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[00:00:26] Right. No, this is working. Here you go. Let me start with some people in. See here. Or. All right, we’re going live here. How’s everybody doing? Yes, there will. Excellence. Right. Seems like we have a lot of usual suspects here. How’s it going, Neal? Good. How are you doing? It’s been a long week man. I’m going to share a little announcement. I think we talked about it a week or so ago, but we’re ready to go on our planes and it’s been it’s been challenging getting everything set up. Hold on one second. That’s Nicholas Nicholas. Ok, cool. How’s everybody else doing? What’s up, Paul Myers? Hey, Pat, how you doing? Nice. How are you? Good. I saw you riding around on the jet skis, huh? Yeah, I was on Friday. Friday, maybe. Yeah, maybe Friday. It was nice. Then the weekend turned to shit. Yeah, they’re supposed to race this weekend, so we’ll probably get it again. The to the across, though, going to the islands, the islands about seven miles away. And I think it was like flat glass. So it was like a hundred and twelve kilometers. So that’s what? Sixty eight, seventy two, seventy two. Yeah, it’s about as fast as I want to go on water. Yeah, I need a helmet.

[00:02:10] Yeah, I’m was up on one of those jet skis, man. I was I was going around and there was a black rope going from a houseboat to a tree and the water was like black and I couldn’t see it. I saw it at the last second and it like I leaned back and it hit me, hit me in the head how I was going pretty fast. And it was it was pretty scary. But yeah, so I’m going to share something with you guys before we get started here and we’re going to get into our winds today, our spotlight is going to be Cody. You can see that it’s a little bit different for me here. I’m not in my office. So that is because we’ve actually spent the last week moving out of our house. We’re putting our things in storage and we bought an RV. I feel your pain. We’ve got a. Hal Campbell. Well, Campbell, I was going to mute everyone if I could figure out how one muted what’s that? There is a few people on mute, it seems to me. See if we can figure out that host thing here. Yeah, my co-host. There you go. Ok. You should be good now, Erica.

[00:03:23] Ok, cool. Yeah, so as I was saying,

[00:03:25] We’ve put all of our stuff in storage, we’re actually leaving tonight, so we bought an RV and we’re getting ready to start traveling around the country in our RV. So everything’s going to be remote from us for at least the summer. You know, we’ve been in Austin, Texas, and Austin is a very hot and humid place in the summer. So with the pandemic and we wanted to, we had originally planned to go to Cyprus for the summer, but they’ve closed the borders there. So we love to travel. We’ve kind of been locked up for a little while, so we bought this RV. I spent the last couple of weeks having it modified to kind of turn it into our mobile command center. So we plan on pretty much traveling all over the place. So coming to a city near you, hopefully, you know, I’d love to meet up with you guys as we travel around for those that are interested in it just to kind of like put some 3D faces with virtual faces that I’ve seen here for months and months. So our first stop is Ohio, where I’m from, and then from there we’ll be going to New York City for a little while, never really spent any time there. So I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to put the RV in storage and get an Airbnb for a little while and then maybe go back to Ohio for the Fourth of July and then up to Maine and Vermont in Cape Cod in those areas. From there, I think we’ll go down the East Coast, so it’s kind of all fluid right now, but just wanted to kind of share that with you guys.

[00:04:56] This is something we’ve been planning to do for for years and years, and we just decided to finally pull the trigger stop being like, you know, someday, right? Because as most of you may realize, someday may never come. So it’s, you know, we got to knock those bucket list items off when you have the opportunities for them. And you know, with our with our business, with the agency we have, there’s there’s really nothing stopping us from doing this. So yeah, I don’t know. Maybe that resonates with some of you guys. Conservative inspiration. Or maybe this sounds terrible. I don’t know. But for those of you guys that that would like to be able to kind of live wherever and you’re just getting into or working your way through this business model, it’s something that this business model has made possible for for us. So pretty excited, pretty excited to get on the road. It’s it’s been a pretty rough week with moving and. Um, apparently as much fun as moving as it can be even more fun if it rains the whole week. Right. So that we did that and then it’s also fun if you get dehydrated and because you don’t take care of yourself. So it’s been a pretty rough week. So I’m I’m feeling kind of slow and and out of it today. So what? I’m going to do my best on the call today. So let’s go into wins. Do we have some wins to share or any? I don’t know if anyone wants to. Turn that into a conversation. What we’re doing. So if not, let’s do some witnesses who’s got some witness who’s done some cool stuff in the last seven days.

[00:06:42] I got another wind this week

[00:06:46] Talking about baby, what happened?

[00:06:47] Cody, here, sorry, my name still hasn’t come up, but just another prospect from Craigslist, someone who’s starting a business in a couple of months, and they had a alloted business plan and budget for marketing, et cetera. And I got them or not got them for it. They they had 10000 allotted for budget and they paid quarterly. And, you know, I have in three months, I have to review with them. And it was they’ve been really happy so far. He produced for them a logo and a business card and a website in the first couple. Well, I actually had a website basically already made for them for that niche. But in the first week I produced them a logo and a business card that he approved for me to print. And so he’s like, super, super happy. And that’s the first time someone’s been that easy. It was like basically I was super happy to pay and he wasn’t like, I didn’t have to talk him into it. He was like he had a budget for a marketer and was happy to find me, but

[00:07:51] Excellent very well. That’s exciting.

[00:07:56] How so? You’re posting on

[00:07:58] Craigslist or you’re looking for people on Craigslist. How do you locate these prospects?

[00:08:03] I actually just like. Cee-lo, all of the ads in general, everybody who is like sales jobs or people who are posting in gigs that have businesses that they’re just starting or like, you think you actually can find them pretty randomly like and they’re not always what you think, like someone had just some, you know, a pretty obvious like, Hey, I just starting this business, I’m on Craigslist in the services section. So I just wrote him and just, you know, gave them just the normal spiel or whatever. And that person who had been in business for a week or just about to start and between gigs and services and jobs, and then between searching for all of the keywords associated with our profession, you know, and then in all of those like the Kijiji and Craigslist and whatever, I’ve been able to find some successes in that anyways.

[00:09:00] Yeah, excellent. Yeah, I mean, it is reaching out to people and giving yourself the opportunity. Obviously, not all of them are going to go through, but it’s a numbers game, right? So it’s getting your name in the hat, you’ve got a chance. And then sometimes that chance is going to land on you, right? So. Are excellent men really cool, so Cody is going to be our spotlight tonight? We’re going to circle back to you and a little bit. Any other wins for anyone else?

[00:09:25] Neal, you got to win. You’re muted.

[00:09:29] Asked to you. Well, there we go. Ok, cool couple of new really good I think are going to be mailbox there for other people at JK that I got them for the people in JK. Or you’re doing some sales right for other members of J.K., but we’re kind of partnered up on the sites. And one. I mean, I was ready to throw in the towel on mobile. Loading Baltimore, right? It was just I was getting a zillion calls and I take the calls at the beginning so I can call the people with the calls right. I just I cold call. I just get on the list. I call, I get yelled at. But it is what it is, right? But I always find somebody and I was at at the last of the mobile welders and I said, You know what? I’m going to go up the tree, and I went to bigger companies to see if they do it as another income for the company, you know? So I’m talking big companies too, right? I was able to yeah, I had

[00:10:40] A guy, a woman,

[00:10:41] Very professional. So, you know, that sounds like something we would be interested in and I’m going to put you through with sales. And so that went through. But then two other people call me back that I had left messages for. And the one guy was so enthusiastic and I kind of ran it around in my head. The next day, though, I went with the guy that was enthusiastic. And it turns out he’s got all kinds of stuff going on because he’s one hundred percent African-American owned business and he’s merging with another one of those businesses in Tampa, opening up another company, and they have seven other offices throughout the southeast, and he wants me to do it all for all of them. You know, and and now it’s gone from mobile welding to everything I’ve sent him. He’s called me, he’s like, I got it. They’re coming to my shop and they’re looking at drawings and they’re talking big like fences for schools and all kinds. You know, it went from something I think thought could have been $200 a month deal to something that could be quite lucrative. Man, yeah, that’s not good backups, too. It’s funny the take away because I did the same thing for another J.

[00:11:49] K member for these are ones I’d go into, but it was a tree service in San Diego and that was kind of tough. But then I found finally found another person and then someone who was calling me back while I was talking with him. Person they called me back was like trying to. She wanted to be her company to be our people, right? She was like selling herself to me. It was just weird. The turnaround, you know, I was doing the takeaway. I’ve already got someone that I spoke with and and now I was like, Wow, I wish I had went with her, you know? But I already told this guy. But hey, I sent him a lead. He didn’t contact me back. He didn’t say he got it. And so I got to call her tomorrow because she knows them, he said. They’re a good company. And so I don’t know. It’s weird the turn of events. I got screamed at by a couple of people in San Diego tree service before that, and then I had two other people calling me back again. So I have backups. Yeah, it’s it’s

[00:12:51] Crazy how things can change, right? So quickly when when we think this is not going to work. And this is what I mean, when I’ve said this almost every week, you just have to get lucky once with a lot of these things, right, you just have to find the right person and everything can click. And if we go back like a month or two ago, I gave you guys that that analogy of the steps where there’s this long staircase ahead of us and we don’t know how long it takes to get to the top. But this is going to be true for so many different things, like going through a bad client, not being able to find a client. That’s a step. And if you realize even when it doesn’t feel like you’re being successful, you’re actually that’s a step all the way to success, right? You’re getting through the bad stuff. And if you just stay with it, there’s only one result in my mind to like persistent focus towards a goal. There’s only one result, and that’s success. As long as you don’t give up, it’s going. It’s going to work. There’s somebody that’s going to want the mobile welding stuff right, and you just have to.

[00:13:55] There are so many opportunities out there and you know, the hard part is locating them right? And there’s way more than we’ll ever know, right? It’s just it’s just a question of staying after it until you find the right right person and pretty much every successful entrepreneur in history. If you if you study them and you study their stories, they’ve gone through the same process, right where they’ve tried and they’ve tried and they tried. What is it? Thomas Edison, who was like the 12 hundred light bulb or something, was the one that worked. It’s just everybody has gone through this stuff. So that’s awesome, man. That’s awesome, Neil. You guys when? The reason I really want to push that is because I know that some of you guys are discouraged on here and some of you guys are struggling with these different pieces and that’s like it can just like it can just flip in a second, right? You can. Everything can just change, right? You find the right person, you get connected or you never know what the connection is going to lead to. Ok, cool. Cool, awesome, Neil. Congrats on that. That sounds like what could be potentially a huge win, right? Long term?

[00:14:56] And just so you know for your trip, you know, I’ll touch base with you before you head up there because I got some places where you might be able to put your RV like up in the mountains in New Hampshire and the people that you’re going to come meet us. I don’t know. I might. My sister had a cabin up there, and he’s also got a place down in Cape Cod, so. Oh, excellent. Yeah, yeah.

[00:15:19] I was thinking at one time I wanted to stay kind of on the Canadian border and see if I can get Paul Myers to drive his jet ski over the river. And come, come, join us.

[00:15:32] Nice.

[00:15:33] All right, yeah, definitely connect with on on that, Neal, I’ll give you I’ll give you some updates as we head that way.

[00:15:40] So you’re going to have you’re going to be sticks with you, right?

[00:15:44] My golf clubs? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I hopefully I’m really hoping that my wife gets to bring everything that she wants to because those golf clubs are definitely going.

[00:15:58] All right. So we’ve got a couple of quick wins, Patrick, and I just want to acknowledge these people who are scaling agency style. So Eugene is hiring Bas, and Andrew has hired some writers. So those are really good wins as far as like getting out there and delegating. That’s a huge, huge ceiling of complexity to break through when you’re starting to delegate. And I know that’s how you’re going to scale these agencies. So good wins out there, guys. That’s awesome.

[00:16:25] That’s Eugene, who. He did the spotlight three or four weeks ago, right? And that was one of the things that we were talking about on that spotlight session is how he can hire the VAS and how that can help him scale, right? So hopefully, you know, well, maybe that maybe that was useful for him and getting there. And that’s amazing. Eugene, awesome to hear. We got Jared Miller on here. I know Jared has a win every seven minutes or so. Anything, anything big going on with you lately, Jared. You’re muted. Hold on. There we go. Here we go now. How are you?

[00:17:03] I’m doing great. I’m rocking and rolling. I got a couple of new clients last month. I think I’ve added about a thousand a month with previous clients to this month coming up in June. So I hit about 15k this month. That’s not all. We’ve legion. That’s just an arbitrage business lead gen. A couple of other things, but it’s the biggest month I’ve had.

[00:17:32] So awesome and congrats. What’s working for you?

[00:17:36] It’s the same old thing, man. Just like continually prospecting. I have about about four grand worth of Lee Ginger right now that are ready to sell. So honestly, I probably have to put my head down and just get those things sold. I’ve been having trouble focusing on that a little bit, I guess sometimes just because I probably need to hire somebody else as far as Vas goes and things like that just to have three jobs right now. But I’ll probably have to add another one because I find myself like, that’s the money on the table, and I know I get it right.

[00:18:13] And so I’ve got the same situation and you know, I’m big on trying to, like, hack my brain and create. Like these scenarios where it’s going to push me harder and I start, I started thinking about it and I’ve mentioned this before, but every month that goes by where we have money that’s not collected from a legion. We’re like, we’re never getting that money back. Right, that’s that’s money. That’s like, essentially, you’re taking a suitcase with four thousand dollars and dumping it on a fire. And it’s just like it’s going to burn hot for about 20 seconds, but it’s gone forever, right? So I’ve got a lot of that going on, too. You know, I’ve got I’ve got Jeff, and that’s kind of like where Jeff spends a lot of his time is we have so many different sites that are not sold like I think it’s probably 30 or 40 grand a month.

[00:19:07] For us, it’s a lot and that’s why I kind of post it in that chat or the group yesterday or this morning, I forget. But you know, it’s that one guy that I have who’s stepping out on leads, it’s like it’s hard to prioritize. If that were my only site or one of five be a completely different approach. But when you have these things sort of like bubbling up to the top and constantly, and it’s like all of a sudden this thing’s popping off and you go in a different area, different niche and everything. And then I mean, it’s a lot, you know, but it’s just constantly trying to prioritize and get as many of these things monetize at whatever level you can and then managing what we already have. You know, it’s a battle. It’s not passive income on an agency scale by any stretch of the imagination. But you know, I get motivated when Patrick starts talking about all that money down the drain. It’s like, All right, I’m going to I’m going to pound it extra hard tomorrow, you know what I mean? Yeah, that’s yeah. It’s awesome.

[00:20:04] Absolutely. And I think it’s key to like just whatever you need to do when you guys find yourself struggling with this like create hack, hack your brain in a way that twist the knife. So that like if you know, there’s a direction that you need to be going in and you can’t find a way to move and that direction like play a little strategy game in your head like, you know, it’s you versus yourself here. And what do you need to do? What? What is what do you know it’s going to really get you motivated? And how do you how do you set that up? Create analogies, right? Like four thousand that could be like maybe that maybe you’ve built for houses and they’re sitting there empty, right? And you can picture the house empty, right? Like my house, my place right now, it’s completely empty. If this were my house and it was not rented out, I would be pretty pissed off, right? And then picture like, you’re going out to the mailbox and you’re opening that mailbox and there’s the mortgage for this house that you’re not paying, right? It’s easy for us now because our cost with our legions are so negligible, it’s easy to just let them sit on the back burner and not collect money from it because there’s no mortgage associated with it. But you know that you know that that lost income is just the same as paying a bill, right? It’s like. So I encourage you guys to to think about things in another way where where it’s going to force you to do the things that you don’t want to do that you know you should do. Ok, Jarrett, what else you got, man? Any other wins? Anything cool?

[00:21:38] I’ve got a couple big commission deals. I’ve been hoping that are going through that it’s going to be and the like. I guess it would be five figures if those things go through. I mean. It’ll probably be a few months before we know anything, but I mean, we’re talking like 60 70 grand where the commission’s 170 sites. So yeah, I just look, I just been. Same thing. Just head down and constantly just and then getting to the point now where a lot people are reaching out to me now. So I have a couple of clients that are getting referrals. So that kind of bogs me down a little bit because I’m in more meetings, but people are like, Hey, I need help with leads or Hey, I can you do this? Or Hey, can you run Google ads? And so I’m trying to really say hyperfocus. I don’t have any SEO clients right now, so I’m trying not to trying to stay away from that. Yeah. One hundred percent, especially since people are reaching out to me.

[00:22:34] So yeah. Jerry Jarrett, you’ll find that when they come in as referrals, you get to set the tone a lot more. Right. It’s a much warmer lead. So if they’re coming in as a referral for SEO or for ads, you can just flat out tell them, Hey, that’s not what we do. Like, I would love to work with you, but that’s not how our business model works. This is how it works. And then, you know, as long as you have good language that surrounds that supports it, such as, Look, you’re really good. I know that you work with contractors a lot. So like you’re really good at like doing remodeling, and I’m really good at this tech stuff. So what we do is we try to create a partnership. We’re going to handle all the tech stuff for you so you can focus on the remodeling. And what we found in the past is when we try to take over someone else’s site and stuff like this, it’s just like we end up having to rebuild it. And things weren’t done perfectly and we want to take every edge that we can because this is going to have long term implications. And as we grow, this stuff is going to be one hundred percent, you know, for you, right? One hundred percent exclusive for you. So like, this is a partnership and this is long term so you can focus on what you’re good at and we’ll focus on this. And as long as you’re good to us, we’ll be good to you. So using language like that, I found that I can usually move these people from SEO to this, and especially when they come in as a referral, because when they come in as a referral, someone that they like, trust, possibly love has said good things about you to them. And it’s just like as long as you don’t insult them like it’s you’re probably going to close them.

[00:24:14] Right, right. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Just just a quick perspective on Jared. You know, I’ve seen him kind of like rise through this whole, getting started, getting off the runway type of process, and he just seemed to come out of nowhere. I see him in a lot of contracting groups that I’m a member of and whatnot and just just putting himself out there in a big way, constantly for the last what like four, six, eight months, however long it’s been. It hasn’t been really that long. But now he’s in a position where he’s getting all these referrals. And now, like Patrick saying, he can kind of twist the business model and start declining or spinning people into the the type of deals that he wants, instead of the type of deals that he had to take before, maybe SEO or whatnot. So I think Jared deserves a big pat on the back, a round of applause or whatever, because I’ve really seen him go full bore on getting his name out there, building reputation for himself, doing the deal, know being motivated and really following through on what he’s saying. And I think he really deserves some accolades for that. So congratulations, Jerry. Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate that, man. Yeah, Jared, I think

[00:25:25] And correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember we

[00:25:27] Did the we generated contest that was like from November 11 to December 11th, and we had a conversation after that where it had kind of woke you up as to like, was that the time or was it before that? Because I know, yeah. I mean, so you know, I feel like I’ve I’ve been in J-K or, you know, lead generated for, I guess I guess it would be going on June 18 months or so. And then when your software came out, it just kind of changed the way I prospect it a little bit more screencast, more focused on. Bringing that value and showing people kind of where they’re at instead of just doing that normal, hey, this is, you know, how many links you have, this is your citations. It kind of like changed the way I did that whole process to where, you know, just really focused on like, Hey, this is where your business is and this is where we’re where we can bring your business right. And so to be able to show a contractor like I got a meeting with a roofer at some point this week where he’s number one in the map for his keyword roofer, right? And so we went through the screencast, but every other key word, he was nonexistent. So he does a lot of insurance jobs, he does a lot of roof repair, you know, and he’s a pretty decent company, but he only shows up for the keyword roofer and so. So just by showing him that heatmap and showing him five different.

[00:26:55] So I changed the way the the the approach, right? It helps me become more of an expert in the field to sit there because a lot of these business owners don’t even understand what they’re missing or the business that they’re not bringing in that he could possibly. I mean, imagine. And that’s how I spend that and I say, OK, you’re busy now with this one keyword that you’re dominating the market. Imagine if we come in and now we’re dominating for ten of the strongest keywords in your in your field that you dominate for roof repair. You get every single lead that comes in for commercial roofing. You get every single lead that comes in for roof installation. And that’s the stuff that I do for all my clients. Right? Right. So not not discounting what he’s done because, hey, you’ve really built this up really well, but this is where we’re lacking across the board, right? And so that contest kind of helped me just say, Hey, you know what? You just put a lot of lot of lines out fish with a lot of lines, right? And fish where the fish are and just keep on right out in the water instead of. That’s that’s what I was after. Right there is I think that contest helped you realize that just like buy, the more, the more actions you take, the more results you get. They may not all be the right actions, but I know that it was you and Kyle, and I think maybe Adam McChesney,

[00:28:18] You guys were kind of coming

[00:28:19] Down to the wire, and I’ve kind of watched all three of your guys businesses

[00:28:24] Over the last

[00:28:25] Six months since that contest, and it seems like every one of them has been like a strong upward trend, which hasn’t. He’s killing it right now. I mean, he’s a I think he’s on this huge agency right now, though. He’s I think he does a lot of SEO and Google ads and things like that. But he’s he’s rocking and rolling before he leaves some leads for us. Yeah, he’s he’s killing it. All right. Cool, man. Well. Always a pleasure, Jared. Always a pleasure. Thank you for sharing that. It’s good to see you. Yes, very good. Are you in Louisiana? I am. Well, I’m in. I’m in Louisiana. I’m in New Orleans. Yep, New Orleans. Ok, yeah, that’s all. That’s our that’s on our list, on our road trip in here, man. Oh, do come look me, me and me and Kyle that roll off. But Goldstein, we’ll go Goldstein out. Yeah, yeah, I’ll go. Sounds good, brother. All right. Sounds good. All right. So like I said, I want to try to keep this call to an hour today.

[00:29:20] But before we

[00:29:22] Go on to Cody, I wanted to share something with you, something else with you guys. I recently finished another good book, and I think you guys should check it out. It’s called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big kind of the Story of My Life by Scott Adams. So Scott Adams is the guy who developed Dilbert, the comic but really good book. I listen to the audio book, so it’s one of those that I might go back through again on the on the real one, but I wanted to share a couple of takeaways that really meant something to me over the last few months. You know, I read or listen to part of this book, and then I kind of put it on the back shelf and I came back to it. And I just I think it was really good, really enjoyed it. It took a lot away from it, not only from like a business standpoint, but self-improvement. So one of the things that he talks about is like knowledge stacking. So knowledge stacking is. Every time we learn a new skill, our chances of success doubles, right, so that doesn’t mean that if you like learning to be a golfer and then you also learn how to fix the kitchen sink, the skill should be relatable. So for instance, if we learn like region and we also learn maybe like Facebook ads or we learn how to be a public speaker, or we can go and we can present in front of people and talk about this stuff. So so it’s it’s it’s. It’s not exponential, but it’s because it’s like it’s only doubling, but so like, let’s say I learn Legion and then I learn like Facebook marketing, so I have to. And then I learn like public speaking.

[00:31:02] So now I have four

[00:31:04] And then I learn another one. So like, I really believe in this for me, like I learned to be a software engineer and that I learn to do. And you kind of regenerated as the result of that, which like either one of those on their own would like. I would clearly not have the we wouldn’t have this product, right? Like it took the knowledge of both of those. Right. And understanding the design, like I had to understand user interface and graphic design. So then that allowed us to build a product that was going to be well received. So just stacking up these things and you don’t need to be an expert in this. So that’s an important distinction, just being like proficient in some of these different things and being able to kind of combine them and pull from a lot of different areas at the same time is really important. So it’s a lot of free classes all over the internet that can get you like a basic proficiency on on things really quickly. So the second thing the second big takeaway I took from this book is there’s two types of people in the world.

[00:32:08] So there are the people that like to simplify things, and there are the people that like to optimize things. I think it’s important to and you know, everybody’s going to have like characteristics of of one category or the other, but be more dominant in in one. So for me, I’m definitely an optimizer. You know, that means that like it could mean that, hey, I need to go to the bank, but the grocery store is like on the way there and like, I’ll stop and do this and this, and it’s just like, you need to be paying attention to that stuff within your business and within your life because it can. There’s pros and cons to both. There’s not like one is better than the other. It’s just this is how most people fall into it. So a lot of things are going to you’re going to have to be if you can be cognizant of this and you can realize that that you’re like optimizing in a situation that you should be simplifying.

[00:33:00] Then it’s it’s going to make your life a lot easier. So for instance, we’re moving this last week. An example of this is like when we’ve got like burgers in the in the freezer that we wanted to cook. So we don’t want to sell the grill because but we’re like, we know we’re going to sell the grill, but we’re like, let’s wait until the last minute, which is like creates so much more stress and anxiety and stuff. So I catch myself doing this all the time in my business, right? So I encourage you guys, whichever side you fall on to consider the other side and apply it, apply it in ways that make sense. There’s no blanket rule that like, Hey, one’s going to be better than the other. But if you can simplify the processes in your business, simplify the things for your VA at the cost of optimization, and you can get like ninety five percent of the results with five percent of the effort or 20 percent of the effort, whatever, it’s probably worth it, right? So that will allow you to scale more. So like I said, I encourage you guys to check this book out. I took a lot away, a lot away from it. The audio book was really good. Whoever the reader is, I don’t know if it’s the author or I don’t think it’s the author, but the guy just has a lot of like common sense stuff that I feel like high school should be teaching us. So if that appeals to you, if that resonates with you, check out check out that book. All right, cool. So let’s move on to our spotlights, Mr. Cody. One sixty forty seven. You ready, brother. I’m going to ask you to unmute. There you go. Oops. Boom! Got it. How are you doing, man? And well, you’re not great. That’s correct. Where in Canada are you? Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver The most expensive city in North America, right?

[00:34:52] Oh, tell me about it.

[00:34:54] That’s a lot.

[00:34:55] It takes a lot of legions to live there.

[00:34:57] A lot of everything.

[00:35:00] So how long you shared the wind, and I know that you had another big win about five weeks ago, maybe. How long have you been in this business?

[00:35:10] Three months, three months. You just come with three in a bed. I’m just coming on to my fourth month.

[00:35:16] Excellent. Excellent. Tell us, give us kind of a 90 second overview where you are.

[00:35:22] Oh, all over the place, sort of. I have 25 sites built, 20 published, five ranked like one of them even has like spot one, two and four. And, you know, a bunch of them coming up five clients totaling around 7000, if I can maintain them. One. I almost lost that big national client, that big win. I almost lost that. Yet to be determined, the surprise zoomed me with a table board full of directors that ask me questions about my everything to do with it, and they clearly could tell I was quite new. But two specialist sites like, you know, like specializing in helping specific niches and then a couple like large lists that I gathered and what I paid for four for one, for those specialist sites to start a big campaign or whatever. But I’m kind of lost in the middle of everything because I as being so new. I just started doing everything and now I kind of just straight hit a brick wall like, honestly?

[00:36:39] Yeah.

[00:36:39] Well, honestly, what told me here, it sounds like you are. Like, it would be hard to be much further ahead after three months than you are. I think I think you would be in the top, you know, probably five or 10 percent for people starting out to have five ranked sites with 20 built. They I don’t know how many people in the first 90 days have 20 sites built in, five of them ranking right and another five that are about to be published with multiple multiple wins. So even though it feels like you’re hitting a brick wall, it’s important, I think, to take a moment and realize like you didn’t know how to do this 90 days ago, and now you’ve got like. All kinds of traction going here, right?

[00:37:23] 90 days ago, I was like an email and and like screaming like no jokes, no jokes.

[00:37:30] So when you say you hit a brick wall, what’s going on? So talk to me.

[00:37:36] Well, just with between learning all of these things because I started, you know, needing money, of course. So I started prospecting all the time. Then I got a bunch of clients or a bunch of conversations happening. So now I’m having to actually do work, of course, to keep those people happy and they’re wanting to review and talk to me. And then with all of my sites and now, should I be, I’m learning how to do some of the Facebook ads for the groups that I’m in and some client help. And that in itself has taken me a bunch of days to start learning like, you know, and every one of these facets is like, so like each one of them, you could probably learn four months or whatever.

[00:38:18] And yeah, I just I’ve got some very clear advice that I feel really strongly about here. Oh gosh. Oh no, you’re good, man. I did the same thing. And I’ll tell you, like after two years, I think I was at four thousand a month because I was doing what you’re doing now, right? And I built a bunch of sites like a lot of a lot of what I try to teach on these calls each week come from the mistakes that I made. So over the first two years, I had built all kinds of different sites, but I only had part of them range. So that’s why I have that rule where I want like 60 percent of the first twenty five before we build more kind of maintain that ratio. Otherwise, like eventually it will come back and that’s part of what happened. But I decided I was going to narrow my focus. I went to a marketing event and I was talking to the talking to the people that they had, like an expert panel, right of the people that were the most successful. And I was kind of looking at these people and trying to figure out what do these people have that I don’t? That is like there were some that were younger and older and like, you know, taller and shorter and bolder and skinnier and all like just all over the board. So we’re good with people. Some weren’t as good with people.

[00:39:36] And what I realized is that they had the most sites and I had been like messing around with like Facebook ads and Google ads and like all these other strategies. And when I narrowed my focus and I said, This is my lane, like, this is where I’m going to focus, like then my income just like shot up, right? And I think you can. This kind of goes against what I just said. Like, we’re like the knowledge stacking where it’s like your chances of doubling, but you have to have like, if this is your business, regeneration is your business, you have to know this skill set well. Like, once you have this kind of ironed out, then you can start tacking on these things. But to do that from the beginning, you’re going to just line it like move very slowly in all these different categories, right? Like this, this and this, or none of are going to move fast. So you’ve got 20 sites with with five of them ranking, which I think is is excellent. If my advice is like, let’s get some more of those ranking and three months. Like, it’s hard to rank a site in three months, I know that like that’s what some of us are sold when we’re when we like, buy into these marketing programs. What I’ve learned is it takes like six months or more, like if we choose a really good niche and there’s tons of those out there, then I think three months is achievable. But I would say that longer it is average. So there’s no reason to be discouraged about these other 15 sites that aren’t ranking yet

[00:41:05] Because I’m not discouraged about them. I’m just trying to figure out how to focus my time as a professional really like because, yeah, I did jump in like headfirst or whatever. I quit my job or I went on leave after a month. Just because I’ve been in that profession for so long, I just did it on purpose anyways and having faith in my sales because I’m also in that profession. I was a sales manager and a sales person, kind of in a trade with a real high sales conversion. So I’m like, OK, at that aspect. Then I lost my train of thought for some reason, and so I just I just jumped right in. And now so and I’ve put all of that money that I said that I got from that. I just put right back into more of this courses that are coming or that come with the JC. A lot that, you know, the extracurricular stuff and trying to learn. And then I suppose it is a win, but I’m incredibly nervous about it. Like, today was the first day because I did. I took I got that sale from that when I just told you about and I took that whole money, basically, and I gave it for a whole month’s wage for someone who I know who is really, really good at computers way better than me who had done back linking in the past and done a bunch of stuff.

[00:42:29] And today was actually his first day. Like he put in eight hours a full day of learning and as well of back linking. And he was like, even when I was going over the stuff with them, he actually knew more than I knew. Like, honestly, like he was correcting me all the time and I felt really foolish. But so today was his first day. So now of those 20 sites or those twenty five, I have a person who is full time just going to do backlinks for the sites all day, every day in a rotation. And now I’m going to be able to because I got that one sale or whatever. So my my thinking of it, I know, which is foolish is that my next one will pay for his next month. And you know, more of the stuff that I’m going to do and hopefully the extra sales in between will be my money and more to put into the business because I’m fairly comfortable or not comfortable, but I’m like, I can sustain a couple of months of attempting to tread water or whatever.

[00:43:28] Right.

[00:43:28] I think it’s I think it’s really important for you to be learning like the back linking and the skill sets that are the core parts of the lead generation business model. If this is the business you’re going to run, then I think it’s important for you to be learning these skills. It’s good to pay someone once you have this dialed in. My concern with hiring someone that’s done backlinks in the past is like, they’re I mean, they’re a dime a dozen out there and ninety nine out of one hundred are going to do things that are going to damage your site long term. They’re going to go and get spammy links. And if you don’t understand this well enough that you can police this. It could be a problem. Ok, so

[00:44:10] Today, as an example, I worked with him, right? And like, because he’s like, basically like a neighbor, I’ve known him for many, many, many years. And like the person I like, I kind of actually know him. So like, I actually had him in a laptop next to me, and then I was going through what I do with him, and then he’s following along, and then he would actually like, turn it and be like, What about this? What do you think? And then I would, you know, pull it up on my stuff and go over what I thought. And oh, look, that led to this. And then throughout the day, he even did that and the whole this whole first couple of weeks, we’re going to my my intention is to do that with him because then he leaves at a certain time and then I do my normal business because I have all of the other tasks associated with it. I’m just was trying to scale too quickly in a manner, and that’s all I knew, because like with with roofing and the other trades that I’ve done, that’s typically what I’ve done. Like, you work really hard in this one amount and then you get some money from a job and you hire a dude. And now there’s two of you and you can do a job twice as fast kind of. And you finish that job and now you buy a truck or a ladder or something. And you know, you’re right now you’re a sub, and that’s just the only way I really know how to do it.

[00:45:21] So you always be asking yourself why you’re doing this. Ok, so like, there’s things that we know that like larger companies have, and we just need to make sure that they’re justified for where we are at the time they have them. A lot of people running their businesses are like. Not managing them correctly. They’re not like growing at their correct pace, right, so it’s important that we don’t like just do this because we we know to do it. I think that your time like there’s a couple of skill sets that I think are going to be important for you. And one of them is to say no, like is like with this Facebook ads and stuff like this, like you’re going to realize whether you realize it from the result of this conversation or you realize it from like six months down the road. Or maybe you’re going to maybe you’re not going to realize it because you’re going to be, like, really good at Facebook ads and Google ads. But I think what most people realize is that. It’s a very tough it’s very tough to like, be really good at this, it’s a whole different skill set to be really good at Facebook and really good at Google, and it’s almost like a competition, right where especially for Google ads, right? There’s there’s quality scores and there’s things like this.

[00:46:36] It’s an auction and you’re going to be competing against people who don’t know what they’re doing, but also people that are very good at it. And then you have region where it doesn’t really cost us any money for these ads. And when you try to do like three or four of these things at once, you’re going to find that you’re not going to be very good at any of them and you’re competing against some people that are solely focused on these. In the end, a lot what I what I’ve seen over the last five or six years of doing this business model is people will start with legion and then like you, they’ll try these other things and they’ll stray away from it and they’ll like, go down these these like little bunny trails and then they circle back

[00:47:18] And then they come back and they come back and

[00:47:20] They’re like, Man, legion is the way to go. It just seems like that’s where it always, it always ends up. Right. So if you can not do though, not do those little bunny trails and just like, stay on this main path and learn to say, no, I think you’re going to find better results. I think that it’s it’s it’s hard when we need money. We think that getting this fast money is going to it’s going to be good, but it’s really never seems to work out this way. What happens is if we close a legion prior to having things in place. Unless you’re really good at this, it’s going to be hard for you to maintain that client after three months. I would say, like three months is going to be like because you’re probably not going to have the site ranking. And if you’re running Google ads, what you’re going to do is you’re going to or Facebook ads, you’re going to be putting a lot of that money that they’re paying you back into the ads, which like, you’re going to spend this time managing it and you’re not building this asset in the same way if you were spending that same time. So for that like? That fast money isn’t really fast money. It just feels like it’s fast money, if you were to calculate and I encourage you guys calculate your hourly, track your hours that you’re doing for this and then look at it three six months down the road.

[00:48:39] Oh, yeah, like like. So it seems like fast money, but you end up working for like five or six dollars an hour versus like. Here’s an example my first site was a tow truck site, and it’s been five years and this guy’s paid me a thousand a month. I think that I spent about 60 hours on it. So I’ve collected about sixty thousand dollars from that site over the last six months or eight thousand dollars a month. So my hourly rate is about a thousand dollars an hour. And next month, it’s going to go up right because I’m not doing any more work on the site. I haven’t worked on it in five years, really since the beginning and just month in and month out. He pays me. Right. It’s the same same amount of work hours more money collected. So that’s that’s what I think is is is hard to grasp. And it goes back into this other concept of like the delayed gratification. If we can like, understand that delayed gratification is going to like, that’s going to be very important to us. Right in this like fast money is tempting, but it’s like that story of those what are those like sirens that those beautiful women that are out in the ocean and they like,

[00:49:56] Suck the pirates in their right, like we can realize that’s what’s going on.

[00:50:03] Like, I’m not trying to teach you guys to turn down the fast money, but I just like.

[00:50:08] Understand what it is, right, is it really fast money, right? If it’s if it’s like a website build where you can have like Vas do it, then that could be like great fast money because it’s like, Hey, you know, I can charge like three thousand dollars for this, and it’s probably going to cost me four hundred dollars to get it built. That’s great. That’s fast money. But if it’s like running ads for someone and where we’re going to put all the money into it and then like, we’re going to lose the client if we’re not like, that’s just a waste of time. Right? Long term, you want to be a Google Ads person.

[00:50:36] I have found even in the past couple of weeks since I’ve gotten some of these clients that it is more finicky and like they’re calling and like asking stuff like even in a week and things like being like, Oh, I haven’t seen any difference in, you know, it’s like the guy gave me the one dude gave me a couple of hundred bucks and he’s calling in five days and I was like, It’s been like a few days, like almost right. And I was like, even when I hung up, I was like, I don’t know if I like that. As much as picturing when I have a bunch of leads of mine and giving them to someone like, that’s a different perspective to have altogether, right? Like, this guy’s calling me because he gave me a couple of hundred bucks and I like, owe him opposed to me being like, I have this shit stuff that you want. You know what I mean?

[00:51:18] Yeah.

[00:51:19] Well, no. And that’s kind of like where I’ve already seen that. Honestly, like I was picturing like, OK, I’m going to build this stuff and imagine, imagine my marketing campaign worked and I got 29 people all calling me every week now for that. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, that would actually kind of suck. Maybe, or maybe not. But depending on the client rate, I kind of realize that and I want to do Legion. I’ve already thought that I should focus specifically on that, but I don’t know how to divvy that time to scale without having to just like, go back to work

[00:51:52] Or whatever here. I’m like,

[00:51:55] Yeah. As it stands, like, if I don’t, if I’m putting all these hours in, I’m working because I’m doing like 12 to 16 hours a day in this business between prospecting, learning new skills, actually doing that work and the back linking of those sites. It takes that much work per day for me. So like in between that I have to have like some money coming like, do you think I should just be then running into the legions and like hoping that those leads are the thing or like, what would you suggest in that regard? Because I don’t get to the brick wall? Like, do I do an email marketing campaign? Do I do I like? How do I not go back to work in theory or whatever?

[00:52:35] It doesn’t sound to me like what you’re doing now with this kind of like Ponzi scheme where you like, collect money and use it to pay the people. And then you’ve got to like close another deal to like, pay, pay more people. And you’re always going to be like collecting like money from here to pay here. That’s not going into your pocket so much, right?

[00:52:54] No, well, I don’t really do that too much, and it’s just I don’t really have the skills to do the bigger things either, right? Like with that logo and brochure, like the one guy was like, this was a part of the web design. So I just outsource that really quickly was able to turn it around. And you know, and like, I’m able to do that kind of stuff and organize, but I’m not like, I’ve never had a job where I had to make files and be organized in that way. And so I don’t know how to like I got notebooks with scribbles all in them in a couple of files I’ve started and you, I’m not professional or whatever. I might just be that allowed, of course.

[00:53:31] But here’s my here’s my advice is I would be splitting your time between learning the skills that apply the legion. I would recommend Greg Berkowitz’s course on back linking. I think that that’s good.

[00:53:45] I’ve taken it. I have it.

[00:53:47] Ok. Yeah. I think other courses like maybe what other courses are you trying to take right now?

[00:53:54] Well, I’ve already went through them already, but I did the McMoRan email called the sold or whatever, as well as the Greg, the email, the backlink and course. Sorry. And I also did the swag course because I’m a tradesman and I know a whole bunch of people who buy swag for their companies all the time. Like, I already have a couple of people who are interested in recurring like Christmas orders and stuff, but that’s why I like I realized in that same breath. Like if I if I were to focus on a site that was specific to promotional products and contact people. With that in mind, that is a whole business and enterprise just in itself. And I could sell promo full time and I very well could or I could literally sell this. And like every one of those things, as I learn them, I’m like, Oh, I could, actually, that’s a whole business, and I have

[00:54:45] A ton of opportunities. If you want to have success, you’re going to have to pick a lane.

[00:54:49] That’s a big one.

[00:54:51] That’s why I personally believe the one that you started first was the best one. The Legion, right? I’ve know a lot of people who have done these. The cold prospecting is great for certain situations, like the old email stuff, right? And Mike’s like, Mike’s a brilliant guy. But when you have leads coming in like it’s it’s really easy to to to sell right like that might be good.

[00:55:20] Before I’ve done the email marketing side when we were selling leads in 2019 and it just it’s not the same thing for Legion, it’s just a different model. When you have those leads coming in, it’s just like you have solid gold in your hand to hand over just why you guys are talking. You know, the perspective that that’s coming to me is like what Patrick was saying out of that book’s skill stacking. You know, if you break down Legion, there’s a lot of skills in there that you need. If you focus on stacking those skills, building great sites, ranking the sites back LinkedIn, get your groups together. Like all of those things, instead of spreading yourself so broad with promo and Facebook ads and Google ads and all that other stuff, those are all skills. But the more a tighter skill set is around building gyms that produce, you know it’s going to get you to where you want to be. So, yeah, if you need to dabble in some swag because you have the contacts and it’s easy for you to pull in some money so that you can fund yourself up in those legions, great. They don’t get so spun out on it like you’re trying to build a seven figure swag. You know what I mean? You someone to do that. I mean, there’s seven figures in every one of those things that you mentioned, for sure. But like, like Patrick was saying, pick a lane. I just think the perspective of tightening that skill, stacking around Legion that’s going to get you to where you really want to be, right?

[00:56:45] Yeah, right. In my mind, like, I focus a lot, a lot of hours on that. But then I was trying to just get these other bunched hours at the end of the day to be actually getting my income in.

[00:56:56] So the type skill set. Like, I think back thinking is going to be really important. I think the Google, my business optimization. These are these are going to be like the foundational pieces you start expanding from there. There’s a really good course on Udemy that’s like eleven dollars about conversions like like building your websites in a way that they convert, right? So I can post something in the group. I took that one. There’s so like getting things like this I think are important. Some of the fast money strategies that you can do that are still within this area, and I mentioned this on a previous call. I’m going to bring it up now. I’m going to share my screen real quick. We don’t have a lot of time left on here because I like we are literally going to jump in RV after this call and then be on the road. But I want to share this with you. I’ve shared this before. Ok, cool. You guys can see my screen. Anyone give me a thumbs up as my screen shared. Ok, cool. All right, so Envato, OK, this is like I think this is just like such a great strategy. Hold on one second. Let me go back here and vato themes Dreamforce. That’s what it is. Ok. Here we go. So this is for WordPress, and I know that some of you guys aren’t familiar with this, but this is the this is a great one two punch right here. So you go to online job site FX, right? Don’t click on the ads and cost them a click. So we’ve got these two different things.

[00:58:27] There’s fifty seven thousand WordPress themes here. So basically, what I would do if I was in a fast money situation is I would go here and let’s just say I look for plumbing. I hate the plumbing niche, so I probably wouldn’t pick this one. But just as an example, we’ll go. Here and you can go down here and you can preview this item so you can buy these these plumbing sites and look at this site. So this site can I can probably spend I don’t know what this cost. This cost seventeen dollars. Oh, I’m sorry. Fifty nine dollars. That’s more like it. That’s what I would expect. Sixty dollars. Ok. And if I have a WordPress professional, they can have the set up in about 15 minutes. Look at all these different pages that this thing comes with. It’s it’s ridiculous. And there are thousands to choose from on this site. All these different pages come with this. It looks super professional. Ok? There’s no monthly fee associated with WordPress sites. Ok, so you put this on a host and like, I think I’ve got four hundred sites hosted. I spend a hundred and thirty dollars a month. Ok. So we buy these themes. We can reuse this theme. It looks super professional. Does this look better on average than what most plumbing sites look like? So the plumbers that you sell this to, they don’t necessarily. You don’t need to tell them that you paid sixty dollars to have this thing set up. Ok, so then you combine that with online jobs and, you know, if I search for.

[01:00:10] WordPress, you can find a person who is a WordPress expert. You don’t need to know how to do this for like four dollars an hour or something, it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why I’m not signed into my account. This is not how I normally do it. But the point is it exists on here. People will have five seven years experience in WordPress and you could literally for probably less than a hundred dollars, you can have this like site set up, right? You’re going to pay them four dollars an hour for a few hours. Sixty bucks here. Maybe you write the content, maybe you have someone else read the content and you can just you can even take another step and put their logo up here. Or just like maybe you combine that with the code email where you’re sending out a bunch of emails to plumbing companies all over the place. So that could be a fast money strategy. But I encourage you, Cody. Stay, stay in the lane. I wouldn’t try like personally, I think your hourly rate is going to go way down if you’re trying to do like swag versus if you were taking that same time and putting it towards building your legion. And so for you, with your with your your 20 sites like you’ve got five more that are about to publish. My advice to you would be like, get those five published and now you have your twenty five. The five that you have are these are these rented out? You said they’re ranking, you have five ranking. Are those rented out, Cody?

[01:01:36] Not yet. I I have just given the the handful of leads I got so far to the same contractor. They’re in the same niche, sort of. And he’s just been I’ve just been about to to rent them now, OK? Two of them would be to the same guy in a roundabout way.

[01:01:52] So OK. So that seems like some fast money because those are like you have five that are like we talked about earlier with your like you’ve got four thousand that he’s losing a month. I’m not having these the sites that he has rented, those five are costing you money every month. If they’re if they’re ranking and they’re not rented, right, if they’re using leads, I guess is a better way to phrase it. Are they they’re producing leads, not just ranking, right?

[01:02:20] That’s right. Like even the ones that are just starting to like, I got one random call from one that’s on the bottom of a page I didn’t even think would come in yet. They’re starting to and I’m just going to be figuring all that out now. So I maybe should just I kind of had a feeling I already knew this answer, sort of. I just wanted to hear it from someone else. I guess I really appreciate it, but I need I need to focus on the lead

[01:02:46] Hundred percent, man, and

[01:02:49] I just didn’t like because it’s now my full time job, right? Like, even if I did lead gen or these my sites for nine or 12 hours per day, I still have this whole full eight hour shift to now learn another thing. Should I just be, I guess, like refocusing that back in because I was kind of picturing like, that’s the time now I can create some income and you know, I have a full time job or more building legions, then an eight hour shift trying to get some money going or like, you know,

[01:03:18] You’re you’re these don’t need to be separate if you’re working 12 16 hours a day. Like you mentioned, that time period should all be spent on things that are going to create revenue for you. And in the right way, right? So in the highest dollar per hour that you can that you can create. So part of that should be learning, I think if you’re three months in, but it needs to be focused learning on things that, as Jeff described it, described it are like a tight skill set related to this area. And working on this, you know, like Kobe Bryant. And you know, I know like, I don’t know if you fall like these athletes, they they don’t get to be the best because they go and they like learn how to shoot behind the backboard shots or all this other stuff. They just they they’ve like, narrowed it right and they’re focused and they become the best at like a smaller part of it. And that’s what you need to do. You need to be like horse blinders focused on. This is my lane. This is what I’m going to do.

[01:04:27] These other opportunities are going to come in like for me, like people, I’ve got a lot of people that play a lot of friends because they play poker for a living, a lot of friends that play poker and they’re all into crypto and they’re like, Hey, crypto, this. And I’m like, That’s not my lane. This is my way. I’m going to stay in this lane. Right. And then they they win money and they lose money. And like this has continued to go up because this is this is what I know. And after you get it automated, after you get at a certain point, then you can start going into other other areas. But you need to master the business model and then you can start to manipulate the business model. After that, you’re still in this like mastery phase right now. So learn about this. Learn. What about the core fundamentals of this business model and then spend all your time that you have available for work working on this business, not like swag and email marketing? That’s my opinion.

[01:05:24] Can I just ask one thing Jared posted before that he had some input, and I just kind of was curious what he had to say if he still if that was correct or not. It’s like, I mean, I’ll be really quick.

[01:05:38] I did the same thing like, you kind of get so focused on information and all the different ways you can make money. And I still have to stay in my own lane, right? And so it seems like obviously like you’re going down all these different, like the cold email marketing is great. All those those things are great. But Legion is going to get you the money, right? And so another quick way you can make wins. It says that you’re in sales. They have a lot of people that you know in this group and the other group that aren’t very good at sales, it will split commissions with you. You know, I’ve sold sites for people where you get 50 percent or twenty five percent or 30 percent or, you know, of the monthly commission. So, you know, if you go sell another JC Heyer’s Legion form for twelve hundred bucks a month, a 50 percent commission, that’s 600 dollars. And that’s going to do what Jeff is talking about, which is going to add to the skills that’s going to eventually make you money, right? It’s going to it’s going to let you know more about the business that you know about the contractors or the service. So there’s other ways that keep you kind of in that lane to make that quick money instead of going through the swag and going through this. And because Legion is where it’s at, I mean, it’s it’s money every single month getting a really good point, Jared. It’s like, I know I suffer from that same thing when I got in and I finally found a business model that made sense to me. It’s like all these ways to make money and overwhelming all. I want to do all of it, you know, so maybe I never thought about it in those terms, but it is pretty overwhelming when you see how much money is to be made in all of these different business models.

[01:07:19] Now, I found that really helpful, actually. I don’t know if I could find that or I’m not asking, obviously, but that does seem to be one of my strong suits, like I’m able to call and find and get people and talk to them and get them to do it. And that would be a pretty related skill. Like, I never even knew that that was possible.

[01:07:37] But that’s that’s exactly that’s exactly what I’m talking about with the information stacking. That one is one that’s related to this in a way that’s going to positively influence your potential. Like so being able to build a website that ranks combined with sales, those things are going to that’s a power combination there, right?

[01:07:58] Yeah, I just bell to be able to still have some flow coming in, and that’s a really cool idea. Do I am I like allowed to ask in the group, What do I say? How do I? How do I propose that you?

[01:08:09] Could people just go search for people looking for help or or even go and just search, go through the go through the stuff people will say, Hey, I’m having trouble selling this, say this is going on, you know, you’ve got to be obviously be careful, you know, say that, hey, is anybody looking for help with sales? I’m a good salesman. I’m whatever.

[01:08:30] And see, I’m really good with tradespeople.

[01:08:33] Yeah, because. You know, it’s it’s easy money, because there’s like literally, you know, I’m almost at that point, I have a fence site that gets 80 calls a month. It’s just like, and I’m good at sales. You know, but that’s that’s money that’s sitting there, right?

[01:08:52] No, it’s cool. It’s a really, really cool perspective because I’m just trying to figure out how I can keep sitting here and grinding, right? That’s like my main problem is, I don’t mind sitting here and putting it into the legion at all. I just have to be able to keep sitting long enough, I guess.

[01:09:08] Right, right. You should be spending a good amount of that time on those sites that are not ranking, too.

[01:09:13] No, I do. I do. I every single day I got a big list. I go through them all methodically or whatever.

[01:09:20] Right, right. Excellent. Yeah, I would spend some time learning about some of the tools and how they work and really understanding those like refs. I think it’s excellent for analyzing backlinks. And, you know, like the learning process, part of the learning process should be like, how does this work and how can I use this to correctly analyze these links and look for these opportunities? Because that time period that you’re spending with your neighbor guy, like where you guys are having these conversations about whether this is a good link, what he thinks, what you think that is, really, I think that’s a really good use of your time to like you need to come up with an opinion and defend your opinion. And this is how our opinions improve over time is like this, this kind of analysis and this back and forth. So like, that’s that’s a really good use of time for for the learning portion of it. Make sure that you keep that in balance, though you should probably be making time for both. But I think after three months and having these sites built and maybe worth your time to spend more time working than learning right now.

[01:10:31] Ok, I can I can take that right.

[01:10:35] All right. So any other final questions, Cody?

[01:10:40] No, really, thank you for your time and everyone’s opinion and for hearing me out and whatever.

[01:10:46] Awesome. Yes. Congrats on the success so far. Man, I think you’re on a really good path, Cody. I appreciate you coming on here and being like, open and honest. I think one of the one of the skills you should try to work on is how to change your name on Zoom. So instead of it, Cisco get a one sixty forty seven.

[01:11:07] But let’s take a zoom, of course, today.

[01:11:12] There you go. All right. Before we hop off here, is there anyone else that has any questions?

[01:11:19] Somebody was asking Patrick being dropped the link to that Udemy course.

[01:11:23] Yeah. I will grab that if you guys do not use Udemy. That is such a valuable site is awesome. It’s twelve dollars for so many different courses. Everything I said about like learning these other skills, they have a Google Ads course on there. That is. I think it was 12 dollars and it was seventy five hours for one of the best people that I’ve ever seen with Google ads. It really helped me. I’m not telling you guys, stay in your lane. That is the overarching thing. But just as an example, like, I think when if you guys went through JC, I think that the the actual hours is about 15 hours or 20 hours somewhere around there. So this one was seventy five and it was only on Google ads, and it’s from a guy that was like, absolutely brilliant. So I spent twelve dollars on it and my cost per lead with Google ads went from about one twenty one hundred twenty dollars per lead to about eighteen dollars after I went through that course. All that being said, like, I’m glad that I learned it, but I’m like, I don’t think I would much rather not have to deal with Google ads. So I’m like, kind of like phasing out that skill set right now. I just I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s worth the return. So any other questions, Jeff, anything else I missed?

[01:12:43] I don’t see anything specific. People are just saying, have a good time on the road.

[01:12:48] Yes, I have a quick question.

[01:12:51] Yeah, absolutely. Gentlemen, how are you doing?

[01:12:53] Hey, good. Thanks. With reputation management. The emails that are sent out when if they do respond and reply with the review. Does that invitation go away

[01:13:04] And doesn’t go away? It pulls them out of the sequence

[01:13:07] Out of the queue that I didn’t send them.

[01:13:09] Ok, so the time, the time that it pulls them out. So when we when we click on like five stars, then it will show them the review sites and then if they click on that review site, then it like lets us know. And at that point it pulls them out because there’s no way for us to know that that person actually left a review, right?

[01:13:31] Because if they click on it, they come out, but they may not have even left a review.

[01:13:35] You may not have left the review right. They could have gone to the like. They’re going to get redirected to the review site, but there’s no way for us to know. Like, like you, you could be like we could send an email to you, right? So Gemma, and then your Gmail account could be Neil, right? And you leave a review as we have no way of like connecting that to that. They Google doesn’t allow that, and the same with all these other reviews sites. So that was the way that we’ve done it, which like. I’ve thought about it a lot. How we could get more accurate with it, I don’t know way right now to do it. So it seems like most people that go that far, so they’ve clicked on the funnel and then they’ve chosen the review and then they’ve gone to the actual site. So it’s not bulletproof, but

[01:14:24] It’s OK because I’m tracking it in my CRM. When I send it to them, I’m tagging them as review sent so I can cross reference it. If they haven’t, I can just send them another review or send me an email.

[01:14:39] I think that, yeah, I think once we get our campaign builder out, it’s going to make this a lot easier for this type of thing. We’re we’re been we’ve been waiting and waiting, and it’s just been one thing after another trying to get these huge batch of updates pushed out until we generated, which includes a lot of CRM functionality and this type of tracking. The campaign builder is not a part of this next batch of big updates that we have coming, but it is kind of the highest priority after those.

[01:15:09] Is that Infusionsoft? I’m sorry, is that with Infusionsoft or is it just in lead generation?

[01:15:15] It’s going to be built in the lead generated. So I demoed it a few weeks ago or a month ago. The the plans that we have, we have a visual builder for for campaign builders. So it’s essentially going to be like you can set a trigger and then you can have like a follow up thing. So the trigger could be like a form submission or a phone call or like a review is left or any of these different things. And then you decide what the next path is. So you like, click here and it’ll draw a line and say, OK, what are you going to do next? And that could be send an email, send a text or like, move them into this other pipeline, right? So we’re trying to do things in the right order. While like I’ve mentioned this several times is like the features always take a backseat toward towards tickets. So we have a lot of tickets like we’re always going to fix the tickets first, just because we have existing users using that functionality. That’s a priority to me. I don’t want to have buggy software, right? So then we move towards the features, which is created, I guess, like inaccurate predictions for us on our end where I’m like, OK, I think we’re ready to go with this.

[01:16:25] And then it’s like. Now we have all these new bugs, so but yeah, so coming very soon. Big improvements to reputation management. And you know, like a better follow up, better like building and adding in, I know that a lot of you guys have requested this. So I actually have a I have a developer working on this right now with the ability to it’s going to look very similar if you guys have created a ticket before where you have the ability to make things bold and like put in like different fonts and stuff like this. So like putting that as part of the email because I know there was a couple of people asking for like disclaimers because they’re trying to do reputation management and financial sector, or they want to format it and make it look pretty their own way. So we’re working towards getting that out, along with a bunch of other reputation management updates and like having automated statuses is going to be a part of that moving forward. So I think hopefully at some point you won’t have the need for the CRM. I can’t imagine you will once you see

[01:17:29] What we have in place. That’s cool. Ok, thank

[01:17:31] You. Yeah, absolutely. Any other questions before we hop off here? Now, all right, so this next week, you guys let’s we got seven days, whatever actions we do in the next seven days are going to influence our wins for next week. I would love to hear about what you guys do over this next week to share some big wins with us. So I don’t know. I think I will be in. I think I’ll be in Ohio a week from now hanging out with my buddies. But we’ll. Or maybe I’ll be in Kentucky. We’re going to be going out on our lake. We got we got a lake house in Kentucky with a boat, so we’re going to be spending some time out there. I share some of this stuff with you because I want to. I want to encourage you guys to picture whatever lifestyle that you want, like it’s possible through through this business model. And I know that like, you know, people like Cody where we’re just getting started and we’re trying to find a way to get fast money like I was there to write and this is the result of of sticking with it. And I don’t rate myself like smarter or, you know, any of this other stuff ahead of you guys.

[01:18:39] It’s just been longer time with, like very laser focused on where I’m taking this right. And I think every one of you guys can take it in that same direction. If you apply that focus for a long enough time period and you stay like the theme of this call, stay in your lane, right? If you stay in your lane. First two years for me, I couldn’t stay in my lane and I was limited to four thousand dollars. Once I stayed in my lane 12 months later, maybe 14 months, we were at forty thousand a month, right? So now it’s been three years through that and everything’s just like grown so, so much since then. So excellent. I hope you guys have a great week. You guys stay safe and we’ll see you in the group. And my apologies, the support has been a little bit slower. We’ve been moving. I’m hoping to get back on track over the next few days now that we’re going to kind of be in our mobile office. So you guys have a great week. Let’s create some wins and we’ll talk next week. Immigrants. Adios, amigos. Yes. By. Thank you. You’re welcome.