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[00:00:00] I have now. If this works this time, it’s like it’s loading, says I’m being livestreams. Hey, welcome to Elite Snap. We’re excited to have.

[00:00:16] The retirement YouTube thing was all rights. Cool. We’re live. Did you make me co-host? I did. You’re all good.

[00:00:28] What’s up, everybody? How are we doing? We got Neil back from the Northeast unless you took your chair up to the northeast to cold up there, man. Yeah, yeah. There’s a blizzard going on, right? Right now, they’re not.

[00:00:43] I’m back in the sunshine.

[00:00:45] Yeah, cool, man, it’s good to see your face, man. Welcome back. I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks there. Who else we got will on here. We got to Will’s. Brazilian student in old friend Shannon, how are you doing? Good. We don’t get to see your smiling face today, huh?

[00:01:07] No, I’m on the exercise bike. Oh, you. So starting off the year, right? Huh? So I figure, yeah, I’m not looking so good, but if I have to, I’ll tune in. No worries.

[00:01:20] I always like I always like the video when when people are on there kind of makes them feel like they’re more engaged. Cool. Cool. So awesome. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays with your families and friends. If you are ones that celebrate those and New Year’s, we are still in Barcelona. I’ve got just a few more days and we’re headed back hopefully after this blizzard. Otherwise we maybe I’ll be stuck here for a little bit. But I don’t know about you guys. If you’ve been away from the United States or you’ve been away from your home for a long time. It’s always nice to come home, so I’m excited to get back and kind of get into a place where everything’s familiar. I today I tried to go to the try to go jog on the beach, and I got stuck with the kiosk in the subway station for about half hour, trying to understand Catalan, and it was a mess. But yeah, I’m excited to go back to the mainland for me. But let’s hear who’s got some wins. We got some wins today.

[00:02:28] Yeah, I’ve got to run. Well, you got, Neil. All right, here we go.

[00:02:38] Sounds like you’ve got a presentation or something here.

[00:02:41] Jeremy? What’s the wind just brought out a new customer and the nice new client? The nice thing is I’m getting better at it, and I was able being more upfront, just explaining the whole system. I’m not. I’m not leaving things to chance. I’m trying not to waste time. And it’s a higher addiction. I just telling them how the whole thing works. I’m going to give you a little bit of trial, but there’s going to be a lot of money coming from you to me. Yeah, yeah.

[00:03:17] I like it, man. Sounds like you’re getting more comfortable with the whole situation. I know that you always had the comfortability with the sales side of things, but it sounds like you start to understand the business model and you’re like kind of getting a baseline for for how things should be.

[00:03:33] Because, yeah, because there’s all customers are different, you know, and it’s I’m trying to weed out the bad apples up front. Yeah. So yeah, I feel really confident with this guy.

[00:03:44] So awesome. Congrats on the new trial. Hopefully, he’s going to become a customer. We got Patrick. He says, Neil, would you mind sharing what you say up front to a client? How do you weed out the bad apples? Just I want to make sure we keep this moving quickly. Ok. But just give us like maybe a 60 90 second rundown. Well, basically,

[00:04:09] This guy answered the phone, I said, Hey, look, my this one’s a concrete, but it’s a I think it’s going to be a higher end one. And I said, my concrete guy is retired and I get a lot. I got a lot of work for him and I’m looking for someone to fill his shoes. I’m hoping that’s going to be you. And then he starts asking questions. You, Angie. I’m like, No, and I. I started breaking the whole thing down for him. And I said, Look, if if you’re not making money, I’m making money. So I’m going to do everything I can in my power so that you’re making a lot of money so I can make a lot of money. And yeah, and I said, go ahead.

[00:04:53] I think the important thing here is the pattern interrupt, right? You have a story that makes sense and it sounds legit. And this immediately separates you from other people that are pitching. No one other people aren’t calling up and saying, like, Hey, I was working with this guy and he’s retiring, and now I have this stuff here. What should we do? Like, that’s that doesn’t sound like a pitch so much. And and that’s that’s really important to have that component be a part of it. I didn’t mean to cut you off, but yeah. Was that the did you have like follow up pieces to it or you were pretty much.

[00:05:30] I asked other questions, too, like, what’s your minimum? How far booked out are you? Just so I know this stuff ahead of time, you know, make sure I have all his contact information and who’s in his organization. The big thing is how far booked out he is. If he’s booked out six months, I’m going to move on, right? You know, that happens a lot. So, yeah, yeah. So this this guy, he texted me right away. Great. I got this. He’s been in business 20 years, so he’s he’s solid. I love his name. It’s not Jose. It’s pulseway. Cool. Cool, cool. Suave. It’s really cool.

[00:06:11] Yeah, we’re going to be down your way. Anyone in Florida? We’re going to be down there in the round the 5th to 10th of February. So anyone watching live or in the replay hit me up. I think we’re thinking about organizing a little little mastermind down there and having like some sort of group meet up. Nothing, nothing too formal or serious. But if you’re in that area,

[00:06:36] Reach out to me. And where are you at? Neal in Florida, Sarasota. And just so you know, my house is available. And for everyone, yeah. Mean, if everybody wants to shop, we can walk up back. We can hit golf balls, you know, we can tiki bar. Or then we can mastermind plenty of seating.

[00:06:57] Nice like it sounds like.

[00:06:59] How long can we stay in the winter? So got to win. I’ve got a real quick winner, Patrick.

[00:07:06] Yeah, Greg. Yeah, well,

[00:07:07] Yeah, sort of went. So one of the first demos that I ever did following your method using the heat maps have a business coach dinner in Houston, and he went with a guy and he just emailed me this morning and said, Hey, you know, he’s ready to move forward, so he wants to set up a Zoom call. So. Yeah, that was like in back in November, you know, he said, I just got to finish out the year I was patient with him. I didn’t try to push him. And it’s kind of really funny because it’s just a testament to your software. Whenever he came on there, I could see it in his face and he was like, This right here, you know, he was very closed up. So I knew from being sales I had to get him to open up his arms, right? And I can’t hand him a pen. But anyway, so he goes, Yeah, I’m really not wanting to do anything. I’m really not wanting to, you know, do any, you know, see, I’ve done all this stuff before you just he was basically just telling me, No, no, no, and I just ignored him. I said, OK, yeah, totally understand. I’m not here to sell you. Let me just show you where you’re at. And I already did. Already taking his name, I already did some categories and I already needed some heat maps for him, so I had to had it already done. I said, Let me show you what, I found no sales deal. I’m saying, here’s where you’re at. Here’s where your competition is at. And I basically just went through the heat maps and showed him different things. And you should have should have seen his eyes light up. Well, you know, his eyes just kind of went like this and his whole demeanor, his face dropped from going, you know, like, I’m not going to buy anything to like. Then I got it, so I got a I got a call with him, I sent him over a link to set up a Zoom call, so he says he wants to move forward to anyway, that’s mine.

[00:08:33] We can, we can move forward.

[00:08:35] Awesome, man. Congrats on that. That’s a really cool win. Any you guys, any you guys out there that let’s do this. Whether you’re throat, throat, maybe into Facebook, two things just throw where you guys are. I’m still trying to build these connections. That’s part of what the accountability groups are. And then second is, if you know somebody else that that you think would benefit from this call, just just tag them. And we’re trying to grow the impact where we haven’t put a lot of effort into trying to build out this group, but that’s one of our goals for twenty twenty two. So if you have somebody that would benefit from this, then then just like tag them so that they could potentially jump on here. What else we got? Who else has some wins?

[00:09:17] I got a quick one. Yeah, well, it’s not, brother, so. So we building off that exercise you and I did on the call before the the end of the year. Applying that boulders, rocks, pebbles, sand approach has been really helpful in keeping me on track with every task that needs to be done and then delegating those as well. So I’ve got the whole business into pretty much a spreadsheet that we’re tracking for the next 90 days. It’s basically and then each week we have a call at the VAS kind of set the agenda for what tasks need to be done and move that spreadsheet forward. And and then within that one customer that I had on a trial, we just got them into to become a paying customer this week. So hopefully by the end of the month, that’s a that’s an even more frequent story.

[00:10:15] Yeah. Yeah, man, it sounds like you’ve got you kind of got a direction and you’ve got you’ve got some plans now. You know, I was meeting with my team on on Monday. We do the same thing that I was sharing with you guys. I’ve got a lot of things that we’re kind of cooking right now, and I don’t like to present the stuff until we’ve kind of got it dialed in a little bit. We were going through our team meeting and one of the things that. Is obvious to me, and I’ve heard this from a lot of a lot of a lot of entrepreneur coaches and stuff, as is, most businesses don’t die from starvation. They die of like indigestion. So us trying to do too many different things, right? And when you plan things out and you have like things structured from like, Hey, this is what we’re going to be focusing on, like this is why it was important on that call. I think that was two weeks ago, right? Well, where we’re saying like, Hey, we’re going to pick the main thing. So. It’s a good idea to kind of have like one goal that you’re really going after and for you, I believe there was like a market somewhere that we were really zoning in.

[00:11:28] I think it was a Toronto that we were like, Hey, we’re going to focus on this market, right? And then what you don’t want to do is choose 10 and then you get zero of them because they’re just like, barely move up a little bit. You can get one to move. You can always go on to the next one, right? And you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. That’s not what I’m saying, but have a main goal that is your main focus. And what this does related to this like indigestion, starvation thing is you need a structure to say no to things, right? So one of our managers asked on our meeting this week like, Hey, are these going to be our goals? The whole time are like, we’re going to get pulled in these other directions because we have referrals and all this other stuff coming in. So once we have, like, built a plan for what we believe when we’re in like a clear mind and we’re taking our time and we’re planning things out of where we’re going to go now, we have a structure to say no, because this is the plan we came up with and this is what we believe to be our best route to meet our goals in anything that’s not a part of this plan is going to derail us from these goals, right? So it might change after the first quarter somewhat.

[00:12:35] And so I think it’s a it’s it’s really it’s kind of like this if if you don’t have any plans and you don’t know where you’re going, it’s like you like like, maybe I’m going to go to California, but oh, let me go down to Texas and I’m going to go this other direction here. But if I’ve got my flight booked and everything, then like, this is where I’m going. I’m just going to say no to everything else, right? I’ve got, I’ve got it laid out, and that’s kind of how these goals are. If you don’t do that, you’re going to be zigzagging all over the place. Right. So yeah, I think that’s that’s awesome. And I’m glad that you took that learning experience to Hartwell and it’s congrats on congrats on the client. I believe that this is going to be a repeat thing for you. I’ve seen a lot of people kind of make that mindset shift. So awesome. Cool. Who else has some wins? What else we got?

[00:13:26] I’ve got a winner.

[00:13:28] But you got to.

[00:13:29] Yeah, so the playing off of what you were just talking about with that starvation versus indigestion, you and I had a call close to a month ago before you left for Barcelona, and it really hit home for me talking about that indigestion where I was working on ranking so many sites at once and in poor niches that it really I was making very slow progress and just not a lot coming in, especially when I was getting close to the finish line because the job, the ticket size was way too small. Last two days, I’ve had two different leads come in in a niche that I haven’t worked on too much. But the site’s been up and there’s no GMB. But the two leads that have come and they’ve been quoted for a total of eleven thousand eight hundred dollars. And this is for a client that I’ve had for a while. And so we’re on a 10 percent commission and it’s always been really smooth. So it’s like to actually see like such a tangible difference where it’s like if I make just under twelve hundred bucks from two leads on a site that has four pages in a very big market, like compared to working my ass off for like a junk removal site that has to be in a huge area for maybe a thousand bucks a month, it’s insane.

[00:14:38] Yeah, let’s let’s recap that call a little bit because I think there’s a good lesson in there that conversation I had with you a month ago. I remember it well, and it’s not the first time I’ve had that conversation. So just to situate Devon’s been in for a little while. He’s been in the game for a little while, and

[00:14:57] He picked

[00:14:58] Some niches that are like one niche in particular. That is a combination of it’s hard to rank in, right? And it’s. Ranking in it is not a fruitful result, either. And that’s a really common pattern that exists. So for instance, do you mind if I share the niche? I know that you’re not thrilled with it.

[00:15:22] It’s junk removal. You can say there’s in junk removal.

[00:15:26] So here’s the problem

[00:15:27] Was it’s not

[00:15:28] Hard to start a junk removal business. So that is going to create a lot of competition. And the leads from junk removal are not worth a lot. So when you finally make it to the top of this mountain, you’re you’re not you’re not going to be like raking in the dollars, right? So it’s businesses that are harder to start. There’s less of them. So you want to you want to. I’m not telling you to like target people building rockets because that’s a really hard business to start, right? You need to balance it right and make sure. But if you choose the niches that are harder, start where the average ticket cost is high. What you’re going to end up with is a site that’s easier to rank, which is what you found, right? You found something that is like four pages and it’s already bringing in leads and the leads are worth way more than what you were doing previously. And when you start stacking up like 10, 15, 20 of these, this is when you start bringing in 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand a month, right? It’s way easier than it seems, right when you’re on the when you’re when you’re on the other side of it and struggling with it and you’re at a thousand or five hundred dollars a month and you’re like looking up these people that are doing big numbers, it can be misleading to think that they’re so far ahead of you. But you know, it’s it’s kind of like, you’ve got this, this circle and you’re walking up this mountain and you just keep on going around.

[00:16:57] And then one day you have this bright idea that, hey, there’s a pathway right through the middle of this circle that I can take that’s going to get me there way faster. And it’s just like, Wow, this is easier. This is just like it’s a path that’s carved already, right? So it’s not like a small adjustment can make a huge difference in this game. So for those of you guys that are struggling with this, you might just be one adjustment away from. Everything changing right and the mistakes that we make. Show us that we need to make an adjustment it doesn’t like some of you guys are. I’ve heard some of you guys give up on things and you know, a lot of times people are asking you if I want to buy their sites and my first thought process is like, I’ll buy your site. I mean, I’ll put it with ours, and we’ll turn that into something. But like the bigger, let’s let’s let’s not quit. Let’s make some adjustments here in let’s let’s make it more profitable and stay in the game. Right. So congrats, Devin. I love hearing that you’re crushing that man. That’s that’s cool, man. I know that’s going to that’s going to make a big difference for your bottom line as you start to add these. I know you’re somebody that’s been working at this and working and working and like, you’re not slacking off. And it’s it’s frustrating when you’re not getting the results and you’re putting in that work. But now you’ve got all the skills and you’re just going to apply it a

[00:18:14] Little bit differently, you know? Yeah. Well, having one maid come in and bring me eight hundred and twenty bucks helps a lot.

[00:18:19] So I’m super cool, man. Sometimes you’re just playing in the wrong game, you know?

[00:18:24] Exactly.

[00:18:25] Cool. Cool. Who else has got some wins? I got some wins. Patrick, my man. Spencer, What’s up, brother?

[00:18:31] Subdued man? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but this prospecting method of yours is crushing it. I just collect it. You guys can see this. It’s blurring it. Check for three thousand five hundred bucks today, one for two grand yesterday. Honestly, it’s like. The one thing I know I know last week, I talked about the huge month that we had in December. Twenty five K months, this three thousand five hundred dollar check was supposed to come in last month, but it didn’t. I’m not mad because, you know, first couple of days of the year starting off with a bang here. But I was just having this conversation today with Jen, my girlfriend. And honestly, like, I’m never made two thousand five hundred dollars in a month ever in my life. Never have I ever heard of like I didn’t. I grew up super poor. My mom made $20000 a year. I made like more in one month last month than she did in a year when she was raising us as kids. And so when I start thinking about it, honestly, that’s like our mindset is really what has been narrowing me a lot and ten thousand months. That was huge, man, to make six figures. I was like, Wow, this is amazing. But when I got to the top of the mountain, I was like, That’s it.

[00:20:04] Like, That’s it. Like, there’s not like, I didn’t save the princess. I didn’t do any of that. And the dragon, you didn’t. I didn’t I didn’t have any of that, and so honestly, like my mindset now for twenty five thousand months is how do I sell five to six websites a month just just as just on top, let alone all the residual stuff coming in from region? And like, I just want to encourage people to to stop thinking so small because, you know, 10 K months, it’s it’s it’s that’s great. But how do you how do you get to that, that that seven eight figure numbers? And it’s by number one. I think last last week we talked about how how do you put together a team to help with your fulfillment? And how much that has helped people, especially myself, be able to get to where I am now, because now I can just focus on selling and having sales conversations with people. And Jeff totally understands this because, you know, he’s not doing the fulfillment himself. He’s he’s selling and and things. So yeah, anyways, it’s just the beginning part of the year, starting off. Huge. And I’m excited, I’m excited to figure out how to do twenty five months regularly, at least, and

[00:21:30] I’ll tell you guys, this is like. This is why I do these calls right here. This is my favorite part of the calls, and when you guys get into it and share these big wins, it like. Here’s the downside is I’m not going to be able to sleep as well, because I’ll be thinking about this shit when it’s time for me to go to bed. Like the impact that we’re having when you fill in that Maslow’s pyramid of needs and you’re like, your stuff is met, like, you’re you’re you’re going to start. Spencer, I know where your heart is with things. So maybe you’ve been there for a long time, but once you are, like, financially stable with everything, then you start really shifting your focus towards having an impact. And you know, I love I love this. I love hearing these stories. Some of these these people like Will and Neil and Devin and Spencer are the people that I’ve noticed that the people that share the most wins are the people that are like the most active in these groups and the ones that are participating the most and like.

[00:22:25] That’s great to hear. I’ve seen it in the accountability groups as well. So congrats, Spencer, man, I’m looking forward to this year and seeing what you do. And yeah, man, I want to. Hopefully we can. Hopefully you can meet up in person this year and celebrate some of the success. Also, Spencer, I didn’t forget I didn’t push the contest. Spencer won the contest. I got five hundred dollars come for you. Put that with the rest. The next contest, you’re not going to get a cakewalk. You’re going to have to earn it. I’m going to really push it, but I’m one hundred percent a man of my word, whether the contest was pushed or not, you’re the winner. So let me know how I can send you the money and congratulations. Good work on it. I predicted that the winner of the contest event really though they would earn more money than like the prize, right? Like the prize is just to try to, like, get you off your butt a little bit until like light a little fire because it’s a competition. So congrats, man.

[00:23:27] Congratulations, Spencer. That’s awesome. Really awesome. Yeah, honestly. Like it had nothing to do with Patrick. I’m just super competitive. Yeah, when when I started to have that little bit of that success in my closing ratio, you guys, once you’re doing these audits for these people, like the closing ratio, like if you’re getting on a call, they’re basically buying. And and I hate to sound cocky, but it’s that confidence. Then like, yeah, I just shared a shit ton of value with these people and their marketing company that they’re currently used and hasn’t done anything for them in a short period of time. And then they’re looking on my personal profile and they’re seeing all these proof before they even get on the call. And it’s it’s game over, you know, it’s just what are they looking for? What service are they buying?

[00:24:15] The best China prospect is right after you make a sale. Yeah, because that’s when you’re in the best mood and most confident.

[00:24:26] Yes, absolutely, I agree.

[00:24:30] Congrats.

[00:24:32] Who else, who else has got some wins? Any final one?

[00:24:35] I will. This is Sarah. I’m in the car because I have a little touch of bronchitis and I have to go into the pharmacy before they close in, like three minutes. So the big win for me so far is that I’ve had to hold back this whole past year. It’s been more of a strategic move going through a divorce from a narcissistic man who was also financially abusive. And I don’t want I don’t want to bring down the energy of the group at all. But my point is is that with divorce, I don’t want him to get 50 percent of my business. And so now that that will be final finalized probably in the next week or two. Yeah, you’ll hear from me and see a lot more.

[00:25:24] Yeah, that’s awesome. Congrats on. Yeah, separation from that is. I mean, it would be hard to grow a business when you’re when you got that kind of monkey on your back.

[00:25:34] Yeah, yeah. The whole thing about David, I mean, I want to I want to do a little tribute for him later, just hours. So this is my first time getting on your call since he passed and. Wouldn’t you know, the pharmacy is going to close in like a minute, so let me talk about him next time, but like the wind, the silver lining on that is that his ex-wife for 14 years was like he called her for devil incarnate and she and I in conversation, and I made it over to his rental house, where he was renting a house with a couple of guys. I made it over there. Before she did so, I was able to get his computers and and documents and all that stuff before she could get to it because she had no idea what he had so like. Dave is like for those of you guys who don’t know Dave showers. He was like super techie, super brilliant in behind a computer screen. And I adored him like he was funny and witty and creative and smart, just so much.

[00:26:39] Yeah, I don’t know if you saw in the group, but it was it was really obvious that he had touched a lot of people. And maybe people thought he didn’t even realize that he had had such an impact on in. And it was cool to see I’ve met him in person two times.

[00:26:55] The last time was with me. Yeah, it was the reload.

[00:26:58] Yeah, you guys were sitting outside the bathroom.

[00:27:00] I remember. Yeah. So think he was a little quirky and just because he had PTSD and just like it was hard for him to be social with people, but behind a screen are one in one. He was amazing. So yeah, oh, the stories alarm going off. So let me can I? I’ll be back in a little bit. Yep, yep. Sounds like I was Costco, and now it’s I’ll be back. We’ll see you soon.

[00:27:26] All right, guys. Anybody else got wins?

[00:27:29] I got to win.

[00:27:31] Well, what’s up, brother?

[00:27:32] Yeah. So I finally have my first basically my first wins of the year. So I started off the year like on the top, on the top, like so much money employees, everything going perfect. But I did. I did what you and I believe, Devin, we’re talking. We’re talking about just overdoing it with, with websites, overdoing it with everything, basically. And we just got way too ahead of ourselves. We just kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and we weren’t actually we didn’t have the finances to keep that going. And so we only had one client at the time and which is a big mistake. So it was our first client and he actually wasn’t even making the full payments every month. So it was one of those things like, we’re kind of like letting him like walk all over us, you know, like he wasn’t even paying us what we were supposed to. So anyways, like my entire business has been down for the past four months due to just due to financial reasons. We just run through all the funds. But here’s the wins. All right. So I actually paid off eighty thousand in debt. I have two more payments, which will be done in February, which is which is crazy. I’m twenty four eighty thousand in debt, right? Yeah. And then second one is just got two sites rented out today, today and then. There definitely was a third one. I I definitely forgot, but just a lot of excitement and like, yeah, yeah, too many wins, you know?

[00:29:32] That’s awesome, man. I’m digging, I’m digging the energy of the winds, man. You guys are coming out firing. That’s awesome. What a huge mountain to kind of climb out from under a man, you’re going to probably reduce your stress level about a hundred times over, and you can start using the money that you’re you’re paying off this debt with you to build a business or enjoy life or whatever it is you want to do with that. You know, it’s it’s not going to be disappearing every month. So that’s that’s awesome, man. Big congrats. Ok, so

[00:30:04] What’s oh, we got someone to say, I can’t say I had just real quick to win, which is ironic this morning because I’ve been training a sales person. So I said, OK, let me make a few calls. I made three calls and close two. Wow. And he was like, Well, this is going to be really easy. Yeah, it’s groups on fire, really just luck. But that’s not what happened. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s funny. Yeah.

[00:30:32] It might seem like luck, but it’s like you keep putting yourself in that situation and like the people who work the hardest, the people that take the most shots, they’re the ones that get the luckiest, right? So yeah, it’s congrats, Shannon. All right.

[00:30:46] So we got we got one more win, Patrick. In no way. Yeah, we’ll turn it over. Raphael is carving out some of that market share from Devin. He got a new deal a thousand bucks a month on junk removal.

[00:30:57] He’s picking it up, pick it up, man. Graduation. All right, so I’ve got some announcements to make here, guys. One is I’ve got I asked our one of my good friends here, Jan.. I asked her to jump on the call. I’m going to have her talk for a little bit about some. She does things a little bit different. She’s got a super cool guy. We got to spend some time together out when we sponsored the event. And they’re kind of like a marketing marketing power couple down there and Central Florida. So I’d love to hear what you’re up to and just kind of have some of that shared. So you guys get a different perspective. The second thing starting on Friday, every Friday. Gabe Gabriel, the guy with like three different last names. Gabe Ryan, Gabe Davis. He’s going to be doing a weekly call inside of our group every Friday. So I think he’s I think it’s at 2:30 Central. So it’d be three 30. So somewhere around that, we’re going to post it in there. But Gabe is not someone who has built a like a huge lead generation rank and rent business, but he is somebody that has helped and worked with huge companies. He’s really good at business growth and he’s going to be hosting this week. We call going over different launch strategies and just looking at business from a different perspective. Super smart guy, one of the guys, I’m like stoked to be able to call a personal friend.

[00:32:32] And you know, we’ve lived in the same town for a little while, but we spend a bunch of time together at different events and stuff. You guys haven’t been around him. I think it’s going to be a really awesome value add for this group to have him doing weekly calls. So starting this Friday. Ok, cool. All right. Another thing accountability groups. I know there was a couple like last minute add ons that wanted to jump in. I’ve got those sorted out, so we kind of change things up. I’m making the groups a little bit bigger this time. So we’re going to go with like four or five people this time, and we’ve taken into account to try to like mix in your locations in your time frame. It’s really hard to do this with all these different variables, as well as like the the income that you had stated, so that we can try to get people that are dealing with the same problems, right? Last time, I wasn’t smart enough. You consider that. So, you know, we had people that were like twenty thousand another with like five hundred or zero. So I want people that are going through similar problems and kind of working through this together for the groups that are maybe filled up with some of the starters that are just getting started and they don’t have big income yet. Well, excuse me, we can have we can have other people coming in and helping you guys and use these calls as a way to help with those schedules as well.

[00:33:58] I don’t want you guys to feel like you’re going to not have the expertise because we’re only with the beginners, but I want to do it so that you guys are are working through the same problems and solving the same problems together. In that way, I think you’re going to get more value. So just a recap, OK, so I’m going to share this in the group with you guys and there are a couple of documents. So I know some of you guys, we had a really high number of people that are returning for the accountability groups. Seems like it was a really popular thing. So there’s a few steps here. Ok, we’ve got like a spreadsheet with a 90 day goals and we have this. So this is a part of what’s going to be do and what you’re going to do is you’re going to fill out your spreadsheet and you’re going to fill out this, this template here and you’re going to change it and putting your information and you’re going to submit this to your group so you should know what your group is up to. You guys, this is the accountability. It’s almost like you guys are. You should know their goals and you should memorize their stuff so that you understand it and like, get personal with it a little bit, right? So the first thing is like.

[00:35:15] It’s really important that you get clear when you set a goal on what you’re going to be doing, when you’re going to be doing it, paint that vision. Remove the question marks as much as possible, more clarity you get on this. The higher your chances of success are because you don’t have to work through this when we get confused. We procrastinate and I’m trying to take that away from you guys. So you’ve got some questions to answer. How are you going to achieve this goal? Right. So it looks like this one is like finishing a book. I’ll make sure I’m reading a few pages of my book every day. This is one of my managers put this together. I actually would prefer that these are more like paragraph answers rather than like one sentences and get a little bit more clear on this. So this how are you going to achieve this goal? I’ll answer this. So I am going to I know that we’ve got the wind question down here, so I’m going to read I need to read like 17 pages a day. And you know, I’m going to be doing this on like Monday, Monday, Monday through Friday, right? And then the the wind is going to also where are you going to be when you’re doing this? Like, what’s the plan? I get like, I’m going to be like, just paint the picture right? Get really crystal clear on this stuff.

[00:36:31] So when so that was like, Hey, I’m going to I’m going to be reading between eight and nine a.m. Monday through Friday, right? Whatever that looks like for you. Why is this important? So this is your why, right? So it’s much better to get the emotional into this. Create this emotional attachment to to the answer to this question. And then let’s talk about what the struggles are of this, and let’s talk about how you expect the other people in your group to support you on this and why what their role is in this. So when you write stuff down, your chances of making it happen are a lot higher. So take your time with this. Choose your goals. I don’t recommend choosing all business goals, right? If you look back on twenty twenty one and maybe the end of twenty twenty and you had a vision for how you wanted the year to go and you didn’t get there, like, that’s not all business related. Maybe some people want to lose some weight. Maybe there’s a new skill that you want to learn. You want to maybe spend more time with your significant other, right? There could be relationship goals. It could be learning it could be business. So I recommend having a mixture of this stuff. So it’s not one dimensional, right? And then you want to make sure you think about the cost. I’ve talked about this several times in the last month. What’s the cost of this? So what’s the cost of reading a book like reading a book straight, right? But what are you giving up? Are you OK with that? Is there somebody else in your life that you need to get that they need agreement on this cost? If I say that, hey, my goal is to to run a marathon, which means I need to be like training a couple of hours a day and like, that’s going to take away from this other time.

[00:38:10] Well, like make sure that everyone’s on board, right? That’s that’s one of the costs, right? Ok, so then we have the sheet, the spreadsheet that is going to be see if I can pull that up real quick. I have been closing all my tabs and I had this open and I closed it. I want to just bring this up. So the accountability groups, the way it’s going to work is I’m going to I’m going to put you into Facebook groups and. It’s not it to put you guys into Facebook groups and, you know, then you guys are responsible for taking it from there. Last time I kind of hung around in the Facebook group a little bit just to kind of give you guys some support. I jumped on a couple of calls with people. So that’s how I’m going to structure this. All right. Cool. I’ve got. This now, all right, so this is the spreadsheet here. You guys, a lot of guys have seen this before, so we’re sticking with something that’s linear, right? Reading a book.

[00:39:13] So you’re going to read two books. This was from October when we did this. So that means that I need to read this many pages per week. So you check in once a week and see if you’re on pace or off pace. If it’s a linear goal, then it’s easy to determine that if it’s not a linear goal. So let’s think about something that’s not linear. Maybe that’s like adding revenue to your business because like, you might have to do a bunch of work up front. We’re like, Hey, I need to complete this things, and it’s not going to be like, Hey, I want to add like five thousand dollars to my business over the next, whatever, 10 weeks. So that’s going to be five hundred dollars a week. That’s not how it’s going to work. For some goals, those aren’t. So take that into account when you plan this out. Right? All the different. Everything that you can think of, the more clear you can get on this, the higher the more you can maximize your chances of success with this stuff. So these are the two things that you need to submit to your group. We will be setting these groups up tomorrow. I’ve got some final decisions to make on this on the accountability group stuff so anyone can join. There’s no charge or anything. It’s just designed to help you guys with, you know, kind of reaching reaching your goals for these things.

[00:40:25] So the attitude that you want to have in the group is be a stickler a little bit, but a tough love attitude is good, but it needs to be delivered with the right warmth so that people understand why you’re pushing them. But you’re signing up for this and you’re in agreement to be held accountable for these things. That means that if Neil says he’s going to do, he’s going to go to the gym five times this week and he only went twice. Somebody needs to step in there and be like, Neil, you had set this goal for a reason. You’re not living up to it. You’ve got to change what you’re doing and really like, get in place or you’re going to be off and you’re going to miss your goal. So if you kind of like almost look as other people in your accountability group as your goals, there’s a lot of leadership skills that can happen in here. I know Laura, I saw him really step up and turn the screws on a couple of people in his group, and I think that is phenomenal to do that. It’s it’s a great communication skill and it’s something that’s going to transfer over into your team, but it’s got to be done in the right way. People need to know where you’re coming from on it. Ok, guys, any questions on that? Before we let

[00:41:36] You like a final call to get into the groups, Patrick is really like a drop dead date in winter. The group is going to be made, you said Friday.

[00:41:44] Yeah, yeah, tomorrow really. I’ve already got the groups all divided up, but there’s a couple people that that wanted to jump in it. So I need to tweak it a little bit. So I would say you really need to, you really need to be submitting today. And it’s in, it’s in the group. There’s an account. If you search for accountability group, there’s a form that you fill out and then at this point, just send myself or Jeff a message to let us know that you you added in late so that we can make sure that we get you onto a team.

[00:42:16] There is going to go do that right right away and then,

[00:42:19] Yeah, I’ll I’ll I’ll do that tonight. So like I said, I’m just jumping back then. This is the first day that I read it, the whole day without like losing it. So, yeah, so sensitive. But yeah, I’m ready to dive in.

[00:42:35] Yeah, awesome, Sarah. Yeah, fill that out so that you just send me a message or send a message to Jeff and we’ll get you tossed into a group. So I think you’ll get a lot out of it. I think, you know, from the people that I’ve talked to, I know that there are some people that dropped out of the accountability groups and but the ones that stayed in it, like they seemed like they had a lot, lot of success with it. I have a hard stop in 15 minutes and I want to make sure I ask Jerry to jump on this call and share. So I want to make sure that that we give her the mic. I think there’s a ton of value, which there is. She’s somebody that’s, you know, I, I really respect and she’s got a ton of knowledge. So generic. How are you doing? What’s going on?

[00:43:25] In fact, I’m doing great. I’m so excited to be here. I miss this to be on.

[00:43:29] I know you’re a generic.

[00:43:33] You don’t know. I listen. I’m so happy you reached out because just like it’s a new year, there’s so many things you look back and you’re like, OK, I need to do better at this. I need to do that. And I told you, that’s the biggest thing for me is balance. Like all I did was work, work, work, work, work, work, work. And you know, that ends up it’s just not healthy the other day. So I’m very excited about the new year. I’m excited to be here. We, you know. I’m now with my partner, which I never thought I would have, you know, the men, I’m in a relationship with my partner, I was like more about like, Oh, I like doing my own thing and I don’t know about the partnership thing, but you know, it’s been great. And so now we’re like a power couple, like you said, which I’m very excited. We have great plans this year. We actually just invested in kind of like a digital franchise. So we invested in a digital franchise and we’re really excited about that. That will actually potentially bring us into one point two million dollars annually. So we’re really excited it takes time for it to kind of pick up.

[00:44:44] We invested in that while we’re working on our lead generation business and also we started kind of working with our family as well, which is really cool. So I actually started my own little group, but my family and getting them into a place where they can kind of discover their own gifts and entrepreneurship and whatnot because I didn’t grow up with my parents, you know, highest went to maybe high school, if that and Dominican Republic. So there’s not a lot of educational stuff, they do what they can. So now I’m kind of taking everything I’ve learned through the years and kind of bringing it to my family. I got my my nephew, that’s 17, all the way to my oldest sister. You know, she’s 40 and they’re all like learning from me now, and it’s just a blessing. And I just don’t see myself. And, you know, and Joe, he’s on the call as well, too. Yeah, we both tell you hiding. He’s he’s he’s hiding over there. You want to say he’s down at the bottom. He’s like, I’m not going to say, Hi.

[00:45:50] Hey, how you guys doing?

[00:45:52] What’s up, brother? Hey, guys. It’s good to see that that that beautiful face. You’re there,

[00:45:58] Right? I like your face. He’s like, I’m not showing myself, but but yeah, we, you know, so I’m excited about that. And yeah, that’s I mean, that’s pretty much what we’re working on. Also on the generation side, since we’re starting our own company, we’re using these skills to produce our own leads. So we’re literally creating lead gen sites throughout the nation for us, which I think, yeah, it’s

[00:46:28] It’s it’s this is part of where I’m going with some of our stuff. Some of the I’ve kind of split the desire that I have for how I set up my sites into two categories. One is what I coach you guys on. A lot is the high ticket and like not super mainstream niches. And then the second category is like ones that I could possibly own, where it might not be the most profitable niche to go into, like if I was just like choosing to do this business model. But it is like there are certain ones that I think are very easy to turn into a business right and like. Like, I worked at Dumpster Rental and the Bounce House, stuff like rental type businesses, where I can have some like high school or college kids, run most of the business and I could be hands off. And instead of taking like, you know, five to 10 percent cut, I’m getting 80 to 90 percent of it and I’m able to turn it into a business that can run on autopilot and then I can scale across the country. So I love this, this franchise idea that you guys are in now.

[00:47:38] Gerri, I know I just want to kind of interview a little you a little bit and kind of like expose some of the stuff that I picked up on kind of the strategies that you use. I know that you do a lot of studying off the clock, right, and you’re doing different coaching programs and like reading books. What are some of the big takeaways from Twenty Twenty One for you? That’s I know that you had mentioned, and you can mention other like, I don’t care if you mention other groups, that’s that’s not this type of group, right? And other other people that that you’ve learned from that maybe somebody else on the call would really benefit from because you’ve been you’ve like. Started out, I know where you were a couple of years ago, and you just seems like you’re just constantly ascending. So can you do you have some of those kind of like big takeaways or like like some other program or something that you had like a lot of learning from it? Twenty twenty one.

[00:48:40] Yeah. Ok. So one of the biggest things that you know, it’s not really busy or anything, but the biggest thing that I’ve gotten from Twenty Twenty One is really diving into my subconscious, to be honest. Um, and the whole thing with mindset and whatnot. And I realized how that is such the route of my success on anything I want to do. So there’s actually a book right now that I’m reading that I highly recommend. It’s like the one book that everybody in anybody should read, and it’s cool. I think I pulled it up here just to make sure it’s called the genie within, and it’s by Harry W. Carpenter. And that book right there blew my mind. Like, we can talk about sales, we can talk about how backlinks and everything about. But that right there will teach you how to get anything and everything you want just because you just do the like, declare the subconscious stuff and get yourself in the most pure genius of who you are in order to be successful and every level in your life. So that’s the biggest thing I got from everything. Now I did find some groups and some, you know, some sites where, you know, do you want me to mention the site that that that is that what you meant by it? Or No, that’s it. That’s fine.

[00:50:05] I’m OK with whatever. I try to be an open book. This is

[00:50:08] Ok. Yeah. So this is in

[00:50:12] There is this one group that I was in one time where there was like, you weren’t allowed to say things and like, just like, Yeah, that’s not this group.

[00:50:19] The abundance mindset, not the scarcity

[00:50:21] Mindset, right? Yeah. So let’s like what, what, what is out there if we can kind of create this community of sharing the value? And, you know, I try to do my best with with leading by example and I was I was happy to see that there is a post, sorry to go off on a tee. And there was a post a couple of weeks ago where it started to spin negative and then some people jumped in and said, Hey, that’s not what this type of this group is about sharing and helping each other, right? So I love that community and attitude that we’re trying to build in here. And you know, that’s part of why I didn’t want to grow this thing too fast is let’s like, make a solid foundation. Let’s like a kind of like a theme and an attitude for the group, and then we can build on that. And that tone can remain the way it is as we scale, right? So. But yeah, sure. Whatever I can go,

[00:51:14] Ok, going back a touch based on that group, right? I have found my phone’s picking up Google. I have found that, you know, as an entrepreneur, obviously, we have to invest in ourselves. So I discovered there are sites out there that has these different programs that will save you a lot of money, but it can get overwhelming. So if you want to go ahead and learn about, you know, a certain skill, but you don’t want to spend ten thousand seven thousand five thousand dollars, I go to my little program and I’m able to download the access. So that’s kind of why I wasn’t sure I should say that’s

[00:51:57] Not the one I thought you were talking about.

[00:52:00] You can, if you can imagine they can. You guys can google it. I promise there’s all kinds of stuff out there that, yeah,

[00:52:07] So it’s like, I think I think the way these programs work is you pay like a like a one time fee and then you’ve got like, it’s like a downloading site where they have like, I I guess I have like like, hey, do what you got to do to try to learn. But also some of these people I worked really hard to to build out their programs and stuff. I know that there was one that you were telling me about. I don’t know if you got it from there, but there was like a maybe you can share that there was like a blueprint thing that you were,

[00:52:37] I think maybe. Yeah. What was that? Ok? I did get that one. Should I need it? Should I see the name of it, though? That’s mine. Yeah, it’s called the blueprint, the blueprint training.

[00:52:49] If anybody got a lot of value from that and it was kind of like SOPs and stuff, right?

[00:52:54] I mean, it’s literally a business in the bus. I’m telling you like literally from your finances for business, how to hire, what the rates are all the way to automation. For every little project management, it’s literally at one click Google Sheets all the way like you not. You don’t really need all these apps or anything like that. And it’s a full blown automation. All the templates up there, the emails you sent out to your clients. It’s like everything how to do keyword research, how to how to do deliverables for your clients. It is SEO based, but you can apply that to your Legion business and now you can automate this using that. So I’m not really like like using it like that. I’m most mostly like taking that information and adapting that for my business and then implementing that. So, you know, I don’t want anybody to think like you go out there like stealing like that. But, you know, just using that and as an entrepreneur, you know, you can still do the right. But just be creative and apply these things that you learn into your own business, so every time I see something like, Oh, I can do that for my business, so know last year I kind of was just like, Oh, I want to learn this, OK, how can I apply this to my? How can I apply this to my business and so forth? So I read a lot of books, and it’s been a lot of stuff, different strategies.

[00:54:16] And because what I’ve learned in the past through the years, I just. I just sucked, I was stuck to one group and one thing, and it really, you know, I wish I would have put myself out there and learn more and done my own research on things and learn because at the end of the day, we’re all entrepreneurs and patriots and an amazing teacher. And I love this group because of that, because Patrick has the right intentions. He’s excellent at what he does, and he has a great heart and he’s the bomb and the expert at what he does as well. And he’s not stingy. There’s no stingy energy. You know, I know stingy energy, and I like that about that. You really care about helping other people, but we’re all business people as well. We all want want to make money as well. So it’s such a great combination when somebody else gets greedy and whatnot. And then obviously that all turns in a different way so people can become millionaires. And you know, the wrong heart and the wrong person kind of just comes out a little bit more. But then there’s the other one that becomes millionaires that have a great heart. It’s just who you are, and it’s just kind of gets bigger. It kind of just exposes itself when you have that in your hand.

[00:55:29] So yeah, I appreciate that it’s I’ve I’ve had the same experience with you and Joe and so many other people. And you know, you have to make these decisions. Sometimes it’s not always easy to to walk away from some of this negative energy situations, and but it makes all the difference in the world to do that. You’ve got to like. For me, this was like looking back on 20 20. I had this big realization. I look back and I was like, This wasn’t the year I wanted, right? And I was like, From now on, I’m going to manufacture my years. I’m going to create the experiences I want. I’m going to like, plan things out and schedule stuff like, I have these. These two to two of my best friends both live in Vegas and they still play poker for a living, and we didn’t spend enough time together. So I I’m not I’ve never been the person to like playing out the trips and do I like join when other people invite me. But I like focus on my own stuff, and I was like, No, and I planned out like ski trips and other things. And we spent we went, we rented a cabin and and like Knoxville, like, it was awesome. I took, I took it into my hands and that’s what we have to do is we have to like, plan and organize. Who we want to be is going to be based on who we spend the time with. So you’ve got to take the time and be like, you know, intentional about setting up these opportunities.

[00:56:57] Like, we’ve already got Jan and I and Joe. We already got plans to hang out in a few weeks, right? That’s part of that for me, and I’ve reached out to some other people, like talking to Caleb. I think we’re going to set up like a mastermind weekend with Caleb and a couple of other people. And I’m planning this stuff because I want I want to be around these people that are doing big things that are going in this direction. And I recommend that you guys do the same thing. Find a way like wherever it is, like, put yourself out there. You can’t just go swimming in the same lane and think that you’re going to wind up somewhere different. You get to make these changes and it’s not easy. Like, I know, I’ve got a someone that joined us in San Diego that lives out there. He’s been kind of like interrupt for a long time and he doesn’t like his environment and it’s been hard for him to like, make that change. And it’s like has a traumatic, tremendous effect on on him. And we’ve got to like, you’ve got to do what’s necessary to get yourself to where you’re going to go. It’s so easy to stay comfortable with what we know and like. It’s it could be it could be an anchor around your weight, around your leg and you don’t even know it, you know?

[00:58:09] Yeah, I totally agree with that. You have to get uncomfortable and it’s it sucks because once again uncomfortable, but it’s the only way for us to get. It’s almost like it’s like a course you always take and you just have to pass that course prerequisites to get you to the next level.

[00:58:24] That’s right. Yeah, it’s like a video game. You got like, you’ve got to do these little things next. So we got we got like two minutes I actually have. It’s 2:30 in the morning here almost, and I have a meeting at 2:30 because I’ve been trying to connect with this person for a long time, but back in where you guys are, it’s it’s it’s a lot earlier, so I’ve got to jump off here. But any final thoughts? First, I’d love to have you back on these calls more often and, you know, see your face on here and get some, some strong female leaders on here to give a different perspective. And if we can ever get Joe is a brilliant person that I had the pleasure of hanging out with in San Diego. I would love to have him on here if he’s if he, if he if you decide that that’s something you want to do, Joe, you’re always welcome. Any final thoughts before we jump off your engineering?

[00:59:16] No, I just want to say I am committed to actually showing up every Wednesday as I can. So this would be my first, you know, official 20 22 meeting and I’ll share more tips. I got more stuff up my sleeve that I want to definitely show everybody

[00:59:30] What we’re going to be together on the, I guess, like two or three weeks from now on a Wednesday. I think so. Maybe we can do like a live. I think Jeff’s going to be down there with us. So maybe we maybe we can organize. I think before you hopped on, I was talking about how I’d like to organize like a group meetup. Neil said that everyone can stay at his house that’s on the water for the rest of the winter and South Florida there. So.

[00:59:54] Thank God. All right. Thanks, Pat.

[00:59:58] All right. All right, awesome. All right. You guys have a great week. Anyone that wants to jump in those accountability groups fill out that form. This is your last, last chance. Do what you guys need to do over the next seven days to create some wins. And you guys have had those big wins at the beginning of the call. Congratulations to you guys. That’s awesome to start the year out that way. Carry that momentum forward. As Sarah said, the best time to make another sale is right after you close one. So use that momentum to like, really just start off crushing this year and then make that a habit. You guys have a good evening. I will see you next time will be in the United States. And yeah, we’ll see you guys soon. Everybody stay warm. Stay out of that blizzard.

[01:00:40] Very impassioned, but I have a good night.

[01:00:43] All right. Take care, everybody.

[01:00:45] Well, everybody. Millennial.