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[00:00:00] Before we kind of jump in. I think, Patrick. Yeah, I’m

[00:00:06] Good. Hey, there we go. So apparently my internet likes to crash, right? Right. As we start these calls, it’s like two or three weeks in a row where we’ve had great internet all week and then it just crashes. So sorry to everyone about that. I know a lot of you guys probably know Shiv. I didn’t hear the introduction, but Shiv is Shiv is somebody you definitely want to listen to. Is Bennett, like you said, he’s been around this game for a long time. He is responsible for a lot of success for a lot of people and the growth of a group that a lot of us were formerly a part of. So Shiv is going to share something that a lot of you guys, a lot of guys may not know. I know that those of you that know Shiv, it’s easy to just assume that he’s an expert in everything he does which like I kind of find, fall into that category a little bit. But like within that, he has a strategy that we’ve seen firsthand has been very successful for choosing the right cities and niches. And I know that like, it’s something I’ve kind of struggled with in. But a couple of years as we kind of have the. Over an our agency. We don’t get to pick our niches a lot of times because we get a lot of referrals, and sometimes I think maybe maybe it’d be better if we just turn down the referrals and chose the cities that were the easiest to work in because we can always find the business if you choose the right city.

[00:01:35] So I think a big part of this game is choosing the right city and the right niche. And what you guys are about to see, I think, is, I mean, it’s you can’t underestimate or overestimate the you can’t overestimate the value of this spending. The extra time up front can save you months and months down the road. Save time and money, right? We’ve had places where we’ve received like a really warm referral and it’s taken us a year to rank. And then when we got to pick, we’ve been able to rank within a month or so, right? So a lot of you guys that are struggling. You’re probably doing a lot of things right, and you might be doing this wrong, so I think it’s important to watch this video, rewatch this video and really kind of get up to speed with it. So Shiv has a little favor to ask for some of you guys. So if you guys? He’s kind of put together a this is going to be this is going to be us kind of riffing, and he’s going to go through his system to kind of provide the training, but he’s he’s going to prepare a more formal training with this, with this content on it and. I know she have to be one of the most trustworthy and respectful people, and I don’t know. A very many people at all that would disagree with that, and I know we have a lot of mutual friends, but for one reason or another, it appears that there’s been some like some just complete nonsense that was published on the internet and.

[00:03:08] You know, it’s a review site, and, you know, if you would like to get that training, then we’re going to have a cowardly link that we’re going to share a 10 minute call with with Shiv. He’s not pitching you anything. There’s nothing for sale. It’s not. It’s not anything like that. I know that a lot of you guys are used to that. That’s not what this is. So he’s just going to step you through. There’s a certain thing certain way to kind of handle this, and it’s going to help boost his reviews on on just mention the character of who he is and what you know about him. We’re not asking for for those of you don’t know, like, you know, do it or don’t do it based on what you see. It’s not. It’s not a requirement, but I know a lot of people on here know Shiv well, and just maybe those people reach out to him, schedule a 10 minute meeting and then share your experience about this so that he doesn’t really have this black mark going forward on the internet that’s being broadcast out there by. You know, it’s just complete, no, I don’t want to dive too deep into it, but it’s just complete nonsense and we’re just going to deal with it like that. So Shiv, yeah. Anything that or are we ready to we’re ready to blast off.

[00:04:17] No, no. Yeah. Basically, you know, I’m more than happy to give. There’s nothing I charge. I don’t want to charge. If anything, I just need Larry. Like I said, five minutes. You guys is time. So I’ll have a link at the end of this and in return, I’ll give you a free training worksheets. All the stuff I know about this. It’s completely free. Literally free, free, free. Like, there’s not even like a link like, Oh, and if you want this, there’s nothing.

[00:04:39] So there’s literally

[00:04:42] I can’t take your money even if you had a credit card to my face. So I just need five 10 minutes of your time on a Zoom if you can give me that your time is worth the most. That would help me a ton. And obviously it’s optional, but we’ll drop a calendar link at some point. But let me jump into kind of sharing my screen here. I need my screen enabled. Yeah, yeah,

[00:05:00] I got to one second before we do this guy. So I know normally you guys are hopping in there asking questions. So as I mentioned, we started this early. We’re accommodating. He’s got a number of things going on, so we’re going to do this a little bit different. So for the first 30 minutes, which is going to be kind of Jeff, Shiv and myself going over this, I’m going to try to ask all the questions that I think you may have. And then we’re going to do rapid fire where you’re just going to kind of type in to the chat. And Jeff, if you can assist with when they start coming in, when we get to that spot type in the name of the city and then we’re going to kind of dive into that, we’re going to look at it and we’re going to we’re going to inspect it. And she’s going to give his opinion on why this may be good or why this this may not be good. So those are kind of the rules for today afterwards. She’s got a time crunch, so afterwards we can all kind of like kind of resume the normal format of the call, and I’m happy to stick around and answer additional questions for a little bit. But that will probably put us at like the forty five minute period right there. So. All right, cool. Cool ship and take it away, brother.

[00:06:03] Yes, sweet. So I need the ability, oh, I got the ability to show restraint. Awesome. So I know some of you guys use different tools. The tool I I use and I love as a ref’s only because they they just have they tend to have the best data. But for me, like I think Patrick said it best, like if you’re Patrick and you’re super talented and you have resources you can kind of go into and you have a lot of skill and you’ve done this a lot, you can kind of go into any niche, any city, who cares. And you know, there’s there’s sites where even this is a site with with a buddy of mine and you know, it’s San Diego fence, right? Pretty big city. But for the vast majority of people, I feel the best strategy is picking your battles in this space. There’s lots of cities, thousands of cities, hundreds of niches. So my whole thing has been, you know, why, you know, in my personal life, I don’t know if you guys have ever heard the quote like, you were five friends, you hang around. And so in my personal life, I’ve always been kind of the the ant in a sea of people. So, you know, I have friends like Patrick who do more in their agency than me or like, I always surround myself with people who bring Jeff is way more spiritually acclimated than me. And so I get spiritual advice from him. Like, I always find people who are better than me in a certain category when it comes to business.

[00:07:26] That’s, in my opinion, is the exact opposite. I don’t want anyone to be remotely as good as me in business. If I’m going to build a Legion website, I want to be the best in a town full of no competition. So the way I do this is, you know, for starters, obviously you can go into smaller cities, but we’ll kind of take an example here. So I’m going to take, for example, a site that I have this one, a really old project of mine, but I’ll show it to you. It’s it’s towing an Asheville, North Carolina. So maybe I’ll rephrase it towing an Asheville, North Carolina. And what you’ll notice is, so here I’m at the top of maps and then I’m no. One down here. If you look at this website, I mean, this has to be one of the worst websites in the history of the world. I don’t think it gets any worse than this. It’s pretty abysmal, right? So it’s it’s really, really terrible. I can show you the call stats on it, but basically it generated like six hundred and fifty phone calls last month, this awful website. Along with this map listing, the combination was six hundred fifty calls and I’ll try to pull it up here. But that had nothing, as you could probably tell. Like even just looking at the site, there’s not even an image of a tow truck or anything here.

[00:08:38] It’s it’s lucky because I picked my battle correctly. In fact, if you look at kind of my let’s call them competitors, we have Yelp directory site. We have a dot gov site. We do have this auto repair site, but it’s like going to a sub page. We have a Facebook page, a Yellow Pages, Yellow Pages, a directory site called True Towing that ranks for every towing company. I don’t even know what the heck this is. It’s like some weird site that doesn’t even have in the title the word Asheville in it. And there’s MapQuest, so you can tell there’s really nothing here to this day. And I’ve had the site up here for years and not only have a head there for years, it literally generates when you’re generating 600 something phone calls a month. I mean, you can only imagine, like it’s not like there’s not opportunity or it’s not worth it. It’s kind of worth it for anyone to to take that space. But I intelligently or I guess, you know, I spent the time to choose my battle and say, this is, I’m going to go into this space because it’s wide open. So the first thing I look at in any space, so I’ll show you something, just kind of I looked at previously. This is a city called Foster City, California, so I’ll kind of show you the population. It’s like thirty three thousand people, so pretty small city, but if you look at like the average household income, it is about one hundred and fifty eight thousand a year.

[00:10:06] So it’s pretty, you know, pretty affluent. If you look at the average, I don’t know if they’ll show it easily, but price of a home in Foster City, California, you’ll see here, it’s the average house is one point forty seven million dollars. So pretty pretty up there as a as a city. And I went in kind of search a bunch of different niches so we can start with our obvious towing. The first thing I look at is when it comes to the maps, I want to look for basically how many times in the maps does someone say the word foster city in the in the title right? And if you look here on this map, there’s nothing literally this one here is nack roadside service. This guy, this one here says the word tows and towing, but there’s no foster city in any of these. And even the third one, if you look at even the word towing, none of like only this one has the word towing, even in the map title. So this is pretty, pretty indicative of me if I had a map listing called Foster City Towing Service, that because the words are going to match that, I’m going to have a way easier chance of getting into this top three because the competition here doesn’t. They’re not really optimizing any of the words, for starters. The second observation you’ll you’ll probably notice is that both of these guys here don’t even have websites attached to their to their list.

[00:11:26] So that’s kind of a good sign to me, too when I go down to the organic part here. What I’m noticing is Yelp, which is a big directory site. And the reason why, in case I know you guys, probably I know most of you guys know this, but I’ll just say it anyway. The reason why I like it when I see a lot of Yelp or directory sites is because if you think about it in the eyes of Google, right, I went on Google search to look for a specific I’m looking for tow truck companies in Foster City by Google sending me to Yelp and this long page on Yelp. What they’re really kind of saying indirectly is they can’t really find an exact towing company to show me in Foster City. So you know what they’re going to do, they’re going to just take me to a search result page, right? Yelp, it’s just another results page of a bunch of businesses. And so it’s kind of sometimes it’s like, Hey, you went on Google to search for a business and we’re going to just serve you another search engine and more than the search engine. One of our biggest threats and competitors, Yelp, I’m going to give you a list, right? So this is like an Google size. This is terrible. Like they would much rather send you to the little rinky dink small business in town, right? That is not a threat.

[00:12:32] So to me, this is always a good sign when you see lots of Yelp. This true tone here, what you’re going to notice with this toolbar is kind of this toolbar tells you a couple of things, so it tells you on kind of two sides. So Page means the actual page itself. So these metrics here are talking about kind of the number of backlinks that are going directly to Yelp search. Mark this whole thing, right? And then domain this. These metrics on this toolbar from AA graphs is telling you kind of the stats of the entire website. So obviously, Yelp is a massive company, so you’re going to see one hundred and ninety eight million backlinks. You’re going to see, you know, you know, it ranks for forty six point forty six million, right? Or forty seven million, forty six point nine million keywords. So this is obviously a directory site. So these things are weak to me. We keep going this same thing here. You can look at the backlinks, you can look at the keywords. It’s kind of rings for everything, but we’ll open it up. But it does have relevancy, right? Because it does have the word toeing in the domain name. So there is some relevancy, but it’s so weak because its ranking for everything. The only real competitor we have here is is this one here number four, which is Red Line, TOWIE, Red Line, Tow San Mateo.

[00:13:49] The thing about San Mateo is it’s the city next door. So it’s not Foster City, it’s it’s nearby. But too we noticed that. So there’s no foster city anywhere to be found in the title in the domain here. And even so, AA Trust tells you that there’s 26 backlinks, right? But DRT, the best way to think about DRT is it’s like the quality of said backlinks. So, D.R. one means these are pretty, pretty terrible. So this is not even that difficult, even if we looked at this as a threat because it’s a dedicated website. It’s still pretty weak, right? It’s DRT one. It’s 20. Basically, it’s equivalent of like a website having twenty six like pornography websites linking to it. It’s not not that that big of a threat versus all of us. If we got links from internally in the Xoom right now from you guys, got a link from an actual towing site that would automatically be put the site higher than a dry one. So I look at this and go, this is wide open and I look at here even number eight, Redwood City tow, I kind of see, look, it’s day zero. Redwood City is obviously not the right. That it’s not Foster City. And, you know, zero same thing, even in these backlinks don’t matter because zero zero, the quality is nonexistent. This is actually really funny. This is actually what I this is the site that I’m helping someone, one of my buddies who he’s trying to get out of his job.

[00:15:10] I actually am helping them build us. So he just built his lawyer like three days ago, and it shows you in three days. It’s already ranked on the bottom of Page one. Foster said he told ICOM, which shows you the point and you can tell it’s a Weebly site. That’s really horrendous, but it just shows you the point that literally in like less than a week they got on page one because it’s so wide open. So I’ll show you another example of someone who I’m helping where literally. Fountain Valley pool deck, and it’s ranked number four. The site is less than Larry, less than a week old, and it’s already ranked on Page one as the fourth for Fountain Valley pool deck because once again and their map listing is right here showing in the sidebar. In less than one week, because we made sure it was wide open, it was really easy to get into this and rank for it. So I guess, you know, maybe the easiest way to go about this is if in the chat bar, I don’t know if there’s questions or, you know, Patrick or Jeff, if you guys want to want me to dive into something and specific, but I’d love to either answer some questions or even, you know, if someone wants to name some niches and cities and me, just do this live, I’m more than happy to do that as well.

[00:16:22] Yeah, you guys feel free to drop in the chat.

[00:16:24] I just make it sound a couple of questions first. Yeah, cool. And then we’ll kind of so you guys can fill up the chat and with whatever city and niche that you guys would like to see. So just to kind of reiterate what you’re doing here is like the first thing you’re doing is you’re kind of searching and you’re looking through the GMB area to look for the keywords in the cities, right? And then you’re evaluating the strength of the backlinks as so. And, you know, obviously it’s when we see somebody that is ranked within the map area, so like obviously like for those of you guys who don’t know, I think most of you guys probably know. But if we have other other new listeners on here, the map area is probably the most important area to rank for a local business, right? Because of the the the map and the reviews. It attracts a lot of attention. So we spend a lot of attention in trying to focus on that area. Right. So when you see that there are map listings that don’t have a website and we know that the strength of the website will contribute to your ranking within the map listing, then kind of the implication is that the whole market is weak because these people are able to achieve a ranking within the map without that kind of big piece. Right. They were able to do exactly that, right? Ok, cool, so yep. All right. What are there other things that you’re considering? I know this is kind of like this is the first stop or or is this like, where do we dive into it deeper

[00:17:57] Here than Will’s asking about Rockford, Illinois towing? So I don’t know if that’s a good launching off, but

[00:18:03] Let’s look about it. So so we can go, we’ll go towing Rockford. So first thing I want to do is I just want to look at the population here, so it’s one hundred and fifty thousand people. So let’s go Towing and Rockford, Illinois. Oh, whoops, I really screwed that up. There we go. And wow, I’m really great today. So towing Rockford, Illinois, right? So the first thing we’re looking at is so I guess good news is none of these titles here have the word Rockford. And I’m right. It’s different. Eight is eight is Ito in Vail Towing Service, Hops Towing Service. What I like to do is there’s kind of a couple of things I do, and I’m actually happy. This is an example that got put up. One thing I like to do is I also tend to observe that a lot of times if you rank your organic website and your organic site tends to be at the top if it’s connected to a map listing, I tend to notice that the map listing tends to follow. I don’t know if that’s just my placebo or whatever. I don’t know, Patrick, have you ever observed that? But I tend to just in doing this so many times, I tend to observe that usually if an organic websites ranked kind of at the top of this section, that usually they’re map listing kind of tends to be up here as well.

[00:19:18] There seems to absolutely be a correlation between those two. And you know what, what I teach and what we do within our agency is to push the organic site as much as possible and push that. So like, we’re trying to build up our GMV as much as possible, but we’re never just focusing on one because I’ve noticed the same thing. They seem like they go hand in hand and I’m going to take every edge I can related to trying to get the ranking like from an ethical standpoint, obviously. But I’m going to take every advantage I can when I see something like that.

[00:19:53] Yeah, exactly. And so so what I want to do is I actually like to pull up on the maps. I like to pull up the three websites because in this case, all three of these do have websites. So I like to pull them up and I like to just look at the site. So this is horse towing, and I want to look on page one and see, does that site rank anywhere on Page one? And it does not. We’re going to look at the second one. Eight is easygoing. It’s a to z towing biz and we’ll look at does that rank on page one and actually as the number one result, right? It is E towing dot biz. And so what so you can kind of tell? Ok, so this map listing is a little bit stronger. I would even put this snap listing as a little bit weaker because you’re not seeing any strength in the site, but this site is ranking up here. It’s up here. So I guess this is a little bit of something I’d keep an eye on. And then we go to the third one here we look at VL auto and tires, and let’s kind of look at Page one here. I don’t see VL on page one. I bet you, maybe it’s on Page two. You can look. Yeah, there it is. It’s somewhere on Page two, but same thing.

[00:21:03] This is day zero. All three of these sites. This one here is DDR4 with twenty two backlinks the site. Here’s D.R. Two. It says one point one thousand backlinks, by the way. And I know this is really small. I hope you guys can see it. But if you ever see this where you have a website with like one point one thousand backlinks but only a day or two, well, that’s basically telling these are garbage, right? This is so you can outrank this. Well, a lot, lot less. In fact, referring Domain says, how many unique domains are these backlinks coming from? And that is only seventy five. So don’t ever be tripped up by this number, ever. In fact, I usually look at read, not backlink, but this is pretty weak too. So we go back here and say, OK, so the only thing I don’t know over on Page two, the only thing that is a threat on this map is maybe this, but these two aren’t really that intimidating to me. And then we go down to the organic and say, OK, well, this site here, there’s a couple of things not going for it. One, There’s no city relevance in the domain. So if you owned, you know, Rockford Towing or, you know, towing Rockford or whatever like that would give you a boost, the site title does have Rockford in it.

[00:22:15] So you do have kind of that advantage, but it’s kind of keep going down. So this is a directory site. This is once again, here’s another dedicated site. So this site is same thing. It’s pretty low quality deer zero only sixty three backlinks, 11 real backlinks are kind of different domains, but you know, this does have unfortunately, this does have the word Rockford in it, you know, action towing Rockford. So already, like, it’s not that you can’t outrank this or something. You totally could, but this is a dedicated site if you go down here, this site, speedy towing. It looks like this springs are probably a different city, but Rockford is like a sub page, so let’s take a look. I don’t know if they have a location page somewhere. Yeah, oh, look at that. They’re just trying to rank for every city. So this is still easy to outrank because they’re trying to rank for everything. This is a dedicated site here. So I just wouldn’t like the way I would go. Like this would be something. Patrick, you and I could look at it and go, Yeah, we could outrank it because we can get better links, better, whatever. You know, make the site load faster. But to me, the way I go, it’s still more competition than I like. So, right, it’s the way my brain works, right? Why like to me?

[00:23:30] You could go and kind of like pick on the seventh or eighth grader or you can go and find a first grader to pick on, right? So like, this is where the process comes in and knowing when you first do this, you know, everything we look at, Shiv is like, it’s all. It’s all relative to what we’ve seen in the past. So we’ve kind of got this scale of like this is easier or tougher and we know where that is. So it’s important when you’re getting started to try to understand what that scale is into when you start seeing things. It’s not like a red flag to the point where you can’t beat them, but it’s like, like I would just rather I would rather have it easier, right?

[00:24:08] Yeah, exactly. Like, like, for example, let’s go into just to give it to give an example. Well, what if you tried a different niche? Like, I don’t know if there’s swimming pools, like if that’s a normal thing in Rockford, but you know, like pool deck prepared? Well, for starters, that’s a little weird. It doesn’t even show a map, which is kind of crazy.

[00:24:26] Let’s see. So what does that usually mean to you? My thought process is when I see that is that there’s not really a lot of people searching for it in that area.

[00:24:34] I’m kind of the same usually I like a map like I usually like at least the bare minimum I like it, or at least even one list and shows on the sidebar or something. But this is a little weird for me. So yeah, if it shows nothing but you never know, write like for me, I feel if it’s really easy, like in this kind of starting to indicate it, sometimes you go, why not just build a two three page site? Buy a domain? Why not just put a site up and just see? Because like if you rank up here, like I’ve, I’ve at this point just as an exercise in like like I said, I’m helping even like personal friends out. Get into this. I have a lawyer friend of mine who got laid off and he’s like, I said, I can show you guys examples of sites that have ranked literally on Page one in one week. So that’s kind of where I’d say maybe this is one of those flyer things. You just do it right? You know what? Worst case? Who cares? You’re out three pages worth of work on your website. You build a three page site. If you saw on the foster city toe just to show you like, I don’t go and build like this, this is it like it’s literally three nonsensical pages.

[00:25:37] So do you pay attention to the content of the sites that you’re considering as like when you’re diving into this, you do you look at their content as a factor to be concerned with?

[00:25:50] Yes and no, like if their sites literally nothing than sure, but I just, you know, I just look at it from the viewpoint of like, look, I don’t I don’t personally believe that if a site’s ranked number one as a dedicated site, I say that is actually, you know, something whatever Tim’s pulled or something. I don’t view that as, oh, if I just write 500 more words, that’s going to be enough for Google to outrun me. At least I don’t see it that way. I just see it as you know, there has to be I have to see a lot more to the picture. I’ve seen they’re battling and being terrible. I need to see that there’s no relevancy in their site title with the city in it, like if their site title doesn’t even have the city in it or or like especially their domain doesn’t have the city in it. I want to see I want to see a few things. There’s never one thing that makes you go, Oh, I’m going into the space. It’s a lot of it’s a combination.

[00:26:38] It’s like a series of points that start to stack up, right?

[00:26:42] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And the cool thing is is like, you know, I think sometimes we live in that scarcity. There’s so many cities, so many niches like it’s it’s sometimes it’s so easy to be fixated and go like, Damn, I can’t find something. And it’s like, Trust me, you can, you know, just to give you a context. I lived in Foster City from the age of 12 to 14, so I did sixth, seventh, eighth grade in Foster City. And I know this town. This is, by the way. To give you context, like if I go to foster city and put directions to Google’s headquarters. Glory, their main headquarters, it’s only a twenty four minute drive with traffic. This is Google’s headquarters, and foster city is wide open for a bunch of stuff. This is like all the smartest engineers in the world live in Foster City, and it’s all like science driven. Like everyone who lives there is like some kind of engineer or doctor or something. Mainly because everyone there’s Asian like me, so you know, and there is still towing. I would have never believed in a million years until someone else. My my friend was the one who who actually searched it and goes, Gee, this looks wide open when I tell him this. So yeah, you’d be shocked at how many opportunities there are that I couldn’t believe it. Like, I’ve never searched for Foster City myself and I lived there, Larry, I lived there.

[00:27:54] So so you would expect this to be like ultra competitive with the like kind of the demographic of all these like smart techie people in this area, like someone would have thought to do this. So if that’s the case, what does it look like as we move across the country and we start looking at Cedar Rapids, Iowa or like some some other city that doesn’t have any of that backbone, right?

[00:28:17] Yeah. Well, I mean, is a question for you is like, how do you even know what city to go into or sorry if I missed the questionnaire?

[00:28:26] Me, I wasn’t asking a question, I was saying, like I was saying that like if this is how like if you can find these kind of gems in this area, that would be way more competitive when you consider not only all the cities in the in the in the United States, which, you know, for those of you outside the United States, I’ve heard that this is a much better market for this business model. So there’s no reason why you couldn’t do a city within the United States, but you can you can start to let’s just keep it to the United States for now. There’s like this is a super techie area with a lot of money and a lot of really smart people, and she was able to find one that is easy to rank in. Now, when you add in the rest of the country, what does that look like? I mean, there’s just there’s all kinds of little cities and and this is just for telling to so with with when you’re selecting your niches. One of the things that I that I’m big on and I teach and I started my first site wasn’t telling and it still had that client, which is good. But I’ve noticed a really strict correlation between the ticket value that my niches are in and like

[00:29:30] How many, how much money,

[00:29:32] How much money I can get for the site. So like, I know that for my telling site, we get thousands of phone calls and that’s more calls than all our other sites. And it’s certainly it’s probably the site of mine in my portfolio that gets the least amount of money per month. Right. So, yeah, yeah.

[00:29:49] So you’re absolutely right. So to me, it’s the combination of a couple things, right? So what I like about towing and in fact, I’ll hopefully I still have my Twilio open somewhere. So between all my websites, the last three days of the nineteen thousand phone calls to show you the example of that actual towing site, just to show you that that unique, just that individual example this site here literally generates. Did seven hundred and six phone calls in the last three days, so yeah, you’re exactly right and this this pays me like three hundred dollars a week. So right, when you generate that many calls, you would hope it’s a lot more. In fact, I have a. It’s funny. It’s the one number I have and call rail, but I actually have a taxi website that generates that generates like 100 to 300 phone calls a day. 100 the 300 300 a day. And I don’t have a client on it. So. Right? Yeah. So I know what you mean, but it’s kind of a it’s kind of a balance for me because I do like having volume, but I also have sites like this is a good example of a site like Here’s Block Wall in Tucson, where you know it’s a little bit higher ticket.

[00:31:09] It generated a lot less calls like this generated, you know, zero. This generated, you know, 150 calls last three days. This paid me also 300 bucks a week for a fraction of the calls. But Blackwell Wall and I’m still I probably could still charge more for it, right? Right. So it’s it’s kind of a it’s kind of a balancing act like to me. I sometimes like the volume because I feel the volume is what makes it impressive to a business owner like it. I feel like sometimes what’s hard and niche is and you have more experience in this than than I do. A lot of my sites generate a decent quantity of calls. But for you, Patrick, do you ever have sites where you’re only generating 10 leads, 20 leads? Well, it’s it’s like new home construction or something that’s really high ticket. Do you sometimes feel because it’s so little? Sometimes that makes it difficult to close. Like, I just don’t know. Honestly, I’m asking.

[00:31:57] I think I think possibly when I was maybe like younger in the game, then it would be. But now I think I get on the call with the business owner, and I’m kind of like saying I’m just more declaring like, Hey, this is what I’m looking for. This is what I think it should be worth. And then if you don’t like it, then that’s cool. But it’s not. It’s. Whereas before I was kind of like. Trying to be like such a salesman, and I found that when I come in with this certainty of like, Hey, we’ve done this all over the country, this is what I’m looking for two thousand five hundred dollars for this. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in, where it’s just take it or leave it kind of attitude, right? I think that has a lot more power than like the volume. And it’s also hard for us to speak when we’re. It’s probably been a year and a half since we’ve gone after something where everything has just come to us as a referral, where someone says, Hey, so-and-so said that you give them all their business and they’re running a million dollar business. Like, what do I have to say to that person to not close them like, oh, don’t always close them because they may not like. They might start ghosting us like they might have their own personal issues going on, but I have gotten, I guess, more in tune with it. And then one of the things I’ve noticed is that as you move into like this block wall company versus like the towing company, a lot of times they’re going to have if they’ve made an investment into their business, right to be able to run that type of business like they, they’re going to be a lot more serious business owner than than maybe like the towing guy who just bought a truck and got the insurance right. So totally.

[00:33:39] No, I’m with you. I mean, it’s it’s one of those things where I know towing is in general. I agree with you. It’s not the best example. I mean, here’s another example of one of my sites, you know, which is the palm tree removal. And it’s like very specific. So I’ve kind of been across the board on niches. Weirdly, though, for me, I have personally not had an issue with towing like. Now granted, like, for example, I rank for Pittsburgh Towing. I’m ranked here in the maps, here in the maps, and I’m ranked no for number six and number seven.

[00:34:12] You’ve got multiple sites out or you have multiple tabs on the same side.

[00:34:15] Yeah, multiple sites, multiple GB is, but they all go to the same client.

[00:34:19] Yeah, that’s that’s a strategy I love. Let’s do some more niches. Let’s have some more people.

[00:34:23] And then I know there’s some questions here, too. I don’t know if you want me to answer these really quick. Yeah, go for it. Ok, so the first question is, what about the fact we here jobs are really hard to get in the TOWIE niche? Man, I and Patrick lets me. I’d love to come on, live again and talk about jobs because I have a. For me, the way I do GMB is I feel that especially if you can get someone or find someone in the area who is willing to zoom at you and you can take over their computer and do it on their account and then add yourself as like a manager to a GMB. I found I have to this day never got like it. Now, once again, I could have just got lucky. I’ve personally never been suspended on GMB, but I am pretty. I guess I err on the side of like, I’m really cautious on how I get them. So that’s, you know, it’s probably too long for me to explain and everyone has a GMB process, I’m sure. Honestly, I haven’t even talked to Patrick on what you do, but you know, for me, I’m I’m very particular on like trying to get that GMB from someone in the town, which is kind of

[00:35:28] You’re like kind of using like a clean local IP house address that lines up with the IP. And it’s just kind of maybe creates higher levels of trust because of the way you set it up.

[00:35:41] Yeah, exactly. So I’ve personally found that to work well because in my head, I think it doesn’t make sense. You know, for example, I’m in Irvine, California, does Google. Google looks at my account goes, OK, he’s he’s been in Irvine for X amount of time. It kind of makes a little bit more sense. If I opened a business in Irvine, that kind of makes more sense if I’m just trying to put my head in the mind of Google, if they know I’ve been in Irvine all the time. It seems a little bit weird if the guy sitting in Irvine, California, is like creating businesses all over the world like so I like to try to I like to try to find a localized way to get the job, and then I have them add me as a user since as you guys know in your GMB is, you know, you can basically add users. I don’t know if people are aware about this, but I’ll kind of go into my GMB and show it.

[00:36:30] So give me a second here. You guys have some more niches for like, obviously the GMB conversation can go on for days, right? Yeah.

[00:36:41] I just want about, you know, Birdman, Bergen County, home care. Somebody else does ask an interior design. Hampton, Virginia, any of those.

[00:36:52] So let’s rattle off one at a time. So, yeah, so

[00:36:55] Yeah, let me let me really make sure. Yeah, so Adam, by the way, I don’t understand Adam, your question. It says, could it be a correlation due to the effort energy, a savvy owner business puts into making each of them rank? I don’t remember the context of that. So if you want to repeat

[00:37:08] Your question versus the website, like what’s the correlation between the website ranking high and the

[00:37:14] It’s just a factor. If your website’s connected to a GMB and your website ranks on the top of the organic there, it helps your GMB rank. It’s not the only factor, but it just helps your GMB get pushed up. And so you

[00:37:26] Guys got to remember this like Shiv has gone back to several times. Think about this in the eyes of Google, right? So you’re saying that this property is connected to this property and we’re going to consider the trust of this. If you’re going in for a job and you have like a really good interview and everything, they’re also going to look at your resume. They’re also going to maybe look at the references on your resume and your education, right? So Google is doing the same thing when they’re trying to determine the rank in your GMB is they’re going to look at everything as a whole. And when you start connecting these things and this one, hey, I’ve got like Shipstead, if I’ve got this is my website and I’ve got a link from Microsoft. And like Forbes and all these, all these like super strong sites that Google Trust and that’s attached to this, then there’s more. Trust transferred there, so I think that is how I look at the correlation for these things, so pushing one or the other, you’ve got an opportunity. We know Google is considering, so go after that, like maximize that opportunity.

[00:38:22] Yep, exactly. And so it’s one of those things where now the next thing which is is a Bergen County home care. Randi kind of wants to know if this is something that you would go into. For starters, this county, I’m guessing, has a bunch of counties in New Jersey, right? But it is a county, right. It’s not just a city named Bergen County. I’m guessing there’s a bunch of cities that fall inside of it. Right? Is that how that works? Yes. No. Ok, cool. So I would look at it. Yeah, it’s me. Look, you know, for starters, I mean, I don’t see off. I’m just going to try to do as quick just for the essence of time here, because I’m kind of running close to the wire. I have like 11 more minutes, but it looks like no one has the word Bergen like Bergen County in the name now. The only problem I would say is and to be honest, like. A part of me feels like it almost be better to just let me build a two three page site for every city in the county, as crazy as that sounds like, that’s kind of more where my style is to go city by city and just get that like perfect matching of a city. And then if you want, you can build a county site as well. But I just love I just love going and dominating the city. That’s just how I roll now. You know, I know that county sites rank and work, but I if I just had to guess if someone the way Google works is, if you’re typing in home care and you’re in a different city in the county, it’s going to tend to put the map listings of those nearby. And I don’t know, Patrick, if you kind of have the same kind of kind of idea. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah,

[00:40:02] I kind of, you know, depending on the population of the city or the wealth of the city and the niche that I’m going after, I’ll consider those. And then if I kind of have this like 70 K cutoff spot and if there’s like seventy thousand people in it, then a lot of times for me, that’s kind of a not a hard rule, but it’s kind of like a guideline for whether I’m going to build a new site in that city. Sometimes when I know that we’re going to like, want to go after a bunch of cities, then I’ll I’ll do like home care in New Jersey and then I’ll I’ll build almost like pages that almost like a new home page that talks about the city. And then I’ll have a job with that city name that links to that home page within my site.

[00:40:39] Yep. Yeah. So I mean, there’s a couple of things I definitely like. I like the fact that I mean, on the maps. The problem is, is that every one of these, if you see it, this has home care and Bergen County in the name. So I would think Glen Rock, which is probably one of the cities instead of Bergen County. So just just look at the cities itself. And yeah, like Patrick said, I would, I would list out the cities in Bergen County. And by the way, you guys have those free Google searches, right? So. Bergen County, I probably spelled it right, wrong. But list of cities, you can always do this. Get a list right here you go. And and you can just kind of go and order from look at the populations and kind of pick your battles of what you’re going to what’s kind of the best. That’s one to go into, but that’s how how I do it. And then let’s see here. So one of Google’s core updates is penalizing sites for kind of B.S. backlinks should be finished rolling out in a week or two. Cool. Yeah, I mean, in my opinion, I think it’s funny because on top of kind of the little issue I’m dealing with, someone decided to negative seo me and send twenty thousand nonsensical porn backlinks to my website, and it didn’t do it.

[00:41:51] In fact, it helped. Google usually is pretty smart. They know kind of all these tricks. You have to think about it going back to what does Google want to do? They want to provide the best experience for the consumer. That means the person searching for the person searching for the tree care site like Google is not going to go and say, Oh, this guy has a bunch of like, it’s just backlinks and content. I know it’s the basis of what we do, but always think about the user experience too. And I think that’s the thing that sometimes gets lost in translation here. It’s like if you just built a site, but it’s terrible and it has 800 pop ups. And when people click on it on search, they go back to the search page because they hate it. Google is going to know that data and go, man, every time someone clicks on this listing, they go back because they hate the experience, and that’s going to cost you way more than any other factor, in my opinion. So just be be cautious of that stuff. But let’s see. So Interior Design Hampton, Virginia. So let’s go look at that interior design. So first, let’s look at the population here. Ok, one hundred thirty five thousand people. So let’s go and type in interior design.

[00:43:05] So I guess for start, the only thing that’s a little strange I will say about this niche is a lot of times people go to like a showroom. So it is. That’s the only little weird thing about it is that, you know, usually people like to go to an actual address, but let’s kind of take that out of consideration. None of these in the name have the word Hampton in it. So maybe if you did a Hampton interior design studio or something as a name, maybe, you know, interior décor plus design or something. Hampton, that’s kind of something that can give you relevancy. Yeah, I’m trying to look here on the list. None of these seem to have done that. So that’s kind of good. And if we look down, it is directory site, directory site. My guest is associate directory site, about six thousand backlinks, but we could take a look. Let’s look at the location here. It’s so weird, I don’t do they even say where their location is? Virginia Beach, Virginia So I don’t know where that is. It’s probably I don’t know like how far away that is from Hampton, but it it doesn’t look like that’s not in their main site title. So that’s good. I still feel like that’s yeah, Virginia Beach, where

[00:44:20] The have that kind of subdomain on their right. If you go back to that search, yeah, that’s super dot. And it said that they had a I think I saw 50 60 R. Yeah, yeah. So I don’t know what’s going on with that site. It seems like it has an unusual amount of. No potential fact.

[00:44:39] And and look at that interior decorator, Virginia Beach, right? Of course, this is what they’re really ranking for. So this is still out remarkable, in fact. Yeah. I don’t view that as a threat. And of course, I don’t know if you ever do this pageant. I lose my tabs all the time, which is super great. There it is.

[00:44:55] You know that that right arrow in the very top, there’s I can drop down.

[00:44:59] Oh my god, I have never. That’s crazy. I’ve never known about that. That’s great. Yeah, that

[00:45:04] Thing is so handy. That’s funny. I don’t know why it took 20 years for them to put that in, but

[00:45:09] The more you know. Yeah, I’ve never, never known about it. That’s amazing. Thumbtack is a directory site, I’m guessing. I don’t know what this is, but I bet you it’s the wrong area. Let’s see here. Yeah, Virginia Beach. So I still find that easier to outrank. Yeah, this looks great to to me. Like, I don’t see even the ones here that this is like right to the homepage is a dry six. This one here is Hampton. It’s funny because this is a good example, guys of like, why is this site, which is Hampton designers with a good deal? What went wrong, where this is now number nine, right? Like, sometimes when I look at stuff, it’s like, OK, the doors look good. It has twenty for referring domain, but IDR it has Hampton, Virginia, interior design and it has Hampton in the domain. Like what happened? And let’s take a look, and let’s see. So my my bet already this thing is cut off. So I bet I really do wonder like it was

[00:46:12] Like bouncing when they come here.

[00:46:14] That’s what I’m trying to say. I bet you, especially in mobile, if you were to. Yeah, look at this. This is how it looks on the phone, like that’s this is terrible. So there you go. Like this, this guy, this person literally could have dominated and they didn’t think through their user experience and people are bouncing off of site.

[00:46:34] There’s an opportunity for you guys right there to call these people up and fix their problem.

[00:46:38] Exactly. And look at this, there’s no contrast to the site is like white, on white, on white. So and the font is tiny. It’s like,

[00:46:47] Yeah, so. So these are these. These are the things you have to you have like less than a second to kind of grab people’s attention when they come to the site and when they come here. And there’s like it looks wonky, then they make assumptions, right? So you want this site to load quickly and and give the right information, make it very easy on the user.

[00:47:08] Yep, exactly. So you get my approval for interior design Hampton. I go for it. So that’s my my takeaway. Cool. And then let’s see here

[00:47:19] The question about the sales cycles. Like I mentioned, I think Lou asked Patrick, Can I do a lot of longer sales cycles? But it sounds like you do a lot of shorter sales cycle stuff like how do you approach that?

[00:47:29] Yeah. So when it comes to the sales stuff like, you know, for me, in fact, I’m going to I’ll show you a site that I recently closed. So here’s here’s a site témoin auto glass. And what I did is I just did the process where I looked for auto glass. Des Moines, Iowa, in search. Um, and then I went to the maps, and what I did is I went a hit view all and kind of scroll to the bottom and looked for kind of different, different businesses. And basically what I ended up doing is I’m a little bit more gutsy in the sense of I’m willing to just call up some businesses. So I did call up like these five in a row because I don’t want to hit the top that probably get a lot of calls. I want to kind of hit up these people. And I basically ended up kind of getting this guy to agree to run a trial. And then one thing I do that I feel like most people don’t do, and I don’t know if it’s out of like, I don’t know if it’s out of laziness or just because it’s time consuming or whatever. But I actually listen when I give a free trial. I listen into the calls like, I actually listen to every call that comes in myself.

[00:48:37] I don’t outsource it. I actually myself, Larry, like, want to know what the heck is the business owner getting on their free trial? And I’ll show you this is actually the email I sent him, and I said, Hey, I attached the calls to this email, and you can see this was already like a few weeks ago. Attach the calls to his email from July 8th onwards. Here’s what I got you and I, Larry listed every car, every auto glass as there’s price in the phone call and a list of all twenty one calls. So you can imagine after I did this, it only took Larry like him to go through it. The next day, he calls me, and he agreed on a hundred and fifty dollars a week. And so that’s kind of how I do it in terms of sales cycles. I just kind of listen in. I try to break it down, but I stay on top of them like I’m I’m Larry talking to them. In fact, you can see the email before. This is the Larry the very next day. So I’m really, really like on the business owner, like almost every day. If there’s calls coming in, I’m following up with them on what happened on phone, email or text. So that’s how I do it.

[00:49:39] This is awesome. We do a little bit of this too when we kind of go to close someone, but you guys can kind of think about this as as like a almost like the prosecutor who’s building a case where it’s like, here’s the evidence that we have that we’re we’re a value to you and just like present it to them and make it really easy. And because these business owners, they’re disorganized and they don’t like humans by nature are really bad about kind of counting things in their head. And if you rely on that to be the what’s deciding whether they pay you or not, then you’re leaving money on the table, especially if you’re producing a lot because it’s easy for them to underestimate it.

[00:50:18] Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

[00:50:20] So somebody asked about how to get around the showroom issue. So we have a countertop site in a location that is doing pretty well. It took me a bit to find a client, but I found what where to go. Oh, I’m still here. Yeah, who goes through Home Depot, actually? And they do countertops and they get their leads from Home Depot. So I contacted them and of course, they’re open to a lead generator. So it was like a no brainer for them. So I have them on file. So there are ways to get around it. It’s not always the simplest thing. I went through a few other trial clients that didn’t work out. For that reason. I tried to go directly to contractors because they could turn in a countertop countertop into a remodel or get other work that was associated. And they just they couldn’t pull through with it because they’re too small time or whatever. So I found this operation that I think is going to work out, so there’s ways around it.

[00:51:16] Yeah, I same thing, if you know, I would love to do, I love to talk about sales closing clients, in fact, ever, according to me, closing Legion clients, so I’m more than happy to play those roles.

[00:51:31] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that. I know that you’re on a timetable and I know that you love the stuff and I want to just make sure that that we’re kind of like respecting your time with this so that you can not be late for your other scheduled events. We can bring Shiv back on here to dive into some of these other topics and I can go through. I know that we have a list of questions on here, and I’m pretty confident that I can answer these questions in agreement with how Shiv would. But Shiv, you’re welcome. Obviously, welcome to stick around, but I just want to make sure we respect your. Yeah, yeah, for sure.

[00:52:03] Yeah, for sure. I got like, I’ll I got like another five max ten minutes, so I’ll stay on for a little bit longer. Ok. It’s funny. I already I already let my next commitment know I’m running late, which is amazing because I like you guys. So, yeah, what I want to do to just really quick, just so people do it. If they got any value out of this, I put a link in the Zoom chat to my direct Counly. It’s with me. It generates a Zoom link. So whatever time you schedule it, you know, just make sure you hop on the Zoom link. But if you guys could do that, hop on a zoom with me. I’ll give you like a set of proper video on all of this, along with a worksheet I use that I kind of check off like the results on Page one or Page two of Google. And it kind of gives me a good idea of my brain to go into a niche or city that would just help a lot. Like I said, you know, ideally, I’m trying to look for like 20 people to help me out. So if you guys have, you know, 10 minutes and obviously have some sort of value you got, for me, that would mean the world just to use can only link and book something.

[00:53:02] So I’ll grab it on Facebook also.

[00:53:05] That’s awesome. Yeah, I appreciate it. I guess I’ll do like last last minute, if there’s any last minute questions or anything like that, you know, I’m more more than happy to answer them. Or if, Patrick, if there’s anything you want me to sign off at the last couple of minutes here.

[00:53:22] Yeah. So I’m just curious as to like you kind of it kind of looks like by what you presented, you got your kind of main points where we’re looking for the city and the name within the GMB, in the site, in the domain name. And then we’re kind of looking at the backlinks strength. Do you consider the reviews as a part of this equation, too?

[00:53:40] And yeah, so I do. I do look at reviews I do if within reason. But the hard part we’re looking at the reviews, though, is. It doesn’t really like, I think for me, if you go into areas that have very little to no reviews, well, the problem is is that that probably also indicates is there no business happening? Right. So you’re always to me, I try to just live my life not caring too much about that stuff because I feel like I can always slowly over time as I get calls come in from organic site calls coming in for maps like, I feel like you can always just put an emphasis, put your client to direct them to your maps page and get reviews. In fact, one of the things I would love to do this on another another one of these calls I actually have a little a little way, a little zap that from my phone system, where if the call is over x amount of minutes, I actually send a text message to the customer that says, Hey, I hope you got value out of Des Moines auto glass, if you could. If you had a positive experience, please give us a five star review on Google. It helps us a ton. We’re a small business, if not, if there’s any complaints, we want to make it right. Email us here and so that you can automate our software

[00:54:52] Is going to really be be doing that very soon. We have text messaging, we have our campaign builder. And so,

[00:55:01] Yeah, you better. You better show it to me first before everyone else. I better get a sneak peek. I’ll give you sneak peek full. And poor Patrick and his mobile home with broken internet. Oh, man, that’s rough. It’s only it’s not like you run an internet business, Patrick. So either way, I guess, as you’ve been awesome, like I said, if you’re able to, I don’t want to bug you guys any further. If you’re able to hop on a call only appointment with me, literally like I swear on my life. There’s even if you begged me to take your money, I have nothing to sell. I just need five minutes of your time, basically. Long story short, just to write a sentence or two for me, and I’ll show you everything to do. That’d be amazing, and I’ll give you a bunch of training videos in return for free. But that’s all I got, so I got to go and it’s good talking to you all. So see you piece.

[00:56:09] All right. So appreciate Schiff’s time, Patrick is got his internet jammed up, I’m trying to. I’m on two different computers because I’m having issues with my Mac, so there’s a lot of tech issues, so I’m trying to transfer the Cowlersley link over to the Facebook group, so I will get that in. I’m not sure if Facebook is. Because Patrick got jammed up, so. Um, he’s back, he’s back, all right. Cool.

[00:56:41] We lost Mr Chev, though, so he he bounced, bounced. Yeah, OK, cool. All right. What did you guys think of that? Let’s hear some comments. If you guys, if you guys appreciate what she did here, obviously a very talented, experienced person rather than chat, let Schiff know that he doesn’t need to do this. But like me, he really he loves helping people and he wants to spend see people get successful. As you kind of heard, he’s been taking his time and just helping friends and people that he knows right with, with how they can kind of live this, live this life and run this business model so really cool with him. To do that, we’ll definitely get him back on here. I think what I’d like to do is get him on here and have like a sales, some kind of like sales coaching and then we can hear his GMB strategies. And, you know, kind of let’s let’s draw on the skill set. So you guys, we have the way that’s worked for us in our agency and there’s there’s a million different ways to be successful in this business model, right? So maybe some of the stuff that we’re doing doesn’t click for you guys so much, but hearing it from some of these other people, maybe it will. So, you know, maybe you take make an all star team of like, Hey, want to take this hat trick and this from Shiv and this from like whoever else we’re working on here, right? So awesome.

[00:58:04] Awesome. Do we? Paul, I saw that question about using the VPN. I would highly advise you guys now to use VPNs with your GMB, so I know that you can get a new IP address, but Google does have the ability to detect when a VPN is being used. Vpns are often the IP address is often going to be used by a bunch of different people. So they’ll, like VPN service, will have maybe five hundred different IP addresses and people are using those when they want to go. A lot of times be using those when they want to go, download something or something like this, right? So there may be some like cooties associated with that and when you’re trying to do something that is based on trust. Like, it may not be best to let Google know that, hey, I’m going to put this mask on while I set this garb up and Google’s like, we don’t. Necessarily clearly can’t see who’s underneath it, but we can tell that there’s a mask there, right? So that’s kind of the mindset where it’s all about trust. So I think that’s part of it like we’ve, you know. I don’t I’ve never done what she was talking about there, where he has these people and he logs into Zoom and sets this stuff up. Maybe that’s a great way to do it, but we we’ve had very few, though we’ve got eight hundred and fifty games in our agency, and maybe we lose.

[00:59:22] I don’t know, twenty a year or something like that. So we try to keep things kind of by the book. And, you know, and there’s probably a give and take there, right, where if you’re getting that many, then maybe you got like a higher level of acceptable risk to be able to scale faster. So you guys got to decide what works for you. And you know, I think the key that you’re going to see from people like Shiv and other people that that I’ve brought on board bring on in the future is these people are problem solvers, right? Like Shiv, having these people jump on a zoom is something that any of you guys could have thought of. And I think I’ve said this before, when you guys start this business, it’s not just about like ranking the site. It’s really the bigger thing is, how do I become a problem solver? How do I start? Like, I know where the end zone is and we’re going to tell you, like, Hey, there’s this way to get here. Maybe this way doesn’t work. You got to figure out how to run around it to get to the end zone. So the people that have that, I’ve noticed that not only had success in this business, but in anything is there are problem solvers. They’re just like, I’m going to get to the end zone. Like, what do I need to do to get there? I’m going to I’m going to come up with creative ideas and like in your free time or the time that you guys spend thinking about the business.

[01:00:34] Think about the problems you have in the business and then like, just stay on it, stay on that problem and just keep on picking on it. Come up like what I do is like a lot of times I have a problem, like, I’m dealing with this every day right now. My constantly thinking about how am I going to solve this GMB API issue? Like, I’m just like, Well, some of the ideas I’m coming up with, right? What if I build something that can go in like I can put in like the URL, the map URL of the GMB, and it’s just pinging the thing every day. Like without the API, I could probably get the number of reviews if a new review is come in, if something’s been suspended, right? Like stuff like this, if there’s a new question, I could probably build something that does that. So I’m like, How can I take Google out of the equation? The end of this is not. We lost our GMB API and then we never got it back. That is not how the story goes for me. My mind is like, Have this problem? He goes like being a pain, just like they are with our GMHBA, like I’m just going to keep on focusing on it until I get a solution. So if you guys take that same, if you guys kind of have that same tenacity towards getting your jobs and whatever it is, then there’s really only one result.

[01:01:50] It’s success, right? It’s like it’s just a matter of time. Right? If like, that’s how it’s been for me my whole life with the things that I’ve tried to focus on is I’m just going to stay focused on it until this point. And this is where I say, like, there’s there’s a lot more correlation with success than if you have this kind of delayed gratification where you’re willing to just like, put in this work and know as opposed to like intelligence or any of these other things, it’s like, are you willing to just kind of like continuously do this until you get the result that you need that you want? And we’ve done that in our agency. And, you know, like, I’m doing that right now with the CRM. I’m going to just keep on picking on this GMB thing until I get it resolved, right? And spending a lot of my time on it. But I I know that I’m going to have a solution long term, and I know that’s going to mean a lot to you guys, right? And I’m like, if like once we come up with a solution, maybe there’s a better solution, right? And I’ll just kind of keep picking on it. So. Jeff, I know that we had a number of questions because we’re kind of bouncing through that. Let’s let’s let’s cycle through some of those. What questions do we have remaining?

[01:03:00] And I just like to say, for any of you who are not as familiar with Shiv like the opportunity to get on a phone call with them for a goal. And this guy is so knowledgeable about this business and you have the opportunity to follow the link and get on the phone with him. And he needs a little bit of help and exchange for 15 minutes of for a little bit of your time. He could give you a lot of insight into maybe a question you need answered or something like that. So I highly encourage anybody to follow that link.

[01:03:27] So that’s a great person to have a relationship with, like just classic like stand up guy. So. I had. And those of you like God, Jeff.

[01:03:40] The questions are kind of getting lost back in the chat now, but one of them was asking about our target population size and our target ticket item.

[01:03:51] Mm-hmm. So for me and my agency, I don’t really like building a site with less than seventy thousand people. And honestly. That’s usually like an add on area, like I’m not excited to build a site for less if there’s less than two hundred and fifty thousand people in there. And part of this is like, how sharp is your sword when you’re going into battle? A lot of times I’m kind of coming in there and I’m not really scared, right? I’m like, I’m going to come in here like, I’m going to win. You need to balance that, and there’s there’s kind of like difficulty and also the upside potential when we start ranking, right? So you need to think about the niche as well and totaling a seventy thousand population is going to be fine. It’s going to create calls and I’m going to be able to find a client. But if I start doing like. You know, something that is really high, like tennis court installation, right? Seventy thousand people. What part of that could be 60 to 80 thousand to have them installed? What part of that demographic is going to be able to afford that? It’s a lot different if I’m doing that in Los Angeles, right, and now I’ve got like millions of people with a lot of wealthy people there, so I’m considering all these different things. So it’s hard to come and say, like hard fast rules, you need to think about the demand of the service. All that being said, I also don’t like things below a Typekit value of seven hundred and fifty dollars. And really? What like, honestly, that’s kind of been the rule that I that I teach to other people, but in our agency, I would say that number is probably closer to two thousand. Right? Or at least a thousand because I prefer to go after these niches that I’m going to be able to get like five to ten thousand a month for as opposed to twelve hundred dollars a month.

[01:05:41] Yeah, like you was asking earlier about the sales cycle. And so for us, we I guess we’re just used to dealing with longer sales cycles instead of shorter. So for me, it’s like that the long term value of those clients is generally going to be more. But then when you like Patrick, say, and there’s all these variables, right? So if you take this conversation we’ve had with Shiv about due diligence and if he can nail the due diligence on a towing site and within a reasonable amount of time, he’s getting three hundred bucks a week, two hundred bucks a month, and we’re busting our hump over here to try to get some other thousand or two thousand. Price point Mich. ranked and sold, we might only have fifteen hundred bucks a month for that, you know, and we’ve spent six months of our time or whatever. It’s like if you nail the due diligence. I that’s the mistake I made when I got in this business. I didn’t do good enough to deal with this because we’re a bunch of different reasons that can make a bunch of excuses about it, in other words, but that crushed me in the beginning, and it definitely led to other things like getting into sales and all these other things. It’s amazing. I’m glad it worked out that way, but if I had to do it over again, I would have done it that way. After it’s locked up again. Yeah.

[01:07:00] What are the things to consider? Yeah, I think I’m back. Yeah. Of course. So one of the things to consider with the sales cycle. Part of the reason that Jeff and I get sucked into these longer sales cycles is the sales cycle of what the person is selling to. Right? Because if you’re trying to close someone on something that hasn’t closed a lead from you, that’s a different story. Like when shit was given the example, he was showing all the towing stuff that he had sent over. So those are closing the same day. Right. But if you’re doing like, let’s go back to tennis court installation. The person is going to get the call and then they’re going to probably have the person come out and then plans need to be sent. And all this stuff has to happen. So I can’t cycle for the tennis court installation maybe a month or two months, right? So it’s it’s harder for us to say, Hey, I sent you 10 leads this week. Let’s do five a month, right? So we build that relationship. But that being said, once we kind of get it locked in, you know it will be on autopilot. And you know, a lot of a lot of times the the business owner that is running a towing company is going to be very different than the business owner that is running a tennis court installation company.

[01:08:23] And personally. I like dealing with. I find them more fashionable. I find like the kind of understand that they’ve got a lot of money out for different things and then paying a few thousand dollars a month for getting like a million dollars of business. It’s there’s a lot of factors here. You need to consider all this stuff. So what I’m not trying to teach you is to go into this niche or this niche. I’m trying to teach you the skills of how to evaluate this thing. Get yourself in the mindset of what you should consider when you go into this and what matters and what we think about right and what she was thinking about. There’s obviously one of the things that I’ve noticed is, you know, we’ve hung out with all these people that are doing big numbers and there seems to be a lot of overlap in the way our minds work. And consider with these things and there’s pieces where there’s not. And every time I hear from somebody like Shiv gets a pull piece into what we have and kind of added into our tool belt. Right. But there’s a lot of commonalities, and I think you guys like Machias is really understanding the mindset and not like, like all these different variables would change the whole equation.

[01:09:44] Right. And if you if you can kind of see that, then maybe you guys can make better decisions on this stuff when you’re then Shiv does. And I put a little bit more emphasis on content, right? Those are two things that I think I consider more. But if you’re finding like SHIB was finding some great stuff there, right? And I think that he selected there and for the same reason, it’s something I’m always looking for other regions, right? Someone that’s chosen like the perfect name. They’ve done other things right. It just doesn’t. It doesn’t happen by coincidence, right? Like you kind of like start to like the sharks. Don’t eat the sharks usually, right? And that’s that’s kind of what this is about. Like, let’s find the fish, right? So, you know, when you start to get in there and you’re a shark and you start smelling around there and you’re like, There’s somebody else here, let me go to this is a big blue ocean. We just have to be willing to do a little bit of work to try to find out where the other fish are because they’re out there.

[01:10:37] So Adam, we mentioned content Adam’s asking once you pick the city in the niche, like, how do you get your content made? So we’ve made some changes in that and I don’t know how much you want to reveal about it, Patrick, but I’ll let you think

[01:10:50] I don’t want to go too deep into it. But yeah, like I’ve got a video in the group. Jeff, maybe you can. It’s actually it wasn’t a it wasn’t a call, but it was a video. It was like how the topics to write about. And I think it’s like an endless amount of topics.

[01:11:06] So it’s March. So there’s March for the bonus video on content creation. So I’ll link as well.

[01:11:15] Yeah, throw that in there, so that’s how we write about how we get it. There’s a lot of different ways of hiring stuff I mentioned last week. I know that there’s a number of people that have reached out to me. I’ve got to get that connection. It’s just been a really busy week for us, so it’s coming. I will connect you with some of the content writers that that we have. So it’s going to be kind of a limited I’m not going to just like pass them out to everyone. There’s people that I know and trust that I’m going to give them off to like kind of people that I know and trust, right? Not just like every single person. So that is probably a closed loop with the amount of people that have reached out to us so far. So but there’s a lot of different services out there you can post a job on indeed, you know, a lot of options, you know, you could probably hire like someone in college or like a really good high school student. You’re not writing like you’re not trying to write like a Pulitzer. Like, like, you know, some bestseller, right, so we’ve got any other questions, Jeff.

[01:12:17] I’m going through

[01:12:19] Another coming in and then we kind of like got buried with a lot of comments there.

[01:12:24] Yeah, some of them are just comments. So it’s a little hard to. Get through there.

[01:12:31] Let’s do some let’s before we wrap up the call, we didn’t start off with the win, so let’s get let’s get a few wins and then let’s wrap up this call. Since we did a half hour early, I tried to let everyone know. But it seems like Neal, you didn’t know, man, my bad. So let’s hear some wins. She’s got some wins from the last week. What do you got, Neal? Asked on Unmute. Hold on. We set it up a little bit different because we wanted to make sure

[01:13:01] And you go to the top of the of the chat participants, so then I need new easier. Some of you did, right? Yeah, you’re good. Go ahead, Neil. Yeah, this is more of a kind of a mindset thing because you know how and Patrick has said it. You said in the past, sometimes you go through seven clients before you get the right one, right? And it’s funny because I had a talk last Friday with a guy I thought was going to be unbelievable, right? And then he’s telling me why he’s not selling these jobs and this and that he’s thinking of getting back in the union. I’m like, You, you’re kidding me, right? I didn’t say that. But five minutes later, I talked to this guy in Arizona who, you know, was kind of iffy. But then he’s coming at me like, I sold five jobs out of stuff you sent me this week. The next day, he wired me a thousand dollars. He’s all excited. Give me everything you got. And I couldn’t place his accent in Arizona. He’s from the island of Tonga, off the coast of New Zealand. I mean, this guy is a bulldog. This guy is mailbox. I mean, he’s not. It’s the same guy wants me to get his brother going in Fort Worth, but it’s just it just to me. After dealing with the regular business with the overhead and the employees and the the the mortgage and the vehicles, the equipment, this job, this business is fantastic. It’s just you got to get over the rejection from some of those customers because then you get this other one that’s just like he makes up for it. You know,

[01:14:38] It’s. Yeah, that’s right. And it’s it seems so obvious after you’ve closed a few people that that’s what’s going on where you just like if this person rejects you. Like, who cares, right? Like, I can’t imagine what our life would look like and what our business would look like if when someone rejected me. When I’m trying to call, if that was the end of it and I was just like, OK, like, this business model doesn’t work, I can’t find this site’s dead. Like it’s a waste. It’s just never, never been how it is. And you just have to. You just kind of have to know like, it’s like you do. You do one push up and you go and look in the mirror and be like, this doesn’t work, right? Like, maybe if you do one hundred a day every day, then you’re going to get the results. And that’s the same thing with this. If you expect the rejection and anticipate it, then it won’t be shocking and it won’t be painful. It’s not. It’s the person isn’t rejecting you. Right? That’s that’s one thing to get through your mind. Like, it doesn’t mean that you’re like a bad sales. The best, the best salespeople in the world get rejected. It’s just just the nature of the game. What I look for is like, where’s the tenacity that you went through seven people or whatever, like you said, it’s that’s the type of person that I want that’s selling and you guys can all be that person. Just let like when you feel that pain or rejection, just kind of like maybe a little pep talk, they’re not rejecting me. Maybe like, this is just not the right person, right? And you’re going to get better at it to the reps are going to help and you’re going to get rejected less.

[01:16:17] But that’s the way I see it. I don’t even look at it. I don’t even frame it as rejection. I’m looking at it like I’m qualifying them and I’m trying to give them and explain to them an amazing opportunity that they have to grow their business and they just flat out may not be the right person. In fact, they probably are. They can’t roll as big as we do. So that’s on them. That’s on us. You know, it’s like if you can’t even like bump, sending them seven remodeling leads a week and they’re telling me they can’t close any well, you got other issues like if you were super motivated and and they were asking me questions, I might even handhold them and try to help them close better. But if they’re just like, Oh, these are, I just can’t close them, well, then I’m out like, I got to go find somebody else. That’s not rejection from me. That’s them telling me and showing me that they’re not lying.

[01:17:08] Yeah, absolutely. All right. Congrats on the win. Neil, what what else, what else do we have? What other ones do we have?

[01:17:16] We had a couple in the beginning. Somebody closed one hundred and twenty K profit deal and holy cow. They get 50 percent of that with another business partner. So that’s pretty amazing. I want to get in that niche, so there’s always niches. That’s one thing I was going to say about niches is, you know, we love the niches we’re in, but I know there are better niches out there. There are better niches than any of us have ever thought of, right? And so it’s like always like Patrick says, like, keep your mind open, keep doing being intentional and being very tenacious about what you’re doing because all of a sudden that golden nugget pops out of this whole flow and equation where you’re just like, Wow, I’ve hit a gold mine here, and it’s the business model has so many different aspects to it. The more you learn, the more you can run it down and you’ll come across those opportunities and you can really capitalize.

[01:18:07] Yeah, absolutely. This is what we were talking about before with the skill stacking to right, so you guys learning this, this business model and then like your chances of success double when you add another skill, if it’s kind of related. Right. So that doesn’t mean that like, hey, you learn regeneration and then you also learn ice fishing that, like some magical marriage, is going to happen. But but maybe it will. Maybe there’s like ice fishing region that you wouldn’t have known, but maybe you are in sales, right? And then you learn public speaking. So now you’ve got like two units and you learn public speaking. Now you have four. So this is why it’s really important to keep adding onto this. So like for us, I gave this example before I learned to be a software engineer first, and then I would lead gen. And then like, if I didn’t have either one of those skills, I would not have been able to build the software. Right. So like, it’s important when you start putting this stuff together and then like, I’ve never taken the public speaking classes, but having some kind of like understanding of what to do has allowed me to present this in front of a large group of people like this that I’m going to get a good reaction from right in their sales.

[01:19:15] That’s going into this. And then I’ve also studied psychology, so kind of understanding people has made me better at sales, right? So I think it’s important that you keep doing this stuff and you guys, you need to have a regular regimen of how you’re kind of sharpening your axe. For me, I find it to be best in the morning, but you want to make sure that you keep on learning these different things, right? And it goes outside this group or any other groups that you guys are in. It’s like, what do you want to learn? How are you going to achieve it? And then how is that going to be relative? Because a lot of times these, you’re not going to be able to see between the lines until you have both of these in your hands, right? Like I’ll tell you what, playing poker for a living for ten years has made me a better salesperson, and I would have never thought I never played poker to become good at sales. But I can tell when I’m on a call just by the tone and someone’s voice kind of where they are, and then I can adjust and say, Oh, OK, let me let me phrase it this way, right? Because there’s so much studying and language stuff that I studied that it prepared me for it in that moment.

[01:20:15] So a lot of times, that’s why I always go back to that visual of the like ten thousand steps. We don’t always know how the value of this, but it is actually a step to getting rejected as a step right. The doing the wrong niche is a step because you start to learn these pieces and they become valuable as you move forward. Right. So guys, I think we I think we can wrap this one up. We’ve been on here for an hour and a half. We try to keep it at an hour. I hope you guys got a lot of value from this help out, Shiv, if you can, if it makes sense to you. And yeah, we’ll we’ll get him back on here. And if there’s any, if there’s if you guys have any other questions, throw them in the group this week and we’ll probably have another guest on here in the next couple of weeks. Jeff and I have been kind of working and talking with with a few people, maybe a little bit outside the the Legion space to bring some kind of diversified value to you guys. But as always, let’s let’s end this call.

[01:21:14] Let’s do a quick message there. Patrick, I don’t want to get on the chat.

[01:21:20] I don’t have one lined up right now. I don’t. Go, Jeff, Jeff is looking for Jeff is looking for a giveaway opportunity, I don’t I don’t really. Hmm. I guess in and out call that out nature of the call. Nobody’s stuck out to me this this week. So, but that’s like that’s something we’re gonna start introducing still a little extra motivation for people. We’re going to obviously consider the win. So over the next seven days, let’s do the actions that are necessary to create wins in our business, right? Let’s let’s let’s step it up. You guys have. So next, next Wednesday is the 20th. What can you do between now and August twenty fifth to create value in your business? Think outside the box. Be the problem solver. Take some inspiration. Seven day sprint, right? Seven days like, we don’t need to worry about doing it every day, but like what if we just went all out for the next seven days? What is that going to do? So you guys have a great week. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you guys in the group. The guys, you know.

[01:22:30] Thanks.