one step at a time. Every time I listen to you, I feel like I can do this. I can actually do this like, I believe what you’re saying. And like I said, I just booked my second. Every lead gen client yesterday or two days ago or something, and it took like it was like a two hour meeting and a lot of back and forth, but just kind of leaving yourself the freedom of and the security like the personal security of like, I don’t have to have this person say yes to me, but I genuinely believe what I have is valuable and I can tell them, like, if this isn’t a good fit for you, I don’t.

[01:03:46] Really, that’s fine. Do you have any people that you would like to recommend to me because they will pay a lot for this and or they should, because it’s valuable so that that comes across and I appreciate the stuff you have said about that, that just like just continuing to kind of have that security in yourself comes across in those in those meetings. And I just wanted to encourage people like, I’m not I don’t have much experience and I’m not very far along. But even at this stage, like I really didn’t know that I would be able to get two clients at this point. Like I’ve been in for about six months, but I have three tiny kids at home and I’m not. I don’t have a ton of time. So and I get I get sidetracked a lot, so you really can do it. And I actually do believe that what Patrick said just a few minutes ago is true. Like, there’s not a lot different between me and him as shockingly in the in that context of Jake. And it’s it’s a matter of these steps in implementing them. So thank you. Just want to say thank you. I glean a lot from.

[01:04:51] Yeah, absolutely. I certainly appreciate it. You know, it’s I’m glad that it’s having an impact on you and and others. And you know, I’m somebody that has kind of like these. There are almost like rules inside my head, and there’s like quotes that I’ve heard over time and I’ve held on to them and it’s like, this is the way it is, right? Like a lot of stuff I’m not sure about, but this I’m going to count on as being a rule. One of those is like the person who says they can and the person who says they can’t. They’re both usually right. And another one I posted a few months ago, which is like, there’s people out there that are like way less qualified than all of you guys to be doing what they’re doing. But they’re doing it anyways. They’re doing things you want to do just because they decided to do it. And, you know, like when I’m doubting myself, I lean on those right, when I have those moments, can I like, can I turn this platform into a platform with ten thousand users, fifty thousand users? Like, there’s other people out there doing things that I want to do that are less qualified, and they’ve just made the decision to do it. So that’s kind of like how my mindset works with this and I encourage you guys, it’s something that’s helped me. So that resonates with you. I encourage you guys to like, maybe try to adopt some of these rules where it’s like, like, it’s proven to be true. It’s proven to be true for me, right? It’s like this act as if right, and you kind of start to become something right? So it’s really cool. Thank you for saying thank you. I appreciate it, grace.

[01:06:28] You bet. Thanks. All right.

[01:06:30] Right where we are, Jeff, do we have more stuff coming in that I don’t see?

[01:06:35] We are at. We have Jan has her hand up, so let’s see what Jan has to say, are you with us, Larry?

[01:06:43] Here you go. Ok, good. I’m not camera ready, so I don’t believe that. I’m not showing my face

[01:06:55] Hiding the bed this time.

[01:06:57] You got busted. You got busted on the bed last time. Now it’s just no show.

[01:07:02] You clearly didn’t just see me. So oh, so no. So I said I just jumped. I was like, Oh, it’s this. That time flew by crazy today, so I just got on. So I don’t know what you guys were talking about. Everything that I heard sounds great. My question is, I need your assistance is I did a lead Legion partnership with a daycare or J Care, and the strategy was to go nationwide. But he hasn’t been really in this Legion business like that. He’s been doing other stuff. So we kind of helped to one legion. The Legion didn’t pay much. It was not the best client. It wasn’t my structure, whatnot. Anyways, long story short, he decided to start his own business for the Legion, and it’s junk removal. It’s nothing like great. So he wanted he he bought me out, right? It was a little bit of a challenge, but whatever. So he’s buying me out from the Legion. So instead of paying me cash, he transferred me a roof in Legion. So, which was more valuable in Wisconsin? I don’t care for roofing at all. So this is what I thought about it. I said, OK, I can do a few things. I can also do that roof in Legion. He used the like a virtual mailbox, whatever it is and it has. He hasn’t logged in in a long time. And a few months ago, he went and did stuff he hasn’t been up to date with what Google and stuff like that.

[01:08:39] He’s not in this like we are. And he didn’t know this. So now there’s a soft suspension to it, basically. And he doesn’t have that mailbox anymore. So there’s a potential that that GMB is probably going to be gone. It’s still live. It doesn’t have good ratings. So anyways, we ended up transferring everything and he gives me a call and it does have a client to it. It’s a friend, but the client doesn’t pay that well, whatever it is. So apparently he had a conversation with his friend that paid for that legend as a client, and he’s interested in buying it from me. I just did the transfer today, so. What would your eye like to hold on to my assets, because if a legion doesn’t cover, I’ll convert it into a pawn or something like that, if I have to like, I would use it one way or another. So I don’t like to get rid of it, but I don’t like roofing. I haven’t done any work to it. It just exchange to me today, transfer, and now I’m getting somebody to buy it that I feel like I can use the money for better niche down that I legions that I’m working on. What do you think about that? What’s your advice or feedback?

[01:09:54] I have a real hard time letting legions go myself.

[01:09:56] Yeah, even

[01:09:58] For ones that aren’t in niches that I love, I just think if you do the math on it. You know, even this you’ve got this like wounded duck here, right, that you can kind of tape up the wing and put a new client with it, and you don’t necessarily have to love the niche, right? Like the idea for this is to build it out, get it ranking and then not think about it so much anymore, right? Put it into autopilot. So once you go there, I think it doesn’t really matter so much what what the niche is, whether you love or not, once you find the good client, once you have like weeds coming in, that would be my like where I would go with it. I would have a really hard time. I’ve had people come to ask me to buy my legions and I tell them, no. And then we make money for years after we have that conversation off of them, rather than just that one payment. There are a few situations like I think we have like a one of my clients, brothers was going to start this like. Mobile detailing thing in this like small city, and we build it out, but the problem is like the first leads aren’t worth that much. And then second, because it’s a small city, if someone else builds a site, then they’re going to get the same lead because people are going to call more than one. So for that one, I’m just like, Let’s get that one off the books. I’ll sell that one.

[01:11:24] For that reason, we have that deal teed up pretty well. And I mean, I think any day we might close that and sell it for, I’m sure, a profit. But to wrestle an asset away from Patrick is difficult, and there’s there’s ones that I would prefer to just like, you know, get rid of just because the lower end, they’re in very complicated geographical situations, not stuff that you built necessarily, but things that he’s gotten in different deals like you’re talking about. Yeah, I’m because I’m the one out there duking it out, trying to find a client. Exactly. Why don’t we just get rid of this shit? You know, this is a

[01:12:04] No, no, no,

[01:12:05] We’re keeping it. So it’s really difficult for him to say, OK, let’s let’s dump it, you know. I mean, that’s a that’s like, I think this is the only situation where I’ve actually been able to convince him that this is going to be not worth our time because it takes a lot of time for for me to deal with it and then for the team to try to position some of this stuff properly. And all of that, I’m looking at that kind of part of the equation. Whereas Patrick’s like, yeah, but for the next 10 years, we can make whatever a month. You know what I mean? And so it’s got to be a balance. But I think in this situation, roofing high, high end niche, high dollar niche, I don’t know what the location is if it’s not like some kind of wonky geographical location.

[01:12:51] It’s a good is high. The population is

[01:12:55] Over to minimal don’t. Whatever I mean, what I’m saying is even if you got five hundred bucks a month for it, for the next ten years, that’s going to be way more than you could sell it for today. So in that kind of niche, I would I would say I would say, hang on to it. That would be my

[01:13:14] Recommendation as well. But I guess what I’m stuck with as well is the pain with the GMB because roofing is such a red flag, one for for Google. Unless I’m wrong with that, maybe there’s other ways I just it’s it’s I don’t know. It’s because of the

[01:13:31] You sent out 10 ten. We’ve got ten people off Craig’s List to do a GMB and you pay five hundred bucks and only one of them stuck and you got and you could and you got a minimal amount of leads. Let’s say you could sell it for a minimal amount five hundred bucks a month, that’s six k a year indefinitely, you know, for five hundred bucks, you know, like whatever.

[01:13:53] Ok, OK, I see what you’re saying. I mean, it has a GMB, it’s just potentially going to be suspended.

[01:13:59] Yeah, yeah. One thing that it might it might

[01:14:03] Generate, like when I take over a site like that, it broke up when you were talking about how many people, how many people were in the city.

[01:14:13] Well, I think there’s about two hundred thousand

[01:14:16] Two hundred thousand. Yeah, it’s like I would probably be setting up a couple of other GMB. Is anyways, I would say with that one, there’s probably like a 50 to 70 percent chance that you can bring it back and just like jump through all the grab like hoops that they give you. But if I took over a site that had one GB, I would probably be like, OK, let’s get like two more. There’s 200000 people in it like, let’s get a couple more games than this. And like, regardless of the niche. As long as it’s as long as it’s high ticket, if you’re successful in a niche like, usually that’s going to create more money, like if you have two hundred thousand people in the city and roofing and you dominate that map, I would say you’re probably going to get three thousand a month for that, even though it’s in roofing. You don’t like it, right? So, yeah, so I’m kind of like like, I’m going to be picky with and niches that I start out with. But if I’m like, like Jeff, I bought sites in packs of sites from from different people. So sometimes we pick up these ones. And I guess I like on some level, I don’t care. Like if the person that’s paying me as a roofer or like whatever he does, I’m just like, OK. But when I’m when I’m choosing the niches, then I’m going to be very selective with that choice. But you’ve got one, you’ve got an asset. And I think that generally when these things are bought and sold, I think they’re way undervalued, right? You know, like if you were to compare this, let’s say, let’s say that I think it’s pretty reasonable to expect that you can get a thousand a month for this after you put in maybe three to six months worth of work. So thousand a month, what are you going to sell that for? Like, maybe you’re going to sell that for like. Ten thousand. I don’t know, I don’t know, like

[01:16:05] That’s exactly what I’ve heard. That’s exactly what he offered. Yeah, for ten thousand, which is like I said, it’s the same client. He also isn’t going going into another niche that I’m actually very interested in, so he might become an actual customer. So what I’m thinking actually is to make even more money is keep the legion. Either he pays me or I find somebody new and he can become a customer for the other niches that he’s going into. So now I’m making even more money from it.

[01:16:35] Right, right. Yeah. So I like I like that thought process. I probably would not sell it. And if he offered, you know, like if he’s paying, if I’m making a thousand dollars a month off and he comes to offer like, what price am I going to take? So let’s let’s let’s move this conversation into a what if it was a different investment? What if you had a house? That’s paying you $1000 a month profit. Are you going to sell that for ten thousand? Probably not, right? I understand that like there’s some tangible asset attached to it, but from an investment standpoint, like I think the legions are so undervalued when people sell them. Right. So like, if that were me, I don’t think I would like if it was bringing in a thousand dollars a month. I’m not selling it for ten thousand. I’m selling that thing for fifty thousand or something, right? I’m just like, I’m looking at it. I think it’s worth way more than that, right? If you were to kind of compare that to other industries. And I think because there’s no like it’s just it’s just a website, we kind of get this idea that maybe it’s not worth as much, but that’s just kind of semantics in my mind. Think this stuff is worth way, way more? And that’s why Jeff says, like, I have a hard time letting this stuff go because I’m thinking about the future value of that money and not just like what it is in the short term. Right? And this is why I’ve had a lot of opportunities to sell this. And it’s like our better performing sites. People are asking to buy those and I’m saying no, and then we’re collecting thousands of dollars a month for them, like so. Oh, that’s kind of my two cents on it. You know, when I played Monopoly that game, I never wanted to like sell my properties. I just like, try to collect as many as I can. That was my strategy. Right? Yeah, it’s kind of the same mentality here.

[01:18:19] Yeah. Yeah, same thing. I agree with you. I guess I was maybe I just kept on thinking that roofing is going to be a difficult GMB niche like it may be.

[01:18:31] It may be. But you’re also like. You’re you’re a seasoned professional in this success and certainly in a city of two thousand people or two hundred thousand people, it’s certainly nothing that that you can’t turn into like a super profitable site for yourself. I have all the confidence for you to crush it in that even though it’s in roofing, it’s just like. Maybe it’s 15 percent harder.

[01:18:54] Yeah, no, yeah, it needs a little work, its ranking for some good key. Words, it comes up in the map pack, so like I did some work before taking over the site, so it’s not something that I, you know, whatever it just came to me, one thing. Maybe you can help me off, you know? So with that GMB that that that that soft suspension, it makes you verified through the number, but that number is a core real number. Is there a way to go about that because we tried to use his number because he’s obviously in Wisconsin, so obviously it said no, it couldn’t change it because it couldn’t verify that new number. So maybe I have to maybe do citations or something or and then do an edit.

[01:19:43] Yeah. So I think sometimes there’s a way where they can actually call you on the number. Right. I think you can do like a text or a call for the verification.

[01:19:54] It doesn’t work well.

[01:19:56] Ok. Yeah. Let me talk to you. Send me a message. Let me ask. I’ve got some mannerisms on my team that have dealt with this a lot. And because of they’ve done with it, I don’t know the exact answer to it because they’ve dealt with it, right? So. But I can get back to you on that. So just send me a follow up message on it and I’ll see what solutions we’ve come up. I’m not sure that we have a good one, but I would tell you right away, like if that were mine, I would be probably making a post on Craigslist today and indeed, and like trying to stack up a bunch of GM’s all over.

[01:20:33] Yeah, that’s happening. That’s happening either way, because that’s a strategy for the legions to do multiple anyways. I just I just have no access to it because he has outdated Legion strategies like he’s not current with anything so like he didn’t even know the edits that he made. He went in there. He hasn’t logged in, and God knows how many years, and all of a sudden it got suspended. So that’s kind

[01:20:55] Of what he’s able to log into it from his device

[01:20:58] Now. Well, I transferred everything, so now it’s under my password, my Gmail and everything. But when we first did this to see how we can solve this before he transferred over because I had an issue with with me being bought out on the the the junk removal legion to this one because the junk removal one was producing a lot of calls, but it’s not a high tech and niche versus this one, and there was no problem with it versus this one needs work, even though it’s ranked and it just needs a little work and don’t make a lot more money for me than the junk removal site.

[01:21:36] Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s the way I view it too is I like no, no offense to Devin, but I would rather have a roofing versus a junk removal guy. Like, I think that’s like, I think that’s going to be a higher paying niche, right? And it kind of it’s kind of goes back to some of those principles I have where if the business is easier to start, you’re usually going to run into like more competition. The leads will be worth less and like less serious. Business owners like roofers have a bad reputation as business owners in this industry. And I know that it’s scrutinized by Google. But that being said, we’ve got a couple of roofing sites that that we’ve built and one of them, I’m kind of amping it up. I’m going to I’m going to really try to dominate. The whole state of Ohio for roof. Okay, so I’m not I’m not going to like, I guess I’m not like, I’m not going to go in and try to pick a fight with, like, you know, a bruiser. But if I got thrown in the ring, I’m going to do my best to try to win that fight. I guess. So that’s kind of my mentality on it. I had a client in Ohio, a friend of mine who has a roofing company. And then it’s just been like a little chaotic with him. So he wanted to do it. So that was kind of what pulled me into a niche that maybe I wouldn’t have gone after. And you’ve kind of found yourself in the same situation. You’ve got something that probably has value, especially if it’s like it’s aged, right? He’s had a GMB setup. There’s been traffic to it.

[01:23:10] So, yeah, if I can just figure out that that verification, I’m good to go. But again, I’m definitely be working on putting some ads out there anyways to get the job. Yeah, I’ll just

[01:23:24] Make a post, make a post in our group and tag me and and Jeff on it. And I’ll get some. We’ll respond. I’ll get I’ll get the answer for my team. Just so you guys know, I don’t know that we have a great answer. Ok, I know that we dealt with it. I don’t know if our solution.

[01:23:39] I want to know the answer.

[01:23:40] If we found a solution for it. Say it again, Jeff.

[01:23:46] I was just saying there’s a couple of other people posting in the chat that they would like to know the answer to that as well.

[01:23:51] Yeah, yeah, I saw that. So that was why, like I think having Jan posted in there in Tagus so that everybody can see our response would be a good solution.

[01:24:00] Ok, well, thank you for your advice. I appreciate you for your time. Welcome.

[01:24:05] Yeah, we’re creeping up on an hour and a half here, Patrick, and I know you’ve been driving all day.

[01:24:11] Yeah. Yeah, let’s let’s hop off here. I know that we had a little bit rocky start and we were kind of like all over the place before we go, you know, there’s a couple, there’s a couple things I want to share with you guys. So I think we’re about to have the user roll stuff live for you guys, which is going to be awesome. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. We’ve got the context module in there. I wanted to release that one first because it had the potential because it touches so many different things. It can break a lot of pieces and we’ve seen various bugs that we’ve been checking off one by one going through that. So we’re almost through that. I think with this, we can start dropping updates a lot faster. The user role one, our campaign builder. So Jeff and I are using a different version of the CRM than the rest of you guys because we test things and play with it. So it’s exciting to see today we’ve got texting and we’ve got our campaign, the first version of our campaign builder. So kind of way it works is like, Hey, you can say like when this happens, so it could be a form or a phone call or both arrives, then like, what’s a condition? If it’s this company, then like, do this right? So it could be send an email, send a text message, trigger Zapier.

[01:25:25] So that’s what we we we have that in place in our own version and we have the user roles in place and they’re both, well, the campaign builder was having some small issues. I think we’re as of today, I think we’ve kind of like work through most of those and the user roles has been working for the last few days. So I know that a lot of you guys have been asking for this like user role, custom user role, being able to say, like, Hey, I want this user to only be able to see this, but I want this other user to be able to see this, this and this. So with this update, you’ll have the ability to kind of create these user roles, decide what they can see and then assign it to them. So I’m really excited to get that that update out to you guys. We’ve got the pipeline stuff, the task, all this stuff was kind of like hinging on getting contacts in there for. So we’ve had it in our version for three or four months, but I couldn’t put this other stuff because it’s related to this.

[01:26:19] So this is what’s coming and they’re going to come a lot quicker now. Like we had to do so much to get the contacts in there. So I’m really excited with where this platform is going for you guys. I think you guys over the next, I think over the next month or so, you guys are going to see more changes in this platform. Then you’ve seen the entire time that you’ve used it, like in the last six, seven months. We’re also getting really close with our mobile applications now, too. So we actually had our team. I wanted to have it launch, but I’ve had our team kind of go back and rework it. There was a lot of stuff that I didn’t like how it was working. So we’ve kind of gone through and just completely revamped some of these screens to make it easier because I could just see the support nightmare that it was going to create. So I wanted to share that with you guys. We’ve been working really hard on this stuff. I think you guys are going to love this. I’m super excited to have it in my own business. So whenever that happens, it seems like the response from from from everyone is is phenomenal. So really big stuff coming here.

[01:27:15] So all right. I like I said, we are in our first campsite ever and our new house on wheels, so we haven’t had dinner. We’ve been driving, driving a while, moving, doing all the stuff, fixing things before we took off. So I’m going to enjoy this a little bit now. We’ve been on for almost an hour and a half. So you guys, let’s do what we need to do over the next seven days to create some wins, like ask yourself what, what action you need to take. Right. So you have a couple more days before the weekend for somebody that’s not going to work on the weekend. What can you do before, like Friday at five p.m. or whenever you sign off to create these wins for the next week so that you can be moving forward, right? You have to be the person that takes these actions. I always want to leave you with that thought. So let’s create this. You can see what Devin did. Devin has like six people on trial in the last week. Phenomenal result, right? So who’s going to be the person next week to share some big wins? Make it happen. All right, guys have a great week and we’ll see you guys in the group. Thanks a lot.

[01:28:18] Cure by.