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[00:00:02] But a man. It’s.

[00:00:20] Right. We got people coming on. We got people. We’re live. Live from New York City. It’s Wednesday night.

[00:00:31] What’s going on, people? Was the energy? And well, we got Patrick’s got the best. I think the best situation going on right now between all of us. Well, I don’t know. It might be a hint, a toss up between Alfredo and Patrick, actually, he looks. Alfredo looks like he’s got a good situation going on there with a little one.

[00:00:55] Alfredo, yeah, look at that, he’s got like, he’s got a

[00:00:59] Dad, that’s a dad, do you look at that?

[00:01:02] Yeah, guys. My dad came early and she just got home from the nick unit. So super excited.

[00:01:09] Wow, man, that’s awesome. Congrats. Thank you. Thank you. Congrats, dude. Very cool, when was when was the baby born?

[00:01:16] So she was born November 1st and she was born at seven months, almost eight, so she checked into the NIC unit for about a month yesterday. A little over a month.

[00:01:30] Wow. Yeah. So she’s been good. That’s amazing, man. What? What an awesome ending to that, I know that must have been pretty stressful there for a while, but to finally have her home must feel amazing, right?

[00:01:43] Thank you. Yeah. Absolutely.

[00:01:46] Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re still looking for a name, but. Snap is actually a really good name for some. I’m just making a post here. Well, that that counts as a win, right? That’s it. That’s a big win. We’ll start off with some wins. I.

[00:02:06] Yeah. So I actually utilize the lead snap, Jeff, I send you a video question and I don’t know if you got it, but utilizing the least snap geo maps, actually, I’m about a skip hop and a jump. I just did it. The guy just finalizing the details. But I believe I got the the the job on Upwork based on the heat map, big time, the whole competitor, you know, showing where what you’re ranking, nothing, what your competitors are doing, what they have, what you don’t have.

[00:02:42] So pretty cool. Yeah, that’s powerful, man. It’s really powerful. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard that that story with its help people close a lot of deals. So that’s that’s awesome, man. And just in time, because it sounds like you’re going to have some more bills, maybe. Cool. Cool. All right, who else has got some wins? Mean, do you get your heat turned on?

[00:03:13] Yeah, it’s finally above 50 degrees, but the first night in the House.

[00:03:18] Yeah. Very cool. Very cool. All right. Anybody else in the group? I’d love to. I’m going to start this off each time. This way, I just want you guys. I want to try to create the environment where it’s easier for you guys to connect with each other. So throw in the chat where you guys are from and then maybe, maybe, maybe you’re in the same city or you’ll be going to that same place. Anybody that is in in New York City, assuming you’re not crazy, love to maybe possibly meet up while we’re here, we’re probably going to try to carve off, had a few people reach out to me. So I think we’re going to try to carve off a night to have a couple of drinks, maybe get some dinner as a group. We actually did that with with Devin in Vegas one time. This is really cool to connect with some people. Yeah, this is for me. This is awesome. This is a win. We’re here for five days. This is the first time I’ve ever been to New York City. So we we’re just a couple of blocks away from Times Square and we just walked over there, which is really cool. And I have been told that if I can make it here that I can make it anywhere, so this is going to be a it’s going to be a good test. The stakes couldn’t be higher, but I’m pretty excited. So, yeah. All right, Jeff, we got any more wins at any of the chats. You got this stuff locked down here. Jeff is muted, asked to mute. Jeff refuses to answer.

[00:04:53] I got three, I got real estate here, my mouse

[00:04:56] Doesn’t go fast. I know I got to get you another monitor over there, huh?

[00:04:59] Yeah, that’s that’s why I need another one. Yeah, I don’t see any other wins in the chat.

[00:05:07] Ok. But we’re not. We’re not a winning bunch this week.

[00:05:11] Yeah, I guess I would. I’ll just share how much I’m loving the heat map software. Honestly. I don’t know if anybody felt like this. I consider myself fairly new at this still. I’m only I’m only two years old with this, but honestly, there’s a lot of these things that we do because experts like Patrick and William and other people that we follow say these are the things that do and data shows to do this and do that. And and we’re all just guessing at this stuff like, honestly, a lot of it’s guessing looking to see what the data is. And it is so refreshing to finally see a lot of things that are paying off in almost the heat map software. And Patrick, maybe it’s just maybe it’s just me, but the heat, the heat map software, I mean, it’s showing improvements in short periods of time, like only five days. So I optimize the client’s GMB went over five days later, and we’re already seeing results happen just from that one activity. And it’s amazing to be able to go and post that on social media and then also send it to your client because it just builds like, honestly, I’ve struggled my whole time with building trust with people. It’s not that I don’t trust my skill set or having people in my back pocket that can help me. But it’s but it’s how do I? How do I besides talking? Show that they can trust me? And the heat map software is an automatic home run.

[00:06:47] Yeah, I mean, that’s awesome. It really it really paints the picture, it does a lot of different things, right? It paints a picture of how we’re doing. It gives us an action plan to kind of get hyperlocal with how to attack things, right? Which and I mean, and it keeps us it keeps us up to date on on things that are changing. We’re guilty within our own agency of not monitoring it enough. And, you know, we’ve been kind of building out some dashboards so that we can keep track of things, but it’s it’s absolutely killer. If you guys aren’t taking advantage of it, I highly recommend it. I know that a lot of people tune in who don’t have accounts, and you know, that’s cool. You guys are welcome. You guys are welcome to jump in here. But if you’re trying to grow this business, the point of creating these tools was they’re advantageous for us, right? And when you hear these these stories like Spencer and Alfredo like, this story is one. Even if you look on our site and look through the testimonials, there’s over a hundred of there and I would say probably seventy five percent of them are related to that heat map with with closing deals. So it’s a great thing this month. Anyone with account, we’ve got unlimited for the rest of the year, unlimited heat maps. So I encourage you guys to jump in it. You’ve got a free 15 days to use it. You can potentially close the deal in the first two weeks using using software.

[00:08:14] I see that there’s actually a few more wins. It looks like Graham how to win three K per month Client O client, he closed, which is awesome. Just kind of running through this where where everybody’s at? We got we got Chuck in written. Washington Alfredo is out in California with his new baby. Neal is down and enjoying the weather in Sarasota. We’ve got Devin, who is enjoying his new furnace, heat, gas, heat and Stillwater, Oklahoma. We got Sidney. Yep. All right, cool. We got the Patrick in the Bay Area, where the software has a built in GMB making help. I guess that’s Alfredo. I’m not. We’re talking about the heat map, right? So yeah, your ability to kind of see your rankings and then build a strategy based on those results. So that’s kind of what what we’re going through and I’m going to I’m actually going to go through some of that today because I know there’s been a lot of requests around the heat map and how to pitch it. So I’m going to do a little bit of that today. So, Alfredo, I know that you just signed up, man. We’re really, really excited to have you, man and have you be a part of the community. He says I have a few new questions about the CRM and onboarding. If you don’t have an account, you’re really missing out for real big time. Appreciate that, man. That’s that’s awesome to hear.

[00:09:37] Yeah, man. Just throw Alfredo, throw your throw your newbie questions in the chat. Anybody? Look, guys, we’re all at different spots, and one thing that I want with this group is it to be kind of judgment free. Obviously, there’s going to be topics that are going to be more focused on advanced techniques, and there’s going to be some that are intermediary and there’s going to be beginner stuff. We’re all kind of like at some spot in there. And I’ll tell you guys, you know, it was only like, it hasn’t even been six years. It’s been five years, five and a half years since I started this business. Like part of that, I had no business model at all with this right. So things can happen really quick. And we’ve been in a great spot for several years, and I don’t attribute that to like some superpower. It’s just like kind of hard work and not getting distracted by things and really kind of focusing down on things. And that’s something that we all have the ability to do. You don’t have to go to like be a brain surgeon to make brain surgeon money, right? Which is it’s kind of crazy. And I’ve met some of those guys and they’re completely stressed out. So loving this business model, it’s something that we can just kind of like do again and again. Once you get to five hundred dollars and, you know, like, hey, do the same thing, we get to a thousand do the same thing again to get to two thousand right.

[00:10:57] It’s just it’s that easy. We don’t have to make it so complicated, and sometimes it can get boring because it’s repetitive. But I’ll tell you what’s not boring is being able to travel around the world like this. Like, we’re here for five days and we’re going to Europe for a month. And this is the business model that kind of led us to do this. This business model bankrolled the software that you guys you guys are using to. So it can it can open up a lot of doors for you guys. We got Jeff from Austin, Texas. Jp, my last share client, sold his company last week, got two clients and about to launch a service company for a franchise that guys, that is a shaker and a mover. Guys, you guys need to connect with JP. We got grandmas literally walking out the door and doctor asked me to give him a Google review. One thing led to another. We know how that one goes. Yeah, it’s such a such a great opening. I did so I moved this last week and this company, public storage, they have all our stuff and they have like. Four point nine. Four point nine stars, four point nine stars, and they have like four hundred reviews in the place I thought was absolutely terrible. It was just like the worst experience and I left them a bad review and the next day I had to go in there.

[00:12:17] Like part of the reason that I didn’t like the place, I felt like there was like it was in the ghetto. And there’s like homeless people that were wandering through into the area. And I felt like one of them kind of like looked over my shoulder at my code and I was just like, This guy’s clearly staring, staring at the keypad. So I went in there to change my code, and they had my review printed out on the table. And they’re like, What’s your name? I’m like, Yeah, it’s Patrick Shannon. And then she like, picks this up, and she’s like, Oh yeah, we I saw your review, which was like a terrible I actually said that the staff was really nice and then they’ve gone so far to follow up. So today they called to find out like, I didn’t answer the call, but they called and left a voicemail about this. And it’s really I was really kind of impressed with their follow up for the review game. The some of the same problems still exists, but. They are just like some storage company, but what they’ve done is like public storage is all over the country, right? And they’ve put policies in place to make sure that things move forward and that they are kind of watching this and we can use this when you guys see stuff like this. It’s easy to just kind of let it go, but it’s it’s an example, and there’s reasons that places like this have been able to scale across the country, right? They’ve got structure in place.

[00:13:42] That’s what that’s the benefit of the franchises like what JP is talking about here is like franchises have solved the problem and we can use those as an example. And we need to be not only doing that in our business, but like having our clients follow some of this stuff, right with this platform that you guys have just sticking to reputation management. We hope to have our notification stuff back here in the next week or so. We’ve run into a number of bugs with the GB module that we’ve been kind of fixing. I know that sometimes there’s like some duplicates showing up, but like, you know, just a couple of small issues here. We’ve had a lot of big changes with getting the API back and things are different from Google. Pretty soon you guys were able to have notifications and I think it’s really smart. Especially like Spencer. I know that you’ve got your Google, my business or your reputation management. Spencer has been selling that a little bit like some of this, I think, should come with consulting, right? It’s easy to just like turn this, turn this on and be like, Hey, OK, you’ve paid for reputation management. You’re good to go. That’s one way to do it, and they’re not going to stick around if they’re not successful. And so having somebody on your team that’s kind of like paying attention to client success and monitoring this is a really important thing and it’s something that we haven’t really done in our agency.

[00:15:05] You know, I used to get these calls like I would get a call from one of our clients after a few months and it was like it kind of felt like I was playing Russian roulette because like the call would come in and I’d be like, I’d see the name and I’d be like, Oh, shoot, man, like this guy? Well, I have no idea what’s going on. Like this guy? Happy. Is he upset? And he’d be like, Hey, you guys are crushing it. This is awesome. Like, Oh yeah, yeah, I all that we’ve been. Your calls have been going up. That’s great, man. We’ve been working hard over here and, you know, we have to have this stuff monitoring. We’ve got it’s gone the other way, too. You know, we’ve had clients that reach out to us and are like. Hey, my leads have fallen off, and what you don’t want is you don’t want that to be news to you, right? You want to put stuff in place. I’ve talked about measuring things. These are the things that you guys have to measure and it takes discipline and it’s these little things that matter, right? Spending the time to plan out your week means that you get to be more productive during the week, right? Measuring things and paying attention to the numbers and guys like we hire the VA to do backlinks for us at all kinds of stuff like that.

[00:16:15] I’ve got people on my team that their job is to update like the metric sheets for us because I want that stuff all the time. I mentioned this to you guys two weeks ago. So our North Star metric that we’re going to be focusing on to start with is the amount of leads per paying client. I know that if I move that number up and I continuously move that number up, my business is going in the right direction, right? I don’t know that that will be what it is long term, but I know putting something in place and paying attention to it and measuring it, we’re going to increase it and everyone on our team is going to know what that number is, right? So the way we structured our team and this is important, like when you guys are building this, I know that one of the questions we wanted to go over was like how to scale this business? And I thought about this a little bit, and I thought about the time when we were going through things where we made a change that really made a difference. Ok. So one of those was like kind of like I was reading through these business books. I’ve mentioned these books, and I know a lot of you guys have read through them and it’s good to maybe reread things because the value of the book is based on like where you are at, like where you are mentally at the time you read it and you may not be ready for some of the books that I recommended.

[00:17:31] But going back through them, maybe you’ll be ready the second time, or maybe it’ll sink in deeper. So the May three it and traction and I started thinking about how my business was very flat and that’s probably how your guys, this is a lot of your eyes is right where whenever someone like whatever they are, they’re the backlink of their content writer. They’re all coming to you. So there’s like this level and then there’s you. Right? So that’s a problem if you want to scale this thing. If you want to pull yourself out of the business, you can’t be flat. So what you need to be looking for? And this is why I think it’s important when you’re hiring to do the logic test and that that type of stuff that I mentioned before, it’s like, get the right person in there and it may not. It may be that like based on their results, that they’re a little bit overqualified for what you need them. So one of our managers who is on our team we hire, I hired him to do like. Boring, repetitive stuff and. I didn’t like that like that was going to be his initial test, right, and I’m always hoping that someone is is way more than that, and that was the case with this person. And I was like, I’ve got to get this person into a management position.

[00:18:41] So now we have three managers in our agency that delegate and they handle a lot of this stuff. And we do a meeting every Monday and we go over the issues that we’re having. We talk about what was done during the week. We celebrate our wins, right? We have like they, they really. And I do too. But there’s like a social like the first ten minutes is just social. It’s not really work. Talk like, what did you do? Let’s just like make sure that we’re connecting as people. Right. And I encourage you guys, I’ve told you guys this time and time again, I know some of you guys are new, though I treat these, treat these people like people, treat them like humans. Like when you do that, then you can really start to build something because people are not going to want to work for you. If you’re kind of like treating even that name like a VA. Like, I had a conversation with our team about a month ago and I’m like, Let’s stop using that name within our within our company, our team members, these are people VA’s. There’s to me, there’s this kind of like disposable connotation to towards it, which like, yes, the people that were hiring from these overseas, there’s a lot of people waiting in line that would love to get these positions behind them, but that doesn’t mean that we need to treat them that way. Right. So getting these people and then making sure that the communication lines are open.

[00:20:01] I was talking about this in our Monday call two days ago. Like, you should have almost like a bottom up. We’re like, the feedback is coming up right from whoever the people that are like doing your backlinks, you talk to them like, what can we do to improve the system? A lot of the stuff that has improved our business has come by creating those communication lines. You need to make it clear that these people are not going to be punished. You’re not going to have to kill the messenger attitude. They point out something. There’s an issue you need to kind of bite your tongue and thank them for pointing this out. Like it’s time and time again. People have brought things to my attention that like. Shit, I did not want to hear that that is awful, but it needed to be said and I’ve got a team in place that understands this dynamic enough. And it’s like, it’s not a me versus the world, like it’s a culture that we’re all kind of like working on this together, and that’s something that has to be built. That leadership is important and it’s got to come from the top down. But you have to respect everyone from the bottom up, right? That makes sense. So I see some questions rolling in here and I see Spencer. I just got off a call like this. I don’t Spencer. I don’t know what I’ve been over here rambling for ten minutes. I’m not sure what

[00:21:22] You’re just talking about. Your tongue about that call that where you’re kind of, oh, you’re not sure if it’s going to be a positive or a negative call. Yeah, this client I, we’re we’re behind due to that virus in Pakistan with my team, we’re behind on the site build and he didn’t communicate in the best I could through through Messenger. And then he called. I missed his call and I dreaded calling him back because I was like, Oh shit, is this guy pissed about that? He’s like, Oh bro, I wasn’t even talking about calling him, talk about that. I was calling because Google is calling like, What do you mean? Google is calling? Yeah, because and it was really just people calling because they’re now finding him on Google after a B optimization. So it was a positive call, but I I dreaded it just like yourself.

[00:22:04] Yeah, that’s that’s like, that’s feedback. Like, if you guys are in that situation and your stomach turns when you see that that number come in, then like. There’s an issue, and I’m not saying that we haven’t had that issue or we don’t have that issue, but it’s like, first thing is identify it, the next thing is like, what are you going to do to fix it, right? We’ve got I’ve got Jeff on my team and he’s touching base with our clients on a monthly basis, and I didn’t have time to do that. And when we started having him do that, he was able to expand the revenue of our existing clients quite a bit. Right? He like one client, the client. We had a client for fifteen hundred dollars a month that’s now paying us thirteen thousand dollars a month. And that was like a lot of Jeff’s effort from like cultivating that relationship, talking to them, knowing where we are. He monitors the stuff. One of the things that we’re building out, I mentioned this in in the previous calls is we’re building out a reporting system because I’ve identified this in my agency. This weakness of the reports will you can schedule them, you can have them be emailed to branded all sorts of different things. You can control the frequency of when those go out and you can build it from different pieces across the entire system, right? Which is awesome because it’s like we have this software that has all these different pieces and a lot of them are related.

[00:23:28] But building out recording that is going to kind of blend this stuff and put it right in front of you based on what matters to you and how comparison built into it, I think is going to be huge. I don’t really know of other software that’s out there. That’s like doing this where it’s like, here’s your heat map average for these like six companies versus what it was a month ago or 12 months ago. If I want to see like whatever the phone calls it leads all this stuff. Here’s your Google Analytics job putting that all in one place and allowing you guys kind of customize and build this report. I know it’s something that we need desperately in our agency, and I think as you guys scale, you get past like 10 and 20, 30, 50 a hundred sites. It gets hard to keep track of these things and have like. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. It’s one hundred percent important. And the lack of information is why your stomach turns when that call comes in. Because if you know your numbers and you know everything is cool, then like, you’re like, OK, this guy is calling up to compliment, I know he’s happy, right? Or you’re you’re you’re initiating the call before it happens where it’s like, Hey, I know that your lead count has gone down. I just want like, if they hear it from you first. There’s a lot of like trust, and they’re assuming that you’re proactive because you noticed it and reported it to them, right? So, yeah, really important stuff.

[00:24:50] Ok, cool. Patrick, can you talk about how you qualify potential client on the phone to find out if you want to work with them, like the business owner? What can the business owner handle more calls? So here’s what I’ve learned is you’re going to run into a bunch of different business owners, and it’s really. So like playing poker for a living for 10 years, like a lot of times I can identify, I’m like, This seems like this person is not the right person. Like, it’s just like there’s a a feeling, but a lot of times I’m wrong still. And and so when we’ll talk a good game and, you know, I might have my doubts, but really what happens is like we find out like when it’s time to pay and during the trial, are they answering the phone? Right. And it’s, you know, with with getting a lot of our clients from referrals, I think we get a lot more qualified clients. They come in trusting us, their established business owners. Some of the things I look for are how many years they’ve been in business, how many people they have on their crew. I like to look at the reviews. I want to talk to them. I like to ask them why they’re doing this. Like, why did you start this business? If they have a big why and they’re clear on it and they have a vision of where they want to go, I love to hear that like this person is like, Hey, I want to take over the town if they have references that are, if they’re like, talking about the impact that they have on people.

[00:26:21] I think that’s a really good sign, right? If they’re talking about like I’ve been growing and like, like we’ve we’ve had a lot of we’ve had a lot of referrals that are coming in and it’s been word of mouth and we’ve continued to grow. Those are good signs, right? Because they’re probably doing something right. You know, if you start sending them calls and they’re not answering those calls, then then that’s an issue, right? If they’re. It’s it’s kind of like hard to. You just kind of you start to get you start to just kind of start to smell it a little bit, I guess is like a good way to say it when I was playing poker for a living. There would be people that would sit down and I could just kind of look at them and I’d be like, That person probably doesn’t belong here, right? Just like, you kind of have to get some reps under your belt before you can really start to feel it. Jeff, I think this is an area that that you that we’ve kind of worked on a lot. Do you have anything you want to contribute to this? Your thoughts on how you’re qualifying, people?

[00:27:24] Yeah. You know, I trying to go for

[00:27:28] Bigger, bigger

[00:27:29] Players. I mean, the fact is that we have assets that are going to require a higher level business business owner and others that are kind of run of the mill and not so exciting. The lead value is much lower and all of that. So it kind of depends on what I’m prospecting for. But overall, I’m trying to go for, you know, business owners that have the ability and the desire to expand. So that’s a real tough one, especially in today’s market. I mean, just the way everything has played out, it’s made it really tough for these guys. But I know I’m talking to the wrong person if they’re like, Well, I don’t like paying for these leads. If I’m already maxed out and I can’t, I can’t handle the business. It’s like, Well, I mean, that’s your problem. You hire like, I’m not going to hire employees for you. You know, you figure that part of it. I’m just here to give you leads. So it’s really kind of a mindset. And like Patrick said, an intuition like, I’m more inclined to give people a shot because I have a lot of responsibilities that I’m trying to fulfill and I can’t get stuck on it. If it’s whatever the if it’s like something high end, it’s producing a lot. I’ll spend a lot more time on that. If it’s lower end, it’s not really producing that much. I’m just trying to get kind of a warm body in there so that somebody is taking the leads and kind of cultivate them. As we come up, I’ll give it a little bit less attention and and maybe I don’t find the right person right off the bat, but I’m I’m working harder on the stuff that’s higher, that’s higher level and producing.

[00:29:04] So I have to weigh all those things and kind of be as productive and, you know, add to the bottom line as best as I can in the given moment. So, you know, that’s that’s the real benefit of being able to work with somebody like Patrick and the agency is that we have enough assets to sell. That one is not going to kill us like we lost a pretty big client last month. And it’s like at the end of the day, it all just kind of like washes out. We’ve got a couple of new ones. We lost one. Like, whatever you’re not, you don’t have just three websites. You have three hundred. It really gives you a lot more breathing room when something goes wonky and a client blows out on you, which you know a lot of clients we have we’ve had for several years and before I came on with Patrick long before that. But overall, we’re trying to grow as much as we can, and we have a lot of stuff that’s in inventory that needs to be sold. So it’s just a matter of really tuning in to what the business owners are dealing with right now. And you know, you have the right kind of person if they’re like, well, you know, if they start talking about how they’re hiring and yeah, I’m having trouble, but I’m going to figure it out, then, you know, you’re kind of talking to the right type of person if they’re making excuses or playing victim or whatever. And they’re just like, Well, I just don’t see how to make the numbers work. It’s like, Well, then I don’t see how to have a

[00:30:33] Relationship with you, you know, actually, yeah, you guys, I think it’s important to always be on the lookout for that victim mentality. You’re going to notice it like when you’re hiring and when you’re looking for the client. It’s just someone who is not going to be geared up for success when they’re making excuses with whatever like, it’s like it’s like if the person has a brilliant interview. But I pick up on some victim mentality. There’s like zero spot for them. It’s just something I don’t tolerate at all in my life, in my company. And I put myself inside of a bubble where when I hear it, it’s like, Whoa, it’s shocking that that exists and it kind of like, takes me back. But you’ll pick up on these clients, these clients that are you. Something doesn’t go their way and they’re like, immediately assigning blame. Then it’s like it’s going to drip into their entire life, you know, and there’s going to be problems.

[00:31:33] It’s kind of it’s kind of crazy. Like, it’s almost you have to like coach your client like, hey, you need to get ready for growth. It’s like they can’t envision. Like, I remember, one of my first clients was a garage door guy in Kansas City. It was just him. And under a year I. Took him to like nine or 10 trucks, and he was just like blown away like he he never envisioned, ever hiring extra technicians, a full like call center staff like nothing. It’s almost like I had to like, show him like the huge picture of like that growth. It’s just it’s a weird concept for a lot of business owners for some reason.

[00:32:10] Yeah, you these guys, maybe a lot of you guys fallen in the same boat before you got started with this, where you can’t see a bigger picture and they don’t believe in themselves enough. And I love that if you’ve got some like scrappy business owner who’s an underdog and it’s like he’s got a while, just do whatever it takes to be successful, then like, I will be super patient with that person because ultimately what we’re doing is not just like trying to make as much money as possible, we’re trying to have an impact on these people and those are the people that I love. We had a guy in in Raleigh a few years ago, and when he hired us, he threw his last fifteen hundred dollars into his mark. That was that was his all his money. And I was like, I’m never going to let this dude down, like, we’re going to just absolutely kill it for this guy. This truck was getting repossessed and he was going to get forced out of his apartment. And, you know, it must have been eight or 10 months later. He had like three trucks and he was he. I think since then he’s bought a house like for himself, like everything is changed, and sometimes you just get that sense from these people that they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it work.

[00:33:23] And I would encourage you guys to have their back in that situation. And you know, I get it. If you have zero dollars and you got leads coming in, you don’t want to wait on this person. But you know, maybe in the beginning you’ve got to make some different decisions. But as things move on, like when you stop, when you start really focusing on the impact, that’s where you start to get a lot of referrals and that’s where you start to crush it for these people. And then like, you get to bigger numbers a lot faster if that’s where your mindset is. That’s what I’ve learned is like. It’s just like when you’re trying to make a sale and you’re desperate, like, that’s a much harder sale than when you walk away. We had a guy and I want you guys to take from this. So like I was on Williams call and he asked one of the one of the people on the call asked how poker had contributed to. Business, and I thought about it a lot in the past, but it has contributed a lot and that doesn’t mean I don’t encourage you guys to do this, but let’s talk about some of the stuff.

[00:34:22] So we had a guy this week. My brother in law, he he has a pool cleaning company in Vegas and never a niche that I would want to go into, but I did it for him. And then he decided at some point he made a lot, a series of really good decisions. We’re like, it’s just not worth his time to do that anymore. But now we have the site and it’s just been it’s like one of the worst in our portfolio because it’s in this pool cleaning niche. And this guy, we’re just trying to get paper lead on this thing because it produces leads and I don’t want to throw them away. And Jeff and I were kind of like going back through this guy. Jeff came over to Nashville and was hanging out for a week. And so originally, this guy says he’s not closing any deals, which like this is where you need to like, put your thinking cap on and like, does this ring true to you, pool cleaning? That is a very easy thing. He’s he’s not selling cars, right? He’s not he’s not selling like swimming pools or space shuttles. He’s. Can you be the person that appears to be competent? These people are not going to shop around for a long time for their pool cleaner.

[00:35:27] It’s almost the same service. They know how much it costs. It’s always going to be like between like 80 and a hundred and twenty dollars for like a residential like, that’s probably like ninety five percent. Like, there’s not going to be a lot of shopping around. This guy’s really good on the phone. Right. That was another thing that we we knew that he was great on the phone, so it wasn’t making sense that he wasn’t closing deals. Right. So Jeff and I are talking and this guy is like, Hey, I want to pay. We were trying to get twenty five dollars per week for the for the leads in the pool cleaning. And this guy says, I want to pay twenty five dollars for a closed deal and I’m like talking to Jeff. Jeff and I are sitting on my couch discussing this like, like, first of all, if he’s doing a close deal, the number is going to be much higher. And like he’s saying, he’s not closing, which we didn’t believe. And then we’re like, OK, that’s like Jeff, I don’t know. You had the conversation with them. What did you end up telling them? You told them like, Hey, this is not the right deal. What was the phrasing on how you deliver that message to him?

[00:36:30] Well, let me check my text because I was like, forty eight hours ago, I said

[00:36:35] It was something. It was something to the effect of We’re not the right. Like, That’s cool, man. This is what it is. We’re going to walk away. And when you’re desperate, you can’t have that. And these guys are going to bull you and push you around if they think you’re a beginner. And I actually asked Jeff, like in the middle of this conversation that he’s texting. I was like, Does this guy think we’re amateurs? And then Jeff’s response was, he doesn’t anymore because we were just, like, walked away. We’re just like, All right, we’re like, You’re not the right person for for us. And then like, the next day, this guy reaches out. Ok, so I love to hear what are your guys thoughts? Just throw them in the chat. What are your guys thoughts of this at this point? Because in my mind? Like, it was crystal clear what was going on. So this guy, this guy says he’s not closing weeds, we say he’s not the right person. Then he he he reaches back out, what’s the assumptions that we can make, right? This guy is lying. It’s clear as day to me that this guy is like, why is he reaching back out if he’s not closing deals? There’s no value in this. And then he’s still pushing for. He’s still he’s still pushing for a closed deal, which is like, OK, why does he care that we’re walking if if he’s not closing any deals and us walking away from him, it doesn’t matter because he’s not got any value from it, right? But he reached back up to now we know that he’s lying like that. In my mind, I was like, You’re a liar. Like instantly that decision and I feel certain about it. And then I think, Jeff, did he come back again or like? Well, he said,

[00:38:16] We had a bunch of witty banter back banter back and forth. And then he says, Oh, OK, thanks. Thanks, anyway. Good luck on your search. If things change, let me know. Happy holidays!

[00:38:24] So I said, no worries. Happy holidays. And then the next day he’s like, now, roughly how many

[00:38:29] Leads are we looking at? About a month for season versus non season? That’s what Patrick and I were talking. So then I told him that and he’s like, Well, can you do less on the leads that don’t close? And then I just said, now, like, you know, we only we only do per lead deals on a couple of things. I had already told him we we generate leads nationwide and kind of qualified us as a higher level player. And he hasn’t come back since then.

[00:38:56] So mostly I don’t like I don’t want anything to do with this guy at this point because he’s like, like he showed his hand. Essentially, he he was like. I don’t trust them. I don’t I don’t trust them any more, and like, there’s no easy way to answer your question about how to qualify people. So I think kind of giving some examples and looking at the logic and the mindset of what we’re looking for, right? So let’s do like here’s a here’s an example, right? There’s a lot that can be like, this is what this is like. This is like really related to poker, but this is the sum of the value that I pulled through this that I apply to to my life on a regular basis. Let’s say you’re like driving through like a nice neighborhood and you see a steak in the front of someone’s yard, like a with a with a big, thick chain on it. Right. So you’re probably going to think like this. This house has like a backyard, obviously, because this neighborhood’s nice. So you probably think like, OK, this person has like a dog, right? That’s your first thing is like, there’s there’s a dog here. So like, what I encourage you is to take this deeper and deeper with your with how you’re looking at things with your business, especially with your clients. Sit there and spend some time and think about the implications of this. So this is a big steak. So this is probably a big dog, right? And it’s in the front yard instead of the backyard. So this person probably wants people to know that they have a dog, which means there’s probably somebody inside.

[00:40:24] There’s something that they value inside their house also means they probably don’t have an alarm on their house, right? We can take this like, really, really deep. And when someone exposes information like this to you, in your business, in one of your clients and you’re having these conversations, just take some time and think about it. You’ll get better at this stuff over time. But there is so much information that’s a part of this sales process that is like it’s hard to teach because of this. I think there’s a lot of information that you guys aren’t always deducing from. And if you just kind of like, practice this again and again, then like when this guy said that, like, I don’t know Jeff, if it was obvious to you, but as soon as he said it, I was like, Nope. Like, that’s that’s bullshit. This guy is like, This guy’s done right. We’re done with him. And I think some of you guys, you’ll chase that guy for a little while. You’ll go back and forth and like, you’re not. And that’s part of the client. Qualification is being able to to kind of smell that and it’s going to take some reps, right? So that’s kind. We’re going full circle back to the beginning. It’s going to take some reps to be able to do that. But one of the things that that I am like in love with right now is quote that I heard a while ago. It’s like like learning doesn’t come from experience. It comes from the reflection of experience, and you get to choose how long you reflect on that. So when something’s happens, take your time. This is why I like writing about it, journaling about it, thinking about it.

[00:41:45] You can you can learn so much faster and don’t just like, throw it away. Ok, cool. Oh. So, Jeff, you saying if he’s on home HomeAdvisor and call his profile? Yeah, I there’s a lot of different fun stuff we could do with this guy, but I’ve got to I’ve got to move on from this guy. And, you know, I don’t know, maybe when I’m when I’m super wealthy, I can just play games all day, but I’ve got some pretty aggressive, pretty aggressive goals. Jp, I’d love to talk to you, man, and I know that we have. What do we got? We got about 15 minutes left. All right. Jp, I know that you kind of got a different mentality on how you’re running the same business model, and this is not something that we had planned. So if you’re not cool with this, JP also has a a discord channel. It’s a paid channel. There’s a lot of really cool stuff that’s going on in there. I saw he made a post the other day, and I don’t know if you guys are contributing to this. We’re like, it’s hard to keep up with questions that are that are coming in where people are asking you different levels. So I’m not requesting that you guys go and try to like drill him for additional advice after the call. Like, he may be nice enough to answer that, but he has a program. It’s really, really cheap. You can jump in there. There’s chat going in there, like all the time with, with great information. So I hope that was cool, that I shared that JP.

[00:43:15] Yeah, it’s fine.

[00:43:16] Ok, so let’s talk about some of your processes. What? What are some of the. You go and JP doesn’t build websites. You basically just like has a standalone GMB, right? So you set up your GMB. What are some of the what are some of the high level things that that you do as a part of your ranking process for getting the results that you’ve gotten with these with these KPIs?

[00:43:40] What’s my process to rank them?

[00:43:43] Yeah, like, like for us, we’re we’re we’re building out our our GMV and then we’re always trying to get reviews, we get a bunch of citations. We’re basically using keywords within our within our reviews. We build links. We’ve built links directly to the GMB in the past. These are some of the things we’ve done. We geotagged the photos in the past. We’ve named the photos we’ve had. Like on our websites, we’ll add pages to the website that talk about the like areas within the heat map that we really want to target. I’m just curious as to some of the stuff that that you might be doing that we’re not doing that you think is really valuable that you’re willing to share with with the group?

[00:44:26] Sure. So my whole methodology for ranking is something that I call it TLC. It stands for traffic links and content. You can have one more than the other. But lately I’ve been focusing on content. So Google has something called Google justifications, where if you’ve ever seen like if you do a search and you’ll see like an icon that says it’s pulling from products or it’s pulling from services or it’s pulling from your website. Those are the main things that I’m focusing on right now. I haven’t built a citation or a press release for geotag for probably like two years. Mm hmm. So that’s kind of been my main focus. I can’t really get into a lot of like my review process just because the FTC is kind of knocking down on people right now. I don’t really want to share that.

[00:45:16] I don’t. I’ve kind of done the same thing. I know that that people have asked me how we get our reviews and stuff. So like when you have a client, you have the reputation management to bring it in and then I never teach people anything before that. But like obviously finding a way to get reviews. Yeah, I

[00:45:36] Would say for reviews like you have to coach your your customers, like, hey, if you if your technician goes on site to a customer, ask for the customer to leave a review asking them like what city they were in, what type of service that they ordered from you, and then to leave a photo in the review. So that way it’s a little bit more natural and you’re getting the information that you want. Another thing, too, like people freak out about one star reviews and like, Oh my god, this is going to hurt my reputation. You’d be surprised how many fucking keywords customers are throwing in. Those one star reviews are lighting this big, long paragraphs like don’t don’t get rid of those because those reviews are probably actually helping you out with your rankings, right?

[00:46:17] They also make it look more organic, too. If you have like, the storage place I was talking about, that is terrible, but they have three hundred and ninety seven five star reviews and like no other ones. It doesn’t look real.

[00:46:30] So a lot of my stuff to feel like I have my own test network, I have about two hundred listings in a fake city in the Midwest. I’ve had since twenty thirteen, so I use that for testing different things. But I don’t do like a lot of the normal stuff that people teach, like, geotag and I haven’t done geotagging in probably three years. I haven’t done citations in quite a while. Sometimes I deal with citations if it’s like a pretty big city. But for someone like the suburbs of cities, I don’t build anything. So most of it is live content with my site. I usually just use the free site that they give you.

[00:47:03] Google site Yeah. So I’ve noticed just kind of through my own research and playing around a lot of those Google sites, they they end up ranking really well, like and they’re like, not much to, you know?

[00:47:17] Yeah, I’ll give everyone a hit in order for you to kind of help you rank some of those. If you bold the text where you would normally put like an H2, but that will help you. Hmm.

[00:47:30] Yeah, so look, guys, you guys want more of the stuff you might want to check out. Check out JP’s thing if he’s willing to let you guys in. It’s a really cool, cool group of people. They seem like they’re really good about.

[00:47:43] We got about maybe two hundred people in there. Ok, awesome.

[00:47:47] All right. So as promised, I want to. I want to dive into the heat map and give some strategies that that I would do for pitching this. And I’ve done this a few times, but let’s do it again. I will share my screen.

[00:48:04] And. It always disappears. All right.

[00:48:10] Can you guys see my screen? Yep. All right, cool. We got my chat on here, hold on one second. Let’s get that out of the way. All right, cool. All right. So one of the best strategies, I think, is to go inside groups and to kind of like. Find somebody that is a shaker and a mover inside the group, somebody that is. Contributing a lot of value, right, so I have this Facebook group that I’ve been in, and it just serves as a good example. Let me pull this up on another screen. Real quick one second, guys. So. You like the key in the strategy, and I think Spencer’s been using this, and Spencer actually did this to the point where his account got it. Exactly. Remember what happened? Your account got like partially banned or something, he said. Is it his Facebook account? He sent me a message on Facebook saying his Facebook account got banned, so I was confused. But I think maybe his ability to post in groups.

[00:49:12] Yeah, that’s that’s what happened, Patrick. So normally in the past, Facebook will give you a little bit of a warning that you’re spamming groups and they didn’t. So, combined with posting for grabs and some certain city by cell trade groups is trying to get addresses. As well as using this strategy, I got banned for about two weeks from posts in groups. Yeah. Your first occurrence is like twenty four hours and then it goes to like three days and then seven days and then like 30 days. This is a 14 day ban and it was I mean, it’s been months since I got banned previously, probably a year. Oh, wow. Yeah, I’m on my fourth account, so

[00:49:59] They’re getting more more aggressive with their penalties, huh? I am trying to find this group. Ok, here’s one home adviser pros. Ok, so this is a group that I don’t really know a lot about, there’s twelve thousand people in here, though, so I like to find groups like this. And so this is Home Advisor pros, right? So these are, I think, people that are working for this terrible company, HomeAdvisor, and they’re like kind of sharing their experience. I’m not sure how it play out in this group, but we’ll just use this as an example. So this guy right here, I’m just randomly picking someone. So here’s what I would want to do. I would want to do some research and pay attention to the group chip in value here and there. Like like how they lead up to doing this too would probably be good. So if I was going to interact with this. I guess this is RR. So backwards, this RR drywall, so maybe like I will like make some compliments on this stuff and look, this RR drywall guy is actually pretty active in this group, it looks like. So this is going to be a good one. Like, just like, do it in a way that don’t be all cheesy about it and be like, Hey, man, that’s really it’s just like awesome drywall, right? Like, don’t don’t do it that way, but get in there and compliment him.

[00:51:28] Like, this is awesome work. It looks like it looks like you have a good team like something like this. So I like just try to kind of like disguise them a little bit and they don’t want to do. And I’m going to go and I’m going to find out more about this guy, right? So he’s got one hundred and twelve people. He looks like he’s based out of Arizona. We’ve got his email address that looks like a real email address to me, which is that’s pretty cool. There’s probably. I guess that’s probably his phone number there. Like, I don’t know how big this company is, but I’m going to assume that they’re a good company just for this demonstration. Ok, so I’m going to find this, guys. I’m going to find out some information about them. We’ve got his website here. I’m going to open this up and I’m going to look at his website and. I would go through and read a little bit about his company or a drywall has its base out of Maricopa, Arizona. I think it’s like the entire it’s like the place that people live inside Phoenix that’s not out in the middle. Nowhere is like this massive county called Maricopa. I’m just kind of trying to get a little bit more information if I could find out the person’s name.

[00:52:37] That would be great because I love to refer to the name in the video that I’m going to make from this. So what I’m going to do when I get this information. Here are some testimonials you could reference this. It’s only one, though. Just a little weird. I don’t know why you make a testimonial page with four one, but. We’ll just assume he’s got more and that he is good at what he does, and that’s kind of what I’m trying to zone in on, so then I’m going to go to Maps and I’m going to get this guy’s. I want to get this, guys. Here we go right here. You saw it there for a second, the stucco Maricopa, Arizona. Ok, so this is his business. He’s got 20 reviews on here. So here’s like this is great because we can actually let him know that we’ve done our research when we build this video out and let like, Hey, man, I sold it. Your testimonials page has only one review, but you actually have like 20 reviews on Google. You’ve got to get those on there, man. It’s hard to get 20 good reviews like you’ve done, so let’s take advantage of that and make sure that gets on your site.

[00:53:51] What’s that? So great business name.

[00:53:54] Yeah, no kidding. So I’m going to copy this and I’m going to get his. I’m going to get his heat map URL, right? So I’m going to be running this and. It’s going to take a minute for us to run, as you guys know, we have no priority. So just so when you guys paste the shared link up there, it’s going to redirect. So you’ve got to wait a minute. But once we do, we’ll go back in here and I’ll go over to this heat map area and. We will switch over to map your URL, because that’s what I have. If I had added my GMB to the system, then I could choose them from the dropdown. But that is not the case. You guys want a shortcut. You can always just like, right click on this and we’ll take you to the Google Maps thing. So drywall contractor is probably going, I’m not in this niche, but I’m going to assume that’s going to be a good keyword to ring for. Ok, and I’m going to set this up as a one mile. 13 by 13. Ok, so that’s the grid he’s kind of like. Down south. And one thing that’s important to know, like especially like certain cities like Phoenix. People do not like to drive all the way across the city unless they’re like. This is not how it works. It’s like kind of like LA. It’s like it’s too far. It takes too long. Maybe this is where his business is ranking.

[00:55:19] I know this area right here and there’s like no people in this area, so I’m actually going to make this a little bit bigger and I’ll just assume that he’s going to go after this area over here, especially as you start to go a little bit north and get into like Chandler. There’s a good amount of people in here, and I just want to make sure that I’m including that. Ok, so that’s the area. This is no longer one mile between the grid that we had set because I’ve changed the size of the grid and it’s still using the same number of points. So there’s more space between the grid now. So I want to start this and I’m going to let this run. So here’s what you want to do. Is you when you go, why this thing’s running, you want this when you go back to the group, what you’re going to do is you’re going to think this person for their contributions to the group and say, like, Hey, let’s pretend that this guy’s name is Ricky for this RR drywall. So Ricky, look, I’ve seen you in this whole advisory group and you’re always like sharing your wins and it’s inspired me and I wanted to give something back to you. And I don’t want anything for this. I’m not. I’m not looking for anything. I just wanted to give you like, we’re headed into Christmas. I wanted to give you a gift man for what you’ve done for the group to make the group better.

[00:56:35] This is important because this is a pattern interrupt from other marketers. Other marketers are trying to pitch and they’re asking for something. Don’t do that. Do this make it seem like you’re just like giving value when you give enough value. I think it was JP who said this on a call a few weeks ago. When you’ve given up value, it’s amazing how people will just like, line up to try to pay you for this. Ricky is not going to suddenly, if you teach him all the different things that are necessary to improve his rankings, Ricky is not going to like, put the drywall down and go like Master SEO, like this guy is like he’s a drywall guy. He like a lot of these people. They know how to check their email and browse the internet a little bit. That’s like you start talking about like this other stuff, you’re going to lose them in the weeds. So like, they’re not going to go and recreate this, and this is why it’s also important for you to. Not get to like techie. Right? The Heat, the beauty of the heat map I, Spencer was saying, is like, it’s really easy for business owners to like, know what’s what and we leave it with that and maybe we can go through and look, it looks like this RR guy is he’s doing pretty good so far, right. This is a pretty big area. I think it’s going to start to fall off up here.

[00:57:52] His Google, my business was down here somewhere. Ok, so we don’t. Also, what you don’t want to do is don’t insult them, right? Like it’s you start to see someone that’s not doing very well. It’s it’s kind of like an art to make sure that they know that you’re coming from a place of like help and not like, Hey. This sucks, man, you guys are doing terrible. That’s not really what you want to do, right? We can talk about how the the good rankings have influenced whatever. And if you guys have calls in your if you’re in this niche and another city and you’ve done well, then like, that’s a huge advantage because you can use those results. And I would encourage you to do that. And I would say, like, Hey, here’s how we’re ranking and this other city. Here are the phone calls that are associated with this ranking. Here’s how you are ranking in this city. It’s easy for us to like, understand that you’re missing out on a lot of these phone calls because of that lack of ranking, right? So making these like very easy connections for these people is like, you need to say the obvious don’t just like rely on them to come to every conclusion with this thing. Right. So we can see this. As I mentioned, this is the more populated area this down here where he’s ranking really well. And this is why I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to just circle around his like middle of the desert area where no people live, because then it’s like he he maybe has all once just in that area.

[00:59:23] But like, honestly, it’s not going to really do like I can bring something out in the middle of the desert, and it’s not. I’m not going to have anyone call, right, just because there’s ones there, but you need to be ranking well in these populated areas and we can see that it’s falling off pretty, pretty strong right now. So the fact that Ricky is posting inside of this home advisory group and sharing his wins, this is a guy that wants to grow his business. That’s my first assumption is like, this guy cares about things. He’s trying to push things, he’s trying to let people know what he does. He has like pride of work because he’s sharing the pictures of the stuff, right? There’s a lot of assumptions that we can make from that. Ok, so now we’ve got this, this grid and this is what my pitch would look like. Hey, Ricky, I saw you in the Home Advisory Group. I’ve been watching this for a long time. I’ve I don’t know if you’ve noticed I’ve commented, I’ve been impressed with you, man, and that’s something that that doesn’t come easy. So what I’m doing there is like, you need to constantly be positioning yourself right and little phrases and little like mindset. Things like this is like, that’s something that doesn’t come easy. Like, let them know, like, let them know like, and there’s a lot of this positioning that has to take place every step of the way.

[01:00:34] And it’s a hard thing, but you need to think about the implication of the things you say in these sales calls and what it means. Right. So, OK, so Ricky, I wanted to help you out. Like I said, it’s it’s almost Christmas time you’ve helped out a lot of people in the group. That’s obvious. It’s time for you to get something back. I don’t want anything in return. I just want to give you some, some tips, some things that have worked really well for us. It’s not even important that Ricky knows that you’re a marketing company. I would almost leave that out like he can come to his own conclusions on that on that piece, and it will build more trust and more value if you just like. If you make this seem like it’s all about a gift and don’t try to like, subtly sneak in there that you’re a marketing company because then that just like. Like the gate like that, just like changes the whole tone for him, right? Ok, so what this is, this is a tool that we that we use to really improve our rankings and a few different areas. So this will like this is for the Google my business area. And if you’re not familiar with that, if I do a search for drywall, it’s one word, right, drywall contractor near me.

[01:01:43] This is the Google my business area. This is the most important area to rank for local search. So this changes quite a bit as you move across the city. And what I’ve got here is I’ve taken your company there. It looks like you guys are kind of like in the southern part of Phoenix and RR Drywall LLC. So I found your Google, my business listing and I ran it through our tool, right? And I did it for the term drywall contractor. And this is how you are ranking. As we move across the city. So I would imagine you’ve positioned things down here because you’re always going to rank better next to where you put it. So you can see there’s only three spots in this. In this, they call this the map. The map pack, right? There’s only three spots in this map pack. And this area down here, you’re in the map, which is great, but where you start to move out of it is as we move north and this is where things get more populated. So, so here are some of the strategies that I think you should do. Ricky, it’s like when you or your crews go out and you guys finish a job, I would just explain to the people how the reviews matter to you. And you know, there’s a way, if you’re interested, I can show you how you can just give them like a little link that they can leave a review. But like, just coach them a little bit, let them know that you have people from all over Phoenix.

[01:03:06] So it’s important that they identify the area that they’re in because we we’re trying to build up. You’re trying like we’re trying to build up our our online presence and we care a lot about our customers. As you’ve seen as the way we’ve treated you, so have them mention these cities and as they do as they talk about these areas, especially if you can get some clients in these other ones, like in Queen Creek, right? Maybe they can mention that in a review or like, I’m not advocating this, but we’ve heard, you know, we’ve heard of some people mentioning having having like some of their guys mentioned this stuff. That is some of the things that have helped us rank better. As we’ve noticed when some of the words that we want to rank for show up in those reviews. And you know, the cities, if they show up in those reviews, this can really help move this. And as these things move from, you know, these red ones down to these green ones, you’re going to notice your phone start to ring a lot more. That’s what we’ve seen. What I would do is these ones that are forced. These are only one spot away from from being in the map. And these ones that are Twenty’s and these ones that are 4S are probably going to get a similar amount of phone calls because you’re not in the top three in either one.

[01:04:20] These ones are closer to moving in, so I would encourage you to try to push these. You could write some content on your website about some of these things. So if I were to zoom in a little bit more and I’ll send you a link to this record, but if you were to write a little bit of content about some lakes or maybe even tidal, some of your photos, some lakes, some some lakes, drywall contractor, things like this, this is going to help. There’s ways that you can schedule Google my business post. So you could you could do that and mention Sun Lakes, right? It’s going to help you move this stuff and I’ll show you and this is where I would go into what we did like, Hey, this is what we did and Los Angeles for, for, for our drywall stuff. And here’s the here’s our here’s our heat map, and here’s the phone calls that have come in, right? So just like we talked about. So let’s let’s take a look down here and let’s look at some of the some of the competitors that you have, Ricky. So I’m going to go over to this averages tab. And what this does is it’s going to tell me my average score in these different areas and you can see this. Maybe you’ve heard of Patch Master Drywall Rep said, These guys are the guys. These guys are the top dog in town for this drywall contractor term, which I think is a great term to rank for.

[01:05:35] And you can see that you guys are actually fourth, right? So this company here is first for this area. They have an average score of two point ninety eight. Adobe has a four point two one. This first choice has a six point thirty three and then you’re just behind them with a six point thirty five. We can actually take a look and see what their map looks like. So this is what they look like. You can see and this, like Gilbert and Chandler area, they’re crushing it. And this is where there’s a ton of people and a lot of really nice houses. So I think it’s important some of these changes you can really start to to to bring some people in from this. If you have some more questions, man, I’d love to help you. One thing I did notice on your site is that you have this testimonials page. On your actual Google as business, you have 20 reviews I would recommend. Let people know you guys have worked hard to earn these reviews. Let people know about it. This is an asset. This will help you close more deals and like, get it. You can get them in there if you need. If you need a pointer on it, I’d be willing to to tell you how we did it right. Something like that. So that’s what I would be doing, and I and I would put this and I would post it into the group.

[01:06:44] So this appears to be a gift. It’s like a Trojan horse that you’re dropping into the group. This appears to be for Ricky, but you’ve done it in a way and the people, if you choose the right person within the group, they like Ricky because he’s in there like being active and trying to help people, and it makes sense why you would do this. But if they like Ricky, they’re probably also more likely to watch your video. And what’s going to come through is that you have the skill set to move this. And the reason that you’re doing it in a group with twelve thousand people is now you have a lot of eyes and a lot of opportunities to get in it. And here’s another strategy that you can do. The Russian bot strategy, right? If you have like friends or people on your team that are also in this group, go and comment on it and be like, Oh my God, that’s awesome. Like Spencer, how this is like, I love to talk to you about my business. Just like the groupthink is powerful, right? And you can start to build a lot of trust with this, where you’re kind of like stacking the deck in your favor. You don’t have to do that second part. It can be effective, especially if you want to start the tone on the post, right? I think it was. Alfredo, is that what you were doing, you said that you were using the heat map, did you do something similar?

[01:08:03] Yeah, exactly. I miss mine up. And it went pretty well, but almost verbatim mine wasn’t that of a group, but it was out of Upwork, but the same, you know, apples, green apple, red apple. Yeah.

[01:08:22] Yeah, so this this strategy has worked not only for Spencer and Alfredo, I know there’s a number of other people that have been in here on these calls, but we’ve also done this this this is something we started a year ago, and this is the same strategy that Adam McChesney and Jared Miller. You guys know those guys, and it was very, very effective for them. Part of it is going to be in the delivery. Right? It’s not. We’re not all going to get the same results, but I’ll tell you your ability to deliver this and to make it smooth and kind of position things and say things the right way just gets better every single time you do it. Like, I’ve done it a ton of times. So like, it comes out easy for me. I got, you know, but it wasn’t always that way. And if you’re like stumbling through it, don’t be discouraged because that’s just that’s a step that you have to take to be. That’s what you have to do. You’re not supposed to be awesome at it from the beginning, right? Cool. Mr. Jeff. Catch me up. Do we do we have anything I missed here? Questions.

[01:09:28] Well, there were a couple before you started on that I haven’t seen any. Specifically, Jordan’s been kind of rapport with people in the chat a little bit, but one of the questions from before was. Can you show how to onboard a client into the CRM and could you import it from the GMB heat map data? What do you for that? I think I think, Alfredo, you asked this question, right? Maybe you could elaborate a little bit.

[01:09:54] Yeah. So in other words, let’s say that particular client that we did a heat map like cool, I want to get you, you know, did your client how to utilize the CRM, like maybe moving that information that’s already there to the CRM part? And then kind of twofold question is. In the CRM, is there like if my onboarding is on there, like shoot off email, like, OK, this form this one right within the CRM?

[01:10:21] Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. So let me share this again. When you’re onboarding, the positioning game doesn’t doesn’t stop, right? You if you do this correctly, then you you have the ability to kind of make demands on your clients, right? Like, we’re very selective with who we work with. This is how I was doing it when I was onboarding people. We don’t work with everyone. We’re very selective. We have some requirements because, you know, when when you’re going fast and you’re kind of like the bruiser on the kickball field, you don’t want to work with the weenie. And we that’s how we are. We’re the bruiser. We’re the ringer. We want to crush it. And I need your help when we do that. So this is what we require of our clients. And if this isn’t for you, we’re not going to. Don’t worry about them saying, OK, I’m not going to do that. That’s probably not. I’ve never heard that. So they’ve already they’re already sold. Right. So this is what I need from you. I need some addresses. I’m not local to Phoenix and you are. And all we need is a spot where you can mail some postcards, right? So we get a lot of our clients to get us the addresses. It sucks. And sometimes it doesn’t convert because they’re like reaching out to who knows who and they might not get them.

[01:11:48] Those things can get thrown away. They don’t show up, who knows, but we’ve got a ton of them that way. Also, you want to set the tone with the reviews like, Hey, when you guys explain to them, sell them on why they should be getting the reviews, like when we work with you, everything we send you, if it’s an SEO client, that’s obvious. They’re getting everything that comes through. But if it’s a Legion client, which I would recommend you move SEO clients to lead gen clients like there’s never been an SEO. Like we don’t do SEO clients in our agency. We have one and all the other ones are our legions. And of those people, zero of them came to us and said, Hey, I want you to build a site that you own and I just pay you for everyone. No one ever says that right? But they’ll come in with this SEO idea and you need to position it so that it makes sense that they do legion instead of SEO. Ok, that’s a whole nother conversation. But once we have that, what we’re going to do is like, Hey, we have an onboarding system and I’m going to send you a questionnaire. So if you come over here and you go to the CRM questionnaires, you can create your questionnaire.

[01:12:58] We have one that we use that is asking them like we’re going to start off with like information about their business, the name of their business, their email address, like where do you want leads forwarded to what like what email address do you want leads forwarded to what phone number. So you can ask all these questions through this system. You can build out whatever you want. If you click on custom fields, you can create a text, field checkboxes. Maybe the check boxes will be like Check this services that you provide industrial, residential, commercial, like whatever. You can have industry specific questionnaires. One of the two of the questions that I would love for you guys to put on this questionnaire that we send to every client is list the cities that you want to target in priority order, list the services that you want to target in priority order because you need to look at that and build out the strategy based on what they want and like, look at the cities that they’re going after. Pay attention like. Usually they’ll that will do some of the legwork for you where you’re going to know that they know the demographics of the areas that they want to target, right? So if you can look at those, I don’t really like to build a site if there’s less in like 70 K, but really 100k people in that area, we start getting more than that.

[01:14:13] Then I’m like, That justifies a site for me, and JP doesn’t build the sites and sometimes he does like the Google site and our agency. We do it. It’s worked really well for us. I know that we’ve lost jobs where we we don’t have a GMB and calls continue to come in from the organic ranking. And I’ve also noticed as my organic ranking improves my Google, my business seems to like, follow it. So a couple of things that that I’ve noticed, but there’s a million ways to be good at this. And building that strategy based on the information they give you is really important. So we send out this questionnaire right away and we let them know that, you know, our entire team is going to look at this. We have an assembly line. This is going to and I would even tell them, like we’ve had clients that that we’ve had to chase around and get this questionnaire filled out and we’ve had ones that fill it out right away for us, the ones that have taken the 10 or 15 minutes that it takes to. This thing out. Has translated into more money in their pocket because we’re able to better build our strategy around it, so I would encourage you to take the time, fill this thing out and our entire team can benefit from having it.

[01:15:24] So that would be kind of the onboarding process if they have like an existing Google my business, then you know, you’re going to maybe want to have them add you as a manager into that or something like that. And then I would add it into the system. So once you have it at it in the system, if you don’t have your Google, my business API set up Alfredo, you would come down here. Go to research and then go, I’m sorry, go to Google. And then I think Google accounts you see here. Yeah, so go to Google accounts and click on ad account right here, and then you can add, Oops, I’m sorry, that’s not going to get you the API. We need to go here. Yeah. All right. So apply for apply for this API. I think it’s taking us between a week and two weeks for this thing to go. But this will trigger a sequence of events and we’ll go and actually get this. And then you can add in the Google my business, says Alfredo. I know that was kind of like a scattered answer. Did that address your question?

[01:16:26] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

[01:16:30] Perfect. Ok. Awesome and good here. All right, Mr. Geoff, do we have any? Do we have any questions out there?

[01:16:38] Lisa is asking a random question, Does anybody have an experience growing travel agencies? She has some ideas, but we’d love to hear feedback. Never dealt with the travel agent. Have you, Patrick?

[01:16:49] I have not. You know? It’s hard to not tell you what I’m thinking, right? I would be careful, like part of the part of it. You’re going to have all these you kind of got like a road, right? And you’re driving down this road and you’re like, Hey, I’m driving from like whatever I’m driving from Phoenix to LA. And I know like the straight path that’s going to get me there. And I was actually talking to to Devin a little bit about this earlier this week is like, there’s going to be these little roads along the ways and sometimes you’re going to drive by them and it’s going to look like there’s this really awesome place to go. And it might not be what you think it is. And that’s what comes to mind with this travel agency. Thing is the ability to pass some of these avenues without getting sucked into them is it’s kind of like it’s equally as important to like, like saving your time from going down this pathway that is going to waste your time. Is like that’s worth a lot of money, even if it doesn’t, it seems like you’re giving something up in the beginning. So I would be wary of that travel agencies. It’s my personal opinion that’s uneducated on the subject of travel agency, but is educated on niche selection is that is going to be a tough one to rank in. I think it is. You’re going to be competing against a lot of. A lot of big, big players there, it might be a hard one for you to own a legion and it may like gravitate towards SEO.

[01:18:27] I think if you were to record your time that you work on SEO and run that against your hours, you’ll find that the hours your hourly rate is. So much worse than Legion, and it’s like we get tempted because it’s like carrots, like right out in front of us and it’s like hard to just say, I don’t want that. And let me continue on this pathway that I had planned out. And a lot of people, they go down every single one of those roads, and then they come back to the main road, which is like owning this stuff and the rink and rent model. And after so long after you’ve gone down like five or six of those, you realize, like, I’m not going down those anymore and I’m just going to like, go to my original destination, which like, I’ve seen a lot of people that have been in this business model for just as long as me that have the same skill set that are like not doing nearly as much revenue because they haven’t been able to say no to those things. So I think that’s a valuable lesson. And I know your question was for advice on travel agency, but I would just like it’s hard for me to not like, give you my honest opinion on that and just seems it seems treacherous to me. But other than that, maybe someone else has some great advice on

[01:19:41] Travel agencies to help. Yes. Somebody else was asking about CBGB’s, and it’s like you could buy CBD in a grocery store. Like what? I don’t understand why people or how it’s done. Like, how can you make money? Again, I don’t. I don’t. It’s not my niche. You know what I mean? Cbd delivery. It does really well. Cool. Well, that must be what they’re talking about. But just get ready for them to get flagged and taken down. Right?

[01:20:09] Yeah. You guys go for the path of least resistance. Like that’s that’s my advice. I gave this this example to Devin the other day on a call. It’s like, you know, when I was playing poker for a living. A lot of times there would be like four or five pros that would show up and sit at my table. And I, like, had this thought like I could beat these guys and I could like if I sit here and focus and like, walk down like I felt like I had an advantage over them. But over at this other table, there’s like a bunch of people I’ve never seen before, like, you don’t have to play against football, against Tom Brady, right? Like you could go play against the neighborhood team. That’s just like scrimmaging. You get to choose what direction you go in. And like, if you create a legion that is bringing in leads like finding a client is usually not a big deal if you have something of value. What’s hard is like if you try to sell somebody a a Ferrari when you don’t own one, it’s hard, right? Like, Hey, let me just tell you about this awesome car that I can’t show you, but if you have it, it’s it’s a lot easier to sell. And if you so like I would say, focus attention on creating the asset and then like, if you build it, they will come like you’ll be able to find people. And if you do it in a niche where the leads are worth a lot of money.

[01:21:34] Seven fifty a thousand average ticket price, we’ve moved up to two thousand. Like if you produce a good amount of leads that have that average ticket price, you get paid a lot of money for it, right? And a lot of times those websites are easier to rank. And if you choose something that’s obscure, then you don’t have to worry about like it being spammed out in Google scrutinizing it like crazy. And the business owners more often than not are going to be sophisticated. Right. So if you if few what’s required to to start a carpet cleaning company, right? Like you need a bam because you can go rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot and then you have a business. So that’s going to be very competitive because the barrier to entry is very low. What’s required for like like installing swimming pools like the ones that you actually did not like an above ground one? That’s there’s a lot that goes into that, right? There’s probably going to be a license. You’re going to need all sorts of heavy equipment, you’re going to need experience. You probably have multiple like a crew with a bunch of people doing different things. That’s a hard thing to get into. The competition goes down, the lead value is up. Somebody that’s invested that much money is more sophisticated, which is the type of people that I like to work with. Personally, I love the licensed trades because it gets the riffraff

[01:22:54] Out of, Hey Patrick, if it’s OK, if I can add to that. Yeah. So I always tended to be drawn to like services that can be done like the same day I’ve worked in water damage roofing and it was such a pain in the ass, like with water damage by the time they got their insurance claim, like I didn’t get paid out for like 90 days. And even if that and they would hedge. So I always went after like my my nieces, that I went out to the stuff that I knew that I was going to get paid like that day or the next day.

[01:23:25] Yeah, the sales cycle is definitely important. Like, I didn’t do the same day, but I’ve done like I like I’m saying

[01:23:33] Like the job, like a plumber goes out and can get that job done that day like sandwich. It’s like two or three weeks long.

[01:23:40] Yeah, which that might be the same with the travel agency thing too, is that that person might book and they might not. Yeah, I don’t know.

[01:23:50] You don’t get paid for like 30 days sometimes, so it’s like, yeah, that’s

[01:23:53] That’s too long. Especially like my goal is to always be putting people on a flat fee because I think that the flat fee is easier to manage and it’s hard to do that if the sales cycle was too long because especially at the beginning, like they’re not getting paid and then they’re supposed to be paying you. And if they have to pay a second payment without getting paid from the people from the first one, that’s going to be an issue.

[01:24:16] That’s not going to my all white collar. Stay away from insurance companies, realtors, travel agents. Stay away from all of them, for sure.

[01:24:23] I love the blue collar stuff, too. I mean, it’s like you get to like I want to compete against like Bob, who owns the plumbing companies nephew who watched a YouTube video on how to build a website. That’s like, I don’t want to compete against like Tom Brady, and that’s who you’re going to run into when you start getting into some of this white collar stuff where there’s like a law firm that’s hired an SEO company that maybe is not as good as what we are, but they’re like a lot better than. Someone who’s someone’s nephew that’s just like watching YouTube, right? So like, let’s go find those people and let’s play against them like this. We could we could do this right like I could jog from. We just came from Nashville, right? So I could jog from from Nashville to New York City, or I could take an airplane like I’m going to choose the easier one, right? And like, it’s not an ego thing. I’m just like, we have so much time here, and I think some of you guys don’t realize the tough situation that you guys put yourselves in with some of these decisions and the implications of these and what you’re giving up the opportunity cost of going down a niche that’s not like it’s prevented you from going into a good niche. And we have a limited amount of time, right? So I see Patrick asking about remodeling. I love remodeling.

[01:25:40] I think specifically we’re running out of time here. So there’s a couple of CRM questions. If you want to answer those, we can go.

[01:25:47] And actually, you know, Jeff, let’s take those. And if you guys can post them in the group, it’s really,

[01:25:53] Really, really simple, quick questions. Ok, probably integration. Are you going to do a probably integration?

[01:25:59] Yeah, we have that. I’ve actually spoken to those people, but it’s just it hasn’t been. We’ve prioritized other things above it, but it is on our roadmap. It’s just a matter of when. Just like getting the phone system in there and getting the GMB module back, as has been clear priorities, the automations, but it is coming.

[01:26:19] Cool. Second one is how many heat map searches do you get on the starter plan? We have somebody who potentially is coming over from a competitor and they don’t really understand like what the heat map searching is.

[01:26:30] Yeah, I know the competitor we see here. I love to take their clients. They I feel like we have a far superior product. One of the ways that they do it is they have this really convoluted grid point like, let me multiply the amount of points on the grid. Like, that’s not how we do it. We just like you get with the starter, I think you get 30. We’re actually going to change that to be 50, though, because I just want to make it overwhelmingly obvious to choose Ares one of the things that is important to note if you want to try to. We we essentially match our pricing with the pricing of the competitor that I suspect it’s coming over from. And so we have like the same Google, my business feature and the research, but we also have all these other pieces in your reputation management. All the stuff is included at that same price. It’s important to know also these heat map searches, they’re not like one for one, like one of ours doesn’t equal like one of let’s pretend the competitors local Viking, one of ours doesn’t equal one of local Viking. So let me show you why, because what we can do is I can come in here and click and then if I want to flip this heat map? Oh, shoot, thank you.

[01:27:53] All right. This chat window was aggressive.

[01:27:58] All right, so if I go through and I click here and I say, show me the rankings at this particular spot, what I can do is I can cycle through the entire map with one search. So if I want to see this one, I can just click on it and it’ll flip the map, right? So that doesn’t cost me a search. You can basically go through the entire one, which on this one there might be. I don’t know how many are in this heat map. So like there’s seventy one people that showed up in here, so you can see the heat map from seventy one for one search. You can see the heat map for this case. Sometimes there will be 40. It just depends on how many people showed up once in here. So you can see the heat map from every single one of these people four for one search. But that’s how it works. They reset every month. And then I think what we’re going to be doing in the near future is changing the limit from 30 to 50 per month and then have it those like accumulate over time. So if you like this month, I only use 40 next month you would have 60. They’ll rollover right for the rest of this year. You have unlimited heat maps. If you have a subscription and it’s not like the like, you just need to let our support know if you run out and then we’ll issue you more. But you can do that as much as you want. Run run as many as you like for the rest of this year and you you will just keep adding them for you.

[01:29:28] So yeah. Hey, Patrick, from this screen, if you want to get back to the original search of the client, how do you do that?

[01:29:38] Yeah, so you can do a new heat map, is that what you’re asking, how to do a new? He did it for R&R, but you wanted to show him his. Oh yeah, so you’re out of there? How do I go back to? There’s there’s a few ways you can do this. If I just refresh the screen, it’s going to go back to the original one. I could click on R&R. I can come down here. There’s multiple ways to flip that map. So now it’s back on R&R, right? I can also do it from this dropdown list if I search for R&R.

[01:30:07] Right. I don’t know if that’s them.

[01:30:11] I don’t know if that’s how it’s registering. Where is that thing? Rr. Must be them. No. Maybe there’s a problem with our search here. But yeah, you can just like find their name on this list down here too, and just click on it. The original like, you can also go over here to the details and click on this view icon and that will kind of reset it. So a lot of ways to get back. Also, guys from the pitch earlier, take this link right here and share this link with the person. Send them the video. Get permission to send them that video. Ok, well, if you’re doing that group strategy, then don’t get permission, but you could share this link in that and let them go through and flip this because they don’t need to be logged in with this link. They can do this. So I’ll go to incognito real quick, so I am essentially not logged in at all. Right? And if I click on this, then I still have this functionality to look at the averages and flip the flip the heat map. So like, we built that specifically to make it easier to prospect. You can also send them a PDF if you’re like going back with them an email or you want to give some reporting on a monthly basis.

[01:31:30] All right, guys, I want to go enjoy. We try to keep these calls in an hour and an hour and a half. I want to go enjoy New York City a little bit. We are there’s a lot of cool stuff going on right outside our window, so I’m going to go have some fun. Hopefully you guys got some value from this JP. I appreciate you as always, man. Thank you for adding more value to this and helping out everyone on the call. Guys, throw throw a thank you into the chat for JP. He doesn’t have to be on here, but he likes like me. He likes to help people. So you guys, you got more questions. Throw them in the group. You guys have an awesome week. We have for those. Are you guys doing accountability, Stephen? Let’s just hear from you real quick. I know that you’re in the accountability. I think we’re going to do another one starting on January 1st. I think Devon’s also in there. If you could just give me like 10 to 15 seconds, what is your experience been like with this accountability? You feel like it’s helped you move forward.

[01:32:23] It is absolutely helped me move forward. It’s just nice, you know, really having those regularly scheduled conversations with people that are in the trenches with you, you know, posted in the groups. And everything can be good. But it’s like when you’re having those conversations and you realize, Hey, like, I’m not alone doing this and something you are stuck on like somebody else, like, totally has that figured out and all you had to do is just bring it up like. Um, it’s crazy, like I struggle with GM’s for a long time, and now I’m sending out like five a week. And that in itself has been totally worth it, so. Awesome. Awesome. Yeah.

[01:33:02] Very cool. You’ve got twenty three days left to meet your goals, man. Hopefully you can make this happen. Devin, what do you got ten seconds on on, on your experience with so far? Should they do it?

[01:33:14] Oh, without a doubt, it’s helped me move the needle more going in the next week if I don’t meet my goals. I’m going to be ashamed to see these people. It helps me push me more than just like, Oh, this is my business and age from a distance. That was awesome motivation.

[01:33:27] Very cool. Very cool. I know, I know Neil isn’t too, but I want to wrap this this call up. So you guys. Seven days we’ll we will see you guys next Wednesday, the 15th. I will be in. I’ll be in Barcelona next week. So yeah, that might be. We might we might make a shift to make this be a little bit earlier because that’s going to be like one thirty or something in the morning for me. But yes, I will. I’ll see you guys in a week. Do what you got to do. Create your wins. You’ve got you’ve got not a lot of time left in this year and make you have a week that makes a difference. You guys stay safe and we’ll talk soon. Appreciate you guys.

[01:34:07] Why? So that.

[01:34:12] Sports Minister. Or it.