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[00:00:00] Having all these things that we take for granted, you know, it’s crazy how quickly things can change, where the things that we rely on every day are just like gone. And now you’re you’re thinking of like trying to think about backlinks and stuff like this suddenly is not important. It’s like, are we going to be warm enough or are our pipes going to burst? And you know, I was fortunate to have a really strong assistant who I think she called 50 hotels before she found one that had any vacancy because they were just all booked up. But you know, there’s most people are still kind of stuck stuck in that situation in the Austin area. I think it’s kind of blotchy. They were doing like these rolling blackouts where you would have electricity for like 40 minutes. So it would be enough to get the house to go from like forty five degrees to like 60 degrees. And then it would shut off. And you’d kind of like start the process over again. And, you know, without the water, there’s no way to flush toilets. So you kind of start coming up with creative ways. We we filled up buckets with snow and then when the electricity came on, we were trying to melt the snow and then we would have like the bucket to be able to dump. It’s just like. Wow. Some of the stuff, you know, our life has made things so easy on us that we don’t even we don’t even consider some of some of the stuff like what people would use to struggle with before.

[00:01:27] Some of the challenges. But we made it work and everybody’s good where we are. Texas was pretty woefully unprepared. No extra heaters. There’s like no, no shovels. People, just like when the pandemic started, people were buying out all the water, you know, off the shelves and stuff. So it was it’s kind of weird to see people in that regard. There’s a lot of you guys know we’ve had an issue for those of you guys who haven’t seen it yet. We have an issue with our our Google, my business, our connection to Google. It seems like it was kind of like a hit a lot of other companies outside of us. So we’re kind of working to try to get that back up. But Google has made some changes. They’ve got some stuff that are kind of making it hard for us to be able to pull in the information. So I’m not I don’t have a clear deadline of when that will be up and running again. So hopefully within the week, but within the next seven days, what I mean by that, but it’s not it’s not guaranteed yet know it’s kind of like what was working for us before is it’s not working now. So we got it relies on us being able to work with Google and try to sort this stuff out.

[00:02:41] So but we’re doing everything we can. I want to make sure you guys know that like this is definitely at the top of our priority list here. So I’d like to start these off when we get started. Obviously, we’ve got a couple of little small updates, but does anybody have any wins? I always like I do weekly meetings with my team. I’m going to go into that a little bit today. I want to talk. I know a lot of you guys each week that we do one of these. I want to I want to talk through and kind of do a Q&A and then talk about any new updates. We have answering any questions if anybody struggling and anything related to the platform and then kind of give you guys like a little segment where I can give you guys some value on various parts of the lead generation business. So today, one of the things I want to talk about is just like the way we’ve kind of organized our agency. I know I’ve spoke about this a little bit a few times, but I’m going to get into that a little bit today and go over some of the strategies, some of the changes that you know, after trying to make this work for a little while, for people that are trying to scale, you know, some of the stuff that I kind of went down one pathway and it wasn’t really working.

[00:03:48] And then we pivoted several times and then we kind of started finding more and more successful things. So. And it’s obviously, look, I’m still like making mistakes. I’m continuing to learn every day, every week within our agency with some of the some of the stuff now. You know, I think it was last week I actually let go like four people from my team, just we decided we’re going to raise the standard. We’re not going to kind of tolerate this like marginal, like marginal performance. You know, I’m a big believer. There’s like, I would love to hear from you guys and maybe we could throw it into the chat. I think this is important, but there’s, you know, people to have kind of mantras in your head of things that you can kind of go back to where you you got to have your guiding principles for your company, but you also have to have them for yourself to of like, Hey, this is who I am and this is how I’m going to run things. So one of the ones for me is you get what you tolerate, whatever it is that you’re going to be OK with, that’s what the standard is going to be for me. You know, what I did is I basically got rid of some of our back thinkers. It seemed like they were we. We try to work with them and we had set up some like contests and I’ve given them bonuses and we’ve done a lot.

[00:05:07] And I think one of the mistakes that I made is when I hired them. The tone kind of changed throughout the agency, and that’s kind of hard to do. It’s just like, you know, unlearning a bad habit, right? So I think it’s easier when you bring someone in to set that tone from the beginning. And I failed to do that correctly at the beginning with a few of these people, and we weren’t able to course correct. So as we bring on new people to kind of replace some of these hires that didn’t work out, we’re going to make sure that we we set that tone. But this attitude where it’s like, you get you get what you’re going to get what you what you tolerate. I think that it’s something for me when I see something that I don’t really like or I’m not comfortable with how it’s working. And it’s just like, it’s easier to just let it keep going on right. It’s easier to just not do anything about it and just kind of like, well, this is working to some extent. Yeah, it is. It is working and it’s OK to be like in my mind, you know, this is kind of like self-talk, like it’s OK to be like a middle of the road agency or it’s OK. Like, Hey, we’re profitable, we’re doing well, we’re growing. That’s good enough. But when there’s that awkward. Need for improvement, and you see that there’s like some weak links.

[00:06:20] I also think your company is going to kind of only be as strong as some of these weaker links. And you’re you’re the ones you guys. We work really hard to try to bring this money in and find these clients and build these sites and rank them and all these different things that we do. But when you have somebody in your agency, that’s that’s kind of bringing it down. It’s just like you’re undoing a lot of your hard work. And that’s where I go back to that. You get what you tolerate, right? It’s it’s not acceptable for me to have these like what I want in my agency is I want all stars. Ok, that’s that’s what’s acceptable for me because I want people that are going to do exceptional that are excited to be here, but are going out and kind of like doing their own research to try to find their own, you know, find out, improve on their own right and then we bring it back and we kind of talk as a team. So like, if you don’t have that attitude, there’s probably a lot of really good companies that you can work for, but we’re just not going to be one of them, right? If we’re going to be exceptional at what we do, then we need all stars that are joined in our team and not these like lukewarm going through the motions, type people.

[00:07:23] And I was tolerating that and I decided I’m not going to tolerate that anymore. You know, I’m going to go out and I’m going to do the extra work to try to find the people that are really going to work hard and leveled up. And this goes not only with my agency, this also goes with the lead generated platform and are some of our developers. There’s a few developers on the team that for the most part, we have exceptional developers, but there’s a few of them that are that are not in that space. And you know that just like that doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for me. Ok, so like moving forward, I’m not willing to tolerate this anymore. I’m just like, that’s that’s not going to be the case, and this can be applied to your clients as well. You’re going to bring on like marginal clients, then they’re not going to they’re not going to grow at the same pace, right? And it’s OK when you have like zero clients and you bring on your first client and you’re like, Well, I’m super excited that I got my first client. But like, maybe he doesn’t answer the call all the time or maybe like like these people are calling back because he never followed up with them. So like, it’s one thing that let’s get the train kind of going down the tracks, but at some point you want to make a pivot, right? And I think no matter where you are, it’s important to kind of set some of these tones from the beginning.

[00:08:34] And, you know, we’ve talked about some of this like mindset as we try to bring our clients on and sell our clients is kind of like establishing from the beginning who’s not been like a like authoritarian type way, but just establishing some control that you’re you’re not afraid to walk away. Right. So I think those are some important things. That’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about in my business. I’m also I’m trying to think and try to think about how I can continue to bring value to guys. And you know, some of the things, some of the things I want to do is just kind of like, mention what I’m going through, what I’m working with, what I’m struggling with because I think, you know, we’re all in different places. But for for a lot of you guys, maybe I’ve got like a few more reps and a larger sample size within the agency. And, you know, I want to make sure I share that and I’m open to obviously like this doesn’t have to be just me talking all the time. It can be more of like a kind of brainstorming session for people that have ideas. Another thing that I want to share is kind of what I’m reading. I know that some of the books that I that I shared in the past were really, really well received.

[00:09:43] Traction was one of them. I think it’s maybe it was. Maybe Adam McChesney is going through traction right now. I can’t remember exactly someone else was going back for it. I’m reading a really good book right now by Peter Thiel. It’s called zero to one. I’ll just kind of share my screen and show you what this is about. It’s a lot about startups, but it’s it’s there’s so much more to it for those of you guys who don’t know Peter Thiel. He was the co-founder of PayPal. And then they have this. Let me bring up this book on Amazon so you guys can just kind of like, take a look at it, and I know it’s easier to see it than it is to hear it sometimes. All right. So give me one second here. Let’s check this thing out. So this is the book I’m reading. Peter Thiel zero to one. Ok, so it is about startups, which is like, maybe more applicable to me because like we’ve got regenerated, as is very much kind of like a startup, maybe more on the sense of then like a marketing agency to sell, like where it’s like, you know, we’re going to try to make sure like we’re trying to get this in front of like thousands and thousands of people where we may never have thousands and thousands of people in our in our agency. But there’s so much more to it.

[00:10:58] So Peter Thiel, one of the most brilliant people on the planet in my mind, him along with I think there’s been seven of the people that started PayPal have gone on to create additional billion dollar companies. Ok, so they call it the PayPal mafia. So there’s like him and. Elon Musk and a number of other guys, I think YouTube was one of the original LinkedIn like PayPal. You know, obviously Tesla. So like all of these people started out at PayPal, all kind of working together. And as I was going through this book, that phrase of you get what you tolerate. That’s something that’s been with me for a long time. Not that I’ve always thought about. But he goes on to talk about how important it is when we start, when we start a business and when we create these partnerships. Some of the things that that we should be looking at and some of the things that are important that I’ve kind of learned. And then it’s. It’s like it really clicks into place when you have somebody like him, go through and and say it in the way that he said it, where it was like, Man, I’ve already I’ve already learned that lesson, but I kind of learn it the hard way. So I’m hoping for those of you guys that decide that you want to check this book out. I think it’s excellent. One of my favorite books, I’m actually, you know, you’re reading a really good book when you’re like halfway through it and you say to yourself, I cannot wait to reread this book because that’s what’s going on with me now, because there’s so often when I’m reading this book, I have to stop and think about what he said for like five minutes just to kind of process it.

[00:12:35] So really, really excellent book. I highly recommend it. It’s really easy to read, but it’s one of those books that that is going to absolutely challenge you and really make you think about things. Ok. So I’d love to hear from you guys. Is there anybody that has? Is there anybody? Yeah. So I see, I see Laura. You actually have that book on my reading list. I’ve purchased that book so that we talking about is Ray Dalio, who’s one of the most successful investors in history. He has a book called Principles. That is, I’ve already purchased that one. I can’t wait to read that one, too. So that one’s actually fighting with whether I’m going to reread zero to one or skip onto that book. But it is at the top of my reading list as well. So I encourage you guys for a lot of you guys that look, I know that not everybody is just like comfortable reading. It’s just like, it seems like it comes easy to some people and not to others. So here’s some things to think about reading.

[00:13:28] It’s just like anything else. I was not always a good reader, and when you read slowly, what happens is your brain is not getting enough information quickly enough. So it’s kind of like hopping on to the next subject. And then that’s where you like, read two or three pages and you’re like, What does I just read? And you have to like, go back. So as you kind of like, learn to read faster, that goes away. And there’s a lot of like speed reading stuff that’s out there. There’s a really good book called How to Read a Book, which we’ll kind of like, take you through the process. And like, if you look at the most successful people, right, there’s the saying out there, like the average CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I think it is reads like 50 bucks a year. The average employee, I think, reads three. So there’s a lot to be said there. We’re like, we can take this information and we can stand on the shoulders of these other people that have done so much that I’ve accomplished a lot that are like they basically created their playbook and they package it up for you. So I kind of had to force myself. Like I said, I wasn’t always a good reader. I just kind of like pushed through that. And now, like, I’ve gotten better at it and I’m able to really kind of reap the rewards. And, you know, education obviously shouldn’t stop when we when we get out of our life, formal education system and like reading books constantly is certainly something I think everyone should be doing.

[00:14:49] You can basically look at your business, look at where you’re struggling and then find a resource on it. Obviously, J.K. gives you a lot of a lot of great information, but like for me, when I started this business like J.K. knowledge on the business, we’re like one hundred percent of my knowledge on the subject. But now, several years down the road, I feel like it’s 10 percent, maybe less. I don’t know. I’m constantly doing other courses, reading other books, just like searching for ways that that we can level up. And then, you know, I’m lucky because I have people like Jeff and we have three managers on our team. And, you know, for the most part, they kind of share that same attitude where they’re bringing other stuff. From outside the organization into it, new ideas, new strategies they’re reading and Reddit, they’re taking their own courses, they’re studying their own stuff. And like we write, the the sum is greater than the parts, right? So they like, bring all the stuff in it. We discuss it, we bounce the ideas off and we do this when there’s no snow and there’s electricity, we do it every Monday. We weren’t able to do our call this this last Monday, but it’s a way to kind of like recalibrate on a weekly basis and make sure that we’re kind of staying focused within our agency.

[00:16:01] Ok, so I just wanted to kind of share some of this stuff with you guys because I think it’s important. And I think that if we’re not kind of like scheduling our time, it’s easy for this stuff to just not happen. And we just kind of like, keep on going down, going down the same pathway, right? We keep a narrow focus, but I think a narrow focus is important. But you’ve got to be like looking for ways to level up if you’re at the beginning of this. Don’t let this stuff that I’m saying distract you now. Focus on the basics. Once you have the basics mastered, you start taking some clients under your under your belt. Then you can start introducing some new twist on it. But you don’t want this to be like a shiny object where you’re like solving problems with systems when you don’t have clients yet because you don’t need a system yet, what you need is clients, right? So you’ve got to think about what’s important now and make sure that you apply things in the correct order. Ok, cool. So I’d love to hear from you guys. Does anybody have any wins to share over the week? Anything new clients? Anything exciting going on? Anybody want to share anything at all? Ok, I’ll go, Patrick. Yeah, what’s that? I’ll share one. What do you got, Jeff?

[00:17:13] Well, I got one of our sites popped out of nowhere. Started getting a couple of calls. Higher end calls that are very high level, high cost services. And it was just a site that’s been sitting on the shelf and not producing. And I just happened to have another trial client in the area that I just got a couple of days before that happened, and he was able to turn me on to a contractor who was willing to take the leads in this very gung ho about it. So kind of getting a two for one on that, so really cool to see that happen. So she’s on the shelf.

[00:17:49] That’s right. Yeah. I mean, just just you guys just having some stuff in there. I know the site that he’s talking about, obviously, because we’re in the same agency that was actually one that that we just picked up. We purchased it from somebody who was kind of wanted to get out of the business. And we added a bunch of shoes on the shelf. There was a couple, I think, small tweaks that we did, but we didn’t do a lot of it. And just like having that stuff sit there and age. It’s only a good thing, right? So I saw in the group a few days ago there was someone that had posted something like, when is the time that you kind of like, cut your losses on your agency and just give up? And for me, that time is is really never it’s just like, we haven’t got there yet. That’s always my attitude with it. There’s always, you know, unless you somehow build like a site for swimming pools and like Anchorage, Alaska, then there’s always an opportunity that that site can come back as long as there’s demand. If you chose one that has no demand, then maybe like, don’t put more effort into it as long as there demand.

[00:18:56] It’s just a question of not ranking like age matters, right? And if you can kind of just chip away, maybe you’ve got like a list of 10 sites or something on your whiteboard or whatever and your notes. And just like maybe once a month, you show a little bit of love to these 10 sites. And hey, this is a long term goal. Six months, eight months from now, these sites can start to pop, right? So it’s like like like this one that Jeff’s talking about. It’s actually like I said, we purchased it with a group of other sites or somebody was getting out of the business and it’s in remodeling and like, we haven’t really done that much at all. But as you know, like remodeling leads are worth a lot of money, right? Just kind of like chipping away, like trying to find some room, maybe for some place citations on it in a couple of hours, I’m going to mute your other looks like we got some feedback coming from you, man.

[00:19:50] One second. Phil is also not meeting.

[00:19:58] Ok, cool. So, yeah, I think what Jeff’s saying, she’s on the shelf is is so critical, just like constantly be building. I’ve said this a few times. Are you trying to talk? It seems like you unmuted and now you’re just getting static.

[00:20:15] Sort the is down and.

[00:20:22] I couldn’t tell what you’re saying. I don’t know if he was talking to us. Hey, man, if you’re trying to chat with us, Dave, just throw it, throw it into the chat window there. My apologies. If you were speaking to us and I’m you, did

[00:20:34] You call or something? What’s that call of duty or something?

[00:20:40] And I’ll man down. It’s got to get this grind on before, right? All right. Cool. All right. Does anybody have anything they’re stuck with, struggling with, whether it be with our platform? And as I mentioned, like it said, we know that the GMB module is down. We’re doing everything we can to get that back up. It’s nothing wrong with your account and all your properties are safe. You can still access them through your Google My business dashboard. Outside of we generated, you could still go in there just we’ve lost our connection and we no longer have the ability to edit it right now. So we’re working with Google to try to get that result. But, you know, I’m sure that we’re going to get it resolved. It’s just a question of when, whether it’s going to be tomorrow or, you know, three days from now or a week. It’s hard knowing how quickly Google can respond to the things we’ve all seen, what it’s like to go back and forth with them, whether it be through like Google Ads or Google my business. So but I’m all over it and we’re doing everything we can to try to get that back up for you guys as soon as possible. So we appreciate your patience on that. Outside of that, does anybody have any questions, anything they’re stuck with?

[00:21:50] Yeah, I got I got some questions. I got a couple of wins, too, I landed a nine hundred and a four hundred dollar lead gen client this week and then nice man, another one on Friday. I’ve been giving him quite a few leads for last couple of months, but then it really started taking off the last couple of weeks. I mean, it wasn’t that much the last two months, it was just kind of trickling in to

[00:22:16] The contractor space.

[00:22:18] Yeah, yeah.

[00:22:19] Yeah, you guys got no notice. Patrick is here. A lot of these sites, no matter how well their ranking, they’re going to really be dead and kind of like December, January, February. And then like the second half of February, like the first week in January, they’ll pick up a little bit and then it starts going up and up. So that’s kind of what happened to you, Patrick.

[00:22:43] Yeah, I guess, because I didn’t really have. Anything it needs until. Like. End of November. And now I’m getting like, I’m up to like five hundred calls through all of them, and I’m just I’m just putting shoes on the shelf, duplicating and just doing exactly what you’re saying. So I got I got more deals in the pipe, but getting the check?

[00:23:11] Was there any kind of pivots or anything that you did with these with these clients? The nine hundred, which was at nine hundred and fourteen?

[00:23:19] I mean, it was just quicker. Like, I got some. I’ve been getting leads, giving leads for a while. I got this one. I’m giving a lot leads to. But the owners had COVID for the last month and been really sick. So I’m in a weird situation. Yeah, every time I call it like, Yeah, so we got COVID can’t talk. So I’m just dealing with like the employee. I don’t know. I was like, I go to someone else, but they’re good. They’re taking the calls on. So I’m just being patient with that one.

[00:23:47] Yeah, yeah. You know, it’s I think I really think it’s decisions like that that will build a lot of loyalty from your client towards you when they’re going through something tough and you kind of have the opportunity to maybe like. You guys can’t work, this is it for you, but instead say, Hey, I know that you guys are going through and this is a tough thing and I’m going to be patient. And when you guys get out of this, we’re going to have some business so that you guys can try to get back on pace as quickly as possible. We’ve done that in our agency for a few different clients, and it means the world to them to be able to have somebody that stick by, stick by them when they’re down like this. So hopefully that you’ll find the same thing with these two with this client that you’re bringing on. Now that has been going through COVID for the last month and is going to be unable to work.

[00:24:37] Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s not I mean, their work and still it’s just the owner, the one that’s going to be the decision maker. I mean, she’s cool, but she just hasn’t been able to talk to her for the last months. Right? That’s the issue. She’s she’s a little bit older, so it’s kind of like it’s kind of tough on her.

[00:24:58] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So did you make any pivots to kind of get these two deals closed after letting them hang there? Did you did you draw a line in the sand and say, Hey, I need money by this time? Or, Yeah, I mean, I’m learning that came out of this.

[00:25:11] I don’t know. I haven’t been doing the best. I mean, this last one, I was like, Yeah, I mean, I was like, like nine hundred and seven hundred and fifty. That would work. And he’s like, Yeah, just do nine hundred. So I mean, I don’t know, we we had a pretty good connection with him. We just talked about him for a long time. He’s he’s out west. I like to go out and go hunting, and he’s got his business, does really well. He’s got private land. He’s like, Yeah, I just keep crushing it for me, and I’ll let you come hunt my land. So it’s like, All right, that’s worth a lot of money right there. Cool. So I don’t know. Yeah. But that was it was a lot quicker on that. One was four hundred one. I just wanted to get money instead of going for a big. I was like, Let’s just start there. You close the deal right away. I was like, OK, let’s just I just want to get some money coming in. So I guess that was a little bit different. I think I’ve let some of these dragon like, wait too long.

[00:26:16] But yeah, yeah, you know, we’ve talked about this a few times in the past, and even though it’s kind of like working positively out for you guys, I think it’s a good idea to have a kind of a deadline in your mind of how long this is going on. Like this trial? I’m going to give this person a trial to this period, right? Because otherwise you’ll just they’ve got an excuse of why this and this and then just kind of like drags on and then like. Yet think about it this way, it’s like a little bit of a mental shift, it’s like you have a house with a no tenant, right? And it can seem because we’re like, not sure like how much maybe our regions are worth or like the quality of wheat, sometimes that there’s not value there. We’re OK with having this house that just remains on Reddit, where it’s like, Hey, we’re going to let you stay in this house for like a week so you can try it out before. Like, that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re giving the free leads. But then that week turns into two weeks and then it’s a month, and then it’s like they’ve been there for three months and they haven’t paid. And it’s like when it’s a house, it’s easy for us to be like, get out of my house. Someone else is going to live there and pay.

[00:27:31] But with our legions, I think we’re so we’re so like, so casual about it. But if you come in and you say, Look, I’m going to take care of the cost. Like, it doesn’t matter that there’s no cost to you because there is a cost. There’s an opportunity cost that you’re missing out on by not having it. Read it right. And there’s a cost that you that you put in it to get it to where it is. But you can tell them I’m going to take care of the cost for this first, like 10 days. So today is what today’s the 17th. I’m going to let you have this thing until the twenty seven when I’m twenty seven. Like, if it’s not working out, then I’m going to have to like, find somebody that that is going to be a good fit. And it’s no hard feelings. Don’t feel pressure, but I just want you to try it before I like, you know, before we get married on this thing. Just try it out and see if it makes sense. And if it doesn’t, that’s totally cool. But I want to make sure that that we’re like, we’re making our best business decisions, so we give you ten days putting that kind of like hard deadline and then forcing yourself to go like pivot. And it may be like, you know, you can go, you can go and like, start flipping the lead to somebody else and kind of splitting them.

[00:28:36] If you think that, hey, maybe this person will come through with me, like maybe you can give them a couple of weeks and give somebody else a couple of weeks where I try them out and see, maybe you’d be surprised when you find a better fit, but it’s easy. I think what Patrick is talking about, I think it’s easy to just kind of like, roll with it and just let it go on and like, that’s money. Like, if that were an empty house that you’re like paying the rent on and the bills like the electric and all the stuff, you’re probably not going to let that go for that long. But with this where it’s like we finally get it there and there’s kind of like a low ongoing cost, then it’s like we were talking about earlier. It’s like we we accept it. We’re like tolerating this like not having it rented. And I’m I’m. Trust me. I’ve got a lot of my own business where we’ve got a lot of empty, a lot of empty houses that I’m paying for right now. So, Patrick, I think you said you had the win, but you also did you say you also had like some kind of question or problem you were struggling with?

[00:29:33] Yeah, I mean, I’m just I’m pretty I’m pretty unorganized right now, I’ve just been focused on. Building easy websites and getting calls and not really anything else, but. And I got I got some websites on snaps and then also I’m just keeping it really simple. And you know, the forms are a little bit different and I want to kind of I want to just integrate with your forms on there. And when on the form, I was wondering if you can if you guys had it set because right now it looks like it’s just just like the subject line would be the same for every single website that you have. Or can you show me?

[00:30:19] Let me show you. Let me see if I can find this this update. This update’s been hanging around now for like two months or something, but we have it. So it kind of what’s coming is the ability to add in a bunch of different email addresses and then be able to set on a company level or on a module level. The email address that you want to use, as well as the subject for the email, right? So for instance, if you want like the Patriot wants like. His first Regent Company to be sent from, like Patrick’s agency, and then he wants a second to be sent from like super cool agency to this other one so you can essentially go through and say. For this company, for this module, I want this email address with this subject, so it’s giving you a lot of control, so we’ve done that. So I think we have like. And this one is like, mean, it’s so close to me. I just need some final testing on it, but it’s pretty much ready to launch in there for you guys. So we have it for the lead management module, reputation management gabs, which is currently down, right? And then I think there was one more. See if I can pull it up here. There was one more module that we haven’t set up for. Give me one second here. So I think that should take care of that for you. Patrick, does that sound like that would solve your issue?

[00:31:55] Just to just to make it simple, just I was just thinking like the subject line. I mean, so like we we like I’m I’m building a lot. I’m going like high end niches and that don’t get like a lot of call volume and then it might take over like the whole estate type of thing. And I kind of like it how like it says, like this one city and this one city? And then the client kind of knows what the form’s coming in from. And like we, we I can have it set like new form entry from this. Yeah, just this. I guess the subject line?

[00:32:39] I don’t know. Yeah, no, no. That makes a lot of sense. And yeah, that’s basically basically what you’re asking this, this next update, which I’m. Internet tune-ups, like with developments, sometimes it’s like, OK, I want it done by here, and then it’s a week later, but we do have this one that’s ready to go live for this. It’s going to include some of the stuff that I showed you guys last week or last week’s call with the pipeline and contacts. And that contact module that we’re getting ready to release means that you’re going to be able to upload contacts. So if you want to upload, I know for reputation management, a lot of people have wanted to like upload, like I’ve got this like spreadsheet. So this is kind of like all bundled into one, which, you know, hindsight’s 20 20. I wish I would have broke these off and done smaller ones because then we could have released a lot of. Now they have all these like dependencies on each other. That’s kind of causing delays in different areas, but we should have that. We should have that out really soon. And obviously, I’ll post in the group for you, four for everyone when we release these new updates. If any of you guys know, like we just kind of like getting this group fired up, we were using the page. But I think the group is a better fit for kind of how this thing is developing. So if any of you guys have anybody that that is that is not on the call or not a part of the group that you think would benefit from it, feel free to invite them. It’s not like some. We’re not trying to make it some kind of like VIP club experience like we can, just like throw people in here if they’re going to benefit from this. So cool. Patrick, does that take care of that for you?

[00:34:17] Yeah, yeah, all good, and I guess just one other thing. I know you go through it, but there’s just so many. I just want if I can get some clarity and then, yeah, sure, we’ll go through the modules. You know, I know you have like you have multiple jobs for like one website. How do you put those? Those are all you put those all under one company? Or do you kind of.

[00:34:43] So to. Yes and no. We do set up a lot of jobs for one company, depending on the situation, the city, the niche. Sometimes we’ll build multiple sites and then we’ll put jobs like like in Raleigh for one niche. We built seven sites where it’s like I felt like there was enough traffic that was kind of like unrelated to the original one, and it was a big enough area that we were trying to cover where we would benefit from that. So we basically. And it was a niche that was going to be tougher. So for instance, I’ve given this example a few times plumbing. Plumbing is a tough, competitive niche. It was going to be like hundreds of plumbing companies in any major metropolitan area. So instead of just like trying to go for plumbing and then rank for like hot water heater, you could build a hot water heater site and then you could be more specific on that subject. So when Google is trying to decide who has the best information and they’re like, OK, we’ve got like all these generalists that are covering plumbing, then we got this guy who’s just like talking just about hot water heaters. So you can do that and then you can do like sewer repair and maybe like a water filtration system. And like, I don’t know, just like so.

[00:36:07] If you’re doing it that way, we’re building multiple sites, then you can each one of those sites can have separate gambits. Or if we were just going to build one plumbing site you could have like. Gaps that are kind of going after the different sub niches so that if you do it the second way, you’re probably not going to rank as well for the individual terms that you do it the first way, but you don’t have to build as many sites. So you kind of have to evaluate this. You’ve got this like tool chest here and you’re like, OK, what tool do I need for the situation? And I also look at my client where I’m like, Is this client look like he’s someone that’s going to just like, be the kingpin in this town and just like, take over or they can’t even answer the phone. So I don’t really want to invest seven websites in them. Or maybe like, Hey, I love this niche. I love this town. Like, if this client can’t handle it, I’ll find somebody else who can. So you just kind of kind of like, step back, like, come up with a plan and then execute on it. So. But what we almost always do is we’re going to set up multiple games for one company.

[00:37:15] If the city has seventy thousand people in it, then maybe one GMB can take over the whole city. But if we’re going after like Miami, right, and it’s like South Florida area, then I’m probably going to have like one for Miami with like, maybe I’ll have like a water heater Miami. And I’ll also have like the plumbing Miami with like the drain. And then I’m going to have like Fort Lauderdale. So I’ll end up having like, you can have 20 g. It’s like what you want. What do you want from this like for me? I want my clients to be paying me like five thousand a month, right? So to do that, I’ve got to justify that cost and to be able to justify that cost. I’ve got to have a lot of leads coming in. I’m going to like take over the whole city, the whole market, right? And as I mentioned this, like the way I view that home page is, I view that as kind of like my property, that that first page in Google where I’m like. I’m coming, I want that whole page. I want to just like bury the competition, right? And that’s like if you have that attitude like this is how you take your your client’s business from, maybe they got one crew to have like 11 crews.

[00:38:27] So there a guy that he had been in business for like twenty five years and he had two crews after twenty five years and after working with us for two and a half years, he’s gone from two crews to like 11 crews, right? And that’s because we took over the whole city, right? And he’s one of the clients that pays us the most money. So like, this stuff is related and like, you’re going to get you’re like, like what your clients are willing to pay. You guys, you guys can take that as feedback. And it may be that this client is no good. But if you kind of hear the same story from a bunch of different people like it’s, it’s definitely possible that like everybody in this is like, I think he he’s starting a windshield repair and he’s just like dealing with a bunch of like like people that weren’t really business like good business people. So he started his own and now his business is like doing really well. That exists sometimes, but a lot of times, like we have one in Vegas, for instance, that produces a lot of leads, and we’ve had a really, really hard time selling it. We started looking at the leads. We decided we’re going to take it as feedback.

[00:39:35] We started looking at the leads just lead. The things that we’re ranking for are not the types of jobs that these people want. So like, we’re going to pivot and we’re going to start trying to rank for things that are more important. So like, we’re going to add value to our site and change it. And instead of just being like, Hey, these people, they don’t want to work or whatever, like, well, like if somebody came to me and was like, Hey, I want you to go to a website for eleven dollars, like, that’s not a good lead for me, right? So like, that’s going to be equivalent to that. So like, it’s important to like, I think we get in this habit of just kind of like saying like the business owners are not good at what they’re doing or the lazy or whatever. But I think it’s important to, like, take some of the stuff and feedback. Look, look at the look in the mirror a little bit and be like, What am I actually doing? Am I like giving them value or is it or is it this person who was like, no good? So, you know, I don’t know. I know I kind of bounce off on a little tangent there, but hopefully you guys get some value from that.

[00:40:36] Good. I like it. I just soak it in every time, every time you talk. Learn something new, right?

[00:40:42] Right on. Ok. Do you have anything else, Patrick? Anything else to discuss? We get?

[00:40:48] I mean, I could talk to you for hours, man, but I get a lot. Nobody else wants to talk to chime in.

[00:40:56] What’s up, Ben? You got a question, brother.

[00:40:58] Yeah, just a couple of things. One of the questions I’m fortunate enough to kind of work like you and have Jeff as a partner, I have a partner that I have in my agency that, you know, carries a lot of the weight on top of the stuff. So we are starting to get to a point where we’re kind of at 90 percent a lot of times, meaning a lot of projects, a lot of things we’re taking on. So we’re looking to expand our agency in the correct way and doing it without having to go backwards. You know, learning from people like you and some other people that have the things that are working definitely can be a value to me and us going forward. But just to kind of you were kind of saying the pivot part, and I have two things I’ll make it quick, but I do so. I live in Vegas too, and I have a niche that I found that I found that I dominate, you know, the whole town in something that I thought would have more volume. But the volume that I’m getting is driven by homeowners associations, and it’s not more of the need of the customer, but the need of getting the deposit bag, making you know, right with the people that are running from. So pivoting on that, not getting enough calls and traffic to actually make it a standalone business. I’ve now reached out to some real estate agents and some property managers that can use this service and have now created business cards, created some little pos things to kind of use for that.

[00:42:39] And now I’m kind of building up another side of it. So what I’m looking to do is I have the potential to have a partner take it on, you know, as you know, the lead gen as we do, I know at some point I have twenty five legions right now. I know at some point there’s going to be some duds and if we can sacrifice some of our babies that we make to better ourselves, meaning if I could sell it as maybe a business or something, I was always kind of thinking of that as well. But pivoting and just kind of relying on our lead gen part, like you said in the searches, that I thought that it was going to bring wasn’t bringing the traffic that I was really hoping for. But now that I’ve kind of reached out and added what I know that because the market was dictating what the leads were coming. So I just explored that a little bit more, and now I’m getting more leads where now I can actually make it a viable business where somebody looks at it and looks like it’s something of value. Rather than getting 10 calls a month, it translates into a little bit more. So that’s kind of one way I pivoted with a property that I had, but kind of, you know, a similar situation to Jeff I had and what I’ve learned from you guys.

[00:43:52] So I love watching these because Patrick, like you know, I’ve seen different people ask questions of how they’re they’re kind of letting the people dictate the terms and different things. And what if, what if and you know, I’ve always seen passion on my pad doesn’t mess around with that. He’s like, Check it out. We’re busy. We got things to do if you’re on board, great. If not, move on and growing and getting bigger. Like you said, kind of in the beginning, you want to take everything and you want to make sure your price right, you know, you’re adding value. But when you start getting to a point where, like you said your time is value, you start just making it easier for your business to kind of weed those people out. So, you know, I did the wrong thing to, you know, one of my first customers. I set a site that was, you know, I found this guy. He’s a YouTube star in this niche, you know, was the perfect customer. I didn’t set the terms as far as the payment. I gave him a lot more leads than I should have. I’m seeing the leads, I’m communicating. He’s a really good guy, but I, in my partner, started getting a little like, Well, you know, he needs to pay us and this and that.

[00:44:58] And you know, I’m looking at the issue that I’m the one that set this and made, you know, I created this monster per say because I wasn’t setting the tone at first, you know, so there were times that I was like, Well, we’re going to let him know. And you know, but I always my partner always helps me step back and take a look at the situation. We go, Whoa, you know, we did everything right, then we can have the conversation. So what this ended up being is that led into now him. He’s got a lot of leads coming in. He has another business venture that he’s doing with a partner that is very established and is working basically in all of the southwest and is basically the general contractor that is completing tons of work for this big PPC company that is shoveling all their work well. This guy doesn’t want to give his cut to these anymore, and he knows that he’s a majority of the work. So now I’m set up with him with their partnership. I’m now taking on the. Apc for Las Vegas and St George to start. But again, I’ve listened to my guy when we were talking because he said, I have a venture that, you know, I’m going to go in this niche, this partner. He’s established, so I listened.

[00:46:11] I built two sites out, one in Vegas, one to St. George because he said he wanted to start with five locations. So I got two started getting leads, synonyms way got his partner’s attention and now I had a meeting two days ago sat down with a partner. I am starting the PPC for the first two locations. I am starting to build out locations. I’m getting a 10 percent on a high ticket service that I’m going to kind of start out and we’re going to negotiate terms. But the shoes on the shelf that I also have, so this guy is a general contractor, so we start talking. We figured out he’s going to take on the properties that I’ve already built for him. He’s paying me for PPC and now I have two other shoes on the shelf that have been sitting there that are generating calls that. I need somebody to take on, so the best thing was I was actually sitting in the meeting and the guy that I have doing my calls, he showed me his phone and showed him the phone and it said Ben EPOXI lead. So he did that and he said, Oh well, takes the call. Then I’m getting calls from my other leads that are coming here because obviously we’re getting the calls. So he sees the value right away. So now that I have his attention, I set the terms. Not right away. I say I get paid on this, for this, for that.

[00:47:34] We’re an understanding now. So there’s no gray area. There’s no me getting upset and getting upset. We’ve already come to the agreement. But now in the same breath that now he’s taken on two more of my websites that are starting to generate calls that he says, you know, he’s got 12 different crews of people waiting to work in different states. So if I would have went about it the wrong way because I didn’t set the terms the right way in the beginning and got like, Oh, we’re going to, you know, and kind of strong arm, I could have maybe not had this opportunity present itself. So I love the things that I’m learning from you and from Mike, you know, setting the frame, controlling the conversation, the situation. And I could tell you, like when I got done with it, I was like, Wow, like I controlled that. I felt good about it and I didn’t, you know, question myself because I watch, you know, pros like Patrick, just put it down and then close, close, close. I watched Mike, you know, dictate and get people to listen to the way he’s doing it. So there’s so much value listening to you guys. And I feel like I’m saving so much time in my business because of the things that you guys have accomplished and you guys have made it easier for us and given us the, you know, the slingshot to the front.

[00:48:57] So I just, you know, I want to say to everybody, you know, there’s so much value in it. Use this knowledge because you guys have been through it and done it. And I can tell you, like, I would think that where I’m at right now would take a year and I’m like, surprising myself. So never, you know? So basically, what I was kind of trying to say was when you start thinking that your shoes on the shelf and those things aren’t working. Think outside the box and it only takes that one guy this guy is going to like, potentially be one of my biggest customers, and he’s I’m helping him. But then in the way he’s helping me to now because I told him whether he takes these leads on or not, he has plenty of people in these niches that trust him, rely on him, and that I feel comfortable that I know that they’re going to go to the right home. So if there’s any way that you can, you know, in the next couple trainings or separately, as far as I know, you have some things in the cheat codes for growing the agency side of things. But I definitely could use a lot of value in that and hear all your little tips and tricks because it’s definitely brought me along, brought me along way.

[00:50:04] So yeah, man, awesome. I really appreciate that. It’s it’s it’s so nice to keep putting this information out, and you don’t always know how it impacts people. I know that like people come to me here and they’re like, Hey, this really worked, and this was awesome. But hearing stories like this, it really makes it worth it for me. And, you know, like Jeff and the other people that are on our team contributing kind of behind the scenes. But that’s awesome, man. It’s it’s one thing when you hear it and you say, like, Hey, you really need to control the conversation, you need to set the terms, you need to set the tone. But when you actually take that and you put it into place and you see the power of it, it kind of like opens up everything because you’ve essentially just learned something which there’s no going back now. Like, you’re never going to put yourself in that situation where you don’t do that again. And before maybe this was like just like the standard way of being where it’s just like, OK, I’m like, I kind of like, feel my way through this situation and like, like, hopefully it works out. But like once you’re like, OK, this is how it is, this is what I want. This is what this is, what it’s going to be if it’s going to work. Cool, if not kind of like you said, I think it’s it’s so it’s eye opening to see that most people are not going to be like, OK, yeah, that doesn’t work for me. See you.

[00:51:24] Most of them see it as like, Oh, shoot, this guy is this guy’s got something because he’s over here. He’s not. He’s not desperate. He’s actually making demands. If I want to work with him, like, you know, it’s it’s it’s a completely different mental shift when the client comes in and they think that they’re choosing between like 10 different marketers. And then, you know, they stumble on somebody who’s like, Hey, you’re going to work with us, this is what we need from you. It’s like you look so different than the other marketers who are like, are begging for like, Hey, I’ll get you on the first page. No one’s better blah blah blah. Like, when you come in, you’re like, This is how it has to be this, this and this. It’s just like, it really sets the tone and lets them know that they’re kind of working with the ringer, right? They’re not. They’re not working with some, like little weenie on the playground, who’s trying to find a team to join. They’re like they’re working with the person that’s calling the shots and be like, OK, we’re going to take over this take over this playground. This is where this just kind of it’s a completely different mental set. Like, you see it, you probably see it all the time in your normal life where, like some people, just kind of like they kind of have this presence where they’re like, they’re confident, strong, they walk into a room. You’re just like, Yeah, that person is very successful and somehow get some feedback, Sarah. And I would

[00:52:41] Also add to that that, you know, sometimes sometimes things get away from you too, like, you know, the blessing of working with Patrick because, you know, I might have like 10 sites that are need to be sold like right away. So I’m trying to find the perfect person before I start forwarding calls like I need to find, to some degree, a warm body of somebody who looks like they might be the right one because I have nine more that need to be sold right away. And a certain number of those are going to go sideways on me, and I’m going to get distracted by something else before I get back to it and be able to to really rein them in. So I don’t. Don’t always make the right decision, right, but it’s more of a speed factor, so I think that the more shoes that you get on the shelf that are actually producing, it’s kind of a double edged sword, but it’s also, you know, it worked. It can work out really well because then you get in flow and you get so confident about what you’re offering that you can come in with that kind of like more confident, harder approach and be like hand. For me, I just look, I see piles of money on the table and I want to go pick those up, so.

[00:53:50] Hand me your money, come on like, let’s do this and it helps me close a lot easier. But also, it’s kind of like on the other side of it, if I get to too busy and I get to like if I have something that’s more a property, that’s more important to me because it’s producing more has more value than another one. I might just like settle for somebody on a trial. Maybe they’re the right person. Maybe not. And then I might not even circle back with them for a couple of weeks. And they’ve gotten all these leads, and then I find myself in this inferior position where I haven’t set the right frame, you know what I mean? So it’s kind of like it’s all in flow. And I think at the end of the day, what I found is that when stuff like that happens, it always leads me to like, what happened to you, Ben. Like to some other women. You know, at the end, if you control the leads, you’re going to win at the end of the day, whether you screw up in the short term or not, you have something that valuable. So just trust that and believe that and that confidence is going to take you to the end zone. At least that’s what I find.

[00:54:56] No, absolutely. And then like I said, like you were saying, Patrick, marketing people and what they’re used to like the thing that we have swagger to carry that I walk into conversations now. I walk into talking to businesses because you give us tools like lead generated, you know, in different things where we can show heat maps and we can show everything that we’re talking about, which none of these other people can show that. So that’s the value in itself. So already, knowing that that in itself is better than anything or most that people offer. Getting that frame right that Mike’s, you know, teaching us. And then with you kind of setting the standards, I mean, like you said, it was kind of one of those things that just kind of you know, that that that holy thing, like you said, I’m not going, I can’t go back because. It’s so easy that it was right in front of me, sorry, my dog is coming at me, but it was so easy in front of me. That now it’s I was overthinking it, and now I have a way to kind of approach it where, like you said, even if I hear a no like, I’m still like having a good time, you know, we’re talking about Buck Honey and like Patrick said, and you know, we’re chopping it up because at the end of the day, like, this isn’t a service that we’re trying to push on anybody to like, pull the sheet over their eyes and then like, steal their money out of their pocket.

[00:56:24] If they don’t see the value, that’s fine. For example, like we have the swag part, you know, like you don’t see the value in my weed side. Well, guess what? Let me do some swag for you. Let me, you know, how much did you pay for those pens, how much this and that, you know? And. I, you know, they give me an excuse that, oh, this and that, you know, well, I built value somewhere, but at the end of the day, it’s just a conversation. But when you go in there with a confidence of knowing how to direct the conversation and and and you kind of figure it out, like I said, I can go and talk to anybody now. You know, I want to, you know, just like Pat, just like Jeff, just like all you guys like, we can’t. Once we get started about lead generation and how we help small businesses like we can’t shut up, like everybody’s like, OK, we get it, we get it. We’re like, No, no, we’re going to bring you business. And so when you have that and the confidence with it, I mean, game changer.

[00:57:17] I’ve also found been that when I think I’ve exhausted every company in a market, you know, and I’m just like, I don’t know what’s in. I haven’t been able to find the right contractor, and I think there’s nobody left right. Suddenly, I hit this sort of like mother lode, and there’s this whole other list of contractors I’ve never seen before. There’s always another one out there, it seems. So, you know, that gives me a lot of confidence. That’s something that kind of came around. Over the past few months, really, where I had some of those properties in certain cities that I just wasn’t able to get the right contractor and cycled through a bunch of people who maybe they paid for a month or two. And they’re just they don’t know how to run a business. They don’t know how to hire. They don’t know how to. All that, whatever you know, and they blow out and I’m like, Man, like, where am I going to find somebody else? And then I just like to tap into some other list of contractors that open up a whole new possibility. So once you get to never be afraid to lose them, you know,

[00:58:17] Well, once you’re hot, you know, it’s, you know, I don’t want to get like all crazy, but once you’re up, you’re vibrating on a higher on a different level. You start attracting, you know, these things, these these problems that you have, the solving part you start attracting, you don’t have to look for it. So you know, when you have all these things going on, all cylinders, you know, I just feel exactly to you and just be open minded enough, just know that, you know, the frustration that I felt that I’m going through, you know, if I can turn into a lesson learned from it, if I would have been doing the same thing, letting people dictate the terms, you know me afraid to ask for money, like, who knows how long this would have went right? Like, maybe this could be a couple more months of me, you know, hurting myself, my my brand, my growth. But you know, now that I’ve kind of figured this out and just know that if somebody says, no, OK, there’s going to be a yes, right around the corner, but you know, kind of in the same breath, go in the agency and the, you know, I have no idea about growing an agency.

[00:59:22] I’ve never grown an agency. I’m a I’m a bartender that I’ve been in town for a long time and I can, you know, pour a mean drink and talk talk crap to the best of them. But building an agency and doing all this, just like all of us when we come into JC and the different things where we’re trying to figure it out as we go. So you guys giving these these things has been nothing but value. And again, it is good to hear sometimes the hard work that you put in that you hope to hear a little bit come back. I mean, I can’t tell you how many people I tell you, you know, Oh, Patrick and oh, Dan Kline and you know, I talk about all these people like, you know, as as if they know who I’m talking about. But it’s just because, you know, I’m so intrigued and I’m, you know, I’m so thankful because that’s it’s my way of showing things because I’m just like learning all these cool things and I want to share it with people and have them, you know, get better. And it’s just a it’s a snowball effect. So don’t don’t

[01:00:21] Don’t discount yourself, man, you’re taking

[01:00:22] The action and doing the work. I mean, not everybody does that. So kudos to you for

[01:00:27] Know, Hey, I’m excited. I love it. And you know, again, no matter what, there’s things that I’ve, you know, taken on that were never in my wheelhouse. But yeah, I know Patrick and Jeff and and all everybody has been there done that. So just do it and then feel they’re

[01:00:48] Still doing that every day, always trying to learn and grow. You know, you’re shaking your head. I know you’re the same way, all the time, all day long.

[01:00:56] You’re never going to stop learning.

[01:00:58] I mean, especially as you climb up, you’re going to have to learn something new.

[01:01:02] I mean, we definitely haven’t done it before. So I wanted to speak on some of the stuff you were saying then. So I hired an appointment setter because. I hate prospect and like many people do. And I want people calling me so and then I just hired three salespeople because I I love doing the sales part, but because I want to grow at a certain level, I’d rather have multiple people, you know, working in an hour for me, pretty much. So anyhow, I just started the appointment set a few weeks ago and I wasn’t really thinking, I’m so busy and I’m getting calls back and it’s like, Oh, did you just call me? And I’m like, Oh, shoot! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yes. So some so. And then I just I didn’t even think things through of What am I supposed to say back? I didn’t think that through that they’re going to call back. So my appointment set is in the Philippines, and the phone number that shows up is local, right? So when they call back, they’re not calling back. You know, I’m using like Skype or something like that. So they’re just using my my Skype account and then they just call right from their their laptop or computer or whatever when they call back. You know, it’s coming straight to me, and I didn’t even think of that anyhow. Some guy, I explained to him and he happened not to be even the niche that I was going after.

[01:02:17] But of course, I’m not going to let that go. So I was like, Hey, but do you need so-and-so? And I just started talking to him and then he’s like, Yeah, let’s talk later on at seven o’clock. And then he kept on asking me questions. I’m like, No. So anyways, after I don’t know what I said to him, but he was like, Have a great day and he hung. He hangs up on me, right? So I’m like, I ain’t let him go. I’m going to hit a different direction, right? That was my strategy because I know he wanted the business. He was interested, but I said something that he was like, OK, I’m good. He calls me back again. He said, Hey, did you just call me or whatever it is? He didn’t realize he had call me earlier. So then we start talking, and now he’s now whatever. I started talking to him and all that stuff, and he’s in the roofing industry or whatever it is. So I’m like, he’s like, Yeah, you know what? I need to help like today. Like, like, I really, really need your help. We do something different. Blah blah blah. And he’s like my business partner, you know, we have kids and stuff like that, so we have to figure out the time. So now, you know, I just took that as obviously, you know, I’m like Patrick in the same way.

[01:03:25] I love to help people, and I really translate that when I’m talking to these business owners. And so I know I can help this business owner one way or another, right? But if I had a different mindset, I could have been all butthurt the first time. And then when he called back, I would have been scared and I went and picked up this phone call, right? But I don’t even care at this point because again, there’s so many business owners, there’s so many people that needs our help that. What we do. I almost I don’t even look at it as sales, like if you really think about it, like you’re just helping in conversation with these people, we have some skills that really help change their lives, pretty much. And if you just take away the sales part and just really care about other people and human beings, you can sell this left and right. That’s it. That’s all I do. My closing rate is like 90 percent. Now I I do a to call close. I do a discovery call to qualify them. And the second thing is I do so and I’m going to lie. My face does help with closing deals. So most, most business owners are men. So it does help me a little bit, but I still show the value. I still present things and that’s it. And if they don’t close whatever, move on to the next. So that’s a.

[01:04:44] Yeah. What Genaro said, I couldn’t agree more. You know, I’ve said this on a few calls when you stop like making the reason for the sale about trying to increase your bottom line and start making it about trying to help these people. Like sales, just they just they seem like they come from everywhere, you know? And that’s where, you know, Patrick, who was kind of giving these guys some time where they were dealing going like the older lady that had COVID like making about the people in the sales process gets really, really easy when you kind of just like. Imagine you’re sitting at a bar talking to someone and you’re trying to just say, I want to understand this person, you know, like we have. So this is what happens, right? Like we have an idea in our head and then we come up with words to put it and try to make it sound good and then we deliver it to them and then they get it inside. They hear it and then they’ve got to like, transcribe, you know, try to make sense of it and it gets a lot gets lost right? And if we can just kind of just be humans and talk to other humans and stop trying to like. I hate to say stop the positioning, but you just like, what is this human need and like, put yourself in their shoes? What does that feel like to be in their shoes where it’s like, Hey, I’m really good at what I do, and I’ve been in business for like 20 years, but nobody knows about me because the internet isn’t like how people find me is through the internet, and the internet doesn’t necessarily care about who’s the best at it or who cares the most are the customers it cares about.

[01:06:16] Who’s the best CEO. So if you’re awesome at Ezio and regeneration, you can go in and try to find this person that that needs your help and make all the difference in the world for them. You’re like, for me, sales isn’t really about trying to get them to sign up as much as it is, like get them to like, get out of their own way because they’re used to having somebody come there and be like this snake oil salesman trying to sell them something that they don’t need because they can’t deliver on it. But for us, we can actually deliver. Right. So what we have is very valuable. But how do you separate yourself from all these people that like they have garbage that they’re trying to sell? They don’t know. They don’t. They don’t. They don’t know the first thing about trying to, like, get a GMB to rank. Maybe they maybe they don’t know what to back on because there are good back like they don’t understand any of this stuff.

[01:07:08] And these are the people that they’re going to group us with. But we’re very different from them, right? Especially for for those of us that that have seen it like Jan, for instance. For those of us that have made a huge impact on one of these business owners, like when you go to talk to the next one and you hear the problems, like for me, I’m like when they’re telling me their problems, I’m like in their skin, and I’m also getting excited because I’m like, This is like, this is going to be so important for you. You know, that’s that’s what’s kind of going through. My head is like, this is going to be a game changer for this dude. And when we get on our calls, our weekly calls with our managers, and I’m going to kind of get back to Ben for a second. So Ben, I’m going to I’m going to grab that cheat code thing and I’m going to put that video probably in this group and I want to expand on it with these calls. I’m going to start keep making them shorter just because like, I think that, you know, like I think the last couple were like two and a half hours, that takes a lot out of me.

[01:08:04] I’m going to try to give as much value as I can, but I’m going to probably condense these calls down more and then maybe put some some videos and stuff into the group that are a little bit more concise and try to like, answer questions, give some inspiration and stuff like that on these calls. So like Ben, one of the things that you said back at the beginning where you had like the leads and it sounded like it was some kind of like realtor related service. So. Here’s something. There’s certain events that happen that we can sell things for where that lead is actually worth like ten times more than just the actual face value of that lead, right? So let’s with a realtor. Ok, let’s let’s pretend that that the lead is for somebody that’s like buying a house or something, right? So let’s pretend that it’s a house that’s going to be like new house, right? There’s so many other pieces where we sell that lead as just maybe you sell it as like a realtor weed or like a lead for a builder. But it’s also could be a lead for like new carpet for windows. It could be like like home inspection. So when you have these leads that are trickling in and maybe you’ve got like 10 or 20, I can’t remember what you said, but that type of event is very different than like when there’s like generic mentioned roofing like a water leak on a roof maybe can’t be used 10 times.

[01:09:24] But if it’s a catering lead that’s for a wedding, then that could be a you could reuse that lead as like a DJ. Maybe like if the person needs like their dress or like chair rental table rental, like all these different pieces like you have different venues. Right? So how can we take these leads and like that could be worth 10 times what you’re selling it for now, if you’re only selling it once and if it’s for the right event, that kind of has that waterfall of events that follow it, like if I know that this person needs this, then they also like, need this, this and this, right? So just something to think about for for those, because I think we really sell ourselves short where we work so hard for these leads. And we we’ve been taught a certain way and we kind of like, get inside this box of thinking like, OK, one site, this is like, what it’s for. We want to keep it exclusive. You’re not even really violating that exclusivity if you put it in other niches, right? And you say, like, OK, like that, that that wedding cake lead, I want to get, yeah,

[01:10:30] I was I was going to compare it to like the wedding, the wedding planner, like you said, being able to use that lead over. Yeah.

[01:10:38] So for you with having the 10, whatever it is, house related leads, that’s one of those like special events that there’s all these like waterfall, other things that that can happen, right? Mm hmm. We got to hang out next. Some of the biggest man you go there often I’ve got I’ve got some real estate there. I’ll hit you up.

[01:10:55] One man come down. I’ll show you everything.

[01:10:59] I lived there for 12 years.

[01:11:01] Oh yeah, I live up in Summerland area, so.

[01:11:04] Ok, cool. All right. So does anybody else have any other questions, anything you’re stuck with right now? Yeah.

[01:11:10] Well, it’s something they’re just really great hearing some of your guys stories. I had a little one this week. I’ve been I used to be a retail for many years. I was in the Chamber of Commerce for a long time, so I’m just getting an agency going to try and help with little bits and pieces. And like some of you guys, I’m like, I’m a problem solver and I like to help people. So that’s part of the reason for this. So anyway, I made an arrangement, a meeting with the newish CEO of the chamber, and he’s been there a while and he came with a few ideas and just waiting to sort of put some of them out. I got in there and I showed him heat maps and a few other things like that and and I offered him a page on my website to help promote the chamber. And perhaps I can use their logo and a few other things on some of our other Legion sites. And then he’s asking me, Do you think you’ll be able to to to talk on some of this stuff to all our members? Do I have to? So we’re in the throes now trying to arrange when and how we can do that. And some the heat maps not pick a few people and show some stuff and maybe do a bit of live things just like Patrick does. So it’s looking really promising. And there’s a couple other organizations which I’m just in the throes of doing that in town as well. So it’s out there. It just got to have a look. So it’s really exciting.

[01:12:43] So thank you. Yeah, it’s awesome, Marc. I think that that’s that’s the type of opportunity that we need to be seeking out because that’s so much more than just then just one client, right? And Mark, I would also, if I were in your situation, one of the things I would do when I have that conversation is I would throw the reputation management on there too and just let them know how it works. Explain that like the reputation management and the heat map are are really tied together hand in hand and show them the heat map first. And you could go into how you can improve your rankings and talk about how reviews are a big part of improving those rankings. And then here’s a system that can help you automate the review collection process, right? So all these people need reviews. Like all these different business owners in the Chamber of Commerce, right? They all need that right.

[01:13:35] Yeah, that was on my list of things. I’m doing a deep dive into reputation management the minute we’re just working out a timeline, anything so we can when we talk to a customer. So this is what we’ll need from you. This is what we can do for you. And this has been have to happen and stuff like that. We’re doing that for all of our prospective things that are coming up. So, yes, I need more information on on how the reputation I could see. There’s a really big thing and I’ve just been out of business card with talks about that and it says, you know, ask me how I can make get you more leads, right? I’m going to be handing some of those out on the night. The first thing it says in it. Talk to me about your business. Talk to me about that. So. But I just need to really learn more about the reputation management I’ve seen how the review system works on your system. I need to learn how to do that quicker and better. So I’m. Deep diving right

[01:14:37] Now. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. One of the things that that we’re hoping to add to this in the real near future is the ability to kind of white label that reputation management system. Sorry, it looks like my video just went out. Ok, there we go. So it’s white, label it and then we have like the ability to to, like, start texting. So I think that system, it’s kind of one of the newer parts of of regenerated generated, but it’s one of the ones that we’ve got this kind of major facelift that’s that’s coming for it. And I think it’s going to make it easier for you to monetize this and for everybody to be able to monetize this system and know it’s going to be more powerful. So that’s coming in the near future for you guys. But congratulations, Mark. That sounds like an awesome opportunity, man. I know you’ve kind of been in the trenches there trying to get things to move forward, and that seems like your. You’re onto something there now

[01:15:36] Regarding what you said about stuff, I’ve just done a similar thing. Someone that’s good and always promising to always looking just around the corner. This is going to happen, it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. And the patience wore out last week. Yeah, I did. One similar thing a couple of months ago again, just weren’t a fit. The attitude and stuff. Whilst their work seemed to be reasonable, just mental attitude or what they’re doing just doesn’t fit again, exactly what you’re saying, what I want to do and what I want to achieve. Many people that are starters, self-starters and the people that are going to be enthusiastic and I’ve got a couple of good ones there and I’ve just someone just talking about. Content writers, earlier, I’ve just I’ve been training up some content writers like that for the last two or three months, and I’ve just doubled their pay last week because they’re all now really good at what they’re doing and I can anticipate that going. And one of the girls is even writing like selling lines into the content. You know, you need to talk to us now. And and that’s really, really promising when you’ve got someone that, you know, these only young kids around the age studying or doing things like that.

[01:16:57] So they’re not full time with me, but they’re when they’re going and one of them is just seeing it with this doubling of pay. She’s all of a sudden productivity is going up, but they’re worth it. And that’s why I want to keep them now because I’ve trained them for two months to do what I want them to do. And I’ve just given them another thing which some of you guys may be interested in is set up a. I a template. And I’m now getting my content writers to fill that out. I give them a brief template of the of what I want, but the key description and all the other stuff like that from an earlier. Please, I give them and I said, now that’s what I want to give you, and I’m going to pay you by the word for that as well. So that’s another thing they’re doing, and I’ve seen some are coming in and they’re spot on, they’re great and no better time to do it than the person that’s just written the content. You know, it just got to give them the idea and how to do it. So looking for that to really work for us as well, if that’s any help to you guys?

[01:18:01] Yeah. Thank you. I think great ideas appreciate you sharing that. And yeah, man, keep me posted on how that thing goes with the Chamber of Commerce Group. I’d love to see how that turns out. Cool. So. Troy, I think I think I may I may be jumping to conclusions, but I think that is not a I don’t think that’s really where where Mark really is that beach there. It seems like it’s always great weather there, though. But does anybody have any additional questions or anything? That that they’re struggling with, that they’re stuck with. Like I said, I’m probably going to wrap this thing up here in a few minutes, if not just because I want to try to keep these things a little bit shorter, a little bit more compact and concise. Not that I don’t love talking to you guys, but I’m going to throw it together. I’m going to I’m going to share the cheat code that I did on how I set up my business. I’m going to share that into the group, and then I might build on that because I think that is something based on the questions that I’ve heard over the last few weeks. I think that’s something that a lot of you guys could benefit for is like from. It’s kind of like as we start to scale our agency on things.

[01:19:17] So I’m hoping in this next week, we’re going to have a lot of updates that come out. I thought that they were going to be live this week, but you know, development, it’s always a little tricky. There’s so many different things dependent. So if anybody, if nobody else is stuck or struggling with anything, let me give you like one last chance to chime in. And if not, we will pick this up again next week. And like I said, feel free to invite other people to join us in the group. I’m going to throw some more stuff in there, some of the videos that are recorded in the past, just so they’re kind of like in this area for you guys, a little bit more organized and you guys have a great week for those of you that are in Texas or any of these other places. I think Louisiana, Mississippi that are hit with the storm, I hope you guys are safe and are staying, staying warm and and have clean drinking water because it’s like it’s crazy that that disappeared all of a sudden for a lot of people. So all the best. I will see you guys in the group have a great rest of your week and we’ll talk soon.

[01:20:18] Take care. You guys. Thank.