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[00:00:00] Wait a minute. Yeah, go ahead. Go for it. I think we’re live now. Hey. Welcome to Elite Snap. What’s up, man? How are you doing?

[00:00:19] Did I pull my hair out, man? When I switch stuff over to web web host Python, I forgot about some like subdomains and domain issues within high level and. Well, my one client hasn’t been getting leads for, like the last week, and he didn’t say anything and I like just so green to the pointing of the DNS and just having issues right now today. I mean, that sucks. Yeah, it’s all good, man. I mean, it’s just learning. It might be after after today, but.

[00:01:03] How are things going with the. Are things going with the audits, you had a bunch of audits lined up, right?

[00:01:10] Yeah, man, we’ve closed. Nothing, I mean, big, like, I’m so excited about it. Like just some personal website deals and some reputation management deals, stuff that I think will grow. There’s there’s still about five people that are still kind of having to run things by management teams and kind of getting approval on what they’re going to do, right? And I just haven’t really been pushing a lot because I don’t want to seem desperate. So I’ve checked in, you know, have done my due diligence and just now kind of letting things sit, especially with the holiday this week. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

[00:01:56] So yeah, that’s cool. That’s I mean, it’s a good time to take a little breather and not push it, push these guys too hard and, you know, circle back to next week. We’ve got a couple in that situation. Do you have any wins from last week, Spencer?

[00:02:10] Yeah, dude. I mean, I one of these one of these audits, I jumped on a call back in. He’s in Yonkers, just above the Bronx Security and Fire Alarm Company, and he I jumped on a call the other night was probably like an hour long call, just kind of reviewing the stuff I talked about with him, with his audit and walking them through. He’s pretty, pretty sharp kid. So he was able to kind of implement some of the GMB stuff and things we talked about. And he towards the end of the phone call, I just, you know, I hadn’t even offered our services and said anything. He’s been in the process of building a website, and he was telling me how he just struggles with content. And I was like, Oh yeah, dude, like most everybody does, that’s why we hire professional content writers. And he was like, Oh, you guys build websites? They said, Yeah, we can do that. And towards the end of the call, what would it cost? I said we could do a site for you for three grand. And he’s like, Send me some examples. So I got off the call, sent up some examples, and he and he paid an invoice and we’re building a site for him. So that’s cool. Yeah. So it’s like for me, it’s it’s just going into this, not really with the mindset of selling somebody, but just going in the mindset of helping somebody. And I know that if I can help enough people, the sales would just automatically come for sure.

[00:03:40] Yeah, I mean, there’s definitely a correlation between people’s wealth and the impact that they’ve had. You know, that’s something that’s something to think about and make sure that you’re really aligning what you do with with that mindset, right? Because the money seems to follow when you help people. I mean, it has, for me, pretty well.

[00:04:01] Yeah.

[00:04:01] So, yeah, so our focus on the impact man and then that’s that’s really where I think people go from being good at something to great.

[00:04:10] Yeah, and it’s been fun along the way. We’ve done I want to say something like thirty six audits, some of these guys you just know within the first minute of the audit that these guys are broken, that they’re never going to be able to afford what you do right now. Yeah, sure. But I still, you know, it’s still the same audit as I would give somebody that, you can tell, has a marketing company and things. And so at the end of the day, I know if I can just do it, it’s it’s almost there’s that one book. Was it something about no Jeff Pine knows it would sales or you’re just going and you’re expecting like getting to know or something? Yeah, you’re like, What is it, Jeff?

[00:04:55] Yeah, I think it’s it’s like, don’t accept, no.

[00:04:59] What was it?

[00:05:00] No, you know, it’s something about how you. You just need to get the nose out of the way because you know, the U.S. is coming, right? Yeah, I feel like that with the audits. Like, I know that if I do enough of these, I’ll get enough yeses. And it’s just it’s just about the right. You’re closing ratio goes up because of how many people you’re actually touching.

[00:05:21] Leading with value, I think, is the right move. If you can be of service and reach out to people, then they’re going to trust you. I think trust is the biggest barrier. There’s no shortage of people offering websites or SEO services or whatever I have in the prior conversation about the audit or the, you know, you did an audit videos that what you did.

[00:05:41] Yeah, I’ve been in the competition like we’ve done, like I’ve done like thirty six of these things.

[00:05:47] Thirty six guys, that’s a number to beat. Yeah, I’m going to next week’s column and to dive into that competition more so it’s been there’s been a lot going on. We’ve had we’ve had some bugs that have been popping up and we’ve been doing our best to squash those. I want to make sure that we that we keep the call going in the right direction. So Spencer, congrats on the on the website. So do you have any other wins?

[00:06:13] And, you know, I think a few weeks ago, I talked about how I had reached out to the wheel repair guy that that company that I had repair my wheels because the first company kind of screwed me around and we’re going to do marketing for him. So we got reputation management lined up and website we’ll do at the beginning part of the year based employees. So, yeah, it’s just those little small wins. And honestly, I think the missing piece of this is like if you can get somebody locked into reputation management, even if it’s on a free trial, exactly what Jeff’s talking about with building trust, you’ll be able to to start to develop a relationship with somebody. And even though you might be giving that away for free, they will eventually turn into probably some money in your pocket somehow.

[00:07:03] Yeah, yeah, absolutely, man, I mean, so much of it building a relationship and and establishing yourself as kind of like an expert, a subject matter expert on this stuff is. I mean, good stuff is going to come. It’s like trying to close a wormley versus a cold weed. And if you can kind of worm these people up with with some of these services, get your foot in the door. Plus, like, I mean, you know, at three hundred dollars a month for reputation management, that’s three thousand six hundred dollars a year. I mean, that’s that’s not I’m not I’m not stepping over that on the sidewalk. I’ll tell you that much. So, yeah, I mean, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Let’s I want to I want to kind of change these calls just a little bit and have people be a little more interactive. And, you know, tell us like, share some of your wins, share some of your wins in the chat. And you know, let’s let’s get let’s get excited, excited for this stuff. I feel like the energy’s low right now. So who else on the call? Anyone else on the call? If you have a win, throw to the chat. I’d also love to. I’d love to hear from you guys. A lot of you guys, I see you guys, I’ll call and I don’t I don’t know where you guys are. So maybe just if you don’t mind throwing, throw where you’re where you’re tuning in from, I know we got people that watch Real World. I was expecting this to be a really slow call right the day before Thanksgiving.

[00:08:22] I know there’s a lot of people traveling and, you know, people spending time with their families, but I’ve seen that a lot of people watch on the on the replays too. So I figured I would throw this in there, a mixture that you guys are getting the value to help move your business forward. We have what do we have about thirty six days left in the year? All right. We got Spencer. My my buddy is out in Portland. We got Emmanuel in Denver. Love, love Denver. Haven’t had the chance to go to Portland. I’m actually with my family in Dayton, Ohio, now. But next week, I guess two weeks from now, we’re headed in New York City. If anybody is in New York City, send me a message would love to maybe catch a drink or grab some dinner or something. Marty meeting up with one person that I met through this business model. Pretty excited to spend some time with them. There we got we got two people, two people from Denver. Maybe you guys can connect if you guys are both cool with each other and then we’re off to Europe for a month. So excited. So we’re going to be in Barcelona, London and Paris. If that is where any of you guys watching now or watching the replay just send me a message. You know, maybe, maybe we can make it work. Cool. So any other ones, Jeff, you got to win?

[00:09:41] Oh, yeah, I got to win, I got a new startup fee from another client that we already have in the startup process on in another market. So he’s come out of the woodwork and he wants to be a regional player. I’ve built a relationship with them over the last few months and just kind of just really, you know, I don’t get too aggressive with people. I kind of give them room to breathe and sometimes that doesn’t work in my favor. But in this case, he closed the deal. But ultimately, when I came back to him and told him the price, he’s like, Oh shit, well, I was just like waiting around because I thought it was going to be a lot more money than that. And I was like, Oh shit. But you know, stuff happens. So, you know, we would have charged him the same amount anyway. And and now he’s he’s already expanding into other markets. So he’s sending me pictures of the airplane he wants to buy and all kinds of stuff. So I love people like that that are, you know, really aggressive and and high minded. And just like going out and looking, looking for their win, you know, they’re they’re not they’re not small players, and I know that we’re the right fit for for somebody like that and that we can deliver. So I’m really excited to work with him, and I’m finding that now that we’re in that kind of mindset, more and more of these sort of like regional players or are coming to the table. I have a few other deals that are teeing up really nicely with these types of players that are already well established and could gobble up a ton of lead. So I’m really excited about that win.

[00:11:12] Awesome. Yeah. And it was cool. This, I guess, leading up to this week, part part of last week, Jeff and I. We got to spend some time masterminding for about a week together, going over things in the business, coming up with strategies on how to make things better. You know, one of the things with, you know, my own personal way and I mentioned this a few times. I’m in this a few different coaching programs where I’m trying to level up my game not only for my businesses, but also to kind of bring back some value to you guys. So one of the things that that has become clear is just like the lack of measurement, and we’ve been trying to implement things over a few months. And one of the concepts that I think is really important is this North Star metric. I really dove into it over the last month or over the last, sorry, over the last week. You know, I do a weekly coaching call with people that are coaching me, and we had hours today and I’m trying to come up with the North Star metric for the platform that you guys are using and also for my agency. So just to give you guys what what is the North Star metric? So it’s not the same for every business, right? It’s something that you come up where it’s a combination of your business is moving forward and your your clients are getting value.

[00:12:27] Ok, so that’s that’s kind of what is so like if you think about Airbnb North Star metric for them is the amount of it’s like a rolling average, I think of seven days, but the nightly bookings, wow. Bookings per night, right? So it can be a ratio. So, so the idea is that if they have this number and this number moves forward, so imagine they were like a smaller company and they had 10 average bookings per night. And then now they’ve improved things and they have 15. So why is that good for their customer so their customers are getting value there? So they’re thinking about their host, right? So with Airbnb, they don’t actually own the real estate, right? Their host are the ones. So if the hosts are getting bookings, hosts are getting back so their customers are getting value and the company is moving forward when that number goes up. So, you know, Facebook has, like all these companies, have a North Star metric that they’re that they’re paying attention to all the time and they’re setting their goals to try to move the North Star metric forward. Right. So that’s kind of how this works. So Facebook’s is the daily active users, OK? And it’s dangerous to like have daily active users for software because like Facebook’s a content delivery system essentially. So, you know, that’s good for them. But it’s certainly what I wouldn’t want to do with our platform because that doesn’t mean that you guys are getting value.

[00:13:46] So kind of what I’m trying to come up with is like, OK, maybe, maybe it’s a combination of things because there are so many different parts and pieces inside this platform. So like if I just said it was like when someone ran a heat map, but a lot of people, they don’t even use the heat map, and they just use like the system to manage the leads. So it could be when a lead comes in, but then vice versa. So maybe for us, it’s going to be like, Hey, when they do like the amount of people that are doing one of these actions on a weekly basis for my agency, I felt that it was really I quickly came up with a number that that I want to start with, and this is something that can change over time, right? As you, you may not get it right your first time. So one of the things that we’re going to be doing in our agency for our North Star metric is going to be the amount of leads per paying client average over like a 30 day period, right? So that’s what we’re going to be using and that’s what we’re going to be monitoring and. The idea is that if we’re getting more leads to our paying clients, then that means that we’re going be able to charge them more. Right, you’ve got to monitor this stuff and you have to have numbers if you’re going to try to improve things, right? So if you’re if you’re like going to the gym and you’re never you’re never weighing yourself and you’re never like maybe tracking any type of progress.

[00:15:03] It doesn’t mean you won’t make it. But I mean, there’s just been study after study that shows that monitoring this stuff and what you measure improves. So I would encourage you guys to think about this come up with a North Star metric. What we’re using in our agency is the amount of leads the lead average per paying client over 30 days, like a 30 day rolling average. So I’m going to have my assistant go through and we’re going to total that up. And then in the future, I’m going to be building this and I’d love to hear above to hear what you guys come up with. I’d love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on this is what I mean by being more interactive. Does this sound like if you got if you guys think this sounds like it has some value to your business or if it doesn’t, click throw something in the chat and let us know. So but I’d love to hear if you guys come up with something. Start measuring it. I’m going to have my assistant go through every day and kind of put things into a spreadsheet so that we can monitor this over time because I think we’re monitoring this and we know that this number is we’re going to be clued in to the fact that, hey, maybe our sites aren’t doing as well because this this number is going down right now and this is what it previously was.

[00:16:09] And now we need to find a way to improve it. So we’ve got some exciting stuff. I think I’m not going to mention the full details of it, but I got on to a call yesterday with the guy. I’m pretty excited. Potential partnership. So that partnership could if it goes through, then it will be kind of a service that that we have built directly into the platform for you guys, which I think is in this model, something that we’re all we’re all using. So excited for that. I’m not going to get too into the details of that until we kind of get get it ironed out. But I think it’ll be really cool if this thing goes through saving to renew my Legionnaire’s subscription at the moment. Manual that is. Hopefully, you know, this is one thing that I realized over the last 12 months is like for people that are in a situation that have been using this and participating in a group for a little while, there’s some level of responsibility that I feel like. So what can we do, Emmanuel to help you like saving is one thing, but how can we set things up so your business is running better? So these decisions are they don’t require saving.

[00:17:23] They require like this is a no brainer to to be a part of this. So I’d love to I’d love to hear about that man. So if you have any anything or if you if you want to jump on the spotlight, we can dive into that and get it a little bit in your business. Some of the questions that I’ve been hearing about a lot over the last week is what kind of what I wanted to cover on the call tonight. I know that people are struggling with the automations and, you know, we don’t have a lot of training out on it. We’re working on that. It’s just been our focus has been on trying to fix any bugs that show up, and we definitely had a few. You launch a new phone system. There’s, you know, the automations are tied into the phone system. So a lot of new technology going in here and there are so many use cases that would have been really hard for us to ever even consider testing. You know, I know that we had issues with purchasing numbers in the UK and texting in the UK, and I’m going to I’m going to get into some of that. Those guys that are in Australia, Australia. The numbers weren’t working correctly because there is a higher level of compliance that’s needed. So we are there’s something called a bundle is what is what they’re calling it.

[00:18:35] So there’s this bundle, if you’re in Australia, that you kind of have to complete and that’s some ID and address information, I think there might be some kind of like I think it’s called a GST, it’s like tax number or something like this. So that’s required by our carrier. That’s not something that that we’re just like requesting for whatever reason, it’s we can’t we’re getting stopped at the level above us when we try to make purchases. So. So if you’re in one of those, if you’re in Australia, then just be aware like you can get the numbers and everything can work. And you know, we have really competitive prices, but there is an extra hoop that you have to jump through. We’ve had another issue for people that are using, like the had local Viking, that other company, so. For people that are coming from that have got that API already set up. It didn’t seem like it was working perfectly for us when we tried to connect and we made some changes, but apparently we don’t have it all the way dialed in yet. So I think we’re going to have that resolved really soon. I was hoping that we would have it resolved today, but we’re still still struggling. It seems like it’s working for some Google my businesses and not for others. So we’re trying to figure out what that is, but for others, if you guys have your Google, my business, if you if you haven’t applied for it, it’s really awesome to have that molecule back in action again and we’re going to continue to build on it.

[00:20:07] I’ve got a lot of plans on how to add to it and some cool stuff. Let’s see what we got here. So we got Emmanuel. You are doing it now that we could call his offer a lot of value, that’s great to hear, man. The rest is up to us to implement what we learn. I would love to hop on and share. Just don’t have a mike at the moment. No worries, man. If there’s anything that you’re struggling with, feel free to type it into the chat and let us know and I can try to try to hit it. I can see that we had some people that are streaming through the Facebook group, so we got Rafael Santana, my buddy from Brazil, who’s in South Orange County and always Laurent from Montreal, Canada. Our French Canadian. Ok, cool. And then. Ok. I think we’re caught up. All right. Right, OK, so we don’t have any questions. I’m going to jump into some of the automation stuff and I’m just going to kind of cover this and let you guys know there’s there’s more training that is coming on this. I just need a minute to kind of get things, get some of these, you know, any issues.

[00:21:20] I always prioritize those. And then, you know, the training is definitely next on my list. Ok, so let me share my screen. Jennifer, we caught up with everything. My missing anything. Yeah, we’re good. Can you see my screen? Yep. Ok, cool. All right, guys. So if you open up CRM and then you go to automation, you will see this area. And so the way this works is if I click on new automation, you’re going to see a I’m going to see some templates. So if you wanted to set up like a miss, a missed call, like a text message when I missed call, then, then you can do that right here if I click on this. It’s going to load this template up for me and you can see that new phone call. The status is equal to missed. And then here’s your text message you would just need to type that in. We didn’t. We didn’t start you out with anything because, you know, you put in whatever you want there. Ok, so a couple of things a couple of people have asked like, Well, do I need to do this for every company or do it? Like, How do I set this up if I want to use this on a bunch of my companies? So right now, the way it’s set up, it’s going to work for every company. If you wanted to, if you want to limit it to certain companies, what you can do is you can use this filter here and I can go over here and I can say, Hey, I’m going to do this when a company is equal to.

[00:22:44] And then I can select my company. So if I want the bear removal, then I can do that if I want to add in a second. Excuse me, the second company? And I just want it to be for for this company, then I can go through and I can say, OK, I wanted to do it for one of these two companies. Or maybe, maybe that’s I want to do it for all my companies, except for the bear removal. So I could come over here and I could say is not equal to and then select my company, right? So that gives you a lot of flexibility to set this up. Additionally, if you have one that you like, I know there’s another platform out there that Spencer was using and you’ve got to like, go and copy all this stuff, and it just seems like a a lot of work in my mind. We’ve made it easy on you, but by coming over here, there’s this button right here. We’ll duplicate an entire campaign. So we have campaign three and I can just be like copy of campaign three, right? And that’s going to copy whatever steps are in there. And then I could go in and I can edit it, right? So it’s bringing in whatever this was for.

[00:23:44] Maybe that was the one we were just working in. Campaign three, OK, so it looks like it copied that stuff in there. Ok, so oh, maybe it wasn’t. This is a form of submission, so I don’t know why campaign three was, but we copied that. Ok, so does that make sense? Anybody have any questions on on that? Cool. All right. Right on, I’m going to keep moving then. Ok, cool. So. So the way this is going to work, it’s going to look at the trigger and then it’s going to look at the filters. If there are any, if there’s no filters, then it’s just going to go on to the next step and it’s going to do it one hundred percent of the time. So if I didn’t have this filter here, let me just delete this, right? So if I have no filter here and I just say when new form submission comes in, it’s like, I’ve got a condition in here, let me get rid of that, too. All right. So. It’s going to do this for every form submission that comes in essentially, so that’s how that’s going to work, right? So that’s it’s going to continue unless it gets stopped by that filter. Ok, so so in our situation, every form submission, I’ve lost my mouse. There it is. Ok. So every form submission that comes in, it’s going to come down here and it’s not going to.

[00:24:57] I’ve got this wait step in here, but I’ve got it set to you immediately. So essentially that isn’t doing anything. And then we’re down here to the text messaging. And OK, so there’s been some questions about how this stuff works, too. So this is the same scenario, whether you’re texting or emailing. So a lot of the same functionality for both of these. So these over here are kind of the variables for the contacts, right? So when a new form submission comes in or a new phone call comes in, it creates a contact automatically and you can reference information from that contact through this first option here. Second option here is related to the client and it related to the company and the website. So this is the company name. So whenever you create this company inside of the platform, that’s that’s what the company name is. If I drag this over here, you can see it’s got that in there, so it’s going to substitute in whatever the company name. So imagine we’re going to add a filter here, and I’m going to say that the company needs to be equal to. This bear removal company. Ok, so now, since not my company name is bear removal, you can just imagine this text is replaced. So here’s how I could use this as I could say Hi, this is and I could bring over the client’s name.

[00:26:13] So imagine that Bob owns this bear removal company, and it looks like the kind of messed up the company name one. All right. All right. So I could say, Hi, this is. What all one second. I’ve got some weird stuff I like, put that one inside of the other one. Ok, so I can say, hi, this is. So if the client that’s associated with this company is named Bob, it’s going to substitute client name for Bob. And then I could say with company name right now, it’s going to say, Hi, this is Bob with, in our case, bear removal, right? And what do we got here? This was a form submission. I saw that you filled out a form on. My website. Ok, so maybe I want to ask him, what can I do? What can? I do. She’s not type. To help. So what’s going to happen is this is going to come in and the force is going to come in, it’s going to look at the company, it’s Bob’s bear removal. So it’s going to come down here and then it’s going to send a text message. This recipient will will decide where it goes. Ok, so that’s how that works. I know that we had some questions on that. I know that I’ve I’ve gone over this stuff previously, but, you know, just seeing a lot of questions on it. So I want to make sure I’m answering we can control the time frame when this goes out.

[00:27:46] So if I choose any time and a message comes through at like 3:00 in the morning, this text message is going out at 3:00 in the morning, right? So you may, especially for texting, you might want to be careful with this. And now I’ve got it set between eight and five p.m. So if it comes in at 3:00 in the morning, it’s just going to wait until this timeframe occurs again. The time zone that it’s going to use is the time zone for the company, right? So it knows the time zone that you set when you created that company and you can get there from editing the company. So that’s that’s the time zone it’s going to apply to. Ok, if you guys want to include a link to something within this message, like if a review request, you can do that by clicking this and this will go to the review funnel that’s associated with this company. You can kind of see there’s like a little preview down here or it could go to the lead details. So that would be like for a client a lot of times where you’re going to like, send them a link where they can log in and have a link directly to that. So that’s kind of like how that is working, right? And so there’s basically three parts to these automations. There’s the triggers, the filters and the actions.

[00:28:55] Ok, so this we’ve talked about that, that text message action. There’s a lot of other actions in here. You can look at another condition and decide, Hey, like maybe, maybe the maybe the filter doesn’t line up exactly with what the event is, but you can look at a condition and say, Hey, if this is true, then I want to continue. But if not, then don’t. Right. So as you start to mix in more and more of these triggers, it’s probably not going to always be like a form submission, like send a text message or there’s a lot more complicated things you can do. And those conditions will allow you to evaluate the current status of something and then only can continue if something’s true, right? We could create a new contact. We can wait. We saw that right here, right? Right now, it’s going out immediately, but I could wait until the same time on the next day or the same time on the next week. Or I can just like choose some amount like amount of days, hours or minutes. So if this were really going out to this person and fill out a form, I probably want to wait like five minutes. So that way it looks like a real message. Otherwise, he like completes the form submission and instantly is text. And it looks like a robot, right? So this end, if we can look at this one, you’re going to say like end if this becomes true.

[00:30:11] So if it’s like continuing through the sequence, it’s going to stop if like it’s going to always be checking before it goes on to the next step. If something is true and if it’s not true anymore, then it’s going to stop. And you can you can use this with these filters, right? If you can say like, maybe like the job status becomes closed or something like that, then you’re going to stop the follow up right or lost and you’re going to stop the follow up right. Also, it’s important to know, guys, when you send this stuff out, we’re automatically including things to like, unsubscribe to people if they click on it, that can pull them out of the sequence, the same with the emails. So we’re trying to follow the the the rules and regulations to make sure that we’re not kind of spamming people and doing things that that we shouldn’t be doing. All right, cool. Any other questions, any anything? Is this all making sense to you guys? Everything clear. Give me some feedback. Throw in a chat if this is making sense, that it’s all clear. All right. So there’s a few different ways to. Add people in automations, we saw that there’s triggers, right? We also saw that we saw that. So we didn’t see you can add the automation right through here. Right, so so the way this is going to work is like you’ll see this throughout the platform, you can manually add someone into the system and we’re getting ready to release.

[00:31:38] I know Spencer, you’ve been waiting on this for a while. I don’t think it’s quite like yet, but we’re going to have it so that it can. You can basically add in a whole group of people to a sequence, right? So basically, this will give you a list. You can see that that was campaign three we were just playing with. These are the steps, and then I can select a company that’s associated with this. And then from there, I can choose one of the contacts that is, I will choose Johnny Appleseed. I don’t know why Johnny oh, Johnny didn’t have a phone number, so this would allow me to manually add this guy into campaign three. And it’s going to need for this to work. It needs it needs a phone number you can see down here because it because the steps involve like the steps involved sending a text message. So it’s just it’s not going to work without without having text functionality. I want to go back over here. I know this is an area that that Spencer has been dealing with a little bit this week. I think we had to insert this didn’t work correctly. You just tried it a little while ago like the company was missing. Did you go through and check to see if you had the company name matching? Exactly.

[00:32:48] Yeah. So initially I didn’t. I was missing an s, so I deleted deleted off the column within the template for company, went into the actual company within lead Snap, copied it and then pasted it back into the Excel template and tried to do a re upload. And it still didn’t call the company. Ok.

[00:33:10] Ok, do me a favor. Let’s throw that spreadsheet into like a Google drive. I know you said it’s like a big it’s a big file and then send it to me so that we can test and we’ll figure out what the issue is. This is new functionality for us. We’ve had a lot of requests for this or trying to get it rolled out to you guys as quickly as possible. But you know. When we try it, it worked with ours and then something is slightly different, and we just need to find out what that is and make sure that we make this thing as bulletproof as possible. But the way this process works is you download a template. So if you click here, you can download this template, right? And I’m going to open this up and I’ll show you. Hold on one second. Bear with me, guys, let me get this template opened up here for you guys. All right. I will resume my share now. Ok, cool. So the way this works is you download this right, and it’s asking you for the first name and last name, the email, the phone, the address, the city, the state zip code. I think most of the stuff is optional. Company is not optional. We need that for a contact and tags. So tags. Let’s talk a little bit about those. So tags are a way that you can almost like putting like your contacts into folders and then you can apply actions based on tags. So I could say like, Hey, this this tag is maybe it’s like the the March customer list for some company, for my for my, like my window cleaning legion site.

[00:35:02] This is the March customer list. I’m uploading this. I’m marking this all as March. And then when what? What’s going to happen is you’ll be able to add in to your automation. You could say select contacts that have the March customer list tag. Let me add all of those into this automation at the same time. So that way, if you’ve got like a thousand customers, you don’t need to go through one by one and add them. So that’s kind of what that functionality is there for. So the way you would do this is you would download this template and then you are going to paste your stuff into this template and match it up with these columns. You’re going to save it. And once you do that, you can come back over on the same screen and click import. And you can import all this. You can import, import all of this into into your account and then you’ll have it all in here. So that’s kind of that’s kind of the idea there. So it’s going to be really beneficial for people that are using reputation management. And I encourage you guys, if you’re running the the rank and read model, or even if you’re kind of like moving into to just selling reputation management, this is a this is a killer function. So when you sign somebody up, that’s probably one of the first things you’re going to want to do is get take advantage of their previous customer list. And if it were me, I would probably not do it all at once. Right? Because if this company has like seven reviews and we send out two thousand email requests, all of a sudden like that doesn’t look organic, right? So if they’ve got a bunch of reviews, then you might want to drip it right and try to get a steady stream of these reviews coming in, rather than just like all of these happening at once.

[00:36:46] Right. So you can tag I mean, one strategy you could do is like when you’re creating these tags, you can tag like March 1st week, March 2nd week, March 3rd week and then just like maybe send out a batch this week, next week, you can schedule the second one to wait seven days scheduled, the third one to wait 14 days and so on. So that way you’ve got like a steady stream. And I think Google is going to like that better, you know, so cool. So any questions about any of the automation stuff before we move on? All right, cool. Ok. Our guys, so I’m going to go over to the phone system now because that seems to be the second most popular area that people are confused. Ok, so just an overview. And like a small issue that we’re having. Are you going to add a drip option inside a weed snap, so. So I guess like what you mean by a drip is like having like time pass and setting that up, right? So you can argue do that, right? Because with automations, you can just put that wait wait time period in there in between the steps and then you you basically use that weight. So I’ll go back into those automations. Right? Right. So imagine I’ve got this

[00:38:13] Rep for reputation management.

[00:38:16] Yeah, I mean, it’s the same. Regardless, this is this is like a template for reputation management, and you can see that. I’ve got no trigger here, so this is going to go out immediately, it’s going to send this text message and then if you look at it in like a three day wait time period, right, so it’s going to wait three days and then it’s going to send an email. And if I wanted to, then I could add in another wait time in here. And maybe this time I’m going to wait until the next week. So that would be like 10 days before this 10 days from the original message. So I can just keep on adding those and build out that drip sequence exactly how I want it. One of the things that we’re going to be adding in here pretty soon is like some tracking on on this stuff. So I’m not sure that we’ll be able to tell if text messages are read, but we’ll be able to tell if emails are read and then having, like different segmentation that’s happening based on like red status, right? So Spencer, does that make sense on how you can already use this as a drip sequence?

[00:39:12] Yeah, but I was talking about. So if we upload this large list as far as reputation management so that all these clients aren’t getting hit with seven hundred people, I don’t want to have to manually remember like, Oh, I

[00:39:27] Got you, I understand what you’re asking. That’s a great idea. It’s one I hadn’t thought of. We’ll definitely do that. That makes a ton of sense. I don’t have the planning for it yet because like I said, I had thought of that until. You mentioned it, but yeah, so kind of like, let’s space out these things over this time period, right?

[00:39:47] So let’s send ten requests out a day or request or whatever so that their Google doesn’t recognize this surge and then start to write that spam.

[00:39:57] That’s a that’s a really good idea. Just add that into a separate note for me and just like, send me that over so that I could have that like captured because that’s really easy for us to do. All we really need to do is look at the amount that’s being sent out and then set a daily limit and then divide and say, OK, based on this, it’s going to go out over these next twenty four days or something, right? Ten a day or two hundred and forty. Ok, so great idea. Spencer, thank you for that. Cool. All right. So let’s go to the phone system now. So I’m going to go right over. Oops, that’s not where I want to go. I’m going to go to numbers and I’m going to choose a new number. Ok, so there’s a couple of pieces first. Like right now we’re requiring that you have a company and we don’t charge anything to create companies, guys. So we charge for like the way you use them. If you’re using them within the CRM, then you’re going to activate it. So like just creating a company, there’s no there’s no fee or anything associated with that. So don’t be like stingy with your company creation. It’s it’s a great organizational unit within our system, so you create your company and the phone numbers are associated with the company. So this is like the bear removal. So essentially, when I go through to buy this number, it’s going to it’s going to be associated with this company.

[00:41:19] I’ll show you in a minute how we can. We can move those. Ok. All right. So over here on the left side, we’ve got a few different menu items in the United States, the local and like you don’t really need to search for like mobile if you’re in the United States. You’ll see that there’s nothing there. The reason that we have that is in some countries, like in the U.K., for instance, you can’t text message from these local numbers, right? So if I switch this over, if I change the country to the United Kingdom and pay attention to this column here that says features right notice it’s now there’s no texting there. It’s only the phone. So that’s letting you know that you’re only going to have voice on that, that call. And if I if I try to buy this number here, notice I get this message that says, Hey, I understand I will not be able to text with this. So we tried to put that there to help sort out any confusion with this. That was something we were not aware of at the beginning. We do have a solution for you. So there’s two different types of phone numbers here, right? We have local and mobile. So with with the mobile phone numbers, so in the United States, for for us, like we can’t really tell by looking at the phone number that it’s like a mobile phone number or it’s like a landline that’s there’s there’s no like separation.

[00:42:38] But in other countries like, you know, the countries that make up the U.K. and some other places around the world. There’s a there’s a distinct difference. Right? So that’s why we’ve offered you these two different options because we know that sometimes you’re going to want to list one of these on your website so the landline might have more for the local might have like more credibility associated with the phone number where the local maybe you want to send a text message. So if I go here, you have the option for both. Both phone numbers costs the same. But that’s an important distinction is to to realize that like, hey, you’re going to need if you want a text from it, make sure this bubble is here that allows texting. Otherwise it won’t be there. You won’t be able to do it. You’re going to get error messages. And we didn’t know that from the beginning. But you know, you guys, we’re we’re new to the phone game and this is exactly why I’ve said, like, Hey, put it in slowly. Let’s like make sure you get these because it’s impossible. Even though we’ve been using this for a long time in our agency, we do things differently than than other people. And it’s impossible to to test all these different, unknown, seemingly endless amount of permutations on how to set things up.

[00:43:54] Ok. So and then with Australia, as I mentioned, I think we have this set up. If not, we will soon. When you go through to try to buy a number. It’s taking you right here. Ok. Just be aware there’s a bundle step, I guess we’re doing it manually. Still, we’re about to release an update where it’s going to ask you for that bundle. You’re only going to have to do it once for four you Aussies out there once you set this up. You’ll be able to purchase numbers and definitely it’s a little bit of a pain. I understand it. That is not on us. That’s a compliance issue with the Australian government to make sure that they have higher levels of scrutiny than than some other countries. I think there is an address requirement for South Africa. So we’re working through these one at a time. But other than than those, it seems like we’re not having any issues. I know that we just did some testing for somebody in Sweden, so we’re able to get the numbers from Sweden. And, you know, we don’t have them in the Philippines for whatever reason. It’s actually like, I think I was one hundred and twenty dollars a month for a phone number in the Philippines, which is like ridiculous. But so we’re not offering that right now. I don’t know that anyone would want to pay pay that, but.

[00:45:08] Ok, so that’s how you get the numbers and the port requests. We we have an update that we’re hoping to make live to make this process a lot easier. Lots of countries, JP says a lot of countries require proof of address. Yeah, so we’re basically passing those requirements onto you guys each time. So any time they require something, you’re going to be required that so it’s we’re not trying to like circumvent some foreign government and their compliance stuff. So just let just know we’re not we’re not trying to make your life harder. That’s not that’s not our rule. It’s something that’s coming from the government, right? Ok. So we’ve had a few people that have hoarded things then and you know, we’re still getting our process down. I think we’re improving it. One of the things that I want to point out is this country box up here in the top, OK, if you’re doing the United States and you have like all your numbers on the United States, then that’s easy. Ok, then you can just like, fill out one of these forms. If you have a mixture of multiple countries, then you’re going to have to fill out a request for each country because we have to submit them separately to these countries. And when you guys fill this out? It creates all sorts of automation on our back end. Right? Do you think we are clear to support the rest of our numbers over Spencer, I would just wait just a little bit.

[00:46:33] We’re still we’re still dealing with some bugs and I do not want to be. My biggest fear with with watching the phone system is that we would disrupt some of your guys businesses by not having something to function the way. And you know, I think we’ve minimized that we’ve run into a couple of issues with, you know, different things happening. So I’m going to jump into that in a minute, like some of the issues that we’ve discovered that we haven’t protected ourselves against yet and how to avoid it. But I would just wait just a little bit. Let’s make sure everything is ironed out. I know that you’re anxious to get your numbers in there and I’m anxious to have you take full advantage of the system. But I just I just want to make sure that this things like bulletproof. And, you know, like I said, we did a lot of testing, but we’ve discovered issues that people just trying things we didn’t think to try. So so you’re going to port this if you’re going to port from multiple countries, separate those out, select your country, do them, do them separately. What you’ll see in the near future is we have this where it’s going to basically build out the the letter of authorization allow you to sign it through the application. You’re going to only have to enter the number once and it will like create all the documentation for you and it’s going to be in steps.

[00:47:53] So this will be a lot easier to navigate. I know that it’s confusing, but we’re working through it and right now it’s functional. So just an overview. You’re going to need to agree to this. You need a subscription for this to start your port requests. So make sure that you have a phone subscription before you get started or it’s not going to go through. Ok, so you need to check these boxes and then you’re going to choose residential or business. I think most of you guys are going to be business, then put in your name and address in your city state postal code. So I think this change is right if I choose you. Now, that’s something, Jeff Teague. Jeff, if you don’t mind taking note of that as well. We need that request to change. We don’t need a list of states if they’re not in the United States, so I just want to make sure that I remember to track that. So this is the this is the information associated with your current carrier that you’re quoting from. Ok. So if you are on Call Rail or some other company, what address information you have associated with that? That’s what you want to enter. And this is we’re going to list off your phone numbers. So like you’re if you’re porting from another voice over IP system, then put that in that box and then for for wireless numbers, that’s if you’re doing like cell phone.

[00:49:14] I know that we had a couple of people that actually ported numbers from like AT&T and Verizon into our system. So that’s what that is for. Ok. And then I know that it’s like repetitive, but it’s just the way that we have to provide it right now. You would come down here and you’re going to put in your tracking number, the company that you wanted associated with and where you want it to go. Ok. It’s caused problems for us. We’re about to put some validation in here to make sure that this can’t be left blank, but make sure you don’t leave it blank. You got more than one number. You just keep adding these and then kind of like pasting. So you’re going to have them up here and down here. And I know that is stupid and it sucks, but we’re going to fix that soon. And then over here, you’ve got the letter of authorization. So you just download this. Fill it out and sign it. This is the part that’s not going to be necessary in the future because we’re going to have this auto generated by the data that you enter in here. It’s going to make it a lot simpler. And then you’re billing statement is like your last invoice from the company that you’re porting from. Ok, so that’s kind of like the porting process.

[00:50:16] Some of the issues that we’ve realized are related to, like we had a few people where it seems like the phone number wasn’t working, OK? And what we realized is it was caused by the call flow. So it’s crashing the call. If you try to use a recording for your voicemail, that’s a wave, right? So that was that was something we didn’t we didn’t realize. And it’s still you still right now have the possibility of uploading a wave, but we’re going to change that. We’ve got a limited to sound files, but we need to. We need to make it. So it’s empty 3s. So so if you’re running it, you try to upload a wave, then you’re going to have some issues. Ok. So just make sure when you go through here, if you’re setting up a voicemail or the greeting, it’s the same thing, right? So you have this option to come in here and upload a upload a a recording so you can kind of like choose that recording and and upload it there and make sure that of type MP three. So that’s one of the things that is causing a crash. Ok, cool. All right. So let’s go back over here. Carlos, I just want to go through this and how this works. It’s similar to our automations, right? So it’s going to continue on based on your steps, right? And we’ve got like, this is the green step. If you’re recording calls, you need to make sure that you pay attention to your local laws right there.

[00:51:49] The United States, there’s like one way consent to a consent states. So I think it. I’m not a lawyer. This is legal advice. So but it responds to like, I think, where the the person is receiving the call. I think that’s the way it works. But just make sure that you’re following those. If you’re recording, it may be a good idea to let them know that this call may be recorded for quality assurance. And that’s kind of what the greeting is set up to do. The voicemail is always going to be the last step. You can have it. In either case, you can type in a message and have it read that or you can have it. You can have it like the recording that we saw. Ok, so the steps in between, right? So we’ve got the greeting and the we’ve already used the voicemail, so it’s been removed from this. You only use a voicemail once right dial, right? So that’s just going to call these numbers and you can use a series of numbers. So in this situation, it’s going to ring three people at the same time. Ok, so another spot of confusion. If I choose no right this, I can put in whatever number I want. Send that to, and maybe that’s the easiest way to do it. If you have a client, you can choose, use your phone, right? So I could see these people that are in here don’t try to call.

[00:52:59] These are all fake numbers. So I try to call this like that’s going to go right to the Bob Jones because he’s a client within the system or he’s a user within the system, so we’re able to pull his phone number in there. It’s a little shortcut. If you want it to go to the browser, then the person has to be logged in. So essentially, I have it this Barbara Johnson’s. So she’s logged in then and the call comes in from his company. Then her browser is going to ring. So that’s how you can kind of like trigger that. And it’s easy enough to just remove her if you want that to stop, right? So I can remove this person. Ok, so I can prevent this from going to the voicemail and I can route the previous caller. So that means if it goes to like Bob Jones and I’ve got three people on this list and the same person calls back, this will go back to Bob Jones because that’s what that that if I don’t want that to happen, then I can have it do that right and I can say, Hey, do this for 20 seconds or 30 seconds, and then it’s going to go on to the next step. Right? All right. So. Um, the round robin is similar to the Dow, but this is going to be like a rotation, right? So now I’m going to say, like if I leave it like this, it’s going to rotate between these two numbers.

[00:54:09] It’s like 50 percent of the time. See, JP says don’t put them all at once, porting can be a pain in the ass, sometimes with carriers and make sure you have the letter of authorization with the carrier. See, I definitely agree with that. Just take it slow. Once we once like you understand what the process is, then you can probably like you trust the bone system. Everything is working cool, then you can bring in to bring them as many as you want. But but like JP said, I would. You might want to break it into chunks, right? Ok, so the round robin is going to rotate between these two, these these numbers. So the way I have, it’s going to be 50 percent. If I do this, then it’s going to be 50 percent are going to go to this like three numbers and 50 percent is going to go to that number. And if I want to change this and use weighted distribution. I can click this and then this little pop up, and now I can say whatever percentage I want. So if I want like 20 percent to go here and I want 50 percent to go here and then I can add in another set and 30 percent will go here.

[00:55:14] Ok, so that’s kind of how that is. It’s going to it’s going to rotate between those. One of the questions that we’ve received a lot lately is do you have the ability to make it so instead of showing like the Caller ID, phone number shows, the tracking phone number currently? No, the answer to that is no. That is something we’re going to be releasing very soon. We’ve, like I said, we just have to get our we’ve got to get some of these whenever we see an issue, we get it at first. But that is actually at the top of our list. So I’m hoping our developers can implement that and get that launch next week. It’s a really simple thing for us to do. Ok. All right. So that is the round robin. Ok. We also have the menu, right? So the menu I can go through and I can say. This is going to be four different time frames, so you’re going to need to cover the entire schedule so I can say weekdays between 12 a.m. and seven a.m. You see this this line that comes off the side here that’s telling us what is going to happen during during that time frame? Right. So so that like this is associated everything that happens with this line, you can build this out however long you want. It’s going to start with that. So I could build out pretty complex pathways based on time or the menu essentially works the same the same way.

[00:56:36] So I could say, I want this to happen during this time period and then on weekdays. So now I need to cover between, like 7:00 a.m. and midnight still, right? So I would come back over here and I would say 7:00 a.m. to midnight. I click on this little question mark and now I’ve got a new pathway for what I want to happen. I could have it go to a different phone number, different round robin, different voicemail, whatever makes the most sense, I can have a go to a menu. So let’s let’s that’s kind of like how schedules work. You can add in a bunch of branches. It’s pretty flexible. The menu so I know Spencer and some other people have been looking for that challenge step right now. This is the way to set up the challenge stuff. So if you want to get rid of the robocallers, we do this for all of our clients in our business. I know some of you guys might be scared that you like. This might prevent real leads. Well, I don’t know what that scenario is, where someone like they’re like. They call they need a service, and they’re like calling the number and it says like press one and they’re like on the other end of the line and they’re like, Yeah, I don’t really want to press one. I just don’t know what that scenario is, where the person is not going to want to do that and like, it’s going to get rid of the robocallers.

[00:57:50] And like you can even say, like, Hey, we just want to make sure you’re human. We’re tired of spam. It’s something that they can certainly empathize with. So just press one and then you’re going to be transferred up like a live person, right? So, all right, cool. So you would have a recording. So just like with the greeting and the voicemail, this is another opportunity. Don’t use a wave, use an empty three or you can type it in right here. Ok, so we’re going to look here, we can say if the user presses one. This could be like transfer to human right. And then notice this like same thing so you can decide what happens afterwards. And we could add in multiple options. You know, we’ve started to have some some businesses using our platform that are not we’re not marketing agencies, their businesses, right? So this could be a great way to set up some sort of internal answering system and push people in these different directions. It says right now, Spencer says, right now with call tracking metrics, I get charged that first 30 to forty five second message screening, people will do the same. I believe it’s going to be when the call starts. If you’re using their line, I think that’s how it works. It’s not like a decision that that we’re making. We’re just essentially passing on like we’re getting charged. So.

[00:59:13] So just to clear that up, you get charged as soon as any call is connected. So if you do have an IVR, it starts.

[00:59:22] Yeah, that’s exactly exactly what I anticipated. I think it starts as soon as that call starts, right?

[00:59:28] So well, including the IVR, when you talk to a person like it does.

[00:59:34] Once they once they they have to start the call to dial it. So like the call, like it’s dialed and they call that number and then the RBI starts, right? So yeah. So I think as soon as an action takes place on that phone line, they’re like, Hey, we’re starting clock, right? But yeah, I mean, like, I think as you’ve seen Spencer, our prices are super competitive. So, you know. Like, I think you’re still going to say money versus call call tracking metrics. Ok, so our tags are tagging system. This is where you can make tags for and these can be used like, let’s say that I’m back up here on the menu and this time I want to do like this is how we use it in our agency. My first region ever was a towing site, so there’s like standard towing, right? Because a lot of these standard towing guys, they don’t have like the big trucks that they need for to tow like a semi or something. So this could be heavy towing. So I could come down here and I could create a tag, and this could be like my standard tag. So if they choose this one, then I could tag it this way. And then when I go into the phone system later, I can sort by tags and I can have it applied right? And this tag can actually be carried through as a contact tag as well, which can be really useful.

[01:00:52] So. So that’s kind of how that tagging system works. It’s really good for kind of sorting and organizing your calls and then hang up. I think we know that that is it’s just going to hang up on the caller. Maybe you want to say like press two if you’re from home advisor and then you can hang up on them and you could maybe even send them a text message and say, I hate you, Home Advisor. So that’s kind of like how the phone system works there, right? So I don’t know if there’s any questions that exist. Is there a way to have the caller ID give you the tracking number? So Jimmy, I saw that you just jumped on and just had mentioned that right now, we don’t have that functionality. We’re looking to launch that next week. So it’s a quick change. But we’re now you’re good, man. It’s it’s a quick change, but we’re just we’ve run into a couple of bugs and we’re squashing those bugs first and then we’ll we’ll go back to features. So it’s kind of like a feature, but it’s definitely one. I’m anxious to get in there. There’s a ton of ton of benefits and like plans to to do it that way.

[01:01:53] Another question, Patrick. Can these numbers be used for GMB verification or other Google verification, do you know? Have you tried that? I haven’t.

[01:02:02] I think we did try that in our agency and it didn’t work. Jp Do you have any thoughts on that on on like. Like getting that. The GMB verification with the phone number,

[01:02:15] It comes down to the type of number that you use with Twilio. They’re more than likely not going to trigger because of the Uncarrier carrier and who is actually set up. So who? So basically, the numbers that they’re actually buying from, they actually register as a VoIP number so that they probably won’t trigger.

[01:02:34] Right? Yeah. Do you have a recommendation and if you’re if you don’t or you’re not willing to?

[01:02:39] I do, but probably not publicly. I don’t think that I might present to give, but I think you and I should have that, that talk first.

[01:02:50] Ok. Yeah, absolutely.

[01:02:51] Yeah. And then Laurent is asking about the call real integration.

[01:02:56] Yeah, Laurent, we have that pretty much ready. We we we just need to drop it inside of we. You know, unfortunately, we launched it in Lee Snap ahead of the generated. We we ran into a couple of issues with it, so I wasn’t really keen to get that set up inside of me generated as quickly. But we will be dropping that in, if you can settings and then integrations. I would encourage you to check out. Yeah, you can kind of see we have it inside leads now, but it will be showing up there real soon. And then one other question that I’ve that we’ve had is like, you guys are really used to the way this works, we’re like the leads and the dashboards and stuff over here. So if I go in here to all leads. Excuse me, if I go in here to all leads and then I go to like the company dashboard. So we’ll look at Dwight’s gym for muscles here. So this is not connected. This area right now is not connected with our phone system. We’ve got it kind of separate it out. So if you have like the call rail integration or call Sling, then then they’ll show up. Their hours will be showing up there very soon. It’s just a question of like kind of blending that data together and having it show up there. So there’s no there’s no like problem with your account or anything like that. It’s a limitation with our system that we’re addressing. But to see your calls until that is made, you’ll just need to go to this call screen. We’ve got the same filter so you can come up here and like filter by company, right? And apply that. So that’s kind of how that is.

[01:04:37] Um, all right. There is no question about the calls coming through a spam, I’m having the same issue on my own Twilio numbers, not on the agency, but JP.

[01:04:48] Yeah, so I’ll just kind of get some of my background is voice over IP. I use it build phone systems like way before Google Maps was even around. So the reason why that’s happening is all the telecom companies have come out with something called stare shaken, which basically what it’s doing is it’s stopping like robocalls. So like what the what the technology of voice over IP, I can literally go in and. Call it anyone from any phone number that I want. So what it’s doing, so every single voice over IP Kerr actually has register, which with stir shaken, which basically stops anyone from like using your phone number to create spam calls. So what happens is, is a lot of times if your phone number was used to make us spam call, it’s automatically been flagged into the system. So that’s why a lot of times, depending on the carriers, especially our cell phones, now they’ll show up as a spam call. So there’s not really a whole lot that you can do about it other than try to find a pretty fresh phone number like before you, even by the number, do a search, see if it’s been used at all. And that’s going to be your best bet.

[01:06:01] Awesome. Hey, J.P., is there any add ons that we get? We’ll dive into this, but I’m wondering if there’s like some add ons that we can get to kind of comb through some of the stuff and have like a. Do some of the homework on our end for you.

[01:06:16] You’re going to have to reach out to Twilio and see how fresh of a pull up numbers that you can pull. I’m sure that’s probably some of it’s going to be random because a lot of times, like if you cancel a number, sometimes that number gets put back into the pool system. Um, so it kind of depends, I explain, like the whole tech behind it, but that’s basically what’s happening. So you’re going to have to probably reach into the API and find as fresh numbers as possible. Ok.

[01:06:46] Yeah, we’ll see what we can do on our end to prevent that.

[01:06:49] I’ve seen where someone is calling from a number that someone spoofed. Right? I see. And that and that you can’t you can’t really help that.

[01:06:58] Unfortunately, that’s happened on our call reel a few times too. Like when we had those numbers where

[01:07:05] Twilio, I mean, Twilio is probably the number one like marketing like carrier for phone numbers. So that’s I mean, you’re going to have a lot of a lot of those issues, unfortunately.

[01:07:17] Right, right. And I don’t think like long term, we’re going to be Twilio Twilio carrier.

[01:07:24] I’ve got I’ve got a great career. Well, when that’s right, I’ve got a couple of things that you can do to help fix that.

[01:07:30] Awesome. Yeah. Ok, cool. Jeff, do we have any other questions on any of this from anyone else in any of the various channels? Oh, now we’re all clear, OK, right on. So we’re we’re over an hour. I know that Thanksgiving Thanksgiving’s tomorrow. My family’s upstairs. They’ve prepared a meal and we’re going to go have some little Thanksgiving cocktails here and enjoy the fam.

[01:07:50] So my last question you can address somebody asked about Black Friday. I didn’t know if you meant like end of tech questions or yeah, do I get to do any Black Friday specials?

[01:08:02] We are doing it. And I’ll dive into it. We kind of started this in Williams Group, if any of you guys Williams really good GMB guy, but we’re running the special and it’s going to only be for. Two plans, and they’re both yearly plans for the CRM. Ok, so you guys come in here and you look at in the store, you can kind of see like you look at the monthly thirty nine times twelve is what, four hundred and sixty eight? So if you were to purchase this yearly, it would be three ninety. Ok. It’s the same for these other plans, right? If we look through down here, you can see. You get too much for free if you sign up for a year. So that’s our normal, that’s not anything Black Friday. That’s like every day you just get too much for free if you sign up for the year. But what we’re doing for Black Friday, and I think we’re going to run this until Tuesday, like a week from yesterday, is for these two plans. If you go yearly, the enterprise in the agency, we did this before and a lot of people. And I don’t anticipate we’re going to we’re going to do this again. Like a lot of people signed up for it. And then those that didn’t get in, they, you know, we had a lot of people that would purchase the year without the Black Friday special or what’s being called the Black Friday special. For me, it’s more of like this is just like a launch special, right? We did this when we launched.

[01:09:35] We generated. So here’s the deal is if you sign up for the yearly, we’ll take five hundred dollars off this price and a thousand off this price and it will renew at that price. Ok, so that means 12 months from now, when it comes to renewal time, you’ll pay nineteen seventy to renew. And for those of you guys have been using this platform for a year. I think we can make a strong argument that the functionality has doubled in the last 12 months and what’s it going to look like 12 months from now, right? So you’ll be locked in at that price. There are certain things that will not apply to this price, like like if it’s a normal module or something like that, then it’s going to be included. But like white labeling, that might be that might be something separate. There’s services that we’re going to start to offer within the platform. We’re going to have a marketplace. So some of those services, those won’t be included in this. That’s something that’s something different. But, you know, like adding in more automations and all this type of stuff like this and putting new modules in and like, you know, so it’s just kind of like going to be based on our cost structure in there. So I think like we haven’t changed the pricing so that people 12 months ago signed up like all the stuff we’ve added.

[01:10:50] Like, if we kind of go through and look at some of what we have in here, I don’t know exactly where we were 12 months ago, but let’s say 12 months ago, I know we didn’t. We did not have automations. We didn’t have the contacts module, we didn’t have pipelines, we didn’t have the task module, we had reputation management, we had the heatmap and the due diligence. We didn’t have Google Analytics, we did have the GMB module, we had the Google ads tool. We didn’t have the phone system. So a lot of functionality has been added in here and you’ll be locked in at that price, so. And, you know, we’re going to be adding trading in here, too, like a lot of training. Is it training on how to get GMP, how to rank them, how to build websites, how to close deals like how to prospect all these different things that we’ve done in our agency to position us where we are? Those will be a part of this. So we’re going to continue to make this investment a better and better deal for you guys and add more and more value. So from now until Tuesday, the code, if you want you sign up, you go to pay inside the store, there’s a coupon code you can choose Launch Enterprise or Launch Agency and and that will take you in and give you that discount. So very limited time, guys. So if you’re if you’re in this, if you’re in this platform.

[01:12:07] And you plan on on on being in here then. You know, here’s a here’s a way to save, save a lot of money. And like I said, I have no plans to offer this again. I didn’t have a plan to do it this way, but you know, we’re doing it as a promotion for four way and everything that he does. He wanted to give you guys some value. The difference between agency and enterprise. So with every plan, Patrick, with every plan, would you put the link to purchase here in the chat? Yeah. Like basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to come up here, log into your account. If you haven’t created one, you get a free 15 day trial. If you want this deal, you need to purchase before the trial is over, though, because it’s going to expire and and like, I’m not going to extend it. So you would just go in here in your account and click on store and then come up here and you’ll. I can’t, unfortunately. Hang on one second. Let me let me. Let me do this. Let me pause this year, and I’ll log into an account that doesn’t have a subscription, so you can kind of see what this looks like. Ah, these are all cap codes or it’s not case sensitive. Ok. Give me one second here, Jeff. Are there any other questions while I am getting logged in here?

[01:13:23] I’m not seeing any in either group.

[01:13:28] Spencer, happy Thanksgiving, that’s that was exactly my plan of how to start this call, and then we just went straight in to win.

[01:13:34] So I forgot about it. Yeah. All right. I heard I’m still celebrating Halloween, dude.

[01:13:44] Yeah, I mean, I stressed that out we can make. We can make it a Halloween year. Ok, you guys can see my screen again, right, Jeff. We’re good. Ok, cool. All right, so if I go up here in the store, then I’ll see these plans and you can kind of see that I can add one of these to the cart. So if I go in here and I add this to the cart. I made a mistake. Ok. You need to add the yearly, it’s only going to work for the yearly OK. So let me go back to the store. I actually haven’t tested this. In a couple of days, I’m going to add in the enterprise one, we’ll go with the Mack Daddy plan and then I would just type in launch. The what’s happening here? Ok, so there you go, so I’ve got launch enterprise in there. So launch with the name of the planet, it’s only going to work on the agency and the enterprise, so it’s going to take off. You can see it subtracting off a thousand. So pretty, pretty big discount. And like I said, it renews at that that same price. So, you know, I appreciate all the the the positive stuff you guys have said and you know, all the referrals and everything.

[01:15:02] And it sounds like we’ve got a lot of people that are super fans for us. And if you fall into that category, this is a great opportunity. Or if you’re if you see the value in this platform, this is a great opportunity to lock in a price because it’s not going to be this good again. So but you know, this may not make sense for everybody, but you know, I know that I’m going to be using this, this platform for my agency because it has helped us scale so much. It saved us time. It’s it’s helped us close deals. So I just don’t I don’t know where we would be without this. And, you know, but do what makes the most sense for you. Ok, cool. I heard this, Jeff. Jeff is buying everyone in the Zoom and enterprise plan. That’s right, Jeff. He’s got some money. Me, I got a platinum Amex card in the mail the other day. I’m ready to use it. That’s right. That’s right. Cool platinum Amex. Guys, if you guys like the lounges at the airports you travel, that’s the way to go. That’s what we do. We’re getting ready to do a bunch of traveling all the way to my wallet. There you go. Makes you look like an important person, right? Right.

[01:16:08] Ok, cool. Look, guys. Not all you guys in the United States, for those of you guys are. I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving. I hope you guys take take a minute, guys. There’s important times like at your birthday or New Year’s, where it’s time to reflect and think about things. For me, Thanksgiving always means to be grateful. I have so much to be grateful for. You know, with my, my wife, my family, my friends, our business, our health, all this stuff. So it’s great to be grateful, man. One of the strongest correlation with happiness is is people that that are grateful and have gratitude. So now’s as good a time as any to to think about this for yourself. Enjoy it with your family, have fun and, you know, come back refreshed next week. You guys have an awesome holiday if you choose to celebrate it. If you are outside the United States, you’re not celebrating. You can still be thankful. Maybe, maybe just just take a moment to think of things. You guys have an awesome week. I hope you guys enjoy whatever you’re doing, and let’s create some wins over this next week and we’ll see you. We’ll see you guys in the group. All right. Take care of friends.