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[00:00:09] All right. How are you guys doing?

[00:00:12] What’s going on? How is everyone? Good. How are you doing? Good. Yeah, good. It’s good week starting to get warm here in Texas.

[00:00:20] A little bit, which is nice. And. Getting out and doing things a little bit, you know, I went in and looked at joining a book club this last week, which

[00:00:32] It’s not going to work out, but you know, I’ve got this idea that I’m not

[00:00:36] Spending enough time having fun and doing stuff outside, which I think we talked about this a few times. It’s important to reset, to go out there and enjoy things. So we’re trying to take some conscious efforts to that because if you don’t put it on the calendar, if you don’t try to come up with the plan and make it happen, it just seems like time time goes by and it doesn’t

[00:00:55] It doesn’t actually happen. So I hope you guys are doing that with your with everything you guys are

[00:01:01] Doing because

[00:01:02] In this industry, things never end, right? There’s no there’s

[00:01:06] No end where we’re like, done with this.

[00:01:08] There’s always the next site that we want to build. Or we can improve this site, right? We can pick up another more rankings in this area. So knowing that there’s no end in this, you’ve got to set some time aside and

[00:01:24] Check out for it a little bit and have some fun. Otherwise, it’ll just go on forever like this. So it’s easy to do. And I’ve kind

[00:01:30] Of myself, I’ve been subject to that, so I’d love to hear, does

[00:01:35] Anybody have any wins? Anything to celebrate this week, anyone

[00:01:40] Had a landscaper finally getting leads from a site I’ve had going for six months. It’s a competitive niche in Sarasota. Yeah, he’s starting to get some work. So he stopped by today because he does my house now, too. So that’s a part of it. And. He said I’ll give you five hundred for this month, we’ll do 10 percent for next month, and he knows I want to get to a thousand as soon as possible, and he might have one hundred thousand dollar deal out of some of the stuff. So that’s great. That’s cool. How can I get another concrete one? That’s a franchise. He said. If this works, and then the next one works just 80 other franchises. So yeah,

[00:02:26] Yeah, that’s that’s huge. That was kind of

[00:02:29] A big step for me as I connected

[00:02:31] With the manufacturer

[00:02:33] And they were able to feed me. It wasn’t like a

[00:02:36] Franchise or franchisee relationship. It was a manufacturer contractor relationship where they were just able to feed me their best people from

[00:02:45] Around the country. Once we built that trust, you know?

[00:02:48] So my advice to you is just make sure you really hit it out of the park on this first one for them. Do whatever you can to to prove it and make sure you set the expectations well for this, because

[00:03:00] That was that was certainly a pivotal thing for for us in our business.

[00:03:03] Well, what I’m doing because honestly, I haven’t even made it to the training yet because I’m so busy and so I did all done for use and I’ve partnered up with a bunch of other shakers and different sites and stuff, and I’m actually a big time. Jc is coming on board to do those concrete ones with me. I got to and I’m doing sales for other JC. Like I sold five five sites yesterday for JCPenney. So it’s I haven’t had time to train. I’ve just I kind of did this bass ackwards. You know, it’s like

[00:03:44] Sounds like you’ve got money coming in from a few different angles, though.

[00:03:47] Yeah, but I need to. I need to know what I’m selling. So I really I got to put the brakes on and start. I got to learn this stuff, and I’m really looking. If I could get leads I got, I could get sales all day. You know, I have people, all kinds of sites. I’m not getting money from because I’m not really getting the lead yet, right? But they’re willing to pay me, you know, it’s just that to me in this business, I can sell this stuff all day long. But the downfall to me is having an abundance of leads, right?

[00:04:22] Yeah, it’s it’s when you get to that. That’s kind of a spot where we are to some extent, where we like. I have no doubt in our ability to close people. It’s just a question how quickly can we build things and get stuff lined up? Because, you know, I did a call this morning with a guy named Howard from the J. K Group. And you know, I was talking to him about this. You don’t really start making good money until the thing starts ranking, regardless of like how you structure this thing. Everything is not on autopilot until the site is ranking right and then it’s bringing stuff in. And it’s, you know, there’s people like, there’s people like you that that can that can pre sell right? And and and that’s great. But when you pre-sell, you’ve started a clock where the person is paying you, but maybe they’re not getting leads. And how long is that going to go on for until you can get them actual start producing leads or you can run ads. And if you’re running ads, you’re not really making that much money, if any, you could be like. In our case, we lost money a lot of times when we’re running ads because we’re spending the money on ads, trying to keep the person happy and it’s just putting more pressure on us. So it’s like. What really matters is getting the sites in there and getting them ranking once you do that, the ones that we haven’t necessarily had to touch in a couple of years.

[00:05:44] And we just collect the money month in and month out are the ones that are ranking and those are the ones that pay for the other ones, right? Those are the ones that are profitable. So it’s also it’s dramatically easier, exponentially. You’re easier to sell something for you guys that are not confident in the sales for some of the guys that are that are maybe introverted or maybe you just don’t have confidence in this completely. It’s so much easier to sell something when you have something somebody wants in your hand, right? Like, it’s easier to sell a Ferrari if it’s sitting on the curb than this. Like, Hey, let me tell you about this car that doesn’t exist. Do you want to buy it right? So like getting the site, ranking getting it, getting it set up and getting the leads coming in makes everything easier and it’s more profitable for you. So, you know, everybody talks about like prospecting. I think prospecting is a great thing to do and making offers. But just it’s been my experience that it’s not really that awesome until you have leads coming in. And that’s where it that’s that’s where it starts to be really profitable. The skill that you have, though, Neal, I mean, that’s I think that’s that’s that’s that’s one of the most valuable skills that we can have in business and it’s something that we all should be working out.

[00:06:55] For those of you guys that, hey, I’m introverted, you kind of have to solutions two options when you start this business is like one. You learn the skills or two you hire somebody to learn the stuff. My opinion is one, and I know that’s going to be it’s going to be harder for some of you guys, you know, some of you guys that that maybe you’re not comfortable talking to people, but like the sales skill, in my opinion, is one of the most important ones that you can develop in life, whether you’re selling to your clients or to the people that work for you, or maybe to some girl that you want to go out on a date with, right? Like, it’s all comes back to this ability to communicate and it is something that can be learned, right? If you look at like Ipaye said a few times up like he, he went and studied all this stuff and then became one of these top salesmen and Jake, he had to like, hone his craft and get better at it. So I think it’s certainly something that we can all learn to do. Neil, congratulations, man. Is this your first like client that is paying you for your first kind of like bit of leads that it sounds like you sold for some other people, but for for your own stuff,

[00:08:02] It is for my own stuff. Like on top of that, today I sold a towing site and a window tech site for another jaker. And the thing is, if I could get, I just need to get with somebody because we work a reciprocal two because there are on some of my sites, they’re supposed to be getting the leads and stuff, you know? And you know, I’ll throw 40 percent all day long of what I’m getting monthly. If someone’s getting me leads right now, I’m trying to if and I got to learn this stuff is I owned a business for 20, a successful business for twenty three years and I knew it inside and out, though. So you got to know what you’re selling. And and just like when someone’s asking me questions, when I’m doing the prospecting or what have you? You kind of got to know the niche too, you know? Absolutely. Yeah. So yeah, I’m just to me, the sales. Is it? Do I look forward to it? Do I get up and go, Oh great, I get to call Pete, you know, cold call people. No, but it’s it’s something I I I’m pretty good at. I can close them, you know? But these are majority of these aren’t money up front, you know? So to me, that’s easy. It’s like, Look, I’m going to send you some leads for a week or two, then I’m going to get back to you. Then we can talk dough, you know, and the like. And I kind of get a rapport with them and I try to pre, you know, ahead of time, what do you make? What’s your average sale? You know, just so I know what we can even be asking for, too?

[00:09:40] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, knowing knowing the niche, knowing the value and their profit margin, you can kind of determine what what the value is that you’re actually providing to them. You can build a lot of trust in a lot of rapport when you start speaking their language, too. You know, I went to the JC event in Twenty Seventeen and I looked around the expert panel, and that was one of the things that a lot of them had in common is that they had niche down. They chose a niche. And I’ve talked to a few few of you guys like Dave over the last couple of weeks where it seems like that’s the thing to do is niche now. And that’s a really good thing, but a word of caution. Learn about the niche and maybe get a couple of wins in it before you start going crazy, building 10, 20, 30 sites in it because you’re going to find things out once you complete a couple of these cycles about that niche that maybe you don’t want that to be your niche. And if you just go crazy and you build like 20 or 30 of those and then you’re kind of like locked into it and you didn’t realize that. I think that’s the wrong way to do it. So I think the right way to do it is maybe build ten sites with like three or four different niches to start out with.

[00:10:49] Get clients in these different niches once you like it, once you’re comfortable with it, or if you’re not, choose a different one because you don’t want to be married to this thing. Not you don’t want to like jump in bed until you get to know this person, right? So like, I think it’s I think it’s an important thing you’re going to be locked in this niche for a little while and you can make any niche work, right? But I think there’s just some pros and cons to each of them, and we kind of learn as we go. Are stereotypes that exist. Obviously, stereotypes are not always right, but some of them exist for a reason, and some of them are going to be more accurate than others. And maybe that’s not the type of person that you want to have to deal with on a regular basis, right? Or maybe there’s some other factor. Like, for instance, I can’t remember who it was H-back. I have a good friend who owns an HVAC company in Las Vegas, so we had built this AC repair site in Vegas, and it took us like a year to make it ultra competitive, back selling, air conditioning and stuff like this in one of the hottest places on Earth with like almost two million people in the area, right? So all this time to rank the site, well, here’s something that I never thought of.

[00:11:57] Vegas has pretty moderate winters, so when someone’s furnace breaks down, this is the type of job that they would want in the winter, right? But you know, if someone’s going to. Six thousand five thousand dollars to replace one of these, they’re usually going to replace their air conditioner at the same time so that it starts to look like it’s like eight to ten and twelve thousand jobs to replace these units. And a lot of these people are just like, Well, I’m just going to hook up a space heater because it’s not that it’s not that cold in Vegas, right? Make it into the thirties a few nights. So we’ll just be just be cold and we’ll run the space heater and we’ll save this expense. So what does that mean for someone trying to grow their air conditioning company? It’s feast or famine, right? In the summertime. We can blow them up with tons of leads, but they can’t hire anyone that’s going to work for them. They can’t promise a full time job throughout the year. They can promise seasonal work. It makes it very hard for them to grow their business. If they can’t grow their business, they can’t. They can’t capitalize on the leads we’re giving them, right? So I didn’t know that. I didn’t realize that when I first built it, I was just like, Oh, OK, this is like an expensive service, something everybody is going to need at some point.

[00:13:00] So we built it, and then it’s just been like probably the hardest site that I’ve ever ranked and not very profitable at all. Right? Like, we just get paid a few months of the year. And then we’ve also had because it’s so competitive, we’ve had like our the competition is constantly trying to attack our GMV. We had one our main GMB ranking first for like repair got suspended. And talking to Google, they said that that someone that someone charged us had, they basically let us know. So we know the competition is after us. So things like this you want to be aware of and you may not know it until you go into. And so you kind of like deep dive into a niche. All right. Congrats, Neil. That’s awesome, man. I know that that first taste of your own. It’s like we can sell stuff for other people all day long. But when it’s like, OK, now I’ve got like my own leads coming in a little bit, I’m getting paid for it. The person is making money. It’s just like you already believed in it. I know from our conversations, but it’s just it’s a sweet feeling when you’re like, Man, there’s so much potential in this business model, right? Awesome, does anybody have any other wins? Anybody else want to share anything? Good stuff going on.

[00:14:10] Yeah, I sold. A site that I’ve had up for a while is getting leads, and I reached out to a few few companies and they were running ads and they just kind of shut me down right away, so I got discouraged. And then I just reached out to this other guy. I found him on Facebook Marketplace and he was young young kid. Twenty four, and I just I could tell he had the right attitude. So seven leads for like two weeks and then close. The four hundred dollars month deal with him just made it real easy. That’s less than all the stuff he’s paying for right now, and I’m getting a better results. So I mean, I’m just I’m just looking for long term relationship, so I’ll increase it. Yeah, it’s

[00:15:02] It’s much easier to take that four

[00:15:03] Hundred to one thousand than it is to go from zero to four hundred. So getting the guy in the books where you can start building a relationship is is key. It’s it’s a two way street. And I think when we’re doing the sales, keeping that in mind, how this is scary for them to write, a lot of these people have been burned by other maybe not this guy because he sounds like he closed two deals before I ask money, ask for money. So that’s perfect. Yeah. Doesn’t that make sales different? It’s more like a negotiation than a guy. And I had another one I talked today called close a couple of deals, and he asked me what I wanted for it. And he said he’s really good at keeping track, but he needs to go back. I said, Go back, look, let me know where you closed because that’s what I care about and then I’ll close them for something tomorrow. So I’ll have another win tomorrow and it’s starting to spiral.

[00:15:58] That’s awesome. That’s I love it, man. Let’s let’s do something. This is something I meant to talk about a few times, but I want to go into this. Does anyone have any? This is related exactly to what you’re talking about, Patrick. No pressure at all. But is this a niche that you would that you want to keep kind of close to your sleeve? Or is this one that you want to share?

[00:16:20] So one, I don’t want to share it, but other one, I pretty much every day. Probably everybody has the site. I got a defence one hundred not like pumped about that niche because it’s. I don’t know. Everyone seems busy. Yeah, that one. I know it was like I reached out to a lot of people to get a client for it,

[00:16:44] So I just want to discuss pricing, you know, and I think we have this habit of when we’re getting started, we it’s hard for us to ask for a big number, even if that’s what it’s worth. Right? So you can get through, excuse me, you can get through some of that feeling of asking for too much money, but just getting a confidence on on what it’s actually worth like knowing what your number is. Ok, so here is kind of the process that I would use for trying to determine that this is a great starting spot. This is in the group. It’s in the file section of the group. So this is the Home Advisor pricing. Ok, so there are just like hundreds and hundreds of different niches that are in this file, and we have two columns here. I don’t know why it’s not. I don’t know why it’s not not showing this, but this one is like it exclusively or I’m sorry, this one is a residential and I think this one is commercial. I think that’s how it’s set up. Ok, so. When you look at your tweets, this is Home Advisor charging for their charge. They’re charging multiple people for this. And I’ll tell you, the buyer intent associated with these needs is not anywhere near one that’s coming through an organic ranking site.

[00:18:07] When you’re going to Home Advisor, when you want something now, you don’t go to Home Advisor. Like, if my toilet’s leaking and it’s going all over the floor, I’m going to be like, Oh, let me just go on Home Advisor. And then over the next few days, I’ll collect. I want someone here, like in forty five minutes, I’m going to Google and I’m going to do a search. So right away, our lead quality is better than this and our lead quality is not shared. Ok, so let’s say I have 20 leads coming in for fencing, so one of the things I would do is I would go down here and I would look and look at some of these prices so you can see disregard this negative thing. I don’t know what happened here, why that’s showing up as negative. So the exclusive one is seventy three dollars, this one is forty nine. This is like for a wood fence, and I think maybe it comes down here. There may be a newer version of this. That’s better. I’ll see if I can locate that, but you can see around like where these prices are, right? So I’m not going to try to target repair, even though like, it’s tempting for you guys as you build out your sites and you see that high search volume with repair.

[00:19:09] I would avoid that temptation because what you’re going to do is you’re going to create leads that people don’t want and like, create a lot of leads that no one wants, which is like, maybe it’s going to look good on paper, but it’s not going to convert to a client and make your clients happy. That’s there’s there are some exceptions like, for instance, like windshield repair. Like a lot of times, those repairs are going to turn into replacements, but like sidewalk or driveway repair, the person is probably not going to rip out their entire driveway for like a little crack that they want to have fixed. And that crack like the concrete people are going to want to come out there for that. So I would avoid these, these repairs, even though like there might be a good search volume for it, I just wouldn’t be pushing that right. You’re still going to get some of those calls, even if you try to rank for installation.

[00:19:54] Can I ask one question I got because I got a foundation repair, so. And. I mean, I think on Home Advisor, they’re charging like one hundred ten bucks for it.

[00:20:05] So I think foundation repair is an exception because that’s I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s a that’s not a cheap service, right? That’s really different than like fence repair, right? Where it’s like, Hey, I’ve got like a broken part of my fence. Can you come out here? It’s like, Yeah, some guy will come out there for like, seventy five dollars. That’s not the type of clients we want. It’s not like the people that want. That type of lead is probably not the type of client that we want because they’re not also going to be like if they’re willing to spend their time on that, then they’re probably not stacking up jobs for like five and ten thousand dollars, right? So they might have that kind of small minded mindset. I just don’t think they’ve built a big business. So let’s say that we come through here and I know that I have like twenty five weeks a month coming in and we look and I see that whole advisors charging seventy three dollars for this is like the national average for an exclusive lead. I don’t know. It’s either one or two things here. I can’t remember if this is shared and exclusive or residential and commercial. I think we can get this this spreadsheet all day long and find out exactly. But I just want to lay the groundwork for you guys. So take this number and multiply it by twenty five and that is what you should be charging and make sure that when you do that, that that twenty five number is not like, it’s not like twenty five phone calls, right? It’s actually these are leads.

[00:21:30] So if you have 50 phone calls and only half of them are real, you’re not multiplying it by 50 or multiplied by twenty five. So you can come in with this number and be like. So it can be hard at the beginning where it’s like, Man, if I can just get like four hundred bucks for this. But let’s get what it’s worth, though let’s let’s get what it’s actually worth and and not undercut it to try to try to close the deal. And when you can work up to this, you could say, Look, this is what this is worth, but I don’t like, I know that you started out. I know you’re young. Let’s start off at five hundred. I want to do a thousand on like May 1st and then let’s do fifteen hundred on on, like June 1st or whatever. Let’s phase into it. You’re not locked into a contract. If the leads die off or something, then like we can adjust, but I want to get what’s fair. You know, I want to get what makes the most sense for both of us. Like, we’ve worked really hard to get this to to be where it is, and I want to build something long term.

[00:22:25] The only way it’s going to work long term is this is beneficial for both of us. So that’s what I’m looking to. You know, I think that’s a great way to phrase it. And I like we don’t want to be undercut just to close a deal. And this is something that gets easier over time to like, you know, first time you’re trying to close a deal. Some of these numbers can seem like big numbers, but like once you get a little bit more comfortable with it and you have this like, Hey, this is what it’s worth. And I’m not really I’m not I’m not like it’s worth fifteen hundred, I’m not going to take six hundred and just getting the ability to say no, because you’re you know that you’re going to able to find somebody else that’s going to be willing to pay it. You know, you could go with it for a little while and just be like, Well, let’s just do price per we’d we’ll say 60 bucks a week and then you could be working towards trying to find a a more long term solution. Right? But OK, so that’s something I want to share with you guys. There is another thing I want to share that I’ve been playing around with a little bit.

[00:23:24] I don’t know if you guys have seen this program or heard of this program. We started using it on our team and the reason we started using it on our team is because we were having issues with ASADA as you grow. Asada gets pretty expensive. I think your first 15 users are free. Listeners got some some cool features, and this program here kind of combines like Google Sheets. It combines a sauna and like air table is another one that. So I paid a one time fee for this. I think it was like five hundred bucks and it’s good for life and I have 50. I can put 50 people in here. When I was using a sauna, it was three hundred dollars a month. So just kind of want to give you the overview of this. They have other packages that are cheaper. I went with one that had 50 collaborators because I have like 30 people on my team, and that seemed like a good fit for me. But I think there are some that are only a couple of hundred bucks. So if you’re starting to get to the limitations of a sauna or some of these other programs, this may be one that you you can explore. So I’m just kind of jump into it. This is the demo stuff that they give you when you start. So these are ones that I actually built, but I just want to show you some of the functionality that they have in here.

[00:24:42] So this is like a it’s kind of like a spreadsheet, but this is where it’s cool is you can load all this data in here and you can create these different columns. So this is like. Notice that this is kind of like a dropdown almost like on a web page, right? And then you can apply like all sorts of cool customization and filters, so I can turn these off or on. I can group it. So if I want to group it by, what is that? If I want to group it by department, then I can. I can do it like that and give you these cool layouts, and then you can use a lot of filters and their filters. This is kind of where we’re going with Lee generated in the near future as we’re going to be adding and filters kind of like with this idea where you can make a selection, where I could say, Hey, show me the where the department is not or is. You can make all these different things, let’s say is not product management and I can make this and then we could turn these. So they have this is like, really cool. The way I have this they have the set up is you can make these different views.

[00:25:43] So you have all these tabs. So these tabs, you can make as many as you want. And they’re like essentially combinations of the different filters that you’ve applied here. And then you can have different folders over here which have like a completely different data set and you can make subfolders. So for us, when we’re struggling to get organized with our business, this can be a project management tool. This can be like our spreadsheets and just like can be a lot more expansive, like it’s layered, right? So we can stack up a bunch of different data, all in one place. It’s super cool. I think they have like a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you want to try it out, I don’t own this. It’s just a product that I thought was cool. So you guys like it? I think it’s worth it’s worth checking out. It’s it’s something that we’re moving our stuff over to because we got to the point where we’re spending several hundred dollars a month trying to have this project management software. And I like the idea of making a one payment one time and then never having to pay for this again. They have a big Facebook group and their support’s been pretty good so far. They have webinars and stuff like that. So any questions about that software before I move on to the next topic?

[00:26:53] Yeah, Patrick, it’s going to be just kind of a. Dumb question regarding it, but is it kind of the concept that we could essentially use it for project management as far as, say, all the clients we have for each legion and essentially create other tabs or however the software works so that we could in fact also have spreadsheets to track all the information per lead Legion Company, you know, like all our login data, emails, citations and sites and everything. We use it for. Ok. Ok, cool. Because that’s something that Jill and I are certainly struggling with, and I’m trying to slowly get put in place. But, you know, trying to understand the different softwares and what’s going to look OK and work well and be easy to enter data into as well as my challenge.

[00:27:49] Right? Yeah, it’s it’s that’s kind of exactly what we are using it for. We had a lot of spreadsheets and it’s just like, you’ve got to be like, I mean, some of the things aren’t even possible, to my knowledge in Excel. And that’s what we’re trying to do with. And then it just gets super easy with something like this to stay organized, right? So you can have your clients, you can have like a clients table and a website’s table, and then you can make relationships between the two. So you can say like, OK, show me the sites that I have where I’ve got like less than 10 pages built and no one’s paying and I have a verified GMB. And like, so you can start stacking up these filters and you can make that like a saved view where it’s like, OK, show me my like ranking websites that aren’t paying, and then I can go and look at that. And this is where I need to be prospecting. Show me the websites where I have less than 10 pages or I don’t have a GMB and you can make another tab for that. So you can easily kind of like flip through this information. Always have it at your fingertips and then, you know, not have to wrestle with organizational part of it. So that’s kind of what we’re using it for. We’re loading a lot of our stuff inside of it. Moving this up are like, you know. All the information about our sites. You know, I’ve got a lot of material.

[00:29:06] Go ahead. There’s a lot of tutorials in there and how to use it.

[00:29:10] Yeah, there are some tutorials. They’ve got a section called learning, so it’s called infinity. Their website is like, Start infinity. So if you go to infinity. See here. So this is their website here, right, and you can look at their pricing. So there you go, there’s a one, forty nine hundred and forty nine dollars deal. So it’s a one time payment with 10 collaborators, 50 gigabytes of storage. This is the one I went with. So you get more, more stuff and then they’ve got like this blog here, and they’ve got a lot of different. Where is it? Get started, maybe that’s where it is somewhere in here, they have a. It’s this one. Yeah, there’s video tutorials. So a lot, a lot of help in there and then there’s like a Facebook group with seventeen hundred people or something. I’m about a month into it or maybe two months and and I thought about mentioning it to you guys. But now, now, now I’m starting to like, get confident enough that I that I like, believe in it and trust it. So, you know, I really like it because a lot of the competitors like they see here are nine dollars per user per month. So that’s where we were getting beat down, where it was several hundred dollars. And I haven’t made the full transition from ASADA just because there doesn’t seem to be like a easy pathway to move things over yet. So I have my team looking to build something to move all our stuff from ASADA because we have three or four hundred projects, right? So kind of move it over directly into this, but I figured it was worth showing you guys so that you could check it out. All right. So any other questions on that?

[00:31:01] So, Patrick, you basically just been feeling like after using it for some time now that it seems to be just a lot more helpful tool for you in your business than just having a shit ton of spreadsheets all over the place, like you said, yeah,

[00:31:18] I think like we moved away from spreadsheets and we moved to our table and I really like Eric Table. But Air Table is expensive. It’s like. Um, I don’t know they wanted like four thousand dollars or something for the year with the users that we had. Oh wow. So this really is close to air table in a sauna and with all the different views, so you can do. I didn’t show you guys this, but you can switch this to all these different views like columns and list. And then they have like calendar view, which maybe doesn’t work for this sheet because there’s no date. And then there’s like Gantt charts, you can have forms, you can have someone fill out a form and then that form will automatically populate into the sheet. They have good connections with Zapier and some of those other programs that make it easy. You can share like parts of views, you can download the stuff in the CSPs. It’s just it just seems like a really flexible product. There’s a couple of pieces here that I would like to see that I haven’t seen. I think that they’re not a very old product yet, so it seems like they’re still adding in a lot of features and stuff. They seem like they’re pretty active. But you know what happens? Just like what happened with our software is like when stuff launches into what’s new, you can get deals like this and then as it goes on, these price tags go up. So I think that’s where they are. So I feel pretty happy that I spent the five hundred bucks on it. And then they seem like they’re really supporting it right now, which is great.

[00:32:55] And, you know, if they happen to have anything that’s mobile based or mobile?

[00:32:59] They do. Yeah, they’ve got mobile applications for both Android and iPhone. They also have a desktop application that you can download. I’ll make all of this there, Jeff, maybe, Jeff, you can share a link to their to the start infinity there in the group for everyone. I don’t know where it is. So down here at the bottom, you see they have the Apple and Android applications right on.

[00:33:24] Ok. Very cool, thank you for sharing that.

[00:33:28] Yeah, absolutely. So this is kind of what they compare themselves to Trello Lassana Monday Click Up Air Table. So cool software. Definitely a cool software. All right. So the next thing I wanted to share with you guys is let me see if I can do this the way I want to hang on. All right. So this is Google keyword planner. Ok, you guys have probably seen this. And if you haven’t, it’s part of Google Ads, if you’re not running Google ads, you may not have access to that. But for those of you that are, I think there’s a really valuable tool in here that doesn’t get talked about much. Let me just kind of get my screen straight here. I’m trying my best to do this in a way where I don’t expose a lot of my personal information. Hang on one second. So I did a call with, like I said, I did a call with this guy, Howard and we he was looking. He was. He was looking at some niches. Ok. And I think he made a bad choice on when he’s doing his due diligence. He was really looking at like the appliance repair niche. And I, I don’t like that niche at all. One of the reasons I don’t like it is because of the low ticket cost. And also one of the first things that I think about when I’m when I’m trying to look at niches is like, how easy is it to start a company in this niche? Because when when it’s easier, what you’re going to find is you’re going to find that there’s more competition.

[00:35:08] You’re also going to find that. You’re going to find that the people that are running the businesses that are easier to start more often than not, they’re not going to be as serious as business people, as somebody who’s invested a lot. Like if you think about like a person running a carpet cleaning company versus somebody that’s running like a, you know, my classic one is like a swimming pool building company. Right. So similar like somebody that starting an appliance repair and you can see that I have septic tank in here. I think that this is not a niche I’ve ever gone in, but it is one that I think would be a good one because it’s a tough it’s a tough business to start in my in my mind. And there’s a good amount of search volume. If you look at the septic tank cleaning, it’s twenty two thousand searches a month. So this is Google adds. This data here is very similar to any of the data that you’re going to find in any of these other tools. Like it’s all the numbers are always pretty, pretty close. One of the reasons I like this is like, OK, it’s it’s a hard business to start. So there’s going to be less competition, and the people that are doing this are probably going to be more committed than, like some carpet cleaning person.

[00:36:20] And when you have that higher commitment, as you start to give them a lot of leads, they’re more likely going to be in a better position to scale their business if they’ve got that attitude. Ok? It’s not always the case. Carpet cleaning people that are going to be able to scale big businesses. But I just I like the patterns that exist in this. Additionally, there’s licensing required a lot for this because you’re dealing with like waste and stuff. So they’ve got to make sure that you’re you’re doing things correctly. And when that’s the case, it kind of weeds out more the riff raff. Ok. So I like this niche. But how would I go? How what as a part of my due diligence, what would I do to look at where to go? And within this Google ads planner, there is this little area here that says like breakdown by location. So I’m going to choose that and it’s going to come back and show me the different places in the United States. And you can see that Florida is the is the number one state, right? Well, Florida is one of the most populated states, so that makes sense. So that’s good information. What we can do further is I can change this from the United States and I can go over here and let’s say I want to just choose Florida. Ok, so now I still have that breakdown by location, and now I’m changing it to Florida.

[00:37:39] And then I could come through here and I can see, like septic tank pumping has fifty four hundred searches per month, and these are the different cities. So you can see that this like Tampa area has twenty six percent of the search volume. So this is like the most popular city of the most popular state for this search term, and I can even go another layer deep and I could change this now that I know it’s this. I could change this to Tampa and I can say, OK, show me the Tampa region. So now I’ve got twenty four hundred searches a month on a local level for this one term, that is a lot of search volume. Ok. That’s a lot for something that’s expensive, right? Imagine you’re ranking first for a septic tank pumping and you’re probably going to get I mean, you’re going to get hundreds of leads for something that’s worth more than a thousand. In my mind. So my next step is I’m going to go over and I’m going to go to bright local and I’m just going to look for. Going here and I just want to find a way into the map, so I’m going septic tank pumping and then I’m going to go to Tampa, Florida. And this is going to this tool allows me to get the results as if I had done the search in this area. Right. So you can see that we’ve got people running ads, which is great.

[00:39:00] I love to see that people are willing to pay for it. And then you can see this company here is ranking first. So this tool just chooses one random spot on the map. So that doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the best ranking company. It’s just that they’re the best ranking company at whatever random spot they chose, which like, you know. So what I did is I took that company and I ran the heat map for them. Ok, so I’m going to bring that over here now. So this is Knuckles septic tank services, and this is what their heat map looks like. So now I’m going to use our averages tool and I’m going to find out that these guys are in fact the top person, right? That’s their average four point sixty three. And and this is who we want to do our due diligence on, right? So if I were to go and look at these guys, this is their site. This is the number one. Look, how many words are on this page? They basically have. Maybe 12 minutes worth of writing there, right? And I’m going to look at we bring this over here now, so I’m going to use our tool, our majestic plug in. This is free, right? So if you guys haven’t installed this, we can see that there backlinks are zero zero. Is there trust flow? They have barely any words.

[00:40:20] They only had what did they have like nine reviews? We look through this and we actually look they have nine reviews. Let’s look at their actual GMB here. How many pictures do they have? They only have one picture. This is the number one in the most populated city, and I was on this call with Howard going through this and this was just random. Like, there’s so many good niches out there, so there’s no reason for us to be going into like H-back Las Vegas when stuff like this exist. This is just like these guys are asking to be knocked off right here, right? They have no business dominating this niche like this with the work that they’ve done right. It’s just it’s just a complete low hanging fruit opportunity. They’ve got nine reviews. It looks like eight five stars and one or I’m sorry, eight five stars and one one star review, right? With barely any pictures, barely any words. And then if we were to go and actually look, I always like to do a site command. So you go like this site like this? So I’ve got site with the colon, and I put that in and I can see the pages that they have indexed. They’ve got five pages indexed. What I’m also looking for is I’m looking at the the text that they have here. Does this look like it’s optimized really well from an SEO search engine region perspective? It certainly does not.

[00:41:51] Look, I mean, look at these four pages here like. I guess this one, if you’re going after grease trap maintenance, they’ve got a keyword in there, but service request like they’ve got septic tank service, ink on probably all their pages except for their home page. So I think that’s low hanging fruit and I think that’s a high dollar niche. I think if you built a site there, you could get several thousand if you got that ranking and it doesn’t look. Maybe it maybe this call is going to make that city and that niche more competitive. And what I want is not like, Hey, go, go go into this niche. It’s more let’s understand the concepts and let’s understand like what’s out there because there is stuff like this that exist all over the place and we just have to think outside the box a little bit. Use some of these tools. If you guys are running Google ads, that’s a great way for you to choose the best city or the best area to go into. And if I came in here and had all that search volume and this was tough, then it’s no longer the best, right? Like, it’s maybe not a good niche at all, right? So it could be a way to help you guys kind of get some, some local. Local local idea on how things are in a certain city or what city you should target. Cool. So anybody have any questions about that?

[00:43:07] Yeah, I have. One is that tool the the Google Ads keywords plan. Is it something that we can easily get access to and not have to have been running Google ads or that kind of thing to get that information and data when using it for due diligence?

[00:43:27] You have to have like an I don’t know what the what the time frame is and what the thresholds are. But if you look at this. One second, if my personal information off there. All right, so if you look at this. I’ve got a number here when you’re not really paying or when you’re not paying much, then they’ll give you like this range. It may say like one to ten thousand searches, which is just like useless information, so I’m not sure at what thresholds that happens with. It may be that I could potentially like, share one account with some of you guys to so that you could get access to this. Maybe I could set up like a dummy account and then share that with you guys, and then you would have access to the keyword planner. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but. If you’re not running ads, you may not have the same data. I would sign up for it. Maybe try running like a hundred dollars with the ads to get access to the tool and you’ll get access to the tool for maybe like four or five months. I’m not exactly sure on that. Maybe someone else.

[00:44:33] I’m pretty sure I have access to it, Patrick, I only ran a few ads in the beginning and haven’t really run them since, but I’m pretty sure I still have access to it. I think once once you have an account, then you have access to it for good.

[00:44:48] You. Jeff, why we’re on the call. Can you go and just confirm that before we send a bunch of people down that pathway and just chat, look for a septic tank pumping and see if it says ten thousand four hundred for you or like? Two to five thousand or something ridiculous like that. Someone else had a question, I think.

[00:45:08] I’m sorry, what was the name of the tool

[00:45:09] In its Google keyword planner? It’s a part of Google ads,

[00:45:15] But wasn’t there a sub name for that in the planner? That’s just awful.

[00:45:22] Like if you did a search for like Google Ads Keyword Planner. This is it right here. I just kind of went into it from a different angle.

[00:45:34] We cannot use that trick.

[00:45:36] Oh sorry, guys. Where did that go? I just kind of went into it from a different angle. We got somebody has their Facebook on. Ok, guys. So here’s what I did. Here’s another way you can you can find it is if you just do a search for Google ads keyword planner. Right? And this is it right here. Choose the right keywords and it will take you here and you can choose Go to Keyword Planner, so I’ll post this into the chat and then you guys can. Take advantage of that. And like I said, I don’t know the requirements exactly. Looks like, Jeff, you already had done that, huh?

[00:46:25] Sorry, I was trying to get to my. Yeah, you guys. So I just posted it.

[00:46:32] Ok, cool. Any any questions about that? All right. Ok, cool. All right, so I want to talk about regenerated for a few minutes, I know last week I had said there was going to be an update with our email system and we didn’t roll that out. We’re still working towards that. And then, you know, this happened to be a week where there there’s a lot of holidays in India and in the Philippines, which is where some of our developers are, and it kind of slowed things down. So we’re back in action this week. We’ve got a big update with the email stuff. We started this last week. We’ve started on probably, probably one of the most important parts of the system that we’re going to, that we’re going to be that I think is going to for the for the lifetime of this platform. What we’re working on now, I think, is going to be one of the most critical things for people. So it’s a it’s a campaign builder. And you know, if any of you guys have looked at like Ontraport or any of these other like ridiculous kreme’s. So what it’s going to allow us to do is it’s going to say like. Maybe if I if, like a lot of a lot of like if this, then do this type logic that’s going to be applied with triggers.

[00:48:00] So we’ve talked about this a few times. I’m excited because it’s going to affect so many different parts of our application. So it could be like if this form submission comes in from this company, then send a text message to this person with this information and send the text message to me and then put them into this campaign that starts this drip sequence. And you know, it can allow you to take advantage of all the different parts and pieces of our system and move things around for you. So a lot of automation, so that’s what we’re working towards. I don’t have a timeframe on it, but I know that it’s going to be a game changer. I think I think it’s going to I think it’s going to 10x what we have now once we get this in place. It’s a really complicated part for us to build because it connects to so many different things. So there’s a lot of relationships to balance. But I don’t think I was kind of waiting to introduce this piece till we had foundational stuff in place. And now we’re at the spot where if we wait any longer, it’s going.

[00:48:59] We’re going to create more work for ourselves. So we’ve started on it. I’ll keep you guys updated. I wanted to let you know it’s going to be a lot of like automated lead nurturing type things where which is going to lead to, you know, being able to build out your own campaigns for all different sorts of things. Having text messages go out, maybe you’re your client, misses a phone call and we can automatically text them so you can set up that role. Or you could say, Hey, if the lead comes in and the zip code is this, then send it to this person. And if the zip code is that and then send it to this person over here. So I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jan and her boyfriend, and they showed me another program that has been using a system like this. So we went for it and I’ve got everything mapped out now and our team is starting on it. So I’m going to put a lot of resources towards this and really try to push this thing through for you guys. But I’m excited. I just wanted to kind of lay out some of the roadmap that we have in store for you guys moving forward.

[00:50:05] I like high level, is it?

[00:50:07] Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right. They’ve got, you know, there’s a lot of things go high level has that we don’t have and we’ve got a lot of things that they don’t have. I think this is the biggest thing that they have that we don’t. And being a competitive person, I’m excited to take it. I’m excited to take that. Like, that’s their main advantage over us, and I’m excited to take that from them and stick it in our so we’ve got like 15 people on our development team. I think I’m going to put five of them on it for four working on this over the next month, which is probably more than we’ve ever had on any one one area. But I’m just going to go after it really aggressively. And when you guys see this thing in action, I think it’s going to I think it’s going to blow you guys away because it’s going to be. It’s just going to allow you to do all sorts of automation that we can’t do right now, right? So really excited to get that out could include things like voice mail drops, text messages, reminders, emails going out so it can make us. It can make us play like a lot bigger screen than we are right. Or maybe like make us look like a lot bigger company than we are. So someone comes in for one of our clients and we can put them into some sort of pipeline. And when they mark the job is completed, it starts the review sequence, right? Or maybe when they mark the job as bid set, then it starts another sequence to try to follow up with them so we can help our clients convert more. So I think it’s going to just add a lot of value all over the board.

[00:51:41] So to make it more user friendly than go high level, that would be great.

[00:51:46] That’s that’s the part that’s going to make it. That’s the complicated piece. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do is, you know, that’s one of the biggest complaints that they hear is the the user friendliness of their their platform. I’ll show you the one that we’re going to model this after we just pulled this up. This is exactly how we’re going to start with ours. This is probably the better way to do it. Let me give me one second here. I’ll load this thing up. So this is Ontraport, and this is there’s a lot of different CRM out there that that do this. So we’ve got this kind of can you guys see my screen, my sharing right now?

[00:52:28] No concept.

[00:52:31] I am the master of thinking, I’m sharing when I’m not. All right. Can we see my screen now? Yep. Ok, cool. All right, so this is how it work. We’re going to be introducing campaigns and you can say, Hey, I’m going to add this. It starts out with adding to your campaign. The campaign is really just like a sequence of events, so you could say what happens next after I add it to this campaign. So then you’re going to get this builder, this visual builder like this where it says, OK, I’m going to immediately send an email, OK? And then that will pull from like an email library that you can have or you can kind of custom have one. After we send the email, I’m going to wait. Maybe I want to wait like. How long do you want to wait? So some time passes, so maybe I want to wait two days and then I’m going to do this and then I’m going to. Insert a condition where it’s if the answer to this condition, so the condition can be a lot of different things, so I can add this and I could say this field is this value. So maybe the person’s company is this. I don’t have anything or starts with that. So maybe it starts with like fencing. Right? So if it starts with fencing, then do this. And if it starts with like tree service, then do this.

[00:53:48] So you get this like really powerful thing of automation that goes in so. So that’s kind of the idea. And then you can have different triggers. So I could say, hey, when this happens, so maybe like when a contact submits a form. And it’s this like we don’t have a form in this thing, but if this condition, like the contact has this tag, so we’ve we’ve almost have our contact tagging system in place, but we’ll stick with this. The field value is this, then I can like the field value is. I don’t know the city, right? And I can go starts with this and ends with this, then I can go and add another step in here. So you guys can essentially take the system and. Build it based on your legions and have all sorts of automation and things happening, right, so maybe we’ve got a tow truck, right? And. We want like if a phone call comes in between like eight and six and it’s from this area code, then automatically send a message to this client or route it to this client or so. Like being able to to to design this system yourself, like some of you guys that have said, like, Hey, what do I do if I’ve got like one Legion site that’s serving out like five or six clients? How can I set that up? This is the solution to that. What about the ability to round robin like if you want a twenty five percent of your leads to go to four different clients, then you can do that.

[00:55:19] You could set it up and say, Hey, this one, go here. Or maybe you’ve got like a person who serves the north part of town in the south part of town, so you want to divide it up by zip code, right? So what if? What if, like your client doesn’t answer the call and they missed the call and we decide we want to send the caller a text message? That says, like, hey, hey, this is this is Patrick, I’m sorry, I missed your call. Can you tell me a little bit more about your project? And then when that person responds, we could have that routed back to your client and open up that conversation. Right? What’s that going to do for the potential of our clients conversions, right? So that’s kind of the idea on this is to build out these trees. You’ve got this little navigation thing and then you can design this however you want and make it really flexible. I don’t know of a better way to do it. I know that this can get complicated, but I think using this visual builder is easier than was that Laurette that you were talking about go high level? Was that you? Oh, I’m sorry, because that was clunky. Does this look like a easier user interface?

[00:56:27] Yeah, it does. It does a lot.

[00:56:29] Yeah, so it’s it’s it’s obviously quite a bit more complicated for us to build it, but I’ve got my team already starting on it. So, you know, I’m hoping in the next few weeks to a month, we can get this thing out there and it’s going to start off basic. We’re going to start off with like basic actions and then we’re just going to keep on adding them and stacking them and adding additional triggers and conditions, right? So my goal is to kind of get the minimum viable product out there and then to put on the bells and whistles later for you guys. So this is where this is, where we’re going with this. And for that reason, we kind of had that have that that that demo that I was showing you guys before with the sequences for the review requests, where texts and emails and stuff like this, I kind of want to put that on hold because I don’t want to like train you guys on how to use that and then introduce this and have this be a replacement for it. So I think this is a much better solution. It can replace a lot of different parts of our system and kind of set things up for us long term with with having some of these systems in place. Look, does that look exciting? Does anyone else is excited for that as me, because I think it’s going to be amazing?

[00:57:41] Yeah, I like it. I like.

[00:57:44] Any questions on that? What’s it going to cost? It’s included, it’s all included. I like it even more. Although if you guys think it should cost more, we could probably work something out.

[00:57:59] Oh no, no, no, no, no, that’s OK. Sorry, I lost you there for a second.

[00:58:03] Yeah, it’s better internet connection there for a second.

[00:58:07] So update on the Google ads. So the ad account that I had, Patrick, is the one that you’re now sharing the campaigns with me. So I went to another Gmail and it looks like you have to set up ads to get to it or something like that. I was trying to race through it, and it looks like you have to set up a separate account. So. Ok.

[00:58:26] Yeah, so it may make sense if you guys have a client to just run like ads for one month and then maybe you’ll be able to have access to that for like three to six months. If there’s a way that I could share an account that has dummy data in it and because my account has it and you guys get, we’ll test that and see if that can, if that can work. But I I don’t know if, but for those of you that have ads, I think it’s an awesome tool. And then you guys, look, we’re all part of this group together and we should help each other, right? So, you know, if somebody else wants some local data on something, you know, maybe just throw something in the group and say, Hey, is there anyone that can give me a little bit of like local data on an area? If I’m not busy, maybe Jeff or I could could do it, but a lot of times I get pulled in a lot of directions. I wanted to point it out for for you guys, because I think, you know, a lot of you guys are running ads and it’s a valuable way to kind of zone in on, on some areas. Right? Cool. Jeff, do we have any questions anywhere in Facebook or

[00:59:29] A few people saying they’re excited about these new features, which is awesome? I had a couple of things about just kind of like the introvert issue that we’re talking about at the beginning, and we kind of moved on. But I consider myself to be an introvert. So I think there’s a lot of misconception about what that means. So the way I understand it now is that when you’re an introvert, you get energy, when you’re alone and when you’re an extrovert, you get energy from being around other people doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to people or whatever. For me, it was a lot of social anxiety like that when I was younger that I had to overcome to be able to talk like you’re on Zoom or what or whatever in front of people in general and networking events. And so what I did is I went to Toastmasters. And so Toastmasters is like a non-profit organization there, clubs everywhere. If you search it in your area, I’m sure there’s one close by and I lucked into getting into a pretty high level business club. It’s sort of if you think about it like a b i for speaking, you can get to know business people there. You can get some network and some pretty high level circles if you go to the right clubs and I happen to get into one of the founders clubs. That was one of the initial clubs that when they started the organization and it held itself to a super, super high standard.

[01:00:49] So I went to that club every Monday morning and got over all my stage fright, and all of that stuff gave dozens and dozens of speeches in that club. And what came out of it was a lot of great relationships, like I’ve had a client, a personal consulting client now for about five years that came with that club or that came from that club, rather a mentor of mine who got me into yoga and meditation many years ago. He’s also like a close inner circle. Both of those people came directly from the relationships that I built in that club. So I would highly recommend it if anybody has that kind of, you know, motivation to go and maybe get over some of those fears and push your boundaries. But just at the end of the day with with sales and bringing that into the sales world is that the last year when I was selling, I was just banging the phone, you know, dozens of times a day. And now I have that confidence of where I can get on and kind of feel my way through a conversation pretty easily, even if I don’t know what what’s going on. And I take calls from different lines and different niches. Sometimes if I’m trying to manage what kind of leads are coming in and people were asking me all kinds of questions, I’m making shit up as I go like, I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out.

[01:02:12] So I think it’s just with a number of reps that you get like that. Just kind of that confidence is really what pulls through. Even if you don’t know what you’re talking about, sometimes you can be at best your way through it. Sometimes you don’t need to. You just admit, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. Like, I’ll help you out. I’ll try to find the answer. But it’s just the overall confidence comes through in a way that you can’t fake. And that takes reps, whether it be a, you know, Toastmasters type of club speaking in general or paying in the phone. I can tell you, because I’ve been there, I’ve been, you know, in a place where in my life, where if I didn’t have to talk to one person at an event or something like that, my hands and my feet are like sweating. I’ve overcome a lot of social anxiety to get to where I am, and it’s just a journey. You know, we’re all we’re all in, where we’re at, our lives and the different challenges that we have. But I can tell you the work and really, really does make a huge difference in the impact that you can make in these business owners lives and in your own life, you know. So that’s my two cents on.

[01:03:19] Yeah, thanks, Jeff, I’ve been through a similar journey, you know, it may seem like like Jeff and I have a lot of confidence in this stuff, but it’s not how it always was for us, for sure. And you know, I did some self-improvement things. I think all of us should be. You know, it’s easy when we get into the J. K group or whatever to just kind of rely on that as the end. All be all. And one thing that I’ve noticed from the successful people in the group is they’re all doing things outside of the group. They’re all going to additional classes. They’re all like taking other courses. There’s other SEO courses that exist. There is like all sorts of self-improvement things that we should be involved with in event, like creating the relationships within the group, right with with other people. You know, Jeff and I have been together with big groups of people a number of times where we’ve kind of like talk shop on this stuff. So I think Toastmasters is an awesome thing myself. It’s one of the things that I’ve looked at. I haven’t ever taken, like public speaking courses or anything like this. But, you know, like Jeff talking about this is a journey.

[01:04:28] It’s a journey of a lesson proving to and it’s a journey of us improving within the skill set. But you can’t draw a hard line on some of the stuff and say, like, I’m going to work on my sales skills for Legion because it’s just like part of that is communication skills, right? Like whether you are an introvert who has great communication skills or you’re somebody who’s just shy and maybe is lacking the confidence. There’s a way to get through it. And if you choose Option two, which from earlier, that’s no problem at all. Like, not everybody wants that journey. But once we take on control of this ship and we’re the captains, we start this business. We’ve made the decision that we’re going to solve the problems of this business. And one of those problems may be sales, and you either need to learn that skill sets and get comfortable with talking to people you don’t know or you need to hire somebody else that can. Either way, the problem needs to be solved, and the solution isn’t to like, ignore it. Right. So for now, it may not be a problem.

[01:05:28] Coming up in your life, I mean, they can be holding you back in ways that you don’t even realize or you don’t even or you try to ignore. I guess, you know, like like just overcoming the fear of picking up the phone. It’s like, what kind of difference can that make not only in your own life, but in the people people’s lives who you’re calling these business owners, right? Like I really found and that was just last year, like I didn’t know how to sell, like I learned how to sell in 2019. I guess it was twenty nineteen is when I really learned how to sell. And it’s like. It’s made a huge difference, you know, but I because I started to realize the impact that I could make on other people’s lives. But then I also realized that it’s not about like, Oh gosh, I have to pick up the phone. It’s like, I want to make some money because I want to go buy this new toy or I need to pay the rent or my electric bills, ridiculous or whatever it is, it’s like I know I can just pick up the phone. Because the leads that we have are so valuable, like Patrick was saying at the beginning of the call, that is that gives me so much confidence. Like I know how valuable these things are. They are like like just bars of gold that I’m holding. And so I take that really seriously, and that’s what gives me the confidence to to sell these people. And then I think I also, I think outside the box and kind of figuring out opportunities like even today, I was listening to some calls just check, check checking things out.

[01:06:53] Like like Dan says, when you inspect what you expect, right? So I’m I’m listening to some calls and one of our lines got a call from somebody who was looking for contractors for big box projects like big box store projects like a Sam’s Club or something like that. And they’re like, Yeah, we do procurement for these big box stores. I’m like, Well, shit, I’m calling this lady back right now. Know? So I mean, she didn’t answer. I got a message out to her, but I want her to know who I am. Any time you’re, you know, you need somebody to work on a big box store for any niche. Give me a call. That’s lead gen, right? So I don’t I don’t have a website for that. I just have an opportunity to make a relationship with somebody and let her know, like I know some of the top contractors in every niche you can think of nationwide. Give me a deal. I’ll find you a contractor, you know, so open yourself up to those kinds of opportunities and that just is just staying after it and digging in and learn it as you go and having the confidence to pick up the phone for somebody like that and and even just throwing it out there into the universe and saying, this is what I got, this is what I want to happen.

[01:07:57] Awesome, Jeff. Yeah, I love it, thank you for sharing that, I know that I know that is a

[01:08:02] Message that a lot of you guys in this group need to hear.

[01:08:06] Some of you guys have reached out to me

[01:08:08] Individually and you, Hey, I’m not a sales person, and I

[01:08:13] Never thought that I was either. But then, you know, we sold a bunch of stuff. So I guess that’s so I guess I guess I am on some level then, right? So it’s been it’s been over now. We’re trying to keep these calls about an hour, but I would love to hear if there’s before we go today, is there something that somebody struggling with? Can I give some individual help to anyone before we jump off here with, Hey, I’m struggling with this in

[01:08:35] My business or any problems with regenerated that you guys are having?

[01:08:45] Lack of leads,

[01:08:47] Lack of leads,

[01:08:48] Lack of leads.

[01:08:49] Yeah, man, I’ll tell you, Neal, just I would power through that, that training man. It’s it’s not as long as it as a as it looks, it’s a lot of short videos, you know? I think I got through it in two days when I first joined, I just like this is my new skill set that I’m going to master. I’m going to dive into this thing and I know you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on right. Like, I think you live on a golf course, don’t you? I do. That makes it hard to do work sometimes, right?

[01:09:21] Yeah, I can walk out back and tee off. Yeah. Oh yeah.

[01:09:27] All right. Anybody else stuck with anything that that that I can help you guys push through?

[01:09:32] There’s a question in the Facebook chat I’m trying to decipher it here. I feel I would jump on here something.

[01:09:40] I have a question. I want to show someone how the reputation management works. I grab the link inside lead generated. I tried it and it looks. I tried it and it looks. It is Google. Maybe it looks like it is Google. I’m afraid that’s sending it to the prospect. Oh, I saw this one of our support team sent this over, Rafael. Sorry, I haven’t gotten the chance to get back to you on this one yet. And thank you for bringing this up, so I’m afraid of sending it.

[01:10:06] Thank you. I can ask you. It’s exactly what you said, though. Yes, I said it looks like Google, though, so I don’t want them to put a three star because I wanted them to put a three start to come to the other. Oh, right. Yeah, you just need to. You need to to just modify the the way the options are are set up, right? Yeah.

[01:10:32] Let me share my screen and we’ll this is built to solve the problem that you’re worried about. Thank you. Yeah, and we have. Some really nice updates coming for this thing with our new system here. I’ve lost my. Zoom meeting link thing, OK? Share screen. Here we go. All right, cool. All right, so, Rafael, you can see my screen right. Yes. Ok. All right, so this is this is the funnel for shivs bear removal. So let’s just go through how this works so we can build this out to look. However we want, I want to show you how this works and then we’re going to come back to this in just a second. So let’s imagine four, says Bob’s bear removal. So let’s say Bob gets a call from Devon here who has got he’s got a bear. I think Devon’s in Vegas. So the unusual Vegas bear shows up and Bob comes out there to remove the bear and Devon’s really hot because the bear’s gone. So Bob sends Devon a email and then that email. There’s a link, and that link goes to this spot right here. So it’s like, you know, maybe, maybe Bob says, Hey, Devon, you know? Trying to build up our online presence, and we’d love for you to share your experience. Do you mind if I send you an email? Devin’s like, Yeah, you guys did awesome bear removal? Send me that email so you gets that link. It shows up like this. He clicks on five stars and it goes to Google, right? So this is where he can leave that review.

[01:12:17] But what happens if Devin clicks on one star right now, it goes to a feedback form, and then this is going to get routed back to Bob because maybe, maybe. The bear came back and he tore up Devon’s garbage and threw it all over the yard or whatever, so now he’s pissed off, so we’ve prevented that review from going. So that’s exactly what the system is for. So this photo now this is the page that you’re getting redirected to. Is this photo? Ok, so you can change the colors and the text and everything here. You can change the logo here, and then this is where you can decide what happens for each spot. So, for instance, if you’re worried about her getting a three star review, you could change that to go to the feedback. So this is where this decision is happening. So right now, you can see only five stars is going to go to the review and the other four are going to go to that to that feedback form. So if I refresh this now that I’ve made that adjustment, this person comes here and they click on four stars, you’re going to see the feedback form three stars, feedback, only five stars. So this way we’re kind of like just giving ourselves another level of protection against this bad review. Does that make sense, Rafael?

[01:13:31] Yes, but then I want to send her the link to it, but with from not from email, though, I want to just like grab the link and like text her or through messenger.

[01:13:46] So you have two options with this. If you would like to take advantage of our funnel, then. Currently, we offer the review or the email option. Ok, so we’re getting ready to introduce the texting option and that type of thing. Right now we have this invitation system, which means that there’s a lot of other things that happen when it goes through our invitation system, such as. These automated emails that come in, so we have this email right now where I can say, I want the first one to go out immediately. I want the second request to go out in two days and another one. So for this to work properly, it’s got to go through our funnel. Let’s that’s just the way it has to be, right? You don’t have to use our funnel review system. If you were to go into your GMB and look at your GMB locations for this and go here, you can get the link for the review from here. It’s just going to go directly to the GMB, though, which is maybe, maybe what you want. So if I come down here, you can see there’s a spot that says Review Link, and if I click on this, it’s going to take you right to that spot and you can just potentially, I think you could copy this link.

[01:14:56] Other probably use the service like Like this, it’s a link shortener, right? So I could come in here and I could paste this in here. So instead of having it like, text this. Um, I guess they don’t want me to do that, I know there’s a few other one of these tiny URL, I think that’s another one. Maybe you have to have. I think if you log in and there’s like a free account, then you don’t have to pay for this is the point. Ok, so this is this is the same link now. So if I were to go back over here and paste this in here, I think it’s going to take me right to that review spot like that. So but when when they click on that review spot right there that you just click off of it,

[01:15:43] Is it it’s still going to be back to the funnel from the generator?

[01:15:49] So like I was saying, is like for that work, it has to go through our system. It can’t just be like the link because each one of these, each one of these invitations is its own separate link that you can that has like additional controls that are attached to it. So, for instance, like for this email thing to work out. I guess we could build it in a way where

[01:16:13] You are saying the same way. I didn’t want to get I got three star review, though, but then I can totally email her, though I guess what I’m trying to do is I sell her into. So to start something with her, it would be like you can do. You can use the generator to get reviews and not get, you know, a three star review, you know? Yeah. So why

[01:16:36] The why not do it this way by sending her like an invitation

[01:16:41] Through email? Yes, because we were talking to because it’s on a Facebook group like with weddings, people, you know, so it was on Facebook. So I was just going to post the link on the Facebook group. You know, so they can actually email.

[01:16:58] Yeah, I think this is a really good feature request is like to have. Your choice between having like a permanent page that has the funnel or the invitation system, there’s benefits to having the invitation system to. It makes it easier for us to track the emails which ones have gone through. If the person leaves a review, then we can stop sending them. But if you’re just going to a random page, that process gets harder for us. I agree.

[01:17:23] No, it’s I just want I

[01:17:25] Just didn’t want her to try to post a three star review

[01:17:29] To go through the funnel and then end up give me a three star review. You know, it’s great. Don’t worry about it. I can totally email her, though. It’s easy,

[01:17:39] Ok? But I think what you pointed out, though, is is a good feature request to where you can choose between and have like a permanent hosted page. So you can for situations like that where you can just send them this link and count on it to always be that link. Yeah. So like on the

[01:17:55] On where you show us where to get the link, you know, like you start going to straight to Google, go back to the funnel somehow, you know. But thank you. I love your your your I love the generator. It’s pretty cool.

[01:18:09] Thanks, man. I appreciate it. It’s. I’m excited to make it get a lot better for you guys because we’ve been cooking up some stuff for a long time that that that you guys haven’t had the chance to really, I mean, just seeing it in demos and just trying to tie it all together. It’s really important for me that we don’t introduce things that causes bugs and and causes instability for you guys, you know? So every time we add a new feature, there’s like new opportunities for bugs. So I’m trying to just make sure all those are ironed out. And then we’re going to be blasting a lot of new features in here for you guys. We’ve been working for a long time to get things ready.

[01:18:47] So but you guys are doing a great job. Thank you, guys. Yeah, you’re welcome. Appreciate it. Right on, Don has one new question, he says, but and I have a short answer for it, but I’m sure there’s there’s probably a medium size answer or what strategy another job has done to be ranked number one.

[01:19:13] What’s the short answer, Jeff?

[01:19:15] Reverse engineer, everything.

[01:19:17] Yeah, exactly. So this is exactly what due diligence is all about, right is we’re going to look at this and we’re going to try to determine this. And sometimes it can be hard or harder to find these answers than others. Right is like, I’m going to go through. And one of the first things I’m going to look at is how many reviews did I have? Ok, how many pictures did I have? Yeah. Do they have questions? Are they responding to the reviews? Is this just like an optimized GMB? We’re going to look at citations and then I’m going to dive in and don, if you didn’t see the first part of the call or I guess it was maybe after like 15 minutes or so I started talking about like some of the due diligence that I would do, looking at the pages, the content on the pages, in the back links. Those are all the things that I’m going to consider. Also take into account domain age. That’s not necessarily something you can do. You can’t necessarily do something about the domain age, but it can help you understand why things are the way they are, right? So yeah, I see you saw I see you said, you miss it. Just rewatch the beginning of it. I go through it. I’ve gone through it on a couple of the previous calls, too. And what we started doing. Maybe you guys have noticed within the group you just pull this up real quick. Um. Ok, so we started going back through and listing off the topics for our. Listing out the topics that are in our calls. Let me try to find a call here.

[01:20:51] It won’t let me update it, Patrick. I meant to mention that to you for some reason. Oh, OK. I guess it’s my whatever admin privileges I don’t have.

[01:20:59] Or yeah. Here’s an example, though, so you can look through and see. I think this is going to be useful for you guys when you’re trying to go through and find a topic I go through at the end of the call and just kind of like list off the different things that we covered. So there’s a number of them that talk about due diligence, and I would go through those as well. I think I keep bringing up due diligence on these calls just because based on the questions that you guys have asked and where my perception of where you guys are, I think it’s an important thing to really just drill down and understand. Cool. All right. Any final requests or comments or anything before we hop off here?

[01:21:40] But when is the next rollout this the automation thing likely to be done ready?

[01:21:49] I’m hoping in a month, but it could be it could be a little bit longer. It’s a really complicated piece for us. It is kind of our top priority as like we’re always balancing like, Hey, if there’s any kind of ticket or bug, then like all my developers know, like this is top part, get to get the tickets fixed first. So we’re balancing that. But it is our like. We’ve got I’ve got 11 things that we’ve have close to to rolling out, like the mobile app and stuff like this. This is our next new feature, though, and that’s where a lot of our developers have finished their pieces and we’re in testing. So everything’s moving there. But I’m hoping within a month. But I’ll tell you, Frankie, it’s always tough to predict with development just because there’s so many relationships and like things will break that you won’t expect to break. And then we have to think through things several times, but I can’t wait. I hope it’s a month. I hope it’s less than a month. It could be three weeks. But yeah, because I’m thinking I

[01:22:49] Might, you know, I’ll jump out of go high level if this really looks good. You know, so

[01:22:55] Yeah, that’s that’s that’s what I want. I want to create a lot of that right there. It’s like, We’re here. Cool. Cool. All right. Any other questions, guys? We good. All right, one quick one. Yeah, sure.

[01:23:12] Just wondering, people have some recommendations for websites for getting good quality photos been struggling since last week to find some where I can actually find a lot of diversity in photos for the different niches. Some of the sites seem to just be feeding data from others, and even the ones that I’ve found so far don’t seem to have very good choice of some photos based on the type of niche. So I’m wondering if anybody can

[01:23:43] Post a comment. And here’s what I would do is I would also recommend that you find a find a friend. Maybe you guys could split this. There’s this site that we use called Big Stock Photo. I think I paid. So they have these different pricing plans and. There is a 50 percent coupon, so I think I don’t know how I got it, but. Uh, if you pay for it a year, I think I spent a few hundred dollars, but I’m allowed to get 10 images a day and then the different people on our team have access to this, so it would be pretty easy to split this with with somebody. So it’s like it says a hundred dollars a month, but I think I’ll pay you back. Maybe. So that would be. I don’t know. I think I paid like four hundred bucks and then I got like a big discount and then we get 10 10 images a day. Let me see here if you go to these these plans. One month, three months, 12 months, nine, sixty nine. So I got half, I got 50 percent off of that is what I did. So I think maybe if you sign up but don’t create an account and you wait like a week, they’ll send you a 50 percent coupon.

[01:24:51] So that’s worked out really well. Oops, my screen just went black. Ok, so that’s worked out really well and. You know, it’s all your images that you download in the past, even if you don’t have an account. They’re all available for the rest of the time like, say, your account lapses and you just like download 10 a day for a year and those are just like your own photo library that you can use forever. And then they’re always like resource free. Another strategy that you can do is you can go to Google. So let’s say I want to search for like fencing, not fencing, fencing. Ok, so we search for fencing and then we go to images. And then there isn’t like an option in here. It’s more. Usage rights, so you could change this to. And this doesn’t look like what it used to. I thought there was an option in here. Maybe someone else that’s been in, like, has used this before. I thought there was like a way that you could search for like ones where a license isn’t required. So that’s that’s kind of how we used to do it.

[01:26:05] I think that’s been removed. I noticed that the other day,

[01:26:09] It seems like, yeah, it seems like it’s gone. Does anyone else have any recommendations for Dave on potential photo? Looks like Don through some stuff in there. And I don’t know about

[01:26:18] The the ethical miss of this one, but I remember hearing from a Jake or a while back to going to YouTube and to take screenshots of YouTube videos while they’re playing, since you know you’re just getting a still frame of a of a video.

[01:26:35] Yeah, yeah. Awesome. I’ll check that out. Thanks, Devin. That really might be helpful for what I need.

[01:26:42] It looks like something elemental. Envato, whatever that is.

[01:26:47] Yeah.

[01:26:47] And inventor. Yeah, that’s one that I’m using, and I know that Jeff did put also the same URL in the comments here. I had the same issue as you have Dave. I was struggling. I was spending too much time looking at searching at photos. I was using Pixabay. I was using the Google search, but with Envato, then you have unlimited, in fact, photos per month and the different plans. There’s a monthly plan and a yearly plan here, depending on the niche. Some some niches you have limited amount of photos, but for all the niches that I went through, I did find my my treasure here.

[01:27:27] So, Lawrence, is that am I on the right area here?

[01:27:32] Envato Elements

[01:27:34] Here? Yeah.

[01:27:38] So it’s not only pictures is that you can have here. There’s a lot of things that you can get like dog videos, you can get like graphics, templates, graphic fonts, whatever. And if the same thing as the one that you’re showing, Patrick, where as long as you did download it from there and that you did attach it to a project so you have to name a project, then it’s left lifetime for you, huh?

[01:28:07] Super cool. So there you go. There you go, Dave. That seems like a pretty good solution.

[01:28:13] I wanted to add to that. Hi, Patrick. Dave, I think we spoke about it and I’m sorry, I didn’t get back to you, but in Canva, if you have the twelve point ninety nine, I believe the membership you basically can go into Canva, search any of their free stock photos and then act like you’re going to put it in a design. And it has tons of pictures of all kinds of different niches. And then you just download it and that’s it. And you don’t pay a dime, so you just pay 13 bucks a month. And that’s it.

[01:28:45] Ok, yeah, we still got to look into that. Thanks. I just like when I searched through Canva and a couple of other sites for one of the niches we were building these sites for, I wasn’t able to run across photos specifically. That really would help me with with one particular niche, and that’s what we were really struggling with.

[01:29:09] Also, yeah. Also, I was going to say because I’ve gotten sucked in with like picking images in the past. Look at your competitors pictures and sometimes the picture is not like maybe that plumber, actually, you know, it’s like pieces and parts of things that might help. So sometimes, you know, not being so specific on the pictures you exactly want. I don’t know if it’s just not showing up at all or. Like, if it’s let’s just say, if it was plumbing, if it’s just pipes or something like that, but it’s not the actual plumber doing the job, but you see what I’m saying?

[01:29:47] Yeah, yeah, no, I’ve I’ve tried a host of different search terms for the specific niche, and that’s one of the things that was just becoming challenging because I was trying to come at it from several different angles and was just having no luck on a few sites otherwise. Occasionally, when I would run across a couple of photos, they were paid photos and they certainly wanted quite a bit of money per photo. You know, that

[01:30:18] Gave another another.

[01:30:20] Another potential is take the motorcycle out, drive around some nice neighborhoods with with your cell phone and just like. Pops and pops and pictures, if they if they exist and then you have the rights and you get a feel, some of that, some of that fresh air running through your hair, all of it, your eyebrows and beard.

[01:30:45] Yes, and getting your own photos.

[01:30:48] And those photos can be great for your jobs, too, because they’re going to be like geotagged and they’re going to be original and they’re going to be they’re not going to be stock photos. I would stay away from stock photos on. I don’t know how much it matters, but I think Google can detect that and, you know, just something we try not to do. We try not to have like a bunch of stock photography, hundreds of photos.

[01:31:14] Yeah, for sure. I appreciate that. In fact, that point you’re just making did come to mind as well that if push comes to shove, then set to drive around some nicer neighborhoods and creep into people’s backyards and dope, but don’t get arrested, try to take. There you go.

[01:31:29] Yeah. Cool. All right.

[01:31:33] Well, with that, let’s hop off here.

[01:31:35] You guys have enjoy the rest of your week and tomorrow is the beginning of a new month. So hopefully you guys have some big goals. I know for a lot of people in the contractor space, this is the bigger, busy time of year, so you don’t have some goals. Let’s let’s set some goals for April. And you know, if you don’t like, I’m a big believer in goals. If you don’t have a plan, you don’t have anything written down,

[01:31:59] You’re probably not going to accomplish it.

[01:32:01] So tomorrow’s the tomorrow is a new opportunity to begin, and

[01:32:07] It could be that, hey, I want to get 10 sites created in April or I want to like I’ve got I’ve got 10 ranking sites and I want to get clients on five of them or three of them or whatever. But come up with something,

[01:32:20] Write it down. You don’t have to share it with anyone. But I think just writing it down and put it in front of yourself is a big step. It’s a commitment towards it, right?

[01:32:28] And it can change your mindset. And with that goal, you should have a time frame on it. Every goal, you know, like losing one hundred pounds is not really a goal, losing one hundred pounds by, like June 1st. That’s a goal.

[01:32:43] There’s like a time frame on it right now. It’s not just like open ended thing that can happen six years from now.

[01:32:49] Right. So you’ve got to put a time frame on it. So I would say, look, you got

[01:32:54] 30 days in April starting tomorrow,

[01:32:56] Come up with something and then and then work backwards on

[01:33:00] Halfway through the month. You should be halfway to your goal, right? So check in, of course, correct. If what you’re doing isn’t working. All right, guys. Enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for jumping on here and thanks for thanks for contributing and we’ll see all you guys in the group. Talk to you soon. Thanks a lot.

[01:33:15] Thanks, Patrick. Thanks, Jeff. Yep.