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[00:00:00] Your very read my page is reloading, so doesn’t fly like real quick. All right. What’s going on, everybody?

[00:00:30] I mean, how are you doing? Hey, good.

[00:00:34] Patrick will be right back. He’s getting a couple of things that he needs is going to be great.

[00:00:45] They have not it really saying it’s going to the system.

[00:00:51] Guys want to tee up with a couple of wins while we’re waiting, anybody have any good stuff to share? I’ve on monetary wind. Oh, there we go. Well, you got Shaun.

[00:01:07] So I remember I watched a video of Patrick talking about like Cloudflare, how I like your stuff. So I pretty much moved all my sites to Cloudflare. Yeah. Using like that, they have like an in-built API, so you can, like, automatically do all that stuff.

[00:01:27] So I made a little script and like all my stuff? Cool. Yeah, that’s awesome. Hopefully, that helps out with your site, load speeds and all of that little protection. I have a little roundabout kind of when there’s a concept that I like called don’t get stuck on, maybe. So one of my clients was, well, he was a trial client and I was trying to collect money from them and he’s like, Oh, well, you know, can you send me an invoice like, Well, all right, we’ll create an invoice for you. And then it’s like, Oh, how do I pay? It’s like, OK, Venmo will work because he didn’t want to give us a credit card, and I’m like, We’ll take Venmo, send him a screenshot of Patrick’s Venmo and just goes on and on, and then he’s hemming and hawing. I finally said it cut him loose, right? It’s like, I’m not going to chase clients around like that’s we’re not in the business of doing that. So even though that kind of like lost the deal, right? It’s like I didn’t get stuck on. I did get stuck on, maybe. But I resolved the issue, right? So it’s either green light or red light, and I try to stay in that zone as much as possible. But sometimes you kind of have to give a little bit of leeway because they could be a really good client or they have promise and it’s a balancing act and all of that stuff. But at some point you’ve got to make a decision and just be like, This is not even if he becomes a client. If I have to chase him around for money every month, forget it. That’s not what I’m about. It’s not worth it. Like how it’s how it ends. And this is just not what I’m what. I’m what I want to do with my time. So I consider that a win is that mental challenge and kind of obstacle getting over it of being like, I’m done, I’m moving forward. I’m not getting stuck on. Maybe. So that’s where I’m at.

[00:03:16] Well, yeah, I can I can kind of relate to that, too. I have a client that I mean he he contacted me back in December and was taking some snow removal leads for me because he does landscaping and there’s a bunch of things deck building, fence building, landscaping. And so I was passing these to him on kind of like it was just a free trial thing. And then he reached out to me, I’ll be around February or March to see if I would do the landscaping for him. And I said, Yeah, sure, I can do that. And so I built him some sites and these are just trickling in. But I mean, even if it’s a really small invoice. And he’s still not paying it. And we’re going to wait around until it’s a bigger invoice, and he’s still not paying it like so this week somebody reached out to me from an ad. I was just running and wanted to do something with Google, my business, and I asked him what he does, and he said landscaping is just, Hey, well, we’re going to get on a phone call tomorrow because I might have something you’re really going to be interested in. So, yeah, it’s like, I’m just not waiting around. It’s, you know, I’m giving you a chance. While the site is starting to pick up some steam. If you can’t pay me, even if it’s a small amount, how am I going to trust you to pay me when it gets bigger? That’s just sorry. I got to go.

[00:04:49] Yeah, that’s that’s right. And it is a balance. You have to give and take a little bit along the way, but it sounds like you played your part. And if you’re at that mental point where you don’t have the confidence in the deal, then it’s probably better off that you just move to the next next candidate and see where that goes. What do you got, Neal? You’re muted. It looks like lose raising his hand, what’s up, everybody, how are we doing? Sorry, I’m a couple of minutes late here. Let’s ask Lou to unmute What’s up, brother?

[00:05:32] Hey, guys. Yeah, just kind of along to things like no one in the last week have migrated to, I’ve got the web python set up and I’m figuring out Cloudflare. And just like long term, where you guys have got my head is like, you know, legions of friggin marathon, right? And so part of business is income. But also, if you don’t have income cutting your expenses, so WordPress is going to be that kind of longevity of hosting and just reducing my, you know, hosting costs beyond year one. So that’s a big project, but I think that’s going to save a ton of money over over time. And then number two, like like you said, Jeff, like just moving on from a child client where it’s like having that conversation, OK, are we doing this or not? She’s like, You know, the leads aren’t good. I’m not getting any value. Ok, thanks. Next, you know, and I think that’s a that’s an important thing to think about is like every time you fail with the trial client, you’re closer to success. So I think of that as a win.

[00:06:35] Yeah, absolutely. That’s that’s that that mindset of we don’t know how many steps there are, and so we’re going to be successful. But what we do know, if we stick with this, we will be successful. And those those failure steps or where it doesn’t work out the trial, that’s one of them. It’s just like, we’re closer. So, you know, I heard that from Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he would go in and he would be in the gym and he would be smiling. He’d be working out for like five hours. And all the other people that were working out with him were like upset. But he knew, like every set. He was like one step closer to his vision. So I really grabbed onto that. It just made a lot of sense to me. And I think if we anticipate those, those trial clients failing you in a weird way, this is what I mean when I say, Pack your brain. Who do we got? Jeff, you want to find out what’s going on there? But in a weird way, if you can like hack your brain, you can almost celebrate those those ones failing because now you got that other way. It’s kind of like taking out the garbage, like, you’ve got to do that. Sometimes you got to take the garbage out.

[00:07:42] There’s things that we got to do that we don’t want to do that that are beneficial for moving us forward. Right. So getting those bad trial clients just gets us out of the way just gets us one step closer to to the right person. So yeah, I like it, man. And I don’t I don’t know if he’s on the call. Joshua Murdock. I was talking to him earlier today. We did a call. I decided, you know, Joshua is the one who’s his house burned down. He almost died, right, like a few weeks ago. Him and his son were in the house that caught fire, whether they were sleeping and think it was their neighbor or somebody came and banged on the door and woke him up and like, he opened up the door and there’s just like fire all over the place they got out. No one got hurt. They lost their entire house, though, so I was talking to him, you know, if he was two days ago, we did a little coaching call, and one of the things that he was struggling with is going in and collecting money, right? So he had a big win because he was he’s one of these guys that he’s he’s a smart guy, but he he’s he’s not comfortable yet asking for money.

[00:08:45] And like when people don’t pay, that’s a hard conversation to have. So we talked a lot about that. And after that call, he went and called every single one of the people that hadn’t paid him in every single those people paid him. Right. So just that attitude shift of like, you know, like, Hey, I’m going to walk away just like you’re saying where it’s like, I’m going to walk away from this like that basically lit a fire under these guys, you know, his clients to to pay up, they don’t want to lose them can look a lot different from our end. When we’ve created this story on our end, where they’re going to say, No, we’re going to lose a client, all this stuff, but you don’t know what you don’t like some of the time. It could just be that like, they’re trying to bluff you and they do what your service, but they’re business people. And, you know, so I just want to share that one with you guys. I think a lot of people are in that in that same spot where it may be a little awkward to go and ask for that extra money, but walking away can can really change everything. You had a second point, I think, Lou, right? You’re muted, brother.

[00:09:48] Well, yeah, just just like I said, cutting, you know, again, I’m in that. I got 40 sites, you know, and like three of them are rented and I got a fourth that I’m actively prospecting, but I’m nowhere near 60 percent and I don’t know if I’ll get there at some point, but just to buy more time, it’s reducing hosting for year two. So I’m going to migrate everything over to WordPress. So that year two is much less. I’ve got a lower break even point, right?

[00:10:18] Yeah, that’s right. I mean, like, like I said last week, I’ve got four hundred sites and I’m spending a hundred and thirty dollars a month on hosting four for four hundred sites, right? So like, WordPress isn’t for everyone, and I’m not. I’m certainly not saying, Hey, everybody, jump on WordPress, but I think it is. It’s certainly like the most popular platform on the internet. It’s proven I’ve I’ve got a lot of websites that rank fine with it. We have run into like more complex stuff, but there’s a lot of benefits. So you’ve got to kind of weigh that. And I think, you know, at the beginning when you’re getting started, you know, it may not make sense to like, start off with WordPress. For four years, Weebly was the way to go, and I think that was like a really good way to start things off. And then, you know, when you get to a certain point, you’ve got some money coming in now. It may make sense as you scale to get kind of a a WordPress person on your team. Like you guys, you should not be trying to master WordPress when you can pay someone four dollars an hour. Who’s an expert from the Philippines? That’s just not, you know, maybe 15 years ago, that would have been a really good skill, but now it’s just not the best use of your time. Right, that’s that’s so and like that would be honestly, that would be one of the first things I would outsource is like if somebody is building like expert level websites for four dollars an hour, I’m not going to spend a lot of time building websites just like that’s just it doesn’t make sense to me.

[00:11:45] It’s like, I want to. What are the thousand dollar an hour activities that we can do, right? So making big business decisions, prospecting, you know, the sales calls looking for opportunities to move our client from, you know, a thousand to two thousand a month, that type of stuff, solving solving problems within your team that are repeated every week or every day building, training that your VA can follow so that you never have to do these processes again. And you can kind of focus on things that are more important. Those those are the things that I think are most our most important, right? And you spend that time building websites, you know, you’re going to be a total of like the hourly rate that you get right? And if you’re doing things that are worth four dollars an hour, then like at the end of the day, you work an eight hour day, that’s thirty two dollars that you’ve made because you built these sites all day, right? So just something to think about. Do you have more to add?

[00:12:41] No, sir. That’s it.

[00:12:42] Cool. Cool, right on. What’s up, gram?

[00:12:46] Yeah, buddy.

[00:12:47] Something to shift. Touch base on briefly in the last call was, you know, if you could have your time over again, what would you do different? This question has been asked many times, and the same answer keeps reoccurring, which is I pre-sell my allegiance. Is there anybody here that has some real world experience on what they’re doing at the moment to pre-sell their allegiance? And what techniques are they using to do that instead of just, you know, consistently churning out these assets over and over again and then having all these empty houses like other people that are actively pursuing this at all? And what sort of success are they having with it and how are they doing it?

[00:13:25] Yeah. So personally, I would not like if I had to do over again, I would not sell my allegiance. I just, I think. This is I’ve mentioned this on a few calls this this has been my experience with pre-selling Legion. There’s a few different ways to go, right? So like one is you pre-sell your legion. So now what? You don’t have a site built. So, so what’s your plan? You’re going to build a website. You’re going to take their money on a monthly basis. Are you going to like a run ads if you are not an expert, even if you’re really good at running ads? I think you have an uphill battle. I think most of your money that’s coming in, if you’d like to keep this person happy is going to go towards ads, which means that you’re not really making much money. So that’s option, that’s option one. And that’s that’s what we did. We’ve lost money a lot of the time. So the second option is that you don’t run ads and I bet you you’re going to lose the client 80 percent of the time around month, three maybe month for how good of a salesman, how patient the person is, how how closely they kind of got their dial on their business. I think you’re going to lose a client a lot of times because they’re going to get tired of paying and not getting results, and it’s going to be my experience.

[00:14:34] It’s hard to get results in three months, like maybe there’s other people out there that are better at this and do it faster. But, you know, we seem to really start dominating around six months. I don’t think anyone’s going to pay for six months. Meanwhile, this whole time, the relationship, I think, is souring between you and the client. So and it’s harder to sell the legion. So another thing like if I’m presenting the Legion and we could do this like Jeff and I, we’ve done this in our agency and it’s what we’ve run into. And that’s why we shifted to this model of like, it’s kind of like a hybrid presale where we’re going to take a startup fee and then you’re not paying anything until the lead starts to come in. So now they’ve got some skin in the game, they can pay for it and they’re not expecting weeds to come in like in month two or three, like, hey, we’ll let them know flat out like it, like this may take six months. We’re going to be working on it. We’re going to be updating you. We’re going to be showing you the progress. But you know, it takes the pressure off of us and it keeps the relationship good because I can show them, like, here’s our heat map, here’s our traffic.

[00:15:35] Here’s the sites that we’ve built. Here’s us moving right. So I know that other people do it that way. That’s my strong personal opinion on that. I just I think it’s especially if you’re new to this like like, I think it’s a deadly combo. If you’re a new person who’s a great salesman is what you’re going to happen. And maybe Neale can speak to this a little bit. What’s going to happen is like, you can you can sell this stuff like like us, like Jeff and I. We have a we have a really powerful big agency behind us, but I don’t feel comfortable selling it and starting it up where they’re like paying me every month from the beginning. Just I’m not comfortable with that anymore. Just, I feel like I’ve learned my lesson. But if you’re a really good salesman, but you and your new, then maybe you don’t have the skill set dialed in yet. So you go and you sell this. I bet a lot of the time, a few months down the road, you’re going to lose a client. So can I add to that? What’s up? How are you doing?

[00:16:29] Good doing. Good. How are you? Good. Good. Yeah, good. So same thing. I was having a breakdown with pre-settled agents and then charging them monthly. I agree with you. I felt horrible. I’ve done ads, spent a lot of money, so I do the same thing now where if I pre-sell a legion, it’s it’s one. I do a lot of due diligence in that area or it’s a niche that I’m familiar with, that I know that I can kind of produce and then I can have a meeting. So even when I get a prospect, I don’t even have a sales call right away with them. I don’t even want to waste anybody’s time. So I kind of do some due diligence, some homework. Then I set up a meeting with them, maybe two days after and then I feel confident and presale on it. And then they don’t pay anything until the leads are producing and that I feel better that way. Secondly, another option I do is I know everybody’s trying to do just legion and I’m with you on that. That’s the long game, but I’ll do a bundle deal where where I kind of do lead gen with SEO for them that way is just kind of I’m doing something for them. Something’s coming in monthly and they can see what’s going on. So that’s if you want to do a monthly thing just so as SEO, as a bundle deal, that’s what I do. So.

[00:17:47] Yes, I agree with that, too. Yeah, there’s a couple of questions. Kyle’s asking, how much are we charging for the startup? We’ve kind of targeted three three thousand bucks for the startup fee, but then the next questions he is asking is how about charging a startup fee that covers the cost of your work going? That’s what we do. So three grand up front and then nothing else until we kind of get a flow and that can take three, four, five six months, depending on the niche. And we are in the middle of a few of those deals right now, and I think they’re working out much better than the cells just because there’s less pressure. We’re not losing money on ads. The client understood going into the deal that it was not going to produce overnight and that we needed time to build up to it. So they’re they’re cool and it’s just working out a lot better overall, in my opinion. Graham, does that make sense? I know that like, look, there’s we’re certainly not the end all, be all. But that’s that’s what’s worked best for us.

[00:18:47] And yeah, buddy, it’s that’s exactly the same framework that I’ve got going at the moment. So I just want to hear, you know what your theory were. So it looks like everybody, all the Golden Stones may have come into the same stream. So now that’s good, buddy.

[00:19:02] Yeah, yeah. Not on that. Michael is adding, which I think is a good nuance is only pre sell to existing clients that are well in the black on their existing legion. So that’s a good kind of nuance. There is like it’s OK to pre sell. If they know you, you have a relationship with them. You’re already producing on some other sites, perhaps because then you have a little bit more leeway to finagle the numbers or do some financial gymnastics if it becomes necessary. So that’s a really good point. It’s not like a pre sale is a no go all the time, but I think that, you know, in our experience from what happened to us fourth quarter of last year, it’s like, let’s not do that anymore. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. We’ve had a lot of that same situation with the with the existing clients, and we actually did the same thing. We just started to start up being even though they trusted us a lot. We didn’t raise her. We didn’t raise the rent a like. I just don’t. I think one of the most valuable assets that you can have is a client that trusts you, that if it’s a good client, when they trust you and you don’t want to ever damage that relationship. So I’ll definitely like take the startup. We just did this. I mentioned this on a call a few. I don’t know a few calls ago. We brought on it. We had an existing client and he bought into a new company.

[00:20:24] It was in, if you guys remember, it was an air conditioning company in Austin, Texas. So he I charged them a startup fee and I told him, Look, this is going to be a super competitive niche, you know, air conditioning and Austin’s the city with two million people surrounding it, right? And air conditioning is very like, need it in Austin, obviously, right? So we looked at it, it looks really competitive. So we charge them startup fee. And I’m like, Hey, it might be six months and maybe like next year before you really start to benefit from this because we’re going to miss the summer. It’s not going to be ranking by the summer. So but you know, just like a lot of times, I think these questions we get, we get kind of like sucked into the weeds a little bit and we forget to like what feels right. You feel like you’re going to actually be able to deliver for this client and you feel like you’re making an honest decision by promising himself in three months. I personally didn’t, and that was an issue. And, you know, so we’ve we’ve made that pivot and it’s taken so much stress off. We seem like I had this like thought process in the past where it was like, if I can keep this person happy for the first six months, then I’m going to have them, like for 10 years. And it was this fragile state and that was just like, always kind of like bothering when they’re in that fragile zone.

[00:21:45] So doing this way, it seems like they’re not in that fragile zone anymore. Right. So like I said, you’re not going to make money really until month six, anyways, that’s when it like starts to become more passive. Right. So, OK, you got we got a question from Juan Martinez. Yes, it looks like there’s too I’m having a growing issue here. No one is asking. New to the business question number one best way to organize finances on how to keep track of money coming in and going out. Patrick is the accountant. Yeah. So one of the things that you’re going to want to do. Is, first of all, like when you create, even if you haven’t set up your own LLC, just having a separate bank account that can have all your money coming in and out. Right. So that’s that’s step one, right? You want everything. Coming into your business and going out from the same account, you don’t want anything else like, don’t be like, Hey, I only got this, I only got this card with me, so I’m going to like, throw it on here. No, you got to be really disciplined with this stuff, right? It’s going to make it easier to track your stuff and for your accounting stuff, you know, there’s a lot of different accounting packages. One of the things that that I used to do is go into your table and I would just like export my stuff from like from my bank account imported like as a spreadsheet imported into your table and then air table.

[00:23:09] I would assign categories to it. So this could be like, Hey, this is what I’m spending on Google ads, this is what I’m spending on employees. And then like with an air table, it’s really cool because you can group it by category and then it will total the categories for you. So I could just go through like if you’ve got access to QuickBooks or something like this, then obviously that’s like there’s more sophisticated ways to do the same thing. But I think I think it’s very important. It’s mistake that I made is you as the business owner, you’ve got to really you. You can’t be sloppy with your finances. It’s going to be a big deal. So you’ve got to watch that stuff and you’ve got to start putting system. And as you grow. Don’t go like a year down the road and realize that, hey, you know, I’ve been paying for these like seven subscriptions that I never used, but I just never check my bank account. So it’s just like, I’ve been like all this money or like, you’ve probably got clients. If you guys have been around for a little while, I’ve got a running spreadsheet all the time. I’m like looking at our clients. I’m looking in, regenerated and looking at how many leads, how, how much is this person paying like when that number gets out of whack? You need to make that phone call, right? The one that that Josh Murdoch hadn’t made, but when hadn’t made right is like, you’ve got to raise the rent on some of these people, right? So we got we hopefully that answers it.

[00:24:24] I see that second question is the other question I had how to manage your daily task and organize your day, week and stay on track. Ok, so that’s a tough question. I would certainly. Like, kind of like prior to answering this question. Yes, I think it’s important from a mindset perspective, when you guys started this business, you are no longer like lead generators or marketers, your your business owners. So all these things, your job as a business owner is to solve problems. That’s the top level job, right? The problem could be like, Hey, I need to like delegate some of the stuff like the website building because that’s a port on our task, right? So with time management and this stuff, we should be studying this stuff. There’s time management books out there. There’s like, you know, seven habits of highly effective people. It talks about scheduling, right? So you need to. And there’s I think, Gary Keller. The book is the one thing, right? So what I would recommend is, what are your priorities? What do you need to do get organized and don’t spread yourself so thin? So you’re like, Hey, I’m going to build like twenty five sites at one time and it’s going to be like, I’m going to do page one of all these sites, right? Like break it off in batches and kind of move things down the track.

[00:25:38] So there was a call, I think it was April 14. I did a call where I kind of showed you guys the system that I use in my business to like, manage, manage manager projects so you can put in all your sites and you can put in like there’s different metrics in there, and this can help you determine which ones are kind of the closest to popping. And then I introduced this, this ratio on that phone call, it was mentioned by Lou just a minute ago. It’s like if you’ve got twenty five sites in less than 60 percent of these sites are ranking, you should not be building more sites. You should be ranking the sites right with the kind of analogy of like you wouldn’t build like if you had twenty five houses and you only had three renters. You’re not going to go build twenty five more houses. You guys have invested in an asset. You need to take advantage of that, so you need to organize around where you are. It’s not going be the same for everyone. But you know, one of the things that I love is the Pomodoro technique. So you’re going to basically think it’s great for time management. So essentially you’re going to write down what you’re going to do over the next twenty five minutes and you’ve got kind of like a goal, right? And you’re going to spend that twenty five minutes completely focused on that.

[00:26:49] I mean, you put your phone away if you don’t get through it, you need to re analyze, OK, like maybe, maybe my gauge, your productivity is wrong and I’m going to adjust. And then you take like a 10 minute break or five minute break and then you do like another twenty five minutes. So you’ve got like this, this stuff that you’re intensely focusing on during your during these chunks of time. Right. So and you’re going to move through this throughout the day, right? So read about it. The Pomodoro technique, it’s you know, it’s been around for a while. I think I think the story was the guy has like, I think Pomodoro means like tomato and Italian, and it was like some Italian guy and he had like a clock that was only went up to twenty five minutes and it was shaped like a tomato or something. But like, awesome, awesome method. I think it really boost productivity. So check that out. I think that’s a great way to start. But you know, part part of maybe part of your question is like, what order should I do things then? Right, and I think you’re going to have to just kind of like. Maybe like backtrack from some of the videos a little bit, and for us, just kind of like a high level overview is from that video on April 14th. We talk about phase one, phase two and phase three. So phase one for us is like, I’m going to get a two page website in a GMB live.

[00:28:08] And then, you know, phase two has like certain requirements. And so it’s kind of giving you a game plan. And like all these, all these metrics are just numbers, right? It’s it’s not true that we could just say, like, we’re looking at somebody who’s like a really good football player and we say, like, OK, this guy is like six, four to twenty five. He can lift this much. He can run this fast. Like that doesn’t mean he’s going to be great. That’s the same with our website. But when you stack up enough of these indicators, it’s more likely. Right? So you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt, but we want to check all these boxes like, Hey, we’ve got enough content, we’ve got enough backlinks, we’ve got enough reviews, we’ve got enough games, all these different things. So we’re kind of like stacking the deck in our favor when we stack up enough of those things in our corner. So that’s how I would approach it. One, I highly recommend if you haven’t checked it out the video from April 14. And then I think the next day or later that day, there was a a spreadsheet that I included, and it’s made a difference for our business. And based on the feedback that we got from that call it, it seems like it helped people really form an action plan. Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome, any other follow up questions with that man?

[00:29:24] I have another one, yeah, I just posted it. My other question is, so right now I have one site, it is ranking third and the first page in the first page and the top keywords, but it’s not getting as many calls or leads. What can I do to make that better?

[00:29:48] And in my other one is

[00:29:50] I have another side that is first place in the map pack for a week, and it’s not getting as many calls or leads. What can I do to those sites

[00:30:03] So I can get more? Not there in the first first page

[00:30:08] In the backpack? What can I do to make them get more leads, right?

[00:30:12] So I think it’s really subjective when when people say that that something’s the first page in the map pack because like, what does that mean? Is it so like you’re in the first page at one location for one keyword or you’ve used the heat map and you’re ranking number one across the whole city for this for this keyword or multiple keywords? Right? So which one is that one? Are you? Are you? How did you determine that you were in the first spot?

[00:30:39] So I just I just, you know, the name, the name, I just type in, it’s a gem, know if I say keep boxing and certain city and the first first spot is the my side that I did. And so it’s kickboxing is

[00:31:02] The main keyword, you know? Yeah. Let me show you something. Let’s just take a look at that. So this this is our heat map, obviously, right? And you can see how things can change as we move across. You can see my screen, right? We’re good. Yeah. Yeah, OK. Ok, cool. All right. So you can see like, let’s look at this. You can see these people are ranked number one, right and up at the top here, but down here, they’re not ranking it. All right. And this is just one one keyword roofers near me. Ok, so what does it mean to be one in the map pack? So for us in our agency, to be one of the map pack means that I have. A number one average across the city. And if you do that, you’re going to have a lot more calls. But if you just happen to like if Google returns, we don’t know what location they’re returning it for. When you do a search that way. But if they return this spot right here, you could think your number one. But look how often you’re not number one. So in and you should be looking for like, I’m going to open up. Give me one second. Let’s let’s open up a refs. Hang on one second. With this weird split screen thing going on here.

[00:32:14] I’m going to stop my screen sharing for one second when I log into a trap. So you really you really need to be ranking number one for more than the top turn, like when when the leads really start to pour in is when you’ve got like. Ten, you know, so like maybe you’re you’re your number one for seven terms or 10 terms. Once you do that, then it’s like it’s it’s a whole nother ball game, right? So if I go over here and so this would be how I could do some research, right? So I’m going to just go in here and you don’t you don’t need to have any ref’s account for. To be able to do some of this research here, so you can see kick boxing, kick boxing near me. Kick boxing classes near me. I would be going through some of these and there’s fifty four thousand other ones, so for those of you guys that don’t have an account here, I could just go here and type in kickboxing near me. And scroll down here towards the bottom and I can see here’s what Google here like. Obviously, this is a popular, popular for women, so I would I would want to be ranking for maybe all of these. Right? Okay.

[00:33:34] And when you do that, and if you do that across the entire city, this is how you get more calls. So if we go back to a question of like, how do we do that? So now we’re talking about what strategies we can use here. Some of the strategies you might use one is like, what if you set up another GMB down down over here and over here and over here? What if you had five GMB and they all have like maybe one is like kick boxing and the other one is like kick boxing, ladies kick boxing, right? Mixing all these different terms in here. So you’re going to have to like, build the strategy. And if you look through Jeff was was kind enough to spend some of his time and he went through all the videos and he continues to do this. And he’s built a sheet inside of our Facebook group that list off the topics that were covered on the calls and the minutes that they’re covered. So you can go through that sheet and you can look for some of the GMB ranking techniques and then go directly to that call and go through those. So I think kind of combine some of these mindsets. It’s going to make a big difference for you.

[00:34:39] Ok. And then you said yes on the on the various paths where they had the spreadsheet.

[00:34:46] Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Jeff, would you mind tagging one on that that that file or like, let’s hold on one second. Let me see here. I think I stopped sharing. It’s on one of the announcements, one of the group. I think it’s it’s not the first announcement because there’s a different one now, but it’s in the announcement section and

[00:35:08] I’ll look

[00:35:08] It up. Now you can wash about the let me see here. Well, Eugene is asking when your ranking for. Multiple keywords is that for the home page, GMB or ranking other pages like the service pages, you know, I probably spend like 70 percent of my time focused on the GMB rankings, right? I pay attention to the traffic and, you know, our rankings for this other stuff. But but really like and honestly like, we pay attention to the ranking of the website because we know that that contributes to the ranking of the GMB. And we’ve had, you know, we’ve had websites that are ranking really well where we’ve lost our GMB and we’ve continued to get leads. So I know that they’re not all coming from the GMB, but a lot of times that’s kind of like our go to is just like, how is the GMB ranking, right? So. Yeah, but like it’s great to be able to rank these other pages as well. I mean, getting as many people as many, like relevant people on your site is just only going to help you wreck. Neil, I know you’ve had your hand up for a long time and. You’re muted. We ask you to unmute.

[00:36:33] And just so, you know, it’s not like I’m not interested, but I’m going like this, that means I’m taking notes.

[00:36:38] Oh, your you check. So there’s like within Zoom, there’s a little raise your hand thing like so it’s yeah,

[00:36:45] Yeah, yeah, I did that because earlier Jeff was asking about when’s

[00:36:50] Oh,

[00:36:51] What do you got? Well, Liam was talking earlier, and it kind of related about landscape or the landscape is a tough niche. If you’re in a spot like tropical and you know where I’m at Sarasota, there’s a hundred and fifty landscapes. You know, it’s it’s not something in one thing that I agree with you 100 percent, which I wasn’t taught the right way in the beginning was, oh, three months you ever get leads and it just doesn’t. Now, my expectations for myself and for the clients is that, look, it’s depending on the niche. It could be six months to a year before I really start to get some traction here. So just I want to give them those expectations up front, but I had a landscaper that I was actually thinking of really nice guy. But he the money’s just trickling in, right? And it’s not like I’m killing them with leads. But then all of a sudden the other day I looked and there was like three big deposits through Zelle from him and I called them up. I’m like, What’s going on? And he goes, Oh, like, I told you, man, these don’t happen overnight. And they just sold. They got another bunch of other big ones coming in, too. So it’s he’s just a really nice guy to it. What I hated to let him go.

[00:38:10] So I was on the board and then he made the decision for me. So that was a that was a nice in there. And now I got him. He’s redoing the waterfall in front of my house. So there you go. And I had three this past week. I had three people agree to 10 percent and it wasn’t and relatively quick two and they were. I consider them wins because they’re they seem like they could be mailbox people. You know, they get it. They’re solid contractors. We hit it off. We’re on the same level, you know, and like this guy today that I was talking to does home renovations and stuff. He’s like, You know, this is great because he’s going to give me 10 percent from from the start. I said from here and he goes, No, man, you know, you’ve been more than fair. Any of these ones that come in as soon as I get paid, you’re getting the 10 percent and then we can work out a flat fee down the road just finding those people. It doesn’t happen right away normally, but I think I found three of them this past week. Yeah, so it makes up for all the other ones. It’s a it’s a it comes and goes, you know, you just got to get used

[00:39:23] To it with each one. You just got to get lucky once. That’s kind of that’s kind of my mindset. You just got to get lucky at one time and find a good client for each niche.

[00:39:31] And now I’m getting backups for them too, even if I think I’m still getting someone else that say, Hey, I got someone else right now, but they may not be able to handle what you want some of the overflow down the road. Right. And then I got, look, if he doesn’t work out that I call up and they’re all excited. Oh, yeah, you know, so it’s I just try to do the takeaways with people as much as possible. And I I’ve really had a problem finding a good contractor for a certain niche. It’s a high end niche, and no, everybody’s booked out for the rest of the year. And so now I’m going out of my city, I’m going two hours away and I got a guy that I have two hours away, that solid. He’s talking about coming to where I’m at, putting this guy a crew up in hotels and doing the jobs here. But now we’re talking about I with some other people talking about starting up our own business. You’re talking this niche is it’s millions of dollars a year and nobody wants to work, it’s like, what? You know, so it’s like it’s just seems to. I hate leaving money on the table, right?

[00:40:43] Right. Yeah, I know the niche that you’re talking about because we had that conversation

[00:40:47] A while back, right? So, yeah. Permanence. There’s architects they have to jump through. Yeah. But I’ve already got people

[00:40:55] In place that can do that kind of stuff. Yeah, I love it. I love, I love, you know, so so basically, he was going and he was trying to send leads and these people were busy and they kind of like, had kind of you kind of just seem like a poor attitude towards towards a lot of stuff. And you know, for Neil, he’s a problem solver. That’s not the end of it. That’s like the game’s not over. He’s basically went around. He found another find another route and he’s going to make it work. And eventually it’s probably going to put the hurt on these guys. You know, to have somebody that has this skill set in that industry that is like, you know, started out as a lead generator, and now it’s just going to make it harder for people to find those other people eventually. You know, I went through a similar thing in Vegas where I ended up starting the company, but I bounced around. And then, you know, now we have seven of the top spots on on the on the first page with various websites and some of the people’s companies that were kind of blowing us off. My client has absorbed their crews because they’ve lost work and my client has like he’s gone from two crews to 11 crews, right? So he picked up the crews of the other people that didn’t want our business and kind of like blew us off before. So it’s kind of cool to see that circle back around. Obviously, like I mentioned this before, the lead generation, it’s kind of like a zero sum game where like, if you’re taking it from someone so like, you know, we always try to make sure that we’re taking it from the people that are not good to the customers or like, you know, and putting into the hands of great people who do great work. Right. So awesome. Awesome, Neil. Thanks for sharing that. Graham, are you? Is that Graham? You got another question, brother?

[00:42:39] Yeah, mate. Just going back to what you said about, you know, getting 3000 bucks up front, are you are you able to obtain that sort of that level of fee because you have, you know, obviously you’ve got history, you’ve got maybe testimonials. What would you suggest to somebody that’s just starting out that wants to pre-sell legions? What sort of level would you set for that?

[00:43:06] Good question. You needed to do it right? Sorry about that was I was muted, some background noise over here. I would say, yeah, it’s it may be challenging for people that don’t have, you know, the same experience and the same level of confidence and certainty. After you’ve done this for a while, you get like a certain level of swagger that makes demanding that look, I don’t really think twice about it. It’s no big deal. But that’s not how it was before something that that we had enough reps where we started to feel confident. And it also was a function of like, Hey, like, we want to make it worth worth it for us. Otherwise we’ll continue to focus on other projects that we’re working on. And if you’re willing to play this, then it makes sense. So that should be a factor in what you determine. I personally wouldn’t recommend that you guys go go below fifteen hundred. I think you’re going to start to attract the wrong type of relationships you do like a five hundred dollar startup fee, like you’re anchoring yourself to somewhere you probably don’t want to be. And you’re saying, like, Hey, like, we’re getting started at five hundred and then, you know, eventually we’ll get to a thousand which like. I just don’t want to be. It’s not the type of client I want personally, I want my clients pay me two, three, four thousand.

[00:44:28] I want people that are serious about their business. I want to turn them into million dollar companies. And when we anchor it at three thousand, it’s just like they know that they’re not. There’s people out there that sell websites for two point ninety seven, right? Like we the same way that you don’t want to be those people, you don’t want to be the person that’s anchoring yourself to low right? And to some extent, you may have to fake it till you make it. But look, we have these calls every week, and when you land one of these, there’s been a number of times where I’ve jumped on, like one on one Zoom calls to help people that have lamb landed this stuff you can get in the spotlight. So let’s say you land one and you’re worried you don’t have the chops for it yet. Well, like you’ve got a group behind you that’s growing. There’s almost six hundred people in this group now, so there’s a lot of support here for moving it, moving in that direction. What do you think of offering the same to client? The same to client from five thousand to you. Can you explain that a little bit more? I’m not exactly sure what that means. The same client two four five. Oh, so you’re saying.

[00:45:32] What’s up? How are you? I’m good. Thanks. How are you? Yeah, yeah. So he I have a meeting next week and he wants to separate Legion’s built, and I already told him it would be an upfront fee for the build and then charge him again once the leads start coming in. And I hadn’t really gone through how much I was going to charge for that initial stage building, but you’re throwing around this three thousand number, which I like a lot. And so I was thinking that I could be like, Oh, we usually do three thousand as a startup fee, but because you have to, we can do both of them for you for five thousand.

[00:46:09] Yeah. Yeah, I mean, absolutely. Just just make sure that, you know, when we take on our three thousand, we’re definitely spending a good amount of it. And I’m like, I’m taking that money and I’m like putting it towards getting the the wheels running as quickly as possible. See, I don’t I don’t know how long you’ve been in or where you are in your business, but I would make sure that if you’re asking for that, that you have your ducks in a row, because when someone pays that most people are going to expect stuff to be to be delivered. The only reason I’m saying this, because like I said, I don’t know where you are in this business, and I don’t want to put you guys in a situation where people are pissed off at you, so that number should reflect your ability to deliver to some extent.

[00:46:53] I would like to think that it does. Yeah. And I, I I come to the meetings, I come to the lives. I ask questions when I don’t know things and I don’t really. I’m kind of a go getter and I I keep hearing people say, take action. So I was, yeah, I’m terrified and maybe I won’t deliver, but I think I can.

[00:47:15] And so absolutely, absolutely you can. Like if you’re if you’re somebody that’s going to ask questions, I think I think that’s that’s like half the battle. It’s like, get in, get into the group when you guys are stuck and ask these questions of like, what do we need to do? Like, it’s a two step, it’s a two step process. Like, Hey, let me celebrate the win. I might need some help with this. Anyone have any advice on on what to do? Right. So we’ve covered if you look through that spreadsheet that I was sharing a few minutes ago, like we’ve covered so many different parts and pieces of this now. So I think that’s going to be a really good resource for you guys. And I think as we move forward, some of this stuff is going to be indexed on a website that you guys can go through and and kind of search for different topics and tags. And then like, pull up the minute of the video. So I would be piecing that together again. Like if like, there’s two spots here, too. So like if you’ve got someone who’s kind of like on the hook, then that’s great. Let’s like, let’s let’s close the deal and let’s bring that home next. If, like, like if you don’t, then I’m like, slightly hesitant to go and try to like, close all these people and then like, sell the region. As I mentioned, like when you pre sell a region, you’re like locked into this niche and you’re under the gun to try to get it. Even if even if you like, bought yourself some time with, Hey, it’s just a start up you, we’re not going to charge you again like I would love.

[00:48:45] Like, you know, it’s a double edged sword to get a lot of referrals and that’s what we’re getting. We don’t get it, pick our niches and we get forced into like some tough cities and like this Austin Austin air conditioning one that I was talking about. It’s going to be a tough niche, right? And like, it may be better for me to just like go to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and choose some low hanging fruit where we can, like get fifteen hundred dollars coming in where like, maybe we’re going to work on this for. I don’t know how long it’s going to take a year, and then I think eventually we’re going to turn this into like a ten thousand a month client, but it may be three years before that happens, and that’s kind of like why I’m willing to take it on. I love the client. He’s a great. So if you if you’re not forced into that. It may be better if you go into it with the attitude of like, I’m not really going to make a lot of money until this thing ranks anyways. Rank it and then it’s certainly easier to sell it right? It’s like just I always go back to this. I’m big on these like images and analogies. If I’m trying to sell it, Ferrari and I’m like describing what the Ferrari looks like versus like having it parked in the driveway. It’s a lot easier to sell it when it’s parked in the driveway, and that’s what it’s like when you have the leads coming in and you’re like, Hey, here it is. Why don’t you try it out? Versus like, let me, let me paint this beautiful picture of what it could be? Right?

[00:50:03] Yeah, I totally and I totally agree with you. The thing is that this guy actually came to me and he is one of my friends and he has all kinds of money and he has investors and he’s like, Yeah, do it, hook me up. And I’m like, It will take him. And he’s like Adur. So I’m like,

[00:50:17] Ok, you know, like, yeah, take them home then. Right, right. Yeah, absolutely. It’s there’s nothing dishonest, in my opinion at that at all. It’s it’s like what you do afterwards is really where it comes into. So for me, it’s like, you know, to do you play any

[00:50:34] Sports or anything? Yeah, I try half one triathlon.

[00:50:37] Ok, so you’ve got to harness that competitiveness from that. And that’s how it is for me. Like when we bring on a new client, I’m like looking at the competitors and I’m like, Oh my God, look at this dude. I’m like, I’m going to, I’m going to crush all. I’m going to get this guy to like, I’ve got these guys on our dartboard and we’re throwing darts at them. I’m like, It can be one o’clock on a Saturday night and I’ll be like, this guy, this air conditioning company over here, man, they’ve got three GMB set up. I want nine. Like it’s I’m getting fired up. Seeing it, it’s not something that we kind of approach casually. It’s like, I’m going to demolish the competition because this person believed in me. This person went out on a limb and threw their hard earned money at you. There’s zero chance I’m going to let them down. That’s kind of my attitude. So like, I hope that you guys have that when you collect this money because these people just like us or just like you guys. When you sign up for some of these expensive courses like like, it’s scary, you don’t know if it’s going to come back. They have the same attitude. You got to put yourself in their shoes and realize what it means that they trusted and believed in you. So I think most of you guys have that, but it’s just something that that I feel whenever we bring on a new client.

[00:51:48] And, you know, my team has that kind of compassion. We do competitions. I’ll tell you guys, I wanted to share this with you guys last week. This is kind of off off the topic to you. But we did a contest in May of like, I set it up. So it’s like every live GMB was worth five points. Every, like every. I think if it was the postcard was mailed, it was worth like two points, and I think if it was impending, it was like three points and at the end you had 30 days. So we have three managers. I think we ended up getting. I’m going to say the wrong number, but I think we ended up getting like 30 or 40. Gm bees live during May through this contest. So like those of you guys that have teams, then like setting this up where we could set some of these competitions up within within the group, right? And maybe we could have some awards, but if not, then like hack your brain and come up with like these people. I kind of have this idea that when we go into a niche, these other competitors that are in their niche, they’ve called me out like, I’m like, they’ve declared war. They have no idea that I even exist. But in my mind, they’ve declared war on me, right? They’re like, they’re challenging me.

[00:53:02] That’s the that’s the picture I paint in my head. And you know, it’s not. It’s not that I want to do anything. It’s like a game, right? And that’s kind of how I go into it and I get super focused on it. So if this is different than what you guys are doing in your businesses and you’re struggling, maybe this could be a way this mindset set shift could be a way to to change that teams that result for you. It’s just like play a game like in a game. I shared this before one of my favorite stories ever Michael Jordan and the documentary on Netflix The Last Dance he talks about. He was in this game. They were like the the playoffs or something. And this rookie, this rookie got like, Mike didn’t have a good game and this rookie had like a really good game that that Mike was like guarding and stuff. And so like, apparently after the game, the rookie comes up to and puts his arm around Mike and says, like, good game, like taunting him. And then, you know, the next game Michael Jordan comes out and he just demolishes the rookie like the guy couldn’t touch the ball and he scored like, you know, Michael Jordan scored like 40 or 50 points. And he’s like, what? Like what? The people interviewed him after the second game? And they’re like, What was this like? Why did you target this guy? What? The guy didn’t even touch the ball.

[00:54:19] It just seemed like you had a vendetta. And he’s like, Yeah, this guy came up and said this. And then they asked the rookie and he’s like, I never said that. And then, you know, so, you know, 20 years go by. Michael Jordan retires and they ask him again, Did this guy ever say this? And he’s like, No, he never said it. I just I had to make up a story to get myself like, that is the ultimate champion, right? Michael Jordan is like maybe arguably the best basketball player of all time. That’s the mindset that some of these winners and some of these champions get into to. They’ve got to play a game on their self so that they can they can call on their their A-game. So there’s no reason why we can’t do that in this too. Like, you don’t have to be in the NBA, it’s just it’s just a simple mindset trick, right? So, all right. So let’s see if. I would say go for it. And they rely on the group. You can do this like early congrats. Maybe I don’t know. It seems like it seems like there’s a pretty good chance of closing if if you know this dude, right?

[00:55:15] I think so. So thank you, I am I’m really optimistic, and this is really helpful and encouraging and yeah, absolutely encouraging.

[00:55:25] Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, as long as you know that you can deliver, I would say one hundred percent, then they can do it. And there’s no reason why any of you guys can’t deliver. I’m not phrasing it that way. I just want that to be tied to your promises all the time. All right, cool. So Jeff, do we have any more questions we’re not caught up on? Yeah, we do. We have one from Andrew in the Facebook chat and he’s saying, How do you find these clients that are willing to pay the higher prices? He says people are shocked when he gives them $1500 quote or like five hundred bucks a month for SEO. I don’t think there’s a clean answer to that. I know for me it’s it’s it goes back to confidence, I think, and having the Ferrari to show them in the driveway, right? If I can show them the amount of call volume that we have in other markets in the same niche, for example, or even just overall, and we get like 10000 calls a month on our lines, we get a couple three, four thousand form submissions or whatever it is. It’s a lot it’s enough to to show them that you’re legit. And so then when you start talking about the numbers, like I was just talking to somebody today, Patrick doesn’t even know about this conversation in for that one trial client that’s working in the north area, the one that I showed the prospecting method on in the group, and I’m talking to him today and trying to close him down and get some real money locked down.

[00:56:53] And he’s like, You know, I’m pretty confident that in 60 to 90 days, I’ll be pulling 50k worth of jobs off of your leads. And I’m like, OK, well, that’s six hundred k a year. Like, what’s my cut, right? So there’s real, there are real business owners out. There’s real contractors who understand the metrics, you understand the numbers, your job, your mission. If you’re willing to accept it as a fine, these people, right, it’s like it’s a prospecting never ends. You may have to go through three, five, 10 people before you get there, but these people are out there. They’re hungry, they want real. They want to work with somebody like us who knows what they’re doing, who are real lead generators. And they understand that if they can keep that phone ringing, they’re going to close more deals and they’re going to build a really bad business for themselves and you funneling those leads to them, you can do one for yourself, too. So I would say it’s it’s like all sales, right? It’s a numbers game, right? I don’t see that I prospecting. You need kind of like higher level group or form format or anything.

[00:58:00] I’ve shared the way that I prospect there’s no real rocket science or anything. There’s some finesse, but it’s not like I’m going to some industry conference and walking around like, you know, the big guy on campus or I’m not doing anything, I’m just going into Facebook. You know, it’s the numbers game, in my opinion. Patrick, what do you have to add to that? Yeah, I mean, I 100 percent agree with you, Jeff, but I think there is another component to it. Like if you’re trying to get fifteen hundred dollars a month from a carpet cleaner, you know, good luck. It’s going to be tough. It exists. But it’s it’s going to be a lot easier to get fifteen hundred dollars from a guy selling yachts. Right. So like, you need to be in the right niches, you need to be. There’s a lot of things that have to line up. And chances are. Andrew, like, you have some of them, right? Like, you may not you may not have all of them. It could be like the client the person is picking up on a lack of confidence from you or you’re not delivering the right message to them. It could be in the wrong niche. It could be the wrong person and the right niche. I don’t know, but some of this stuff has to line up, and it’s something that that we’ll still hear, right? Like, like, we’ll weed them out pretty early.

[00:59:13] Like, Hey, our minimum is X. Does that line up with you? Because if not, then like, this probably isn’t a good call this we’re probably not a good fit for you. So if you’re if you’re trying to like force a, what’s the saying, like a round or square hole? Because like this person says there are five hundred like, that’s fine. Look, man, I wish you the best of luck. You know, we’ve done this a lot and we’ve changed how we do things. And it turns out that the best way for us is to have a minimum so that we make sure we allocate our resources as best we can. Our minimum is fifteen hundred. I know that there’s other companies that that can help you, but there is a difference between a Corvette and a Honda Civic. And we don’t sell Civics. We sell Corvettes. So if you want the Honda Civic, we’re not going to be a good fit for you. We’re designed for people that want to come in here and destroy the market and grow big companies. And you know, I get it. Money’s money for four people and it may. Are always, you know, this may not be the right time for you, but this is what we’re looking for.

[01:00:19] So and if that doesn’t work, then move on and don’t feel bad about it. And you know, make sure, Andrew, make sure that you’re like. I really don’t want to work in a niche where the average ticket cost is less than seven hundred and fifty dollars. It’s just it’s going to be hard to generate enough weeds and there’s going to be a lot of overhead to be able to demand big money if the value, they just don’t have enough profit margin when it’s too low, right? So they can’t they can’t afford to pay you big numbers, right? And a lot of times I’ve mentioned this a few times. So like a lot of times, like the businesses that charge the lower ticket items are easier businesses to start, which are often a lot more competitive because they’re easier. And then you have less serious business owners. So what you end up with is like a more competitive business with worse business owners for leads that aren’t worth as much. Right. So when you kind of start to scale up and go after these bigger ticket costs, everything improves, right? And it’s not true that because the leads are worth 10 times more, that it’s harder to rank it. That’s not that’s not that’s not true. There’s a lot of things that are easier to rank where they’re worth more, and that’s what the due diligence process is all about is like figuring those out and finding those.

[01:01:35] All right. So I know that and I’m sorry, I missed this earlier. I saw your post and again strategies to get addresses and get the person to verify the GMB. So we don’t personally have other people verify the GMB for us. It’s hard enough for us to get the people to respond. So but it’s just like anything. It’s a numbers game. We use Craigslist and we use indeed. I think it was cardinal who shared the strategy. Awesome strategy we learned. We learned from that, from that strategy. And then and then we’ve implemented that. And you know, in Craigslist and Craig’s List strategy has been it seems like it’s hit or miss for a lot of people. I think people have issues getting their Craigslist account to verify and like, have credit cards go through. One of the strategies I would do is kind of seizing your Craigslist account and just maybe post some of the junk in your garage on there and sell some of that stuff. So you got some real transactions. And then after that, because that’s what’s worked for us is like, I had a Craigslist account where we’ve moved a few times and we just like sold a bunch of stuff we didn’t want. And then it seems like that legitimized our Craigslist account.

[01:02:41] So pairing that with indeed, there’s neighborhood groups that you can go into. So if you’re trying to get a job in the city that you’re in, then you can you can actually like, go and put flyers on someone’s cars or like, you know, knock on doors or like, just just ask them, Hey, I’ll pay fifty dollars. What can you do to connect with people? Is maybe the better question, because getting the addresses is just a question of like connecting with people like what strategies can you come up with to create that relationship? So hopefully that that helps Shannon and I know that was kind of like generic advice or just so many different ways to do it, though. I have a website that we built within our agency that maybe, maybe I can find it and pull it up real quick. Yeah, I haven’t actually used it, but it was just an idea that I came up. Here it is. Um, no, I lost it. That’s not it, but I built a website and my plan was to get flyers in as we travel in the RV and we go through areas that that we’re having a hard time getting GMB score. I can leave flyers in these areas and direct people to this website. Pay the money and get it. So I’m basically going to do what I need to do to get the address while like maintaining like good ethics code towards it and not like, you know, doing anything crazy, right? So.

[01:04:08] All right. So, Jeff, we’ve got to keep we’ve got to keep this $50 page Blake on for the spotlight. He volunteered, and he’s new in the business. Blake, are you with us? You can go ahead and unmute yourself. Hey, Jeff, before we head to Blake, Shannon had a follow up question, so I’m going to just, yeah, I’m just going to grab that real quick. Fifty dollars each. That’s what we pay. We’ve gone back and forth between twenty five and 50. Sometimes it makes sense to do twenty five and then if they don’t, if they’re not motivated enough, then we can ramp it up to 50. We don’t pay up front. There’s been a few times where we’ve paid people like, OK, like, you’re not comfortable with it. We’ll send you twenty five dollars when they received the postcard and send us a picture of the postcard and then twenty five more when they give us the code. But I wouldn’t pay up front. I don’t. I think with the flakes that you’re going to run into through these modes of contact, you’re going to lose a lot of money doing it that way. So I would hold off until you get the code and if they really push them, give them half and then deliver the second half after you have the code, after you’ve taken the code and plugged it in.

[01:05:14] And Google says this is the correct code, right? So that’s that’s the step, not just getting a code, because like some of these people will just give you a number. We’ve had that happen where it’s just like some bogus number or something. So and it looks like people are becoming more and more aware of like being contacted for this. So. With that, there’s like the people that are trying to scam the people like us because they think that our thing is a scam, even though it never is. We always pay. You know, I would just like anything I street like. We had a person. It had been a couple of days and we agreed on fifty dollars and I did not pay this person because I’ve just been busy in my own life and I didn’t have a chance to go through a make payment. So I sent them seventy five dollars instead of fifty as because like, hey, this person was like a little upset because they thought it was a scam at some point. So that’s kind of our mindset on this, on this thing. All right, cool. Let’s go over to Blake. What’s up? How are you doing? You out there, Blake?

[01:06:11] Hey, how are you doing, guys?

[01:06:13] What’s up, man, how are you? Where are you from?

[01:06:15] I am from Richmond, Virginia.

[01:06:17] Oh, OK. We got it. We got a few people, I think, on this call. Oh, no, they’re up north like Alexandra. Or you’re you’re kind of Southeast Virginia, right?

[01:06:25] Yes, sir.

[01:06:26] Ok, so how long have you been in this business model?

[01:06:31] I started on the 15th. Exactly two months ago.

[01:06:36] Ok, so you’re two. And what? What did you do before this?

[01:06:42] Before this, I was a pizza delivery driver. I did like Grubhub and DoorDash and stuff like that.

[01:06:49] Yeah. Ok. Yeah, I got I got to an old time friend who has been doing like Uber Eats, and I’m coaching him on this business model now. So yeah, that’s cool, man. It’s like this. This business model has no, it doesn’t really care as far as like what you’re like, what you’re doing for. There’s no rule that you can’t go from, like delivering pizzas to make one hundred k a month. That’s that’s not that’s not a rule. So that’s that’s awesome that you’ve made the choice to take control of your future. So two months in. Talk to me, what what do you have in place?

[01:07:30] So right now, as far as what I can afford, I did the five the five website plan on snaps, and I filled that up with websites. I’ve got the first website that I did going through the training it’s on. It wasn’t number one on Google now. It’s like number two or three, sometimes number four. The other website, the other websites that I am focusing on, one mainly is my power washing site, and I didn’t do my due diligence right with my first site. And it turns out that the site ranked really, really well. Really fast started getting a lot of numbers, but nobody in Richmond wants window turning leads. They didn’t want it. I ended up almost being able to salvage it. I set up an appointment with this guy and he wanted to go into ceramic coatings in the ticket price on that is, I think, like eight hundred for the smallest one. So it sounded really good. But turns out he was a franchisee, a franchisee. So he ended up having to run anything he did at the shop through the other big company and they said no to it. I would have had him because he was apparently pissed, but so that kind of fell through. I ended up giving it off to this other guy who said he’s going to pay me $50 for every, every job that comes through, which is something, I guess.

[01:08:51] But yeah, other than that one, I’m trying to get my power washing in my roofing site done next and then a windshield repair site done in sparks. But I guess here and here, and you guys made me feel a lot better because I’m like, Oh man, it’s been, you know, a month. Why isn’t this power wash inside no one? And I was kind of freaking out, but hearing what you guys said kind of actually answered a lot of the questions I was going to ask. And I think I think where I’m lacking is when you guys were talking about keyword research, I’ve only done like one site and one job for the power washing site. So maybe I need to do more or maybe I need to do more work. When should I be trying to rank for different areas like so I’m trying to rank in Richmond specifically, but outlying areas or Chesterfield, whatever? Should I be putting those into my anchor texts when I’m dropping like guest posts and comments and stuff like that? Or I mean, what would be a I’m just kind of overwhelmed right now, I guess. Yeah, yeah.

[01:10:00] Yeah, no worries, man. That overwhelmed, I think is a good spot to be because it’s like, you’re trying, you’re trying to do a lot at the same time and you’re taking action. You just not really sure where to focus your attention. So I just want to take a step back and then I want to come for your niche selection. I think is I’m a little like I I don’t want to assault you, but I don’t think it’s I wouldn’t want to be in those niches like the windshield repair, like we got a referral and I’m in that niche in one area and I know that another person has done really well. Another Jake ended up like starting his own business in that niche. And you know, that’s that’s great. But I just personally like those are going to be one hundred and two hundred. And so is the same thing with like when attending and so is the same thing with like pressure washing, right? I know that some of the pressure washing jobs can be bigger, but you need to you need to ask yourself like like, I’m just going to run run you through this line of questioning. Is it like, what are we going to see when it’s easy to start? A business like pressure washing is an easy business to start right relative to like starting up like my classic. What is pool building, right, like it’s like you need to have a pressure washer, maybe a truck and some chemicals and some of these guys go to school, some don’t. But like, it’s pretty easy, right? You’re going to have a lot more competition when when that’s the case, right to do a driveway, what are they going to charge to get someone’s driveway across your wash? Is that going to be two hundred bucks or something,

[01:11:33] 200 bucks, something like that?

[01:11:35] So like, that’s the that’s the combination that I don’t like, right? Is the. High competition, low ticket price, so I don’t I wouldn’t say abandon these sites. Ok, I would just let’s fix this as we move forward with other ones and you chip away at these ones. Ok, roofing is one of the niches that’s kind of notorious for bad clients. Ok, so that’s another one that a lot of, I think people that have been in for a while, they choose to avoid that one. That doesn’t mean that people haven’t had success in it. There’s a lot of people that have. I just don’t think it’s like there’s there’s better niches. So I would say, like when you’re driving around town, are you still doing the are you still doing the delivery?

[01:12:21] Yes, I still do. Yes.

[01:12:23] Ok, so you’re driving around, delivering every single truck that passes by that’s wrapped or has anything on it, that’s an opportunity for you to think about that niche. Ok, so I think your mindset should be to always be. Always be always be looking at these four for these niches and writing it down, that’s that’s the phase that you’re in now is like trying to come up with these different niches. Put them through your criteria. Is this an easy business to start? Is this an expensive? It’s an expensive one, like. So those are some of the things that I would like you to look at. Now, let’s go back. I wanted to make sure that that was addressed because that’s something I wish I would have known. I didn’t figure it out on my own, it seemed like for a year and a half, and then I just kind of like the light bulb started going off, so I wish I would have known when I was two months in. Someone would have taken me and said, Hey, don’t do this instead, do that. So, all right, so Richmond, I’ve got to pull it up on my map here. So let’s let’s go over here. And this isn’t really about this niche. This is about I want you to understand the concepts here and then apply these to whatever niches you go to. Ok, so this is where you are, right? We’ve got this Richmond, Virginia here, right? And this is where you live, right?

[01:13:36] Blake Yeah. Yeah, that’s where I live, about two hundred and fifty thousand.

[01:13:40] Ok, great. So that’s a good city size two hundred fifty thousand, I think when you’re getting started. Now what I would do is I would probably. So what’s one of the the ones that you are trying to rank in Richmond right now?

[01:13:58] Right now, yeah, the pressurising because the competition is not very solid at all for for that.

[01:14:05] Ok. So this is what I want to do is I’m going to I’m just going to Google pressure washing. Ok. And for your keyword research, when I come down here and I’m just going to look. Ok, so pressure washing, power pressure washing, pressure washing, I know power washing is probably another one, so I’m going to I’m going to look at these and I’m going to look at power washing and what I would probably try to do. So since you live, it’s always good if you live in a city that you can start with that city because it’ll just make it getting gives a little bit easier. So use your social network, or maybe you can somehow talk to these people you deliver to. And I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s I don’t know if there’s an angle there or not, but sure.

[01:14:53] But GMB? Yeah. Oh, so I’ve got I’ve already got a bunch of places that I can do that I asked. I walked into some lower income apartment areas next to the gas station that I went to and three people said they do.

[01:15:11] The only caveat that I would say with that, Blake, is. Wherever you put your GMB, that’s where it’s going to rank the best, and if you go into like these lower areas that are not near like wealthier areas, then you may not you’re going to rank best in the area where maybe nobody wants to service, especially as you move into higher ticket niches, right? So, OK, you want to you want to surround this city, though, like so. Let’s go back to this tool right here, and I know, I know I this is repeat for some of you guys, but there’s a lot of new people in here, so let’s say this is where you set up your job in that circle. That’s where it’s going to rank the best. And maybe it’s like up here so you can see that you’re not going to hit a lot of a lot of the city and this is where the heat map comes in. You can draw that square around the city or whatever shape you want it to be. So you draw that square and find out your rankings across this area. So ultimately, what you’re doing is you’re trying to make this circle. So let’s pretend that this circle is where you’re in the top three in the maps, right? So this is what you’re trying to create, is something that’s going to like, cover this whole square. And when you do that, your heat map average is going to be like somewhere less than three, right? So it’s hard to do that from the beginning. So what happens is your circle? That’s probably oops. Let’s hold on one sec.

[01:16:36] And so are you saying I should be making more more jobs?

[01:16:41] Exactly what I’m saying. Ok. You’re going to want to. This is what you’re going to want to do. You’re going to want to start off by doing this. Ok. Put these things all over the town because wherever you put it, that’s where you’re going to rank the best, right? And for each one of these, you’re going to name them differently. So this one and you don’t want it to be too generic, right? So let’s say this one is going to be like pressure wash like so this is it’s Richmond pressure watching, right?

[01:17:07] Like, yeah, pressure washing of Richmond or power washer.

[01:17:10] Yeah. Pressure washer. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Do pressure washing of Richmond as your first one. Ok, so now whatever we use, like pressure washing we use here. So wherever, whatever word we use, that’s what we’re going to rank the best for. So you’re going to rate the best for pressure washing inside the circle. Over here, you’re probably not going to be ranking for pressure washing. But as we do stuff, as we get more reviews, as we like, get more backlinks, the circle gets bigger. Right. And it’s still named the same thing. So we want to take that into account from the beginning. So this one over here, we don’t necessarily. It’s right next to the one that says pressure washing. So now we’re going to call this one power washing or something, right? So now we’ve got a different term, so this is going to be power washing of Richmond. Maybe? I don’t know. You may even want to make it more different than this because. What’s going on? Well, let’s let’s just do a little. Future prediction here. So let’s say that’s my first or that one, and this is this one. Ok, so in this like area inside both these circles, that’s where both the pressure washing and the power rush washing are in the top three. It’s going to look a little weird to somebody who’s coming to visit the site when these names are so similar. Right? It looks a little wonky, so you want to take that into account. Maybe your power washing one should be this one down here because it’s less likely to overlap in the near future. Or maybe you maybe you make this name. Like. I don’t know.

[01:18:45] The Richmond pressure cleaning or yeah, I used to have power washing in it. So yeah,

[01:18:57] So you can you can look for clever names on the internet. If you do a search for like funny pressure washing business names, then somebody somewhere did something cool, right? Make sure that you keep it appropriate because people will come up with names that seem funny, but that’s probably not the right name, right? So does that make sense? This strategy here?

[01:19:21] Yeah, it does. And so but I don’t you’re not saying that I need to make additional. Do I need to make additional jobs and additional websites circling that area or just?

[01:19:33] That’s a great question. In this situation, I would say no. Like, OK, other situations. Yeah. So right now, go with you. You’ve got a city of two hundred and fifty thousand people. You’re in a niche that I don’t love, right? So I wouldn’t build multiple websites if I get a really good client in it. Maybe then I’m going to revisit that idea. If I’m getting paid a good amount of money, then maybe I’m going to start stacking additional websites there. But for now, with the city of two hundred and fifty thousand people, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to build like six or seven sites. That’s the approach that we do when there’s like a few million people or a second one, like if you so the reason I wanted this map up. Another reason I wanted this map up is like. If there are a group of big cities that are near each other, that’s a good situation to build out multiple sites because then you can go after each one of those. So I know that Richmond has 250000. I don’t. Are there are there other cities around here that have like maybe a hundred thousand or more that’s pulling up Ohio? Fredericksburg OK. So what is the population of that?

[01:20:41] Am not too sure, I think probably around Richmond’s population.

[01:20:44] Ok, so how far away is that?

[01:20:47] About an hour, an hour and a half.

[01:20:48] So that might be too far. You need to think about your clients here. And are they willing? They’re probably not going to be willing to drive an hour and a half, so it looks like that’s just twenty eight thousand. I don’t know if I have the right city, but let’s pretend that it was one hundred thousand people. But but it was an hour and a half away. I doubt you’re going to have a client and that niche that is going to want to drive an hour and a half to do a job for two hundred dollars or one hundred dollars, right? So. But if you like if you’re in L.A. where there’s like big city after big city right next to each other, then that’s a different situation where maybe that would justify building out more sites. So there’s a lot of things these are this is the mindset that I want you to go through when you make that decision. So this is again, this isn’t a solution to what you should do on this individual site. Think about it more of like this is the concept of how to make this decision on your own for future sites, right?

[01:21:46] And so one other question I had, so I can do the multiple jobs to, you know, four four four. So I guess my other question would be for more like keyword effect if I wanted to rank and say Chesterfield or which is a surrounding area or how often which is a surrounding area? Could I start dropping like I don’t even really know what I’m asking like, is there a way to stay with this one site with this GMB but rank four different areas? Or am I just screwed since I’ve already? No, no, no.

[01:22:27] Richmond Yeah. So let’s go back. Let’s go back to my my beautiful drawing here. And like I said, these circles can get bigger and bigger. Right? So this circle could look like that. It’s possible, right? So if you think about this as an antenna? And the bigger the incentive is, the stronger the signal is going to be. So you can hit those other areas, how do you target those areas? So here’s some of the strategies that you’re going to use. It’s like one is that you’re like within that GMB. You can name photos. It’s like pressure washing, Chesterfield power washing, whatever the other city is. You can have close. You can have reviews like what if you had a review that said, Hey, I own this house over here in Chesterfield and I hired this company for power washing and they came out and they did a great job. What if I have pages on my website that talked about those different things, right? And then like, you could set up additional GMB over there. Don’t fear getting get comfortable. Blake, I want you to get comfortable, like getting more jobs. It’s a good thing. So like if these places start to be like half an hour away, then maybe it’s time for another GMB there and you go and find a way to get one there.

[01:23:41] And just to clarify, I’ll be setting up these Google my businesses, but I’ll be linking them all back to the same website.

[01:23:50] Same website. Different pages.

[01:23:52] Got it, OK. Ok.

[01:23:54] Different phone number two. Yeah, these were questions in the Facebook chat, Patrick, that I was when you guys got to a stopping point. Yeah, different phone numbers was a question and then linking them to inter location pages was a question. I believe that if we’ve covered this a lot on other calls, right, so like, I’m happy to go back through it, but just to get the most value for the group, I think its job has created that awesome resource with the spreadsheet that that we can like. You guys should all go through that and check it out and then. Find some of these, find some of these ones where like, I delve deep into this. How to set this up with drawings and and all sorts of strategies so that as a resource, any time you have a question, just just look at the keywords I tried to keep where I didn’t tag it with hashtags. But if you search the keywords in that document, you know, at this point, almost inevitably, we’ve said something about it. So try to lean on that because it’s already been asked and answered. And then if you come with us back to to us with some nuance or something that we can elaborate on. Perfect.

[01:25:01] And that sorry, that document is where one more time.

[01:25:05] It’s in the group under announcements and in the group it’s a pinned post. And then once you get it, just save the link. You know, somewhere where it’s convenient for you and you can reference any time it’s published to the web and you can search it searchable documents and has a lot of great information with all of the calls linked back and timestamps that are not perfect. But you know they’re in the ballpark right on.

[01:25:31] Ok. Yeah, that’s that’s awesome. Just listening to you guys, I answered most of my questions. I guess I just have one other one, which would be. I am door dashing and, you know, doing Grubhub, and I do not like it, but I I would like to be, you know, doing something with this skill that could generate me money. Now I’ve watched, you know, a lot of dance videos about making money now and about Eugene review and a lot of that other stuff. And I’ve done that stuff, and I put up Craigslist posts about building websites and trying to do the pre selling thing that you guys were talking about. Is there any way that you or anybody else might have that that maybe I haven’t, and it’s something I haven’t tried as far as, you know, getting getting just some income in the door quickly while I’m waiting on these lead generations. Any anything maybe I might not have haven’t heard of?

[01:26:31] Yeah, I mentioned I mentioned this on a previous call where you can like. It’s going to it’s going to require a little bit of cash, but if I were trying to get fast money, this would be my go to strategy is like I would go in and again, I’m going to refer back to that same spreadsheet. So there’s some quick money strategies where you go and you can buy a WordPress theme. You can hire somebody off online jobs. That’s a WordPress expert by a WordPress theme. Set it up, put a little bit of branding on it and send a screen cast to people and then try to sell the site for between two and three thousand as just like a one off for the website. And you’re kind of like setting up that relationship. So that would be you can get incredibly professional looking sites for 60 dollars. So 60 dollars theme on this site that’s mentioned in that video can be loaded by somebody who knows what they’re doing. Like fifteen minutes, it would look like a 20 page, 30 page site. And then you go through and you would customize the content and the pictures of it. But it’s like it’s done by graphic designers and developers that are, you know, it would just be hard to create something that looks that professional through a website builder.

[01:27:47] So with my level of experience, yes, so far. So you’re saying go buy a site.

[01:27:55] I’m saying. Yeah, I’ll just step you through it real quick. I know after this, I’ll have to this. I want to jump off. I’ve got like, I’m going to go out to dinner with my family here for a late night dinner. So, all right, but let me share my screen with you real quick. And I’m going to breeze through this pretty quick to give you an outline of it, but I did go over this in more depth in another in another previous video that can be recalled on So. All right. So if I do a search for theme, here we go right here. All right. So this site Envato Market theme forest. All right, so. What’s so niche that you’re in, like if I search, let’s just say I search for a contract contractor. Ok, so this could probably be put to a lot of different niches. You see this as fifty nine fifty nine dollars for this theme. There’s a bunch of other themes on here, different prices I’m going to sort by best sellers. Ok, so looks like this one right here. Construction WordPress theme for fifty nine dollars. Ninety five hundred people have bought this thing. So if I click into this. I can go to this preview. Ok, so let’s take a look at these are every single one of these is included with this sixty dollars thing. So you’ve got a bunch of different options. So I’ll just choose this one. Ok, so. This can be built all these pages right here, look at all these, there’s a bunch of different pages in here. So here’s some other random page that they have. Look at this thing, this would take 15 minutes to get set up with somebody that knows what they’re doing.

[01:29:34] Ok, so 60 dollars and if you’re paying somebody four dollars an hour in 15 minutes, so that’s one dollar of their time. So one dollar plus the 50. So you’re in for 60 dollars now, right? And this is where this is your starting spot. Ok. I mean, this looks. All right. Yeah. And this can be reused, and it comes with a bunch of other pages, right? This is like a about us type page. So they load in. This is all dummy data, so they load this in. Here’s one on metal roofing or whatever. You’ll have to maybe swap out the pictures and. I mean, there’s just a lot of pages in here, right? There’s a contact page, here’s a shop. To give you all these like just kind of all kinds of crazy, different options in here, and this is just one, there’s thousands of these themes in there, right? So you buy this. And what if I what if I were to buy this? And then I was prospecting a bunch of different people? I’ve got like 10 people on my prospect list and I were going grab their logo and put their logo on this thing and send them a screen cast. They’re in this niche. They’re like, I’ll choose the niche that’s perfect for them. So now I have like, maybe I have like one for plumbing, so I’m going to prospect a bunch of plumbers like, you know, I’m doing this. I’ll tell you this, I have this thing ready for you. It’s three thousand like I would make it sound smoother, but that would be a strategy that I would do to try to get some, some quick money coming in.

[01:31:00] Ok, so yeah, I thought that was going to be a lot more complicated. So, so theme forest or wherever I find it, grab the website. And then the one part that’s eluding me is, did you say I needed to find somebody to like, make it better to do some X.

[01:31:16] You’re going to have to play somebody if you don’t like WordPress is more complicated than these other systems. Got it! There’s like pros and cons, right? Like this one is more complicated. It’s cheaper. Maybe if it’s not done right, it can be hacked more. But like if you hire someone that knows what they’re doing. So this is online jobs up for this. It’s I think it’s like 70 bucks a month and you can post jobs and then like you hire someone and then cancel it. So that’s how it’s meant to be used. You’re not like scamming them or anything. So 70 dollars a month gives you the opportunity to post jobs. They don’t have your payments or anything like that. So you hire somebody, you cancel this now you’ve got a good person and like, look, there’s five thousand people signed up last month like, look at this guy, WordPress CEO. He wants six hundred and thirty three dollars a month. So if you think 40 hours, that’s like about one hundred and what? Seventy bucks or something a week, forty hours a week. So that’s about four dollars and just over four dollars that this person is looking for. I don’t know what this person three years of experience in WordPress. Right? So do you want to go learn this? This is like after three years. If you spent the next three years working on this, you could work your way up to four dollars and twenty five cents an hour. Don’t do that right. Hire this dude or hire somebody else and have them be an expert at this stuff so this guy can like, like I said, he shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes to load this thing. If he has what he needs like, he’s going to need access to hosting. He’s going to need the files from the theme. Maybe you give them access to your theme forest account. Right? And then you, you. You connect this stuff. He’ll set it up and it should be good.

[01:33:04] So you’re saying, just tell him what I want, he’ll take care of it.

[01:33:08] That’s right. That’s right. Have a little bit of trust here with some of these people. Don’t ever give them access to your register where you buy the domain, but you can give access to your host, right? So. Ok, cool, so that would be the strategy that I would use, WordPress doesn’t cost anything. Per month, zero dollars per month. Right. So just like you’re paying for hosting, though. But if you go to some of these hosts, like the one that I mentioned last week, there’s a lot of other ones out there. The one I mentioned is the one that I personally liked web host Python I covered on a call last week. If you don’t like it, then go choose one of the other million hosts that are great out there. This has just been the one that I think is my favorite. So you go in here, they have a lot of different plans. I recommended them because I think that their speed and their product is great. I think their pricing is phenomenal. Their customer service for me has been great. I know that Shannon had a little bit of issue getting connect with someone, but I think then they maybe Shannon. You can tell the end of the story there. I’m not sure what happened, but I felt bad because I was recommending them on their customer service and she was having a hard time getting hold of them. But that person had been my experience so far. Hey, Blake, I appreciate you showing up, man. I hope you got some value out of this and just going up to the calls and go mind that document for any of your questions.

[01:34:27] Okay. Sorry. I’m not trying to take up you guys this time.

[01:34:30] No. No, Jeff. Jeff is doing. Jeff is doing me a favor because like, it’s and there’s one quick question on the CRM, Patrick. That’s why I’m trying to pull you away. If we can answer that, because that’s an important thing. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So Treen is asking, I love the login form submission, but I’m having trouble integrating it into Snap’s. Can you show that quickly, if you can? Absolutely. We’ve got to get Patrick to dinner, and that’s how we’re rolling. So thank you again, Blake. I appreciate you showing up and trusting that we could also like really, really nice meeting you, man. Thank you for sharing your story here. And dude, stay plugged in in this group. There’s a lot of there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in there. Thank you so much, guys. Absolutely, man. All right, so let me get. All right. So we got Lee generated open here. So the ideal way to connect to snaps is with our website forms. So the website forms if you go here into leads because because this is a part of the leads, it’s going to be in the leads area, right website forms. So if I go in here, they go to all forms. So there is a relationship between the form and every company that we create. So you can kind of see that a form is assigned to a company. So you build the form inside of the generated however you want it. We have an update that’s going to make building the forms a lot easier that we’re getting ready to drop.

[01:35:59] Give you a lot more customization. It’s going to look a lot more like what you would expect when you build a form inside of a website builder. So we’re about ready to release that. There is one caveat with this right now we are working like crazy to try to figure out why our forums cause Google ads to think that our the form is malicious. And I think we’re close to a resolution with that. If you’re using Google ads, do not use our form. Zapier is the workaround for that temporarily until we get this resolved. So I’ve hired multiple people in the last two weeks. I’m just going to just keep firing people until one person can solve the problem for me. So our forums are not compatible with Google ads that will cause an issue with your with your ads account. If there’s no Google ads involved, you have no worries, right? It’ll work fine. There’s no there’s no other problem. Ok, so. You can build this form inside here. You come in here in your form builder, this left side is is the form that’s active. The right side is the the fields that are created. We have predefined fields, so these fields come with the system out of the box. These are the ones down. Here are custom ones, so you can make as many custom ones as you want and they can be whatever type of field checkboxes, radio buttons drop down all that different stuff.

[01:37:15] You add it in here. This little person icon will decide whether this is right here, it says include an embedded form. So if this is turned on, then it will be in the form that is embedded. So if I click on embed form, it’s going to ask me to select my company. And then it’s going to say, Hey, don’t use this with Google ads. I want to say, I understand. And then it’s going to ask you to like, what do you want to happen after the form is submitted? So I want it to go to another page or I want to give a message like. Thank you. Ok. You can customize things here if you don’t know CSIS, this might be challenging, but with our new update, that’s about to come out. You won’t need that anymore. We’re going to make it really easy on you guys. Ok, so once I click on Save, it’s going to give you this code. I paste this into snaps wherever. I want that to show up. Wherever I paste it, it’s going to take that form that I’ve built. Drop it right in there. Just like it’s like a picture or something. It’s going to pull that. And then as people fill it out, it’s automatically going to show up in our system. So I’ve got a lot of videos on this. So just so you guys know, if you click on this question mark in the top right corner and then go to documentation, there is in bad form right here.

[01:38:26] So for you can see, I’ve got the warning here about Google ads again, but there’s a video and then there’s like step by step instructions, right? That shows you how to do everything that I just showed. Right? Additionally, there is if you read the website forms overview, this will give you a little bit more information about the forms and how they work, kind of like some of the management associated with that. So I think between that, that should get you on like that should be you up and running? Right. And if you have any more questions, just like ask us in the group and we’ll be sure to do that, and I’m kind of working to redo a lot of these videos. Our system has changed a lot. It was hard for me to do the documentation when I knew the changes were coming because the documentation actually takes a. So much time, it seems like so we’ve got a lot of new changes that are about to come out once those come out, I’m going to launch a whole new like documentation that addresses it. It’s going to be a lot more complete. So Jeff, are we all good? Do you have any any final questions? We are all good and everybody is sending you best wishes on your dinner. So go have dinner. Awesome. Yeah, it’s been just one thing I wanted to address with you guys before I jump off here. Some of you guys know I just want to, like, hit this head on.

[01:39:47] I’m no longer a part of the JK group. I think that it was maybe not well received that we had shared on the call last week. I’m not going to dive into details. I don’t like this like chaos and all this drama that’s associated with it. So but I just wanted to put that out there. I’m no longer part of the group. We’re still going to be running this group and trying to help you guys out as much as possible. Obviously supporting software, we’ve got a lot of really cool stuff that is coming with it. Yeah. So let’s end this call. Like we in all the calls you guys got seven days before the next call to create wins. So whatever actions we take this week, let’s do it in a way that we have stuff that that we’ve moved our business, that we’ve moved our life over the next next week so that we’re in a better position, right? So it may not be that you close a client in the next seven days. For some of you, that’s not, but you can. You can make the ability to close the client one week sooner with the action that you take in this next seven days. Those are guys that need money. You’ve got some ideas from this call, so I appreciate all you guys have a great week. If there’s anything you need, we’ll see in the group. Take care of by friends. It’s early last.